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Archives: July 28, 2003

Bush & Blair: A tale of two liars

Total Recall (Schwarzenegger's father was Nazi Stormtrooper)

America is a Religion - UK Guardian worrying article

Bill Moyers' speech at Take Back America conference

Maryland will be closed as of 8/31/03

Are Neocons cooking their own goose?

Paul Krugman (NYT): You Say Tomato

Preemptive Strike

I Did Not Want To Be a Collaborator" (Iraqi quits reconstuction council)

Bush's Credibility Gap Hearkens To Vietnam (Helen Thomas)

What is our economic future?

†IN CONTEMPT OF DEMOCRACY - Altercation - Eric Alterman

Operation Oily Immunity (must read)

The battle after fighting ends (good report how wounded forgotten)

Is Iran a major threat?

Brownstein-....the Gladiators are Now Engaged in Total War

"Administration lies hurt democracy, cost soldiers' lives"

Pat Buchanan - "Was Poppy Right After All?

Where Do You Fit on the American Political Spectrum?

Orphans sucked into new form of slavery

Coca Cola and the exploitation of Mandela Inc.

Salon: Bush I vs. Bush II

Can't People See the Emperor's Pants on Fire?

A 'Straight Shooter' Takes Hits - Ronald Brownstein - LA Times

A Thin Basis for War - William M. Arkin - LA Times

Miscalcution on tax revenues by Bush I advisor

Clare Short: "Spin is Tony's way of doing it"

Bush Issues Recall of "Dodgy" US Constitution....mmmm.....satire......

Uday and Qusay: The Men Who Knew Too Much - buzzflash

Contact Congress Web Stickers

Recall Texas Gov. Rick the Rat Perry!!

Californians, protect your vote; Deadline 8/1/03!

Call To Action from Ed Kennedy~MUST READ!!!

Anti-Recall Campain: WI DU'ers

Track your senators' and representative's votes by e-mail!

Protesting Cheney in Columbia, SC

Support TX Dem. Senators in New Mexico!!

Black Box Voting 'TAKE BACK THE VOTE!' Tool Kit! Call for comments!


Will Rush criticize Chrissie Hynde for protesting KFC in Paris?

Did anyone see Carl Bernstein on Paula Zahn's show

If you think it's bad now . . .

Happy Peruvian Independence Day!

When the Fisher King was sick

The first college football game of the season is Aug 23!

Just got back from Vacation and want to Run Away! Anyone else have that

House Building Support Group

Creative school nicknames

Fla. Lynching Rumors Prompt Investigation

Gay prison cook gets $1.97 million for discrimination

Gulfport, Miss., city council condemns U.S. Supreme Court

New York to Open First U.S. Public School for Gays (Reuters)

Wheelchair Athletes Sue Olympics

The Queers Behind QAF

Seniors Sour Over Prime Rate Cuts

Budget Surplus Question

Chicago Meigs Field Saves Lives (Daley the Fool)

Tropopause Rises 200 Meters 1979-1999 - PhysicsWeb

Biopharm Crops

Dennis Overbye (NYT): Astronomers Chart the Unseen Between the Stars

Turks, Kurds and the US-Turkish relationship

Ambassador Wilson's speech was brilliant at U Cal Santa Barbara in May

US troops turn botched Saddam raid into a massacre

GOP demands $174.4 B for "rich" as price for Seniors prescription drugs

Angry, Open Thank You Letter to Bush, CUNY, Gov. Pataki

Edwards Health proposal is universal coverage of children

Pedophile loses urge after brain tumor removed

The ATF thinks Brady is Full of Sh-t

DUI and visiting Canada.

Okay, is Linda Chavez right on this?

Mary Rosh (John Lott) Lies Again!

Has the "Views" feature been disabled? It's not showing................

Requests to lock threads...

Missing threads in DU I

Where are archives located in DU2?

Where are my posts going?

New Members

How do I access my dumail

The overwhelming majority have asked for the following...

Could there be an addendum to the rules of the boards?

Why Was This Thread Locked?

Feature Suggestion: My Responses - list of replies

Feature request: Search last 48 hours

Link Directory error

What's up with *THIS* Post? Name Removed, 0 posts, but text?

Israel: Donít Outlaw Family Life

Peace activists to revive Voice of Peace radio station

Shin Bet foils weekend double suicide bomb plot

US troops turn botched Saddam raid into a massacre

Is this just Palestinian propaganda?

Shin Bet nabs Fatah man planning suicide bombings

Israel Calls for Palestinian Crackdown on Militants

Poraz to grant Black Hebrews permanent residence

Sharon to push Bush for Pollard pardon during U.S. visit

Clashes Over Security Fence as Sharon Visits U.S.

Palestinian protest brings rubber bullets, tear gas

'I can't imagine anyone who considers himself a human being can do this'

9/11ís Hidden Toll - Muslim domestic violence in America

Will the Third Son also Rise?

L.A.'s Villaraigosa Backs Kerry

Kerry RALLIES Iowa Youth

Kerry on Dean: We don't need a learning curve in the presidency on foreign

Kucinich: U.S. Troops Out !

Howard Dean & the Disabled, Welfare, and Work.

