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Archives: August 10, 2003

More than 80 inmates escape Brazil prison

France Set To Smash Euro Rules

Child soldiers show prowess in Liberian war

Namibian elite accused of land-grabbing

Hospital runs short on food - SA

Mr. Gore's Blurred View - WPost YUK!

Moralists' new target: pregnant women

Does Schwarzenegger have dark family secret?

What language is U.S. speaking in Iraq?

Veterans Organizations Upset

CIA warned administration of postwar guerrilla peril

Brainwashington, DC

Gore right to blame Bush

The Council on Foreign Relations The Council on Foreign Relations And the Trilateral Commission

Herbert:The Art of the False Impression (Gore and Arnold)

How the 'Radicals' Can Save the Democrats

Great A.P. article dissects Powell's "evidence" for war.

Kevin Phillips - The Anti-Bush - MUST READ!

Tips for 2003 Or Talking About President Bush With Your Children

My big fat mea culpa (Dean article at Salon)

"Dey vill call me a vomanizer"

Amb. Wilson not gonna back down - thinks he knows who outed his wife

A Friendly Letter to the Greens - Michael Ventura

Kucinich/Blitzer transcript is up

Clinton Foundation's Online store.

Suggestion for Californians: Use the old Nancy Reagan "Just Say No" phrase

Anti-Redistricting Rally in Austin, Texas a Huge Success!

Need some help finding...

Upcoming LA/Orange County Events

U.S. Casualties 8/10/2003


What do ex-CA mayor Riordin, Michael Milken & Auunold have in common?

'Meteorite' narrowly misses Perth boy

Has anyone here done a chart (astrological) for Wesley Clark?

Battleground God

Persecuted Wiccan in small Tx. town calls in the FBI

Racists taunt Umoja cast - SA in UK

Gregory Hines, 57, dead of cancer

Besides marriage, what other things are gays denied?

Canada weighs in on Oracle's takeover bid

Mugabe bans cash 'hoarding' - Zimbabwe

Bank of Canada governor wants a single currency

Who Killed Montana Power?

Plight of super-fat pigs

Smokies Elk Herd Growing

Japanese minister ponders old-for-young swap - Outsource elderly

Middlemen getting piece of school vouchers

Who’s protecting live organ donors?

Apparent burglary attempt stopped near Heyworth

Murder, Kidnapping Suspect Kills Daughter, Shoots Self


Hey Guys, can I make a request?


This is just a suggested

Another fine, upstanding new member

Software sneeze, 8/9-10/03 at midnight

Hey Guys, can I make a request?

Login not ok to post to original thread post, but ok for reply to replies

Post number error

Militants re-arm under cover of Israel truce

Israel: Absurd that Sec. Council is led by Hezbollah-supporter Syria

Racism Reinforced...

Jewish settlers on explosives charges

Anti-Semitism is our problem

Scandal closes on Sharon

Hizbullah shelling kills 16-year-old, wounds four in North


Jewish leaders in row over Israeli fence...

Israel Without Apology

The Pentagon Thread

NYT: Kerry Emphasizes Foreign Affairs and Inquiries, Not Legislation

The truth about Dean and taxes part 2

The Smart money is not on the current nine Democrats: Except maybe Clark

Do people on DU really think $88,000 annual is rich?

MN-2: A fourth matchup for Kline-Luther?

Kerry's Appeal Is He's Electable

Edwards speaks at former school for freed slaves

Do you oppose government enforced medication? Kucinich doesn't.

NYT: anarchists, environmentalists, pacifists! Oh, MY!


Corzine doesn't discount Dean's appeal

Article on the Dean Meetup I organized (local paper)

On Friday, John Kerry spoke on The Exchange, a New Hampshire

Has anyone seen this?

I had the pleasure of hearing Jim Hightower speak today!

One of DK's many strengths....

Message from Joe Trippi

What happens if in '04 we win the WH but not the House?

Kucinich going after the BFEE....again

How many Dean supporters would support a Clark/Dean ticket?

