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Archives: December 3, 2003

Sergeant's personality 'rocked the world' (Sgt Ariel Rico - KIA Mosul Fri)

'Everyone used secret cash, why shouldn't I?'

Virginia's No-Choice Elections - Wash Post

What is "electability"?

Dueling Ops (Hilary and Bush in Iraq--great comparison)

Lopez - Perfume Can't Rid A&F Chain of Stench

Fort Bragg: Deserters On Increase, But Will Get Caught

Illegal and immoral legislators...GOP of course

Massacre in Samarra: US lies and self-delusion

'Unseen war: The reality of Bush's failed Iraq policy'

After Gen. Franks remarks-the fight is fundamentally clear

The Inventive Logic of the Neocon's only Iraq Expert (Conason)

The Plaid Adder: "Safety First"

Good-bye, Mr. President: The Secret Resignation Letters

`Hardball' host throws tough stuff at Dean

Editorial by Howard Dean, April 2003

Bush's Trip Was Typical: All Politics, No Policy

Inside Colombia (Your tax dollars at work)

To Fix Gay Dilemma, Government Should Quit the Marriage Business

Isabel Hilton (Guardian Utd): Just poppycock

Army has openings in all 45 warrant officer specialties

The Rev. Al Sharpton's latest crusade

"Keep talking, Democrats", USA Today editorial.

The Dumbest Common Denominator

Iraq phase three: Civil war

Bill Janklow should resign

Why Bush Stays Away (Krauthammer)

Back to the Moon?

Gene Lyons: George W. Bush: Master of Illusion

What's up with this forum?

MoveOn: click tosign petition against Budget Bill looting, Media, overtime

CHATat 3 PM EST with Frank Lowenstein of Kerry's foreign policy team!

Dean Meet Up, Tonight

Please do NOT Buy at Wal-Mart this season!

Media ignores AP report that 70% in poll say Iraq War didn't reduce Terror

Nat'l Media ignores Austin Cron. story on how Texas Open records aren't

Enid Live talking about BBV right now

PAUSES,tv- foreign correspondents before reply to questions

Tucker Carlson to host PBS show

Safeway markets gives Arnold another $15,000

Arnold - Constructing A Budget – One Fundraiser At A Time

Letter showing Iraq war planned in 1998

Honest Skepticism

OK, so what exactly are the Jungian archetypes?

McJobs...let's invent a language

Reading The DiVinci Code

Utah State Univ. creates faculty ally program for gay students

Can anyone tell me about the "ballroom scene" in NYC? GBLT?

Anyone ever seen this anti-gay site before?

Cincy cops blew it

Question on the Scott Peterson case + CA Abortion laws - ?

Bush Claims of Small Business Tax Cuts Exaggerated -52% get $500 or less

Need some talking points - Why do budget deficits matter?

NY Times Editorial: Swearing Fealty to Ethanol

EPA Would Set New Cap on Mercury (30% reduction postponed to 2010)

More die as France hit by storms

Life-long Republican MT Rancher Switches Parties (NBC News)

The Chemical Industry's Bhopal Legacy (is a non gun topic allowed?)

Millions Risked on BAE Contract

Author of Saudi Curriculums Advocates Slavery

Dang! The Dutch Caved In!

The Bubble of American Supremacy

Inside Story of How Washington is Losing its Battle

Court Finds Rwanda Media Executives Guilty of Genocide

Those whacky Australians!

GUNS IN THE NEWS--December 3, 2003

gun control does not reduce crime?

Update on NJ anti-hunting suit

I've Got Some Bad News, Folks.........

.223 Remington - it's just the most powerful rifle round you can buy!

Will there be DU holiday merch again this year?

I know you've pondered and decided, but...

Have you ever considered

Is there a new rule

A Weekly Thread?

Have you been invited

Control of non-political thread in GD?

my sig line font magically changed sizes

Ralph Nader criticism is off limits now?

It's time for a separate thread folder for Greens & Green Bashers


Unifying Forces:

"Latest breaking News"

Reply to my thread:

i have a dumb question

trying to reply to a message and got this...

How does this rule work...

A little confusion, my apologies.

Back to the Moon?


Back to the Moon?

Can I Ask a Favor?

Thank you for your fast action on a trouble-maker in GD...

Candidate Avatars (if/when they drop out)

Palestinian U of T conference quiet

Sharon must depart before peace can be welcomed in...

EU mixes new support with harsh words for Palestinian, Israeli hard-liners

Middle East Road Map Is Not Dead, Powell Says

IDF troops nab would-be suicide bomber near Jordan Valley

Symbolic Mideast accord authors to meet Wolfowitz

Bible Teacher Shares Christ With Arafat

Washington warns Israel not to rock the Mideast boat

Listening to Arabs

The Syrian Leader's Curious World

'We're air force pilots, not mafia. We don't take revenge'

Arabs torpedo UN anti-Semitism resolution

Gephardt, Kerry focus on funding: Rivals hope to play catch-up to Dean

Super Seven Primary States Hold the Key

Edwards Lets Staff Heads Do the Talking

Republican Treasurer from Nebraska Resigns Amid Scandal

A cryonicist runs for President

Clark to announce education program

Dean blankets Michigan...

as of midnight, Dean supporters raised $30G for Leonard Boswell

Clark would put Guantanamo detainees on trial

Clark Touts Support by Hispanics

Clark gaining ground in N.H., Analysts Say

Chat Now with Frank Lowenstein of Kerry's foreign policy team

Newsom(Dem)-Gonzalez(Green) SF Mayor Debate available online.

"The Dem Party... and that damn "Big Tent."...some thoughts about DK *

Sharpton in the Rainbow's Shadow

Dean opens third state (MI) office in Lansing

Dean — so far — seems to have no Achilles heel


Common Sense for a New Century- Howard Dean

Clark hints he would explore Cuba ties

Kerry made it to the front page of Yahoo...

