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Archives: December 7, 2003

How a foe of accounting reform changed his tune (Expose of Oxley(R))

1st amendment Zone

Southwest Rises as New Political Battleground

The Wal-Mart Effect (LA Times page linking to ten articles)

Ad in Sunday's Stars and Stripes on Brown & Root

NYT (Sunday Mag): Safire takes a shot a Dean

The GOP Divide On Gay Marriage -- Andrew Sullivan

The Counterinsurgency Paradox

Tough New Tactics by U.S. Tighten Grip on Iraq Towns

Pundit Pap - Dec. 7, 2003

San Francisco Chronicle: Why Newsom is our choice

Meet the 'Terror Tourists'

Oregon senator cited imbalanced scientific view on global warming

Funnies piece I've read in WEEKS! (David Brooks, NYT)

"An Advocate for (NY) Times Readers Introduces Himself"

The Assault on Christmas Continues (more Bill O'Reilly swill)

You May Now Dis The Bride (reality TV and gay marriage)

2004? Bush will beat Bush

THE ECONOMIST on Bush economy.

Stars & Stripes letter: "Thanksgiving visit" (Spc. in Iraq blasts Bush)

Iraqi says WMD still in country : Sun Times

One Cheer for Rev'm Al (classic racism from the National Review)

Karl Rove: The King of Dirt

Vitamin K

Vietnam Vet Takes Aim at War

David Corn: The sensationalism of FauxNews: Interview with a major

For those who missed it, Al Sharpton on SNL (quicktime & mp3)

60 minutes reveals Bush Iraq lies that rest of media hide - Is Russia's

The Nation letters section


Who is Hugh Ross?

Senegal Program Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation

J. Edgar Hoover Back at the 'New' FBI

Judge allows religious view on homosexuality as "diversity"

Federal spending per household is most since WWII

Mind the Gap-Upturn in corporate profits may not be sustainable

China's Electronic, IT Exports Tipped Up 41.2% In 2003

EPA's Mercury Proposal: More Toxic Pollution for a Longer Time

Salmon farming must change; we have a lot to lose

Michael Leavitt's Baptism- 300 tons of mercury in the atmosphere

The Yellowstone Volcano

Environment and NAFTA

Iraq Duty Stretches U.S. Army to Danger Point

Wrap Iraq in 'Bob-Wire'

A new era of nuclear weapons . . . Thanks, W . . .

Iranian students rally for free speech, democracy

GUNS IN THE NEWS - December 6 - 8, 2003

Why the pro-gun crowd lies about the 2nd amendment

Assault pistols... the OTHER banned meat.


Is harassment allowed on DU?

Question about thread management

Apologizing to the Mods and Admins

Am I missing something here?

What is the DU policy on insulting and attacking

Could you refresh my memory?

OK, I'm asking .........

OK, now I have another question ......

what happened to the star next to my name?

Re: Dem nominees, DU rules and the ambiguous interpretation of SUPPORT

Is it against the rules to say you have alerted a post?

Threads over 100 posts crash my browser

Vulgar language and Graphics

Why was Carlos banned?

Admin won't talk about why Carlos was banned, but can we?

Hamas says Jews must leave as truce talks fail

Double Post -Sorry

Rajoub: "Ceasefire Doesn´t Mean Giving up the Military Option"

The Saudi Connection-How billions in oil money spawned a global terror net


Israel won't become formal party to truce with Palestinians

PM: Cabinet to debate Olmert plan for unilateral withdrawal

Palestinians Fail to Make Cease-Fire Deal

Mail-Order Explosives

Losing the TV war

The hate that shames us

Terrorism Jars Jewish, Arab Party Loyalties

State Primary Poll Compendium (via dailyKos) – poll junkie's paradise

Giving Back in San Fran after a childhood of privlege

Governor Dean To Discuss 'American Community' In Sun SC Speech

OMG "If a box of jello runs in 2004, we have to vote for it!!"

The Dean Connection

Restoring the American Community (Text of Dean SC Speech)

After watching some of the Florida Convention...

why is kerry waiting to see if he gets the nomination before he goes after

FL: Castor, Harris Lead U.S. Senate Races in New Poll

Shrub's* VP Choice Next Year

Don't Let Them Change My Party Affiliation

Clarkies, Go get your Clark Holiday cards!!

Dean reported to get Cong. Robert Scott (D) VA endorsement

Brief Report on our CDC Caucus

George Soros and the Rise of the Neo-Centrics

Kucinich on Afghanistan Air Attack

Dean campaign frames the debate in stone.

