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Archives: July 17, 2003

Troops have spoken!!!

"They Should Resign" by Jack Rabbit

LTE: "Rush Limbaugh, the JOSEPH GOEBBELS of modern hate radio"

We are now a client state - Britain has lost its sovereignty to the US

White "House of Cards" cartoon by Benson Ariz Republic

Buzzflash Editorial: The Banality of Lying (must read)

U.S. media still REFUSES to mention Bush sexual assault lawsuit in Texas

U.S. High Horse Now Riderless.....

John Dean: Why A Special Prosecutor's Investigation Is Needed..

Talking Points: Tenet laid a trap for Rice?

Graham's truth scares GOP

Draft Brokaw?

Quotes from W. Greider editorial (Whoa!)

Joe Conason (Salon) - Spy vs. spy: Tenet fingers a Bush security official

"A Most Dangerous President": Disability rights advocate attacks neocons

Mark Fiore Presents: Damage Control, Inc.

John Dean: "Liar In Chief: The Case For Impeachment"

Katrina vanden Heuvel (The Nation): The Coalition of the Rational

Michael Ledeen Demands Regime Change' in Iran

Eric Alterman: (Mis)Leading America (new book coming out!)

Great Editorial! (Waterville, Maine Morning Sentinel)

Bush proposal to promote marriage for welfare recipients sailing through C

How George W. Bush Won in '04 (Everyone should read)

The sound of truth comin' from the Dixie Chicks

Gwynne Dyer (Toronto Star): Waiting for the tooth fairy

WSJ: (Dean is) A Surging Insurgent

Michael Kinsley on SOTU speech - terrific read

Letters home from Guantanamo Bay

Who Is Buried in Bush's Speech?

Pat Robertson: Appealing to a Higher Power

Richard Cohen: Unshakable Faith

Waiting for the tooth fairy

Howard Dean's Youth Machine

Kennedy Says Bush Putting Troops In Peril

Press Gives Bush Free Pass - Boston Globe - Robert Kuttner

Cartoon - "4 More Years"....My God, Steve Bell does it again

Socialist Party of Michigan State Convention

Will Pitt coming to Arizona (7/26 @ ASU)

Protest Ashcroft in Portland, OR

Pat Robertson to take it in the butt on The Daily - tonight at 11:00 PM !!

Localism's Last Stand (Safire Op-Ed)

what "Liberal 'news' media"?

Play George W. Bush Credibility Twister

Creation science fair

G.Gordan Liddy re; (last nights'Hardball)

Q for Astrologers: Best weekend to have US Protest Marches?

help with shorthand

SFChron: Crystal-ball crackdown -- new S.F.fortune-teller law

Question for the Dinosaur experts

Astrologers: Time to seriously give the dick his due:

Astrology: has anyone seen Dover. I think she was in the Texas

Astrology: War

Astrology ACG Maps

Croatia provides partnership rights to gay couples

The Civil Rights Forum At DU Remembers Latin Music Legend, Celia Cruz

Santorum again talks homosexuality with the press

Canada snares No. 1 spot in business survey

A brief sketch of our current economic problems. And solutions.

'Unanticipated' events changed bank's outlook - Canada

Dollar another blow to tourism, RBC says - Canada

Woods Hole - Possible 3rd Location For Deep Ocean Convection

Madagascar's Lemurs Cling to Survival

Ohmigod I am a hologram!

Physics Group (APS) Refutes Boost Phase Missile Defense Scheme

The Cult of Rajavi

Blast in Dagestan region of Russia kills four

dammit - I can't find my links! Clinton/Osama

"In Ohio, Iraq Queestions Shake Even Some of Bush's Faithful

Nine die as killer disease hits Zambia

California sharply raises public university fees

Connecticut "Police Protected In Illegal Searches"

Good cops and bad cops collide in the Cape - SA


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On forum index pages, a non-linked "link"

Renegade Palestinians threaten new attacks

What's worse than a prisoner exchange?

Israel's "Berlin Wall"

Nuclear Dean

"Who will be President in 2004"

Kerry Meetup This Thursday!!!

Kerry: "Tell the Truth about 9/11 Intelligence"

Dean, Kerry showdown looms

State residents see a new Dean in presidential race

If you were a Dean supporter and the DLC was coming to your city...

Audience response to Dean at NAACP convention

Rep. Conyers defends Kucinich to NAACP

Dean meetup figures <63,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kerry Follows Dean's Lead

Bush approval rating plunges 14-points since April in New Jersey

Poll Shows Declining Arab American Support for Bush...

The Clark and Lieberman people are seeming more undemocratic.

Can Howard Dean Take The Heat?

It may have been a slip of the tongue....

Dean: "The Time for Evasiveness is Over"

Jewish donors pulled different ways


Dean people are seeming somewhat un-democratic

It's a beautiful thing.....

Dick beats out Ho Ho and gets some support

Lieberman, Dean call for CIA director's resignation

Bush On The Defensive

Metzenbaum endorses Dean over Kucinich

ABC News/Washington Post Poll. July 9-10, 2003


Graham on Hardball tonight 7/17 ...Race Fever?

Wolfowitz committee instructed White House to use

Kerry "Tired of Those Crotch Rockets"

Lieberman's Speech as Delivered to the NAACP

Poll: Voters not inclined to back GOP alternatives to California governor

Poll: Knowles leads Murkowski 52%-40%

Just what we've been waiting for

Candidate bashing threads

Detroit News: MEA leader endorses Kerry for President

Anyone else see the pattern of flamed posts???

