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Archives: July 30, 2003

Neoconservatism: where Trotsky meets Stalin and Hitler

President Bush endorses Joe Lieberman

Ex-Diplomat JosephWilson: Bush May Start Another War i n 2004...

Why I am leaving this Country: Daniel Pipes & Failure of Democracy in Amer

NY Times : "The time has obviously come to send John Poindexter packing"

San Francisco Chronicle: Politics as Unusual

Why Howard Dean is leading

Nailing Saddam( Mr. Kerry meets Mr. Chalabi)

MWO: The problem isn't the resolution, it's Bush

Two Judgements on George Bush

"The Bush Legacy" from CBS News by way of MWO

Caution: Do not read on full stomach!

Uday and Qusay on NEWSWEEK

Bush admin Top 40 Lies about War & Terrorism

I need help with a letter to the editor

"A perfect example of where conservative dogma falls flat..."

US no longer a Nation, but a Religion: George Monbiot

Iraqi Communist Party joins Washington's puppet administration in Baghdad

DeLay Says Palestinians Bear Burden for Achieving Peace

America’s maimed come home from Iraq (radiation injuries?)

DU: The Madness of King George

Stones Show - Toronto police will take marijuana at no charge

Cal recall---Issas' lies--

Check out this LTTE in local newspaper

Freeper gets caught telling a whopper!!

new terrorist alert

A Form of Looting

Schneider on Dean

The Bush administration's Top 40 Lies about war and terrorism

Please turn Charlie Rose on (PBS) -RON BROWNSTEIN (LA Times)

NY TIMES- Defying Labels Left or Right, Dean's '04 Run Makes Gains

British journalists show American counterparts how it's done

Ron Reagan Jr. Steps Up to Bat with Left Chat

Gang Green

Retired Marine blasts Jessica's medal

letter writing campaign??

Need footage.....important!

Letter to get the hotel industry to DONATE rooms for air marshals

New Fliers - Cheney "SLEAZY, Bush INCOMPETENT

New and final letter..please read.

Please ask C-Span to cover this event!

Meetup Organize your OWN Group of Democrats!!!

Northeast Ohio DUers: * speaking in Richfield on Labor Day!

Where is Crossfire with Begala and Carville/CNN at 4 PM???First

Ron Reagan Jr. Steps Up to Bat With Left Chat

Iraqi War dead as of 7/30/2003

Morning Becomes Apoplectic - really stupid and sick

campaign litmus test

what was really said at bush press conference

"I take full responsibility."

The Economy, the Markets and Bush

Inside the Movement for Posthuman Rights-Cyborg Liberation Front


"Homeland Insecurity" - the Board Game


Astrology Question about Mars

Thank you, Ross

Nancy, is this the "surprise" dem. candidate that will jump in this Fall?

The Ethiopian Language/Calendar

One of my coworkers was found dead at his desk today

Astrologers: CA Recall

Astrologers: Bush press conference

YES!!!! IT IS OFFICIAL, Mrs Throckmorton's cancer has entered

Does PHP just plain suck as a basis for websites?

Two gay candidates run for Ohio city council

Gephardts join PFLAG

Black TV broadcasters meet in New Orleans

Bush Looking for Means to Prevent Gay Marriage in U.S.

Car renters beware - Bush Intercontinental Airport biggest rip off

remember all that stock money earned but not claimed?

Perspectives on long-term budget deficits

Pillowtex files for bankruptcy; lays off 6,450 workers

Destruction Of Ozone Layer Is Slowing After Worldwide Ban On CFC Release


U.S. Energy Scenarios for the 21st Century

What does the 9/11 report say about the FBI bin Laden family "airlift"?

Woman of 124 found in Chechnya

Bush, the rainforest and a gas pipeline to enrich his friends

Does the 911 report address the issue of investors betting that...

Is it okay that Saddam gassed the Iranians?

Cut off ... : the mobile phone firm that connected Iraqis

Iraq Council Picks 9 Leaders Instead of 1

Philippine Military Chief Resigns

Did Saddam or Iran gas the Kurds?

What's so bad about the Market for Death?

CIA vs. The US Army

I love Paul Wolfowitz

spike in pneumonia cases in our troops in Iraq

The Real Skinny: Dieting is Baloney

Wave of child murders seen in Guatemala

Neighbor was raped last night..

Tony Martin Wants To Change UK Self Defense Laws

Street Racing Nut's Son Jailed for Murder

Republican Donor, Gun Maker wants lawsuit protection

RKBA Nut's Son Jailed For Manslaughter

Tony Martin To Be "Knocked Off" Claims Men

Bush Harms Daughter

Maine: 2nd highest gun ownership in nation; LOWEST violent crime rate.

Two more reasons to end the death penalty

Anti-gunners - Keep this a secret

Could there be a forum for locked threads?

Mods, please enforce LBN rules.


New member, hmmmmmm...

"Fortunately, we haven't lost any of the data..."

Apologies, but I can't seem to find the DU lexicon

GD crash happens again?

Where do you draw the line?

Should a "Voting Issues" category be added?

I have a great idea for a new feature or option...

Are we allowed to use right wing sources in arguments?

