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Archives: December 19, 2003

White House Covers Tracks by Removing Information

DOD says war requests won't be part of main budget

Dean celebrated in song

Saddam's Arrest Brings Humiliation Debate

Bush-campaign saboteur gets an unlikely olive branch

Why the resistance will increase

9/11 Chair: Attack Was Preventable

Iran wants Saddam to be tried for Iran-Iraq war

Jon Carroll today

Umm Qasr -- From National Pride to War Booty

san diego union|tribune - ltte - kerry can say what he wants

Pitts Jr. -- Saddam Capture Doesn't Justify War

Once, the U.S. Was Cozy With the Reviled Hussein - LA TIMES letter

David Dunford: Stop hassling foreign students coming to U.S.

the Dubya Crisis Compass

** DU Exclusive** Interview With Saddam Hussein

Text of Bush Libya WMD announcement

Draw the line on states' redistricting efforts

Intel surge

Stars and Stripes letters (Thumbs up for Clark, Thumbs down for Fox News)

Best Buried News Stories of 2003!

Lieberman charges that Dean is a divisive force among Democrats

Entire USA undergoes Stockholm syndrome

Bush Fatigue

Ashcoft Fined for Breaking Election Laws

An excellent LTTE in today's Las Vegas Sun, re: Bush haters

Paul Krugman (The Nation): The Death of Horatio Alger

CANCEL THE PRIMARIES - Time for Democrats to Rally Around Dean

Help Convince Nader Not to run

Is there anybody on here right now?

CLEVELAND Protest on 12/20/03 -- Does anyone have Info about it?

Cheney at McChord AFB, Wash., Dec. 22

Bonnie Raitt, Michelle Shocked, Tim Reynolds join Willie Nelson's KUCINICH

Dean Takes on Big Media

Lou Dobbs (R, POS) gets his ass a girl!

If we had a liberal media?, any other sites like this?

Evidence that Heritage Foundation is a corporate whore....

Christ in Islam - This ought to get those lazy fingers typing :)

I'm interviewing for a "dream job" January 8.

The Simple Life, Saddam-style

A young man died on the mountain tonite...

Joe Pinizotto & the Curse of Santa Claus

Salon/Michelle Goldberg/Lost Liberties FTAA Story: "This is not America"

Georgia ready to make history with minority AD

Black gay advocacy group comes together

Air Canada buying 45 regional jets from Bombardier, 45 from rival Embraer

Job outsourcing and the American middle class - political solutions?

Nothing virtual about global warming

NY Times: Brazil's President, Once a Dark Horse, Describes Bright Present

NY Times: Pakistan May Relent on Kashmir Demand

Canada’s Liberal government veers right

Gunship Free Enterprise

NY Times: Robert Stanfield, 89, a Tory Who Lost Twice to Trudeau, Dies

North Texas Submachine Gun Match

GUNS IN THE NEWS--December 19, 2003

Google phone map.

North Texas Submachine Gun Match

Official credits program for less gun crime

Snapshot of cannabis laws by National Review

Would you carry a concealed weapon if it was permitted

Nothing special..just

Have you seen the Wes Clark movie yet??

Where would a post on immigration go?

This post is somewhat troublesome

Where did my avatar go?

Erm, uh...Bob's article title had me confused on first reading

I leave for a day and look what happens

Is it possible to alert on yourself?

I'd appreciate an explanation about why this post was deleted

What is going on around here?

About my post that was recently deleted....

Admins: Wondering if the distinction between "Anti-War" and "Anti-Iraq

Why is this thread still open?

Why all the deleted messages?

Since we received all our free publicity there has been an

Question: can you only use "Alert" and "Ignore" if you have a star?

Can Someone Clue Me Into What Happened In My Lounge Thread

I'm sorry...

How is this not using RNC talking points and defending Bush?

Did somebody just delete a reply of mine from this thread?



Kudo's to al....for Splitting "GD" into two groups and we

My first post down here

Am I misunderstanding the new user rules?

Thank you for splitting the Campaign 2004 forum off

Can't figure out "Search" function

Charedi Rabbis Rush To Disavow Anti-Gentile Book

EU thwarts PLO's anti-Israel move in UN

Book review: 'Resistance - My Life for Lebanon'

Killing Arafat

War-Weary Christians Seek Escape from Holy Land

NY Times: Sharon's Limited Vision

NY Times: U.S. Warns Israel Against Steps That Harm Peace Plan

IDF to probe razing of sheikh's tomb

C-Span: You must hear or see Clovis Maksoud. Hope for re-broadcast

Sharon's hopeless vision

Standing Tall

Netanyahu: Israeli Arabs Pose Demographic Threat

Sowing conflict and division

Do Mobile Phones work during flights? A Case Study

So whatever happened to that haiku thread?

FEC Chooses GOP's Smith As New Chairman In desperation, John Kerry goes too far

Edwards says he won't quit Senate

WV Dean backers gather


Conervative Think Tank Poll, re: Gay

N.J. Governor McGreevey & Rep. Rush Holt Endorse Dean

Dean launches new site –

GOod challengers acometh

Clark Finally making Headway

Keep this in mind, folks

new Georgia poll - Dean holds double-digit lead

Help Convince Nader Not to run

African-American Republican Leadership Council remarks on Dean

If you don't want Nader to run, vote for Dennis Kucinich

What do these people have in common?