The California Recall: Looking For The Silver Lining

Dems Who Missed Forum to Address NAACP

Does it matter that Clark is not a career politician

Campaigns find creative way to maximize government matching funds

Schwarzenegger Raises Cash for Campaign

Graham on Meet the Press with Russert! THIS IS THE MAN!

Dean in Seattle (and Spokane) Aug 24

Dennis Kucinich will be in Fresno

Another week of "Deansbury?"

Investigate this: Who forged the Niger document?

"White House falls for Nigerian scam loses $450 billion

Wesley Clark to be on Hannity & Colmes. . .

Could CA elect a Green Governor

Haven't the Dems wrought as much evil as the Republicans?

What do you remember most about Sep. 11th 2001?

The Contortions of the Pro-War Dems

Bush* Lied? Dean says it's "unthinkable"

Americans...lazy over indulgent and pampered.

Yikes! Diebold and the Microsoft flaw, enabling remote control...

what it's like to have a cool senator (Stabenow-MI)

specificly, where is THE lie

Graham's "Impeachment" Remarks:

How's it All going to end?

MUST READ!!! Matcom's Dad (Ex CIA) Weighs In On "SPIES WHO PUSHED FOR WAR"

Challenge: THE question being formulated right now.

Deleted message

BFEE/PNAC Mob's sleazy "Office of Special Plans" exposed by Guardian

Retired Ohio Senator Endorses Dean

When you throw out Bush, be sure to throw out his corporate bathwater too.

BBV: Have you EVER seen Microsoft take ALL files off the web?

Graham Economic Plan: Raise Taxes on the Rich!

Out of curiousity I am wondering if this is disparage the democratic party

Graham has a new sort of PATRIOT Act ready to go

Help Pay Tribute to Maynard Jackson

The Next Democratic President Will Have to Deal With Fox News

The Repugs are the "Cheap-Labour" Party-

the forgotten truth: the motive for the LIES is PROFIT!

When Smart People Stoop to Repuke Tactics.

the official geedubya Pez LIE DISPENSER

Hilarious! Olbermann slamming Faux News!

The 2004 Election Is Ours To Lose...And Win

CNBC-Brian Williams--Stansfield Turner (ex-CIA chief) weighs in

The Council of Conservative Citizens

What industries, if any, should be socialized?

Being opposed to the war is "liberal"?

Haven't the Dems done MUCH more good than the Republicans

Gore top threat to Bush says Republican strategist

hey guys -- head over to LBN

My TV or has the chimp`s mouth dropped on the left side

GOP is afraid of class warfare

The official Operation Supreme Court Freedom thread

Rate the damage to Chimpy on a 1 to 10 scale, 10 being the worst

Could the whole "uranium from Africa" thing be a red herring?

Blair made an excellent speech

How about this idea for laws passed?

Do you believe bush lied? Poll

Dem. Senators heard us yesterday!

Help! I Need Your Ideas

Bob Graham deserves a second look

Pentagon Considers More Reservists for Iraq Duty

Kerry: Bush Administration needs to address the Preparedness Gap

The real smoking gun line from the SOTUS:

Willie For Dennis (pic)

Mysterious Diseases Haunt U.S. Troops In Iraq

Blair Bush Joint News Conference

My head is spinning....

on Aaron Brown: shift in military perception on Bush

What is with those tapes of Osama, and now Saddam? Real? Fake?

Is mass murderer using the "laura bush defense"??

Help pay tribute to Maynard Jackson

Hardball thread.....Graham, Spectre, Dayton, Lindsay

What will Bushco's stance on 'masturbation prevents prostate cancer' be ?

Judicial Watch Exposes Cheney

McClellan sliced and diced

This is going to get REALLY nasty

What if...

Question for any Denver-area DUers....

President Brokaw???

W's is in deep shit, so expect another 'terror' alert soon

Boeing to Cut 4,000-5,000 More Workers -- ap breaking news

Chimpy, never fear the WP whores are here

BBC: 'Saddam tape' scorns WMD claims

I'm flabbergasted

The images of Iraq (ATTN FREEPERS)

Since when did Theodore Olson become a fucking doctor?

What is this guy's problem?

Would sway in military vote have significant impact on election results?

Drudge radio ratings claim: Is he really #1 in New York?

By keeping the focus on the Niger story it obscures one fact....

What about a "wealth tax"?

war backlash felt at US corp balance sheets worldwide

When you throw out Bush, make sure you throw out his corporate bathwater t

How much ya wanna bet they plant WMD

Robert Joseph: nuke industry lobbyist, full-fledged neocon

Please help In re voting machines

Greg Palast rules

What pisses me off about the Santa Monica "accident"

Top 20 Yahoo!News highest rated - drip, drip, drip

No, your not crazy

Graham is on the right track

Lyndon B. Bush??

Why the Bush junta MUST be smacked down

I may have already missed a bash Blair thread (He addressed Congress)

White House bombshell -- still at an undisclosed location

When is the 'explosive' 9/11 report supposed to come out?

Even FAUX has * under 60!

bush launches magazine to young Arabs......

Malloy is going to have "say goodbye to Liar Ari" tonight!

