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Archives: July 25, 2003

Ambush Kills 3 US Soldiers from Division That Killed Saddam Sons

Medical Workers Face Draft

Briefing: Delegates from Iraqi Governing Council

Clift: Mr. Magoo? (Like Magoo, * always stumbles into good fortune)

'Let Them Eat Cake' Economics (Alterman - Newsweek)

Bill Maher w/LA Times Editorial

"Watching BushCo Crumble" Mark Morford

Anatomy of the raid on Hussein's sons

My Bush ripping letter in Joliet Herald

Hussein son’s photos: Washington exposes its own barbarism

Top 10 Places to Find Saddam's WMD

Smearing Senator Durbin

Intelligence Unglued

A defrost in US-UN relations on Iraq?

Tragedy of one Iraqi family shows how easy civilian lives are lost in Iraq

Can Diebold Voting Machines Really Be Hacked?

Trapped in a quagmire, again (Andrew Greeley)

Bush administration in pocket of corporate America

TX redistricting is deader than Usay

Green Party Taking the Plunge for 2004

With Rivals Squirming, He's Surging

Life of the party?

Trial and error - Moussaoui case - Asscroft

George W. Nixon

Paul Krugman (NYT): Dropping the Bonds

Speaking Your Mind in the Military by Hawker Hurricane

Howard Zinn- Humpty Dumpty Will Fall

Berkowitz: Shafting, not 'supporting,' the troops

Iraq: Continuing failure to uphold human rights (Amnesty International)

Supreme Court

AZ DU'ers Reminder: WRP at ASU tomorrow evening. (7/26)

OMG! The next G-8 will be in my town! Now wadda-I-Do?

GFP Publishes Full 911 Report In HTML

New addition to "The Daily List of Lies"

Liberal Chat LIVE! At: starting 4:30pm (5 min!)

Sign Common Cause's Petition to stop BUSH from VETO of FCC rollback

Support DK's efforts to regulate GM food.

7 Dems Candidates & * in Pittsburgh Monday 7/28 - Any plans?

Portland,Seattle: Heads Up for August Bush Visit

American Media...........

Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter, prove thier loser status

Great Resource! Here are Today's Front Pages...

William Kristol intentionally playing McCarthy politics

Psychological makeup of a Political Conservative :

Puzzled by Parliamentary Procedure?

Republican Assholes

funniest post on

Happy St. James Day!

NASA working with new gravity map of earth

BOOK sounds like must read: Ex CIA Robt. Baer"Sleeping with the Devil

Well astrologers...took the words right out of our mouths. CBS News

anyone else consult their pineal gland?

Troy Perry To Launch Court Action To Have His Marriage Recognized

First lesbian in Colorado House Now First Lesbian in State Senate

Dropping the Bonds

What about Bush* ending overtime pay in the US?

Inspector General investigation called for re: EPA enforcement

Thawing Tundra blocks Oil Exploration

New map of gravity across Earth

Whatever happened to fusion power?

An inexpert look at post war Iraq

GOP Gathers Support for Head Start Vote

AP News Alert - Prescription drugs

Canada's presc. drugs Americans are buying are SAFE for God's sake!

Belgium debates revised war-crimes law - to shield Sharon, Bush, Blair

Young form bulk of sex victims - Canada

Police Chief beaten with baseball bat

Settlement OK in Recalled Tires Suits

My poll isn't working--no formatting?!


Freeping on DU

can we please get bookmarks features back?

Avatar icon request

Elad: Working off the backlog now?

Links that aren't links ought not be blue and underlined.

New thread links showing up as 'visited'

Urgent problem: people who are on ignore can PM you now!

Israel delays prisoner decision until PM returns from U.S.

West Bank zoo stays open, but one by one its animals are dying...

Abbas to lunch with Bush


9/11 Families: Tell Us Full Story - July 24, 2003

Interesting article on 9/11 report

Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77

People-powered Dean graphics

McCain Pummels Saddamite Sob Sister Howard Dean

Kucinich prepares 6 bills to regulate GM food.

Dean to brave heat, ride RAGBRAI

Kerry: calls for an END to US occupation of Iraq

For Dean and Dean Corps, it's in the bag

THE DEAN BAT IS BACK! "Bringing Out the Bat" for Cheney!

What has happened to Ohio's Democratic Party???

WA Senate: Nethercutt warms up for race against Murray

The Quickest, Easiest Way to a Democratic Senate......

Traficant wants to run for Prez in 2004.

