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Archives: December 10, 2003

American Apocalypse

Mr. Bush's Kowtow -- WP

NYT : Al Gore Places an Early Bet

Stop Sleeping

Ted Koppel, Anchor Provocateur

W, Kenny Boy, and Rowland

Joe Conason (Salon): Gore's endorsement and Dean's movement

Kristof: Attack of the Killer Bras

Dean 4 President: Be careful of what you wish for (National Review)

Dean's Role Is Redefined by Gore's Endorsement

Condoleezza Rice, adrenaline moments and Bush

ECONOMY - No Work for You

Gore's blessing: Jules Witcover

Bush Boldly Going Where We Went Decades Ago

Another fine example of right-wing non-thought

Bush's Second War

'If I had to do it over again, I'd let rip'

Special Investigation: The Privatization of War

This article will blow your mind! 9/11 widow suing Bush & henchmen.

Kathleen Parker on Howard Dean

Whatever Happened to the Plame Investigation?

Molly Ivins: The cockroach theory

Is Bush the new "Nixon"? : The Right's Fear

Put Blame on Cheney for US Mess in Iraq

Williams Pitt's Editorial: The Trial of John Kerry

Delivered Into Hell by U.S. War on Terror

What Will It Take To Defeat Bush? Good article!

'The stupefaction of a nation'

Wash. Times : Blame Canada

Dean's Band of Outsiders

Proof that the Right Wing Press knows what they are doing is Wrong

Akron Beacon Journal WEDNESDAY QUESTION: Put Ronald Reagan on the dime?

Introducing Continuous election systems

SF DUers - Kucinich Event Mark Your Calendars! :)

John Kerry at Northeastern University 12/11

Attention LA --Candle light vigil against Iraq Occupation

12/15 - Washington, DC - Bill of Rights Day protest at DOJ

Stop the Arms Trade - Add your picture to the Million Faces Petition

Need So Cal signatures to start RECALL ARNOLD Petition

Urgent appeal: US soldiers raid Iraqi trade union HQ

Russert on Letterman

Is this author, NEDRA PICKLER, a biased reporter? It seems like it.

Complete Thom Hartmann show for Monday posted.

Noam Chomsky interview, re: "Hegemony or Survival" (mp3 & video)

ABC News Pulls Reporter off Kucinich Campaign (MUST READ!)

listen to Ellen Mariani's interview on Alex Jones...please keep kicked

just watched Chomsky's "Manufacturing Consent" and got email from him

Conservative AM Hate Radio having a feeding frenzy

Which former senator were you most excited to see defeated?

Bush crime family tree

Ancient humans killed the Ice Age!

Christmas Ghosts

For Bird Lovers~The Humming Bird Nest

Bad boys get coal in their Xmas stocking - add yr stocking stuffer:

Robert Hand and predictions for the Bush Admin.

Jesus Christ

Corporate emperors still rulesays Enron whistleblower(New Acc'ting no help

Just got my property tax bill. Up $1200!! Thanks Shrub for the tax cut

Entire B.C. Ferries fleet shuts down in labor dispute

A question regarding job loss

Yes, home construction is still HOT in Wichita.

Bush revises GDP History - puts 0.6% more growth in Daddy's years

what are the strong American exports?

The Dollar Crisis

Cool weather may be Stradivarius' secret

Japanese fail to salvage Mars mission

Bush & the Moon - Space Plane

250% Increase In Glacial Movement Rates After Larsen-B Collapse

Scientists freeze beam of light (BBC News)

Man changed climate for 8,000 years?

U.S. blocks foes to war from Iraq contracts

Chen stands up to Bush

NJ Forbids Youths to Participate in Bear Hunt

The deadly butt-leg war (violent bootleg cigarette dealers)

Deer continue their attack on helpless drivers

Hunters are wiping out habitat for pheasants....

Woman shoots husband

85 Percent of DU's Expenditures Go to Conservation

(Crime all but guaranteed to skyrocket! But anyway,) Good Luck Brazil!

GUNS IN THE NEWS--December 10, 2003

Hunters have a successful weeklong hunt in OH

A Thomas Jefferson quote for the handwringers

Do you have a link to "DU1"?

I can't understand why this was locked

"Cute" ways to subvert the rules

A couple questions

Why does Anonymous Mod keep locking Clark threads?

I'm curious why my posts in this thread were deleted

This was locked - the title of the story changed after I'd posted

Why was the brison defects to liberals thread locked?

Publicly PLONKing other posters

Kudos to the unidentified Mod in the Guns/Hunting

Is it possible to change usernames?

About posting articles from periodicals.

I thought there was a rule...

the DU store

I just got this message

i have a question:)

Can we please make a new rule?

Thanks for letting us do the joint fundraiser


I got this on my post

Israel Trains US Assassination Squads in Iraq

Nablus mother of seven took part in foiled bombing plot

Islamic Jihad, Tanzim attacks focus on civilians

Israel arrests Hamas militant who allegedly planned attacks in USA

U.S. said adopting Israeli army counter-terror tactics in Iraq

The 'Times' embraces Geneva

With the Flood of 9 "peace plans" now out - do folks at DU like one best?

Mother fights Israel for answers

Two more weapons smuggling tunnels uncovered

No, anti-Zionism is not anti-semitism

U.S. Marines execute an Iraqi to the cheers of fellow marines

Hoeffel steps up campaign to unseat Specter

The Parties' New Business: Courting Female Entrepreneurs

Dean's Role Is Redefined by Gore's Endorsement

Gore's Endorsement Was Won Over Time and Under the Radar

Hoyer strives to keep Jewish vote for Dems

"When Angry Democrats Attack"

National Quinnipiac Poll: Dean leads by nine-points

White House lapses led to 9/11, Clark says

Pennsylvania Poll: Bush vs. Unnamed Dem 44-44

7,000 Americans have joined Dean For America since yesterday

Gore embraces Dean - and new political style

How will we know when someone has actually won the nomination?

Ted Koppel, Anchor Provocateur - WPost

Favorite Senator Poll

Edwards on Crossfire. Very good. Very very good.

Wes Clark vs Bush on AIDS

Kerry boosts Staff in Iowa

Clark on Daily Show w/Jon Stewart TONIGHT on Comedy Central

Clarkies, just want you to know that the campaign is opening up

Andrew Young to endorse Wesley Clark

Bushies keen on Dean as W's ideal foe

Gore's a Dean Man Now - John Nichols, The Nation

Kucinich TV ad in works

With Gore endorsing Dean, do you think that the RWers will finally

Kucinich Changes Focus of Debate, Brings Cheers from Crowd

From Miami Herald: Florida Democrats Worry as Gore Endorses Dean....