Looking for older article...

Play George W. Bush Credibility Twister

The Bushistas remind me of many things

Somebody refresh my memory regarding the the Niger nuclear weapons story

Prez Bush is a damn good example of what not to get for the White House

How does all the French bashing look now?

Clear Channel Strikes Back (Antiwar DJ lawsuit update)

"The press gives Bush a free ride on his lies " (Boston Globe)

I wonder how will Blair's speach run in Briton?

Satan is Proud of Bush

Deleted message

"Abizaid Bans Criticizing Rumsfeld, Admits Guerrilla War"

the soldiers. do they have a right to complain?

Richard Shelby said the buck does NOT stop with the president!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dubya is mere seconds away from exploding & showing his true form


Dennis at Seatac on Saturday

CNN--Sen Richard Shelby (R): "George Tenet should walk the plank"

Bush before Parliment?

Has anyone else notice that the repugs are putting up their B team?

Rumsfeld/Cheney nuclear weapons quote thing challenged

A complete pictorial of the er, Weapons of Mass Destruction found in Iraq!

I am in Europe and would like to find

A few choice freeper comments about the chimp's performance

This is ridiculous: File sharing a felony?

Bush's photo op tax cut families--before and after

It appears that the only place a Bush buck ever stops ...

Anyone catch CBS evening news??

CNN showing Bush reviewing speech

Beware of the Strawman Saddam Hussein

Bob Graham To Appear On Hatdball

Why is the Iraq 'war' still being called a victory by NBC?

Hey Poodle Boy! Where are the British Intel Docs on uranium?

If they really believed their lies

Bush's reasons for war...

Bob Graham says US "less secure" now than before Iraq War....

a simple primer about "Yellow-cake", Uranium & nuclear bombs

Bush may use executive privilege to protect Robert Joseph

Robert Joseph keyin blocking negotiations w/ North Korea

Robert Joseph. NEW news cycle happening

Post-'news conference' discussion thread

Are Gay rights people doing anything about NAMBLA?

Richard Shelby.....the buck does NOT...NOT stop with the president!!!!!!!!

The Liars on Hardball..

the Brits get it right

Re. Tenant and Nigergate, Was it a WH Aide or WH Official that pushed...

Cheney looked like he was sleeping during Blare speech


WP: the name will be printed tonight

Would a repuke hire Bush for his own company?

Who is Robert Joseph, and why does he influence the President?

Mitch McConnell's Daughter Disciplines Students/Leather Belt & Tape

MD diagnoses GWB with ADD on MWO

Next LS elections only with EVMs, says Tandon (India - voting machines)

Robert Joseph of the NSC insisted on the Niger lie

"I accept full responsibility" will look good in a democratic ad

Bush can kiss California goodbye in 2004

We should keep an eye on this:

This server problem sucks and is not worth it.

Now for the good part, Bush is talking off his head.

The Fletcher Memorial Home by Roger Waters/Pink Floyd

Norway's newspaper "Dagbladet" front page headlines (besides hot weather)

Attn Chicagoans-Tribune spiked Boondocks today

Bush and Blair Part Ways on WMDs

Sherman Seeks to Amend Presidential Succession

Corzine on MSNBC now

Pentagon: 10,000 more nat'l guard call-up

What a lame leap to their own defense! Blair and Bush snoozer ...

Two fold benefit for Bush and Blair

Dean: We can handle the truth!

I Hope Letterman makes an ass out of Ari tonight!

Corporate Personhood

Dick Cheney Is Right!

D'Ya think that bu$hco/ashcroft ordered a virus placed in DU2...

BOMBSHELL! Wolfowitz committee instructed WH use Iraq/uranium in SOTU

Romanian soldiers in Gulf get $70-80 a day. what do GIs get?

Kid genius just can't get ahead

Why I cannot support Lieberman

For my 300th Post, a brag and a challenge

Norwegian scientists explain the burning bushes in the Bible

Entire U.S. platoons refused to fight on live television during Vietnam

Denial and Deception - White House Graphic

British REporter on CNN

St. Louis DUers...

Boodocks takes a dark swipe at shrub

MSNBC just showed the photo of W going over the SOTU, "line by

Michael Moore was right at the Academy Awards.

Ex CIA Ray McGovern on

Any bible/homosexuality links?

Calling SATIRSTS: let's write Letterman's TOP 10 for tomorrow.......

Talk radio update - 7/17

Editorial: Bush credibility gap more than 16 words long

What about the Whitehouse lies about Clinton

Tony Blair C-Span 1

Great story on NPR Re: SOTU claims

So it's OK to lie is basically what these yahoos are saying

Asia Times Online says what we've been saying all along

Great analysis of Bush's "mastery of emotional language"

How powerful is Britain?

Smartass is lying as we speak

Is it better to convert repukes or foster apathy?

Bush reelect at 42 percent in Fox poll

CNN, MSNBC, Fox.......who's analyzing?

Graham Recants (kind of)

Idle thought: Will SOTU furor and other lies undermine the Davis recall?


The U.S./U.K. "special relationship"

Crossfire: Eagleburger spinning his ass off

Thank god Bush isn't as smart as Blair

WMD's will be found just before election 2004

Microsoft's Homeland Security Servers like "swiss cheese"

Regarding the server/software upgrade....

The New Ollie North

I love having Mussolini visiting, Blair visiting the War Chimp!!

