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Archives: July 11, 2003

"What's The Exit Strategy?" R.Rosen SF Chronicle (5 on my scale)

No Mistakes Were Made - Bush Will Never Admit Iraq Errors

To the Far Left, with Love

David Hackworth: Bring What On?

I guess this is 'other articles' letter to my asshole Senator

A letter to my American Friend - From Nigeria

HDS Greenaway--Give Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz the Boot

Bush and the US Battered Image - View from Nigeria

Grenade attacks are bad, but the homesickness is worse

Slate: Bush's Data Dump - The administration is hiding bad economic news.

Why we were sold only one reason to go to war in Iraq

Bush, On The Way To Philippi - Hatred and racism.

Nigerian Dysfunctional Leadership and Intellectual Egotists

The 2003 Election and Aftermath - Coup de Nigeria Bush style

"bring 'em on" cartoon by Steve Benson (AZ Repub) this is good!!

''I'm not blaming anyone here,'' Rice said

Bush team united Iraq front unravels - MSNBC

If you missed Dean's Meet the (so called) Press Interview, here's

Jesus Journal: Bush Exaggerated Iraqi Weapons Claims Experts Say

Foggy Bottom and The Pentagon

must read--Welcome to Nigeria, Welcome to Africa, Pres. Bush

Response to Fineman

Just Call Him Old Stonewall - Bush

Conspiracy Theories Of The Nigerian Kind:

CBS: Just Call Him Old Stonewall

Michael Barone's Piece of Crap US News opinion piece 7/14

Senate Becomes O.K. Corral for a Surgeon and a Lawyer

Article: "U.S. report on 9/11 to be 'explosive'"

How important is African oil?

The Stranger in the Waste Land

great thinkers of our time - Noam Chomsky

silicon workers seize the valley

Will Bush's Iraq Gamble Pay Off? High-Stakes Poker Game

How important is African oil?

Cuba's Struggle is Not Easy

Action Alert: Distortion of Evidence

Should I sign multiple "inquiry" petitions and is it a bad idea to use

Orange County, CA - protest @ HB Hyatt 7/11

(PA) Call to Action: (Activists) needed for Special Election

ACTION ALERT FOR TODAY: Question Bush's lie publically

NC Death-penalty opponents- must read

link to CNN poll shows bush to blame

Sign Dean Petition Requesting resignation

Be part of the impeachment drumbeat

Email Tenet and Tell Him to EXPLAIN!

Poll: School Vouchers

Howard Dean in Austin, TX Monday July 14th

Sign DNC's New Petition--Investigate WMD assertions

Nader running for President

Attention : Bay Area Gathering Sat. Aug 23rd

Daily Show

Howie the Whore at again

What do you think about this 24 hour news irony?

Wolfie on the radio

Slice of Heaven - Jon Stewart guest on Bill Moyers' NOW


BREAKING NEWS - AnnThrax on CBN's 700 Club - WOW what a treat

Todays word is "Oligarchy"

Where is Mutumbo on the Bush visit

BFEE synopsis

Chaos Magick Anyone?

No Movies for Democrats this week (7/12-7/18)

CARTOONS! The "Another Month In Iraq (etc)" Edition

Things you would love to say at work

Black Like Me '94

Mother of young victim of DWB wins in Fed. Court!

MN jobless rate up 22% (to a 20 year high)

Excellent discussion of Quality of Life theme that DEMS MUST use in 04

How to keep track of Bush's Record on Unemployment

Verizon Ordered to Rehire 2,300 Workers

Charley Reese on the economy - Big Shots Worried

Please don't eat the animals

BC Scientists Await Worst As "Catastrophic" Beetle Infestation Continues

Great Barrier Reef Lifeforms Eroding Under Human, Pollution Pressure

WTO Rules Against U.S. Steel Tariffs

David Gergen's Take on Uraniumgate: Condy's Spin is Hogwash

Pat Robertson and Charles Taylor

CIA Approved Bush Remarks Or Not?

Fighting for Universal Health Care

GAO: Feds Neglect States' Medicaid

Peace education

Many children left behind

I just finished the second chapter of "Fast Food Nation"

NC Death-penalty opponents- must read

Sanity prevails in California.

Gun Expert Shot During Safety Class

NJ family attacked by gang of "youths", call 911, and wait..and wait...

Michigan Militia Member Kills Cop, Goes on Lam

Should there be a minimum number of posts before people can rate threads?

The ratings in GD are getting freeped

Google picked up DU four days before the transfer to DU2

How to spot a stealth freeper

A question for the "code God"

Tombstoned guy still getting notices about posts.

Questions on the Pinning of Posts

Is There Any Way To Delete Your Own Posts?

PM notifications


Just donated, question about my star...

When will the old DU threads/archives be available?

How many applications for Mod positions does DU typically recieve?

Don't wanna bother the mods or admins, but I seem to have lost the URL

Subscription emails are gone. Back someday?

Amazing Women Avatars

Time stamps in the posts that start threads update to new times

The hudna began in the prisons - but it's about the $$$

Sharon: I want to help Abbas, will release more prisoners

Sharon Heading to Britain and U.S. for Talks on 'Road Map'

McGreevey, Rutgers president to discuss Pro-Palestine forum

Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the OPT

Straw will not defend our citizens (British press)

Sharon shuns BBC over documentary

911 Encyclopedia

OK people, what's your HOP level? (poll)

9/11 Commission transcripts finally ready

KY-3: Another of our attempts to take out Northup (Repuke)

I just saw the results from Blanche Lincoln's first race in '98

Can you vote for someone that voted for the PATRIOT ACT

Nader says he'll decide on '04 run by end of year

What about starting a recall campaign targeting a prominent Republican???

VA-8 Update: Moran's primary challengers

Willie Nelson endorses Kucinich

July 11,2001...Dept of Peace ... first proposed in Congress....