Bob Barr to talk 911report tonight in 1st hr. of Coast to Coast,1:07am EST

Deaniacs converting to Kerry at MeetUp

Favorite lines from "Pulp Fiction"

So America is safer b/c Hussein has been captured. Really?

Mike Webb's got Scott Ritter online NOW -- 1:32am ET

I just went to MSN chats, and

Clark's House Party

Lieberman Says Clark Misleads Voters

Question about the death penalty

The term "fagot"

Why do people think that you have to be a Republican to love America?

Should Bill Clinton volunteer to testify before the 9/11 Commission?

Objective Book about Abortion?

NY Times Letters to the Editor on Bob Herbert's column

NY Times: 15,000 Laotian Hmong Refugees to Be Allowed to Resettle in U.S.

I am a loyal Democrat, and will support my party's nominee in 2004.

That Brit Hume show on Fox discussing Dean last night...

Gropenfuehrer cuts social services, as we expected

This may be a stupid question, but...

200 Years ago tomorrow

Nader's Online Survey: Should I run?

"Mis-use of Medical Technology"?

Addresses with senators’ names led to weed

World knows our foreign policy better than we do

Bill Clinton on Howard Dean

Connect the dots from Thomas Kean to Osama..

Why Iraq is still a liability to the US Government.

Did Rumsfeld lie? "the secretary said what he said & I would go with that"

Governor Kean is helping us out

Gay marriage poll on right wing site

2003: A Year of Distortion for the American People

Illinois DUers... a MUST bookmark site!

Control of the Media: might be easier than you think

Hardworking Lib going back to College needs P/T work.

My, my, my. Those beligerent CSPAN callers

Suggestion for an anti-Bush ad...

Save Overtime Pay and Limit Fox's Media Power

Hey, look, we're famous again.

"Our country is blessed to have such a man at the helm at this time..."

America must invade Iraq to turn Saddam into a homeless man

Religious voting blocs shift allegiances

How hard is it to build a soccer field?

Online poll to help Nader decide on presidential bid

When has * been honest on a major issue while “President”?

"Establishment" Democrats and the Washington Consensus

Getting Our Troops ALL THE WAY HOME...

The Importance of Being Noonan - icky images from the heart of darkness

Why can't I find this stuff???

(Topic unrelated to Bball)On the NBA on TNT Postgame Show

Interview with Iraqis this AM on BBC World Today ...the real deal

Freddy Barnes SCARED of Dean

Your opinions please

Iraq War question...

Have you ever been polled by Gallup or Zogby or any other poll???

Gay Marriage - Please VOTE

Iraqi "Liberation"

My response to a BC (Blame Clinton) wingnut - RE: 9-11

Google phone map.

Latest Poll: 67% support Iraq war, 59% think Iraq war helps war on terror.

Time Passed By

230 days, and no WMD...

Do you read Right-Wing Newspapers?

America's Stupidest Congressman

Clovis Maksoud

Tanks roll into Tikrit

Had a little letter to the editor published

Excellent msnbc poll. Go vote!

"I just wish the people of Illinois could have known the truth"

Why I hate George W. Bush even more, if such a thing were possible.

Ann Coulter lauds Crazy Judge Moore for Man of the Year

Portland Oregonian Rallies Behind Bush

Can someone let me know why * is often used in place of Bush?

Great theatre marquee

If the U.S. had IRV voting

Cheney's Pheasantgate - who some of the shooters were

AFA Puts Out Gay Marriage Poll

BBC Story/Clark's Milosevic testimony--"extremely impt"-- prosecutors

Got my star!!! Hurray for me! George Bush is still a dweeb but I got my

Corrupt CT Governer in Direct Contact With God

Help Convince Nader Not to run

NBC NEWS: No imminent threat to NYC...

Move On Christmas ad was just on

Bush says "Saddam's a liar", don't believe anything SH says . . .

List of Companies exporting jobs...

US Missionaries in Iraq: "War for Souls"

What exactly did Matt Millen say to Johnnie Morton?

Email I received: "I wish I had terrorists like that on my side."

AFA's gay Marriage Poll

Request for food for the hungry leads to 10,000 pounds of it

Evil Walmart!

Demanding FBI Disclosure of Surveillance (links to petitions)

Kean 911 Report equivalent to JFK Warren Report -- rewrite history

Nightline Last Night - Feedback

Daily Howler Exposes Fox's Phony "Prog Dem" Bruce as Racist Trojan Horse

Orcas - 1, Bush Administration - 0.....

If it were the Dems who stole the election,would we have supported Gore?

another Victory coming up for the Peace Marchers (link)

Vanessa Kerry on CSpan now

If the Iraqis ever do get to vote - will Diebold equipment be installed?

Officials: WMD chief may quit

What can we do to stop Wal-Mart/educate others?

What if the situation in Iraq improves?

Iraq 5 Years From Now, Friend or Foe?

Speak English or get the f@#@ out!

Thesis: We knew all along Iran wasn't making nukes.

