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Archives: December 9, 2003

Flight-Suited 'Top Gun' Joins Dubya Doll Ranks

Kerry's Last Stand - Boston Globe

For Gus, He died for us.

Actual Cost Of Making These Popular Prescription Drugs

Best......................Photo op..............................EVER!!!

No Cheer for the Unemployed

Why Americans Vote for Republicans

Hey, MoPaul, looks like you've got some competition. . .

Stan Goff: Feeling More Secure, Yet?

Citing 'best chance,' Gore endorses Dean in '04 race

Gaffney and Horowitz Accuse Norquist of Treason

Maggie Gallagher - GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS (a dump on Dems/Bush wins)

Mother Jones: Occupied Territory

Ted Rall : A COLD DRAFT -Will Bush Bring Back the Draft?

Madison Capital Times: Go-along media ignoring Kucinich

Don't make me pay for this!

Why Peace Won't Come

Gillespie-RNC-"GOP is better disciplined(increased funding w/reform)

Politicians as Usual --Gore, Dean and the Greens

G. Palast: James Baker's early Christmas....seizing Iraq's assets

Salon Opinion (Walsh): SF Greens v. Dem grudge-match

Canada barred from Iraq contracts

LOL: Boston Globe editorial on Russian "rigged" political system

Ian Traynor: (Guardian Utd): The privatisation of war

Who is putting the dangerous democratist drivel in Bush's mouth?

Seymour Hersh: NYT "Man Hunt in Iraq"

William Kristol: "How Dean Could Win...."

IMP Book- After the Empire -Emmanuel Todd

Wellstone Photographer/Author Signing/Reading -- Minneapolis

Tell Daschle to Appoint Kristen Breitweiser to 9/11 Commission NOW

DUers in the Thousand Oaks area of California --

Action needed by Ohio DUers to stop giveaway of L. Erie shore--Vote Wed!

Women Play Major Roles in Middle East Film Industry

Who went with Bush...?

How come CNN is allowing Tucker Jerk Carlson to comment on debate?

Chris Matthews is an Egotistical Blowhard

RUNNING (from green jelly beans) MAN (Arnold)

Didn't Bush himself break the "Reagan's Law" - speaking ill of

President Bush Is Less Conservative Than Clinton

Thinking about changing jobs...

Astrologers: Anything in Dean's chart for today?

Anybody here ever have a near death experience?

Tonight's Scripture-based political commentary will be posted tomorrow

CARTOONS! The "Over By Christmas" Edition

Please help unfreep poll - Jim Towey anti-pagan comment

If the 04 election gets uber-close...

US Manufacturing job loss a plus for the consumer?

Time Warner Links With MCI, Sprint for Voice Over Internet Calls

New low for Dollar against Euro

unemployment drop is temporary

(OR Senator) Smith joins the Flat Earth Society

Formerly Stable Greenland Glacier Now Retreating Rapidly

UK Closes Climate Change Center - BBC

New Crack Visible In Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf

US Defends Climate Policies At Milan Conference

Britain On Track For Hottest Year Since 1659

Study Shows Rapid, Complex Changes In West Antarctic Ice Sheet

"Stupid" Bug in Excel 2003 involving =RAND() function

environmental scorecard . . .

Power probe looks to Jovian moons

The Saudi Takeover of Al-Azhar University

Settlers vow to fight evacuation

NYTimes Comedy Headline: "Officials Recommend Intelligence Overhaul"

Bare Hunts are Back in New Jersey

Another "sportsman" in action....

GUNS IN THE NEWS--December 9, 2003

Why the NRA wants to buy media outlets (TV, radio, etc)

Gun Control Article Draft: Please review

Is "Canned Hunting" Good or Bad?

Skinner, would it be okay to start a thread in the Lounge asking

Of course, the "thousands-of-posts-members can't be freepers" myth...

Could you do a reminder about sig lines again?

Is it time to have a "daily thread" of Gore endorses Dean?

When You Conceived Of, And Started DU All Those Months Ago...

a question about copyright and song lyrics

Will there be a Daily Democrat today?

Photos of DUers on the internet

excretory motif mysteries in GD

Calling Out Another DU-er

The deleted message mystery

locking similar posts

Am I insane, or is the Lounge Gone?

What isn't wrong with this thread?

Haifa's Maxim restaurant reopens

Demographer: Holy Land already has non-Jewish majority

Israel becoming 'leper' state, press warns

Settlers' leader threatens "war" if outposts dismantled

U.S.: We have no argument with fence, only with route

Israeli women curb their soldiers' excesses

Hanan Ashrawi: Palestinians Won’t Emigrate or Evaporate

Israel: UN Engaging in 'Moral Relativism'

Arab-Americans protest Seeds of Peace award to Peres

Indian American ISM Activist To Sue Israel

Israel 'training US assassins'

Bert, Ernie, Tzachi, and Ibtisam

The price of intransigence: Good fences

Former Israeli Soldier: ''We behaved like animals, criminals, thieves''

Israel picks up the gauntlet

Parents of woman killed by Israeli bulldozer call for peace in Middle East

Tell Daschle to Appoint Kristen Breitweiser to 9/11 Commission NOW

Iraqi Soldiers Deserting New Army

Too Far,Too Slow,Too Late

New Hampshire teachers union endorses Dean

Sealed records: Dean is setting the opposition up.

Hoeffel faces cleared Democratic field as he kicks off tour

Polls: Liberal, Well-Educated Back Dean

New campaign law gives wealthy last-minute voice

Activist says no rival behind anti-Dean ad

On CSPAN now...Gore endorsing Dean!

My Howard Dean story - why I support Dean.

AZ Republic | Gore's support may lift Dean in state, U.S.

there's a new "Thank You, Al" bat up on Dean's site – $500,000 goal

Remarks of Al Gore this morning in NYC:

The Bottom Line

MSNBC is covering Dean/Gore in Iowa live.

Nader will attend DNC/ABC News debate

Teachers union endorses Dean

Nevada Sen. Reid: Gore's endorsement of Dean is ``really big''

Please help!

Flash: Dean Peaks Too Soon, Again!

I have been working for Clark and here is what I think about Gore.

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez endorses Dean...

Suffolk University Poll from NH

Goodbye Senator Simon....

Cleveland DU'ers - 10th district folks

Favorite Southern Senator

If DEAN's the nominee, his running mate will be JAY ROCKEFELLER

Senate races: Ohio & Missouri

am I the only one who thinks...

Favorite Great Lakes Senator

Why should our leaders care what we think?

Favorite New England Senator

Gallup - Dean Takes Front-Runner Status Nationally for First Time


Dean's Bat Is Back! Goal: Gore's Vote Margin :-)

BBV - only an issue if your name isn't Kucinich

The real reason Gore endorsed Dean

Under Kucinich would your taxes go up or down?

