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Archives: July 9, 2003

Anti Ann Coulter column by David Horowitz

Fascism Anyone? by Laurence W. Britt

Have Faith in the People (Dick Armey attacks Americorps)

Alan Moore (comic writer genius) writes about America and the war in Iraq Chicago Mayor Daley Criticism

People of Peace, Stand Proudly as Patriots

Savage Weiner, BSNBC share "Heinous Hypocrite Award"

Bush's African Tour Diary - from the BBC (Good Stuff!)

Dennis Bernstein (KPFA radio): Interview with Bev Harris (audio link)

LTTE claims occupation of Iraq same as occupation of Germany after WWII

Barbara Bush's Uterus (The REAL WMD)

Yahoo!News highest rated stories

For gay marriage

Toesucker Morris Dumps on Dean

Cartoon re. Rumsfeld War Plans

Iran Infinately More Dangerous than Iraq

Cunningham Strikes Again!

Wrestling for the Truth of 9/11 - NYTimes

latest Pilger (blair and his lies)

'Bush doesn't care about the working class' - South Africa

Thabo Mbeki: The icy ideological grip

All war all the time

Salon: Turning Against the "Liberators"

Terror tribunals miss justice for all

Bush rewrite of science doesn't change the facts


Connecticut DUers- Greg Palast at University of Hartford Sat. July 12!

Free Posters for Peace

Workshop on Voter-Verifiable Election Systems 7/ 28-29 Denver


Weapons of Mass Instruction update

Dean rally in Dallas July 13

Oil luring Bush to Africa?

Conservative radio forum

The new "Steven Harper sucks" thread.

Well lets continue these discusions on astro astrology

Alien spotting sexy again

Am I an idiot for continuing to date my bf?

Astrologers: Draconic Charts

NationStates: Support the Fair trial proposal currently at UN vote

Astrologers in January

Support Corrections to the Patriot Act

Inmate's Death Adds To Concerns About Jail

Indiana To Recognize Official Mexican ID's

police libel suit against Toronto Star dismissed

Montana "Company of the Year 2002" leaving state

India, China team up to fight trade rules

Programs To Help Poor Nations Criticized

Courtship In Tobacco Country

Post-Enron regulations may hamper growth

US court denies Cheney appeal on withholding energy papers

Navy LFA Sonar refuted by NRDC

Iraq War Civilian Death Toll Past 6,000 - Group

Norway Heads Quality of Life Index; Canada Miffed

Has Anyone Read Gingrich's FP Article?

Which of the 3 B's will fall first - Bush, Blair, or Berlusconi?

CIA files may expose Stasi spies

Bush: Liberia Force May Just Be Advisers

Rowling causes umbrage with her Umbridge...

Post-Enron regulations may hamper growth


Looks like the worm has turned on the gun issue for candidates

Is it me, or is the Rating going the way of the dino?

How many people?

if the email address I registered with

Question about e-mail.

My husband would like a username

Have you noticed some threads don't allow

I'd like to post pics.

We're missing 5K+ registered users....

what's up with the DU clock??

what's up with the double posting?

post numbers to a thread bug?

Will ALL threads in DU2 be active forever, now? Since there are no

Any update on Web TV bugs?

Number of times viewed

Low priority - a small typo

Post to a reply gets "login" again

one other thing: the author field is too large

Admin function black links

Rating box doesn't show up for posts with no replies

"Back" overridden when viewing Profile.

empty brackets not working for n/t eom (blank message box)

getting a lot of "query failed: select id, type from dcforum"

Ratings threshhold not working?

Al-Qaeda Seeks Canadian Operatives

A look at the Palestinians held in Israeli jails

Of fractions of factions...

U.S., Egyptians meet with Palestinians, Israelis amid tensions in peace pr

Hijacked by the Hudna

Kurtzer says Palestinian PM is a 'relatively weak man'

U.S. Plans To Provide Direct Aid to Palestinians

Muslims in U.S. Feel Targeted By Anti-Terror Business Policies

"Who are these people backing Howard Dean?"

Wouldn't Holden running against Santorum suffer from

Candidates in Esquire

Graham is next

N.H. voters puzzled by Edwards' campaign

Wesley Clark in Esquire

What is Kerry's position on medical marijuana? (NT)

Graham on CNN Inside Politics Thurs July 10

Would you support a Gore/Clark ticket?

Dean Tries to Beat the Odds Against Outsiders

Oklahoma: Rep. Brad Carson (D) may challenge Sen. Don Nickles (R)


Kucinich vs. Voinovich??

Nader's plans for 2004

GOP in 2004: Who Will They Run?

Ky. Gov.'s Former Mistress Indicted

Davis Recall thoughts

Davis Allies Explore Challenge

This commercial would make my day

Senators rebuke House on remap, eye own plan (TX UPDATE)

South Jersey could be Biden country if Delaware Senator enters presidentia

LA Gov Race: Fundraising Report

New Mexico Caucus Plan Gets Heated Discussion

Democrats Speak Softly On Gun Control

Dean aims to expand campaign operations

The Lies: Clinton stained a dress, Bush stained our flag

Dean and Kucinich's positions on immigration?

Check This Out, Read Message Carefully.

Graham Invades Iowa!

Some excellent Kucinich websites & info....

The Democrats' search for a candidate in the Georgia Senate race

KUCINICH: Endorsed by *GRANNY D*, Tom Hayden, and Gandhi-ji's grandson!

Graham continues to harp on 'Bring em on'

Graham: 'Secrecy to a whole new level'

Kerry, Environmentalist, Winner

198 Methods of Non-Violent Action

Unbelievably Good Documentary about Carlisle Group (BFEE) from Dutch TV via Brits!

