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Archives: December 8, 2003

Jihad has worked - the world is now split in two

So many cowards, so little guts

Diebold Simulated Voting

Bush Borrows Hitler Propaganda Techniques

Lawmaker and PACs attain mutual results (Oxley - Repug)

British hypocrisy at Commonwealth conference in Nigeria

Molly Ivins: "I think we got a winner (It's Dean!)

A War of Choice or of Necessity? :Wash Post

28 years of Bush

Al Franken Interview (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)


A Word To My Mothers ------

A Colonial Tradition 100 proof

Joe Conason (Salon): Gore's Epiphany (on Gore endorsing Dean)

An Army of How Many?

GOP resistance to regulation paved way for accounting scandals

Is Bush a Bigger Liar Than Clinton?

Fight Media Monopoly

MN Clark Supporters!

DEC 16th CA SofSTATE to Certify E-Voting Machines....ACTION NEEDED!

Patch Adams / Kucinich event in DC 11/8

Common Cause: Meetups on Dec 10 to fight media consolidation

Join tens of thousands of union members and their allies...

Send this letter to your representative in Congress! (e-voting)

BUST Robert Novak!!

A rich millionarie Pundit with no objectivity!

NPR Segments on new "Liberal" Radio Network

Mighty Wurlitzer working overtime: Iraqi mass graves

Someone post a poll, tv news viewing

Bush tells GOP he cut spending!! -but Heritage notes 164B or 55% of spend

New boycott target for FReepers.... MAD Magazine

A Daughter’s Final Letter

Magnet Quackery: "The Shooter Buddy"

my chart.....what I am not clear on

how can i get my good cholesterol numbers up?

The ex-gay movement - revealed

Citing Improved Economy, GOP Does Not Extend Jobless Benefits

Drought Closes Lake Mead Boat Ramp - AZ Republic

Tribes celebrate end of mine saga

Excellent Article On America, Japan & The History Of The Hybrid Car

Summer 2003 - European Temperatures 3.78C Above Historic Averages

Wounded in Iraq Denied Purple Hearts

U.S. Uncovers Weapons of Mass Destruction, Not in Iraq But in Texas

The true story of the battle of Samarra-A bloody victory or dangerous fant

Analysis: US revamps military

Zimbabwe quits Commonwealth...

An exercise in language

I have a suggestion for sentencing white collar criminals...

Samurai slaying Nab naked Bx. man in butchery of wife

Bear hunts are back in New Jersey

Any reloaders here?

I need numbers on executing someone

Mary Rosh Helps Put AEI "In the Tank"

What? No complaints,

I'm sorry Bear; I had low blood sugar; I can give you a note from my Dr.

could you add a counter showing how many people are logged on

"Cult" thread should not have been locked

A question about being banned.

you guys aren't kidding about the daily democrat thread, are you?


Thanks for a great

Can we add a Bush Countdown clock to our home page

Much love for the Admins!

I cannot find the "daily democrat" thread on Joe Lieberman

Can you tell me

Holiday avatars...

Thank you, Skinner

Seems I am ticking someone off.......

Re the Dem Candidate Poll...

I may be totally off base here, but...

Is there a way to get to archives in the old DU

Skinner, Why did you remove the poll from GD?

Can we pin the DUers For Congress fundraiser?

Who checks the DU Post Office Box?

Money problems delay completion of fence in North

Palestinians seek fresh truce talks

Israel compensates shop owners

Analysis / Hamas is laying a hudna trap

UN expected to ask Hague court to rule on security fence

Hamas chief Yassin rejects coexistence with Israel

Canadian national suspected of being Hamas assassin

Palestinian-Canadian claims confession coerced

Sharon: Hebron enclave ours forever

UN votes 90-8 to ask Hague court for opinion on fence

Geneva Fantasy

Security Fence Distortions

With or without Israel

Palestinian woman beaten for refusing to explode

Hamas Official Says Suicide Attacks to Resume

The U.N.'s Dirty Little Secret

Democracy Now: Rabbi Michael Lerner, AIPAC, & Pales. Prof. Nasser Aruri

Israel will cooperate with Int'l Court on security fence

Any DUer who saw plane go into Pentagon. Need to debunk missile theory

Dean's Chief Blends Tech Smarts, Strategy

who's winning where…

A Paper Trail for Voters - NYTimes - BBV

Dean's amazing money machine in high gear

Should DU folks get cards to FIX 04 vote to offset GOP cheating?

Kerry camp lowers N.H. expectations

Operation February (Time on the Dean Campaign)

Choice and accountability -(deficts don't matter - conservative means C&A)

The Iowa and Granite State Follies: A Quizzical Guide

Another very big endorsement for Dean.

Media-related question...

Gephardt stresses deficit plan

Nader to test waters with fund-raiser

Poll: Dean becoming inevitable winner of NH Primary

From Des Moines Register: "Mysterious" Group Runs Ad Critical of Dean

Jones, Dornan Late California Entries

Hoeffel's Seat to Be Competitive

Holden's collective bargaining order returns to play in party flap

Bob Dornan (fmr. R-CA) making a comeback

Will Dean raise $$ for Kentucky Special election in January?

Iowa poll puts Dean ahead of Gephardt

Dean Picks Up NYC Endorsements

KY-6: Fletcher Sets Special Election; Late Date Could Boost GOP

Gore's political future

Get to know Edwards -- 38 minutes of Real Player video

On Gore's decision to endorse Dean

Gephardt Goes Negative

A candidate that's trying to beat Tom "Bug-Spray" DeLay in his OWN distric

Gonzalez and Newsom Supporters Clash at City Hall

Howard Dean and Vermont Yankee / Entergy

If Lieberman drops out, where will his support go?

Jackson helps Dean in South Carolina

Dean In Harlem..

Did Gore endorse anyone?....

Is Dean going to name Gore as his running mate?

Dean's Schedule Changes for Tuesday, December 9th

California Democratic Council straw poll results – somewhat shocking

Al Gore to Endorse Dean - the P/C version!

Oh well...

Which candidate will drop out next?

The Ohio Poll (official, scientific)

Southern U.S. Senators in 2004?

