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Archives: July 19, 2003

Andrew Rawnsley (London Observer): The plotters have lost the plot

Cuba star in AIDS fight

Excellent Letter to Editor: "Which lie is worse?"

Madeleine K. Albright (WP): Squandering Capital

Dowd (NYT): Let's Blame Canada

Discontent Americans Consider Canada

Howard Zinn (The Progressive): Humpty Dumpty Will Fall

Who Can Beat President Doofus? -- Ivins

Democrats & Republicans Unite to Hail Blair as the New Churchill

Pentagon woos Vietnam (Asia Times)

US won't take India's 'No' for an answer (Asia Times)

Will Hutton (London Observer): Don't sell out to Uncle Sam

Nicholas Kristof (NYT): Going Home, to Red Ink and Blues

Will the UN bail out Bush? (Asia Times)

...nation needs Tennessee's No. 1 son...

Here's something I put together...

The wages of spin is death

No kharabba at the end of the tunnel (3 yr wait for Iraq Electricity) Asia

Ways and Means: My Own Little Political Monologue

Asia Times links to past editorials on Iraq/Iran, effect of Bush lies

"The Return of the Democrats" by Oliver Willis

A Kind of Fascism Is Replacing Our Democracy (Newsday)

This seems to be a rewrite to support Bush's decision to go to wa

WSWS: The Iraq war and the debate on phony intelligence

Morford blasts Pat Robertson

Kelly didn't stand a chance against the frenzy of No 10

"Hey there, what's that sound? Everybody look what's goin' down..."

Poll, Who is responsible for false WMD Intel


Please check out my newest site

Tom Ridge to speak in 'frisco 7/23 - protest brewing

Bring the troops home NOW - protest in Naples 7/26

CALL TO ACTION: Send Scott McInnis a Fruitcake

STREET PROTESTS - Saturdays at 10am (central time)

Peoples Weekly World lead stories for July 19, 2003 (Socialist press)

kgo now

CNN Poll: What would you pay for JFK's boxer shorts?

Don't forget Lawrence O'Donnell tonight...........

U.S. toll at 224

Any Graphologists in the House? (Democrat Candidates' Signatures)

The political trivia quiz!

An Abbreviated Movies for Democrats (7/19-7/25)

Does God know the future?

astrology... put to the test......

To Buddhists, arrogance is the central problem for Mr Blair

Condi's transits this summer

U.S. bishops cut ties with B.C. counterparts over gay marriage

How do we convince the rich to vote for Democrats?

The vendetta's victim

Liberia rebels advance on capital

Ex-dictator to run for president

“Feds investigating two thefts involving ammonium nitrate”

Is it possible...

Ignore this thread

Can we send you guys icons to add to the DU table?

Why can't we see the freeper messages?

Will we never have the views back

Can the drop-down pick list of forums be on every page?...nt

bookmarks appears to be malfunctioning

Militants beat up Jenin governor

Palestinian Militants Abduct, Beat Jenin Governor

Iran Must Pay Family of Blast Victim, Court Says

Syria proposes fresh round of peace talks with Israel

THE SYRIAN BETDid the Bush Administration burn a useful source on Al Qaeda

Imagine President Kerry: Picture of JOHN LENNON AND KERRY!!

Lying in Wait for Dean

KUCINICH: Celebrities donating and a shot at Matthews-the-Idiot

How would you vote if Gephardt is nominated?

Bob Graham on Face the Nation

Kerry now out front for political support in N.H.Primary

Kerry to pick up campaign pace in fall

6 months until the Iowa Caucuses!

Is Kucinich a good speaker?

To all who consider being simply fiscally responsible a negative trait

This is what Clinton helped bring on. Don't let's elect another Clinton.

Dean Struggles With His VoiceFormer Vermont Gov.

Independents for Kerry (N.H.) op-ed piece

Kentucky's Governor's race...

Would you folks vote for Kerry if he is the nominee?

DEAN MACHINE | The Stranger

Springer campaign a bonanza for comedy writers (Cantwell very supportive)

Al-Qa'ida trained over 100,000 terrorists at Afghanistan bases, says US in

...Charlton Heston among Medal of Freedom honorees

CIA blocks plan to issue new warnings to Syria regarding WMD development

Mandela feted at gala event

U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq - Military - 12 minutes ago

Rebel Forces Enter Liberian Capital; 1000's of Civilians, Soliders Flee

Saudi will not send troops to Iraq

Arab-American FBI Agent Sues Agency

Some in Iraq Find Hope in Attacks on U.S.

Italy Journalist Says Gave U.S. Iraq-Niger Papers

State securities cops slam bill as Wall Street sop

Senators may call Wolfowitz to testify on OSP role

More Troops to Iraq (Denmark sends 40)

California justice likely nominee to appeals seat (eventually SCOTUS?)