Graham: Bush ought to stop trying to blame others for his fall

Kerry advisor: "We can take out Howard Dean whenever we want to"

(Washington Gov) Locke says donors can have refunds if he doesn’t run

Gephardt Gets Machinists' Support

SC Senate update: possible Democratic candidates

NC-5 Update: We have essentially conceded this one

Candidate Dean makes house call in Derry, NH and wins new fans

Strong Words From General Wesley Clark

Gephardt misses Overtime vote?!

Kerry distributes photo with John Lennon in NY.

Edwards pitches hog waste plan (Des Moines Register)



Graham makes blistering attack on cost of war

Dean and Kerry ride a rising tide

"Help America Vote Act" -Or should I say, vote republican

Dubya's in trouble! America has finally caught on!

Gephardt isn't DLC - he's Anti-DLC.

Graham continues to attract voters

In South Dakota, Daschle Runs First Ads

Boycott Boston Globe

I've converted my father away from Bush

A 'Supreme' Theory!

Poverty map (1990 census)

Is the CIA abandoning Bush??

"Republicans want to lay a cornerstone at ground zero . . ."

Two Helicopters...

Oh Condescenda, When will it end-a?

NYT: The Uranium Fiction

The Definitive Wesley Clark Thread

LOL, so wrong

Here is a lot of reseach: Bush, Cheney, the Cabal, ex-CIA agents/diplomats

Pro-Bush website compiles list of musicians labelled as "traitors"

Edwards' supporters in the HOUSE!? Check in!

Edwards vs. Dean, Slate backs Edwards.... article within

I'm getting really pissed at the media !

Any Vietnam or Gulf War 1 Vets here?

Should Kerry and Dean do Letterman?

Who would you vote for in Connie Morella vs. Zell Miller?

Who SHOULD be Senate Minority Leader?

Law and Marriage: Where do you stand?

Watch Out NC! Operation Save America Nuts on Rampage

MoveOn TV ad--help get it on the air!

Please check this out ** The Cost Of War

Lieberman defending Bush on misinformation in SOTU?

'Humiliate and behead parents of boy killer'

Dear Freeper Lurkers, please don't do this.

Deleted message

Why didn't God call GW and tell him the CIA was giving him bum info?

If Marijuana is ever legalized, How would it be marketed?

OMG!!!! Labour MP's embarrassing Blog

Make this statement concise.

The blueing of the West

Dean calls intelligence handling a disaster. CNN Jonathan Karl.

So....Do you think anyone in the administration has LAWYERED UP?

yikes -- freepers have found the CBS "Bush Knew" story

Iraq/WMD lies summary

Colin Powell.... did he EVER have integrity?

What news story do you care the least about?

someone dressed the chimp in doctoral regalia

Al Franken/Jon Stewart for President!

Anyone else find it odd Tenet hasn't offered to resign?

Will you take the Pledge?

Was Ralph Reed's Poppy or GrandPoppy involved in FDR attempted hit?

Stop the Media Monopoly by Calling This Number

The WashingtonTimes nailed Bush on Iraq-nuke BS on 9/27/02!!!

Should I have a wee drop o' the creature?

If Reagan dies...................

Other peoples eyes.

And Bush has promised Tenant that he will keep him in his position..

Deleted message


Pure panic in David Brooks

Moyers on NOW, with Jon Stewart (PBS 9 EDT)

Mike Malloy...on now....this is going to be good!

JOHN STEWART on NOW with Bill Moyers

Deleted message

Just Curious. Is there anyone who would support Biden?

Florida Repubs eat each other, no Dems left to eat! Bwahahaha

I need an answer to this...FAST!

The Texas Democrats should prepare another exodus to Oklahoma

The buck stops where? The CIA?

i just tuned into scarborough to see palast...

How Cute.Charlie Daniels singing"Liberals/Clintons went down to GA."

Spokane mayor criticized for attending local Green Party meeting.

Wasn't Tenet AT the SOTU speech?

Impeachment is out of the question, but we should push for censure

Oh Gawd! Look at this!

Computer/Touch Screen Voting and VOTER VERIFIED PAPER TRAIL

UNPROVEN: The Controversy over Justifying War in Iraqi

53% of Army Times readers find "Bring em on" quote irresponsible

Scott Ritter was terrific with Wolf!

What if B. Clinton and Bush were running TODAY?

DOO DOO is hitting the fan on the Senate Floor!

CIA Questioned Documents Linking Iraq, Uranium Ore 3/22/03 WP

PBS cuts the Shields-Brooks uranium discussion???I think they did!!

SARS in Texas

Josh Marshall on Tenet's statement..............

IT Sweatshops Breaking Indians

A question for you all....

Guys, news on the Niger forgery is good...but we have to keep the heat

How forgiving are you willing to be?

Latest Facist Bumper Stickers I saw

Wolf at least read MY email!

Live from the memory hole: the speech that started it all

Memory help: Didn't CIA warn White House not to use Niger allegation?

The drop menus are back!

WAFM!!! it was NOT just in his SOTU address.....

Wolf's Question of the Day!!

Other lies about WMD that Bush told in the SOTUS speech

Good grief. MSNBC reports recent poll says 66% of DEMS can't name

And you thought we'd done our worst in Iraq. Check this out -

Deleted message

The failed Yellowcake Uranium caper.

Salon smears Dean as McGovern

Is Bush too stupid to be impeached?

Hammer time.

CNN reported yesterday that our soldiers were being "assassinated"...

Kate Hepburn tears into the Reagans!

Bush* opposes "Buy American" rules for Pentagon

The Tide is really turning (been out in the sticks for a week!)

Typical Bush shit: Florida Universities Matching Grant Fund is paralyzed.