Only 21 pages showing in LBN and lounge-covers last 6 days of threads

Did anybody see trof's lounge post about the message he got

Analysis: Sharon beats Abbas in battle for Bush

Is Bush Afraid of Israel?

Former Dutch Prime Minister regrets his defense of Israel

Arrested Palestinians admit to murder attempt

Our foppish self-righteousness

Occupied peoples have the right to resist

Bush Backs Sharon, Angers Palestinians


Evergreen student wounded in West Bank protest

Zionist Occupation Tractors Level 2nd Floor of Palestinian Building

Israeli Deputy PM asserts necessity of security fence

What Really Happened To Rachel Corrie?

DeLay Says Palestinians Bear Burden for Achieving Peace

U.S. and Israel’s Interests Converge in Iraq

Israel Will Keep Building Security Fence

Democratic Duplicity - Kerry, Edwards and Graham voted for Patriot Act

Surprising Mock Election Results

Willie Nelson "Concerts for Kucinich" announced

A Progressive Democrat Can Win (The Progressive)

All candidates should be above all protecting our Civil Liberties

Texas GOP, Dems Duel Over Redistricting

A question for King County (WA) politicos


Al Gore May Reconsider Run For White House In 2004!

Ganging Up on Dean (The Progressive)

Two Calif. Democrats urge Feinstein to run for governor

President Bush endorses Joe Lieberman

For the defense

Kucinich and the DLC

Dean Plan Pushes Auto Fuel Efficiency (AP)

WA state Kucinich website up and running

Enough! Kerry is not a shameful coward and Dean is not Hitler!

I like my civil liberties, Dean doesn't??

Dump John Kerry -- Warmonger

Edwards woos city crowd (Nashua, NH)

Dean IS the Devil, So Stop Saying That He Isn't!

'It's not easy beating Dean' - Why Dean is Dem's best bet against Bush

Governor Dean's Police State of Vermont

Dennis Kucinich is the only "Full Time" congressman

Dean, Kerry Spar Over Bush Tax Cuts (AP)

ok, let me try this again

is anyone noticing that the first 9 posts of this thread is about dean?

Kerry Convenes Tycoon Tutorial to be Clintonian

Questioning Kerry

Democrat handlers rein in Mrs Kerry, the campaign's unguided missile

Clinton's reference to a lie being a "mistake" ......being used.

Waffling on War...John Kerry’s split personality.

Tom Delay is a racist and a loudmouth

Kerry, Edwards support Patriot Act - DEAN OPPOSES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are Kerry supporters getting desperate?

Governor Dean Lays Out Vision for Economic Growth and Job Creation

Defying Labels Left or Right, Dean's '04 Run Makes Gains | NY Times

Mr. I-Told-You-So

The Positive Side of McCarthyism

Graham on MSNBC/CNBC tonite

Lieberman piles on: He and Dean slam their rivals

GA, Colorado, MD...

Hillary as VP candidate?

Stanford report on EVM...

Dean to unveil job-creation plan in D.M.


Why Isn't There More Support for Kucinich?


Iranian-American group endorse John Kerry

Sen. Birch "Blah" fears Dean stand on Iraq war.

9/1/2003 - Labor Day appearance in Richfield Ohio by George W. Bush

War veteran questions Iraq decisions, vet apathy

"He's too conservative to get elected."

“The Economic Reality Tour” dogs Bush Bus Trip

Frank Luntz, Christopher Hitchens, and Ann Coulter on Hardball

Ganging Up on Dean

Deleted message

THIS DEFIES LOGIC (unbelieveable)

Willamette Week readers - did you buy a copy today? FTW ad runs


need some help. will it be you?


CBS evening news rocks

it ain't just the freepers


US Nobel Laureate Slams Bush


350 posts.

Boycotting them- every little bit helps

HELP: need to find a poll link

Poll Makes Clear What Dem Candidates are up against re Iraq War!

Post something constructive about your candidate thread!

ABC's The Note: RNC's/Rove's strategy for interfering in the Dem primary

Ok, Africa. Patrice Lumumba, the CIA and the Congo.

Rush Limbaugh Is A Sterile Cuckoo

Attention Deficit Disorder and Bushco

Malloy commenting on troop suicides...


I predict we will have Sadaam on Aug. 5 2003 10 AM EST

Chicago area DUers .... Watergate documentary on PBS now!


Durbin up now on C-SPAN

Are we seeing the Counter-Offensive?

"(insert candidate here) appeals to a wide variety of people!!"

Oh, for PETE'S SAKE!

4 Republican Senators want 911 declassified

"public libraries are under no obligation to provide books."

Ivory Coast

The Caprivi Strip

it is amazing to me...

Bush Harms Daughter

Letter to a Conservative Friend

UKIndep: "US Troops Turn Botched Saddam Raid Into a Massacre"

Western Sahara

BEV I have a ?- I talked to the elections mngr of San Mateo country.

Notice how the CA Repubs agreed to budget deal with the Democrats?

HEADS UP! watergate on pbs.


If a tree falls in the forest will we still thwart terrorist attacks?

is anyone watching the Senate?

Insider Publication says Gore may Run!

