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Archives: November 9, 2003

Chronic Case of Jessica Fatigue (Loads of stuff here)

Ashcroft finds loophole to prosecute Greenpeace

ABC News now--Holbrooke pouring it on Richard Perle

Filling a suit isn't enough any more

Bush’s Really Good Idea

Filling a Suit Isn't Enough Anymore

Trudy Rubin: It's time for greater honesty about Iraq's present and futur

Cheney hurts President's chances for re-election

Pundit Pap - Nov. 9 - Attack of the Attacking Attackers

Rumsfeld Sings - CD

Vietnam and Iraq have more similarities than differences

Textile CEO’s to help defeat Bush

'No President has lied so baldly and so often and so demonstrably'

Kristallnacht Marks 65th Anniversary of the Holocaust

Defining the resistance in Iraq - it's not foreign and it's well prepared

Vote count marred by computer woes

Case for war confected say top US officials(Bush lied by 24 top aides film

MARSHALL COMES UP EMPTY (imminent threat)

Shifting the blame: Janklow wastes time chasing ghosts...

Daniel Schorr NPR Weekend Edition 11/09/2003

"Families of Iraq war dead condemn Bush visit to UK"

North Carolina is not Bush Country

Molly Ivins (Mother Jones): The Uncompassionate Conservative

George W. Bush Presidential Library to be Built on Stolen Property?

Geneva Accord for Israel/Palestine Peace: Help us Build Public Support—Don

To those involved in River advocacy and activism

Borders Books Workers on Strike

ŇBush - Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951Ó - Federal Documents

Clyde Prestowitz, a conservative Republican against * and the neo-cons

Poll: Majority of voters would not re-elect Bush

Astrology question

The Grand Sextile ~

Third Minnesota DUers' Thread

Bush vs. Jesus

Secretary of the Treasury John Snow Evaded $10 milllion in Income Taxes

Air Canada chooses a new equity investor

About those new jobs

A request to those interested in riparian advocacy....

Creationists annoy me.

Forces arrest politician - Mauritania

Zim set for 'bruising succession struggle'

Do you feel the Draft?

Congressman Shot Dead in Nightclub (Colombia)

Did Anyone Read the November 9th Miami Herald: Haiti vs Iraq

Protesters slam moves for Aceh, Papua

Rural Madagascans go to the polls

Boss threatened spy with bomb - SA

Congo: UN troops in crossfire

Americans sow seeds of hatred

New Caliber Out: S&W .500 Magnum

A question

Can someone make me a this avatar?

Is it against the rules to ask people to edit misleading headlines?

Why is it ok to dedicate 'threads' to bashing Dean supporters?

Locking Rampage

Skinner about the interview

Will you tell the mods to quit using the "melt drive c: letter bomb?"

anti - semetism in our universities

Wiesenthal Appeal for Funds Descends Into Exaggeration and ...

Arab Liberal Writer: Blames Arab Media for Hatred of the U.S.

The US media could learn from al-Jazeera

Nov. 9, 2003 : Arafat wins control of PA security forces

Families of 3 abducted soldiers: ministers made brave decision

A Good Divorce

Time to do away with the PA

No, boys and girls, F77 did not hit the Pentagon.

Why Dean can win next November

My take on electability, Dean, Clark, et al.

Kucinich speaks out on AIDS

Dean Team Puts Out Call for Southwest Volunteers

So with the deadline for decisions on matching funds getting close

Howard Dean Goes After Special Interest Money

Dean 'flim-flam' on guns, Kerry says

Is John Edwards against civil unions?

Has anybody watched "Unprecedented"

Black columnist: "Dean handled race issue better than I did"

Senator Al Franken?

Vibrant campaign (Dean) vs. dead office space

HA! a losing battle for sure - drafting McCain (see this website)

If your candidate doesn't get the nomination, do you:

Edwards terrific on Meet the Press

Vote count marred by computer woes

Castor’s poll puts her first in party

Al Gore

What Is A Caucus?

Is John Edwards against civil unions?

Joe Trippi Is Squeezing the "Vi$e"

Dean, Kerry launch 2004 race in Maine

Bad day for Kucinich supporters

Any KERRY or DEAN supporters who would vote for the other?: A PEACE THREAD

John & Elizabeth Edwards on C-span Road to White House 6:30 pm

Dean's Lead Crumbles in Iowa - Des Moines Register

Kucinich looking for first lady

Broder: Dean's blooper opens national, party wounds

C-Span American Pers. JFK assassination oral history

Armitage's Quote from Baghdad

What software platforms are the candidates' official sites using

Need help with wingnut about Dean on healthcare

Breaking: Bush challenges Gen. Clark to chess match ....

