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MEDIA ADVISORY: Bush Uranium Lie Is Tip of the Iceberg

A bummer of a summer for the President

Iraq: Schemers have their way ... (Asia Times : PNAC and the WH)

Lou Dobbs Poll

The Dishonesty Of the President--Graham Editorial

Iraq casualties keep Landstuhl full

Krugman: Passing It Along

Fading Passion (Of Interest to Dean, Kerry, and Kucinich Supporters)

The US needs allies - but is too proud to pay the price

Salon: Spooked by the White House (CIA is furious)

Did the media wake up? And more importantly, Why?

Blair's a fool to fight his own

The Day blasts Bush Admin: Bush Disinformation Machine

Lying -- a Bush Family Value

Coulter's Cannon

Ernestine new WH operator

Surreality Bites

Good Point

Robert Parry: LYING -- a Bush Family Value

Which Lie Had Greater Impact?

Steve Bell's latest

Both Bushes Toyed with Intelligence (St. Pete Times)

From heroes to targets [ABSOLUTELY MUST READ]

An ominous creaking in US power machine

Localism's Last Stand

New Equilibrium for Oil Markets

Time of Fear (new statesman)

Bush credibility gap more than 16 words long (Billings Montana Editorial)

Revisionist Iraq history from White House (Palm Beach Editorial)

What is with those tapes of Osama, and now Saddam? Real? Fake?

Jim Hightower Book Tour Schedule

Dose any one play online fantasy sports?

Activists Beware: Big brother under the bumper (GPS tracking)

The Protest In Dallas


FAIR Media Advisory on Iraq statements

Astrologers: Quagmire, on Starlight News

I Garden / insect people..I need help (an answer if possible)

Port Chicago in 1944, a nuclear explosion?

Chinese writing interpretation needed.

kitty update, sad news....

Bye for now

Astrology: Cheney's Days Are Numbered

The Pretense Of Hip-Hop Black Leadership

Getting ugly with energy policy. (Long)

Anyone know labor law?

Caribbean coral reefs decimated

'Mass map' probes dark matter (BBC News)

Talks near on Sao Tome coup

Hitch in DR Congo peace team

US Envoy Hopeful Sudanese Government, Rebels will Sign Peace Agreement

Moral blackmail will not do

Rebel push on Liberian capital

Govt-MILF truce set; arrest warrants lifted

Blast in southern Russia very powerful; 2 bombs explode elsewhere in

Leading Shiite cleric slams Iraq's new Governing Council

20 Percent of U.S. Nursing Homes Cause Residents Harm

NEA chief urges local teachers to resist feds

Capital High teacher shot at school board meeting

Just found a bug!

Where is the link for DU 1? I need to do a search...

What happened to thread views?

The System Appears to Be Posting Multiple Threads This Morning

Regarding my locked post. Could Bu$hco/Ashcroft plant a virus..

Thought I'd let ya'll know

So, we lost the "views" feature?

Skinner and all, you guys are not the first to experience bugs in a

Palestinian Arab Violations of President Bush's "Road Map"

'Ordinary Palestinians bear brunt of roadmap'

Analysis / PA, Israel polish up their U.S. agendas...

Empty Promises of Freedom - Fawaz A. Gerges

Israeli police arrest two settlers, including father of baby

Gas Chambers In Disguise

When killing becomes routine

Would you folks vote for Lieberman if he is the nominee?

Time/CNN Poll

Lieberman seeks campaign boost with tougher rhetoric

Key Democrats jump off Lieberman bandwagon in Arizona

Dean's 16 Questions for the President

How Dean Meetups are doing in Bush Country

Edwards Calls Bush Use Of Student Aid Formula A 'Formula For Disaster'

Davis Gets Support From Top Democrat

Edwards' Main Street Tour Hits The Road With Family Bus Trip

Don't write off John Kerry

Graham--CNN Inside Politics 7/18, more impeachment talk? or tax the rich?

Giuliani to run for Governor

Dean Supporters Afraid of Clark: Ask him not to run

If money is everything . . .

Gestapo tactics

Web site touts bid for Delaware Sen. Biden

Edwards: Glad that Saddam is gone

Tug of Constituencies Strains Democrats

Dean: There are a lot more White House mistakes

The Nation: Antiwar Students Rock the Vote

ready to get a computer chip jammed under your skin?

Rerun of House Fight on Police State Tonight on C-Span

Kerry Supporters only / Please weigh in

O.K. I hate to be negative but my sympathy is minimal......