ANDERSON - Enron's acct co. to count electronic ballots overseas

I'm Always Amazed at How UNPREDICTABLE Democratic Primaries Are

Rep. Scott to endorse Dean for Democratic presidential nominee

The Brainwashed Woman and the New Dawn

turning conventional wisdom on its head Re: DEAN

Dennis Kucinich was amazing today. (NYC LGBT event)

Bush's soft underbelly.

Kucinich has the right idea.

General Wesley Clark Receives Endorsement of the Arkansas Education Associ

Which candidate is best able to define him/herself rather than be defined

To all Democratic candidates: I LOVE YOU *SMOOCH*

No bid contract winfall for Cheney Co (Halliburton) of $1bn.

Anything new on the CIA leak?

Idea of the Week: How to SHARE Intelligence for Homeland Security

A must read article to fight the rw spin

Bush's soft underbelly.

Do you think that polls with Dean/Clark knee-jerk replies make polls use-

The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012

State Primary Poll Compendium (via dailyKos) – poll junkie's paradise

Dean coming up on CSPAN replay of convention

Dean Leads in ISU State Poll.....

Nate Clay on now -- the only live progressive radio on late Saturday night

So? When Will The Storming Of The Winter Palace

Rep. Robert Scott (VA's only black Congressman) set to endorse Dean

Incredible discussion with a Savage/Weiner fan tonight

The moon.

Do you want biotechnology in YOUR city? (Seattle does.)

Lets talk caucus and primary Conventional Wisdom.

Gallup poll: Bush continuing to slip

what did Dean mean when he referenced bush executive order

Inside America's Baghdad comfort Zone

lotsa pissed off vets calling in to CSPAN

The Nation: Gonzalez For Mayor

**Sunday News Show Lineups**

Lies and Deceit 'Saved' Bush* and the Republican Party

Howard Dean's intellectual capital is coming up short (George Will)

Everybody is comparing Dean to McGovern.

Make sure you search the Howler before you start propping a Conservative!

Modern dilemma propaganda question: since peace means war

Whaaa??? The new Fox News Sunday host is...

Gephardt = Rip Van Winkle --- Dick says get over 2000

so when is one of our candidates going to take on corporations . . .

Help! Need meat and potatoes for debate!

Right wing airs pro-Bush commercial

CSPAN Caller: "replace FDR's tombstone with a urinal"

War Stories: Bush's form letter to grieving families

Hillary on Face the Nation Now (et)

Why Smith Can't Recant

Ted Rall: Will Bush Bring Back the DRAFT (in Feb. 2005)? (must read)

Reagan, USSR, Military spending?

Dean's tax claims bring skepticism

you know that George McGovern was a WWII veteran

Yesterday I was down, but this Fox News poll is encouraging.

9 children killed in Afghanistan. Gee, the media filters again...

What's the Deal with the Green party?

Can anyone confirm this letter?

media suppression of dissident responses via followup avoidance

Florida voter poll says Jeb was flat wrong to interfere with right to die

Will Clark be releasing a college/tuition agenda?

Leaving Iraq, Leaving Las Vegas

The Good General

Is anybody listening to CSpan right now?

NH Man Forgets Polls, Actually Wants Best Man For The Job

What goes Around...... Comes Around ..Clinton went , Bush came

Warm up Gitmo: Time reporters shown inside of Iraq resistance

Sharpton hosts Saturday Night Live

The Propaganda

Is it me? Or is Clark coming on like dynamite!

Representative Clay Shaw (R-FL)

Dean On the Southern Strategy In South Carolina

AMAZING Speech Dean's Delivering Right Now in SC

Panda Software weekly virus report

Clark's strategic GE advantages over Dean

Dissent in the Bunker - Gingrich thinks US went "off the cliff" in Iraq

Wrong.....a Democrat's campaign forum advocating Dean attacks.

Thanks for playing the right wing's game

Faith Based Prisons

Iraqnam Rag 2.0 (the Ultimate version--written by the Internet, Country

Hey Dems: Looking for issues? Try the Bush Scorecard of Evil..

Are they fudging casualty figures? Duh!

The Major differences between Reagan and Bush II.

LA Times - Clark felt it was time to "move on" during(?) the 2000 recount house parties this evening (Sunday)

Group Hug, DUers

What do you think about Farm Subsidies?