John Kerry has an inspiring vision for America

Kerry, Dean and Kucinich Supporters Must Stand Together

Gephardt Set to Gain Union Endorsement

If The Flip-Flop Fits: Kerry and Dean

Is Graham's combativeness against Bush changing anybody's opinions?

Compare Gephardt, Dean, Kerry & Edwards Health Care Plans

Kerry Voted Against Ashcroft/Norton Nominations

Primary Battles: Florida, Missouri, Illinois, and West Virginia

Believe Clark is Best Bet to Unseat Bush, but...

Graham defends argument for impeachment

Kerry and Dean Continue to Lead Democrats in New Hampshire

Election Follies Continue in Florida

"Governor Dean attends the grassroots $393,000-and-counting luncheon"

Is Biden Jumping in the Race?


Dean Team Challenge story on NPR today at 4:12pm EDT...


Kucinich calls for new New Deal

Edwards Health propsal is universal coverage of Children

Boston Herald Poll has Dean on top in NH

Kucinich's Open Letter to The Greens

More endorsements for Kerry.


is it possible to change the minds of the people?

Is drunk driving "funny"?

Beautiful young shock troops for Bush

Gephardt supports an International Minimum Wage!


Is there such a thing as a small government Democrat?

Neat idea - two new war cries.

What the real battles are

Sorry - time to face facts

does Dean support the gun lawsuit immunity bill ?

Bev Harris: Diebold Rebuttals Don't Stand Up - Latest Breaking News

day-to-day acts of "subversion"

Parents: White Teacher Should Not Teach Black History

Who is killing US soldiers in Iraq???? IMPT question.

Which candidate will have the widest appeal?

Outrageous Bush Executive Order on Iraq Oil Must Be Investigated

What did PFC Lynch do to deserve the Bronze Star?

Call WVCB (Boston-5) TV; protest "Democrat candidate" *NOW*

Poll: Do you click the link when a poster doesn't snip parts?

will only gays teachers be allowed to teach

Can an *Ugly* Human (GRAHAM) Win?

With Gephardt absent, Head Start bill passes by one vote in House

Arnold not running.

New York Times Screws Up Again - CounterPunch

Democratic Undergrounds Military Vets(past/current) Tribute Thread

Bush felt profound sadness and shock on 9/11...

Death Toll 07/27 - 07/28/03

I Will *Not* Vote for Holy Joe

Not wanting to start an argument, but just what is it that you anti-dems

Can Bush REALLY be this much of a moron?

Can a computer whiz CAPTURE this website (the terror lottery)?

stupid anti-choice stickers that you've seen

Updated List of US War Dead - 7/28/03 - Officially 104 since

Everyone should check out PAM's example of a "contract"

War "feels good," Bush says before speech....

Futures market in terror and upheavals

Post Here-The Seminal "I Don't Like Joe Lieberman Because" Thread

The Handmaid's Tale:

I Have a Slogan for 2004

Did anyone else hear Graham on NPR this morning? He sounded awesome.

Uniformed US Colonel admits to hostage taking to Wash. Post

The REAL error with DLC thinking

Any lawyers? I have a question regarding ex parte communications

The government is completely ridiculous!!!

Black Box Voting, where are the lawsuits? Isn't it the American way?

Dean seemed to shine at Urban League Conference today

Fellow DUERS

A democrat that can steal the California Governorship????? Who?? Jerry!

Bush/Urban League--The captions and the headlines say it all. . .

Dean Machine 9:30 update: 9,004 people, $474,428.62 since Friday!

I have a question about MP3 filesharing.

I heard the Republican Chair apologized for Calling the cops on Dems

I just made only my second contribution ever tonight

What percentage of Americans consider themselves "liberals"?

PREPARE.... to be SCARED. Bow your heads, this MOFO is ROYALTY!

If you didn't hear Terry Gross's interview today on Fresh Air, YOU MUST !

Help me deal with a RW talking point I can't shake.

"Are more people going to die? You bet!" - Donald Rumsfeld, July 13

Empire in decline?

i LOVE mike malloy

The chasm between the DLC and the grassroots is permanent

Everyone has a story to tell. Now I have one

Who has information on Kevin Shelley / computer voting in California??

Read it and weep - Pentagon's Futures Market Plan Condemned

Let's not forget Pfc. Lori Piestewa...Hopi Indian single mother

Global Warming: For Bush, it's no problem. Here's why.

Story of soldier call home crying for water????

God, Guns, and Guts

There seem to be more Dem bashing than Bush bashing threads

This Democrat Is Going To Run For CA Governor

TX Redistricting Fight: This is what Grover Norquist wanted

bush* joke I wanted to share with my DU friends

Lieberman reiterated today......"This is a just war...."

Berkeley Bashes Conservatives - Scarborough

Interesting Clark article.

I Bush pardons Pollard, Bush should be impeached for treason!

So what will the response of Fallwell, Robertson and Dobson be

This is interesting...

A "moderate" Democrat's problem with the DLC

Question to Californians

Mike Malloy is on now! Check him out.

He's honest...he has morals...he's for the people...

Conservatism under the microscope.

Daily SHow 7/28

Very, very sad. Check out these pictures of family members.

Gubernatorial Candidate For Sale ...on Ebay!

