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Archives: December 5, 2003

UK Private Eye on Dubya's state visit

Bob Herbert: Returned to Life

NY Observer : Wesley Clark: Is He The Man to Beat Bush?

Bribery Over the Medicare Bill? (letter to Washington Post)

Right Wing Conservative Abandons * Co - Uses Treason Word

SF Chronicle: The Gonzalez Insurrection


"A little present for the unborn" (Auth cartoon)

Ex-Senator Will Soon Leave 9/11 Panel:NYTimes

Terror 101: Are the Saudis

Lopez - A Letter to Lawmakers (re:Arnold)

Diebold: Charge Md. Out the "Ying Yang"

Politics of hatred nothing new : Andrew Greeley

The Wal-Mart You Don't Know

Bush Conservatism as seen by Benson at the Arizona Republic

Great LTTE in today's AZ Republic

A COLD DRAFT -- Ted Rall

Wicked men (Jody's latest)

Rep. Sherrod Brown: Wrong prescription on U.S. drug costs

Hey Californians

Wag the Turkey - Turkeygate

The Kerry Conundrum (Altercation)

Georgie Anne Geyer: War fallout reaching beyond Iraq'a borders

GOP tries to boost Dean by burying him

Saddam told the truth..George Bush lied

Fiddling while the dollar drops

In Rumsfeld's Shop ... By OSP Whistle Blower

Forget Apple, Disney, Inc. Wants Steve Jobs

13 years old!!

Kucinich calls for regulating MJ like alcohol

Is Hitchen's on the take?

Bush Backtracking on Cleaner Air

Stars and Stripes: Some troops not happy with historic visit

Republicans: The Dumbest Common Denominator

Doonesbury Unbelievable Today!!! Chimp shot down GOOD!

Why I Gave ----- George Soros

Alterman: The Kerry Conundrum

Bush-related paranoia appears on rise-Krauthammer

Wesley Clark - is he the man to beat bush?

Warren Ellis on art and the current political climate

Rush Limbaugh Search Warrant

JAN 2nd Free Speech Freeways: Bypassing the Mainstream Media

Attn: Central Wisconsin DUers

I need help from House Party leaders!

Bush To Take Dump on Stump - Cable News Has Live Coverage 24/7!

Frickin' LA Times !

GOP tries to boost Dean by burying him.

Did you see babes against bush on hannity

Why Bush Is Stopping at Home Depot

Woman arrested for driving while breastfeeding...

Anyone know any cool "Free" singles sites?

Anybody up for a little trivia quiz? ;-)

Mrs. Betty Bowers' Guide to the Perfect Christmas

Not a Pax Americana

Honolulu Advertiser: Board seats still elude minority women

Snortland - Give ’cause it hurts

Phelps, Senator Square Off

Louisiana Parents Come To Aid Of Gay Family

(Ohio)Statewide electronic voting delayed (paper trail not one of 57 fixes

Reproductive Rights ALERT

Religion, separation of Church and State... ready... set... go!

Can anyone recommend a socially responsible fund?

U.S. deficit seems to carry little weight with voters

Job growth on a hot streak (Canada)

Thriftville and Squanderville

The dollar crisis and potential nightmare scenario...

For Junker's Debunkers

Job growth on a hot streak (Canada)

EU Ignores Scientists, Calls For "Tighter Restrictions" On Cod Fishing

First December Tropical Storm Ever Recorded Heading For Jamaica

"It Was A Dead-Duck Agreement Long Ago" - Editorials On Kyoto

Study Warns Against Carbon Storage Through Extra Forest Planting

Bottom of the barrel - The world is running out of oil.

Everyone needs to get "shot".

Ninth Circus does it again

GUNS IN THE NEWS--December 5, 2003

Aim or Spray?

Thank you from Jody and his family. Joyce and I before her illness

Guns, Bans, and other issues

Brady Group Pays $26K Fine

Did a bunch of posts in GD just disappear?

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A thank you to the Admin

DU Meetup

Question on GD Profanity rule....

Question re: GD profanity rule

time change?

Why lock the Daily Democrat threads?

Judaic avitars???

Skinner: I propose a rule change for the Israel/Palestine Forum

Do you notice any bumps in traffic after Rush Limbaugh singles DU out?

Any reason this thread is allowed to remain?

i hate to ask this but why was this thread moved?

When is the next "Hate Mailbag" coming?

Elad, EarlG & Skinner

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Israel's plans to increase population are threatened as thousands flee vio

Optimistic Qureia heads to Cairo for truce talks

The Mistaken Arab Experience

The Lies of Geneva by Shlomo Avineri

Israel's Sharon Under Pressure at Home Amid U.S. Rift

Candidates' Representatives Discuss Jewish Vote, Middle East s

Israeli minister ponders pull-back, Powell meets Geneva authors

A groundswell in Israel for peace

"Intolerance Toward Islam" Under Scrutiny

Universities return to aptitude exams to keep Arabs out

In Defense of the Geneva Accord

Cairo ceasefire talks hinge on Hamas

Controversial fence proves its worth

Geneva Plan Has No 'Safety Net' for Israel, Military Expert Says

Israel lifts three West Bank roadblocks

Who caused Palestinian Diapora?: Israel needs to apologize, let them back

Some inside baseball stuff from Moonie Times - take it for what it's worth

Dean, Clark catch Lieberman in Florida

Clark Says U.S. Allies Don't Trust Bush

Money raises Dean profile at gathering of Democrats

Dean Organizers Take Lesson From Labor

"They're not trying to stop me....

Job One For Kerry: Rebound In NH: Dean Far Ahead in Former Stronghold

Read for free

Clark says he would avoid pre-emptive strikes

Lifting of Steel tariffs is gonna really help the Democrats

Bruce Babbitt set to endorse Dean

Dean's 1,000th Neighborhood Meeting...

Cheney's grab-and-go rubs some the wrong way

Yahoo headline - Dean Grabs a Commanding Lead in N.H.

Zogby: Dean takes slight edge in South Carolina

DRAFT now inevitable, Rummy sends Honor Guard! No Army Divisions left!