I just met Dennis Kucinich in downtown Houston!

2.99 killed a day, 59 per month, how many more?

Yet another example, yet another, of a Kucinich to mediaman backhand

Gore gives Newsom the nod

Zogby: Dean back on top in Iowa (leading 26%-22%)

Kerry Says He Will End 'Era Of John Ashcroft'

Is Clark just part of the MIC?

Kerry waffles on Saudi Arabia. Bashed Dean for same position he just took.

Kerry's Actual CFR Speech

Unions Accuse Gephardt Aide of Threats

Latest poll: Bush 42% Generic Dem: 48%!!!!

Clark in Portland (Maine)

Kerry's Mideast Envoy Choice; Clark Disagrees

Which candidate is a Pragmatic Progressive?

Scandal Brewing in Colorado(Gov. Bill Owens)????

Does Teresa Heinz Trust John Kerry? If not, why should we?

Kucinich on Failure of No Child Left Behind Act

Cohen runs first ads

Must see Flash Animation

Peaceful protest works-- where's our Department of Peace?

DeLay's former chief of staff is lobbyist for Norwegian Cruise Lines

New Zogby Poll From Iowa

Do Midwesterners have a strong regional indentity like Southerners?

Here's a thought.

Famous Diabetic South Dakota Prisoners

hail to the thief

3 key endoresements for Clark

Vote for Newsom DEMOCRATS

Lieberman blasts Dean on records


Letter From Rep. Boswell, IA, About Money Raised For Him by Dean Camp.

Don't waste your vote on Gore's Newsom like you wasted it on Gore

Gephardt's top aide denies his campaign is running out of cash

a rant about Dean on Matthews last night

Does THIS metrosexual think he can beat Bush?

Okay, so these four giant busts of Saddam

Please don't be spiteful..I have unrabid concerns on anti-Dean vice!

Yikes: Jackalope Janklow is an Airplane Pilot!!!

Awesome column by Kristof on homosexuality

Who is on KDKA AM 1020 say, 10 to midnight?

Bernie Ward streaming: topic is Air Force One lies

Gep on the Tonight Show

Are there any Hackers on DU that can shut down the Spammers

look what me and my roommate made

Media Control for Bush: What happened to Prince Charles being gay?

THG and...Gay Marriage

Now is the time to support HRC in '04!

The "new" suburbs

I think this needs a caption

An Anti-Bush Boyband?!?

Novak makes it crystal clear

Which candidate stands to suffer the most from the "rebounding

CSPAN Wednesday AM — Open phones on Nader running

Wednesday 12/3 CNN poll numbers... drip...drip...drip....

McCain’s Role in Georgia's “white rose revolution” (From The Hill)

Will Pitt's Truthout Program for those of you who are interested

Josh Marshalls snip about Basketball Ralph!

Drudge Actually Helped the "Hate Bush" Fundraiser! Oh the Irony!

Access service may end for many (Here it comes!)

The Thanksgiving Stunt Worked

Ralph Naders Financial Holdings: Why he wanted, and needs Bush

Wash. D.C. will distribute free condoms: Republicans go bonkers

President Bush's public papers as governor are now unsealed

Media Patrol from

When holy Joe drops out.......

Tax anger unleashed. (Indiana Du'ers)

Kerry says he'd consider bending over & naming James Baker a Mideast envoy

i'm running for congress-- please check out my site, give feedback

Teachers drink bottled water for 5 years before children are warned...

Clinton sez Dean is no Progressive!

DU Challenge: A pie a day for Ralph...

Compassionate conservative at its best!

Rumsfeld world's best language-mangler - Enjoy!!!

Are you a Democrat because.......

When Kerry drops out.......

They want to bring up Vince Foster--AGAIN!!!

Alan Colmes Loses Argument With Nephew

What Happens in a DRAFT (coming soon to a home near you) - SSS site

Seems odd to consider Bill Clinton and James Baker for same cabinet role.

You Guys Have Got to See This !

Is Neil Bush running China policy, or just collecting money?

The swearing on the Bible thing.

Clark -- Universal Preschool Plans

To the gay DU'ers...and others who might want to comment.

Dean had his records sealed for 10 years. What is he trying to hide?

Honolulu Advertiser: Maui suit turns into wide test of US Law (Ashcroft)

Hmmm!?! The Saudies are launching an ad campaign about reform in their ...

Something to keep in mind about Bush fundraising.

Dean to help Boswell; no strings attached

Rather than simply lashing at Nader, how SHOULD we handle?

Here's my letter to the editor on media conglomerates.

Bono on C-SPAN....NOW....speaking about AIDS in Africa.

Liberals and Conservatives - a pitiful attempt at definition

A Year of Extremes Provides Evidence of Global Warming

WTF is the "National Annenberg Election Survey" poll, and why...

Anyone else think Janklow's mouthpiece is lieing about his Diabetes?

Where does the money for Shrub's fund raising

Most excellent DU front page article today!

Is homosexuality genetic?

A DU Challenge

Do a search for Bush and his get Dean instead. Ha Ha. Dissent Under Attack (New NYT Op Ad)

Payback Time: Health Industry Bidding to Hire Bush's Medicare Chief

Read This if You Have a Website !


Attention, Wal-Mart Voters

Was the media as insistent about W's governor records when he ran?

Why Bush Went To Iraq and Why Troops Ate Dinner at 6am

Deleted message

Palast In Venezuela - dealin' the straight dope

Don't let Bush get away with this lie!

Daschle on Charlie Rose now

Any more news on Max Cleland?

To DU Economists: What is the relationship between productivity and GDP?

Republican Hypocrisy Thread........