Kucinich on Gore and Dean

The Dean Mystery - Bill Maher

Can I get another round? (DK supporter check-in.)

Where the Votes Are - the 40/40/20 Rule

Progressives Still Hold the Power - to Nominate and to Elect

Where the Votes Are - the 30/30/40 "Registered" Core Rule

Kerry denounces Bush Foreign Policy as "Inept"

Reagan Wakes Up and Says One Word.......

Does have a right-wing slant?

Will any candidates will drop out before the primaries?

I would prefer a Dean/Graham ticket.

"us shares russian poll concerns"

For the Clarkies...

Gallup - Dean Takes Front-Runner Status Nationally for First Time

The stage is set

US confirmed that it had adopted tough new tactics to ferret out guerillas

Bechtel gets black marks on Iraqi school repairs

Dob Bole Idea of the Day.... Dean/Gore 2004 (no, really)

Are weapons being smuggled into Iraq by Russia, China, or Iran?

The End of the West

Here is why Gore endorsed Dean:

If you're mad at Gore, write to Josh Marshall

Gore for Supreme Court?

South Dakota: Stephanie Herseth for Congress

Why do dogs run off to die?

Will name recognition get Lieberman some votes?

Wellstone Photographer/Author Signing/Reading -- Minneapolis

Upcoming Clark media appearances.

Were Israelis on 9/11 spies?

ABC Nightline at 1-1:05am ET -- Who's fighting who?

Skin lesions afflict troops in Iraq

Gore's endorsement doesn't hurt Lieberman

GALLUP POLL: Dean 25%, Clark 17%, Gep. 13%, Lieb. 10%

Of EVERYONE, Gore has the most credibility

William Kristol: How Dean Could Win . . .

Fake Turkey Edition

Al Gore and Howard Dean VS Wesley Clark and Bill Clinton

who took the bribe?

To all Lurking Repukes: Just who is "soft" on defense?

What does Howard Dean eat for breakfast?

CSpan rerun of Sen. Kennedy/Alliance for Retired Americans Rally

Does anyone know if Prez Gore will be televised tomorrow for endorsement?

Hardball w/ Clark on again, for those who missed it.

Would you support a Dean/Clart ticket?

Salon: Uncovered, a film about Bush lies that is making the rounds. :)

Bush is a modern day Hoover. Which modern day dem could be our FDR?

How does Dean win without Ohio and Florida?

Clark's "Southern Strategy" is to support a flag-burning amendment

Washington Journal on CSpan for Tuesday, Dec. 8th - Christina Fu on

New Hampshire teachers union endorses Dean

The Mysterious Stranger (Howard Dean) NYT David Brooks

Al Gore Reads DU (and other like minded sites)

Dr. Dean, please unseal your records

Dufus Bush, please release your incriminating records....

The political advantage of Gore's endorsement for all Democrats

If I knew that the war resolution would lead to war, then how come

Freepers basting Al Gore on c-span this morning

Santa ad

Anyone else remember that John Kerry stood up for Gore during recount?

What about a Dean/Gore ticket? Powerful? Realistic? Can it beat Bush?

GOP Attack Ad: When Angry Democrats Attack

we could make Dean electable by voting for him

Does anyone think that Gore is supporting Dean simply for a Cabinet Post?

I don't know about Iowa, but a New Hampshire backlash is possible re:Dean

The center/left Iraqi quagmire.

Kerry Touts Technology at Stanford

Washington Journal on CSpan for Tuesday, Dec. 8th - Christina Fu on

Basis for "He can't win the South" Argument?

Actual Cost Of Making These Popular Prescription Drugs

Right Wing Terrorists in the US - Media Silent

Janklow-tennis courts? pardon? tossed out?

Can Janklow Vote?

WTF? " I'll vote for Bush before I vote for Dean"

The core issue in this coming election is antisemitism?

documentary by Pilger - fuel for those who want shrub out of office

Any Conservatives angling for a third party campaign?

The RNC Operatives have moved in to DU

Debate Tonight?

Several Major attacks last night around the globe

Nader will attend DNC/ABC Democratic Debate Tonight

Gore Just Made an Idiot Out of Himself

Anybody watch Lieberman on the Today Show this morning?

who's getting the biggest "career boost" out of Gore's endorsement?

Donna Brazille Just Declared The Race Over On CNN

Cuba's Buena Vista Social Club pianist dies at 84 - Ruben Gonzalez

Does Gore's endoresement make anyone less likely to back Dean?

Gore is making his way to the podium

Philadelphia Daily News: We We Dems Need Kerry

Question about the C-Span coverage (no foil hats)

CSPAN to broadcast Gore endorsement @ 8 am

Dean Will Not Win iN Iowa.

Newsflash: Gore Divides Dem. Party,....

Now That Al Gore Has Endorsed Dean And Put The "Proverbial Nail"

Are there any Michganers here? What do you think of Debbie Stabenow?

CSPAN: David Kaplan (US News & Wrld Rep) on Carlysle

Cruise Missile Leftists, Republicrats, and Faux Democrats

NY Post: comics curse like drunken sailors…Dean raises close to $2 million

Clarkies... MTV

Just a question

When Angry Democrats Attack

FLASH: Howard Dean and Al Gore to appear.......

Has anyone here heard of American deserters in the Iraq war?

Protesters Carry the Fight to Executives' Homes

The hatred is too real, and being fanned by blogs of Democrats.

Lt. Yee: Spy or Sex Fiend?

Media coverage of tonight's debate

Are Democrats on the right track or wrong track?

Stupid Freeper writes "legal brief" for memo nobody cares about

Hillary would unite the party

As we discuss our Democratic Candidates

My thoughts on the primary, if anyone is interested.

the elected President of the United States.....

San Francisco mayoral election thread #1

It's All Good - Thanks Al Gore!!!; We like Howard toooo!

DOW 10,000 ...the recovery is offical

Gore on endorsing Dean: We must be united on this fight against Bush

Thanks in Advance for another Debate Tonight! Good Job Democrats!!!

there's a new "Thank You, Al" bat up on Dean's site – $500,000 goal

Did this story not get posted about Dean's records?

How many Clark supporters would be unhappy with Clark as VP ...?

New Canadian Conservative party loses 3 MP's on first day. More to come?

Dean Scorecard: Primary Wins = 0 Total, Votes = 0

janklow story on yahoo news-DU it

fellow Deaniacs – sign this DFA petition to thank Gore

Cheney satisfies bloodlust by shooting 70 pheasants (Canned Hunt)

Could Dean be prepping us for...

Fave comic strips?

Democratic Debate tonight: who is transmitting it? Thanks. n/t

Al Gore endorsing Dean video from C-Span.

