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Archives: November 8, 2003

Putin's Language Is Becoming the Talk of the Vulgar

Bush Vs. His Mideast Message

Salon: The White House War With the CIA

Roberts :lashed out Friday at democrats (inquiry cancelled)

Phooey on Tough Talk

Candidates Unplugged

'No President has lied so baldly and so often and so demonstrably'

WP: GOP Plans 'Marathon' On Judges (Debate to Spotlight Blocked Nominees )

More jobs may not fix what ails U.S. economy

Frist Freezes Senate Probe of Prewar Iraq Data

Buck Doesn't Stop With President Bush

Safire says Clark has "disappeared from the scene"

Bush speech 'like a boring, broken record'

Iraq oil - the target for years

London Observer: Report claims Bush team has bungled peace

Bush: Bold, Visionary, and Out of Touch With Reality

We are in a pickle!

JVP - Take Action Now!

Ready, Set, Write!!! Frist Freezes Senate Probe of Prewar Iraq Data

Worldwide Activities for Nov 9th International Day Against the Wall

Attention Bay Area DUers!

India journos sent to jail

What George Bush and Rick Perry don't want you to know

Mail date for Iraqi family care packages..12/1/03.. Please check in here


If God offered to make this deal with you, would you take it?

On dogma, skepticism, and being a blowhard.

Family of illegals found living in Kerry's hair

Millionaire oilman Jed Clampett to endorse Dean!

Democratic Candidate Thrills Western Crowd

'Your boss can't monitor your email' - South Africa

Unemployment is tied to deficit spending and debt.

This whole thing about free trade....and globalisation....

Could somebody explain or comment

The Decline of Corporate Income Tax Revenues

Is a journalist the secret informant? - Canada

Gang attacks Sao Paulo police

Israel behind Bush's drive

Strategic ambiguity about Ansar al-Islam

9/11 Commission to Subpoena NORAD Information

Egypt breached human rights - report

anyone know about "stop loss"

Lula ends African tour with unity pledge

Soros says"He (Khodorkovsky) led the way from 'robber capitalism'

Could the mods be supplied with methamphetimine & catheters so as to avoid

Standards question: Can a satirical fake news piece (e.g. The Onion)

Obsessive Locking ect.

re: comments on violence

GD rules policy

Admins/mods, need to know what to do, ASAP...

Sorry to bug...

My star shines bright; please re-enable my search function

Is there a problem with the star/search function today.

How can I get a thread I started locked?

Can DU Get A Spell-Check Feature

Palestinian Authority funds go to militants

Patience is not always a virtue

Israel Grabs Mass-Slay Terror Chief

Worldwide Activities for Nov 9th International Day Against the Wall

Israelis kill four Palestinians

George Soros says Jews and Israel cause anti-Semitism

Mahmud, 10, went looking for songbirds ... and died in hail of bullets

Bush call for democracy draws scorn from Palestinians

The Neocons and the Jerusalem Post

Slain Afghan Opposition Leader Tried to Warn US...

9/11 Commission to Subpoena NORAD Information

Define Courage - Are Stressed-Out Soldiers Getting Treatment?

Dean supporters: Vague just like their candidate...but Kucinich...

Amid the negativity, Dean gets ahead

Howard Dean Noses Ahead

Are Kerry and Lieberman sneaking up on Dean?

LOL! | NY: Abe Hirschfeld to run against Schumer

Primary Calendar

"How could a legitimate occupation come from an illegitimate war?"

Dean Supporters Endorse Campaign Double Speak on Campaign Finance

The Menace

the impeachment of Andrew Johnson

Unthinkable? Concede the 2004 Presidency and focus on locals?

Gephardt cuts back on staff

Dean Expands National Lead -Zogby

Howard Dean tries, and fails, to stay above the fray.

Dennis Kucinich Has the Most Liberal Positions on LGBT Rights

Vi Simpson To Back Out of Indiana Gov's Race & Endorse Kernan

Issue: Gay Marriage/Civil Unions

John Kerry...some things never change.

The first anti Bush ad our nominee should run

Mr. Change-Your-Opinion-for-Expediency

Luminous X!! What happened?

