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Archives: July 13, 2003

Mr. Bush, You Are A Liar

Our President is a Criminal

Bush could be a one-termer

Case Not Closed: Tenet Statement Analysis

letter from veteran in austin texas statesman-american

NYT Book Review: Learning to Love the French as They Are

Arizona a racists' paradise?

A cartoon you might enjoy.

Just typed "republican traitors" into google...

Bush vs the CIA, who do you root for? I don't know how much of this is tru

Blair seeks new powers to attack rogue states-- good grief

Senator Mark Dayton: The long road to success in Iraq

ABC News- Ex-Officials Dispute Iraq Tie to al-Qaida

NYT- National House of Waffles( blasts the white house)

"We must defend Liberians 'cause my wife was one"

Clinton/Bush cartoon from Benson (AZ Republic)

'Our democracy is withering' South Africa

Mpls StarTribune: The case for war / Congress must probe intelligence

WSWS: US convenes Iraqi council with aim of grabbing oil

ABC news-President Facing New Challenges of Credibility and Casualties

Daily Times (Pakistan): Washington’s web of deceit

Halliburton Subsidiary Gets Huge Head Start In Iraq

Michael Ventura on the Constitution, Lawrence v. Texas, etc.

Blitz the Media

blitz the media correction

Petition for gov't officials to resign

The only TX Senate hearing on redistricting Mon 7/14

condi crasheing and burning

BBC news poll

4 comments...1 comment...7 comments...etc

217 US Soldiers die in Iraq because of the bush lies

Where's Krugman?

Starcats: Claudia Dikinis on "George v. George" (Bush & Tenet)

Astrologers: New & Full Moons & Eclipses

Summer Recipes and Food: Fresh Fruit Pies

Any bird lovers out there?

Barry White was the voice of romance

Gay bishop row descends into chaos as synod is halted

Missing Democrats an 'affront' to NAACP

Interesting Article in Scienfic American (Evolution)....

Rice Lying in January 2003

Bush lied in Sept 14 Radio Address

ARI evades ALL important (forgery) Question on 3/14/03

Solomon Islands bullied into accepting Aussie-led military intervention

Afghan Said to Drive Out Pakistanis

New Indian Consulate Signals Closer Ties (Afghanistan)

A Hard Life in Rural Karabakh

"Fraser lashes PM's 'slavish' support of US" (Land of Oz)

UK tanks roll on Indonesian rebels

MEDIA-EGYPT: Anti-American Press Pays the Price

Agent Orange Still Killing After Three Decades

Peace Dividend Brings no Gains (Jordan)

Talabani: We invited Turkish soldiers to Sulemani

The Referendum in Colombia: Democratic Participation or Endorsement of

Iraq committee formed in the last few days

Latin America moves left

Lung cancer emerging as major threat - UAE

Botswana: Extinction by Aids?

Coca-Cola under probe

Psychologist discusses speaking techniques

I don't understand how "Mark" works

how can I help out DU buying other books from

I just erroneously rated a thread a 1 instead of a 5

Checking on submitted articles

Should DU have a separate WMD-gate discussion forum?

Poll threads and stars

hi skinner

Long threads - with subthreads - can be very hard to read at the summary

Pin-up Topic for LBN suggestion: "If you see a Duplicate Please Alert"

About DU acronyms / slang

Why Stay in a Place of Fear? It's Home

Aksa Martyrs Brigades head says PA never told group to stop attacks

Hamas, Jihad say will end cease-fire if PA tries to disarm them

I am a neophyte and very ignorant of the I/P issue, however

PMW:Incitement Continues

Palestinian children stage hunger strike

In latest ceasefire move, Hamas threatens kidnappings

Palestinian survey shows few refugees would return to Israel

U.S. Kills Four in New Iraq Operation

Kerry & Clinton

Secretary of State Brown (R) to set run for (Montana) governor

New Hampshire Public Television Special on Dean

Can Gore beat Bush Again?

Kucinich, hitting the nail on the head

Kerry and Dean Set on a Collision Course

Feeling Dean’s Pain

4 of 9 candidates to miss NAACP debate

Why we must draft Al Gore

2004: THE DEMOCRATIC HOPEFULS - Dennis J. Kucinich | LA Times

FL-16: Harrell (R) to seek Foley (R)'s U.S. Congress seat

Remeber AWOL landing on the Lincoln??

Eschaton on the WashPost's "Laughing Third" Editorial

See instant Runoff Voting in Action in the Green/Progressive online primar

Did Kucinich Bankrupt Cleveland?

Dean Supporters: New Dean Video Available

A Serious Question for Dean Supporters: Electoral Victory? How?

Downstate Dem (Simmons) quits Senate race (IL)

Missing Democrats an 'affront' to NAACP (Miami Herald)

Jean Shinoda Bolen: "Kucinich *Can* Be Elected"

Vermont beats trend with $10 million surplus

Over 2,000 Rallied for Dean in Tucson Today!