You Know the Division We Feel Here at DU is Only Temporary, Right?

How to tell DU has taken their eyes off the ball

9 December 2000

Towey's (Faith-based Initiative) remarks about Pagans,

They hate us! They REALLY hate us!

Does Laura Ingraham.....

Question for those who do not support Dean...?

The Bat is Back!

Is Bush going to sell out Taiwan?

The importance of the campaign of Howard Dean.

'take America back on behalf of the people of this country.'

Great MoveOn ad just on CNN

"With a heavy dose of fear and violence..we can convince these people.."

Suggestion: December 12th - Unity Day

Counterpunch looks at the "Dean as a Liberal" meme

Gore's endorsement and my thought

If I need advice about my hair, I'd ask Vidal Sasson, not Phyllis Diller

Does Al Qaeda represent a threat to U.S security?

The General and the Governor--Counterpunch dissects Clark and Dean

The Right Is Winning the War of Rhetoric.......

Does the Gore announcement sway any DUers?

On claiming victory before theres ever been a primary

60 Minutes Story, is there a thread on it?

I've been thinking about this primary season and I have to say....

Gore's endorsement and my thought

Is tonight's debate from New Hampshire being televised?

Heads Up! Janeane Garafalo on Tom Hartman @ 1PM Est

I like that he's an MD and he's from Vermont - Early DU Dean threads

One positive aspect of Dean being a "McGovern" candidate...

for those complaining about the Gore endorsement.

It begins. Has Gore's Endorsement swayed your vote?

How Dean Could Win . . .

With the condemnation of Gore today, should candidates refuse endorsements

Quote of the day

Are Dean supporters too sensitive???

Will Pitt, did you ask John Kerry if he read your book "War on Iraq"

Bobbie Byrd on CSPAN now. Talkin tariffs and

Bob Kerrey named as new member of Sept. 11 commission

Future alleged War Crimes Tribunal suspect speaking now

Public dollars diverted to private schools

my Review of "A Calculating People" by Patricia Cline Cohen.

Gardian reports 41 soldiers injured...

Good GRIEF...ya'll need to take a lude and calm down....

Bummer, wanted to watch the Gore endorsement of Dean

A Project for General Discussion Posters

The Dean Mystery - Bill Maher

Why are they putting riot police at *'s events rather than regular police?

Battling the Media

Waterloo Wisconsin loses 550 jobs

Should Nancy Pelosi be the Democratic leader in the House?

What does Gore mean by "keep your eye on the prize?"

I'd like to make a point about the Gore endorsement

Is anybody else upset that the Media is controlling our Primary?

A Walmart Christmas - New This Modern World

Watch Charlie Rose tonight...(et) on PBS...2 correspondents on Iraq

BBV: California, Act NOW! Do You Want Diebold Counting Votes Any More?

A Troubling Influence - Norquist, Islamic Terrorist Orgs & Bush

Anyone a little indignant that they're calling the race for Dean?

Daily Dimwit: A negative discussion about Dick Cheney

BBV: HR2239 now has 90 Democrats, 4 Republicans

The Progressive: The Gore Endorsement

Okay, let's put Reagan on Currency

OK so where can I watch the Gore endorsement????!!!.... GRRRR!

Why Should I Be Impressed When "First-Time Unemployment Claims" FALL?

Author Dave McGowan casts doubt on the Malvo/Sniper story coming

Lies about Dean on ABC's "The View".

Hard learned wisdom in Gore's endorsement

For those who dont think Clark is Trojan Horse

AP correspondent didn't write Kerry F-word story!

A Question From Someone New To The Forum

Did anyone attend Dean's fundraiser last night

I am officially going to start lobbying DFA to get Kerry involved

Dean, Clark Very Close in National Polls

Gore Endorsement on C-SPAN now (3PM EST)

A soldier "killed every day" in Iraq? How badly has the press been lying?

I just had a thought.... What about a Dean/Gore ticket?

Dean-Gore Endorsement to be on C-Span at 6:10 PM

Joe Lieberman is better than any Republican alive

Why is Miami Police Chief Timoney going to 'consult' at DNC Convention?

It's a National Outrage that I can't get my kids a damn flu shot!

First Lady on Larry King asking about Dean

Daily Dimwit: a negative discussion about George W. Bush

If the Democratic Party split into two: Clinton vs Gore...

Well, well, well - Freepers are beginning to express their fear of Dean!

11,000 Job Cuts Announced Today ...... "Jobful Recovery" ?

GI Joke

"Hell on Wheels" Janklow Guilty

Media Ho Dianne Sawyer lands interview with Pickles and Bunnypants!

Would picking Hillary as VP nullify Clark's appeal?

Don't talk about Clark being Trojan Horse

About BBV, I keep wondering...

Garafalo endorses Dean on air.

10 million protestors on one day, and *we* are using war metaphors?

What would the Republicans Want? Gore vs. Clinton Boxing?

Buchanan: Gore endorsement so Gore can take over Dean movement in '08

Gore VP?

Kerry protests NRA-TV

Who decides this election—you or Al Gore?

They assassinated Sen. Simon!

A Promise Kept?

Hypothetical Candidate Poll

Bush Opposes Taiwan Bid for Independence

That G... D..... Bush

Kerry says on Rolling Stone Mag... that Bush "Fu*ked up" the Iraq mission

Go-along media ignored Kucinich even when he stood alone against Diebold..

Great Diane Rehm show today: Belafonte on among other

You have one vote....nobody can take that away.....

Someone help me with a Dean is not McGovern argument

Put the blame on Cheney ~ Good article

Voters apparently do not like Gore's telling them to get behind Dean...

What time is the Presidential debate tonight?

Dean friends: Discussion about what Dean has to do to win in 2004.

Does it matter???

Republicans Are Building Apartheid

Fear Mongering....

Is tonight's debate on national TV or the www ?

Paul Begala's Comments on Gore Endorsement

"Hillary Clinton dismisses idea of front-runner in presidential race"

Ever wonder about the status of the Anthrax attacks?

Congratulations to the Dean supporters

Do you think Lieberman will finally see the light now?

What is your view of Hillary Rodham Clinton?

RIP, Senator Simon

If Kucinich, Sharpton, Braun, and Lieberman drop out of race..????

Civil war? Not by my hairless round rump :-)

Has anyone seen Joe Scarboro lately?

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about Howard Dean

The Talent Factor

Why Gore's endorsement of Dean has a major impact..... *lots of photos* ad seen during Leno

Seymour Hersh on C-SPAN Washington Journal tomorrow AM

Do you support ABB?

When A Candidate KNOWS They Have No Chance Of Being The Nominee...

Gore-Dean CSPAN Video......