KY-6: Ky. Attorney General [Ben Chandler (D)] to Run for Congress

Kerry Asks FEC to Block NRA Channel

Does Gore really believe Dean is the best candidate?

Transcript: Kucinich at the N.H. Democratic Presidential Debate

Tom Toles on Al Gore's Endorsement of Howard Dean in today's WP

Go-along media ignoring Kucinich (Op-ed)

Supreme Court considers politics in redistricting

ABC News Pulls Reporter off Kucinich Campaign

Charlie Rangel charges Gore with polarizing the campaign

I will support Dean. I think Kerry supporters should too.

Clark: What has he done...

Kucinich Moves to Second Place

Kerry raps Bush’s ‘anti-science’ bias

Statement of Governor Dean on the Death of Senator Paul Simon

Dean, Clark, Lieberman & Gephardt statistically tied in Texas poll

has Gore done any fundraising (for candidates, causes, etc.) since 2000

Free Speech isn't just for DUers

Dean Caught picking his nose, leaving up the toilet seat, and failing...

Dean a real liberal?

Happy Birthday to Me ! 12/10/19?

An argument for getting OUT of Iraq......

Who turned SF partisan anyways?

What's it mean to "support"?

Did you think the U.S. would last this long?

Dean leads Mason-Dixon Virginia poll

Throught the Eyes of Children: The Rwanda Project

Two Republicans seek audit of U.S. Iraq operations

congrats to Clarkies on winning the Rock the Vote video thingee…

NY Times ignores Kucinich in its coverage of the debate

GOP conservatives assail Bush… Spending is out of control, they say

One regret

CSPAN caller supports Clark because he can "quell civil disobedience"…

2003: A Good Year for Democrats:

Clark just told a reporter...

Congratulations Matt!!!

fwiw . . . current results of an AOL poll . . .

William Pitt's Truthout Radio Program for Today

Help Wanted: Need Respected Conservative

National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month, 2003 by the President

Ted Kopell, Quite The Buttocks Clown

The Dean Bat is $250,000 Halfway to $500,000!

I want Dean/Clark, + all 7 other candidates in the cabinent


Should Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger be investigated? CNN Poll.

Great Dean cartoon from The Village Voice!

the debate is being replayed on CSPAN right now

will Dean's "angry energy" rub off on Gore?

Vice Presidential Nomination

What we all need to remember about the 2004 election...

Nominate another Yalie like Dean or someone who went to public school??

Something I really find funny about the whole San Francisco election.

My Wild Fantasy About John McCain

Iowa & New Hampshire residents check-in here

MJ case - Can we find out who this judge is?

The Gore Endorsement has reenergized the other campaigns

WP: Dean's Band of Outsiders

Assume Dean Is Our Next President. What Do You Expect of Him?

Ted Koppel - An apology for his behavior

If Dean loses in '04, then what?

Joe Lieberman quick Fax on Fox

Scott Spradling of ABC says "the important stuff is covered elsewhere"

Dean on ABC & NBC & CBS now

Does Kofi Annan and the UN want to control the internet?

Me-Thinks that Michael Jackson will soon own Santa Barbara.

NYC Cigarette Tax Fuels Bootleg Cig Sales Violence

Koppel's a jackass, but his actions had one good consequence...

Six More Afghan Children Killed by US Bombs; US Blames Victims

I'm kicking this thread...Will Pitt's editorial "The Trial of John Kerry"

Hey Plaid Adder, ya need to add 6 more to your great front page piece!

Ted Koppel at the debates last night...


I watched my FIRST DEBATE last night.

Big Media is winning again

Lieberman playing up to Faux News...

The OTHER Roger Ailes on Sowell's Gift List

I overheard a gay guy & a black woman at the coffee shop…

Where is Hugh Shelton?

Who besides Dean does Gore's endorsement most help?

I taped the debates Oy!

If Russia, Germany & France don't participate...would they write off debt?

ALERT (10:15 ET) C-Span 2: Manufacturing Job Market: AFL-CIO talking now

This is outrageous...back to the fifties...

I want to revive this song

Wes Clark - Daily Show - Thursday 12/11

If Harry Truman were running for President....?

I like Clark...why don't I trust him? Help me, please!

CSPAN Wednesday AM — Did Gore Betray Lieberman?

Northern Republicans busy raising $ for Southern comforter John Edwards

Ancient humans killed the Ice Age!

New Hampshire teachers union endorses Dean

Another reason to love Ted Kennedy :)

Here are my thoughts on our best chance in 2004.

I just received this email from our bass player....

Lieberman should talk about loyalty!

Which Democrat does BushCo prefer to face in the 2004 election?

Lieberman is acting like a baby

Nobel Winner Slams War on Terror

God(s) Bless Robert Reich...

Local radio host calls * "Chimp with a ball peen hammer"

Dean leads in new Virginia poll

DeLay will eventually get caught

Clark a candidate worth listening to

So long, Seattle Indymedia

new Quinnipiac national poll - Dean leads by 9%

How far Left?

Clark on CNN this morning - transcript

Supreme Court looks at Redistricting today

Dean's achilles heal is the African-American vote

Question For Those With Public Speaking Experience

Why Clark Would Accept the VP Slot

Dean, Kucinich, 1st and 2nd in website traffic

Gore was Right about...

Karl Rove Supports Dean.

Regardless of your opinion of Gore's action what do you think...

Dec. 10 is Human Rights Day

Who has more influence with African Americans? Gore or Clinton

William Pitt at Truthout: The Trial of John Kerry (Amazing Editorial)

Sanders: Fight for Media Reform Lives On

ARRGHH!! I can't stand the Orwellian media!!!

GLBT people or GLBT supporters what do you think about this poster?

McCain supporters are undermining the Democratic party nomination process

How contrarian are you?

Ed Rollins on CNBC: Gore and Dean talking as if they are targeting

"Kerry's last stand"

Has the Media now embraced Howard Dean?

Joe Lieberman was more of liberal in 2002 than John Edwards

If the abortion ban Bush signed into law is upheld.....

Where do Kerry and Edwards stand on "partial birth abortion"?

Let's say we win in 2004.How would new prez handle prosecuting Bush

MEMORY HOLE: How do you fare?

I need a transcript of last nights debate...Thanks

Iraqi families care packages, check in here please..