PA Poll: Specter Slips But Strong Candidate, Bush Tops All Dem Challengers

Ok watching kerry speak

Dean's real advantage...electability.

PA-17: Republicans may dump Ryan on character issues

Vince4Congress needs a campaign song...

Should We Abolish the Electoral College?

Missed votes...

Bush 2004 campaign posters

Do Kucinich supporters know that he was rabid pro-life until 6 months ago?

Anyone seen "Al Quaeda 2.0"?

Why I don't support Kucinich

Powells U.N. intelligence "thick" file has worn thin in Middle America

County "approved" religion for Official Prayers

Do you think Clark would run as Dean's running mate?

Anti-Recall Meetup and Other Resources

Fixed complaints and scapegoating at DU

Concerning bodily and other reactions prior to Sept 11

IRS Loses A Big One Yesterday....Jury acquits pilot, who questioned IRS

Is there any place other than the internet where

California Recall = 2004 Election Media Preview?

Who wants to start a female-friendly democratic board?

Nobel Laureate calls * a thief: "What we have here is a form of Looting"


((Hey Bev)) Libertarian's lawsuit targets electronic voting machines

Callie-forn-ea's Ah-nold pic

Opinion Thread for the Women of DU...

Opinion Thread for the Men of DU...

Just uploaded a site for Southern Dems...

To all the chest pounding neanderthal, burping, farting, sexist DU men

Larry Thompson deserting Asscroft? and Geraldo's old buddie Chertoff

To All the Posturing, Self-Righteous, Indignant, Knee-Jerking DUers

Dean's grassroots drive sprouts locally

Bush Knew- NY Post headline

For the 600th time -- about Dean

HOW POWELL STORY PLAYED: On 20 out of 140 front pages

WOO HOO! Yesterday I registered two ex-prisoners to vote.

"Victory for a Republican, trumps ideological purity."

Manhattan is Deteriorating Rapidly

What if Clark runs as an Independent?

Anyone see John Kerry playing a Taylor acoustic guitar

Wes Clark supporters

i had breakfast with dennis kucinich this morning....

Just found a GREAT resource - Calendar of US Mil. Dead in Iraq

crucial information about Hiroshima, Nagasaki a-bombing decisions

Paying for Desegregation?

Anyone protesting Bush August 15 in Santa Monica Mountains??

Paying Homage' to Thunderclap's New Found Relevancy:

Taxes and economics, a little rant

Unrest in Basra...

Tin Foil- CIA and DOD Attempted To Plant WMD In Iraq

You think Arnold may be using the gov. issue

The Curse of the Downtrodden

Wesley Clark: Whom will he harm the most if he runs?

220 US Sailors become citizens!!! What's wrong with shrub ???

Heads up: Candidate Forum in OK on 8/12(Tuesday)

Katherine Harris is a Fascist Slut.......

Kucinich v. Blitzer

Liberal and Conservative Ideas

If we only concentrate on the White House to exclusion of the Congress

WTF, Cleland off of 9/11 commission??

Help send Bush back to Crawford, TX permanently

Did Garamendi drop out?

Transcript: Sen. Joseph Lieberman on 'Fox News Sunday'

NYT OpEd: Borowitz handicaps the race to replace Ahhnulled.

A nice Republican lady called TGJS yesterday with some questions.

Why is Novakula getting a pass on outing Wilson's CIA wife?

Can someone explain why Accountants are giving more $ to the Repukes now?

Gov Schwarzennegger = Higher Energy Bills

Soros finally draws a line in the sand...$10 Million to beat Bush!

Arnold, The 800 Pound Gorilla -Story of Serial Molesting Women &


Jordan Embassy bombing -- think CHALABI!

Define the "center"

HK store's Nazi theme sparks fury

on the question of involuntary meds for the mentally ill

Time poll as of yesterday shows Davis loses, Arnold wins this. Those who defend this.

Whatever happened to Douglas 'Pete' Peterson?

Silly question -- Is Dean Married?

Worried about September.