We just had an earthquake

Article on gun control : PLEASE review draft

Could Katherine Harris running for Senate help us in Florida?

A quick question

Power probe looks to Jovian moons

VOTE in this NY Daily News poll (Can Dean beat Bush?)

the BEST draft resistence/CO/stopthedraft websites?

Help! What's the name of the company that Bush sold off

How Do We Eliminate NeoConservatism?

Any TV Networks covering tonight's Demo debate?

Nic Robertson just said that the majority of Iraqi's want their country...

Timing of Gore's announcement

You down with ABB?

Clark: Hillary could be my VP

A Troubling Influence (or, "Wingnut Right Turns on Grover Norquist")

Handicapping The Race....

bartcop does gore endorsement

Dem debate to start in a few minutes. Watch it on C-SPAN.

Ask your Candidate to Unite the Party!!!

so who will win in San Fran?

Limbaugh: "Gore Looks Like He's On Something"

More Freeper Progaganda

Could Gore force Sharpton's hand early?

Sadly, I'm withdrawing from the Senate Race in PA

How Will The Republicans Attack....

Why does the Democrat Party continue to allow this?

Scenarios in which someone other than Dean wins the nomination

Dean's Appeal to Swing Voters, Moderates and even (gasp) Freepers

Democratic Unity

Today, Gore endorsed Dean and Washington felt the earth move

Survivor! - American President 04 - Outwit, Outsmart, Outlast

"Dean Can't Win" What a great prediction!

There were a lot more Dems in office before Bill Clinton came along!

Prediction: Clark Will Emerge as the ABD Candidate

Is it time to change the Primary System

who would/should Clark's defense seceratary be?

"A house divided against itself cannot stand"

So, is the Kerry Campaign Finished?

If Dean's the nominee, JAY ROCKEFELLER will be the running mate

British Columbians, CN appoints David P Edison to oversee BC rail

Presidential Debate On C-SPAN 1 at 7:00 Eastern

I've had Just about enough of Dem vs Dem!!!

Is the WMUR Guy (Debate Mod) A Freeper?

DU disconnect? Why is Hillary hated here?

Presidential Debate on C-Span Thread II

RW Terrorists In America, Media silent

Importance of Researching All of the Candidates

Welcome to the Dean for President sight

Republican ex Governor Ryan is going to be indited soon

Remember when Lieberman went on TV and endorsed Repub idea....

Dean & Clark partisans: How deep is your animosity toward each other?

Sheriff: 'No chance we'll find Dru alive'

Confederate Flag stickers I saw yesterday

I just got polled

Anyone see the Santa ad tonight?

Walmart heirs give less than 1% to charity - here's the full list

Presidential Debate #2

Despite the perceived differences, Dean is Clinton,

debate transcript anywhere? Repeat on CSPAN? Help me out, people!

Can we hold Iowa and Wisconsin?

Assuring a Dean nomination- who is the best choice for VP?

What happened to the post about Grover Norquist/Whorowitz Trash? I

Presidential Debate #3.

So that's #1000.

Fmr. Sen. Paul Simon is dead.

BBV: H.R. 2239 Additional Co-Sponsors (12/8/2003)

This Just in: Bush 2004 campaign slogan

Kerry on Countdown NOW

BBV: Graham Introduces Legislation To Ensure America's Votes Count

Kerry told Koppel where to put his stupid ass question; then showed real

I've had it with the anger on these boards over the candidates

Dobbs discussing outsourcing of jobs...NOW on CNN.

Who is the next to drop out?

Bush RNC extremist fundraisers spreading lies about *'s media treatment

Kucinich is the man!!! Sharpton is also on fire.

Freepers :"We are miles ahead of DU in the morality and decency"

Why didn't Gore call Joe Liberman?

How Bush Blew It

This crap will never end until we take control of the debates

Post Debate Spin Room ....Gep says too much talk about "process"...

The big loser tonight was Howard Dean

I'm not hateful. I feel out of place.

Debate repeat: 9 CST

'Bonkers, Insane': Israel Trains US Assassination Squads in Iraq

It's all about Will Rogers tonight

I love the diversity of our candidates!

Something Fun: Don't forget to Turn George Off!

Is the KKK marching outside the NH University hall?

Eat it, Gore! Charles Barkley Endorses John Edwards!

Hope Braun does not tell us that toilet story again. It pains me to listen

Republican woman on the CSPAN line.....says this Admin has flushed

One of the first civil debates in a long time and Lieberman ATTACKS!

Can the Gore endorsement win the Tennessee primary for Dean?

Will Dems unite strongly, whole-heartedly, after the nominee is chosen

Clark: Gov't run by polluters...Flag belongs to all of us

Loved the Debate!! - Everyone was Great!

Which debate mod sucked the hardest?

Gore Opened the Pandora's Box that We Don't Need

Gore is a...

Dean says elections should be held in Iraq before a ....

Dean says attack him not Al Gore

What concerns you the most about Howard Dean ?

One positive note from the debate tonight...

This has really been concerning me for the last couple of days

This has been concerning me for some time

Lieberman's reaction to Gore's endorsement of Dean

Trippi on Cspan now

Did Dean say it was okay to lie? Can some give me the details, if any.

I missed the debate - who won?

Does anyone support Lieberman?

Lieberman should stop being a whiner!

Clark wins Rock the Vote

Lieberman: "I supported 'Liberation' Of Iraq

Do DUers have a good idea of how the general population will vote?

Bush and Rove have miscalculated the elderly vote on Medicare...

Since the Lounge is down, here's a joke

What an awful debate

Young & In Debt

The debate tonight sucked huge (insert epithet here) tonight

Why do people support Dean?

Does Dean seem less inevitable today than yesterday?

This gore endoresment has almost scared me to abandon Dennis for Clark

Freidman is impressed with Bush's speech?!?

Freeper calls C-Span...

These candidates made Gore look foolish today.

Teacher barred from teaching about non-Christian civilizations sues

If you support Dean you must be bad

Effects of DU (depleted uranium)

Gephardt causes me an involuntary physical reaction to switch channels

Can Al Gore be yesterday's issue tomorrow?

Be of good cheer! Bush is having his own civil war

Deleted message

The Bodies Come Home

If the Election were today:

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about Dennis Kucinich

Teflon Dean The Mean Machine......Nothing Sticks....

Does anyone share this concern?

Dean is a quality individual and a quality candidate.

Kucinich on Mike Malloy @ 9pm cst tonite - 12/09

Did Gore subvert the democratic process? (from dailyKos) - worth reading

about Bush files from his governorship?

caption this pic of Al Gore's ex-girlfriend

How many candidates should drop out after New Years?

Turn on Scarborough

Encouraging words from Republicans?? Yes, it's true!!

Do you match up with your candidate on the issues?