Answer to the poster who suggested many Canadians want to join USA

For those still interested: September 11th Sourcebooks

Everybody! It's time to take the pledge!

Cato Inst. Fellow (Reagan Asst) turns on Bush....

OOOOH so pretty, Let me be the VERY first to say

My Letter to the Editor Was Published!

What was the name of the book that outed Matt Drudge?

Democracy isn't the problem, unfettered (or lightly fettered) Capitalism/Corporatism is.

An Open Letter to Senator Kerry

oil for...cookies??

OK this is the first Howard Dean thread in the new DU!

An Open Letter to Senator Kerry

My neighbor hates AWOL


Is it time to let the U.N. take over?

Political Hip-Hop: Feel the Power

Why does GOP say Democrat instead of Democratic?

Paratrooper down, Apache down.. Why are our troops dying in Iraq?

Josh Marshall asking if Drudge gets his material from K. Rove?

The Rove Machine is moving to sink Dean.

Should we have detained Turkish soldiers?Not Christian enough eh?

Even if Iraq was for Humanitarian purposes, it was still wrong.

Mexico's biggest left wing party gains

Events Before the Election

My wife just held up the DC Post 'Help wanted' ads and said....

get your ANTI-BUSH gear here...

Today on Crossfire

Here's an idea.. Everyone EXCEPT republicans pay taxes

The Government should have no secrets.

Did anyone just hear Tommy Franks

Anybody read SAFIRE's latest? He channels Richard Nixon.

Will there be an American Weekly edition of "The Guardian"

Why don't the Bush Pioneers just BUY Africa??

How does the DLC rationalize "Blair Democrats" given the BBC

Has the liberal Media even mentioned what Joe Wilson said in the NYTimes

Bush bungled Osama before 9-11. Why isn't it bigger issue?.

Discussion in Texas on electronic voting

WOW, more from the Freepers

Should we go into Liberia?

Oh my dear God, this breaks my heart

The Color of Sex: Queer People of Color on Film

Republicans continuing fascination with Clinton

HArdball repeat is on

South Africa Indymedia's great full coverage of Bush's visit.

How do Dean and Kerry differ?

WilliamPitt on Malloy NOW!

Clark is playing this brilliantly....

OMG! Anyone see the Art Council PSA (anti-puke subtext)

Great new TV ad by

Anybody else watching Marcy Kaptur and Jim McDermott on Cspan?

OMG ROTFL!! Comment on Malloy about Annthraxx

How about this for Bush*s theme song...

why does Google have larger font right now?

Black Box Vote: The truthout link

My experience in the Smithsonian American History Museum today

The bullshit is a mile high in this Fox New gem

NYT whitewashes the WTC "cornerstone" story (Memory Hole)

Nordquist on at 8PM...

PBS's POV 'Discovering Dominga' is a MUST SEE !

What happened to the $$$ Kids sent to Bush for the Afganistan Kids?

Heheh...Interesting phone call...

TheNation Daily OUtrage. you'll either laugh or cry. Headstart.

Something to remember, I.E.: Tax Cuts and Deficits:

Mike Malloy is on ieamericaradio right now!

Timeline of Bushco's Nuclear Lies (long)

Bush uses linguistic techniques characteristic of an abuser to control...

Been bugging me since I started reading Du....

Mike Webb totally ripped Bush to shreds last night on his show

Is Putting New Spin On Old Intelligence, Lying?

Is "Treason" tanking?

Bush's Al Qaeda comment in the SOTU

it must suck for Gephardt. he holds a "meetup" and has to cancel it

Why not Draft a Gore/Clark ticket?

the debate rages on....bush: stupid, or not stupid

Waxman Letter to Shrub...

How many times have we predicted GWB's* downfall at DU?

Blue Dog Democrats debating on Cspan now

Dem. Candidate Kucinich Gets Endorsements

Bush the Fascist thinks he's John the Baptist

A Cut And Dried Criminal (revised)

Let's say Bush* goes down for this ~ Who would GOP run for President

Higher Powers are deciding that it's time for the Bush gang to go!!


Inadvertently self-referential titles from Goldberg, Coulter, et al


Good god, the idiot marine who put the US flag on the Saddam statue

CNN Poll: Should Govt Investigate Bush's Handling of Iraq WMD Claims?

even for those who LIKE shrub, what's the appeal?

OMG, just read this freeper post

Repug Congress set to slash Africa aid

What do you think is the main reason for Bush's visit to Africa? POLL

Galveston to Pensacola

CNN Ė News or Entertainment Programming?

Has any president ever had to retract an SOTU speech before?

Anyone who gets me Terrance J. Wilkinson's phone number

Do you believe Cheney actually wants the deserter to go down?

Bush in Africa Press conference...

Whee!! Savage (Weiner) has been yanked from LA radio station...

What 18 Republican Senators will vote to impeach?

Kerry to W: We need a commitment to Head Start, not another Photo-op.

Hillary presents Tucker with shoes to eat.

Republican representatives who would vote to impeach

Should fox hunting be banned?

Why is WalMart giving $10 Million to a school "choice" organisation?

Howard Deanís Surge Has Rallied Democrats to Action

Its time for a pro Cuba post

tweety on WMDs

CNN Woodruff and Google News....they spin it to blame the Dems.

MUST SEE TV: British House of Commons Prime Minister's Questions

German wine exports [to US] rise

Real Time With Bill Maher question...

BBC: British officials doubt WMD's will be found

so how is FAUX spinning the forgery?

