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Archives: December 14, 2003

woman who accused George W Bush of rape

Does Jonah Goldberg Appear in Your Daily Fishwrap?

Baker's Return = Cheney's Heartburn

Now that Saddam is captured

Post-9/11 limits on dissent claimed

William Schneider:Bush-Dean Matchup Could Be a Battle of the Risk-Takers

Undercover of Darkness

Conservative slams Ann Coulter

Interesting WP Article

Stripes letter: National Guard finished (as in "kaput")

DailyKos: Saddam Captured; What's Next?

Why * must attempt to hold back the trial til after the election

san diego union|tribune - Governor builds list of broken promises

Our Enemies at Home |NYT

Support for Bush slips in home state

Wash Post: many people have worse jobs amid "recovery"

Howard Dean: Zero to hero

(K.) Harris plunges from belle of inaugural ball... (ow!)

Jonathan Alter (Newsweek): The New Law of Uncertainty

Mud Splashes Back at Governor (Arnold)

Why does Bush fear Venezuela?

Palast: Jessica Lynch Captures Saddam, Ex-Dictator Demands Back Pay from B

Who's really in charge at the White House?

NYT: Divorce, Washington Style (Gore/Lieberman)

Dean in Arizona...any DU'ers going...?

Saddam capture tv news coverage I just watched better than I expected

SNL - TV Funhouse - The one with * playing dress up

I think Andy Rooney just kicked Dubya in the groin

Newsworld International rocked today

Dems vs. Dems---Anonymous Character Assassination Ads

Media Coverage of Saddam's Capture Way Overblown

Arnold getting a little shady

Happy 500th Birthday Nostradamus!!

So, what do we make of Saddam's Capture?

starting my own business. some of the first designs...

South Florida Haitians protest Wal-Mart's selling of 'Grand Theft Auto' ga

Market set to rally because of Saddam's capture...

Has Irrational Exuberance Hit China?

What is the economic health of Iraq?

Two economic articles on Yahoo - WTF?

A golden opportunity - Dec 15 and 16th

NASA - Northern Latitudes Thawing 1 Day Earlier Each Spring Since 1988

Midwest smokestacks sicken, kill thousands. A bit of Iraq money would fix.

PowerPoint Makes You Dumb - NYT

Will Iraq become the Balkans of the Middle East?

Never forget - 227 days

Stoned slugger sans sense summons security, soon sent stirward

Those NJ people sure do love their guns!

Blind hunter bags a deer (with some help)

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What is DU's policy on present members passing on communication

Sorry mods, I don't quite understand the locking of many of the threads

Question on the 24 hour timeout

Searching on usernames

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If I hadn't used "Saddam Captured" would the following thread...

What's with all the porn ads on DU?

Mods, I still don't understand why so many posts have been locked

Could I please get an answer to my question?

A Minor Question

Question to moderator who locked my contact lieberman thread.

Why was my Stop Dean thread locked??

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A Random Question About Where DU Is And Will Be

THIS is what I'm talking about

say, why did my Homeland Security video thread get axed?

Why are you guys such jerks?

Israeli president says violence must end

U.S. meets with Palestinian PM IAEA head calls for Israel's give-up of nuclear weapons

Holiday Spirit At The UN....

NY Times: Likud Debates a Palestinian State to Save Israel

Silence across the fence

Israel congradulates Bush, tries not to gloat

ISRAEL: Ghosts of a Dream

PM calls Saddam's capture an important lesson for dictators

Xinhuanet: Israel's tank commander indicted over death of Palestinian boy

Palestinians mark 'black day' of Saddam capture; Hamas: U.S. will pay

Palestinian artillery pounds Gaza Jews

Europeans to file complaint for misuse of donations...

NY Times: Three Israelis Divide Their Lives Between Literature and Life

The Pervasive Fear of Talking About the Israeli Connection

Sharon to reiterate support for Palestinian state

US, Israel prepare mass killings in Iraq

Im starting a letter to state and national leadership...please help

Joe Trippi is on Snuffelupagus tommorow

Survey finds Dean is top pick among party leaders

Playing Poker with Hussein - Rovian Spin & Tactics

A thought from Helen Thomas: We need Democrats to speak out on the war.

Open Letter To Senator Kerry

Hafer confirms plan to join Democrats

Kerr selected to run in Kentucky 6

Questions for supporters of Clark

The Big Mistake about the Capture

The winner ticket: HD & CMB

Once again Dems must praise administration

Candidates Ponder What the Good News (Saddam) Means for 2004 - NYT

Grab your ankles, commies!

Prominent Bloggers (Kerry Ad Recipients) Ask Kerry to Disavow Hate Ad

Dean's "kitchen cabinet" to be announed Monday

Saddam and the election

Kucinich on Saddam's Capture

Dean is on the cover of Newsweek

Kucinich Releases Media Reform Plan

Its been real. Goodbye...

Iraqi tribal chiefs take US lessons in democracy

Is Al Sharpton Behind the Dean Ad?

Given Dean's start...

Want to learn about Democrats and Primary fighting? Read this!

540 Reasons: Why Bush must go...

Is Michael Jackson responsible for the Osama-Dean ad?

which candidate got the "most significant" black endorsement this week?

"Kerry Asks Supporter to Stick With Him"

They're against Sudam and Occupiers, Rebels with a cause

is this the most "exciting" primary season you've ever been a part of?

Maybe the Dean/Ossama ad will be good for Dean

Wanna See a Kerry-Dean Thread That's Not a Flamewar?

Bush Weaknesses

Speaking of the Pharisees........this describes our WH bunch to a T.

Kucinich, Mosely Braun, and Sharpton: Too bad there are 3, not 1

Was Clinton REALLY that bad?

Dean wants to be a new breed: a physician president.

No matter whom we nominate, it'll make a compelling story.

Kucinich second in polls..this is unbelievable

How can we marginalize the ideology of neoconservativism....

The Seattle Times Exploits a Fellow Loser, Rep. Bill Janklow

Thanks, DU!

How many of you were upset with Clinton in 93-94

Mike Novak: The Bush Haters (Extreme Propaganda)

When yer hot yer hot, when yer not yer not poor gopiggies

"How many of you are in the Sparkle Department?"

Kucinich Supporters!

who is Lieberman least likely to attack when he's on Meet the Press?

CNN reporting possible capture of sadamn

Is 2004, 1992 again?

New Hampshire Poll Out----Good News for Dean and Clark

This is easily the most infuriating Novak has been.

What will happen to the Republican Party if Bush loses?

If Team Exxon tracked down Saddam Hussein, can they find Dick Cheney?