Dean for America: Bush and WMD - Assumptions Vs. Reality (PDF)


For Democrats Challenging Bush, Ashcroft Is Exhibit A


More comments on Howard Zinns' "Peoples History".

What about other threads?

what happened to the 9/11 forum?

Who would you like to have as a guest on "The Guy James Show"

Which is the Greatest "Liberal" Movie?

Polls follow a pattern....

John Edwards Town Hall Meeting on C-Span, Monday 7-7 @ 7

More Drudge Lies: "No one from Dean campaign leaked anything to Drudge."

FREE anti-Bush art

Other titles from Ann Coulter you can't afford to miss

Ann Coulter - Threat to National Security?

The secret policemen snatched the citizen from his house.

the first DU2 CARTOONS! thread...............

At least 3 dead US soldiers in the past 24 hours

In the parade mag

If Bev Harris is right, there's no wrong kind of left.

Why the Left IS patriotic

Posted already? French put 60,000 red roses on the graves

Wow! Wolfie actually announced his poll results just now. 93% say YES

Ha! This AOL poll is so against Bush!

Anybody watching Wolf?!!!


what's up with the DU clock??

NYT: In Blair We Trust.....(link)

Democrats, Republicans Awash In Funds From Corporate Criminals

WTF! Andrea Mitchell, cheers! Joe Wilson, kudos! As the worm turns...

Military Families Speak Out ... DU Vets please read!

Wesley Clark as a Republican?

why we can't run Kerry, Edwards, or Lieberman..

CIA takes the heat: Is Pres. Bush off the hook?

Would you ever vote for an anti-choice or anti-gay candidate?

Nostradumbass ... Bush's Vision

Why do rightwingers still think Clinton has so much power?

Question-who's interested in actually trying to organise some BIG protests

Hispanics "Blast" Shrub (La Raza) - Univision

Deleted message

Where the hell did Tom Friedman go?

A thought about Chris Matthews

Will the Free Press suddenly start telling the truth?

Why don't the French, Germans, and Russians state the obvious?

Axis of Evil Revisited: Iraq didn't "have" but "sought" WMD

Peter Werbe's Nightline streaming now. --- link

Who truly and honestly believes in karma? By karma, I mean a force

Don't let Uranium-Niger mushroom cloud the ENTIRE truth about Bush

One more point from Bernie Ward of KGO-AM Late Night

Are these claims about Bush/Clinton accurate?

Dear Condi Rice

Sunday 7:00 PM ET, Bev Harris on the radio

Do you think the media is more controlled by ratings or the neocons?

"16 Words"

Letter to Navy Times

New MWO--Look who's writing, too!!

The most succint, accurate, and articulate discription of the Bush cabal's

Has anyone thought about

I feel like I can't believe anything..

Howie Fineman's ridiculous piece on Dean

Poland and her short term memory loss

* vs. Clark on national defense

Leon Harris: His Africa story puts Bush to shame

Dean Campaign Update - from Joe Trippi

If the Niger lie fiasco gets too hot....

MN Repub Gov, Pawlenty, involved in fraud investigation

What is al-Qaeda?

Couple of neat 'toons

VIEWER ALERT -- Arianna Huffington guest on tonite's Larry King

The ninth of April is my birthday...

AP Top News at 8:54 p.m. EDT - July 13, 2003

Bush's memo to Congress the reasons why a war... copy please

Seems "Mr Scoop" Drudge has missed the boat

What's going on with this cartoon? "Daddy Matcom's prediction????

A contest

If you've NEVER served as a moderator before, DU needs your help!

The Missing African 727

what will happen when the 9/11 report comes out statingthat w was warned

Rummy: "Are more people going to die? You bet."

Future Uniters not Dividers in Action

Link to drip drip drip cartoon?

now more on national defense... vs. the economy

3,000 Chemical Suits & Atropine Injectors Prove NOTHING, Yet

What REALLY infuriates me about the Niger lies.

George Tenet v Condi Rice - Place Your Bets

Only green running for office in VA

Pundit Pap (APJ): "The CIA did it... yeah, that's the ticket!"

20 Lies About the War

MORE IN U.S. CALLING FOR REGIME CHANGE (N.Korea) (GOP stirring the pot!!)

Bizarre Game Targets Women


Florida Dems: We lost a fine young democrat in Iraq last week

St. Pete Times Cover: "War Weary Families 'Get my son home'"

How was the Niger scandal handled on the evening news?

Democratic candidates aren't letting Bush off the hook

HA! Freepers Getting Mad At Fox News.

WHY is Bush toast?

Bush's Poll numbers are lower. The DLC is wrong again!

OK, I'll defend Pat Buchanon, here's why!

I don't think Gephardt knows the cameras are still on

Are we ready to go back to the streets yet? A new round of Protests?