Unity from a Brokered Convention

The criminal who is buying California

In my hand, I hold a pair of panties. Jenna's, Barb's?

Where would Bush be without war?

Have "smoking gun" nuclear documents been found?

Cheney hiding? For what it's worth.....

Hardball Thread 7/28/03. "Should Condi Take the Fall?"

Mary Matalin Goes Under the Knife in Defense of Chimpy

Grudge Breaking: U.S. forces in Iraq today ........


In Sept., CIA Warned Brits Not to Use Niger Uranium Story

I watched the DLC convention and saw Democrats

Stop the bashing! Only one Dem deserves it

Ummm, what's the deal with all the Gephardt bashing?

anti-war US Marine killed in Iraq, PEACEFUL WARRIOR

The More Gas Your SUV Uses. The more I have to kill -

Trigger Happy Task Force 20

Minimum 6,076 Iraq civilians killed by US occupation forces

regardless of what you think of Dean the candidate...

"Donald Rumsfeld, Nuclear Nosferatu" - video - eek!

All Things Considered - Howard Dean

Good News on the Polling Front

Gooooood Grief!!!

Anyone catch Oberman's "Betting on Terror"??????????

DRUDGE: Dean displays 'net prowess', outdoes Cheney fund-raiser

Ron Reagan Jr. Sits In At 6 On MSBC for Bill Press

We need a new party for the DLC. "The Bland Whitebread Party."

I stumbled across this pro-war versus anti-war discussion..

Blame Republicans First!

INCREDIBLE!! Tiny Tim Russert attacked and destroyed Wolfowitz?

Dubya's colon

Repug Thugs try to defeat Ten C removal: Alabama

Our First Bumper Sticker Encounter

Another patriotically correct "hero" gets another good person fired.

More trouble in River City (St Paul, MN) And that starts with T and that

Radio spot with Scoop Editor Now....

How to Beat the Republicans.

The DLC did NOT lose the 2002 elections.

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm REALLY a liberal...

Woo - Malloy playing "Guiltiness" as bumper music

US-German relations have returned to normal: Rau [including UN/Iraq]

Apparently Al Gore was the President in 1990

Moseley Braun to be on Washington Journal

GOP: In contempt of democracy, big time rant on


Bush re-elect down to 40% in new poll

Kobe Bryant, Laci Peterson, Jessica Smart, Brian Dennehy, Michael Jackson.

A tribute to Bob

MSNBC is down (6:08 PDST)

The obligatory "Kobe" thread

bush* displays trophy heads on WH gate (editorial cartoon)

"Are Neocons cooking their own goose?" - great article!!

Do we have documentary proof of George Jr.'s cocaine arrest?

Conason: Dumber dumbing down

Who else thinks the media line "noose tightening around Saddam" is BS?

War bill soars, public confidence sinks, Bush made US less safe

Be AFRAID, very AFRAID, the * has allowed another picture

Is the $400/child rebate a politcal flop?

What is an impeachable offense?

Economy expected to improve, help Bush in 2004

If Saddam is killed, captured or his remains confirmed...

Tweety- Joe Lieberman taking the entire administrations line on the war!

Regarding the GA/TN state line searches

"third Gulf war against the Iraqi people" has begun - FinancialTimes

To Bev Harris: A Diebold challenge- would they accept?

Graham: Ashcroft better stop corporate agribusiness from spreading

You won't believe what I saw today! (Good)

Incompetent WHouse put soldiers in dangerous Iraq occupation

Lehrer Report says both parents of seven children are in Iraq.

My Presidential Theory

MSNBC reporting US soldiers "killed at bridge..." no info...

Ending the public subsidy to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

The college pukes make me wanna puke

Condi is TOAST

Is it possible for an anti-terrorism act to not be unconstitutional?

I just lost all respect for James Carville!! Crossfire!

Scary poll results on Iraqi WMD, al Queda connections

Er, isn't the ammo cache find pretty good evidence Saddam had no WMD's???

Excellent article in Newsweek about right-wing media

What would DUers think of a "For Republicans" forum on DU?

Up for a bit of IMF bashing?

Fallen Heroes: CBS News


Computerized voting = Fraud, Paper Voting = Maintaining Democracy

Mike's back tonight!

People on DU disagree w/ me and I'm furious!

Media hiding true cost of Iraq war by reporting only US soldiers killed.

MWO on Cynthia McKinney: She helped the right frame the debate

Let us praise the mods!

anyone know where I could find a pay scale for Time-Life, inc?

Do republicans suffer from an inferiority complex?

UK newsnight (BBC) features Dean

again ! bush says "slavery made us free !" to the Urban League

today's new hate radio sponsors, add more that you know of, June 28

HOLY COW! Dean over $420,000 already!!

The Patriot Act

the Clear Channel Scam

This should be even a bigger scandle

Letter I'm sending to the paper

Thanks Bob Hope for the memories!

WH Broke Law in Order to Punish Ambassador

Good Article on why Davis may win recall vote

When Was The Last Time You Agreed With A Republican?

how does someone get nominated for the Marconi award?

CNN just reported another Texas Dem walk-out

Forced Democracy?

Bumperstickers that made my weekend

A question on the newest CNN poll

Miamians is this Fact or Fiction?

