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Archives: December 6, 2003

Landstuhl mortuary is funeral home for those killed in Mideast war


Election Reform or Deform? Dayton, Ohio City Paper

Nick Smith Recants: Did the pressure get to him?

Young: School ratings? Say 'ah'

Kristof rides again!

The Theology of George W. Bush

Some find Jeanine Garafolo's rhetoric too simplistic (Salon)

QUESTIONS FOR WILLIAM NOVELLI (but evasive answers for NYT readers)

What Did You Do in the War?

Bush want to go the moon.

There is a despot in Iraq

From Panama with love - Taiwan Pres. is Sean Connery's hero

War leaves little relief in sight for taxed medical troops

Culture, Icons and the Coming Battle for the White House

Is the President a Pathological Liar?

Democrats: When will we ever learn?

Corzine (D-NJ) insists on bounty study: may place hold on pro-spam bill

A question re ClearChannel...

Your cable new channel order? Is MSNBC far away on the dial?

Lakers Game With Arnold: $10,000

Freepers panties in wad over DU-Google conspiracy to besmirch w

What are people sending to troops

What would Jesus think of this administration?

Great bumper stickers!!

DU Christian Religious: How are you dealing with "Contemporary vs

Transatlantic takes on the US employment situation

Grasping at the Statistics on the Self-Employed(UE rate down w/ SE up)

National Survey Shows Continuing Decline In Science & Engineering PhDs

Mutual Fund Scandals Lay Bare Problems at SEC

Austin's Ambitious SOLAR plan sets standard

Confessions of a failed jihadi

(Pittsburgh PA) City cop charged in road rage shooting


violence and guns


17 Students File Suit Over School Drug Raid

Report Alleges Racial Disparities In Seattle Drug Arrests


Some more shroomers looking to server 20 years

Mushrooms v. murder: Sentences in Kansas don't all fit the crime

Question, re: hidden threads

Skinner can you explain?

A blockbuster post of grand proportions that deserves

I do try...Republican "Intellectuals".I'm scared, what does this mean?

I'm wondering if

I have a semi-serious suggestion

Ummm...would a Mod please look at these posts?

pruner's latest post is an outrage

Personal attack in PM

Oh come on!

abrupt locking of posts...

Can threads be deleted from our list of hidden threads?

I have a picture I'd like to post, can I please have the option to upload?

When I use the new hide feature, is my page 1 supposed to keep shrinking?

How many personal attacks are allowed before a poster

Skinner, please see this thread:

My sincere thanks to mods and admins today

I happen to own the adjoining property to the DU graveyard...

Palestinian Militants Vow More Attacks Despite Talks

The fence is an Israeli PR defeat

Israel Rules 'Treason' Label Rude But Legal

Israel rejects proposal for truce within Green Line

Hamas chief Yassin rejects coexistence with Israel

The fence is an Israeli PR defeat

Divide And Destroy

An occupation that creates children willing to die

Does Teresa Heinz Trust John Kerry? If not, why should we?

The battle has started: Rove vs Clark

Attention Houston area Democats.........

CA DUers: Information on the CA Democratic Convention

Should Ronald Reagan replace FDR on the US Dime?

Two T-Shirts

Dean Rivals Pin Their Hopes on Feb. 3

Yes the 'media' REALLY wants Dean! They're not smearing him at all.

Atttention Ohio 14th Democrats

Thorough analysis of the "Clark Scenario"

Max Cleland to campaign for John Kerry: Dec 11-12

A Fifth Column on Staten Island: Dean Supporters Meet in G.O.P. Redoubt

Oprah for president 2004?

Kerry Supports Effective Marijuana Decriminilization

Dean followed by Clark (et al) in new national poll

Edwards: the second choice for all

How many Democrats did DUers register this past week?

Clark/Richardson 2004

Switching (I Think), to Dean because...

Which candidate has the best website?

NYTimes: Kerry And Edwards Oppose Diebold

First choice then second choice

Social Darwinism, the end of equality and class warfare. Let's discuss.

Online gambling - What do you think?

Will Pitt's Truthout Program for Today

when did Reagan start to become popular by the 84 election?

Let's prank-meme the lurking Freepers

this Dean "Hot Anger" vs Kerry "Cold Anger" is really a hoot

Russia's Authoritarianist Public: a Bit Scary

possible Clark 2nd place NH finish being discussed on CSPAN now

Is this the man who could be our next president?