Scoop for Clark afficianados

Excerpts from Thomas Wolfe's "You Can't Go Home Again " (repost)

Letter to the Editor (Waterville, Maine)

"Why should the United States have 125, 135,000 troops

Anthrax Annie coming up on Tweety ( Hardball )

If you dont think this Bush lie has no legs, just watch CBS, ABC, NBC

Imagine this on Jaunary 20, 2005

why do so many boomers now vote Repub?

Google WMD's and Bush parody page opens as error message!

Did I just see "subtitles" for Bush's comments? too funny. he is slurring.

"Bring it on" sounded familiar when * said I know

Poll: Are you Ahead of the Curve? Mainstream ? Or Out-of Step?

Deleted message

Why isn't this grounds for IMPEACHMENT????

Jennings doing the job.

BBC: Zimbabwe row mars Bush's tour

like, duh, He's hated everywhere?

Notice this? The heats on Cheney, then suddenly Bush is in trouble?

WOW, Hillary just walked onto the Crossfire set with a shoe for Tucker!

Student Columnist says AIDS funding is "not in our interest"

I've wavered back & forth so much on Edwards

transcript of Bush dodge today

The ratings in GD are getting freeped

Conservative Party Leader Ian Duncan Smith...

OMFG!!! the intelligence committee chairman is a P.O.S.

George W. Bush IS LITERALLY a "Terrorist Dictator"

Why isn't Bush demanding an investigation into forged documents?

Does anyone have the list of BushCo's WMD lying quotes handy?

How do we tell the children about Bush's lies?

Would you rather Blair be replaced by a Conservative?

Man enters coma in 1984, comes out into '1984'

Does ROve have Bush on Prozac? I'm just asking because

Wolf's Poll is a must vote today!!!!!

What's wrong with Kerry's plan for Iraq?

6th annual Muzzle Awards/Ten who undermined freedom of speach & liberties

"Liar or Moron" image re-post!

"Iraq uranium flap: Much ado about nothing?"

Anyone listened to the Social Security Admin's on-hold messaging?

um....anyone seen Wolfie's CNN poll today?

Bush confident that Iraq had WMD in 1991. and other lies.

Nixon Man Orchestrated FL Campaign to Intimidate FSSC Justices

Hey! Let's draft a ulysses/jiacinto ticket!

Now that he lied. What else is Bush lying about?

Michael Savage appeals to his Gay & Lesbian viewing audience

What about Liberia?

Daily Kos Cattle Call

Liar or dupe?

Florida's(R) Senate turns on jeb

Crossfire just starting, Tuckers eating shoes

Saw a man get out of a $100,000 car yesterday - went in for a pedicure...

A plea to Perot to enter race

c-span 3- 911 Commission Hearing Live @ 4:30

"My predessessor raided Iraq in '98..."

Twin Cities' 'Patriot' radio dumps Michael Weiner/'Savage'

Shoe recipes for Tucker

Slate article about Edwards

Peace education causes a stir

Tucker's going to eat his shoe on Crossfire today!

Poll MSNBC question of the day

Dd you see the Tom Ridge conference on GOP Convention in 04?

The Troops Are Revolting!!! (perhaps!)

More Republican Secret Dirty Deeds in Florida !

Deleted message

What's the deal with the EU's Common Agricultural Policy

I'm happy Bush is playing politics

Slamming the internal "divide and conquer" strategy of the DLC

Rummy at hearing: "facts change from time to time..."

Another fact lost in the fog: chem and bio agents are NOT WMDs.

Why can't the dumbass talking heads figure how to pronounce names of

Repub. Congressman Implicated in Bank Fraud (NC)

Hillary hits the million mark

Question RE: a TruthOut article

I was just watching CNBC and Maria Bartiromo was interviewing

Congress Passes Law to Limit Terrorism Information Awareness

Pat Buchanan wants to know WHO FORGED the Uranium docs!!

Black Box Voting: The first volley is OUT

Spy hunter resigns when search leads toward Bush's father?

ALERT ALERT!! Gallup guy on CNN and Judy Woodruf are admitting

Charles Taylor is an escapee from the Plymouth County jail

If they don't impeach, then we have a tool to take back the houses.

KUCINICH gets endorsed by Granny D, Tom Hayden, and Gandhi's g'son

Need Anti-Freeper Ammo

Was Clinton ever disbarred for practicing law

One lie is a sign for others, Bush has a credibility Problem; toss in

Is Media Whores down?

Feminists for Kucinich

Proper care and feeding of your new troll

Media description, or prescription that "Americans don't care"

Is this what we have been waiting for?

Repukes are coming over

Bush told Niger intel questionable before SOTU?

Powell's "evidence" he gave to UN (lied)

A Dogwood Tree on the South Lawn of the White House

The Best Bumper-Sticker Idea

Bush has 2 choices: Incompetence (or) Dishonesty

What is the current casualty count?

Roxanne Walker, fired Greenville DJ on CNN

Fight Club and the republicans

Keystone Cop administration

Jeb has gone "stark raving pig-headed over this.... malpractice thing."

the pres. is in deep doo doo...what's our terror alert color now?

Would there be a way to force chimpy into an open press conference?

I remember Reagan signed a bill into law saying teen-agers could be paid

Can someone help with Governor Davis's achievements while in office

lies, Lies, LIES, MORE LIES! DAMN LIES! LIES! LIES! Liar, Lying, LIE!!!

can you trust your Doctor? No

How Much Did Bush Know Before 9/11?

Bush is in Africa to avoid the shit that's hitting his fan.

Poor Mikey Weiner making excuses faster than the paper can print them

FAUX news... nothing happening we need to gin

Should Wesley Clark jump into the fray...

Diebold Touchscreen Voting System Keeps 3 Sets of Books

Which Candidates Campaign Will You Be Working For?

