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Archives: December 18, 2003

Cohen: Let Saddam Live

George Bush's Biggest Failure Is Trade Policy

Remember 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'? For Bush They Are a Non Issue

Phoenix Rising

'Nine tales of a society scared into stupidity'

My Letter to the Editor

Message to Dems: Get One (re Iraq) --

End of Neocons

9/11 panel might hold government officials accountable ( keyword: might)

"Saddam's defence" UK's Channel4 looks at who he might call in his defence

Paging Johhny Cochran

Remember "Weapons of Mass Destruction" For Bush... Nonissue

Stars and Stripes letter (once again, critical of Bush)

Ret. Adm Shanahan: Give the UN control of Iraq (Op/Ed)

The Telegraph Lies Again

Still no mass weapons, no ties to 9/11, no truth

Howard Kurtz on the Dean Campaign

How Saddam may still nail Bush

Salon Article - Michelle Goldberg

Molly Ivins: Marveling at the hypocrisy

Again, the poor go begging for heat

'Bush fatigue': "America is a victim of abuse (by BushCo)"

Saddam's Mojo (?)

Naomi Klein (The Nation): Risky Business

Congress Denies Public Access to Research

White House Web Scrubbing :Dana Milbank

'Til politics do us part: Gender gap widens

Strom Thurmond's Not-So-Secret Black Daughter (US is a mixed-race nation

NY Times: Musicians Protesting Monopoly in Media

Our soldiers in desperate need....give till it hurts...

Support Anchorage's mayor decision to donate to Planned Parenthood

Dick & Saddam: Friends Forever

Scenes From an Endless War

Sample letter to send Washington Post re their lies about Dean

The shocking facts about 9/11 that the media refuse to cover

If Mike Malloy is pushed off the air.

I won the lottery

Hey Nostamj It's Been Over A Week...I need a fix or I'm in cartoon rehab

Lost Christianities: The Battle for Scripture & the Faiths We Never Knew

What is the big deal about Freemasonry

Karma Comes to Call: Pluto on Bush's South Node

NY Times: Cameras as Accomplices, Helping Race Divide America to itself

Bush's Goal to Reduce Deficit Criticized

Gold mine uncovered in NE China

A Tougher 2004 Ahead??? Possible economic trends from The Motley Fool

Money Magazine List of Best Places to Live

Selective Outrage Over Job Losses

Study - Climate Change Rapidly Altering Ocean Salinity

NY Times: A Young Afghan Dares to Mention the Unmentionable (true hero)

Lebanon clerics to sue Saddam for rights abuses

"Bin Laden approved bombings"

Afghanistan’s loya jirga convened to rubber-stamp an anti-democratic const

Russian elections: Putin consolidates regime of “managed democracy”

Official Says at Least 90 Indians Killed

Pakistan offers to drop demand for Kashmir plebiscite

Military’s “espionage” case against Guantanamo chaplain collapses

France condemned for religion attack

Pepe Escobar's "Silk Road Roving" series

Bullpen Base-Brawl Players Charged - NY Yankees

GUNS IN THE NEWS--December 18, 2003

Memo from the DLC on getting gun owners' votes

Judge Rejects Second Challenge to Concealed Weapons Law

Ohio "Enthusiasts" Go Shopping--Armed

Field and Stream Article on Politics (Guns)

Plenty of PRE-BAN 30 round NATO box mags out there for sale

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Question about the new primary forum

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Just a heads up, there seem to be a lot of disruptors with very very low

Dershowitz Exposed Yet Again: The Critique of Pure Cant

Lethal Israeli raid on Nablus

Permission to work?

CIA report predicts no peace here until 2020

German Foreign Minister slams Israel for building fence

Israel Size Comparison Maps

ADL Poll Finds Americans Continue To Strongly Support Israel

Israel's Herzliya conference reporter states racism thriving...

PM: Unilateral steps if Palestinians don't follow road map

Local firms resist probe into claims of Holocaust victims

Pope Likes Mel Gibson's Film on Christ's Passion

AP: Sharon: Israel "cutting itself off from the Palestinians"

Is Sharon throwing down the Gauntlet? (CNN)

Herzliya Conference sees verbal attacks on Israeli Arabs

Palestinian deported to Belgium arrested for local crime

5 Palestinians killed; 2 would-be suicide bombers arrested

2 Palestinians shot dead in Gaza; Int'l volunteers rounded up

Poll: 43 percent of Americans feel Israel threatens world peace

Arab liberals - endangered species

Could 9/11 have been prevented?

Feighan's group pulls TV ads

Dean leads the pack in Wisconsin

ARG poll: Bush approval 54% among registered voters (after Saddam)

DNC Hispanic Caucus Leadership Endorses Dean....

Dean supporters target Iowa with letters

Dean...the ONLY candidate with truly broad minority support....

Ret. Adm Shanahan: Give the UN control of Iraq (Op/Ed)

The Sad Truth: the anti-Bush vote doesnt translate into proDemocrat votes

Rep. Rush Holt (and Menendez) will also endorse Howard Dean

Could Kerry beat out Gep for 2nd in Iowa? - Des Moines Register thinks so

Zogby: Post Saddam Bush re-elect only 47%

CNN Poll and Iowa Markets: Dean far behind Bush others do better.

gopusa email is worried about George Soros's momey! ???? !

Democrats glance warily at rise of 'security mom'

Jerse D-OH for Congress -- Dec 15, 2003

Dean, what was he thinking

9/11 could have been prevented...flood the zone friday edition

Howard Dean - Giving 'Em Hope

OC 4 Kucinich calls it quits and issues notice of disclaimer of liability

UPCOMING: Dennis Kucinich on TV at 10 p.m. EST

(AP) Kerry improves position in recent NH poll

Internships for Clark Campaign


Donna Brazile says on Inside Politics that Kerry is still in it in Iowa

There is no such thing as 'the anti-Dean'

Again...Dean takes risks to oppose Bush...and is right

Kucinich: I Will Close School of Americas

Saddam’s Capture Means Trouble for U.S. Officials

Sign Kucinich's petion against ABC

Dean supporters only--what is your age?

Hilarious cartoons if you are looking for a break from the depressing..