Election 2004: Why Dean Can Win

Why Dean can win next November

Gutless Cowards

How long till the Language Gestapo start forcing non-French Quebeckers...

What has the GOP done for the South lately?

Saudi Journalist: Bombings were horrific/Stormed into complex !

Guest Writer on Dean Blog Shows why Dean inspires HOPE

The military is growing disenchanted with Bush - great article

My Primary Season Predictions

"And, of course, if he were nominated, he would win." Studs re: Kucinich

The Freeps have completely lost it.

Are you better off because we invaded Iraq?

MSNBC: Miss Afghanistan could be pressed with charges in Afghanistan

Bush vs. Jesus

Total US Casualties per month: October=28, November (to now)=22


Wanted: Liberal Scaife

Got totally shitfaced at a friends 50th birthday party, ask me anything!

Poll: Independents don't want Bush re-elected

Iraqi Insurgency Groups: "Fewer than 250 of 9,000 detainees" are NOT Iraqi

Dems have no voice in Congress ?

How many gay White liberals supported Mugabe in the struggle with Smith?

Don't get my hopes up!

Nate Clay on live now (1:55 am ET) -- Progressive internet radio

If you read the daily papers, you know the script to Election 2004

Jobless Recovery

Interesting aljazeera analysis of Iraq under occupation with links

PBS Doc.P.O.V filmaker explores her fathers death in Vietnam

Worldnetdaily Washington Bureau Chief goes from Bush Poodle to Pit Bull

Tweety is still

Third soldier dead from yesterday's explosion

Florida Radio-host Attorney assaults bicyclist, goes to jail

text of Bush's May 1st speech

Comics from around the world

Record Number Seeking Holiday Aid

Just to put job creation numbers into perspective

Cable says Afghan leader warned that bin Laden was planning U.S. attack

Zell Miller.

Has GD forum become the bash Dean forum?

Does Anyone Know The BIG Secret about Prince Charles ?

CSPAN Caller: "We need more conservative judges cause the Supreme Court...

Everytime I see this fellow on tv I can't help but think of Fester

Who knows what the big "Royal" SECRET is ?

Revising math- MSNBC stays on memo arithmetics be damned

Are matching funds candidates 'unelectable'?

Is Thabo Mbeki a homophobe?

CSpan Thread # 1


Should Clark attend the funerals?

Who emerges as the Anti-Dean?

On Russert,Rethugs get platforms.Dems get grilled. Mission accomplished!

?? Is there a list of Iraqi National Council members ?

Having a clean election

Has anyone seen this?

Open season on Blackhawks...Iraqi Resistance has Soviet SAMs

Anybody watching The Week? (9:45 a.m. Central)

Death from casual dining

Denial & Deception: the case for attacking Iraq

Richard Perle lying for administration on ABC.

Heads up People


Do we need to take lessons from the Kingfish in the South

Disregard the polls. ABB will win big. Here's a few reasons why.

Democracy in the Middle East? Surely you jest.

This #&*@ view of Iraq...

Is it the fault of White fundamentalists that most Africans hate gays?

Twins Hagel/Biden on Blitzer Spinning Saudi Attack for Bush....


After all the Bush lies,coverups,mediawhoring, teflonizing, Dem wimping...

How Bush Lost the War on Terrorism ?

Why does CNN give Ann Coulter a voice?

C-Span 2 - Book Fair - Naked in Baghdad - Anybody watching? (11:54 ET)

Dennis Kucinich has a cool webmaster

Serious question: What exactly is wrong with neo-conservatism?

A plan to get out of Iraq...We'll use the CA Recall...

50% of registered voters want Bush out - 44% want him in

The author of "Naked in Baghdad" taking questions on the phone

The Perfect Example

Disbanding the Iraqi Army may have been the plan from the start...

Joe Wilson wants

"It does not tell us who the enemy is" - Zbigniew's editorial in the Post

GOPers Boycotting Mystic River

Actions last 20-25 years... how many military deaths?

Al Gore Speech at 2pm Sunday..Freedom and Security (Bushco un-American)

Fear the turtle

Rate this Yahoo story...Newsweek Poll: ABB 50/ Bush 44

Tweety says films fictionalizing history are "character assassination"

EDWARDS on Meet the Press thread

Iraq is not America's to sell - Bremer's actions illegal

Could somebody please explain Kennedy's comments about Bush I &II?