What is your early prediction of the swing in congressional seats

Things Are Looking Up, Bush Is Sinking

With rivals squirming, he's surging

Farmer, Culver, Springer, Hoeffel, Knowles, Glickman, Richards

Nat. Urban League Democratic Canidate Forum

Saudi's bashing the Democrats?

The BAT is back!!

Kerry On Iraq in Spring 2001 - Before "Everything Changed"

Dean shares ideals over turkey

Anyone know why HBO Films has been following Dean lately?

Shaheen stays neutral for now

Dean won't let Kerry off the hook

Kucinich in Des Moines IA Saturday night


Dean Has Clear Fundraising Lead Now

DEAN: "He may be genuinely wrong,but he is genuine"

Small donors put Dean 2nd in S.C. money race

Democrats' FEC Choice Challenges McCain-Feingold

Kerry and Dean Continue to Lead Democrats in New Hampshire

White House Nervous About Davis Recall

Crybaby Bill Thomas apologizes on House floor

RNC Gillespie: Dems feed "steady Diet of Protest and Pessimism"

Anti-Dean folks....

Dean: Deaths won't curb attacks

Agency finds Fox received illegal donations

Life of the party? (Salon on Dean vs. DLC / Electability)

Dream cabinet for a Pat Robertson Presidency

GOP Chairman Hits Democrats' 'Pessimism'

Dean and sushi

Small donors put Dean 2nd in S.C. money race

OH-16/Ralph Regula Research Thread

Dennis Kucinich Meet-Ups Starting! (official)

Findlaw article on California Recall Election

The last moments of Saddam's grandson

Just got off the phone with Borders Corporate .... Call them!

Identity Crisis

Miami Herald: Cuban Republican Leaders Give Dubya 'F' on Cuba Policy

Hey Republican...

Link to timeline for 9-11??

Clark's resume vs Dean's

Possible Ad for Davis Campaign

Judge Slaps Gag Order on Kobe Bryant Case

Bush has scriptural advisors highlighting daily passages relevant to him?

Bush drops to 54 percent in first poll done AFTER Uday/Qusay deaths

AWD's announcement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DUers, I will a little tale tell...

MEDIA: investigate these states for 2002 voter fraud: MN, TX, GA, NH ..

Peace-Loving Nuns Face 5-8 Yrs. In Prison

Let's hear it for the Texas Democratic Senators!

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - FCC update, Max Cleland re: 911 report, more

Diebold story: List of media outlets covering this:

SON OF SADDAM'S SON'S 86'd - the sequel! (further analysis)

What is the Gray Davis recall issue?!

Damn. Remember those miners who got rescued last year?

The New Democratic Legislative Pledge....

E Voting: Write Oprah's Producers NOW...

An Alternative to LIHOP and MIHOP: RBOHCMAN

Who here is sad over the death of the Hussein sons?

I just heard an EVIL DUer on c-span!!!!!

Reminder: Real time with Bill Maher Is On Tonight 11 et

Breaking: Protestors storm Rove Speech


Voting Green/Progressive? Masturbating? Is there a difference?

"Guy James Show" has Nancy Skinner and our own AWD as

will Southerners only vote for Southerners?

LOFTUS on MSNBC NOW (Olberman)


C-span's Brian has a hissy!

DoD Identifies Army Casualties date: 25-Jul-03 (5 in total)

For RedactGate, a new bumpersticker - REDACT BUSH

GFP Publishes Full 911 Report In HTML

k, I'm fighting with someone over the CA recall

Need help with Afghanistan casualty numbers

My DU t-shirt came today!

The New York Times appoints a conservative columnist

DU being attacked

CBS: George W. Nixon

Could Carter Be the VP on the Ticket?

OMG! Did Max Cleland just say the White House LIHOP?

Republicans will be playing the race card on the CA recall ballot

Unbelievable quote by Dick Armey.

Patriotism will be an issue in '04

which pro-gun states could Dean win?

The shape of things to come Multinational Corporation “Foreign Legion”

Cali DUers... Your thoughts on Davis recall.

"Howard Dean Democrats"

Deleted message

Presidential Debates...

Dean is not vp material, Clark would make a good vp

We're at war, we were attacked, let's get over it....Maher.

How many US soldiers are going to come home psychologically messed

When Will General Wesley Clark Enter the Race?

Whore Media Repeat of Summer 2002?????????????

OK...what gives??

OMG! Tweety just dissed Dick Army

Explain the Fundies' love affair with the Jewish right

Another reason to frown at SUVs.