Will the UN "lay claim" to Saddam?

thank Hillary Clinton for saddam's capture

I don't care what the political implications of Saddam's capture are.

cnn just said think they caught sadam

I sense something coming that should be stopped right now...

Unfortunately, capture of Saddam may mean more killings

Is this guy biased?

Finally, the myth of "Saddam loyalists" will die.

CNN: Bush's Turkey visit led to Saddam capture

Will Saddam stand trial at the Hague, like Milosevic?

New Campaign Slogan: One down, one to go!

Will Saddam finally get his Duel with Bush, in Court?

How will Bush murder Saddam?

The video of the Iraqi execution?

Saddam's Capture: Now what?

LOL - "Operation Red Dawn"?!? Morans!!!

Bremer: "Ladies and gentlemen, we got him." Press cheers.

Does anyone else find the name "Operation Red Dawn"

What's this mean for pro-IWR and anti-IWR Democratic candidates?

Funny thought Re: Saddam Hussein's Capture

Will Saddam Implicate Any US Officials

BBC Interview with Head of Arab League

Washington Journal on CSpan for today (Donna Brazile)

if the US broke international law in attacking Iraq…

Internet Constitution: Something else for Bush to trash?

Did Saddam just Checkmate Bush?

In light of the capture of Saddam -

Five Minute Preview of American Son

How should I get young people motivated to vote?

And Now For Something Completely Different

ways this will help or hurt Chimpy?

Does this mean the war is over?

Saddam Ain't Osama.

how much will Chimpy's approval ratings go up now?

Looking for a certain website of flash animations...

the "Dean factor" might hurt GOP chances in key battleground House races

are people going stop pay attention to Iraq now?

Breaking on BBC: Saddam tipster works for Halliburton (KBR)

Saddam's capture is a "straw man"

It should be a more dangerous time in Iraq now. I would like to see

What exactly will Saddam be charged with?

Saddam and Bad Santa:

Saddam - now the hard part


My God... It's Gotten Just This Bad !!!

The Same Old Racket in Iraq

Saddam just captured.

we should be inspired

What exactly can Saddam get charged with?

Cspan callers are still asking: Where are the WMD??

Saddam did not "Do" 9-11. Where's OSAMA??? Saddam was OUR guy

Don't talk like a twit and you might win an election

Here's a new campaign issue for Democratic candidates:

Rejoice DUers! The Myth of the Saddam loyalists is finished!

Halliburton overcharging story suddenly off Sunday news headlines

The Trial

Didn't this administration once say...

"The Electability Factor" , re Howard Dean, from today's Washington Post

BEHAVE DU, people are watching us today...(Better? )

Hopefully, principle will not be forgotten today: The ends still do not

Will Saddam testify?

kucinich abc scandal ignored in sunday shows

The "dancing in the streets" on CNN appears staged

What did Saddam DO...and why didn't they kill him like Uday and Qusay?

Is it hopeless?

just a few questions about the coverage...

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have

CNN Reporting that this was a Tip from an Iraqi. Not good analysts.

Saddam has 12 doubles ...let's not forget

No one in "Saddam Captured" press conf metioned 9-11 or terra?

Putting a Positve Spin on Saddam's Capture

Bush Lies Alert!!!

They Should Have Died Saddam's Beard White And Used Him As Santa Claus

Saddam’s Capture A Great Moment.

can we still win the election with Saddam found?

Milosevic captured

An interesting view on the impact of Saddam's capture

Lieberman's first words at Saddam's capture "Hallelujah...praise the Lord

"Saddam officially a prisoner of the U.S. government"

could this be forgottten in a month?

They found Saddam too late..........

Kerry will be on Fox News Sunday

if CSPAN callers are any kinda gauge…

Sadaam Who?

Forget Bush, take a moment to be happy for Iraqis today

Hussein capture (my thoughts)

ways this will help or hurt Chimpy?

odd little meaningless democratic nominee poll statistic...

What are the chances that Bush's boys brainwash Saddam?


So...who's next?

Kerry on NPR right now

Was Saddam's DNA confirmed or not?

"Tinfoil theory"..why Saddam now - keep "stockmarket and euphoria going"

OMG, it just hit me! Bush has "peaked too early"

This capture helps Edwards, Gephardt the most

Dean Southern strategy vindicated - picks up endorsements there

What ENRAGES me the most


Bush can still be beaten

Which will be the first network to have someone ask who

Capturing Saddaam may be BAD NEWS for our troops-

Looking On The Bright Side Of The Capture

Saddam will not go to trial

Where is that other guy?

why did Saddam stay in Iraq?

Saddam Captured, Stick a Fork in Dean, He's Done............

On the capture of Saddam Hussein

they took saddam alive? why would they do that?

I found this interesting

Tinfoil Saddam theories -- air them here

Bush pulled Saddam (rabbit) out of hat to save his skin.

What is the most SHOCKING news story this Sunday?

It's amazing what a good night's sleep will do to your perspective

Dean is on the cover of Newsweek

Edwards is on 60 Minutes tonight. I wonder whether SH helps or hurt?

Candidates have a chance here to get out the truth about 9/11.....

Howard Dean's statement on the capture of Saddam

Can The UN demand to observe the interrogation?

Sadaam has upstaged

OK NOW can we fire Paul Bremer?

Lieberman will use this just as much as Bush

Saddam Capture = Bad For Bush

"Caught Saddam!"(TM)

Saddam killed 61,000, but our sanctions on Iraq killed 1.5 MILLION people

Why saddam now? Roves as easy to read as Dr. Seuss...."

Bush was Jealous

Quick. Check the gas station again

I Wonder if Howard Dean will Ever Again Question Wes Clark........

What if the Iraqis acquit Saddam and place him back in power?

Daniel 4:33-37 Hmmmmm. Nothing new under the sun. (Saddam)

Saddam or Impostor? Are you really sure that its him?

What Will Bush's Poll Ratings Be In The Next Round Of Polls

Does anyone here think that the shrub knows

Saddam Was the Bushes' Killer Pitbull Attack Dog!

Listen up!! Thank Halliburton for Saddam's "capture"

I Wish There Was A Web Site That Show All The FACES and Brief Bios...

Deleted message

Ok, get ready for all the "evidence" that will link Saddam to 9/11

Is there any question left as to why we need Clark?

Lieberman 1st to kiss bush's ass while blaming rest of democratic

In Two Weeks, The Saddam Story Will Be Old News

Statement from Holy Joe – absolutely nauseating

"Wev've got him".... First impressions by a journalist....

Don't buy multinational Christmas presents!

Under The Cover Of Darkness : Subversion of Democracy

Saddam Captured - Do You Feel Safer?