For anyone who didn't see Al Gore's fantastic speech last week

Sam Nunn says we need to find the WMDs...

Typical argument with a freeper

will the next staged terror attack help or hurt bushco?

Gregory Hines passed away

Draft Clark on C-span 12:15 pm est

IRS Loses A Big One

US getting hurt and not killed--during VACATION

Sorry, but this is too funny

Recall: Who'll be Lt. Gov. if Bustamante wins?

Draft Clark founders on CSPAN now!!!!

Fred Barnes is either extraordinarily ignorant or a congenital liar

Do you want to see video of R. Doug Lewis...

here's some recovered GD posts re: BBV . . .

The Talk Shows -- Sunday, August 10, 2003

Elite Force Aviator: George W. Bush

The Drums of Sacramento

Baghdad subway/Saddam hideaway - why no reports on this

It was Good to see Sam Nunn

Who own`s and who are directors at Diebold?

(For Dean Supporters)

Dean's Doin' well in Maine (Portland Phoenix)

Can any Florida DUer`s help me on this?

We need ALL Democratic Primary Contenders in CA A.S.A.P.

Want to Make Texas Republicans Cry? Go to John Kerry website!

Dean, Kucinich, and Social Security Retirement Age

Hey you freeper lurkers, be sure to check this post out!

This story highlights why we will have a Draft in the near future!


Ross Perot to consider a run to effect Bush.

Interesting UK Observer article on Howard Dean

Hi I am George Bush

NYorkers! Can people stay at your place for the Convention Protests?!

Anybody noticed this about a Texas Rep. walkout?

Have any Kucinich supporters made any attempt to "educate" Dean?

Washtington Times- "Gore Vision is blurred"- More biased media

The War According to David Hackworth

Kerry on C-Span(getting slippery on war vote)

Have all the MA folks heard

Is Dr. Laura Dumping Judaism for Fundamentalist Christianity?

DU's Arnold bashers are not helping Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante

green party leaders meet to plan bush re-election

My Father (REPUB) Voted For Bush* ..... He Just DONATED To DEAN!

I'm a goddamn liberal...

What are Dean's views on Foreign Policy?

transcript Kucinich-Blitzer

TBTM Radio #5: Gore in NYC

Dean Supporters: Please lay off the Kucinich bashing

Desperate to attack Dean.......The "Democratic" smear machine

Gotta Love the Clark "Campaign" Slogan----

Kucinich, Sharpton and (sorta) Dean.

Who's the most 'liberal' democrat in the race?

Did Arnold actually say he voted for Prop 187?

If Clark declares as a Democrat --- I think he would win if nominated

Kerry on Road to the white House now

Bill O'Reilly asked Jenna Jameson for some of her videos after interview

My take on the psychiatric meds issue... From experience

Where will labor go when Gephardt has to withdraw?

Cleveland Plain Dealer outs Diebold's Republican ties

GREAT CARTOON - The Bush show!

I do think Dennis Kucinich could beat GW Bush

Politics is a rough sport: WEAR A CUP and PLAY HARD.

Who would be an improvement on George W Bush as US president? POLL

Online Journal: 9/11 Joint Inquiry chairmen are in conflict of interest:

Do Dems lack the courage to expose Enron-Bush role in Calif. deficit?

2004: What happens if we win the WH but not the House?

Larry Flynt Issues Call to 'Pray' for Death of Bill O'Reilly.

Your thoughts about Kucinich

Arnold Campaign Slogan "I Feel Your Ass" SEE THIS PHOTO

I thought "terrorist sponsor" Qatar was our ally!?!

Would the cultural revolution have happened without hallucinogens?

Coulter exposed: there should only be one party

OK! My "Seabiscuit" audience had "Dead Silence."....when

Is it a "liberal" thing????

What Do We Do With the 80% (or so) Dean Will Offend???

Death Toll 08/09 - 08/10/03

Perhaps Davis should step down

Please DUers, no more gloom and doom - we are WINNING; * is TOAST

CA Election Math---its a lock

Hey..... Somebody tell Dumbya they found the Weaponsofmassdestruction!