Condi on Face the Nation

"Bush's Impending Watergate"

Okay, so why is Tony Blair coming to meet Bush to "talk" on 17th?

Liberal Moths: Let's Not Get Too Close To The WMD Light

What is Kerry's position on Medical Marijuana & the War on Drugs?

CNN's "Burden of Proof" starting right now

welcome our newest member

Church sued for $2 million

Hey DU from the Minnesota for Kucinich Campaign!

Local news says UK stands by Niger report. Is this true?

My answer to the 16 words canard, Bill Clinton's 11 words.

press inquiry re: FReeping online Polls!! CHECK THIS OUT!

Is this an important piece of the SOTU story?

Okay Condi, lets' hear it.

Where is Larry Kleymann and Judicial Watch during all this?

Rank the Democratic Presidential Candidates (7/13)

Timely repost: Hypocrisy, standard GOP procedure

Poll: Should Clinton's penis be placed in the Smithsonian? Its power is

Deleted message

Bushco are "Utopian Anarchists"

Oh man, VOTE in Wolfie's Poll: Congress to investigate Bush?

Credibility FIRESTORM!

Good sign in Reuters headline

Al-Quaida setting forest fires in America? Anyone else hear this.?

Condi: zeroing in on the lie

Howard Dean subs on Lawrence Lessig blog

With *'s poll #'s collapsing: Where will go to war next?

A query about CFR

OMG....Talk about adding fuel to the fire!!!!!

Volume 1111 - Jackass in the White House

Rate the credibility gap, now that the Sunday dust has settled.

What's next on Black Box Voting? LOTS:

Breaking: Saddam tried to buy WMD from US in 1983..and succeeded..

I predict it will be Clark/McCain vs Dean/Edwards.

Given aggressive efforts to freep recent polls, the results are sill

Why do people like Bush? - Hopefully a serious discussion

Should DU have a separate WMD-gate discussion forum?

Black Dems -- Dem Party does not want you

How come the cable news networks don't have

Bush called an end to hostilities in Iraq on May 1

The Alabama Question

George Bush could not withstand the same scrutiny as Bill Clinton...

"Driving planes into buildings."

Holy shit, Bush leads Kerry by only 8%.

Who would LOVE to have George Bush testify under oath?

WMD Search on Google (Surprising Resutls!)

Aren't photos like this against the Geneva Convention???

Did anyone else catch today's correspondent on BBC world?

Fellow Americans, please remember that "Parents Day"

Well, the morning shows are over. How do you think it played?

I Predict That If The Economy Hasn't Revived by Next Spring Karl Rove Will

(Gulp!) The logical outcome of impeaching Dumbya...

Should Congress investigate? Wolfie's new poll

What the hell is Levin doing stating it was not the president

NPR this AM---Doyle McManus (LA Times) pissed me off!!

How many polls have Bush under 60 percent?

Security ... At a Price By Gary Hart -- In The Moscow Times

Keeping the Pressure On: Exposing More Lies

Bush Junta's Fatal Miscalculation.

Question: is there a way to send books/goodies to troops in Iraq?

On ABC This Week ... Rummy looks uncertain and frightened.

we need another leak to advance the scandal

Would you vote for Hillary for President poll

A long way to go (aka the american public is ignorant and misinformed)

suggested response to repug playing down the lie

OK, my first poll: Does this have legs?

"That statement is no longer operative."

Can anyone confirm this rumor about Lieberman?

Rummy "I just found out in recent days"

An Amazing AOL Poll

Liberals to blame for the faster onset of puberty!

They printed my letter to the local paper today!

Howard Dean's new title: Blog Host

Who will be President Bartlett's new Vice President?

why no planting of WMD's?

A Prelude

If the Texas Democrats can defend their state...

Bush's Data Dump

*Bush credibility tainted, no matter what happens now.

Another damning piece of the puzzle....

How long and how many times will we see Dubya's SOTU Iraq disinfo...

Let's see, the career spooks are going to turn against Chimpy..

NEIL Bush admits asian flings while married.

The bush/WMD controversy as I see it this side of the Atlantic

Deleted message

I want to make a Flash movie, need help.

Video of Ron Pauls recent speech?

Exaggerations: Bush, uranium and hungry Democrats

.."Wrap this up...we don't have a lot of time left"....

Vote in Wolfie’s poll about * handling of intelligence.

Why America Is Running Out of Gas

Scoop's Black Box Voting article picked up on Plastic

Fox News parody on The Simpsons tonight

U.S. Code: Title 18: Section 1001

Bush screws US/Cuba travelers to impress Miami "exile" voters

Any Concensus yet on Sunday shows

Aluminum Tubes

Found one bald-faced lie by Rummy on Steph's show.....

For Cable, best of both worlds; War NOT over + BushCO scandals = $$$

Hey! Bev Harris and anyone else concened about voting machines

Turn on TNT NOW!!!