Proud of the democratic candidates

Dean leads in SC and FL; Clark in second

Is there a veiled death threat against Dean in Sierra Times article?

Flood the Zone Friday is Back!!!!

Alexa dot Con -- another "respected" info source ignores Kucinich

Reminder to register or change party affiliation in time for primaries

Dean Responds to Unemployment Figures

Lieberman senior strategist declares Kerry's campaign D.O.A.

Salon - Is Dean Stoppable?

Hmmm...a fawning private press party for Kerry....

Is Dean on the ballot in NC?

Sharpton surges in South Carolina poll

It's not just the Right-Wingers running attack ads on Dean -check this out

Other Democrats tap Dean backers

Yet another redistricting lawsuit...

New Ads Target Dean(Lieberman & anti gun "Americans for Progressive vals"

SOLOMON: Dean and the Corporate Media Machine

Kerry Supporters Might Want To Be Writing Slate's Mickey Kaus

The Dean Connection – NY Times Sunday magazine cover story (7 pages)

Dean supporters

WP 's Al Kamen "Dean's X-Files"- reversal on Indian gaming

Josh Marshall on the "inevitability" of Dean winning the nomination

Wes Clark's Statement on DC Voting RIghts and Home Rule

Eric Alterman on Kerry

A list of why the Dean campaign is not a campaign, it is a Revolution

Fineman attacks… Deaniacs repond

So far, Dean's the darling of N.Y. Dems

Dean Edges Past Edwards for Slight Lead in SC

Kucinich Speaks Out on Steel Tarrifs a Dean primary and caucus sweep possible?

Who is Leonard Boswell?

Check your "political compass" against the candidates.....

Did somebody say sealed records?

Good article for Koochies

Attention Clarkies -- The Clark Blog needs us to help build a FAQ section

Terror warning from 9/7/01 still posted in the Internet!!!

The Reagans - what was all the poo-ha about?

Krauthammer calls Dean "delusional" for mentioning LIHOP theory on Rehm

Something to brighten your day

Drudge: New Eminem Song Wishes President Dead

Why are we censoring Eminem on this Board!

Drudge: New Eminem Song Wishes President Dead

(Let's try this one more time) Eminem has a new song wishing Bush dead

Security clearance data sold to spammers?

Eminem about to get caught in right wing firestorm!

You'll love this: go to Google, type in "Miserable failure" and hit

CAFTA Could Cause 1000s of Farmers to Lose Jobs

Will Pitt's Truthout Program for Thursday - Talks about Dean and Gillepsie

O'Reilly's Proof of Nasty Agenda-Driven Hollywood Liberals

Dean campaign contributed $50,000 to Florida state party

It's Not Albright---it's Bruce Babbitt that's going to endorse Dean

How * dropping the Steel Tarrrifs Is Playing In Steel Country: Cleveland

Crunch-time for Al-Jazeera

Pittsburgh = "Knowledge City"

BBV: The Year Democracy Ended

"Bush on Crack"

Holiday Terror - Paula Zahn (CNN)

CSpan schedule for this morning - expect seniors to blast Newt

Lecher Newt Gingrich is on CSpan :barf:

The Steel Tarriffs.

I Just Saw "The Reagans" on Showtime: It Was Great!

Does The Democratic Party want to be known as the Anti-War Party?

Lawyers out there , Patriot Act questions

Dean sending "chief foreign policy adviser" to Israel to hold talks

Green candidate to run in IL's 115th House District.

The whores are at it again--hiding joblessness

Drudge: New Eminem Song Wishes President Dead

anyone seen the National Review Dean cover? as per cspan

Return of the man who, Democrats say, put Bush in office

BBV - Avi Ruben on Democracy Now

Listen to Hitchens get creamed on Democracy Now by Tariq Ali

iron hammer is now iron justice?

One Possible Future--after the Election

The "Plastic" Turkey

Watch Bill Moyers tonight - defense spending revisited - Kucinich

Rush "Doctor shopping" !

CSPAN Friday AM — Newt Gringrich

BBV: We DUers started the fire right after the Repubs robbed Georgia...

Congratulations Mr Limbaugh

Boiled Alive - US Allies share America's committment to human rights

Bechtel Fails Reconstruction of Iraq's Schools

Hey, I got a letter from Bush!

Roy Black's Tactic to Defend Rush Limbaugh

Wesley Clark: Is He The Man to Beat Bush? a great article

CSPAN 2 (et) has a panel of Journalists discussing the war on Iraq...and

Bush Baghdad Visit Question

Deliver Us from Evil :

LTTE in my newspaper: It's fair to question the patriotism of liberal

Study confirms BFEE/Selected's Problems

Anyone hear Sen. Lieberman say John McCain would be his Sec. Defense?

Repulicans want to put Ronald Reagan's face on the dime and remove FDR

Media using Cincy beating tape to titillate viewers...

After the US invaded Iraq and did not find WMD's should we have left?

This Rerun of Newt

The problem with the United Nations - Part 1

Clark wants to go to Iraq should he go and would the Defense department

ANALYSIS:Governor is keeping lawmakers guessing

Bruce Babbitt set to endorse Dean

I'm Curious, how are we going to go to the moon with no launch capability'

Quesiton about the Dru Sjodin case. The charged him with kidnapping?

How's about we pick on Bush for a change...

Deleted message

NC (& all) DUers: please discuss ultra-right "Christian" Rep. Walter Jones

Randi Rhodes targetted for attacks RE: Rush

Will Pitt's truthout program: talks about Dean and Gillepsie

Repugs are trying to take over International Studies Programs

Bush arrogance displayed in yardsigns: "SUPPORT BUSH...(and the troops)"

Spitzer Buzz

Thanksgiving "mission" (poll located at magazine website)

MSNBC: Kerry looks to rebound in New Hampshire

California to have legislature meet only once every 2 years to save money

Watch Bill Moyers tonight - defense spending revisited - Kucinich

Cut and Paste letter to support Ahnold

What if?