Internships for Clark Campaign

Clark's appeal vs. Dean's appeal

After weeks of coverage Dean only polling 20-25% of democrats. Red flag?

Five years? Paula Zahn on the Impeachment fiasco tomorrow night.

Will Joe Lieberman get over his rejection by Gore and leave Dean ALONE??

Regarding the Kean interview

If Clark Starts Coming Out Hard Against Bush for Going AWOL

Dean among contenders for TIME mag's "Person of the Year"

The outsourcing defense of affirmative action.

Dean's Speech tonight on the "Bush Tax"

refresher course on Iraqgate......this should be brought up CONstantly

Would you support a preemptive bombing of Saudi Arabia?

Has Bill Bradley endorsed anyone?

Wesley Clark Word of the Day: Heterosexual

Saddam, So Not Worth It

Why Saddam’s capture further confirms that Clark should be our nominee.

I cannot view and vote on the anti-bush ads for MoveOn.

Moment of Truth By Thomas L. Friedman (allegedly: I can't find it.)

How is Lieberman's Fundraising?

My wife just received this anti Dean e-mail from the Gephardt campaign...

Who are Clark's supporters voting for in Iowa?

"Baath Party of Iraq" Message Regarding Hussein Capture

John Kerry on ABC World News Tonight.

At last: Support your candidate in HAIKU form!

Braun, Clark, Dean, Sharpton and Kucinch suporters check in here!

Life After Election Day

Neil Bush Undergoes Paternity Test

If you do not now support Clark or Dean, who would you lean to?

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion of Dick Gephardt

The Interfaith Alliance, check them out

Dean's Lead Still Solid-----No Saddam Effect

Dean Leads By 30 in New Hampshire

I am seriously impressed by Clark's accomplishments and intellect....

More Dean Fibs - Washington Post

How Tom Kean's announcement relates to Saddam's "capture"

This is a time of flailing about and thrashing -- when the headlines

Anyone seen the new issue of National Review?

Since the start of Iraq war, how many "Terra Alerts" have there been?

Does anyone recall some news about a student

What Joe Lieberman Does Not Want Voters To Know......

A History of Kerry's Words Related to His IWR Vote

Clinton defends Clark against Shelton's allegations

Dean Leads in Wisconsin Poll

A couple questions for people who are smarter than me (which is

Patty Rowland's Christmas Poem (CT's first lady)

CSPAN2: Alvin Toffler (future of the space program?)

ABC's Peter Jennings Profile of John Kerry now available on

Dennis Kucinich on "The Guy James Show" Saturday

C-SPAN WJ: Wayne LaPierre...Oh Boy!!

911 Panel story still a No Show on Yahoo news

Bush Bounce

Met Kucinich Tonight

How much damage would it do to Bush if it turns out that he did know...?

The Osama Bin Laden Ad is Pulled off the Airwaves

Clark's Million Dollar Challenge

Kucinich never voted to impeach Clinton

new Wisconsin poll


Observe, if you please, the media bias

* to have MRI on his knees

kucinich folks

Flashback: Israel issues urgent warning of large-scale terrorist attack

Have you all seen the DU Candidate poll top of GD Forum? Vote now!

Why is the US paying back Iraq's debts?

Where do people stand on their second choices?

Kucinich's Master Plan To Win

Real reasons for Iraq Invasion (challenging read)

Dems to debate on NPR

Jobless claims fall to 350,000

Saddam "show" was to "pre-empt" the Kean 911 Outing -- with Media Help

CNN completely ignoring Kean story...

How Albright was set-up RE: Bin Ladden comments!!!

Sign Kucinich's petition against ABC

Candidates Should Be Ashamed for Distorting Dean's Words

U.S. politician says Canada's threats keep drug prices lower

Oh! Oh! What do you make of THIS Novak column? Things not well in Iraq?

Dean leads Polls in Wisconsin

How should the Dem candidate answer "How would you prevent another 9/11?"

Dean losing in '04 a self fulfilling prophecy for democrats

Notice the media never calls Clarks campaign "grassroots"

BBV: Martin Sheen Writes - The Threat of Computerized Voting Machines

Something that bothers me about Kerry

Edwards touts health care and education plan

Kerry People: Whom Do You Prefer, if not Kerry?

James A. Baker Institute of Public Policy :"energy security" for US 1997

Nader: Howard Dean's record as VT governor was "pretty conservative..."

HELP: I need the info from Frankens book on Coulters misuse of Lexus Nexus

CSPAN Thursday morning - NRA president

MP3 of Randi Rhodes w/ Sen. Bob Graham from yesterday!

Will Iraqis be filing claims for war reparations against the USA some day?

Gosh! CNN just reported on CBS 9/11 story

Democratic Primary Poll (December 17, 2003)

Dean likes whites-only golf?

Listen bub. We are liberating you whether you want to be or not. Get it?

Tom Kean has just become my favorite Republican

Saddam bounce too small, so media creates hidey-hole bounce....

The Very Best Of John Kerry (Vol.1)

Press for Carol Mosley Braun

In light of the Kean revelations pending

9/11 Story: Teflon Coating And All..."Someone" should have lost their job

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about John Kerry

Primal scream against Bush

Appeals Court Says Bush Can't Hold U.S. Citizen

Mike Malloy petition

Did any one catch Rep. Ackerman on Fox last night?

are there really only 1000 active DUers?

At Walter Reed ...

Dean's Remarks Give Rivals Talking Points (Wash Post)

Anybody But Bush and Clinton's disgusting visit

Could Have and Should Have Been Prevented

Clark testimony to the The Hague has been released.

A portrait of sadism and ignorance...

Wanna see something REALLY funny?

Need info on Sudan's 'offer' to turn over bin Laden

Is Boys and Girls Harbor a racist organization?

Spinsanity Rips Dean For Hypocritical "Blank Check" Comments

How many times will MSNBC look down Sadaam's tonsils?

CSPAN — Strom Thurmond's daughter subject of discussion

"Back in the Saddle" - Bush and the neo-cons now, from

Brits call Anti-Dean movement 'Hateful' and 'Ugly'

Campaign materials

Clark's support of the School of the Americas may turn off liberals

Howard Dean has huge huevos/ Ad from

Assuming a Dean nomination, what are our chances of victory?