Story suddenly changes: James Baker NOT going to handle Iraq reconstructio

Dean Defense Forces: Lobbing E-mail at the Enemy (the media)

Amy Goodman, Q&A With Bernie Sanders

Someone in Dean's Staff Must Be Reading DU

Jeb......Vote changes: New equipment, no '04 primary runoff

The Brits don't seem thrilled with the pics...

My Email Exchange with a freeper moron

Please answer my questions about Sean Hannity

OUTRAGE: FL Comcast Cable Network Refuses to Air Democratic Ads

Deleted message

voting machine scandal gains traction

Womens issues

Bill Mahr is pissing me off. WTF does he stand for?

The military in Iraq are not allowed to talk to reporters

The cost of Bush's war

Is that a Question W shirt in Maher's audience?

Is this a new CNN feature?

Washington Post: Bush Warned of attack

Senator Graham on Maher live!

ATTENTION anyone watching the Davis recall issue

ever heard of "accops"

Rummy anounces dates, venues for the Uday/ Qusay Summer Tour

Is there Oil in Liberia?

Hunting Pretty Pink Unicorns: Outing GOP House "moderates"

I've learned to live with mediocrity. 2 marriages, thousands of

Got a reply from the TX Secretary of State's office

I just don't think this is going to work. Drive-by hand grenades

Take on the Bush-Cheney fundraising machine

Absolutely disgusting. Make no mistake about it, this is a very low point

Slogans from signs at protests:

Who would have known? Conservatives don't like Ann Coulter?

Deleted message

yet more pro-life repuke family values

Clark on MSNBC

America, "Watching TV with the sound turned down."

What are the likely swing states in 2004?

AJC: Andrew Young Considering GA Senate Run!

Question about Davis recall election..

Katrina Van ...(sp???) on Hardball

Canada's presc. drugs Americans are buying are SAFE for God's sake!

Bush Inc. wants Iraqi chaos

I am so encouraged

As A Good Democrat I Will Trade My Vote With A Green

Ralph is at it again.

Do these words about Clinton ring as true today?

What makes a Freeper?

Dateline NBC reaming out the medical establishment.

Corpses On Our Doorstep, Palast on Liberia

Diebold Statement and Balt Sun election folk quotes

What happens if electoral college ties?

Bob Beckel vs. Ann Coulter

Greg Palast has a State Dept Document.....

Thoughts & Opinions? re: being wealthy

I wonder what would happen...

today's new hate radio sponsors, add more that you know of

WHY am i looking at DEAD, BLOATED BODIES on my TV?

I Will Not Name Names But I Think I Know At Least Two People I Would

Help! Need a Windows XP expert

new "Real Time with Bill Maher" tonight

AWD!!!! "The Guy James Show" wants YOU!!

Will we have a nominee after March 2, (super tuesday)

CNN POLL: Do you think the 9/11 report should be declassified?

Woman Banned for Criticizing Bush's Legs

Thoughts about Socialism, What Do You Think?

AWOL Bush has not attended even 1 soldier's funeral

Oh Oh--THE TODAY SHOW paying tribute to those who have died since May 1

Great thread re: freeping/unfreeping in "Ask the Administrators,"

Slightly different – more political take – on GM foods. THE REAL RUB.

daily show repeat 7pm edt

Does Al Sharpton support a flat tax?

bush* yelling at press conference on C-Span.....loud and agitated

D'ya s'pose?

Greg Palast on Randi Rhodes 6-7 p.m.

What is "Correct Thinking"? Sounds like a Code Word to me.

Why did the recent perscription drug bill have so much bipartisan support?

Scarborough's Ratings Must be Low to bring Ashley Judd on

Dumbya by the letters

Oil Companies start Ca$hing with Iraqi oil

if many blacks are god fearing

Tweety - Gillespie: ABC's NOTE gets it wrong!

I need a little primer on a Cliff's notes version of

Republicans' California Nightmare: A Green Governor!

What Star Trek Episode Reminds you most of Bush?

Bill Maher's Show back on tonight don't miss it

Be on TV with Bush in the "Republican Values" TV Show

Bush himself has triggered the self destruct event. House of Cards fallin

PITTSBURGHERS! Bush* visit, Dean visit Monday july 28

The Dream Team.

Another Horsey gem

Californians we have a choice for Governor.

Team Bush's MO

Warning for All CA State Employees

Dear Canadians, how do I become a citizen?

Radio for Peace International Issued Eviction Notice...take action

Does nobody care that BUSH KNEW and lied about it? WP article

Should Dean go Green if Hillary runs for Dem Nomination

"touched up photos" of Uday and Qusay - Wash Post article

Should the Dems put a candidate on the ballot in California??

Cringeley Will Write About Voting Machine Security Again!