BBV team...I have an urget question.

Is this a problem?

NYTimes pro-war whore liar Judith Miller a CIA-PNAC plant ?

Deleted message

Bush implicated in rape case in TX

Who could piss off power groups like JFK did?

Bev your DU mail....

Republicans peeling away more of our Constitution!

My first touch-screen election...

Iraqis feel US assassinated Saddam sons, ask why? Noriega wasnt.

Bush defaces US flag!

My 1000th post: Let's list all the reasons * is going DOWN!

As one session ends, another expected to begin

Hang on, Condi!

Why we cannot trust the DLC "poll"

Angry ,Open Thank You Letter to Bush, CUNY, Gov. Pataki

A Lovely Bob Hope Anecdote

Obeying President - not criticizing

DLC left out Carter. Why?

I refuse to believe these bastards represent any of the American people.

What will they find in Saddam's desk drawer???

My take on why the number if wing nut posts has increased.

Potter Director Nails Shrub/Saddam & BLAIR

How do the media whores define "combat"?

War Crimes Court Looks at Allegations Against UK Troops in Iraq

Analysis of an Electronic Voting System - converted

New Attack on Blair from Minister who Resigned Over Iraq..

Petition ESPN Link (sorry if this is a repeat)

Hillary won't run, but why would you want her too?

Careful..Bush nominates Saad to goat Dems into looking anti-Arab

Why Does the DLC Annoy You?

LBN: No mention of *'s popularity from Cokie this morning...

mark penn's poll for the DLC convention

July 23rd Tom Ridge Protest Photos

Global Warming a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Pretext for war with Iraq was threatened...Remember Jose Bustani?

Rules to being a 'true' *wink wink* liberal on DU

I don't get anti-globalization protesters

Real "Jessica Lynch" may go unnoticed - Telegraph

Update on Buzzflash :

Why Carlyle Group's James Baker worked so hard in FLA to get * installed!!

Bush says its good to see Jesse Jackson. . .LOL

General Wesley Clark (any updated info?)

How come Conservatives cant even come close to coherence?

why does Limpbaugh pronounce school 'scrool'

Probably the most EGREGIOUS thing about the Jessica Lynch FAKE STORY

Making fun of DU members about tax cuts.

Speaking of Rob-Georgia...

Is Buzzflash down today????

Gee.. I wonder what Little Ricky will do with his $2,400.00

"This is an illegal war,..We have to condemn this war"

Who is the OTHER Al Qaeda?

Smoking Gun State of the Union Al-Queda LIE

urgent! URGENT! caption of doofus needed!!!

Remember when.......

Can't People See the Emperor's Pants on Fire?

DLC convention on CSPAN @ 9:30

A letter to Sen. Durbin

9/11 and Bob Graham

Could someone explain how "matching funds" works for a candidate?

Thanks to the Republican Conservative Initiative of shifting more

Life at the front no picnic for GIs - Letter from a soldier

ONE thing that * has a "perfect" record on....

Emmy material or shoddy claptrap? You decide!

Is anyone else watching Byron Dorgan's great rant on CSPAN2?

The GIs in Baghdad may as well draw straws to see who dies today...

News from Poland

Camille Paglia Will Be On C-Span2 This Sunday At Noon

Iraq and Liberia-your thoughts-I fit in category #3

NEED HELP: 2004 US Senate Races, request for assistance

when does Limpbaugh begin on ESPN

Bahraini company ordered to cease wireless operations in Iraq

Chuck Colson wants Captives for Jesus:ACLU sues

11:30 Bat Update -- Kasey and the Bat!

Niger hits back over uranium claim

Letter to send to * about Liberia

DLC, Liberal Democratic, Green, Progressive, all good platforms

5 killed in botched saddam search, 2 more soldiers killed......

Online petition against ESPN hiring Rush

Stupidity Tax Funds Education

Guess who just contributed to my campaign???

Joe Lieberman needs to shut the hell up...

Why nothing about the Liberia/Al Qaeda connection?

Dean camp breaks 250k mark a day early!

Message from a vet--you have got to read this!

Who thinks Pat Robertson should be in Gitmo?

The other "R" word surfaces again in WI

Aug 19: video release date for "Bowling for Columbine"

Wilson & Kelly. Anyone else see KKKKarl's hand in both?

book: All the Shah's Men (just like today)

Should artists be judged on their politics?

... and Mods

60 days -- everything now on 60 clock

Halliburton Milks British Nuclear Submarines for Millions

Email from Sen. Tom Carper regarding William Pryor

Unbelievable: 72% believe Iraq/al Queda connection (new poll)

Please welcome our newest DU member: Kerrystaff-Phoenix

if or when they kill saddam, will they show his bloody corpse on t.v.?

Definition of Evil.

Will someone explain this to me??

DU getting all jacked up over two dumb ass posters...LOL

Halliburton's Niger bribe is biting back

Japanese Reporter Assaulted by U.S. Patrol in Iraq, Kyodo Says

Peace, tolerance, and Falcon Ridge Festival

Proud to be An American

Damn. . .we have some fine lady Governors!

A campaign contribution challenge for DUers

How should judges and justices be appointed?

who was colin r. mcmillan?