Dean to help Democrats in Kentucky 6th

New Pew Polls from Iowa, NH, and SC

Living on Earth (NPR) Interview with Kucinich today

It is not a "Southern Strategy", it is a "Northern Strategy"

Kucinich on DC Rights

Kucinich on the $328 Billion Omnibus Appropriations Bill

Kucinich Proposes Progressive Tax Reform To Assist Workers and Families

The Bush Story: From the 9/11 Trifecta to Nov. 2004.

fascism isn't a bad thing to all people....

Greg Palast cd on Jello Biafra's label

How will you explain Kerry's use of F word to the children?

Rep. James Clyburn (SC) believed to be deciding between Gephardt & Dean

Anyone recall an interview Andy Card did with, I think, Vanity Fair?

Edwards responds to Dean's SC speech from Sunday

Clark's new ad. What do you think?

Clark's plan to turnaround America

Dean's new ad - what do you think?

Is a second civil war in this country possible?

Does the lawsuit against Abercrombie & Fitch over racism expose hypocrisy?

Radical without apology

Has Will Pitt written about his meeting with Kerry

will Lieberman ever stop trying to ride Clinton's coattails?

who's winning where…

Dean picking up lots & lots of New York City endorsements

How much TIME have you donated so far?

Must Read--Putin tactics foreshadow 9-11 LIHOP scenario

INSPIRING Speech Kucinich delivered in February 2002 in CA

TBTM lays Coffin at foot of Enlistment center in Times Square.

isn't it about time we built some robots to do our fighting for us…

OK, .What will happen next to distract us from the War In Iraq??

How much money have you donated so far?

Are Russian Oligarchs "Criminals"?

Hillary the hawk

candidates' books don't seem to be selling very well

Hillary on Sunday talk shows-- WOW!

Why Is Wal-Mart evil, again? I remember part of it.

P2P software maker forces P2P software project to shutdown 4 infringement

Great retort by Kerry to Andrew Card and his sniveling about spending.

Chaplain held for 2 1/2 months in solitary confinement!

CNN: Serial Rapist stalking Miami - Miamians, head up

Will Pitt Interview with Sidney Blumenthal

Google Loves Wesley Clark

California Democratic Council straw poll results – somewhat shocking

Dr. Dean has Rx for U.S.

Clinton and the military. Someone clear this up. Please.

Rep. John Dingell says he's leaning towards Dean or Clark

A rich millionarie Pundit with no objectivity!

CSPAN 2 Alert -- Mon 9 AM -- Terrorist Attacks Commission Hearing

Credit Company Orders Wiretap On Journalist

the real profanity in Kerry's RS statement is that…

Craig Newmark (founder of pondering Dean endorsement

How Many Times Have You Switched Candidates?

I just got a very strange pop-up ad after logging on DU.

Mickey Kaus says Sen. Tom Harkin rumored to be set to endorse Dean

Gingrich: Speaks Out Against Administration's Policy in Iraq:"Off a Cliff"

Tom Tomorrow returns to Parallel Earth

Interesting series of questionares of soldiers in Iraq posted here:

To Repugs who think Kerry's F-Bomb was inappropriate...

Jiacinto's Last Words

Why are there gas "shortages" in Baghdad ?

Clark's Endorsements?

Clark\Dean Dean\Clark

Article: "Dean is Rove's Wet Dream"

Mighty Wurlitzer working overtime: Iraqi mass graves

interesting comments on 2004 from a non-political site . . .

Thoughts on Bush visit to Baltimore

For Fox News to be fair and balanced.....

PBS: Cringely on Diebold et al: "No Confidence Vote"

Shame shame Hillary

The Seattle Times: Deranged

projects funded by "omnibus" spending bill

Has George W Bush ever used the "F" word?

Is anyone watching the 9-11 hearings on Cspan2??

New Hampshire NEA expected to endorse Dean before debate tomorrow

Social Conservatism is not a political philosophy

Bush's "Trifecta" Arnold said "Cumming" on Oprah. Kerry: big deal!

Bush Sr knew the truth of Iraq......

"It looks like all McNabb's critics have either gone into hiding or rehab.

Lieberman supported by more than 50 people who voted for McCain

Could we do this to expose the RW hate machine?

A Bizarre Effort to Tie Dean and Hillary Clinton Together

Political discussions with the family at the Holidays.

NY Times Calls for Paper Receipts with Voting Machines (thanks Krugman)

UK might charge £500 for migrant workers to work there

The Yellowstone Volcano

DU only rates 12 on "annoying liberals" list

Vladimir Putin & the United Russia Party win. What are they?

Will Kerry Apologize?

News Flash...Karl Rove is coming to Milwaukee!

Pickles to be on Larry King Tonight

Protesting Oliver North on Thursday!

Deleted message

Gen. Clark on Hardball tonight

Under Bush, spending soars ..... (share this with your repug friends)

Hague secrecy - whose responsibility? My letter to Conason:

NVA Neighbors Up in Arms about Secretive Enclave

Not a uniter or a divider, he*s a "raiser".

How Clark can win the Dem nomination...

Let's Revisit The Oklahoma City Bombing For A While

A Way to combat the whore media

Debate on budget CSPAN1

How will we explain the killing of 9 Afghan children to American children?

J. Bush in our face

Sky News UK: media bias most disturbing re. Russian election...

Kristofferson endorses Clark

Hannity calls Rush EVIL.....

Easy Boycott Action = Turn Bush Off!

Where is bartcop??

Dean Responds to Medicare Bill Signing

Watch the 30 Minute Dean TV Ads In Wisconsion Here On DU

Are non-voters patriotic Americans ?

Euro Underground Band To Tour US In Support Of Master

Don't forget to ask Clark

"New" crowd turns out to hear Dean speak - per SC speech from Sun.

Richard Perle.......hey at least the guy is consistent

Roll Call: Dean may launch fundraiser for Kentucky special election

Arnold and company being sued.

Did anyone see Rep. Dingell on this morning's Washington Journal?

Primary schedule needed

Joe Klein: Clark Campaign Coming to Life!!

Holy Joe going after popular media Post article

Justice for Bob Novak

New MoveOn add on their website.

Redford Praise Reid, Attacks Bush...

Disabled vets oppose Bush*

Guess who's critical of the war in Iraq?