Conservatives and Entitlements

Another sniper is on the loose, in Amish country, no less

How the White House Fed the Public a Steady Diet of Falsehoods

Buy your Karl Rove Thong

All Religions are the same

Is There Really A Difference Between An Iowa Dem And An Oklahoma Dem?

Kansas case tests Lawrence's mettle

Is anyone keeping track of Bush's* fund raising time?

"America is Not a Christian Nation" (letter in a right-wing publication)

I could not live under these conditions. Could you?

Nader is nothing.

Fred Phleps Itenerary for Boise Idaho Rally, December 14th

Happy Day Hate the War, Love the Warrior recieved it's second donation!

What - If Anything - Has Changed Your Mind About A Candidate?

I was struck by something yesterday

Can a Democrat run on the Green and Democratic ticket?

New Adoption Law Helps Gay Families Group Says

Deleted message

"Huge Oil Discovery" - Will Last 5 Days

DUers for Congress

Need info on Bush cutting Veteran's benefits

Demo strategy in the coming boom? Tell truths we ignored in the 90's.

Good defense policy: Is less better?

Even Anderson COOPER Beats Tweety's Hardball Ratings

If there was any doubt about websites being monitored by government...

No signatures? Walmart shafts those who don't want to use a CC...

Why would Max Cleland

If Nader runs for Prez, expect hundreds of anti-Nader threads from me!

Help with anti-Bush research

Congressmen want to replace FDR with Reagan on the dime

War on Drugs = War on Terror

Why Do We Need A War Hero?

Dean Detractors: Why do you balk at Dean?

As American culture becomes ubiquitous, Americans become irrelevant

Was Poppy behind Letelier hit?

The Outrage Of Today's CNN Poll

More on restrictions on Bush "unsealed" records.

Times front page foto of Spanish flag draped coffins is a slap in the face

Dean and the national security establishment

Daschle ( on Daily Show): Medicare lost w/ ONE vote?

What do you get famous people for Christmas?

"Ethical Disability" - A Republican Meme is born

Right wingers all exicted over UN security guard's death!

Maybe it's not NASCAR voters - maybe it's WALMART voters ?

Do Christians consider Christ as God?

Begala: Bush Whoring Himself to Polluters

Must read by Joe Conason

A friendly reminder

what happened to the Bush rape accuser?

Christmas: genetically altered household pet goes on sale "gloindark fish"

Jebbie Bush at work this time - Universities Want Tuition Blank Check

Army Org: The Class VI Supply System--Rumsfeld's Question

Bush to silence Clark, RE: National Security...Yeah Right

Secret Service dressed up for Iraq Thanksgiving

Would it make a difference if we lost the presidency in 2004

Envisioning Life After Bush is Ousted

Bartcop endorses Clark

Hannity's Got Some Racist On The Radio Right Now

FReepers Infiltrating Clark MeetUps

Attended the Bush Hate meeting at the Beverly Hills Hilton

Some pictures of soldiers from Iraq

Ooooh.. Dr Bob Arnott interviewing people at a new Baghdad MALL

Anyone know of any good US parlimentary democracy orgs?

BBV: right wing rebuttal to Krugman -- it's getting dirty.

Governor Dean puts forth "Commonsense for A New Century"

What environmental catastophies in your area?

We Americans, of course, make no mistakes...

Gawd, he is such a twit

German cannibal says victim was willing. (yuk, gross) news

OK Deanies, take a look at yourselves, your doing exactly

Clarkies need to quit starting threads telling Deanies what to do

Who is the DUer w/ the animted .gif for sig showing Delay and

Lieberman proposes expanded family leave

An Apology to the World

Companies' productivity soars 9.4 percent

Enid Live talking about BBV right now!

Anyone read Fineman's "Dean stumbles over sealed records: Dithering...

A Chance To Expose The Administration Tonight

Lou Dobbs to have Electronic Voting discussion on show tonight

Scoreboard---150,000 sign on for Dean Meetup

Lou Dobbs is going to discuss electronic voting machines..

Social Security Privatization by the Republicans.

Report from a Reservist needs checking. He says 37 gay Arab Linguists

Who do you think is the most intelligent Democrat running ?

Issues that concern me.

Paul Greenberg's hit piece on Clark - A rebuttal

Now that I've hit Deanies vs Clarkies, who loves all the candidates?

Who was the last candidate that really excited you.....

John Mellencamp to Headline for Dean in Chicago

Short feature on Valarie Plame/ Wilson right now on CNN

Crossfire thread (12/03/03) Dean challenges Bush

*groan* Curtis Sliwa about to invade Atlanta

Group Pushes Dean to Unseal Some Records

Hello Clark people - I just saw Clark speak in person

Some predicting Clark may get 2nd in New Hampshire...

"The next election will be about one thing: Anger"

How many must die?

Ted Kennedy's plane crash

Which U.S. administration was the most even-handed in the Middle East...

1980: Ted Kennedy challenges Jimmy Carter

You can talk to Clark tonight.

Bush Credibility Gap - Awesome Resource list

Here is why Bush and his minions were afraid to plant WMD's in Iraq

1972: What if Ted Kennedy had run against Nixon?

Important Issues

Why not a liberal Islam? Why not empower liberal Muslims?

Is Howard Dean the Crypto Republican Candidate?

Dean/Bush Knew

The Bush Background Generator (ver. 3)

Interesting discussions on Dean's radio comments...9/11 and Bush.

how many national guard in active duty?

US killed in Iraq 440, missing 5,720?

Hannity and his Two Dicks

Kerry's "Baker" Speech on CSPAN at 9:15 PM ET CSPAN1

Some GOP Bumper Sticker Ideas For 2004

Look what else Clark has been up to

Medicare chief, Scully, author of new bill.....resigns to advise companies

Dean asks if Bush knew...

Libertarians target GOP over tax vote (Oregon-funny)

Would any of the candidates stand up to ClearChannel?