Protest Signs on Freeways - look what americans are doing

Is there room for both African-Americans and white Southerners in the DP?

Fighting big media - 1600 attend conference in Madison

Iraq bill includes millions for Miami meeting (8.5 mil)

Wal-Mart, the New World Power

John Kerry on Face the Nation now!

Why The Right Is Terrified of Us (and always will be)

Tell him why he should be a democrat

As much as I disagreed with Dean on his confederate flag flop....

"Reefer Madness" on C-Span 2 now (12:23 CT) LISTEN TO THIS!

Cronkite speaks out against Bush and about media

Bush looks so pathetically weak - opposite of what he thinks.

Golden Globes arrange submissions for 'The Reagans'

why we REALLY need to "rock the vote"

David Broder: Dean hurt himself as well as the Democratic party...

Al Gore, One Who Sounds Like a Candidate, But Isn’t One

Reason Nr 348 to vote for Dennis Kucinich

All Gore on Warpath re: 9/11 BLIHOP C-SPAN now!

I think the Dem candidates have been set up by the "liberal" media

Proof that the Republican party takes direction from RWing talk radio.

Bob Novak.

An ideal political system would allow for proportional representation

Go Gandhian, Wolfowitz tells Palestinians

Some offbeat reactions after watching the full debate

The Delgaudio Family of Loudoun County, Virginia

Amazing Discovery About Republicans Brains

Official Al Gore MoveOn.Org Washington DC Speech Thread

Gore missed an opportunity, though

Riverbend: US-trained security force opens fire at Baghdad University

Why do Democrats who speak to nation allow Bushie and his cabal

Lies. Destroying lives. Lies. Destroying our nation. Lies. Who benefits?

For Fighting the Religious Reich

Why John Edwards should shut up and drop out.

Clark on Dean's "Confederate Flag" comments

Gore has freepers on the edge of their seats! LOL!

Cheap (or free) labor Republicans!!! That is the truth.

This is exactly why all true progressive are pro-Taiwan...

What will be the status of an Al Gore Presidential Run?

Why it has to be Gore/Kucinich in 2004

Why is Bernard Goldberg on CNN's "In The Money"???

Jackson may face backlash over Dean endorsement

USA, harboring and training terrorists? Believe it.

After all the Bush lies,coverups,mediawhoring, teflonizing, Dem wimping...

"Saddam is being driven around Iraq in a white, Chevy Caprice."

Question about former v.p.'s

One more soldier killed. I heard nothing about this on the Sunday News

Funny thing about John Kerry

Des Moines Register Poll: Gephardt inches ahead in Iowa

Anti Bush obit draWs donations to Dems!

I use to like Dean

Why don't Dean-haters realize that forgoing funds is not about them?

can someone do a search for a thread I wrote a couple days ago?

Will someone PLEASE...

Terry McAuliffe rags AWOL on CNN!

Independents...people who don't know what they stand for? Discuss.....

Joe Trippi's (Dean) Faith-Based Campaign Finance System

Rumsferatu getting ready to privatize DoD

Economy is UP! Pubs say its due to Tax Cuts! "The Recession is from

A new documentary film: Case for war confected, say top US officials

Has al-qaeda taken responsibility for the Riyadah bombing yet?

Why the Vets won't be celebrating

We must answer the call to arms----apathy is not what we can afford NOW

Dean picks up a Southern endorsement

Stunning Victories Ahead for Dems

who are the other 15% of Dean supporters that voted with me?

Lynch is pretty, was alone, and has blonde hair

US NEWS: CCC Invites Dean to address it's board..

How many "wounded soldiers" have died from their injuries?

We need to LEARN from last week's Anti-Choice victory !

Can some elected Democrats improve their rhetoric on the military?

Our party is in disarray

Oop, this is a dupe

"Mission Accomplished"

Is CSPAN1 going to rerun the Gore Speech?

Questions that need to be asked of Campaign volunteers

Will Dems win Louisiana

Loss for words

Proposal: DU should set up a free-for-all board open to all...

Saudi and other Arabs working for the U.S. company Boeing - CBS

Time for dinner...wait until after you see this pic or you'll lose it

'Do you support Rush?' banners on MSGOP make me barf!

