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Archives: December 2, 2003

Hack the Vote (Krugman)

Boortz's Bull

Afghanistan: Constitution fails women

How unfortunate and narrow minded.

Conservatives Shocked By the Power of Money -- by Joe Conason

Terrorism: It's the GOP's new communism

Stars and Stripes letters (Bush gets negative mention once again)

Bush approach to AIDS fight wastes time, money

Ireland-the original terrorists

Molly Ivins: Christmas comes early in Washington

Who Tried To Bribe Rep. Smith? Stop protecting him, Congressman.

Shifts in States May Give Bush Electoral Edge: NYTimes

Matt Bevins: A Bush in Bed With Beijing?

Greg Palast: Cruisin' For A Bruisin' With Hugo

US Admiral files brief against Bush

Charley Reese: Fearmongers

Absolutely SUPERB Daily Howler today

Media and Democracy

Of love, the left and the U.S. military

The Soldiers At My Front Door

Bush's panic visit is like of a thief that comes in the night

Bush's PR Problem (Loss to Leninist leader on world stage)

The Politics of Payoff - Dionne

sorry - dupe

Keep talking, Democrats

conservatives won't control for 60 years, NY TIMES letter Dec 2 2003

No pilot comes forward on spotting Bush's plane: Dana Bash

Josh Marshall: The Medicare bill is a Washington-style mafia bustout

James Meek (Gaurdian Utd): People the law forgot

Why we don't give a damn

Is Your House Making You Fat?

Larry King's Linda Tripp "Puff Piece" Ignored Torture She Inflicted

Bechtel Fails Reconstruction of Iraq's Schools

As long as travel ban to Cuba is enforced, Americans aren't free

The inevitable vice presidential nominee

Bush And Blair Are In Trouble

Going Forward: Liberals Finding their Voice

This is why Christianity is demonized, and why the points are valid:

The Dems need the Greens

International day to end violence against sexworkers.

New Group Emerges to Collect Money for Presumptive Democratic Nominee

National Day of Silent Protest - A Sick Out

Anyone living in Washoe County, Nevada ... a call to arms.

Planned Parenthood needs donations to help with Texas clinic - Democrats in Hillarywood

Media's Anti Dean "open papers" con job -& ABCnote sells the con

Lou Dobbs is getting FIERCE!

Post Relocation

Cartoonist Ann Telnaes named Berryman Cartoonist of 2003

Holiday Cookie Recipes?

One for the dictionary.........."Gop" (from BuzzFlash)

Straight Marriage?

Astrologers: December aspects

Croom becomes SEC's first black head coach

Lesbian Named San Diego Deputy Mayor

Gay AIDS Activist Nominated For Nobel Prize

Dean supports gay unions but wavers on saying 'I do'

Bush can’t admit mistakes–keeps economic program that doesn't help problem

Snowballing Debt Awaits Tomorrow's Taxpayers

Beyond bull:Sky-high balance of payments deficits point to a coming crisis

CHRONOLOGY-Key events in mutual fund trading probe

Why isn't there a standard used for projections?

The dollar slide today was a surprise.

Anybody have ideas for the most energy efficient stove?

Does anyone have a link for water conservation?

Telling the Truth, Facing the Whip

Bush breaks 2000 election promise re readiness level of combat units

NH Guard calls up 500 in largest draw since WWII

Russia not to ratify Kyoto Protocol

Opposition steps up anti-Chavez drive

20 second count

Britain bans (handheld) car cellphones

Roommates playing video games too loud? Shoot their XBox with a 9mm.

(Clinton COPS program phased out by Bush, firing) 118,000 new officers

Pros and Cons about self defense with a legally licensed firearm.

Is it possible to get to your DU1 bookmarks?

Request for Admins

The Religious wars have started again in GD


DUers for congress...

For the love of G*D (pun intended), please consider this

image in my signature?

I need to get my password again

newyawker99 - an appeal

"How Old Are You?"

Are Mods Required To Notify Deleted Authors ???

Why was my post deleted?

I had a post disappear and am wondering why

Perhaps a new GD rule until 04 elections...? Maybe to require discussion

Thanks, EarlG, for These Words

So what's DU's strategy if Nader runs?

Is spam to inboxes allowed?

Israel slams Powell over invitation to Geneva authors

The death of the status quo

Bush, Mubarak Discuss Middle East Peace

U.S. Liberal Arabic Website Rebuttal to Mahathir's Speech

West Bank Jewish militants convicted of weapons crimes

Self-Appointed Israeli/Palestinian Negotiators Offer Peace Plan

UN's Annan announces "solidarity" with Palestinians

New Knesset bill would mandate fence built along Green Line

Tales of Tel Aviv

BBC (early Wednesday): US-Israel row over Geneva plan

Mitzpei Yitzhar Residents Being Remanded

Can It Ever Really End?

Al-Aqsa Brigades leader shot dead

Expect More Sanctimony

dupe - please delete

Rivals bicker over trade pact, labor standards

Dean Plugs Gaps in Experience

Just wanted to ask this question....

WTOP-ABC 7 Poll: Dean Leads D.C.

RNC chairman to visit Vermont

Paul Krugman: 'Hack the vote'

John Buchanan - Republican Challenger - Posting at DU - WELCOME!!!

Dean grilled, stands ground

Mark A. R. Kleiman post on Bush/Clark/Dean

My wife and I were thinking that Al Sharpton should be....

Are you a lesbian or bi-woman? Know one? Support Dean?