The upshot of the constantly changing Uranium story...

Alex Witte, trollup and streetwalker, is a Bush spinning sow ...

WTF- ABC news- Newsspeak Headline includes WP claim in the story

Henry Kissinger on Wolf making a complete ass of himself defending Bush

"Liar! Liar! Speech on Fire!"

Children of terror victims unable to travel to U.S. due to stringent visa

Fox News parody on The Simpsons tonight.

I know its early but Ski & Skinner will be awesome today!!!

WTF! FAUX just reported Tenet warned WH last Oct. to remove Niger ref.

Have daschle and pelosi gone into hiding??

Deleted message

Bob Graham To Appear On Meet The Press

Halliburton's Iraqi Scam (sucking sound)

If he's responsible, why didn't Tenet resign?


Can you impeach both the president and the VP? If Bush goes down,

How Clinton could have avoided being impeached.

Drug giant accused of false claims (Dateline NBC)

US Leans On Belgians to Spare Sharon From Trial

Rebuking Coulter

At what point does a SOTUS get its final vetting? It can't be

so.. is that it? nothing more about the wmds then a "lets move on"

Newt Gingrich feels snubbed so closes US govt. (for real)

A suggestion for Toby Keith

Sunday newspaper headlines - 'Get My Son Home'

Here's what I fear

OMG! have you seen the video of W getting off the helicopter at the WH?

Ladies and Gents: the BIG LIE is coming out as well: saddam/911

Has the "honor role list 600" swindle been mentioned lately?

Vote now on Late Edition - Should a Formal Investigation Be Launched

Help! I'm so confused my head is spinning

Is the C.I.A. becoming the patsy?

Do You Want To Get Really Pissed OFF. Walk Into A Barnes & Noble

Uranium story will be buried & forgotten just like the "Bush Knew" story

Deleted message

Is this the start of a media feeding frenzy?

With all today's equivocation from the Admin...

According to Condi......the British are responsible for False Niger Info!

Andrea Lafferty on C-SPAN

Am I da only one

another great thing about Bush's ratings

Freeper Demons blame Dems for what BU$H officials said

"We're talking about one

What gets people banned at FR, you ask?

Deleted message

CNN Grants Diplomatic Recognition to Puppet Government

I can't stand this anymore!

Bob Franken...his hilarious reference to Rumsfeld's spin today.

20 Lies About The War

Is It OK to lie on our 1040 and 1040a now?

Rumsfeld and Bob Graham on Meet the Press

what happens if there is a 269-269 split?

(NYT) Bush rudely interrupts Botswana president; won't take questions

Do I hate Rumsfeld? You Bet!

Remember when JFK took blame for Bay of Pigs?

French bashing, US trade, and Morans still exist

Faux Snooze look at Niger uranium...

Why linking Tenet to the Clinton administration is a loser

Count how many times Rumsfeld says "I don't know" on ABC's THIS WEEK

What the difference between Saddam and Charles Taylor?

This scandal and the future

Now that * is TOAST, who will the GOP nominate in 2004?

The Late Great American Republic.

Questions not ask today

Rummy: "Am I lying my ass off? You bet!"

Rummy: "What the president said was TECHNICALLY correct."

What if they gave a candidate bashing thread and nobody came?

Chris matthews guests....agreed...that the text was vetted by high

Exit Strategy

Did the CIA proof-read President Clinton's speeches?

need help: "Internet-enabled political action".....

The Dot's connecting..

It ain't just SOTU: 20 Bush Lies About the War - from the British press

NPR is hitting with one slam after another.

CNN- Is it an impeachable offense?

When will Howard Baker, Boyden Gray and Babs come out?

I said it before and I'll say it again!

Iraq/Al Queda link questioned.

Remember: Watergate took two years to unravel

Face The Nation!

Condi getting GRILLED on Face the Nation

About that SelectSmart survey

Vindication and Sorrow: Iraqi revelations too little, too late

Open Warfare Amongst Bush Team

MTP-Is this a stupid/naive question?

Is The Polling Report supposed to be a neutral site?

smelly ann fitzpatrick says 'who cares about osama and saddam'?

ABC: Another Bush Cover-up

Boy, Ari's getting out just in time.

Rummy says the WMD were moved...and can be moved in an hour..

Bush* Kicked our asses again. Are You Pissed Yet?

If Dean wins, what should he do about the DLC?

Arianna tonight on Larry King

Deleted message

Hypothesis: No one in the junta cared about the truth

Ironic: Media Whores Responsible For Bush's Troubles?

Rumsfeld - most obnoxious politician EVER.!!!

Faux Folks are SO annoyed...

Forget about the Iraq Nukes claim. It is a minor issue.

Tony Snow is actually being a bit tough...