Clarence Page on Gore/Dean--please do not kill the messenger--me!

Campaign Finance 101: A Corporate Contribution Primer (warning long)

MSNBC just now on debate ....

If I were God, guess what I'd do to Black Republicans...

Bushies keen on Dean as W's ideal foe

People just don't understand, Gore COULDN'T tell Lieberman

Which repub will our Democrat defeat in 2004?

Black voters favor Clark ?

"Jesse Helms is back! And this time, he's black."

sign this petition acknowledging Karl Rove's superior intellect

Michael Jackson Bombshell

Flu vs. NCLB - How Many Schools WIll Fail?

Taiwan's president tells screeching monkey to go * himself

Can the Dean Defense Corps hold up against Rove and Bush?

White House press briefing on CBC, not CNN

In choosing Dean--Gore bypassed his 3 finalists for VP in '00

Who do I support?

Grover Norquist: Am I the only one who remembers

Dean Campaign Revisits Civil War in South Carolina......

Daily Democrat: a positive discussion about Joe Lieberman

Bush ties to Saudi Arabia

US paying Halliburton $2.64 gal to import gas to Iraq (WTF???)

How will SC campaign finance reform ruling impact 2004 pres. election?

Dean Leads in Yet Another National Poll

9:15 am et --- Seymour Hersh - Washington Journal - C-SPAN

Start a campaign to get Dean named Time's Man of the Year?? A possibility?

Drug Costs Under New Medicare VS Buying From Canada-Letter to Editor Help

Just searched DoJ site for Valerie Plame and got zippo...

There hasn't been another terrorist attack since 2001 on US soil

Link to Clark interview, telling reporter off...

Last night's debate

Terrorist Sleeper Cells Inside the United States

General Clark reveals college plans to MTV NEWS

"When Angry Democrats Attack"

Democrat does BushCo prefer to face in the 2004 election? Dean vs. Kerry

MSNBC just reported that an Apache helo on fire made a "soft landing"?

Bush against Babes

reminder: under normal circumstances the top vote-getter wins the election

similar already posted n/t

"Truth" and "Fact"

democrats should base primary vote on foreign policy

Do We Need A Military Person To "Stand Toe To Toe Against Bush?"

Candidate bashing: Do you want total war?

Will Gore over shadow dean?

Gore argues Kerry backed "wrong" war

Check your "Political Compass" against the candidates.

Right now Dean/Clark need to unmask BushCo's plan to reinstate the Draft!

If the "Iraq war/occupation/rebuild" issues went away tomorrow

Another way Bush Tax cuts help Joe Sixpack

On The Issues Updated Candidate Ratings

Feed on this!

What I Like about Dean.

Conason: Will Dean become a sitting duck?

How come there's 40 Anti-Dean threads today and NO threads about

if the candidate you support had raised money for Bush last year…

Apparently, Nixon do not think much of Ronald Reagan either.

Dean for America adds 7000 new members since Gore Endorsement

Good debate last night--something big happened

Dean can win!

Blast from the past - Taleban in Texas for talks on gas pipeline

Bush endorses Dean for the Democratic Nomination!

I'm so happy I reached my 1000 posts mark!

Why was my thread locked re: the need to call ChimpCo on the draft?

Dean and Gore...

A Season for Reason:

Supreme Court Upholds Campaign Finance Reform!

7,000 Americans have joined Dean For America since yesterday

Dean beats Bush by winning Florida--recent poll shows it doable

Microsoft Switches to Microsoft!

Reagan The Worst - Proof

Bush's Fight Against Democracy

Deleted message

Walk a Mile: Making Politics Personal

Master Debater

Gore is disloyal

Poll shows Kerry to be strongest 6th place finisher in Democratic race

herbert hoover story

Where is Perot Regarding the National Debt?

I've never seen so much handwringing at DU

For comparison, what did Bill Clinton run on in 92?

Is Howard Dean a Flip-Flopper?

Hang on to your A&F catalogs!

prosperity is right around the corner

A good analogy for the "improving" economy:

Clinton, Brown, Newsom, Gonzalez in San Francisco -- a good story.

When did the Republicans go wrong?

Clark and Hillary as VP??

How does Edwards propose to find "terrorist cells" in the US?

Is Clark a Clinton Stooge

is this Clark's 'good side'?

For hey2370: The Flip-Flops of Howard Dean

Gore, Newsom and Dean

AL GORE'S endorsement was the highlight

Dean's Band of Outsiders

Dean On Campaign Finance Reform

Clark's political experience..

I had a strange dream

Nixon thought Reagan was "strange"

Iraqi contract BAN - my letter to the editor

Dean objects to excess time spent on Iraq during debate.

Under Bush, Evil Piles Up So Fast My Outrage Can't Keep Up

CAPTION this debate photo

Bev Harris Alert! (about to be on ieamerica) 3PM EST

Where Does Clark Stand on the Issues?

Ready. Aim. Fire!...OUCH!

Are you an ideological outsider to the Democratic party?

What we should be talking about, Wolfie's "pronouncement"

Would Dean accept the VP nod?

I'll Ask Again....

My personal decision about Dean

students file suit over school drug raid

Nixon on Reagan: Not ``pleasant to be around''

Legacy: Carnegie & Rockefeller versus Bill "Nothing" Gates

Congrats, Clark supporters

Enough with the term "Special Interests"

Congratulations, Clark supporters

Zell Miller has no problem whoring himself out

Bill Clinton: E! True Hollywood Story

Tommy Thompson paying lip service to AIDS in Africa...

Just heard Judy Woodruf mention an "E" channel retro on The Big Dog.

Tommy Thompson/AIDS in Africa

Is "ABD" really all that shocking at this point in the primaries? now on's grassroots links! OOH-WEE!

the whores have their work cut out for them in 2004

Will we stop acting like children?

More 9/11 conspiracy stuff -- more grist for the mill!

Looking for a lawyerish answer to a question RE:price gouging

Race Baiting has got to stop at DU

Pickles Bush fields the tough questions at "Ask the White House"

FBI intimidated witnesses

Kerry Argues Gore Backed " Wrong" Ron Fournier, AP pol writer

Will Dean hurt our congressional chances?

Status of White House Treason Investigation??

Clinton arrested, charged with cocaine possession

OK I need some Edumacation...I looked up DNC and DLC on the web

FBI now able to spy on financial transactions; thanks, Bush

Any polls now for the election in November are meaningless

Should Taiwan return itself to the Chinese mainland?