Liking Cheney Less? You're Not Alone

Any way this crisis could end up before the Supreme Court

The Real Subtext of Today's Events in The House of Reps.

How many dead microbiologists ? 16 since Bush Coup.

Dr. Dean's 16 questions and the new White House Email System

Mark MY WORDS! Mark THIS Thread!

John Dean calls for Special Prosecutor to investigate Chimp!!!!

John Forbes Kerry - the Richest Liberal of them all

Dennis Kucinich on the Mike Webb Show at 11 PM tonight!

Clark/Kerry would be unbeatable!

Psychology of Conservative Americans and their "Bogeyman Liberals"

Will Bush send Kobe Bryant flowers for knocking him off the front burner?

Why the dems cannot be seen as the anti-war party

GAROFALO on MSNBC Tonight! Palast NOT!


Anyone w/Dean campaign connections?


Satire: Ann Coulter Announces That She's Carrying Satan's Child

I just wrote the networks about not covering the House fiasco .

The trail of dead bodies...who's next?

The Heinz Corporation PAC gives money to RNC -None to DNC

Anybody have a ling to the latest CNN/USA Today poll

Why aren't conservatives praising complaining soldiers as patriots?

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - American Empire, troubled oceans, more...

GOP Team Leader 7/18/03 - TOO FUNNY TO MISS!

Bill Moyers is on NOW

I join Pat Robertson and CBN in a Christian prayer:

Dean is the Ralph Nader of Upper Middle Class White Liberals

minority/MAJORITY: Rove's latest meme...

WMD Scientist's Death Rocks British Government

Woot! Jimmy Buffett endorses Graham

This UK Scientist who died, everyone hold your horses

I think I may have just lost a friend.

Cokie Roberts on Wolfie's show proving that ugly women can be

How can Republicans NOT know their party is taken over by the Fundies?

How about Jeffords for Minority Leader?

Will the UN bail out Bush?

Who can explain us why Bush doesn't tumble in the american polls ?

Should we ban obesity-related lawsuits?


I emailed my Congressperson, please email yours!

Beat up Democrats here

Cool Poll...Check it out!

Anybody see the Kelly hearing on C-SPan?


Those whining, pathetic war protestors

Bush to help Moon 'remake' the United Nations.

Topple Bush Now !

Dem. Candidates Fail to Vote on IMPORTANT ISSUE

PNAC>Energy Task Force>9/11>Iraq - QUESTIONS

Harball to discuss new Zogby poll

"These experts know all to well how to make it look like a suicide"

The News Hour with Jim Lehrer on PBS

BREAKING NEWS....Body of missing British scientist found.

Question re: Kelly

oh thank god they destroyed ALL the saddam hussein statues!!!

Zogby has Bush approval down to 53 percent!

Their "proof" of "proof" is cooked....

New Zogby Poll... BAM!

There won't be another terrorist attack when Bush's ratings drop

Have you signed petition on WMD investigation?

Blair in trouble: check out this RW front page

ABC New Does It Again! New nuke info

Leading Democrats Go AWOL

Scary bush appointment

Q: Conservative reply to Cheney's oil maps

kelly posts and tin foil hats

The spin has already begun on David Kelly's death

Blair down, Bush to go

FAIR MEDIA ADVISORY: Uranium Lie Tip of the Iceberg

latest Zogby poll: BUSH LOSES!

remember the Stockhlm murder? by an umbrella poison ?

While there are problems, can anyone recommend an alternative forum?

No Palast on Hardball?

Hannity Sez Bob Graham is "Unqualified to Be a Senator"

Notice an increase in Anti-Dem posts since WMDLieGate started?

"Our New World rests on Order"

The Olof Palme Assassination (prime-minister of Sweden)

Bookmark this page: "Casualties in the Iraq war"

How come no one is saying what Kelly died from in the UK?

Has The Media Turned Against Bush?

does anyone have...

Howard Dean's 16 Questions on Bush's 16 Words

Cokie mistakes polls for Democracy

BBC Newsnight is on CSPAN 2 right now 2:55 pacific time

I'm baaaaaack!

local media fawning over * photo-op at Dallas YMCA today

How to answer: "Isn't the world better off now that we're rid of Hussein?"

David Kelly...

Quick - hide behind Kobe!

Repub. demands Graham apologize for suggesting Bush Impeachment

Are we the largest online Democratic community?