Mother Jones: Awesome article, the words of a genius Tony Kushner

Consequences of "Leaving Now" versus "Staying to Fix It"

What exactly is bipartisanship?

Who do you believe: FOX NEWS or your lying eyes?

Sales Increased 3.2% in November (What Happened)

Howard Dean is the "backlash" to the establishment Democratic Party

FOX News: Encyclopedia of Disinformation - a Primer

How good was Dean in FL?

Interesting corp. political giving breakdowns. . .

I noticed Hillary

The Global Crime Cartel

How secure will votes be?

CNN Propaganda - A Primer

Suggestion for DUers

Any DUer's working Retail? How are your stores doing?

Is Shrubya Electable?

Film looks at Iraqi war

Hatred of America - Where's it Going?


Kucinich's Iraqi exit plan - why won't it work?

White House criticizes Kerry's "profanity" (and Kerry's response)

Operation homerun: Baseball for Iraqi Youth

911 Victim Ellen Mariani Open Letter To Bush--suing Bush under RICO laws

What would happen if a nuke or dirty bomb went off in this country?

Anger?? They're lucky it hasn't turned to violence.

An Irony of Sorts (Kerry and Clark)

The Dean Connection - NYT Mag (Must Read!)

Do any official Clark campaign operatives post here?

Still doubt the GOP loves Dean and fears Clark?

This is ironic, mexico getting burned by China too

Dean leads polls but lacks official support in party

1 Dean story, 1 Clark story

Al Sharpton on SNL??? Not on my TV........... Rerun.

everyone excited about the MoveOn house parties today?

Hypothetical: If Dean was not running, what would the campaign look like?

Has your opinion of Dean changed after reading his speech from today?

A question for Florida DUers

many conflicting primary calendars, which one's acurate?

Dean interview on Fox now.

Your Top 5 Ticket Choices

Republicans wanted Dean. Democrats tripped them up. First big chess move?

how is new hampshire polled?

Another Interesting Area Where Dean Also Leads

FREE movie screenings TONIGHT all over the country...

I've noticed that * doesn't read to little kids anymore

Clark's latest TV ad -- too subtle?

Do we now know the source of the Niger Yellowcake fraud?

MUST SEE: Allegorical art /Beehive Collective & Plan Colombia

Should the Draft, and Drinking, age be lowered to 16?

Clark's turnaround plan for the America...Read and Discuss...I won't say

Replay of Dean on Fox on NOW

Dean was just on Fox morning show.

Anyone watching faux?

16-year-olds can vote, and vote well at that.

Great read for Clarkies ... only (no Deanies allowed *<]8^)

Bush vs Gore and the Electoral College

Clarck is not a warranty of better relationship with Europe and else.

Transcript is up from Dean's interview on Fox this morning.

Dean Staffers have fun playing football in the snow

5 Days in Iraq coming on now

If Dean had not come out against the war, who would have? Besides Sharpton

"How Can We Leave Iraq?"

YOU are being watched...

Don't you hate the things that they stand for? Anybody here seen ....

New term for the far right : Decepti-Cons

Letter from an Army vet

Dean's Speech today in SC is the most significant speech since JFK & RFK

Zen Master Bush

I got mail from George W. Bush...2004 campaign strategy here...

Ann Coulter Talking Action Figure (Gawd, I laughed like hell!)

Looks like it will be Clark/Graham in 2004!!

The "anger poll" got me thinking, opinions please...

Free speech in danger. Does anybody know anything about this case?

Pictures and news from Iraq..(Our adopted soldiers)

review: "Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War"

Who would be the most politically advantageous VP for Dean if.....

Should Police Officers get paid for how many "perps" they arrest?

Rummy Say Army in Iraq Not Worn Out

Are any of the candidates a member of the ACLU?


How to handle our own moral dilemmas

Dismantling Dubya's Delusions...

Does Dean see things as Black and White?

Fear is the number one issue.

Does anyone else think that it will be a Dean/Clark ticket?

Nation hit-piece on Clark remains uncorrected

This is one surreal photo here

wow! if you haven't read "Bad Boys" yet....

I just shook Dean's hand twice and spoke to him twice

Grief for children killed as they played

Any DUers who attended "Uncovered-The Whole Truth" today?

Why did Reagan get credit for freeing the American hostages in Iran?

Down memory lane

Bin Laden’s Iraq Plans

Liberals Thrash Conservatives: FDR -132,000; Reagan 40,000

Funny Satirical article on KERRY's FUCK Quote

Why the pro-gun crowd lies about the 2nd amendment

DUers, please respect the rules of this forum!

