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Archives: July 15, 2003 10 questions for Ann Coulter

Salon: Rumsfeld's Personal Spy Ring

Molly Ivins: The Peace from Hell

U.S., N. Korea Drifting Toward War, Perry Warns (Clinton's Sec of Def)

AZ Republic: Honesty and credibility are the campaign issues!

blood in the water watergate II

U.S. wants help with Iraq costs AND control, but donors want a say

Ashcroft Could Face Reckoning on Detainee Mistreatment

Mike McArdle: Why Howard’s not George

Palast: Bill Gates Killing Africans, Not Saving Them

Tom Oliphant points out another damnable lie

America Needs Help in Iraq - Help Wanted

Rape (and the Silence About It) Haunts Baghdad

Words of wisdom of G.H.W. Bush

Steve Bell Cartoon on Blair the Warmonger......Excellent

Salon readers speak up for Dean

Robert Scheer: A Firm Basis for Impeachment

Bush: Saddam Bought Geraniums, Not UraniumNot Uranium

Kucinich spices up Democratic race

National Alliance gets Let2Ed published in my paper

Bush's sea of troubles

Krugman leads the way again

A soldier's letter: "All is not well and good"

Graham gets an A

Understanding Slavery Starts with Apology

Military won't be overextended, says Bush, but some troops beg to differ

Hugo Young (London Guardian): The most dangerous home secretary

USA = "Dinosaur in a Tar Pit"--this ROCKS

Robertsons'prayer for Divine Intervention(SCOTUS)

Michael Kinsley on Bush's lies

Tell us the truth about the dossier

TOM PAINE: Trading In Favors:

UN arms hunter says U.S. claims are off-base

Faulty Connection (campaign to link Iraq to Al Qaeda)

WMD spin shows what leaders will do to take people to war

President Defends Allegation on Iraq

Disparate voices of Iraq emerge from silence

MoveOn Needs Petition Signers - Investigate Bush

Keep The Heat on ESPN to Fire Rush Limbaugh

FYI - A.N.S.W.E.R. Upcoming actions / Calendar of Events

Stop the Public Lands Giveaway -- by July 16

Protest Gobal Elite at Bohemian Grove 7-19

Elmo and Laura Bush

I'm still waiting for SOMEBODY to finally reply"BILL CLINTON ISN'T THE PR

Sports fans with brains unite!

About a passage in the new Guardian article and Clear Channel

Michael Savage Fired by MSNBC!

Yellow Journalism

Canned response from ESPN re Limbaugh

You have to see it to believe it --

Frustrated Dems complain about media bias

Tell MSNBC to Bring Back Donahue!

Broadcaster Pat Robertson calls for retirement of justices

Who will clean up after George this time?

Bush and his "Responsibility Gap" an NPR Commentary

corporate phantoms?- Web of Deceit!

I just had to delete 3 posts from one thread

Hi... My Name Is WillyT... And I'm A DUaholoic !!!

Two new additions to the Perodic Table of Elements

The Gardening Money Pit

Astrology and surgery

Desertrose on the crazy wisdom of the coyote

Things to do before you're 30

Cosmic Report Card Time (according to astrologer Carole Devine)

Employer Insurance and Contraceptives. HELP NEEDED!

Boy convicted in gay brother murder case

Biographer says Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy were bisexual

Gay Man Appointed Chair Of Penn Human Relations Commission

HIV+ Man Sues Postal Service For Discrimination

something to think about

Dem Hopefuls Court Black Vote

Libyan leader says straight people don't get AIDS

'Boondocks' creator signs deal with Sony

Higher Ocean Temperatures Trigger Puffin Dieoffs - BC

Sewage And Runoff Close Westchester County Beaches

Much of Europe Blisters Under Heat Wave

Remember Venezuela ?

Shariah Court ruling on Jihad

MoveOn Petition on WMD Intel.--330,000 have signed.

Join Star Wars Jr, says navy (Australia)

One of the STUPIDEST ideas ever?

Changes to Minnesota Medical Plans DHS

‘Mother’s little helper’ turns 40 - Valium

Animal fats linked to breast cancer

District attorney clamps down on spiked armbands

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handling dupes

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When killing becomes routine

Israeli ploy on Arafat backfires

Knesset calls on government to develop settlements

UNRWA: no money for emergency programs in W. Bank, Gaza

After attack Israel urges Abbas to disarm militants

After attack Israel urges Abbas to disarm militants

Palestinians in Israeli jails call for release of Israeli taxi driver

Islamic Jihad warns Israel of limit to patience

New officer assumes Canadian command role at NORAD

Why I'm for Kerry

Kerry, A Winning Liberal

What is Dean hiding?

Howard Dean, speaking "smooth spanish" addresses latino group

Jim Jeffords VP?

Graham: recall Bush, not Davis

Richardson for VP

Human Rights Campaign Forum

Peer to peer politics (Slate article - 7/14/2003) on Dean surge

Why not attack other Democratic candidates?


Wife of Democratic presidential hopeful Edwards courts Greenville vote

Kerry Leads Democratic Pack in Fundraising | LA Times

Gephardt Fund-Raising Falls Far Short

Kucinich got owned by Matthews

The Doctor Is In-competent

Dean: "I Seek Accountability"

Gephardt falls short of fund raising goal

Graham to take on FOX News

Graham gets help from S.C. insider

Lieberman's Top Fundraisers Leaving

How to beat electronic voting fraud

NH Democrats shopping for a favorite

Democrats consider mail-in ballots for presidential caucus

Wesley Clark in 2004, and a referendum on the future of war

TX GOP senator joins Demos to block state redistricting

"Jefferson was more obsessive"

Kucinich spices up Democratic race

Davis allies plan to sue over recall

General Wesley K. Clark: How well do you know him: Be informed!