Newsday has Cheney/Iraq Oil Map story

What happened to Junior being on all the channels money grubbing lately?

Important Poll - Make Yourself Heard

GI's Are Beginning to Speak Out--And Their Families

Rush Limbaughtomy A Dittohead Recovery Site

Turn on C-Span!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so...White House releases HIGHLY CLASSIFIED NIE papers

I've decided to stand behind President Bush!

Dubya, I want an everlasting GOPstopper. I want one now!

There's a Right To Life March going on outside my office building !!

It's 103F here right now...just went out to feed (and douse) our dogs...I

I just went over to CNN.

Perfect Storm brewing?

Kobe Bryant thread

US GIs Sick of Being Jerked Around by All the Emperor's Men

Mediawhores ROCKS today!

why are women smarter politically than men?

I love Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas...way to GO!

I'm Hosting A Party For Bob Novak

"Damn politics. We have to fight!"

Has DU been hacked ??

Troops may be staying longer than 12 months in Iraq and elsewhere

Cheney BOMBSHELL redux (explained)

Bush at 55 percent in CNN poll!

John Dean Calls for Special Prosecutor Investigation of W

Kittens Crushed at Toyota Plant *Warning Disturbing Images*

"Terror Tort Reform" - the Next Cover up!

From Heroes to Targets-- today on Salon

Zogby: Chimpy drops to 53% Approval Rate -- Lowest since 9/11

Will Pitt: What does SCOTT RITTER say about Brit scientist?

So, is Little King Georgie taking the entire damn month of

Tony Blair and the Blues Brothers

what happened to the WH counteroffensive?

Why does Congress still meet in DC?

Heard the "Impeachment" Word Used Today----ahh, sweet music

Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) laying the SMACKDOWN on CSPAN now

Sheila Jackson Lee up now House CSPAN now!

Electoral Tyrannicide

Is There a FOURTH Lie Out There???

pioneers of pig futures, rangers of ratshit

Truman diary -- how many DUers have ever used an ethnic epithet in anger

Reality check

the french have a different word for everything !

are they trying to DESTABILIZE CONGRESS???


Jim McDermott with the right cross!!!! Delay staggering!!!!

George W. Bush's resume (with a few enhancments)

House Repubs call cops on Dems

CNN covering House Crisis

More on state school board politics

Does CNN know about C-Span???

WashPost Story on Dem Rumble with Reps over Pension Bill

David Kelly...

Republican governors look to private contractors to save money

New book on Blair depicts him sharing *'s religious motivations

Here is the deal people

Where are the rest of the Cheney Energy Task Force documents?

"Yes, George -- I can easily name two."

Rumsfeld Aides Admit: Iraq first of many invasions

Bring The Troops Home - Impeach Liar Bush!

Operation AC for Troups in Iraq

Surround the White House.

map of Cheney's hiding place...oops dead UK scientist found there

Maybe the Dems will grow a spine and stand up to these fascists...

bush goes begging---strikes out!!

Coincidence count : add two more


Blair Witch Hunts Seldom Yield Tangibles!

Stressed Americans ripe for GOP con (Great Column!)...

Faux News Channel has become the CAR CHASE channel

Can the media be guilty of criminal conspiracy?

Shooting at School Board Meeting

New word: Iraquagmire. Iraq+quagmire. Combine em

Cheney- Ground zero

Right Wing Bizarro World

Greg Palast: Is George Bush trying to nationalize the Florida Vote Purge?

ushCo proposed compensation for victims of "terrorist" attacks..

as I remeber

Kerry, Lieberman and another democratic senator were absent

Faux News Channel has become the CAR CHASE channel

Who will Replace Cheney as VP?

what happened to the WH counteroffensive?

What happened in the House ?!?

We need some giant "Support our troops/Impeach Bush" rallies about now!!!


I'm sure Dr. David Kelly killed need to look into it

Graham suggests possible impeachment for failed liar Bush

Blair Bush Project: trans-Atlantic Kabal

Apparently Georgie is tired of hearing from the people

Blair Bush Project: trans-Atlantic Kabal

Police called to remove House Democrats

Nixon's 18 minutes vs. Bush's 16 words

A Counter to the Conservative Viewpoint

Deleted message

Anyone like to see Bush address British Parlament?

Viewer Alert >>>>> Greg Palast on MSNBC Hardball tonight

Napoleon in Russia

So...any advice for a soon-to-be candidate's wife?