So... who should be the VP candidate

Terry McAuliffe call-in to Arnie Arnesen Show coming up on CSPAN

The Kerry disconnect

'It Stinks to High Heaven'/ Richard Perle in Ethics Trouble

should the nominee announce his VP choice before the

Is the scarcity of kevlar gear for our troops possibly attributable to...

Terry M says there will be 2-3 candidates by Feb. 4

Join the national intervention for Bush

What's going on in Seattle???

Yahoo message board is a SCREAM!

The third way

If we lose in 2004, who should be the nominee in 2008?

William Pitt's Truthout Radio Program

Robin Hood, a conservative tax cutter according to OxyRush

I really like John Edwards

Dean's anger.

Rename the Carrier

Weird! Just got spam from the U.S. Military!

Dean's New Hampshire Campaign -- 8:30 AM ET - CSPAN

Broder - Congress's Cop-Out On War

Hey, anyone use EZBoard?

Did anyone record...

This one is a Kick - Will Pitt's Truthout Radio Program

Must See- Journalism Panel on War Coverage in Iraq

Democracy Now: Christopher Hitches vs. Tariq Ali

Fun And Funny Gifts For Progressives!

Totally Classic Line from Clark Campaign -- so funny

LIHOP, MIHOP, or neither?

Rove vs Clark - the battleline is drawn:

OMG look away! The first Reagan Dime!

Rove vs Clark

I am watching the Florida Dem thing on CSPAN

Is it common for builders to jack up the price of a house by $50,000?!

Bush* claps and coos at himself like a little toddler

, let’s send this Hindenburg down in flames

Want to get angry? Read this:

So they want Hamilton, Grant, and Reagan on our money, but not FDR?

Boston Globe: Clark on rise in NH

Poll: Gonzalez, Newsom in dead heat for San Fran Mayor

SCOTUS Justice Stephen Breyer on Economic Review & Judicial Reason

Isn't this Illegal?????????

Lieberman is a freeper!

When did the Presidency become a Vehicle for providing free advertising?

CNN: Slain Prosecutor was tortured before Death

Terry M says there will be 2-3 candidates by Feb. 4

An explanation of Dean's $50,000 to the Florida Dems. Mods please allow.

C-Span covering Dem, Florida Metting most of the day

Liar, liar pants on fire - ATTN. DC DUers

Republican "Intellectuals" Are Pissed At Bush...

Rats I am not in Orlando

Getting ready to leave for Orlando.......just got a call about parking.

Any lurking Freeper who can answer this question about Bush?

Clark On Rise In New Hampshire

The Power of Prophecy (Angels in America/AIDS)

DU These Polls!

Rumsfeld: Iraq war was to distract from failure in Afghanistan

Go read Ernest Partridge's article on the DU front page!

just read my gopteamleader

Crash at airport kills 2; Whitewater figure pilot

Dean Bashers and the Battered Wife Syndrome

The Kean Commission is a whitewash

It is my belief that whomever is the Democratic nominee

There They Go Again

Is it just me

Global Eye -- Blood Kin (Russian author takes on Neil Bush)

Florida Dems back on CSpan Now. :1:30.

Calling all lawyers- definition help

Let's put to rest this "Reagan Dime" to rest.

Can we call deficits "tax increases?"

ignorant c-span host-ess.....grr....what's her name?

BBV Robert Cringley on voting machines. Yay!!!!

HOUSTON people... Are we voting today?

Kerry's National Service Plan

Dean's tax cut proposal is dead on arrival

Are you in this for the long haul?

Conservatives hate the Patriot Act....

Proof that Dean leads in Iowa.

Did W unseal HIS Texas gubernatorial records?

What is your reaction to comments like Kristof's about Dean?


Enough with the draft dodging accusations against Dean!

Repubs are starting to think that Dean will be the nominee...

This Medco/Harvard "study" on 'Script co-pays...

Series of gun attacks on Irish Republican homes

Have people lost all compassion in the US?

John Edwards on C-SPAN now

Kerry's ducking fesperate

dupe - mods please delete

Limbaugh whines he's a victim

I just heard our new National Anthem. What does it mean to you?