Anyone watching the MSNBC press conference on the MS murders?

Endorsements Rolling In! Granny D, Hayden and Gandhi!

What's the current casualty count?

What is middle class?

Palast on Chavez and Venezuela

Morale in ME

does getting rich make people lean to the right?

"For bureaucratic reasons....

was w doped up during his spin of the union address?

Doonesbury flashback to Feb: Dems regret voting for war?

Mother of killed GI slams Bush.

Ann Coulter Time interview

(40 minutes ago) Senate Kills Malpractice Limit Proposal

Im with Busey

Senator Levin, setting em up, 1 guy at a time

Video of Jerry Springer on ABC?

Hillary Book Tops a million!!

Gray Davis Re-Call Poll by Mercury News......

help, need info on bush AWOL

CNN scroll headline...SS to offer security for GOP convention

Lying about the State of the Union

has anyone else considered the possibility that Jayson Blair was a RW

MSNBC Question of the day

Dr. Frist & Mr. Hyde (Ward Sutton)

More proof that Bush 41 & 43 are monstrous war criminals

Lies and Disinformation: The Niger Red Herring

CNN: Hill hits a Mill!!

What happened to the buried Texas/Enron documents?

FLASH: Limbaugh Lies Again!!!!

I need any Energy Policy. information. Blackout's/prise rise/ect...

I need any Energy Policy. information. Blackout's/prise rise/ect...

Deleted message

How many "synonyms" for the word LIE have we heard lately???

POLL: How should I file W's admitted LIE?

Why we invaded Iraq...

oil pipeline in Iraq hit again yesterday

Gulf War Syndrome

Did Cheney send that guy to Niger, or what?

Army investigating how reservist died in Iraq

CNN gets More Irritating: What's Up With the TOOLBAR?

Another episode in the continuing saga of As the Worm Turns....

Upcoming Bush 9/11 movie: early cut

Want to see Edwards town-hall appearance?

FRANKS to "set history straight"? (gossip)

Lycos 50 - Dean internet searches up 250%

Remember when McDermott said from Baghadad Bush would Mislead?

Can we just bring our troops home?

Evidence & Testimony first, then Impeachment

Pay attention to stories like this

rummy blaming clinton, of course!

A simple and effective case for impeachment/conviction RE: Niger

There are now NUMEROUS intel sources saying Bush lied (and IS lying)...

bush couldn't make it through a debate now, he'd just explode or melt

MUST READ: shhh, don't say the "w" word

Why impeach? Article II Section 3 of the Constitution is why!

Who is your second choice for the nomination?

Who here intends to protest the * Junta

Howard Dean Surges with Internet Support (Lycos Top 50)

Was Bush framed to get Cheney the presidency?

Wasn't Clinton Impeached because of "the Lies"

Kean on MSNBC now!! 11:10 A Wednesday

National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Can you open this?

BBC: White House was told EVEN EARLIER

Looking for transcript 7/7/03 white house press briefing

US SPY CHIEF QUITS. Saddan has secret US software

Go Sit In The Corner, Tim Russert


to dream...the Impeachable's NOT impossible...


How they're addressing Niger Uranium....

Clear Channel required emplyees to attend "Patriotic Rallies"

Who Reads DU?

Maureen Dowd celebrates Man Eating. And we knew it all along.

JAN SCHAKOWSKY uses the "L" word. They lied.

Forum main page question


Why The Masses Don't Care That Bush Lied About WMDs - The Ugly, Ugly Truth

"I know in my mind..." Oh, never mind the Intel, we go on Chimpy's hunches


* may PO Ireland by choosing a repuke fund-raiser as new ambassador.

Question about Black Box

Lying bastard Rumsfeld on CNN...

Rummy and Meyer being grilled on C-Span3

Where was Homeland Security in Mississippi?

Why must we go to Japan to see Niger discusion with Wilkinson Report?

Please don't take this the wrong way, but................

CSPAN Wednesday morning - Sen. Coryn

Its TURNING Folks. That Tide. That RED Tide. Its Turning

Bush's poll numbers: very interesting development

Ha ha! O'Reilly Youth T-Shirts!

Interesting...Google. "Carlysle Group" "Carlyle Group" "Carlisle Group"

Alright. When do we get credit for taking to the streets? The Protests...

Josh Marshall (TPM) on Wilson Part of Niger Story

9/11 Stonewalling and WMD Lie on CNN American Morning

How much impact did Niger uranium story have on support for the war ?

One year ago today bush said

"Today Show" Lead Story: Bush Admin. stalling 9/11 probe?

Look at MSNBC's front page

When was Nigerian forgery first reported in foreign press?

Be sure to check out Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo

Yep.. Those Africans LOVE our pResident..:=)

Karen Hughes was born in...(wait for it..)....F R A N C E

On Goree Island, Bush Visit Sparks Anger

Proof that Bush is E-V-I-L!

UN Official: 'Guerrilla Assault' Needed on World Bank/IMF Policies

Rick Santorum looked scared...

Any candidate that says he needs a study on marijuana is lying!

"Bring 'em on"

About that hoax regarding the death of Katherine Harris....

By the grace of God


Bush Needs Another War In Order to Win Next Year

Massacre at Mazar

WOW hadn't seen this: spy catcher mysteriously resigns

Whose Got the Football???

How about setting up a DU Radio Program?

Let me show you some PISSED OFF U.S. soldiers

Another Source - "White House admits Bush lied about Iraqi nukes"

Bernie Ward on the hot topic of the day: Britney isn't a virgin!

The Carlyle Group exposed

Someone wrote the SOTU speech for Nose Miner, he unable to do that sort of

Where can I find out what the deficit is??????????????????