Reno Endorses Castor for U.S. Senate

Crystal Ball showdown 2 - Congressional election key voters

Kerry Campaign Lends a Hand

Clark stumps for Jewish votes

Generals and the presidency

CNN's interview with Clark a few days ago

Oregon's Blumenauer endorses Kerry

Endorsements: NM Hispanic Leaders for Clark

Dean is probably not the McGovern of Democratic establishment fears

Endorsement: MA State Senator Brian A. Joyce for Clark

Dean would allow the abolishment of the 14b provision of Taft-Hartley Act

Anyone here heard of Bob Reich

Crystal Ball Showdown: Presidential election key voters?

What are the general trends with Politics now in '03-'04?

Which democrat captures the electoral vote?

Supporter Age Ranges

Dean asking supporters to help Iowa Rep. being targeted by GOP

NC-10: [Rep. Cass] Ballenger (R) plans to retire

The Nader suspense is killing me. Will he? Won't he? Huh? Huh?

Which First Lady do you wish had run for office?

Diebold Retreats; Kucinich Demands Inquiry!

Kucinich Joins Board of NCRPA

Mel Gibson (Barf) Needs Your Help!

U.S. abandons democratic values in Iraq

Krugman writes about BBV

New Campaign Slogan: BUSH FLEW?

Insane and evil attack on 7 year old boy from homophobic teacher!

Thanks du

Yo, Directors!

Buying Up Iraq

who will Skull & Bones endorse if the race comes down to Kerry vs. Bush?

Wow...Clark Meetup in Northern California

do liberals even listen to talk radio stations?

Has Mohammad said anything about PNAC?

There are tons of people over at the BBV forum

General Electric loves gay people and Kennedy Democrats.

I found a liberal radio station in CA.. has anyone heard of it?

Name That Bush Basher!

Libertarian Hopeful meets with Grocery Strikers

Dean did a good job tonight. Next week it is Clark's turn.

What is BFEE?

Why Hasn't Bush Released All of His Military Records?

M$'s new OS, "Longhorn", due out in 2 years, is available now in Malaysia

Two Questions about Next election?

Prew Research Center's warped poll on religion in America

Dick Gregory on ABC!!!

"Farenheit 911" Gets a Release date

Politcal State Nicknames, from the Clearcut State to the Lone Party State

Poll shows Dean's advantage in the race

Removing Bush is important!

FYI - John Edwards is Hiring

Rummy gets Foot in Mouth Award

Will Hillary be a VP candidate?

Dennis Kucinich on the PNAC:

Bucking Trend, They Stay, Held by Family and Friends

"scanned, canned and in command!" (Carol Lay)

CSPAN Tuesday morning - religious funding of education

Hannity & Liberal to be Determined: Awesome Expose...

Need some advice quick, need to get dorm nieghbor sober

Mystery shrouds whereabouts of bodies of 54 insurgents said killed by US

Iraqis deny US accounts of fierce fight with 'guerrillas'

A Combat Leader Gives The Inside Skinny on Samarra events

Update - Florida soldier who wed Iraqi faces discharge

O.K. this will get me flamed, but I'm getting worried about something

An Allegiance to Dissent

Boycott du jour

Results of Name That War Contest

Bush/Steel Tarriffs...?

Pay Attention: Shifts in States May Give Bush Electoral Edge

Galileo satellite project under threat?

Heads up on NASCAR Whitehouse thing

Greg Dobbs Liberal on streaming audio now

Dean asking supporters to help Iowa Rep. being targeted by GOP

Cong. Meeks(D-NY) Sponsors Legislation Compensating 1991 Gulf War POWs

More evidence of freepers invading DU.

This is why "Christianity" is so demonized, and why its valid:

Secretly captured Saddam ----

Great - DeLay escapes subpoena in TX redistricting suit

Motherhood and apple pie served up amid the stench of burning humans

Boy Punished for Talking About Gay Mom

MSNBC to air complete video of cinncinati incident on NOW

Why do so many on this board demonize Christianity?

Dean is No McGovern

Pepsi to Cut 750 Jobs in Restructuring

The Daily Show last night... Stewart managed to put Bush's T'giving...

Nader is now running in 2004

Linda Tripp is getting married. Keepin my mouth shut.

Alternative field of candidates: who would you support?

Damage done by Bush crew to Buckingham landscaping

Private Jenkins - my new idol

Miserable Failure Tops Google

Zogby: No Economic Recovery seen on Main Street USA

Bernie Ward On CNN

Can we stop with the "does he look presidential" threads?

Can I get a 'shame on Putin?'

its finally official

Bernie: Ward on Wolf Blitzer (CNN) right now (12:40 pm EST)

A different perspective on the "religious" question

Republicans Reach for Black Voters

If you want to ask Lieberman some questions tonight's your night

Limbaugh says it's not role of federal government to break up media...

A relevant quote re: DU acrimony and candidate bashing

"The injuries are horrific," he said.

I don't understand the south (how to win)

Will class-based affirmative action cancel out racial/gender bias?

I don't understand the south (how to win)

In Florida: Clark calls Lieberman a spoiler!

Chris Matthews gave the whole thing away last night...

God Bless Joe Lieberman!

similarities of Dean and Bush

Let's follow the analogy through--if Dean is the modern McGovern,

Two years ago today

WH Aide's Life in Crawford Double-Wide Trailer

This picture looks doctored to me

The Final ----- does he look presidential thread

Has anybody seen the Lieberman TV ads today?

Barna surveys on evangelical Christians

Shifts in States May Give Bush Electoral Edge (BS on changes in population

Does this man look Presidential? Part XVIII

The Present Situation Is Most Like Which Period of History?

large pins made up BEFORE smirk snuck to Iraq

Here's a gem: NOW w/ Bill Moyers' selected reading list

Distract / Divide and conquer

What are the ways one can become a commisioned officer

BBV --- Does anyone remember ....??