Mc Cain Jeffords 2004!!!

The Bush Final Chapter

Dean: A Republican Dressed in Democrats Clothing

Picture of Kerry Being Arrested for Peace, Nixon's fear of Kerry

Last week I mentioned Bob Graham. any takers?

Judicial Watch: Write letters to Arlen Spector to vote NO on Pryor

McClellan: a kinder, gentler Ari? (today's press briefing)

Jose Bove supporters block Tour de France

Topic for Discussion: Is Property a Right?

Where the hell are Cheney and Ashcroft and Olson???....Chickens!

Who really REALLY thinks this is the beginning of the end for Bush?

Bush digs the hole a little deeper (actually, a LOT deeper)

It's All Coming Together So Beautifically.

Black Box: Call for help -- Who can translate Czech???

Massive information dump on Gov. Howard Dean

Gov. Dean's position on free trade (pro-fair trade)

Wingnuts' 1-2-3 Punches Defending Shrub

Tucker just said "It may destroy his Presidency"

Cops and Firefighters--how do they vote?

My Rant / not for the faint of heart

Get the DK transcript! Boycott Matthews!

every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense

Death Toll 07/13 - 07/15/03

The Lie Behind the Lie...

Looking for serious discussions from other DU'ers re: North Korea

What exactly is a “voter verifiable audit trail”?

This is how we can ENSURE & EXPEDITE the fall of bush*

Deleted message

NPR's disgraceful coverage of "darn good" and "bring 'em on"

The OFFICIAL "going down with the ship" RW whore list.

More Limbaugh lies

What will * do to save his stupid monkey ass.

I'm 1 and a half chapters into "Nickel and Dimed" and...

If you must vote Green please only do so in the writeoff states

9-11, Oklahoma City—You Name It, It Happened in Baghdad

CNN just said, US and N.Korea are drifting coser to war.

I'm Getting Scared

If you think Bush Is Toast, check in here!

* tried to blame Clinton for his lies yesterday

Letter to Congressman re: Waxman's WMD investigation...

Speeding Ticket

How many do you know that have no jobs since selection 2000?

I have a $1000 to invest, where do I put it??

say Dean wins the 2004 election

Those that get indicted for Corporate Fraud - TEACH!!

Bush needs another war....look out ya'lll

A Barney Frank "funny"

Kucinich medical marijuana flip flop

i just watched ten minutes of the jerry springer show

"Gulf War 2 was not pre-emptive, just a continuation of Gulf War I"

Jon Stewart off and running tonight!

I think that if the SOTU lies die, we are completely screwed

Political correctness run amok or censorship?

So when does Bush become "expendable"?

If you could have one constitutional amendment passed...

Have you noticed the new RW tactic against the WMD accusations?

MWO is hilarious ... is this a first?

U.S. Chicken Giveaway in Iraq (Winning Hearts & Minds)

who can find this tidbit about axis of evil speech?

Vote Republican - It's Less Taxing

the funniest freeper post I've ever seen

What the hell is going on??!!

F***ing FAUX!

Next US president?????

Has Anyone Seen/Heard Reaction from Dead Soldiers' Families?

Prediction: Cheney becomes "too sick" to be VP, Powell takes over...

3rd ID Sgt's Most Wanted Aces (Bush, Rummy, Wolfowitz, Bremer)

Damn...the Bronx Democratic Party is hopping mad

Kucinich on Hardball - NOW.

In 2004, it's National Security, Stupid! The economy will be a non-issue

Edwards Says Bush Does Not Know How To Manage The People's Money

What's up with the reverence here to Robert Byrd?

Kucinich Campaign: Good $$News and NAACP Event

Who was the brains behind the SOTU lie?

Kucinich and Sam Donaldson are on C-Span2 NOW

From tonight's "Letterman" monologue

Does the truth even matter, and to whom?

Malloy wailing on McClellan...this is funny!

Why it just doesnt matter.

US commanders turn blind eye on Iraq prostitutes use by soldiers

John Fund on CNN

ABC Nightline: The true story about Pvt Lynch (ymmv)

Is ProTalion still active?

North Korea claim revives criticism of U.S. policy

MoveOn Petition--330,000 Have Signed

Does Bush have a Weasel Reflex?

TomFriedman returns - praises US efforts in Iraq; dismisses SOTU lies

Tweety just treated DK like sh*t.

CIA fights back! Refutes Bush claim on SYRIA's WMDs

Great show on Democracy Now this morning.....

Gestapo in Rhode Island? Didn't see any thread on this...sure looks to

Iran, Japan defy U.S., close in on huge oil deal

Deleted message

the children of the right...what sweet music they make.........whiners!

So what are we doing...

Am I the only one nervous?

Should Annthrax take the blame.....

Right Here...Right Now....Mike Malloy!

SOTU..for you...

Where is Karen Hughes???????????

Bush's Biggest Problem

Anyone have a good link on the Hussein Kamel testimony?

a soldier has something to say to president bush, rumsfeld & cheney

It's all about a CLARK-EDWARDS ticket

When W goes on vacation, how many soldiers will die ?

will we see Speaker Tom DeLay?

DEAN News Clearinghouse--A resource for Dean supporters

I have a theory

I'm looking for the HRC Presidential Forum Video


What an odd turn of events...

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) want Cheney gone

Need info. on why Clinton signed this.


