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Archives: July 26, 2003

Hunter S. Thompson tells jocks the truth

Is There Anything Left That Matters?

What should Democrats do with NASA funding if they win?

Ex-CIA Agent on Cheney Iraq Speech: "Longest Statement of Disinformation"

Corporate Democracy: Taking American Values Back from the Capitalist Right

NYT: Mother of Marine KIA in Iraq will work to elect Dem to WH

Humor For Democrats!

A great article from "" on Republican bimbo Ann Coulter

Where can I get Molly Ivins column on line?

Miss. Supreme Court Justice Indicted

Philly's White Dog Cafe: Serving...Activism Along with the Gourmet Fare

Murder Most Foul Israel Shamir

Re: New audio interview with Scott Ritter available through Sunday

Eleanor Clift on Mr. Magoo

Commentary: Flag burning--this was written by a high school student!

GOP's Power Play : Goal of Reforms in House Gives Way To Tough Tactics ...

Mark Lawson (London Guardian): Bush resorts to head-on-a-stick politics

The nation is gasping for air

A Policy Poisoned by Money": An Interview With Greg Palast

International outcry over release of Hussein sons’ photos and video

Attn. Atlanta DU Deanies: Party time!

Massachusetts North Shore Kerry fans

Granny D political picnic August 22

Families of Military Organize - Seeking Help from Activists

Merle Haggard thread??? Anyone?

Bush Holds Campaign Funraiser In Iraq !!!?????

Iraqi War U.S. Casualties

In the Mind of a Neo-Con

Ordo Tempi Democratus


Many Miami Cubans Recall 1953 Attack

The Business of Producing and Selling Black Memorabilia

Do we NEED corporations?

New Study Shows Whale Repopulation will Not Overturn Hunting Moratorium

Edible Food Wraps Sandwiches Fresh And The Environment Cleaner

The Case For Banning Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Conditions Dire at Azeri Refugee Camp

Sierra Leone's child soldier project at risk

Protesters leave Guatemalan capital

More deaths in war-torn Niger Delta - Oil Co. evacuate

Rise in Swedish skin cancers tied to tanning

What makes the police special?

From the Canadian side

The Case for a Home Guard

DU Memory Issue


Domain for sale?

Curious why this story was moved from lbn


Is it a conscious choice to be less aggressive about our housecleaning?

Jewish Donors Split On 2004 Race

Hope Idles at West Bank Roadblock

Rescued Iraqi Jews arrive in Israel

Checkpoint horror story false

Can the Cease Fire Last Long?

The Case for Israel

Mission impossible for the Afghan army


"nothing normal about those Republicans"

Is it "ok" to demand that the candidates speak up re: PATRIOT Act?

Dean Releases Disability Rights Platform

Dean's Manager Weds New Tech and Old Tactics


Kucinich in San Diego - Aug 4th, OC - Aug 3rd


AFL-CIO Endorsement of Democrat May Wait

Black female Lieutenant Gov for Mississippi?

Bush Campaign Manager Warns of Drop

Sunday Talk Shows

From The Kucinich Campaign:

W. Post Articles


Bob Graham and Richard Shelby GET SERIOUS on Intelligence...

Minnesota Opportunities

WA Senate: Republicans find challenger for Murray (not Nethercutt)

AFL-CIO makes endorsement in Louisiana governor's race...

Eileen McNamara of the Boston Globe, proves what a fool she is

2004 Missouri Senate race: Dem Treasurer announces...

The Iraq Truth Center

Althecat Is Bushed... A REQUEST - How U2 Can Help Scoop Rock The world...

Donald Luskin of the National Review v. Prof. Paul Krugman of The NY Times

I'm sick of all the knocks at Dean supporters on DU

Activists hassled on do-not-fly list. Gov't admits it's true

Here is my problem with Nader (a history lesson for socialists)

I'm sick of people denying global warming!!!

I am a Japanese who want to say a thing about Hiroshima/Nagasaki

Rove and Mehlman '04 Strategy: Election "Too Close to Call" '00/'02 Replay

DIEBOLD MEDIA MONITORING POST (2) Limey Papers Should Be Opening Shortly

who is gonna give troops to bail the coalition of the willing out ?

I'm a hard-working single parent, so WHERE'S MY GODDAMN REFUND?

Will Hubris be the downfall of the Republican Party?

Scoop/DIEBOLD UBERPOST - Bev Is Everywhere MAN!!!