OMG!!! LOL!!!...Howard Dean Bears!!!!....adorable!!!


60 Minutes II - The undercovered story from Iraq: America's wounded

Outsourcing as an Issue in 2004?

Which Democratic candidate(s) can expose Bush for his national guard duty?

Go on O'Reillys show or you can't win.

Interesting title on Time's website: "AWOL With the President"

The Bush Credibility Gap documented.....A Must See

Reality Check: Democrats are *supposed* to be liberal. Am I wrong?

Gloves Off, Kerry Slams Bush As Dangerously Incompetent

Dean accused of involvement in conspiracy to obstruct justice

CNN/RNC warn that Democrats are too liberal, elitist and angry!

Replay of Kerry's FP speech on C-Span now.

CBS 11 Investigates Poison Gas Plot - Why is this not front page news

Look what else Dean has been up to...

The DRAFT just took one Giant Step Closer ! (must read) -- Fin. Times

Clark gains on the leaders: MSNBC Demo Derby...

What's up with Jon Stewart hosting Hannity and Colmes?

Local Newspaper Prints Letter: Kill the War Protesters

NC DUers Heads-up (Greensboro area) Bush Expose' Documentary Showing...

"Guy James Show" news! We now have an 800 number

Kerry's Speech on C-Span - 9:45 pm est ... NOW ...

The Move On Voter Fund runs anti-Bush tv ads

Texas State archivist says NY Times article "deceiving" re: Bush papers

Random thoughts on bash threads

Does appearing on pop TV shows make candidates look more natural?

Dose anyone know the name, title, sponsor of Gay immigration

Re: Reagan dime,

Dean Slams Bush Again For Gutting the Clean Air Act Further

Is the media not so subtly pushing Howard Dean as the nominee ?

Which Dem will be the first to use the faux turkey scene in an ad?

I get so pissed

Gene, Gene the Dancin' Machine

Anyone here use politicalwire?

The turkey in Baghdad was fake....

when is o'really gonna flame the monkey......

Here's a candidate for Top 10 Idiots: "Christian" Pastor Beat Boy

The Lie clock- funny bush joke

Do we look like our candidates?

Buy the Rove Thong

Undeniable truth that Dean is the most interesting candidate...

I'm looking for a one-page flyer to post around town explaining The Draft

Clark running as Independent

Clark on C-SPAN tonight


Unless the Dem Candidates join Forces, they will lose. The Pubs are pickin

Has Thomas Friedman gone insane?

If the Republican party is the party of god......

Update: Boise Hate Monument

Skull and Bones Society

Howard Dean: Does that say enough?

Uh Oh. Malloy is inviting in the Conservatives...

Kerry would consider naming James Baker or Poppy Bush a Mideast envoy

The Foundation for a Better Life

Dick Gephardt caught my attention last night. So flame me.

Next Attack: Tell Me I'm Wrong

Kerry pulls a major flip-flop on Iraq and US troop strength

Issues that concern me

Prescott Bush and Averell Harriman--I need some help

Deanies and Clarkies need to lock themselves in a room

Capitalism Is Organized Crime

"Supreme court installed a president that didn't win the popular vote."

What do you think of Gore Vidal?

Dean campaign: Common Sense for a New Century

Interesting Vidal Review Explains Why He's Not Just a Paranoid Crank

I wish Kerry would stop trying to change his image.

You're going to start seeing someone named "Moderator" around here.

Thwart computerized voting with absentee ballot campaign.

Dean Slams Bush For Signing "Healthy Forests Initiative"

WP: Dean courts party insiders – Hillary Clinton reportedly intrigued

Lou Dobbs Reported On Dangers Of E-Voting Tonight

umm.. the so-called "Healthy Forests Initiative"

B*sh re-Selection numbers now down to 42%!! 48% will vote for the DEM!!!

'Courts Have No Authority Over Executive Branch In Time Of War ???'

Was it a good thing that Lincoln won the Civil War?

Where's straight shooting from Dean on financing?

actforchange Action Update: Don't Buy Wal-Mart for the Holidays

Anyone have info on Bush and the Koch brothers or Koch Industries?

Daily Howler Catches Obvious RNC Talking Points Being Repeated on FOX

Just curious: Did anyone here support Bradley over Gore in 2000 and why?

Latest NH Poll: No, Your Eyes AREN'T Fooling You

Why don't "conservatives" talk about deficits?

Ugh, WHY does Joe Lieberman continually call himself only 'Joe'?

Are you prepared to vote......

There really is going to be a draft.

Lenora Fulani, Monica Moorehead, Howard Phillips, and Ezola Foster

"I pay property taxes so...!" Well...Um...Renters pay both the...

Are we executing Iraqis? (Link to UN Observer report)

Bush wants to return to the moon?

Autopsy Report on Cincinnati Black Victim


Minnesota Governor Pawlenty uses tragedy to call for death penalty

Draft Jesse Jackson before it's too late! (Jackson/Gephardt 2004)

Gnostics, Cathars, and ?Liberals?

Information Warfare In Miami

Boiling Point by Kevin Phillips

Kerry Vows to Reverse Bush's Policies

Is it just me, or is conservative?

"When I was Supreme Allied Commander........."

Is DU "arrogant, elitist, and... condescending" ?

SF Mayor - Green win could have impact beyond city race

Hear about the Congressman who got bribed during the Medicare vote?

Rep. Ron Paul warns "the DRAFT will likely be reinstated"

DU SCOOP! DRAFT Board Ad Re-Appears! On SSS Home Page! (must read)

Discuss Ralph Nader here.

Should the Democrats let the Federal Marriage Amendment slide?

