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Archives: December 11, 2003

Clark Says Military, Foreign Policy Experience Make Him the Best Candidate

Gore's Puzzling Intervention (Broder - Wash Post)

Blumenthal about Gore: "If I had to do it over again, I'd let rip"

Let Conservatives Do The Work For Liberals...

Conason Salon Article On Norquist...

All Roads Lead to Hillary

Who's Afraid of Howard Dean

Don't Get Too Cocky, Dr. Dean

Mark Fiore Does Xmas...Outsourced to China

 Where The Blame Lies (With Bush of course)

Slate has forever soiled their cartoon index

Crooks dont change: Halliburton overcharging the Pentagon

Jonathan Rowe of Yes Magazine: "Don't talk like a twit"

Salon: Dearly Deported (Dead GI's dad deported to Mexico

What kind of people do we have rebuilding Iraq? Republican youth.

The Sweet Sound of Propaganda (Iraqi Orchestra Stunt)

Decline of the Banana Empire?

Kucinich: play on playa (Kucinichs date with supporter)

Soldiers Bush DIDN'T Visit On Thanksgiving

Nader Plans run in '04 , aka Bush takes the White House b/c of Nader ego

Robert Novak finally catching on

Dream Dean

Ann Coulter's latest hateful diatribe

Not Playing Well With Others

Under The Cover Of Darkness Great article about GOP secrecy

Ted Rall: Time for Democrats to Rally Around Dean

On the beach: Peace Art-- "Arlington West"

Need some sources for a speech. Please help

Will the real Bush on Deficits step forward -will the media note his lies?

Bush says he has "eliminated" the WMDs - and no one in Media is upset?

Arnold takes money from ACS State And Local Solutions, Inc.

What’s Driving ChevronTexaco’s $500,000 investment in the GOP?

Just got a telemarketing call from the Repukes

upcoming book discussion--fyi

Astrological Reading for the Democratic Party

Racial Inequality: Mortgage Lending Patterns Remain Un-equal

Bush, After Halting Tariffs, May Use Steel Duties (screw WTO/EU/Japan)

FOMC Sees `Large Margins of Unemployed Labor' Until Late 2005- Bush loses

Excerpts from The Dollar Crisis by Richard Duncan

WH attacked for taking credit for states' climate regulation progress

Chimp gene map for public viewing on the net

Kern `loans' were more than $3m. (Sharon & Son raise money ala GOP)

Store owner defends himself with robber's gun

Another conservation success story...

Sigmund says...

GUNS IN THE NEWS--December 11, 2003

In Light of Skinner's Latest Message.....

Ohio CCW passes Senate and House

Hunters and conservation

Drug/Alcohol prohibition question

For All The Handwringers Out There

U.S. Uncovers Weapons of Mass Destruction... In Texas

Deer Birth Control--for Handwringers

Is there a DU Gun Club? If not, let's start one!

How do I start my own thread?

Can we have Clark/Dean (at the same time) Avatar Images?

A Moderator Named "Moderator"?

Oh Skinner....

Open up DU to freepers?

What's the record for most replies to a thread?


I think this thread was locked without good cause.

With regards to the civility here...

I have a question...

Skinner, as long as I've been here you've been against opening Board to

Explosion in the heart of Tel Aviv, 3 killed

A Break From Israel's Day-to-Day Realities

Comfort and Joy, Palestinian Style

Olmert: plan includes dismantling many settlements

Sharon-Quraya summit within days?

Hamas wins student election race on Israeli bodycount ticket

Gore's Dean Endorsement Exposes Lieberman's Woes

Breaking News: At least 18 hurt in explosion in Tel Aviv

Explosion in Tel Aviv kills 2, injures 19

Kern `loans' were more than $3m. (Sharon & Son raise money ala GOP)

Will Fence Solve Israel's Woes?

Yesha Council: Likud ministers back fight against PM's plan

Chemist supplies Hamas

AP: Israeli Talks Settlement Withdrawal

Israeli Women Monitor Army Checkpoints

Five killed in Gaza camp raid

"We agree to a fence on the Green Line" - Palestinian PM Ahmed Quriea

$100m boost for West Bank wall

Israel working behind scenes to get Iraq contracts - Washington sources

Bush and Atta Visit Same Resort in the Hours Leading to 9-11

Dean Comments On Supreme Court Campaign Finance Reform Decision

Louisana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, the key to victory?

Bush's Advisers Focus on Dean as Likely Opponent Next Year

Hudson (NJ) has Dean at top of Dem list

Congressman: Dean Not Hurtful to Dems

Judy Dean likes living out of the spotlight

Interest Group Ads Can't Name Candidates

If Gore Had Picked Kerry Over Lieberman In 2000

The push for California redistricting begins...

A New Level of Filth Regarding Dean

Bredesen says Dean has edge in Tennessee

Bush, Dean lead poll of Virginians

Matsui: Democrats targeting Ose's seat

Dean first presidential hopeful to qualify for Utah Demos' primary

‘Hardball: Battle for the White House’

Howard Dean breaks the bat again!

Some fun with Lexus-Nexus: Senator Kerry

Kucinich gets kudos from NH voters for sassing Koppel

Presidential Candidates Detail Their National Security Beliefs

Newsom is a Dem? Pull the other one, it's got bells on.

SF mayoral wrap-up

After Gore Endorsement, Attacks on Dean Are Sharper

Rove's "lost" Election 04 Memo, he said Bush would win CT

When Slates Saletan notes Bush lies - or even "fibs" - we respect him

CNN: Good coverage of Kucinich

Koppel redux: the rest of the story (per the Union Leader, at least)

Winning in the South, taking back the White House in 2004

Impressive Edwards issues page

How to stop Rovian/Orwellian Media Manipulation.

Edwards, Juries: "Democracy in Action"

Was Hillary's Iraq ploy treason? (Get hip boots) Shit's deep !

IOWA POLL: Dean 19% ahead of Gephardt.

Three New Yorkers Will Endorse Clark

Kerry has plenty of advice, not so much support

I don't support Dean as a form of revenge against Kerry

Senator Reid (D-NV) Picks Up NRA Endorsement (Seriously!)

Poll: Is Howard Dean electable

Interesting troll on the Dean blog tonight

Gore shouldn't tell us to fall in line

The Myth that Dean can't do well with African-Americans

Happy Birthday, John Kerry!

Gore's Dean Endorsement Exposes Lieberman's Woes

Kerry Supporters Check In

Dean Supported War Resolution

Kerry Calls Out Bush On Bin Laden Family 9/11 Flight

Why Wesley Clark: The Clinton Team is Fully Behind Him

How is Howard Dean unelectable?