Somebody look at the turkey video again...

Did Georgie Boy really go to Iraq?

Jobs Are Out There, But.......

SoCal DUers: Don't Shop at Ralph's

What's the thinking on vote trading these days?

Bush's governor records available for viewing. Dean's are still sealed.

Poll: Which candidate would you LEAST like to become President?

How Proud are You to be a Liberal/Progressive?

Interesting spin off...

How proud are you to be a democrat?

Something to cheer us all up........

Please let me know when its ok to talk about religion again -

This poll needs your attention

What dark horse state will provide the upset in 2004's Senate Race

The Lousiana Democratic Party

Dean Backtracks On ReRegulation

Moderate and Fundamental Islam........

Deleted message

Janklow: Diabetic Rapist

Should Saddam be found....

Old Fiore cartoon: Generals vs war. gasp! Clark is mentioned! Non!

Nachi worm infected Diebold ATMs

Hardball Photo of Dean

Winning Back America by Howard Dean

How could the PUBs ever be proud of the Smirk and Ramblin Rummy?

No Way to Make Friends By Fareed Zakaria

Did anyone see the CBC documentary on Jean Chretien last night?

Can I get anti-tax cut help for a dem sympathizer?

Antigay amendment lacks support in Massachusetts

What do you make of Ramsey Clark?

Joe Stanton: "Bush's Operation Clean Sweep: World War IV in 2004?"

Clark 1's added

Dean Supporters... with Nader apparently ready to run again,

Republican's are for smaller government, yet......

Yo Dean staff II: sealed documents

Yo Dean staff II: sealed records

Dream Ticket: Nader-Lieberman-Jackson

Yo Dean staff: you'd better track down this rumor

Michael Savage on ACLU and liberals

Waaahhh! I'm gonna hold my breath until Nader pulls out of the election!

I must admit, I was wrong in my assessment of the Cincinnati event

The U.S.'s View on Social Issues Is Opening Rifts With Canada

Check Out This HILARIOUS Press Release Dean's Camp Just Sent Out

Crossfire thread, 12/2/03

Let's be honest: Had Nader sat out in 2000

Repubs "Luxury Liner" idea about to become a big issue.

Cavuto calls latest mutual funds crook a "victim"

Okay... Prove to me that Dean is not a Democrat.

Shame on Newsom: His campaign's tactic backfired on him

So, how much flak will Captain DeLay take for "The Hate Boat"?

This is what DU used to be like

How about a return to the ideals of the 60's?

How do you view the Individual's role in Society/Humanity?

Clark interview in Spanish

Favorite Liberal Radio Show

Anybody got a link to that 2000 Nader interview about destroying Dems?

Jarring moment at the Clark meetup last night...

Corporate Pirates: U.S. to seize ships on the high seas

The Dems should invite Nader to debate

On The Capture\Killing Of Osama\Saddama... A Snapshot Of Cynicism !!!

Would you ever sell out?

Immigration and American Jobs

another perspective on the Green Party, the 2000 election...

Clark Peddling Three-Week-Old Baloney?

What's the latest on the DoJ investigation into leak of Valerie Plame's

So I gave Clark's campaign another $50.00 today....

Happy (?) Enron Bankruptcy Day!

Novak on Crossfire, "So what?" says the hypocrite.

Candidate Bashing

2 links to sink bushCorp '04 - please add yours!

The Bush Administration is a 1970s Pink Floyd Album Brought to Life

WP: Inside the Dean campaign

Clark to Air Ads in Three Primary States

Who are Boxer's Senate challengers in L.A.?

Dean Statement on the End of "Special Registration" in Dept. of Homeland

Clark became D in 1992?

I received this in the mail ~ Check it out ~ Business oriented

What issues will activate a new generation of Democrats?

D. Kucinich official congressinlal website linking to Diebold funny biz

Bob Dole (R-Viagra) penned an e-mail to Howard Kurtz about Howard Dean

Check out the New Democratic Network

BBV: NYT | Paul Krugman | Hack the Vote (Bev, rob-Georgia mentioned!)

Crossfire: Is Novak Drunk ???:

Skinner should shut DU down for the duration of the primary season.

Lou Dobbs Poll: Break up big Media?

Since Lou Dobbs brought this Up, I thought I would do a DU Poll.

What Gov. Arnie did got me thinking about illegal immigrants...

We Must Draft Hilary!

Just received this e-mail from Repug. I need help responding!

Looks like Dean's going to compete for Oklahoma too

Clark, Live C-Span, Wednesday

Any Texas jornalists or lawyers


What's the whole "Sister Souljah" moment about?

Skinner should shut DU down for the duration of the primary season.

Hate is not a family value

CNBC about to discuss Howard Dean and a "firestorm over secrecy"

When did start pushing the RW agenda?

Table of economic data, 1960 - 2003

BBV: Tonight's truthout broadcast focuses on the Krugman piece

Pew Poll on "Trade" Doesn't Pass the Sniff Test

Lou Dobbs vote: Should big media companies be broken up? Vote now!

Dean, "Bait & Switch" on Campaign Funding

Dems Consider "Theater In The Round" For Convention At Fleet Center

Looking for a list of Shrub's bad economic policies

SCotUS Redistricting Case 12-10

Powerful piece, Bush and his band of Criminals!

Is Nader just another pathetic vanity candidate?

best way to convert Nader voters to your way of thinking

Colorado Politics

I'm going to Milwaukee June 24-27

Max Cleland for VP ?