Cockroaches are Celebrating - U.S. Leads Way Toward New Nuclear Arms Race

I would like to apologize for my counterproductive attacks on Howard Dean.

Rally around the Democratic flag

Latino boycott december 12th , anyone particpating

Chris Matthews is fawning over Dean on Imus right now

Life according to a Freeper

WH aide says pagans don't care about the poor

One Wingnut accusation I am guilty of.....

Michigan GOP wants republicans to give info on friends politics

Rangel on CSPAN

Railroad Locomotive Engineers Union Merges With The Teamsters Union

A candidate that's trying to beat Tom "Bug-Spray" DeLay in his OWN distric

Will you be okay through the next two months?

Bu$h signs Medicare bill. DemoTex cancels AARP membership.

Opportunity to discuss Dean and minorities

10% of the population is homosexual?

A Question- In regard to the states that have cancelled...

New NH poll, Dean leading but who is the second choice of voters?

Do you think there should be any references to Sadaam in Iraqui textbooks?

mercury emissions- need facts before and after levit

Neocon poses as soldier to write "report" about Gobble Gate...

Howard Dean Interview on CNN's Inside Politics today

Which bumper sticker will get me less hassle from the cops?

Staying the Course in Iraq

Uzbek torture story makes Yahoo front page....

I'm thinking about tackling "The Clinton Wars" next

Anybody have a link to this Ben Ferguson from Radio America?

Hannity says "we need the dirt on Dean."

bush smiling like a baby after signing medicare

Gephardt is a hypocrite!

"Satanists for Dean" has reappeared at a new location.

Al Sharpton on Crossifre

Florida may be key for Democrats

ROFTLMAO! Dornan to run against Rohrabacher in Repub House primary

Seniors Disapprove of Bush Prescription Plan - Poll(CNN - Inside Politics)

see this DU discussion of FL2000

Big props to Will Pitt for the Sidney Blumenthal interview

Turn to C-Span now Nancy Pelosi

Kerry's F-Bomb. Good Political strategy

25 Dangers of Gay Marriage

Bushites say: "hey, soldiers die in wars....."

Gore to endorse Dean tonight

Al Gore endorsing Dean tonight?

Gore endorses Dean!

Gee, I wonder if Gore is going to endorse Dean

Kerry not going to apologize for using F word..

Brainshrub the 1st Person on DU to note that Gore will back Dean!

The Big Bad GOP

Al Sharpton is on Crossfire now!! 4:45 est

this proves that Gore wants to be the democratic Nixon

The "Republicans want Dean" issue

White House expresses concern about fairness of Russian elections (haha)

Democratic Presidential Primary Poll (December 8, 2003)

Lieberman not doing well on poll

Interview with Al Franken

Alice Walker Endorses Kucinich, Will Be Keynote at Kucinich Event

Gephardt on social security.

Dean, Clark in a virtual TIE in latest Pew Poll

ever seen this anti-choice nut site?

The fatality numbers ARE higher than reported...

I don't understand the Repub. idolatry of Reagan, why?

Ever sat down and done the math on the mass graves?

Tavis Smiley: interview with Lisa Duggan re neoliberalism

Howard Dean and the "X-Ray" question

Gore/Dean vs Clinton/Clark what does it all mean?

As the biggest Gore supporter here, I offer my help!

Dem. candidates should follow Sharpton's example (on CNN)

Robert Redford NOT endorsing Bush, blasts his energy stance

Crossfire's Begala says Gore to endorse Dean

I'd like to see Dem candidate say . .

Al Gore works for the RNC!!

Has Harkin endorsed anyone?

Will Gore's endorsement of Dean...

269-269 tie likely?

Will Gore's endorsement of Dean change who your supporting?

I am so excited that Gore endorsed Dean!!

"Life on the Killing Floor"... ex-Tyson chicken killer turns activist....

Wait A Minute - Gore Hasn't Endorsed Anyone ....

The U.S. President endorses Dean!!!

Any DUer who saw plane go into Pentagon. Need to debunk missile theory

What does Gore's endorsement of Dean do to Lieberman?

Who cares that X endorses Y?

Iraqi/Afghani deaths?

Newt On Hannity

Tom Delay and Condi Rice ticket in '08

Another BIG Endorsement for Dean

Which plank from the democratic platform would you like to see gone?

Any Republicans at your "move on" party?

Who's going to the Dean rally in NYC tonight at Roseland?

Clark Fundraiser -- Franklin Michigan 12/07/ 2004 -- report inside

anyone have a link to the "pray for Bush" leaflets?

What happened to the official DU poll?

Gore Supporters and Dean Supporters, can you help me?

Will Bill Clinton endorse Dean now?


Janklow Guilty on all counts

What plank would you like to see added to the Democratic Platform?

Has Jimmy Carter endorsed anyone yet?

What if Clinton endorses Clark

Janklow Guilty On All Charges

Clark on Hardball now!

Granholm targets insurance companies

Why do people think Gore owes Lieberman anything?

How will the recent news affect Clark tonight on Hardball?

Gore endorsement ploy for 2008 nom?

Dean's going to win it all now

From a non-Dean supporter to All DEAN supporters: CONGRATULATIONS

Democracy Now: Rabbi Michael Lerner, AIPAC, & Pales. Prof. Nasser Aruri

Tomorrow's debate will be very interesting

The Iowa Electronic Markets Website predicts Dean victory

Having all state primaries within 2 days oif each other

Why Novak didn't break the law:

Could the leaking of Gore's endorsement of Dean be a slap at Clark?

It's official. I now dislike Judy Woodruff. Really, really dislike her.

Dean and Kucinich and taxes

HONOR and DIGNITY (Or 20 reasons to vote for GW Bush in 2004)

Harlem? Are You kidding me?

Gephardt the most negative candidate?

UPI - Figures show 'hype' of terror war

Tonight on Anderson Cooper's 360 - Secret Societies (CNN, 7 p.m. ET)

Do you have a favorable opinion of Al Gore?

Are Repugs Rooting for Dean?

(Florida ) Public backs right to die, poll says - Schiavo Case

DU Dean Supporters should now show the utmost respect for other candidates

Nancy Reagan says "Just say No" to Ronnie on Dime

Is Joe Trippi our Karl Rove?