Right on Joe!

Now you know why the War Crimes Tribunal was hastily established

Would Bush have preferred Sadaam

We need to remember -- everytime * is credited with being a strong leader

Saddam was willing to surrender without a war remember?

why do we continue the myth of linking finding Saddam with succes in Iraq

Should Sadaam Hussein get the Death Penalty???

If Dr. Dean's wife, Judith Dean, became the first lady, how would she be?

Kerry on Faux News Sunday, a leader for the times

How do we know it's not just a Saddam look-alike?

Saddam is captured...let's bring our troops home, please!

Saddam caught? Like I should care...

Saddam , Court and Bush Sr.

The War Slogs On.....

How do we respond to Saddam's capture...

Clark congratulates Sanchez, officers, & troops for Saddam Capture

God Bless America

When is Bush going to get those responsible for 9-11? Saddam isn't one.

WMD were the initial

Rushes miricle came through, a DISTRACTION from his sorry ass


Saddam capture is good for the world

When is Bush going to get those responsible for 9-11? Saddam isn't one.

REPOSTED:Democrats 2004 success CANNOT be built upon Bush/GOP failure. . .

Anybody else think it strange Saddam allowed himself to be captured?

Is it too late?

Mods, why are so many threads being locked?

Breaking: Jacques Chirac, dictator of France, captured in heroic US raid

Will Saddam lead to WMD?

by the way did they also capture large amounts of money and

Someone please list the way that things that will be different now...

The capture of Saddam is all fine and good, but

a vote for Joe Lieberman is a vote for George W. Bush

The 5 Minute Preview of Clark's "American Son" is a DRAG

"We've got him..." A journalists impressions....

Kerry statement on Saddam

Capture of Saddam makes my farts not stink anymore

I'm gonna say it. We must nominate a Dem that supported the war.

With the capture, we Progressives are under the microscope

What about Saddam's loyalists who did his bidding?

Anybody feel safer now that Saddam is captured?

Under Clinton's Admin. the pubs would pooh-pooh

I WR Voters be damned, I say now more than ever we need Clark

Dean's statement on Saddam's capture

Brown on CNN: Saddams capture must have come as a shock to Osama

NBC: ANyone watching?

If Saddam manages to stay alive until his war crimes trial....

Iran first to report Saddam captured.

Can we "cut the crap" with the negative Dean threads.

Dean hitches his propaganda wagon to the Saddam news today

Bush Address to the Nation - 12:15 PM ET

When will the next polls come out?

Where the heck is bin laden?

Watching C-Span makes me sad

Kerry is now proud of his IWR vote

Could somebody explain how the economy has gotten better?

When will the next polls come out?

Poll prediction....

Slightly Ironic When Bush Speaks of Justice for the Iraqi People

Anyone else disturbed by the behavior of the press at the newsconference?

CSPAN WJ Host (with the bad haircut)

Vote in the poll on this page:

Iowa will become a very close race now....

Saddam's captured, game over? Not quite

What is see is that the supporters are ecstatic and the hate speech

Remember? "Desparate Saddam offers Americans a deal"

Will Bush have to run on Domestic Issues now?

When do the troops come HOME?

Freeper invasion!

Saddam's timing...Dow just above 10K, Nasdaq ready to break 2K...

What will Dean do with all his money?

Salam Pax-Baghdadi Blogger, on capture of Saddam

Does anyone else feel like they were just BS'd by a pro?

It's over.

Blast near Hotel

This is not what it seems

Was anyone really basing 2004 on the continued bumbling of Iraq?

The company I work for will have more layoffs starting tomorrow.

We CAN and STILL WILL Win -- Here's How

pics from Iraq war today......complete shrub failure....

"Trial of the Century"......Saddam until the elections

The Leaker in the White House

Prepare yourself for the gloating whores

Was Bush in Crawford Texas this weekend?

Will the Capture lead to the Rapture?? Do we now have License to stay in

Aahhhhgh...We'll All Be Killed!!..Mothra is attacking the city!!!!!!!!!

isnt all this defeatism a little premature?

What Dean should say

Calm Down! We're not screwed

Will Saddam lead the US to the location of the WMDs?

**CHIMP ALERT** gloating on TV now

Did they find any WMD's in Saddam's pocket?

Saddam's comments on Dean's campaign

Florida Real Estate Agents Cheer Capture of Saddam

Saddam was kept alive because.........

And just that quick - another attack

Anyone else expecting a 'Jack Ruby' moment?

Bush will win Big in 2004 - There Is No Longer Any Hope For Us

Question of the Day from Wolf Blitzer

Al Gore should come

A good day for the world; we should respect our troops:

The capture of Saddam will be used to validate an unjust war. We had

Sadams Capture is the best thing that could have hapened!

Don't panic. Saddam's Capture now = Good thing for us.

Is today's news related to the Thanksgiving Trip?

Did they expect Saddam to be in a Tuxado?

How do we know the man they captured is Saddam?

Wolf Blitzer; Car Bomb Wasn't A Bomb

Similarites to capture of General Noreiga of Panama

pic of White House today.....nice view....

Saddam was involved in 9-11

Here it is: "Saddams' Capture could hurt Dean"

The Admins removed the Latest Discussion Topics list from the front page?

Now you see how bush and the media will frame this - as closure.

Why Saddam's capture hurts the candidates running on military credentials

The Mood in Carter Country....

Take a look in LBN -- Huge explosions in Baghdad

The Capture Saddam Hussein: wag the dog!

i guess we won't be hearing anything more about Halliburton stealing $61M.

I missed "whiskey voice".

Links to the lies about Iraq. Why are not our candidates together on it?

Like all his other PR moves, capturing Saddam will backfire on Bush..

Dean's statement from July is still true.....we went to war on lies.

Dean's "Angry Man" Candidacy is Doomed without SADDAM bogey

Lieberman: If Howard Dean got his way, Saddam would still be in power!

WMD were the initial reason

Excuse me, but George W. Bush* is still a liar and a war criminal

Where the EFF is my "Jennings and Jeffords"??????

Dennis K on NPR NOW. (missed it)

Valerie Plames Outer

Should the Saddam Captured=Bush Wins/Dean Loses Threads be Locked?

Britain's Forensic Science Society: 96% probability of Grassy Knoll shot

Dean's Statement on Capture

Sen. Warner praising Wolf Blitzer on CNN

Kerry did not say that he was proud of his IRW.

why are we believing Saddam had guns? And that he was talkative?

Bush Lied, AGAIN re: Iraqi Secret Police' aka the Mukhabarat

Eileen Mcnamara (Boston Globe): "Kerry's Style A Real Turnoff"

My my my...looks like Rove's goal worked: our firing squad is now a circle

Are you glad Hussein has been captured? Gut reactions here.