Required Viewing: Bill Moyers - "The Progressive Story"

US doles out more WTO-illegal payments to companies

Ex-Mexican Police Commander Flees Warrant

Chaplain's military hearing delayed (Guantanamo)

U.S. Fires Guantanamo Defence Team

Pentagon to Pay Troops' Travel Expenses

Republicans' NY Convention Cruise Ship Plan Sinks

42 A-Plants Found to Lack Enough Cash for Cleanup

Use PCP And Become Another Statistic

US(Powell) to Meet Mid-East Plan Authors

'Big fish' eludes U.S. in Iraq raid

Taxes, Church Collision Splits Court

Edwards to Unveil Ethics Measures Plan

Interfaith leaders launch Middle East peace effort (In DC)

Tech industry aims to stem security rules

Mars missions present new anxiety for NASA [landing imminent]

Italy Parliament Approves Controversial Media Law

Poll: Iraq war hasn't reduced terror fears

NYT frontpage: Health Industry Bidding to Hire Medicare Chief

Palm Beach County to recruit foreign teachers to fill classrooms

FBI moves to bring online calls under scanner

War on terrorism top priority for next decade, says Straw

Martin (Canada's future PM) Goes Cool on Kyoto

Chavez Foes Say They Secured Venezuela Referendum

Demo Hopeful Kucinich Promotes Candidacy As Chance To Get Out Of Iraq

Clear Channel Airports gets Philadelphia International contract

Blair puts his premiership on the line over top-up (university) fees

DHL resumes cargo flights to Iraq

The buzz about Dean

Ford to source $1bn in parts from China in 2004

White House, EPA Move To Ease Mercury Rules

Edwards Lets Staff Heads Do the Talking (Edwards' Staff Vs Clark)

Miracle Revisited: Gains in Houston Schools: How Real...?

Hollinger Investments Are Linked To Board's Perle and Kissinger

Dean Campaign Says Candidate 'looking Into Options' on Sealed Records

Honduran base attacked in Iraq

US denies lobbying against Kyoto

Global warming 'could close half of Alpine ski resorts by 2050'

General Wesley Clark Assails Bush on Record Troop Mobilization

Boeing tanker deal put on hold as Pentagon waits for probe results

Edwards Plans New Limits on Lobbyists (L.A. Times)

U.S. soldiers wounded in Afghan attack

Pentagon to pay for home leave

Poll Says Bush's Approval Is on the Rise

Corzine secretly visits Baghdad

CORRECTED - UPDATE 2-Iraq demands $3 bln it says in Syrian banks

US to Form Iraqi Paramilitary Force

Bush seeks to soften blow of lifting steel tariffs

Lieberman Makes Move To New Hampshire

Bush: Let's prevent forest fires by chopping down trees!

Ivory Coast Protest Sees Tear Gas

US fires Guantanamo defense team

Press scepticism over Samarra body count sparks testy US reaction

Russia 'still open' to Kyoto pact

Hollywood Political Event Stirs Up Storm

First of Lackawanna Six Is Sentenced

Information Mishandled in Chaplain's Case

Reservists volunteering to return early to war zone change minds

Top Scientists Conclude Human Activity Is Affecting Global Climate

U.N. report sees disastrous warming effects on ski resorts

Ooh la la! Lingerie relieving poverty in Colombia

Expatriates keep up fight for Chavez recall vote

Gephardt's top aide denies his campaign is running out of cash

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 3.....(#1)

Medicare Chief Scully Says He's 'Checking Out of Dodge'

In Turnaround, Russia Says May Yet Ratify Kyoto

Germans believe Britain is Europe's leading state

Poll: Americans Still Wary of Terrorism

Nader Raising Money for Possible Campaign [guardian UK]

German cannibal says victim was willing. (yuk, gross) news

Changing a story on the fly (New info on AF1 incident)

S.E.C. Proposes Strict Rule to End Late Mutual Fund Trading

U.S. Exporting 'Tools of Torture,' Charges Amnesty

A Look at US Military Deaths in Iraq - 441 U.S. service members have died

Police Say Parents Tied Up, Beat Daughter

Clark Gains Ground in NH, Analysts Say

Universal Preschool (Clark's education plan)

Dollar Hits New Lows vs. Euro

Ridge Stiffs NY (Next to Last in Terror Funding!)

Unions Accuse Gephardt Aide of Threats

Seven-year-old boy corrects Bush

Lou Dobbs to have Electronic Voting discussion on show tonight

White House Changes Story on Bush Plane Incident

Iraqi Businessmen Now Face Competition

Official: Ohio Won't Make 2004 Deadline for Electronic Voting

U.N. weapons commission wants to return to Iraq

U.S. Defends Detention of American-Born Combatant

Back to the Moon?

UN still waiting for US report on Iraq weapons

Wal-Mart to Stop Taking MasterCard Debits

Bush warns Israel to tread carefully

Iraqis show their independence as they demand vote on legislature

Rwandans jailed for 'Hate Media'

Missing Millions Saddam’s Fortune May Still Be Financing Iraqi Insurgency

Democrat Would Name Top Envoy to Mideast Process

U.S. officials visit Japan embassy for condolences (Armitage & Kelly)

S.C. Democrats wonder if they can open all polls

Marine gets Bronze Star for Lynch rescue

Cincinnati Police Department's Canine Squad Honored

Pastor, Twin on Trial in Bible Beating

Lawmaker Urges Colombia To Seize Paramilitary Drug Money

WP--Russia Signals Support for Global Warming Treaty

Iraq: ‘Killings in Ramadi’, from Jo Wilding's Diary (Executions)

Phelps targets Idaho with antigay monument

White House Changes Story on Bush Plane Incident

N. Korea Capitalism Try Called Painful

MoveOn Spending $1.9M on Anti - Bush Ads

CIA Agent Whose ID Leaked Poses for Photos

US Army Uses Bulldozer Threat to get Iraqis to Talk

Dean: Bush May Have Been Tipped to 9/11 Attacks

WP: Bird Was Perfect, But Not for Dinner (Link to Story)