Won't you come home, Bubba Bailey? Thoughts on the poor white vote.

Ending political correctness

Transcript: Carl Levin on 'FOX News Sunday'

Should our next Dem President, who takes office in 2005, do this?

They didn`t want the Reagan movie but....

Here's the latest on what we are doing in Iraq.

Anybody watching Rich Lowry on CSpan? Disgusting

Miss Afghanistan could be charged over contest

Did anyone else see Gerald Nachtman's diatribe over Dems/Reagan/CBS?

NH Gazette.....Bush - NAZI dealings continued until 1951!

NAFTA's Broken Promises: Failure to Create U.S. Jobs

Bush's Possible Replacements

Got Jokes

The NFL and dead soldiers

Confederate Flap: Stand Firm, Howard Dean

Did Dean attempt to run or consider running in 2000?

The job creation numbers are outright lies.

6:57 pm et -- Cspan2 -- Big Lies: The RW Propaganda Machine - Conason

Great line from

Transcript for Gore's speech here

Gen. Wesley Clark in a statistical dead heat with Bush

Make sure to watch Al Gore's speech

can candidates who accept matching funds exceed the $44.6 million limit?

A young friend of my kid's wants to know how to avoid the draft.

So now the Pentagon calls them "Transfer Tubes" instead of Body Bags???

Do you favor Gay Marriage or Civil Unions? (from Boston Globe article)

Post's coverage of Kucinich focuses on nothing but eating habits

The Smarminess Of Bush's Politics

O'Reilly show on Monday...if you can stomach it.

C-Span-2 Bernard Goldberg talking about the "Liberal Media"

How bad would the Militaries offenses have to be...

Will U.S. bring back the draft?

NPR misrepresents Dean's Confederate Flag statement...

Rumor Mill

Doozies of 21st Century McCarthyism

Al Gore for Vice President?????

Nations that would grant asylum? (Re: Draft)

ABC News now--Holbrooke pouring it on Richard Perle

Are the Petro-Imperialists getting more mainstream?

Who gained anything from that Saudi blast?

For Dean supporters only!

Those who have "total faith" in any politician frighten me

Howard Dean- How is it possible to win the election?

Edwards denounces the very same attitude he displayed at the debate

60 Minutes - Arafat's Billions

Take a look at this picture from the Jordan Times--heartrending....

Why Liberals Dominate Entertainment and Academia

Can you say Union Support?

Pvt Lynch TV-Movie question

Would a draft cause draft riots?

The Saudi bombings

CBS 60 Minutes-Andy Rooney caved in to Bush apologists tonight

Why do people who care about Civil Rights encourage avoidance?

Voter Guide- Candidates on Foreign Policy

Um, does anyone know if Pres Gore's speech will be (re)broadcast?

The alleged economic recovery

Can any of the candidates with without the Black vote

Boycotts of Hannitys Radio Program

Sickening FRuitcakes turn on American hero Jessica Lynch...

Starpass goes mainstream :-)

"Do you like George Bush as a person?"

well, I STILL don't have a candidate . . .

Clark / Dean 04: An Appreciation

The New, Humble Rush Limbaugh

which candidate feels the greatest sense of entitlement to the nomination?

Bush Read "The Da Vinci Code"????

Graph/Chart of US Fatalities in Iraq

Interview cancelled.

300,000 New Jobs Created (The Real Truth)

Can Dean win without the BLK vote?

Massive Movement of American Warplanes Takes Place in Scotland

Is socialism liberal?

Draft Gore indeed! ...............

What is "brand name" of surface-to-air missles killing our kids???

The other candidates are driving me towards Dean...again.

Is the Democratic Party too beholden to corporate interests?

BBV: Open Voting Consortium

TBTM Radio #18: 'The Revolutionary Music Special'

If you are financially able, please make your donation to DU.

The Baghdad Conundrum: Must We Lose To Win?

Every Parent MUST See This Image

Shocking images shame US forces in Iraq

Nader: "Democrats are chronic whiners"

Does Edwards want to win Black voters?

Edwards on MTP: strong performance, strong convictions, very likeable.

Ralph Redux? Green Leaders Say NO!

Bush-Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951- Federal Documents

Meet the Press: Senator John Edwards is a walking contradiction

DU's Hero, Krugman, NAILS it AGAIN! RE: Dean

Can I be both a Kerry supporter and a Dean supporter?