Some Refusing To Vote In NH Primary Over Gay Bishop

53% still believe Saddam Hussein connected to 9/11

a small Victory....from America to the U.S. Forest Service...(link)

what will you be doing for work in 10-15 years?

On election night who else will need a designated driver. . .

The Largest Issue Facing This Country ....... Not Sure what To Do.

BBV: NIST conference online

If You Haven't Seen This Yet...

Letter from Office of the VP in Newsweek

CAFTA -- A New NAFTA scam in the works

"Fence shitters?"

Al Franken or Michael Moore

The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2002-2003

Jose Padilla and GITMO...the "Magnificant" ruling

Liddy on Crossfire: Just because *'s commanding officer

I need some info about Utilities in Iraq

Hannity Just Told a Caller "You Need to Get a Life"

Choose Your Weapon Now - Influence Your Family & Friends.....

America, speak English or get out

Website buys armor for troops

Bush hurts troops with lack of oversight Halliburton and other contractors

CSPAN Saturday 12/20

Bush, the Bumbler (from Slate)

An Anti-Hillary PAC.....

On This First Night Of Chanukah --- Who Is The Funniest Jew Of All-Time?

9/11 Bush Knew !


Dow actually flat last 12 months !

If we were playing POKER, Texas Holdum? How do the Pubs play??

Jeb's DCF drugging emotionally disturbed foster children

Non-misadministration reports on next likely terrorist attack in US?

Some new ideas for Terrorism Alerts

Do the Shi'a stay on the sidelines?--Josh Marshall

George Bush Top Gun Doll offer. (Major puke alert)

The Al Jazeera Hack

Any demonstration against govt or coalition forces will be fired upon

Cross Post: Conservative Think Tank Poll, re: Gay

Judge Denies Injunction To Halt Cal Domestic Partner Law

Cross Post: Conservative Think Tank Poll, re: Gay

Lou Dobbs Poll.....unfreep? Please.

bill moyers now dupe -sorry

Bill Moyers NOW: Walmart Relies on Taxpayer Subsidized Healthcare

questions for liebermaners

Slogans for 2004!

A good way to go after republican voters in '04

cancel your DirectTV

BBV: HR 2239 cosponsors = 94... plus ONE!

My bad never mind

OR: Marijuana Act Clouds Antidrug Work Rules

Unfreep this poll - New trial for Janklow


Libya dismantling WMD program


BBV:Ohio Voter Verified Paper Ballot Bill

Going on four years now when will tax revenues go up?

Why did they wait so long to report Bremer's convoy was attacked?

C-Span: Silence of the Lamb

Holy horse pucky! I made it to News Max!

Australia seeking a few good semen

Murdock is taking over DirecTV

In These Times--- America Votes---

"Acts of Hope..Challenging Empire on the World Stage" Gift to Pass Along!

Give me you best reasons for the Progressive Income Tax.

Merry Christmas from the chimp and chimpette

On kosovo---how does one stop genocide?

If Al Qaida was going to strike, why a tape?

Riverside Co.(CA) bans hiring of sherrif deputies who smoke(Poll)

The RW whackos are going off on France again.

Should the Red Cross be permitted to visit Saddam Hussein ?

World hunger report: 842 million starve in the midst of plenty

Anti-Gentile-ism is on the rise too.

CBS news reports terror level may go up from yellow to orange

Freepers laud illegal harassment of man who outed Bush.

Libya's next!!

David Kay will be home for the holidays. Why not the troops too?

Libya, Iran, and ... Japan?

Are you ready for the Revolution?

New TBTM Flash: 'Blood And Treasure'

PETA and fur and factory farms and

Wow, anyone see this? Is this in our own future?

I am LIBERAL and proud of it!!

Most convincing 9-11 "Pentagon Jet Lie " yet

911 Bush Knew ....3 confrontations in one car trip

Anyone read the Soldiers' letters on Mike Moore's website?

Al Franken or Michael Moore

Embezzler programmed system to connect ballot to voter

Wow, Ashcroft's gestapo "arresting, detaining, deporting journalists"

Are we in America facing the new "Judgement at Nuremburg? You Decide

What's More Effective?

NY Times: Picture of Menorah that will placed on one of Iraq's palaces

"They're just going to keep killing us until we leave"

There's no such thing as "the DLC line" that a DLCer votes

Why do so many think Chomsky is an unimpeachable source?

Pataki wants new WTC tower under construction before the RNC

MD DUers: Is Maryland a Southern state or a Northeastern one?

Gov Ed Rendell's Holiday card ....

MoveOn Bush in 30 Seconds Ad Contest

Do we live in a Democracy?

Gunship Free Enterprise

More Light!: Plaidder's 2001st Post

Harold, in the wings:Politics could someday see a very new President Ford

On Losing Faith

This week's Bill Moyers NOW: Wal-Mart, Samantha Power, ICC, more...

Clinton impeachment anniversary

Rumsfeld OK'd Saddam's use of chemical weapons in March 1984

US Secret Service airbrushes aerial photos

What made you become a Democrat/Leftist once and for all?