Kerry’s new TV ads target Bush’s policies

Independents leaning against Bush re-(s)election.

How Republicans see the Democratic field.

Question for non-Dean supporters.

Are you worried about Dean being hurt by Civil Unions?

Howard Dean Opens Santa Fe Office

Oh my God, it really is all about money . . .

Kerry’s Latest Campaign Promise

What is Dean's stance on gay marriage?

I just had this Audio Postcard

South Dakotans like both Daschle, Bush (new poll data, very interesting)

Hair cuts into Kerry's support

Kucinich supporters: heads up!

Walter Shapiro CSpan video on "One-Car Caravan" on JK, Dem candidates...

A Reminder of Why We Support Dennis Kucinich and

The Menace

LA: Poll: Jindal edges Blanco

VT Prez Poll results

How John Kerry gambled and lost

Dean Declares Independence From Special Interests

Joe Trippi: The man who reinvented campaigning

Zell Miller, Other Democrats Voting Records

Greenwell(R) Challenges Outcome Of State(KY) Auditor Race

Ok kerry people explain this to me please.

"Kucinich's mistake is not being wrong but being prematurely right"

Dick Morris: Bush's Weapon Against Dean

Braun, Kucinich bye-bye!

McDonald's ticked over dictionary's inclusion of "McJob," which means...

Shadow government?

time for my first 'thread'-voodoo war monkey


This is what Dean meant, in his own words

Shrub's CALLOUSNESS Alone Ought to Be His Downfall

New Newsweek Poll: Dean & Clark Tied Nationally At 13%

Are any Southern DUers running or planning to run for office?

Fellow Dems, unite now, if just for tonite- write CBS

The War on Drugs has gone way too far

Faces of the Fallen updated -- roster of KIA GIs

My stepson is going to Iraq in January

Another Copter Down, We Answer by Blowing Up a Field

Comedy Central Inverview with Katrina Vanden Heuvel

Dianne Sawyer is SUCH a Media Ho!

That anti abortion bill.

George Bush Flunks Education

Democrats have a duty to country: bring the Bushies to justice

Army tour of duty in Iraq 'must be longer' than a year

Marine Corps Chickens Out, They Can't Stand to Hear It.

Howard Dean Swings the Sword

What role will the media

Freepers terrified about Michael Moore's new movie about Bush and 911!

Freepers are so tolerant

CNN Special on Afghanistan and its current status

For Gawds sake! What did Prince Charles DO??????

Kerry To End Monopoly Of Medical Marijuana Research

pRes Shrub was in my hometown yesterday, now I'm sick!

I think I'm gonna be sick . . .

is Chimpy popular at your college?

MSNBC: 9/11 Commission to subpoena NORAD documents

Why We Should Fear The Matrix (No, NOT the film)

WI: Gov. Jim Doyle (D) vetoes marriage bill

perpetual motion

Did Howard Dean get healthcare to 90% of the people?

The average Dem primary voters

Election in Japan tomorrow-- ballot includes Supreme Court recall

Howard Dean's $$$

Slate: Whack a Pol

New Slogan: Either you are FOR finding out why 9/11 happened,

How Other Nations Can Help Beat Bush

Why are Chiredfascist apologists so Republican?

2004 Primary Schedule

here's a fascinating tale . . .

All! Our prez will be speaking at 2PM EST Sunday!

The Spirit of DU

You think applying some more "Shock and Awe" to the Iraqis will help out?

Question about Clinton and the SBC...

These times are wild. It's like the acceleration, crescendo, to the end...

How Kerry Gambled and Lost

Did anyone hear NPR's report on PA voting trends yesterday?

Hunger in America: What You Can Do This Winter Starting NOW

How many Americans were dead when Viet Nam became unpopular?

Will Dean let us select his VP?

Lieberman, Edwards, Kerry, Gephardt, Clark PULL OUT of DC Primary

Reminder: Dean Public Funding Announcement at Noon ET

Truth for $14.95

Cspan is all about Dean and the confederate flag in the south

I was watching Robert Reich last night

Wingnut Debate Dictionary - Must See!!!