Sharpton declares Lieberman's campaign DOA

When has Dean criticized the Election 2000 Decision?

New Poll puts Edwards on top in S.C. (then Clark, Gephardt)

A great 2003! Companies shift Healthcare costs to the Workers.

Greg Palast on the Baker appointment to Iraq...

For Coloradoans, who is running against Tom Tancredo in '04.

Could it be Dean/Hillary in 2004?

Inviting and Encouraging Dissent

What a crazy day!

Help Beat Tom DeLay

Thus begins...The Joecember to Remember!

Where goeth Joe's supporters?

Is Al Gore a premature endorser? The original non-partisan poll

We are blessed with two terrific potential nominees.

Warning: outbreak of Deanial reaching pandemic proportions at DU

Was Al Gore's Endorsement Premature? - the non-push-poll edition!

Will Pitt's Truthout Radio Program for Today (mentions Gore and Dean)

Deleted message

cavuto/fox just said Gore will endorse Dean?

LIHOP: Payne Stewart and a hole in the story eight miles wide

Would it have been OK for Kerry to call George W Bush "this chickenshit"?

Maybe Gore says: "I Walked DLC Line" and they used me!

Janklow to Resign Effective January 20, 2004

Candidate poll- specialized

Dirty Bomb Missles Reported Missing in Moldova

New CNN/USA TODAY/Gallup Poll - Dean, Gap Widening

call the phone numbers of people who can stop Black Box Voting

Candidate Science Policy Question

Q asks: How many Gore\Dean threads do we need?

Dem Congressmen ripping the GOP on Cspan 1 right now

One thing about Dean is..........

The Dean campaign's "unelectable" meme

Twetty Planted The Seeds Tonight on Hardball.....

Deleted message

Kucinich on the $328 Billion Omnibus Appropriations Bill

Okay...I'll ask: how many Gore/Dean threads do we need?

Bill Maher jokes about Clinton BJs - Hillary in audience for award

Environmentalists fighting for Kerry

Am I going nuts? All the MSNBC stories and comments are

Democratic Primary Calendar - 1/19 - 7/26 (Dean/Gore? Or Gore/Dean?)

Congratulations dean supporters

Did Gore kill Dean's candidacy?

DK on CSPAN ~ now

Degree of Bush-Hating here at DU.

Spinitaway Media Sanitation Services: When Christians Kill

Is the Democratic establishment realizing it can't beat Dean?

Striker roll-over in Iraq: 2 US Dead and 1 wounded per ABC radio news

Zogby poll gives the bird to Bush Thanksgiving Photo-op...

Congressional DU candidates need help!!!

Bill O'Reilly is NO FAN of David Lettermen!

NH Firefighters Bagpipe Band to Greet Kerry at Debate Hall tomorrow night

MSNBC: Gore in tune with Dean ideology

Does anyone realize how important Rush Limbaugh being a junkie is?

2000 election poll (yes 2000)

When did Dick Morris become such a huge FOX

What Kind Of Supreme Court Justice(s) Would Your Candidate Appoint?

Quiz: Who Once Called the Dean Candidacy "A Ticket to Nowhere"?

Is The Washington Dispatch owned by Moon?

Gwen Graham Logan (Bob Graham's daughter) is posting on the Dean blog

Why are Dean and Gore going to Iowa tomorrow

Because of DU- we made a small difference today.

Bush Demanded an Exit Strategy from Clinton But Can't Come up With One

I sit in front of a tv tuned in to CNN all day at work...

Now that Arnuld is being sued for defaming his assault victim....

Question: Why Clarkies so Negative?

Prez GORE Does *Not* Dictate Nominee

Reagan's firsts

Paul Newman endorses Howard Dean.

Dean CAN fight back against the Lil'Dictator on the military issue-

Ayn Rand on the Death of Innocents in War

Kubby's denied refugee status in Canada

Deleted message

I did an interview with the BBC tonight.

The baboons going goofy over Gore

Who is the leader of the Democratic Party as of now?

Remember this post on 911 2004

Did Gore curse Dean?

Larry King on CNN ~ Bush just can't help from coming on the set

Left-Wing vs Right-Wing "Science"

Mr. Janklow, I've got great news!

Gore plotted to stop dems from winning the house to stop rival Gephardt

Hey all you Dean supporters, I am worried.

Notice how many times Clark mentioned Graham?

How will this affect the Democratic Presidential Debate tomorrow?

Tomorrow may be the "tipping point" for DU & the DNC


Overheard banter from BFEE loyalists.

It's going to be a Dean/Clark ticket

Michael Ledeen's daughter is a freeper (she was at Gobble Gate)

With Gore’s Endorsement of Dean, How Long Before Clinton Endorses Clark?

The truth is, nobody still really knows who Dean is.

Powell Adviser says Iraq war of choice after all ...

San Francisco: Anybody Rooting For The Green?

A thread for everyone who's very disappointed about Gore's endorsement

I think we're hyping up this endorsement way too much

Things you have to believe at the same time to be a Repu*lican

My letter to the editor , need feedback

Why don't we freeze these bank accounts...isn't this funding terrorism or

Bush has signed the only bill that I agree with.

This just breaks my heart

Nader Puts Off Presidential Decision

Can we please remember to say "President Gore endorses Howard Dean?"

First post-Gore straw poll

Clark on Hardball now... continued...

Does Today's Endorse-A-Rama Seal It For Dean?

Speaking of Rush Limbaugh

Cher on Republicans:

Still Waitin for Limbaugh to Appologize to McNabb.

John Kerry has a political death wish.

Kerry gaining ground in IA and NH

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about Wesley Clark

Do you believe that your vote will be counted?

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about John Kerry

Heads UP on 9/11 Press Release - Fingers Crossed

TBTM Radio #22: 'Say WHAT??'

"The Power of Myth" -- Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers

Based solely on the issues, which candidate fits you best?

Are Democrats really this easily manipulated?! Come to your senses!

"With a heavy dose of fear and violence" - "They only understand force"

Broken Hearted, Listening to SOUSA

Is our military going to outsource jobs to Asia?

George Soros and a question about conservatives...

Revealed: how drug firms 'hoodwink' medical journals

NYT OpEd: BBV/Voter Verified PAPER Ballots!

i'm sworn to secrecy...