Another fine example of right-wing non-thought

Would you have voted for the Iraq Resolution?

The DLC attacks Dean and Gore

Joe Lieberman's constant quips to Al Sharpton

Clark campaign creates 17-minute film reminiscent of Bill Clinton

True or False? G.Gordon Liddy Threatened Bill Clinton?

More of us than them.... something to think about

Obituary: Paul Simon 1928-2003

The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2002-2003

The DLC is driving me crazy.

Right now Dean/Clark need to unmask BushCo's plan to reinstate the draft.

Zell on Hannity right now.

CNN Poll: do you agree with the ban on nonCPA contracts in Iraq?

Women of Iraq Tour

This is Your Brain on Propaganda

Quick Question...

"E" Channel retrospective on Bill Clinton this sunday

A Question for non Democrat DU members (Independents and swing voters)

Why would someone send their son to die for Bush's campaign contributors?

I learned something about Reagan today.

New Maryland Poll - Dean over Bush

Some Statistics on Arab Americans in the US

Because of San Francisco, I'm voting Green in November

Personal History in Politics

Dean in Atlanta Sat noon

A picture that would've been worth a thousand words

Have you voted in Wolf Blizter's poll Today ?

What do you think of a Dean/Clark ticket?

Wow, the Daily Democrat about Joe Lieberman dropped like a rock!

Great poll to DU (unfreep)

CNN's daily programming with links to all.

We don't need a radio station or outlet for liberals...we just need to

Exactly how is the Democratic party split?

How can you have a War Crimes tribunal when you aren't apart of the I.C.

CBS to talk about Haliburton & Contracts

This is truly amazing! How messed up is this situation in Iraq?

Excerpt from debate, Kucinich slapping down Koppel's idiotic Q.

Anger is a gift. . .and red meat

I watched the entire debate twice last night

Statement of Senator Bob Graham (D-FL) on S. 1980, the BBV bill

AARP Reconsiders Position On Nursing Home Lawsuits

Need help responding to e-mail from wingnut sister.

When Edwards condemns lobbyists, is he including Clark?

Is anyone listening to NPR

How Married to Your Candidate Are You?

Wait 'til the panic sets in....

Dean can and WILL beat Bush.

Kucinich nabs major endorsement!

May I ask why my rant against the Bush administration's

Not To Be Missed

Did I just hear Lieberman accuse Dean of supporting Gingrich?

"I tried to persuade them not to intervene militarily."

How will the SCOTUS soft money decision affect MWO/Soros?

You know what this is.

Dean Objects to Ethnic Humor at a Comedyfest in His Honor

If Dean is the nominee, should your candidate endorse him?

Rush takes on "You seminar Guys"

Disrespect against Ted Koppel yesterday!!!!

John Edwards about to be profiled on ABC/World News Tonight.

What does Bush expect to accomplish by denying

A not-so-modest proposal

Dean claimed that he never said Saddam was a threat to the United States

Want Dem Unity? Unite Against Bush!

Interesting Site: Republicans For Dean

A really great editorial on candidates and polls from (GASP!) FOX news!

If whites held "African Americans for Bush" signs how would you react?

CNN has a woman groped by Ahnold on now (et)

Non-Dean Democrats: What makes you so electable?

Hummer Gets Smaller With H3T

Emergency Volunteer Need; NYC Area Kucinich Supporter!

Daily Democrat: a positive discussion of John Edwards

Would you be willing to vote for a pro-life dem candidate in Utah...

Seems like the Limbaugh story, re: obtaining drugs is quiet now.

Clinton, in appearance today in Canada, says he would have voted for IWR.

Best Republican you ever voted for?

Tapes: Nixon Called Reagan 'Strange'

Homeless dining on pheasant?

Proportional representation - a way forward for greens and others?

Who runs against Hillary in 2006?

Where can Dean serve in Clark's cabinet?

It is time to invite in

Pharmacist Nailed for Online Drug Sales

tell me everyone, why would someone other than Dean be stronger?

I'm a DAD

Just a little economical reflexion about the Wolfy idiocy

Principles, People, and the 2004 Election

Hello?? Can we think together? Whats best for each other?

What is the update on Dean's files being opened.

Iraqi Civilian Death Count Halted!!!

Republican "we'll sweep the country" Baloney

University of Miami to host 2004's first presidential debate

Trashing Dems::: Its a RW Cottage Industry!! Rush, OReilly, Hannity,

Why would congress give the AARP $20 million as a grant?

Kucinich on Capitol Report (CNBC) at 9pm ET

Dean parody site...

Can The VP Choice Make-or-Break An Election?

Dude, Where are our morals?

Bush confirms Alliance of Evil with Jiangs...

Dean Supporter Waving Confederate Flag?

O'Really: "Canada is bankrupt because of its socialistic system."

Damn, I wish McGovern were running today....CNBC

who do YOU want to moderate a debate ?

Internet links for developing a cannabis perspective

Kucinich on CNBC shortly


Hello! I am brand-spankin’ new here… (Posted by proxy for new DUer Wazzoo)

Why Kerry's position on the IWR may play well with moderate swing voters

Who would you rather have as President?

Jesus Christ

Great book by Saul Landau on the mess we are in:

c-span 2: military familes & their trip to Iraq....

Kerry's Best Strategy

Will Dean win the nomination?

Is Liberman really getting a "surge of support" since Gore backed Dean?

The 9/11 KKK Koverup: Kissinger, Kean, Kerrey..

Some interesting comments by Tony Coelho last night on Charlie Rose...

Does anyone really think the nomination is already sealed?

Why Did Wesley Clark vote for Reagan Twice?

Clark jumps from van to stage for debate

Terry MacAuliffe will quit on feb 4th but i missed of which year, 04 or 05

Limbaugh blasts the pundits for not giving Kucinich credit for Koppel slam

The irony of the Detroit Free Press.

Dean is running for the wrong job....

Will Malloy lose it tonight?

The war vote

Forget every negative feeling you have for every candidate RIGHT NOW!

Dean folks: My advice on dealing with slimeball attacks

Calm down folks...

Does anyone know why the right wing dislikes Hillary so much?

Has your website or homepage recived any hatemail from Republicans?

What Dean was REALLY saying during the Iraq War debate

McGovern interviewed about Dean comparison, other topics

Howard "The Outsider" Dean hires Bush's fundraiser

Who was that republican dude on CNN just now

Afghanistan: "Highlight Reel' (GRAPHIC)

Jim Hightower on Christmas, Wal-mart and made in China. A must listen to.