Uday and Qusay, The Sequel

What are we NOT supposed to notice while the capture is celebrated?

What are the odds of Clinton endorsing Clark?

Does anyone know what happened to

A Legitimate Question About Wesley Clark

Who were the Army Guys?? How did/who did they spot the "Spider Hole"?

Saddam Hussein: Proper Perspective

Did I mis-hear this? Schwartzkopf referred to "Saddam's Mujahadeen" on

Now I see. Now the lies that led us to war were ok.

Clark is on MSNBC right now

One dictator down, one to go

Where's all the doom and gloom...

The Neocons are gloating about DUs attitude and think 2004 is theirs

Schwarzenegger to change parties?

Staement from Denis Kucinich

Mission Accomplished!

From the horse's mouth....The U.S. Dreamed them up....

This was just to keep halliburton off the front page

New low in media: Sadaam had cooties

So will Bush end the occupation now that the 'threat' has been stopped?

US captures Ex powerful man with beard in hole in the ground

Shopping List for Saddam's Betrayer (Humor)

Time, has info concerning initial Saddam Interagation...

It would be poison for any of the candidates to want to be on the

Generally, I would never rip on a Democrat but....

Saddam didn't train the 9/11 hijackers; the US government did.

Can we go home now?

We DID sell WMDs to Iraq, right?

456 US lives.... 10,000 Iraqis.... all for one man, no WMD.....

Clark & Dean Commenting On Trying Tyrannts In The Hague (Or Not)

Now What? We Execute Saddam?

DUers in SC or NH: Have you seen a specific ad on *TV* against Dean?

Have you seen Lieberman trying to spin Saddam in his favor?

What's with those Russians?

It's got to be Dean/Clark if we want to win

Dean and today's Iraq news: does this change things for you?

Saddam captured! All is well. Walmartization of America....

Saddam capture--Dean, Clark statements

There will now be a lot of pressure on Bush to withdraw troops from Iraq

saddam's trial may unearth past administration's ties to him...

When it comes to Republicans.......

Strom Thurmond - statutory rapist?

==Free chill pills contained within==

Yeah, Dean should be toast now...

Maybe it's not over.


"World Hopes Hussein's Capture Will Ease Iraq's Woes"

Surprised I haven't heard this RNC talking point yet...

Lieberman thinks Saddam should get Death Penalty

Stock Market to rally tomorrow

I can just see it now: "Saddam, if you hear them opening the door, use the

Any predictions re: which candidate(s) get hurt by this are premature.

Has a president ever been more insincere than Bush while speaking?

Boatload of photos having to do with the capture.

Ellen Mariani on Ian Masters right now,

Saddam, the WMDs and the cynic in me....

Well, they don't want him talking, that's for sure

Former Del. senator Bill Roth dies

Why Saddams capture could hurt Bush....

From the Horse's mouth The U.S. Dreamed Them Up

2+2= 5 , Please deposit reasons for going to war in the memory hole

*'s speech: the kicker and the linkage

Catching Hussein didn't help this guy at all.

The election's is STILL gonna be CLOSE

The War Against Workers

Statement From General Wesley Clark On The Capture Of Saddam Hussein

After the news today, our only hope is to elect Carol Moseley Braun.

Saddam wasnt the problem, Osama is the one who blew the skies apart

A timeline for exploitation of Saddam and the War on Terror.

A modest proposal: turn over Saddam to Tehran for trial

Kucinich on Capture of Saddam Hussein

Tinfoil hat alert: Will Baker "help" form independent Tribunal in Iraq?

Will Arabs feel humiliated or happy with the photos on television?

Will a "captured" Saddam be handled correctly by the Admin?

Even with Saddam captured, the decision to go to war was wrong.

How does Saddam capture impact your candidate?

What is the proper punishment for Hussein?

Is Saddam's capture a deathblow to Clarks anti-war campaign?

what specific crimes will Saddam be tried for?

Dean was still correct

The election's is STILL gonna be CLOSE

amazing firsthand account from NPR caller to what's REALLY goin on in IRAQ

Saddam had guns with him....Why did he allow himself to be taken alive?

A Holiday for Rubes

Timing of Saddam's "capture"...

Where will Saddam be tried?

We Captured The Wrong Guy

A Pyrrhic Victory and How the Media is using it to slam Democrats

The Open Question

Tribunal will look into war crimes going back to l968

No one votes for the VP

Did Bush really weed out all Democrats from Thanksgiving

So what will they try Saddam for? And who will be his judge?

Ok, the son has vindicated the father. Can we get on with the important

If Lieberman has his way, he will invade Iran and Syria


Halliburton employment add from today's paper - long hours on call

Welp, Saddam just wiped Howard Dean's face off the cover of Newsweek

Saddam will die before he goes to trial.

Al-Qaeda's finances still ample

Who is the next boogeyman? Syria? Lebanon? Iran? NK?

Mentioning Usama will be considered even more Anti-American

Yea! We captured Saddam (where's that pic of him and Rummy?)

Dem candidates should be saying "Now where's Osama??"

Iraq War = Bad, Justice for Saddam = Good

I Really Am Suprised So Many DUers Are Cheering Today's News

Will Rumsfeld take the stand at Saddam's trial?

Bush approval ratings may have just gone up!

Was I the only one who noticed...?

Has anybody seen these?

Could being a Pro-War Democrat be back en Vogue?

In some strange way, I can identify with the Freepers...

My thoughts on today's capture...(important-please read)

UPI Analysis: Saddam's capture boosts Bush

Color me confused but wasn't the Iraqi war about WMD?

Senator Edwards' Statement on Capture of Saddam

Any videos of Bush gloating about Saddam's capture?

The White House Investigation can now go forward

BBC Talking Points this morning.....interesting calls

Crossing Streams

What Part Of Saddam Will End Up at Yale?

Saddam alive = Bad for Bush?

Rumsfeld, Iran/Contra, Iraqgate, shaking hands with Saddam

What are the odds of capturing Bin Laden?

Rules for Becoming a Repug

Meanwhile, in another part of the world, Paul Simon's funeral is on CSPAN

Jessica Lynch Captures Saddam

Has your position on Iraq shifted today?

Was the Iraq war and Saddam's capture worth this?

Iraq, or no Iraq. Bush is still a dictator.

No celebration in Sunni Triangle

Iraqi Communist Party website links directly to Free Republic thread

CNN Poll...being freeped...?

tony blairs 'saddam news conference' pic (LOL !)......