Kucinich takes on GM foods:

Bush Family of Losers, Liars & Thiefs


I hate that lying, fraudulent, crooked, POTUS-POS,

WMDs: a new (believable) theory

The Political Compass for Democratic candidates

The Face of Evil - Viewer Discretion (not really) Advised

Remember Chaney's famous quote on MTP regarding WMDS.......


Buzz in DC says serial liar Condi might jump ship

Convoy Attacked; One Stormtrooper Dead, Two Wounded.

"No Indoctrination" website attacks left-wing "bias" in academia

can online political campaign become more interactive?

LOTR: "The Return of the King" and the Doctor Dean campaign


Does Anybody Think

The D's are starting to act now(CSPAN)

This idea just occurred to me

Bush Reacts to Gruesome Photos (NOT for squeamish)


The Senate can and should be abolished...

Poll getting Freeped!

Bill Clinton considering run for California Governor.

The Power of the Dean Campaign

Is this "person" insane or what?

Bush down to 53 percent in Quinnipiac poll

Wolf''s Poll - about Hussein photos

A little help please - need info on 9/11 report

"I hesitate to calll the president a moron, but that's what he is."

Whoa! Check out these poll numbers on Blair's government

Armistice Day: Korea A thought on fighting communism

My letter to the editor was printed

Still ANOTHER attempt to defile memory of Wellstone...

AWD will make an announcement at 4pm EST today

Voter Confidence? from Globe and Mail....Bev H. mentioned.

mpg is not only part of the equation.

anybody else here see how

Would you vote for Arianna as GOV of CA?

Baath party why Saddam and sons don't matter

Federal workers, take a look at this

Robert Reich on CNN "Crossfire" today at 4:30 EDT

Medieval crime and punishment suitable for *: shame mask

Haggard Tune Blasts Media Coverage of War

Bush miscalculated in displaying dead bodies says Eric Margolis on CBC

Hatch Up On Senate Floor Pushing Pryor Nomination (2:10 PM ET)

Question about the CA recall....

CNN ticker: new survey finds even more Americans think Islam is violent

enough corpses, take a TOON break!

BYRD up for 20 minutes now (2:55PM Eastern)

Cheney Hate Rant

God, I'm tired of seeing those two bodies.....

If journalism schools are not corrupt how did the media get to this point?

"Either You're With Us Or You're Against Us"

9/11 Families: Tell Us Full Story

FL will help felons regain voter rights

How bad would it be for Bush if 6 months from now Saddam's son's appear?

Question about newest Q&U corpse pics...

Why aren't Saddam's sons charbroiled?

Limbaugh is almost as schizophrenic as Bush !

Just how treasonous is the PNAC White House ?

Support Bush / Chauncey in 2004!

"Suicide" suspected for Navy Secretary nominee

What Nader should have done.

File Sharing re: Story in SF Gate Today

Uranium Lies Timeline

Why is it OK to trash women on this board?'s phrasing on Saddam's sons' deaths (prob. nothing, but...)

Some comments made by opposition during Clinton's first term

When will the media stop calling the pResident "popular"?

California recall

Voldemort's Plans In Washington Move Forward

BBV: Diebold machines are in foreign countries. Which?

Chimpy: Photo-Op at Korean War Memorial - Friday comic relief

Has our media ever showed images of dead people laying on a slab before?

WP contest: Name bush* scandal....this is DUers big chance to

why do hate radio hosts use rock music to begin their shows

No Backlash About Bush Using the HHS budget money for campaigning?

Pro-Bush Group Uses Carrier Landing Photo to Raise Funds

A DUer called into C-SPAN this AM...

Anti-Wellstone bumper sticker upsets some

Sometimes I get the feeling the average DUer actually believes

Are you ill? Do you wanna be?

Meanwhile, as everyone looks at the fixed up bodies, this is what's

Why Dean can beat Bush in 2004.

Kerry's statement on 9-11 report

In retrospect, Bush visits Tenet at CIA after 9/11...

Just a little aside that i hope you get a good natured laugh out of.

Kucinich SF Commonwealth Appearance SOLD OUT in record time!

who has a better chance of beating Davis, Arnold or Savage Weiner?

Salon interview with the Princess of Darkness (AC).

Does Rush & Hannity plant fake liberal callers to make em'sound dumb?

Sen Bob Grahm On Bill Maher Tonight

Getting God Damn Sick of this Shit!

Has Anyone ELSE noticed the CHE parallel re: the Hussein Bros.?

Viagra, Priceline ads just heard on Limbaugh

do they allow recalls in MN?