Deleted message


Graham on C-SPAN Washington Journal tomorrow AM !

Why I don't think Gore should jump back in.

Condi alert: cleverly covering her ass on the NewsHour

US forced to pay blood money for US killed Iraqis


Is it me or are Repugs and far left liberals redefining 'socialism'

convicted felon of Iran-Contra - Poindexter the Terror Bookie

Bush: Nothing But Lip Service for Our Soldiers ......

The latest deaths reported by U.S. Central Command

Fun With Anagrams


Was Mary the first feminisit

where's osama? are we safe? what's bush hiding?

dem party has lowest approval in 70 years

Exceptionally good flash presentation

If Al Gore is the dem NOMINEE, how will you vote?

Poll: California blames DAVIS for Enron?

Olbermann just aired the Sinner comment

deja vu all over again .............. ???

Is * taking another month-long August vacation?

One of Bush's most annoying spaking modes is when he gets condescending.

Amb. Wilson * might start another war to win re-election

The usual mangled speech but Bush is let off the hook ......

The 911 cover-up .... in / out of court . ( a good read written this week)

A Proposal to Discuss

Why did they let the Washington Post turn conservative?

Here we go again: bipartisanship

"Fooling America" speech by Robt Parry March 28, 1993

Gore may re-enter by late fall- The Hill


I Finally Got Ritter's New Book

Remember those $1 donations from US kids ...

Is Bush trying to set up another 911?

Poindexter was organizer of death squads, under BushSR

MIHOP and LIHOP are both bunk, it's DGTHOS

Assassination as Foreign Policy, Should the U.S. Kill Saddam Hussein?


Did Cheney's Secret Energy Meeting Set Stage for Iraq Attack?

Good Catholic Bad Catholic on C-SPAN

Someone do a poll for me

Republicans Hate Democracy!

Sweet! Auction Up To $1000!

Alabama Gov (R!); " Voters have Christian duty to approve tax increase

HELP!! I need QUICK information on Black Box Voting

US tortured to death 2 prisoners in Dec, yet no followup news. Coverup?

Its Meetup time for Election Reform - August 13th!!!

GWB: Just your typical used war salesman ...

What if....the WH press corps were grumpy old cynics?

The piehole effect: Is it real, if so what does it mean?

The Democrats killed 2 loony Republican polices this week.

ZOGBY: 69% of Dems Say Bush Re-Election Likely...

Please vote in this CNN poll

Minnesota is STILL Wellstone Country

need help from some ambitious du-ers

are the majority of high school dropouts Dems or Repubs?

HELP!!! We're getting electronic voting in 2004 in Ohio!!!

Pro-recall "Democrat" website created by a Republican?

Um, did I hear Bush say being gay is a sin?

Totally kickin' sermon, dude!: Here come the Christian surfers

Heard the "highlights" of Bush press conference. All I can say to Media

It`s off to the pig farm tommrow.

If you had an infinite number of Chimps typing at an infinite

Do we have a candidate to abolish the Dep. of Homeland Security?

WOO HOO! Just got a tax rebate check!

Politically Damaging letter From James Sensenbrenner R-WI

AP Bush photo " Thinkin' about sloppin' the hogs

Bush 7/30 News Conference Transcript

Jews for Jesus

IF convicted of a felony ... you LOSE your right to vote permanently in

Old breaking news: globalization pushing coffee prices to historic lows

HA!, HA!, HA!... Did anybody catch the Fruedian Slip...

Katherin Harris said she will not run for the Senate in '04

$10,000 for information on attacks in Iraq

Quote of the Day

Poll Finds Swing Voters Critical of Bush on Iraq, Foreign Policy

Anyone here afraid the housing bubble is going to burst?

Riodan in. Dems have to respond!

Either the Security Warnings are bogus or Bush is a Dumb Ass


Want to be disturbed?

Iranian-Americans turn away from GOP and look to Democrats.

I sent this LTTE to NYT today. Tell me if it runs, please

Bush blamed the media for the run-up to the war???

Book - Weapons of Mass Deception-Anyone Reading-54th on Amazon

i want to thank the hard working people at DU for all their hard work and

You're back!!

Woop woop woop - GD back up

Press Conference Transcript

Just for the heck of it

WTF? MSNBC says it's true! Bush ELIMINATES Sky Marshals after new warning

Bush "contradicts" Sen. Shelby (R-Ala.)

CIA analyst outs Bush and Cheney...

Official Press Conf Part 2

What is FL's 17th Congressional District like?

B*sh Econ Team in Wellstone Country Today

California Democrats urge Feinstein to run for governor

Any Vancouver-area DUers out there? Techies seek emigration.

Bush's press conference

Reason Bush Won't Declassify 911 Report

Missing 28 pages of 9/11 report implies that * LIHOP.

Ambassador Wilson AFFAIR - Impotent WH Press fails again?

What would America be like today if Women's Sufferage never passed?

i want to thank the hard working people at DU for all their hard work and

Damn those multiple part questions!!!

Is It Time for a General Strike Yet?

My take on the Saudi dog and pony show....