I see why Barbara Boxer got elected

Document the Bush 2003 (S)limy (O)bfuscating (T)reasonous (U)ntruths...

I hate siding with Buchanan, but he is right on this...

Updated List of US War Dead - 7/11/03 - 85 Since "MI"

Strategic Factors Concerning Davis Recall (CA)

German media discovers Dean

Has anybody seen the line-up on the Sunday Whorefests?

endorse President Obasanjo's offer of assylum to Taylor in Nigeria? Poll

Dean just said, "they will not get away with just throwing Tenet overboard

Er... these Black folks don't look to happy working for the White Idiot!

Nightly News not buying it

Letter to Congress - warning, LONG

Tip of the iceberg

What's the deal with the Militec-1 vs CLP? Guns jamming in Iraq?

MoveOn print ad . . . I don't think it is all that effective

Are you suprised Bush hasn't had WMDs planted in Iraq yet?

A Summary of GD DU Poll Results

Good news about unemployment!

My Concern: Have you thought of this???

Caught this in the newspaper: Bring it on. Again.

We need old video clips from the "Clinton Inquisition"

Quick question: did Ari give WH press briefing:7/7/03???

Rovwe controls everything in the WH

Does anyone think Tenet HAS TO take the fall?

in March, 25 ex-CIA warned W was using fake evidence


E.J. Dionne (lib) and David Brooks (consv) were on NPR this afternoon.

Is it over? Have they bankrupted the USA in 2 1/2 years?

Edwards vs Frist - New York Times

W Induced CIA to Cook Intelligence Books

This is why we need an intelligent president, not a dope

Only Muslims can be terrorists?

today's Hannity sponsors, add more that you know of

The Damage Has been done

Pat Buchanan has 3 questions for WH

Tenet admits it was HIS mistake.

George Snuffelusgus of ABC News

Can I get some help on a news article?

Kind of amazing to see Gay Marriage defense in a Dixie paper...

SundayHerald: Why the CIA thinks Bush is wrong

This Is What Americans Truly Care About!!!!!!!

McGovern's response to his critics

Why doesn't the DLC support Dean?

Ritter tears Wolf up!

Ron Paul back on C-SPAN today?

DING DING DING!!!!! CIA VS *!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Drudge fucking yesterday's news or what???


Seen the poll that sez 29% think Iraq is going well?

Just sent a note to George Tenet urging him to go public and confirm

Anybody catch Clinton on MSNBC just now?

Did wolf read the results of the poll?

NPR' All Things Consdired put the pro-Bush spin on gentle cycle today

Bush's five-year AIDS money for Africa = 4 Months in Iraq

Notice anything strange about Inside Politics today?

When was "F*ck Saddam, we're taking him out?"

Get Ready For Tomorrow To Be Reagan Day All Over The News

Scam Of The Union Address

Clinton vs. Bush -

so it was a mistake...gee, i hope the president makes no similar mistakes

Should we get a new name for Uraniumgate

Again Wolf, You're wrong

I just called the DLC...

OSP...Pentagon Office of Special Plans...the smoking gun???

Kerry and Lennon.

CNN...Kobe Bryant alleged victim is a 'nice girl'

Abnormal Sex violates Natures Laws

Will Bush give us another terrorist attack now that he's being exposed?

Conservative Media - should we boycott?

So Many Lies

Make Wolf Blitzer cry on live television...NOW!

Do you think Bush is still un-opposed in the Primaries?

Did Wolf say Scott Ritter is coming up?

Where the hell is Greg Thielman no media spotlight on him???

George Tenet

Oy! Manthrax Coulter being interviewedon Pat Robertson's network

More State Controlled Media

How convenient that George Tennent is....

wow. watching CNN Crossfire. GOP is spin spin spinning over and over

Whitehouse Stategy now clear

Are their any documents that support Condi-Rice's Claim?

Neo-McCarthyism Strikes again

Do you hear that sound?

A Promise to Fight On - A leader in Iraqi militia group tells of plans ...

The lies behind Bush's African photo-op

"In Praise of Woody Guthrie", Steve Earle

After bush declares victory in his bunny suit

The regular CNN.COM poll is doing pretty good too. Vote!

If anyone's interested, my latest letter to * via

the other side of the story of: troops in palace pool on 4th of July

Listing of Bush Co's lies....Now is the time to get them out!

Weapons of Mass Deception: Propaganda in Bush's 'war'

The BIG question: If it really is Bush Admin vs. CIA...

Can we please stop attaching the -gate suffix to every scandal

Has the CIA responded to the white house accusations?

A request here for DUer's help.

Bush Co's OTHER Big Lies ....

FCC bullies independent radio station

D.C. Radio Stations

Deleted message

What the f*** is with Biden?

Suppose Tenet resigns ...

How times change: wag-the-dog button from '98

If people in Niger are Nigerians, what are those in Nigeria called?

The Fall Guy Approaches

CNN: Kyra Phillips

Another Blow to U.S Jobs

Hurry! Take Wolfie's "Whom do you Blame?" poll!!!

Why isn't * raising hell & demanding someone's head on a platter

Guess who Savage Weiner blames for the decline of Western Civilization?

Is Tucker Carlson related to Margret Carlson in any way?

I have a problem with Dean's outlook on the PATRIOT ACT.

Washington's War of Terror in Iraq

A question about the SOTU the press MUST ask.

Dirty Trick #1 from Bushco

I know President Kucinich, after repeal of PATRIOT ACT

Just for fun

So I was watching WhiffleBall with Chris Matthews and Ann Coulter said.

NewsHour Tonite: WP Walter Pincus on Nigergate

JoeTrippi on Inside Politics at 4:00 ET

WP's Walter Pincus Discussing Nigergate Online 7-11, 3:30 pm ET

Interesting bit of History that is news to me...CIA history in Iraq

When will Carlson eat his shoes?