Any polls with Dean doing best in match up against Bush?

Dems Whitewashing Medicare Bribery Charge

Hillary on Sunday talk shows

(Dupe, sorry pls remove.)

Some troops not happy with "historic" visit

Super market sales slump

Teacher sues over limits on history curriculum

How Much Do You Rely on Official Polls?

Here's how to deal with us liberals on the History of Christianity

Heathens growing in number - joking, but there are now more agnostics

Did reporters see Bush on AF1 Thanksgiving

GOP tries to boost Dean by burying him

President Bush Bans Press Coverage Of Wesley Clark'sTestimony

Still no clear leader in SC

Can A Liberal Survive In North Carolina?

Rush Limbaugh - "Talent On Loan From OxyContin"

Someone ask this question to Clark

As a Clark "attacker" I must express my outrage at Lieberman

Ellen Mariani's RICO Act lawsuit against Bush et. al,

OUCH, OUCH ,OUCH,-Poll Dems 48%-Bush 42%

Mossad intelligence failures contributed to Iraq war fever....

Babes Against Bush

Some thoughts/questions on Rush Limbaugh

John Pilger to BBC, "Pot meet Kettle."

Job creation

I guess now if any Democratic AG or DA goes after any Republican

need a link on Bush's campaign outsourcing phone banks to India

Is Dean a threat to Clark in SC?

Return to Moon May Be on Agenda

Army has denied rape victim counseling, says mom

Is there a place in a Democratic Administration for Al Gore?

Dean slams tariff dropping

Lieberman at next debate: "Dean has been forming wild conspiracies"

Tweety last night....

Scott Ritter on WAMC right now!

Eminem played in bomb-shelter turned nightclub in Afghan.

Job Rates Lower Than Expected In November???

Please kiil this thread

The one big reason conservatives don't get it

THANK YOU!!! Whoever sponsored me. XOXO

1,000 pro American Iraqis march in Baghdad???

A Freeper just called Rush and said he gets his "conservative hit"

A Green game plan for Presidential race

Reagan to replace FDR on the dime?!?

C-SPAN-2 WATCH: Reporting War and International Politics-REALLY GOOD

my cats' politics

Susan Estrich eats humble pie. . .apologizes to Laurie David

Check out these Creation Science fair projects

Clark on C-SPAN Last Night - Didn't Anyone Watch?

FU Wallmart......

How many delegates are California, Texas, and Florida worth?

Is Clark a threat to Dean in New Hampshire?

Hate Mail!

How many people are waiting 'til the General Election to Contribute?

Since the economy is in an apparent upswing....

BBV-Need answer to tech question, please

To Heck with you!!!! Wallmart (better?)

Baker heads to Iraq

Clark, "put the pre-emptive strike doctrine through the shredder."

The cozy relationship between Bush and Home Depot

Replace FDR's portrait on the dime with Reagan? Revealing.

Hillary & Newt on Meet the Press

Can Dean win all the primaries on Feb 3rd?


Sleevegate – another Pulitzer contender from the Washington Post

So is the Carlyle Group now in charge of Iraqs' debt?

Another snip from my Blumenthal interview

If you're interested: Lieberman on Hannity radio today

Charles Krauthammer is SO busted for fabricating a quote!

Finneran: Massachusetts has three choices regarding marriage

More...Former President Reagan rarely awake - report

I love this anti-Bush/Baker rant on the Yahoo Board!

Opinions: What is on Dean's hand in this picture?

Karl Rove speaks...

lieberman is on hannity

Arnie Arnesen radio show Live on C-Span now

Deleted message

FIGHT TERRORISM : New Texas Specialty License Plate

Now we know why Bush wants to go to the moon

We Broke the Bat Nine Hours Ahead of our Midnight Deadline!

Curious about CNN's political director, Tom Hannon....

Dean and Clark poll best against Bush in FL, Dean leads primary

Dean has a Slight Lead in SC and FL

Stu Rothenburg reenforces Clarks general election advantage

If The Chimp Gets 4 More Years, Imagine What The World Will Think!!!

Sharpton Surging in SC!

NY Times and Boston Globe call on Dean to unseal gubernatorial documents

Has anyone read Howard Dean's book yet.

Fox News is on a Full Out Assault on the Democratic Party

Soldiers: New Swing Voters (Another reason they're scared of Clark)

Dean Attacks Bush for Unemployment Figures in the Economy

Joe Trippi on Dean Ads in SC, New Mexico, and Arizona

NPR -ATC reported on Dean's records not bush's or reagan's

Governor Granholm facing stiff opposition

What will become of the Mariani 9-11 Lawsuit?

Actual AP headline: "Bremer Predicts More Attacks in Iraq"

When * farts, the world smells it

When Genocide Creeps in on Little Cat Feet

A TIME magazine reporter was at my Dean meetup in Miami Wed.

Will the mainstream media ever report that Bush went AWOL for a year?

Dean and Crossover Vote In Your State

Bill Kristol predicts Dean will win nom; warns Repubs not to be cocky

Bush Admin Uses IRS Against Political Foes

Dean's On His Way to Winning the Southwest

Here's the OTHER Thksgvg Flight stories the WH floated

Congressman Mike Ferguson (R) goes pimpin'

For Deanies That Criticize Roaches Missing Votes (Yet Another Hypocrisy)

Inside Politics is in Florida

An observation about Dean.

I talk to a Reagan speechwriter about AIDS policy

Flood the Zone Friday...let's get Bush!

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about Joe Lieberman

Found out today that my company will be outsourcing jobs

Go to and type "miserable failure" look at 1st result

Where is the post on the 9-11 widow charging Bush violated RICO statutes??

Bush Admin Uses IRS Against Political Foes

How much did 9-11 & Bush's reaction to it have to do with your being here?

We must mobalize to keep FDR on the Dime!

Oxyrush claims Robin Hood was conservative

Got an email from AARP

Hey Junior, I'm coming after you

Kerry and Bush* agree - James Baker is the right man for the US

Which country will Rush flee to avoid Prison?