I'm thinking we need a replay of "Triumph of the Wimp"...

The Hill: The Medicare bill is a Washington-style mafia bustout

Anyone watching CNBC? GOP strategist on George Soros's donation

I think "Chickenhawks - Hall of Shame" is also an appropriate video...

Legacy Admissions and Affirmative Action

Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri: We are holding his wife and family


Hey Soros Want To Get Bush Out - Buy MSNBC

For SF Area -- Mayor Debate on Local CBS Channel 5 at 7 pm PST

If we lose because Nader runs, we deserve it!

Is there any possible way to push a National Vote on an issue?

People For The American Way announce fundraising auction (Dean, Nirvana..)

Dean admitting that he didn't want to go to Vietnam hurt him in the South

Would you support a nationwide liberal newspaper?

Pat Buchanan would stand a better chance now than in 2000.

Worth repeating: Dems 138 mm, Repukes 125 mm votes (last 3 elections)

Has Alan Colmes reached puberty?

Reuters....Was Bush's Iraq Trip Fabricated?

Freepers rejoice at Nader news, visit DU to enjoy our pain

Lieberman's Town Hall On NOW (7:25PM ET) CSPAN

The Economist: British perspective on fall of the dollar

The Economist: AIDS: A Mixed prognosis (Informative Article)

POLL: Which Democratic candidate is your last choice?

Time for some opposition research? Read Bush's Texas papers

Ugh.. Bush approval rating up to 61% after Iraq stunt

Cavuto calls latest mutual funds crook a "victim"

Can the Democratic Candidate raise 200 million?

Mike Malloy is online and live

Anyone keeping tabs on the Gulf War II lies?

how did Chimpy get a school named after him

Are Liberals losing the college campuses, too?

Healthcare workers required to register?

Dean Gets Union Endorsements But Will He Leave Them Hanging As President?

Are there any homosexual freeper types?

Janklow trial fall-out... Diabetics should not have drivers' licenses??

I'm surprised at the number of people who find fault with Dean on Vietnam

USA Today: Closely contested states with sagging economies

They just read my Janklow email on Talk of the Nation

Kerry Invokes Vietnam in Campaign Stop

HR 2239 Status Report-Check to make sure your Rep. is on this list!

Will Segways become battlefield bots?

Dispelling a popular Dean/DU myth

how can I upload a paintshop file?

Interesting Post about Tom Tancredo.

Coverage of Dean Triples During November; Clark's Coverage Drops

Clarkies--come in here, I'm showing off a pic I's a must-see!

Is this surge in Bush's popularity going to continue, or is it a blip?

Will Super Delegates trump the Dean Machine?

Dec 2, 1980 - 4 American missionaries murdered in ElSalvador

Bush's Baghdad-Bound Plane WAS Spotted

Govt. Unemployment Numbers, do they include these folks?

Decided to go Dean

Split The Right?

Which Candidate has vowed to Clean up Investor Fraud? Close the Loopholes

Let's admit it. Coulter is right. The "Liberal Media" must be dismantled.

Herding Cats

Who Tried To Bribe Rep. Smith?

Bush Quote of the day ("an extraordinary indictment of past U.S. policy")

Bush and his being a Christian is sort of

The Hill: ‘Me too, pal,’ says Bush, hanging up

Can George W. Bush have you or your children in the draft?

PLEASE Be Civil: I Have an Honest Concern About Dean

Jesse Jackson praises Clark, bashes Bush

OMG, I Just had a ping pong game with a MSNBC Journalist

Bush's lack of credibility amazes me

Has Sharpton said anything about PNAC?

Canadian DUers..out of these four candidates who do you like?

Reuters.....Bush's Iraq Trip...."Pilots Didn't Radio Air Force One"

Schwarzenegger on gay marriage.

New Canadian Opinion Poll (SOM) - Liberals massive lead, NDP 2nd - CBC

Lou Dobbs exposing Neil Bush on now

BBV: the most important people in Congress

Bill of Right's everywhere!

Only a Fox reporter called editor before Thanksgiving trip

12/2 Democratic Candidate STRAW poll!

Need help finding a Nader Interview from 2000 about destroying Dems

Canadian DUers: Brazilian Columnist uses movie to bash Canada healthcare.

Deleted message

The merchant class and the origins of policing

Just how big is the memory hole these days? --- WMDs, Iraq/Al Qaida

Dean passes 149,000 on Meetup (1,000 in the last 24 hours)

Is it too much to ask for people here to use a little respect

The Second Amendment and the burden of proof

Kerry support in Iowa continues to grow at the top

will you vote for Nader?

On NIGHTLINE tonight - "We Won't Go !"

Did you vote in the 2000 election?

Does a candidate's atheism/religiousness matter to you?

the news didn't mention Kerry's Patriot act leg., as I predicted

BBV: Ohio Secy' of state issues new report: 57 flaws in machines

Clark's True Colors - is he the one Eisenhower warned us about?

Got a fraudulent event note this weekend in Kansas City.

Friends of shooting victim say Howard Dean failed him

About the illegal bribes in the House on Medicare

9-11 Widow sues Bush for LIHOP/MIHOP and RICO. Amazing!