Bush: "Let's go eat some gm food for lunch."

read this account of the 'search' for saddam

"The Lens of 9-11" = "The Paranoid, Racist, Fascist Lens of Delusion"

Why was God never married?

Great NYTimes article on economic problems, MUST READ

What would happen if we pulled out of Iraq?

Dorgan talkin DARPA on C-SPAN

Of civility, freepers & post counts...

Democrats Not Shying Away From Tax Talk

Did we teach our children the value of life?

Help: Who voted for/against Overtime Bill

Proud to be a Patriotic American Against Bush

Blair's US admirers set sights on White House

HIV/AIDS cases increase among gay men again....

At the state patrol office near the Tenn-Ga line NAZISM is alive and well.

Wonderful Doonesbury today


there are certain distinctions between strom & bob hope...

Is the California recall process unconstitutional?

More Wolfowitz Idiocy II: It's okay to act on murky intelligence...

CSPAN 1: DLC Convention airing at 9:30 AM EST

definitions to keep on top of current events

Is there any Dem candidate you would not prefer to control this over Bush?

Time to remember a quote from Vaclav Havel

Bob Hope dead at 100 (the non-abusive thread)

Novakula spanks the Bush administration! Says they're too arrogant

Did Ah-nold find religion?

A headline that would only be news for a Republican...

Have you noticed more Freeper lurkers joing DU?

so the saudis attacked N.Y., they're our buddies, case closed...cartoon

Dick Cheney is STILL LYING about Iraq!

I admit it, I'm a disruptor

Do us all a favor, lock the Bob Hope thread

More GOP Support the Troops Hypocrisy

More Wolfowitz idiocy... The lack of logic is mind-bending!

My old man still holding fast to the big lie.

DU has been infiltrated, Operation WTF are mods doing has started

if you are confused about US KIA's in the past week (esp. last 3 days)

What have 14 years of GOP Presidents done for blacks? Other than a HOLIDAY

final: Letter to my Congress reps...(feel free to use)......

Leslie Clark, Joe Wilson Announce Candidacy

nothing more dangerous than a cornered animal, HEADS UP people

thanks for the memories bob

Ldotters show their racist leanings.

Killing Saddam & sons: diversionary tactics to distract from 9-11 report?

General interviewed on Today Show, just said

What has the Democratic party done for Blacks?

What do you think the big surprise is at the Dean Camp?

CSPAN1: Should Classified Information from the 9-11 Report be Released?

The Noose is Tightening on O'Saddam Ma

Owner of Stolen '' Can Sue VeriSign-Court

Deleted message

The Techno-Voting Nightmare... Drip... Drip... Drip...

The Dead Zone channels Top Gun

Why do Repubs keep announcing they want Dean as the candidate ?

New Jersey supports gay marriage

How come suddenly we're hearing so much about capturing saddam ?

Anyone care to make a prediction concerning Iraq?

Why would a Quarterback call out loud the next play to get intercepted

Propaganda fast and furious today!

Dean Ahead of Kerry in NH, 28%-25% (Boston Herald)

you guys seen this?

16 hostile kia's in past 10 days: 30+% of combat kia's since may first

quick recap on George's Crusade to Rid the World of All Evil

"Rove is afraid of (candidate)" is silliness

Arabic News "Biased"...?

Anti-Bush "Guerrilla Marketing" Resources

Have Libertarians taken over the GOP ?

TheSCCOP/ BBV Roll Of Honour..... usacoup referrer logs

OPTEMPO and Military Life

making cons squirm

Speaking of "Bad Men"

How is the US going to get the Al-Qaeda held in Iran?

OMG, are Americans really this pathetically uninformed?

Who's On First?

Home Run at Dean for America! Woo! Hoo!

Was Clinton/Gore challenged by anyone in the 1996 election?

Are U.S. troops emulating the Commander-in-Thief and going AWOL?

Profile of Darrell Issa: California Govener Recall financier

Video of "You betrayed us" comments made by woman with family in Iraq

So what will this week bring?

"N Korea Says It Will Begin Nuclear Testing" The Telegraph - UK


The Breach

How many candidates for Governor of California??

Should the US be in the Assassination Business? Saddam's Sons?

WTF are we "hunting" Saddam for, anyway???

Check out this incident I had

I have soldiers' names (for the care package folks)

Online Indymedia E-Voting Truth Alliance....

NYC to open GLBT High school

Bush, Republicans losing support of retired veterans

Kucinich: Bring troops home

Conservative Group Launches New Website to Counter Online Left

Pentagon's Futures Market Plan Condemned (depraved!)