Limbaugh raids detailed

Someone needs to call for a veto of the Medicare Act

Richard Perle is one creepy-looking dude.

caption this photo

Vermont borders New Hampshire; media portrays Massachusetts encircling

Three Rapes

Evidence, beyond any dispute, that repug donors are stupid...

The value of a Dime

Kerry's x-rated attack on Bush

Mushrooms v. murder: Sentences in Kansas don't all fit the crime

The Rovian scenario for our candidates

Florida Democratic Party Meeting -- 9AM ET -- All Day

The best song about Bush ever!!

Florida Democratic Party Meeting -- 1PM -- Thread #2

Offical Clark C-Span discussion

NEW VIDEO - Trifecta-craving Dictator Monkey in 30 Seconds or So

Clark and Dean C-span Thread.....

NOFX - Idiot son of an asshole!!

I'm starting to find the DU rules and locked threads a little boring

President Kerry on C-Span. We absolutely need Kerry in the White House

Florida Democratic Party Meeting -- 4:30PM -- Thread #3

Edwards and Kerry up next on C-SPAN live! 12:55 pm.

C-Span - RNC Chairman on now

The Difference Between Rush And Other Junkies

Guy James website is down ? (audio LINK on this thread!)

Florida Democratic Party Meeting .....thread 3

The Unemployment rate.

Has anyone here written a press release?

Florida Democratic Party Meeting .....thread 4

Dean soils Florida convention with attacks on other candidates

Fla. Democrat Meeting -- Howard Dean on now

Neil Bush: did Poppy pardon him?

I love Dennis Kucinich.

Whose photo could you put on your living room wall, Clark or Dean?

LOL...tons of fun....(pics)

Not Without Her Makeup (Oppression of Western Women)

The trashing of Molly Ivins

Heros Of The Week!!

Kucinish on fire. Great speech

After you watch our Dems in Fla....go to Moyer's speech in the 1/2 hour!

I don't see an open thread about Dean's statement about Graham.

Are those WHISTLE ASS whistles I hear on CSPAN (Florida convention)?

Who has a better chance of beating Bush?

Should we torture children for liberation?

Anyone know if the speeches from the Florida Dem Party Meet will be rerun?

William Sloane Coffin on the Dem Candidates...

Dean pays 50,000 for a conference room and Clark brings an RV?


Question RE: Salvation Army change donations

So, since Dean does the best in a matchup against Bush in Fla

NBC News: Iraqi WMD's Hidden in the Desert

Why are the Righties so afraid of Howard Dean?

Will the top candidates partner as Pres and VP?

What's The Word On Guy James' Show?

Information on H.R. 3633, the Ronald Raygun Dime bill

Janklow says "I dont remember killing anyone" (Liar)

Dean gets endorsement of key Iowa farm activist

Must Hear Radio, On Now.

We have great candidates! (Watching FL speeches)

Florida Democratic Party Meeting .....thread 5

US barbed-wires Iraqi villages--Or, how to lose a war

Why didn't they just "plant" WMD in Iraq?

Lisa Ling: MSNBC Ultimate Propagandist

Why is Karl Rove perceived to

Dean To Travel to SC to Open Offices There

Regarding Al Sharpton:

Top Ten names/mottos for new NRA TV station?

Hillary blasts Bush!! YAY!

NBC5/Chicago Sun-Times: Fmr IL Gov. George Ryan (R) to indicted. . .

DU these poll, Whose image should be on the dime? (unfreep!)

any texan music fans?

Iraq: What Should the Democrats' Message Be ??

Thursday Dec 4 Flashpoints must hear!

I just saw the attack ad on Dean.

Do you HATE Nader??

This editorial in Time magazine.

Gingrich and Privatization

Im sick of Dean Clark posts. Can we talk about something else?

If Polls Are So Accurate, Then Why Do They Vary So Dramatically...

Anger and Bitterness against Dem Leadership: "Who Would Jesus Bomb?"

OK, I admit I'm scared and I'll grovel if I'm wrong...

Babes against Bush

Talking Point: Did John Posdesta want to be a Gourmet Chef or Ballet

Nazi Germany's War On Terror

"Police: DA groped girl, 10" Another of those Repug family values types.

The difference between Dean and McGovern

Is Dean liberal?

Cassini sends home a postcard

Satanists: Which candidate do you prefer?

