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Archives: December 30, 2003

Voting technology on verge of expansion

Bush's Worst Enemy

Fundamentalist Christian Militancy on the Rise?

Un-American Recovery How the Bush recovery has undone...

NY Post: Iran's Politcal Quake

How US Manipulates News to Suit Its Interests

E.J. Dionne: Dems "stop coddling" Bush

A Soldier's Return, to a Dark and Moody World (Blinded in Iraq)

Krugman: Our So-Called Boom

Tell the Truth for Once, Mr Blair - Robin Cook

Was it really the US that 'got him'?

Wash Post: Bush Hatred Is Fearful Loathing

{{{Pentagon considers new military force }}}

Halliburton Contracts in Iraq: The Struggle to Manage Costs

Helen Thomas: Some words better left unuttered

same-sex marriage petition

So who from MA is going to IA to help with a campaign?

repost: marriage poll. xchrom: "when bad polls go good." - thank you!

This just keeps getting better!!!

Something to bookmark - Free Speech T.V. homepage

barney is not on the air

AP: censors GOP affiliation: 28 of 33 dairy PAC Cong. voted down Mad Cow

Remember kids: How NEGATIVE Dean is for attacking a group of WAR MONGERS!

Ashcroft Recusal: The Incredidible Disappearing Story

Real reason why Dennis Miller has a reverse Midas touch

bush and the republican party suffer from a form of BSE or mad cow disease

Phony Democrat Confront on Live Radio

most orwellian moment of * tenure

Defreep the Reagan dime poll

The dark horse candidate prediction

What is your New Year's resolution?

Alternatives to costly health coverage?

CARTOONS! The "Poor George's Almanac" Edition

Tammy Faye Writes Self-Help Book

Sylvia Browne's 1998, 1999, 2000, & + predictions

Irrational Beliefs Limit Our Freedom.

Pregnant San Andreas Fault Could Be ready to deliver

Over 30 studies that disprove astrological claims.

Pope reaffirms opposition to gay marriage

Group Protesting Sodomy Ruling Ejected from Georgetown Campus

Man Who Beat Canadian Member Of Parliament Over Gay Marriage Vote Unlikely

Bush & Civil Rights: Your Top 10

Gay couple first on 'marriage' register--Tasmania

Sales of Previously Owned Homes Down 4.6 Percent in November

Index of Consumer Confidence Drops in December

Bush plays the China card

Solar-hydrogen car crosses Australia

When are politicians going to grow a pair?

Administration Is Exempting Alaska Forest From Protection (Legal?)

Atoms of Space and Time (loop quantum gravity = faster than light speed?)

Quick question about Libya which ties into the current "rolling over"

Wrath redux : Is there but one effective way to end the hate and madness?

A Nuclear Headache: What if the Radicals Oust Musharraf?

I think i found a concealed carry loophole.

The Corrupt Anti-Gun Industry In Action

"Guns don't kill people"....

Gun Totin' Pagans

GUNS IN THE NEWS--December 30, 2003

Bringing out the assault weapons to combat terrorism

Search feature request

Nevermind: Is it me or is the Latest Discussion page not updating?

Why has this inflammatory, RW Cartoon not been deleted?

Are you now warning/banning people who *SEND* alerts? (Part II)


Where did the thread about Death Threats go?

Question about flame bait:

Why the slow response time in J/PS?


could this rule please be changed?

I cannot seem to get the search to to do older searches?

This thread is carefully crafted flamebait....

I don't think this should have been locked as a duplicate

Surely this is an attack?

Why are you removing all the 9-11 threads from General Discussion?

I feel silly for asking, but...

Request for the 9/11 forum

Administrators / Moderators (Death Threat Thread)

Can we discuss this?


ELAD Please Read

I appealed a deleted message & won. Why wasn't the message re-posted?

Just an FYI to admin for future reference

I'm really sorry to see all the anti-Democratic candidate threads

Is this a good reason not to post FR links?

Any chance of a Thomas Merton avatar?

Canadian political avatars?

Israeli settlers threaten to resist planned outpost evacuation

How Shall I Make the Blind See? - Part II

The Appropriate Palestinian 5-Point Response To Sharon's Threat

Israel's Settler Population Sees Growth

Abe Foxman Shilling for the Sharon Gang, Again

Israeli Indymedia under attack

Israel targets Jerusalem's Palestinians

Israeli soldier sorry for not shooting Arab

FM urges Nobel panel to rescind Arafat's peace prize

Wrath redux : Is there but one effective way to end the hate and madness?