Clark will testify against Milosevic in secret, administration says

Dean Courts Party Insiders

In Search of a Place to Park Himself (homeless with a disability)

US won't have a bar of Latham

U.S. unions seek federal probe of Miami police

Man Is Convicted in Anthrax Hoax Case

Cheney's Grab-and-Go Rubs Some the Wrong Way

Mining industry drafting Steens blueprint

Exempting Military from Environmental Laws

Byrd to Block Omnibus Funding Bill

Richards Criticizes Jagger for Knighthood

Federal spending soars under Bush's watch

Fox News just announced Bush Will Repeal Steel Tariffs Tomorrow

New York City Council to consider "potty parity" bill


Cincinnati Chief Says proper tactics used

Union Leaders Demand Gephardt Fire Senior Campaign Aide

Democrat Kerry Would Name Top Envoy to Mideast (Post-Speech/New Info)

Clark hints he would explore Cuba ties

Bush*, Chirac Will Skip Louisiana Purchase Celebration

WP: Bush's Baghdad Turkey Displayed, Not Eaten

Muslim Group Sues Congressman for Defamation (Ballenger (R-N.C.) )

Coroner: Ohio Man's Death Is a Homicide (Cincinnati)

Judge: School Voucher Law Unconstitutional

US forces accused of 'massacre' in disputed Iraq battle

LA Daily News: "Reagan dime makes sense, backers say" (extreme FDR-hating)

Soldiers Shout “Kill! Kill! Kill!” Outside Anti-War Priest’s House

Check it out...Stoney Fish! The GloFish fluoresces under a black light

Microsoft's newest amazing programming accomplishment

Yakety Yak!

The sleep tight, good night, thread!

I have me a Sienfeld friend!

Who likes to read plays?

Police Study Photocopied Bum For Clues

LA DUers: still a weekly vigil at the Westwood Fed building on Wednesdays?

Caption this photo

Greetings from the friendly folks at BS&P

Eating Beer

Panama Red

Where'd the Ralph's picketers go?

Palestinian Baby Born in Bethlehem Draws Crowds

Get Ready To Stay Off The Roads!

Are there any Hackers on DU that can shut down the Spammers

Ever feel like no one would miss you if you weren't around?

ok, Liebermann is on CSPAN.

Dang I'm up late, it is almost 4 here.

Drunken Swedish Yaks Attacking Pedestrians

Okay, all of you "Geekier than thou" e-mail wizards...

look what me and my roommate made

Who the heck asked Rod Stewart to record "the classics"?

Baltimore Area DUers: Please help out my friend and myself!


Argghh! I'm addicted to DU!

Buying new shoes? Print this out...

Anyone play poker online? I just won my first tourney.

Media Control for Bush: What happened to Prince Charles being gay?

Old 97 fans?........Anyone?

Dell Policy Forbids Spyware Removal Support

Anyone know where to hell Alice went?

Little Orphan Annie Decoder Ring

OK Gang, here's a picture of my lil Chihuahua Onyx!

Just Found A Good Progressive Web Site

*cough* ACK! "flulike symptoms" must..... reach....the remote

Looking for an MP3 of a political song

The results are in and I win

Gene Spliced Pets.....

Taxidermy gone wrong

Question about Spyware removal - how safe is it to kill registry detects?

I've sent off my first DU aimed article....

Bush statue pictures?

Abandoned Thread! Abandoned Thread!

The Simple Life

Informative Reading

Your Mileage My Vary... (And Other Annoying Disclaimers)

For all you computer gamers -- Deus Ex 2 comes out today

How the hell can a digital clock lose time?

The 50 Best Guy Movies Of All Time

Orangutans receive daily aromatherapy treatments

"Larry sits down with America's Comforter-in-Chief"

being republican CAN be a drag...

The neighborhood has had an outbreak of S/C.I.D.s

I have a bad case of PCS--Pre Christmas Syndrome

I STILL Hate Britney Spears

The Essential Freeper Vocabulary

I still hate Justin Timberlake

Burger King Holiday

Please help me design my Christmas Card

No, Jesus is MY Personal Savior!!!

Bush Re-Election Campaign Creates Thousands Of New Jobs

500.... and counting.

I just realized I went over 600 posts.

Anybody dealing with Dell PC support lately? linked to one of my tunes yesterday!

Terrance Martin, Aged 7, Corrects pResident Bush

Washington DC DUers -- do you have a photo?

Could I have CAPTIONED a parking lot attendant.................

OMG! New Photo of Matcom's home

Do you think high powered democrats,

I returned from a week in CHINA yesterday! Ask me anything!

Recommend an obscure album from RS's Top 500?

Over the top?

CONFESS!!!!!! - Tell me a secret that no one else knows!!

Run A Toll Road 7,315 Times Without Paying

What's The Trick To Getting People To Reply To GD Threads That Are NOT ...

We had Nascar on the WH Lawn yesterday. What's next?

Canadians: Post jokes here that our American buddies won't get

Girls just want to,,um.. patriotic

I have 5K sitting in a real estate based mutual fund.

Who wants to see my Bush in 30 Seconds Ad?

Gawd, he is such a f***ing twit

I think this needs a caption

Anyone reading a book because it was recommended on DU?

Looking for people interested...

Looking for people interested in organizing...

This Thread is Your Thread

I just can't get excited about "captions"... Is something wrong with me?

Paris Hilton or Monica Lewinsky - who would you rather be with for a night

I bought the coolest books on vacation

Older than Dirt Quiz.

For my 301st post, my FIRST poll

Anyone else have a lot of respect for Tom Hanks?

Notice there haven't been any suicide bombers in Israel lately.