I said this the last time and I'll say it again

Kerry Spokesman Targets Dean -- Again

People who leave: Cowards or Smart?

just like clockwork.....terror alert when Idiot boy is in trouble

Deleted message

useful Bush administration data - in the palm of your hand

Every Time Bush Speaks The Market Goes Down

Anybody know about a recent statement by Saddam about sons' deaths?

Jobless man plans to trail Bush economic tour!

Sharpton on Cspan now

Ironic: IF Dianne were to be come Gov.

Deleted message

DON'T FORGET: GOP NIXES funding for Homeland Security

New CARTOONS are up!

Bad-Ass Joe Biden bitch slaps Liar Paul Wolfowitz

What do you think is in the 28 missing pages of the 9/11 Report?

I got one yesterday and a maybe.

No Catholics Need Apply

I believe 9-11 info was so specific, Bush knew attacks would be multiple

Warnings of Possible Airline Hijackings

Chimpeachment Now

Issa's arrest record

hey gov. bush, why are you protecting the saudis? where is osama?

Help Un-Freep this WSJ poll on Amtrak


Excellent Maureen Dowd column today on Wolfie et al

aWol to 'take questions' this morn...will this be the big blow up?

US is removing troops who were providing security in Iraqi hospitals

Iranian-American group endorse John Kerry

MSNBC: Did war compromise al-Qaida hunt?

Why NO 911 INVESTGATION on what made the WTC collapse...listen.

Tony Blair's record in office

Bush To Held Press Conference In The Rose Garden At 10:30

Terror on rise and alert status the same

Americans minds being Roved this am

I wonder if Bush (flying to Oregon) will turn away some of his

List of Iraqi War dead grows

No phones, kidnappings... winning hearts in Iraq.

Harvey Milk School for LGBT in NYC -- Good Thing?

Sharpton on CSPAN at 7:50 a.m. EST Wednesday

Indiana Governor's race: Emily's List backs State Sen. Vi Simpson!

At least we cut taxes on the rich...

LaRouche Targets the DLC:

Re: Saudi Connection and the NEW STORIES about it all.....

Nancy Skinner was great this morning.

Quick, look over there! It's Saddam!

Who should Gore pick as his running mate? Parteeee!!!!

If only Clinton had had Condi and and Ari and Rummy on his team...

My question is: How would Saudi Arabia benefit from us invading Iraq?

Just how competent is this Administration, really ??

Air Marhsalls to be pulled - let's get patriotic hotels to donate ROOMS!

Tide is turning story

President Putzhead's August vacation=challenge to the press?

Grrr...Damn DLC Dumbocrats. . .Can't Speak. . .So F**king Mad

Poll: When will the next terrorist attack occur on the USA?

General Wesley Clark is generating major interest

When all else fails...

Praise The Lord and Pass The Ammo!

when you register to vote...

Charlie Rose on PBS. GREAT INTERVIEW with Seymour Hersh (New Yorker)

Analysis of an Electronic Voting System--HTML of Hopkins report


Could the Libertarians be a Threat to Shrub?

this should be Conservative Bill of Rights

Instead of bashing us southerners

Disconcerting news about job exports

Creation tours

Anyone else notice this phenomenon at work?

Joe Biden

The History of Racism

any mainstream media coverage on PNAC revelation in senate?

Widespread American antipathy toward Saudi Arabia


Republicans in my chatroom now questioning Bush

What did you do to piss off a fascist today?

You Can Write Local Coverage On Blackboxvoting

Charlie Rose (PBS) tonight (just finished) - Sorry if you missed it!

Left Kerry leaned toward Dean now back to Kerry.

More Disinformation from Washington's Secretary of State...

you know what we need re: black box?

So you'd like to ... Become an idiot!

CSPAN is replaying the Iraq Reconstruction Hearing/Biden v. Wolfie

AOL Poll on Gay Acceptance in Society - Pretty Cool Results!

Why don't we have a sensible train system in this country?

Graham takes on the CNBC freepers

DeLay said a Bush better than a Kennedy

No airline hijacking will ever again suceed in the United States

Californians may vote both NO on the recall AND for a replacement

If the unthinkable happens, what will you do?

Alameda California: Public Records Request, Diebold Voting

Black Box: What fresh hell is this?

Who would you support for the Dem Nomination.

a quarter of a million in health care

Would you support Al Gore in the primary if he jumped back in the race?

If your were Commander In Chief how would you handle this??

Amend the Constitution. Two Senators Per State: One Male, One Female

Olbermann: Gore may be running for election. Or is that re-election?

dean or al gore, i don't get it

Are there any laws that W could use to stay in office without an election?

The Watergate story is on PBS now (eastern) and it's fascinating...

It is all so predictable and so treasonable and so ignored by the media..

Bush to Hijackers: Bring 'Em On


Federal government denies local doctor shortage

Inside the Movement for Posthuman Rights-Cyborg Liberation Front

I predict we will have Sadaam Aug. 5 2003 10 AM EST.

Military folks -- is this true?

Will Zell Miller endorse * in 2004?

Beginning to get Offended!

Did DLC mess up so bad that they have to let Gore out of Jail

For those that follow 911....all tinfoil hats...LISTEN to this interview

"Saddam had a weapons PROGRAM" * clearly knows there are no WMD's!!