Josh Marshall on the mess to come this spring in Iraq.....

If your candidate does not win the nomination.....

How does making dirt more important than people make for good government?

At this time in 1991, Clinton was polling no more than 6% nationally

60 Minutes II - Did IBM knowingly expose employees to carcinogens?

Does anyone have videoclips from the debate?

Kucinich supports lower voting age

How's BushCo doing on stopping the illegal sex trade and human slavery?

Bah, Humbug. Bush beats up on the jobless again

A post IE America plan.

new Pennsylvania poll

AP: US tells Iraq to stop counting their civilian dead

John Kerry Live on C-Span1 ... NOW ...

Anti-Reagan books

I, Goobergunch, will not impugn the motives of any candidate...

Can't you all see?

New CNN poll: 67% think terror war going well, 59% support Iraq war.

Astroturf letter: Update

Anyone catch this? St. Louis - frmr School Board ... now talkshow host

Take the Worldview Weekend Test....

CBS-banished Reagan miniseries on Showtime - post your reviews please!

Everyone here has gone completely crazy

Has anyone switched from Clark supporter to Dean supporter?

Why are people on the Right so good at hypocrisy?

How many times have you switched candidates?

Go-Along Media Ignoring Kucinich

On Rove

Another first from Howard Dean

Civil rights hero Andrew Young to endorse Clark


Clark was against the Iraq war? Not according to the record.

Kucinich is really good at promoting his web site

Kucinich on CNBC

Charlie Rangel on Gore/Dean..."I counted one black guy."

When Clark talks, I'm mesmerized

I am switching to Kucinich to protest ABC News

Clark and the Homestead Act?

Boston Globe gives Kucinich the nod for the debate

All for one and one for all (Everyone Please Read!)

Drek Hits Fan; or Long Slow Descent Into Suckage?

How Does Tony Blair Survive?

Whitewash ? Former Sen. Kerrey named to 9/11 commission.

two short war poems

Was the US war against the Taliban of Afghanistan the right thing to do?

Should other Dems let Clark be the 'slammer" on Bush ?

How long will we keep our internet useage lead?

Say Bye Bye to IE America Radio - and Malloy, and Thom Hartman

From Miami Herald: Florida Democrats Worry as Gore Endorses Dean....

ultra-left California Democratic Council's (CDC) L A group endorse Clark

Best Republican you ever voted for?

Do you think that a Dean/Clark ticket could beat Bush?

What happened to the Anyone But Bushers?

Behind many of the communications in this forum, I see fear.

I have to say that all the posts here on GD make me sick....

"I fixed the election in Florida for George Bush." - Jim Baker.

Mike Malloy really strong tonight

Should a strong military be part of the Democratic Party Platform?

Are YOU in L.A. for the Holidays? Meet General CLARK at My Fundraiser!

Zell Miller to be on Daily Show tonight

DUers For Congress fundraiser - FINAL DAY!

FBI and Mossad torturing African "suspected terrorists?"

What's the dip on the propaganda about the Iraqi symphony?

If Dean and Clark "seemingly" get along, why can't their supporters?

MoveOn's Anti-Bush Ad Running on CNN!!!

High school Army recruiting

CT papers are whining for Lieberman

some words and thoughts on DU from a scared human being

I am so sick of being called a cultist for supporting Dean

CNN WRONGLY catagorizes Canada as not participating in fighting terror

Revisions: Economy Shrank Pre-Recession

How Dare Bush Insult our Canadian Neighbors This Way??

Dean's Planned Parenthood Ties Raise Additional Issues....

A couple of confusing questions?

How America Spent Human Rights Day, 2003

In Response to Lies about Dean's Record on IWR

Fax Florida State Attorney re: Miami FTAA Civil Rights Violations

video ; Marines executing an Iraqi prisoner , cheering

General Clark on Jon Stewart Daily Show Thursday Night

The Ala Mihi Syndrome in Hawaii: re Dean

Wesley Clark FINALLY Put On RNC's Webpage

AARP - nasty letters coming in.

Too much Dem-Green acrimony: a thread for progressive common ground.

Dean was against the Iraq war? Not according to the record.

Zell Miller on Hannity now

Draft Hillary campaign up and running in New Hampshire

Kerry gave ALL for the peace movement. Why no give back.

Taiwan Leader Defends Missile Referendum

National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month, 2003 by the President

Caracas court sets out poll rules (BBC)

OPEC may trade oil in euros to compensate for dollar decline

Bill to stop e-mail spam will do just the opposite

The privatisation of war

OPEC´s Silva: OPEC evaluating trading in Euros

HMOs to Reap Benefits From Medicare Law

Chen Says Taiwan to Hold Referendum on March 20

Muslim Army chaplain's hearing abruptly suspended (for 40 days)

European Court Considers Fetus Rights

Democrats Hold Onto San Francisco Mayor's Office, Defeating Green Party Ma

Swiss Elect Nationalist to Cabinet

State (Pennsylvania) attorney general confirmed for appeals judge post

States Try to Fund Education Mandates

Man with Explosives Held Near U.S. Beirut Embassy

AOL axes 450 jobs

Bill to stop e-mail spam will do just the opposite

Pa. redistricting case may set path for U.S. on role of politics

Human rights trial over Unocal project in Myanmar opens in LA

Iraqi Council OKs War Crimes Tribunal

Six Afghan Children Killed in U.S. Attack (4 minutes ago)

U.S. Pushing for Trade Pact : Deal Would Expand NAFTA Through Central Amer

From Baghdad, A Classical Opportunity (Bushco Photo Op)

Schwarzenegger considering suspending school funding guarantee

U.S. Plans Massive Rotation of Troops (risky, controversial)

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Attacks

Iran's Ebadi Collects Nobel, Takes Swipe at West

Owners, tour manager indicted in R.I. club fire

Shut Up, Don't Think, Don't Learn From Others or You're Fired

Annan rules out quick return for UN to Iraq

U.S. Soldier Shot Dead in Northern Iraq (Wednesday)

Rounds says no chance of pardon for Janklow in next year

Gay Ex-Officers Say 'Don't Ask' Doesn't Work

Brison defects to Liberals (Canada)

Germany says exclusion from Iraq contracts "unacceptable"

Six Afghan Children Killed in U.S. Attack

DeLay's Texas PAC investigated

AOL finds Love -- Finally

Bill would block environmental cleanup suits for bullet pollution

US barring war opponents from Iraq contracts sparks new storm

U.S. Bars War Opponents From Bidding on Work in Iraq

USSC upholds McCain/Fiengold CFR...MSNBC...repukes loose

Two more US soldiers killed in Bush's 2004 campaign

Strong public opinion support for Lula

Chen stands up to Bush

Roll-out of controversial Iraq contracts delayed

N.H. to obtain drugs via Canada (Gov will defy FDA)

WHO: Flu Vaccine Shortage Only in U.S.