Why was Harlem used for the announcement?

Clark on Hardball Last Night re/9-11

My thoughts on the Democratic presidential primary race

What is the difference between a Neocon and a Conservative?

Any news on the Gonzalez vs. Newsom front?

Enough of this "Civil War"!

The case for Graham as VP

Covert operations? We're in trouble...can you say Contras/Sandinistas?

BBV - You'd think it would be a story...

Is the "Dean Won't Win" chant Republican propaganda?

How to win Republicans, Independents, and Swing Voters

Gore bashing & sour grapes

CSPAN is rerunning Prez Gore's Iowa endorsement NOW

Kerry will triumph over the odds; Gore's betrayal of Democratic ideals

Democracy, China, Crusades, US History: WARNING: FOR READERS ONLY

Crossfire (12/9/03) Wes Clark and Terry McAuliffe (re: Dean & Gore)

The AOL Dean VS. Bush poll

Presidential Thread #4.

I hope Leiberman tears Gore a new one tonight

Dems screw up in first minute of NH debate.

What the hell is up with Ted Koppel and the other guy

Gore kicking Bush* ... behind ... on CPAN now

This endorsement thing is a huge distraction

Clark will be on MTV

Freepers react ot news of Sen. Simon's death....

On separation of church and state

Deleted message

To my fellow Clark supporters on the Gore endorsement

Gore endorsement to be carried Live on CNN also..................

Am I the only one who feels bad for Lieberman?

Why can't the dems make stories stick?

Did Dean say this?

BBV: Graham Introduces Legislation To Ensure America's Votes Count

Anyone here ever protest Bill Clinton?

Foreign vaccine??--no, no, no, no, no

DUers For Congress fundraiser - Day 2

I wish Dean had turned down the endorsement.

Ted Koppel is SLIME

If you are going to have a kid get trapped by the Draft, Read This!

Republican "Heros"?? E Gordon Liddy? Ollie? Rush? Bush?

90% Chance Dean will Win Nomination, 90% chance he will make Clark the VP

I had lunch today with a friend in the plastics industry-

More incisive commentary on the Deanster

Kerry Statement on Gore endoresement

1992 Democratic Primary Candidates & John Kerry

Why didn't Kucinich stay to talk in the post-debate spin session?

You might be with the terrorists if . . .

how is the Du Sjodin story political?

Major props to DK and JK

Well, shoot - maybe Will Pitt was right, after all

Just took an AOL online poll, who would u vote 4 Dean/Bush?

Who won tonights debate?

Three Random Comments About the Debate

Drug War question: Would you try hard drugs if they were legal?

BBV: ask every Congressperson in your state to cosponsor Voter Confidence

OK who won?

Dennis Kucinich is the only one hitting the issues seriously...

ieAmerica Radio — What do people think of the format? Anyone listen now?

Reporter asks Gephardt: "Do You Think 'Peter Jennings' Was Nice Tonight?

Who won the SF Mayor race?

Newsweek: Better vetting is exactly what the Dean campaign needs....

ROFLMAO! Elian's relatives claim excessive force in suit

Daily TOONS! promo (and DU candidates link!)

Unseating Tom DeLay

Why isn't Janklow being referred to as Republican Janklow

Bloodlust Cheney takes his overkill of ducks and pheasants on AF2

Wow! "Civil Wars"..."Angry Candidates"..."Fired-Up (Liberal) Base"!

Gore backlash? (Gore's poor choice of words)

Kucinich dodged the abortion question

Democratic debate replay now starting on CSPAN (10:30 PM Tuesday)

BBV: Graham Introduces Legislation To Ensure America's Votes Count

BBV: Please research your US Representative Dec /Jan Recess Schedule

U.S. House of Reps. Approves Bill to Censor American

Send Money To Dennis Kucinich Tonight!

BBV: NYT being spammed with anti paper trail letters -- WRITE!

The coming civil war within the Democratic Party

U.S. awards 30 Canadian soldiers (bronze stars. Some posthumously.)

Fueling Anger in Iraq

Actual Cost Of Making These Popular Prescription Drugs

Explosion hits Baghdad mosque

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq-444 U.S. service members have died

GOP pushes $373 billion spending bill through House

Clinton stumps for Democrat battling Green in SF mayoral race

Environmentalists plan campaign against President Bush in Florida

Iraq car bomb wounds 41 troops

Pollution citations plummet under Bush

Ozzy Osborne Seriously Injured

Seven Koreans Rescued, One Dead in Antarctica

Ashcroft to sign anti-corruption treaty in Mexico City

Gore to Endorse Dean, Remaking Democratic Race (NYT)

Andrew (Bachelor) and Jen Breakup

Boston to Begin Canadian Drug Purchase Plan This Summer

Victorious nationalists promise crackdown on big business (Moscow)

Pan-Blue losing allure, poll shows (Good news for Taiwanese leftists)

Seattle Times:Accident in Iraq kills three Ft. Lewis soldiers

Breaking on BBC: US Helicopter crash near Fallujah.

41 US troops and 3 Iraqis wounded in suicide car bomb attack

Gartner Will Cut 200 Jobs To Trim Costs

WPost: President Signs Medicare Measure (Poll shows more disapprove)

SBC to cut 3,000 to 4,000 jobs

Japan Approves Deployment of Troops to Aid U.S. in Iraq

No Harassment Probe After All says Arnold

Shortfall in Car Tax to Hit Home (Local Govts to receive two thirds less)

Five killed in suicide bomb attack near Moscow's Red Square

Bush Opposes Taiwan Referendum

WP: Insulin Among Several Drugs on Error List

Dutch: Iraqi Plotted to Recruit Fighters

LA Times: Governor Drops Plan for Groping Inquiry

A Troubling Influence

Gore Says Dean Candidate to 'Take America Back'

Dean on MSNBC now..

Press Release: FOMC rates to remain at 1%

AP: U.S. Still Holds 8 Iraqi Scientists

Iraq's Kurds Return to Ruined Kirkuk

What Danger Does North Korea Pose? Experts doubt U.S. claims

Hoeffel faces cleared Democratic field as he kicks off tour (sorry, folks)

Russian election denounced as unfair-- U.S. worries about future of the fl

Ailing dollar falls to record low.

Voting-Machine Makers To Fight Security Criticism

Seniors face dizzying array of drug plans

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday December 9.....(#1)

A Troubling Influence (or, "Wingnut Right Turns on Grover Norquist")

Three Indicted in R.I. Nightclub Fire

Sharon vows to defend barrier at The Hague

Laura Bush: Iraq casualties 'wrenching'

Joe Clark bolts new party hours after it comes to life (Canada)

Dean Takes Front-Runner Status Nationally for First Time (new Gallup poll)

Ottawa stays pot charges in 4,000 cases

Americans United Blasts House For Approving D.C. School Voucher Scheme

Crackdown on Cuba Travel Angers Some

Iraqi soldiers deserting new army

NYT: U.S. Bars Iraq Contracts for Nations That Opposed War

U.S. launches air assault in Afghanistan

Penney to shut a dozen stores

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq-448 U.S. service members have died

Why didn't Gore call Joe Liberman?