ABC Radio reporting on the SOTU lie

Beelzebush's back is against the ropes

Niger U-238 was NOT Bush's first WMD Lie

Here's your distraction story of Summer 2003

why did Murdock pick the Fox name for his news channel?

Like Deep Throat said, "you're missing the overall"....

This is what I think that Carl Rove was banking on.

3/18 article saying they were told documents were faked.

US may have to accept Shi'ites' key role in governing Iraq

Troop morale, families angered at home, and Fmr. Sgt. Pollard

Should the police be policed by ... different police?

William Pitt

They can't call it Nigergate? Can they?

Iraq casualties will not sink bush below 53% approval

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

Does George Bush deserve the criticism ?...............Damn right!

when do schools start in your area?

a very good week. check out Yahoo news top 15 rated articles

MWO now--you must read this.

William Greider -- Great at Explaining What's Happening

It's time to make the bastard pay his dues. MoveOn Action alert:

Question for Pro-life Kucinich supporters

With J-Lo as Mary Magdelene . . .and Love Notes from God!

Republicans want to lay a cornerstone at ground zero during their . . .

Bankruptcies set to break record

Has Britain gone to the euro?

NO FLAMES >> Is Howard Dean a liberal, a centrist, or something else?

What issues are most important to you?

The Insiders Are Coming Out

Ray Taliforo on KGO sees WMD admission as turning point

Kerry advertising on Drudge????

Book Association Throws the Book at Pickles

Are there ANY DLC democrats on these boards?

Question for Atheists, or anyone.

Many Africans find Bush an unwelcome guest

Okay..which one of you sent the fax to WQAM???

Edwards says he will have US be part of ICC

This Savage firing makes me hate MSRNC even more...

Simple, yet eloquent

Belated Kudos to Guy James and Jan Michael

aaaw. washington journal..

Great Guardian/Observer article on Dean

Big trouble for Bush.........Troop morale in Iraq hits 'rock bottom'

Black Box curiosity of the day -- from Bev

In honor of DU2 I just signed up at Sharpton's Web Site

Pick Your poison..You get ONE choice

DU'ers who use links to Drudge are enablers!

has everyone seen the 'Bring'em Home' Flash?

Can Scarborough Country be axed next please

A NOTE on Terry McAuliffe, please read

If I were Howard Dean, I'd wrap myself in Norman Rockwell's flag

You want to read the transcript of Ari getting massacred?

rightwing college students target "nickel and dimed"

My letter to local radio host regarding Davis recall in CA!

Is there a website like this for people not so far to the left?

This guy sounds a lot like part of Juniors Republican base to me

Leahy and Jeffords slam Bush

would you allow your teenage daughter to use the pill?

RE Ruppert's "peak oil" assertions

Powell CAUGHT in web of lies???

Evaluate Yourself Politically

HOT! Much more on Capitol Hill Blue expose of Bush lie

Critical Thinker Challenge

Millions of Americans watched a Crime Against Humanity and didn't flinch.

What should the top federal income tax rate be?

Thurmond Staffer Supporting Sharpton?

Calif. DUer's what's next after the Davis recall?

Black-Box voting hits slashdot

Message posted to the daily Kos today by Wesley Clark Jr.

Now that Bush has confirmed he lied, does this give pro war Dems an out?

Got a fund-raising call from the DLC last night at 9:45.

Bush* didn't lie, DAMNIT!

It must suck for Colin and Condi

Ann Coulter is a man.

OMG- Read this scary op-ed in yahoo news. Rank it- OMG!!!!!!!!

no arabs on flight 77?...strange passenger list indeed...what gives?

if Savage Weiner hadn't been 'set up'?

Event on the Horizon - Anyone care to speculate?

Bush was forced to mistakenly misspeak allegations erroneously

They could have hacked election 2002, what is the probability they did?

How many of you send your kids to a private school or home school?

Ted Rall vs. Tom Tommorow

Hillary Clinton has sweet revenge (Actual headline & link from CNN)

Putin's visit to Great Britain changed attitude to Russia for the better

Experts: U.S. Needs Int'l Image Makeover

1,044 US Military Personnel Hurt Since Start Of Iraq War

Afghan jails taken over by warlords

BBC (Wednesday): Pressure grows on Guantanamo trials

Aaron Brown: CNN

Kerry: More Troops Needed in Iraq

Report: ACLU on DOJ 'deceit'

Dem. Candidate Kucinich Gets Endorsements

Campaign Finance Supporters: Abolish FEC

Jordan Confiscates More Than 200 Iraqi Artifacts From Travelers in 10 Days

U.S. Needs New World Image

Bev Harris's Latest - Bald-Faced Lies About Black Box Voting Machines

US military scholars warn of wider Iraqi insurgency

Supreme plot (Palm Beach Commissioner fined - 2000 Election Tie-in)

Police brutality trial starts in L.A.

Bush 'waging a war on women's bodies'

Army corrects account of Lynch ambush

Centre of Burundi capital shelled | BBC

U.S. Gave Inaccurate Iraq Picture, Ex-Intel Official(Retired in September)

C-Span 3 rummy & Franks getting grilled by senate committee

Energy Dept. Halts Nuclear Shipments Plan

Mbeki misinformed Bush about Zim, says MDC

Pre-nuclear blasts in N Korea

House passes Ready to Teach Act (H.R. 2211)

Senate grills Rumsfeld on manpower

UNC Reading Assignment Draws Criticism Again

U.S. Gave Inaccurate Iraq Picture, Ex-Intel Official (new?)

'Alien' Bush and ANC attacked in Cape protest

N Korea 'closer to nuclear goal' | BBC

Is Niger the smoking gun?