Conservative Media Spin on Nigergate

is the SOTU Address given under oath????

IMPORTANT: I need the ORIGINAL TEXT of the CBS piece

Sign the Democrats' Petition: We Deserve to Know the Truth

Dubya's ambitions

Deleted message

the corruption never ends

MoveOn.Org Distortion Petition

Did the CIA deliberatly give Bushco fools gold?

Getting Ready To Go On Limbaugh On SOTU speech & WMD.

"It's official. It was on the TeeVee" (Army wife RE: 3d ID coming home)

GOP Convention in NYC WILL exploit 9/11 tragedy

Texas Abortion Poll--Please Vote if You Haven't

And Savage says.....

Why is Woodward a Bush Apoligist?

Investing/gambling into the future; some choose Pubs, others Dem Party.

Why is Bob Woodward Such a Bush Whore?

Condi's Passing of the Buck: Yahoo's top story ALL DAY...

Email from the Guardian about possible American edition

Sadaamites and other subliminal messages

How's Kitty Kelly's Bush Family book coming?


OMG. Homeless man started a fire in hopes of getting into prison . . .

Iraq Nuke Hoax, just Tip of Iceberg?

Now we need to go after the Congress and Senate that protect Bush!

IMPORTANT: Richard Baker (R-LA): Outrageous Pay-Off to Big Contributors?

Has anyone seen drudge headlines?

Whether Bush* LIED or didn't LIE.. it is still impeachable?

DEAN FOR AMERICA: Niger-Uranium Time-Line

Remember - BushCo didn't just use the fake Niger Docs for ONLY SOTU!

HA! Freepers WANT Bush to take their OT Pay/Benefits

Cook: Justification for Iraq war now 'palpably absurd'

To Blame or Not To Blame Kucinich?

I love how the DNC uses Fox News video to show Bush's lies

Give me an F***ing Break Rumsfeld

All Three Screen Shots from CBS Headline overnight SWITCH

Will Pitt, God_Bush_n_Cheney, DemoTex - all on the radio at once!

At least Reuters has the CBS story up, contradicting Condi liar!

This is the Neo Con belief system, from a friend

Giant Girl Forces Playthings Cheney And Rumsfeld To Wed

speaking of the CIA - yuck

Propaganda Alert: BG LTTE

Does Scaraborough make a valid point?

headline -"Pentagon: 1,000 troops wounded in Iraq war"

Davis Aides optimistic on recall vote: easier than race for governor

Hey Bush. It's not YOUR fuckin' government

WITCH HUNT????...FISHING EXPEDITION????...i'm laughin' here

What will the GOP use as an excuse in not impeaching Bush?

Deleted message

Kucinich Fighting for Justice on Capitol Hill

Deleted message

4 more cosponsors for the BBV bill (H.R. 2239)

Rumsfeld quote on nation building

This really pisses me off!

Help me quiet a Repug

Drudge claims new Book has surpassed Hillary's!

Who Are They?

I thought the consensus was

Cleared to proceed

The Hypocrisy of MSNBC (Snarf)

What the cable worker said when we resubscribed (GOOD).

Josh Marshall not thrillled with Bob Woodward's whoring for Shrub

CBS's damaging Bush headline- "false" changed to "dubious"

Springer on MSNBC right now - 12:45 pm ET

Whitehous to blame George Tenet of CIA

Question about poll-creation policy

WP: Bushists claim CIA cleared info for SOTU it told Brits not to use

Where I get my news-where do you get yours?

How much credence should stories that only contain unnamed sources get

Ari and Condi contradict each other on "yellowcake," the lies piling up

Iraq Reality Check folks!

have the Boy Scouts been taken over by Wingnuts?

Search results for Black Box Voting volleys 1/2

cspan2 now (11:53 est) Dick Durbin questioning W on Iraq

Bush/CIA/SOTU Flap/Story: Pure Karl Rove

Question about British politics

Another great Scottxyz post about BlackBox

Give credit to Henry Waxman for the uranium scandal

Bush Is Stupid!

CNN POLL Tells the Story

CIA Tells British and Bush 2 Diff Stories

Why now?

The Lie That's NOT a Lie

The next SOTU this will be brought up again. . .

The October 25 March on the Pentagon

A message to all reporters that might stumble upon this sight :

Deleted message

Greg Palast on Scarborough Country tonight.

Other lies, links from a March 18 letter to media. The media knew.

DNC jumps aboard the Peace Train

Dean Pix

Fun, fun, fun

MSNBC..Question of the Day..

Saddam + EM squared + Yellow Cake Fake = Critical Mess!

GREAT letter to the editor!!!

Watching the Worm Turn From Across the Pond

That asshole Dick Armey

Why does CSPAN

Check Out The New DNC Video : Read His Lips Bush Deceives American People

I think this is sooo typical, & it PISSES ME OFF!!!

What did the President Know, and When Did He Know It?

WH points finger at CIA

What Good Is Dean if He Takes Down the Democratic Party???

WorldNetDaily goes off the deep end!

Bookmark this: Greg Palast starts a weblog (blog)

Will the August 6th CIA Briefing Be Like the June 21st Smoking Gun Tape?

Whatever happened to the term "damage control"?

Write or newspaper and blame the GOP Senators & Congress for overtime bill

Grover Norquist

Time to drag out those "wagged his finger and lied" quotes!

I need info on Bush Administration Oil/Energy ties, please for lawsuit

The Night Goggles In Iraq

The Art of the Re-Spin

Pat Robertson defends Liberian Dictator

Collateral damage

Anyone know if Smirk is taking vacation this year?

If Tenet "chose" not to look at the speech (as I believe he did--

The BOY who Cried Wolf is whining again!