Clark snags some key Hispanic endorsements

Getting Past the 60's

Jewish group asks pope to lead anti-bomber campaign

Al-Qaeda still spreading, warns UN group

Putin demands early Iraq elections

Playa Hater Matthews on "Countdown"

Here's.......Dick! (Drudge headline)

Korean Workers in Middle East May Be Evacuated

Bush's PR Problem (Loss to Leninist leader on world stage)

Hack the Vote (Krugman)

Federal Panel Quashes Subpoenas of DeLay, Barton in Texas Redistricting

Thailand may pull out of Iraq

Evangelicals' Champion to Argue Case at High Court

Council In Iraq Resisting Ayatollah

WP p. 1: Battle Reveals New Iraqi Tactics (Samarra report)

It's [Laurie] David vs. gossip Goliath [Drudge]

(Washington state) Lawmakers take up primary cancellation

Electronic Voting Firm Drops Legal Case

Supreme court demands details on Israel's Guantanamo (Not Cuba)

Guantanamo releases linked to court ruling

Clinton: Politics Driving Iraq Timetable

Immigrant re-registration abandoned

Dallas man who exposed fake Vietnam records honored by Army

U.S. Forces Kill or Seize Top Saddam Aide-Politicians(Izzat Ibrahim per

High Court to Consider Arrests Abroad

Self-Appointed Israeli/Palestinian Negotiators Offer Peace Plan

DuPont shifts focus overseas

Bush joke.........One that would fly right over his head.

At Least 1 Soldier Killed in Attacks on Convoys near Samarra

Chain Store Sales Droop in Holiday Week

Pepsi to Cut 750 Jobs in Restructuring

Court Gives Police Victory in Waiting Time

Dean: I'd 'Break up' Fox News

Groups Collect Money for Dem. Nominee

Gangs With U.S. Ties Terrorize Central America

Pilots Didn't Radio Air Force One, Airline Says

Rumsfeld: NATO Allies to Remain in Iraq

Strike: Grocers' Profit-Sharing Probed

WGI halts project following deaths of Korean engineers

U.N. Workers Get Curfew in Afghan Capital

U.S. Embassy Warns of New Saudi Attacks

U.S. starts to report on enemy casualties

A-Bomb Survivors to Protest New Exhibit

American peace activists arrive in Iraq

OSCE Rips Russia Over Georgia, Moldova

Russia Won't Ratify Kyoto Accord, Putin Aide Illarionov Says

Poll: (near 4 out of 5) Iraqis Distrusting Coalition Troops

Research on Ecstasy Is Clouded by Errors

U.S. Denies Reports Top Aide of Saddam Captured

Don't Back Georgian Rebels, U.S. Tells Russia

U.S. Warns Iran, North Korea on Nuclear Issues

Colo. woman killed by pack of dogs

Cockfighting rules the roost in Iraq

Pentagon halts Boeing (tanker) deal

BBC (Tuesday): Russia pulls away from Kyoto pact

Italy's Berlusconi still ill, cancels more meetings

Police arrest 14 terror suspects [UK arrests]

Homeland Security Scraps Post-9/11 Reg. Program, Will Introduce New System

Dean grilled, stands ground

Electronic voting firm drops legal case

Electronic voting firm drops legal case - Globe and Mail

U.N.: Al Qaeda sanctions failing

report Shows Limited Gains in Info

Bush taking credit for latest economic rebound


Lieberman says Dean should unseal records [Lieberman now working for bush]

Appeal of DVD hacker's acquittal begins

Israel Asks Powell Not to Meet Geneva Pact Authors

Working the odds [new procedure eliminates invasive colonoscopy]

Disabled children kept in cage: report

Venezuela's Chavez and Supporters Celebrate Failure of Opposition’s Petiti

Iraqis challenge US account of battle

FAO to File for Bankruptcy Again (Toy Store Bankrupt in Xmas Season!)

Bloc MP poised to join Grits - Globe and Mail

Bush Tends to Re-Election With Fund Raising and a New Embrace of NASCAR

U.S. military denies report of capture of top Saddam aide

Guardian says Schiavo not likely to improve, wants to stay on case

IT Stymied In Terror War:Panel (Privacy/Liberties Debates Hindering Govt)

U.S. launches major raid on Iraqi town

US accused of provoking shootout in Samarra

Protesters bring mixed messages outside Bush fund-raiser

Invesco, CEO Cited in Mutual Fund Scandal

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday December 1.....(#1)

Iraqi Women in New York on U.S. Tour (Press Release)

Combat units needed in Iraq, fact finders say (South Korea)

Fair Trials Impossible, Say Guantanamo Lawyers

Annan forms Advisory Group on Iraq

A Combat Leader Gives The Inside Skinny Of The Biggest Battle Since The Wa

Commander Denies Abuse Allegations

BAD SANTA Was The #1 Movie In America Last Night And Is Now Coming To A ..

Sjodin case spurs Pawlenty to push for death penalty

Bush And Blair Are In Trouble

Who Tried to Bribe Rep Smith?

Beyond Bull (The economic recovery)

Israel Raps U.S. for Planned Talks with Geneva Authors

LaHood (R-Ill.): Hussein's capture imminent

Witness Cries During Janklow Trial

Army Reserve Troops Ordered Back Overseas (Draft Coming?)