Repug Mitch McConnell's Daughter abuses Kids as Teacher

Is Tony Blair a woman in drag?

TONY: the jig is up; there were no WMDs!!!!!!!!

Anticipate Crisis in Korea before September 2004

Wrap it up already puppet...

Graham's plan for economic renewal now online you think Al Queda is recruiting our older drivers

the black box voting story is being picked up

WE need a new development in Niger gate OR NEW controversy

Fix this forum or I'll become a freeper!!!

Blair is a bullshitter.

The real reason behind the Davis Recall action??????

I need help finding an article

This Blair speech to Congress must've been a last-minute idea

Anyone else see Curt Weldon (r) on C-Span last night?

w don't have the CAJONES for this fight

Chimpy's California approval rating hits 49%!!!!

it is weird to see Blair entering Congress chamber like POTUS

Nothing Short of Impeachment Will Satisfy Me

Inevitability of overreaching

Gray Davis WILL be removed from power!

GlobalEye: PNAC got Bush to Lie in SOTU

Visualize W Gone.....a protest poster for the people

The Bush Blame Game

CBS News Reports Honestly ... or a Few Hours!

Our troops are dying because of Juniors pride! - And I am responsible?

Sorry, but WE are all responsible for Iraq

Damning British story on Bush's secret "intel" group skewing information..

so it was Condi Re: SOTU

Senate thread #2 ... Dems ripping Bush lies 11:20am ET

Graham: IMPEACH BUSH!!!!

Wesley Clark on Paula Zahn last night

Just how good is "darn good"???

RWer mythology: More trees now than pre-Columbus

"Bush didn't lie in the SOTU speech"

The White House has no shame! They are blatantly lying to our faces...

By the way - the House voted to stop overtime

Did anyone hear Sen. John Sununu this morning on NPR?

Soldiers die becausePNAC Bush stole the election 2000

Deleted message

Don't forget to vote on Wolfie today!

Molly Says Rummy Should 'Rot in Hell'

New motto...on the lines of "Bush Lied and People Died"...

Cry havoc! and let loose the dogs of whore! Press conference at 5:30.

Bomb or toy?

What will Tony say to Congress?

The Return of Depression Economics by Paul Krugman


Bring A Yellow Cake To Work Day

Bill Bennett, thy name is whore

Fake Documents Timeline Graphic

Tomasky"s take on Rush/ESPN... very nice!

Republicans are smarting so we're getting flooded by freepers

And interesting no political labor relations aside:

Iranian government admits Canadian journalist was murdered

Ted Rall kicks * in the balls

“Mystery illness kills Missouri soldier”

editorial in my local paper today

N SC member Robert Joseph pushed the niger thing into SOTU

Rummy is General Dreedle.

Congress will NOT give Blair Gold Medal Today

Debate Rules for Campaign 2004 put out!

Excerpt from Ritter's New Book

Which UN official said the Niger claims were false...

repost of MWO's Bush prep on SOTU

Bush hits 49% approval in California

This weeks Tom Tomorrow.

Anybody watching cspan2?

Did Gephardt really say this?

Coleman reply re: WMD

Reid...Brings up the "WH behind the scenes" photos

HOAGIEGATE: Philly Eagle Owner bans outside food at games from DHS

MSNBC: Tony BLIAR to Address Congress

Can someone help re: Federal budgets?

When was Tony's talk to congress arranged? Was it before Nigergate

Pryor headed GOP AG Assn caught shaking down corporations

Her dolls teach black history

If Liberals are on the Left...and Con-servatives are on the Right...

Who Leaked The Picture Of Graham And The Jaguar?

pics of our troops enjoying manhandling

Saddam Hussein

What is the difference between Aide and Official

WH press corps to McClellan: "Having fun yet?"

Two good reports on the textbook wars in Texas

White House Treason!

Fire near St. Louis Arch

Tenet's "White House Official" To Be Named

Why is CNN dragging the Jimmy Hoffa...

HARRY REID is going BEHIND the WH SOTU Scenes!!!!!!

CBC: Cdn. Supreme Court Rules Against Disabled Vets.

Did anyone just see Today Show about soliers who complain??

How to lie like a good person.... (today's Jon Carroll column)

Must see! Conspiracy Theory Rock Media-opoly

Pictures from a Quagmire!

I'm sure Tenet named and expendable Fall Guy (or Gal)

What happened to Tim Russert

SOTU behind the scenes...

Lost 1,627,000 jobs in recession, lost 938,000 more during Bush recovery

Republican propaganda

Will the White House Survive Again?

Dick Durbin is on the warpath right now!

Bright House cable viewers, Tampa area, about C-Span 2

Sources on "20 oz of water a day"?

Rumsfeld lied to Congress, where is the outrage.....

Republican strategy for the day. Full court press on talk radio!

"Dump Davis" Protester Shouts Racial Epithet At Pro-Davis Rally

Democratic Senators can redeem themselves NOW with questioning the lies

RNC Criticizes John Kerry's National Security Credentials: Despicable

So, the rationale is...we can talk about Clintons dick, but Bush didn't...

What the other side is saying....

Who would you choose as your Dream Democratic Candidate?

Bush's vacation is a good window of opportunity...

Kennedy up now!!! C-SPAN2


What's up with C-Span?