We just got a notice here at school (in Dallas)

Ari Fleisher on "Letterman" last night

WH enlists Drudge to help smear reporter

Wolfie's caller asks why don't the many countries in the coalition send

So, I've got SIX atl.dll files on my computer

DU this poll

Pessimism/Optimism Seesaw

Bush has fucked up America. This is what happens w/ stolen elections

Lots of dupes

Wolfie's latest poll.

Rules for being a good Republican

So, I've got SIX atl.dll files on my computer

Senate Kills Plan to Detail Iraq War Cost (ie..pork to Halliburton)

I'm sure Dr. David Kelly killed need to look into it

Big Deal! We already KNEW the CIA hadn't determined them to be forgeries!

Niger vs. Africa

Here's another reason to hate Frank Luntz... (Davis)

How California’s energy scam was inextricably linked to a Iraq War (oil)

"Weapons of Mass Stupidity" story resulted in FBI visit

Still Sick of Stupid White Men

Attempts to plant WMDs in Iraq - seeking info



another u.s. soldier killed today....are we still keeping count?

6/17/03-Bush team to unveil new tools in Niger uranium argument





Weapons of mass stupidity


when the soldiers & the citizens turn against you, it's over dude

Hadn't the WH claimed ... (DUPE. Sorry. SEE THREAD ABOVE)


Annthrax on MSNBC: She is a f*cking man!!!!

Way to Go, Scott Ritter!

Attempts to plant WMDs in Iraq - seeking info

Petition Against Racist Fox Show Bonsai

Whatever happened to the DU Archives?

North Korea: The Problem with an Elusive Solution

Who will Replace Cheney as VP?

Question for Dean supporters...

Attempts to plant WMDs in Iraq - seeking info

Tens of Thousands Will Lose College Aid, Report Says

Haven't we already PROVED they lied?


WTF is this?

Attempts to plant WMDs in Iraq - seeking info

Senate Panel to Ease Cuba Restrictions (W* expected to veto)

Ken Fearings "Ad"

Here is a link to a fun little site

Klayman's Oil Maps will force Cheney out!! New VP: Colin Powell!

This is good for a laugh.....

Bush Staff leaving..Don't Sleep Duers

WH enlists Drudge to help smear reporter

does anyone personally know any ex-gays?

ANOTHER bad news day for Dubya!

Deleted (double post) n/t

It's really very simple, you see...

Did the US have options besides invasion?

Brokow said this from Iraq.

There's a Right To Life March outside my office !!

Pentagon Fails To Learn From Gulf War Illness

how many US 'news reporters' are paid CIA ? biggest budget item !

Another Toles Classic : Cheney & CIA & "Debunker" definition

There's a Right To Life March going on outside my office building !!

do you get the feeling that bush is 'goin' down'? am i just dreaming?

Krugman: Another SOTU Lie...

Just when you thought you had heard the worst ...

Can someone explain this ?

Blair-Bush Body Count: Dr. David Kelly

Uranium from Niger - Ok, let me get this logic straight:

Ralph Nader is still a hero

I think the Aluminum Tube Lie is bigger than the Niger Lie

GWBush Is "The Treason President"

give w a break, he don't understand the speeches they write for him...

'Saddam Hussein' Arrested by Israeli Police (Wrong one though)


Gordon Brown backers attack Blair as 'Psychopath'

New feature here: Bush Junta's Lie of the Day.

Regarding Cheney's Energy Papers - Iraqi Oil

British Scientist Missing

The spies who pushed for war

Anyone in the media reporting the Judicial Watch/Cheney story?

Fox News Poll: Bush re-elect at 42%

Cheney's energy task force map released (humor)

How to destroy a rich Muslim American!

Wouldn't any Energy Task Force have maps of all known oil reserves?

From heroes to targets

Lies My President Told Me

Natacha Atlas at Summerstage in Central Park this Sunday!

Here's Why *'s Poll Numbers Remain High

The Meowlingual (Read about it-Yes, Guys our cats can now talk) many can you list?

A very special Boondocks...does Condi have a friend?

UK: "We are now a client state"

The Media is having a collective orgasm over Blair's address to Congress

Play George W. Bush Credibility Twister today to learn the facts

White House tries to smear ABC reporter who reported troop gripes

How many Commandments did Bush violate in the SOTU?

WH E-Mailers Must Tell WH Whether They Support Bush

Intelligence "black hole" over N.Korea

Dubya makes it easy for Murkins to e-mail him -- NOT

White House E-Mail System Becomes Less User-Friendly

finally, people are openly using the "I" word

the poodle and the chimp....together forever...