Dean opens S.C. office, leaves with Jesse Jackson Jr. endorsement

Didn't the Berlin wall and the Soviet Union collapse during Bush41's term

Lawyer quits terror cases after death threat

There is a flu epidemic in Colorado and it is a healthcare crisis...

Is He The Man to Beat Bush?

Did anyone see Hillaryon meet The Press? She was great.

Here is how you know people are paying attention to candidates.

Does anyone know how many marines are stationed in Iraq?

Once again: Housing Wage 2003. It isn't improving.

Anyone get the "50th Anniversary" edition of Playboy?

BBV: Diebold offers free VV printer upgrades in San Diego County

A December full moon's tidings to you and your loved ones

"Kucinich to Ask for Investigation of Air Attack in Afghanistan"

Drudge: Secret Service Plans to Question Eminem

Suckered again - wasted $ on the NYT hit-job "The Dean Connection"

Where the candidates stand Electorally...All Can Win

Daily Democrat: a positive discussion about Dick Gephardt

Will liberal anger bring us down?

TNR Commends Kerry On Intelligence Reform

If the UN took over the peacekeeping and occupation of Iraq would.....

If Kerry had not voted for the IRW, would he be the frontrunner?

FDR thrashing the Gipper in CNN poll!

If we had "media"...Enron alone would / should sink Bush & Cheney

Are you a member of the ACLU?

Kerry Favors A Holland-Style "Hands Off" Approach To Pot

Everybody needs to at least watch some of this:

Does Dean believe in LIHOP?

We are not saying Bush was responsible for 9/11 BUT....

Who is the worst Republican other than Georgie?

I'm in Iowa, undecided, and need suggestions

I am ashamed I do not remember this "Southern Strategy". It sickens me.

Do you notice how, as the Dems become more passionate...

Clark supporters

MAD magazine savages GI Joke Dubya Bush -- must see! Actually funny!

If the draft is brought back will kids just obediently march off to war?

Please consider this idea for supporting the troops

Soldier In Iraq Disgusted By Turkey Photo Op

"Angry Patriots" in history

Why isn't Gore running?

Kerry To Present Bill To Reimburse Families Buying Body Armor For Soldiers

Tonight on 60 Minutes - Operation Iraqi Freedom (not so free after all)

Hey - whatever happened to Colin Powell???

Dean's new biographical ad – awesome

The White House wants Kerry to apologize?!?

AP: Kerry's Profanity Gets Bush's Attention

For those against guaranteed health care, a question: a friend has cancer

Daily Democrat: a positive discussion about Al Sharpton

Two programs tomorrow on Wis. Public Radio

Iraqi Roulette! I Gatta feel for the troops. Caught between Bush an Arock

He will govern by divine intervention, GOP councilman-elect says

Penn State's GOP Chair posts bigoted pictures on personal website

Your views on Quebec separatism?

Election reform, for those interested

What it would take for me to believe in LIHOP

JFK gave one of the greatest speeches on civil rights ever on 6/11/63

Kerry shouldn't have used the F word

Blitzer just aked Repug what happens if the Iraqis want an Ayatollah...

Paul Wolfowitz

BBV:Senator said his amendment calls for paper ballot

On the Constitutionality of Drug Prohibition

BBV: please call the office of one of these people tomorrow

Another soldier died today. Where's the outrage?

12/7 Primary Candidate Poll

My interview with Sidney Blumenthal - full text

Hold On to Your Humanity: Open Letter to GIs in Iraq, by Stan Goff

A Day in the Future of the Dean Campaign.

I shook Wesley Clark's hand today in Detroit

Should pot be legalized?

Glaxo chief: Our drugs do not work on most patients (??!!!!!!)

Bush campaign video: When Angry Democrats Attack!

Is Bush girding us for a Holy War? Indications abound this is what he is

Should the voting age be lowered to 16?

Texas Duers... a question regarding public tone towards redistricting

Wash Post op-ed says send money to Republicans (Krauthammer column)

How many were at your MoveOn.Org event tonight?

Question About Japan and WWII

SF Mayoral race: How much of a role will their physical attributes play?

Days Of Deceit: Pearl Harbor was a 'LIHOP' was 911

SF Mayor Race: Clinton to come to SF -- Greens say it's desperation

Stop the Draft / Stop Bush

Your Favorite Presidential Graphics

Reparations for Slavery?

If truthout started an email service, would you use it?