Photo Tricks Betray the 'Saddam' Psyop

Global Warming Thread: Recent Articles: BIG Trouble Ahead

Help with the Estate tax

Army reinstates bonus for active-duty GIs who re-enlist while in war zones

Travelers can expect delays, hassles at S. Florida airports

India test fires surface-to-air Trishul missile

Tapes Show Abuse of 9/11 Detainees [hate-based culture at work]

Japanese consortium to bid for Iraq gas project

Sudan shuts down Aljazeera bureau

truck blast wounds two soldiers in Iraq

Court Rulings Slam Bush's Terror Strategy

Remember 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'? For Bush, They Are a Nonissue

Iraq blast hits main Shia group

Tapes Show Beatings of 9/11 Detainees

CBS: Wounded Troops Denied Benefits?

9/11 Widow coming on Hardball in a few (Kristin?) He didn't give name.

Democrats' new campaign funding groups may face regulation

PM hopes to rule at age 75 - (Cdn PM Paul Martin) - Globe and Mail

Security plans for July emerge (Boston Convention)

Iran's Rafsanjani wants U.S. and Saddam on trial

PM set to overrule court if it forces gay marriage on churches (Canada)

Iraqi Vice (pills, porn, prostitution and booze)

U.S. links al Qaeda to Persian Gulf drug boat

Appeals court rejects subpoenas to identify music downloaders

'Emissary of death' sentenced to life (Green River Killer) | Seattle Times

Agents seize computers in probe of Lottery | Denver Post

Rumsfeld okays more US troops for Iraq

Japan plans missile shield with US

Goshute (tribal) leaders indicted by feds | Salt Lake Tribune

Texas RE-redistricting likely heading to Supreme Court

Judges: Redistricting OK in mid-decade

Record Industry May Not Subpoena Providers

Rowland Partner Got (State) Contracts

U.S. Administrator Escaped Ambush in Iraq Two Weeks Ago

Audit shows Oliphant left office $427,515 short | Miami Herald

Man sentenced to three years for role in gay-bashing death | Seattle P-I

Gay couples win retroactive CPP benefits | Globe and Mail

CDC Activates Center to Deal With Flu

Beagle 2 separates from mother ship | Guardian

Judges: Redistricting OK in mid-decade

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 19.....(#1)

Russia Links Iraq Debt Relief, Companies (more Baker results)

Zimbabwe police block newspaper | BBC

U.S. Intelligence Learn of Suicide Bombing Threat to New York (ABC)

World leaders should take stand in Saddam trial: lawyer

US troops find hidden danger behind Iraqi shopfront

New Jersey Governor Endorses Dean

RealNetworks sues Microsoft | Seattle P-I

Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 460 U.S. service members have died

Diebold e-voting machines not yet approved by feds

Gallup: "Approval for Handling of War in Iraq Jumps"

Castro looks to cash in with foreign franchises

UN appeals to Australia over Nauru crisis | ABC (Australia)

Biotech seeds shipped in error | Sacramento Bee

(Conn. GOP Gov.) Rowland Partner Got Contracts

Witnesses: Iraq Tanker Blast Kills Two (Friday)

U.S. Intelligence Learn of Possible Threats to New York and Ot

Governor Opens Door For More Cottage Questions

Ex-POW Shoshana Johnson to launch ball in Times Sq.

Alaska Senator Defends Public Record

In Debate on Antiterrorism, the Courts Assert Themselves

ABC: Gold Mine Saddam Hussein’s Loyalists Infiltrated U.S. Operations in I

Schwarzenegger doles out cash

Several Democratic presidential campaigns are strapped for cash

Federal Benefit Programs Getting Heavier

Fed. Appeals Court Rules Against Commandments Displays in KY

W.Va. taxpayers covered Lynch homecoming celebrations

Suit Spotlights Gay Domestic Violence & Police Indifference

New academic rules should satisfy critics, Yecke says | MSP Star-Trib

Corporate-backed fund-raiser said she solicited money for (GOP) campaigns

Bremer Survived Bagdad Convoy Attack

Dean's Yale Transcripts Are Released

RIAA File-Sharing Crusade Hits Major Stumbling Block

Bush to Visit Mexico for Summit

GOP redistricting map given temporary OK

Janklow Wants New Trial

States Cut Health Spending on the Poor

Ex-U.S. Rep. Gary Condit sues tabloids over Chandra Levy stories

N.J. Governor Endorses Dean

Ex-Nicaragua Leader Voices Saddam Support

Shooting Samarra's Schoolboys in the Back

Murdock taking over DirecTV

Pope Says Gibson's 'Passion' Realistic

Rumsfeld visited Baghdad in 1984 to reassure iraqis....

Abbott raises AIDS drug price more than 400 percent

Freedom Tower to rise from ashes at 1,776 feet

Canada: Layton asks Stephen Lewis to run for Parliament

'Family state' (Utah) high in abuse? | Salt Lake Tribune

US pours more troops into Iraq

Wal-Mart takes on iTunes, others with online music site

Wolfowitz Calls Spread of Terror Weapons 'Urgent Threat'

Lieberman Calls Dean a 'Divisive Leader'

Nader may pass on '04 run if Dean is nominee

Clark takes command of snowbank extraction effort

State attorney argues to unseal Limbaugh's medical records

Libya 'to give up WMD'

Bush Asks High Court to OK Pledge Recital

Church Quits Plan for Ashcroft Street

Freeh: Iranians behind Khobar towers bombing

Poll shows Dean is No. 1 with Georgia Democrats

BBV - Worst Technology - Fortune Magazine

Connecticut governor says he was called by God

Revolt of the machines and the emergence of superbaby

James Carville is on Leno tonight....