Sharon Must Be Stopped...

The Appropriate Palestinian 5-Point Response To Sharon's Threat

Activist's memory kept alive

Satellite or parasite state?

Palestinians still with Saddam

Israeli chopper strike wounds civilians

Israeli Textbooks and Children’s Literature

A serious proposal from Syria

Is this proof Bush may have known about 9-11?

Proof Bush Knew - Project Bojinka

9-11 : Act of War or Criminal Act?

Official 9/11-Story: Obvious Inconsistencies and Open Questions?

What's the non-conspiracy version of 911?

Raising terror level postSaddam capture means Bush/Dean agree "not safer"?

Ohio DU'ers!

WV GOP files ethics complaint against Manchin due to voter forms

Fineman's Bush Advantages changes one week after he writes column!

Slate Article- Dean can Dish it, But He Can't Take it...

Congressman Andrews may challenge NJ Gov. Jim McGreevey in 2005

Democrats Losing the Lease on Their Old Kentucky Home

PA County Republicans use classifieds to find candidate

Current & Former Dem Party Chairs Denounce Dean Comments

Check out what Dean's been saying about Dennis

Kucinich answers phones New Years Eve

Dean needs to chill

(PA State Treasurer) Hafer switches to Democratic Party

Why did we start a war in Iraq?

More Bush cronyism: under-investigation Boeing gets $9.5b contract anyway

87 Billion minus 40 Billlion = 47 Billion

"Support America Beef Rally"

my honest appeal to Patrick J. Buchanan to run for president

Bible Belt missionaries set out on a 'war for souls' in Iraq


What is the message flashing across this Army Reserves ad?

Ireland's 'little voice' will resonate

2003 media idiocy

"Being burned by Bush may be good for Democrats"

Cheney's early 2001 energy meetings included attacking Iraq for oil fields

Anyone else out there who still questions the collapse of the WTC?

George Bush - Used Car Salesman!

What have been Dean's latest "gaffes?"

Official 9/11-Story: Obvious Inconsistencies and Open Questions?

Gov't Agents sued for Net Message Board, Chat Room Activities

BBV: Site of electronic voting firm hacked

911 Skeptics will love this TV ad....

9-11 : Act of War or Criminal Act?

Have we completely lost our minds?

Freepers can't even have a serious discussion about voter fraud...

Does Dean have "thin skin"

"You can keep your internet candidate"

Threads about 9-11: the stuff of 'conspiracy nuts'?

Ann Coulter and the Ann Coulter doll

Terry Anderson, former Iran hostage runs for Ohio office.

After Reading the following on the war on drugs do you agree or disagree?

LTTE: "DIck Cheney should retire," secrecy is "detriment" to repukes

We can ban ephedra at the drop of a hat...

Homeland security gone crazy?

A question for DUers

Watergate era deja vu

The administration quarantines dissent

USDA Misleading American Public about Beef Safety

Al Qaeda Smites Las Vegas with SNOW

Why don't we just face reality, and nominate Alan Colmes

What would a second BushCo administration do?

Liberal Media?????? Not likely

What's the non-conspiracy version of 911?

Putin covering tracks -- confiscating books which showed he faked bombings

CNN Alert: Ephedra Banned

Bush Courting the Fat Vote

Wiccan inmate claims Pa. jail officials deny religious practice

GOP $100,000 bribe (medicare reform) to be investigated..? Media...?

Thom Hartmann now: Today's story from Russell Mokhiber

BBV-- E-voting company attacked (the word is spreading!)

Daughter of slain Iraqi leader: US helped Saddam quash 1993 coup attempt

Human Righyts watch condemns flawed 'decapitation' strategy in Iraq

whats the best way to get involved?

Aschroft Recusing From CIA Leak Probe

Now we know why the epehdra ban was announced today

Timing of Steve Spurrier's Resignation

Former Centcom Commander (Zinni) - the American's have been "conned"

What do you bet. . .

Afgani farmers selling daughters to drug lords...

Should America be a corporate-welfare state?

Trickle-Down Mad Cow? How about our Blood Supply?

Watching CNN ephedra coverage: is ban a Mad Cow distraction?