Hannity and Hannity

Now do you think the draft is coming back?

latest non-combat injuries result in death for 3 soldiers

* will not be the GOP candidate in 2004

Peaceful warrior , a good but sad read

Will things get so bad for Bush that...

Another doozy quote from W

What will * do to save his stupid monkey ass.

Abortion Rights Action: "Unborn Victims of Violence Act"

How is the Aids situation in the US? haven't heard much about the cases in

Poll: What single event will contribute most to Bush's downfall?

Mark my words, WMD will be found!

Is Junior capable of 'sacrificing' Cheney??

One consistent thing about Bush

Malloy Is, Once Again... Hot, Hot, Hot !!!

Former Intelligence Agents Demand Bush Fire Cheney

Did Bu$h just lie again.

Blood in the Water: Watergate II (From the Wilderness)

Bush isn't a liar..


And the winning combination is?

Tweety Using the "Ted Baxter" Image for Chimpy Again

I stepped into Karl Rove's wet dream.

ACLU sues Honolulu over evangelical Christian "Family Day" event

Citizens for Fair Elections

Does it matter how tightly you close your eyes?

Who can turn the world on with her smile...

If you're watching Countdown with Keith Olbermann (SP?)

ABC news tonight - take a look

I heard back from ESPN about Lush Blimptoy

Terrorists profiting off of crass patriotic commercialism?

Wolf Blitzer Poll - (here we go again)...

Does it seem like MSNBC is being most critical of Bush these days?

Are they that arrogant?They thought we wouldn't find out that they lied?

GAWD, I got so angry seeing this guy on the news.

Gov. Bill Richardson on CNN now (8:30 pm)

toby keith provides conservatives their theme song

The Brits need to hurry up and 86 Blair

ALERT: Kucinich In Seattle Friday, July 18th

Mission's Length 'In Iraqis' Hands' - (It's their fault we have to stay!)

We're all gonna be out of a job, and nobody cares

"The intelligent I get is darn good Intelligence" (video)

Interview with a pet reporter.

Why isn't anyone in the media saying Bush is unfit to lead?

WOW ABCNEWS soldiers call for Rumfelds resignation

BBC- The 9 Core reasons for war crumble


"We should not march into Baghdad ....

cbs...nbc...the soldiers want to come home & they are getting pissed off

A presidential whodunit-Michael Kinsley

Can we start calling Fox News the Ministry of Truth(MOT) plus...

OMG Matthews just showed part of MoveOn's ad ...(Symbolman's ad)

Edwards Confronted by Iowa Voter

Buchanan & Press

if Repubs backpeddle any further

July 10, 2003 May Be The Day Bush Lost The Election

All the GOP EGGS are in ONE basket with Dubyah.... did you notice

Wolfies ? of the day.. Go get him !

9/11 Report - Not looking good for Chimpy

Pat Robertson is praying that God remove 3 Supreme Court justices

15 kilos of depleted uranium missing UK

KELLER at the NYT-----------Ugh

pResident Caught In Another Lie

A Riddle for You

North Korea how convenient of them to steal the headline.

Latest Bush gaffe- it's a doozy!

Compassionate Conservative Update: Firms Fire Disabled Workers to Save $$

bush 1st president since Hoover to have a policy that...

A Firm Basis for Impeachment

Kay B. Hutchinson is a....

Candidates favorite foods?

25 Years Ago on This Day, Jimmy Carter Said It

Gay Rights In Fred Phelp's Backyard

Prediction: Photo Ops will start becoming rarer and rarer for the CiC

Democratic candidates take stage at NAACP Convention

LA Times Op-ed: A Firm Basis for Impeachment

Liberal Radio is out there! But what to add?

Bush Could Pass Hoover’s Record for Number of Jobs Lost

God Damn! MISLEADER.ORG ad on CNN (again!)

why focus on 1 little bitty lie?....they've told HUNDREDS

Rally Up: Invade This Freeper Board calling to boycott Celebs

When Castro dies...

Did anyone hear

Gene Lyons is on Buchanan and Press

Would bringing the SOTU Liars to justice require a "Nuremberg Trial?"

Happy Days Are Here Again-A Perfect Storm Is Brewing

What are you favorite anti-Bush sites in the following categories...

Will someone tell Bush* and big business that foreign outsourcing is bad?

Rim Job says we are enemy sympathizers

Reuters sees the irony like we do

Bob Graham To Appear On Hardball This Evening

Molly Ivins: Bush's Iraq War led to peace from Hell

Savage just can't quit; Anti-Semitism

It's not WMD, it's the terrorists stupid!

SierraTimes: "President is a Criminal"

Murderers Bush and Blair destroyed in today's Guardian!!!

Biggest Strength and Weakness of Dean Campaign

Gephardt is trying to save overtime

Kennedy Bitch slaps Bush....again

Planned Guerrilla War?

Link to Kennedy's speech to Johns Hopkins

Clue me in: Are those federal officers going on to Indian land?

Improved: Uranium, yellowcake, centrifuges & atomic bombs

Deleted message

Sen.Hollings is tearing the Repukes a new butthole over the

Why politics matters

The new PNAC dollar

Kucinich is on Hardball - MSNBC 7PM-8PM EDT

Can't even find WMD on google! See for yourself.

Kennedy on CNN now!

Ari Gets Out in the Nick of Time

democraticunderground gives me fuel to fight on other boards

My letter to the Ed. about progressive radio was FINALLY published!

Anti-Bush Anti-War Slideshows

GOP blames Dem Spending for deficit - tax cuts saved economy!!


Is Randi Rhodes a rerun today?