President's FELONY: the "false statements statute"

Meet NY Times Editorial Board

Administration offer nuke technology for soldiers

How to fix MSNBC

What exactly does "moral relevancy" mean?

Why aren't we doing this? Overflow the Senate with emails & phone callls!

Nation: Antiwar Activists Plan to Rock the Vote

What If Every Democrat Brought One Unlikely Voter To The Polls?

The Bush man who asked CIA to vet Iraq-Africa connex language

Another Part of Blair's Speech that Bothers Me

Remember Vietnamization? Get Ready for Iraqization

why has Pat Robert$on started wearing glasses?

...George W. Bush reelected to another term as president or not?

From Blair's speech, another corker

Bernie Ward has broke the Cheney energy paper story!

The UN goes schizo over Kosovo

Scarboro is unbelievable tonight

The Brits Busted Bush

Louisiana Contractor arrested on his way to Iraq....

Taking bets on how long Scott McClellan survives.....

LISTEN UP: This is the issue!

Lieberman, Gephardt, Kucinich make disingenuous apologies to NAACP

Do you agree with Blair that history 'will forgive' - Poll

Be careful what you wish for: balanced budget

Cheney Papers - don;t forget

Just Think Of A Bush, Dean Debate Right Now. Dean Would Hammer

Why is judicial watch going after Bush?

In the end, even if Bush and the JCs are deposed

Best scenerio for taking down Bush in 04....

Fleischer's final spin...on letterman now

What will Rove pull out of his hat tomorrow, it's Friday ya know!!

Excellent Yahoo picture of Pat Robertson--check it out!

Face the Nation: My letter to Bob Schieffer

Bernie Ward now talking about Blair/Bush lies. -- Link

If there is another terrorist attack...

Want a good laugh? Check out WH SOTU web link

Hey Tony, if "doing" Iraq was so essential, why didn't you start it?

Interview with foreign journalists about Bush and WMDs (MUST)

When is Beyond Bush - Part II

Ari is lying on Letterman

I want to write something tonight, but I just can't do it. Bush block.

Second Bush statement on Iraq debunked

White House E-Mail System Becomes Less User-Friendly

it's all about the oil, stupid

The Way I See It

photo of Blair and Bush on Drudgereport

I am so PISSED at the soldiers (actually the military, I guess) in Iraq...

Help me out here about "spitting on vietnam vets"

Even PBS is full of S***. I watched Washington Week and

Al Haig: "Carter Overthrew The Shah of Iran"

All Hell just broke loose in the House of Rep.

How would you respond to this post?

Is Bush Collecting The Tax Cut Back As Contributions?

My God, We Finally Have a Fighter in Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Anyone changed their primary vote over the last few days?

Anybody else feel like something big is about to happen?

You don't roll out a new product....

Florida 2000_Election Fraud

Christian Nation

Administration Withholds Toxic Cleanup Information

Seriously... What's wrong with genetically modified food?

Senate Bill Blocks Weight-Related Lawsuits

Music industry wins approval of 871 subpoenas against Internet users

Grumbling Soldiers Could Face Punishment

General's wife: Complaints aid enemy in Iraq

Zogby: Bush Job Performance Slips to 53% Positive, 46% Negative

Protestors Greet Ashcroft in Portland

WP: Weekend Warriors No More

Venezuela Offers More Gas to U.S.

Pentagon retaliates against GIs who spoke out on TV

Experts believed no Iraqi weapons of mass destruction in 2001: analysts

Kelly's death "apparent suicide"

U.S. Civil Rights Panel Chides Gov't (Re. Native Americans)

U.S. politicians draw swords (Calif. repugs call police - Dem walkout)

U.S. says open to changing Iraqi mandate (Say hello to the UN)

Shiite Cleric Pours Scorn on US ‘Occupying’ Force

N.Korea Deploys More Long-Range Missiles, Seoul Says

U.S. Soldiers Blow Up Saddam Statue

Court Backs Fast Count for Calif. Governor Recall

U.S. Judge Halts Spending of Frozen Iraqi Assets

US delays trying Australians

House Upholds Bush Policy on Snowmobiles,Development in National Forests

Suspected Taliban Attack Kills 8 Afghan Troops

U.S. May Be Forced to Go Back to U.N. for Iraq Mandate (NYT)

Cheney Task Force Had Eyes on Iraqi Oil

U.S. Considers Private Iraqi Force to Guard Sites - NYT

Pentagon mulling private security force for 2,000 Iraqi sites (oil)

Saddam Statue Destroyed Today will be Melted into Texas memorial

Is Tony Blair a 'stranger to the truth'?