Call on ABC News to give full and fair coverage to Kucinich, Mosely-Braun

Kucinich says he's worth it

Bushies Keen on Dean as W.'s Ideal Foe

What one thing could a candidate say to change your mind?

Blumenthal Explains Dean Phenomenon: Dems Crave Spine Back in the Party.

Clarkies join Dean Meetup/ Deanies join Clark meetups

Who is your favorite politician of all time and why?

Father of Dead Soldier Deported

William Pitt's Truthout Radio Program for Today

Latest volatility at DU: are you on meds ?


Novelli tells parties not to take seniors for granted....He is a fool.

Honest Question: what happens to losing candidates $?

Brian Copeland filling n for Bernie Ward who has the flu

Canadian journalist says things going to hell in Iraq.

New Ticket! Gore/Clinton 2004!

I Am So Alarmed To See...

Who Will Use the "F" Word First?

For the Gloria Allred fans. She is coming up on KGO radio

Dick "Elmer Fudd" Cheney donated his kill to hunger kitchens

Which televison News do you trust the most?

Dean, Rethugs, and the sealed papers...

Does Rove's Cockiness Help or Hurt Dean?

NY Times Top-Ten Book Seller List

Seattle P-I defends Bush, prepares for war against Saudi Arabia

Some advice for lurking Freepers

mods - please delete

My canidate knows more Black folks than yours!

Nader will most likely run if Dean is the Dem Candidate

A vote for Dean is not a vote for Bush

Kucinich Date Arrives in New Hampshire

San Diego County to buy 'touch-screen' voting machines

Boston Globe story about ABC pulling reporters quotes Kucinich on motive

ABC News Pulls Reporter off Kucinich Campaign

Who's Afraid of Howard Dean?

Good news from our friends at the ACLU...

Candidates Finally Un-Mask Dean as a Park Avenue Elitist...

If Bush takes "diebold" California in 2004....what will happen?

Anyone receive John Kerry's media alert?

Someone crashed the gates at FL governor's mansion

A rising sense of injustice – Sidney Blumenthal on the Gore endorsement

CSpan - Washington Journal for This Morning (US Institute of Peace)

Hillary bashing Dean behind the scenes

What a futile exercise of self-flagellation not seen in a long time...

All Roads Lead to Hillary

Selling Out the Democratic Party.

What the hell is Andrew Sullivan trying to imply about CMB?

Clark on being Dean's VP

Any new news on the 61 injured in Mosul on Tuesday? That storied died fast

Irak contracts exclusions are not so much about punishing...

The Flawed Experience Argument

Is there one objective Journalist here on DU?

Washington Journal on CSpan Thread One (US Institute of Peace)

Picture of Dean with Carly Simon at the Holiday Bash in Boston

Dennis Kucinich

Edwards is the only one that has the slightest shot at defeating Dubya

Why I am depressed over this incessant candidate bickering!

Terrorists in the West Wing

Clark supporters please read this article

LaRouche is the only one who can defeat Bush and his cronies!

Google shows the NY Times/manjor media bias against Kucinich

We hosted Kucinich people last night

"Revisions" Reveal That Clinton Caused Recession!

Passion, Kucinich,. & "Name Recognition Sheeple" poll responders/voters

Ruling to affect Iowa caucus campaigns

I'm changing my candidate

Why Gore did the right thing in endorsing Dean.

Don't assume support, AARP chief tells parties

Jobless claims rise again

80,000 people a week lose unemployment benefits beginning Dec. 21

Edwards is the only one that has the slightest shot at defeating Dubya

Happy Birthday John Kerry!

Where does this saying come from?

Where are all the great thinkers, scientists and activists?

I think the Right is starting to cave in

John Nichols: Lieberman doesn't deserve pity party

Gore's Puzzling Intervention by David Broder, Washington Post

Regarding Edwards skills

Want to know who will win? Track the Iowa Electronic Markets

Cheney gets more heat over dead birds instead of secret Energy Policies

overtime press conference on CSPAN Now!!!!

So what's the play on these Iraq contracts?

Can someone post that pic of Dean - You know that pic?

I don't care who wins the nomination

The President Dean World Tour

Props to Raul Groom for his front-page article today

Novak on attack against Dean - calls him 'loose lips'

veganwitch's weekly R-turned-D Dad update


I support Clark and Dean: both w/ bumperstickers on my car...

The "Parasite Party": more charm from Annie, She-wolf of the GOP

Bushs Berater stellen sich auf Dean ein ( Bush advisors prepare for Dean)

Weapons Inspector Haunts Bush in British Satire -

If Dean doesn't win the nomination, does Gore get a Convention speech?

Are we the majority or minority of the party on the DU?

Supreme Court ruling bodes well for redistricting decision

Would the War in Iraq have been different if US had invaded from north?

$800,000 Baghdad Bank Robbery. Just another day in Iraq.

Question about Dean and tax cuts

Let us have some fun! Dean vs Bush in a debate next year!

Cris' Story

All Roads Lead to Hillary

Half the reqruits to the new Iraqi Army have quit.

Is the Dean/Gore strategy to keep candidates from dropping out?

Prediction: October Surprise

Al Gore for Secretary of State in a Dean Administration?

new Texas poll

The system is not about ideals

Please sign my petition to get Mike Malloy on Central Air Media

Kathleen Sullivan, NH Dem party head on Gore's endorsement of Dean

We are like the Big Stupid Cop of the world: not an enviable position.

Dean supporters please read this article.

To Canadian DUers.....

Kerry on C-SPAN (repeat of Wed. firehouse chat)

No Room at the Dem Convention Inn for Media

Sid Blumenthal on "Let It Rip" Al Gore (great article)

Camejo is announcing a run for the Presidency

"The Turd Blossom's Chickens May Come To Roost"...

Just on TV live... Bush's smart ass remarks about excluding Russia

Dean and the Internet

Bill Clinton for Secretary of State in a Clark administration?

Any reports on the Clark/Rangel meeting?

Some concise info on the candidates: foreign policy/environment

New National Poll: Dean, 22; Lieberman, 13; Clark, 12

Dean supports dog & cat mixed marriages!

US occupation forces raid Iraqi union headquarters

OMG! They've Cloned the resident!!!!!!!!

Dean first presidential hopeful to qualify for Utah Demos' primary

Dean supports reintroduction of slavery!!

Novak on attack against Dean - calls him 'loose lips'

65 Million Girls Kept From School

I'm sure this will cause a MAJOR flame war, but....

Dean Looming Larger on Bush's Horizon (WashPost)

Innuits may set trend for legal battles over global warming

Determination for Iraq Contract Awards

Has anybody heard from "Liberator Rev" lately?