Help the DU Congressional Team to Victory!

Nobody pays attention to me but I am batting 1000! Now this

Clark Supporters, Interested Others: Is this Primary race over already?

An Appeal for Action re/9-11

Global Warming: Four Degrees of Bad News

Great article on WalMart. US consumers are tying their own rope.

Will the gay "wedge issue" backfire on Rove in 2004?

S.Korean Electric Workers to Leave Iraq

China Jails Dissident Ahead of Wen-Bush Meeting

Kerry camp lowers N.H. expectations

Taiwan's government says it will repeal referendum law

Will the Fed Stick to Its Plan on Low Rates?

Repubs Indulging in Pork Along With Power ("eye-popping")

Candidates bask in Hollywood glamour, greenbacks

Laura Bush Asked to Help China Dissidents

Two US soldiers wounded in drive-by shooting in northern Iraq: witnesses

Hutton may hear from Iraqi 'source' (UK's Hutton Inquiry re-opened?)

Reviving Crusade's mission (Black voters in Virginia)

US Bids to Stop Saddam-era Enmities Sparking tribal Clashes in Iraq

Tokyo stocks tumble on strong yen

rumsfeld Admits Iraq Security Problems

US bids to stop Saddam-era enmities sparking tribal clashes in Iraq

US still facing pressures on trade despite end of steel tariffs

IBM Claims Nanotech Breakthrough

Spending Bill Approval May Be Delayed Until New Year (Byrd)

Europe and US clash on satellite system

Complaints of Fraud And Ballot Stuffing (Putin)

S. Korea Recalls Workers From Iraq

Shattered hamlet mourns children

'Miserable failure' links to Bush

Governments use eBay to sell high

Journalists under fire in the Philippines

Clark Woos metro Detroiters

Guardian: Making a killing in the new Iraq

Kristofferson endorses Clark

States scrutinize e-voting as primaries near - BBV

Bush Preparing to Sign Medicare Destruction Bill [now signed]

Jesse Jackson Jr. Backs Dean for President

Most disabled children using vouchers don't get special classes (Florida)

Top Secret Advisor To 4 Presidents Dies 'Violently' In DC -Iraq

Terror panel weighs balance between security, civil liberties

N.H. primary can make or break Lieberman’s campaign

“Turn the lights off and look for another job” (US dollar in LatAm)

Clark Announces His goals in Domestic Policy

OSCE condemns Russia election[cnn- putin used vote manipulation like bush]

Survey finds death penalty lacks votes among legislators (MN)

Under Bush, spending soars

Iraq Casualty Count Challenged

WMD claims of Iraqi 'colonel' treated sceptically

IRS Auditing Corporate Executive Compensation Packages

Laclede Unit Cuts 750 (40% Of Workforce)

Anti-war parents of American soldiers brave hostility at home to see

Fresh violence Iraq kills US soldier and local bomb expert

Guerrillas shoot dead US soldier in northern Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday December 8.....(#1)

Student stabbed to death on school bus (local here)

Saudis Seek Courtesy in Religious Police

Ex-Iraqi Official's Family Held

Homeland Security Launches Ad Campaign

Gore will endorse Dean Tuesday

Yahoo - 3 min ago - Gore to Endorse Dean


High Court Allows Parks Suit Over Song (Rosa Parks Suing OutKast)

Gore to Endorse Howard Dean, Sources Say

Weirton Steel Holds Layoff Meetings

Int'l. Observer Denounces Irregularities in Anti-Chavez Signature Drive

Brazil's President meets Sheikh Zayed in Abu Dhabi: we are not hostile to

Zogby: Bush Numbers Virtually Unchanged From Trip To Visit Troops

Uruguay vote rejects oil policy

Janklow Found Guilty of Manslaughter

Dean- Response to Medicare Bill Signing

House Passes Huge Year-End Spending Bill ($373 Billion)

Clinton stumps for Democrat battling Green in SF mayoral race

Rx plan is little help at high cost

Anti-war parents of American soldiers brave hostility at home

GOP Does Not Extend Jobless Benefits (Due to "improving econ")

Sharpton, NYC Reach $200,000 Settlement

U.S.refugee who smokes pot to fight rare cancer loses bid to stay inCanada

Storm brews as China tackles Bush

Sympathy Forms (Bush*s "letters" to dead soldiers' families)

[Ex-Rep.] Joe Skeen [R-NM] dies after battle with Parkinson's

Lawmaker Talks of "Deal" for Medicare Vote (taped interview released)

Univisión names Cisneros to board

Iraq cleric eroding support for U.S. about burying the lead

Democrats seek independent body to map political boundaries

Israel digs vast nuke shelter for govt officials

House Rejects Democratic Effort to Condemn Long Medicare Vote

Yuppie Belt hit hard - defaults climb 10% citywide (foreclosure in Chicago

NYT: U.S. Raid in Afghanistan May Have Missed Target

Stuntwoman Rhonda Miller charges Schwarzenegger [smoking gun]

U.S. Shoppers Like China Just Fine

Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba

Report says Mercedes-Benz wasn't responsible for disappearances

Muslim chaplain in hearing at Fort Benning


Lakers Game With Arnold: $10,000 Lakers Game With Arnold: $10,000

Big Turn Out at Celebration of Venezuela's Chavez's Fifth Year in Office

Worm hits Diebold ATMs.

NBC: Janklow Guilty on all charges

Howard Dean: The house prefect who would be President

Ozzy seriously injured in accident today

Demolished- the myth that allows drug maker giants to sell more

Schwarzenegger reportedly wooing Virgin Airlines [AP]

Taiwan Warned By U.S., Nation Asked Not To Provoke China [WP]

Russia accuses US over Georgia

Lieberman Versus Hollywood

US Adopts New Tactics in Iraq Guerilla War

Groups plan to sue city over actions by police (Miami)

Breaking: Al Gore to Endorse Howard Dean on Tuesday (CNN)

Janklow will resign, effective Jan. 20th

Canadian flag causes flap.Maple Leaf on baggage irks 'sensitive' Americans

Dollar selling could push euro to 125c

Is it just me...