Vote NOW: New CNN poll on-line

WP Chat on Saddam's Capture..Interesting Read

Is this the deathblow to Dean's insurgent anti-war campaign?

Will Saddam's capture prove to be a trap for Bush?

So did anybody see Chalabi's boy scouts at Bremer's press conference

Sharpton on CNN...why is it that Al seems to be the only one who can

Report estimates up to 55,000 deaths on all sides in Iraq war

What has changed today? Is the war ok now? What has changed?

How many of you have been sent over by Rove....

Poppy Bush could've helped the Iraqis overthrow Saddam themselves

Show me the money! Blitzer reveals reason for today's show capture.

Question about troop levels

One tyrant down, another, Bush still on the loose.

Wonder who's collecting the 25M bounty???

the saddam - rummy love fest

Bush will refocus on the War on Terror: Implications for candidates

If howard dean had his way, sadamn husein would be in power today

Indications from *Bush speech

Senator Edwards 60 Minutes appearance postponed

Reminder: Don't miss 60 Minutes tonight. Live Rumsfeld interview, MORE...

BBV: Diebold memo: Charge them "out the yin-yang" for a paper trail

2 articles, swamped by Saddam, herald major changes in USA

My cynical opinion about Saddam's capture... and OBL (a prediction)

Woo Hoo! Sadaam Hussein captured!

Does capture of Saddam justify the US invading Iraq?

SO they get Saddam, does something about the timing not smell right?

Post your Saddam capture inconsistencies here

Israel congradulates Bush, tries not to gloat

MSNBC posts video of Dean's response to capture; other candidates ignored

This is sick...

Iraqi reaction story from Salon. Read if you feel ambivalent about this.

CSPAN Clark commenting on Saddam

Haliburton? Clark at the Hague?

do you feel safer today than you did yesterday?

Where are the "WMD"? And where is Osama bin Laden?

I'm waiting for video of Bush...

What type of defense does Sadaam mount? Can he take BushCo down with him?

Why does Israel think they will be safer without Saddam?

We're in a war on terror, Saddam has been captured, bin laden is within

I hate NBC news too

Gen Clark's legacy in this capture...

John Edwards on "60 Minutes" tonight, CBS, 7 Eastern/6 Central (nt)

Does anyone have poll numbers...

Will the real Saddam Hussein please stand up?

Florida won't require printouts of touch-screen

Kerry on Faux News Sunday...sickening swipes at Dean...

Globalisation & Privatization at work. "The Navigators" by K. Loach.

DU!! Let's contact Lieberman and tell him to switch parties.

Dean blog is top of the blog activity on the attacks on him. Good.

No trial anytime soon -- ABC News

Tune in to PBS now

Saddam caught, Dow @10,000+, Prescription drug bill, Environmental Forest

Rummy on 60 minutes now!

There's No Free Lunch

Why, and they just set up tribunals to try former Ba'athists....

Dow Boost from Hussein's capture!

Juan Cole's take on the capture of Saddam

The troops are not coming home....

don't forget about the simpsons

The Inevitability of the "Desperation of the Democrats"

Wanted: Help Stopping Dean

Let's face it, capture of Saddam doesn't change anything

Anybody in here from Connecticut? (Let's talk about the Senate!)

Does anyone know about Bruce Willis' promise of $10 Million??

I refuse to roll over and give up just because Saddam is captured.

Does anyone have a link to the composite photos

Why was my Stop Dean thread locked?

Media Calls Iraq a "War on Terror"

Saddam Captured...Caption this...

at 7:14 est Carville will be on CPAN2

The main purpose of the Iraq war

Capturing Saddam = Anybody But Dean

Will the pResident travel to see Saddam in person?

Why Dean may come out stronger because of this...

George H.W. Bush, at this point in 1991,

I am shocked they took him alive

Saddam caught for Xmas, Osama for next 911?

Just how fragile are Democratic beliefs?

The capture finally proves Saddam was no Hitler

why so frightened of a disheveled man in a hole ?

ABC orders some candidates off stage....

who will act as jack ruby to silence saddam before he spills the bush

Somebody Else's Civil War

The only thing Saddam's capture has changed in this race is:

OK ABC is doing a quick profile

Until our troops stop dying, saddam's capture is meaningless

What would our country look like if we get 4 more years of Bush?

Here's a couple of questions the media should still ask

I hate ABC news

Can you name one candidate? A national poll says you can't!

support for going to war with iraq (pre capture) 59%

A view from the back of the party bus

old vagrant rescued from hole in ground !! claims to be missing..

GW Bush - Professional Fire Starter

Howard or Clark - an outsiders view

Get a load this. Legislation with secret details? (+TIA revamped)

The Best Financed Campaign....

The Show Trials to Come Will Benefit Bush and Hurt Dems

How quickly we forget...

Remember..this was about finding WMDs.

The Nation on Kucinich v. Koppel & ABC

Bush is Terrified of Clark. Here's Proof!

NY Sun Claims Tom Friedman Physically Attacked Lawyer at Lecture

Luntz: I Thought that was Pat Caddell (Saddam Video)

Sen Graham on CNN

Why they may bave been able to take Saddam alive

Quit all this doom and gloom!!

How would George W. Bush conduct himsel if he was on the run.

Saddam Hussein vs Osama bin Laden vs George W. Bush

Why did he provoke a war??

Technology Plans of John Kerry

Is the Patriot Act & Department of Homeland Security Needed?

"Are we better off now than we were on Saturday?"

CBC includes Rumsfeld in its Saddam profile Halliburton. Today, war ok.

CSpan Clark on the road to the Whitehouse

What if Bush finds WMD weeks before the election?

Musharraf survives assassination attempt

Hm, I think they were gonna take Saddam alive, or not at all.

Dean's response on video...he says the president deserves the day.

This could just be another, more muted version of "Misson Accomplished"

Lots of Talk about Strength, But Is It The Right Kind?

Human Rights Watch: No Political Show Trial for Saddam

I hear "Survivor" on the TV in the background.....

Did Dean really say this?

CBC News Special Edition -- 10pm ET -- Iraq special

Dean runs as a Libertarian, splits GOP vote, Clark/Edwards

from moby...

if i'm wrong about dean's war opposition being a problem

I'm a Dean supporter and I'm taking one for the team

Anybody catch Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes??

We just got mentioned on ClearChannel News.

Has this stabilized Iraq or has it turned into a "holy war" ?

Iraq Communist Party Website Links to FreeRepublic

There is no room for hawkishness in the Democratic Party

Newsweek Replaces Dean Cover Story With Saddam Capture-Is This

Does the capture, re-energizes Clark or Kerry

Election 2004: GAME OVER

Wanna see what a Bush win in 2004 looks like?