Ted Koppel, Anchor Provocateur Barbed Questions Stir a Heated Debate

Just In: Supreme Court upholds portions of Key Campaign Finance Law

Requirement holds back some reservists (Not getting promotions)

Pres's Rebuke of Taiwan Stirs Alarm (conservative reaction)

Interview With Governor Schwarzenegger [waffling weasel]

CNN - Apache helicopter came down in a ball of flames today in Iraq

Iraqi suicide bombs strike mosque and US troops

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 10.....(#1)

Whatever Happened to the Plame Investigation?

Terry MacAuliffe will quit on feb 4th (FOX News)

OPEC´s Silva: OPEC evaluating trading in Euros

White House lapses led to 9/11, Clark says

State credit gets downgraded, governor's (Arnie's) car tax cuts blamed

Graham files bill to require paper records from voting machines

Iran's Ebadi Collects Nobel, Takes Swipe at West

AP: Iraq to Stop Counting Civilian Dead

U.S. Should Stop Sanctioning Allies Over ICC

Md. Police Commander Is Indicted, Sources Say (republican corruption)

Religious strife flares in Baghdad

Earthquake rattles Taiwan [6.6 on the richter scale, 4:38 AM UK]

Report: Major escalation of covert ops in Iraq(U.S. assassination squads)

U.S. links Iraq contracts to future assistance

Anyone catch those 2 goofballs who just called see-more hurtz on CSPAN?

EUobserver: Deal reached on closer ties with Syria

Canada Protests U.S. Ruling on Iraq Bids

Gov't Revises Data, Posts Negative GDP for Q3 of 2000

Chinese in Lagos demonstrate against Taiwanese Independence...

Six Cubans on trial for alleged plane hijacking

UAW about to pull the plug on its liberal talk-radio network

Treasury Tax Policy Official to Leave (To spend more time w/family)

Afghan Warlord Urges War Versus Coalition

Supreme Court Upholds Political Money Law

Europe,US policymakers seem relaxed on dollar fall

Hillary puts chill on Al's party plans

Detroit terror case in danger of reversal

Homeland Security Chief Endorses Legalizing Undocumented Immigrants

Congressman: Dean Not Hurtful to Dems (Matsui)

Homeland Security Official Touts Cuban Embargo Enforcement

Kerry argues that Gore backed 'wrong Howard Dean'

Clark Campaign Creates 17-Minute Film

Is Canada becoming Colombia?

US poll finds support for UN except among Republicans

Unions Rally to Protest Labor Policy

Bushies keen on Dean as W's ideal foe

Mom, Boyfriend Charged With Drowning Kids

U.S. Troops Kill Saddam Fedayeen Officer

US military plane hit by missile on takeoff from Baghdad

Andrew Young to endorse Wesley Clark

Labor, Rights Groups Vow to Stop CAFTA in Congress

Clark Pokes Fun at Clinton 'Conspiracy'

Nixon on Reagan: Not ``pleasant to be around''

Brison crossing floor to join Liberals - Cdn Tories lose 4th MP - CBC

NPR : Growing Cuban Population Worries Venezuelans

WSJ: President backs off pledge to fund Global Aids fight (a Bush Lie??)

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq-449 U.S. service members have died

Official: U.S. Not Responsible for Death of 6 Children

Pentagon: 1/3 of New Iraqi Soldiers Quit

D.C. Schools to Lay Off Nearly 780 (Washington Post)

9/11 widow wants Bush in court

Hillary Clinton: No to Cabinet Spot

U.S. Senators Tour Guantanamo Bay Prison

Brothers Guilty in Beating at Bible Study

Schwarzenegger Retreats on Key Campaign Vows

Clyburn to endorse Gephardt

Russia barred from Iraq contracts

Chávez opponents in move to trigger referendum.

EU to Study Legality of Iraq Contract Row

ABC News pulls Kucinich campaign reporter

Gavin Newsom elected San Fransisco Mayor

Amnesty accuses UK of "perverted justice"

Robert Bartley, longtime Wall Street Journal editor, dies

Iraqi Symphony Performs for Bush

Happy Birthday to Me ! 12/10/19?

What should I do for my 553rd post to DU

Question I need an immediate answer...

Are we all Freeper Sleeper Disruptors?

Yikes! I'm allergic to everything!

Holiday Greetings . . . from Ozzy! . . .

Aghhhhh! (rant)

Dean Caught picking his nose, leaving up the toilet seat, and failing...

Budget digital camera: Kodak CX6200?

Hey CanuckAmok is your wife home now?


Dan Abrams is such an inarticulate dolt playing dress up newscaster!

a gift for music lovers: John Coltrane performing "Peace on Earth"

Anyone else having KGO connection problems?

good night people

Just watched Rudolph

How to get the people to go to war...

Hey JailBush, I have a question

I just donated $25 to Dean's campaign

Just thought I'd say hi

al-Qaeda/flu outbreak link?

Who does BushCo prefer to face in the 2004 election?

Kermit The Frog Endorses Howard Dean

The "Not My Kid" mail drop is open.

Woman Crashes While Talking About Michael Jackson On Radio (Silwa/Kuby)

props to Judy Gold, calls Bush "piece of S!"

Schwarzenegger to introduce Euronics

comic - bush admin reportedly backs new moon mission.

Member of the Day for Wednesday Dec 10th is......

My Secret is out. I'm an Immortal Beetle.

You are here.

Party Nekkid

People Who Have ______ Hair Are The Best-Looking People

My secret's out. I'm IMMORAL AND EVIL!

December 10, 1949

Thinking of writing a book...

The Clock is ticking.....

Page 28 is up!!!

Spontaneous Exuberance

Iranian democracy activist Shirin Ebadi onWed. gets 2003 Nobel Peace Prize

Get the Ann Coulter Talking Action Figure

Any Travis fans?

Need an article to help me argue with some freeps.

events in your life on this date

JOKE OF THE DAY - Marketing for Dummies

10 Questions just for Magic Rat

DU is now the RNC talking points forum.