Seminary to Launch Interfaith Ethics Code (With Federal $$$)

Ruse in Toyland: Chinese Workers' Hidden Woe (Etch-a-Sketch)

NYT: Protesters Carry the Fight to Executives' Homes

Florida's Graham or Nelson as VP?

NRA to buy TV station: Shoot me now

Dupe: please lock

Blair's 'Mr Cashpoint' linked to scandal-hit fund

GOP Divided Over Pushing Reform of Social Security

Clandestine Saddam commands resistance operations: Tribal leader

Al Sharpton files suit in 1991 stabbing incident

9 kids found dead after U.S. air strike in Afghanistan

Public debate urged on (British) voting at 16

U.S. Frames Bullying As Health Issue

U.S. Convoy Attacked in Iraq, at Least 4 Casualties (Sunday)

Putin poised to create 'police state'

A new era of nuclear weapons (San Fransisco Chronicle)

Report: Osbourne Blames Doctor for Drugs [AP... ozzy doped up on tv show]

LAT: Gov's Agenda to Go to Ballot (California)

Combat casualty count doubted (Miss Dem Taylor - Purple Hearts denied)

Vanity Fair takes celeb war to Bush

Iraqi colonel: I am WMD claim source

Muslim Football Team Names Spark Protest

'Miserable failure' links to Bush

Chavez's social programs are gaining ground in Venezuelan polls

US Soldier Killed, Two Wounded in Iraq Bomb Attack

Eye witness: Inside America's Baghdad comfort Zone

Southwest Rises as New Political Battleground (new Dem hope)

Exclusive: Cheney and the ‘Raw’ Intelligence (NEWSWEEK)

Afghan Village Angry After Gunship Attack

Wal-Mart Invades, and Mexico Gladly Surrenders

Anyone watching faux?

Report: Qaeda Shifting to Iraq from Afghanistan

Chavez Marchers Occupy Venezuela Opposition Bastion

Former Clinton Official Wins Houston Mayor Race

Doctor: Job reassigned after writing critical report (VA Medical)

UN critical of US for killing Afghan children

(U.S. Rep. Robert C.) Scott to chair Howard Dean's Va. campaign

New York, Brought to You by . . .

Domestic partner bill called in line with McGreevey's concerns

Raul Castro says Cuba ready if U.S. attacks

Cuba study trips face crackdown

Grief for children killed as they played

Rumsfeld Says Army in Iraq Not Worn Out

Plans slow for base closures in Europe

Steeled for meltdown

Democrats worried by emerging liberal force.

Britain’s Home Secretary blocks return of Guantanamo Bay detainees

NEWSWEEK: Gingrich Speaks Out Against Administration's Policy in Iraq,

Dean wins endorsement of Virginia congressman

Card dismisses questions over prewar intelligence as `moot'

White House criticizes Kerry's use of the F-word

US has forfeited its "moral leadership" of the world under Bush: Dean

Dean says judge should decide on Vermont records

Putin Poised to Create 'Police State'

Nicaragua Ex-President Gets 20 Years

U.S. says it regrets killing 9 Afghan children

(National) Park police chief may be fired

Iraq attacks 'likely to increase'

Iraq delays hand Cheney firm $1bn

Iraqi Fly-Borne Skin Disease Afflicts GIs ("Baghdad Boil")

BBC (early Monday): Zimbabwe quits Commonwealth

Iraq's Sunni clerics warn of civil war

Top Democrat Urges Perry To Abandon 'Death" Business


Stealth Merger: Drug Companies and Government Medical Research

Fight for Control of the Net Erupts on U.N. Watch

Cleric: Remove Saddam Loyalists [60 Minutes]

Sex abuse priest beaten to death (CBS)

Cuba travel ban opposed (by Floridians)

Militant Attack Is Worst Nightmare for U.S. Ports

A new era of nuclear weapons-- Bush's buildup begins with little debate

Bosnian Conflict

I just put up my xmas tree. Ask me anything.

I want to sleep.....

YAK: The Band!

i'm watching my pirates of the carribean dvd, ask me anything

I'm getting an SNL repeat here in Boston. I'm bummed.

A friend put this on her web site! An X-files Christmas!

I warned you....ANYBODY can be beat in college football

Official Lounge Car: THE YAKMOBILE!

the Yak scene in Die Another Day

its past my bedtime. Ask me anything.

Charlie's Angels 2 is the worst movie ever!