US war system reaps $2bn for BAE (Dwarfs 'shock and awe')

Nevada Decision Blocking Amendment Upheld (Dems & gov(r) win)

House Democrats Storm Out of Ways and Means Committee (Repubs call cops)

Marine task force moves closer to Liberia (2,200 troops)

DCF Argues Unemployment Made Miami Woman Unfit Mother

Fla. Election Officials Push for Fines in Campaign to Oust State Supreme C

Bush launches magazine to teach young Arabs to love America

US in tight spot in UN over Iraq

U.S. Releases 37 Guantanamo Prisoners -Official

Powell Wishes Nelson Mandela Happy 85th Birthday

ALERT..BBC News on CSPAN now discussing the Kelly death

Britain plans judicial inquiry if body is that of missing arms expert

Bush Protester Faces Charges in S.C.

June 18th US raid into Syria killed 80

8 Dogs Die After Oregon Leash Dispute

Freddie Mac lobbyist held fund-raisers for Republicans (Delay Inplicated)

Canadian reporter 'smeared' over Iraq coverage

Senate Blocks TIA funding

Liberian capital trembles in fear of new bloodbath

Lonely at the Top

Restore Iraqi sovereignty: UN

White House Shows Declassified Iraq Info

Berlusconi heads to Bush's ranch, expecting more love in Texas than Europe

UN claims broad role in Iraq, chides US on safety

David Kelly Time-line (Guardian)

C-SPAN 2, right now: Testimony of Dr David Kelly (6P EST, 3P PST)

British Defense Advisor Found Dead

Graham Eyes Grounds for Bush Impeachment

Democrat Eyes Potential Grounds for Bush Impeachment

Shameful isolation -- US leads worldwide execution of child offenders

Pentagon retaliates against GIs who spoke out on TV

White House Cites 'Compelling Evidence' of Iraqi Nuclear Weapons Program

A Real Chip On Your Shoulder

Bush launches magazine to teach young Arabs to love America

Iraq Rebuilding in trouble (Pentagon experts)

Laura Bush promotes Head Start en route to N.C. campaign stop

History will forgive us, says Blair

We will not back down, Karzai warns Pakistan

US sailor dies in Iraq non-hostile shooting

Guardsman Killed in Iraq Was Grandpa of 7

C-span1 NOW - Nancy Pelosi fighting back!

WMD Scientist's Death Rocks British Government

Bush touts health, wellness programs in visit to Dallas YMCA

From Heroes To Targets

Journalists 'must protect whistleblowers'

Tragedy prompts hard questions

Careful: The FB-eye may be watching

State Department Called Iraq Uranium Claim `Highly Dubious'

White House E-Mail System Becomes Less User-Friendly

UN chief 'seeks Iraqi handover' (of sovereignty)

Faked documents used to justify Iraq war were not checked closely at the t


Questions Mount About Iraqi Resistance

Faux News: UN Inspectors find enriched uranium in Iran

U.N. Leader Denies Iran-Uranium Report

San Jose congressman wants warning labels on candy (choke warning)

Police were called to Senate to prevent fist fight today

Senator Questions Motives for War

WMD Scientist's Death Rocks British Government

Prominent Shiite Cleric Plans Rival Iraqi Government, U.S. Soldier Killed

ushCo proposed compensation for victims of "terrorist" attacks..

Congressman calls for federal investigation into smoke shop raid

BBC's Iraq "source" reported missing

(Mandela) Madiba: 85 and still world champ

Operation AC for Troups in Iraq

Pentagon retaliates against GIs who spoke out on TV

Germany to send aid to Iraq

Iraq casualties keep Landstuhl full

Recall forces told how to 'trash' governor (memo)

US to suspend trials of UK detainees in Gitmo

WH went to Drudge to discredit ABC reporter (about soldier morale)

McConnel's (R-KY) Daughter Center of Controversy (Student abuse)

Missing Scientist's Body found

Tenet Healthcare Corp Slapped With 17-Count Criminal Indictment

Police looking for missing British Iraqi arms expert find a body

Lobbyists help fund Edwards campaign

Caught On Tape: Sleeping Pilot

Iraqi Shi'ite Leader Rejects Governing Council

Alabama Moves Female Prisoners Away From Children

CIA Iraq Reports Were Minimal Until Bush Took Office

CNN Breaking - US soldier killed near Fallujah - 7/18/03 9:40AM

VFW Outraged at Inadequate Funding for Veterans Health Care

Rudy Plans Race for Albany

Reuters:Iran Samples Show Enriched Uranium (US invaded wrong country)

WP: U.S. had uranium papers earlier...The State Department received copies

Dr David Kelly UK Weapons Advisor "Iraq Can Launch WMDs in 45 min." DEAD!