Jessica Lynch's brother to be murdered by Bush

Why doesn't CNN just go all-liberal?

MUST READ: Blumenthal on South/Dems/Dean/Bush

What hypocrisies, when pointed out, have worked for you?

Is this fraud?

Want to make $2 million cash? Go to Nigeria and bring back CharlesTaylor

Where do the real monsters come from?

Ten years of therapy in one night (article about iboga and heroin) . . .

Today - Unprecedented 2000 Election - Sundance Channel

Dictator Montt on Guetemala Ballot: Elections coming up

The Iraqi War Memorial - what should it be?

Question about the request to fill draft board vacancies

Brits form new political movement/party to fight Blair - historic

If Kucinich doesn't win the nomination will Green Party supporters flock

White House Puts Limits on Queries From Democrats! -WashPost

City Grieves for Fallen Daughter (front page)

John Challenger on MSNBC (Economy Talk)

Who is "Booger" according to Bartcop?

Mark Twain fought on the Confederate Side

ask Senators to continue to filibuster extreme rightwing judges

BBC broadcast a terrific story of imbedded journalists in Iraq (Simpson)

Check out this new website

The Nuptials of Boykin and Wolfowitz ( A great Falwell tag as well)

Discussion of new Zogby poll, Dean and the others.

More propaganda from PARADE Magazine: evidence of state run media

is the next war about to happen?

The Way Dean Handled the Financing Issue is a Lesson to Other Candidates

Nuke lab loses 14 keys - cost $1.7 million to replace locks/keys

Attention! Bay Area DUers

Vera anylyst

The Guy James Show...3-6pm, EST, Today's Guest: David Corn

Convention Delegates

Dean Rocks!: For the New Orleans Deanies...

For Kerry, It Wasn't Supposed To Be This Hard

Yesterdays rag in Honolulu: 25th Div, the WolfHounds, they going to Iraq

Dean For America's Declaration of Independence

Fly smarter, pilots told (So there! problem taken care of.)

Should Dems want war, too? "The Dirty War of the Tough Minded Liberals"

Contact "Vet for peace, MFO, church about cancelled peace luncheon

With a trillion dollars, could the Democrats have done a better job ..?

Limbaugh to get Statesmanship Award (stop laughing)

Just watched "Waging War"...

Prisons given permanent contracts to compete with industry-USA

Please Help me!

“Could we change our mind? Sure.” Rumsfeld or Dean?

Consistent increase in anti-Islam sentiment in America

Clark draws overflow crowd at Tech (Atlanta)

Who's Winning: Bush or Saddam?

O. North and W. Clark

Reagan: "We're doing all that we can"

Let's make a deal with the Repubs over the memo ....

Education 'miracle' has a math problem

If God offered to make this deal with you, would you take it?

the hypocrisy/stupidity of Kerry's complaints about Dean opting out

Interesting coincidence on AMC today

Divisive political issues we cannot let derail us.

C-Span at Miami Book Fair Today

Yahoo News: Not enough soldiers for Veterans day

Question for fellow Deaniacs

ya know . . . this anti-smoking mania is becoming ridiculous . . .

Hitchens - Danner debate at Berkeley --

seen on a car this afternoon in Toronto: "Bush Knew"

McDonald's CEO Upset Over 'McJob' Entry

Bathtub Epiphany about Clark

Draft rumours question: current volunteer enlistment rates?

Will Dean use direct democracy for the VP decision?

info on stop loss?

Bush and Rummy planning an exit strategy?

What was Dean's public funding thing really about

This Past Week's Debate Reshown?

Who's IndyMedia working for?

Headlines in today's Charlotte Observer

Question about whistleass UK visit:

"we have teeth and claws and we will use them"

Dean is the big money candidate and Clark is the grassroots canididate

If your a Dean supporter check this out

Her Dying Wish: To Oust Bush (obituary)

I feel it... a massive blowout... BushCo neoconazifascists going down..

Did any of you see Andrea Mitchell's MSNBC Report & the Flub Up?

Congress is dominated by the GOP, BIG PROBLEM...