"Hunting Polecats" A new twist on the paintball game

Newsflash: Democrats in Senate WAKE UP

I heard w was goin' on vacation on the ranch for a month, is it true?

Why the guys in the boardroom would heave Bush over the side

Dick Durbin on C-Span2 right now 7/17 10:03 AM EST

HARRY REID is going BEHIND the WH SOTU Scenes!!!!!!

Impressive deconstruction of the Bush-Blair lie machine

HARRY REID is going BEHIND the WH SOTU Scenes!!!!!!

Conrad (D-ND) talking about Ws statement yesterday

"Preemptive Deterrence" = Illegal War of Aggression

Winning Hearts and Minds - Episode 3667

Ellsberg, McGovern beg whistleblowers: BLOW!

How to fix the music business....

Cheney on the attack today...

Is there a news blackout from Iraq?

repubs will punish us for daring to question w, should we be afraid?

Ted Stevens is the biggest idiot in the Senate!

the president STRIKES BACK TODAY

When Two Plus Two = Five

Head Roll Pool

GREAT A.Huffington quote from Salon:

Heads up: Ari Fleischer on Letterman tonight

Did anyone else see Katherine Harris on H & C last night?

Deserting versus Complaining

Now, sooner than later...

transcript. US troop suicides discussed

Remember the Hart-Rudman Report on Terrorism?

Did anyone else hear Russert on Imus this morning?

Real wages fall in the United States

U.S. Soldiers most wanted list: Paul Bremer, Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush

Al Sharpton: Tax Cheat, Presidential Candidate

republicans putting on their game face today

Why aren't the Democratic Presidential candidates criticizing outsourcing?

This car incident in CA exemplifies my only bipartisan issue....

Should judicial appointments be limited to, say, 20 years?

John Edwards: "The president made an enormous mistake."

Troops in Vietnam complained on TV EVERYDAY

John Dean : Liar in Chief

Hillary still Number One

Bush's 2004 Election Strategy

Did everyone enjoy Juan Williams' RNC ad on NPR this morning?

CSPAN Thursday morning - Waters vs. Castle on Head Start

Steve Bell Cartoon: Bush Campiegn, Four More Years

Ray McGovern , TomPaine interview

Photoshopper challenge: Meet "Smirky Doody"

Today's body count (July 16): 2 dead

Harkin on CSPAN2 now ... bashing Iraq preemption - 9:30am ET

Thinking of our troops in Iraq

DC Radio Station Dumping the O'Reilly Factor?

NPR called Bush on the second lie

NPR just had a funny characterization of Niger furor

The Whole Story Comes Out

Why Bush won't send us to Liberia.

Kucinch Flash Cartoons

Is Bush Any different than Charles Manson?

The economy is tanking. Can we be seeing this soon....?

Maxine Waters, Head Start on C-span right now. nt

Let's make a deal !

So now it's "documents of mass destruction"

Katherine Harris is one UGLY human...

Our "criminal" justice system

The most obvious lie of all....why is it being ignored in the media?

DRUDGE: Mary Matalin Coming BACK For "Spin Control"

"If it is to be, it's up to me!"

What are your opinions on the softwood lumber issue with Canada?

Who's sinking?

Tenet falsely takes blame

Meanwhile, the Republican Congress and Senate escape unscathed...

a wager: Africa sentence was put in AFTER clearance from CIA

I want James!!!

It's time to retest old drivers

Where have all the Demos. gone ??

Forgery or Fakery ?

Anyone heard this Freeper bullshit?

Which has the most historical challenge

When will the flag burning amendment "issue" come back?

Who else heard Bush say this?

The "Popular President" Paradox -- A Brief Rambling Thought

have you ever seen a Confederate flag or bumper outside of the South?

Has Cheney surfaced yet?

They are back...Bush 2004 bumper stickers!

Time magazine cover photo doctored?

this is why the Christian Coalition should lose their tax exempt status

For the Freepers: Pictures are worth a thousand words...

Well, we got our Vietnam, and I feel like shit

MUST READ: Incubator Redux: Top 40 Lies About Iraq

Should the USA elect a crazy facist dictator?

Did Harvard violate federal ADA and affirmative action law?

House hearing - Texas D's, Homeland Security

Maybe Matalin's coming back because Libby is fired?

Congratulations are in order for "Pres." Bush

EXPLAINING: UN resolutions and justification for Iraq war...

New Peace Pretzel Posters

So how do we fix what caused this mess?

Faux Fox News reports that Tennent in the private meeting today

Question: If George is forced to resign

Blair's defense of Niger Connection draws GASPS

Must Watch video stream- Normon Solomon of FAIR on Cspan

Have you noticed the Bush defenders are retreating from the Internet?

Are we still losing soldiers in Afghanistan too?

Bush Administation ready to go on OFFENSIVE; Mrs. Carville to the RESCUE!

Hillary Cards must not be selling.. Newsmax wants to GIVE me a free deck..

I Need a Howard Dean Link PLEEEAASSEE?????

preemptive attacks and bad intel

The Repubs are going to go on a PR offensive...


86 year old people should not be allowed to drive a motor vehicle!

Offshore Company Captures Online Military Vote

Another REAL Bush scandal ... check this out ...