Black Thursday For Bush

Missing Iraq 'mole': Body found (Kelly)

CIA official says aide sought wording for Bush speech (Joseph)

US, Britain close ranks over Iraq war case but fail to quell storm

Russia to weigh Iraq forces options at later date

Iraq toll now 148, surpassing Gulf War total

NATO Chief joins U.S. officials in urging Congress to drop "Buy American"…

Rudy Plans Race for Albany


U.S. Had Uranium Papers Earlier

For 1st time, Bush forced back on heels

Senate Panel Delays Vote on Pryor Nomination

Bush Takes Texas Break to Raise Cash, Play Host to an Ally

China Pushes for N. Korea-U.S. Talks

Wolfowitz taking pulse of Iraq

US may shift line on Britons in Cuba

UK Expert in Row Over Iraqi Weapons Goes Missing, Police Say

Amnesty Tells U.S. to Stop Executing Child Offenders

Wolfowitz in Iraq as Experts Warn of Chaos

"US snooping plan blocked"

EXCLUSIVE! Wolfowitz committee instructed White House to use Iraq/uranium

(Possible BBC) Arms 'Mole' Goes Missing

Prize-Wining Poet, Infant Son Found Dead (Reetika Vazirani)

Flight Attendant Accused of Setting Fire


Another Boeing Worker Had Lockheed Documents

Foes Halt Vote on School Vouchers, Democrats Reject Senate's D.C. Bill

Iraqi Mayor's Killing Reinforces Fear

Blair flies into controversy as Dems press him on sources on uranium

Postwar Window Closing in Iraq, Study Says

Klayman's Oil Maps will force Cheney out!! New VP: Colin Powell!

Preparing for War, Stumbling to Peace

Ford basks in the praise of his onetime detractors (inc. Woodward)

Report: N.Korea May Have Enough Plutonium for Bomb

U.S. Unprepared for Iraq Order Collapse-Wolfowitz

UK Police Find Body in Hunt for Former UN Inspector

President's approval rating sags over Iraq, economy (CNN Poll 55%)

Kobe Bryant charged with sexual assault

Head of abortion group, others charged during Charlotte protests

Rupert Murdoch Becomes a Father Again at 72-Report

Tens of Thousands Will Lose College Aid, Report Says

Bush Picks Medal of Freedom Honorees

WP: Warning in Iraq Report Unread


It's Friday Night And I Have To Rant. I Am NOT In A Very Good Mood

Good Bush/Rummy joke

have you ever had your house robbed?

"Say hello to my leetle friend"

WMD found in Tonkin Gulf

I've sold out. I got a job with AOL.

A great Fruitcake Recipe

OK, freepers are officially nuts. Check this out...

DU2 - Looking good, running smoothly...A BIG thank you

Best Season for a DU gathering?

Military Operation Name Generator

Is it just me... or are the forums running smoother?

Drive By Truckers...Decoration Day

Schick to introduce FOUR blade razor


Is Anyone Going to Watch the New Spiderman Cartoon on MTV Tonight?

Total vanity post.....

The Meowlingual (Read about it-Yes, Guys our cats can now talk)

7 days

Why do women think they're smarter politically than men?

Whoa. Did DU just get a whole lot quicker?

In honor of today's theatrical remake release of "Freaky Friday",

An Open Letter To Congress On Near Earth Objects.....

Submitted my latest 'On the Deck'

An Open Letter To Near Earth Objects On Congress .....

"Admit it Buffy...

Officer kills rare bluish bear

How'd they get Tenet to take the blame?

Why all this complaing about the new format??

Ok... That's It... I'm goin To A REAL Bar !!!

Based on the latest Zogby poll, how low can they go?

Ken Griffey Jr. Out For Season with Ankle Injury

GNOMES IN PRISON!!!! it was a HORRIBLE thing to witness...

Views or Ratings (which should we keep IF

Who wants to see my disco shoes???