Bush's failure to secure ports

Yepsen: Strong Kerry push may earn him anti-Dean title

Wow - Clark plasters Bush

Bush has MRI on his knees

Would the Dem candidates be willing to go to war against North Korea.

Mass. Nurses Assoc. endorse Kerry

Does anyone else remember

KUCINICH--Salon Magazine in-depth interview

Clark still sits on boards

Congress Denies Public Access to Research

A Decent Discussion of the Kosovo Question and Clark

Scientific/mathematical proof that the Dems will win the 2004 election

help--anyone have info/links re: recent polls?

The press needs unity.

Progressive "Tom Paine" refers to Dean as "Anti-War" in his column.

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about Wesley Clark

CSPAN is broadcasting General Clark's speach now!

Day on campaign trail with Kerry sways undecided voter.

Sen Bob Graham (D-FL) applauds Dean's foreign policy agenda as "visionary"

Wes Clark biopic "American Son" 5 minute preview right here!

Kerry's Hawk & Dove Wing Response: Zero Bars!

Slinging Mud At Dean, Helps Dean!

Campaigning on the job.

Mary Beth Cahill Calls for Dean to Open His Records...

Dean's Remarks Give Rivals Talking Points

Dean vs. Clark: Campaign Finances

New National Poll: Dean 23, Clark 10, Lieb. 10, Gep 6, Sharp. 5

now that Edwards has lost his lead in South Carolina to a Northerner…

Paris Hilton Beats Bush in TV Ratings

Al Sharpton just called the Dean attack ad an outrage. . .

Clark 37% wins DU poll. Dean second 35%, Kucinich third 15%

Clark Supporters' What is your age?

The MOST Democratic candidate will beat Bush MOST decisively

Who could have prevented it?

Bob Kerry on NPR, this morning

DU this "America's Poll on Homosexual Marriage...." it's a bit phobic...

Bush: New medical techniques mean no forced discharge from service

Zogby Dem poll touted on Drudge Front Page w/ pic. Leads hardball tonight.

Pentagon plans to control TV news feed

Dean supporters are not going to switch to Clark

Ah, excuse me. I believe we were talking about Halliburton overcharging

Mac OS X vulnerability reported

Does McCain/Feingold really ban ads within 60 days of an election?

Our Adopted Troops - Dean email has website supporting them

The anti-Bush vote doesnt translate into proDemocrat votes

These are worth it.....check 'em out

Thank you Mods. This is a good step

CNN: Is Clark Europe's Choice?

Israel had plan to kill Saddam in 1992

the flame war with my Republican dad has officially begun

Why blue collar white males will vote for bush

Death For A Sticker On His Car

Air Force Lawyers at War with each other over Ahmad

Osama Bin Brady

Oh my gawdy necktie!

Establishment Politicians Have Already Lost

Slimier Bush Press Secretary: Scott McLellan or Ari Fleisher?

Bush Deficit's

James Woolsey (PNAC'er) is EVERYWHERE in the media

My website gets its own article in the Toronto Star! We movin' up, baby!

Getting to Know Colonel Jim Hickey (finding saddam)

The 9/11 Commission Story-- question

Rumsfeld and his 'old friend' Saddam

Did Dean say this?

A question for Clark Supporters: Kerry beats Clark- then what?

I'll take Nicholas Johnson over David Yepsen any day

Will RoveCo ever pay for their corruption

Beat the Wingnuts at their own game regarding gay marriage!

Who misses Bill Clinton?

SOMEBODY at CNN Finally Got it Right - HA!

One of the prices of keeping our kids in Iraq

VERY interesting Buzzflash interview

the Palm Beach Post is on Jeb's 'to punish' list

What's happening with Texas RE-redistricting?

'til politics due us part, many couples split politically

Pope on Gibson film: It is as it was

Can we contact Kristin Breitwieser...

Here's one for you Kerry folks

Here's one for all you Kerry Lovers

Jayson Blair, The Sequel

"Centrists" Democrats' Answer to PNAC

Illinois Governor George "lyin'"Ryan & the Death Penalty-

Crossfire preempted? Oh yeah, Michael Jackson.

White-Collar Anger

Chilling article on our Orwellian White House...

Hannity said he wasn`t asked to serve his country.

Bush is acting like Rodney Dangerfield.

Print Media: Left- or Right wing?

Saddam and the Trial - will he "make" that far?

In light of the 9/11 News today - this article is very powerful

Horsey thinks it doesn't look too good for our side

BBV: High-tech voting weighed (A Must Read)

For those left behind, a struggle to cope

Everyone was friendly except the kids, who all want to be future Fedayeen

Question about who America Supports...

Bernie Sanders hits another homerun. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Lost.

CNN-3500 troops being called up for Iraq.. (it was unexpected)

Anyone notice an unusual number of posts from folks who hold curious

Another question about 9/11

Need some help about Bush and his pre-9/11 activities

Surprise issue of the 2004 campaign?

What will FOX do with the 9/11 story if all the other networks ....?

Searching Iraq: A Journalist's Diary Dec. 15..Saddam Capture

didn't see a post yet on the Chalabi meet-up w/Saddam...

A Candidate's Appearance And Looks...

Take Action on the 9/11 Commission Story

NY Times: In Seeking Presidency, Braun could win back reputation

Okay, CNN is revisiting the "players" of the impeachment...

Can we count on US news sources like AP and the NYT to tell us the truth?

The American Family Association wants your opinion

Please vote in CNN Poll on Padilla

Help bring circus to Iraqi children....

9/11 Chair: Attack Was Preventable (Why is This Story Getting Buried?)

ABC News advances to 3rd Grade; probably social promotion

Jose Padilla case: a win for the Constitution

Imperialist Christmas Greetings from the Cheneys

The best liberal talk show host in America!

Next year troop rotation Iraq: 40% will be National Guard/Reserves

Schwarzenegger will serve as the Honorary Co-Chair of Bush-Cheney '04...

Hunger and Homelessness Increase in U.S.

Bush/Powell Ticket In '04...(?)