Dean's candidacy is enhanced as more evidence comes out

Kerry: will replace Bush's "broken promises" to firefighters

Mr. Bush, You Are A Liar

What's everyone's opinion of Maxine Waters?

Is Joe Trippi the Anti-Rove?

Bush Knew

IS THIS NEW? DU Showing up on Google News?

The Next Green Revolution (in Africa)

Now that the US is in Iraq, where do we go from here?

Al-Jazeera Special

Newsweek's Clift offers predictions (On Dean, Hillary and Others)

Dean will be on Good Morning America today

Ted Rall asks: Could Bush cancel the election?

Clooney's "K-Street" To Have a "Liberal Agenda"? (Carville Praises Show)

Cheney’s Very Words: Iraq, Nuclear WMD & Post War Iraq on 3/03

What A Crock! 'The CIA Made Me Do It!"

Help an old guy (and others?) out

Just a thought but...

America under martial law....will people rise up then?

Republicans are Classic Darwinists

Those who voted for the time that you first voted for him as

Are many DUers hypocrites?

OMG, Scarborough county is sounding LIBERAL, I kind of like this guy

Dean on Good Morning America This Morning

What about False Pretense for a Pre-emtive Strike?

Harry Truman’s forgotten diary

Religious Right revolt?

Memory Lane: A letter I wrote on 11-December-2000

I can almost tolerate a liar, but a mass murderer?

A billion dollars for Dean (or any other Dem candidate)

AND MORE! Tory Leader Smith basically calls Blair a liar over the dossier

I wonder.. Does Bush take food tasters when he travels??

Who is your favorite radio talk show host?

How do we argue against the "technicality;"

How to spot a stealth freeper

A Paradox That Dubya Cannot Escape?, Camping world ads heard on Hannity

Bush's latest polls

MSNBC reports Iraqis killing Americans because they fear Saddam is alive

Rhode Island governor election

March needed on Washington to bring our Troops home from Iraq

Spin of the moment as I see it.

The coming "Sixth Estate"

Any Linux gurus in the house?

Why is the Democrats losing thousands of members?

I'm doing KIRO Seattle (Mike Webb) again tonight 10pm PST

Dean has started a petition!!!

Prediction: Release of 9-11 Report Will Doom Bush

The Pentagon's Plan for Tracking Everything That Moves

Psychoblues is a Dork. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did McCain do so badly in Iowa?


I'm on hold on Mike Webb

The one thing that really makes me giggle about Kucinich

And MORE! U.S. Doubted British Intelligence


MOYERS! - John Stewart (Daily Show), choosing judicial noms, Cheney

Disdurbing Thread...

Bush lies could hurt Lieberman's (and other pro-war Demos) campaign.

Am I the Only one Who see's this????

Diebold Google News: We must be BOLD in saving democracy.. or it will DIE

If Will Pitt had his own radio show, how many DUers would call in ?

Are Dean supporters better in bed?

"There's going to be a lot of attempts to rewrite history." - Bush 7/10

My BS Meter Just Redlined

An astounding conversation with a WWII vet

From Sydney: Intelligence 'story' reeks of dishonesty: Wilkie

The questionW knowledge base: Has anyone taken one of these?

Kansas City DUers

Signs and symbols in the Bush Country ...

has anyone tried to impeach a Supreme Court Justice?

what's with the idiots comparing Dean to McGovern?

The German economy

Buzzflash Interview With MOLLY FRIGGIN IVANS!

Richard Reeves article spits at Dean and Edwards.

And more ... Buchanan says what needed to be said

Interesting quote

Need your help, DU friends - John Kerry link needed

President's Case Was Pure Shrubbish

who started this expression?

Hannity bravado

Imagine this in a debate (episode 2)

Imagine this in a debate (episode 3)


Springer to File Papers for U.S. Senate

DRIP DRIP! Unempoyment rolls at 20 YEAR HIGH!!!!!!! That's 1983 land

Freepers on overtime pay plan

For the sake of humanity, for the sake of yourselves, ourselves

Hillary is as usual, awesome. She doing great on David Letterman

Watch Hillary feed Tucker his shoe

MWO has new columnist!

How do you get rid of a dictator? Just report the news like this...

Face it, impeachment won't happen..

Globe Columnist says, "Bush Now Cares About Africa!"

Congress to slash Rural Development, Renewable Energy

Take to the street

Wake-up, Dem Leadership!

Ranking Dem on house intel committee, Bush mislead us all!

Bush blocks veteran benefits

Another bush lie (MP3 file)

True Lies: Why the president's story on Iraq is starting to unravel.

Welcome to the new COINTELPRO

Can you say PAGE A1 -- Boston Globe?

we DEMAND a press conference with the people, are you afraid of us W?

Sheila Jackson Lee calling for investigation into SOTU lie!!!

Richard Roeper says Coulter can't stand up to "mild scrutiny"

Let's not forget one conduit to send messages to congress,

People are angry and yet where are the Democratic leaders????

So what do the 18,181 election results have to do with Bev's work?

BRING 'EM HOME! The issue that WILL destroy the regime.

People of Goree Island, Senegal were kept at a stadium while Bush's visit.

The Tipping Point / Critical Mass threshold means Bush is melba...

The left's war on black children?

Poll: How many guns?

U.S. satellite feeds to Iran jammed

An Indian revival in Cuba?

Fort Carson servicewoman fatally wounded in Iraq

Reuters Sues Main Rival in Patent Row (Mayor Bloomberg's Co.)

Highlights of the CIA intelligence on Iraq-Niger

Iraq takes first step towards self-rule

Bush arrives today, coalition of parties oppose visit - good report

Koreas Agree to 'Appropriate' Talks on Nuclear Row

Second service woman dies in Iraq

Second service woman dies in Iraq


War-weary troops long for home

Police corporal lynched in Lagos - Nigeria

..Ghosts of Clinton haunt Bush Africa tour

Cuba says U.S. failure to grant visas keeps archers out of championships,

CBS reporting Bush Knew Iraq Info was False

Gov Ngige abducted - Nigeria. Speaker hands in hisresignation letter...