Will 'moderation' (and fear) be the downfall of the Democratic party?

Here's the worst part about the H1B visa situation

Props Please: Kohno, Stubblefield, Rubin, Wallach -- Broke Diebold story

KERRY would beat Bush like a drum!

2002 Senate Election Fraud Probability Analysis: re-written for clarity

Deleted message

Impeach Bush signs .... IN BAKERSFIELD!!

Victoria Clarke ( FOX tonight) , Hill & Knowlton, and a Gulf War LIE..

George W. Bush credibility twister

The Hiroshima/Nagasaki Nuke attacks poll (thread 2)

Smoking. How far should the law go?

do we really want to send an 'Angry White Democrat' to congress

Can we win on just our hatred of Bush and Company?

Official Guy James Show thread-----please keep kicked!!!!!!!!!!!!

Calling all evil-DUers

Noam Chomsky Speaks Against Weapons in Space

The 'good life' gets more elusive

If you were a relative of the Hussein boys, would you claim the bodies?

Interesting article: Why did Clinton say that?

Why comparisons to Nixon in 1972, vs. "liberal" democrat is not valid

what if the Hussein sons were the informants?

"Ann Coulter gets McCarthy right—and makes conservatives mad."

WANTED: most incredible Iraq quote

Bob Graham is too electable for the Dean/Kucinch people

If anybody has an address to send a troop care package to Iraq....

hey kids, lets play QUAGMIRE!

The Scoop/Diebold UBERPOST: Ratings and Rantings from the South Pacific

Hillary Clinton....pregnant...?!

so... how is HALLIBURTON stock doing?

The Bush Education record in Texas based on lies too ????? .....

How will President GWB personally make millions...

Think the military families are going to vote for Bush after THIS?

W. Clark

Did I miss something here about DeLay's Mideast trip?

CNN: 143 dead in the war with Iraq so far

Dubya is INDEED Chimpy! Check this out!

Gay Republican goes on the attack!

Skolnicks Report of 3/21/03: The Bush/Blair Bribery Affair

Georgia The Stitched Up State… KICK THIS THREAD.

Out of Curiousity

DeLay Says 'Democrats Unfit To Lead' - 'Irrational hatred of Bush'

WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM Rocks the world with Bev. Harris

Election theft is nothing new to the Bush family.

I never said William Bennett was a hypocrite

This was expected: * gets bump in polls after murdering Saddam's sons

Ann Coulter--Paint her face orange and you get

The War Against Errorism - A Scoop For DU... Lets Practice Some Voting


Does anyone know the Skinny on Aetna...

Angry White Male: what was your announcement?

Daschle today on NPR: 50% of Seniors HAD NO INSURANCE before MediCare!

Need help DUers, QUICK - please!

Help! I need info on deaths after war ended. Can you help link me to those

WAKE UP DU! Where is Iraq in the 911 report!

What was the RW economic group that said * is fiscally irresponsible?

Bob Graham to be on Meet the Press

The Free State Project.....

Hillary shows off cleavage!

Am reading 'The Bush Dyslexicon'

"Blame Game" CNN's cute name for any attack on Chimpy

Skolnick's report (6/26/03): High Court and High Crimes

Drudge Report, an example of Right wing eyes being opened?

Bev Harris Check your DU-mail!

Che Guevera was a:

These Internecine Battles Are Going To Destroy Us

This about sums up how screwed up everything is

a fortiori.. I had to look it up

Recall Mania!! The never-ending recallathon that could occur in California

Full-Page NYTimes Ad "We Deserve the Truth" to Run Sunday July 27, 2003

What if Gray Davis Resigns.

Has anyone noticed that the Guardian Website is down?

Washington Post profile of Bob Graham

Is Bush* committing Treason by hiding the Saudi connection to 9-11?

Is There an anti-Clark Website being put up?

Dean on cover of latest issue of The New Republic

Billionaire Take Out Anti-Bush Ads in Tomorrow's Papers

Funny Bush saga... it would be funnier if it weren't so close to reality

McLaughlin Group: Politicized Intelligence

Bumbling along

Dean bat tally as of 8 pm is $172,326.44

Bumbling along

Does Bush secretly admire Kim Jong Il?