A Sad Story in Iraq (by Charlie Reese)

George Tenet

CNN showing North Korean nuke facility.

DU hiccups

Something that really pisses me off

Did anyone see Pat Robertson?

Richardson for VP

Outraged Army Vet slays Evil Chimp!!!!

Stay Out Of Liberia, by Charlie Reese

Joe Conason on a "darn good" Bush lie

did soccer moms really vote for Clinton because he was hansome?

Crossfire: Begala just led with "wouldn't let inspectors in" quote from*

I've got six important letters for Bush and Gang!

US Occupation =Starvation on streets, crime, prostitution, child abuse

"weapons program" vs. "WMD"

Or we could talk about this lie from Sept. 7 2002, debunked by IAEA

Visualize impeachment ! (and jail for Cheney)

Newsday: Iraqi City of Peace Moving Toward Chaos

CNN: Dems Continue to Attack

Senagal citizen's letter regarding Bush's visit to Africa

Joe Conason's "darn good" article on Bush's revisionist history

The Party of all Parties

Any intel on Clarks polling numbers?

Denver Democrats Reform Committee

Evidence that Faux news focuses on the important issues:

Must Read: From Ruppert - Blood In The Water: Watergate II

Senator Stevens' Answer To Why The Military Has To Stay So Long?

Just sent my rant to ESPN about Rush Limbaugh....

Another way to piss off the freepers/etc - Point out to them that

CA Democratic Primary

Operation "Hidden Agenda" Playing Cards

Deleted message

Arianna for Governor?

Byrd on at 2:35

Transcript of Rumsfield on ABC Stephanopoulos

Puerto Rican political parties

When is Kennedy's press conference ?

Kennedy - shoddy intelligence, hyped intelligence, false intelligence

FOX this morning busting on Dennis Miller "He makes me feel stupid"

Rush Limbaugh is to close to where I live!

Ex-defense secretary: U.S. ‘losing control’ of N. Korea crisis

Why isn't the country more up in the arms over Bush's scheme to kill OT?

Can someone please post that Gephardt hasn't reached his fund raising goal

Iraq has a uranium mine!?

Michael "weiner" Savage FIRED! (I was out of town......missed this)

Liberal Radio is out there! But what to add?

"If you actually trusted B*sh, we can't trust YOU"

Further proof that the tide is turning

Blair visits DC-will there be demonstrations??

Does GW Bush's lying reveal a heretofore-unrecognized talent...

Check out this graph

Pat Robertson is praying for divine intervention

who believes Gingrich/Cheney/Rummy are behind letter to WaTimes

Dean on racial profiling...

*poll numbers are falling: Salon's feature is on saving telemarketers

20 falsehoods about the Iraq war

hey bush, we fired your daddy, & we'll fire your ass too

Byrd now introducing amendment on senate floor

Josh Marshall on Bush's increasingly dumbass statements

CSPAN 2 NOW! Johnson (SD-D) on war - BYRD UP NOW

Does anybody know what Bush said when the elephants

Neil Bush admits to visiting prostitutes in Asia...UNDERAGE?

Most concise Shrump put-down ever (LTE in LATimes)

PEACEFUL WARRIOR (you should read this,one of us has fallen)

Wonder how much they begged Fleischer to not to leave?

Have you seen this Scott Mclellan guy? the press cor will clober this wimp

HOO Hah! Barney Frank just RANKED Bush!

Scott Ritter book calls bush a liar and Blix a coward

Anybody seen Bill Maher's spot for his new season on HBO?

Nuremberg holds Bush admin as War Criminals

the turning point has been reached . . .

Split Congress?

"Ari and I" (last segment, and it's a keeper)

NATO hunts missing WMDs in Hong Kong

Why old Europe's cry 'no to war' proven correct

Scott McClellan on c-span2

more chimp bashing on c-span2

Senator Clinton waiting for response. Why is Bush stonewalling???

the Road Map and other horrors

Thought for the day....

why did ESPN hire Limpbaugh?

News Flesh: WMD Found In NY City!

We gave president the benefit of doubt and he lied. Position of strength?

Help! I am trying to understand basic socialist theory!!!

Kucinich Update: Nader, Labor, War and Peace

Have any US papers repeated the "Blame the French" angle?

in '68 Bobby was going to WIN as anti-war candidate

Ted Kennedy To Discuss Iraq At 1 on MSNBC

Read His Lips: President Bush Deceives the American People (AD is out)

One more reason Pat Robertson will burn in hell.

Wow, Tweety actually had some nice things to say about Dean

Pat Robertson asks his slaves to pray for more conservatives on SC

no noontime white housee briefing?

Instapundit exposed

Can't believe what I am reading. I have passed through the looking glass

Bernie Sanders kicking economic butt on TV

A huge list all of Bush's "intelligence" failures

BLACK THURSDAY FOR BUSH/ A must read for loyal DUer's

So, I get a *postcard* from Sen. Nelson about his new internet enthusiasm.

ESPN's response to my email

Carlyle Group invests in RFID Company

The Patriot Act and IP Addresses: Is it the same as checking out a book?

A crazy "morning thought"...

Wash Post picks up on Bush's* lies from Monday's statement.

Whose votes is * losing? Gaining?

Unheeded Warnings...the Buck Stops With Bush*.

Here's the real conundrum for the administration

Here's a fun question for Bush and Blair:

Does Bush have BO?

Anyone know where to see the Kucinich/Intel people press conference?

Annthrax on my local station....

Iraq Exit Strategy - What is Your Plan?

Not too many Republicans have come out against Bush for lying to us all

Money exchange question

Dubyas concrete coattails

Powerful Kristof Complements Krugman!!!