How often do Democrats "bus people to the booths"?

Soldiers' Care Packages ...UPDATE


Many people here don't know what/who soccer moms and dads are

Guardian's Monbiot calls America a religion--excellent essay

John Dean - 9-11 Reort Raises More Serious Questions

Graham: Dubya accepting responsibility for Niger because of poll numbers?

I'm fed up.

DU in the News!!!!!

"Portland Protest the Protesters Night" at local Enron-named Ballpark!

"Flap over 16 words wouldn't crack Top 10 scandals"

Does anyone think that another 9/11 could happen in the U.S.?

When Do You Think Clark Will Enter the Race?

I encountered a Repukelican at the Zoo today.....

Big cuts loom for Social Security, GAO warns

Official Press Conference Thread, FoxGlove1 Transcribing...

Is the "Bush Lied" issue dead?

Get ready for a potential spike in Bush's numbers.

Health insurance question/help

Kerry's just starting to get down right NASTY in his attacks on Dean

Do you think Gee-Duh and the cabal watched the show on Watergate on PBS?

Freepers think Bush could lose...

The DLC should:

Graham to be on Washington Journal

question for the "moderates" and DLC apologists

so does sen. biden want the UN in Iraq or not?

Watergate Special on PBS Tonight

Springer Has Few Senators Backing Him

Do you have faith in the people ?

The Gambia

Why all of the attacks on Kerry this evening?

Why don't any of America's Airlines have flights to Africa

A great graphic on Bush's downward poll numbers

Question: Do Unemployment numbers count seasonal unemployment?

Local Paper Publishes Column About Me (blushes)

Awesome cartoon (old)

Is there a complete news blackout from Iraq going on right now?

What happened with George Soros' ad?

Gore Vidal profile on PBS American Masters

"Sanctimonious Hustlers"-----Gore Vidal's description of this country's

In One Florida Town, Parents Getting Refund Checks Fulfill Bush's Hopes

The true spirit of MSNBC comes out

If I were the Chairman of the DNC....

US terror warning a blunder, says spy chief

U.S. offers U.N. resolution on Liberia

Liberian bishop to U.S.: Come today, not tomorrow

US more ferocious than Saddam (Bhahrain Tribune)

McCain, Kolbe join Iraq-bound congressional delegation

Voting systems 'can't be trusted' | Denver Post

Justice Dept. Honors Terror Prosecutors

Flip-flop on air marshal schedules (Back on Flights)

Annan: Nations Want U.N. Umbrella in Iraq

Stuck on high, US terror alerts lose meaning for many

Lawmakers Report Progress on Drug Plan

ACLU Challenges Patriot Act

Despite `real threat' of terrorism, Bush confident in airline security

Code words set flight in motion (TX D's)

Saudi Says U.S. Cleared Him of 9/11 Ties

Wild Oats closing Belmont store (Nashville)

Bush Issues Misleading Response to Question on AIDS Policy

High School Retains Black Teacher For Black History Class

Democratic Candidate Offers Environmental Plan

Lord & Taylor Stores Leave Florida


GOP senator joins push to declassify 9/11 report

Bush Resists Being Drawn Into Recall Campaign

Bush wants to 'codify' heterosexual unions

[July 30] Iraq attack [on US convoy in Fallujah] -- NBC affiliate reports

Bingaman calls for head of defense agency to resign

Sen. Joe Biden: 'Tell the American people the truth'

Newsweek: Financing Terror? (Saudis)

Italy's Churches Trashed - for drunks and love

Evergreen student wounded in West Bank protest (Rachel's school)

Man pleaded guilty in beating death of Vancouver homosexual

Advance team of peacekeepers flies into Monrovia

Los Angeles Cop Jeremy Morse WILL be retried. MSNBC Reporting.

Bush Takes Responsibility for Iraq Claim

Far right targets Pennsylvania youth group

Dean Plan Pushes Auto Fuel Efficiency

President Bush plans to visit St. Louis (August 26)

Internal NDP memo to Sask. MLAs calls Bush 'shrub'

Less than half of US would vote to return Bush to White House: poll

Georgia LP calls for state to scrap 'insecure' electronic voting system

Did war compromise al-Qaida hunt? (GRRRRRRRR)

Pentagon: China Aiming Missiles at Taiwan

Judge considers motion to dismiss lawsuit against Cheney, Halliburton

"It's our national heritage that's at stake."

Bush takes blame for nuclear claim

Bush, the rainforest and a gas pipeline to enrich his friends

Iraq Interim Gov't. Names First President

Ex-cabinet members criticize Bush over national parks jobs

Philippine Army's intelligence chief resigned

Bush, the rainforest and a gas pipeline to enrich his friends

Government Sources: "The U.S. Would Prefer Saddam Be Killed"

In Economic Downturn, Recalls May Spread

Estrada is Defeated Again!

Dean Outlines Strategy For Economic Growth & Job Creation

Bush will leave ranch for Oregon soon - 8/21 - Portland

Pursuing Hussein, U.S. Captures 175 in Dozens of Raids

Foreign Visits to U.S. Drop Sharply

Hoax Declared in Ind. Missing Girl Case (Policewoman was hoaxer)

Iraqis protest against US soldier's raid of Prince Rabiah.......