John Kerry on oustsourcing - weak answer

Has Novak been arrested yet?

Who do you want to be the next First Lady?

Differences in Fundraising Goals Between Dean and Clark

Watching the Democratic Convention today,

Daily Democrat: a positive discussion about Carol Moseley Braun

The "Capital Gang" election survey says

Read this old op-ed. Much of the info in it has gone down the memory hole

Dean being discussed on Tim Russert (CNBC) right now

Ok, people who think Dean is not electable...

Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean to appear on C-span Forum

Could I Get Some Help in a Debate?

Republicrats in Liberal's Clothing for the Demo Primaries

Official Guy James Show thread!

Kucinich all over Dean

Houston Mayoral Race: With 32% of Precincts Reporting...

Terrorism: What Should the Democrats' Message Be ??

Tim Russert (10 pm et) Heads Up Deanies CNBC (DUPE)

Co-Sponsor List for H. Con. Res. 343, the Keep FDR on the Dime resolution

Graydon Carter: Media Hero

"Peacenik McGovern II versus Electable Military man" GOP weighs in.

The Populists: The Greens of the 1890s? Or benevolent reformers?

Fla Dem Meeting Q&As - Where's Waldo, Edwards, Clark?!

To Lurking Democratic Presidential Candidates: Bookmark This Thread

Colorful Kerry quote

Upsetting: Dick Morris also says that Dean can't win...

And yet another Rumsfeld/Bush lie documented...

Al Sharpton hosts 'Saturday Night Live'... Will this help him?

Insider exposes fraud of Bush Administration

Is Clark a Liberal?

This week marks the third anniversary of the SOTUS decision

I think we can safely say Dean is not "The one the Republicans want"

This is how conservatives sell lots of books. The truth.

Blog Community's Take on Kerry's campaign

The most ridiculous right wing attack on Dean so far:

NH Mayor and 200 teachers, administrators endorse Kerry.

BBV: KERRY just said he's gonna demand paper records for

Iraq today: 9 kids killed by us; we wrap villages in barbed wire. Well?

Er, does anyone else think this link on Clark's site is extremely strange?

I must say, Kerry is my new number one

Why Do "Dean-TAX" Threads Ignore Dean's Tax Plan?

Florida Democratic Meeting......Thread 6

Money laundering too. Why that sneaky O’l Gas Bag

I officially endorse Wesley Clark for the Democratic Nomination

Good version of George W Bush resume

Clark's proposal to go to Iraq

Who are YOU planning to vote for?

Primary poll: last man standing

My quick positive thread on Kucinich

My "AARP" refund check came today! I wondered if they would send it.

Washington Post busts Kerry for citing non-existent poll results

Where can I buy gifts that are made in the U.S.A?

Daily Democrat: a positive discussion about John Edwards

Clark commercial during SEC Championship Game

one lefty's support for Dean

Michael Jackson's link to Carlyle Group (video)

US Citizen Named Mohamad "Excused" from Waiter Job for Bush F/R Banquet

Clip now available to counter The Nation's Taibbi hit on Clark

Let's compare the Bush speech at Home Depot to our Dems

The proper coin for reagan is

student expelled for possession of Advil . . .

The Conservative Case Against George W. Bush (Oh. My. God.)

Was a counter-terrorist simulation/wargame/exercise planned for 9/11?

"Peacenik McGovern II versus Electable Military man" GOP weighs in.

Is Bush an instrument of God?

Dean followed by Clark (et al) in new national poll

Anyone old enough here to remember 1968?

Deleted message

“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.” - Thomas Paine

What is the difference between Liberal and Progressive, really?

Does homosexuality and genetics matter?

A Job for Al Sharpton

Keep the Donations Pouring In

Dean vs Clark : Who is the most inspiring?

Dean and the "anger thing"

Neo-Puritan Psychopath: The Crisco Kid Meets the 700 Club (NEW VIDEO)

BBV: Finally, a real computer guy's take on it. I, Cringely reports!

Dean in IA

Trying to "google bomb" that Dean is the GOP Choice? Oh, no.

Kerry Vows Lights-Out for Diebold & BBV before Florida Dems

AtlantaJournal Constitution Electronic Voting Story

Social Darwinism, the end of equality and class warfare. Thread #2

What is with all these predictions? Time to connect the dots on DU.

Deleted message

What is the John Birch Society?