Top Recipients of Special Interest Money

ATF Probes Thefts of Explosive Chemicals

US troops detaining Iranian TV crew in Iraq since July 1

Bush Set to Raise $7 Million in Texas

Sen. Jerry Springer? Cantwell says he's qualified

Linux Ranks No. 2 On Microsoft Risk List

Governing Council Fails to Pick President

India may lead Asian version of Nato (for US)

British Envoy to Iraq Will Likely Push for Greater U.N. Involvement

Liberia's Taylor vows to fight to last man

U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq (Sat - guarding a bank)

British Govt announces independent inquiry into Kelly death

3 Coalition Soldiers Hurt in Afghan Blast


Bush Sees Tax Cuts Spurring Job Creation (Sat Weekly Radio Talk)

Follow the Money to See Lawmakers' Votes (AP computer analysis)

U.S. Soldier Killed While Guarding Bank

Bush's Texas two-step for cash

U.S. Syria raid kills 80 .....

N.Korea Prepares to Target Japan

N. Korea Said to Move Arms Toward South

Bills to Change Fetus's Status Gain Support

Hackers' attacks on Cisco failing

Blair in E Asia silent on quitting over Iraq expert's death (Won't answer)

Nigeria sends advance army mission to Liberia

Guardian Dr. David Kelly Article Round-Up (9 News Articles)

Some Afghan Detainees Claim U.S. Beat Them, Others Say Treatment OK

India, Israel Interests Team Up

House Trims Bush Plan for Research on Nuclear Weapons

War talk is focus for Bush in Texas

Order Against Interior Dept. Is Overturned (Norton's Contempt Charge)

MSNBC reporting that Condi Rice did not read the no WMD report either

Cuba pledges to spare hijackers, diplomats say

Prominent Iraqi Shiite Cleric Vows to Set Up Rival Body and Shiite Army


WH Documents on Iraq show divided intelligence community

Mysterious Diseases Haunt U.S. Troops In Iraq

Clinton Calls for More Debt Relief for Africa

US and Turkey seek common ground

West Bank Palestinian Governor Kidnapped

ABC reporter target of smear campaign (gay & Canadian) | Globe and Mail

Blair mourns Iraq expert's 'tragic' death, but sticks to Asia program

Iraq's council not given seat in UN -- (Not a sovereign government)

Canada to change beef slaughtering practices | Globe and Mail

California Court Upholds Davis Recall Effort

FBI Probing Forged Papers on Niger Uranium

Rehberg (R-MT) stops (Yellowstone) snowmobile ban

'Taleban' kill Afghan troops - Eight Afghan Soldiers Are Killed by Mine

UN to urge timeframe on Iraq sovereignty, US to seek new mandate on UN for

Discontent Americans Consider Canada

CBS: Ex-Spies: CIA Workers Outraged

Democrats See Cloud Over U.S. Intelligence on Iraq

WP: Military Investigates 7 Suspected Suicides

U.S. Attacked Iraqi Defenses Starting in 2002

Ford S.U.V.'s Use More Gas Than Before - NYT

U.S. tallied up assets well before war

Rumors Spark Iraqi Protests As Pentagon Official Stops By (Wolfowitz)

U.S. Plans to Enlist Iraqis in Operations

Mandelson makes fresh attack on BBC (Blaims BBC for suicide)

CIA Did Not OK White House Claim-Hussein Could Launch in 45 Minut

Gore Lawyer Accused of Ethics Violations

N.Korea May Have Second Nuclear Site -US Officials

Donation to settle energy pricing case

After the War, the Ward Wounded in Iraq, Soldiers Stop at Walter Reed Hosp

Poll: Edwards would lose N.C. to Bush; more favor White House run

Former minister tells Blair to quit

Iraq Nuke Evidence Was Thin, Experts Say

Former Ugandan dictator in coma: report (Idi Amin)

Davis Gathers Allies at San Fran Rally

MSNBC reporting David Kelly died from a cut to the wrist. Must be suicide

(3,000) Iraqi Shiites rise up in anger at US forces

Death deals devastating blow to Iraq arms hunt

Democrats courting Texans

House passes bill to give free contraceptives to rape victims (Oregon)

US, Turkey discuss ridding Iraq of Kurd militants

Kelly warned of 'dark actors playing games' (Not Suicidal)

I have kidnapped KadeCarrion!!!!!

Help me pick a DVD to watch tonight

What's on your mind to keep you from being bored?

How many are born evil

She wants to squash me - I'm thinking she should be squashed

Hey,hey,hey...just got my "? W" T-shirt!! It's gorgeous!!

Bye bye AMD?


ok, I'm a Meetup addict!

Have you created a DU2 poll yet?

what would you tell that person that is still in you mind?

went to my first Houston Bush protest today!