Bu$h Legacy: 500,000 IT Jobs to Move Overseas-2004

Heavy fighting rages in Liberia's capital despite rebel declaration ...

Riordan, Feinstein at center of parties' recall buzz

New Nationwide Zogby Poll of Likely Democratic Primary Voters

(NY) Times Hires 3 Editors After (Jayson) Blair Affair

Nuclear Chain Chokes Indian Country

Roger Noriega gets top Latin Post

Clinton's reference to a lie being a "mistake" ......being used.

Breaking news on CNN, MSNBC, and FOX-TV

Doubts mount on Powell's evidence to UN


(AZ Gov) Napolitano's drug plan cuts costs for seniors | Arizona Republic

Stagehands Union Backs Gephardts Presidential Bid

Senator Byrd on CSpan 2 NOW attacking Bush Energy Policy

Lawyers advised to shun tribunals

Woman gives birth on subway train (Boston)

Brain scans 'reveal baby thoughts' | BBC

NYT: Defying Labels Left or Right, Dean's '04 Run Makes Gains (4 pages)

Bush in Rose Garden at 10:30am est - 'press conference'

Bush takes responsibility for claims

Bush... supports law that defines marriage as union between man and woman

Record Does Not Support All of Candidate Issa's Claims | LA Times

On c-span2 about to start

'Pingpong balls of flame' dropped near West Glacier

"He's too conservative to get elected."

Bush takes blame for nuclear claim

5 soldiers wounded by grenade attacks in the last 24 hours

Tax-Cut Tour 2003, at a Factory Near You

Blair fends off Kelly questions

Blair sidesteps Kelly questions | Guardian

Poll: Swing Voters More Critical of Bush on Iraq; Majority Says President

Padilla falls into a ‘legal black hole’

China imposes Great Wall ban | BBC

SA Ambassador: New sex complaint

Journalist was 'murdered' - Iran

Ill. Judges Fight for Pay Raises

Mpuma child, 3, caged, starved, assaulted

Blair Says U.K. Still Has War Doubts (No shit Poodle )

Air marshals pulled from key flights (to save hotel expenses)

Skeptical Iraqis Begin to Accept Death of Saddam Hussein's Sons

WTF? MSNBC says it's true! Bush ELIMINATES Sky Marshals AFTER warning!

Japan not budging on Canadian beef ban | Globe and Mail

U.S. Employers Handing Out Smallest Pay Raises Since at Least Mid-1970s, S

President Bush's Rose Garden News Conference - Text

Amnesty says Myanmar junta acts with impunity

Dean is a terrible candidate, read this LBN

NY Times : "The time has obviously come to send John Poindexter packing"

Another attack on US troops in Baquba: witnesses 

Pryor to Be Filibustered, Schumer Pledges

Bush's economic team meets frustration on heartland tour

Part of Ill. Death Penalty Reform Axed

Is Bush Afraid of Israel?

Senate rejects tough new auto fuel economy measure

(WAR RAGES ON!) Liberian President Hedges on Ceding Power (NO $ for Peace)

Judge rejects part of recall law

Bush Backs Sharon, Angers Palestinians

Dems kick off convention countdown by kicking Bush | Boston Herald

Rebel (and Butcher) Foday Sankoh Dies in Sierra Leone

Myers says central Iraq a ‘war zone’

France arrests forest 'arsonist'

US terrorism warning mistaken: (Australian) Govt | ABC (Australia)

Katherine Harris says U.S. Senate run 'not on my radar screen'

Philippines military intelligence chief resigns over mutiny | ABC (Au)

U.S. Warns of East Coast Hijack Threat

NASA wants space plane to start flying 2 years early | Orlando Sentinal

U.S. official says N.Korea ''hellish nightmare''

To Cut Failure Rate, Schools Shed Students

Japan's Economic Cancer

Dems Break Ranks Over Whether to Give Davis Recall Competition

Lieberman rips Bush in attempt to woo Cubans

Powell: Saddam is Piece of Trash to be Collected

Farmed salmon not so safe, report says | Seattle P-I

Anti-US resistance spreads through Iraq

GOP Senators Blame Nature for Climate Change

Graham eyes procedural move to unlock Saudi details in 9/11 report (CNN)

Ozone hole's growth rate slows down | SF Chronicle

Bush Shuns Calls to Legalize Gay Marriage

Sharon: Fence will build friendship

MSNBC: Poindexter to resign

Sam Phillips has passed on

Protesters call for review of Iraq war

Pentagon Sees Growing Chinese Threat to Taiwan

U.S. General Says Iraq Conflict Yields Data on Al Qaeda

Bill Bright Remembered for `Patterning His Life After Jesus'

Bush Tax Court Nominee Used Improper Deductions

Blair's boy crashes car into taxi

Democrats blast talk of cutbacks in air marshal program

John Edwards on NewsHour now 7:45pm EDT.