The Pratfall Bush>>>Sharpton, Edwards, Kerry. Dean, etc all have a l

This is an effing outrage !! U.S. says it may not have killed target

ammo truck explodes in florida

Independent business files lawsuit against BC ferries union

The ultimate reason for Dean -- Numerology. (Lighten up folks)

How to have Peace.

Anyone see the frontpage today?

Why do centrist Democrats not vote in the primaries?

Let's take a flame break and laugh/smile at these tidbits

I still say that if Kucinich was ever to debate Bush.....

Check this out...

Dean Supporters: Was It Love At First Sight, Or Did He Have To Woo You?

Remember the Ehime Maru - MORE Bushie-caused death

Here's to the Ride! (a rally song for all our candidates)

Slashdot : Electronic Voting in the news.

Why does Bush go "Let's irritate our allies" all the time?

Did any DUers vote for Bill Bradley in 2000?

What do you think is your candidate's strongest attribute?

It's possible Political Correctness just died as result of faulty fables

Kucinich is going to be on Working Assets Radio today, taking calls...

Should Duers use the forum to create new (false) propoganda

Today’s ABB poll.

Dem 9: Anyone making the moral, patriotic argument re: tax cuts and war?

We are using the Republican Glossary.....

ABC pulls reporters & DNC says nothing?

Do you think a Clark/Dean ticket could beat Bush?

(oh puke) Watching Florida Crumble

Yet another example of republican compassion...

Just heard on CNN....Would you trust your vote to a computer?

Question regarding Nader and a request to leave your flames at the door.

Dean Supports "Star Wars" Missile Def & Space Weapons?? (you be the judge)

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about Dick Gephardt

James Baker

You can make anyone electable

Drudge on Full Dean Assualt

Daily Democrat: A positive discussion about Carol Moseley Braun

"Are you better off than 4 years ago?"

I have seen the enemy and it is us...

Good read - How Neo-Conservatives subvert US and Cdn Politics - CBC

Does Rove really want Dean?

We're All Outsiders Now - The Real Civil War

Whoever The Candidate Turns Out To Be...Will His Most Rabid Supporters....

You Say You Want a Paper Trail for Voting Machines, Chum?

On CSPAN now - Miltary Families Speak Out Press Conf.

John Kerry: The Dean Sign on my office door . . .

Why Clark bothers me. (Not a flame)

Kindergarten Delinquents

Thanks for making me feel so welcome (sarcasm) - Bye, Bye$, not sarcasm.

What is the deal on Halliburton and Bechtel?

Republican Gov of MD has cut many programs for the elderly.

Kerry's debate suggestion about religious summit and why Dean can't win

Global Trade War - Bring It On!

Environmental racism from Howard Dean?

I've made my final decision on my primary vote

Deleted message

I decided to go with "The Clinton Wars" for my latest read.......

To several hundred friends: John Kerry: The Dean Sign on My office door .

lieberman is not intrinsically evil

On Dissipating Energy in GD

I just had a weird Faux News experience...

What is the deal on Halliburton and Bechtel?

If Howard Dean does support STAR WARS....

one third to vote demo, one third to abstain- new data in....

What have DUers heard about Allan J. Favish and his Vince Foster...

That can be a problem.

What Dean really said about Star Wars...the Truth shall set you free folks

Why all the fuss about Gore?

We are SO close to Breaking the Bat!

Most notorious CIA director?

Has any candidate (loophole related)...

The media potrayal that the Dem nomination is all wrapped up

CNN + Bay Buchanan - Turned Off! = Boycott Buchanan Divisiveness!

Why I won't be giving to NPR this year, and why you shouldn't either

Bush: International law? Watchoo talkin' about,, Willis?

Bush's Advisers Focus on Dean as Likely Opponent Next Year

New National Poll: Dean, 22; Lieberman, 13; Clark, 12

Would have abstaining from the IRW been politically expedient?

Kucinich rocks the Cradle

New CNN poll to vote on

Something really bugs me about the Iraq contracts

Yo, any So. Cal. DUers want to sign a Recall Arnold petition?

Redistricting memo leaked on eve of trial

Dean leads in ...........TEXAS!!

Bush has personal ties to a Medicare discount card company.

Which way will the eagle's beak face? (US currency)

Dean Breakthrough: First appearence in This Modern World!

I can't believe the animosity on DU towards Gore

Kucinich on Crossfire Today

Dumbest Repuke Congressman? I nominate Mike Pence of IND!!!!

Three retired one-star flag officers have come out

Response from the "Anti - Moveon" site running a counter ad

Lock thread, we already have a crossfire thread

Clark supporters, check this out -- it's pretty cool...

Why is the media not jumping the overtime pay cuts??

Clark supporters, was it love at first sight or did he have to woo you?

Ok all you candidate bashers....what are you doing to help your

They just brought up the McGovern quote....

A tiff in the Klavern

I Will Boycott the General Election if the DNC ...

Margaret Carlson on the left??

Al Gore for Secretary of State?

Tucker Carlson is an idiot.

George W. Bush couldn't debate his way out of a paper bag

This is why we must fight the neo-cons

For the record, the Presidential election kicks in after the primaries.

In 2 hours, I'll be protesting against Oliver North!

Nader site up and running

Krugman on Enid Live now - 4p.m. eastern time

More military families being Screwed

We Broke the Bat!

The GOP question on Iraq: WWHD?

Clark w more endorsements and an analysis of his candidacy..

How did Bush get re-elected in Texas

I lieu of an annual DU awards ceremony, which DU'ers do you like to read?

Dean Leads Nationally in Another Quinnipac Poll

Clark on the Daily Show tonite...

Lets puts some perspective on this embeded reporter mess

What are you guys' thoughts on ways to deal with this?

Due to the special nature of this election....

Ted Rall - Cancel the Primaries

Springsteen for NJ Governor!

Dean's path to victory

Does Bill Clinton hold any blame for the current division in our Party?

Former Edwards and Graham strategist thinks Dean has Southern appeal

Earth Depends on it -

Auto accident help

How bout all you Clarkies just drop the middleman and vote Bush now

Hey gang, let's do the "You down with ABB?" hip hop.

Milosevic news trial

International Law?? Better Call My Lawyers!!!

Corporal punishment in public schools

Don't make me pay for your party!

Hannity's Upset Because People Are Calling Him a Nazi

OK, the bashing must stop! there, i said it. i mean it!

December 1999 poll: Bush 53 - Gore 42

Kucinich was against the Iraq War? YES, according to the record!

Could someone please explain Taiwan to me?

Doctors & Dean? Does he have a lock on them?