From The Soldiers of 2nd Brigade, 3rd ID. -please read-

Bush claimed hussein killed & tortured thousands of people, so where are

Republican senator files new redistricting map

Dollar Gets the Go-Ahead

Panel drops probe into charges against Baylor regent

New Nixon Documents Show Concern About Expanding Vietnam War

Questions not laid to rest ..........

Blair paying price for support of U.S.

Officer Videotaped Roughing Up Suspect To Get Lifetime Duty Disability

Youth find more truth in Eminem than Bush

Judge Asks for Views on Dropping Moussaoui Case

Kabul claims Osama bin Laden in neighbourhood

Top Brass Perks A Blow To Workers

Delayed Head Start vote stirs buzz (Hope?!!!!)

Brown's supporters launch revenge attack and label Blair a 'psychopath'

WP to name SOTU culprit(patsy)

Missiles, mines still threaten Iraqis after war

Iraqi: Tubes Weren't for Nuclear Bombs (AP article)

MPs reignite Iraq dossier battle with BBC (Parisan attack)

Help pay tribute to Maynard Jackson

Low-Morale Letters From Iraq

Al Jazeera says Iraqi police detain four employees (Democracy in Iraq?)

CNN--Sen Richard Shelby (R): "George Tenet should walk the plank"

Bush Insists Iraq Was Trying to Rebuild Nuke Program

Many Humanitarian Crises Ignored

Blair: history will prove us right on Iraq

Iraq toll now 148, surpassing Gulf War total - CNN (It is really 224 dead)

White House disputes account of Tenet testimony on Iraq uranium

Crude Niger forgeries surface in Italian paper

California (Dems) to Turn to Court Over Budget Deadlock

Medicare Robbery (Post goes to bat for the elderly rich)

Peace groups trying to rekindle anti-Bush passions

'Saddam' blasts Bush, Blair

Kid genius just can't get ahead

An FCC Victory in the House

Tenet Says WH Official Insisted Questionable Information Be Included in Sp

Al-Qaeda spokesman 'in Iran'

Fed Appeals Court Rules Against Bush EPA in Big Calif Ethanol Cas

Report: U.S. May Call National Guard for Iraq Duty

Christian Leaders Urge Commandments Rally

Reform may doom rural post offices

Dems see GOP looking for a scapegoat on intelligence flap CNN

Harris Whitbeck: Iraqis cheer U.S. death

Germany willing to send troops to Iraq, says Fischer (Not really)

White House hits back at Democratic critics (CNN)

Graham Recants (kind of)

Former Texas AG Morales Pleads Guilty

Gay marriage legislation introduced in Canada

UN Plans To Deploy African Troops To Liberia By Month-End

A Look at U.S. Daily Casualties in Iraq (224 U.S. soldiers have died)

Repeal Of D.C. Gun Ban Urged - Hatch


Airport screeners find loaded gun in teddy bear

Bush Popularity Sinks in California, Poll Finds

Recession Ended in November 2001

NBC News to 'embed' with Democratic candidates

French neo-Nazis, Jews unite in Web hate -report

GOP Attorneys General asked firms for cash

CIA late in seeing Iraq forgeries (claim after SOTU)-Newsweek

Blair to meet with Bush, address Congress

Police say man shot, then hung

Rep. Waxman calls for hearing on Bush claim

McCain Says May Subpoena Boeing Over Tanker Deal

Employee reprimanded for talking about gay rights

White House Aide Behind uranium claim, senator says

U.S. wary of UN peacekeeping role in restive Iraq

U.S. Forces in Iraq Facing 'Guerrillas'

Titanic Concerns over Freddie Mac!

Senate committee to widen its intelligence inquiry

Republicans cut short hearing on redistricting plane search (Tx)

Bush's ratings plummet in California

SA-trained troops lead coup in São Tomé

the poodle has landed

Tailand to dispatch military personnel to Iraq--

Who Leaked The Picture Of Graham And The Jaguar?

Schwarzenegger Raises Cash for (After School) Campaign

I want to thank you guys....

CDC: Smallpox May Still Be a Threat

Boeing to Cut Up to 5,000 Jobs

Senate Moves to Kill TIA Funding

CNN Breaking: billowing smoke in Baghdad.

Official Testifies on Freddie Mac Inquiry

War anxieties erode support for president (Chicago Tribune)

Tenet says official wanted Iraq claim

Lack of Pre-9/11 Sources to Be Cited as Intelligence Failure -NYT

WP article "Inconvenient Facts..." examines Cheney, Gingrich

Report: U.S. May Call National Guard for Iraq Duty

WASHN: the Republicans ( Recession officially ended 11/2001)

AP: Waterford Crystal cutting 234 jobs and freezing wages

Mbeki denies Mugabe exit report - given to Bush

Senate Dems Blame Bush, Not CIA

UNICEF: Unexploded munitions become child's play

somebody please post that photo...

The Pension Time Bomb

UK Guardian: Camp Delta Rules 'Bar' Civilian Lawyers

Saddam Tape Urges Jihad to Oust US Troops

Justice Dept. delegation to Iraq couldn't work or talk

Dick Durbin is on the warpath right now!


For GIs, home is an elusive dream (Chi. Trib, front page)

AARP balks at drug plan

New Zealand considering same-sex unions

A young, gung-ho soldier is slain in Iraq: How he lived, how he died

Metzenbaum endorses Dean over Kucinich

Fear of Attack Keeps Iraqi Women at Home

AOL adds 400 jobs in India

Bush Faced Dwindling Data on Iraq Nuclear Bid

Questions Overshadow Blair Visit to U.S.