Have you ever met anyone famous part 2

Zomby zomby bo bomby banana famma fo fomby fee fi fo momby

The Process...The Dark Side of the 80s, on line NOW!

I just finsihed my senior thesis!

The DU Yak-Coloring Contest

My yak has gone over the rainbow!

I'm in a licking mood tonight and I have a lover in me

how can I extract a picture from a shockwave flash file?

Need Any Recipes or Cooking help ASK THE CHEF

I'm in a moody fight tonight and liquor has it in for me

A BIG thank you

Losing your Hair?

Im in a lovin mood tonight and I have the liquor in me.

google ranks george w. bush first...

was the Al Sharpton SNL on in your area?

anyone tried that ""??

i louve you all

why was the Sharpton SNL blacked in places far away from Iowa and NH

12:20 a.m. in Hartford, CT, and it's still snowing!

I demand you entertain me!

Dumbest stage name for a hip-hop, r&b artist

Just saw a few DUers!

do they have equal time laws in the places where the Sharpton SNL was

I hate Radiohead!

I have changed my avatar and added a signature!

Ann Coulter in Pirates of the Caribbean

Recipe for Yak Burgers

if the Sharpton SNL was blacked out in your area

people who (literally) blow whistles deserve to be killed…

was Leno blacked out with Arnold was during the Recall election in Cal

Medical advice

Anyone else agree with me on this...

Sex, Love, and Nursing Homes

Who's still depressed from Thanksgiving?

Poor Sooners....!

Check in if you've lost electrical power.

Wake Up!!!

Some late night humor

I just had a big bowl of coffee!

why wasn't Leno blacked out when Dean and Kerry or Arnold were on?

Should Raygun be put on the $2.00 bill?

Mopaul, courtesy of BartCop: WARNING! Not very pretty....

"I'm changing"

Bowl and Poll Prediction Time--before today's polls come out!

I've discovered why 70% believe the Iraq-Al Quada connection

"A day that will live in infamy."

Afraid of the sixties coming back?

I'm in a fighting mood tonite and I have the liquor in me.

Red Sox Fans... Nomar or A-Rod?

Hey Fightin' Tigers!

why would the Sharpton SNL be blacked out in Kansas City?

Sabbath Morning Humor

Where did Bill Parcells' nickname come from

DU drinking game

Insomnia sucks, but on the plus side my maple seedlings look great

Viewing reminder for tomorrow--Angels in America

For Sale: NEW From Matcom and RONCO! Just In Time For XMAS!

Political Science - Randy Newman

Can you eat Taffy if you have dentures?

The NCAA football "hit nail on head" award goes to.....Mark May on ESPN

Who will be watching the Eagles vs Cowboys game today?

Severe, horrible storm depravations here on LI

Snow report from Boston.

LSU vs. USC in the Sugar Bowl, or BCS gone. I love college football!

In case you haven't seen it yet....

I haven't taken a Diet Pill in 5 days

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

How funny is it that Sharpton got "blacked" out anyway?

Anyone Ever Made Vietnamese Pho?

I need to vent

Further up date on cocaine neighbors...

the Daily Democrats threads are up in GD, Sharpton and Gep

What happened to the Salvation Army bell ringers?

Does your CAT know when you bring home Catnip?

Need Web site Images

Someone just stole all my

Has anyone shown A cristmas carrol/Scrooge in your area

I did Al do a skit about Twana Brawley on SNL?

Alternatives to

Aesop Rock is a GOD.

Benny Benassi rules!!

Passing on progressive websites

4r3 j00 1337?

The Cthulhu Chick Tract

So...a blizzard is coming, and the first thing people do is

Dinner with (unhappy) repug cousins.

Y'all excuse me whilst I go STEAM...!

Please help me out ........... I'm new here.

Favorite lines from Mr. Show?

Vikes are whoopin' the crappy Seachickens.

voter exam

I just KNEW this would happen...

I love my Homework from College I need suggestions?

Does anyone know where you can purchase

A scripture for southerngirlwriter

Bengals v.s Ravens official game thread

Darryl Hammond as Dick Gephardt on SNL

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!

What? No Colts/Titans Thread??

Bucs at Saints

Pavorite Cresidential Fandidate?

Etiquette Question about the phone...

Redskins vs Giants

What type of Gift would you get for your Teacher/Chef

I have the door open to let some warm fresh air in

Just wet my pants

It's official....LSU/Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl

Who remembers their favorite song and when?

When it comes to TV, he's batting .500 - interview with Justin Kirk

Life at age 30, how do you compare?