Declaration of Independence

Bush Love Fest on MSNBC

True Democracy, Policy and Dean

When I think of making a ticket...

GOP freeze on the Iraq probe is a goldmine to Democrats

"The Tea is in the Harbor"---Howard Dean

What's to make of the three explosions in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ?

Does anyone know how often a Draft Board would meet?

Democratic National Convention Speech 2.0

Picture of one of our troops returning home from war vs. picture of Bush

Cartoon on the back page of Time Magazine Nov 10

Did Bush say that MAJOR combat operations were over, or did he not?

How is the US Army like Walmart & Home Depot?

Ventura: Geneva convention should not be obeyed!!!!

Dean/Clark vs Bush Cheney

Is there a chance in Hell that * could beat Clark?

What did David Corn say about Coulter?

OMG. Dean raised $5.3 million since Thursday

Young DUers let's get our voices heard at the convention!

Hey Dean supporters, did anyone else get the Joe Trippi

should Springsteen let the Dems use "Born in the USA" in the 2004 campaign

If the Reagan script were truer to life, Reagan would have looked WORSE!

Need to Vent! Idiots claim Bill Clinton responsible for 9/11

Did US planes evacuate Saddam from bagdad?

An Algorithm For Determining The Winner Of The 2004 Election

Hey! It's that time again: The "The Guy James Show" at 3pm!!!!!

Cartoons...Cartoons...These and Jon Stewart are the only truth around!!!!

Howard Dean, you are good; but listen to Al Gore on Sunday...

CNN Repeating Christiane Amanpour/What Really Happened in Afghanistan!

Anybody watched MSNBC repeating TWICE a report CRITICAL of * ???

We have a freeper on board here people!!!!

Why Islamic Radicals call us "The Great Satan", and some hope

I've had 4 martinis in one hour, ask me anything

If you were elected president in 2004...

The Menace


A View from the Back Seat of the Fighting Bigotry Bus

US intercepted intelligence about attacks in Saudi Arabia and still,

More on patriot Lynch

Saving Private Lynch is on A&E

Strobe Talbot on BBC World Service!

#*^&*$**## wingnuts cause very narrow defeat of our school levy AGAIN!

Can someone explain why Dean is polling only 4% with the youth vote?

Kucinich or Dean, who should I vote for?


What is the problem with changing ones mind? Is that so evil?

25 Rules For Being A Good Republican

Will there be any money left to use aginst Bush?- Apology for earlier rant

Who should be the next VP of America........ YOU DECIDE!

WOW, Dean to Use Shrub's "Spacesuit/Aircraft" Video in New Ads

Frist Freezes Senate Probe of Iraq War! Outrageous move to protect Bush!

What's America's Second Most Corrupt City?

Hooray! Freepers petition to investigate Memogate!

The closest Senate race in America: Oklahoma

I see myself becoming more of a pacifist by the day

"Mass graves"

Of the nine candidates, which would accept the VP slot if offered

Did Wolfowitz really pee his pants after the attack?

Who is watching Gore's speech tommorrow?

Clark is Better than Dean -- Points of Difference

"Self-Interest" - a good essay by Bryan Zepp Jamieson

Should Democrats use "War on Drugs" as political issue?

A practical question about primary petitions.

If you could ask The pResident*-Select one question, what would it be?

BBV: NYT Feature Mentions Access Database Hack & More

Here is the FBIs definition of "terrorism":

Today was a good day!

It's not ALL about the Presidency

Question for former Army personnel here on DU

Once Bush is OUT, we need 'Truth & Reconciliation' and Re-education Effort

"We want to remind this town that we have teeth and claws........."

Removing Zell Miller from the Democratic Party

Ky school district cutting back to 4 day school week

Whose idea was the 'Mission Accomplished' banner?

Help me cut down my Democratic National Convention speech! What do I cut?

Is America an neo-conaholic that needs to hit rock bottom?

Jesse Ventura's show on MSNBC

Madeleine Albright makes me feel so proud

Anybody know anything about Russian politcs?

Supporting Clark because you think other people will vote for him

CNN will rerun the Rock the Vote debate tomorrow - 10:00AM EST

2004: Bush loses the popular vote, but wins the electoral college. AGAIN

Sunday News Show Line-Up

The Jessica Lynch story they won't talk about on the Sunday Whorefests..