Putin decries 'terrorist attack'

WP: Russia's Party for One

Kissinger Approved Argentinian "Dirty War"

Iraq Green Zone a stand-in for U.S.

Terry M says there will be 2-3 candidates by Feb. 4

Explosion rocks center of Kandahar


Bush recruits Baker to push for debt relief (IRAQ)

Senate rejects Schwarzenegger's proposed spending cap, bond measure

Iraq council wishes to stay on;Washington seen likely to grant extension

Bomb explodes in Afghanistan (Kandahar)

Crowds bustling at state convention for Florida’s Democrats

Conservatives Criticize Bush on Spending -- Medicare Bill Angers Some Alli

U.S. boosts sanction enforcement, searches more travelers to Cuba

Rumsfeld Makes Unannounced Visit to Iraq

NYT frontpage: Employers Balk at New Hiring, Despite Growth

Huizenga's son charged after pedestrian struck in Fort Lauderdale

Funeral for Two Iraqis Turns Violent

John Haley, Whitewater Figure, Dies at 72 (In Plane Wreck)

U.S. has limited incentives for shoring up Iraq coalition

Curiosity leads man on trip to Baghdad

Thousands of Italians protest government plans to reform pension system

Establishment lining up behind Dean

Xinhuanet: US military campaign causes destruction in Iraq

Iraq stretching Army to danger point -- dupe, sorry

Election Bitterness Lingers for Fla. Dems

North Miami teacher accused of molesting 4 girls at private school

Doubts raised over US troops' battle with guerrillas (Samarra - NZ take)

This is how conservatives sell lots of books. The truth.


U.S. Says Diplomats in Saudi Confined to Base

rumsfeld Makes Unannounced Visit to Iraq

Janklow takes stand in manslaughter trial.

Congressional Spending Bill Stuffed With Pork

No relief in sight for fuel-starved Iraqis

Investigators delving into new claims of farmhand abuse

US army shells resistance pockets in northern Iraq

Now, just anybody a guerrilla

(Naval) Academy alumni reject gay group

North Dakota companies to seek Cuban commodity contracts

US forces bomb Afghan family home

Arnie California budget rescue plan rejected, whoops

How a Shady Iranian Kept the Pentagon's Ear (NYT)

City Report Is Critical of Wal-Mart Supercenters (Los Angeles)

Dead soldier's father advises Latinos not to join US Army

Saddam's general killed during Rumsfeld trip

Cocaine and Ecstasy Cause DNA Mutation -Italy Study

Man survives hail of assailants' bullets

Florida Democrats Pay Tribute to Graham

Iraq morass will take years to fix

Suzanne Jovin must not be forgotten

Funds for Iraq Falling Short of Pledges, Figures Show

Some Dean Rivals Pin Hopes on Feb. 3 Voting

Faith-based prison planned

ISU caucus poll: Dean leads with voters attending

U.S. Eyed in Shevardnadze's Resignation

Latinos Call for Strike Over California Drive Ban

Europeans Plan to Press for Tariffs Against U.S.

Dean Sends Senior Staff to Iowa

Rumsfeld's death threat to Taliban

Bush Says Job Market on Mend

Breaking Drudge: Hillary Rips Bush, Warns Of "Irreparable Harm" to Nation

WP: Dirty Bomb Rockets Vanish – feared sold to terrorists

Eye witness: Inside America's Baghdad comfort Zone

Florida Won't Require Printouts of Touch-Screen Votes

Nine children killed in US attack

Iraq war will leave only two of Army's 10 divisions available

Tough New Tactics by U.S. Tighten Grip on Iraq Towns

Rumsfeld studies Army readiness-VOA news release

NRA may buy TV Station

Iraqi colonel: I am WMD claim source

Venezuela: Thousands Rally in Support of Chavez

NYT: Democrats Try to Regain Ground on Moral Issues

Melting ice 'will swamp capitals'

Kerry uses F-word in anti-Bush tirade

Democrats Promise Revenge in Florida

(Bob) Graham: Bush can be beaten

Demand for 'Kyoto Tax' on the US

Falklands nuclear admission

Nancy Reagan opposes replacing FDR with Reagan on dimes

New Medicare Bill Bars Extra Insurance for Drugs

Japanese attack museum over atomic bomber (Enola Gay)

Castro: Socialism Will Survive in Cuba

All right, 'fess up I wonder if anyone actually sang this version of Joy

Bureaucrat or mandarin joke

Contrary to freeper beliefs, all Dems are not anti gun - anti Christian

I have a Alternate Personality who has a very different view than mine

Thanks to all....the first one is up.