Euro soars to new highs as dollar struggles

Terror Watch Center Opens, but Lists Lag

Pentagon to Delay ID Release of Soldiers

Supreme Court: Police Right to Knock Door Down After 20 Seconds

Pollack: 'It's a really mixed picture' in Iraq

Court Gives Police Victory in Waiting Time

Pentagon Allows Lawyer for U.S.-Born Taliban Suspect

IRAQI GRAFFITI--New World Media Watch

Bush Expands Law Promoting Adoption

Russia Kills All Hopes For Kyoto Protocol Success

Thai MPs in uproar at ban on mistresses

AP: Poll: President's approval on the rise after Thanksgiving

A Grieving Father Protests Iraq War

Pentagon Delays Award of Iraq Oil Contracts Again

Judge Denies Move to Free Jack Kevorkian (For Health Reasons)

Anti-Patriot Act Measure Drops From Bill ("sneak and peek" searches)

Lost Jobs and Military Funerals Haunt Bush in the Heartland

Officials Deny Air Force One Sighting

Ex-US Treasurer Joins CA Senate Race (going after Boxer's seat)

(FCC is) Following Fox's Orders

Lawyer Says Janklow Had Diabetic Reaction [ABC News]

We're ready to govern: Iraq President

Widow's Bush Treason Suit Vanishes in Blink of Media Eye

Israel to Install Hi-Tech ID System

"Next flu pandemic could wreak global havoc, scientists warn"

Gulf of Mexico oil, Cuba's billion-dollar bet

‘Me too, pal,’ says Bush, hanging up (Trouble in the ranks)

U.S. ambassador to Colombia lauds Uribe government on security

Diebold retreats; lawmaker demands inquiry (Kucinich is on this!)

American IT Workers Welcome in Canada

Bush Raises Steel Money Before Tariff Decision

Labour MP Advertised Himself as "Horny as Buggery" on Gay Website

Rep. Doolittle’s move called ‘a mystery’ (Punishment for anti-war stance?)

GOP Chairman Criticizes Dean in Vermont

NYC Hotels to GOP: Sink Cruise Ship Plan (delay cancels ship

High court to hear arguments on Vincent Foster photos

US Upset Over Latham (AU) Remark

Utah native exec killed, wife severely injured in Brazil

Ohio Won't Meet Electronic Vote Deadline (of Nov. '04)

Lieberman says U.S. military must improve peacekeeping skills

She's still one ugly Bitch!

Turns out the cops have an arrest warrant out on my upstairs neighbor

OK, fair is fair....Favorite Northern Expresions

You're the one that I love (a film for dog lovers)

I'm starting to look for a condo -- any suggestions?

I just got two Volunteer Jobs

Calling all music lovers and "American Dream" watchers

What the heck was that article in the Lobby about the media?

I just got back from the Phish show - ask me anything!

Neutering your pets.. aka.. My vet tricked me

I've been unemployed for two weeks. Ask me anything!

This thread is all about YOU..

Will you NOW boycott Pepsi, Frito Lay, et al?

sigh . . . husband lost his job last Wednesday . .

its finally official

its finally official

its finally official


I'm sick of the NE, NW, and S. lets talk about the Rocky Mountain states!

An email a wing nut sent me today ...

CONFESS!!!!! First Rock Concert you ever saw!!!

'Nother music thread; hey Brits, what about Alabama3?

Boy, Larry King sure is scraping the bottom of the barrel

The End of the World

Well, the tree is up. Multi-colored lights or plain white?

Jed Bartlett For President!

Cool t-shirt for a present for an progressive sort of person


Yo, Directors!

anyone familiar with Fayetteville NC?

So where and when is the DU Convention going to be?

egads--flying sharks!

new OxyRush advertiser Aprilaire

10 Reasons why Beer is Better than Jesus

Yeah here's a good example of a self centred jerk

Just watched the film, "Little Big Man" again, with Dustin Hoffman

how long is a cooked turkey safe to eat?

new Oxyrush and Savage Weiner advertiser Cortaslim

Christmas Presents!

I just chewed someone out in a chat room

The Richard Pryor Show to be out on DVD in January!

Rumsfeld wins "Foot In Mouth Award."

I am Hooked On Prescription Drugs and I need Help

A Politically Correct Seasonal Greeting To All Of You

new Oxyrush and Hannity advertiser Officemax

The Promised Pictures of my Pussy (cat that is)

Petula Clark.....first Botox user?

I'm going to bed

I just saw "the Manchurian Candidate" today, ask me anything

I got back from Greece last night. don't Ask me anything.

Police Recover Stolen Car - After 20 YEARS

I'm about to hit 666 posts

A Bizarre, Incoherent, Contrived "News" Story

Good (Snowy-Tuesday) Morning DU!

Christmas tree lights -- yer preference?

WTF? Young Repub Club at my school?


Return of the King S'track - Annie Lennox and James Galway? so wrong!

What Would You Do?

You know it's going to be one of those days when....

"When the truth comes out, it's going to be ugly"


Tell me what your favorite Tom Waits ramble is....

I had a dream about Dean last night!

Ahhhh, Every Bride's Dream - The WalMart Wedding

Meat-flavored bottled water

Can a cat get a 'cold'? Our vet said yes...

What songs make you lunge for the SKIP button?

Horror fans: We just lost out on a Clive Barker/John Carpenter film

Grateful Dead on PBS

The Red House Painters/Mark Kozalek...

Man Burns Life Savings - Fails Suicide Attempt

Bras And Thongs Are New Anti-Drug Weapon

Tech question: One mouse click makes my scroll bar go down 2 pages.

Kick-ass radio show

Do you ever get homesick?

Larry King Linda Tripp Interview Puff Piece-Ignored Torture she inflicited

Which Pink Floyd - Barrett or non-Barrett

Bush joke.........One that would fly right over his head.

'Gentleman Cannibal' Poses Legal Dilema

Final week of DU Fantasy Football - positioning for the Playoffs

Well, I think I might have just killed my laptop

Best Scrooge?

It's time I supported Howard


Who has the new Outkast album?

It's a freaking blizzard

A sad day in a small town

I'm throwing my support behind Clark

Pain killers - your preference?

More evidence of freepers invading DU.

What happened to that movie

Canadian DUers: Who's from Nova Scotia?

Now, THIS is a GUN!