Do you support taxing online access?

prominent Confederate flag-waver (R-SC) calls Dean "a great American"

Without Honor - for DU vets on Veteran's Day

Which country will be next on the Bush Hit List?

A friend of mine was chatting to a man today at the library

I heard a pathetic military wife stammering desperately

Dean burdens supporters to justify switch against campaign financing

Do Dean's DU supporters care if the Black vote becomes alienated???

Yet another FRIGHTENING scene from Ashcroft's vision for America

George W. Bush the Queen's Guest???

Howard Dean, you are right on... the Southern White Male will listen..

Reagan and NED

Dean's theme song

Sundance Documentary: Ollie North vs Chuck Robb Senate Race

Was it really al-qaeda who bombed in Saudi Arabia?

Dean supporters — A Question (sincere) re: BFEE and a Favor.

A response to social welfare propaganda

Bobby Jindal - Do we walk the walk?

Mail date for Iraqi family care packages..12/1/03.. Please check in here

BBV- New Contact Info For Bev Harris

UN human rights report slams Moscow

Table of military casualties in Iraq

House OKs repeal of nuclear research ban

Al Qaeda opens second front, says Afghan minister

Red Cross shuts Iraq's Baghdad, Basra offices

Ex-dictator Pinochet injured in fall

Indonesia accuses foreign powers of being meddlesome

UN rejects Bush push to ban stem cell research

Insurgents Kill Two U.S. Paratroopers

Education 'Miracle' Has a Math Problem - Bush Critics Cite Disputed Housto

Suicidal pilot wanted to join dead astronaut

US Offers Charles Taylor Bounty

60 Minutes: Arafat's wife receives $100k/mo from PA funds

Space Items Are Missing

Naval Academy Graduates Seek Gay Chapter

Man jailed for fake 9/11 claim

Blackout Aid of $5 Million Is U.S. Limit for State

Taliban vow death to cab-drivers carrying foreigners

Bush Claims Credit for Upbeat Economic News

9/11 White House Subpoena Omits Classified Briefings (Wimps!!)

Texas cops catch fish, not terrorists

Iraqi Scientist Not Working on Bombs (More Lies)

Candidates Unplugged

U.S. Pounds Saddam's Hometown; 2 GIs Die

Newsweek Poll: The Economy and Iraq

Syria Says Bush Sincere at Mideast Effort

Dems Criticize Bush on Military Housing

Iraqi Scientist Not Working on Bombs (More misdirected "cause of death")

Two US soldiers killed, one wounded in Fallujah explosion

Red Cross pulls out of Baghdad, Basra

Radio stations lose syndicated shows; FCC ruling blocks sale ...

Alvirne High School students grill Kerry

US 'sobered' by Iraq attacks (BBC Armitage in Baghdad)

Powell Rules out US Pullout of Iraq under attack

US shuts embassy in Saudi Arabia after "crusader" warning

Headlines in today's Charlotte Observer

Syria lauds US intentions in region, condemns methods

9/11 death toll drops again

Iraqis excel at intelligence, report says

Vi Simpson To Back Out of Indiana Gov's Race & Endorse Kernan

MSNBC reporting loud explosion in central Baghdad (12:45 PM ET Sat)

Armitage says U.S. retains initiative in war; ambush kills 2 paratroopers

NEWSWEEK POLL: The Economy and Iraq

Miss Afghanistan May Face Afghan Charges

Dean will not accept public funding (live on CNN & Webcast Noonish ET)