Ted Koppel on Cspan an Democratic Debate

Former Sen. Paul Simon dies after surgery

33 troops injured in Iraq blasts

Toronto Star: Outgoing Chrétien feted in France

Row hits Cuba chaplain hearing

First UK arrest over (Roberto) Calvi murder

Two Republicans Seek Audit of U.S. Iraq Operations

HUD Secretary Resigns

Report: 31 GIs Wounded in Iraq Bomb Blast

Political earthquake in Russia as liberals ousted from Duma

Al-Arian Search Warrant Documents Accidentally Destroyed

U.S. Bars Iraq Contracts for Nations That Opposed War

Green Light for GM Trees

Fewer polluters punished under Bush, records show

(Bill) Clinton's Winnipeg visit draws fans, foes - CBC

Breaking: Paul Simon (D-IL) dies while undergoing heart surgery

Snowstorm Chills Retail Sales

In Nod to China, Bush Warns Taiwan on Independence

4.5 Earthquake vicinity Richmond, VA

Justices disagree over cases involving Miranda rights

Dems Criticize Bush, Omit Facts Sometimes

Britain and US pressed on Iraq arms hunt (by France and - Russia)

US shuts out France, Germany from Iraqi contracts

Verizon sets charges of $3.7 bln after job cuts (21,260 employees)

WaMu (Washingon Mutual) cuts 5,400 jobs, warns on EPS

As Anti-Dean Forces Shrink, Their Battle Grows More Urgent

Fed leaves US interest rates unchanged

Bush aides to unveil anti-Castro plans by May 1

Michael Jackson bombshell --child welfare report exonerates him

Elian's relatives claim excessive force in suit over Miami raid

Humane Group Slams Cheney For Westmoreland [Pa.] Hunt

Casinos Start List of Problem Gamblers

If SARS Hits U.S., Quarantine Could Too

Ex-Sen. Kerrey Joins Sept. 11 Commission

Rubbermaid will eliminate 850 Ohio jobs

U.S. Eyeing Israeli Tactics for Iraq Insurgents

Iraqi Shia protest US Tank Killing

Rep. Loretta Sanchez endorses Howard Dean for president

Clark Says He Hasn't Ruled Out Clinton As Running Mate

BBV: Graham Introduces Legislation To Ensure America's Votes Count

Iraqi Council OKs War Crimes Tribunal

Anybody got some good recipes for sour grapes?

Go Browns! (2 Min Warning - 4th Qrt) 26-20 Rams

Who would win in a fight?

I hate waiting for new albums from artists i like..

Buddy bounding into then President Clinton's life about 6 years ago next

Any "Buckaroo Banzai" Fans Here?

I'm almost at a hundred posts

What DUer would you like to hi-jack a cigarette truck with?

infamous Brokaw interview, is it real?

How does a freeper wear his underpants?

Some of you guuys all know we got our lay off notice

Wellstone Photographer/Author Signing/Reading -- Minneapolis

HEyHEY and other CDN DUers...Guess what I'm having for dinner...

The Gov. sure looked happy tonight, didn't he?

At your candidate's blogs, do people from other campaigns post stuff?

I just found out my dad being redeployed for 2005

Why do dogs run off to die?

I like those little scIFi blurbs the SF channel does from time to time

It's officially my birthday and It doesn't mean crap

I do NOT get it. Average Joe Spoiler alert!

What does Howard Dean eat for breakfast?

Am I nuts?

Burger King Guy sings a Holiday Classic Must see . This is so funny ...

Just once, what if THEY had a war and ...

How much time a day do you spend at DU?

Who here digs Zero7?

Bush endorses Passing Out Drunk

What folder should these songs go to? What's your music file arrangement?

fellow gamers a question for help

Member of the day for Tuesday Dec 9 is.......

Sheffield sticks it to King George

Feel the love!

Do to circumstances...

Lounge etiquette question

What, no "Gore to endorse Dean" thread?

CAPTION don't push your luck on being the only child left behind

Just received email: Psalm 2003

buddhamama you always Lift My Spirits!

FLASH: Howard Dean and Al Gore to appear.......

Can someone give me the link to Snopes?, Skopes?

Lounge LBN-James Brown named sec. of soul and foreign minister of funk

Hehehe CAPTIONing right in your FACE!!!!

Two One-Legged Prisoners Break Out Of Jail

Most inappropriate childrens video ever - 'There Goes A Tank!'

Watched "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" last night

I've been calligraphy-ing Christmas cards all night

DU Men. How many let your wives/SO's drag you into Bath&Body Works?

Reindeer games?

"Wesley", "Howard"...

I have major Cat Fights at my house

Theif Steals Nude Playboy Painting

I feel so right out.

I left so feeled out.

I felt up a lefty

test ignore

Highway to Hell

I feel so left out.

Seeking My Favorite VoterVirgin Story Tellers


I feel so right in...

How often do you breathe?

Hillary and Bill are in bed....

Andrew (Bachelor) and Jen Breakup

Seattle OK's Elvis Impersonator Cabbies

Anybody remember Chas. Grodin's appearances on Letterman in the 80's

Woohoo! I almost didn't make my 400th post!

Thank you Al Gore

Awwwwwww! Bush looks CUTE in his Christmas outfit!

I feel more like I do now

Indulging our ids on GD

A long time ago I posted about living in a van.

Now That Al Gore Has Endorsed Howard Dean....

I made an A on the last paper I wrote...

11-year-old will make history when she takes the field

I am a fantasy football GOD!

Somebody loves me (sarcasm)

Son. Of. Worst. Poll. Ever.

What does "Seclorum" mean?

Show of hands: Who doesn't even GO to the GD forum anymore?

Any Acrophobia fans? It's baaaaack!

Question for our British friends:

For all those getting ready to enlist

One year since Mary Hansen passed on...

Frontpage Articles on DU: Time To Change The Focus?

Easiest choose-your-own-headline contest ever

Any Liberal Can Beat Bush 2004

What?! No Battlestar Galactica Post?

Any "Buckaroo Banzai" Fans Here?

I got my wish! It snowed last night, it's still snowing, and everything

Another sign Dean is going to win.

I'm getting truly bizarre

Is 34 years a little long to wait for somethng to be in stock?

People Who Can Find Anything On The Internet: Help!

Anyone else find female comedians irresistable?

Lawsuits: Out of Control!