Economy UP, Saddam GONE, WES CLARK our only option

Why Saddam capture will be bad for Bush...

It's True, DRUDGE Sez, "It's All About Personality"

The REAL reason Dean supporters support him...

Is Dean Toast? Not So, says William Saletan

Anybody watching Mathews right now?

Dean just said in SF that Saddam's capture

The Capture Of Saddam Hussein Does Not Change

Sorry to break anti-Dean hearts, but this won't change his status as #1...

So here's what Kerry had to say about Hussein's capture

To Dean supporters: Clark has been very respectful of your candidate

Call to Action: More Funding for Chicago's Parks

From my local paper...."Saddam Capture Could Boost Holiday Sales"

Oh my. NC tech jobs outsourced to...Vietnam?!

I have decided to run as a Democrat (U.S. Congress)

anybody watch this Bremer "we got him" video?

Statement by Rep. Candidate Vince Whitacre (D-WI) on Saddam Capture

Deleted message

A Bush "win" will be disasterous. Please stop savaging our candidates.

CNN question to Clark: Is Iraq off the table? WTF?

9-11 and the 'war on terrorism' - Why did Bush* attack Iraq?

Iraqi Celebrants carrying Red Communist Party Flags. What's it mean?

Hey, Hey, good news - CNN poll - not as much impact as thougt.

Are you a strong individual?

What will you do if Bush wins again?

They've had him for months.

The nightmare is over - and the nightmare is about to begin

Anybody think the two captured with Saddam may have been part of

Lieberman: If Howard Dean got his way, Saddam would still be in power!

Bush is already blowing it! The violence will continue!!!

SNL making fun of Gore and Dean

Repukes can run on the economy? I don't think so

On the capture of Saddam Hussein (Thread 2)

If you were running for president right now,

Oops! Sen. John Warner just outed Wolf Blitzer...

Its a civil war now and Im angry

LA Times poll shows Dean is top pick among Democratic leaders

I love how some posters assume this is the death blow to Dean's campaign

The myth of the "Swing Voter"

George H. W. Bush, at this point in 1991, just after the Gulf War,

"Nobody But Dean" - Please tell me this is a joke

Sincere Question for Dean Supporters

Why I have mixed feelings about today’s news.

So, why can't we run Clark?

Bin Laden...dead or alive????

Clark throws "cold water" on Dean-Clark "dream ticket"

Post Saddam capture (D) Presidential preference poll

Deep Analysis: The Emergence of the "New Republican" Party

Do whatever you have to, but remember to watch 60 Minutes on Sunday night.

Bush's Energy Policy Lives Where Deer and Antelope Play

Car Bomb Kills Six at Police Station in Iraq

Breaking on CNN: Saddam May Have Been Captured

Dem "Shadow Groups" Face Scrutiny (challenging fundraising)

NYT: There Is No Crash Course in Democracy (Iraq)

Dean machine gathers momentum

Panel reluctantly backed flu vaccine to FDA

New generation finds it's hip to be Hebrew

Once Hopeful Neighborhood Reels as Turmoil Persists (Iraq)

Terror Panel Seeks Civil Liberties Board

FBI Implements New Surveillance Rules

In Florida, Medicare shifts raise a cloud

Discovery of gas field near shoreline of Gaza Strip

Survey: Democratic Leaders Prefer Dean

Saddam rings his wife once a week

whoo, a pm in the wrong place

Car bomb at police station kills at least 17, police say (IRAQ Sunday)

Democrat Dean to urge global anti-terror WMD fund

Detainees Disabled in Occupation Custody

WP: ...When a National Political Machine Can Fit on a Laptop

Blast Misses Pakistani President's Car

BBC live : Blair just confirmed capture

Bush* to address nation at 12:15 Eastern

LAT: Rookies, Pros Mesh in Clark's First Campaign

Hussein capture to boost markets...Bush's election effort to benefit

Car Bomb at Iraq Police Station Kills 17

Fifth column vows to kill as many GIs as possible

AP:Saddam Capture Good for Bush in Many Ways

Dems hope to balance Utah's government

U.S. Reaction to Saddam's Capture

World Trade Center Fireproofing Tests Suggest a Wider Safety Problem

Oops! Sen. John Warner just outed Wolf Blitzer...

WP: At Recovery's Dawn ("messy" economic "realities")

Venezuelans learn the write stuff

Ex-Del. senator Roth dies at 82

Breaking: Explosion in Bagdad near Palestine Hotel

Just Reported - Saddam Already out of the Country

CNN: Dean gains endorsements in the South (Cummings endorsement)

CBS: Another US Soldier killed

Brokaw just announced explosion in central Baghdad (tv spcl prog no link)

Car Bomb West of Baghdad Kills at Least 17

US Soldier Dies (in Iraq) from IED Blast (this morning)


Capture to Give Big Lift to Bush, Analysts Say (NYTimes)

Differences Emerge as Loya Jirga Begins/New World Media Watch

Arabs share little of world joy over Saddam's capture

Pakistan's President Narrowly Escapes Assassin's Bomb

At Least 17 Die in Attack on a Police Station Near Baghdad

Arab-Americans in southeastern Michigan celebrate Saddam's capture

US army trucks attacked in Kuwait

UPI- Saddam's capture boosts Bush - and Clark

Republicans eye raising Virginia's gas tax

Statement from Kerry on the Capture

Economy and incumbency favor Bush, Numbers are stacked against the Democra

GLOBEX Flash Quotes S&P +14.2 / NASDAQ 100 +26.5

Terrorist behind September 11 strike was trained by Saddam

bush* Greets Saddam Capture as 'Enchanting Day'

Palestinians Mark 'Black Day' of Saddam Capture

Bush Told of Apparent Capture on Saturday-Official

Next step: What to do with Saddam?

Report: Saddam Tells Interrogators 'No WMD'

Bush Signs Bill Expanding FBI Authority (unreal)

Saddam Hussein Captured Alive Near Tikrit

Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian accusses Bush of Double Standards

Father Of Slain Soldier Finds No Joy In Saddam's Capture

Democrats in Connecticut Ask Governor to Step Aside - NYT

Americans Celebrate Capture of Saddam (AP)

Poll: Capture boosts Americans' confidence (CNN)

Iraqis want Saddam tried in Baghdad; human rights group urges PoW status

Foreclosures not slowing (Atlanta)

Post-9/11 limits on dissent claimed

Saddam's capture is major coup, may not end unrest

Wesley Clark calls for transparant trial of Saddam

Saddam's wife helped locate him

We Never Had WMD, Saddam Hussein Tells US Interrogators

Saddam's Capture May Aid Bin Laden Search

Clark Criticized for Lobbying by Lieberman

Dean Responds to Saddam capture

Controversial NJ Hunt Ends with 328 Bears Killed

Notes From Saddam in Custody (Time Mag - interrogation of Hussein)

Wall Street to Rally on Saddam's Capture

Singer Lauryn Hill Blasts Church at Vatican Concert

Iraq's Illegal Weapons Are Clear, Bush Says

CNN: Saddam may be captured

Dobranoc DU! I'm outta here! Leaving that is.