Bloody end to Manila airport siege

Rumsfeld Gains Latitude On Rules for Civilian Workers

Army identifies 101st crew members aboard Black Hawk helicopter that crash

Turkey Sees U.S. Loans Despite Iraq Troops Issue

Iran to Allow Stringent Nuke Inspections

Pak may provide nukes to Saudi: Report

Extra Slow-Go For Cal. Rebuilding

Court Treatment System Is Found to Help Drug Offenders Stay Clean

Children in the firing line

Poll Shows Independents Leaning Against Bush Re-Election

Allegations Against Swarzenegger Won't go Away

Surge in new jobs, but most are low-paying

Foreclosures take toll

Death In Pa. Hepatitis Outbreak

U.S. Ponders Alternatives To Iraq Governing Council

Human torch suicides expose disillusion of Czech teenagers

Union Members Charged With Theater Fires

Mine Safety Official Critical of Policies Faces Firing

NYT: States Planning Their Own Suits On Power Plants

Baghdad Targets, Pipeline Attacked

Military Chief Warns of Rogue Missile Attacks

Clark draws an overflow crowd at Tech

Citing abuse, US Senate Republicans halt Iraq weapons probe

Book excepts:Lynch struggled with Iraqi doctors who wanted to amputate he

U.S. Insists It Has Upper Hand in Iraq

Veterans Day Parades Being Scaled Back (Not enough troops, tanks & HumVees

Mystery surrounds US businessman missing in Iraq's 'Sunni triangle'

Attacks Continue As U.S. Raids Tikrit

Egypt Has 30 Nationals In Guantanamo

Cannabis May Help Multiple Sclerosis

Rich Colleges Receiving Richest Share of U.S. Aid

Coalition Troop Casualties: DEAD =387 US, 52 Brit 1 each Pol/Spain/Ukrain

Royal servant tells newspaper of 'incident' involving UK's Prince Charles

Three Explosions Rock Saudi Capital (AP/NYT- Filed at 9:19 p.m. ET)

Military in Iraq Deepens US Resentment

Iraqi violence threatens civilian sector

US Warns Americans in Afghanistan Could Be Kidnapping Targets

Saddam's bodyguard arrested

California Toddler Pulled From Pool Pronounced Dead, Later Found Breathing

Iraqi Insurgents Take a Page From the Afghan 'Freedom Fighters'

Military families speak out against Iraq war

Partisan Gap Is at A High, Poll Finds (Pew Poll)

Explosion In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia -- breaking now (4:30 PM ET Sat)

Investigators Say Iraqi Mass Graves Hold 300,000

Private Jessica says President is misusing her 'heroism'

Talk of a draft grows despite denials by White House

U.S. launches crackdown on Cuba travel

New Zealand anti-Americanism on the rise: poll

Image of men signing abortion ban assailed

State Dept. Worker Found Dead Outside Agency

Charles can come out now

As a matter of fact,I love beer.

Favorite way to serve freeper

Oh no, the blogger "Internet Ronin" cat just died. How sad

G'night y'all

What's the best way to hide electric cables for goofy lighting?

Robin Hood Murders

yoicks!!! . . . there may yet be hope for America's youth . . .

Just learned a neat trick.


Oops. Wrong forum

Remember the DrunkenSailor's EBay Beanie Auction?

Cool Digital Clock

I'm abuzz and looking to hit 1k tonight.

Ta-DAHHHH! The Century Mark!!

I'm going to dinner with John Kerry and Howard Dean...ask me Sunday

Let us send our condolences to the blogger "Internet Ronin"

Answer my questions three!

Undercover Agents Talking To Each Other in 'Under 12' Chatroom

Find out your Elvis name

Help! There's a tiny draft under my air conditioner!

So I"m watching this dating show...

Mandy Moore covering Joe Cocker?

All! Our prez will be speaking at 2PM EST Sunday

Help!!! Any tailors out there????

How do you make your url show up in your sig?

General JC Christian has a blog worth reading

Tiny Tim

My daughter learned a new song at school

I'm a shallow oversexed commie liberal pinko, ask me anything!

Walk Yolur Talk

Latest Loony RW site---a must see for all DUers

WHat's your favorite 60s-comeback Elvis song?

What would you do if the Monkees threatened to come to your town????

What odd facial expressions

For Those That Laugh At Me When I Bitch About Raking Leaves...

Voyages of the Vicky Mary

Anybody see the Elf movie yet?

Any other Rape Victim's believe Jessica's STORY?

HELP! Dog Problem!

Attn cat lovers: Vote for the cutest kitty!

Why's Photo Toons!