Funny freeper website.

Okay, let's solve the mystery: What happened to Tiger?

This winter, let's see Hell freeze over!

Congratulations on getting the message board fixed!

midnight poetry threat

Thermo, I beg forgiveness... Is this better? Friends again?

Just got a glimpse of a smiling Tony Blair and Bushie on the tv

HANGMAN (attempting redemption

How are Bush and a Hurricane not alike?

Any GTA "Vice City" fans here?

Where can I find a lexicon of DU terms and abbreviations?

A bumper sticker I saw today

Oh my god the dream spoke!!!!!

OK, quit it with this Thermodynamic Photoshop fad,

Should I go out to a coffeehouse tonight?

WHOLY SHITE!! I leave to cut the grass, come back and TIGER IS LEADING!!??

any bloggers here? would appreciate your input on programs

False Pregnancy in Dogs? Help!

Brits wear pink tutus too!

An abbreviated Movies for Democrats

Do people on DU think I'm a closeted republican or anything?

The lilac Bear

Looking for recipes for Chicken sald or Tuna salad

tatoos for toddlers

I just spent 5 hours....

The Kool Whip on a Cold Corpse of all CAPTIONS!!!

Look...... a flying monkey !!

What should I bring to a picnic?

Need info regarding web content

The Big 33 Classic is coming on at 7:00p.m.

For the astrology buffs here...


My post from yesterday fixed DU!

Iron Chef USA...

Weird mythological question of the day

Anyone seen Neil Young's Greendale show yet?

Anyone else like the movie "Phone Booth"?

What happened to views?

I joined our local paper's message board..

Anyone been to Helen, Georgia?

Rogue et al - Forum is Up and Democrats Needed!

For fear of sounding all mushy..okay, not's after 12 sooooo...

I'm looking for a few vollunteers

I love the Google toolbar!

HELP!! I have a science project question

I need the sheet music or the notes for the theme to

Yet another probably rotten idea from yours truely...

I can't post my own pic. Oh well....

Quick question

Share my crocodile tears; I got banned.

anyone notice DU is moving real glitches?

The New E.T.?

My mother has terminal cancer but she is still lucid. Flame me but one of

The Oreo Personality Test

In view of the FACT that Repubs choke on Fruitcake, try my recipe!

NOW I get all this "stop smoking-live longer" spam....

Anyone been to Helen, Back?

A reason (maybe) why Bush shouldn't be impeached--Our NIGHTMARE TICKET

Can you wait until I stop for gas?

Music thread: What kind of music do you NOT like?

It defies explanation

Which spiteful woman has been spreading lies about me?

How long is this endorsement going to last?

I just spent 5 hours...

What kind of headaches do you get most often?

In the mood for a new screensaver or desktop??

I'm so glad to see this place back to normal !

I just spent 5 hours fixing my computer!

just when you thought you'd seen everything . . .

Finally got a DVD player. :-)

WHo's on DU right now?

Highly recommended book I just read

Elect me as President and I will deliver an honest SOTU address

I got a friend against Bush now to make my brother a big lefty

I'm going to Toronto, any advice?

Should you vote in this poll

Proof I am an attention whore

Is the thrill gone with DU2 polls?

A music thread for aquaman: Neil Young or Neil Diamond?

I have kadenapped Kid Carrion!

Will someone start a music thread please?


Let's contribute thoughtful ideas for earning extra money......

What do you think when you see a 'younger' guy with an 'older' woman

Gay Eye for the Straight Guy

Favorite made up country

I did a bad, bad thing this morning...

Where should I go on vacation?

Oh My Gay Stars!!

Three Word Thread

I found an old Katherine Hepburn gem.

Poison Ivy Remedies... Anyone? Anyone?

A man's garden is a reflection of himself!

LOTR and White Supremacy?

Tiger Woods is the 2003 Open Champ

Why are people so fucking stupid?????

Satellite Radio: XM or Sirius?

My God, I just realized I'm a bachelor

Suing fast food companies for obesity?

It's Sat Night -- Time For Mixed Up Movies!

OMG - did anybody see Non Sequitur today!

Extra Special Happy Birthday Greetings to BritishHuman

I had a Great Movie Marathon last night

Awesome windows background & screen saver

A beta edition of my new website.

Autophiles: BMW unveils new 6-Series. Whatcha think?

What say we meet in Carmel

Who loves corn on the cob?

I don't like anyone who makes broad, sweeping generalizations.

Hey, what's up with the crazy DUers?

Bill Maher made me pee a little

I love everyone, especially people who dislike me

I don't like christians or anyone that has a belief

How money is a columnist paid?

Some music trivia for the classic rockers:

Best Linux utility/game/app?

I'd love everyone,


What is * doing to this mans head, and is it legal in the US?

Boston Gathering update