If anybody in your family is on Neurontin. . .

Chirac 'in secret deal with Serb general'

Bush* Used HHS Budget for National Events

CIA Approved State of Union Speech -W.House

COSATU condoles NLC over killings - Nigeria

Fingerpointing abounds inside Bush administration

WP: Report on Bonuses Raises Ire ($1.44 million to * appointees)

Bush Wants Marijuana Ruling Struck Down (MD's punished)

Democratic Candidate Picks Up Machinists' Endorsement

Senate Intel Chair Faults CIA Chief on Iraq Flap

Audit Shows Ag Dept. Misuses Credit Cards

Ugandan Kids Sing to Laura Bush of Sadness of AIDS

US Senate Intel chair (R) faults CIA chief on Iraq flap

First U.S.-Flag Commercial Vessel in 42 Years Enters Havana Harbor

WP: CIA Asked Britain To Drop Iraq Claim

Dean Reynolds on ABC brings up "Bring 'Em On!"

Air Canada Gets Ottawa Approval for Cuba Flights

Rumsfeld Opposes Plan To Widen Military Care

WAFM!!! it was NOT just in his SOTU address.....

Italian 'resigns' over German jibe

Phony Niger Uranium Claim May Be Tip Of Iceberg

US 'needs help in Iraq'

Correction: Spain New Mosque Story

Feds Attempt to Block Moussaoui Interview

Shining Path Guerrillas Kill 7 (Military) in Peru

SARS Precaution Quarantines 9 in Texas

Lawmakers demand probe into Bush Iraq speech

Supreme Court asked to sanction doctors who recommend pot

Scott Ritter tears Wolf up!

CNN's Wolf report

Oregon firm searched in Iran arms investigation .......

Secret Service probes unusual homework

Some Moderate Democrats Like Howard Dean (Calls For Iraq Investigation)

Italy Minister Offers to Quit Over Germany Remarks

Bush Issues Disaster in Ind. After Storms

moderate Dems in Congress say they could like Dean

Italian Minister Recants, Says 'I Love Germany'

CIA Asked Britain To Drop Iraq Claim

Document links Saddam, bin Laden

Indonesia in fresh terror raids | BBC

U.S. presence reduced at Fallujah

Enron Files Its Chapter 11 Plan

Harare (Zimbabwe) mayor fights eviction | BBC

Coke Says U.S. Attorney Is Investigating Fraud Allegations | NY Times

Drudge: Security Breach on Press Plane in Uganda

W.T.O. Rules U.S. Tariffs on Steel Imports Are Illegal | NY Times


Senate Votes to Give AmeriCorps $100M

Monkey Watches Elephants Making More Elephants

Supreme Court Asked to Jump Back Into Medical Marijuana Debate

Muslims Warn Anger Mounting Over Iraq Occupation (Reuters)

Iraqi weapons 'posed no risk'

House Panel Sets Hearing on Freddie Mac Regulator

Sharon to meet Bush in Washington; Palestinian prime minister faces leader

Ex-POW Jessica Lynch to return home in July, family says

Bush Arrives As Nigerian Oil Reserves Climb (anti OPEC pressure)

No New Trial for 'Boys Don't Cry' Killer

Powell says Bush need not apologize for saying Iraq sought uranium from Af

Dems, unions blast GOP as House backs Bush on overtime rules

Sex Pistols Vow to Rock Iraq

Lieberman issues Statement on Bush Uranium Claim

Power cuts and lost jobs stir anti-US anger (Remember the Saddam Statue?)

The UK businessmen trapped in Guantanamo

Under fire Blair and Bush to meet (next Thursday!)

US tank fires for first time since end of war: reports

New detainees held at Guantanamo Bay

Sharon Mum As Minister Slams 'Map' In N.Y. Talk (Richard Perle)

WTO Finds U.S. Steel Tariffs Break Rules

the corruption never ends

Craddick went too far in use of DPS, judge rules (Against Texs Killer D's

Dems Uniting Behind Criticism of Bush on Iraq

More State Controlled Media

Whitehouse Stategy now clear

Iraq's most feared prison open for business again under U.S. control

U.S. Workers in Iraq Can Use Tax Break

House Democrats Attack Tauzin Anti-Spam Bill

($25 Billion) Lawsuit Alleges Abuse at (Ameican) Indian Schools

NYT - Bush and Rice Say C.I.A. Approved Uranium Comment

Jerry Springer D-OH Senatorial Infomercial

Some moderate Dems may ally with Dean

Confused commander led convoy into ambush (Jessica Lynch)

Health care crisis brings out Jekyl-Hyde in Jeb Bush

Why isn't * raising hell & demanding someone's head on a platter

Kennedy (Liberal Dem MP) : repatriate terror suspects

Blair Under Pressure to Get Guantanamo Suspects Home

Not Totally Outrageous (ABCNote suggests GOP spin not working)

Forget Bush: Big Brother Glues Ugandans to TV Sets

Halliburton Will House Up to 100,000 Soldiers in Iraq, NYT Says

Jury wants my town to pay $2,500,000 for DWB killing

Fla. May Fine GOP Figure for 2000 Recount Actions

Dean: I'll give people a reason to vote again

U.S. Troops Under Fire in Iraq, Bush Defends War


Liberian rebels threaten U.S.-backed peacekeepers

Furor Over CIA Role In WMD Claim

US Senate unanimously approves measure seeking NATO, UN support in Iraq

CIA Blamed for False Information in Bush State of the Union Address

House Panel Votes to Limit States' Policing of Wall Street (OUTRAGE!)