Need Access to the site where we post pics

Should They Bring Back "D.C. Follies" ?

BOSTON-AREA DUers: Two things

"Emma Thompson Loves William Pitt"

Political junkies' afternoon on Sundance Channel

Any other numismatists in here?

Recommendation please? Good dictionary program for browser?

Guy James on today

Sex Toys

What is your favorite body part?

My Milkshake Brings All The Girls To The Board


TV shows you can stop watching (cancelled)

Attention Bay Area DUers!

Vols win! Tennessee over Miami 10-6.

Will Pitt Slept In My Bed!

Just received and email that Promissed To Make Me Thicker & Fuller!

Michigan State vs Ohio State game thread

Any Oklahoma Sooners here?

Anyone want to create a Board Game On Bush & Iraq?

A lot riding on Pitt's game

If DU Were A Formula Sitcom, Who Would You Cast In The Roll Of....

BBV: Must see animation

Jessica Lynch

name analysis @

Here Comes the Big Event by Jonathan Cainer

Will Pitt peels Emma...oh never mind.

Bring Back The Draft, ya sissies

My Fellow Consumers.......

How about a DU police drama

Does anyone have a copy of the 2003 State Of The Union address


Last nights "El coyote" meet up in Hollywood thread.

No one can defeat the quad laser

In 3 more posts, I will have 1000. Help me out guys

Ah, Otis Redding - you died much too soon.

Navy is beating Notre Dame

Question for fellow Deaniacs


Is the Lounge missing any MALE posters -- hope this is not dup

I got 1900 posts

AAARGH...stop crawling all over my body!


Have you seen this monster?

To All Cat Lovers -- Need Help With 2 Homeless Kittens

A good free firewall?

Ohio State's amazing winning trend

Let them have Ahnold...we should run our own actor....

How Quickly Will The "How Quickly Will This Thread Die" Thread, uh, Die?

Did anyone listen to Guy James today?

Why Do YOU Stay Up So Late?

What should I do for my 4000th post?

Can I feed my pet fish to my pet parrot?

I'm depressed and I've decided to get drunk. Ask me anything

Saw my first Bush/Cheney 2004 bumper sticker yesterday...

The Official Virginia Tech @ Pittsburgh thread

What would make the best national anthem for the USA?

My Teacher went to Princeton & he thinks the Polls are rigged

Get your tinfoil hats ready for tonight... it's gonna be scary

Hardrock, Coco, and Joe.

Any info on veterans events in Portland Oregon

I AM AN ICE CUBE!!!!!!!!!!!

"Fred Thompson Loves William Pitt"

U.S. judge orders shutdown of Canada drugs firm

I'm having trouble staying awake at work. What should I do?

Hey, what are you looking at?

Has anyone heard from jmach1 in the last month? Do you have his site in

Notre Dame Wins! Look Out BCS!

Para los latinos o hispanohablantes

Anybody got any new dirt on the Royal Scandal?

can you get Mono from a third party?

Number #1 singles in an alternative universe

New Pic of L.F!

HTML developers using FIRSTPAGE 2000 - TROJAN WARNING

How Do You View Long Threads At DU?

The Huskies are about to lose to the worst team in the pac-10

George HW Bush (Sr.) enters presidential race as democrat

I'll play the blues for you

So.. who's baking what??

What should I snack on?

More Dirt on Prince Charles!

What Makes You A Fan Of The Sports Teams You Root For?

Scientific detachment... HA!

Ideas needed to warm L.F up!

Upset in the making??? Clemson 13, FSU 0

What do these 2 things have in common!

Anyone addicted to TLC shows?

Makes you go hmmm...

I know way too much about football, ask me anything

Sock Eating Nude Parrots.....who should run for office!!!!!!!!

question about marijuana

remember when we used to sit in our cars at lunch in the school parking lo

For Those Who've Never Clicked On The "How Quickly" Thread....

For the Birdie Lovers: Travel with the Birdie In Winter

Lady Freedom loves Will Pitt!(or any warm body!)

I've had 4 martinis in one hour, ask me anything

Who played the most roles in Star Trek?