Don't let them get away with this crap !

Budget deficit to exceed Defense Budget!!!!!!!

Deleted message

Conservative Columnist Blasts Bush/Neocons for Iraq

Would SOMEBODY please buy Peggy Noonan

Wellstone may have been our frontrunner....makes you wonder

Trembling on the edge of Liberia

White House projects record $455 billion deficit

So, just how desperate are they to sell new cars?

Recall Gov. Pataki?

I have ONE question for Bush.....

Is the hurricane going to knock yellowcakegate out of the headlines today?

same planet, different worlds.........

Clintons lose Whitewater appeal

Sen. Graham raises Impeachment Hypocrisy

The Bush Doctrine: Seperation of Truth and State

Sports fans with brains unite!

Krugman really tears into W in NYT today

Levin blasting WMD lies on CSPAN2 now - 10:20am ET

BEHOLD the Power of BUSH....


POLL: On W"s annual month-long "working vacation"

Carl Levin on CSpan2

Krugman is back!!!

Rummy's kick-ass, take no prisoners coalition of the willing

Questions and answers on Liberia's crisis

News from the "front" in Iraq

I wonder what ARI the LIAR's replacement is doing this morning

Tinfoil time: Could the Niger forgery have been a plant to entrap Bush?

Sent all of Bev's voting machine info to my state rep.

Dumbass Foreign Policy

The Long March of the Blue Ants & 2 word poem

Ben Black Elk Speaks Preserves Lakota Oral History for Future Generations

the chimp and the poodle will appear before congress on thursday!

Very strange comment on KERA (NPR) Dallas this morning.

WP: Toles Cartoon - Watch the Trunk!

McGovern - "Ignore Pollsters -- Just Tell the Truth"

WOW, I found this OLD Wesley Clark editorial, written days after 911

"Bush lied, people died" update

New Korean war possible/Caused by Bush Obsession with Iraq?

Niger/Uranium vs Iran/Contra

Need Help

The George Bush Center for Intelligence

Day 119 -----------> BUSH LIED

Fla Governor Appoints Superintendent over School Board Recommendation

Road to WH Goes Through Letterman---A suggestion for a dem candidate

NOT even close to "technically" true!!!

what will our stupid president say today?

We are about to surpass the number of US deaths from the war over Kuwait

DOD Identifies Army Casualties

NEED INFO...On Collin Powell...Mi Lai Cover-up/Iran Contra -Tow Misssles..

Suprise Suprise Freepers hate Hagel

Supporters of Davis recall are pissed about huge budget defecits...

George W Bush Joke that's not really a Joke.......Letteman


photo proof of W re-writing SotU joke

For my 1000th post...

Some comfort for ESPN viewers

Graham, other candidates put truth to Bush at NAACP convention

The Supreme Court DOES need a complete overhaul..

Is Bush really a Ted Baxter?

I'm nervous, what about Rummy, Perle & Wolfowitz?

Maybe Nader was right after all

Here's a meme: Boy George and Disappearing Dick

hooray for russell mokhiber!

Ran into Israeli Art Student Today are they going to explain THIS?????

Hanitty is shocked at NAACP statements yet was silent WICT Santorum

Online Journal has returned

calling to debunk a hate radio host is pointless

Bush will go on TEEVEE

ads for Gods and Generals DVD heard on Limpbaugh, Hannity, and Weiner

Who will resign first & how long are the knives?

Then there was the Strawberry Affair....

Cool, archives are back

Court Overrules Judge on Tobacco Decision

A new name for "Nigergate"

yes, people want Democrats in power

DUer, are you capable of doing any of the following?

Anyone hear me on Bernie?

CNBC is running a special report 9 pdt on nigergate

1961 and 2003: The Difference

Village Voice Letters today ...Great

SYMBOLMAN, READ YOUR DU MAIL (note to mods, too)

Is anyone as elated as me about sending troops to UGanda?

When will Bush be impeached?

Suggestion from another site....

Bill Gates Killing Africans for Profit & PR -Mr.Bush's Bogus AIDS offer

Quote of the Day: Don Rumsfeld---July 13

Kerry's Press Conference tomorrow

White House Acknowledges Ballooning Deficit

NPR/ATC: McGovern calls for Cheney's resignation

White House Acknowledges Ballooning Deficit

U.S. Presses New Iraqi Council To Begin Tackling Major Issues

FEATURE-Down and out in oil-rich Angola

Congressman Conyers Defends Kucinich And Asks NAACP To Judge Him On His Re

Tension over Iraqi police role

Royalists, communists return to Baghdad

Democratic Candidates Endorse Gay Rights | LA Times

Dewhurst: Perry could call another session on redistricting (Texas)

African diplomat's forgery led to Bush's gaffe: report

Unpaid Iraqi soldiers start receiving salaries, but discontent simmers

Two Liberian Cabinet Ministers Killed

A Look at U.S. Daily Casualties in Iraq

U.N. Inspectors Estimate 22 Pounds Of Uranium Missing From Looted Iraqi Pl

White House Calls Deficit Manageable | LA Times

Get the DK transcript! Boycott Matthews!