What specific issue would you use to beat Bush?

Anybody have any thoughts about Al Gore for DNC Chair?

O'Reilly LIED About Canada Being Bankrupt !

What is everyone's take on this?

NYC Smoking ban leaves nightclub staff in the lurch, layoffs mount

A Spin-Free Discussion About Dean, Kerry, Gephardt & Iraq

Right wing in Denial - The Titanic is sinking!

The New Hampshire Debate - Good article by William Saletan (slate)

Another Mepublican goes Democrat!

A quick Campaign update.

cables news race, will fox cancel hannity now


Changing minds and candidate loyalty

Budget Cuts: Minnesotans find out they're not just for poor folks

New New Hampshire polls --- Dean vs Bush

Teresa - The "Mother" of all House Parties

Iowa Dean Supporters won't bother to vote

Jesse Jackson praises Dean, remains mum on endorsing a candidate

Will Pitt's Truthout Radio Program for Today

When Halliburton Fleeces The Pentagon, They Fleece Us

Where is Clark on the issues? An old refrain addressed astutely...

How come we never have had a Democratic President from California?

Greedy old men - how the elderly are bankrupting the rest of us.

ok . . . I finally have a candidate . . . I support John Kerry . . .

The other Democratic candidates whining about Gore and Dean.

Bill Press Just Called Bush "Stupid" and "Shortsighted"

Clark/Kerry/Dean in a Debate

Oh, yeah, Zell Miller has lost it...

A 50ish friend of mine being deployed to Iraq

1 Question Dean is going to ask Karl Rove

This "Paint Dean as McGovern" strategy will fail

Another NAFTA / WTO / free trade thread

Canadians -- you now need special approval to mail food to USA

UMass levies discriminatory fee against international students

A dollar a day to make Bush go away

Why aren't Republicans worried about "Starbucks Democrats"?

The Battle of the Candidates is a good thing -

Should Gephardt thank Al Gore for the Clyburn endorsement?

Gore Endorsement Hurts Gephardt in Iowa

War of the Black Photo-Ops

They keep pushing the "Tilt" Button.

I hereby nominate "He's unelectable" as most idiotic meme


Dean is Gore's alter-ego

CNN Poll (reworded slightly): Is shrub's contract rewarding process fair?

reich-wing radio bashing medi-don'tcare bill

On Hardball Next: Is It Necessary to win in the South?

What is Baker really doing? Not debt restructuring

Clark on The Daily Show

is anyone watching tweety?

The Battle of the Candidates is a good thing -

Will Sharpton take down Dean?

The archers split the tree.

One thing I don't see mentioned here

Were Kucinich's remarks irresponsible?

FBI continues to protect terrorists

Will Presidents Clinton and Carter make endorsements?

Sans Diebold, is Bush electable against ANY Democrat?

Why endorse without Bill and Hill?

If Dean is nominated, I will......

Clark's endorsements (Young and Rangel) are better than Dean's (Gore)

Frustrated with ABC's decision (coverage)? Positive response

Stop with the Southern stuff.

Halliburton May Have Overcharged in Iraq.

What Clark brings to the table.

Blacks for Dean – endorsement list

Can someone say "dysfunctional administration?"

If we're talking Constitutional Amendments....

If, I say "if", the Democratic leadership were reading DU........

Which of these 2 tickets has a better chance at beating Bush?

RW lie or truth:

Time's Michael Weisskopf had his hand blown off in Iraq.

If you like your journalists to be held accountable, click here

IOWA POLL: Dean leading by 19%

Possible scenarios on how Rove will attack the nominee

Buy Al Franken's book, "Lies"!

Purists and pragmatists, what would you do in Texas with this?

i love Charles Rangel

Anyone know where I can watch Dean's South Carolina speech?

A disgusting video that I just saw

This is for Charles Snotty Rangel and his assessment of Dean

Uruguay's bold new oil policy Counter-reform in Latin America

Anybody the reporting on the bombing inside US compound ?able?

MSNBC now pulling embedded reporters away from Braun, Kucinich, & Sharpton

Dean favored Iraq "resolution authorizing exactly the course...Bush took"

It's about time! CNN just reported we found the WMD--in Texas!

Nominee Support does not ammount to a zero-sum game.

Bush so arrogant, even my kid just freaked...

Bush and the New Teflon

A Eulogy for Neo-Conservative Rule in America

Tell Me. Who Is Harmed By Gay Marriage?

Clark will be on The Daily Show

Dean on Finding out Halliburton Overcharged Taxpayers

I wish we were as enthusiastic about Congress as we are about Dean

If Joe Lieberman drops out, who do you think he will endorse?

L.A. Tmes boycott for "anti-Israel" stance...

do you have a communist or a biblical worldview?

This is disturbing

For the record, 'ABB' kicks in after the primaries.

My God- you HAVE to see this.

Will Bush Lose Next year?

BBV: Nevada Duers Please Read

slashdot on bbv

We are going to lose in 04 and I never in my life more wanted to be wrong:

No Will to Win?

Name one thing Dean brings Dems that Clark doesn't.

A new kind of ABB- (please look folks)

BBV and paper print outs: My concern with a "hole"

2004 Will Be the U.S.’s Best Year Economically in Last Twenty Years

Will a weak Dem Presidential candidate encourage third parties?

What sort of people are we?

Would you trade Zell Miller for John McCain

The Clergy Leadership Network: The New Religious Left

Nader said today (according to CNN)

10 questions Karl Rove is dying to ask Dean.

But are our candidates SELECTABLE?

Ugly Images of Freakish Attorney Generals & Vampiric Presidents

I'm getting worried about Mike Malloy

Ted Koppel. Next time, please talk about....

how many more times will Charles Rangel endorse Clark?

Tomorrow is NYTimes day on C-SPAN's Washington Journal...

Don't Talk Like a Twit

So I'm feeling optimistic. I think Bush will be defeated in 2004.

If Canada had any balls, they would tell George to shove his contracts...

Is anyone else getting a little freaked by the right's "embrace" of Dean?

For the "Clark sucks, he voted for Reagan!" crowd, listen to Michael Moore

The Wall Street Journal hates John Edwards

7000 soldiers have left Iraq due to psych problems 1700 have gone AWOL

What are France and Germany doing in Afghanistan...playing dominos?

We're All Outsiders Now - The Real Civil War

Dean doesn't have black supporters?

How can we contact Nader and ask him not to run?

Wesley Clark - now more than ever

I don't support Dean as a form of revenge against Kerry

The North wont vote for a southerner

Ok...I have to say it...we're starting to sound like Kerry on Dean

Dennis K just interviewed on CNN by Begala & Tucker Carlson

Why does Vermont have a Republican governor?