Why I think the Dems will keep the Governorship in California

Dean/Graham...the winning combination.

Yahoo's Diebold message board is heating up

Republican yarnspinner, Mc Clintock

Support our troops and make money.

'Human shield' faces $10,000 fine

The most important letter you'll ever sign!

Peter Werbe is on now.

Parents of Young Gymansts Have No Shame

The George W. Bush Action Figure (Get Ready To Puke)

Question concerning those with a Sept 11 birthday (and that is fortunately

Question concerning the Twin Towers

Aren't the Iraqi Shiites supposed to be the ones that liked Americans?

POLITICS Is the White House starting to worry about Democrat Dean?

Why all the focus on Arnold Swartzenegger?

Non-White Liberal Internet Dean/Kucinich Progressive Left Dems!

10 Reasons to stop pretending the Most Electable candidate is invisible

Are DUers Getting Too Attached To Their "Pet" Candidates?

Wesley Clark's Candidacy Would Be a Perfect Storm

Let's Get Rid of the Home-School and Voucher CRAP *NOW*

Sorting out the hawks and doves in the presidential field

Who has a favorable opinion of Bush?

George W Bush connection to the BCCI scandal ?

Do people on DU really think $88,000 annual is rich?

ALERT! Tinfoil Hat Theory: Why Arnie is running.

If you had information that could ruin a Republican's political career,

Vets for Peace Conference: Will Pitt, Rachel Corrie's parents, real heros

Dean Versus Gephardt I'm so confused

Tongue-tied Arnie takes hits from left and right

Girl Found in Cooler Died of Malnutrition

Ultimate insult for American programmers as employers seek cheaper labor

Stage Collapses At Godstock

Schwarzenegger's support for Prop. 187 reveals glimpse on issues

Lieberman lashes left-wing Democrats

WP: Democrats Unlikely to Retake House

Play it straight, says Clinton as he joins battle for California

Jobless recovery lasting longer than economists expected

Senator: Iraq Assumptions ‘Flawed’ - Repuke Sen.

A U.S. television flop in Iraq

Some Seek Preschool Nuke Evacuation Plans (near power plants)

For Vanity Fair, Bushes are Exception to Royal Rule

Kerry sharpens his message as Democratic race tightens

Honduran soldiers leave for Iraq

AP - Bush Promotes Forest-Thinning Initiative

Gregory Hines, actor and dancer, dies of cancer at 57

Bush lawyer likens power struggle over pot laws to civil rights standoffs

Bush aims to be out of reach by time Dems pick candidate (USA Today)

A tiny town shouts 'Whoa!' to Patriot Act

Texas Democrats Solicit Bush's Help in Redistricting Dispute

Chance of a Short Trip Home for Soldiers on Yearlong Tour

Sharpton Admonishes Youth, Blacks to Vote

Britain's Hottest Day (New Record High Temperature)

Discovering WMD (David Kay Alert)

To win contract, Diebold offers the state a carrot

Police given 'shoot to kill' orders in new terror alert

US admits it used napalm bombs in Iraq

U.S. Lifestyles Blamed for Obesity Epidemic Sweeping Mexico

Homecoming Blues (Marines returning from war readjust)

Riots Continue Over Fuel Crisis in Iraq's South

Report: U.S. Deputy Attorney General to Quit (Larry Thompson)

US Deputy Attorney General to resign

My big fat mea culpa (Dean article at Salon)

Texas Democrats Solicit Bush*s Help in Redistricting Fight

Mystery pneumonia is being caused by America's weapons of mass destruction

Jittery U.S. Soldiers Kill 6 Iraqis

Soldier dies of heat stroke, S. central Iraq, 118F in shade. MSNBC tv

Oil Rich Iraq May Not Aid Iraq That Much

Teens find crime doesn't pay - stun-gun homeless

Tory leader calls for Blair apology in row over dead weapons expert

NoBorderCamp attacked by police

CIA 'loots' villa where Saddam's sons died

THE NIGER TIMEBOMB,Independent,UK--New World Media Watch


Lieberman lashes left-wing Democrats

Mystery ape found

I know who I want in the California Recall!