PBS news re enemy combatants

Less than 1,000 HOURS until the New Hampshire Primary

Anybody sense that internet users in general don't like Bush...

was Saddam a prisoner in that hole ?

Bush WILL pull OBL out of his bag of tricks.

Definitions of liberal and conservative and voters ideas of.

Another Driving While Republican arrest, this time on Maui

Tweety with the 911 Widow coming up next...could 911 been prevented...!!

Republicans never deserve punishment, do they?

Neil Bush Engaged

American Media, Rule of Law and the need for a Special Prosecutor

please post what the lead is tonight on news shows you watch

Wow! Look at all the new members after radio squawking heads discuss DU...

As I was about to say devilgrrl,

Ever wonder how the BFEE gets away with so much?

Quotes from the right that make you want to puke.

Hot Diggity-Dog! I got a response from Ann Lewis at the DNC!!

someone HAS to ask Bush whether he believes

THE RAT TRAP: How Saddam may still nail Bush

I cordially invite you to the White House

Bush combined his WR hospital visit with care for his own sore knees.

Did Laura Bush really kill someone with her car?

Rhetoric vs. Reality.. great factual info on cuts under this cabal

This is how war should be declared - no other way

The Nation: The Death of Horatio Alger - By Paul Krugman

Heard Hannity attack Canada's National Healthcare system yesterday.....

pat robertson appreciation thread

The Uncompassionate Conservative ..Molly Ivins-great insight!

Valerie Plame's outing

David Drier just said something interesting on Insanity and colmes

Whoever gets this guys endorsement will probably win S.C.

Just for the DU

Sheila Jackson Lee does a great job on Insanity and Colmes

The shocking facts of 9/11 that the media won't address

The media refuses to believe that Bush knew about possible attacks....

Women on the left, men on the right. Hardball's "Battle of the Sexes"

Just got back from a Clark House Party

Wesley Clark will not take the heat off Bush...

Saw a good freeper bumper sticker today

Mike Malloy is on and is talking about 9/11

What States Can Dean Deliver that Gore Lost in 2004?

ANyone have Sirius?

Soviet Canuckistanis: Ed Broadbent press conference coming up

HeroMiles: The best present I'm giving this year!

Whether you think you Can or you Can't, You are Right!!!

"Illegal Aliens"

Scared of new Gallup Polls showing large Bush lead?

Tony Auth tells more truth in one cartoon

Keith Olbermann discussing 9-11 now!

Guerilla Democrating

Convicted Cocaine Traffickers/Hackers at Diebold

LIMBOsevic to "Fight Back" on SCARBOROUGH, 10 P.M., ET

Autographed Photo of Mayor Bloomberg (R-NY) Fetches $0.01 on Ebay

NY Times: Musicians Protesting Monopolgy in Media

LINK TV Begins Important New Series Tonight at 10 p.m. EST

If I were a freeper, I would be hostile too.

Brian is partying down with WSJ tomorrow AM on Washington Journal

The media is a bunch of whores.

I had John Loftus figured wrong, I think.

Sign of problems in the military ranks?

WOW, the General Discussion board has improved considerably

If bush is a liar

Just heard a live interview by Gary Hart on KHOW radio...

Website for Care Packages to our Adopted Soldiers

Chirac makes a strong stand for secularism

Link to FR thread on the Kean/9-11 story.

Is April Glaspie dead?

Kristin Breitwieser (9/11 widow, investigation advocate) to be on Harball

Last night's press conference/announcement

Media won't connect the dots...911 prevented = "Bush Knew" = can't trust

You were in the Military and you are a Liberal!

Who's more liberal, Catholics or Protestants" (churches I mean)

The Constitution states that the president and vice president

Do You Believe There Will Ever Be A Fully-Functioning Democracy In Iraq?

Doesn't anyone care about 9/11 anymore?

military now using "hooded men" at checkpoints in Baghdad

New talking point on WMD, Saddam doesn’t know where they are either!

Praise Be! I was out for awhile and came back and DU/GD looks like

Please post in this AFA Poll on Gay Marriage

Gotta watch the replay!! Tweety almost made Peggy Noonan cry!

Breaking: Kean backtracks on statements in tonights Nightline

"I consider myself left of center and like to be called a..."

Finest military in the world?

The white blue-collar voter. Why he hates us.

9/11 Widow coming on Hardball in a few (Kristin?) He didn't give name.

Do you automatically assume everything from the Bush Admn. is a lie?

Republicans more likely to oppose interracial dating than Democrats

Music video depicts Bush as Hitler - boycott called.

Are most country clubs segregated?

Death By a Thousand Cuts ... low down Job Cuts in SCarolina town

9/11 Story on Nightline (ABC) tonight!

How much more should an CEO make than his employees?

Japanese seeked peace before A-bombs dropped!

Drudge / O'Really Catfight Goes Nuclear!

These polls are begining to discourage me.

White House scrubbing government websites

Michael Stipe - REM

What has Clinton done while in Office that you disagree with?

WW-IV and Oil

Drudge reader "longs for the day" when Canada suffers terrorist attack

Which of the four schools of American foreign policy are you?

FYI: The General Discussion rules have changed slightly.

Sad day at my son's high school

Free Republic or Dante's Inferno Report

Faux News Update


Can it happen here?

PETA Protest!

PETA Targets Kids at Boston Nutcracker

NPR Crapiness - "woman killed self & child in my house--why'd she do...

Senators Were Told Iraqi Weapons Could Hit U.S.

Bush's Goal to Reduce Deficit Criticized

Democrats Make Enron GOP's Albatross

Hicks dilemma: plead guilty or stay at Guantanamo Bay indefinitely

Oil Prices Touch Fresh Nine-Month Peaks

U.S. Soldier Killed in Ambush in Iraq (also Al-Hakim -Council member )

U.S. Moves to Reduce Diplomatic Presence in Saudi

EU agrees to give air passenger data to US

Saudis ban imports of teddy bears

UK Parliament committee: 'Scrap anti-terror detention law'

Jobless Claims Drop More Than Expected

U.S. report criticizes foreign curbs on religious freedom

Congressman Cummings endorses Dean

Menendez Planning to Endorse Dean for President

Bush Overruled on 'Dirty Bomb' Suspect

SDF troops one step closer to Iraq

Win for medical use of marijuana

Dead body ignored by Osaka crowds

Iraqis doubt real Hussein behind bars

Bush Overruled on 'Dirty Bomb' Suspect

Guantamo Detainees Entitled to Attorneys . . .