Dean, Kerry Spar Over Bush Tax Cuts

Less than half of US would vote to return Bush to White House

CIA 'questioned UK uranium claim'

WP: Blair Stands Firm on Iraq Despite a Tumble in Polls

Illegal dumps grow wild inside forests - Disgraceful Bush enforcement

Do not use 45-minute claim, CIA told No 10

Former Nixon Aide Disputes New Watergate Claim

New Dems meet to shift party goals, image

Economy showing fresh signs of life (Been hearing this for 2.5 years)

Doubts rise on credibility of evidence for Iraq war

Pentagon scraps world-event bets Boxer wants ouster of officials...

(Bush*s) Upbeat Tone Belies Downside Risks

Close? What is close? Rumsfeld on Saddam

Scientists Still Deny Iraqi Arms Program

Bush, at Medicare Birthday, Asks Again for Drug Benefits

DeLay Says Palestinians Bear Burden for Achieving Peace

On Battle and Home Fronts, a Roller Coaster of Nerves

Various Technologies Used to Hunt Saddam (flying robots?)

Liberia: Peace Team Lands

The usual mangled speech but Bush is let off the hook in rare press confer

Sludge - "Gore under Pressure to Reconsider"

7 more cases of mystery illness (Soldiers Iraq - 2 Dead)

Schwarzenegger 'will not' run for office

For Darth Kitten

Celebrity Meatball fight No. 2 - William Shatner vs. Tom Jones - a website worth visiting, IMHO!!!

DU chatters at

Dean / Kerry

Microsoft FrontPage

Crazy Dream last night Gephardt/Dean by 7 electorial votes

mad dog lose in White House

Honor thy mother and thy father?

Hm, maybe I should get on this drug:

Are you...lonesome tonight?

Nifty NAFTA? Or a little-known benefit to the US oil dependency?

these words still hold deep meaning, even in today's troubled times

"A Winged Migration"...Just saw it...Go See It!

Question regarding good manners: What is the appropriate timing

Would anyone volunteer to "host" a couple of phots for me here on DU?

Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Puppy (picture)

Okay, I'm Going On A Date With A Gemini

Allllll righttttty then... now we have added to the zoo here

These things happen to you when you get old!

Why "Conartist Rice" is more than just a sad joke of her name

Okay, how many brown nosers always showed up during the Prof’s Office hour

What should the Dem's theme song be for 2004?

seeking articles about the Bush flag-signing flap

Is US the 'good guys' if we torture prisoners to death ?


Any other IT folks sick and tired of the home PC questions?

"Rock me Baby" - brave new concept or is TV out of ideas to peddle?

Spay and neuter your dogs!

I'm unplugging for 5 days! Ask me anything....

As a young boy, I always dreamed of being a baseball...

I hate doctors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question about George Wallace

How should we address the current White House occupant?

500,000 Canadians gather for rock concert.... and no trouble?

Question for lawyers

Speaking of Instrumental music - Peter Gabriel's Passion?

Attention Texans: Sales Tax holiday this weekend.

Why do people abuse VHS and DVD rentals?

Was I delurious when I saw the newspaper article about Nixon?

who is hornier....pepe' le pew, or captain james t. kirk?

Last chance for Denver-ites to have a beer with me tonight

A gif for Catpower2000

HELP: stupid computer question...

Uday and Ousay on Display - The Onion

Peanut butter in a squeeze tube....

Repukes are American Ba'aths

GD-Sharpton on X-fire: bee-yew-tee-ful!

Just asking for opinions

Since GD is dead, dead, dead - my latest fire marshall report

You've fallen victim to one of the classic blunders!!!

NEED footage....important!

The Crank Call of all CAPTIONS!!!

Last Comic Standing - ACTION MESSAGE

Someone please help me with this -

The Commander in Deaf of all CAPTIONS!!

help me with my letter to the editor


Well aint I special! Made the Deseret Morning News TWICE today!

my dog is lookin' at me like i'm crazy again.........

Going to Roxy Music tomorrow night.

the camera really hates gov. bush....check it out

terrorism hits home . . .

I need a name for my bogus ex-straight ministry.......


Duck and Cover

Woman gives birth on subway train (Boston)

Any Carl Sagan fans here?

Check out my shirts I got today!

So I saw The Dead/Bob Dylan/Robert Hunter last night

Staggering Hypocrisy...

Want to make a lot of money?

I got my T-shirt and I am dancing in the streets

The Catered Hanging of all CAPTIONS!!!!

There's food flying all over the streets

Does my new sig line make me look fat?

Does Limbaugh offer transcripts?


O'Really just said "Give bush time to find WMD".

Gatorade - or the other stuff?

I just found out something wonderful last week

Kissing Hank's Ass

silly names for your signif. other...monkeypants?..sugar booger?


In Light of Government Cuts in Security and the Terrorist Threats

Dean Vs. Bush - Giant Battle Monster version

my script:: anti bush commercial

Help moving

Those who have positions because they are nits of assholes.

Need Good Job Karma Here

Separated At Birth

Bush’s Strategery Stinks. Almost makes one wonder whose side he is on?

DUers now chatting live at

letter which belongs in GD, but...

Why is the drudge report used as a source of information?

Impeachment protest signs 'greet' Bush at NY fundraiser

Where is transcript of today's WH Press Conference????