Does anybody ahve a way to blast the media over the Bush...

The Unites States should have used Qusay/Uday to justify the war.

even if a Repub becomes Gov of Cal

The Bushists Must Still Think Cheney Is Lord God Almighty

if you have the chance

Hannity also broadcasts from the EIB 'building' in Manhattan

Meria Heller interview with Scott Ritter NOW (1PM Eastern)

could Dean get the rural vote?

Kucinich clip on yesterday's Daily Show

Democrats need to publicly wash their hands of BUSH*

Why no mention by the media about no mention of Iraq in 911 report?

"The Morning Fix"-Watching Bushco Crumble

Quakers sue over unpaid taxes

Your Tax Dollars at Work

I just committed to Dean as my candidate,

James Carville's Rx For Democrats ~ A must see!

False Promises on Trade (response to NY Times)

Why is DU so important? This is why.....

Media Coverup !

Making a Specatacle of Oursleves (the Uday/Qusai photos)

Has Bush managed to make martyrs out of Uday and Qusay ?

u.s. used heavy make up on corpse's faces.....wonder why?

Disturbing article on falling whale population/whaling

In regards to the videos and photos of Uday and Qusay Hussein...

ALERT: President Bush has ordered troops to Liberia

More right-wing bias revealed in website favourites.

What Will it Take to Give the Saddam/Al-Queda Lie Legs?

DON'T TURN ON YOUR TV! Video of Saddam's sons sickening.

lord god, let me go home on a bright summer day

Work in progress - A "Have you forgotten" to send them . . .

The tapes they are showing of Saddam sons now look less like like...

False Accusations of Terrorism in My Hometown

new hate radio sponsors

"The Carlyle Group/Enron-Republican Convention"?

Bushes and Husseins: an operatic fantasy (LTTE)

BIG Elephant in the Room - Saudi support of 9/11 terrorists

Like Father Like Son -- PLEASE READ!!!

House Dems laying the smackdown on CSPAN RE: Child Tax Credit/Vet Benefits

Fr. Greeley Warns of Police State:

PLEASE Write to Steve Sneal (Chicago Sun-Times) RE: Durbin!!!!

Scoop Is Dressed Up For The Diebold Ball - Where Are The Punters!

Deleted message

What do these silly tapes of the boys prove???

This quote fit's Bush to a tee

More Macabre Autopsy Photos On CNN

Whelp, there goes Friday Lamb on C-SPAN...

Pat Oliphant explains the FCC Ruling better than anyone else!

Doctored photos & DNA will NOT convince the Iraqis..

Citizens United for the Bush Agenda

Copies of the Luntz memo for CA recall

Local impact of the CA Recall

Head Start -- If it ain't broke, Smash it anyway.

Ambassador Wilson Affair: Buried in Today's Washington Post

Is there a waiver in the Geneva Convention?

Many Germans See U.S. Behind Sept 11

Question.................. for the LIHOP / MIHOP believers?

"America is Shamed"

Was it really Ouday and Qusay? (For those who've seen the photos only)

What about Iraqi children?

Was it really Ouday and Qusay? (For those who've seen the photos only)

Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77

The Republican “Golden Rule”

Bush to draw, quarter and display in public Saddam's sons' bodies

Installing democracy in a hornets nest.

Another Bush Fraud?

Would you forgive Hillary for another four years of Bush?

I won't look at the photos at all...

Yahoo Right Wing Headline Defending Bush Is Disgusting

Report: Sept. 11 attacks stoppable

Big Wheel Keeps on Turning

Cannot Serve Two Masters

Recall votes

Random thoughts on the Ooody Qoosy killings...

Was this the actual "Iraq War" resolution?

Links to the Black Box Voting story?

What should FCC ownership limits be?

Who wants to bet that if Aahnold runs for Gov of California and loses...

what makes a political conservative (Berkeley study)

ABC news special 1979 - Mission Mind Control (video stream)

CNN: Will show videotape of Hussein Bro's bodies

Iraqis not sure of Saddam's sons deaths

How long has the ceasefire lasted in the Middle East?

When will Gen. Wesley Clark announce that he's running for president?

Art Torres - He's The Man

Bush Pre-9/11 Intel..."He wasn't AWOL," Goss said. (R-FL)

Russia has been eerily quiet of late. Has anyone heard anything?

9-11 Report(download)

CSPAN - Actual non-political debate in House on drug imports

Why are neocons so evasive about sources of their "information"?

U.S. to test expat cybervoting

Conservatism at a cross-roads

When the Iraqis start turning in their automatic weapons and ....

Cry our beloved country...