Burglars mistake unmarked patrol car for their getaway car. OOPS!

The trinity ...

Coming soon: Dubya-Laura grainy nightvision sex tape

Polar Bowler and other shockwave games

We have a well-disguised freeper trolling.

Who would Fritz the Cat vote for?

what's with this Michael Jackson and the penile code?

Trust us George...

Yesterday I realized why the Democrats will fail in 2004...

In the whole vast configuration of things, you're a scurvy little spider.

If I had one wish that I could wish this holiday season...

BBC: Record opening for Lord of the Rings finale

Favorite number between one and ten?

Another trophy for Rumsfeld

Congratulations UK, successful Beagle separation.

Anybody ever heard of this vocal jazz group?

We're Playing Those Mind Games Together

Some funny posts and some of my favourite posts


My last day at work

An hysterical wingnut site

NYT's Bestseller: Prayer For America...Add it to your holiday gift list!

I wanted to hug the old man.


we just heard a mans voice through our heater vent...

So I Wake Up This Morning And Find I Have An Asskicking Awaiting Me

Going to bow out for awhile...

Soup for the Hungry

Check my local papers ediotrial cartoon about Strom Thurmond

Good (FRIDAY) Mornin' DU!!

Great Belgian X-Max Bell concert

Time to go home....

I confess. I put myself on Ignore

Some of our DUers must be posting on the AOL boards.

Short short story thread

Are you a Neocon??? Take the Neocon Quiz!

Need musical help for a friend

12 Days of Christmas with Shrub

So then the Mortician says "Ok just pay what you want to pay"

Ball from Cubs' playoff loss auctioned for $106(K)

Gay marriage poll on neocon site.

Welcome boilerbabe to the 700 Club!

Why blaming Clinton for 9-11 is nonsense

The best Christmas cookies ever - free recipe.

Jack White of The White Stripes gets in fight at bar - and evidently wins

The greatest week in rock history

What else will be found in Saddam's briefcase?

Verizon internet or local wireless?

Best Rapper Ever?

Which metaphor best describes politics

Am I the only one who thinks the Capitol Steps aren't funny?

steve breen toon - time men of the year|special hypocrisy issue

A website everyone needs to see

LOTR "Return of the King" question- (no spoilers here)

Santa Asked To RESIGN !

Anybody here own a Toyota Prius that could share personal experience?

The Night Before Christmas in Legalese!

(Topic unrelated to Bball)On the NBA on TNT Postgame Show

Google phone map.

Going to Carolina Panthers game Sunday -- so excited!!

Sean Astin - not a republican (an apology)

I really need to get a grip

The Twelve Days of Procurement

I am 38 and have a crush on Weather Channel's P. Allen Smith

A Christmas Carroll, one of the better ones, is on tv tonight

Saddams next project

Will John Hinkley be upset when learns that * is schtuping Jody Foster?

Ever wonder where right wing assholes come from? (Rated R - Graphic)

My teenager got a cover by-line on RB Developer mag!


HP ink cartridges and refill kits

Just learned some interesting X-mas family history.

Golden Age of Techno to present - which do you prefer?

Favorite porn star?

Princton wallops Duke in basketball

I'm serving Chicken tonight: What part of the bird do you want

A Happy Holidays Thread! Salut!

How WILD Are Your Windows Colors?

True or False: The Roddy Piper Jimmy Snuka interview

just received my grade report.....

Of names, neocons, and nazis

Replacement for WTC: Freedom Tower

Quid pro quo; Do U DU?

Soccer: Brazil kicks ass (so what else is new?)

rule 1 - fly the plane

275-Pound Prostitute Strips Attacker

"crimino" by Chris Duarte

I confess. I finally put someone on ignore.

Why bullfighting is inhumane. OUCH!

Dang it Laura, I told you not to let Dubya pick his own clothes!

Hooters Air?? This Is A Joke, Right?

Help Convince Nader Not to run

What should I cook for dinner tonight?

Men Steal Jewelry From Home, Jump In Sheriff's 'Getaway' Car

Who is Appasionata Von Climax?

Milwood accepts arbitration, stays with Phillies

Christmas Tree: Live or fake

"The Last Party" right now on IFC at 2:36 EST with Robert Downey, Jr.

Can anyone suggest a good book about Watergate?

Need a little help here from all you guys.


My girlfriends cat is shedding.

Where Do You Choose To Sit In A Movie Theater?

Int'l Long Distance Calling - any good deals?

everyone loves snow globes!

How many OTHER message boards you frequent?

What's for dinner?

I found the gallery

CONFESS!!! Books you LOVED but you HATED the movie!

Any neurologists on DU?

How Dare Bush DO THIS?

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night

Twyla Tharp and the Creative Bubble

Friday Questions

Can I sue movie theater chains for running commercials before movies?