Some holiday fun!!

Care to swap links?


PSA: Airlines don't like it when you stick bumperstickers on their planes

Would you send this man a Christmas card??

Do you Yahoo?

Exploding black holes (may) rain down on Earth

The best Christmas show ever is on tonight----

I just cleaned about a foot of snow off my car. Ask me anything!

Diebold has infected my college

There will be 2 National Champions this year......

PROOF I supported Kerry once......

Rush is right, McNabb stinks...

I just went over 3000 posts!!!!!

WTF? The Orange Bowl wusses out!

Funny bumper stickers

So I wog up and 12:30 this mor...afternoon.

Ok everyone - Confess

Hey Trof! Cajun Chicken and Rice?

Tigers are staying home for the holidays!

The fat lady looks a lot like Sam Adams

I just checked my old lottery tickets!!!!

Anyone else get this puke-inducing e-mail?

Whiskeytown and Ryan Adams - Musical Genius or Sad Bastard?

Pink drives me freaking nuts!

Just picked up an old friend at a detox center.

SIMPSON'S alert...Krusty the clown becomes a man

How bout them Niners NOW?

Who here just doesn't give a flying fig about Trista and Ryan???

A perennial holiday favorite - how much does it all cost?

22" of snow in Foxboro! How will Miami do against the Pats?

Cable vs. satellite TV

I'm putting a little something in Dean's stocking

Next Profane Candidate Comment:

400 Baby!

Imagine you're Oliver Wendell Jones....

Go Broncos!!!!!

Bush - Rove Dance

If you could have what you want

Ann Coulter Talking Action Figure (Gawd, I laughed like hell!)

DU Baseball teams anyone?

good piece on Anti-Semitism from the UK Guardian

What would happen if... (College football question)

Clark's mother wears army boots! Dean's mother wears depends!

I just got through using Nexdisk

My brother is a BIG FAT IDIOT!

School bans teaching about non christian civilizations, teacher sues...

WalMart HELP

Suzy Orman is pretty darn cool......

Let's Make A DU BABY!


I moved this week

Need some help re: good tunes from 1979 and 1981

Moderate Alcohol Consumption Linked To Brain Shrinkage

I just ran a half marathon - 13.1 miles - ask me anything!

WOW. I wonder what the straw was that broke the camel's back?

My Cat's are High as a Kite off of Catnip

I was just over at Yahoo

Britney tops web hate list

Explain someone else's DU name

I ummm gotta tell something ask me anything

"Inform the Canadian Time": this time, the topic is Dennis Kucinich...

Newsweek's Pick for the Top Ten Films of 2003

I won the big poker tournament last week

Congratulations to all Dem Pres hopefuls

Too Funny

I'm Back

Down memory lane

Weapons of math instruction

Serious question for those who have lost loved ones.....

The Onion: Bush Re-election campaign creates thousands of new jobs

Vietnam flashback--you know how to get out of Iraq?

Middle child's check in

I just 'went wireless', ASK ME ANYTHING!

"He asked me for collateral, so I pulled down my pants"

Would you have rather loved and lost - than never have loved at all?

Who would you get to sing on a Christmas Album, and what would they sing?

Ooh, my star go bye-bye!

What If JFK had lived? Where would he be now ?

Rhona Mitra is on THE PRACTICE now?

Blazing Saddles was on last night...

If you can: Check you my website...

The best of business in the line of business is to mind your business

I saw a car with 2 DUer bumper stickers on it today

Her Name is Lola - She Was a Showgirl

Has anyone ever placed a Parent in a Senior Care Home?

Ever met a DUer by accident?

Is there another place DUers can get together

I need a really good quote about being honest and kind to each other...

1 number short of 138 thousand dollars - more lottery news

Timeline--that movie sucked

okay everyone dealing with an aging sick parent weigh in now....

At first I was afraid I was petrified...

Do you prefer city,suburb or country living?

Worst movie ever?

What's the minimum salary needed to live in Manhattan comfortably?

MENORAHS: Candles, Oil or Electric?

DU is beautiful at 5 A.M.

DC is beautiful at 5am.

photoshop/gimp question

help from DU photoshoppers!

I hate Harley "culture"

Reagan was "bedtime" and *bush is "Bonzo".

Amazing, and crappy small cities/towns in Canada?

Fabulous DU Gathering In Burbank CA!!

Free Tommy Chong

Explain Your DU Username!

Merry're laid off!!!