I'm a crotchety starfish. Don't ask!

Christmas Musical Guilty Pleasures

Kings vs. T-wolves all tied up, less than 4 min. left.

The Premier of China is coming to campus on Wednesday


Please do not feed cigarette butts to the urinal weasels. Thank you.

Has anybody seen my socks?

I'm a starcrossed fish. Pass the bong.

If the Right Thinks We Are "Angry Liberals" Now...

I couldn't sleep so I'll say my piece


A great observation about Shrubby's moonshot scheme

This poll needs to be de-freeped. Bad.

Fixin' to Die in Iraq

The next Best Political Song thread

Does your company's IT department have the following blocked:


Can You Guess The Speaker From These Quotes?

Q: Which Presidents wrote autobiographies?

Creative DU'ers, this is for you

Clintons Up for Grammys

Okay. Shovel - check. Gloves - check. Hat - check. Boots - check.

new gif - THE RAW DEAL

Darth_Kitten is a BBBB*

Arnie California budget rescue plan rejected, whoops

I Have 10,000 Inches of Snow in my yard - Who Wants To Make a Snow Fort?

There's a new Bob Boudelang column posted

Robin Hood, a conservative tax cutter according to OxyRush

Meeting with my Senator Today

Ediacara is weird

So was Mommy kissing Santa Claus or doing much more

HAPPY Belated Birthday to Margaret Cho!!!!

CAPTION and clean up the mess in Aisle 6

On the Raygun Dime: Will we be able to distinguish between heads and tails

Will someone PLEASE..................

What is the worst kind of natural disaster?

attention techies.... ( a pc quesiton)

Why I do not believe there are 20 million Rush dittoheads

What's Your Favorite Winter Activity

Post your storm hardships here!

Let's elect a DU President!

Pirates of the Caribbean was a pleasent surprise.

got 2 computer questions

This is the worst addiction anybody could have:

Remember all those threads about "something big" happening soon?

It is time for me to open my sealed records!!!

What are your in-laws like?

Has anyone else heard of this new drug craze...

You might be a Republican if

Looney tunes fans, is the Golden Collection worth its price?

Would you buy a wesley Clark or Howard Dean doll?

Just saw the Murder Junkies, don't care if you ask me anything

I'm crocheting starfish. Ask me anything.

Hell Freezes Over---Freepers making good sense!

ZombyWoof does an iPod ad!

My ferrets are getting their pictures taken with Santa tomorrow!

What Should RR Make for Her Snowbound Food Fest?

Can anybody recommend a good PDA device?

Hug a tree ~ Impeach a Bush

Put CLINTON on currency, not Reagan

Bush Thanks Dad For Creating Osama, Saddam

Forget the dime - Reagan should be on the negative penny


I just turned Sweet Sixteen!

Just spent 6 hours editing a novel. Ask me anything.

Hey, anyone use EZBoard?

I made a mistake on my cover letter!


Kandahar - Movie on HBO

The thread-blocking feature is awesome.

Forget sealed records, here is a recorded seal!!!

Winter Wonderland!

What do you think of libertarians?

Just a rant...forgive me....


I donated in someone's name and she doesn't seem to know it.

Thank you!

Prayers and warm thoughts requested for sister

Anniversary day for me-- moved back to Richmond & "greatest date ever"

What turntable should I get?

I officially endorse....

Seen In A Chatroom

Never be rude to an Arab....

I'm looking for a CD

Emergency! Emergency!

To dream the impossible dream.....

Trading Places designer that's just gotta go.........

Question about Home Alone movie scene

someone had this line in a post earlier... it moved me

If We Lose In 2024, Who Should The Nominee Be In 2028?

My milkshake is better than yours

Just watched "Wrong Turn."

Next DU feature:

Christmas Shopping in July

Why did God create us?

I'm supposed to attend my high school reunion next year (need help)

How 'bout the power to kill a yak from 200 yards away...

im in high school, ugh. Ask me anything.

My heart is pounding, and my hands and knees are shaking!