Sept. 11 Detainees Abused by Officers, U.S. Report Says

US soldier killed in Baghdad ambush

Court: Terror Suspects Must Get Lawyers

Breaking CNN: FedEx MD-11 crashes in Memphis, TN

Clark's Hague Testimony Released

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday December 18.....(#1)

First private rocket ship goes supersonic

Saddam Rants

NYT: Poll Shows Candidates Failing to Move Dem Primary Voters

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq -459 U.S. service members have died

AP: Sharon: Israel "cutting itself off from the Palestinians"

One Small Business in Iraq, Indicative of Many

Iran 'owed billions for Saddam war' (Iraq Debt reduction going wrong way)

Saddam's Translator: Hollywood Style Capture

Kerry on CNBC's Kudlow & Cramer NOW

Moderates need help to survive terrorism INTERVIEW / LEE KUAN YEW

Bush plays both sides in debate over gay marriage

Court: Guantanamo Bay prisoners can have lawyers

Halliburton Unit Denies Gouging

Clark supports buying drugs in Canada

Malvo Verdict: Guilty of Murder

Iraqis Request German Business Expertise

Israel's Herzliya states racisim thriving there

Malvo convicted of sniper murder

Scott McClellan Responds To Kean Questioning

US to pay Saddam's scientists to keep them from working for others

Court Rebukes Bush as Second Detainee Gets Lawyer

Secondary School (Iraq) under Siege by US Forces

Halliburton Tells Military Auditors it Saved Money

Sept. 11 detainees abused by officers, US report says

How did the US confirm Saddam's identity so quickly?

Iraq's U.S. governor's (Bremer) convoy came under fire - NBC

Russia's Putin confirms bid for 2nd term - ( will Junior be happy ? )

State regulators approve PG&E bailout

Senator's Way to Wealth Was Paved with Favors (Stevens, R., Alaska)

Ontario may charge bottlers for water

Hussein Enters Post-9/11 Web of US Prisons (MUST READ)

Rumsfeld approves deployment of additional troops to Iraq: officials

No "smoking gun" to convict Saddam Hussein yet, say Iraqi experts

National Foreign Trade Council Lauds Senate Introduction of the U.S.-Cuba

Canada Promises to Revive Pot Bill

Martin opposes death penalty for Saddam ( Oh-Oh )

Court Rules on Ten Commandments Displays

The Reagans (Mini-Series) score multiple Golden Globe nods

Broadbent returning to politics (Globe and Mail - Cdn Politics)

Blow To German Investigators/FAZ--(Re 911)--New World Media Watch

Washington Post: Kay Plans to Leave Search for Iraqi Arms

Michael Jackson formally charged

Corporate reimbursement of political donations results in $168,000 in fine

Feds Sue Mississippi Over Alleged Abuse

Viewers Prefer Hilton Show Over Bush Interview

Congressmen Holt and Menendez to endorse Dean

High court: Utilities can be sued for dark streets (Florida)

Sept. 11 Panel: Bush, Clinton Not to Blame (new interview for Nightline)

Bush Warned Not to Push Israel: Christian conservatives (Bauer)

Schwarzenegger to Declare Money Emergency

Court Orders Jose Padilla Released within 30 days

Another Home Pillaged, More Illegal Detentions (Iraq)

Bremer's Convoy Came Under Fire -NBC

Concerns surface about Iraq timetable (Bremer needs to double CPA size)

Wesley Clark says jobs aren't coming back

Study: Global Warming Changing Ocean Salinity

NIGHTLINE: Could it Have Been Prevented?

Hawai'i Sugar Growers Oppose Deal

Milosevic 'knew Srebrenica plan' - transcript released

Feds go after Berkeley man for Cuba visit

Flu Seems to be Hitting Kids Very Hard

Mayors survey finds hunger, homelessness problem grew in 2003

Iraq War Was Unjustified, Putin Says

Hey, Lady!!

The Political Shakespeare

The only holiday cookie recipe you'll ever need..

If you haven't, yet, please cast your vote in the GD Candidate Poll before

a dilema about commercials

Teacher pokes student in eye with stick for not doing homework. Bad pupil.

7th_sephiroth poll, wich harry potter book is best

Good King went for slaw one night

101 Fun things to do in a Wal-Mart

Need help shopping for that Perfect Christmas Gift?

What is Michael Jackson out on bail for??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Why doesn't Michael Reagan look anything like his father?

When I was a kid, I always wanted to be.........................

Have you noticed Google's new "search Books" feature?

"Groppler's Christmas"

Who has the flu?

Will I ever be attracted to someone my age?

Grow Up!... Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are for kids

Buddhist childrens books?

Apache the Peace Dog made JCCyC famous. Ask me anything.

I am so tired this morning. Big wind last night knocked down our tree.

Reading directions before using Bug Bombs is always good

...the little Lord Jesus was eating the hay

HELP... from those who know mexican christmas stuff

Non-dairy creamer?

Golden Globe Nominations announced

I have "cracked the code". I know who "Moderator" is..

I Figured Out What I Didn't Like About ROTK (SPOILER WARNING)

Which moderator is the coolest?

Health Club Ends Nude Swimming Tradition

Combine two commercials; inspired by Lazarus in this thread,

international aid groups

Best-looking Presidential Candidate?

help -- need info on recent voter polls

What's a fancy resume way of saying I started something?

Fun with Literature II - December 18, 2003

What are your favorite commercials currently on TV?

Great News! "THEY LIVE" now in print on DVD!

I wonder how come the BushCo drug buddies didn't

I give up! I'm staying out of the GD Forum

How would I go about starting a blog???

How many forum members does it take to change a light bulb?