Thank You DU, Skinner, Elad, Earl G, Bev, Will and

What will the Sunday talk shows do to the Niger-Uranium Lie issue?

Hillary remains at #1, Anthrax still boosted by bulk orders

Call-ins on Tony Blair now on C-SPAN.

Why did chimpy McCokeSpoon do this? Anyone?

On C-SPAN (8:00 AM EDT) Blonde "Christian" Republican - yuck!

Bush Lied and 217 US Soldiers have died in Iraq

Kerry, Gephardt, and Edwards lead vs. Bush

Cost Of War, "we got the numbers"

Strategy for beating Bush

Ok, I'm having thoughts about who I support

Howard Dean to Guest Blog

This is how pathetic some Repugs can be

PNAC site gone??

Winning the White House AND Senate

agh! I can hardly wait for Sunday's news!!

Streisand attacks 'destructive' Bush

"BUSHWACKA" , an expression of outrage.

WashPost cartoon ...... parts is parts

See them spin: Sunday talk show lineup

Re: the new Tenet Niger story - the "administration official" could be

WP: CIA Got Uranium Reference Cut in Oct.

Darrell Issa would only get 3% of CA recall vote

Can you honestly believe that Blair is STILL defending the LIE????

How Freepers deal with the news

why didn't they follow through on this?

I'd like to say something

Australia - Who knew what when?

Media blitz \

Will Pitt on Mike Webb Show (Audio) Thanks Wonk

Bush has got away with lies and crimes all his life, so....

Clark on THIS WEEK w/ George S. ABC Sunday AM

Quisling Council –The war of words

Is Wolf Blitzer a total freaking idiot?


Here's a new term: the neofasc

looking for update on Bush ballots

How many of *'s guys have been pardoned by the father?

Not So Fast With the Dumb and Dumberer Act: Memo to the American People

Accepting medal would be like "taking an award from Satan"

"George W. Bush Will Surround Himself With Top People Who Will Advise Him

Newsweek: Bush in FREEFALL to 55%

George “OOPS” Bush

Bush White House Rules US by Fear

What issue do we win on?

I for one am ready to move on

NOW with Bill Moyers- July 11

Opening a second front: Slaves came to America for Freedom

Link to Bill Moyers & Judicial Watch re: Energy policy case

Trust ...Integrity ...

WTF! Did You see Bob Franken on CNN?

Just heard this on CNN....the female show host asked Bob Franken

We are strong. We the people! We are a democracy. We Rule. Believe.

Deleted message

Morning Edition gives up whoring for *

In case anyone missed Bill Moyers interview w/Jon Stewart last night...

Tenet is speaking between the lines

CASE IN POINT, the CIA, George Tenet, & the fallout

When Corporations Ruled Our World!

Remember when Cheney made the FBI investigate Congress?

I'm HAPPY!!!! YAY!!! * thinks he can get away with it!!!!! HAHAHA

Culpable Deniability

Bush pattern of getting away with it may come to an end

SEC Settles With Internet "Virtual Stock Exchange"

Yahoo News: "GAO: Bush Used HHS Budget for Nat'l Events"

The letter my GOP Congressman refuses to answer. (As of 12:35pm 7/11/03)

UNSCOM's Chief Chemical Inspector Says He Wasn't Consulted Before War

C-span, NASA: "we agreed that NO ONE would be responsible"

"God called us to action" - Chimp today

Wash Post: CIA Warned British about False report in Sept. 2002

We have our first sacrifice: George Tenet

Kerry to W: Tell the truth (full text of yesterday's remarks)

Ron Paul's speech from last night is on the web.

New DNC video: Read his lips: bush* deceives Americans

Kerry says Bush should stop with the finger pointing

Anyone watching the Network morning shows.

Condi Pulls the string..

CNSNews: America's Spy Software Scandal (about Promis)

What I just wrote on my local conservative message board...

Devastating CBS poll results for the AWOLChimp

RESUME of Pres. George W. Bush :)

Does Amb. Wilson have a Gore tie?

It's Mike Malloy Time!

Presription Drug Issue....Scam being conducted by Drug Industry..

Holy Shit!-( R) Texas Ron paul on CSPAN - PNAC Pearl Harber Quote

Voting machine "stuff" hits Pakistani newspaper -print letter from SF!

CBS: Bush Knew Iraq Info Was False...

Read what our military people are saying about bush

The DU must support Rush!!!!!

dumbya ballot status

Watch Good Morning America!

My letter was published ver batim!

WP editorial slams the chimp....(snips and link)


The Bush Book of Lies

EXCELLENT overview of the SOTU Lie

From a Wolf to a Pussycat in just three days...

MSNBC poll Can the United States bring democracy to Iraq?

The war that just won't end: the hunt goes on in Afghanistan

MSNBC cover page picked up WP: Uranium cut out in Oct. story!!!!