I just took cat antibiotics...ask me anything..(before I croak)

Don't miss the lunar eclipse right now on the east coast

HELP! How do you remove a tick?

LF is back with one of her questions!

What should I be listening to online?

Judy Jetson question?

Just saw "Matrix Revolutions."

My "critter" pics to make you go AWWWWWWW

Hypothetical Question For Straight Guys *Warning, Weird Question*

Do I look like a landlord??

If you have ever lost a sock, this is for you

My College House is having a Party and I'm at my 500th post

I am suprised that Russel Crowe is not in this new movie "Troy"

Believing in oneself

Nightly "What is the origin of that phrase?"


time for my first 'thread'-voodoo war monkey

Suppose they reinstituted the draft...

My favorite sports trivia question of all time

I am so ticked off about the Royal Scandal!!!!!!!!

Most taseful nude scene in a movie

DU Sci-Fi Show?

War Toys for your Dog

Reading, Intelligence, Awareness, and Party Affiliation

Which Should I Watch First Tonight?

I got 25 messages, people, ax me sumpin

music fans: Bon Jovi . . . yea or nay . . .

Best Ennio Morricone Movie Soundtrack

Top ten Letterman's baby photoshops (courtesy of

Please contribute to the Get Dean a Mullet campaign

Football Trivia

SOteric loves Pill Wit

doo bee do bee dooo of all CAPTIONS

Asshole of the year - Kellen Winslow Jr.

Does anyone else not give a damn about the Royal scandal?

Do you dread the Holidays or love them?

Emma Peel loves Will Pitt

Thank You Sooners from the Crimson Tide

Hey DUers - GO OUTSIDE! The Lunar Eclipse has begun!

VelmaD loves Will Pitt!

Skittles is SO busted!

Hollywood DU meetfest--I'm the first one conscious

What's your favorite Cure song?

Studebaker Hawk!

Father "Kitty" Christmas

What is your desktop background/wallpaper?


DU does LA - the world will never be the same again!

Hey Dumbass

At the risk of sounding like the world's biggest dweeb

rbnyc loves everybody!

Who else is addicted to books, and what are you reading?

What is your favorite Salad?

Find out your Elvish name

Dowd: The Chicago Way

"My Cambodian Moment" Sen. F. Hollings

Please contribute to the Get Dean a Mullet campaign

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Gov. Edward G. Rendell of Pennsylvania, on Howard Dean

One thing I wanna say about Wes Clark

A "must read" article about General Clark....."Waiting for the General"

If the Republicans were to collapse, which party would get their voters?

Kellen Winslow of the Miami Hurricanes- Big Macho Warrior

Freidman: The Humliation Factor

Now that Dean has rejected Public Financing, will the others do it?

My increasingly right-wing sister sent me this:

Author of the book Rogue Nation

The problem is in the suburbs

Script of Reagan movie is available at!!

Why do Dems not take advantage of healthcare issue?

How we loose the propaganda battle

Reaction to Howard Dean's Announcement

Danish Red Cross deplores Guantanamo detentions

Uneasy Guatemalans ready to cast ballots

Non-US Firms Frozen Out of Iraq

Louisiana woman's last wish is benefiting Bush opponents

NYT - Dean's New Steps Reshape Contest

When Resolve Against Bush* Melts

Sex in the snow?

One thing I wanna say about Wes Clark

Kellen Winslow of the Miami Hurricanes- Big Macho Warrior

It's South Park Triva Time!!!!!!!!!!! (Inspired by Yang)

LMFAO! Found at Bartcop...

Want To Try Something Fun. You Remember Etch A Sketch Right. Well

Anyone else not opened "How Quickly Will This Thread Die?"

Saturday Night Movie Thread

Are you able to (semi) covertly keep your threads in GD kicked?

What software platforms are the candidates' official sites using

Shake it like a Polaroid picture

OU barely beats Texas A&M. Whew!!!! What a squeaker this one was.

Dog Shoots Man!

BREAKING: O-Town is O-Ver!

It's the Battle of the PLUSH Monsters!

BCS shakeup - Ohio State will be #3

Non-Christians: Do you celebrate Christmas?

What is your fav. college mascot!