How we will break the culture of rule breaking and incivility on DU.

Resume of George W. Bush

Would * have dared invade Iraq without the IWR?

NYTimes: Halliburton has been awarded $15 Billion in contracts

NYT: Sharpton plans retribution against blacks who don't endorse him

Clark supporters, question for you....

Which candidate is the best on racial issues?

CBS News On The Economy

Muslim head scarves: can there be consensus on this?

Union Leader re Dean and Biden Lugar Cleland weighs in

Seymour Hersh interview on Wolf Blitzer Reports (DU Wolf's poll, too) -MP3

Clark Hard to Trash

An open letter to President-elect Gore...

My 12-year-old son's proposal for a 28th Amendment, about health care

Ann Coulter caught lying by fellow conseravtive(s)!

Anyone see news report on Iraqi symphony playing for Bush last night?

Howard Dean's Grassroots - "For Whites Only"???

This is what an endorsement in Harlem is supposed to look like

Republicans pollsters/insiders fear Dean will beat Bush...

Who needs Republicans to undermine Howard dean?

"I never said Sadaam Hussein was a danger" -- Liasson's NPR report on Dems

Brian Ulrich, of the blogsphere, endorses Dean

The Asian vote

I'm a DK man stuck on the notion of a Kerry-Edwards ticket......

DU homepage: photo of burning flag is offensive

Edwards Juries: "Democracy in Action"

"Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War" -- Got your copy yet?

Of the *least evil* Republicans...

BBV: send a free fax to your Congressperson

BBV: Nevada decides on new voting machines (Sequoia)

Just got back from the Kerry speech on corporate responsibility

Clark: Show some Leadership and jump 10% in the polls

Edwards's roots fit party's needs

DOW 10,000++

Magazine "Black Commentator" Says Dean Makes Racial-Political History

Is the nascar dad the new black?

Deans' great but I still feel that Clark is the only electable democrat.

Carter rips Georgia Sen. Zell Miller

Are Republicans over-confident ?

If Nixon went to China during the cold war, why can't Bush go to Cuba now?

Al Gore: Your Opinion?

Dean says Republicans need to stop acting like the Pharisees....hypocrites

The question the media must ask should be: Can any Dem beat DIEBOLD?

Question for the ABD crowd

Welfare State

Kerry on Saudi Arabia, Bush and Bin Laden family post 9-11 flight

The Bush Organized Crime Family

Sign this petition. Tell them to hire Mike Malloy!

Iraq Close to Civil War, Warn Iraqis

Secret Service Takes Blame for Waiter's Exit

`Third' of new Iraqi army quits

Fundraising - locks in place the Republican Party's fundraising advantage

Canada rebuffs Pentagon recruiters

Post-Sept. 11 Detroit terror case in danger of reversal

WP: Medicare Prepares to Cut the Cards

Firm seeks Charles Taylor bounty

Redistricting memo leaked on eve of trial

US generals, admiral come out of the closet

Iraq Council May not Exist past July

Bush's Advisers Focus on Dean as Likely Opponent Next Year

Supreme Court Halt Texas Execution

Democratic Volley in Texas Mapping War

U.S. allies threaten retaliation for Pentagon decision to ban war critics

Massive Protests in Baghdad and Iraq

RIAA hires guns, alcohol and smokes expert to fight piracy

man sent to syria for torture

Gore's Puzzling Intervention (Broder - Wash Post)

U.S. says biggest Afghan push fails to find rebels

Pentagon Delays Iraq Bidders' Conference

Iraq Council May Not Exist Past July

Scientists hail a stem cell experiment

US president calls French, German, Russian leaders by phone

U.S. troops clash with Afghan commander's bodyguards

Iraq Spy Service Planned by U.S. To Stem Attacks

The court case that could reshape US democracy

Children of Slain U.S. Oil Exec Leave Rio for U.S.

Massive US changing of the guard

(James) Baker leaves board of EDS

Bush Campaign Tiptoed Into Arlington HQ

Wired: A Vending Machine for Voter Data

Supreme Court reviews Redistricting Case

Movement of forces into Iraq in next few months will slow R&R program

UN, Europe Denounce U.S.-Iraq Contracts

La. sugar interests hear sour rumors on tariff (More Free Trade)

E-mail stolen from Diebold is a call to gouge Maryland

French Report Backs Ban on Veil, Kippa, Cross

Sorry, but this is a duplicate post. Please lock mods

German Court Orders Terror Suspect Freed

Former U.S. officials, analysts blast Bush adm. over new rift with Europe

Not Playing Well With Others

Governor Perry shows compassionate conservatism (NOT)

More lies: Recession's Severity Scaled Down

U.S. says mass Iraq privatisation still way off

3rd body found buried in Hammond basement

US plans to set up military bases in eastern Europe

Sikh says fast-food boss banned 'diaper' on head

CentCom: 1ST Armored Division Soldier Killed in Drowning Incident

Kuwait to supply Iraq with additional fuel to meet shortage

Breaking: Large explosions and Sirens heard in Central Bagdad

AT&T Increases Number Of Layoffs To 12% Of Workforce (8,520 employees)

Nader on DemocracyNow! Now

Allies threaten retaliation for US ban of war critics from contracts

Chamorro killed in Iraq (Death was from hostile fire, not accident)

New Voting Method in Nevada (BBV requiring paper printout)

Explosions in Baghdad

Military to Test Missile Defense in Hawaii

Florida Court Orders New Trial for Boy Serving Life Sentence

Two Time Journalists Hurt in U.S. Iraq Patrol

bush*'s Iraq a Magnet for Terrorists- Saudi Envoy

Jobless Claims Rise Again !!

Loud Explosions Heard in Central Baghdad

Canada not excluded from Iraq contracts, Bush tells Chretien -

US Treasury rally jump-started by FOMC minutes (Unemployment thru 2005)

Iraq Suicide Attack Kills 1 U.S. Soldier

Hispanic advocacy groups call for statewide boycott Friday

Kucinich Wins Endorsement, Kiss From Date

CDC: Flu Outbreak Hits Hard in 24 States

Virginia., Local Jurisdictions Faulted in Isabel (no homeland security)

Chinese premier promises more U.S. imports

CNN Breaking - Large explosion in Tel Aviv

Israel Quietly Helps U.S. in Iraq, Aides Say

Halliburton Caught with their pants down.