Former Minnesota beauty queen indicted on fraud charges

Ashcroft to Recuse Himself From Probe of CIA Leak

C-SPAN now: Russell Mokhiber on corporate financial fraud

And now, "CONservative" Colorado's gay marriage poll!

A little more about Patrick Fitzgerald

Jesse Ventura's America cancelled

CNN just ran a promo for the Anti-Bush ads

Children are not "people"??

Human rights Watch calls for International tribunal for Saddam

Ashcroft recuses self from investigating Plame outing

Ashcroft steps away from Plame investigation

Where did the thread about Death Threats go?

Death Threat Thread

Disgusting beyond words.. Fetus-theft..

We have lost the War on Terror

DOJ appoints Special Prosecuter to CIA Leak Investigation

Another multi-million dollar coffee burn

CNN, this half-hour...Bush-In-30 spot

the Gospel of Wealth

When did the Democrats and Republicans switch places?

Our county schools have a paid tip line...students turn each other in.

The fish that threatened national security

2003 has been the deadliest year for the military since 1972

Hail Tom Ridge!

How much do federal taxes affect states/cities/towns?

Cash-Strapped States Cut Arts Funding

Cost of war exceeds $93 billion

Censorship at EBAY

Patrick Fitzgerald resume

Kurds Captured Saddam

My federal taxes have gone up. I am retired, on disability.

I was watching Eagleberger on CNN, but was interrupted.

If the ACLU and the DNC disagree, who do you tend to support?

Noam Chomsky: The World After the Iraq Invasion (audio)

Iraq Arms Hunt May Hinder Other U.S. Aims ( UN cheap effective sanctions?)

Lick Bush in 2004 Webring

Disgusting riot cop police game

Funny story about Fox News and my wingut sister-in-law

Pvt. Rey David Cuervo

Canada given 1 min. notice by bushgang before madcow news op.

MSNBC 2003 Year in Review: Bush lies highlighted

Pregnant San Andreas Fault Could Be ready to deliver

Born Again Christian Returns

Life imitates Bowling for Columbine

Shoshana Johnson coming up next on CNBC.

Method for a better republic

Are you sure you want to delete.....

You ever read the Washington Post message boards?

Fox news said the special prosecutor could be because they didn't find

Could Fitzgerald's appointment be a way to dump Cheney?

Awards--check this out..

Clark/Edwards Ticket

2004 Is the Year for Monkeying Around--New WMW Holiday Edition

I like sharing a good thing

need links to downloadable voter registraion forms

ABC Evening News on the CIA Leak

Spirituality, having a large family, things we could learn...

Do you have repukes or racists in your family?

What hapened to the Ellen Mariani Lawsuit --- Any media coverage

Army Reserve unit wants homemade armor for Iraq duty

Great New Article in AlterNet

Is DU censored where you work?

You gotta see what Mark Belling said today covering for Limpbag.

Dean CC # & access code, Gore's talking, Dean next!

Dean misrepresenting Kucinich's record

What is with this "the Democratic party left me" meme?

They would love to see Bush - toasted!

Let's suppose Saddam stashed $40 billion as claimed

Freepers now hate Hillary.

Right Winger hair color update

Does anyone know about this poll about Arab-American internment?

new name for Bush supporters! - Salad Jackers

NORAD intercepting Air France 68 now (Freekrepublic)

Soliciting Feedback for Basic Illinois Politics Web Page

'Rigor Mortis' meat is out, but what about 'Cannibal pellets'?

What is it with Pawlenty's hypocrisy and nonsensical actions?

Beef supply is safe....Air at ground zero was safe???

Scott Ritter on today's "Democracy Now": How MI6 led nation into war

The Hard Facts: Bill Frist’s 2003-2004 Senate Was Not Worse Than Daschle’s

What's going on with the Internet?

God I wish there were a network where I could watch REAL up-to-date news!

NYT reports Bush lied about writing poem to wife-anyone surprised no media

Did anyone see CNN's poll? Repubs outnumber Dems 37% to 29%??

The CAPPS II "no fly" list helps terrorist cells succeed.

Who Is the Leader of the Democratic Party?

Terror alert is always high in my neighborhood

I think the Bush tax changes may have just screwed some small businesses..