Gov't Printing Office (GPO) Full Report on 911 Inquire READ IT HERE

Watching BushCo crumble

Hand selected stats don't mean much

VH1 about Clinton; "One of the most successful presidencies in history."

just found out *'s '04 campaign chairman graduated from the same college

The Shrub/Pubs lead our Nation by Poll Results, not whats best for America

please I need links- Nobel economists & RW econ group that blasted *

Bill Maher

WAY early to be talking about the rank & file Dem voting in primarys

Sacramento Pro-Recall, Anti-Recall Rallies: Report

911 Report: Everything Bracketed had Language Changed for Public Release

The Hispanic Community and the CA Recall

I have a couple of questions about the California recall ballots

Why the flippant attitude from Repubs wrt Dean? (Pls no Dean adoration)

DIEBOLD MEDIA MONITORING POST (1) 7/26 collective conciounsness in action

Idol-worshippers in Alabama

Is Dianne thinking about running??????

Prince Dub's Flag Desecration is ridiculous

Dean Supporters ----you wont believe this!

Grand-Poppy Prescott, Topic on Book TV, 8 PM EST

Life of Prescot Bush is on C-Span

Is it just me or is the Internet kicking ass these days?

Justice Dept. Probes Clear Channel

dwight yoakam and co. to take part in polluter's pr event

Has Norman Schwarzkopf even poked his head out since the war?

Challenge from the fringe

"Get a hair cut!"

What threat to the Bush administration are you?

Black Box Voting and the Davis Recall

How DARE these subhuman fucks call themselves Democrats...

reminder: the morality czar will be on CNBC at 7:00 p.m. EST

Did David Kay Engineer WMD Evidence for Bush I -and Now Bush 2?

Anybody have a link to the list of anti-occupation entities in Iraq?

Check in for candidate supporter truce and pledge of Dignity.

BBV: a DUer's efforts have paid off - they are invited by the city council

AIDS Activists Disrupt Karl Rove's Speech

Monty Python and wannabe conservatives

Impeachment is NOT an option

Would you describe this person as one of the good guys or not?...

Newsweek poll: 71% of Americans think the UN should be involved in Iraq

for DU peace/police/law enforcement professions... what do yall think abou

26 Words

I'm really starting to miss that Tom Ridge

Philly's White Dog Cafe: Serving...Activism Along with the Gourmet Fare

Representative democracy in crisis (heavy rant)

Who Would You Like to See Run in 2008?

Is it just me or is Gwen Ifil (Awfil) everywhere?

Bush death list

This is Bush’s “Compassionate Conservatism” for you.

CNN gif of war dead #

Washington Post article about Dean

Dean Team v. Bush-Cheney Noon Update

freeper advocates assassination of George Soros for NYT ad

A tale from 2002/Who here knew?

Additional Co-sponsors-HR 2239, the BBV bill (7/25/2003)

Merle Haggard thread??? Anyone?

Share your ideas for 2004...slogans, commercials or anything related

"Medical workers face military draft"

I want to thank all of you

What percentage of Bush voters will not vote for Bush next election?

Recall Gray Davis rally on Cspan now

Ban the Bush: The case for impeachment Must Read for All

interesting ABC item... Views Vary As Americans Digest Iraq War

The Rove speech thing might have never happened!

Well, I was right about Clinton, who wants to debate that?

Now!! Diebold on CNN


"Dean supporters act like * supporters." (long rant)

Saddam was within sniffing distance of US troops

If Iraq has WMD's, then why didnt the Hussein boys use them?

Bushco may expect a full market reaction to their "win" - but this article

The real story of Rev. Martin Luther King's assassination?

Clear Chanel Threatens Indie SF Concert Promotoer over Springsteen concert

Favourite Family Guy moment?

Longshots are coming out of the woodwork

Death Toll 07/24 - 07/25/03

Are you sick of the "war on TERROR"

U.S. Daily Casualties

I read something today, as Bush crumbles, we experience "Schadenfreude"

tinfoil hat linux

bush exposes his evil self to children

Three more soldiers die in Iraq, they were guarding a children's hospital

Why we need to support whomever wins the nomination even a pro war nominee

I'm giddy as a's why

Henry Kissinger Is Back In Action - In Nth Korea... (Scoop Picture)

A sudden thought concering the Diebold election boxes

To my dismay - here's what we're up against - Letter to Editor

Some questions and opinions from a lurker...

David Kay's pending WMD findings....

If Davis can't win the recall, could he win with plurality?

Okay they have admitted they will lie

Harder, Daddy, harder.

CNN Quick Poll - 100% Favor Patriot Act

Bush Supports the Troops? Good Resource Here.