Bev Harris: Diebold Rebuttals Don't Stand Up

Lawyers to Sue Blair Over War

UK troops reveal their new ordeal in 120F Iraq

Poll Finds Democrats Lack Crucial Support to Beat Bush

It's Your Duty To Oppose Gay Marriage Vatican Tells Politicians

9-11 Report Questions Rice's Statements

Pentagon Plans Futures Market for Events in Mideast

Bush orders U.S. flags flown at half-staff to honor Bob Hope

WP: Saudis and Bush* to Meet over 9/11 Allegations

First public gay high school to open in NYC

CNN Scoop: Cash, condom, Viagra found in Uday's briefcase

US Adopts Aggressive Tactics on Iraqi Fighters (takes wives, kids hostage)

Banks pay $455m over Enron

Texas Democrats bolt again

Global warming a weapon of mass destruction

Gun maker takes battle to Congress (Beltway Sniper gun manufacturer)

Bush too busy to meet with NAACP

One of Saddam's "lifelong" bodyguards captured near Tikrit

Lieberman Criticizes Fellow Democrats on Iraq

Paramilitary chief admits massacres carried out

Bush vows more jobs to woo black votes

Former U.S. senator from Indiana - staunch Vietnam war critic - dead at 84

Unknown masked Iraqi group threatens holy war with US

London Guardian (Tuesday):Greeks accuse Blair of war crimes in Iraq

U.S. to Fund Polish-Led Peacekeeping Force

CNN: Saudi gov't wants 9/11 report declassified

Responsibility: A Capital Minuet (Milbank)

US on edge over job insecurity

Source: Schwarzenegger Won't Run for California Governor

Tribunal Charges George W. Bush

Life at the Front no picnic for GIs(letter home)

Baker Won't Join Iraq Reconstruction

U.S. Fights Verdict Backing Ex-POWs

Repost: Ariana Huffington is mulling run in Calif. Governor recall

Feds: AmeriCorps Violated Budget Law (How Convenient!)

U.K. Troops Reveal Their New Ordeal in 120 F. Iraq

French Teenagers Jailed for Standing in Stairwell

Justice Executed, Texas-Style

Wealthy Americans more bullish, but holding bonds

Is the Dem. party committing suicide by swinging too far to the left?

Unocal getting sued by Burmese . Rape, Murder its just a shot away

Growing Prison Population

MoD admits Hoon met scientist

Hospitals accused of skewing liver transplant priority list

Will the Third Son also Rise?

Gays struggle in evangelical Christian world | Seattle Times

CNN Scoop: Nude bikers rally in Tennessee

Area Soldiers Charged With Prisoner Mistreatment

Hicks' dad cages himself in New York as protest

US warned it faces 'third Gulf War' in Iraq

Illegal Police Sting Costs $40m - UK

Al-Qaeda "Shot Down" Plane

U.S. Readies $1 Billion for Afghan Reconstruction

Kucinich: U.S. Troups Out !

The Democratic Party and the 2004 Election (poll results)

Dean's All The Rage, But Some Say Liberal Ire Won't Win A Presidency.

AT&T to say WorldCom diverted government calls-reports

MCI diverted calls to Canada, AT&T alleges

Big News: A replay for Napster

More than 200 arrested after WTO protests

News Hour

Troops could have captured Saddamís sons alive: Syria

Drunk man pussywhips fiancee in feline felony

GOP staffer chosen to head RIAA

The Hill: Some Republicans Seeking Distance From Drug Industry

Senate Republicans Opt Against 'Nuclear' Option For Now

The Great Bob Hope dies at age 100.

MSNBC: Prince Bandar on his way to the US to see Bush

Pentagon's Futures Market Plan Condemned

Hanging Was Likely Suicide, Family Says

Democratic Lawmakers Flee Texas to Thwart Redistricting

Bush's script leaves Americans helpless

Pentagon Plan Would OK Bets on Terrorism (YAHOO AP)

US troops turn botched Saddam raid into a massacre

Candidate (Edwards) wants health insurance for all children...

Feds, Big Banks Reach Enron Settlement

WI: Those unhappy with property tax decision talk of recall

Lieberman Criticizes Bush's Iraq Policy

GOP seeks challenger to Maryland senator

Justice Department decries 'terrorist tipoff' amendment

Group pushes Roy Moore for U.S. high court

Kucinich Proposes Pentagon Budget Cut

One Soldier Killed, One Injured in Vehicle Accident (7/28): CentCom

CA-Compromise Budget OKd on 27-10 State Senate Vote

Iraqis furious over raid

AIDS Continues To Rise In Gay Community

Iran holds Al Qaeda's top leaders

Batelco ordered to stop Iraq mobile roaming service

President Making Rare Appearance Before Black Group

Ahnuld will not run...they say.


Antonio Villaraigosa Endorses John Kerry for President

Bahraini Co. Told to Stop Iraq Operation

STOCK MARKET WATCH THREAD--Monday July 28, 2003--#1

Real "Jessica Lynch" may go unnoticed. Telegraph

Grenade attack on US patrol in Baghdad, 2 casualties

One U.S. Soldier Killed, Three Injured in Attack on Convoy in Downtown Bag

Wise central to Lynch events--Politics not behind effort, governor's assis

Is Iran a major threat?