Edward Norton on Charlie Rose -- Good Show

How George W. Bush Won the 2004 Presidential Election

On losing TEA21 Enhancements-- ripped out in House Committee.

"Another Lie From Bush" -DNC (really!)


House OKs $90B for Veterans, Housing

Bush Nominates Conservatives As Judges

Miss. Supreme Court Justice (R) Indicted

Barrett Nominated for Air Force Secretary (formerly with the FAA)

GOP worries grow on job losses

Dewhurst: 'Redistricting in this session is dead' (TX)

Liberian rebels declare ceasefire

"Blond Angel of Death," 45 more face extradition for Argentine rights tria

Bush Criticizes New Israeli Settlements

Blasts in Baghdad as U.S. Tries to Win Over Iraqis

Billionaire's ads challenge U.S. case for Iraq war

Company Defends Electronic Voting System

Blasts in Baghdad as U.S. Tries to Win Over Iraqis

Bennett Says He Gambled Too Much 'given Who I Am'

Man Charged With Threatening Councilman (New Case)

Breaux Not Running?

N.Korea Tribunal Demands U.S. Apology, Compensation

NBC Rethinks Jessica Lynch Movie

Stressed-out Hoon's photograph fracas

U.S. seen approving N.Y. nuke evacuation plan

Justice Department Opposes 'Sneak and Peek' Ban

Texas Democrats may be free to flee

Same-Sex Marriage Opposition Declining In US

10 Commandments Issue Creeps into Federal Legislation

Groups: Public cut from White House task force on streamlining (energy!)

Sharpton criticizes Bush for reluctance concerning Liberia

House approves drug reimportation

Bush to Stay Out of California Recall Fight

Poll: Kerry Holds Slight Lead Over Dean

(Pro-Negroponte-Pal-Dictator) Violence Cripples Guatemalan Capital

Republican puts hold on (Native Hawaiian) federal recognition bill

Shelling Hits U.S. Embassy in Liberia

Nuns say they aren't afraid as prison looms for anti-war protest (6-30 yrs

Halliburton Milks British Nuclear Submarines for Millions

New GOP Chairman Defends President Bush (2 days running)

Site IDs wrong woman in Bryant case

Navy Chief Nominee May Have Killed Self

STOCK MARKET WATCH THREAD--Friday July 25, 2003--#1

Disbelief, Doubt Greet U.S. Peace Deployment After Bloody Liberia Attack

White House Now Runs on Linux

Family Tragedy Shows Life Tough in Iraq

Discriminatory language included in Head Start resolution

California Supreme Court declines to halt recall election

Ban lifted on loans to unmarried couples in Virginia

Blair's fixer (Campbell) tipped to quit

Life of Prescott Bush on BookTV this Sat. and Sun.

Pentagon Leaders Warn of Dangers for U.S. in Liberia

Richard Perle : "It may take 200 years to find WMDs in Iraq"

Dean Issues Disability Rights Platform

Robert Reich on CNN "Crossfire" today at 4:30 EDT

CNN: Kemp rumored to be a possiblity for CA

Director John Schlesinger dead at 77

Governor Savage?

Cal Bans TG Discrimination

Bush Nominee McMillan Dies From Gunshot

CNN Breaking: Saddam's bodyguards captured.

Bush Honors Vets at Korean War Memorial

Immigrants phony! (Israeli Mafia Scam)

Diebold story makes the german press !!!!!!

Release of grisly Hussein photos assailed - proof or pornography?

Forbes: "High-tech votes can be hacked, scientists say"

September 11 attacks might have been prevented, commission finds

CNN: New Merle Haggard critical of Iraq policy

Britons see "culture of deceit" at heart of British government

Reuters Sees Baghdad Bodies, Look Like Saddam Sons

Thomas to Propose Tax Cuts for Businesses

Defects reported in voting machines

Don't know if this is a dupe, but i haven't seen it yet...

Coca-Cola in India accused of leaving farms parched and land poisoned

Reuters Sees Baghdad Bodies, Faces 'Rebuilt'

Edwards to Propose $3B for More Nurses

Saddam's Home Town Still Loyal to Him

Dean Criticizes Billl That Would Dismantle Head Start Program

Bush orders U.S. Troops into position off coast of Liberia.

Iraqis see more violence after death of Saddam sons

'Iraq Watch' Finds Strength in Numbers

US presses Uday, Qusay deaths with video

June Durable Goods Orders Climb 2.1%

Saddam’s family moves with ease?