AP News Alert /U.S. duties on steel imports are illegal.

Nigerian political crisis

Court Ruling Puts Bush, Rivals in Bind re: gay marriage

House Rejects Bid to Block Sex Research (Conservative Defeat)


What did the President Know, and When Did He Know It?

Nigeria: Steps taken to curb unions

Federal Prosecutors Investigate Fraud Allegation Against Coca-Cola

Feds Miscast Verizon, Dole As Small Firms (More Bush* Lies)

9 People now Isolated in Texas for SARS

homeland security agency's new mission - child porn

'Comical Ali' Leaves Baghdad, Might Not Return

Powell admits lack of certainty on foreign troops for Iraq

US Troops Move to Africa to Protect Oil Interests

Bush tries to placate waverers at home

Private Lynch 'not shot and stabbed' - BBC

From the September dossier to yesterday's backtrack: a truth-spotter's gui

Canadian alleges torture in Saudi jail

Plan Gives Iraqi Council Larger Governing Role

Congress split on Aids package

Davis aides optimistic on recall vote | SF Chronicle

US force nears limit of its global stretch

US 'made up rescue of Jessica'

Delhi-Lahore bus service resumes | BBC

Paris Club: Iraq Public Debt $21 Billion; Excludes Late Fees

White House 'lied about Saddam threat'


How important is African oil?


Bush Considers Plan to Pledge Future Iraq Oil for Loans

Saddam Fedayeen behind attacks on U.S. soldiers

Judge blocks (Washington State) law curbing some violent video games

Al-Qaida called Sept 11 attacks 'Operation Holy Tuesday'

Blair 'oversold' Iraq threat

War-weary troops long for home

US deployment in Liberia will be “limited”, says Powell

Kenya seeks support for Somalia peacekeeping (Lets roll!)

"Bush Knew Iraq Info Was False" - CBS

Two Iraqis wounded after US patrol attacked

Two Iraqis wounded after US patrol attacked

NYT: Senate Becomes O.K. Corral for a Surgeon and a Lawyer

Fallujah police tell American troops to leave tense town

A Paradox That Dubya Cannot Escape?

First West Nile Virus Test Cleared for Use

Bloody price of Iraq occupation taints Bush's Botswanan safari

Negligence in Afghanistan (More of Bush's liberation)

CIA Asked Britain To Drop Iraq Claim

Unknown group calls for holy war against US troops in Iraq

Amnesty Chief Sees Little Improvement In Human Rights (Afghanistan)

Freed Guantanamo Prisoner Demands $10.4M

Bush Safari ends in climax (actual sexual orgasm)

Study Launched for Building an American University in Afghanistan

Aid groups in Iraq also under attack

House backs Bush on overtime rules

Blair tells Bush: Send the British al-Qaeda suspects back for trial

Pakistan bomb blast kills at least two

Soldier Dies In Non-hostile Incident (Centcom)

Bush: God has called us

US Soldier Dies Of Heart Attack In Afghanistan (Centcom)

(3) US troops wounded in Iraq, Bush defends war

CBS describing Bush's statements as false

Nigerian police clear up for Bush - bulldozed the homeless!

GAO: Bush* Tops Clinton in HHS Funding of Trips

FBI sent warning after al-Qaida detainee described forest fire plot

Bush's Approval Rating Drops Sharply

CNN Breaking: Tenet Says CIA Made A Mistake on Intelligence

CNN and Fox's Dueling Numbers

Dean: Bush's 'intelligence-handling a disaster'

Blacks Lose Better Jobs Faster as Middle-Class Work Drops

Rescued Orca returns to Northwest waters (Springer & family)

Will Nader Run? It Depends in Part, He Says, on 2 Others (NYT)

Texas Search for Democrats Is Ruled Illegal

FAA had larger role in hunt for Texas Democrats, report says

Rice: CIA didn't tell Bush the info was false

CIA Asked Britain To Drop Iraq Claim

After discredited report, finger-pointing abounds inside Bush administrati

White House fingers CIA....(UK reuters)

Volkswagen makes Last Beetles

U.S. Insurers Try to Stop Asbestos Bill

Oil majors stall on Iraq despite US pleas

Valedictorian who sued is dropped from Harvard class

DU has an open volunteer position: Links Database Manager

What do you know about HPV (human papilloma virus)? New girlfriend has it

North Sea Jazz Festival.......Stevie Winwood......

Does the head keep falling off your Bush effigy?

The West Wing, - why no summer repeats?

New Iraq flag & Difinitive Iraq/Al Qaeda Link

Major fire blazing above me; may have to evacuate! =(

This made me laugh & almost cry at the same time

I'm headed to the FRENCH Quarter

Canadian Bacon is an AWESOME movie.


The MOTHERLODE of gif thingys!

Any Matthew Sweet fans out there?

How Does Your Outlook On Life Change Once You Have Kids?

Could anyone help me find the Homeland Sec. (?) pictures

Best "Gay Bar" flash?

Hey, northeast Utah...did you feel it? The Earth NEVER moves for me...

Selectsmart's choose a president!

Have the Simpsons run out of ideas???

Jon Stewart fans, don't forget to check out Bill Moyers NOW this week

Baylee the Bunny says hello.

Linux+ or RHCE - which cert should I get first?

Does anyone else have dogs who are afraid of thunder and lightening?

I shake the dust from my feet, as I

find your dutch porn name.....

The drop menus are back!

Some great new Bush photoshops..(from

I'm the King of my Castle and I've got a new Throne.

Marvel or DC?

Had a bad feeling all day

I got a DU bumper sticker the other day!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!!

Who here likes "fringing" ????

two years at DU

For those of you who missed last night's Daily Show


Fave comic writer-artists:

Do you like Unicorns?