Canada *IS* exluded from contracts - Update

Parents of US soldiers in Iraq say it is time for them to come home

ATF chief leaving government (you will not BELIEVE where he's going)

2 Time Magazine Journalists Hurt in Iraq

Senate eyes civil union bill for SJC (MA)

WH Attacked for Letting States Lead on Climate (Milan talks)

Bush Rejects Europeans on Iraq Contract Flap (Yahoo)

U.S. army digs up arms "candy shop"

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday December 11.....(#1)

Washington Tells Moscow It's Moving East/New World Media Watch

Car Bomb Attack West of Baghdad, Some U.S. Casualties (12/11/03)

Army's prosecution of Muslim chaplain falls apart

Bush Defends Iraq Contract Decision

Gore's Endorsement of Dean Hurting Gephardt in Iowa

Turkey and Iraq sign electricity cooperation deal

Pakistani and Iranian experts to discuss gas pipeline this month

Rangel, other prominent leaders endorse Wesley Clark

NJ: Committee approves bill on legal benefits to same-sex couples

ABC pulls embed reporter from Kucinich Campaign after Debates

Former West Kendall politician arrested on bribery charges

Survivor of deadly Stryker plunge 'got air in his lungs, started praying'

Large-scale operation fails to find terrorist networks

Nobel winner Ebadi takes swipe at US in accepting Peace Prize

Missile Defense Hits Target During Test ($10 B per year of your deficit)

Red-faced Pentagon delays Iraq tenders

Guerrilla chiefs to undercut Karzai

For the Old Guard, A Renewed Mission Unit to Swap Ceremony for Combat

White House contender has no money but plenty of star quality

NYT: Bush Defends Policy on Awarding Contracts to Rebuild Iraq

Dean Campaign Plans 'Perfect Storm' Sweep

Pentagon audit finds Halliburton overcharged

West Texans Sizzle Over Plan to Sell Their Water

Eight Police Officers Accused of Killings in April Coup to Face Trial

U.S. Denied Permanent Military Base Use (Uzbekistan)

Carter: (Zell) Miller's Senate Appointment Was "Mistake"

Former WorldCom chief dies (Sidgmore)

Cluster bombs kill in Iraq, even after shooting ends

Two blasts heard in Baghdad

Saddam's Palace May Be U.S. Embassy Site

German Judge Frees Qaeda Suspect; Cites U.S. Secrecy

(Dean) Statement on Halliburton Audit

GOP reserves Bush a spot in state primary

Amnesty accuses UK of "perverted justice"

US, Spain caught in Libya missile mixup ('The Enterprise' active again?)

Iraqi Civilian Deaths 'Avoidable'

U.S. Arrests Iraqi Union Leaders

Chilean Indicted in Filmmaker's Slaying (Charles Horman, 1973)

Bush Drawing Called 'Hate Speech'

Wesley Clark to be endorsed by U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel

A Daily Look at U.S. Deaths in Iraq - 451 U.S. service members have died

Argentina plots legal action for damages from subsidies

Bill would require paper receipts for electronic voting terminals (Ca.)

Orders to kill adopted puppy leave Florida soldiers mourning

More than 1,000 Iraqi civilians killed by U.S. bombs, report says

Coalition: Nearly half of new Iraqi army has quit

Enforcement of Cuba travel ban angers some

New poll shows Bush with heavy lead over Dean in NH

Six Cubans Convicted in Plane Hijacking

Jesse Jackson Mum on Endorsing Candidate (But Praises Dean)

Clark has a domestic plan, but many aren't listening

Teachers union endorses Dean

[CNN] Nader eyeing another White House run

French Panel Recommends Banning Head Scarves in Schools

Was just listening to Ozzy Osbourne's 1991 album: No More Tears.

The Clay Aiken Diet

I need to find an RSS reader....

Is Triple Sec the same as Orange Curaçao?

Oh crap...the DU image dump website isn't working...

If you read any DU post this year, you must read THIS one

Am I the only one here who doesn't really celebrate Christmas?

Clipperss beat Mavs at buzzer! Glen Rice sinks buzzer beater!!!!

Help! I'm getting addicted to the Gun Dungeon!

I Am So Alarmed To See...

Can you help me find a calendar

New Ticket! Gore/Clinton 2004!

Telephone solicitations

First name Ches, last name Wick! Guess my middle name

Havent shaved or showered for 7 days, ask me anything!

OK after that series of posts (by the newly departed)

Guess my middle NAMES!

Dream experts....I have a question

interview with the founder of CapAlert

Vasovagal reactions and random syncope SUCK!

What could keep me off DU for 2 hours? "They Live" was on TV...

picture of sexy nude woman & man making love

Vietnam's best singles player can't play at home

Any one ever done Ice Carving before?

Quick Quiz!

Good God! Just how tall _is_ John Kerry?

I get to play with a chainsaw today guys

GIANT Gingerbread Man Stalking Vancouver!

Who Wanted a Free Spreadsheet?

What does GD stand for?

Did y'all read Max Black's excellent article on your way in?

Damn this insomnia

I think we need to watch the Underwear around here

Okay, I have a funny question to ask of any heating and cooling

The DUMBEST thing you have ever done?

Is HBO worth the money?

Does anyone know when the next season of the Soprano's starts?

Good (Thursday) Mornin' In DU LAND!!!!

What if Skinner, Elad, & EarlG go on strike 'cause we're so obnoxious?

Doctors find gene that blocks Alzheimers

Can someone post that pic of Dean - You know that pic?

I hit 900 in the last couple days...Ask me anything!

For Those People Who Want "Galactica" to Become a Series....

Member of the day for Thursday Dec 11th is....

Coolest Winter Transportation

I just finished my Christmas shopping, ask me anything!

How do you count "points" on a buck?

Forgot how to drive on ice!

To those who have fled GD Forum: That's just what the Bushviks want!

Bad thoughts

Help! Bad reaction to news! Talk me down!

The Kremlin sends its CAPTIONS!


Damn My Luck...

Freedom Tower

Guys-Can your wives/SOs go to a home sales party without buying something?

Coventina's Christmas Letter

I wouldn't say it's COLD here in the midwest...

OMG, Dick Cheney is a TOMATO!!

It is sad about Paul Simon.


I want to scream.

"Bad Dick Hunting"

Are more and more people incapable of saying....

This anonymous clan of slack-jawed trogdolytes cost me the election!

Burying a neighbor and good friend in four hours.....

Awsome Decision to be made. Help me

Help please! uploading images...

is it true--Andy Petite about to sign with the Astros?!

Wadda ya mean we're outta gabbagoo!!?!???

Mike Malloy needs your help. We need your help.

check out this nonsense, proudly displayed by the fundie website

If Holidays are like Grief, what Stage have you reached?

Pettitte agrees to three-year deal with Astros

Internet Video chat LIVE w/ Bagdad Cafe near DC

My godfather's mother passed away

Mozilla kicks ass! Ask me anything!