Congratulations Jason White!!!

Dark Hollow


Anyone watching the Pearl Jam concert on Directv?

Not Fade Away

My new online girlfriend lives in Boyd County. Who would thunk it?

"There is nowhere I know

Robert Schuller and Hugh Hefner

I'm Listening to Safe as Milk by Captain Beefheart.

Anyone else watching the West Wing?

This Is For People With Either Digital Cable Or Direct TV.

Is Michael Jackson responsible for the Osama-Dean ad?

BushCo issues latest orders to media lickspittles: (Salon)

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

let's play "Name That Rocker" . . .

How is Alicia Keyes' new album?

Dean: Lord Of The Roots

Topless crocheting in the Lounge

I need a little help with the Horowitz and Norquist feud

Is Paris Hilton behind the Dean Ad?

I got no "Christmas Spirit" whatsoever.

This Wednesday Night I Might Go See Bad Santa. Is It Worth It.

Listining to ELP's Tarkus

Hysterical web site

Bracing For The Horrible Awful Terrible Campaign Ads!

Just saw 'Scarface' for the first time

to go along with owellian christmas carol an orwellian christmas card

If you could have been a fly on the wall ...

I'm going to see a snow football game tomorrow. Ask me anything?

I Am A Democratic!

What are the purposes of phone jockeys for Collection Agencies anyways?

rats are the first to leave a sinking ship


North Koreans don't like Bush - Quicktime Video

What happened to Matt Damon?

What should I get for dinner?


Gross food combinations

What movie should I watch at the wee hours of the morning?

Another GREAT Mark Fiore cartoon is up

{{{{{Breaking News}}}}} Saddam Hussein has been captured

Guten Nacht, Demokratischer Untergrund!

Should I Leave The House?

Saddam and Bad Santa:

"Saddam officially a prisoner of the U.S. government"

Anyone else think Maya Rudolph is kind of sexy?

So is Dan Rather not a morning person ?

I woke up and heard the news and was happy.....

Sheriff George captured his man in a real hidey hole!

I saw one of my Christmas gifts and I am happy

We Have a Great Disturbance in the Force

Goldstein still at large. We are still at war with terror

Bring our troops home now

How long till.....

(sniff) Bush has cancelled Christmas

I'll give $1,000,000 to Dean campaign (Thread II)

Tough Love and the Consequences

My God! Just like J. Edgar Hoover’s Capture of Machine-gun Kelly.

I had a horrible feeling in my stomach this morning when I saw

Is it me or does Saddam look f-in awful?

What is the big deal?

Romulus is in the house.

Breaking: Jacques Chirac, dictator of France, captured in heroic US raid

Why do they always choose Montana (FR)

Where's today's Daily Democrat?

Where are the NFL pregame shows?

I just found out that I'm rich!

Bush administration announces that Saddam Hussien has endorsed Dean

Thank God For Football

Attention--Karl Rove has announced that Saddam

How do I make my sig. font tinier

Watched "Frida" for the first time last night.

Is Bush setting press conference precedent?

Glossary of abbreviations used here at DU

Saddam's comments on Dean's campaign

I just had a pomegranate tart. ask me anything.

I am Hungry and there is nothing to Eat!

OAGS! I've become a plus size!

Tom Brokaw said that..

Any Rock and Hyde fans here?

Dean captured! Insurgent supporters to remain vigilant

Bush arrests Saddam

I found a song that I think may have a little to do with Bush...

how did this thread die so fast?

My fish with the bad eye; the eye has turned cloudy...

Are pearls cruel?

Saddam Captured, sure loss for NY Yankees in 2004

did anyone catch shrub's address?

Aahhhhgh...We'll All Be Killed!!..Mothra is attacking the city!!!!!!!!!

Someone at the White House that actually has some brains!

I'm still searching for this tab

I discovered a new WMD...

I'm Gonna Crawl Under A Rock And Hide

New low in media: Sadaam had cooties

*'s speech: the kicker and the linkage

WHO was captured in Iraq?

We DID sell WMDs to Iraq, right?

It's time: Deck Us All With Boston Charlie

deisive battle of the Eastern front in WWII

I just found out that I'm ken!

Mr. Kucinich...

This is the main reason I can't vote for Lieberman

No Shirts Day in Iraq

Does anyone have ties to bigwigs in the music industry?

Who feels pity for Russians?

M*A*S*H: Film vs. Series

Thank you Chicago Bears!!!

What a day! I hit 6,000 and Saddam is captured. Coincidence?

My cat throws up a lot

On a lighter note, we had a ForrestGump siting last night.

My but my ignore list grew today

Some dumb woman caller to Washington Journal

By any chance was Saddam sitting on a pile of WMD when found?

Shopping List for Saddam's Betrayer (Humor)

Saddam Victory Dance

I'm the Ghost of Christmas Present

Random Facts Number 2 about you

There better be a smile on your face tomorrow!

Toast Saddam's Capture at Dean Rocks the House of Blues, tomorrow?

People celebrating in the streets?

They didn't capture Saddam. It wasn't him!

What word is meant to be?

I'm listening to The Nutcracker! Ask me anything!!!!!!!!!!!

Link for the lounge gallery?

anyone under 13 in here?

Search for WMD continues in Saddam's mouth, hair

I just got my first 'Saddam was Captured' spam!

What are the greatest lines of literature ever written?

I had a strange dream and then Saddam captured

Heads up! Dean flame grenades all over GD!!!


The 'New World NFL'!

So what happens if you put a 20 watt bulb in a socket meant for 18 watt?

Connecticut is having its 2nd consecutive weekend snowstorm!

So, they finally captured Saddam Hussein

Any one here do Star Trek role play?

Emelia Airhart, Glen Miller, Lindburgh Baby found in Iraqi hole!

Ok, I'll say it if nobody else wants to..

Hey, I woke up this morning and Karl Marx had been captured

Legal question about name on title of house.

Test for Men

I didn't watch any of the coverage of Saddam being captured today

Thank you Oakland

10 Random (saddam-free) Questions

Let's hear it for the ever vigil mods!!!