"Karl Rove: The King of Dirt," A new article at

Which 'patriotic poster' from is your favorite?

Bush's moon visit a good idea?

Email from RNC Chair Gilliespie: Quoting Lieberman...

USA Today: Did GOP Leaders Offer $100,000 Bribe?

Are We Becoming Desenitized to * Scandals?

We should have an online library here at DU of the founding fathers

New Red State/Blue State Map

A very simple arguement for Clark for President (with Dean as VP)

A perfect example of a Drudge Lie.....

Medicare .....Devil in the Details. A closer look.

C-SPAN Washington Journal Weekend Schedule

Lieberman senior strategist declares Kerry's campaign D.O.A.

The cover of Jayson Blair's book

What if Repukes were honest with Americans about their agenda ?

Anyone getting the Lieberman / McCain "Comparrison" Campaign Commercial?

What is the story behind Waxman and the fake study that M. Savage

Bush Lies: A Primer

Dean Reluctant To Support Brady Bill

If They Put ReagUn On The Dime, I Won't Spend Any Of Them!

they're calling the senate hacker a "brave whistleblower"

Democratic candidate Kucinich draws crowd at U-M approved a freeper link about Dean as "news". Hilarity ensues.

Salon - Is Dean Stoppable?

If the Democrat beats Bush in 2004, how will you feel?

C-Span 2 - HELEN THOMAS anybody listened? (10:03 p.m. ET)

"Teflon Coated" Dean

What about a Clark/(Elliott) Spitzer ticket?

Bill Bennett got schooled at his teach-in

Will there ever be a USS Bill Clinton?

What does "terrorism" mean and can a war on terrorism ever be won?

NEW POLL says Bush* only got a 3 point jump for Thansgiving STUNT

We are supposed to appear gracious and mild to try to impress THIS man

Which makes you madder, putting Reagan on a coin, or taking FDR off?

check this out on Rush

Paul Begala points out that Tucker Carlson never got out of the Boy Scouts

Police used pepper spray on a 10 month old and a 3 year old

I haven't forgotten. Questions they still need to answer. Anyone?

Rush compares himself to Dean. WHUUUUU????

Fineman attacks… Deaniacs respond

Nancy Reagan just says NO to Ronnie on Dime!

how often to pres primary candidates who drop out endorse another one

Lou Dobbs on CNN now to to name companies moving jobs out to

Progressive Majority is going after Bob Novack

Truthseekers, Mike Malloy is in a good mood.

When will there be a 9-11 movie?

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - Inside the Pentagon, Chuck Spinney, more...

Larry Kudlow, where are those 375,000 jobs you predicted?

Deleted message

MSNBC pundit: Becase Rush is rich, that makes him innocent

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about Howard Dean

The Dean Connection – NY Times Sunday magazine cover story (7 pages)

Krauthammer calls Dean "delusional" no profanity, no caps, no screaming

Matching funds questions for the experts.

Do you think Bush will reinstate the draft?

Does Bush Know He's In A Bubble?

My big gripe with Howard Dean is his tax policy, which would lose general.

Will any Supreme Court Justices retire next presidential term?

The Democrats are Scared- A Letter to the DNC

Will Pitt/John Kerry/Al Franken meeting coming up on CNN

Bob Graham is the perfect running mate for Dean

Josh Marshall on the "inevitability" of Dean winning the nomination

Reservist or Career soldiers? What percentage fought and occupied Iraq?

Which candidate has the most charisma?

Diebold paper trail: Voting Machine? NO; ATM, checkout, credit cards? YES

Ok...Candidate Partisans: Do you "Hate" another Dem candidate?

Dean Was Frequently Absent As Governor While Campaigning For President

Why Rush is urging dittohead to go to DU, My speculation.

Kerry Withdrawal Contest

If Draft happens: Moms and Dads, would you protect your sons?

The one BIG overriding issue in this election

Where & when can we hear the new The Guy James Show?

Thanks Patrick Leahy, re: Police brutality in Miami

The End to Dem-Green flame wars can be through IRV

Come on. Bob Boudelang. This is you, right?

Hate to say it, but I think it's time the Iowa and N.H. Candidates...

If we lose 2004, who runs in 2008?

About Sharpton's SNL appearance. Important.

According to Ann Coulter

“How can we leave Iraq?”

GOP wont extend jobless benefits

Nice article on Clark and Dean

So what are you all reading? Recommendations?

Clark Not Even Acknowledged On RNC Website

For Kucinich supporters re: Paul Simon's endorsement of Dean

Deleted message

Another indication that Kucinich is being held back by the media

Excellent News: Dean and Clark closing in on Bush in Florida

This is what Kerry said he would do if Bush went in Unilateraly. What did

911 Victim Ellen Mariani Open Letter To The POTUS

Fri AM Rush attacking DU??? 20 million Vs 35 thousand?? WHY?

Let's make Dean the Time Person of the Year

How to argue with a Christian conservative...

Will you support Kerry if he apologizes for the IWR?

Matthew 25 31-46, Looks like * skipped over Matthew

The worst President, ever

We invaded Iraq because of the lies Bush fed us that they had WMD's

DRAFT now inevitable. No Divisions left, Rummy sends Honor Guard over!

From the Deck of HawkerHurricane

Hot Anger v. Cold Anger. (or, Kerry v. Dean)

Don't like a discussion thread? ... Now you can hide it!

My son, at risk of going overseas ...

Freeper upset about Arnie cutting services for autistic children

Sorry to say it, but Canada isn't going to legalize gay marriage.

Dean's 9/11 bait may cause showdown next week!

What is "Economic Justice?"

BlackBoxVoting. org Praises Kucinich for breaking Diebold!

CBS evening news running feature on "free speech zones"

Maryland Prosecutor Is Found Slain in PA - Worked Drug Cases

15 People reported killed in Southern Russia

Allies at odds over how to fight Afghan drugs boom(US turning a blind eye)

Maine Guard used heavily in war effort

Nov. a mixed bag for retail sales

Pentagon: Soldier Dies From Non-Combat Related Injury.