Senate Democrats Seek Delay on Pryor Vote

The Spies who pushed for war (the shadow agency)

Bill Would Put Internet Song Swappers in Jail

'Saddam' Tape Denounces New Iraq Council

GOP Attorneys General Asked For Corporate Contributions

The battle over new nukes at home

AP Corrects 101st Attacked Story

Allies didn’t share all intel on Iraq

War on terror 'hurts poor'

Iraq July Oil Exports A Dribble Of Prewar Output - NYT

Republican senator angrily leaves redistricting hearing

Tenet: Didn't Know Uranium Claim Was in Speech

White House says Democrats' Iraq stance belies record (rag)

Senate panel probes possible White House blame (Pubs turning on Bush)

Japan deems sending SDF to Iraqi city of Balad too risky

Potential for danger in Canadian Afghan mission

Snow steps up warning over US budget deficit

Shreveport contractor arrested en route to Iraq

Blair waters down claim linking Iraq to Niger uranium

Iraq: EU ready for reconstruction role (if)

American Administration Hopes on Russia's Help to Trace Saddam

War commander says troops may spend yearlong tours in Iraq

Greenspan warns China on currency peg

Senate panel widens speech investigation

Flap Over Iraq Charge Shows Bush Vulnerability (Washington Post)

4 Die in US Helicopter Crash in Italy

Leaders face growing pressure for answers over Iraq (Bush*/Blair)

South and North Korean Soldiers Exchange Fire at Border

Clinton Rejects Reports of K Club Property Purchase (Ireland)

Have you noticed the Bush defenders are retreating from the Internet?

Vow: No Democrats On Recall Ballot (McAuliffe)

Vets Funding Proposal Slammed; Will 'Severely Hamstring' Services

Naked 'Bambi' hunts spur outrage

White House E-Mail System Becomes Less User-Friendly (hilarious)

CIA official: White House aide suggested speech wording

U.S. blocks Cuban boat, weighs migrants' return

Another Mass Grave Found in Northern Iraq

U.S. Had Iraq-Niger Documents from Private Source

House Halts Administration Plan to Outsource Park Staff

Blair Tells Congress Iraq War Justified (Even if no WMD's are found)

Blair sets out his view of the new world order to Congress

Bush Marriage Plan Headed for Approval

Blair makes significant tone change

Iraqi: Tubes Weren't for Nuclear Bombs (AP article)

U.S. May Let a Private Company Hire Iraqis to Guard Installations

Bush Administration Withholds Toxic Cleanup Information

Klayman gets the Cheney Energy papers....

Lieberman Speaking Out on Bush, Rivals

U.S. Senate approves $369 billion for defense

White House Promises More Facts About Uranium Claim


Senators say China undervaluing yuan

NYT: Dems Question Fund-Raising by Appeals Court Nominee

AP: Forged documents mostly ignored until after Bush's SOTU speech

Deleted message

Major Flaw Found In Cisco IOS Devices (internet routers) - slashdot

The spies who pushed for war

The Nation "A White House Smear" claims Bushco treason over Wilson's wife!

I've been robbed!

is "black" offensive?

POLL: I'm thinking of changing my user name SUGGESTIONS?

Favorite use of the F word.

Tang alternatives?

What music (if any) was playing during your first kiss?

anyone notice thread views are gone?

I never post Caption this Picture, post but damnit, this must be captioned

4 Months Smoke-Free....

The tired testimony of all CAPTIONS!!! (More Tenet leaks!!)

Is Tony Blair a woman in drag?

ANy "curb your enthusiasm fans out there?"

Where in California should I move?

Why do men lie?

Reminder: Ari coming up on David Letterman show

DAMMIT UNDERPANTS!! Stop Messin' With My dcsetup.php !!!!!

DU Gardners: Need Advice Regarding Petunias

Quentin Tarantino's new films - YES!

How dominant is clear channel radio in your city?

Do you approve of the way Tony Blair is handling his job as PM?

Freaky Global Weather Sets Off Alarm Bells.......

Eliot Spitzer for Attorney General!

Does DU seem to be working better tonight?


Big. Black. Men. Big, Angry, NWA's.

What is the ultimate novel defining the 60s?

Is it bad not to be Liberal/Progressive?

"Lost in Space" - was Dr. Smith gay?

Need Cat Help!!!

Women more likely to lie about sex life


Question for you internet buffs...???

You've guys have fried my site and its mirror. Good work! I'll set up

If you could invent something and make it work

What's the opinion of Laura Bush's facelift

Rumsfeld - A war about nothing (flash movie)

Is the rap community ready for an openly gay artist?

Doug Irgang--Sept. 11 memories

a "hat's off" to the DU gurus

Almost $36 a month JUST for a friggin' DIAL TONE???

I now begin a boycott of CD's


The toughest CAPTION maybe ever

RIP Flight 800 victims.... 7 years post

Best Modern Jazz Guitarist

Eddie Bracken's grandson.....

Georgia student gets the same FBI treatment I did!

If you were going to get a laptop.....what would it be?

Hey, I went over 3000 posts earlier today

If a 'Serious' Drinker Stops Drinking.....


Mother Kept Mummified Daughter for Aliens

What's your favorite admin member nickname?