Tune in to PBS now

Are You Ticklish?

Jolly Baba Found in Closet!

I am a skins fan watching the game with the enemy today ask me anything.

Two H-2 Hummers lead the Dallas marathon this morning.

Goodbye DU, this is my last post and you all know why....

I shook Teddy Kennedy's hand today-- ask me anything.

A dirty little secret about the French.

Fast Note: Middle of 60 Minutes Love Feast what did I see

This is a 100% Maddas thread!!!

How do you respond to rude/anti-social people?

Dinosaur Planet on Discovery

100% Saddam-Free Thread

I'm leaving DU

could anyone on the west coast tape tonight's King of the Hill ep?

Do you know why my checking acount is such an awful mess?

Russian History

bored at work, listening to imus sound clips, ask me anything

Great gift ideas for that picky person:

Happiness is TWO warm puppies.

"Here comes a mob..."

Some leaving some staying who's taking DU with them???

How Long Will It Be Before Ashcroft's Goons/FBI Comes Knocking At My Door?

don't forget about the simpsons

any guesses who they voted for ?

"Operation Red Dawn." That stinks!

West Coast Simpsons viewers, tape or tivo tonight's King of the Hill ep

Just saying goodbye to DU

Bill Gates Endorses the Macintosh - Video

I need a recipe for...

If greatauntoftriplets is am I!!!!!!

In case I am busy with finals...

Someday at Christmas men won't be boys

Questions about internet connectivity, dial-up, wireless, etc.

NanaSal passed away tonight.

Televising Sadaam's medical exam - isn't that a violation of HIPPA rules?

A pedaler's mettle

Only my Yak can beat the other party's Yak


prayers needed

will anyone on the West coast or the Pacific time zone be taping tonight's

Something very wierd happened today at the Bengals vs 49ers game

Anyone watching The Simpsons XMAS special?

The Bengals won today! Dean is finished!

Swedish Fish or Gummy Bears

Re-watching Battlestar Galactica

An example of why Pittsburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in Americ


Anyone under 16 in here?

Hey Bush, You caught an Old Guy. Good for you.

I Live In New England And Deal With This White Crap Every Weekend BECAUSE?

What's your Look Of Love?

Most Hilarious Porn Spam you've gotten?

Please vote in my poll

Guess what this is a picture of....

How Do you Feel About The News Today of Saddam's Capture?

OK, let's do this again - does anyone want to chat on AOL?

The little Lady wins!!!!!

The Zen of trueing a wheel...

CSPAN--Clark/NYC/video coming up //DELAYED....showing

well i`m a happy guy

I actually made money Christmas shopping today

2 Random Things about Christmas that are a pain in the a** or ass

I just got this spam e-mail....

what? no 'mission accomplished' banner this time?

Halliburton Executive Turned In Saddam Hussein

I don't wanna die-- just wanna ride my motorcy

Hey, did y'all hear they caught Saddam Hussein?

Magic Rat's Magic Rant - 10 Random Things I Hate

I gave up a date tonight to be with the man I love

I am staying at DU.

If any of you know, how and when did DU first get started?

My dog shat on Richard Mellon Scaife's yard last night

Why isn't Emma Thompson in more films

Are you so daring, so bold? Try this:

how will the world change in 30 years or so?

I don't care about Saddam!!

ZombyWoof's Emporium of Kittens and Other Feel Good Fluff!

Psst! Hey, kid, you wanna see something cool?

I have a LiveJournal now.

Who here thought the following Chrismas songs should be a form of torture

GD is a war zone today

I was making a sandwich. What were you doing when you heard Saddam

The mods need a thank you tonight!!!!

Prayers needed

Go Pack!

I'm declaring war on plastic bags

does A.G. Spanos spend more on GOP donations than it does

Darwin Awards

Separated At Birth?!?!?

How come you never see him with his daughters?

Rams clinch division!

Oh, Lawd!! I just watched my video tape of Hildy ruining

Någon här som talar svenska? Anybody here Swedish?

adrift... can't post in GD and I'm a stranger in the Lounge...




Dirty little secret about Canada

Official Survivor Finale thread

The hell with Saddam-what did everyone make for Sunday dinner?

Get your lipstick, your whistle and your rubber gloves, it’s a PARTY!!

Which Scandinavian nation should I study in?

Tribune's Kerry Cartoon: Dean Supporter Says "Not Fair"

Guardian : Resistance to occupation will grow

Hey! About that warning!!

May I.......???

we need a forum for freepers to come out

Zogby: Bush's numbers will rise now, fall back by election

From the "Unofficial Kerry for President" blog:

So, you wake up Christmas morning to a knock at the door....

Local news just interviewed

Pappy Bush found Noriega. Look where that got him.

The Shia will now rise against the U.S.

The Saddam Capture will Help Edwards the most

Peter Werbe's Nightcall streaming now -- Iraq is the topic

Ok. Saddam's caught. So what? It still doesn't change a DAMN thing!

What's the difference between

what's with all the locked threads?

All these garbage posts because they found a man in a hole...

Can we win in 2004?

Since Dean Talked About Breaking Media Up

My new policy on Fox News Channel

A Huge Right-Spinning Tornado

Has anyone told Ronald Reagan the big news about his buddy getting

Holly Joe attacks Clark, gets smacked good!

A few talking points for around the water cooler tomorrow...

9-11 Widow Requests Saddam's Deposition in RICO Suit the way....17 killed in car bomb and an attempt on the life

Why can't Greens and Democrats get along?

Electability, It Comes From Both Directions

Dean Working to Be Seen as Foreign Policy Centrist

Iraqi Governing Council Says It Wants to Try Hussein

Bush administration has demanded the right to edit Clark as witness

UNC study abroad program expands to Cuba

Okay, Guys, cover me. I'm going into GD to scout around

Alan Simpson speaking at Paul Simon's Funeral !!!!???

Think Happy Thoughts

I'm declaring war on plastic hags

Our new Alley Cat got sick.

Aqua Teen Hunger

Saddam Claus gets Bush's wish list

for all those needing a laugh tonight.

Surefire Saddam free places to go for a little while.


Dick Cheney emerges from undisclosed location

CSPAN dropped the Clark event!! Running Booknotes then more

it's time to play . . . "Name That Rocker!"

Saddam captured? I confess, I will probably vote for Dubya.

Whew...Hypersensitivity abounds tonight.

What's your favorite Sunday night comedy on Fox (not FNC)

I have just returned from General Discussion, and can report

The New York Giants: An Embarassment to All Mankind

why does CBS show all of 60 minutes after Football?

Help! One of my cats ate string!

Matewan and Roger and me and me