BBC (Friday): UN debates Iraqi oil funds

Baghdad Bomb Kills U.S. Soldier, 3 Iraqis

miserable failure

36 Killed in Train Blast Near Chechnya

Skin lesions afflict troops in Iraq (They are being eaten alive)

White House dampens Moon, Mars talk

Guantánamo Chaplain and His Wife Speak Out

Clark Says He Has Plan for Iraq, but Will Not Offer Details

Pentagon: Soldier dies of wounds


Jackson pays visit, plans protest march

Rumsfeld Offers U.S. Support for Georgia

perle lobbied for boeing's tanker bid

Justice to Review Request for Medicare Vote Probe

American soldiers to get new body armour - at last

Officials Say Malarial Marines Didn't Take Medication Properly

Manufacturing Leap Is Good News for Jobs, but for Investors? (more spin?)

U.S. is pulling back on terrorism laws

GOP allegedly offered Medicare vote bribe

American soldier is killed by bomb (and two Iraqis)

Ellef in plea talks with feds: (CT Gov. Rowland corruption scandal)

NDP inching past conservatives, poll indicates (Cdn Globe & Mail Poll)

Job growth on a hot streak (Canada)

95.9% of Alliance voters agree to merger (Globe and Mail)

CNN: Bush Live 1:22 PM EST

Limbaugh accused of 'doctor shopping'


Koreans in Iraq live in daily fear

LAT: Donations Pick Up for State GOP (even from Ca. Dems)

Justice Dept asked to investigate Smith bribe (YES!!)

Bush Names Baker Envoy on Iraqi Debt

Payroll growth disappoints

U.S. Reps want Reagan on U.S. dime, FDR off!!

Peruvian president calls for equal opportunity for LatAm Indians

Kerry campaign aims to tap donors of some of his rivals

Awaiting surgery, (Paul) Simon endorses Dean

Complaint over cheeseburger nets woman 10-year jail sentence

Businesses Add 57,000 New Jobs in Nov.(Employment report no big deal!)

'Trampled' Wal-Mart Shopper Has History Of Injury Claims

Arroyo Lifts Ban on Death Penalty in Philippines

Bush team searches for a big idea...Wash Post

Pentagon and Bogus News: All Is Denied

Sanford (SC Gov) Wants To Let Public Colleges Privatize

Clark says he would avoud preemptive strikes

Mom Vainly Tries to See U.S. Iraq Soldier Daughter

Giant retailer (Walmart) under siege


US backs down over Nato force for Iraq

Poll: Optimism on Economy Boosts Bush (constant medias lies work)

U.S. military cracks down on money supply to Iraqi insurgents

Diabetes expert: Janklow had symptoms of low blood sugar before accident t

AP: Iraq to Create War Crimes Tribunal

Photos anger Penn State's Black Caucus

Failed Nevada gubernatorial candidate, Russo, seeks presidency

Vietnam vet takes aim at war (Purple Heart winning chopper pilot)

Clinton, Others Celebrate 10 Yr. Anniversary Landmark Brady Bill

Officials [Rep. Obey-D and others] Bristle at Bishop's Epistle

Clark: Bush bring em on remark "fatuous"

Researchers fake AIDS study data

Google thinks Bush is "miserable failure".

Bush Admin Uses IRS Against Political Foes

First prize: Free trip to Iraq

FOREX-Dollar at record low vs euro; U.S. jobs disappoint

U.S. troops sweep through Baghdad apartment complex in raid

Activists and Army reach deal on Makua

US lobbyists tune in for regime change in Iran

Sympathy Forms: (Form Letters for the Fallen)

Ohio Anti-Gay-Marriage Bill Unlikely To Pass

Dean Organizers Take Lesson From Labor

Group Fighting Cal. Domestic Partner Law Fails To Submit Forms For March R

DOD Publication: Paratroopers Celebrate Holiday with Community's Orphans

Bush Goes It Alone On Pollution

The Going Gets Tough for Schwarzenegger

U.S. Park Police Chief Draws Suspension

Secret Service checks Eminem's 'dead president' lyric

Red Cross calls for respect for humanitarian law

Rumsfeld Headed to Iraq

Ahnold moves ahead with bond deal that won't go to voters ($10.7 Billion)

Iraq Duty Stretches U.S. Army to Danger Point

Trail of Anti-U.S. Fighters Said to Cross Europe to Iraq

Bill And Hillary Clinton Nominated For Grammy Awards

Tons of Depleted Uranium Polluting Iraq

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq-443 U.S. service members have died

US intelligence seeks glimpse into the world in 2020

Asian Anglicans break ties with Episcopal Church

The threatened forest people who are learning the language of survival

First Utahn to Die in Iraq is Laid to Rest (Video, some text)

Kerry Defends Right to Criticize Bush

Limbaugh Attorney Blames Politics in Probe(He's a junkie because of Dems?)

Weary factory workers hear Bush tout jobs

Chinese military pressures Taiwan (war on the horizon?)

Wife of Alexandria Sheriff Found Dead (Washington Post: she was killed)

Iraq Erodes Bush Popularity in Florida

NBC affiliates may not show Sharpton on 'SNL'

"Bush takes kerry Counsel too far" (re: Baker- Clark release)

Lawmakers Try to Curb Pro-Cuba Lobbying

Miserable Failure? Google Trick Says It's Bush

U.S. steps up searches of Cuba travelers

Congressman denies money was offered for Medicare vote

WP: Conservatives Criticize Bush* on Spending

First-time candidate leads in Houston mayor's race

Bremer sees (future) upsurge in Iraq attacks

Washington Cancels Presidential Primary

Mother Says Army Rape Victim Attempted Suicide

More fiction than fact discovered in Bush's Baghdad trip

Iraqi musicians to play for Bush

Groklaw: IBM Wins Both Motions to Compel (SCO x Linux case) - YEAH!