Today Gore said he will endorse one of the candidates

'Ghost Ships' Due in Channel Today

Residents' concerns grow over U.S. Iraq occupation

Nigeria Says U.S. Reward for Taylor Is a Threat

K Street on the Tigris (Corporate contracts in Iraq - Mother Jones)

Feeling under attack, Arabs turn to Islam for answers

Government recruiting for local draft boards

‘The Simpsons,’ back from the pit

Revenge killings claim lives of Saddam's cronies in southern Iraq

Mossad chief: invasion has created a holy war

Texas professor on trial in U.S. bioterror scare

Ugandan guerrillas kill 60 in village rampage

Myanmar's Suu Kyi will not accept freedom for herself

US judge may dismiss apartheid lawsuit

2 Dead as Suicide Bombings Shake Riyadh; al-Qaida Blamed

Insecurity may Delay Iraq Constitution

Haitian X-rayed in age inquiry

NPR Weakened Edition: Pentagon Revised Yesterdays Casualties

9/11 inquiry orders White House compliance

Turkish General Wants Iraq Deployment

BBC - US solider killed by roadside bomb in Baghdad

Case for war confected, say top US officials

Najaf governor takes back resignation

Cheney’s Long Path to War (Newsweek Cover story)

Foreign militants behind Iraq attacks, officials say (Talibani)

Red Cross only partially closed in Basra-official

Stakes, obstacles significant at Miami hemispheric summit

Politicians Run From the Senate

U.S. General Was Aboard Downed Helicopter (not)

Gen Clark Laments Latest Tragedy Bush Still Has No Plan

Mossad chief: invasion has created a holy war

Elizabeth Smart Vs. Jessica Lynch on TV

Liberty in the balence: More scrutiny of peace groups

We’re Caught in an Insurgency (Powell Interview by Asharq Al-Awsat)

Senators on Intelligence Panel Clash on Talk Show

Riverbend: US-trained security force opens fire at Baghdad University

U.S. Advisor Says Iraq Peace Offer Was a Trap (Perle's Sunday Comments)

Bomb fears force Baghdad kids to skip school

Reserves' copters lag in shielding from attack, Army says

Iraq's Firebrand Cleric Tones Down Rhetoric, but His Motives Are Suspect

Reservists' lack of preparation hurts

Maine dad says daughter had plans for Hawaii after Iraq (A Mother Dies)

Illegal immigrant workers sue Wal-Mart

Gore slams Bush on civil liberties

Defining the resistance in Iraq - it's not foreign and it's well prepared

BBC (Sunday): Tension high as Guatemala votes

Charles might go public

Air India to Buy 28 New Aircraft ( Airbus gets most $$$$$

Spain's Aznar Will Not Seek Reelection

Saudis assail militants after bombing

31 US soldiers killed in bloody week

US Tiring of Iraq Council- report

US arrests 140 people in Iraq

Senator Biden Calls for International Summit on Iraq

Body parts found in packages

Bush - Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951- Federal Documents

Shocking images shame US forces in Iraq

Bombers alienate Arab opinion by killing Muslims

The GOP Energy Bill: An Infinite Mirage and a Boundless Facade

Independents Lean Against Bush, Poll Says

Americans sow seeds of Hatred

Loud Explosions Heard in Baghdad-Witnesses

Kerry Considers Rejecting Public Funds

British Soldier Injured in Blast

At Meetings, U.S. to Seek Support for Broad Ozone Exemptions

After Retirement, Clark Has Forged a Lucrative Career

Texas military families gather to oppose the war in Iraq

Casualties of War (McCain & Rumsfeld)

'No President has lied so baldly and so often and so demonstrably'

Robinson Calls For Church To Welcome Outcasts

ACLU Leader Criticizes Patriot Act

Bush* Visit Set to Paralyse London

Gephardt inches ahead in Iowa

Blair Forced to Concede Control of Labour Election Campaign--New WMW

Marx rivals Einstein for Best German

Short: 'Offer hard drugs on NHS'

U.S. Warplanes Renew Bombing of Iraq Targets

Rumsfeld retreats, disclaims earlier rhetoric

U.S. Had Warning of Attack, but No Details

Queen honours Britain's war dead at Remembrance ceremony

Gore Accuses Bush of 'Big Brother' Policy

Formaldehyde, leukaemia linked

US News: A Case of Confidence (president gambling on his style)

Japan: Democratic Party wins 200+ seats in Diet, LDP keeps majority

Some States to Drop Presidential Primaries

Carmen bin Laden lifts the lid on life in Osama's family

OK, I'm off the air now

I want one of these

Six Feet Under Fans....