Kerry's Resume Is Impressive

Fun With Literature Retraction:

Post your DU Holidays Wishlist here

Favorite Stooge

The problem with YOUR candidate is they're:

Two Yankees charged in bullpen fight

Odd Citibank Email

Your worst nightmare George: the cop turned supergrass

Anybody here ever read the Silmarillion?

True or False: Perception is more important than reality

Does anyone not have the holiday spirit?

This Months Most Underrated Actor (male) Thread

Public Image Limited

Now that Saddam has been captured, Is It Safe???

Does anyone remember the chinese snakehead fish that invaded ponds

Let's wish a BIG DU Happy Birthday to flush_bush!!!!

Does anyone have a web site that has free e-maileable christmas cards?

DU addicts check in!

Oh my god! Howard Dean's a crazy racist elitist confederate lover!

Best Canadian joke ever

Latest Power Point sign for my truck.

Elrond = Agent Smith?

Who here is a Dreamweaver template god?

Perfect Orwellian example of doublespeak

Silly office Christmas/holiday activities

Just saw Return of the King and I was pretty underwhelmed (spoilers)

Really bizarre--Michael Jackson to join Nation of Islam (true)

transferring to another college

I'm thinking about moving somewhere new. Where should I go?

Whenever I Hear Beethoven's "Hymn to Joy" from the 9th Sym­pho­ny

The Muezzin calls you to CAPTION!

I tried ear plugs... got a great night's sleep!

Justice is ...

Ok...time for me to leave DU...


"Robb is a Dingbat" (semi-serious)

Saddam nabbed, but still may be flying under the radar!

Just cos I'm procrastinating: what's for lunch today?

Which presidents are under which school of foreign policy

My cat has an addiction problem

It's fun to CAPTION alone but but it's not the same for hopscotch.

Is Will Pitt still interviewing John Kerry today?

Ted Rall Cartoon: France and the New American Republic

"Automatic" Otto Graham dead at 82 (Wow what a CHAMPION)

Tonight: Light a Candle for 9/11 widow Kristin B. on TV

Anti-social behavior

Bah! Humbug! I'm leaving DU!

A fashionable CAPTION

Snipers suck

Who will be visiting DU on Christmas??

My dog has an addition problem

The new GDs are awesome!

Finished my last final.......Woohoo!!!!

The Daily Show Celebrity Interviews

Who Should Really Be Concerned About John Hinckley's Outings

I was too shy to hit on the girl in my Arab-Israeli conflict class today..

How 'bout a CAPTION? c'mon just a peck

I told you I only bought Playboy for the articles

Dear Abby, here's a CAPTION

I'b Jusb Got A Crowbn At Du Bentist

Keiko, killer whale who starred in 'Free Willy,' buried in Norway

How 'bout the power to kill a YAK from 200 yards away with mind bullets?

What was the first mp3 you ever heard?

I'm almost at 1000 posts, ask me anything!

True or False: KensPen is Condescending

My friends husband will be home tonight from Iraq.

OK, who cut one?

Two classes down, two more to go....

Congrats NicoleM... 1000 posts!!!!!!

What did you get your SO for Christmas ?

What's the longest you've ever taken without a shower?

Terl from Battlefield Earth is a Scientologist

Mac OS X vulnerability reported

A couple of requests concerning Christmas cards

100 Fun Things to do Instead of Sex!

Tell Me All The Nicknames You've Ever Had For Yourself?

May I ask why corarose was banned?


Favorite Arachnid?

Which gluttony have you engaged in?

Like my new avatar? (nt)

Which Second-Millenium US President's mug should I have as my avatar?

Favorite Anachronism

Who do you think will win the Golden Globes: You decide

Michael Jackson was just formally charged

BTW: I love Love LOVE the General Discussion Forums

Your Telephone Number and Address is on Google

Now I'm getting surreal SPAM

How big is your ignore list

Thought for the day;

Really funny joke a gay fellow I know sent me.

I'll take Navin Johnson over David Niven any day!


Favorite book by Philip K. Dick

I need to get out more. Who's Kylie?

Well it's official hell has froze over. I bought Bengals playoff tickets-

Share your wishlists!

I'm Dreaming Of A White Trash Christmas

Office Christmas party:EGGS, b'fast pizzas, sausage etc (BE WARNED)

BBV: The Musical! - starring Bev & Andy

Quick! Without Looking... Do You Know Your "+4" Zip Code?

There's two things I'd like to ask you to do

I'm having a potluck dinner - what dish will you bring!!!

Calling Dr Funkenstein for my Funk Film

Paris Hilton Bigger TV Draw Than Bush (now you choose)

1000 posts! Woo Hoo!!

I win one (veterinarian complaint)

Steve Martin's Holiday Wish!

it's my 20th birthday

Eighty five million dollars!

Even tho the baby looked just like Neil, he had to take a DNA test

Am I the only one here who likes gossip???

my 120th post is coming ask me anything PLEASE!

Do you ever give money to beggars on the street?

Are You An Aggressive Driver?

Canada NOW!

Halle Berry Appreciation Thread

Coming Soon: Fight Club, the game, for Xbox and PS2

What Did You Get Your (a) Parents (b) Kids (c) Siblings For Christmas?

Web Search: Don't you hate it when....

Rolling Stones Fans Sound Off....

CAPTION the neanderthal

Favorite DanAykroydisms?

The Label Says: "Store In A Cool Dry Place"

Google sucks and is getting suckier

Are you an aggressive pedestrian?

This is your media. This is your media on "spin cycle". Any questions?!!!!!

Queer Eye for the Saddam Guy!

The Colorful Caliph of all CAPTIONS!!!

Selig ends A-Rod negotiations

Interesting twist here:

Salute to DPS

Typhoon vs. Raptor?

I get no kick from Coldplay (with apologies to the Chairman)

Psssssst! Come On IN! It's A Surprise Party For Terrya's 1000th Post

As I was about to say devilgrrl,

If you were Ashcroft's urologist ...

True or False:

Too PC when it comes to language?

Is it Zafe?

Why are there no ways to PROTECT the web browser history file?

I will not play with the trolls.

I'm gonna run the gauntlet - Fox News Channel for entire evening!!!!!!

Lord of the Ring: Return of the King Soundtrack!

Who knew the Grinch's real name was Steven?