'Top Gun' Bush doll ready for Christmas

Bush Names (Bush family consiglierer) Baker Envoy on Iraqi Debt

Air Force One flew under false flight plan

NYT: Ex-Senator Will Soon Leave 9/11 Panel

Dollar set to fall if Fed maintains status quo next week

Socks With Explosive Residue Discovered

Denial of Purple Heart medals raises questions about casualty count

Orchard's anti-merger lawsuit dismissed - Globe and Mail

Martinez to Leave Cabinet for Senate Run

Two Flu Shot Makers Run Out of Vaccine

Edwards Wants Bush to Return Donations (Diebold)

When do you think the DOW will close > 10,000 ???

Stern abbot set to endorse Dean

Need info: How many state leg. seats do (D)'s and (R)'s hold nationwide?

Something to brighten your day

freeway porn

Gladys Kravitz set to endorse Dean

I just had to call 911....I'm shaking

Something is going to happen...I can feel it!

"Bush on Crack"

What are you eating/drinking right now as you post?


Anyone heard of the band "Molotov"?

Thanks GOPISEVIL for recognizing my 12/4 B-Day

How long before DU goes down?

this is a test

WOOOHOOO We're Back! Good (FRIDAY) Morning DU!

I feel so sick today, you know the drill ask me anything

Why is it I get up extra early every morning just so I can log onto DU

Man with over 400 arrests sent to prison (DUI's)


This will keep you busy for a while.


Woman Drives Over McManager - No Mayo On Cheesburger - 10 Years Prison

Awww, poor Rushie-poo is being "singled out"

It's Snowing On Long Island Already!

The Borg Who Stole Christmas

on a web game i play we got this thing(MOSTLY ABOUT BUSHES MESS UPS)

Anybody have experience dealing with online pharmacies?

Who ordered all this White Stuff - MAKE IT GO AWAY

fantasy rockstar endorsements

Since we're talking about Eminem here, what do you think of him?

Techies - Is there a simple way to use my tv as a computer monitor?


Sheriff Tried To Recruit Jurors From Walmart (apologizes)

So what are they going to find in Rush's medical records?

Caption the scary Blair-monster

DUERS! Does anyone know a simple image upload site?

Friday's boss from hell

San Dimas High School Football rules!

World's oldest penis is found

Flu shots??

Did Al Franken capture and enslave Will Pitt?

I just met someone who supports the Iraq invasion

Any music people here use Sonic Foundry/Acid Pro to record

Good morning DU! How would you like your eggs?

Why are things so weird looking (just look and you will get my point)

making music not war

RIP Zany Brainy (a rant)

Hapy birthday, Little Richard!

WWAAAHHHH!!! My beuatiful coworker again!!

An amusing holiday diversion...

This is officially the 186th post about Googling "Miserable Failure"

My first Christmas present this year. Truly UNIQUE.

Other people are funny, too

Anyone Else But Me Having Weird Problems Right Now?

Will there be holiday avatars available?? Sorry if this has been asked...

RIP, The Bottom Line

Have you put up your Christmas tree yet?

Provocative question about Repub disconnect re:Lawyers

There's a FULL DEFENSE MODE @ Walmart!

I'm going to the French Quarter. Want anything?


Any real estate DUers out there? I need help!

Oscar or Felix...

Do you think the phrase "One Yak Underage" should be added ?

Your Quirky Animal Stories...

What time do you think DU will go offline for maintenance tonight?

Sometimes, my girlfriend and I don't see things the same way

Funniest disruptor thread

Your favorite Little Feat song

The "I'm Sicker'n You" thread

Wet Diaper Conservatives

Bad Worker: Home sick again.

Lounge LBN-Santa declares war on Rudolph (from Yahoo news)

Traveling Wish List

B and E. Pop-ups, spyware, et al.

The Cheery Chicken of all CAPTIONS!

I Just Saw "The Reagans" on Showtime: It Was Great!

Survey says: Rap is evil, unless said rapper is Zionist

Holy Crow---loads O' Snow headed Boston-ways!!!

Women's Marathon Winner Turns Out To Be a Man

Does Kazaa get partitioned?

Does anyone remember this wierd 80's sci-fi flick?

It's Friday pm. Should I go shopping or pretend to work?

New Feature on My Site

There's nothing like a good Snow Day!

Crappy day, feelin' down. Cheer me up!

I think I've been here too long, Allen.

Hey Northern Virginia DU'ers

I Bought A New Guitar Last Night

Why doesn't my flash work?

I hate Freepers......

College Football weekend pics?

Any DU-ers in NYC tonight?

Mark Twain For President 2004 Campaign HQ

Great Leaping Lizzards - By Request

This is not a sex thread- what is wrong with toe sucking anyway?

Which of these two is more "Fair & Balanced"?

What Qualities Do You Value Most In A Fellow DUer?

Bush Dartboard for sale

ATT: Guitar playing DU'ers

Huge Rabbit set to endorse Dean

Anybody else playing hookie today?

Just wanted to say: everyone have a great holiday season!

Directions? Who needs them!


Son has a report to do on a historical figure...

THANK YOU!!! Whoever sponsored me. XOXO

Brazil bets on Linux cybercafes (Lefty SP mayor in action)

Christmas gifts from hell thread

How's this then - any New Yorkers up for Psychic TV tonight?

Who wants to be Kucinich's First Lady?

My shrink thinks she's found something

The Yak Before Christmas (Tequila Version)

Day 5 of the hanta-ebola-tuberculo-death virus, and all's well.

Dateless wonders of the world unite!

Woman trampled at Wal-Mart made several previous injury claims

my cats' politics

need advice..... neighborly advice.

Member of the Day......

Brit Scientists want to ban tobacco, create black market and more crime

"Hide This Thread".... Oh Sweet Jeebus... I LOVE IT!!!

AIM chat anyone?

My latest truck window sign.

Huh? Why did I suddenly acquire the ability to hide threads? ...D'oh!

What's your favorite Album...

Who's got a shovel???

The Yak Before Christmas

Geez, Rush really hates Donovan McNabb - at it again

oooo... New cool feature on DU!

seeing if i can create a du based aim chat room

Get read for something HUGE

Yahoo Chat anyone?