Ambushed U.S. soldiers kill five Iraqis - army

Lieberman Issues Statement on $450 billion Bush Deficit

Dean 2nd Qtr number : $7.6 Million

Dean gets help from D.C. insiders

U.S.: No Promises on Unit's Leaving Iraq

Texas School Board Vows Legal Battle To Prevent Gay Club Meeting

Area Guardsman dies en route from Iraq to Germany

Interpol: Bio Attack Prep Lacking

Chris Matthews on Hardball Rude in the Extreme to Kucinich

U.S. lifts passport restrictions for Iraq

Pentagon says Iraq war has cost U.S. $48 billion

Merrill Lynch Profit Rises 61%

Tallahassee Postal Worker Finds Suspicious Powder In Letters

Polls: Number Who Consider Economy 'poor' Highest in a Decade

(WA) State Unemployment Rises To 7.7 Percent

* tried to blame Clinton for his lies yesterday

Kucinich , Ex-spies blast soon to be ex - president on intel.

ANALYSIS-Fears rising of confrontation with NKorea

Lawsuit challenges Arizona's ban on gay marriage

Gephardt Fund Raising Falls Far Short

US sent a 4 star General to Niger before Wilson said the same thing

U.S. Attorney General Ashcroft Defies Court Order

BP Shuts Down Alaska Oil Field (ANWR - uneconomical)

New White House press secretary grilled on first day

Faked intelligence on Iraq part of a pattern of White House dissemblance:

Congress Stalls On Bill That Could Reduce AIDS Death Rate 50%

Commers resigns Commerce Department post (MN - Telecom Scam stuff)

US slashes growth forecast

Newsweek has Bush down to 55%

Iraq plans war crimes tribunal

Iraqis warn on more peacekeepers

Prison guard wins $624,000 in antigay harassment case

President Defends Allegations On Iraq

POW Lynch Expected to Return to West Virginia Home Next Week

Newspaper Regrets Publishing Fake Letter

Sen. E. M. Kennedy live on C-SPAN2 now!

American Companies Armed Iran For Many Years

Possible American Troops in Liberia Not to Be Under U.N. Control

Thirty percent of miners are HIV positive - SA

DoD releases names of 4 KIA's (from 7/11-7/14)


Greenspan says Fed could cut rates again.

N.Korea Tells U.S. It Made Bomb-Grade Plutonium

Crisis continues: US may abolish H1-B visa...

Senators Try to Roll Back FCC Media Rules

Tech jobs leave U.S. for India, Russia

Kennedy says U.S. policy in Iraq is tragedy

'The Last Embed' Fears Press Abandoning Iraq News

ON CNBC NOW- Independent Bernie Sanders,Vt. rips Greenspan

Transportation Security Contractor Spending at Lavish Hotels Under Scrutin

Iraqi swimmers call for US troops to leave their country

Rage over troops boils on border

Former UN inspector (Ritter) calls for 'regime change' in US

Cheney backs Iraq plan (stay in Iraq until all enemies are eliminated)

Australian forces to halt combat tasks in Iraq

Intelligence Scam (Flawed Uranium Intel from Forged Docs sold to Italians)

Syrians Say Villagers Shot By US Forces Near Iraq - NYT

White House Press Briefing with Scott McClellan 7/15/03

Iraq Council's First Step (sending delegation to the UN)

Retired CIA call for the resignation of the Vice President

hey bush, we fired your daddy, & we'll fire your ass too

New mass grave found in Iraq (Fresh too. From after we invaded Iraq)

Google gag becomes big hit

(California) State Court Blasts Violations of Miranda Rights | LA Times

Pentagon: 3rd Infantry to be home by fall

Five Afghan Policemen Killed in Attack by Suspected Taliban Fighters

White House Projects Record $455B Deficit (Breaks daddy Bush's record)

On NPR 1:00 pm

Read His Lips: President Bush Deceives the American People (AD is out)

World leaders reject Blair's move over military action

Online, off and running: Web a new campaign front -USA Today

Bush: U.S. Working Hard to Find Iraq WMD

Anti-Muslim violence on rise in U.S. - report

Tax for wealthy seen as hitting middle class

Time: Iraqi mob killed soldier (military cover up probable)

Microsoft to monitor TIA "snoops"?


Marcos's Swiss accounts ordered forfeited

U.S. Defies Moussaoui Ruling

US forces not going home soon

U.S.: Iraqis will decide when coalition forces leave

3rd Infantry Division staying in Iraq

Davis Allies Plan to Sue Over Recall

California Recall Foes Sue to Challenge Count

Evolving Untruths - ABC News

Carl Levin on CSpan2

Michael Kinsley on Bush's lies

U.S. Move to Resume Training Indonesian Military Draws Concern

Dems Question Gov't Deficit Projections

Ben Black Elk Speaks Preserves Lakota Oral History for Future Generations

Democrats Use Bastille Day, Internet Activism to Bash Bush

Bodies litter streets after week of fighting

Red Cross Needs Cash

Prison deaths raise eyebrows - Zimbabwe

Londres accuse Paris

Hong Kong’s summer of discontent

File-Sharing Dips After Threat to Sue

Diplomat dismisses British claim of Iraq uranium bid

Nations welcome governing council

Budget deficit to exceed Defense Budget!!!!!!!

Nev. budget impasse clouds political future

U.S. Says Bomb (Not Accident) Was Behind Car Blast in Afghan Capital

House Budget Bill Blocks New Meat Labels

Pak-Afghan Border Tensions Remain As Clashes Continue

US Lawmakers to Vote on New Burma Sanctions (VOA)

US rebuffs Iran offer of nuclear talks

U.S.: Turkey Remarks on Capture Premature

Resentment Bubbles as British Troops Try to Restore Order in Basra

Families of 2002 LA(X) Shooting Victims Sue ($85 mil.)