Protesters march on Livermore lab to oppose ``bunker busters''

4 Soldiers, Reporter Injured In Iraq Attacks

Many NYC Businesses Won't Mark Sept. 11 This Year…

A Look at U.S. Daily Casualties in Iraq

Joe "DINO" Lieberman lashes out at democrats on FOX TV!!!!

Calif. Officials Face Daunting Ballot

Kelly inquiry: The case against No 10

Cheney to make Albuquerque stop for fund-raiser (Tuesday)

Three Killed in Second Day of Violence in Basra

Bush tells bureau to open land (Rockies)


Powell's battle cry fails test of time

West Nile fatality first in county (Boulder)

Gurkha shot dead in Iraq ambush

Man gets life term for selling marijuana

General Says Turkey Ready to Serve in Iraq

Sen. Lugar Calls for New U.N. Resolution on Iraq

Senator (Feinstein) Urges Californians to Reject Recall

U.S. admits it used Napalm in Iraq--

America Cancels War Drills With Egypt (Overstretched)

Surging Democrat Dean's wife shuns political spotlight

CIA warned administration of postwar guerrilla peril

IRS Loses A Big One..Jury acquits pilot, who questioned IRS

In handover, Polish troops see chance to shine

Americans pay price for speaking out

Angry young Iraqis target Kuwaitis, British

Partners, Horse and Man, in Prison Pasture - NYT

For Cuban-Americans, more empty promises

Travelers scrambling as U.S. suspends layovers

Actor and dancer Gregory Hines has died of cancer

U.N. Suspends Road Travel in Afghanistan

U.S. Moved to Undermine Iraqi Military Before War

NATO needs time before any Afghanistan expansion

Saudi executes two men for heroin smuggling

Gays' wins met by line in the sand

British defence minister to take blame for weapons expert's death: report

Iraqis Riot in Basra; One Protester Dead

US to help pay for Thai troops

Bremer Says Iraqi Militants Returning for Attacks

Prince's contacts pay off - Saudi release

Depiction of Threat Outgrew Supporting Evidence

Days are numbered for Aboriginal 'tent embassy'

Brewers go head to head in battle for Muslim markets

Pope prays for rain to end heatwave

'Saddam time' stops ticking in sacred city - Bush can't coordinate time!

Americans detain Shiite cleric in flashpoint Iraqi town

US checks RP airport for threats from shoulder-fired missiles

Anti-war Seattle reservist faces military court-martial

Indigenous cultures face struggle, UN says

Broadcasters Bank on Combination of Interests (Bush Supporters Want Merger

Rice : The Hawk in Washington (Helen Thomas)

Nagasaki marks bombing's 58th anniversary

Iraq furnished chemical arms aid to Qaeda: White House

Justice Kennedy attacks US sentencing measures

 Middle-class teens turn prostitutes - This Could Be Your Kid

Technoweenies: I propose a collaberative effort! Please Read!

Nice Kitty...

When Good cats go WRONG,....EDITED !!!! More pics

Forest fire a few miles from my house!

Yo, Pittsburghers, let's just do it

DU Sunday Night...Confessions

Who do I donate to for Democrats?

What is the last Cd you purchased? (music thread)

Dr. KittenHearts advice to the Lonely and Lookin'.......

Does anybody else watch "The Wire"?

What bosses are more likely to be politically prejudicial

I made it to NC

Sob! Summer's over!

If Frank Zappa were alive today, would he run for Governor of CA?

OK, so now that we know your various kinks and fetishes...

alright - who's got the graphic art talent?

Oh the joys of watching Japanese pro baseball

Who do you think...

Quick econ question

came from Tom Paxton's concert in NYC - Lincoln Center outdoors series.

Why is it that after 11p Eastern, all the "fetish" threads re-emerge

I Have The Original Nintendo Game Boy. Any One Know What I Could

Don't stop, thinking about tomorrow

are coldplay the best band in the world?