New at DU

Dick Cheney, age 6 - teh funnay

So, then the veterinarian says, "Just pay what you want to pay."

OK, FAUX News is bad,

anyone in here that watches south park?

A Rant: My company is so friggin cheap

Poll for Married Folks

GREAT thread in the GD 2004 Primary forum!

Question on Christmas and work

Why do so many think Chomsky is an unimpeachable source?

Do You Hold Grudges? Or Is It Easy For You Forgive?

UK Trade Union Council advice on avoiding Office Party trauma (Guardian)

Right-wingers disgust me.

Anyone here doing a New Years Resolution?

I don't know about you, but Chris Jansing is a hottie

Hardworking Lib going back to College needs P/T work.

bush will win by landslide in 2004 according to new poll

gridlock level 30

My Holiday gift to DU

What does Crimson and Clover refer to?

Any neurotics on DU?

Did I miss the big news out of Clarks camp today?

Happy holidays DUers

Moron Right Winger

funniest jokes in the world

Your house is burning down....

I have some Sponge Bob Square Pants Christmas socks.

What's Paul Bremer's secret?

Has someone unleashed another computer virus?

Best portrayal of Scrooge?

Silver Cars Found to be Safest

I'm in the market for a new computer...

Where The Action Is

It's all so simple!

I love their politics but their music is crap!

I love my puppy!

Ladies, please help...


The interracial dating thread in GD reminded me of this story

Geezzzz,who gets that idiot Glenn Beck on the radio?

Did you know......

OK DU nutritionists - talk to me about...


Run Ronnie Run

The perfect gift for the car loving gun owner in your life

Online math problems?

Has anybody here read the book "Z for Zachariah?"

Your hometown

True or false: cybersex is HILARIOUS

Why are so many deleted messages on the celebrity thread?

Are radar/laser detectors worth the money?

Demman's rant made me curious re: everyone's employment perks

New rant in my LiveJournal

Girls, how many crossdresser friends do you have?

Leaving in 15 minutes for Middle-Earth - give me a Tolkienesque farewell

Which is cooler: Supreme Court or Law Lords?

I love my kitten!

What should I get my dad for Christmas?

What cheers character am I?

Post # 1000....... Do I get a prize or something?

New Year's Eve food

What are you greatful for in 2003

Why I thought Christmas and hemorhoids had 1 thing in common or both are a



That controversial baseball that was caught during the series

Happy Holidays everybody!!

Things are looking up! How 'bout you?

Are You a Lawyer-Basher?

hotties of DU

Official LOTR Boycott Thread Boycott Thread

Your probability having a white Christmas:

A bunch of total strangers gave me a wonderful Christmas present

REM is appearing on "Boston Public" tonight . . .

Dean campaign announces

First images from new (infrared) Spitzer Space Telescope released

Job Interview Pre-Flight Check

FOX News Is The Best

true or false cybersex is cheating

Pabaah's movie of they year choices

Merry Yule DUers (my Yule art inspired by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth)

The great DUer holiday photo project

Mom's Latke Recipe - Rucky's Hanukkah Gift to DU:

Official LOTR boycott thread

Who would like to CAPTION this one?

Things you've said on the internet... Could they come back to haunt you?

Duplicate Poll...feel free to hijack

A rant on the terror alert system, yellow to orange.

What if Ann Coulter and Mr. T had a conversation

Fare thee well, O Evil DUers, 'til the New Year dawns

What I likely would have done had I the Clinton years to live through over

WX says 3-6 Sn tonight. That's what they said last night. We got Z-.

I don't like Keanu Reeves...but

NO LINE at the Post Office!!! Xmas Shopping/Shipping is OVER!

HEyHEY has exactly $2.15 cdn to spend on dinner

The official Friday night 'yak and coffee' thread!

Are you ready for the movie, Mr Scorpio Strikes Back?

Yak Haiku

Help! I know there's a word for this.

"I'm Done Talking About This Right Now"

Is this poll somewhat disingenous?

PICTURE POST TIME!!! Show us your Yak

My sojourn to Mordor hath been postponeth

What should you do if you find an Atheist?

I Have A Feeling That Saddam Will Be Time's Person Of The Year.

crappy pop up ad:

A Gift for My DU Amigos

Has Jody been back online

I have a 4.0!

I Lost My Car Yesterday... I Could Not Remember Where I Parked

Fox turned into a hardcore porn channel so gradually I didn't even notice.

Did anyone else NOT party while they were in college?

new Savage Weiner & Oxyrush advertiser SignPro

Cat foils armed robbery

can someone fill me in on this week's 24 episode? I missed it.

Has anybody here read the book "Z for ZombyWoof?"

This had to be an "Awwww" moment

The Unofficial Not me and ACK thread

Robin Hood: marxist?

Give a Hummer the finger ... (not that finger!)

Eighties Pop (specifically New Wave) Fans- Questions:

Cheney sought in weekend vandalism rampage

No, DAMMIT!!! THIS is the OFFICIAL Coffee and Yak Thread!!!

Who Are You Most Likely To Vote For On A DU Poll?

I rarely swear but what the hell is a video card?

George Bush in "It's A Wonderful Life..."