Forget Leno, Letterman, and Nightline. Tavis Smiley is getting a late show

Democrats warn that 2004 vote may be rigged

USDA refuses to tell which stores received meat from infected cow

Iran thanks US for emergency aid

The Reagan dime

The Europeans, The Low Dollar, and My Brilliant Idea

Senate Bill: all Vitamins and Herbs to be "Only by Prescription"

Democratic Underground Forums are ...

Terrorism, 911 and Oklahoma City: Vidal, McVeigh, Binladen, and Bush

Connecticut Legislators looking into impeachment

All Bush Has to Do is Demand the Indentity of the Leaker

S. Florida teen girls discovering 'bisexual chic' trend

Should America become a Welfare State?

Well, we can't marry each other but at least we can die for the cause...

Conservative supports genocide

TOONS make the world 'more saferer'

How should DU respond to its new notoriety?

Ashcroft recusal is still a whitewash

I just spoke to Joseph Wilson about the special prosecutor

What are you doing to make a difference?

Crossfire..Repubs are going nuts 'cause Hillary is better liked than Laura

Drudge: NYT's Safire Predicts 'Major Terror Attack In United States'

Muslim self-rule is the answer (CAUTION: Reading involved)

Why not make college free for everyone

Does Geography matter?

New video - "How to Spot the Enemy!" - be more suspicious/paranoid!

Our stupid health system rewards the healthy and punishes the sick.

Drip, Drip, Dripping away.......

The Nazi policy that will not die. Or is history repeating itself?

A toast: here's to all the "kooks" and "tinfoilers"!

Letter to a Young Activist During Troubled Times

World's largest snake CAUGHT!

U.S. Beefs Security for Foreign Airlines

BBC: Parmalat hit by US fraud charges

AP: Ex-Khmer Rouge Leader Admits Genocide

U.S. beef products banned for 7 years

Officials Release Final Set of WTC Transcripts

1 Iraqi killed by roadside bomb (Tuesday)

Apparently Putin did his own bombings in 1999 to consolidate power

Key Measure of Consumer Confidence Slips

Candidate Packs the House (Dean)

Third letter bomb sent to EU body

Syria Calls for Nuclear Free Middle East

"Russian secret service seizes copies book linking it to 1999 bombings"

34 wounded in Kashmir bus blast (India-Pakistan heating up again?)

Suspected Iraqi mastermind in DHL attack dies in US custody

N.B. Premier Bernard Lord won't seek leadership of merged party: sources

Philippines to Deport Two U.S. Brothers

Iran's Khatami Thanks U.S. for Quake Aid

Tribe Loses Suit on Tax-Free Tobacco

Canaries save two children buried in rubble of Bam

Dean takes stump for ‘ordinary people’

Freewheeling 'bloggers' are rewriting rules of journalism

Pentagon Appoints Retired General to Oversee Military Tribunals for Terror

Rep. Moody leaves GOP for Democrats (Maine State Legislature)

Government reports sales of previously owned homes down significantly last


Bush administration has decided to ban dietary supplement ephedra

Democrat Seeks to Revive Mandatory Livestock ID Plan (mad cow)

Natural disasters cost world 60 billion dollars: Munich Re(climate change)

Ashcroft Recuses Self From CIA Leak Probe

Special counsel to lead CIA probe

Lieberman: Dean Will 'Melt' Under GOP Attacks

Party Chief (McAuliffe) Won't Break Up Scuffles

Saudi Terror Suspect Surrenders...

Civilian judges tapped for military trials

Bush set to visit Libya in first half of 2004

Former first lady tops current one in admired list.

USDA Bans Downer Cattle from Human Food

Laura Bush Has Words of Advice for Americans/Husband [faked roses poem!]

Chemical Weapons in East Texas

US implicated in Iraq reconstruction scam

Energy Dept. picked up $330 million in legal bills for contractors

Death Penalty Should be Applied to Corporations that Defraud Government

Clouds Hang Over Recovery

Army drops charge facing Colorado GI (Cowardice)

(Monica) Lewinsky Denied Reimbursement of Legal Fees

Pentagon freezes Iraq funds amid corruption probes

U.S. officials: British planes threatened

Democrats air concern on vote fraud

Iraqi council members dispute whether Saddam is leading U-S to hidden fund

Dollar ticks downward to new low against the euro (Tue 12-30)