Photos show Bush reading, revising speech

Al-Qaida trained 70,000 to 120,000 terrorist, Graham says

Antiterror funding questioned

Rumsfeld and Rice Adjust Defense of Iraq-Africa Claim

Appointed Iraqi Council Assumes Limited Role

Bush, GOP hope to put California in play again

Missing Democrats an Affront to NAACP

Bomb found in Pamplona hotel (Running of the bulls)

D.C. leftists find a below-ground home at bookstore

Britons feel misled over Iraq war (66%)

Osama, Saddam still a double trouble for US

Saddam is hiding near Baghdad, says exiled spy chief

Body bag maker sues NY over September 11 order

Germany sends more tanks to Afghanistan

Belgium revising war crimes law

Ex-Officials Dispute Iraq Tie to al-Qaida

Lost In Translation -FBI divison riddled with incompetence and corruption

WP: Kerry and Dean Set on a Collision Course

Bush Plane Stowaway Says Is Correspondent

USS Reagan commissioned

Liberia's Government Accuses Rebels of Breaking Cease-Fire

CBS news cover - Tenet nixed nuke claim in Oct

U.S. orders some embassy staff out of Burundi

Americans concerned about media behemoths, poll shows

French link to UK's Iraq intelligence (shifting the blame?)

Al Qaeda Tape Claims Responsibility for Attacks

Cambridge student shot by US troops

Political Buy-Out in California - CBS i-video

Underdog shortens the odds, Howard's way: by taking aim at Bush

History will judge Philippines -criticism of support for Bush war

U.S. Forces Launch Operation Ivy Serpent

Administration Defends Bush Claim

Carter Urges 'Modest' Liberian Support

Glimpses of a Leader, Through Chosen Eyes (all photos staged)

Bush Aides Seek to Put Out Credibility Firestorm

Florida farm workers could lose education benefits with U.S. budget cuts

A Question Of Trust (Time Magazine)

Libraries Under Siege by Patriot Act

Rockefeller: WMD Flap 'Far From Over'

Who's The Enemy Here?

US plan to mortgage Iraq’s oil for $30b loan draws fire (Halliburton)

Newest of Iraq Intelligence in Question

India: Between Iraq and a hard place, Govt to say no

(Ind.) Blair seeks new powers to attack rogue states

Alexander (R - TN) defects from Republican air pollution plan

Americans Increasingly Wary Of FCC Media Changes

(Harvard) Admission Reportedly Revoked

US reports death threats to Americans in Bangladesh

Houston (Texas) Education Miracle a fraud

Newest of Iraq Intelligence in Question

Sen Shelby on Wolf: "Tenet should step down"

(Sen.) Alexander (R-TN) defects from Republican air pollution plan

Republicans Head to Golf Course, Car Lot to Raise Money

Howard talks tough on North Korea

Attacks on U.S. Troops in Iraq May Worsen

Blair ignored CIA weapons warning

Gephardt / Harkin Forum (LIVE) -- CSPAN1 -- 2PM ET

Rumsfeld Expects long Occupation; Cost- 4 Billion a Month

Weird ailment cripples girls - Malawi Africa

Car bombers target Baghdad police

Alleged Al Qaeda Group Claims Iraq Attacks

CNN just reported "at least" one US soldier was killed this morning

Bush Spokesman (Ari) Gets a Goodbye Hosing

Bush aides seek to put out credibility firestorm

(Bush) Officials Say Bush Uranium Claim Accurate

Members of the Iraq governing council

U.S. Mulls Annual Cash Payout for All Iraqis

gorgonzola rice just claimed AGAIN that the Iraqi's were behind 911!

Another soldier killed, 2 hurt in "accident" CNN TV no link yet...eom

Russia Protests U.S. Envoy's Comments on Saddam

Baghdad police station blast kills one - witness

Presbyterians Appoint Committee to Probe Abuse Allegations of Missionary C

U.S. Kills Four in New Iraq Operation (Does that mean we are winning?)

Gadhafi tells African leaders: 'Straights' don't get AIDS | AP

20 Lies About the War

(Mass.) Area veterans praise troops, question Bush

CIA Stopped Iraq Nuclear Mention in Oct. Speech

Iraq Council Makes Day of Saddam's Fall a Holiday

NAACP head calls for new Cuba, Haiti policies at Miami Beach conference

Anti-abortion protests begin in Charlotte

Belgium scraps war crimes law | BBC

2004 Hopefuls Face 'Russert Primary'

Schwarzenegger's new role

Swazi opposition leader detained

Blix: UK 45 minutes to deploy was error

More pressure on Blair over Iraq uranium claim

California looking to give governor old heave-ho - before his term ends

(Richard) Holbrooke Calls for Independent Kosovo

Reuters just picked up WP- Uraniam cut out of Oct story!!!!!!!