Tech question

"Dubya in the afterlife" joke

Mmmmm...homemade tamales for breakfast!

i am a bush stooge

Dirty Painting Found In Attic Fetches $1Million at Auction

"My Turn" by Santa Claus

a little consumer rant

I baked (not tossed) cookies all weekend

Made In China Plastic Xmas Tree Shakes Up Texas State House

Am I antisocial?

Medicine expiration?

MMMMMMMMMMMMM Hot Tamales for breakfast

I am so happy ! I am going home for the first time since March 2001

New Order or Joy Division

I Need a Response to A Fowl E-Mail

Go ahead...don't be scared...CAPTION... I'm sure you have lots in common

My cat chews plastic - how can I stop him?

How will you explain Kerry's use of F word to my Chihuahua?

Police Impersonator Stops Off-Duty Trooper

The Bush Countdown Clock

It's the holidays, my gramma is dying and my boss is an ass.

GOPisEvil CONFESSES: "I love alone"

How do we explain to Kerry that my little girl

nice visual way to end the weekend

Playboy 50th anniv. party on A&E channel

if bush were a girl...

The Childish Shenanigans needs to stop!

Where my fellow TOOL fans at?

My son has to make a 'heritage flag' for school

My favorite songs by year, 1948 - 1983

Did anyone see Angels in America?

Anybody familiar with feline miliary skin disease and UTI

Church Sign Generator

Everyone, you have to try this out, it'll only take a sec...

I enjoy reading Ask the Admins

ZombyPoll #Generic

"Throwing snowballs at cars" should be an Olympic sport.

Anybody heard of the movie "Latter Days"?

Just witnessed something really funny but kinda stupid

Been revising the list of my 100 favorite soul records of the 1960s...

What disturbs me most about Neil Bush

Coll Football:Are the AP/Coaches' polls more relevant than computer polls?

No more pussy ass chickenhawks

How do I expalin to Kerry that my little one uses the F word?

Ladies and Gentlemen your NASCAR Fan of the Year!!!!! (warning)

How do I explain to my Jesus action figure...

You might be a Republican if ...

Does anyone else have a problem with I E American Radio dropping stream?

Yet another politician (D) goes after video games...

I kicked my opponent's ass in fantasy football, ask me anything

College football 2003 could be '74 in reverse

Durned Cat

I'm At Work...

So... who is going to go see "Troy" next spring?

Early Las Vegas lines on the BCS bowls

Another two cents on the BCS mess

SPACE INVADERS returning to arcades

Doggy questions

The most intriquing lounge thread.

Post your favorite (mostly harmless) childish shenanigans here

Who here is fluent in Klingon?

Mondays 'IN' The UGRR is on Vacation. Please return next

Look at me. I'm flaming HOT!

Happy Birthday Jim Morrison--60 years old today

Interview with Justin Kirk (Prior Walter) of Angels in America

Are Russian Oligarchs "Criminals"?

44 inches of snow! Whewwwwww

It is my nature...

new Hannity advertisers Robitussin, Petsmart

Here is a "different" method of shoveling snow.

German Vicar Distributes Hard Core Porn To Parish By Mistake

History of the word F**k

RIP John Lennon

The member of the day for Monday 12/8/03 is.......

What happens when you have too much time, a knife, a lime, a patient cat

I'm Paragon, and I approved this message.

Charlize Theron wins Best Actress. You heard it here first.


Anyone see Angels in America on HBO?

Which is the best story this weekend:Kerry camp swears he won't apologize

I'm going to see A Perfect Circle tonight...ask me about it later!

DU Knitters and Crocheters: Afghans for Afghans

Dog Haikus

"My Dogs Piss on Bush '04"--My musings as a

Both of my 30 something daughters voiced the opinion during the TG

Quit bashing Bush!

Help me pickout my next used car

Has Amy Goodman's brain gone to the planet Twinkie?

Waynetta finally get her g*dd*mn mayo.

I almost invested $1000 in WalMart In 1986

Moby Dick is named after_________?

Well, why don't you drop out of that green jumpsuit...

Supreme Court Allows Rosa Parks to Sue Rap Duo

How it's done: logic and organization trump wingnut spin

People with X after their name - check in!

My Monday morning gift to Loungers.

Know any liberal accountant in northern NJ area?

Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. Is Named After _____?

P2P software maker forces P2P software maker to shutdown 4 infringement

How do you or I explain to my little brother that Kerry said the f word

hey what is that 80s toyota four by four wagon called?

Celebrate with me!

And now for something completely different

Caller ID is big, big fun...

"I'm George W. Bush and I DISapprove of this message

Happy Holidays to all!

It's 45 degrees with blazing sunshine @ 9:20 AM

MAD magazine does it again!

The Correcting Centurion of all CAPTIONS!

All right! Who's going to take me in? Got the shit beaten out of me last

I know all you Sunday night insomniacs are lurking...

People with an X at the beginning of their name, check in.....

From the Archive - the First Known DU Cat Thread!

Ah! My first Arizona snow!

See the dance of the Jackson..

CPI question

This year's MUST HAVE toy: G.I. JOKE....

Does anyone know where I can get the lyrics to

I just had a thread locked....

It's a sig, it's an endorsement, it's a sig, it's an endorsement - wait...

Best. Walmart. Memo. EVER. BWAHAHAHAHA

Best Scottish Band

I can always count on one thing in any music thread:

Give a Christmas gift that is in the true spirit of Christmas.

I have a horrible craving for raw cookie dough - someone knock some sense.

Nominations for Best English Band here, please.

The 12 STD's of Christmas

WWJKS? - What Would John Kerry Say?

Anybody have Al Franken's quote handy?

Primary Pulse Check: Have You Decided on a Dem Candidate?

Favourite Australian / Kiwi band.

This is stunning

I can always count on one thing in any sports thread:

I had the weirdest dream about John Kerry last night...

Look at the difference between the Bushes and Clintons at 9-11 Service.

Who has Clinton Portis for their fantasy RB?

How many members are there on DU.?

I need painkiller advice (drugs)

For my 3000th post, all I have to say is............

Boy, I love clean sheets.

Would any of you ladies out there go out with Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz or Perle

Yesterday was my parents' 40th anniversary

I read that even with a hysterectomy "reproductive" cancer possible, WTF?