Ohio to close freeway amid shootings

I have a feeling that "Something is going to happen"

Word of Advice for Really Good Sex

Oops! Double Post. Editor: Nip this one. Nip it in the bud.

You know that phrase "Let sleeping dogs lie"?

* Loves the Press? More that any other President.. CAPTION

Are you excited about the new Lord of the Rings movie?

Woohoo! Upgrades ahoy!

Al Sharpton SNL conflict!

A View Of Republicans

Bush Comes up with 'Ingenious Plan' to raise much need cash for WWIII

kPa or hPa?

Favourite Facts of Life Character!!!!!!!!

Blizzard warning for NY

I'm Going Out To Pee In The Snow. Want Me To "Pee" YOUR DU Name?

I'd rate Bush's presidency a 10!

I want to repaint my bedroom...

Music buffs: Hail to the Chief doesn't work for *, What new theme song?

What happened on your best day in 2003?

Attention Deer Hunters..This year they are ready for ya..

LOL...tons of fun....(pics)

Our governator is working hard.. So stop saying that!!

Hello, Everybody!

The Tabasco® Thread

Time to inject some football logic

White House Xmas shows

Whose photo could you put on your living room wall, Clark or Dean?



Would any of you vetran DUers help explain how to add pictures on posts?

VCR died, brand to recommend?

That's It! Everything is made in China.

Aaaaw,,Wasn't he a little cutie pie??? Too bad he grew up..

Army vs Navy official game thread

Who was your favorite "Full House" character?

Rush turned his maid into a drug dealer

Some of my favorite Christmas records (Warning: long post!)

Ideas for Clark vs Dean posts (humorous)

Awwwww....Rachel Ray is on the Food Network now


Favourite Bewitched Character

Mark your calendars.. CNN is going to re-air.."Flyboy" tomorrow

Favorite 'Big Lebowski' character


Hung over what should I eat?

Well usually he is the Goat... today he is the GLOAT

Post your sarcastic love for Ronald Raygun!

Anyone else a fan of Vienna Teng?

How to keep a parrot happy, contented, and amused.

I'm going to have a bruise.

Speaking of Doom, and Christmas...

I'm Back.... how everyone??

Cause there's nothin' very funny 'bout a freaked out bunny

(For those who don't go to LBN...) Kerry says a dirty word! Kerry says a

More Ways

Should Family paper NYT publish this photo of 425 m yr old penis?

Which DU kid would you vote for pres

New Tweedy Brothers?

Well after 32 hours on the road in crazy highway conditions

What has Texas given us? Good and bad.

any texan music fans?

why god why?

Who is " Name removed " likely to vote for?

Southern to Core....but Yankee in my Brain....DU'er Lounge....where

What one word would you use to describe the bush regime?

In other football news, the UND Fighting Sue won today in the D2 semis.

Saw "Return of the King" today.

Don't be afraid to talk politics in the grocery store


Hidden any threads yet?

HBO wants feedback about "Carnivale" . . .

official big XII championship game thread

So The Man Says... "That's No Lady, That's My Wife!"

Repeat of Kerry Q & A on CSPAN NOW 9:48 pm et

What are you getting your significant other for Christmas ?

Palm and PocketPC owners: What do you use your handheld for the most?

Who loves the band "Love"?


for aviation fans . . .

Paris Hilton to be on SNL tonight with Al Sharpton?

Why does shrub want to go to the moon?

Are Simon and Garfunkel the musical guests on next week's SNL?

I need some serious advice about women.....

Im sick of Dean Clark posts. Can we talk about something else?

Anybody know what Scherzi a Parte on the latin channel is about?

Things you have to believe to be a Republican today

Just saw Return of the King...

"Around the World in 80 Days"....

OK everyone, on the count of three...

LOTR Poll--When will you rewatch Fellowship and Two Towers?

Should I get a tattoo?

you're under my spell - so CAPTION

That's it!!! I'm finally OUT of the 700 CLUB!!

The Ferrets get revenge!

A SPECIAL message from President George W. Bush

Anyone else happy to see KSU ahead of OU 21-7 at the half?

Which t.v. character got the most on your last nerve?

To our dark, scary grandmothers!!!!!!!

would you CAPTION this much?

A question about a gift I received

wrapping presents


JackSwift has now officially yanked your chain over 3000 times

Who of the following eats MORE babies?