I have a girl's name for a middle name. I'm not ashamed. Not me. Honest.

Ring-a-ling-ling chimp of all CAPTIONS

A letter to my Congressman, Jim Moran (D)

Dr. Amazing is in! Ask Dr. Amazing!

Clinton Portis To Be Named AFC Offensive Player of the Week

Please, please, please: read PA's front page column today...

Who has more daughters?

National Miskatonic Poll: Cthulhu ahead by nine candidates...

Google bombing? The possibilities are endless!

Newbies Handbook and Glossary of Terms......

Blazing sunshine w/ south winds @ 9am

So Ted Koppel IS a robot!

The Man Song.

Sick humor for the day - Includes Hoo-Haa Washing B-)

Carol Mosely Braun has a truly beautiful smile.

You Know, I Feel Kinda Left Out - I've Never Gone On A Rant Before

S'cuse me while I bang ma drum for Dean and Gore (art attached)

now THIS is a unique house . . .

Hermie or Herbie?

Need more help...

Rockin' on without Microsoft

Anyone wanna come over and watch me strip...

I overheard a gay guy & a black woman at the coffee shop…

A 21-gun CAPTION!

Free Republic or decide.

Atlanta Falcons fires Dan Reeves

Hilarious cat picture

A CAPTION for you thoughts?

Well, I did not get my full license back today....

.........useless thread...................

Whitney, Whitney, Whitney -- lock Bobby's ass up

200 kittens

Any Boulder Colorado residents here? I need advice

Zell Miller is going to be on the Daily Show Tonight

Can you imagine this guy as Aragorn?

Try this...find your new name...

Ask The Medical Expert

Feed on this!

Hilarious movie review for Return of the King...must read for fans

Bored with GD??? Here's a bunch of animations & games

What is my middle name?

the matrix, using the pill analogy

Album of the Year-Who should win?

I'm listening to Mexican Radio - Preguntame algo!

Anabu-kin-chan...odd japanese commercial

The First Lady of CAPTIONS!

Really cool anti-Bush magnets

I'm sending resumes for jobs out of town and overseas

Fly George Bush to the moon.

The DU Paradox

Vait a minute!! Vy ah you CAPTIONing me?

Hockey fans

Lounge Insiders:

DEVILED EGGS & SUSHI for LUNCH!!! What are you eating?

Feed the Homeless by visiting Campbell's

Alright, I confess!!!! I really don't get that "pull my finger" joke

Build your own cruise missile.. Be the first on your block to own one

Anyone else post on Slate? I've run into a problem

I had a strange dream

Christmas "news" letters.

For some reason I can't post to the thread I just started

Turkey's in the smoker.

I have been waiting for this day for 10 years!

Bush against Babes

Stupid frickkin heartburn

All these Atkins dieters are making me puke!


Okay...10 MORE Random Questions

Depression (please indulge me)

Bill Clinton: E! True Hollywood Story

trying to find

I'm so happy I reached my 1000 posts mark!

I just entered a film festival - ask me anything

Need help with an offbeat christmas tune

I just got a company T-Shirt. Ask me anything.

Map Test.

Acts with GREAT first albums, bu then...the downward spiral...

My middle name is St. John... What a screw up!

REPORT: Poor People Pretty Much F**ked

Sup All(lol i been busy sorry :P)

And for my 300th post...

DO you find the sexism in the Rudolph special funny or disturbing?

You bunch of WOOKIEES!!!

Oklahoma City DUers...anyone know the secret ingredients (or recipe)

Should we include "{username} is a Dingbat" as a choice in our polls?

I don't like your candidate. He is therefore a racist

annual Xmas UNION meeting tonight!

So, has anyone actually finished their holiday shopping?

Ever heard a Castrato sing?

Obituary: Paul Simon 1928-2003

Microsoft Switches to Microsoft!

My turn. Try and guess my middle name.


The Pert Plus Model of CAPTIONS!


Any SportBrainiacs?

Are my sig line pics showing up?

HEY! How 'bout them COWBOYS???

Anybody remember Julee Cruise?

Why do we care what your middle name is?

Freelance proofreading/editing

For matcom

Anyone here familiar with Paris' new album Sonic Jihad?

Babes against Bush. com

Anyone ever been Nuevo Laredo?

Randi Rhodes

Do we have any current legislators on DU?

Sunday December 14...Compassionate Friends "Light a Candle" day

I'm happy! Ask me anything!

Favorite Christmas special?

Favorite Animated Christmas special?

Three Pro Coaches Fired Today

WinXP Pro hates me. Maybe it likes you better.

Rudolph the Red Knows Rain, Dear

Favourite Rudolph claymation special character

You think you know your "Charlie Brown Christmas" trivia?

Michael Jackson is on the 5:00 Simpsons!

Darthkitten Almost Run-In with the Rich and Famous.

Why I do Atkins

Looking for Butkus

would you spend $3000 on your cat's medical needs?

In honor of all the "cooperative spirit" threads in General Discussion...

So, has anyone actually started their holiday shopping?

Budget figures.

Best cars in the snow?

How will Paris and Nicole be punished for sneaking out and kissing boys?

BC Ferry Workers refuse order to return to work...

One Hundred People Surveyed... Top Ten Answers On The Board...

My upstairs neighbors are at it again!

Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog outs Benji

I'm looking at something colored yellow on top

What is your favorite horror or science fiction film.

Best cats in the snow?

Who wrote the book of love?

Is end of December REALLY a good time to buy a car?

I'm an ENTREPRENEUR! (ask me anything)

How about Mr. Magoo as Scrooge?

Kucinich nabs major endorsement!

This is my 200th Post.

Guess my middle name

People who love to give advice and their opinions...

Does anyone actually LIKE fruitcake?

What should I bake?

Should Twain return herself to the Canadian mainland?

Can someone explain "Donnie Darko" to me?

Am I right or am I wrong?

"if god is a dj"

Do you know anything about Steve Buscemi? DOES work on my computer.

Dan Reeves out as Falcons coach.

"You remind me of the babe...


Michael Jackson Bombshell

Anyone ever sold their house "by owner"?

I'm a booger machine.

Hummer Gets Smaller With H3T

Anyone have any friends that are Holier then Thou?

Just finished shoveling the driveway!Ask me anything!

My Back Is Out and I have finals

2002: The Worst of

The fight I'd love to see

I've been waiting for this year for ten days!

Looking for info about Minneapolis/St.Paul area

Is that your nose or are you eating a banana?