More fun with Kittens

Living Colour to cover AC/DC's "Back In Black" on comeback album

check out the new 'PEACE' radio, new streaming mp3 server --- LINK

I'm mad at the Cartoon Network

Where is the love?

Happy Happy, Joy,Joy

Update on my robbery: Bank indifference and incompetence, crippling fear

Relatively techno-illiterate looking for some help...

What has been your FAVORITE post on DU? (DU1 or DU2)

who is your favorite Televangelist?

anyone know where I could get a good MP3 player and a portable CD player

I just heard a rap song I actually like!!!

Jeanie was from Baghdad

Hillary's coming to town, should I call in sick tomorrow?

So, who's drinking tonight?

The FINAL Futurama airs in 8min 20sec

My cat understands either/or.

Midnight Poetry Thread

My sermon went well!!!

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome......

Is anyone else watching "The Restaurant"?

I'm thinking of forming a band, and I have a question...

matt from ten grand just died

Holy crap! (disturbing audio)

Eeeeekk.. How OLD IS Maria's mother, Eunice????

Is today a Rebel holiday??

Music stuff: Question about the Mahavishnu Orchestra...

Question about the music group October Project...

I've got a VCR and a tv but......

Rafael Furcal turned an unassisted triple play tonight!

I've been thinking...

Willie Nelson and the Dem 11 Outlaws

When is Darth_Kitten and ForrestGump going to elope?

U.S. Scientist Discovers Telekinesis Equation

Choose sex, your mother did

Darthkitten....leads us kittens out on a tenous branch then brings

One for the Pagan/New Age crowd.

Steal this gif!!!!

Stupid food question

Where should I go for dinner?

Having watched Banzai for three weeks' worth...

"The Next Joe Millionaire"?!?!

Classic car overs - Must read!

The Parlor

Concerning cover letters and resumes...

Interesting star trek history webpage

Help me compile an *acoustic* collection

Wow - I've got two girls after me.

Wish me luck!

Anyone Care To Make Some NFL Predictions?

WHOOO-HOOO Googlized - big time

Stupid questions about wearing a suit

good quip heard in passing

500 Posts! Yay for me!

I love the new Eagles song, I just had to say that.

What kind of cancer did Gregory Hines have?

Job searching, how do I get the salary I deserve?

Is there an internet backbone down?

Bengals Lose (sigh)

Pirates of the Carribean or Seabisquit. Which one of these is a DU Movie

Photoshop help


Here's the REAL problem with rap

"Ya ever had to have an Optipupiloptomy?"

Do you want to feel really DEPRESSED?

I just turned my girlfriend on - ask me anything

Country music??

Movie to Rent: Dark Blue

1964: My 100-Plus Favorite Records

Step Into Liquid

Actor and dancer Gregory Hines has died of cancer

Who here has a bad temper?

What's your favorite Stevie Wonder song?

Who Famous Do You Find Hard To dis.


New joke

I'm listening to "Reggatta de Blanc", ask me anything!

Hypno Toad says: Vote for Schwarzenegger......

Steve Martin New York Times Editorial....Looking for a Link.

How long is nothingshocksmeanymore on DU each day?

What can I do?

What if I were able to destroy the planet Earth?

Matt Jeffries has died (created the original Enterprise and Klingon ships)

Stupid redneck tricks

What's for lunch today ?

St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Kris Kristofferson releases new CD with anti-Iraq war message.

1000 Thanks to The Lounge Moderator!

lol look at our newest member

Excellent Randy Newman song.

I'm a "husband" now. It feels GREAT!

...'tis the winter of our disco tent"....

Unofficial Poll: Who should run the presidential campaign?

OK...It's3:15a.m. on the East Coast and I'm still up

Woohoo! My Cardinals won!!!

I kid you not... W vs. Saddam bookends

Someone told me Mike Malloy is going to be on some Fox News show soon

How about some music trivia?

Favorite "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" tip?

I just turned my profile on - ask me anything

Good Thoughts