Iraqis blast politicians in new Governing Council

US warns Tokyo over N Korea

Blair seeks new powers to attack rogue states

Rumsfeld Warns of More Attacks on U.S. Troops in Iraq

A Question Of Trust - Time

US to give missiles to Taiwan

Nanking death toll (from 1937 Japanese occupation) 'a lie' | BBC

Taylor Holds Out on Departure | LA Times

Donations and appointments

Clinton And Oprah Set to Attend Mandela's Party

President Asserts He Still Has Faith in Tenet and C.I.A.

Clampdown on illegal circumcision initiation schools - SA

No more fudges - A WMD inquiry is imperative now

WP: Democrats' Ads Target GOP on Medicare

Rumsfeld on MTP tomorrow (correction)

Kerry lashes Bush on post-war policy, jobs creation

Democrats question Hicks repatriation efforts (Gitmo Aussie)

Dying mom's daughter will return home from Iraq

Blix: UK's '45 Minutes to Deploy' Claim Was Error

Bush visit shuts down Entebbe

Saw this on Reuters

Russia Seeks Safety for Embassy in Iraq

Terror Suspect's Lawyer Blasts U.S. Gov't

Ex-Bush Officials Dismiss Iraq Tie To Al-Qaida

Mercy Corps back at it in Iraq (NW snubs *bush)

Gung-ho Howard lets spooks take the rap (not dean)

N.Korea Reprocessed All Nuclear Fuel Rods- Report (not CIA)

Pope says EU needs Christian base

Bush* Aides Now Say Claim on Uranium Was Accurate (Analysis of Strategy)

Missing Democrats an 'affront' to NAACP

A Soldier's Life - TIME Magazine doubts the Pentagon line on

Iraqi group claiming links to al-Qaida says it is behind attacks on U.S.

Rice, Rumsfeld Defend Use of British Finding

Outrage in Denver after Police Shoot a Disabled Teen

Rumsfeld says more GIs may be needed

Humanitarian strike force pondered - Canada

Dukakis: Why Bush Is Vulnerable (interview)|BusinessWeek

Shell wants 'legitimate authority' in Iraq before bids

Rumsfeld Says Iraq May Need a Larger Force

'France and Italy gave information on Saddam'...

Profile on John Edwards on C-SPAN now!

NYT: U.S. Seeks Help With Iraq Costs, but Donors Want a Larger Say

Amrozi's defence: it was 'some kind of nuclear bomb' (Bali Bomber)

Dems: Iraq story falls short (CNN)


Dean Record Is Source of Dispute (Faux attack)

NAACP director urges affirmative action, criticizes Bush brothers

Back From Africa: Bush's Promises Will Be Watched (NYT)

Bush may forge new model for global peacekeeping (CSM)

Motorist beaten by crowd after boy's death on street


French Secret Service kept CIA in the dark over Iraq & uranium


Newest White House spokesman known as stoic, disciplined, leak-proof

Mispronounced words

If you were the sausage girl

The new Linkin Park CD is the best! These kids are good.

Equal time--All About Condors

Don Henley rules

Happy Bastille Day France!

Back from Maine, Bush Lied, No Fish, Ho Hum

LOUD Commercials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RANT

I think someone saw the "Pirates" movie too many times...

Half Empty or Half Full?

Saw T3 last night

The Higgins Cartoon-- here's how...

Help with a rather annoying computer virus...

Subject: Disorder in the court

Equal time - least cool heterosexual?

AIM chat?

Who In The Media Do You Still Respect?

I'm going to vote 100% for Bush, but for a different reason

This totally sucks!!!

Do Ya Wanna Dance?

Commercials at the movies are wonderful things!!!


No short haired yellow-bellied son of tricky dickys gonna

AK 1200 appreciation thread

Am I alone in hating almost all mainstream entertainment?

So, it's 1am you're drving along a moderatley dark road

For a good time movie, go see Pirates of the Carribean

thuffering thuccotath - I'm thufacatin'

Caption the Dynamic Duo

Hows the SARS situation in Toronto?

How would you spend your time if you didn't HAVE to work?

Have you ever seen a more textbook Stepford wife than Laura?

It was a tough decision

29,000 users!

Caption the Scarlet Letter

I ell-smay a eeper-fray......

Weirdest or most daring place you made love

Google Search for WMD........PML!!!!

If I were to infiltrate freeperville, what sort of name would I use (PG13)

My dad lost his job.

Student Loan Consolidation

The Cornered Rat of all CAPTIONS!!! (Banned in Boston!)

Doing my capitalist duties and feeding it back: so I bought this book...

I am 100% going to vote for Bush

For Linux users - how do I configure?

Trailer for Mel Gibson's "The Passion"

Union organizer?

We had THREE hummingbirds....

Impromtu Gay Comic Being Written: Ideas?

welcome our newest member

Unbelievable Cartoon in Chi. Sun-Times...

"There is this much truth in anything I say"

Can someone explain "SINFEST" to me?