December Issue of "Landover Baptist"

"All I Can Say Is That My Life Is Pretty Plain..."

For my 300th post, I'd like to urge everyone to...

Some people are just SICK! (You have to try this...)

My computer just got attacked.

Psychological Test

My take on the negative attitudes towards xianity on DU

someone just tried to prank call me COLLECT


This is a picture of my middle finger.


Ahh, such sweet sound!

Techies: Any way to format a CD-RW in ISO 9660?

Techies: Any way to format a CD-RW in ISO 9660?

The less talked about weight problem....

OK, admit it - you got a little misty when...("X2" spoiler)

Raising money for charity

Go to Google and type in "miserable failure."

Saw A DU bumpersticker today

I just bought 'My Life in the Bush of Ghosts' and haven't heard it yet.

today's new OxyRush advertisers 12/3

So I'm ordering at Burger King

Coffee Tea or Me!

Time for another punch-line thread...

Oh man. nailed the Bush turkey trot.

Our first wedding anniversary!

Hmm. Anyone here have tried South Beach diet successfully?

Is it just me or is there no such thing as a "moderate liberal" in todays

I was just ATTACKED by: Margarita Salt!

admit it

How much Bush can you take before you barf?

Emergency Tech question:

See? This is what I'm sayin'...

do you ever shout down inanimate objects?

Okay you guys I need your help!

I'm going to the 20th Anniversary Phish concert tonight in Boston

YAY! Dinner's finally Yummilicious Tonight!

Nader Nader bo bader, banana fanna fo fader, me my mo mader,

can you buy one share of stock?

This Thread Is All About EWE

I feel like crap!

No underwear? Why is that a threat?

socks: roll them in a ball or tie them in a knot?


Resume/Application question

Ok, who stole all the threads from the latest page?

Need help with a printing press


When's Les Claypool gonna tour again?

Speaking of the "un-electable"....

Are there any Woodstock attendees on this board

If you won $10 million in the lottery, what would you do with the money?

Poll: Did you like the Dixie Chicks before you knew they were on our side?

Bull Semen To Be AUCTIONED!

Disco Beaver From Outer Space! (JEFF GREENFIELD WROTE IT!)

Which pop star would you most like to slap with a dead halibut?

Can you think of some good people,people that try to change things.

When the moderators deleted page 2 and page 3, they really......

if nader had not run in 2000..

Well Boo F*#@%^& Hoo! Drudge upset because "Bad Santa" is #1

Bah, humbug! CAPTION Donald Scrooge

OMG! I've been FREEPED! HELP!!!!! (I have his email addy :-)

Hey c'mere kid! I'll show you what happens when you don't CAPTION...

Hey kids, can anyone here tell me how to spell C-A-P-T-I-O-N?

Don't ignore your nature____CAPTION

Ahhh...all Nader, all the time in GD.

Sign your name across my heart

Because Catwoman Yelled At Me....Here's My New Sigline

Military DUer Newsletter (Courtesy of Buzzflash)

Waiting (For what seems like eternity) for an important email/call SUCKS!

Is this too big for a sig pic?

Twenty four hour clock question --

Sure you can wipe your nose on my tie - but only if you CAPTION!

Check out auction on EBay

Alan Colmes Loses Argument With Nephew

How much beer can you drink before you barf?

ladies of DU (or Bravo fans), need help with an area rug

Let's indoctrine our children into becoming homosexuals!

I Fully Acknowledge That This Thread Will Die Quickly

Charlie Brown Christmas now on ABC (8pm est)

Does anyone know when Rudolph is on? Charly Brown is on tonight

Time Line

If the management at your workplace micromanaged beyond sanity,

I feel like a drink

How many TV channels did you get as a kid?

Where is

Definitive proof - there ARE Republicans in SF!

I've gotta baby's brain

Who is the most famous person you almost killed?

I feel like a yak

new Hannity advertiser Baskin-Robbins

Favorite Fellini Yak

Miserable failure

I just registered on Classmates . com

If I one day disappeared...?

Pirates of the Caribbean DVD out today!!!!

Well it's official: my teacher's being sent off to Gitmo anyday now

Which Version Of Ralph Do You Like Best?

Favorite Southern Expressions


BAD SANTA Was The #1 Movie In America Last Night And Is Now Coming To A ..

New "Horatio Hornblower" Series Debuting on A&E NOW!

Caption the little Hastert

i have nothing to say tonight

Darin Keagan (sp?) You Are A RW WHORE

is it kosher to post a rant about my escape

Mid Day Theater no one watches (Moyers) the progressive story of America

Fun Facts

The Paris Hilton/Nicole Ritchie Show

Does anyone remember Kofi Annan's laryngitis?

Anyone know any good Yiddish words/expressions?

And another JAILBLAZER!

Favorite smells of stinky things

(The Onion) Alan Colmes Loses Argument With Nephew

This is funny

What should be my next career?

Who were the other members of the Jackson Five?

Gephardt: Shadow candidate?


If you get a response to your personals ad...

What's your favorite non-existent charity?

Which is dumber?

When it's my turn to go, how should I go?

What happened to DUer Russ Feingold?

The Tale of the Donkey

To those who do not understand the appeal of Paris Hilton

What was Charlie Brown's sister's name?

Finally made amends to my ex -coworkers

Oh, that is hilarious. Faux News messes up again.

Who's going to check out LINE OF FIRE tonight?

Don't Crap On Me Argentina..... CAPTION

How do I change the font, type and colour for text on sig lines???

This is my 400th post!

A Very Crude Poll.