Life according to a Freeper

at 12:01 am est, i'm 21 and need an opinion on a couple drinks

What in crap's name is wrong with Hastert's face?!?!

Favorite libation to put in eggnog?

OK, what do you REALLY want for Christmas?

Holiday avatars are here!

Imac - DVD question --

Morons decide to go winter camping this past Maine

First 'Bennifer', now 'Trista and Ryan'.

new Hannity advertisers Perfect Smiles Dental Care

Do you--YOU--feel like I do?

All hail and give a CAPTION to King Crayon!

I never knew this christmas song was skeptical

Gore to endorse checks tonight...

For you Lounge Lizards: Gore To Endorse DEAN TONIGHT!

For some reason my Kucinich endorsement did not get Gore-Dean-type

Sam backs Sean, Sean backs Gore, Gore backs Dean, he backs me!

Best English Band - The Sixties (the first of far too many)

Dean to be gored tonight!

Dean to get nod from Gore

Hey, don't leave without a CAPTION

Well darn it!

Amazing...not even near dark, and you can clearly see Jupitor

Just to make Bif happy---Gore to endorse Dean tonight!!!!!!!!!

Let's talk about Holiday Cooking

The bearded Evil Dean to endorse Dean tonight!!! (nt)

I have to apologize regarding my dating Rummy, Wolfie and Perle post

Lieberman not doing well on a poll

Lieberman not doing well on poll

Ogre to endorse Dane tomorrow

Dallas DUers

Termites vs. White Elephants

Leslie Gore is endorsing who?

Who here likes George Gershwin?

I'm looking for a really bad public speech.

Is Gore going to endorse Dean?

I got one hour of sleep, weather-stripped

Great Dane to Endorse Dean

What ornaments are on YOUR tree??

Rose Bowl 2004: Michigan or USC?

I wonder why nobody is so happy about

Endora to gore Dean

Dean to endorse gore

The second "Gore to endorse Dean tonight" thread in honor of Bif!

OU is a six point favorite over LSU!!!!!!!!!!


Gort to endorse Klaatu.

Gore, Dean endorse Michigan; Ah-nuld, Reagan kids endorse USC

Kerry F***kin' pissed that Gore endorsed Dean

Klaatu to endorse Yes

Piano music question

Gorshwin to endorse Ludwig von Dean

Breaking: DU News projects Michigan Beats Southern Cal!

Get thee hence to GD,this is the lounge.

Hi DUers! Al Gore here...did I miss any endosements?

Man, I'm trippin' on a schadenfreude binge fest.

Clinton Portis to Endorse Dean

Google "separated at birth", and click on "images"


Well....I got me another star!!!!!

Gorshin to endorse Dean

Frodo Baggins of the Shire set to Endorse Sharpton

George Bush to endorse Dean

Barney Backs Dean!

Kobe Bryant to endorse his acquittal

Liberal Christmas cards to send your Freeper friends/boss!

The Doors to endorse Mr Bean

Angels In America Question

Best Scotch Tape

Frampton to endorse grannylib

Could we have a few more "Gore to endorse Dean" threads?

Gore Vidal is endorsing who?

Flight-Suited 'Top Gun' Joins Dubya Doll Ranks

Smoking benifits small school children

Reagan to endorse picnic apes

Picked A Bad Day To Stop Sniffin Gore, er... Glue !!!

The Crapping C-in-C of all CAPTIONS!

Cluthu to Endorse Lieberman!

Gwar to endorse jeans

Gwar to endorse Dean

Lounge Lizards to enforce humor ban

Damnit- I am tired of grading! Will this semester never end?

Flame Me If You Want... But, I LOVE BINGO!!

Is it just me or is anybody else loving

Anyone know about nasal innoculations for cats?

Shrub-Niggurath sent to endorse Bush/Shelob ticket.

Somebody moved my flame war!

Boar endorses eating lean

I just woked up from a NyQuil induced coma. Ask me anything.

Steel bars a cage does not make

Those of us who worked retail during christmas

Defreep this poll!

Any DUers been to Death Valley @ the end of the year?

I'm assuming you all saw how my football team kicked ass this week

Rand Al'Thor to Endorse Dean

I'm kinda proud of this post

Ted Bundy -- the deliberate stranger

Globex to endorse Evil Robot Mind for President

Our Fellow Humans

A Question for the Ladies...

JCCyC to endorse Jorge Bittar (for mayor of Rio next year). Serious.

finally shaved off that ugly beard look, ask me anything

Denver Broncos to endorse Mr. Scorpion

Himmler & Goebbels to endorse Rove

I was just watching the movie Wall Street, ask me anything.

Help me name my column

finally shaved off those ugly lovehandles, ask me anything.

What ornament or other Holiday item takes you right back to childhood?

Woohoo--I may be able to save my business!

Music For The Dem Convention??

Welcome to MY very own GD forum :)

Anyone related to current or former senators or congress members?


"chips, dips, chicks and pizzas" ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

What is the far-right definition of a patriotic American?


Not a Joke: Free Republic Posters Endorse Lieberman

LynneSin to endorse........

What is the most embarrassing thing that you have ever done?

Hey Al Gore! I was here first!

Where do you live?

I'm Starting to Feel Like We're LIVING in RotK

Darthkitten endorses a cheque!!!


Is Hardball archived anywhere?? I don't get MSNBC on my cable

Trying to be funny and actually being funny are two things that could not

My smile is stuck.

How many times have you used the new hide thread option?

Blade endorses knife...

I endorse banning all *random person* endorses *random person* threads

I got my Citibank class action settlement refund!


Gore Endorses Dean-What Does It Mean To You & Your Candidate?

What's a good mexican recipe?

What is your favorite Cocktail?

new Savage Weiner advertiser Baskin-Robins

Anybody wanna bet Holy Joe has a book he's writing?

Cthulhu Chick Tract

Frampton Comes Alive!

Commie Awards - Jon Stewart - Funniest Person of the Year

Yankees endorse Bush

Klingons endorse Canuckamok

grannylib endorses the idea of the end of the endorsement threads

George Romero & composer Richard Hartley (“Rocky Horror”) To Make Musical

Is Karl Malone the dirtiest player in the NBA?

Flying Monkeys to endorse Wicked Witch of the West

Argh! BC Ferries Crews on strike, Mrs. Amok stranded.