More disgusting than Fear Factor: Pink and Tommy Lee

Anyone seen today's Doonesbury?

A picture for a dreary day.

How often do you bathe?

Mrs. Bearfan says all I like is sex, money, food, hunting, and politics

Pantsuits: Out of Control!

Just got rid of my tobacco stocks! Yeah!

In honour of Jean Chretien's last week in office - his greatest quote

Moxy Fruvous - Gulf War Song, A great band and a great song

mac 9.1 IE!!

Let's Find Gretta VanSustern (sp?) a boyfriend....

Anyone up for a Bill Janklow going to jail/resignation party?

Ever feel like doing this to somebody?

Nasty Emails

One of the best threads at DU

A great site for infant t-shirts!

Do You Wear A Wristwatch?

Draft Board Update & Question

Name that tune, part II

"Fear Factor"

How often do you have gas?

How do you refer to Bush when talking or thinking about him?

You must all surrender to me

Favourite muppet

Need to know

We just screwed ourselves.

Anyone who uses AOL IM, listen up

I just officially accepted my new job

ask me anything so I can get out of the 700 Club

when is the debate?

"What's YOUR problem?"

Boss from hell

I just donated $20 to

Do you ever do anything Naughty in School?

A Republican X-Mas Story -- Touching!

Gamers- Unreal II The Awakening Demo is out now!

How different are Portland and Salem, OR

Where can I get an industrial strength/size collander?

FOUND in Howard Dean's Records

System of a Down "Boom" Music Video

Are more DUers left handed or right handed??

Should I go to Cincinnati over Christmas?

I am the happiest person in the world this afternoon.

Discuss Howard Dean, speaking only like Prince.

Pay close attention

If The Word "Yak" Was Spelled 'Y-A-C-K' Would It Still Be As Funny?

Question on paying ticket by mail — How do I plead?

Cthulu is becoming A REALLLLLLLY THREAT!!!

Top 10 Reasons to Send Jeff and Vince to Congress!

Mayor: "Don't Call Me Dude"

Can somebody explain why GoD is evil

One less unemployed person! My wife got a job!

I need help, Is the debate on ABC tonight?

Let's find Ann Coulter a Boyfriend

Temple vs Arizona State Official Gameday Thread

Maternal sacrifices

See you later DU!

Here it is! This year's College Football Play-off Seedings and Brackets!

West Wing season 1 question

Schwarzie has put O.J. on the groping investigation.

Colon-ial CAPTIONS!

I just canceled my AOL! Ask me anything!

Now Sherry my love for you is real, but I didn't count on this

They Can't Get Enough of DU

My Back Aches. I Need A New Mistress...What kind of mistress is best?

Another lucky Google search. . . . .for a "Miserable Failure"

Empty-nesters.. What junk did your kids leave behind?

Ancient Chinese CAPTION, eh?

Panty Raid......

A CAPTION'll turn that frown upside down

Should Dean get Gingrich to be his running mate

The Colonel Sends his CAPTIONS!

So many changes, so little time

What's funnier, yaks or gnus?

NEED ADVICE on what to do with my seal records

Earthquake!!! Richmond Va. I think

Legendary funk musician George Clinton arrested

How often do you swear?

I whomped a local anti-union freeper!

CAPTION the toy soldier (s)

Who's really undercutting the military

Raise your hands if you want to see all of SoCalDem's...

Breaking: Paul Simon (D-IL) dies while undergoing heart surgery

"Gore's endorsement of Dean is immoral"

You'll never guess what city this is in.

Should WhoCountsTheVotes Propose?

Okay, now I feel compelled to apologize.

Since it's my birthday, and I'm in an excellent mood

I have lost a dear friend...

Allow me to drag my opinion of Clark into the lounge.

anyone in maryland feel the earth shake?

Allow me to drag my opinion of Dean into the lounge

Paul Simon's 75th birthday article:

Question Re: Cats/ Worms

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO...........................

Beer in Fridge check

Bear on Ridge check

You'll never guess what city THIS is in...

Allow me to drag my opinion of Bush into the Lounge.

There's a show on The History Channel about the KKK...

What are the very first symptoms of the flu that is going around?

Dance, Hammer, dance

A little more advice needed..

Allow me to drag a mouse into the lounge

Dean Will Not Win iN Iowa.

Advice Needed on Gift Basket for Fire Fighters

I will give my undying gratitude, lust and financial means....

What is your BEST work related memory?

message board html

What Kind of Gift Basket should I create?

OK. Guess what CITY this is in...

Allow me to drag Zombywoof in the lounge

Michael Jackson deemed innocent MONTHS ago

ZombyWoof's Primary Predictions! The Xmas Version!

See if you can guess what city THIS is in!

Andy Serkis is quite the anti-theist

Dinner Thread- What cha eating tonight

Does this guy have ANY idea how stupid he looks?

Paint on swede?

I'm running out of energy.

System of a Down "Boom" Music Video

Saw "Mahstah Ahnd Commahndah" last night.

Nixon Bowling

My Yak Bakes. I Need A New Mustard...What kind of mustard is best?

Did you read GD?!? Thar's a WAR a'comin!!!

Great way to freak out the Freepers, Hillary POLL

Report: Poor People Pretty Much Fucked

Pittsburgh DUers

Which network nightly news do you watch?

Who has pics as GW as a cheerleader?

Favourite retired/dead NHL player?

So that's #1000.

REMINDER! Kucinich on Mike Malloy TONIGHT during the 2nd Hour

Ya got yer dead skunk in the middle of the road, and it's...

Great. I just watched the debate and STILL don't know who to support!

My Back Aches. I Need A New Mattress...What kind of mattress is best?

Does anyone have archived DU threads from 9/11/01 to peruse?

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer now on CBS (8PM EST)

No Offense to Hunters........ (well maybe a little)

so I'm putting this entomology lab exam together tonight...

Great Quote about Aqua Teen Hunger Force

That was the most f*cked-up 22 hours of my life...

Two years ago this week

What is the cheapest Digital camera that you can get that's good?

Finally! The LA DU Meet-Up Pics from November

How many people know what State Chicago Is in?

60 hr. work week memo. World's biggest asshole boss.

Favorite Current Video Game

OOO vote for the most alluring Canadian

17 more posts until I hit 5,000, ask me ANYTHING!

Heeeey Macarena!

HawkerHurricane's NFL Power Ratings (week 13)

Let'a talk about sex

So I am shopping my way through the Toy Store tonight, looking for

Should I watch "Rock Me Baby" Tonight?

Ah, Christmas in San Antonio... the leaves are turning

Spiders In The House

Any one else here suffer from S.A.B.S.?

Who here digs techno/dance/electronica/trance msuic?

Greens, Dems, Poly scientists, I need your help.