Anybody here read O'Reilly's book, "Living With Herpes"?

I think that I'm getting bored with "JanMichael". What user-name...

This makes me so sad... Please respond.

Looking for a one stop shop for news check this out...

Choose my new webpage!!!!

Who all here does Renaissance Faires regularly?

When Buying Your Last Car... Did You Get A Good Deal?

Who are the greatest Guitarists ever?

That Michael Vick is one bad mutha....shut your mouth!

Anyone work in the Music Industry?

Anyone catch "The Simpsons" tonight?

Do you think Bush* might support a Scorched Earth policy?

Ugh, sister's new Boyfriend is over

Thousands expected for UK victory parade

Daily Neocon Facist: a negative discussion about George W. Bush

Smith breaks NFL career sacks record

Reminder - "Angels in America" on HBO tonight at 8pm EST.

I'm listening to "Carmen"--ask me anything!

Did 'The Honeymooners' ever show Ralph & Alice's bedroom?

My Cat just captured a mouse and brought it in

Drano or Liquid Plumber?

Is it me or does the winky smiley have a bit of sexual inuendo?

My star is coming!

I just bought a leather couch, recliner & loveseat..ask me anything..

Say Hi To Our Newest Family Member!

Woah, check this out.....freaky

Californians Tell me - Its this a scam??

What are the best large (100,000+ people) cities in Canada???

Favorite dance tunes from the 80's?

CHRISTMAS TREES: Real or Artificial?

"Secretary"-- major RAVE for this film!

AFC East Champions: The New England Patriots

Cookie Swap

The BCS. What a clusterf*ck.

How do you firm up if you are out of shape?

Computer question!

A Pre-emptive Strike Thread for Chiefs/Broncs Game!

Question for the ladies...

Are you ready to rock?

A Delightful Romp- 12/07/03: The Missing.

This one's going out to the Bears fans....

My girlfriend is really pissing me off right now

Has anyone here read "The Ethical Slut"?

If you had a chance to leave the US would you?

Favorite David Lean Movie?

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Digital Camera Question

DUers crash XNASA's Christmas party — And I've got the pictures!

What are your favorite PIZZA topping?

If forced to choose, without being given the time to think...

What's your Smurf Name?

Good liberal small towns in the U.S.

Tell me what this freeper says is not true phone calls anywhere in the world

What sort of mod, upbeat 60s pop music do you groove to?

The Lounge Gallery

Album Cover Art - Which Is Your Favorite?

What are the greatest and worst Cities in America?

I told Dennis Kucinich that I love him.

Diebold wants to overcharge Maryland for printers, if demanded.

AARP identical letters to the editor re Medicare

Herbert: Stalking the Giant Chicken Coop

Gingrich speaks out against Iraq policy

GRAND OLD PARTY: A History of the Republicans

Martinez to enter race after saying he wouldn't

Odd reaction from Edwards to Dean's SC speech

Are you principled?

O.K. I'm drunk now and licking my wounds,.....

Great read for Clarkies ... take 2

Don't Forget -- Peter Werbe is on now (11PM-1AM ET)

How many Clark supporters once supported Dean?

don't talk about bush, you're in america now!

F word appropriate against Bush*. He was never elected president

tony blair mystery solved

say, how the hell is it that Rush...

What if Bill Bradley had waited

USA Today: Super Web site helps Dean surge ahead

Dr. Dean, medicine woman – Salon profile of Dr. Judith Steinberg Dean

Can you guess where I live by the nightly news report? There was a

What's with CNN

How would you put Bush on the defensive ?

I was just watching Dean's speech rebroadcast on C-SPAN

(TRAC) Report questions few prosecutions, convictions of terror suspects

Britain Heads For Hottest Year Since 1659--New WMW

Dean Crafts Own 'Southern Strategy'

S. Korean Engineers Quit Iraq

Sealab 2021: Capt Murphy is LEnin

Dig the SeaLab thats on.

of course it's a rug... what do you think I grew it overnight?

I just got home from having my hair braided

Just woke up from a strange dream

Q: What are the best books on Nixon?

Favorite TV Commercials

Dios Mio! I drank the whole thing!

What's wrong with my Jets???

what more comfortable: A Rocking Chair, Recliner or Papasan

Just got back from the Pensacoal Move meeting

Should the college football National Champ be decided by Playoff or BCS?

Who here is a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000?

Philadelphia Eagles....


And I believed in Father Christmas (The song)

Anyone else heard about this?

Worst Movies ever made