Gore? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let us celebrate the joie d vivre de DU Lounge jeune fille fatale.

With the absence of GD is up to the Lounge to maintain the high tone

Hey Colorado: How was Will's lecture last night?


Movie Wisdom

Ack! Overdosing on lounge seriousness......

Any truth to this 'article'?

John Mellencamp ....

Anyone here have political dreams?

Anti-war music & poetry

TV Ad Depicts Womans Bust As "Weapons of Mass Destraction"

It's POURING in So California this morning!!!

photo- Smirk walking & jeers at Democracy after lied to start war

Enquiring minds want to know re: Bush's press conference

Aw Jeez, Not This S*&^ Again!

Worse Joke

'Weapons of Mass Distraction' Ad Gets OK

Bad Joke

That's TWO flip-flops in TWO days...

German police to test Harley motorcycles

Three cheers for DU, admins and mods; so what if GD is down

If we took the lounge off "latest" , there'd be nothing on latest today

Koalas Going on the Pill (yes, THAT pill)

Bush's Relationship to the Saudis

What Mr. Chase Didn't Know About Coffee ....

Is "The Meeting Room" The Slower, Less-Hip Cousin of "The Lounge" ?

The Rat on The Tonight Show last night

Anybody Remember "Gerald Lloyd Kookson III" ???

"ShiningPath" has dulled


I am DEMMAN- I am here to offend the entire planet

While you're waiting for GD to come back ...

Lecturn leaning is FOREVER BANNED

The new Hummer ad

There is Hope...please read!

OK, who stole the GD forum?

A New* Theme Song For the Bush Economy *sort-of

Here's the Rolling Stones in Toronto live stream for any interested

Most Annoying TV News Personality

In Another Life I Want To Come Back As A Bra. What Would You Like To

is there a du problem with the gen discussion forum??

Atheists for Understanding

Got A Bottle A Jack Daniels, Two Hampsters & A Staple Gun..Ask Me Anything

My lower lip is sticking out *real* far

I've really been trying to be patient with new server and software but ...

Is it me or is GD down again

What is another word for "media"

I`m 40000+posts away from the high-post leaders. Ax me sump`n

testing sig line

My Yak is Wearing a Thong. Ask Him Anything

Ms. UBP got sick on her way up to NY...

Schwarzenegger out, name too long to fit on ballot

Ba'athist = Republicans

Ann Coulter Living

I feel sorry for dimwits that believe in astrology.

Lewis Black.... Any other fans?

2 sides of plate, 2 grand slams, 1 game: Bosox rule

Debate Heats Up Over Gay Cleric

A little tip from a Tech person.

Cutest sitcom kids on TV?

remember this

Brain Cramps

Most annoying non-news TV star

I can sleep with the windows open tonight!

Look quick! Eleven Dean threads in a row in the Politics/Campaign forum

I have three pounds of dystopia in my head--Ask me anything!

For Those Who Would Rather Not

Favorite Political Website?

Zevon - The Wind

What're you doing for Lammastide?

Repuke most likely to yell at kids playing street hockey on his cul de sac

Which Repuke,turnsoff his lights and doesn't answer the door on Halloween?

Hidden email messages

I'm four posts away from 2000. Ask me anything.

For the fans of Rush here!'ll never beat me sweltering heat!!!!!!

Make me laugh!

How many vegetarians do we have on DU? Speak up :)

actual line from the old "Newlywed Game"...

Anyone with MS?


A message from rbnyc

Jamie Lee Curtis Indirectly Bashes Bush

How about a new round of introductions?

Neighbor was raped last night..

Sanskrit and Latin

Whatever happened to the damn Freedumb Fries?!?!?

Early Evening Poetry Thread

A scary pic

Fundie Mormon women with 3 or more HUSBANDS

..::Sports thread::.. How did your NFL team do in the off season?

Okay, DU women..who volunteers to Freedom-kiss elad?

Are you Overweight? ---I Am

What's your real name, SS number, and first sexual experience?

Favorite Instrumental tunes, classical genre....

My latest project

It's Time for Yet Another JOKE THREAD!!!!!

What's The Deal With Jehova's Witnesses?

Who loves Q&E for straight guy

Who does the best rendition of “Skylark”

"Enterprise" opening credits theme tune - love it or hate it?

what print magazines do you recommend?

Who has the "sniper kitty" picture on their posts?

First time slumming in Lounge??? Hey, stop by and


Favorite Instrumental tunes, any genre

Just finished the three-day Mississippi Bar Exam!!!

SNL and the dem primary in '03-'04 season, pres campaign in '04-'05

Survey on Lying

Bravo's "Boy Meets Boy" Was Okay (For The Premier Show)

Anyone else rant at their friends for hoax virus warnings???

Favourite Muhammed Ali qoute?

What do AWOL dumbya and stepford wife Pickles have in common?

World series predictions

Check in if you have been spending too much time in the lounge lately

What's For Dinner?


Recounting those innocent and humorous faux pas of our yesterdays.

Internet Explorer question.

I'm about to go to bed--Ask me anything

Mingus reading DU

My Labrador Mingus

Find Dick @ Uncle Melon

What pisses me off about the movie "Gigli"