Is there a word for it being earlier in the night than you thought it was?

Supercharger? Flutie to start vs Vikings

Hubby's already putting up Xmas lights.

Lean ground beef and too-cheap ground turkey?

You think you have a weird hobby?

House of 1,000 Corpses.

Hey guys visit my website!

It's only midnight, I'm tired, and I need someone to help me stay awake...

Where's Pete Townshend these days?

Crank Yankers anyone else love this show?

Advertising Coming To A Cell Phone Near You

When you smoke

Anyone up for AIM chat tonight?

I'm on the radio!

Saturday Night Movie Thread #2

Breaking: Bush challenges Gen. Clark to chess match ....

Medium-sized American political party seeks insane liberal billionaire.

Just on NBC: Old SNL, Reagan Bible Thumping

Things I Always Wanted to Do But Never Will:

Florida Radio-host Attorney assaults bicyclist, goes to jail

Radiohead on SNL this morning, Comedy Central

Roy Jones Jr. finally took some fists to the face

Good (Sunday) Morning DU!

Pictures of assault yesterday - warning! Gruesome violence!

Every Campaign Season Needs a Slogan

we're hanging out with CatWoman and her leftist sugar this afternoon

Who knows what the big "Royal" SECRET is ?

I never heard of O-Town

And for my 100th post...

I hate extroverts

"Reagans": All art has an agenda

what should be my 1,000 post?

Got totally shitfaced at a friends 50th birthday party, ask me anything!

What should I post for..

Optical illusion

What should I do with my 2000th post?

ZombyCoffee to go with those Krispy Kreme donuts!!!

watch the new Shrek 2 trailer

Damn! Campbell Brown Looking HOT HOT HOT On Matthews Right Now

DU gamers - I need your advice on MP2 - Should I keep it?

What should I do with my 453rd post?

Pop-Up Help!

Wowie Zowie


Remember Jim Mora?


The Cat snores, the Dog snores, and my Partner snores....

Does your dog have nightmares?

Walmart MUST be Satanic! It's the ONLY pop-up that gets through.

Well, YOU try to deconstruct Iraq says U.S. Defensive Dept.

Has anyone read Studs Turkel's Hope Dies Last

I propose a new Banished Disruptor Graphic.

The Worst Mix Tape Ever, part II

Go to Yahoo and browse "Highest Rated Articles" and then rate

Moscow Considers Kissing Ban

Do you have a "trivial" goal in life?

Do you ever worry that technology is going to make us all obsolete?

OSU's Clarett skips class, sleeps thru black history & is failing phys ed

Not a serious question: What exactly is wrong with Fascism?

William Pitt's "real" Birthday!

Bed & Breakfast for kitties ?

Old Geoge the outdoor cat

Speaking of Hot-Dogs...............

Boy am I slow!

Which psychotic fascist dictator's book would you rather read?

Does Anyone Know The BIG Secret about Prince Charles ?


New Top 25 Coaches Poll

I just baked cookies.... walnut /chocolate chip.... ask me anything

Did anyone see the cartoon with AC/DC against Bush?

Anyone else ever do this ?

Okay, does doing this get you anywhere in the job market?

Redskins VS Seahawks

After a long period of neglect I've updated my Blog

BBC America: Dead Ringers skewers *

Quoth "The Raven" nevermore (please read)...

The Contented Count of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Elizabeth Smart Vs. Jessica Lynch on TV

The Eastenders

The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades

Will Pitt & DU Bear Watching Per The Wing Nuts

It rained all weekend at the deer camp

Speaking of tongue twisters, here's one DUers should appreciate

My New York GIANTS SUCK BIG -Time. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Internet Explorer 6.05, Pop-Up Ad Blocking in XP SP2

Advanced Tech Question - CD overburn

Pumpkin Pie Pancake Recipe SNL thread?

The Dolphins are getting CRUSHED today!

Silly question: Do any Fox local affiliates have web broadcasts?

I Got An Official "Enron" Coffee Mug Ask Me Anything!!!

Computer Question. HELP!!

What's real home cooking for you?

Calling Writers, Artists, Photographers

Spam targeted towards liberals? check this out...

Santa Finds Foul Mouthed Little Girl From Baltimore

Does homosexuality run in families?

Favorite Sound Garden song?

J E T S Jets Jets JETS!!!