Simon and Garfunkel in Central Park on right now

Cthulhu to endorse humanity being driven insane, eaten

Talk of the Nation subject 1st hour on 12/9 is class

Sauron to endorse Bush

Drove through Houston traffic with my and Clark '04 bumper stickers

Hey DemoTex... I was by your mountain house, but you weren't

The Cursing Candidate of all CAPTIONS!

What would happen if you made shrimp scampi with red wine?

Cost of Diplomacy....

lisa bonet ate no basil

WITHOUT naming names...

Pot endorses kettle

Lynne doesn't work tomorrow - what should she do tonight

Mariners let Cammy go, bring back Shiggy

Quicken or Money?

End proliferation. Freeze sperm bank accounts now!

Nobody to endorse Lieberman

Why doesn't anybody TELL me these things???

Worst drink YOU'VE ever served to someone?

Best English Band - The Seventies

I broke my arm last night!

Tonight on Fox . . . When Kittens Attack Obnoxious Photographers

The Stroking Labarador of all CAPTIONS!

So how's that Battlestar Galactica remake so far?

Getting up to 1000. Twenty to go. Ask me something.

Liebestod, and that music from Raging Bull...Please suggest other Music

Today I am a man. 1000 posts!

Should I use this picture for a new sig line?

9pm Comedy Central.....The Hebrew Hammer.........

Can I get a "Patriot_Spear kicks ass?"

applying for a new job tomorrow, feel like a jerk.

Zorin to endorse Mayday

My latest sig addition - perfect for venturing into GD!

The Medicare Bill of CAPTIONS

Johnny Fever:"Do you see anyone standing in that corner?"

RockRidge goes for DEAN. Even the Irish and Mongo will endorse Dean.

Did you hear about Ozzie?

Good Grief.. I have been "locked out for 2 hours"

Name that tune.

Wal-Mart survey on AOL today.

Who is Rusty Humphries??? I swear its a Rash Clone on the AM Dial

Best Scotch Brand


My 7180th post, in honor of John Lennon, shot 23 years ago tonight....

Trading Spaces fans: Be sure to tune in next week to see Hildy....

The Rams are about to kick some ass

I enjoy Frank Zappa's music and his genius, but...

Been a dog person all my life; so now I have a cat and a question

Mental Illness: out of the shadows

need Advice from DU string players

Anyone have Windows XP?

Reagan Wakes Up and Says One Word.......

The incontinuity of CAPTIONS

DUers For Congress! Please help!

Blandest song of the last twenty years

Best English Band - The Nineties

Best political impressionist

By (small) popular demand - Beatles vs Stones

One Thousand.

I only have eyes for you..... who was it that had the big hit?

Best Bourbon? (thanks steviet_2003)

Hunting with bearsfan

What is the most embarassing thing your parents ever did to you?

Can I get some love from the old school?

Dean to endorse Zoloft

If I were Nomar I'd tell the Red Sox to go to hell

What's the stupidest thing you've ever seen a coworker do?

What do you love the most about RBNYC

Lipton's French Vanilla Flavored Black Tea

Starbuck's is named after________?

Bev Harris on KNRC Radio re:BBV/need help burning to CD

Rabrrrrrr endorses Greggory Peccary

Most poorly made drink you've ever been served

Do you do any impressions?

How will Rush spin the Janklow verdict?

for those in GD exile: Send the DU Congressional Team to Washington!

Who the f*** likes KID ROCK ???

The GOOOD MORNING thread, take III

Best English Band - The Eighties

$7.50/hour to start, no benefits.

Went to sister's crazy ex-boyfriend's to pick up her stuff, just got back.

Here's a stat that will "blow" your mind!

Would your life be better if I conquered the world?

If you could have a superpower...what would it be...?

Any Seattle DUers with crash-space?

Bush On Roll With Wins In Congress, Iraq Trip -- Helen Thomas

Turkeys on the Moon... from Michael Moore

Salon: Now playing in 2,600 home theaters: Bush's lies about Iraq


Tomorrow's the day...

A PO'd Clarkophile understands Gore's logic. + a Gore v. Clinton angle?

Turkeys on the Moon... a letter from Michael Moore

John Kerry advised to keep his effing mouth shut (re: Gore endorsement)

Clark campaigner promoting Hillary Clinton conspiracy theories

Questions about the Lieberman Gore thing.

Help DU this poll PLEASE!

Buck Up, Clark Supporters

lieberman hatred == veiled antisemitism

Tweety...Clark repeat on MSNBC...NOW!

Newt Goes Nuke-yoo-lar On GWB

Kris Kristofferson endorses Wesley Clark - Great Quote!

What should Howard Dean's tax-proposal be?

Will Dean supporters call Dean a sellout

Didn't Gore endorse both Gray Davis and Gavin Newsom?

The Gore Endorsement - Your Take

When Angry Democrats Attack!

"we're in a world of trouble" says Sy Hersh on Charlie Rose...

Parents are going to Iraq to find their soldier kids.

Can a candidate run a clean campaign and win nowadays?

Taking the Pledge (I hope)

Does Janklow deserve the full ride? Ten Years?

The Trial of John Kerry (rough report of Franken luncheon)

WP Tuesday): Gore to Endorse Dean

Taliban Attacks Increase (T'ban, Al Qaeda, Hekmatyar team up)

Pundits Piling Into Dean's Corner

US House Ethics Chair Comments on 'Bribery' Claim

George Clinton Arrested on Drug Charge

Israel trains US assassination squads in Iraq

Army Chaplain Faces Non-Spying Charges

New Ground for GOP, with Kennedy's Unlikely Aid

Lieberman Is Hit Hardest By Decision

Milk endorses Magnesia

Skype users..... how we can find each other...

Which Daytime Soap Opera is most popular among DUers?

New sitcom: Janklow & Trafficant as Cellmates

Did anyone see The Daily Show

A Notice For All Future High OfficeHolders:

George Clinton arrested on drug charges

DU this poll PLEASE!

Best lovecraft story.

GAWD, did that show stink!

What happened at the end of Polanski's "Ninth Gate"?????

Secret Service Plans No Action on Eminem Lyrics, Issues Caution

My brother ran away

Jay Leno isn't funny anymore...