Watched the new version of "Freaky Friday" last night.

Have you picked you candidate for the primary and announced it on DU?

The Santa SPEEDO Run!

See if you can guess my FIRST name!

Best SciFi Channel Cancelled Show

Zenlefty I'm calling you out!

Hamlet's madness and "the angry left."

Can anything stop the Neo-Cons?

NYC DU'ers - wanna meet Hawkeye-X?

Can someone help me find a Bill Hicks video/DVD

Welcome POed_Ex_Repub

I'm sure this will cause a MAJOR flame war, but....

The Moon and the Snow.

Does your baby do the hanky panky?

the sick thread- for sympathy

Low-carb doughnuts!

An digital xmas card for all my digital friends at DU

Reports on the Ray-gun miniseries, pleeze


Let's play - see how many warnings you can get in one hour!

Would you pay $3,000 for this book?

Harry and Walter Go To New York....

Hey Guys - If Your Wife Chopped Off Mr. Happy.....

Pickles on GW (from Ask the White House)

The Blog Buzzword Drinking Game

Most CAPTIONS learn not to play in traffic

Which movie should I watch

Need some creative help!

Thanks for making me feel so welcome (sarcasm) - Bye, Bye$, not sarcasm.

Newbie wants to know...What is BFEE?

Wife Cuts Off Husbands Penis (Found Text Messages From Other Woman)

Anyone speak Spanish? Please help.

Dismayed Twins Fans - Cheer Up

Hey Dean supporters, did I miss a memo about Poop Patrol?

new rules

What happened to the image upload page?

32 times in the last 20 minutes

How Do You Explain This Combination of Purchases?

Luncheon for Departing Reservist

Mmmm might need some strategery on this CAPTION

Farewell, my old friend: My memories of Paul Simon.

The Poop Thread

Do Not Seek the Treasure

Happy Holidays to all the DUers....I received this email...and wanted to

You're now at *that* age, so you have to pick ONE:

Quick.. Click on replies, then

When Did My Yak Jump The Shark?

When did "guess my middle name" JUMP THE SHARK?

When walking down the street with a runny nose, do you:

Fine - then guess my LAST name!

Law Enforcement has a sense of humor.....

Why this "Infidelity Special" on CNN Sunday?

I finished my Christmas shopping!!!!

I think we need to watch the language around here

Anybody remember this Democrat wearing a flightsuit for a photo op

Habitual dyslexic typos?

Looooming question (CNN)

Favorite American president of the 1930s.

Cheating is common in the animal kingdom?!

Did you know...?

Stump DU - a really exciting new concept in pointless Lounge Games

Anyone have the URL for the miniature golf game?

OMG! With this post, I enter the dreaded...700 Club!!!

Mele Kalikimaka

The six phases of a project:

Going to my Christmas Party tonight

Are we on the DU, the majority or minority of our party?

I DARE ya to caption this

A front-line CAPTION

Great Gift Idia! Name a liver spot on Bill O'Reilly's body!

Serp's song of the day: Aloha 'oe

UFO's are:

Help - my zipper's stuck

Favorite Potest Song Book -- Thread

TrogL in concert tonight

trash my blog, please

Will Freepers Boycott "The Return of the King"?

Please tell me about this year's flu

He's coming back a full month early from Iraq!!!

How many people do you have on ignore?

bad blonde joke just in from blonde coworker...

Grrr... Jerk drivers

Primal Scream - Dirty Hits. (CD Review)

Show the world how you carry the load!

Oh goody. "Can Dean win?" on X-Fire

It is darn right nasty in Boston right now

Your favorite video game characters?

Where's Santa.... Have you seen him?

I support them both, so there!

So I freep yeah, keeping on the down low, nobody's supposed to know.

Your favorite jerk website

Credit Cards: Are You Able To Control Yourself?

Hall and Oates deemed 'heroes' of music

Would anybody be interested in gambling at the Hillbilly Casino?

heard back from my boss on the apartment I looked at

Why is someone from sending me anti-porn spam?

Ever heard Chris Rock's version of "Brown Sugar"?

The "Return of the King" is NOT About Jesus!

Male or Female

Enjoy...Political Lyrics suitable for all our candidates

AL GREEN still has it, baby!

Hmmm. Help me out.. Country Flag identification

When Santa Runs Out Of Prozac

Frontline tonight "From Jesus to Christ"

If you were in charge of the Dean campaign...

How does does this song go... and who sang it?

Sing along! "Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer..."

The latest obnoxious bumper sticker I've seen

When did M*A*S*H "Jump the Shark"

Wow, I passed 4000 posts today...

So I am at my office Party and I drank a boat load

All I want for Christmas

Spyware programers should be shot (or given extreme monetary fines)!

Who is your favorite Marx Brother?

I'm giving $1,000,000.00 to the Dean campaign

I got an A in Menu Planning

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman Gets Physically VIOLENT!

Thanks for ignoring me....I'm staying, so unsaddle that Yak

'Ever get a feeling of "deja DU"?

How do you get your AOL email off your College internet service?

OK. I have 34 more posts to 7000. You may ask me any questions.

Weakening of Earth's magnetic field could herald flip of poles

What is the Cheapest Digital Camera on the Market?

The next person that uses "meme" should...

Best DU song

A vote for green is a vote for fascism and destruction of the USA

drinking bacardi raz is drinking facism and drinking for the destruction

Why are Red Haired Cats mean?

I yelled a freeper yesterday!

I'm Changing My Sig Line Again...Which One Do You Like Best?

Lounge Lizards, it is time for another LOUNGE MISSION

How many times did you have to hear "Grandma got run over by a reindeer"..

Could someone please explain

ok, it's official, i hate my face.


Welcome hyphenate, Hope4, ThePeat & Intelsucks

That is it DU I am leaving (give me attention, hijack proof thread)



Tonight's NHL showdown: Avs vs Canucks (with a Flyers side-discussion)

The son of The Thread that Would Not Die

OMG! I Have A Star!!

new Hannity advertiser Argosy Casino Kansas City


This Is My 6,666 Post (me so evil) Ask Me 6 Questions About Anything!

You want Good Wallpaper? You can't handle Good Wallpaper!

Looks who's coming to Hartford in May!

The worst album covers - ever

A little love for my fellow loungies

Has American's self-concept changed?

Daily Zomby: A positive discussion about yaks and coffee

Who owns this? And can I use it??

DirecTV vs. DISH

True Americans won't vote for a Provencial candidate!

Just Ordered "Brazil" and "Holy Grail Deluxe Box Set"

I may be getting a dog

Hey, I got the cover story on the newsweekly here in Pittsburgh!

nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah... and your mama wears army boots...