Iraq war not about banned weapons: Rumsfeld

Iraq weapons 'not likely to be found'

Nightline: Reverberations of a Speech (SOTU)

Blair-BBC row deepens in Britain

Rumsfeld: 3rd Infantry to leave Iraq soon

Leftists Joyful That Britain's Guardian Is Coming to America (rw rag)

Ottawa set to sell its medical marijuana

Car swiped from under Bush's nose

Expert: U.S. Knew al-Qaida Might Attack

U.S. Rep. Mark Foley officially makes U.S. Senate bid (Graham's seat))

Hoosier collapses, dies in Iraq

Government stands by Iraq-Niger nuclear link (UK: separate evidence)

Texas is missing an idiot

Daily U.S. Casualties in Iraq

Morale among US troops in Iraq said to be low

Clinton introduces Americorps bill

Illinois man accused of being Iraqi agent

Bush administration urges energy conservation

Florida County Commissioner faces heavy fine for campaign rules violations

Redistricting, and now battle, lines are drawn

Emboldened Hong Kong Protesters Call For Free Elections | New York Times

President Bush Receives Cool Reception in South Africa (WP)

Vatican Reports $15 Million Deficit

CERA: Bush's Africa visit to focus on oil supply, new natural gas sources

Expert: U.S. Knew al-Qaida Might Attack

Democrats Block White House-Supported Malpractice Bill

U.N.: Nearly 1 Gun for Every American

Court Blocks Effort to Protect Secret Cheney Files- NYT

Wal-Mart cancels 'smart shelf' trial

Hillary Clinton's Book Sales Top 1 Million (in One Month)

I was just watching CNBC and Maria Bartiromo was interviewing


Clouds Gather Over Future of Clear Skies


White House on Defensive Over Intelligence

Bush ducks questions on false Iraq intelligence

Man wakes after 19 years in coma

GOP Renews Push for Fetal Homicide Law

Social Security to loom large in Bush í04 drive

Rumsfeld: Will Need Supplemental Iraq Spending In 2004

Attempt to Bring Up Child Tax Credit Bill Fails 51-45

CNN: Bush "dodged" question on African uranium sales...

Lawsuit Reflects Fight Over Altered Food (Monsanto sues Maine Dairy)

Bush Protester acquitted of hitting officer

Non-Fatal Attacks Now Routine for U.S. Troops in Iraq WP

Tough times for teens (Jobless Rate...Highest in 55 Years)

South African demonstrators protest Bush visit

Iraqi Who Might Have Met With 9/11 Hijacker Is Captured

Britain STILL supports Iraq/Niger Nuclear info (7/9/03)

Ridge Orders Secret Service to Cover 2004 Repub Convention

Alarming HIV Rates in African Militaries Could Undermine Peacekeeping

Recruiting for New Iraqi Army to Begin

Iraq's Chalabi:U.S. Does Not Need More Troops(Whos running this invasion?)

White House Issues Retraction of Allegations in Bush (SotU) Address

Weighing ... Liberia, Bush promises not to overextend troops

Army Details Ambush That Injured Lynch

H. Clinton's book hits a million sales

Chicago Area Man Arrested Accused of Spying For Saddam.

Rep. Bluntís(R-Mo) son aided by donors from out-of-state

Some seek inquiry into Uranium claim

Dems dump top aide for Homeland (Security)

U.S. Seizes Two on Iraq Most-Wanted List

(bipartisan) Pro-labor reps spurn Bush rules

CNN: Hill hits a Mill!!

Bush Defends use of Prewar Intel on Iraq

Dems Set to Filibuster Malpractice Bill

Ari: "One Single Sentence" Proved Inaccurate

White House admits Bush lied about Iraqi nukes

Bush Deplores the Legacy of Slavery

Missing Florida Children on Rise Despite DCF, FDLE Efforts

Woman (Leung) at center of FBI China case says she is a "loyal American"

Kill looters, urges archaeologist

U.S. might ask NATO to take over control of Iraq occupation (Balt. Sun)

Critics urge war inquiry

Cooped-up locals angry about Bush visit

Non-Fatal Strikes in Iraq Rattle GIs but Go Uncounted

BBC: CIA Warned White House on Iraq Claim

Only 23 Embedded Reporters Left in Iraq

Bremer touts (oil) privatization in Iraq

Bremer Visits Holy Shi'ite City, Avoids Clergy

Is Niger the smoking gun?

U.K. Quietly Presses U.S. Over Guantanamo Trials

Skeptical Iraqis Watch New Police in Gunfight (US using Saddams thugs)

Murder and machination in Pakistan's backyard

Where will Osama bin Laden attack next?

Mayor wants city to run elections (FL)

Crash caused Lynch's 'horrific injuries'

Morning radio co-host sues station that fired her

MINISTRY OF PRETENCE Bid to sink BBC man over WMD backfires

Senators say House map just won't do (TX redistricting update)

Nuclear watchdog denies Blair's claim of 'separate intelligence'

(GGBEO*) Bush Defends Use of Prewar Intel on Iraq (DUPE THREAD )

US sanctions blamed for Sudanese air disaster

U.S. Army baits ambushers - with its own soldiers

UK and U.S. take lion's share in Iraq oil tender

Two more wanted Iraqi leaders in US forces custody

Web site reveals Iraq war stats, so far (The Inquirer)

Second Canadian was held in Saudi captivity

Iraq to Spend Over $6B on IT Development

Democrats Counterattack on Malpractice Issue (NYT)

Soldier Dies in a Non-Combat Incident (Centcom)