Spokeswoman Alleges Abuse at Air Force

'No war' protesters to stand trial | ABC (Australia)

Blair's bathroom gift to Bush revealed

France Downplays Jet Swap with Russia

Clinton's Record Broken

India rejects Iraq troop request

Federal budget woes trickle down

(Alberta Premier) Klein says sanctions may be necessary in beef fight

white house to project record deficits

Iraqi City of Peace Moving Toward Chaos

India group: Outsourcing saves U.S. jobs

Four Judicial Nominees to Get Hearings Despite "Blue Slips"

(Australian) Govt shrugs off nuclear 'threat' | ABC (Australia)

North Korea says it's ready to produce nuclear weapons

South African AIDS deaths report leaked | BBC

Niger: Straw accused of 'new deception'

Congress Prepares for Battle Over UN Population Fund Money

US defies Moussaoui court ruling

The Supreme Court DOES need a complete overhaul..

Dead soldier’s father blames Blair for Iraq war

Guest post by Howard Dean on media consolidation (Lessig Blog)

Justice Department cites 'cruel and demeaning' measures at Mississippi ref

Reform school students forced to eat vomit

Davis Backers Sue Over Recall Petitions

Hatch Backs Immigrant Idea (to enable foreign-born to run for prez)

NYT: Rape (and Silence About It) Haunts Baghdad

2 Cubans Dead In Botched Hijack

Few nations want to help in Iraq - U.S. search for Iraq troops frustrated

U.S. Eyes a Willing Romania as New Comrade in Arms

NYT: House Retreats From Bush's Nuclear Plan

Dems Fail to Hold Bush Responsible for War Deceptions Greens Charge

CSPAN 2 NOW: Senator BYRD on fire!!!

Update - Missing UK Schoolgirl 'Unharmed'. Marine with her calls FBI...

Architect and Developer Clash Over Plans for Trade Center Site | NY Times

C.I.A. Chief to Face Panel on Dubious Iraq Arms Data

Cuba accused of blocking U.S. satellite feeds to Iran

DeLay: Bush credibility issue overblown

White House: soaring new debt figures "manageable"

Clintons Lose Whitewater Appeal

Faced with probable recall, Democrats look to unite behind one candidate

House Backs Bush on UN Family Planning Funds

WP: Dems Demand Probe of Prewar Intelligence

U.S. Loans to Turkey May Be Delayed, Sources Say

Feds Won't Enforce School Patriotism Law

EU Takes 11 Member Governments to Court (biotech foods)

Kerry Leads 2004 Democrats in Cash in the Bank

1,200 Clinton fans line up at book signing (Cambridge)

Rumsfeld corrects testimony – twice

President Caught In Another Lie

Aircraft flown by Bush ... is retired

BBC: Core of weapons case crumbling

Uranium May Be Missing From Iraqi Plant (Oil Still Secured)

Move-On airing new ad "We went to war and now it turns out we were

White House Sees Pick Up in Growth Next Year

Washington Post: U.S., N. Korea Drifting Toward War, Perry Warns

Crew of Columbia Survived a Minute After Last Signal

Federal court bars enforcement of school patriotism law in Pennsylvania


Intelligence dispute to be aired in public

France won't send troops to Iraq

Iraqi Council to Set Up Tribunals

Democratic Governors Group Criticizes Bush on Economy

Democratic Govs Chide Bush on Economy

CIA: Assessment of Syria's WMD exaggerated

(Pat) Robertson Calls for Justices' Retirement

Uncoolest Homosexual

Theme song for the invasion of Iraq, suggestions?

New Star Trek series, what do YOU want in it?

Can't even find WMD on google! See for yourself.

OK....OK...We've Given into Dr. Sears

Anyone else here been wacked with a ruler by a Nun...

The little woman spends all the money

OK, how does a traditional wedding go?

10 Questions for Ann the Man

Poll inspired by Forrest Gump's Sig: Hot chicks and handcuffs...

What's for lunch?

Anyone else here been kicked in the knackers by a pun?

LOTR fans check in here for a chuckle (photoshops)

where should I move when I get out of college?

Your ideal man/woman

If both Barney and Matcom donated sperm...

Where should Jobycom and family go for vacation?

Best Album of ALL time!!!

Queer Eye For the Straigt Guy

Learning your ABC's - For Men Only

Human Catapult Falls Short.........Dies

Everyone clam down about my LYING and CAPTION this

Apparently my family can't even go to Target without getting into a fight.

The Coyote howls 200!!!


Can raw unpeeled carrots kill you?

Another Post Just for the Dudes...

Cat question

Best political band: Dead Kennedys vs. The Clash vs. RATM

Goofiest spam you get in your e-mail?

Otter Pops?

Who will have homefield advantage in the World Series?

more of the mom saga... my email to her

Greatest Double Album

Not for the SQUEEMISH: My fingernail fell off. Need some advice.

Heaven and Hell?

Great Overlooked Albums

Only one Iraq Sand storm?

36 minutes to go

Thptptptptptptptptptptpttptptptptptptptp !!!

MIT Scientists Build Robotic Snail

gawd! i am sooo slow!

Must... Reach... 700... Club... . Only... four... more... posts....

So... Did We Ever Get An Answer To...

I'm THIRTY today.

Who likes being an asshole to people that suck?

Maine Int'l Film Festival showed "Easy Rider" tonite!!!

the next SOTU speech

Hey William Pitt...they are talking about you at freeperville.

Sounding stupid here... but what does ROTFLMAO mean?

Is Anyone else Having Trouble Connecting to IE America Radio?

Just thought of a new slogan

My Brother Admitted We Were Right!

What does " " mean in html?

Judas Priest reunites!!

Hey, anyone "seen" Zomby Woof, arwalden, Texasliberal

Anyone want to chat?