Geebuz...check out this new telescope

Has this ever been posted?? (Bush State Of The Union)

On the news...Bush won't have to have surgery on his knees.

AOL question

I can't do my math homework

How baked is my noodle?

Ever had a really bad hangover? Not compared to this guy, you haven't.

My Wesley Willis style song about John Kerry

"How the Grinch Stole Christmas" now on the WB (8PM EST)

Hundreds thong to Merchelek to drink yak blood

Someone was looking for the disguise options for Saddam..

Saw a good freeper bumper sticker today

A Sunday Kind of Love

SIMPLE LIFE 2: The Bush Twins

Anyone else think Southpark was a little fast out of the gate

Supreme Court Overturns Gore's Endorsement of Dean

Christmas book list! Noam Chomsky?

I don't want to alarm anyone

They Finally FOUND ZombyWOOF!!!!

Why do teachers insist on giving me things to do when I don't wanna do em?

Rare photo of ProfessorGAC (sans Pennington cap)

Where the hell is ZombyWoof?

My 1000 mile road trip is over. Safe & sound in NC mountains.

What are the Admins giving the Mods for Xmas?

How's everyone doing?

Who had Free to Be You and Me when they were growing up...

My friend laughs last..

So did I mention my sewer line leaked into my basement today?

Uh-oh. A new timewaster....

Top 10 (roughly) Most Influential BANDS of All Time

Check out LINK TV and Kucinich Tonight at 10

Am I Cooler Than You, Or Are You Cooler Than Me?

10 Not-So-Random Questions

Ladies and Gentlemen...VelmaD ROCKS!!!!

Any Dead Can Dance fans here?

My Eyeore slippers are going to send me to Hell....

Any Ebay snipers here...

DU musicians, are you going to have a musical Christmas?

What magazines do you impulse buy

are you still using Kazaa?

Favorite track from the PHIL SPECTOR CHRISTMAS ALBUM?

Owners of the original X-Men DVD, did you buy X-Men 1.5?

Lord of The Rings/ It's Finally Over!!!

Fark Trek - TNG

What's with the Nascar craze?

I've made a political satire blog, is it funny?

Another 30 posts and I break 2000! Ask me anything!

How Can Shy People Gain Confidence?

His story to me: For Matcom.

True or False: Love Conquers All

AMAZING !! Charles Krauthammer has an anus

Batman vs Superman

What DVDs should I ask for for Xmas?

Update on Kitty

I'm off 'til after Jan. 5. Happy holidays everyone!

Best Stoner Movie

Just got back from "The Return of the King"

most right wing large city in America

my "ratdog" has to see the vet - need a little karma here

Stephen King released from hospital

Cast the DU musical: HELLO GITMO!

Television actors or actresses you wouldn't kick out of bed.

Your top albums of 2003

Assuming you celebrate it, what are you doing for Xmas gifts this year?

for holiday gift to you

Who would Elvis vote for?


Peach buffalo in squirming tub visiting hollow beverage.

Are Tobey Maguire and Elijah Wood Really the Same Person?

Need advice with a difficult problem.

So I looked at 6 HDTV sets today... DHTV sucks

ANyone have Sirius?

Help me out.... so Who would the Cubes be likely to support for pres?

Favorite Hermann Hesse book?

Pabaah---Is this the ultimate symbol of freeperism?

Oh how cute, O'Reilly upset Drudge showed his real book sales #s

Didn't there used to be a bar here?

My attitude sucks today. Here goes:

I need some Noam Chomsky reading suggestions

What do you wear to work?

OH MY GOSH, look what they found in Saddam's beard!

Attn: January/February babies!!

I just spent an hour on the phone with a fellow DUer. Ask me anything!

Light Bulb Joke Thread

Jim Robinson: "The Democrat Party is pure evil". (article by Rimjob)

Virtual stapler and "make your own animal" game

Who should have won oscars for best actor and actress but

Did any famous people attend your high school?

Sign Kucinich's petion against ABC

Internships for Clark Campaign

Wesley Clark Word of the Day: Heterosexual

How is Lieberman's Fundraising?

More Dean Fibs - Washington Post

What Joe Lieberman Does Not Want Voters To Know......

Dean Leads in Wisconsin Poll

ABC's Peter Jennings Profile of John Kerry now available on

Kucinich's Master Plan To Win

CNN completely ignoring Kean story...

Dean leads Polls in Wisconsin

Dean losing in '04 a self fulfilling prophecy for democrats

Notice the media never calls Clarks campaign "grassroots"

Excited Democrat: The time is now!

Dean likes whites-only golf?

Dean's Remarks Give Rivals Talking Points (Wash Post)

Zogby: Post Saddam Bush approval 53%/ re-elect 47%

Campaign materials

Yepsen: Strong Kerry push may earn him anti-Dean title

New National Poll: Dean 23, Clark 10, Lieb. 10, Gep 6, Sharp. 5 it is.....GD for political junkies!

I'll take Nicholas Johnson over David Yepsen any day

Campaigning on the job.

Progressive "Tom Paine" refers to Dean as "Anti-War" in his column.

ABB - may the best candidate win the White House

Our Adopted Troops - Dean email has website supporting them

Wes Clark biopic "American Son" 5 minute preview right here!

These are worth it.....check 'em out

Sign Kucinich's petition against ABC

Mass. Nurses Assoc. endorse Kerry

Who are Clark's supporters voting for in Iowa?

The anti-Bush vote doesnt translate into proDemocrat votes

Would the Dem candidates be willing to go to war against North Korea.

Kerry's Hawk & Dove Wing Response: Zero Bars!

Zogby Dem poll touted on Drudge Front Page w/ pic. Leads hardball tonight.

Clark's support of the School of the Americas may turn off liberals

I just watched "American Son" - the Wes Clark Bio video

One of the prices of keeping our kids in Iraq

"Us rural people"

I saw a Fauxnews promo featuring Dean

Dean vs. Clark: Campaign Finances

Inside Politics CNN: coverage of Clark and Dean

Wes Clark biopic "American Son" 5 minute preview right here!

new Zogby national poll shows Dean with 20 pt. lead

Al Sharpton just called the Dean attack ad an outrage. . .