Court refuses to block lawsuit delving into Cheney energy task force

Congress set to slash Africa aid

Blind voters' suit a class action (voting machines)

Democrats Lay Down Lines for Looming Medicare Fight (NYT)

I don't know but...Major Battle In Afghanistan;Taliban Retake District In

Iraq faces economic sabotage as blast hits oil export pipeline

Labor on warpath over Iraq doubts (Australia)

Parliamentary whitewash of Blair?s lies on Iraq falls flat

PM (Howard) queried as US backs away

9/11 Commission Says U.S. Agencies Slow Its Inquiry

Iranian refugees flee camp in Iraq ? UNHCR

U.S. offers cash to stem attacks on soldiers

Tri State Soldier Killed (Batesville, IN)

Hundreds Missing in Bangladesh Ferry Disaster

Govt knew of weapons doubts: Wilkie

Senate Democrats win fight over medical malpractice awards

Kucinich Says Cut Bloated Pentagon Budget To Fund Education

NATO says pleas for postwar Iraq role too early

Iraq weapons 'not likely to be found' (BBC)

Bush using "Government Minders" in 9/11 investigation

US 'most armed' nation on Earth

Iraq operations cost 3.9 billion dollars per month: Rumsfeld

US election fraud scandal looms?

OMFG, Hillary just walked onto the Crossfire set with a shoe for Tucker!!

Rebuked FBI Agent to Head Oregon Office

WP: M-16s Jammed at Lynch Capture

Rumsfeld: No New Iraq Weapons Evidence Before War

Gov. Bush signs death warrant for Pensacola abortion killer

Iraq War Civilian Death Toll Past 6,000 - Group

Senate Rejects Bush Overseas Family Planning Rule

Conned Big Time (T.J. Wilkinson-Bush story a fraud)

Rumsfeld Says Iran Moving Border Post into Iraq

US gave inaccurate Iraq picture, ex-intel official

Top Treasury Department Official Resigns (Peter Fisher)

BBC: Iraq weapons 'unlikely to be found'

(Under-Secretary of the) Treasury's Peter Fisher resigns

Among Democrats, Energy Seems to Be on the Left

Fight in the House to Save Overtime Pay; Miller, Obey, King present bills

Democrats remain in dark on information (Texas search)

NYT: 9/11 Commission Says U.S. Agencies Slow Its Inquiry

Widow of Marine killed in Iraq awarded $12,000 grant

Recordings Back Israel Claim on Spy Ship

WP: Senators Grill Rumsfield About U.S. Future in Iraq

WP: Bush Skirts Queries on Iraq Nuclear Allegation

UK Government bans inquiry into ministers

Turn on NIghtline now! Yellowcake Lies.

American Man Remains As 'Enemy Combatant' (denied appeal hearing)

Bush breaks promise to young Americans

Black leaders fault Bush for excluding them

White House 'lied about Saddam threat'

Rules for dating a yak

I had sex with a YAK once.

I made it.....yipeeeeee

Happy the "views" tally is back!!! I've been ready to chuck

Have you ever listened to, or called, The Guy James Show?

Sexiest Sex And The City Character (men included)

Anyone ever read Ehrenreich's "Nickel and Dimed?"

Hey Freepers! Take this... we can photoshop too!


The Capsized Donut of all CAPTIONS!!! (Warning: Sex Toys!)

SEX at Work--quickie thread

Forrest and Little Forrest stare in rapt wonder at Jenny's boob

Is it wrong to have a one night stand?

Woman under house arrest sneaks out to appear on Jerry Springer Show

Great Meals that I have forgotten the name of the restaurant.

The Squealing Barmaid of all CAPTIONS!!! (No one under 18 inside!)

Politicians you wish weren't dead

The Giddy Prostesis of all CAPTIONS!!! (Don't ask.)

The thread rating feature...

Motivating Factors of a Society

Did Hitler forever ruin his style of Mustache?

What first came to mind when I saw this picture of Kucinich...

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

No More Deep Ends??? (Swimming Pools)

The Naughty Aunt of all CAPTIONS!!!! (and in front of her cats!)

I am waiting for my girlfriend to come over, so ask me anything

Internet Explorer can't find any WMDs!!!!!!!!!

I'm going out, so ask me anything.

Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine

Circus Peanuts - Sugary delight or gasket material?

The Cremaster Cycle

I'm sick of seeing rich, white kids in every goddamn show!

Poll for women who've been pregnant:

Since When Is Lisa Marie Presley A DIVA??

One show that should've gotten a second chance: "Clerks"- the cartoon.

Trying to remember a brain teaser

A working comparison: industry vs. the small, private elementary school

Malloy is on!!

name the unidentifiedbassplayer, 2.04

What does n/t mean?

Political Purity?

Anyone tired of DU polls?

Deleted message

Best FTP-web builder for free?

Computer Question - Regarding Video


"I'm just gonna bob down to the corner shop for some fags..."

From Exercises in Natural Selection: Click "Ignore" on Yrself!

July 9th -- This Day In History

Room for 7 more Fantasy Football Player's in the DU league

Which is your least favorite color?

Mike Malloy show thread dicussion

If someone tells me to go to HELL , I go to Hell.

Awesome pics of Niagra Falls

Best Dark-humored TV Show

The sign in the lobby at the motel said:

Gawd I just love MY AVATAR!!!!

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And The Beat Goes On: .... wee... I Just Got Surplused...

haha, look how slow the Freeper fundraiser is going

Musicians you wish were undead?

People who use "1" and "2" ratings are lame

Do you ever change your mind just before posting something?

Ann Coulter vs The Lord of the Rings

Harry Potter fan's magic attempt sets house ablaze

Need help interpreting a dream...