Anyone been to the malls lately? Where's the sign(s) of this big, bad

Let’s all remember December 7th, the day the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

Has anyone heard DailyKos's piano music? Sounds awesome

Who stayed at the Paris Hilton

Ain't gonna be no rematch.

Lou Dobbs exposes Neil Bush tonight

has anyone seen this yet?

Help!! My house is made up like The North Pole!!!!!

Life, the Universe and Everything.

It's the, like, Nadsat thread, my droogies

Hot Diggidy! I have had two threads stay alive all night on GD!!

Favourite Western Expressions

Were you a criminal in your teen years?

What was your main objective as a teen?

Bev Harris on the cover of Hustler!

Tuesday night laugh track

Let’s all remember Dec 7th, the day the Japanese Attacked Pearl Bailey

Favorite Northern Exposure.... Character

I'm In Business! How do I sell this stuff?

did that guy on that cooking show on PBS really molest kids?

Do you believe in IHOP?

Hank WIlliams just gave me my new pick-up line

Which would you rather drink....?

Who do you most wish had become Vice President

What Bumper/Window Stickers are on your car

Do shows about rich people piss you off?

Weird videos from MTV's early days.....

Is it just me or is anyone else NOT feeling the Christmas spirit?

Famous People you've, mobbed, thrown to the ground and ripped hair off of?

Celebrity Poker Showdown

Which Declaration of Independence Signer would've made the best president?

Turn and face the strange C-C-CAPTIONS

Ralph Nader violated my yak

You have a best friend from High School you have lost touch with?

Walmart bathrooms. You must read this.

In the market for a home PC

Do They Make Any Hats That DON'T Mess Up Your Hair?

Disappointed at Clark meetup

I don't get all of this craze for Paris Hilton.

How Fast Can You Type?

Like Al Franken, how about Alona Frankel?

Favorite Bob Mould and/or Sugar number

Billy Pilgrim

To all my friends here at DU (I'm back!)

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Can a cat catch a cold? Anyone know?

Why is the missing college student national news?

The "fat" girl from LOVE ACTUALLY

This is precious. Come caption

Have Fun with this one! Bush backdrop generator

What is your main objective on DU?

CAPTION the V.P._______ (Valet President)

REPENT!!! LAST Rock concert you went to???

Anybody have a favorite concert?

Favorite Fellini Film?

your dreams from last night?

Favorite kid/family/young person film of 2003?

HawkerHurricane's NFL Power Ratings!

Northern Arizona University shocks Number One McNeese State in 1st round!

So, what are the pros and cons

I am religion shopping right now..

My Dem Dream Administration for January 2005

Who is the most Famous person you ever personally met?

Jyotsna Singh (BBC): Bhopal disaster survivors fight on

Moyers speech to the Take Back America Conference -- video link

US fires Guantanamo defence team (for saying ethical obligations violated

Animals 'can think about thought' (understand they "don't know" answer)

What caliber of gun is being used in the Columbus, OH highway shootings?

How do I search the archives before July 2003?

Why isn’t Nader viewed as harmful as Bush?

New Iowa Zogby : Dean-26 Gep-22

Russo still mulling primary challenge vs. Garrett

Good Grief! Daschle on The Daily Show!

Things that will hurt Dean in the south

Proof there's no way Iraqi oil could pay for rebuilding...

The new "bush surging" poll - some unreported red flags?

When the hell will the nominee be chosen? So we can all be

So why doesn't Ralph Nader ever run as a democrat?

Janklow's Defense Attacked

What is your candidate's campaign theme?

watch nightline, Israel policy

Boise Idaho: proposed hate monument for Julia Davis Park

Future President Wesley Clark has new TV Ad

Al Gore has a song about Monkeybowl...I'm not kidding....

What percentage of elected Democrats are liberal?

Daschle on Daily Show NOW

The Case for Dean

Gore's near miracle

So why doesn't Ralph Nader ever run as a democrat?

Washington Staters: Here's YOUR Axis of Evil!

"Most incompetent US President ever" : Australian Opposition Leader

Proof there's no way Iraqi oil could pay for rebuilding...

My take on recent poll results

Who is the worst conservative news person or commintator?

BBV: If you not listening to Mike Webb at 10pm pacific

Are the "open" records really open.....or are other hands on the keys.

Ethanol and the Democratic Party Primaries. (Iowa pork or sound science?)

World AIDS day: Statement by Carol Moseley Braun

Restaurant security video released in Cincinnati incident

Avenge Gore's Defeat (Elect NEWSOM)

Gephardt says Dean record of cuts not correct course

Dean EVISCERATES Bush! Now this is how to wage politics!

If the economy is so great suddenly, why don't people have jobs?

People The Law Forgot (Guantanamo, The Guardian)

A Policy Translates to Losses (Gay Translators)

On the rocks: the grim forecast for winter sports as global warming increa

US Allows Lawyer for Citizen Held as 'Enemy Combatant'

White House Seeks to Soften Mercury Rules

Dean Says He's Now Considering Unsealing Vermont Files

Daily Show on now!

Night, Night... the cough medicine is k i k ng iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn

Dupe? Tom Daschle on Charlie Rose now....


I need a harumph! Someone give me a harumph!


I am at screwed up there tonight, ask me anything

The Twins traded AJ Pierzynski to the Giants...

Name the Last Great Metallica Studio Album.

So I have a picture of Benny my kitty.

Woohoo! I just found an autographed Roxy Music 12" in my collection!!

I'm bored shitless. Ask me anything!

Last Photoshop of the day.... Photon Boy >.......... CAPTION

Apartment in Santa Monica

Who would you pick you play you in a movie about your life?