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Archives: July 20, 2003

Where the Enemy is Everywhere and Nowhere (NYT/Afghanistan)

LA Times Political Cartoon by Ramirez draws Drudge's attention

Interior Dept, BIA desperation mounts, Indian trust case draws to a close

Atleast Powell isn't a total idiot...

A Trojan horse in Iraq (Jordanian Perspective )

just another "bring 'em on" 'toon

Bush targeted by leftist 'intelligence professionals'

Boxed-In In Baghdad

Britain Tried First. Iraq Was No Picnic Then

'Lyndon B. Bush'? -- Alterman

Further proof that USAWeekend is worthless

DU Must reading.

More Stars and Stripes letters of dissent, July 13 - 19

James P. Pinkerton: Administration tilts at windmills with its misadventur

Letter, Stars and Stripes: Bush not in Iraq

'Don Jeb' makes legislators an offer they can't refuse

Eric Margolis (Toronto Sun): Bush deserves to be impeached

Are You Better of Now Than You Were Four Years Ago? - A telling graphic

Lloyd Grove: Don't mess with Andrea Mitchell.

Waist Deep in Iraq Mess, Bush Presses On

Linda McQuaig (Toronto Star): Sixteen little words, my as*terisk

Ex-Spies: CIA Workers Outraged (CBS News)

If His Words Are His Bond, We're in a Bind -- Huffington

Prescriptions Drugs: The real battleground

Who will take the blame? (Blair's fate)

Frank Rich: Why Liberals Are No Fun

US intelligence agencies determine Arab states' security agendas

ex-Australian SAS commander: US troops unsuited to manage Iraq

ARAB NEWS:For One-Dimensional Bush, Principle and Justice Are Blind

Palast the O'Reilly Factor interview times..

Head's up Seattle - another Ashcroft Visitation, another protest!

Willie is sporting a Kucinich tshirt.

Take back the Media

NYC Area DUers: An Evening With Bill Clinton

Dallas Protest - the Truth

Where is Greta's old Sidekick

Bush Talks to God!!!

relinquishing essential liberties

CARTOONS! The "drip drip drip drip drip" Edition

Steroid Rage, or Ive learned new names for myself

CARTOONS! The "Darn Good" Editon

What If "A Song Of Ice And Fire" had been written by another author...

Does language shape culture or reflect it?

Hello Friends.....and

Astrologers ... Have you run a chart on the Republican Party lately?

Mars 2003: In your face -- Take II

NYC Says Farewell to Celia Cruz

Sunday's Democratic Investment Advice

Bush ready to wreck ozone layer treaty

Baghdad's Zoo Opens Its Doors

RE: Gephardt/Yellowstone

Uranium, burning coal, and environmental hazards

How Blair hit turbulence and landed in a storm

Morocco wants no imposed solution on Western Sahara

U.N. Says Colombia Rebels' Request Is 'Positive'

Becoming the 51st State

Britain Tried First. Iraq Was No Picnic Then. (NY Times)

"The Office of Special Plans" or "Let's make up evidence of WMD"

Battle for Liberia's Capital Rages

Burma could face Asean expulsion

Pentagon may punish GIs who spoke out on TV

(Chechnya) Cop killed in mine explosion

Avatar icon request

I've got a potential copyright question here.

search function in DU1

Refresh problem

The list of WebTV problems

Graphics people link to in posts aren't working

Israeli, Palestinian leaders to meet for more talks...

Saudi Ambassador: Dore Gold lied about our funding of Hamas

Serving their conscience

Sharon and Abbas meet on peace plan

Dahlan calls for 'urgent American intervention' on road map

Arafat: Stop racial incitement - Hamas says NO

Shin Bet and police trying to crack Jewish terror cell

U.S. Troops in Judea, Samaria & Gaza?

Spanish journalists get beating after raising peace banner

9/11 Report Slams FBI

Dean will win middle ground voters - a speculation

Compare: Clark Vs. Your Candidate.

Tenenbaum Seriously Considering US Senate Run in '04

If Dean manages to win the primaries

What if Dean loses?

The bottom line: 'fiscal conservative' means 'anti-poor, pro-elite'

Bush "very likley" re-elect down to 33%

Can our presidential candidate win Ohio?

OH SENATE: Springer is NOT the primary favorite

Arianna Huffington in The California Recall Race?

Pool money?

Oklahoma - big candidate forum set -- Kerry not coming

Democrats' Edwards is raking in Texas cash

Kucinich brings liberal, spiritual, long-shot presidential bid to town

Two big vote-getting issues waiting for someone to run with.

Massachusetts weighs up gay marriages

New: Independents and Republicans for Dean blogs

Graham to be on CSPAN Road to the White House 6:30 p.m.

Why Edwards is better than Dean - MUST READ

Democrats rethink strategy (Boston Globe article)

Coup on Tiny African Islands Felt in Texas Oil Offices - NYT

Founder of Campus Crusade for Christ Dies

Bush* Overheard in Merry Old Ireland (Funny Stuff!!)