I'm constantly being mistaken as a Buckeyes Fan! AHHHHHH

It's friday afternoon who else is stoned?

Saw a cool bumper sticker today

I've lost my star, and I donate monthly. What's going on?

Ok, being quoted in a newspaper is pretty good.

Just got my star!

Caption it.

Trivia buffs (only!) may get a kick out of Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

Favorite Giant Monster?

The Candied Yam of all CAPTIONS!! (Warning: X-rated material.)

Are there any Vegas area DU'ers?

50 years from now

What is happening to i.e.America radio?

All time favorite Tv sitcom from the 1960's?

How easy is it to mess with someone's

I just ordered my first DU t-shirt

Patiently I await the snail mail!

You don't want to mess with GabysPoppy

Sean Reynolds is famous!

Post your favorite Music Movie

Sex Pistols Vow to Rock Iraq

My old tennys!

Is anyone here also a member of the Pearl Jam

Guess whose job performance was so good he 2 FREE days off.

Am I wierd

Army to offer free Penis enlargement and Breast Augmentation to Recruits

I'm sure glad they're all over this sausage mascot controversy

The BUCK stops

Don't want to be a soccer Mom, how about loadin' up the minivan for this

BUMPER STICKER IDEA: "Clinton, Blow Job. Bush, Blows Jobs."

Giant Girl Forces Playthings Cheney And Rumsfeld To Wed

Most annoying big-screen so-called action hero

DU 2: Electric Boogaloo

Update the story about George and the Cherry Tree for Today's World

I am ready for some "Evil Dewars"

It's time for another national driving awareness campaign

Penis enlargement and Credit Reports?

Neato chemical elements website

Where's YOUR DU bumpersticker displayed?

Hey So Cal Dem and Elad!! I'd like to see you do this!!!

Pixies fans ••• Frank Black talks reunion!

Haha! Various tan lines based on sport/occupation

According to LauraK in LBN, Sex Pistols Plan to Rock Baghdad!!!

Forrest gets mad!

Remembering Kate or Living History...

Are Dean supporters better in bed?


Edward Teach: Pirate MVP and former most dangerous man on the high seas

YATTA! Bow before Yatta!

BY FAR, the FUNNIEST Onion headline to date!

CAPTION the shrunken head of state

Wanna See A Cool Photo?

There are a whole lot of NEW posters on DU! Anyone else noticed it?

Who the !$@&^%* is Armstrong Williams!?

Alternate reality question

Poll: Just up, or still up?

C'mon! You can't tell me the Sausage Incident doesn't make you laugh

This is great-check it before someone discovers it and changes it

For ZenLefty

Do you love or hate air conditioning?

Need help..

Idea for an "I support our troops" sign

Who wants a humping elephant avatar?

New Spiderman toon on MTV tonight

Richard E. Grant To Play Doctor Who (in animated adventure for BBCI)

Saw George Carlin tonight.....

Karma for California

Someone good at math, figure this website out

Did you catch your "Moment of Zen" (Daily Show)?

Who Is Your Favorite Monkee?

Road Rovers!

name the unidentifiedbassplayer, 2.06

Republikan recruiting practices SHOCKING!

We have 28888 members. Should I be concerned?

Sars concert

Al-Jazeera PBS Special

I just got a spam looking for a Dimensional Warp Generator

Blues party tonight & tomorrow night.

Can you vote for someone that voted for the PATRIOT ACT

Sign a petition that calls for independent, bipartisan investigation

Mammogram + Pap Test = Tort Reform Fun!


Im gonna move on back to Mississippi. Gonna raise up my roots

Child beauty pagents (poll)

What sort of nutcase would use the Red Pepper avatar?!

Breakfast Cereals

Favorite Flame Generator?

tired of being political but still bored

Had to fix my head yesterday

Has any DU hobbyist ever built a 'lifter' ? Links provided - Antigravity

My neighbors support Howard Dean!

The Democrat Underground is.....................

Silly jokes

A place where people love to Bitch.

Who is a Booger

On the occasion of my 3000th post Thank You to DU!

? about the new AIM

School for Cats..

Things not going well at Gazelle testing grounds..

Watching for new members

Hillary on Letterman NOW!

"Bowling for Columbine" release 8/19/03 (sorry if a dupe)

Puh Leeze go vote on this one

M.J. Comedy, Kiss the Cook.

Martha Stewart's New Project.

Hootie and The Blowfish

DUers with Marketing background

So I was quoted in the Salt Lake Tribune today.

What is the Worst Beer On Earth?

All right...I'm sick of Windows...tell me about Linux!

What's your favorite movie that you won't admit liking while in public?

Most Overrated Band/Performer

REMEMBER: every time you touch yourself DOWN THERE.....

ARGH!! I hate it when people slam their car doors into my car!

Would you wear my ring?

keyboard question

Yo, trumad!!!!

French Military Victories.

Sexy jobs?

Back from Ireland

My dog has given me ALL of her toys.

Fuck... my g/f just got into an accident...

"In Praise of Woody Guthrie", Steve Earle

There is a spy among us...

Post your favorite local independent Bookstore here

Amazing women avatars

Favourite "secret ingredient" to put in POTATO SALAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I lowered my cholesterol.

Does anyone know anything about rose bushes?

What RX drug is this.

FYI: There's a right way and a wrong way

NY Times Editorial: The Uranium Fiction

Your favorite Kid show

Have you ever dated anyone you met on the DU?

Wiccans, Pagans, etc--I need your wisdom, please; but it is a bit long.

Worst movie of all time

my mother in law needs help

Score 2 for the '80s LA music scene alumni society: Messrs Wynn & Doe


Further pop culture weepage: Best cry-like-a-baby songs EVER

What do DUers watch on TV?

omg.. have you seen the "Star Wars Kid"