Ailing dollar keeps gold near 8-year high

Clark annouces endorsement from Native American Times

U.S. consumer confidence pulls back in December amid job anxiety

Clark: Bush Plans Flawed (front page Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, MS)

In Southern Stop, Clark Promises to Enforce Voting Rights

Democrats' brawling delights Republicans,Rivals pile on front-runner Dean

Red Cross demands access to Saddam

U.S. Estimates Mad-Cow Exposure at 81

UPI - Bombs unleashed against the EU

State's high court upholds ruling on gay marriage ballot question (MA)

Brazil judge orders US citizens fingerprinted

Al Qaeda videos found in Iraq weapons raid

Conn. Voters Dismayed by Rowland Revelation

Police cordon off German hospital

Pentagon Shifts Iraq Oil Import Oversight (haliburton losing contract)

U.S. Bans Sick 'Downer' Cattle for Meat

Special counsel to investigate leak of CIA agent’s identity (MSNBC, NBC)

26 to life for taking an exam Man took cousin's drive test -- strike 3

Iraq Arms hunt may Hinder other US Aims

Targets of raids had ties to Martin

Takeoffs Continued Until Second Jet Hit Trade Center, Transcripts Show

Students to fill Kmart stores in overcrowded district

Ashcroft Recuses Self From CIA Leak Probe

The REAL Unemployment numbers: Out Of Work, Out Of Sight

'Newsweek' poll puts Clark second to Dean

Update: T minus 2d 9h 30m (approximately) until..

Why I'm looking forward to January in some ways

I just want to say thank you.

New Years Eve in GD?

I woke up in a different dimension

I had something important to say

Going to sleep now with a very important question

Why Oh Why Oh Why

Just made my first post on Hannity's forum, I need professional help.

All right CONFESS who here CHEERED at the end of the book or movie

Fun Electoral College Facts!

Uh-oh ... I JUST discovered CAPS

If an emergency of any type happened RIGHT NOW

spring break vacation deals?

new Oxyrush advertiser Mid America Nazarene University

Uh-oh ... I just discovered craps

Just finished watching Red Shoe Diaries. Ask me anything!

Will Frankie Muniz be famous after Malcolm In The Middle?

I am unbelievably drunk right now.

what's wrong with this picture?

I'm hungry

is anybody home?

Cartoon.....Terrorism in Iraq

OMG!! Big hair alert!!!

I hereby claim post of the year honors! READ THIS

FBI warns about reading the almanac story - sidebar chuckle

Oh my god, Calgary did it again

Here is your Mad Cow graphic.

All in favor of an aviator avatar

Any DU dead heads. I need your help!!

Doh! More Brits trust Homer than Dubya for skydiving (Lounge LBN)

John Ashcrot any good in bed?

Conservative Propaganda Lie #57

I just PASSED 600 posts!

It's very quiet here now.

does anybody else ever feel screwed over by western civilization?

Dog (Dotty) Cleared of Mauling Queen's Corgi

Waht are best adware/spyware removal tools?

Man Trapped Under Books, Papers Rescued

Dumbest Freeper posts I've seen this week...

warning against drinking 9 coronas

All in favor of a Zach Braff avatar - check in here.

It's SNOWING here!??!

Tanner '88

well! that was a lousy subject line...

all in favor of a william conrad avatar - check in here..

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!

Your deck is a Weapon of Mass Destruction!

John Ashcroft #2 fake name given when ordering a pizza.

Ann Coulter and the Ann Coulter doll

What's with this missing gnome stuff?

All in favor of a Bob Dobbs avatar

OK, who posted that snoring thread a couple weeks back?

Are you anointed with cooking oil upon being sworn into office?

People for Dean tip well too!!!

Songs That Get Stuck In Your Head

DK666’s Signature Server End Of Year Statistics

Raise your hand if you're a web design guru

Oh Crap! The Rapture just happened

Hey MaineMary!!!


Wilson of "Home Improvement" passes away

Danes Are World's Top Sperm Donors

Driving over Donner summit today: Tell me anything!

How should I invest in 2004?

how does one know what belt fits one's belly....

Why are creationists so scared of science?

Any DUers in Denver want to see a metal band Jan 2nd?

Nude Barbie Photos Deemed Free Speech

The Ethel Merman Disco Album

Anti-social brigade please chime in.

The George W. Bush inaction figure

Is the George W. Bush action figure selling?