* as the Little Drummer Boy

New talk with new landlord

This is the BEST freaking year for Survivor

Is there a reason why things like that happen?

Does anyone know what a "Clipper" programmer is?

how many DU members are there?

good night!

It's almost fake-NyQuil time!

Happy Christmas (war Is Over)

Moms: Anyone ever done Tough Love?

I have a floater in my eye

for the love of pete get rid of the burning flag

I've got an owie

MASH personality test


Yet another "choose my tv for the night" thread

Which Democratic candidate is most erectable?

My first serious topic. My good friend is anorexic. What should I do?

Holiday Gift Idea Needed

What's the most embarassing thing you did while sober?

The Death of NPR

Malloy discusses College Republicans

Turn on ABC now!

BooHoo - I think my television is dead - any advise on a new one?

Missing Rack of Lamb

What's your favorite illegal art?

A must watch for DUers .........7 Days in may..........

Place your bets on the first Deanite GD Pre-emptive Poop Thread

If Jesus returned today He would...

I have influenza now...

Remember, it's not what the party can do for your pooty


I'm skipping the staff Christmas party tommorow.

Thanks for making me feel so welcome (sarcasm) - Bye, Bye$, not sarcasm.

Icy Hot Stunta Name Generator

President Theodore Roosevelt Quotes.

and now for something completely different

something crazy happened a while ago (dumb government controled school)

Attn High School Students - $6500 Essay Contest on Political Courage

Whats the cut off age for sitting on Santa's Lap?

DU rules!


Something I've been wondering

Help me settle a disagreement with a coworker

Justice/Public Saftey forum is a pantload

What indulgence do you miss the most?

Bye, ya'll

I'm Welcoming Myself To DU, Since No One Else Will...

SCO attacked AGAIN!

Favorite movie actress of the 1930s?

Have you gotten a Flu Shot this year???

Coming down with carpal tunnel...

Oh Lordy! I Am In DEEP SHITE! Yes Folks, Matcom Has FINALLY Surfed EBAY!

Who else here has a Lampe Berger?Or have you even heard of them before?

If you put someone on Ignore will they be able to read your posts?

I just changed the strings on 10 guitars, ask me anything.

Why do they put your name on your False Teeth

How Do You Take Your Recording of Handel's Messiah?

The mother load link of Chomsky audio and video :)

Have you ever told anyone

I Believe....(post your unconventional thoughts here)

I just got my picture taken with John Kerry, ask me anything?

How powerful is George Herbert Walker Bush?

Irish American Hook Up Parties

Joke: Bush is a post turtle


Dirk ~My Deepest Sympathy

How we will break the culture of rule breaking and incivility on DU.

Can You....Can You....Can You Handle 15 Random Questions?


Auto accident help

An Ann Coulter Talking Doll? ay ay ay!

is it "liberal guilt" or something else?

HELP, I found a cat

Are you going to hell? Take the test

Paging Will Pitt...have you made up your mind yet...

So I took in a homeless neighbor last night.......


Caption this: The Cheney Temple

Advice Needed: Who Is Responsible For My Neighbor's Fallen Tree?

Looking at buying a Jeep Cherokee, any probs known out there?

Do you approve or disapprove of my avatar and sig line?

"Stroke gives woman British accent" - doesn't this prove reincarnation?


And the winner of the "Win a date with Dennis Kucinich" is........

Morality Question....

My sister & her kids are visiting in February!

CONFESS: Name the strangest book you own

Favorite film actor of the 1930s?

Tell Me 10 Random Facts About Your Life (I'll go first)

Let The "Newbies" Introduce Themselves... Including Me

Herbert: No Will to Win? (Timid Dems)

Krugman: A Deliberate Debacle

Making gift bags for women in prison

Media "objectivity" is horse manure

does the moderator message have a listing of my removed posts?

If Moderator gets 30 posts deleted does Moderator get auto-banned?

What do i do if i disagree with a post that got deleted?


Hey Kucinich Supporters...Dennis is on my local news right now

Bye, ya'll

If Howard Dean drops out, who do you think he will endorse?

Wolfowitz's Determination and Findings: We're Goin' It Alone

Dennis Kucinich is praised on a blog for....

How Soros should spend his money

A Strange Claim in today's news from Iraq (Reading between the lines?)

Thanksgiving With The Wounded Soldiers

Embedded reporters in the last few days:

An Indian-American served in the U.S. congress in the 1950's and 60's????

I just saw a Lieberman ad attacking Howard Dean on TV (NH station)

Dennis Kucinich is praised on a blog for....

An email I just received regarding a new movie

4 Big Explosions in Iraq "Green Zone"--but the story has disappeared

Democrats Meet on Overtime Pay...i.e. your future as a corporate slave.

Wes Clark on The Daily Show Now

Lifelong Republican abandons the party.

Chip Carter (Jimmy's son) expects Bill Gates to endorse Dean

Howard Dean Is No George McGovern. He Might Be Bill Clinton.

Why Kucinich is Right: Vietnamization & Iraqization - Two Doomed Policies

Good Retail News Tempered by Job Worries

WP (Friday): Bush Defends Barring Foes of War From Iraq Business

Probe Fails to Find Leaks About Secret Service

Bremer Expects Rise in Violence as Iraq Builds Democracy (NYT)

City Sends Out First Batch Of (up to 800) Layoff Notices (Chicago)

British Forces Can Stand Alone No Longer

For the Old Guard, a Renewed Mission (Unknown Soldier guards deployed)

Marines Plan to Use Velvet Glove More Than Iron Fist in Iraq

Iraqi Protesters Oust Appointed Governor

ABC News Decision Angers Kucinich, Braun

WP: A Baghdad Thanksgiving's Lingering Aftertaste

Bush laughs off critics of "spoils of war" contracts

Halliburton May Have Overcharged Millions DUH ALERT!!!!

Thanks for making me feel so welcome (not sarcasm). Bye bye (sarcasm)

"Dems will win": are you out there?

"Take THAT, Guernica!!" and other great lines from "The Critic"...

I made a bitchin' dinner tonight! Here it is:

HAH! With this post I become a man at DU...

Smoke a toad....get high.

Raining like crazy in Phoenix....

This just in... New Tejas Redistrict Map

I am so depressed this evening

Houston signs Pettit for 33million.... Baaah, bleech.

Tomorrow, he's Sir Mick.

What's the strangest thing anyone has ever told you?

How do you want your eggs?

I have to cook Bugs for my Final

Student 'sex bracelets' an urban legend?

Anyone see Canadian Bacon?

who is gonna win Survivor