Kelly Clarkson Cannot Sing (YUK!!)

DO NOT BUY FROM BUY.COM - 877-780-2464

I just spent 5 hours in the campus library studying. Ask me anything.

The inevitable Ignore A Thread test thread

I have solved my Christmas shopping dilemma

Favorite Instant Messenger?

Drats Elad! Foiled again!

I just masticated. Ask me anything.

70th anniversary of repeal of the 18th Amendment.

I need to revamp my Winamp playlist. Any suggestions?

Would you rather see rush slam dunked or

Worst vanity tag ever

The boss just left... should I leave too?

Daily Demo-yak: A positive discussion about ZombyWoof

I just HID every single thread on DU! Ask Me Anything

Jessica Alba makes me think bad thoughts.......

A little Vino would be keeno.....

Oh joy! Oh Rapture! I just paid off my Sears Bill

So, you think YOU'RE desperate?

This turkey is just a decoration

How the Molotov cocktail got it's name

What Type Of Threads Are You Most Likely To Hide?

Jacko at Amazon

Seattle folks! The Funk Brothers are TONIGHT!

Which DUer would you like to get a life-saving glucose shot with?

Does KG have draft when he's drafting?????

Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs

One beer? Screw that! Which DUer would you like to split a case with?

Who SNORES Louder?

Which DUer would you go Rock Climbing with?

I need a Simpsons transcript or something

BOSTON...... Watch out! The Bronx is done with this storm


Go ahead and click the x.------------> I dare you.

Lessons my kids learned from W

I gotta get out of here. Please hold your interesting posts

This Eagles fan says "LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW"

Which DUers would you like to share a public restroom stall with?

Ah, my NYC peeps, I need your help

AIM chat anyone? just IM me at mgsfan101

Does anyone like Memphis soul music?

We finally have our new computer so I can get back on line at home.

First Hendrix, now War

Trans Siberian Orchestra Concert Review (Last Night's Show) WOW!

The Eagle has Flown, Baby!!

Finish The Sentence: Whatever Happened To....?

Who are we at war with?

1 of Life's Great Questions

ok my Bush art, please look at it!

Which DUers would you like to shoot LSD into your eyeballs with?

I'm Resigning Today! Tell me anything!

Check out these Creation Science fair projects

Home Depot is in orgasm now.

I agree with the Repubs about abstinence!

Gadzooks. This is the weather forecast for the weekend in Boston.

How much do I love Invader Zim?

Are There Any States That DON'T Have DUers In Them?

Any fans of The Samples here?

Bad Santa

When you got the glow, you fear no one....

Hendrix is one bad individual

If you're a progressive thinker - I'll share anything with you....

Silly question time. What urban legend have you repeated as fact?

Best answerphone message?

Dec. 7, 1941

please delete

I hate my mother - she got me hooked on Extreme Makeovers

For Soleft for her Birthday.... SNOW


Which DUer would you like to chase around a tornado with???

If you were to do an ad for DU in any medium, what would it be like?

going clubbing tonight, ask me anything

Opinions: What is on Dean's hand in this picture?

South Dakota DUers, check in here!

I can't hide the threads fast enough in GD!

More poetry for you poetry lovers out there....

oh god this post ignore is wonderful

I just bought this calendar, ask me anything

Since my transcript post sank like a rock. .a hillariousimpsons Fox debate

I posted something about this already, but I'm at a loss for "inspiration"

Let's toast the Admin and Moderators!

Which DUer would you like to chase around???

I've never had a beer with anyone!

My Goodness, It Is Snowing REALLY Hard!


I stayed up on my rollers for 45 seconds....Ask me something!

The Perfect Storm is here, what's really on matcom's mind?

Which DUer would you must like to have a beer with? (The Poll)

Another sign of the apocalypse has come!!!!

DUers are good cooks

Which cast member of "Perfect Strangers" do you want to share hemlock

The badgers are back!

Why I'm not on the "beer" list


Meet the Copyright Nazi in all its glory (SCO)

Here's my nomination for the Bush 2004 campaign photo

GUYS!!! Are you drunk enough?

Would you like to give Soleft her birthday spankings?

Shameless plea for good vibes!

Would you want to have a beer with me?

Gewürztraminer! Yeh!

Brainy math types sought here

My boss and I were invited to a spring dinner with *, what should I do?

Would you like to Swing on a Star?

Gratuitous Friday Yak Thread: Whose yak would you rather thumb a ride from

Heads up, Hartford! The snow is officially here.

You would most like to have a juice (HA) with...

Christmas Tree Made Of Beer Cans Removed

Favorite Pedro Almodovar Movie

Lieberman takes on issue more important than War or the Economy

Attention all associates......CAPTION needed in lumber

Local MA Weatherman: It Is Possible - THIS COULD BE THE "PERFECT STORM"

I just heard that Bush is thinking of sending a man back to the Moon

In honor of his birthday: What's your favorite LITTLE RICHARD song?

View of Harlem out Rabrrrrrr's window - SNOW! (approx. 250Kb)

Michael Jackson sure went to the wrong plastic surgeon

CAPTION the thought bubbles!

Hark! His hulking package swings! Glory to America's King!

Earliest Musical Memory.

If you're building outside next year, read this

Dead Kennedy's (Punk Rock Band): Bedtime for Democracy

Ever DU search your screenname in messages...

Ok DU Im posting from my IPAQ ask me anything

anyone wanna chat in the chatroom

Jesus H.F. Christ do I need a CAPTION

What should the title of the next popularity contest be?

I hid my own thread and didnt mean to!

DU this FAUX poll (the Freeps have hit it already)

With which DUer would you like to have ANOTHER beer?

up date on cocaine neighbors

wow, my friend just got a christmas card George & Laura...

I think I finally landed a Job!!!!

YAY! We have snow in NYC!!

Friday night and Malloy is wound for sound

Help! Need last weeks exchange rate for dollar vs. Pound

What's The Age Difference Between You And Yours?

How do YOU use the new Hide thread feature??

Does the new Farrelly Bros movie look really, really lame?