GOP's Bold Play for Power

Rising Incarceration Among Blacks

TIME Says Michael Powell May Leave FCC

Blair accepts military trial for Britons

Oct. Report Said Defeated Hussein Would Be (more of a) Threat

Green Party faction wants McKinney for president in 2004

Exclusive: The 9-11 Report: Slamming the FBI

Dems to Launch Ad Campaign on Bush, Iraq

Plane believed to be carrying American tourists crashes into Mount Kenya

Officials Debate Whether to Seek a Bigger Military

U.S. Troops Fix Bayonets Against Iraqi Crowd

Bush Takes a Brief Break from Relaxing to Rake in $7 Million

BBC Says Dead Scientist Was Iraq Source

Democrats see ruckus in the House as a rallying call

Blair prepares ground for trials in Guantanamo

Afghan paper calls on Karzai to quit(Afghan authorities confiscate papers)

Turkish PM: US Wants Turkish Soldiers For Iraq - Agency

Graham: Politics keep terror report secret

Judge seizes funds for Gulf War POWs

Moving Forward, One Step at a Time (2nd Part WP wounded soldiers)

Gephardt Links Economy, Free Trade

U.S. reportedly asks Turkey to send troops to Iraq

Sharpton: Blacks should help decide if U.S. sends peacekeepers to Liberia

Votes in U.S. House Reflect Contributions, study says.

U.N. Chief Backs Iraqi Council

Senator Prods Bush on Prewar Iraq Claims

Anti-War Playing Cards Take Aim At Bush

Shell-shocked Blair recovers his composure

FBI investigating Niger documents

CSM - Intelligence quagmire: How to gauge the new IQ

France insists Saddam has never bought uranium (say blair lied)

More US troops ordered to Liberia


Cuba denies jamming US broadcasts to Iran

Greenspan comes under pressureas deficit grows

CBSNEWS - Ex-Spies: CIA Workers Outraged

White House Tries to Defend Uranium Claim

Bremer: Saddam alive but not behind attacks

Saddam Said Alive but Not Behind Attacks

BBC under fire as it admits Dr Kelly was source...

Turkish Kurd rebels should leave Iraq or face military action (US)


Kuwaitis: U.S. Should Release Prisoners (12 in Gitmo)

Bush targeted by leftist 'intelligence professionals'

Ex-Spies: CIA Workers Outraged

State of Siege - CA

Duncan Smith seeks recall of Parliament to set up tribunal

Afghan Soldiers Killed In Blast (8)

Bush's approval rating sags (CNN)

Tony Blair is certain, history will forgive the USA and Great Britain

Afghan Says U.S. Planes Strike Taliban Position

Blair won't quit over Kelly's death

Democrats to start ad campaign on Bush's truthfulness; GOP claims it's mis

Taliban fighters attack Afghan Govt border post (Still can't find Osama)

Judith Miller (yes, that Judith Miller of NYT) was emailed by David Kelly

Top U.S. general in Iraq predicts growing anti-American violence

Bush Talks to God

Mexico probes suspected chemical arms ETA link

Idi Amin in Coma in Saudi Arabia

CNN Int'l - 2 US Soldiers killed in ambush in Northern Iraq

Afghan blast wounds four Italian soldiers

Iraq row over fate of seized scientists

Gonzales tells White House tales

US sends mixed messages on foreign troops in Iraq

Forget WMD. What's an NIE?

Tech-savvy 'Deanocrats' craft image

Top Democrat (Biden) Criticizes Bush on N. Korea Policy

Amnesty Accuses U.S. of Rights Abuses in Iraq

US Grapples with Allies' Reluctance on Iraq Troops

'Clash of civilizations' looms between Islam and West

In search of a mission

Bush Did Not Consult CIA Before Making 45 Minutes Claim

U.S. Soldiers Injured, Germany To Cut Afghanistan Troops

Overseas students face US chaos

US stressing Iraq success amid attacks

Hype seen in weapons rhetoric

Shiite protesters rally in Najaf, vow to march on US base


Rebels Press Farther Into Liberia Capital

Dean steps up criticism over justification of the war in Iraq

Trade Center family group angered over temporary PATH station

Iran arms Revolutionary Guards with new missile

Iraqi Shi'ite Faction Warns U.S. of 'Uprising'

Driver killed in attack on UN vehicles in Iraq

Blair Says He Won't Recall Parliament

Bush stop brings funds, protests

Taliban fighters attack Afghan Govt border post

White House Didn't Gain CIA Nod for Claim On Iraqi Strikes

Gov. Davis comes to San Francisco to rally support

Iraq Nuke Evidence Was Thin, Experts Say

U.N. says one of its convoys attacked in Iraq

Iraq's U.S. Governor on Weeklong Trip to Washington (un-announced)

Iraq Nuke Evidence Was Thin, Experts Say

Annan urges Iraq pullout (Timetable)

White House Didn't Gain CIA Nod for Claim On Iraqi Strikes

Sharpton: Impeach Bush if He Lied!