House Mulls Bill Allowing Imported Drugs

CISD changes controversial belief statement

Cantwell: Springer Would Be Fine Senator

WP: Cross Set Afire at College Park Mosque

Life of the party?

Head Start Overhaul Heads to Senate (Gephardt, Pastor miss vote)

Terror-Report Gaps May Add To Bush's Intelligence Woes (WSJ)


Cubans sure truck-boat was odd enough for entry

September 11 report raises Saudi question

CSPAN - Lloyd Grovel up next

Pakistani prisoners take 9 judges, 50 inmates hostage

Abbas Takes Arafat's Place as White House Guest

Saudi Arabia denies terror links

Wieck (R-Sioux City IA) takes action he opposed

Italien will 3000 Soldaten entsenden (Italy will send 3000 soldiers)

Blair in intensive talks over Campbell's future

California's debt 'nearly junk'

Voters Losing Faith in Blair (Daily Telegraph Poll)

Democrats' FEC Choice Challenges McCain-Feingold

Oil groups snub US on Iraq deals

Hoon Laughs During Suicide Grilling

Kemp Possible Candidate in Calif. Recall

Backside lights for Delhi elephants

Bush's Nominee for Navy Secretary Dies

USA Focuses on Kazakhstan

US Fears Stolen ID, Uniforms May Be Used in Attacks

Billionaire's ads challenge U.S. case for Iraq war

New Wellstone Bumper Stickers Anger Democrats

Air Traffic Privatization Plan Approved

Muslims Take Offense to Footage of Bodies

Growing Number of Americans Say Islam Encourages Violence Among Foll

President Bush defaces the American Flag

Davis, Fighting Recall, Is Ready to Stump Against "Right Wing"

Six hurt when elderly driver loses control of car (Florida Market this tim


U.S. Has Problem with Israeli Wall, Bush Says

Clinton's advice to Democrats falls flat

CNBC crawl: Bush nominee for navy secretary death a suicide

Bennett Admits Losing 'A Lot of Money'

Anti-War Nuns Sentenced to 2 1/2 Years

Texas Mural of Nude Eve Draws Criticism

Gephardt Absence Gives GOP Slim Victory

28 blank pages

U.S. to Pay $30 Million for Uday, Qusay Tip


Landmark vote sends Japanese troops to Iraq

WP: White House Wants Baker to Head Iraq Reconstruction

US Invites Relatives to Claim Brothers' Bodies

Bodies of Saddam’s sons ‘have undergone facial reconstruction’

CIA probe finds secret Pentagon group manipulated intelligence on Iraqi th

WP: Calif. Budget Deal Could Be Plus for Davis

DeLay: Dems Reveal True Swinging-70's Selves; Big-gov, Blame-US Liberalism

Republicans to Try Another Vote on Owen

Partisanship stalls important work in House

EPA to Reconsider Relaxed Clean-Air Rules

Florida Marine Charged With Abusing Boys

Sept. 11 investigator reveals battles behind probe (add'l info)

Iraqi nuclear scientist surrenders to U.S. troops

GOP's Power Play (using tactics they once criticized)

Protestors stop White House Karl Rove's speech at convention!

Woman Banned From (Borders) Bookstore For Bush Joke (Boycott!)

Coca-Cola's 'toxic' India fertiliser

Dog or Dawg?

DU Registration numbers

Places to hang out in Washington DC?

Caption the Flag Defacing President (or photoshop it)

Hey computer geeks, any of you like the Windows registry?

Help! Need a Windows XP expert

Out of the mouths of babes.

There is a gold statue to me, in my town!

I have a patriotism question.

"Apocalypse Now" starting on Bravo! 8pm.

vmware - amazing how quickly they get them updates out

Funniest new term, adding to lexicon ASAP

Favorite Cartwright?

Going to Montgomery, Alabama next week for school

Who do you prefer #2:

So what do you read in a coffee house?


Okay, who is better:

And they said it would be a long time before it would be shown again!

Oscar-winning director Schlesinger dead


My ass hurts and I'm sleepy...

CAPTION-W's newest campaign fundraising scheme

Happy Memorys. Don't You Just Love Happy Memory's. Go To Ebay

ever enjoyed kissing something of a different species...

I want ZombyWoof Back - the Poll

For you Colorado DUers

Hate Pat Robertson? Here's a terrific article!

Warning, angry rant.

The first , "Friday Night Food Fight"!

Free, unlimited listens to 2 tracks from Seal's new CD

Where are underpants' underpants?

Convoy Attacked; One Stormtrooper Dead, Two Wounded.

Which is the most heinous offense

Normal Bob , the paper doll

WARNING: Have you seen this?