Do you have one foot that is longer than the other?

Who is the funniest person you personally know

Sorry to start another photo thread y'all but do i look like anyone famous

Anyone have the flu yet?

1998 Nashville Tornados

Had any surreal moments lately?

Happy Chanukah, Jewish DU-ers!

What "Leader" are you most like?

Further Kitty Update.

A Elbereth Gilthoniel

A question about nitroglycerine (the heart medication)

Just to prove that I am well-rounded....... A Caption please.....


Here is a nose NOT to pick

A long time ago, when the earth was still green,

Is Your Best Friend In The World Of The Same or Oppsite Sex As You?

What will you be serving for Christmas dinner?

Update on my "ratdog"

For over-40's...How cool we were!

Narnia Chronicles to be filmed in New Zealand

Which Lord of the Rings Character are you?

Light the Virtual Menorah with Joe Lieberman - Day 1

Ba-dump-bump "I'm No Superman" (A Small Rant)

Counting Our Blessings

i have NO "Xmas spirit" this year....

One-Hit Wonders That Are Actually Good

You guys are the best.

College or high school: which did you enjoy?

I'm listening to Victory at Sea

Who has a big loveable dog

How tall are you?

True or False: Going to a strip club is cheating

Did anyone else party while everyone else was in college?

The Old Black Santa

Post A Photo Of Yourself And The Celebrity You Most Resemble (me first)

How do you feel about the LotR extended edition releases?

Windows XP Pro versus Home edition

Anyone wanna help a poor bastard out (I am sad)


On This First Night Of Chanukah --- Who Is The Funniest Jew Of All-Time?

10 Ass-Kicking Random Questions

Palace 'ghost' caught on camera (with pic)

Is anyone in a position to help rescue German Shepherds?

Man Sets World Drinking Record

My cousin is wanted for attempting to blow up a police station.

Suppose the phone rang at your house....

Most extraordinary name of a person you've met?

"she ruined the greatest moment in US history in Iraq for the rest of us"

Who's up for a DU get together in San Diego Jan. 9 or 10?

Best little-known song by a famous band?

True or False?

Confess! Which films did you like better than the book?

Announcing the First Annual DU Graphics Competition

Kerry knows the History of Saddam, Reagan-Bush and the BFEE.

Enough with this Dem on Dem violence! Say something bad about Bush!

Has Carrot Top endorsed anyone?

Questions about the primary polling...

Lieberman has perfectly positioned himself as the "Un-Dean" candidate

has Natalie Portman endorsed anyone?

Clark Responds To Governor Dean's Comments On The Economy

A lot of people are polling for "Undecided" and "Not Sure"

Deaniacs converting to Kerry at MeetUp

what taste has the primary season left in your mouth so far?

Clark & Kerry supporters shown tasting Dean's elixir (KA) on CSPAN

Clark's House Party

Kerry "Zeros" In On Clark

Wes Clark's "American Son" is now available in it's entirety

Favor from the Clark people

Howard Fineman whoring for Bush again

Nader will announce decision next month

N.J. Governor McGreevey & Rep. Rush Holt Endorse Dean

Clark calls for 'New Progressive Era' in campaign finance reform.

Latest Poll: 67% support Iraq war, 59% think Iraq war helps war on terror.

Iowa Political Stock Market: Putting money where your mouth is.

No wonder Kerry needs mortgage...expects $4 million TOTAL this quarter

Gov. McGreevey endorses Dean and brings along much of NJ Dem establishment

Bigger government: Dean picks up where FDR left off - Dean bashing ahead

Vermont: The New Bermuda

Deanie's - Why do you trust him?

As governor, Dean signed bill that aided offshore insurers

John Kerry Campaigns By Telling Lies...

44/50 democratic insiders pick Dean to win nomination

Clawing for Second Place: Worth it today, but how about tomorrow?

Dean continues to have highest favorability rating in NH

Will there even be one debate?

Poll: Karl Rove. evil genius or hopeless incompetant?

Another DU snapshot

Clark Biopic, Made by Clinton Pal, Premiers at Fundraisers

Who has done better in the debates so far? Clark or Dean?

Deleted message

DLC leader Reed on WaPo discussion now

A challenge to all ABB DUers

Clark Responds To Governor Dean's Comments On The Economy

Kucinich on "reform"

What if Lieberman comes in second in New Hampshire?

Ralph Nader would like to know if you want him to run for president.

The general is holding his fire.

If Biden-Lugar were really the same as IWR...

I want Dean somewhere in the next administration no matter what...

Letter to writing to Iowa/NH voters. . .good or bad?

How many primaries will Clark have to lose before he drops out?

Bill Clinton on Howard Dean

Dean quote: people on welfare "don't have any self esteem..."

Rumor has it Nader won't run if Dean wins the Dem nomination

'Voters Hesitate to Pick Leader of the Pack in Iowa", Des Moines Register

All-purpose "GD 2004 Primary" Reference Thread.

Bush is a tax and spender--Dean on the bush tax

Dean campaign announces

At the debates vs. Bush, if Dean acts like he did last night,

Hypothetical Poll about Dean and the 2008 election.

I'm switching from Dean

about both Dean and Clark.....