I'm baaaaaack!

Landscape lighting project


Photoshop opportunity of a LIFETIME!!! (Fame! Fortune!)

What is the funniest word in the English language?

Which meme will get the most dupe threads on DU2?

MAC art directors:

Why I would drive a hummer

What are your favorite Bush Regime Parody Websites?

"Gizmo" (1 Month Old Kitten) JAILED In NY!

Question for Kevin Smith fans....

With Bush's rating at 53%, who will we be invading next?


Are You Being Servered?

Transistor radios

Did Pat Robertson's prayers go astray???

Is "Green" offensive?

What I need is a FLAME WAR!

Thanks for the brave and the dedicated


Calling all Brave Combo fans!

I give up. Sayonara.

To the moderators here!

"My", she said, "You sure do have some tasty BEET BALLS"

OMG The Lord has stricken me blind! How will I read the CAPTIONS?!?!

Dumping AOL -- need advice

Hold my hand as we go CAPTIONing along

NYC DUers... please help me find a Town Car service

A photo essay on the LIEfest. Some are really funny.

Natacha Atlas at Summerstage in Central Park this Sunday!

Hmmm... WMD on Google... Hmmm...

ann coltier is a man?

YE "GODS...and Generals"!!! Civil War Sominex.

Someone get trof

Good lord, who wrote the new DU software- Diebold?!

Iraqi WMD proof!

Why is DU soooooo sloooooooooooooooooooooow?????????????????

Iraqi WMD proof!

Are we double posting because we don't think the server is responding

ann coltier is a man?

Heard this one - Robotic Bartender

weapons of mass destruction on GOOGLE!

Funny Story

Best Radio Host

Play Twister -- the game that ties the truth in knots

What is kind of TV special would you like to see broadcasted soon?

Your fantasy job?

Reading or listening to Ann Coulter causes herpes

Emmy misses?

worst writing contest winner!

No Condom Ads During Dinner Thank You

Is "read all over" offensive?

Bloody Hell it's noisy here!


More of my buddy Ken Frazier....

Happy (FRIDAY) Morning DU!

Need Democrats

Do you support capital punishment?

why has Pat Robert$on started wearing glasses?

I watched a video just now - guess

My letter to my Reps re: bill making file sharing a felony

Whose fantasy is a 43 year old dude (in a schrunchie)

What about Sept 11 memories concerning "survivors / "sung and unsung

What would you characterize as schrunchie?

Sex Scandal Rocks Wonka Factory

Need help on Pirates ending: Spoilers requested.

In Cartman's words.....'Screw you guys, I'm going home!'

Clark/Kerry would be unbeatable!

Is Their A Male/Female Music Artist That Has Been Around A While But

I came up with something I like better than "DUer"...

Anyone here remeber Ukey?

Ari is a lying sack of shit!

Is "white" offensive?

Any DU metal fans remember a band called Warrior Soul?

PNAC is back on

"Just When..." CARTOON

What happened to "Views"?

What's your favorite BFEE nickname

Daria vs. Beavis and Butthead

By the power of God I compell DU to be fixed! By the Power of God I ,,,

Is it a dick thing?


Do you believe in "Extra Sensory Perception"?

anyone know any nice political chats?

Is it just because it's Friday night

Guess my disease/affliction!!

Oh my god! I agree with Joe Scarborough

Any Stephen Lynch fans?

Thermo....? why post an ad, looks like you already have a

Good Bye Penthouse... Magazine soon to cease publication...

Kobe is having a press conference

Young boy wearing "Kill 'em all" t-shirt

The Bush Doctrine: The end justifies the means.

Pat Robertson is a misunderstood liberal

Clear liquid diet

I am the queen of procrastination, and I am paying for it.

Hijack This Thread

Mariners fan's worst nightmare...

there was this frog in my bathroom sink just now...

The random kitten-photo generator

I hate personals ads, do you think this picture will attract attention?

F*CK IT!!! WHO IS WITH ME?????????

When did "Queer" stop being a perjorative?


What is the movie "thirteen" about...

WANTED - Young, well-built men aged 18 to 30 to slaughter...

You know what pisses me off?

caption...?...caption anyone for Pickles and Cherie...???

today is my 42nd birthday.....come on everyone, tell me how YOUNG I

That's it, the miserable fucks at work are gonna get it!


Now I'm craving more whipped cream...

Does your Spouse/SO/Best Friend have any habits that really annoy you?