Anyone know if I can get a waiver from the Virginia DMV online

Who's bartending tonight?

The greatest thing about the South...

Any Stamp Collectors here? need some help

Underground Cartoon fans: Where can I find "Jean-Jean and the Evil Cat"?

Is there ANY WAY IN HELL to get on a plane without a picture ID?

You guys probably already heard this joke but here goes:

I look to my Eskimo friend, when I'm down

I know the real reason Bush invaded Iraq...

Humor is the best medicine

Joke: The Difference Between Liberals, Conservatives and Texan

I'm Innocent!

Any mechanics in the house?

Best team in the NFL?

Whoa, FOX set to air "Green Acres" - so what do U want in a reality show?

Do libraries loan out DVDs?

The many roles of the rightwing.....This says it all...

File name for Favorites in IE 5.5?

I feng shui-ed my consultant tonight

Did they end Matrix Revolutions with a Rage Against the Machine song?

National Get Rid of That Bush Day - UK

nobody knew

Just got home... From Howard Dean's hotel room.

I had a feng shui consultant tonight

I just donated some $$$ to DU. Ask me anything!

The Broken Field Run of all CAPTIONS!!!

Candidate selector..........

Sarah McLachlan on at 9:00 pm - Oxygen

The average American Idiot

Need Help here...Cranberry, Eggnog, Chestnut or What?

Anyone for a Sunday Night Movie Thread?

U.S. Advisor Says Iraq Peace Offer Was a Trap

Choral music trivia

The Graba Feela Thigh of all CAPTIONS!!!

The Eight-Ball

Best thing about the new Matrix movie... (spoiler?)

Capt. America? Is that really you?

do not see Elf

I just drank 2 servings of V8 that's been open at room temp all day...

I feel so bad! Need help!


How long does it take to get a degree in Teaching?

If I told U that God spoke to me & told me to do things, what would U do?

Horowitz cracks me up TWICE!

Frozen L.F update! AAAACcCCCHHHHHHHhhhHHH!

Have you ever had someone play mind games with you?

The Right-Wingnuts with the wacked out "Jesus loves war" signs

I had my feng shui consultation tonight!

Well hot diggity, gay sex is NOT adultery!!!

Hot Chocolate w/ Unsweetened Baking Chocolate Squares?

Is that Zoey Bartlet on The Practice?

Why won't Bush turn over the 9/11 documents to the commission?

Got Jokes

Sunday morning Krispy Kreme donuts for the lounge.

I've found my new favorite news satire source -- ALIEN POLICE STATE


CBS Boss Donates Testicles to Reagan Library

I'm a newbie on Free Republic!!

How about three cheers for our creative Admin!

Help! Slogans for Infant Dems....

I'm still getting tomatoes and bell peppers from my mountain garden!

Tonight I talked with 3 homeless men

To what charities/causes do you donate/volunteer?

'Simpsons'-Inspired Tomacco Grows in Oregon

Help me out here regarding the bible fantasy story known as "Genesis"

Randy Guy? Take the Jailbait challenge!

Do you hate either of your parents?

MOVIE BUFFS! Magnificent Seven Just starting on TMC

BCS scenario - who gets the Sugar Bowl?

So, watching Elizabeth Smart or Jessica Lynch movies tonite?

Fix my tongue-twister (CONTEST)

Royal baby "stable" after premature birth: palace (UK)

What's the most anti-social thing you'd EVER do?

Where is THERMODYNAMIC??? (edit--located) Other missing DUers??

Relationship of habit: the Hump Years....

What is your favorite music genre?

A Hard Day's Night - Best Music Movie Ever

How can I defrost a frozen turkey fast overnight?

What Monty Python character are you? Beware! I am the Black Knight!

What would you write to a soldier in Iraq if you could....?

Help me find the name of this TV show from 1980

Are there any whitewater boaters here on DU?

A modest proposal- Is spam people?

How long have you known I was 16

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My Dad is in town, ask us anything.

an LF question! (must be 18 to answer!)


Poetry Thread

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GUNS IN THE NEWS - November 8 - 10, 2003 (Updated Guidelines)

anti - semetism in our universities

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Attn: DU Cartoonists/Graphic Artists

The War According to the ABC Crusade Propaganda Flick

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Adult Swim: never aired ep of "Family Guy " is on

Jessica Lynch or Elizabeth Smart, women as victims. Where does that

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new Hannity advertiser Bose

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