If ESS and Diebold are the 2 big guys, how do these stack up?

When an older editorialist like Reeves sees the writing on the wall...

What did I just hear on PBS? Neocon vs Paleocon?

does bush* think he's "Dr. Evil" ???

Imagine if you will, the potential Dem. nominees as a complete cabinet

What's wrong with the House?

*'s celebration of Udai and Qusai offing a tad premature....

Scott Ritter Interview from yesterday...take a listen

Cheney lays wreath at tomb of unknown soldier: Insulting

We pick on the Dems in Congress, but this is what they have to put up with

Japan Today photo - lawmakers 'run amok'

Danziger does it again


Can we recall the recall?

did any gun owners here vote for *

As an outsider to the Black Box voting stuff, I have a suggestion

Researchers help define what makes a political conservative

Leave No Millionaire Behind

DU The Eyes, Ears and Soul of A Nation

I-4 Corridor Democratic group....some questions about it.

yet more pro-life, pro-family republican family values

"We can do just fine without America"

I'm confused, suppose Saddams sons were captured...

The Guy James Show

Deleted message

Are electrochemical copies of songs

Has anyone here read "Shame" by Rushdie?

are gun owners single issue voters?

if Savage Weiner actually becomes governor of CA

Dean's bat is at $50K from 743 contributors; Goal: 250K by midnight Monday

Bush, UN, Iraq, and Liberia

more hate radio sponsors

Santorum supporter writes LTTE

Refund Checks: Thanks, Mr. Shrub, for your generosity and compassion

The real context of "centrism"

Can someone help settle a dispute

If Dean or whoever loses...

New Poll - "WMD mole" Dr. David Kelly died by murder or suicide?

"Hunting for Bambi" turns out to be hoax

NYT: Mrs. Clinton Shakes many Hands and Sells Many Books

Are the corpse pix intended to scare Dems?

Anyone remember Dorothy Killgallen?

Strong On Defense

Grunt Vision Googles

Sept. 11 report, Iraq WMDs

Here comes a BIG problem for the Boy King

which states have 24hr waiting periods on abortions but not guns?

DEAN supporters- Here is a Flyer to help get the word out.

Any poll on Davis' replacement?

How long does the BFEE have to "find" vast stockpiles of weapons?

THIS is how I think the Dems in Congress should be.........

So they're finally starting to repeal the USA PATRIOT ACT?

"Star Wars Kid" video prompts lawsuit

Imagine being a racist

Shouldn't the unemployed organize and rally? Change America!!!!

think YOU'VE got it rough?

UAW contract talks determine fate of many more than just auto workers.

US Code, Title 4, Chapter 1, Sec. 8 (g)

Ok this is old but funny...

Are the bodies those of the Hussein brothers?

Coming up NOW -- Def Poetry Jam on HBO

Weicker Endorses Howard Dean

Kucinich Seeks to Prohibit Mind Control Space Weapons

Four U.S. Soldiers Charged With Abuse (Iraq)

War dividend leaves BBC in line for 24-hour US news deal


Centrist Democrats Reserved Toward Dean

Nixon ordered Watergate break-in, aide says now

Daschle Pushes Prescription Drug Plan


Bit by bit, the real Dr Kelly emerges from the shadows

CNN: Armed men seize downtown Manila

Mississippians React to (Supreme Court Justice) Indictments

Hillary Clinton Book Should Cover Advance

US to Seek New Afghan Aid Package of $1 Billion

Military Wife Scolded After Mass E-Mail

Classified Section of Sept. 11 Report Faults Saudi Rulers

AFL-CIO Endorsement of Democrat May Wait

Commissioner: Bush Deliberately Delayed Inquiry Report Until After Iraq Wa

N. Korea Warns of War Amid High Tensions

Blasting repatriation, Basulto quits GOP (Florida "Cuban" activist)

US troops jumpy after fresh attacks in Iraq

Huffington might run for California governor

Backers of California Recall Take Celebration to Capitol

Hoping to revive football in Cuba, two local teams will begin season there

Iraq Flap Shakes Rice's Image |Pincus, WP

Mixed Messages for Bush (Newsweek poll - * gets slight bump up on Iraq)

One U.S. Soldier Killed, Two Wounded in Baghdad

AmeriCorps Is Denied Additional $100 Million

WP: Democrats Derail Texas GOP Plan For House Seats

Court refuses to block recall

S.D. woman to pay fine for Cuba trip

CNN: Justice Department decries 'terrorist tipoff' amendment

Bush Selects 2 for Bench, Adding Fuel to Senate Fire

4 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq attacks

U.S. Sues Quaker Group Over Unpaid Taxes

U.S. Sues Quaker Group Over Unpaid Taxes (objects to military)