A-rod to Bosox, Nomar to Anaheim, Manny to Texas...

ABC is going to have a segment on John Edward in a few minutes.

Let the record show that OUTLOOK EXPRESS is a piece-of-shit program!

Oops! Vicar gives out dozens of hard core porn films to his parish...

Why was Ben Franklin concidered a founding father?

I need advice from a tool guy (or gal)!

Which Is The Worst-Run Sports Franchise?

Which Founding Father would you have a beer with?

Captain Beefheart: Genius or Utter Crapola

LOTR....For a fun Friday night...

If you've ever wonder what a shitty grin looks like, wonder no more!


Do Your Parents Approve Of The Person You're Dating/Married To?

Check in college/university students, instructors, staff...

Online gambling - What do you think?

I'm trying out a new sig pic. Is this too subtle?

Any Opinions on Elaine Pagels's Work?

Remember Simon? A new version is out this year. The Ronald Reagan edition!

I have a boyfriend who has a very different view than mine

Oh, Great! My wife is stranded at LaGuardia...

Don't click on this if you are easily offended.

Red Sox - Rangers Trade A-Rod for Manny I don't get it

I'm lowering my lifestyle expectations for the first time in 57 yrs.

If you could change your user name to anything else, what would it be?

When You Get Poor Service In A Restaurant...

Worst album/CD you ever bought because 1 song was great?

Widdle Wabbits (A Story To Warm Your Heart)

Gulf Coast Shrimp where can I get them.

My friend was racially harassed at a Walmart!

Blood on the Tracks

Help me plan my San Diego itinerary

Hail to the THIEF Jack-in-the-Box just in time for xmas

Any DUers live near Richmond/Hopewell Virginia

Well, I'm living in a zoo now.

Weather Check!!! What is the weather in your area?

Has anyone posted this?

How many of you are closet gun owners?

Help for snorers

Do You Speak With An Accent, And If So, How Strong Is It?

Nor'Easter Check-in...

Favorite drink?

Who else loves Eric Legge?

DU this poll

Good Flick Alert : Cincinnati Kid on Turner Classics 10pE/9C

For the first time this winter, I turn on the heater...

More Fan Mail From A Flounder?

Discovery Times is a good channel..

new Oxyrush advertiser Van Chevrolet-Cadillac

Speak to me of summer, long winters, longer than time can remember

This Left feels Right

My Holiday gift to DU

Yay For Me - I'm Down To 182 lbs (from 208)

Hey babe... take a walk on the wild side,

I just came THIS close to stealing a dog...

PC/IE Question Update

CAPTIONeering the 'highest' bidder

Are you seeing someone??? (In regards to all the lonely dating theads)

Last Night's Survivor

Thank you for sponsoring me … Whoever you are …..

Come on CAPTION along with me

Rove studied six

Girl seeks advice about a guy

If we lose in 2004, who should be the nominee in 2008?

I just bought $114 worth of wrapping paper and candy!

anyone else have a 21 yr old who just moved out who

Good vibes.....pretty pretty please?

If you know anything about bettas, please help, thank you

College Football Saturday: GO ARMY! SINK NAVY!!

Alone in Iraq... finally

What day of the week were you born on?

Nippon tales

Westworld, Roman World, or Medieval World

Which conservative would you like to have a beer with?

I've got tickets to see Taboo tonight

Which Way?

What would it take for you to vote for a Republican?

Holiday shopping tips... from the other side of the counter

Who would you like to have a beer with? (nominations)

Administration's Most Wanted!!! (FUNNY DAMMIT!)

Don't like a discussion thread? ... Now you can hide it!

Worst Band Ever -

I figured out how to post pictures! (finally!) New DUer Picture Thread?

Forget the Booze, Which DUer Would You Most Like To Roll A Fatty With?

Guardian: Stuffed By a Plastic Turkey (sneeringly delightful)

Editorial: Bush let down U.S. workers

Google cracks me up- this is funny

'Germ' warfare, as heard on WTAM 1100 in Cleveland

You guys are awesome!

Re: Dean records dupe thread

Would an Admin please respond?


Adoption issue new battleground for divisive ‘Who is a Jew’ debate

Kucinich on the failure of the No Child Left Behind Act

There's a nice selection of audio & video files of Dennis at:

Jeb Bush on local Tallahassee

Hitting the circuit?

ABC Nightline: Dealing with the trauma of killing innocent civilians

Have you guys heard this Repug spin:

Bust Bob Novak

Clark hints he would explore Cuba ties

Flew Shots may run out! In a DEADLY flew seasen?

Bowman for President

If Bush hadn't "won" in 2000

Isn't Grover Norquist behind the Reagan dime idiocy? Isn't he a terrorist?

something you'll never see out of asshat and company

Fla. straw poll results. Read it and weep.

This is fun

Edwards speaks out on Black Box Voting

Dollar hits new record euro low: 1.2169

Marijuana Decriminalization

Why shouldn't LaRouche be in a debate?

No more HOME DEPOT for me! Huge contributions to *

Shouldn't we be apoplectic that we aren't MANUFACTURING....

NY Times liberal columnist says Dean will be defeated in "landslide"

Lawmakers Try to Curb Pro-Cuba Lobbying

Dean's Ad Campaign Is Set to Broadcast Beyond Iowa

Army Will Face Dip in Readiness

LEND A HAND: A mother's problems multiply but she's still thinking of othe


17 Inches of Snow Expected To Hit Long Island By Sunday

Order Dumbya the Clown for Christmas

Bridget Fonda Weds Composer Danny Elfman

An idea on how to torture the Asshole In Chief (in honor of the

2 Mari333

After tomorrow night, Sooners head to the Sugar Bowl!!!!

Where is an mp3 of "I Hate Republicans" by the Happytones?

It's nights like this I wish I had a girlfriend!

It's Nyquil time!

Most Annoying Christmas Song

Why isn't Thomas Paine considered a founding father?

Fun, sick game for a cold Friday night.

A Very Serious Question for everyone

Omaha/Council Bluffs Area DUers check in