Libya dismantling WMD program

What the hell is an insider or outsider?

Listened to Kerry's children today on C-Span. But the best program

Regarding Dean and Clark

My letter to the editor of a newspaper editorial against Dean

Counting Down Bush's 13 New Years Resolutions-From Edwards For President

Clark Sat. 9 a.m. C-Span.

As rest of field steps up criticism of Dean, so do press

Beyond the Mainstream (re: Howard Dean)

You're off the VP Short List: Dems Attacking Dean

Foreign policy - candidates roll call:

Why do you oppose Dean?

From on Inside Politics now


Clark hits the road to stake his claim to the South

The Howard Dean Song

Dennis Kucinich on "The Guy James Show" Saturday

Did I miss the big news out of Clarks camp today?

Dean's Yale Transcripts Are Released

How many primaries will Dean have to lose before he drops out?

BBV - Paperless voting machines "worst technology of 2003" Fortune Magazin

Kerry's stepson and daughter doing a high school Q&A on CSPAN

Is this poll somewhat disingenous?

General Wesley Clark Launches "True Grits" Tour of the South

Howard Dean named to A&E's Top 10 to Watch

questions for liebermaners

I'm now convinced: Bush is the only candidate who can beat Bush.

Poll shows Dean No. 1 with Georgia Democrats

What's with the asterisk next to Dean's name?

Why I take this so personally

Wes Clark's Chanukah Greeting.

Clark and Bush "A Tale of Two Leaders"

I'll be honest about Clark. ...I fear he is an "insider outsider."

Clark Finally Making Headway

Alterman finally gets it on both Kerry and Dean

Dean snubs the center, Clinton - NH Union Leader -

Clark or Dean? Who would do better in debate with Bush?

Latest Poll: 67% support Iraq war, 59% think Iraq war helps war on terror.

What does *D mean?

Kerry's supporters exit his campaign...

Dumb question: did Clark and Dean have a falling out?

Dean sealed the deal for me last night!

Entire state of New Jersey endorses Dean

Dean launches new site –

Hannity's Vowing to "Stop The Madness of Howard Dean"

CNN: Clark vs. Kerry: The ... fight for No. 2

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about Dennis Kucinich

where can I pick up a used copy of William Pitt's book?

Dean's Right: Getting Saddam No Panacea

The Presidency Poll.

Warning! Dean slam - Diary of a Dean-o-Phobe

New Clark Ad--"Patriot"

Clark on CSpan, Sat. 12/20 9 am Nashua, NH. doing a

Several Presidential Campaigns Strapped For Cash

Kucinich gave "Prayer for America" on 2/17/02 - just 6 mos. after 9/11

hypothetical: a conservative Dem, you dislike Dean and Nader both.

Sharpton, Ahead in Polls, Offers Kerry VP Post

Who is most honest?

Vanessa Kerry & Chris Heinz Live cspan at 1 pm eastern

Who do you prefer?

Dean Supporters... if you had to pick between Kerry and Clark

Dems and Pukes both think Dean's Clinton comment is a laughable.

It's beginning to look a lot like ... Dennis

AP: "Dean has Record of Raising Property Taxes"

American Son: Wesley Clark Movie Online

To those who challenged Dean's statement about Saddam

Clark's Bastion: The South? Dean trumps Clark 3-1 in Georgia

Only Two of the Candidates Ran Effective Campaigns: Dean & Clark

Anybody see Dean's NH Town Hall Meeting Last Night?

Lets be honest. Dean is and always has been a part of the establishment.

dean is like mcgovern, dukakis, and mondale

Kick this Yahoo Story - Bush accuses Clark of raising money in Europe...

Clark OR Kerry OR Kerry/Clark. Dare We Focus on CREDIBLE options

Hussein remark Dean's idea

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about Howard Dean

THE Iraq question: Why wasn't Kucinich "misled by George Bush"?

Which politician would you most like to have endorse your candidate?

Mpls Star Tribune: Dean's truth/Saddam didn't threaten U.S.

mixed nuts ( nutcases )

Is it within the rules to post under more than one name?

Weekend schedule for C-SPAN Washington Journal

Did Ariel Sharon really say this?

Mike Malloy just plugged DU tonight

Homeless shelter collapses in Baghdad

Gate Into White House Closed Temporarily

Mauritania accuses Libya of financing coup plot

War will reach Putin's office in the Kremlin

Condit Sues Over Chandra Levy Articles

Clark, Bush* Campaigns in Spat Over Europe Trip


Who here gets melted into a rubber Pollyanna this time of year?

Does anyone feel more flamelike in the new GD Campaign 2004?

Well I figured out what I'll be doing in this town on Friday nights

Mike Malloy is reading a DU post right now!

grown men behaving childishly

Just graduated: BA economics summa cum laude

I talked to my brother for the first time in 15 years tonight!

I'm entering the discussion board for a Scaife paper.

Start your own urban legend...

80's Time here in the Lounge

Any fans of Bob Rivers here?

Your favorite Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies Moment

Carla Anne Robbins of WSJ on infamous Hugh Shelton comment on Wesley Clark

Stop Howard Dean?

Why we shouldn't buy into a Dean coronation just yet