New Updates to the Lounge Gallery

Frazier on NBC and the pot brownies

Despair, Inc. - Increasing success by lowering expectations

Poem: Santa Moved His Workshop Out to China

PlayStation 2

Hey!!! The spoiled white girls are about to be on TV

How can pain be delayed an entire day?

Since the Lounge is down, here's a joke

What's wrong with me?

Anyone have a link of the picture of John Lennon & John Kerry together?


Holy Cats! My mom has 300 posts!

Paint question.

Remember that letter I wrote to my landlord last week?

Photoshop & graphics experts, a question

Lather, Rinse, Repeat...

Bush = * and now Lieberman = # What do you say?

Comments about random posts here

HEyHEY (or any Canucks fan)

Worm Hits Windows-Based ATMs

So I bothered to watch Battlestar Galactica I taped yesterday...

Time for the Daily Show!

Ladies & Gents it pays to buy Kitchenaid

I Was Sick All Weekend & Yesterday, Did I Miss Anything?

Just found out my uncle is running for the Oregon State Senate!


Here's a song parody I wrote last summer

BBQ Poll

Allow me to drag my opinion of Bush into the lounge...



Post your random comments about the debate here (and I mean RANDOM!)

Sock Puppets on DU

William Janklow's slow acting karma

I met Geniph and Johnnyawl last weekend!

GD has a ton of new members on it tonight

Anyone have a Stollen recipe they're willing to share?

'Angels in America' is seen by more than 4.2 million viewers

I don't normally watch Judging Amy - Spoiler inside

Who cares what the AP thinks is National Champ?

GD is 'officially' a cesspool

Let's talk about drugs...

Halo around the moon tonight

Weight Loss (Joke of the Day) :)


My latest Freeper email

I've just finished Deus Ex 2 Invisible War--ask me anything

Need a sweater with a dog design on it

Who else loves the movie 24 Hour Party People?

Where's that damn Matsignal?? 14000+ posts over the moon!!!!!!

If USC wins, there WILL be 2 legitimate National Champions.

What are you sitting in?

Texas is the Taliban with BBQ!

Aren't we a good-looking bunch?

Hey "Foreign" DUers...let's...

"Dark" Christmas movies. Give me some more to watch!

Waging War on Spin - Chris Morris

What's your favorite "Strange Brew" scene

You bunch of WUSSIES!!!

So what do ghosts do when there's no one around to haunt?

Happiness is.......

I just took a terrible fall outside......

Is having no self confidence related to depression?

I feel like I'm dying. This pain is agony.

Can someone explain why GOPisEvil

Mariners sign Guardado!

Most Underrated Guitarists?

Put your arm around this CAPTION!

Post your random comments about people here

Can somebody explain why GD is evil

The SMARTEST thing you've ever done: Investment? Love? Name the

Has anyone ever actually done the flaming paper bag of dog doo prank?

Do you play an instrument?

Do you have a link to a website showing your art?

Has anyone ever taken anything that improved their memory?

This is our cat Mr. Bubbles and my first pic post!

Woo hoo!! Rabrrrrrr's birthday haul! Looney Tunes, LOTR, Indiana Jones!

Pro-labor/union DUers, please check in

Firms ‘making money’ off Iraq

Salon: A Shot in the Dark (Military's mandatory Anthrax shot)

Who decides this election—you or Al Gore?

Clark's a Capricorn!

New Study Shows 4 Out of 5 GLBT Students are Harassed

11,000 New Layoffs Announced Today

Fed's decision....

Wind power shut down in CA to save the birds?

Iran: Widening generation Gap

Live in Colorado? Need a job? Here's one - Communication Assistant ...

Favorite Western Senator

Favorite Midwest Senator

God...The media coverage of SF is so comedically biased...

Must See Video - "Breaking The Silence"

Why do I like Howard Dean a lot better than I like Paul Martin?

How about these tickets, which do you like best?

What other big names will endorse Dean in the near future?

It Doesn't Really Matter What We Think

When I/my loved one is drafted, I will

Do Pelosi, Gore, and Clinton know about Newsom?

NightLine? the debate or a DK interview?

The endorsement of Dean by a well-known Democrat may have swayed me

Dean's strategy to win the south...for the nomination

The Gore/Dean Endorsement.

The Debate: Highlites and lowlights

ABC Nightline (12/9/03) Thread #1, re: Dem candidates debate

At year end, four of our candidates should throw the towel in.

Hey, this looks pretty cool - statistical abstract of the US

Proof that Newsom donated to Bush...

The articulate voices at the debate

The Next Administration With A Democratic Sweep

New Results from San Fran Mayor Race - Newsom up, Thread 1

There's hope for victory in '04

More Clues Surround David Kelly's Death

Joe Lieberman does not deserve a "Daily Democrat" thread

Bill Clinton had a chance to get Osama and he blew it!

Anti-Dean bias in Associated Press Reports starting to emerge

Will Dean's employment at Planned Parenthood cause problems?

Excuse my ignorance but

Putin is just doing to Russia what the Busheviks have done to America

You think Freepers are bad ?

Just came across an interesting opinion on Clark--do you agree?

Anyone Else See Jon Stewart Rip Up Dean?

Holy Moly! Look At What Waxman's About To Do!

I don't know if I'm going to feel comfortable with an occupation supporter

Getting ready for the Reagan memorials...

Central Park Five Sue NYC $50 Million Each For False Arrest

SBC reducing between 3,000 and 4,000 jobs

EU Turns Blind Eye to Berlin-Beijing Nuclear Deal (DW)

Senate OKs Oil Lobbyist for Saudi Post

Congress Heads Home Without Passing Pension Relief

US To Host Iraq Conferences for Turkish Firms/ New World Media Watch

The german greens and Schröder: Fit for War:

Iraq's interim leaders decide to expel Iranian People's Mujahedeen

Dean Objects to Ethnic Humor at Comedyfest in His Honor

WP: No Warning You're About to Be Gored

Ban on Plastic Guns Extended 10 Years (By Bush)

High Payments for Halliburton for Fuel to Iraq: NYT (barf alert!)

beer lovers

I hate % and ! just as much as I hate *. Opinions?

Hey Gamers. A Couple Days Ago I Bought Need For Speed

Did anyone else lose Mike Malloy at 11PM tonight?

The George W. Bush G.I. Joke Action Figure

Jimmy Carter doing Leno tonight

I just discovered I'm a genius

Cat yak

Any Spoon fans here?


A great reason to watch Celebrity Poker on Bravo

New Englanders; must have an answer to this question!

Do you rotate your underwear?

Hey Ozzy fans!

What's the worst part about giving & receiving Gifts?

Al Franken on tonight on "Tough Crowd w/ Colin Quinn"