The Tangled Web of All CAPTIONS!!! (Secret Tenet thoughts!)


Bill Stafford's Poetry

Words of inspiration or a pusillanimous pop performance?

Hey Ladies!!! You like? For a good time call Mahir!

Quintessential Rocker?

Great, another puke co-worker

Looking for any anti-Ann Coulter sites

*sigh* my cat is sick and I need help

Any Dire Straits fans out there?

Who penned the "third base" quote...?

Just what is a "dcsetup.php" and why can't we connect to it???!!!!

Ever had a conversation like this?

The Taunted Witness of all CAPTIONS!! (More leaks from Tenet's testimony!)

Compugeeks: Asus, Abit, or MSI?

Should elderly drivers be allowed to drive?

Marriage license issued here for first wedding in space

The Capsized Clown of All CAPTIONS!!! (for myomy)

I'm so happy when my stopwatch thingy is running and the blue line starts

What does everyone here think about "Bambi Hunting"?

Get me outta the Dreaded 700 Club!

CoyoteCoffee: The Nekkid Lounge Blend!

How Can You Tell When Matcom Is Posting Drunk?

Anyone know about cancer and genetics?

Taiwanese woman dumps boyfriend for his online alter ego

Just found a bug!

Why would CNN record my IP address?

10-Year-Old Finds Porn In Birthday Piñata

Just got new Vanity Plate!!

I'm off to Charlotte, NC today so have a SWELL weekend!

When a subject shifts to page 2 or 3, does it mean

In honor (gag) of the Bush/Blair Press Conf. - A special musical request

Okay, I'll commit to $50 for a new server; who's with me?

Goodbye Duers! ***Wave***

Dang! My hands smell good!

My site has moved...please change your links/bookmarks

ACK!!!! Matcom is NAKED!!!

The Commander-in-Creep of all CAPTIONS!!! (for DEMMAN)

The Stand-Up Fall Guy of All CAPTIONS!! (Secret Tenet testimony!)

Did you see Trent Lott snoozing through Blair's speech?

The New and Improved Fighting Democrat

Didja Miss Me?????

Bad Novel Openings

I do not wish heat exhaustion on anyone, not even Chimpy

Loch Ness Fossil Discovered

need a web host for a curiosity site - suggestions?

Mother Kept Mummified Daughter For Aliens

Tiger Loses First Tee Shot - Score Triple Bogey on First Hole

Masturbation protects against prostate cancer

Republican Intern Proves He's a Dick

Dems supporting pro RIAA bill

Maybe they were talking about THIS yellow cake...

Golf - British Open underway

A little gem in the e-mail: Resume of George W. Bush

Philly Area Parents charged in boy's starvation (extremely sad story)

I got two job interviews today

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO...................

Drinking Beer Prevents Buildup of Toxins

Dream Thread #6 - what the hell does *this* mean?

Audience boos Limbaugh/ESPN announcement on Conan O'Brien

Triple Match Made in Heaven (at least for me)

Which Flame Warrior am I?

Should elderly drivers be allowed to drive?

For 100 points and a shot at the bonus round, who said the following....?

24 HAS To Win An Emmy For Best Drama This Year. It Just Does.

Who would be your Dream Dem Candidate (no term limits)

Corporate recruiting firms?

Matrix Revoultions - Could this rumor be true?

Some BU Freshmen living the Lush Life

'Six Feet Under' Leads Emmy Nominations

Here's a happening Meetup Group: Bush2004

Question on DU vs. FR - Users, Board and Fundraising

Can someone recommend a good pop up blocker ?


Foxglove1... A TRUE hero!

Dang annoying donors....

Who would you choose as your Dream Democratic Candidate?

Posting nekkid lowers dirty laundry risk!

Hockey will have an outdoor game this season!

Man sets new Donkey Kong record

The newest Grandady album "Sumday"...

I've got another job interview on Monday.

Anybody else stoked about Rickey Henderson back in MLB?

Care packages for soldiers in Iraq???

We are experiencing serious problems with our message board

Good (Thursday) Morning To ALL of DU!

In Memoriam ~ Carol Shields

How many people read turningtables (blog)?

I'm going to meet Howard Dean tomorrow!!!!!

How much $$$ do "900 women" make???

Niger forger revealed....


I just drove over to Illinois and, boy, is my ass tired

Are Cats Sexist?

A new slogan I thought up for the candidate that wins the Dem ticket.

Fastest I got was 215 MPH! Spank the Monkey!

Excuse me while I kiss this guy...

My late night dinner..

That's odd...I seem to have a mystery Italian textile business....

I drank tea at the bar tonight

I am running for President

Ari Fleisher on Letterman tomorrow night!

What do you tell your teacher . . .

Good night DU

Matcom, you have to see this to believe it.


Here is some dark poetry

Thinking of our troops in Iraq

How about a new forum on DU called The Sparring Ring

I'm going to a concert Saturday night...

Okay, personalized plates always seemed so, well, so


NM Family suing over funeral HELL prediction 'The Lord vomited...

How far would you travel for a chance to meet other DU'ers?

Can we have one little rule here at DU?

How many DUer's have SO's (significant others) that are also DUer's?

Non-punk artists who are punk as fuck?

What the Hell

Meaning and Uses of the F-Word

George W. Bush's resume

Dog health problems.......Advice?