Gangs of New York has just been released on DVD

I lost a great-aunt today.

Catchin Frogs

Geniuses, Criminals Do Best Work in Their 30s

Evil Cell phone

Newest member: pinkpetunia

The Weimaraners of Mass Dogstruction are gone!

Avril Lavigne. Real Deal or Rehash?

DVD-R - Very important question. MUST READ

What Movie Would You Recommend For This Weekend?

Didn't Bush sr and Reagan invent AIDS?

Hoosiers - I think it's time to build us an ark....

I can't stand Stuart Scott

The Official Judy Woodruff thread

Praise the Lord!!

Can You Pas The 3rd Grade Game?

Rate this thread as close as we can to the value of Pi.

Hillary is very gracious

Go vote in Yahoo TV Poll ( about Gore's proposed news channel)

I'm stoned. Anything ask me...I mean...

anyone seen Catwoman?

lol at work today

TV is on the brink of breakout bankruptcy

When (and how) did you lose your first tooth?

I still have a nasty stomach upset, ask me anything!


I'm gonna go watch Tucker eat his shoes.

I love my new cable modem

The clocks are off by a couple of hours on these posts. Just noticed that

Susan Sarandon on "Biography" yesterday...

I just masticated on a watermelon. Ask me anything.

ARGH!!! My package has been lost!

Serious question.

Rum and Coke...or Rye and Coke? You make the call

I have just decided

Food labels to reveal artery-clogging trans fat

Possibly the best CHICKEN joke ever...

Man wakes after 19 years in coma

Anyone have a Playstation 2? Game question......

could someone help sort this correctly

Poll! Top Ten reasons there are so many "Views"

Interesting photo and Yahoo caption

Feeling very lucky this morning.

In the world of "This is just wrong" - Real Tattoos for kids (even babies)

Any Mogwai fans here?

What the hell does "ROLF" or whatever mean?

Damn it! I missed Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson on Charlie Rose

Morons with firecrackers...just heard this on Sportscenter

Best Cult Movie?

DVD's - Is Progressive Scan Worth the Extra Cost?

What's your favorite season?

Have any must-see movies for the year?

X-box Vs Gamecube Vs PS2

Certs: Candy Mint or Breath Mint?

I have been without TV for a week now

If a man was on a train traveling

What kind of a Star Wars fan am I?

A beacon of bravery in repukeland

OMFG! Scarier than Katherine Harris!

Phone Solicitors

So who did you believe, Fred Durst or Britney?

Actors you wish weren't dead

If You Were Going To Write A Book, What Would It Be About?

Whic Cartoon Would You Like To See Updated?


NJs final solution for Canada Geese problem

Funny Stuff - (Not for the easily offended)

Have you noticed some threads don't allow

Europe travellers and dwellers, anyone every swap houses

Jennings, Brokaw, Rather: Who's the best network newscaster?

"vulcan mind-meld" technology coming soon...

OK Reggae Fans! A Miniquiz

looking for flags


Patriot Act 2 - Analysis

You Know, DU Is Kinda Like A Sneak Preview At The Movies

SO I finally saw Matrix Reloaded

Tastes great, or less filling?

International Travel with Pets

Threads you wish weren`t dead

I dare you to go to GD and sort by Views

The "mother" of all polls!


Best "Based on History" Movie

An idea whose time has come...again?

Would you have done what the Iranian Twins did?

Whew.. That was chore... a poster I just did..

Shrub Appoints Jane Goodall to replace Clonedy Rice!

I finally figured it out!

Good (Wednesday) Morning DU!

I'm with Busey

I need some info here, pleeeeeeeease!!

Tom Toles (political cartoonist) is BACK!

Strange way to catch a plane.

CIA Spoof site getting hacked?

f you're bored, here's something amusing

puke alert,,,,check out this website.......

Who else has a summer cold?



ahhhh.... a TV-tuner for your computer.... now you to can become an Uber

Consumer Freedom

Damn.. I want Chinese food and it's 12:51 AM :=(

Vrooooom Whizbannnnnnngggggggg Screeeeeeeeech!

"Where is the Love" - B.E.P. Song very powerful (Video)

Help with French anybody?

Need obscure song lyrics to "Midnight in Moscow"

The Daily Show is back!

Great Activist Website!

What's Cooking in your Neighborhood?

If you could be doing anything right now

The Real Pacman Game.

P.O.V. on Guatemalan massacres--on NOW on Oregon Public Broadcasting

Pet Lovers

Do you rate other people's threads?

Can we get real with the Yak threads?

Favorite "Jetsons" Character

Hangaroo 2 Game, Excellent Game.

Trent Lott Comedy. Hear Trent Lott Voice.

Go-Left Forums

I almost posted in GD that I've finally decided on a candidate.

Share self-help books that have worked for you


Bhh, Tornado warning here in Fairfax, VA

Fantasy Football League is filled, time to trash talk!!!

Mozilla users


Yippee..Sig Files are Back.. Show us YOURS

If I were to move to one of the coasts...

9-11 NOT Terrorists?

What If we all lived in one little town?

People I can do without

shore wisht we have a speil cheeker

Pick two or three albums that changed your life

What do you think about polls that just ask what you think about polls

Ordered the Beavis and Butthead DVD set

This is my 5000th post!

Favorite Tin Pot Dictator

Wolf Poll results as of 5:30 EST, CHECK THIS OUT!!!!

I have NO doubt I'll get flamed for this...

Nurses Forums

Toilet Paper Poll!

God dammit, I need a drink

NASA Human Space Flight Site.

Am I Friggen Crazy? Should I Move to San Ramon?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO.....................

Where have the milestones gone?