Supreme Court Overturns Gore's Endorsement of Dean

John Kerry LIVE on CNBC's Kudlow & Cramer at 5PM ET today, 12/18/03

Here's one for all you Kerry Lovers

Clark Supporters' What is your age?

After weeks of coverage, Clark only polling 8-12% of Dems. White flag?

"Lifting The Torch: A Clarion Call For Hope"

Dean WILL Win if Nominated -- but he may hurt us in the Senate

Did Dean say this? commercials denouncing Bush

How will Dean unite the country if nominated?

Good luck to ALL the Democrats!

Less than 1,000 HOURS until the New Hampshire Primary

Here's one for you Kerry folks

The Story of an Anarchist who is running Kucinich's Rhode Island Campaign

Dean Fans should love this one.....

Poll: 'Dean Demolishes Rivals in NH'

Any Dem who promises to put "Americans First" will win by a landslide in '

TV ALERT Dennis Kucinich Will Be on TV Tonight! TV ALERT

Rumor of Possible Endorsement of Dean by Senator Tom Harkin

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about Wesley Clark

Kucincih not even being listed in latest polls. How do we feel about that?

Clark gains support among traditional liberals, independent centrists

If you support the troops, then don't support Bush.

After 2 years of campaigning, Dean pulls 25%

Wesley Clark will not take the heat off Bush...

A Great Show of Grassroots Power

Serious question for Kerry supporters

Howard Dean has huge huevos/ Ad from

More reckless rhetoric from Howard Dean today...

Kerry inching up in NH

Reps. Bob Menendez & Rush Holt to endorse Dean

heads-up: Dean on C-SPAN right NOW at NH town meeting

question for Kerry supporters regarding the $850,000 loan…

Clark testimony to the The Hague has been released.

Zogby: Kerry polls last among Dem contenders.

Lieberman Says Clark Misleads Voters

Clark/Dean/Other switchers to Kucinich

Likeability factors

Wesley Clark says jobs aren't coming back

NBC Poll: Dean losing to Bush by 52-31, Clark by 53-28

Braun, Clark, Dean, Sharpton and Kucinch suporters check in here!

Clark 37% wins DU poll. Dean second 35%, Kucinich third 15%

Clark's Million Dollar Challenge

Who is the candidate you like, that everyone thinks you don't and why?

A question for Clark Supporters: Kerry beats Clark- then what?

Poll: Dean far ahead among Democratic candidates in Wisconsin

Who is going to emerge to compete with Dean for the nod...Clark or Kerry?

Dean losing 60-37% to Bush; Clark 7% better

'The Lord Of The Right Wing' cartoon!

Only liberals are "unhinged", "wacky", etc. Never RW nutcases.

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about John Kerry

Just got back from a Clark House Party

Dean's Remarks Give Rivals Talking Points

A plea for civility

Freddy Barnes SCARED of Dean

Dean's Request to Support the Troops

A question for people who oppose Howard Dean:

What is Dean doing Right that puts him ahead???

Will someone please explain these quotes to me?

FYI: The General Discussion rules have changed slightly.

Republicans are donating to Kerry's campaign

What States Can Dean Deliver that Gore Lost in 2004?

The Impossibly Ridiculous, Wonderful, Miraculous Campaign of John Buchanan

Day on campaign trail with Kerry sways undecided voter.

Kerry loans presidential campaign $850,000, says bigger loan to come

I hung out with John Kerry today

KUCINICH--Salon Magazine in-depth interview

How could General Clark secure the nomination?

Salon - In desperation, John Kerry goes too far

Which candidate has the least special interest ties?

Assuming a Clark nomination, what are our chances of victory?

Kucinich on Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA)

Edwards touts health care and education plan

Press for Carol Mosley Braun

Kucinich is the best candidate

Herbert: Change the Channel

Salon: Paris Hilton Bigger TV Draw than B*...

Krugman: Telling It Right

Remember 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'? For Bush, They Are a Nonissue

What can we do to stop Wal-Mart/educate others?

The New Unity Partnership (AFL-CIO power struggle)

Rabbis issue prohibition against evacuating settlements

Sharon's 'Unilateral Withdrawal' Strategy

Sharon Says Israel Might Use Wall to Create Palestinian Border

Kerry's campaign sent Clark's campaign ZERO candy bars

The Dean People Are Desperately Trying To Smear Kerry For The Osama Ad

Israel's Herzliya conference reporter states racism thriving...

The Story of an Anarchist who is running Kucinich's Rhode Island Campaign

Dean Fans should love this one.....

KCET is rerunning the Frontline "A Class Divided"(Blue-eyed people)

thank you, thank you, AL, for your internet!

Wanna learn about Faux News dems?

I could have told you that Kean would backtrack on 9/11, but...

Latest hysterical fundraising email from GOP -- attacks MoveOn!

Justice Dept. Finds Evidence of Abuse of Sept. 11 Detainees

Senator Says Halliburton's Auditors Saw Problems

Judge Rules for Orca Listing

Kerry Mortgages Home to Keep Campaign Afloat

Man (Bush buddy) Who Shot Reagan Allowed to Visit Parents Unsupervised

Should HEyHEY sample the local......opposite sex?

I need a corporate sleuth (is there such a thing?)

I want a cute little kitty like WillBowden's Dot!

I did real good today!

I've finally finished making my Bourbon Balls

In the doghouse

LOTR spoilers....

Nightline: 9/11 could it have been prevented

Who would Kurt Cobain vote for??

Who is the Worst wingnut musician?

What Will Go Down As The Happiest Day Of Your Life

Favorite lines from "Pulp Fiction"

A mighty wind fan check in

Your NUMBER ONE album of all time

What do these people have in common?

Dean Campaign Blasts Bush for lying about Grassroots Power

If you have any doubts about Clark, read this article!

new Georgia poll - Dean holds double-digit lead

Anyone who thinks Kerry is dropping out anytime soon...

Some Democrats Uneasy About Dean as Nominee

Vanessa Kerry (daughter) post on Kerry blog

The power of the Incumbency and choice of candidate=Clark

My biggest problems with Clark and Kerry