He's baaaack!

Las Vegas DU'rs - want to meet-up and form a active local chapter?

Computers: buying a bundled comp vs. building one...

AHL Hockey Fight

The rear end of a car in our parking lot......

You want the peanuts right? I said YOU WANT THE PEANUTS RIGHT?!?!(caption)

Eyes FRONT! No cheating! You are responsible for your own CAPTION

Pakistan holding two french journalists

Is FAMILY GUY coming back to Fox?

Bored at work...any good online golf games?

I have a confession to make.

My brother Derek is 16 years old

How will the Seahawks do in the playoffs?

Fried Bologna sandwiches for lunch!

Liar-Liar-Pants-On-Fire Bush Doll For Sale !!

Photo of that HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE snake!!! how cool

Two of my good friends just got home from iraq

Those pesky Spammers (A Rant)

A post holiday gift for your Bush supporting friends and relatives.

In 36 hours, what year will it be where you live?

OMG, I'm running out of excuses for not working-- ASK ME ANYTHING!

threat love thread....

I met a Deanie at work yesterday!

Devil's brigade was on last night

Two preschoolers and an eight-week-old puppy

BBV-- Latest Voting machine woes

ever had or heard of photophobia?

This story will bring a tear to your eye.


Love threat thread

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's Engrish time!

Okay...I suck at building fires.

Favorite IKEA product name?

Holiday Bowl, tonight....WSU v Texas

My first sports column (re: Eagles)....

The “Happy Warrior”

Which do you prefer: Cool Whip or Redi Whip in a can?

I don't see the price of hamburger going down..

I am writing a letter to Bush*.

10 Dumbest Quotes of 2003

LeftPeopleFinishFirst has 8000 posts!

Has anyone seen this week's "This Modern World"?

Redskins: Steve Spurrier Resigns

I don't want no damned recuses I want CAPTIONS

I'll be at work today for at least 15 hours...feel sorry for me!

MoPaul TOON in the *newest* CARTOONS....

Who was the REAL Doctor Who?

I am going to be a FATHER for the first time....

So I am reading GD... and go through a couple of threads

won $50 today

Born Again Tax Returns

How will New England do in the playoffs?

If it's in PRAVDA, it HAS to be True!

Dean Supporters tip 22% more than Bush supporters for Pizza

HELP! I can't stop eating jelly bellys

No 24 tonight!?

Favorite song by THE IMPRESSIONS?

How will the Vikings do in the playoffs?

Which public figure irritates you the most?

OK, so who's the highest DUer?

How often do you fart?

Assholes on Direct Connect...

Happy 75th birthday to BO DIDDLEY!

On the Occasion of Laura's 'Roses Are Red' Lie...

Fantasy of mine



I was sitting here in the snow and a bald eagle landed on a tree.

is there a web site where the new GW Bush doll is posed in odd ways?

so Navy NCIS comes on...

new Hannity advertiser Mattress Firm

Advertising Age: Ten Ads America Won't See

BBC America will show "Trailer Park Boys" -- lucky you!

Has anybody ever put their sockpuppet on ignore?

How does one know what tires fit ones car.....

wee 400..

Tomarrow night could be good or bad

freeper convention

Who is the tallest DUer?

Favorite DAILY SHOW correspondent

Steve Spurrier Quits the Redskins!

Buy A Dog! (Cute puppy pictures included)

Who is the dewiest DUer?

Thank You DU Lounge (no response necessary).

A tiny (no pun intended) rant about women and short guys.

*caution* opening this thread could be damaging to your mental health

So I went shopping today...

link to site w/ lots of Dean art: banners, posters, etc.?

New Song for a new age.......The latest from Willie Nelson

I am unbelievably sober right now

Airline "loses" four guns

Who were the animal shelter / rescue adoptees of 2003

Drunk Drivers get "I'm a drunk driving idiot" plates in Ohio

Does anyone own a radar detector?

New cell phone! The Nokia 3589i.

Let's start with a clear slate for 2004: Online Absolution!!!!

Meet my new feline friends

Help! My mom is taking Oxycontin & turning into a Republican!

DU Photoshoppers.

Cigar Smokers: the Desert Island Humidor

Goin' to Vegas!

The David Cross Admiration Thread

Looking for Kephra! Is he driving around the USA stopping here and

Whew! I feel the weight of the world is off my shoulders

hey what's with...