Does this drive anyone else nuts, besides me?

Best cats in the show.

I feel so break up

Why do I hate Clay Aiken?

Who would you rather have as the Dem candidate?

The secret is out. Where Bush filled his employee rolls

How do you find grant opportunities?

OK WTF Battle Star Galatica is not comin on tonight...HELP!!!

Yeah, I could take this guy - but KKKarl said no wrestling in the WH

Do I buy an mp3 player or an mp3 jukebox?

Authorities: Houston Had Bruise, Cut Lip

Random DU Thoughts

Has anyone else had all of their teeth removed at once?

Is there an underground leftist cult in Music City?

Mike Malloy is pro-Taiwan...

Over 500 posts!

What are your favorite holiday tunes?

Why do people hide their profiles?

Bush/Cheney Pushes for NPLA Act.

Hey, Americans, why are there non-presidents on your money?

Do we have any allies?

ok, it's official . . . George Steinbrenner is an IDIOT! . . .

Gonna miss this lefty

Birdies who flip out.........

It's lovely weather for a CAPTION!

Christmas CAPTIONS!

CAPTION this or I will snap you in two, weaklings!

It's Our 15th Anniversary Today! Woohoo!!

Dem women are more telegenic

Hey - where's my martini?

Someone on Malloy just said IE Radio is going under

Hey, Canadians, why are there ducks on your money?

How do you deal with hypersensitive people?

Nixon-Bush Penny "Astonishing Coincidences"

Diana Krall marries Elvis Costello

Quantum Mechanics or Statistical Mechanics?

Janklow claiming Bill Clinton driving day of accident. Requests new trial.

Hail to the Chimp playing Santa Claus!

Admit it, you've watched an infommercial!

Ok. Where's the rest of Battlestar?

I wish it were 1979 again...

At least Kurt Cobain had the decency to

I'm sick of being called a cultist for supporting Hubbard

What's the worst thing you could do with a "Happy Tree Friends" DVD?


That's it. Goodbye DU, the computer is going out the window.

College Basketball fans


Hah!! Guess *MY* middle name!

Get Well soon Ozzy! Sendin' some good Karma to *The Prince o'Darkness* :-)

Lets See How Many DUers Have Psychic Powers

What are those invisible things that cats chase around the house?

anybody had a colonoscopy?

Okay who watched Battlestar Galactica part 2 tonight?

Favorite Hitchcock movie?

If there were NO Canadians..............

Prince Edward Island


I'm falling in love with my that wrong?

Howard Dean - Too Short to be President

The anti-Atkins diet thread. Post your alternative healthy diets here.

Can the world forgive us for George W. Bush?

Now here's a "commercial" that would make Jerry Falwell's head explode

CEO's marital bed outsourced to Mexican gardener

Maryland Beats Florida--FL ends shortest reign ever at #1!

OMG!!! WONK has 9000 posts!!!!!

Religion is an idenfication for only 6% of the French people.

Gallery Updates

"Mastering the Art of French Cooking" First published in 1960, By

How many of you folks...

Can you forgive Canada...

Status Quo, Throwing Muses

I think Al Franken's mom has died

What does the "K" stand for?

New Jersey

Words and Phrases You Can Do Without

I'm having a lower spine MRI done tomorrow

What's the story of Judy Woodruff? Plastic surgery gone very bad.

2002 Governors: The Best Of

Hey, Canadians, why are there non-Canadians on your money?

So, I'm thinking of getting an engagement ring (Ladies, help!)

Ha Ha! Gess MY middle name!

Let's play 70's cartoon trivia !!!

What world famous individual would you bring back from the dead?

What's a funny joke to play on a Culinary Teacher

Does Excel have a free trial version on the INTERNET?

What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

What do you hate the most?

What's your favorite Cookie?


This post puts me in the 700 Club

Yo mama's so fat, Jenny Craig did a credit check. Let's laugh

Today is SOteric's FIRST DU Anniversary!!!!!!!

Fundie test!!! Try to get a score of Communist!

What's your favorite Chocolate?

That's it! This thread shall not die until ForrestGump says hello!

After the Commercial

Free Speech TV channel - have you watched it?

The cannabis perspective

How do you put someone on ignore?

Default GD locking text?

Arafat recognizes Jewish tie to Zion

Dean Leads in Maryland and Pennsylvania

Stephanie Herseth's Web Site Online! (For Congress, SD)

Atencion Latinos, Californians

The So-Called Civil War Between Gore & Clinton Seen A Month Ago

Zell Miller on the Daily Show

Liberal radio needs viagra

Dean leads in PA- Beats Bush in MD

Ohio likely to pass gay marriage ban very soon

Could we lose the popular vote but win the electoral college?

Is the Gore endorsement more influential than union endorsements?

Help needed on Iran/Contra question

West Coasters are you tired of the East Coaster deciding for us?

I feel great sympathy for Russians...:(

Interesting thing I've noticed about DU polls

Clarkie: I'd be proud and loud to support Dean for President

Candidate bashing and DU...A possible solution

Bush Campaign: Bush vs. Dean, "could be as close as the one in 2000."

the last thing on earth anyone needs

Foo Fighters' guitarist sports a Kucinich sticker

Welcome to Central Air...

I Am No Longer ABB, After this ABC Baloney!

boycott of media on behalf of DK

Campaign Finance Reform Affirmed By SCOTUS, And GD Barely Notices !!!

Kucinich, Koppel, Charlie Rose, Chomsky, John Burns

A Democrat's response to the 10 key values

More Kucinich coverage, and I like it.

We have proven Plaid Adder right.

Why I don't want to have to vote for Dean...

Bush's Advisers Focus on Dean as Likely Opponent Next Year

Nobel winner slams war on terror

Ten Commandments Judge Files Appeal to Win Back Job

(Arnie) Learning to Govern, Without a Script

Dean Looming Larger on Bush*s Horizon

WP: Fundraising Specialists, Independent Groups Gain (Campaign Finance)

Bush seeks help from allies barred from Iraq deals (truly Dimson)

NYC DU'ers - wanna meet me?

Who to vote for in 2004? Mayo or Bush?

Was there any discussion of the Iraq contract restrictions anywhere?

What's that coming out her nose?


WIll somebody PLEASE put Zell Miller out of MY misery??

I've got THE BUG... And Elvis is dead on my toilet. Home remedies?

COnversation I just had with a potential landlord

Why are so many young working class people "anti-Union"?

A student made me very angry today