Shiites Rise up in Anger

Bush, at Home Among The Well-Heeled in Texas (Scary GOP Behavior)

Idi Amin Is Dead

top 5 rock and roll songs ever

Anybody have a Nintendo Gamecube?

I don't like or love or care about anyone

Online classic books web site-- The Literature Network

So I'm enjoying a quiet moment (kids asleep) with my email and...

WHAT is your name? WHAT is your quest? WHAT is your favorite color?

Laptop, Desktop, or WebTV? How do you DU?

A flash film about GE you must see

Can SOMEONE Get These People OUT OF MY HOUSE?????

Just when you think you've got a good thing

Terrific line from "Animaniacs"

Aarrgh! Yet another Brit show gets the US treatment!

Please give a hearty DU welcome to Jonny Durango

Avoid JVC VCRs!

I'm a moderate liberal ask me anything..

Giggles, anyone? "Man fishes another Ford out of Chena" (River)

Monroe County (Indiana) Public Library says "NO" to Big Bro...

D I S C O!!!!!!

How do you deal with door-to-door evangelists?

What defines your mood when you wake up in the morning?

Just got Windows XP and have a little annoyance

Can’t sleep, thinking about the poor kids over there

28 Days Later... Is Coming out with a new ending on Friday

Tunes to play at our Chinese Bar

Is Julius Streicher Ann Coulter's Dad?

I'm a leftie commie pinko meathead liberal fairy - ask me ANYTHING!

Part of my I'm- avoiding-work ploy: name the movie (from these here lines)

Favorite inside dog breed and why?

Lauren Bush: A Vegetarian?

MLB Playoff Thread

Roy D. Mercer

You have one hour in the "Back-in-Time Machine"..

Anyone successfully deal with a pool leak (in-ground)?

Now I know why my house is so dusty all the time.

Ever Have A Problem And You Could Not Believe You Solved It Buy

Why was Larry King such an ass to Queen Noor?

I know the reason for my sudden depression

So now I'm starting to freak out a little bit

Mame Needs Your Help

Passion by Peter Gabriel...

A DU Game - be the 23rd poster on this thread

Peace Pretzel Caption Contest, July 20

From the Ruba'iyat

yeah, I've had a few beers tonight...........

It's Hot!

Bjorn Chokes - AMERICAN Curtis Wins the Open

Any behavioral or social scientists in the house? are you faring the fires?

Frack! The Cylons!

Need for DU adjudication: "incidences" is it a word?

Cast the next Democratic admin!

AICN Has Pictures Of DOC OCK from SM2


Sword of Truth right-wing?

I been banned!

Matcom alert!

Web Hosting Recommendation?

They Might Be Giants Movie!

Okay, we've got the cat and dog posts out of the way, now it's time for

the Social Entrepreneur of all CAPTIONS

where are the weekend box office results

Colgate Simply White & Wite-Out

3 billion earthlings...

Anyone ever used a PetSafe wireless fence to reign in a wandering pet?

The Spare Tire of all CAPTIONS

Silence of the Lambs, the Musical


Any Colarado, Wyoming, New Mexico DUers....

Matterhorn is falling down,

I need a free/spyware free/adware free .WMA -->MP3 converter

Hey trumad The fiesta bowl replay is on ESPN classic at 4:00

What has happened to Stan Lee?

okay, I have another ?

Should sex education be taught in a show-and-tell environment?

Waiting to go out on the boat and swimming. Ask me anything!!!

Now I'm glad they canceled "John Doe"!

vmware or win4lin, which emulator would you use?

Did everyone get invited to a party and we didn’t?

28 Days Later Gets Alternative Ending Added To Theatrical Run

What's with the tinfoil hats? Let me tell you...

Well, it wasn't hard drive corruption after all

Whatever you did...THANKS!


Help please, How do I resize a photo

Poll: Did BUSH KNOW!!!

Shouldn’t Sex Education be autodidactic?

Gatlinburg...the concept.

On the Nature of God

The American dream betrayed….

Let Us Now Praise Famous

Alright making a disc

"Help! I've become a REPUBLICAN!", she cried


Oo, oo, ah, ah

When will the military draft begin?

How do you put on pants?

I'm 24 and I love Buddy holly !!! Tough shit if you don't like it!!

I feel kind of weird...

bye bye


Sixteen word thread

How often do you post on DU? An analysis.

So... Was Pat Robertson in Vegas??... Wowwweeee

The kid is a Bennie Hill fan & the Prez wants recess or a nap !!

These Chips are so stale

Any one have a link to this song?

Caption this

How do you put on underwear?

Punk f--king rock

How old am I?

So the OSP has a web-site...

Dog fights bee, wins.

How is everyone on this fine summers night

Best movie car chase ever

Emoticon question

Goodnight everyone! Time for this Christian to get to bed

KOTOR on Xbox--finally!

I can't bang my head hard enough

Being a Liberal, does not mean.....

Are You Afraid to Say

One more classic rock trivia quiz

I want food

Find your Prison Name here!!! Warning--Adult Language

History of the Unexplained Calendar

Is anybody else here keeping up with the solar car race?