I like sharing a good thing

Has anyone ordered "Best of Cher" album?

How many posts until I am not a "newbie"?

check in teenage evilDUers...

Who is the talkiest (as in verbose) Duer?

MSNBC.. "Intelligence has decreased in the last few days"

ZombyWoof offers a reflection on 2003

What's your thoughts on Ephedra/Ma Huang? Do you use it? Does it work?

I now think the US has the greatest health care system in the world

Computer ? My computer clock is SLOOOOOWWWWWW!

All in favor of a Conrad Janis avatar- check in here.

there's a post in GD that Clark just raised $1 million

Hotels in Pittsburgh, PA

Who is the oldest DUer?

Steps For Peace coming to my house!

Who here is dreading January in a way and please state your reasons

Just finished watching Red Dwarf Series II on DVD, ask me anything!

What is the one thing in the kitchen you can't do without?

Are Army enlistment promises empty?

Adopting a grown cat

All in favor of a Woody Guthrie avatar

Jeff Beck - Blow by Blow

Carson Drew? He meant alot to me...the oldie version. Does anyone

The "Make Your Own Offensive PETA Ad" thread

141 pounds gone so far

Inside the Actor's Studio - Bernard Pivot's Questionnaire

My ancestor invented Spam (the meat product). Yeah, I'm bragging!!!

I just had surgery and now I have a 14-inch scar. Ask me anything!!!

Plans for New Years?

AAAGGGGHH!!! there is *something* beeping in my condo

The clock is ticking!!!!! Resolution time!!

Who is the happiest DUer?

What the hell has Justin Trudeau ever done?

What Book Did You Want Your Life To Be Like When You Were A Kid?

Radiohead fans: Who thinks PABLO HONEY was a pretty weak album?

The American Patriot: A Weekley strip!

Heckers Unbleached Flour! Anyone in the South know where I can purchase

M&Ms Candy Fades to Black and White- Reuters

Ted Bundy was a republican

Hey Muscle Car fans! Want to have a good cry?!

Aren't we all NUTS or why do we post what we do in the Lounge?????

Man Invents Cat Toilet Seat

My Christmas near death experience.

Murder is my business.... Character Assassin back in the saddle

Another DU MIA list

Do you remember who first responded to a post of yours at DU?

CONFESS!!! When you were 6, what did u say u wanted to be when u grow up?

I need advice about getting a dog.

please vote on this marriage petition! it's a big deal!

37000 user registrations since January 2001

Did REM sell out?

Confess! (please take a number)

GOTHS ? Someone explain them to me.

Getting Married: When do you "know"?


NoDak/NW Minn DUers--Meetup next Monday after Dean?

George W. Bush Song Dedication Thread . . .

most right wing sports teams (or owners)

I'm calling you out, Steve!!

Who would you like to see win the Super Bowl?

The passings memory of those lost in 2003

Was Mc Govern WRONG?

Lieberman slandering DEAN!!!!........Unbelievable scumbag!!!

Lieberman welcoming Dean Supporters...

Why is Dean whining?

A very nice quote from Dean in 2001.

Tom Tomorrow Speaks: Dean Can't Win!

Fun Letter to the Editor

freepers pounding Dean's wife...over her looks

Clark offers 'right of first refusal' to Europeans on US security concerns

Crossfire is the perfect example of how dems are hurting themselves...

Here some Polipundit insight on our Democratic primary

Lieberman: Dean Will 'Melt' Under GOP Attacks

Who wants to help me compose a letter to Ted Koppel???

Wes Clark endorses bush*: "We need them there..."

What have been Dean's latest "gaffes?"

HELP!! I'm wimping out - somebody stiffen my backbone

Dean, Gore team up for call, house parties

Josh Marshall: Dean is "playing the defection card."

Undecideds: Please check in....I feel lonely

Rumbling on the hard-line right

. . . Or a Rational Response? (EJ Dionne, Jr.)

"[Dean] Will Hand the Entire South to Bush"

Order your candidates

"Out of the Mainstream? Hardly" By Howard Dean (notes media lies)

Dean Labels Bush 'Reckless'

In the Van With Howard Dean - Calls Bush the Front-runner; Vows to Remake

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Wilson Wilson is dead...No more advice over the back fence...

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