My brother-in-law is a freakin' IDIOT.

I effing hate Windows XP on NTFS!!! (disk corruption)

Fork You !!!!

I can't believe I actually enjoyed Terminator 3. (spoiler?)

In real life, would Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, or Al Bundy

Manhunter or Red Dragon?

Best Companion? (poll)

You think THAT's bad, TXLib? Check out this slippery dick!

I predict that this thread will sink to the bottom very quickly.

Sunday Morning with Mozart

He's a big pig! (yup, yup) You can be a big pig, too! Oy!

I just bathed one of my cats....

I want to make a Flash movie, need help.

What's your favorite kind of sushi?

Best Linux game?

Pirates of the Bandwidth

Apache attack

.01% Cedibility Gap?

Serious Semantics Issue here...

I've just read the scoop on the HR 1119 (overtime removal)

Lance Armstrong takes Tour lead

Please give me feedback (no rating) - am I preaching or am I encouraging?

What size font do use to view DU??

Groups Blast Beyonce's Grant's Tomb Dance

TCPA is bead enough, but (big-brother post of sorts)

Black Dems -- Dem Party does not want you

How often do you feel like this?

Coulter and such

Here's what freepers/reich wingers find funny...

Do you think Ulysses S. Grant would have like Beyonce's dance?

Yipes, I'm staying out of GD for a while!

BOOYHHAAAA here's a poll

The Whole World Is Watching: "The American Effect" exhibit at the Whitney - Check out our stats

Where are the socially conscience protest songs you ask?

OMG - Doonesbury nails it this morning!

Does anyone here buy their drugs from Canada?

Just watched "Magnolia" for the 3rd time...

PBS' 'Masterpiece Theatre' Seeks Sponsor

What's your favorite emulator?

A question for any Hotmail users

Bay Area Saturday Night: MUSIC!

Warning: Very disturbing

Which dirigibles are region?

How big is Bush's dick? This big.

Star Trek geeks: Pilot episode 'the Cage' on SciFi- 10:00am CST


Am I the only one who has turned on Outdoor Life Network to watch leTour

Has anyone used broadband telephone?

Where's Krugman?

kobe bryant

Can Barry Bonds pass Hank Aaron?

Is Netflix worth dealing with?

Kelley Anne Fitzpatrick Spinning like Linda Blair in ExhorsisT!

Reminded of a joke

28999, just one more to 29K n/t

Funniest Movie Moment???

People are unbelievably programmed

Praise for Susan Rothenberg

A modern Chinese ghost story: "The Eye"

Is Netscape my Big Brother? For Puter Studs. (I don't use the G word :-) )

Question about Dean/Dems Canidate Buttons

Am I JanMichael? Or Am I Shakeydave?

Al... most... there... 28997...

Am I The Only One Who Hated To See Brills Content Magazine Go

Willie Nelson

Showtime's Animated Show, "Mr. Hell", Any Fans?

BREAKING NEWS: ongoing high-speed pursuit. News at Eleven.

It's Midnight ET....what the heck! Lips! Lips! Lips!

Does anyone even know what Che Gueverra did anymore?

Help, let’s talk about movies with snow and cold weather

Creepy! A carjacking unfolds in front of my house!

Need Las Vegas Tips!

Damn it, Indian John, Vietnam Vet died

I don't want this to sink with the other pirate threads, so here goes

Fox News parody on The Simpsons tonight.

time for another attempt at a reading group?

Favorite British foods

Minnesotans let's speculate

You go out to cook breakfast; what DON'T you want to see in the kitchen?

Argh, I can't answer a personal ad even if my life depended on it!

What's better, DirectTV or DISH Network?

Matrix Ping Pong Movie

Does anyone here not take any drugs at all?

Which Founding Father are You?

Who will be President Bartlett's new Vice President?

Just took a trip to Freeperville and it was fun!

Songs about travelling

HBO or BBC America?

Today's motto

Does your cat yell at you when you sneeze?

Ugh. Cruise uses learning disablily to recruit for Scientology....

I've just found out...

Another stupid lounge post (or is it?)

So, why are we the donkey?

Australian Teenagers Are Really Screwed Up!!!

HOLY SHIT! MOTHER FU**ER! GODDAMN! - remind you of anyone?

Which Media Whore Do You Loathe the MOST???

Amusing bumpersticker

What current TV shows are you digging?

Lance Armstrong in the Maillot Jaune (Yellow Jersey) today

So, I'm watching the new Carlin special on HBO,

What's the commercial you hate the most?

The Nattering Neo-Con of all CAPTIONS!!! (for smiths_fan_21384)

Anyone else see the movie "Timequest"?

I discovered a use for my new DU sticker

A DU top ten songs list!!

I lost a patient tonight. Kinda bummed.

Guess the dictator or television sit-com character

What is this? Is it safe?