*Yawn* -- Just getting up, what did I miss?

College football gameday thread

Gimme your grin-like-an-idiot songs

Who wants to stop caring about anything?


is it just me, or are all math teachers evil

Any ELP fans out there?

Bush want to go the moon.

Don't forget to watch Trading Spaces tonight to see Hildy.....

Cat people.. Here is one of the most comprehensive cat "manuals" ever

Have you utilized the hide a thread feature yet?

ZombyPoll # 65.21: Favorite Pizza Topping?

OK, who's celebrating FESTIVUS!?

My HS is going for its 1st state football championship in 100 years!

The Ed Gillespie definition poll

How long do guys wait before they call a chick back?

I'm looking for new music to listen to

What's Your Sign?

Why do conservatives hate lawyers?

If Dean and Clark was drowning

Anyone suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder?

My motor is running! Is yours?

Omigod Omigod Omigod

My Brother is getting "married" tomorrow

introduce yourselves

Shakespeare or Milton--whom do you prefer?

What coin should we put ronald reagan on?

What right-wing movies do you hate yourself for loving?

Favorite * joke

Favorite Andy Griffith Show character?

You want to see a freaky smiley???

What are you reading?

who's taller? Dean or Clark?

Top Ten names/mottos for new NRA TV station?

What Kind Of Student Were You In High School?

Reminder to check out my new Internet radio station

STONE SOUP_____ whatya got?

Fans in Sierra Leone riot when dwarf comedians don't show

Cult films

So, I'm watching USC and thinking

The Official Division I-AA Football Quarterfinals Thread: NAU vs. FAU....

Collectors - What Do You Collect? Music Memorabilia, etc.

I'm going striper fishing this AM

Will Rush squeal?

The Rabbit of Seville: I have always wondered...

The Bold and the Beautiful and Passions

That's it... I am running away from everything and joining a biker

Our wonderful grandmothers.

Sorry about that bad gas

Thank you AL Franken!

"Blizzard-like conditions" - DUers up East, are y'all ok?

Which Magic Rat Would You Vote For President?

Is it just me or am I starting to feel old here?

Will the Miami Dolphins fail again?

When You Have Forgotten Someone's Name...

The Former USA: BushCo. By the Numbers...

Good Place for State Poll numbers

Howard Dean will eat a camel rectum on Fear Factor.

Refresh My Memory, Please...

Saturday Night Live, you've got to see Al.

Gep was strong this morning

The Economy: What should the Democrats' message be ?

Is this really how Clark plans to pay for his AIDS program?

NH stations not airing Saturday Night Live because Sharpton is the host

Democrats have never had such an abundant choice...

Could Clinton had won in 1992 without Perot taking 18.87% of the vote?

Business as usual for George W. Bush - Behr paint product placement

I got back from the Florida Democratic meeting...

The "day of infamy" on the German front.

Was Florida A Glimpse Of What Kerry Will Look Like In Smaller Debates?

Does Anybody Else Feel Like Kerry's Doing Much Better But It's Too Late?


How King of New York took battle to the Great Polariser (Vanity Fair vs *)

Iraq Mourners Open Fire, Killing Policeman

Russian Deputy Drug Czar: US Soldiers Becoming Drug Addicts in Afghanistan

Any Saint Germaine fans out there?

For those who want to hear X-mas music on-line

Anybody watching WORD OF HONOR with Don Johnson on TNT??

Official SNL/Sharpton thread

Saturday Night Live, you've got to see Al.

So, who wants a '77 black and gold Trans AM? BANDIT!


Prius or Civic Hybrid.....

Do you know of any stores that sell British food in the US?

I was very impressed with the sportsmanship Oklahoma showed tonight.

I just made "Pastitsio" and it came out terrific!

can dolo amber post 30 more times tonight in a thread such as this one?

Ok, USC won easily, LSU is gonna win against a better team than Oregon

Wow! Did anyone think K-State would thump OU?

Which Presidential Candidate Should Host SNL Next?

Live, from New York, it's Saturday Night! Guest host: Al Sharpton

Anyone see the movie/video The Gangs of New York?

Any Styx fans out there?

The Last Samurai

The roots of the evil empire revealed.......Just Discovered Pic

the show 'Dead Ringers' is on BBC America