US says 30 nations have signed on for Iraq stabilization force

District Attorney In Bryant Case Gets Death Threats

Malawian girls 'forced into sex slavery'

Richardson to chair Demo(cratic) convention

Iraqi Islamist group tape threatens "holy war"

Second soldier from earlier attack has died - MSNBC

US-German relations have returned to normal: Rau

Wolfowitz:deaths Won't Deter U.S. in Iraq

Sen. Clinton starts re-election website

ANOTHER soldier killed in Baquba, Iraq (NE Iraq) 11 PM last night --AFP

Tribunal Charges George W. Bush (pravda)

Keating says US has kicked off new nuclear arms race

AP: Inquest opens on black man's hanging death that (may be) lynching

Bush to Urban League: Economy Looking Up

Probe into David Kelly's death starts Friday

Rockefeller critical of U.S. intelligence before 9/11

ICC looks at allegations against UK troops in Iraq

US Convoy Hit By Grenade

Another soldier killed in Baghdad - MSNBC 11:30 am Monday 7/28

Hillary Clinton Strong in a N.H. Poll

Centrists in the Middle of Party Conflict (Avoid Tilting to Left: DLC)

Democrats Not Shying Away From Tax Talk

(Davis) Campaign Could Top $50 Million

SFChron: (California) State Senate OKs budget, on to Assembly

Poll: Support for Space Program Steady

Bush Makes Rare Address to Urban League

Lawyers to sue Blair over war

Number of U.S. AIDS Cases Increase

Dogs, cats on meagre menu as Liberians go hungry

Hard Landing For Many Laid-Off

Troops Find Weapons Near Base in Iraq [not WMD]

HRC: Farm attacks criminal, not political

US troops kill five Iraqis in botched raid

Africa twice as violent as rest of world

1.6m Ugandans need food

Suicide watch for virgins raped before ritual - SA

SA man held over 'mercenary activities'

Secretaries of state work on joint effort to boost youth vote

Hun Sen's party claims win in†Cambodia election

Bush critic steps up rhetoric over Iraq war

Eight killed in Saudi shoot-out

Kelly 'killed by abuse of power'

Study: 1 in 5 Laid Off During Recession (AP)

Syrian PM says regional countries should join forces against US: report

Russian general says mistrust in Russia-US talks on missile defense: repor

MoD admits Hoon met Kelly

Immigrants in fear of deportation

U.S. Delegation Visits Guantanamo

US President Implicated in Sex Scandal? (Bush rape case, that is)

Bush To Pressure Sharon On Security Wall

Justice fights to keep Clinton monument edicts intact

New Law Protects People Who Change Mind During Sex

New Bush joke. Pretty sure I haven't seen this posted before.

What happens to DU when a democrat wins the presidency

Why do these look like they're spinning & which way do they spin for you?

We could use a hit of Pitt


Will Pitt in Denver July 29th

I'm Drinking a Safeway Diet Lemon-Lime. Ask Me Anything.

I'll be happy never to see another bottle of French wine ever again

Nunc lento sonitu dicunt, morieris

Rules to being a 'true' *wink wink* liberal on DU

I'm drinking a good German Beer ask me anything?

I rode 52 miles on my new bicycle on Sunday, ask me anything

Does anyone know of a FREE Pop-Up KILLER?

60's -70's music lovers I have a question

I'm going to take a candlelit bubble bath, ask me something?

Please save me the "respect the dead" bullshit

Why I am so very *pissed* at Bob Hope!!!

Any 'Monk' fans here?

Leno just went WAAAYYY overboard.

Wedding Gift to the Repuke's daughter

How do you pronounce words that begin with "wh"?

the draft

Don't ask me anything...tell me something I never knew

I am the (Self-Proclaimed) Iron Chef DU: Ask me anything.

Surgery Report

Right Now I Gotta Pee. DON'T Ask Me Anything

I'm broke, unemployed and soon to be homeless in NYC. Ask me anything...

In my hand, I hold a pair of panties. Jenna's, Barb's?

Rush Limbaugh Jokes

The worst mix tape ever

any Canadian guy here wanna marry me?

my ferret bit the f*ck out of me, ask me stuff.

Dishwasher problems!

cooking home made thin crust pizza?

Are you more addicted to DU or eBay?

Watching Will Durst on HBO

This Weeks T V Guide On The Insider Page "What I'M Watching This

Do you have a favourite spirit? (Drinks only - no poltergeists!)

Who else is deadly afraid of baloney?

I wish to apologize to everyone that read my post last night.

Dean raising hell, er money, on the net!

Si hoc legere scis numium eruditionis habes

I've made it to Massachusetts

I have a question about a rare Simon & Garfunkel album.

Why the hell do I think of stuff like this?!

got a moment to stargaze

1000+ posts for me! Yay!

Do you have a favorite whiskey?

My 1000th post: Let's list all the reasons * is going DOWN!

my wife wants me to get her a Pilot

Hey, I'm a "Published Poet"!

Destroy me, if you feel the need, but I liked the Buchanan show.

Celebrity Meatball (with sauce) Fight No. 1 - Who'd be left standing?

Watch out! MrsGrumpy has high speed internet capabilities...

As I sit here, trying my best to keep the French wine industry afloat...

This might be an ignorant question

TV ALERT: Watch the documentary SEA BISQUIT tonight

Rush Claimes Bob Hope's Body

My 1000th post.......ask me anything.

GM celebrates Hummer's state-of-the-art 1950s engine technology with some

Tour de France Thread

Football, falling leafs, crispy air, the sound of

Who here has seen the movie "IT"?

Addiction/recovery advice & support, please

Worst movie ever made?

Is this Pentagon bet on terrorist attacks...

Limp Bizkit booed off stage could this mean the pukes are afraid of the guy

How to make a cat stay off your lap

My non-political rant about the one who died today...