Move Over Bev Harris, Henry Kissinger's Having A Date With NZ PM

Niger denies Iraq nuclear claim

BBC - Iraq attack kills three US troops (7/26/03 8:48 AM EST)

Bush Marks Disabilities Act Anniversary

Rogue Philippine Troops Hold Australians, Americans

NEWS ALERT Centcom: One U.S. soldier killed, two wounded by small arms fir

Philly's White Dog Cafe: Serving...Activism Along with the Gourmet Fare

Bush Campaign Manager Warns GOP to Expect Drop in Bush Polls

Troops bulldoze Saddam sons' hideout after search

Voting Machine Study Divides Md. Officials, Experts |WP

BearingPoint To Consult on Iraqi Economy

U.S., U.K. Say at Least 283 Fighters Have Died - A.K.A "The List"

Blair's fixer tipped to quit

Why Would We Support Our Enemy?’

GOP attacking Democratic critics on issue of Iraq

Taliban's Omar Orders More Attacks on US-Led Troops

Villagers feared US wrath


Dead man walking

Deep in debt, N.J. family robs bank

Table of casualties in Iraq

Liberians frustrated over wait for U.S. troops

31 Iraqis killed while celebrating

Education Secretary Defends School System He Once Led

Armstrong will win his 5th consecutive Tour de France.

Some Say Spending Bill Shortchanges Vets

Shelling Kills 3, Injures 55 in Liberia

Mubarak warns of increased anti-US attacks in Iraq

US forces expect Taliban, al-Qaeda terror attacks in Afghanistan

Martin proposes major international role for Canada

‘9/11 Attacks Plotted in Manila’

U.S. forces killed Faheema Jassim Khalaf's mother and two sisters...

Most Iraqi papers spurn US photos of Saddam's dead sons

Saddam planned resistance - guard

Blair seeks life without spin (yeah we believe you Tony!)

Group Posts Program That Exploits Windows

Big shock here.... Liza Minelli / Gest separate

Report: N. Korean nuke test threat (CNN)

Input sought on voting system Kaptur asks key critic to attend forum

WP: Iraq Flap Shakes Rice's Image

'60 Minutes' producer dead at 34 (Cheney connection)

DNA database of marijuana created

Iraqis warn Japanese troops could become targets of attack

Who else thinks Starbuck's coffee is over-rated?

Most common reason for "ignoring" a DUer?

Down 40 lbs...

Okay, who managed to figure out which foods are and are not edible?

Ed Asner -- Liberal Activist

Haggis: tasty delicacy, or threat to our national security?...discuss

Okay, I just watched Fargo for the 1,000th time..........

Ask me anything! Maybe I AM your granny.

Do any big corporations make products you respect?

Women folk please explain.

WillPitt, where are you? Somebody tell me he is on vacation, please.

Promised my kid "Spy Kids 3D" this weekend and have a question:

What is your least favorite question?

*****Attention August/September babies*****

Recommend "cult" movies to me

Adore me! I've got over 7,000 posts!

I stepped on a piece of glass this morning...

I found RFK bumper stickers and campaign literature at a garage sale

What is your favorite cartoon show?

"Get a hair cut!"

Worst commercial announcer voices

Huge erection causes blushes on the eve of Royal visit


Does anyone else think the Pentagram icon users are Satanists?


Fashion Police Muster: Report here.

A question worthy of being put to the Saturday night DU Lounge.


The coyotes are howling in the hills tonite

I just talked to RBYNC on the phone

What do you love most about the Lounge?

Lance Armstrong

Thread titles that are too long and don't have a space between char. AHH!

For the men of DU: Pictures of the Terminatrix

Meet Kasey: Dean's Director of Canine Outreach...

Mick Jagger Turns 60 Today So Name Your Favorite Stones Song

Do you exercise regularly AND:

Don't ask me anything I'm paranoid.

God Hates Fags coming to Minneapolis

I'm in love and he lives 2000 miles away, ask me anything?

Thanks to the Lounge I'm in love

Freaky Friday star date has been moved to Wed Aug 7 - why?

Gehenna is coming, Gehenna is coming!