You like "Urban Outfitters"? Well...

What kind of spree should I go on?

Another idiots point - not okay to criticize *

My wetdream candidate for CA gov--the Big Dog

I had an encounter with the "other side" last night..

Did DU have or will make a special note in the weekly idiots column

CAPTION the inexperienced awakening to the result of WAR

Deleting cookies.

Ann Coulter, Deadhead??? Believe it!

A dog peed on my homework.

My tinfoil hat may, MAY be on too tight....

HTML help please!

I'm going to see Styx, Journey & REO tonight ...

So anybody else going to see The Dead/Dylan

Ihave a POLL for the DU Ladies-What do you notice in/on a man first?

A picture of my Yak....oh, I love it so!


And now, for my 100th post, I'd like to say:

A Right to be Homo: One Giant Leap Down the Slippery Slope to Armageddon!

Is anyone coming to Sheboygan next weekend?

Nude 'Bambi hunts' a hoax

Doom 3 playable at QuakeCon 2003

Does anyone here own a Volvo that has had problems

I just want to say how much I love the women

Director John Schlesinger dead at 77

38 years ago today: Bob Dylan plugs in, folkies piss off

Real Time with Bill Maher is back... tonight!! Happy Friday!

ah... the differences

Kobe finds 4 million ways to say "I'm Sorry" to his wife

Bush motorcade buzzed by UFO!!

The Washington Post

What do you all think I should do...

New HS site about how to respond to terror attacks!


All These Years... I Thought Niger Rhymed With Tiger

Democrats need to publically wash their hands....

Legendary Dog-Eating Catfish Dies

Bush's voice: double reed of a Bassoon

Big Ten pre-season favorite........

How to fix shiite in Iraq!

Time for the "DU as viewed from outer space" thread ...

Stop me if you've heard this before...

I did something real shitty

Will Pitt makes Wilmington News-Journal Letters to the Editor

Coffe Advice needed...STAT

Gotta love those liberal TV execs

I don't want to go back to work on monday!!!

The horror....the HORROR!!!

The rum nose blooms again. Can a pretzel attack be far behind?

Radical Proposals To Win Next Election

Should I stay up? Or go to bed?

I think I just typed out the opening page of a book.

Purple Polar Bear Draws Crowds


Now I know why we *had* to smoke Saddam's sons

so... what is, um, average?

F*CK the bush* gov

Is it a little shady,

W's resume

You're a racist if...

Member since "before July 6th, 2003" and DU-2?

where's BRhodes?

Has an Air Force base ever been attacked?

Rbnyc needs Karmic Focus

My problem with "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" (Bravo/NBC)

ever enjoyed kissing someone of the same sex...

Most SEXIST Star Trek episode or moment?

Anyone else here a rubenesque admirer?

The Big Fish of the Roost of all CAPTIONS!!!

The Stuttering Ringmaster of all CAPTIONS!!!!

The Caterwalling Cartographer of all CAPTIONS!!!

Worst Star Trek Film

Seriously, do men find this sexy?

Is has to be Matthew Broderick, right?

OMG Tomorrow MICK turns 60!!!!!

Things that make you go hmmm: Metrosexuals, a new breed of men

Looks like DU was down for an hour tonight

The World Has Ended as I Know It!

Where do you stand politically? (test inside)

lounge-bashing thread over in GD...

F*ck Karmic Focuses, DU needs to arrange a flower-bomb, STAT!

"Urine-us" or "Your-anus"... Do You Have A Preference? And...

Let ME Tell YOU About NothingShocksMeAnymore!

Being an American in 2003

Should I see Ween tomorrow?

Summer in Texas

I took a Windows Media PC for a spin today...

Anyone else here a reuben sandwich admirer?

What is the hardest rocking CD you have?

What Star Trek Episode Reminds you most of Bush?

So I just watched Videodrome for the first time...

ever feed peanut butter to a cat?

Nastiest tasting "appetizer" or "try THIS" food???

Anybody in West Palm Beach want to see Lewis Black Saturday?

"The State" is coming to DVD! online The State archive!

favorite name for, um, seminal emissions?

ever enjoyed kissing someone of the opposite sex...

Bob Dylan's first electrified performance

Why is my Marilyn Manson CD synching up with The Andy Griffith Show?

Favorite vibrating device?

I need hip gift ideas for a 12 year old niece?

Bush* honored by military!

ATTENTION ARIZONA DUers: I'm in Phoenix Sat. and Sun.

any ferret people?

Confirmed: Hefner Admits Dumbing Down Of Playboy

Companies who actively tell employers to look out for person x