Just saw a preview of Battlestar Gallactica.. I liked it....very ambitous.

When the news networks report the same sex crime at the same time...

Woo hoo! My server is back to life!

Blargity Blarg Blarg Blarg!

Attempt to imitate a CNN poll

Boy punished for talking about gay mom

The big GOOOOOOOOOD MORNING thread, part 2!

Okay, anyone remember these radio programs?

"Two Day Turnaround" my butt!

I just saw a woman in a lilac leather suit.

Scars? Who has interesting/funny stories?

Best Operas/Classical pieces in your opinions?

What's some more good dirty blues type 60s rock

About that Phish show I saw last night...

Christmas Light Schemes

I'm Hungry!!!!!

A survey for my follow young DUers (please take a look)

Question Authority

Need help framing several witnesses

My latest toy.

Weekly World News on the GOP

10,000 posts and 30 lbs - I dare you to ask me ANYTHING!!!

Am I the only one that has never been to a rock concert?

Who on DU Do You Want To See Running For Office?

For all you prospective Dr Ruths out there...

Who should win the Vanier Cup this year?

Just heard a Will Pitt bump on Randi Rhodes' show...

HEyHEY's hitting the road again

OMG! New Photo Of The White House Lawn!

I am 45 years old today....ask me anything.

I Returned From A Week In Rome Yesterday-Ask Me Anything

Didn't want you to miss BringEmOn's work:

Worst xmas decor you ever had growing up?

I just LOOKED in GD and my eyebrows burned off!

Woman Writes Thank You Letter To Her Burglars

Pick A Code Name for Bush's Turkey Stunt!

Is it a good idea to take something to a meet-up that's not at a business?

Do you know anyone who said "Never trust anyone over 30"?

When they say "repent"

Babes Against Bush

When a post disappears

Oregon DUers--Jail Gangstas Trade Bonzi

new Hannity advertiser Outback Steakhouse

OK, Ashevillians... I have some questions

ooo! Who has that website for busting the Nigerian Email scams??

I'm a creep.

The Right Wing: 2 ways of dealing with reality

Best Nu Metal Band?

Okay...which one of the Dem candidates would you date?

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are expecting their first child.

Lounge LBN - German cannibal says victim was willing

Anyone here know the election rules for North Carolina


Okay, James Gandolfini is Tony Soprano...Jeez, Don't You People READ

I was in court today. Ask me anything

Going w/ my gutt

There's a Canadian Free Republic - Free Dominion - Oh my god!

This will BRIGHTEN your day....literally.....1901 Light Bulb...still on!

What would Jesus tell George?

Hey you guys, want to share DVDs with one another?

Computer Question (re: Font size)

If it belongs to you - PUT A DANG LABEL ON IT (see how)


You Gotta Check This Out!! No Really, You Do!!

Am I the only one too lazy to do anything today?

Y'all are a buncha incurable romantics.

SANTA MONICA, CA: Anyone need a roommate?

I have a question about Dean

Doggies just hanging out

I just got my heart handed to me on a platter

What was the worst Imperialist Power

Do you shop at Abercrombie and Fitch?

I am having a problem using my keyboard

Question for (eastern) Canadians

Is Bon Jovi Campaigning for anyone this year?

What's the longest you've been unemployed?

who would win....

Personal responsibility, Republican-style

Need help framing several paintings

I Have 10 Totally Random Questions For You

Tammy Faye

Okay then! Roll call for Dog Owners!

Any fraternity members here?

Raining since Saturday; my rain gauge shows 11.5 inches in 4 days

Consensual Cannibalism - is it wrong?

Some advice/help please on getting my life together.

What sounds more comedic?

Cad or Dad?

Need help coming up with a title for an article I'm writing

"Opus": Anyone willing to post a synopsis of the weekly comic for...

does anyone know anything about the GBLT "ballroom" clubs in NYC?

Who's owned a single car the longest?

I just finished a 34 page paper on costumes in Lysistrata. Whew!

I'm going to my local Meetup tonight

hey proud patriot...

"Awwwwwwww" time: new puppy photos!

Any soriority members here?

Guess How Many Replies This Thread Will Get In An Hour -- Win A Prize!

What's your opinion?

OK let's try again.. Any DU flyers handy?

I just met Dennis Kucinich in downtown Houston!

barbara ,barbara

Wonder Woman warning on "The O.C." tonight

My apologies if this has been posted before: Bush Background Generator!

Deanie/Clarkie truce

geek envy-- just received my new mainboard and other...

Is homosexuality genetic?

CONFESS!! Who kept ALL their concert ticket stubs and STILL have them?

Competition (sort of). Write a TV, movie, book, etc. review

DUers in the mid-Atlantic beware...

Hey all, I'm alive

Anti-war holiday gifts

Flash animation done really well! "The Simple Life"

Lily Tomlin on West Wing tongiht on NBC...

DUers in the mid-Pacific, beware...

I'm jealous dammitt!! Now "I" want a pair of Maine poons.

Our kitten's letter to Santa

I'm changing my avatar until the fat lady sings

I Ain't Got No Heart

ADMIT THE TRUTH!!!! What Talent/Skill do you wish you have but don't

Help Magic Rat pick a chick flick

Wild Love

What are the top 5 DVD to buy as Christmas presents?

You Didn't Try To Call Me

Canadian Roll Call and Census

Help Velma pick a chick flick

Broken Hearts Are For Assholes

What to do about an ailing parent.

How Many Private Messages Do You Get Per Day?


new Savage Weiner advertiser Boston Coffee Cake Co

Anybody watching 60 Minutes II right now?

POLL: Was Bush Warned About 911 at the HIGHEST LEVELS?

I'm Not Satisfied

Looking for Bush Vacation proof

new Savage Weiner advertiser Baskin-Robins

All hail the most awesome RADFRINGE...