Drunk driver admits to "20 beers at most"

You must be THIS TALL to CAPTION

The Captivated by Telemarketers of all CAPTIONS!!!

PLEASE HELP!!!--need advice regarding eviction, foreclosure...

Don't Ask me anything dammit! Just vote in my poll about sucky cities!

Songs that Stay in Your Head

Do you think my sigline is offensive?

I'm trying to remember the joke...

Bob Hope Wakes Up In Heaven, Jesus Not Amused

Who owns a nice rock in a cool place upon which I could live?

"Welcome our newest member" ... (spews coffee)

Live chat at Our Own Media

Right Mow There Is A Thunderstorm Where I Live. Ask Me Anything.

Help! Skunk problem


Worst Styx song

Forget Bob Hope...Eric Braunn is dead!

Is it just me - or is there just one big bad mood around here today?

Now I don't want to eat

I just got a partial scholarship for grad school! Ask me anything!

I need a good Bread recipe

My wife wants me to get my pilot's liscense

Boy, do I feel awful...

Kill the pig! Bash her head! CAPTION this!

The Roadmap to Peace of all CAPTIONS!!!!

The Criminal-Offense of all CAPTIONS!!!

Yahoo Reds fire Boone and Bowden

My brother and his wife just had twins!

Bob Hope by The Leaving Trains

Bizkit booed unmercifully in Chicago

I just discovered that the New DU allows editing of subject lines

Dancing to the air guitar! Smile, be happy!

I "held up" Clinton's motorcade on Friday night...

[a Catfight?] Man whips fiancee with cat

I have a condo for sale! Ask me about it.

Need a photoshopper!

Why are so many Newbies asking about Freepers in their first posts?

Yeah Sure Right MOW. LOL NOW.


Another "Tide is Turning" Story

What's up with Buzzflash?

I'm hopped up on steriod medication ask me anything?

Havin fun wit da Shizzolator. Know what I'm sayin? (extreme language)

Been listening to WSM-AM online all day...

An anti-Bob Hope rant worth consideration:

I finally saw The Exorcist in it's entirety.

Segregation isn't the way to go, is it?

E-mail about Buzzflash

.."Smoke 'em if ya Got 'em "......

The Rev'rund Jim is here to save you!

Taking submissions for funny freeper poser stories.

So my parents are out of town for a week

New Guy with a Question

If you like edgy photoshops, try

Goddamn Red Sox!

Underrated/overrated singers or bands?

How much paid vacation do you get?

Do You Use a Pocket PC and/or Palm Pilot? REALLY use it?

Multi-lingual babies

Do any of the other gayboys on here...

Yaaaayyyy! My Repub Brother-in-law will not vote for * again!

700 Club? Is that a good thing?

Cincinnati Reds fire Bob Boone & Jim Bowden

Somebody ....slap my hand.. I went over the line...EDITED


30 years ago, he fried the Chicken Ranch

Where do my posts keep going?

Northrup Grumman is using the phrase "Bring It On!" in an ad

I'm ready for bed - ask me anything sexual

Did anything happen today besides Bob Hope passing on?

Kindergarten Evaluation: George W. Bush, 1951

What will be Chimpy's next one-liner

Athletes Allowed To Visit Olympic Brothels

name the unidentifiedbassplayer, 2.11

Death Dogs for lunch

If you need fast attention from a's what you do..

Bob Hope, we will miss you :-(

I want my Tshirt

Flame me if you will, but Bob Grope Wuz::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

From the Dept. of Rhetoric and Propaganda: we need a new name

It's my birthday! Is the bar open yet?

Howard Stern's B*llsack of all CAPTIONS!!!

Drunk NASCAR Dems to drop Hope corpse on Daytona Track

Would it be unethical/problematic to create a winger alter-ego?

classic Ted Rall

Any DCI fans here?

Email Ruse Cooks Up Naked Chef

Have you seen DU's newest member? 9:41am ET 7/28/03

What happened to Danny Glover's ads for MCI?

Why most DU'ers won't get executed for MURDER!

I want to know how rbnyc is doing? I miss her!

Ann Coulter and her new boyfriend

I need advice re: privacy software

Bob Hope Dead

Steward Stuns Passengers with In-Flight Streak

whine, whine, whine..... I'm having a pity party....

free republic question

Good (Monday) Morning DU!!

Nude Motorcyclists Gather for Festivities (no pictures)

For you GopisEvil

A great quote for all my fellow Yankees haters:

I'm an 18-year-old radical liberal... Ask me anything >;-)

Time for a nonsensical poll. Because YOU demanded it!

Can anyone recommend some blues music to listen to?

Bizarre sense of loyalty

Bush Issues Recall of "Dodgy" US Constitution.....PML!!!

I'm a naughty Democrat, ask me anything!

I'm a lurking-but-really-should-be-posting Democrat! Ask me anything!

What should I have for lunch tommorow

I work in a Deli while attending College Ask me anything!

Cap'n Murphy's Happy Cake Oven!

Robert Young Pelton

I heard a cute joke from my friends 12 year old today

ARGH!! dammit I ran into a problem shoping online


To be in our "Republican Values" TV show