Dumbest piece of software I''ve seen in years...

tuckka da choipin' boipin' toitle boi sez "yo"

SCO targets Linux users


I saw this funny pic of Shrubbypants* yelling at some bald guy

Paging Doctor Huntherts--YAK Veterinarian!!!!!

More Gratuitous Bunny Shots!!! (back by popular demand!!!)

This is not looking like a good month for DUers


Bev Harris Check your DU-mail!

My turn with the "Ask me anything" posts...

Whoooooo wants to have some fun?!

Suggestions for chickenhawk songs to hose on Kazaa?

Eating animals - not nice, people

MadTV vs SNL

What are you gonna be for Halloween this year?

Hard hard core country music


What should happen to the person (s) that created Pop-Ups?

Favorite small/indie film?

Does anybody else believe that America hadn't learned a thing since the

If you had no sense of cultural identity - and neither did anyone else

Is Seabisquit a better movie than Pirates of the Carribean

Tenacious D,

The touching concern and tenderness directed towards DarthKitten......

I'm not your granny! But you can ask me anything.

foreign language advice

I am a yak spamming, coffee hording lounge lizard and PROUD of it!

I love it when a plan comes together...

Anyone else notice how HORNY Dave Letterman has been lately?

Name your favorite bands A-Z, (the ultimate music thread)

The "d"

Quite a weekend! Ask me anything.

Gangs of New York....any movie buffs here?

Does anyone else think the Pentagon ICBM users are Stalinists?

The New Republic and ........ftjhaeirujqheq[gna/.,. hate economic history!

If you like The Dixie Chicks, check out The Therapy Sisters

I was just talking to three friends...

What's wrong with the Lounge

Shall we help underpants find his drawers???

Bill Clinton reccomended a GREAT movie to me!

Armstrong will win his 5th consecutive Tour de France.

Wanna Grow Up To Be A Debaser

Truly Weird TV Shows You've Seen

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (just got back)

OK - fess up!!! How many of you guys watch Stripperella???

I am the laziest person alive

July 26, 1992

The Crude Underbelly of all CAPIONS!

Big shock here.... Liza Minelli / Gest separate

The Cluttered Potteryshed of all CAPTIONS!!!!

A (somewhat tasteless) joke in honor of Mick's 60th..

A song parody I came up with yesterday

Damn E-Mail Spammers!!!!!

Neil Young at the Greek last night.

anyone replace a hard drive in laptop? Tough? Impossible?


Caption Contest

Bush and us Murkins!

Bush's "lie clock"

Favourite Family Guy moment?

In our "free society", why is selling one's body illegal?

Say it aint so, Liza! Say it ain't so!

Sylvester Stallone in...

War On Shoelaces

Jesus, I long for a simple life.

Klepto Cat Makes Frequent Nighttime Raids

CAPTION: "Christ, what an idiot!"

The mystery of the zipper

for the benefit of my friends and fans, Pepperbelly's Zippy is back.

Secret CIA memo released :-)

Who's an adult?

Has anybody ever been

Calling all cat people

Help My Browser Screen is goofy

New flash cartoon on Idleworm

Those cylindrical wafer cookies with the chocolate coating on the inside..

I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow

A Sad ending to an old friendship

Woman reimbursed for stolen pot plants

Friday nite music thread: Mustang Sally-- Creedence or Tom Jones?

Respond to this: Hey, get a life

A pleasant diversion for the top ten percent of computer users

My dad is cooler than *'s dad

Hafta say... I really enjoyed the Leon Kass interview on NOW w/BM...

incest begins at home

Anyone here a Paul Reubens admirer?

Finish the Fake Religious Stuff:

Ode To The DimSon

Roll call - Who's up at this ridiculous hour?

PC Games

New t-shirt available

How bad is it to ride your mower over a fire-ant hill?

Simpsons 3rd Season on DVD!

What is your FAVORITE question?

Is it just me

Bremer on Charlie Rose now ! for west coast DU'ers

"My" TRIO this week...

Favorite Bands/Artists A-Z outtakes

West Coast DUers ...

Any Cab Calloway fans?

For those who don't know everything

I love The Late Show with David Letterman!

What are Ferret People like? a sci-fi nightmare!

Willie Nelson performing in the Seattle area Sunday.

Anyone seen the Movie PI lately?

SEX. YAK. FRUITCAKE. Congratulations Tinoire! You hit 5000 posts!

The DU2 Where are you from? I'm from Lehman PA

Saw Seabiscuit today and have to say....