I am not from Iowa

China's 'Loch Ness Monster' Resurfaces

Mea Culpa

Who Is Watching The MLB ALL-Star Game?

HELP!!!! My fridge is on the fritz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

suggestions welcome - math games for seriously short people

Who Here Thinks Joni Mitchell Is Amazing???

In my complex parking lot - saw a Dean sticker to you other Deanies

During hot weather do you

Separated at Birth: Dennis & Dubya

!!! I LUV THE MODS !!!

There MUST be a goofy reality show on tv now

What a *!@&%# day!!!

Can OJ kill you?

Swiss group launches Super-villanizer - the anti-Big Brother

Best political band: Dead Kennedys vs. The Clash vs. RATM

I'm tired, why should I care?

Who can turn the world on with her smile...

Our Nokia phone just got soggy

New icon at FR! Moammar Gadhafi!

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY KADECARRION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

World series, why don't they just

Would you vote for Hightower for president?


Best political band: Dead Kennedys vs. The Clash vs. RATM

Is DU2 always going to run this bad??

I think the All-Star teams should play for a tie!

Best Progressive Magazine

Great PBS show on right now.

Interesting conservative take on Rush

Any one else tired of the constant references to Orwell?

"The Foundation of Law & Government", a private organization

Candidates favorite foods?

More traffic on DU? Are people looking for anti-bush info?

Just saw a TV ad that had me cracking up.

So, its going to be North Korea!!!

Need help...have had 9 virus e-mails today.......what does this mean?

"True believers" and the facts.

How many more "Freaky Friday" shows need to be made?

Anyone ever done an anagram on "Ann Coulter"?

The Drunken Dissembler of all CAPTIONS!!! (for I AM SPARTACUS)

Annthrax never made it to No.1, let me sl-ann-der her again

My 1995 Ford Escort just ticked over 100,000 miles

Should I Start Using The Litter Box & Make The Cats Clean It?

CAPTION this simple portrait of George W. Bush

The botched sex-change of all CAPTIONS!!!

Bret Boone is my new hero!

Steve Earle on Woody The Nation?

CAPTION THIS : State of the Union: Behind the Scenes

I just saw the worst movie ever!

Just sent my Repug friend for a spin

Unemployed Man Sent On Interview --- To ESCORT Agency

Whom should the National Barking Spider Resurgence Party nominate? (True!)

Moon Near Mars in Sky July 16-17, Eclipse for Some

Hag fans, Merle wrote a good one! "Not at peace with events"

Just sent my Repug friend for a spin

Just sent my Repug friend for a spin

this is cool

The tide is turning, baby!

Creative DU superhero fans: DC has a job for you!

now i've seen everything.....BABY TATS

Whooo! My hundreth post!!!

Who has a more eclectic taste in FOOD than me?

Remember Paul Kelly Tripplehorn, Jr? (Asshole GOP Intern?)

HOW STUPID is it to even CONSIDER building the FA-22 RAPTOR?

Best Stones song?

What threat to the Bush administration are you? (take the quiz)

Favorite Double Album?

Bush:I was only following orders (IronicTimes CLASSIC this week)

Does the FBI Have a File On You????

Man cuts offs penis, eats it

"Creationist science fair"

Betty Bowers: Pat Robertson's Prayer Death Squad

From Bush Speech to UN on Iraq

Oh No the Lasagna Wars :)

Rest in peace

hello all, did anyone miss me???

I've waited for someone to ask..nobody has so I will..What does TINFOIL

Dealing with obscene phone callers

Great Google: "French Military Victories"

Are you Wallace or Gromit?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO..........................

Life after death

My congressman

Okay folks....I'm bored. Amuse me.

I won't be around much for awhile

Would you do this for your kid?

Lockheed-Martin advertising the FA-22 Raptor

Ok, HOW STUPID is it to even CONSIDER building the FA-22 RAPTOR?

I found the perfect way to scare people away from me -

Anyone else here going to be affected by Claudette?

name the unidentifiedbassplayer, 2.08

EUREKA!!! I have deciphered the Neocon chagrin with Clinton!!

"Au Revoir!" for a week or so! Road trip starts in 10 minutes!

Doonesbury - Miss Tim Russert...

For my 1000th post...

The Kerry/Lennon picture was altered!! I have the REAL picture...

On its way...

Greatest president of the 20th Century.

Afternoon Barbecue in Holland

So which milk shake flavor would YOU choose?

Simpson's wisdom


DUers speaking portuguese - is it hard...

Cheney gets FARKed

Did rescuers almost shoot Shoshanna

Hi DUers! Happy Tuesday!!!!!

Can anyone recommend a free spyware/ad killer?

Truly ODD patriotic picture of the day

NIgerian scam E-mail going around: the Abacha Estate

Jesus Says It Is Ok To Impeach Bush.

My cat is hard at work saving us from the evil vole-hordes

This is cool. My niece used MWO as her source in her current

VCR ALERT!!! July 17

The new scratching post..

Food Lion Brand Butter Pecan Ice Cream

SYMBOLMAN, READ YOUR DU MAIL (note to mods, too)

Anyone else think Robert Wyatt is the best thing to come from Socialism?

Poll: What is America's team?

Hey fellas! Lonely? Write Susan Smith!

Can shrooms kill you?

This society to repressive to human nature!!!

Best musical covers ever. The sincerest form of flattery....

From tonight's "Letterman" monologue

Favorite Steve Martin movie

Help--how do you put a hard return in your signature?

Every morning I get up and hide the mice

News Flesh: WMD Found In NY City!