Anyone chatting tonight?

Ever been in a situation...

Does anyone think this is a tad odd?

Deanies & Clarkies...Whos the best... ;-)

New Trend?

If Michael Jackson were a member of the Bush administration

DuFreep this poll...

It's Irish Creme time. Who's got some ice?

I am babysitting my ex-dog.

See what history in the making you have lived through

Latest RH Jr meltdown

pResident to visit Halethorpe MD. Residents collectively say "WTF?!?"

Lost Loves. Who was HE or SHE?

my desk is a disaster! post a pic if you can !! slobs unite!!

Okay my wife told me today she had a Kucinich sex dream

The movie Dazed and Confused could've been filmed in my home town.

Can anyone recommend a good, inexpensive car security system?

What's your dream car?

Is 10 years without a girlfriend or sex too long?

The Bush Background Generator (ver. 3)

I'm jealous dammit!!! Now "I" want a pair of MaineMary's spoons

SNOWGLOBE | very VERY funny...

Post your Profound Thoughts Here

Takes All Kinds

Ancient Yak Porn!!!!

Carnivale. Am I just dense or was the finale hard to understand?

What is your favorite web browser?

I just attended the very last class for my Bachelor's degree!

Check your computers for spyware

Just had my last Film Noir class...Ask me anything?

Bought myself a Xmas gift - the Looney Tunes DVD first set!

Trouble Every Day

roll call for cat owners

Do the Broncos have a chance of beating Kansas City on Sunday?

Where do you shop for clothes?

Who Was The Greatest Hockey Player Of All-Time?

What to yell the next time you see a hummer on the freeway

Network News Satellites Collide Over Iraq

Linda Tripp is getting married this spring. I wonder where she will

Dean Bashers Mother's Wear Army Boots !!!

What is wrong with my lungs!

Favorite SCENE from a Fellini Film

Have You Heard William Rivers Pitt

Just saw a great "Indie" film: "The Gristle" with STNG's Michael Dorn

Wasn't Sure Whether To Ask This In GD or Here (so since I'm scared of GD)

Anyone out there ever do Lifespring or EST during the '70's?

"Enterprise" gets more and more anti-franchise

Can some brillant photoshopper help me out

I finished my "chick flick". Ask me anything.

How the hell did the Liberal "Wimp/Soft" crap start?

Favorite Historical Femme Fatale?

Will The Bears Humiliate Green Bay Sunday?

Colorado DU'ers check in (again)

I have the coolest friends in Connecticut!

I'm Starting On-Line College Tomorrow...Ask Me Anything

Who watched Horatio?

Kansas City????

Italian Fascist era Propaganda film screens in Boston Mass tomorrow night:

The Museum of Hoaxes

I've Got Some Bad News, Folks......

I'm jealous dammit!!! Now "I" want a pair of Maine Coons

Okay Cats & Dogs... Roll Call For The Human Owners!

DUers are too smart

What was the first car you ever owned?

Who was the Best Secret Agent?

Who was a worse president: Reagan or Shrub?

Frank Vincent Zappa: December 21, 1940 - December 4, 1993

Hubby's show @ 9:30, not 9, TONIGHT!

Help! Going insane -- TV problems. Anybody Savvy???

Does Your Real First Name Mean Anything? did you two meet?

When's the worst time to be single and unattached?

Favourite Imperialist Power.

OK, South Park is no longer a neutral show.

OK! Another Concert Poll! Worst Rock Concert Ever Attended

anyone else going to the MoveOn house parties on Sunday?

Julian Borger (Guardian Utd): Bush fails schools test

Schwarzenegger's Alfred E. Neuman Bond Proposal

Will Larry King Be Booted and Replaced by Nancy Grace?

enemy combatants

Should we regulate guns like cars?

Back to the Moon?

Zogby Weighs in on Dem Candidates (GOOD ANALYSIS)

Help "Republican Challenger" torch Bush!

Zogby: Dean increases NH lead over Kerry to 30 pts.

Dean Bashers Mother's Wear Army Boots !!!

'Moderator" already screwed up...

Where's the USA Today Red/Blue County Map?

Bush and the Political Center - from "The Emerging Dem Majority"

Buchanan for President

It's a relief to finally see some humor around here....

update on Dean's fundraising for Rep. Leonard Boswell

Kerry Needs to go Bob Graham

Today's Daily Show, arggg.... brutal

Just back from my Dean Meetup

14-year old supporter files paperwork to get Dean on Texas ballot

Captain Disciplined For Telling Superiors They Were Violating Army Policy

Would Kerry endorse Clark if he drops out

The Colorado Redistricting Case

Egads. I'm hanging out with Al Franken and John Kerry tomorrow.

Someone here explain please Dean and Middle Class Taxes.

World Running Out of Oil (Pols stick heads in Saudi sand)

Oil price defended

hannity and colmes on John Stewart now

The Bird Was Perfect But Not For Dinner

Council edges away from cleric's vote demand

Rumsfeld Criticizes EU Defense Plan

NY TIMES: Appeals Court Casts Doubt on Parts of Key Antiterrorism Law

Janklow Jury Told of Earlier Near-Accident

Judicial Watch Sues Howard Dean Over Secret Records

RNC chairman: Democrats increasingly 'liberal, elitist, angry'

Time for the Daily Show!

Help needed! Hot water furnace question

Is there a correlation between Interplanetary Funkmanship and Kucinich?

“Hello, IBC program room!”

I lift a martini to the dead this night!

How to prepare for a Deployment to Iraq

Tonight I Won $50.00 On A Black Jack Scratch Ticket.

The Latest Security Threat to Our Nation

What is the most recent CD you purchased?

In this corner, at 75 pounds and $3,000 - a book!

hey guys! Women want to know

What are your favorite SIMPSON'S QUOTES?