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Archives: November 7, 2003

Iraq is not America's to sell

CBS weenies cave in to political pressure

Gays have reasons to be prouder - Taiwan

Idealism in the Face Of a Troubled Reality (Bush speech)

A Western woman's journey inside the Bin Laden 'village'

Daniel Schorr: Exit strategy now on table

Japan's pacifism fading as voters head for the polls

Great flash movie on agribusiness: The Meatrix

Ronald Reagan had this right

White House Puts Limits on Queries From Democrats

great recent Ted Rall column

Early Assessment of Bush's Presidency - John Dean

A Town Gives Until It Hurts - Boone, Iowa

FBI to Website Owner --"We Are Watching You"

Rose: The cost of 'success'

Dean's appeal to South cuts across race

Economist: America versus the world

Sickening brew

Susan Page: Next step will be tough choice (about the war)

Great letter to whistle-ass thru Read it, laugh & cry.

Charley Reese:Baghdad George

Finding it harder to never forget

Hard to pull for Kerry

NY Times: Shrinking From Campaign Reform

Pat Buchanan on the GOP and California.

Iraq: Bush's Vietnam? (Interesting comparison to LBJ in 67/68)

Not Game Over -Yet - Clift: Have Dems Truly Lost the South?

Joe Conason: Ralph Nader en route to "Jonestown"

Death Be Not Loud

Dr. Dean's Diagnosis

Don Williams: Who Really Supported the Troops?

Hard to pull for Kerry

Christian/Jewish Theocrats, Oilmen and Central Bankers Moved World to War

Kucinich: Religion should influence public policy

SOLOMON: The Iraq Trap: Watch Out What You Ask For

How Many War Deaths Can We Take?: Louis Klarevas

Wes Clark: Iraq war used to settle score

Long Island DUers. Come to this presidential forum

John Sweeney in Jefferson, Wisconsin

tv ads against Bush

Pickles coming to Maine

Florida Clark supporters - Tampa Bay area - food drive

Holy S**T ! Philanthropist Leaves $200 Million to NPR

Mainstreaming the Media Movement

Spotted at Barnes and Noble


Media focusing on alleged Lynch rape to deflect her criticism of BFEE

Bob Guccione resigns as chief executive of Penthouse parent company

DU cancer survivors/patients/caregivers support group redux

[hanging head] I need some computer help...I'm considered to be good

FBI Gets New Rules on Early Terror Probes

Baptists prepare declaration against gay marriage

Associated Press seeks LGBT/HIV+ immigrants affected by US immigration law

When part-timers seek full-time work

According to WTO report, Taiwan exports rank 14th-largest in 2002

127k jobs - but no comment on structural Deficit or decline in real wages

The Meatrix

Energy from the moon?

Poll places president in the lead - Taiwan

Academics address alcoholism in Aboriginal tribes - TW

Elections to test depth of Tung's woes - HK

Cambodia's king airs his grievances on the Internet

Japan defector said to be mole

20 die in Nigerian clashes

Condi speaks: Bush, er, listens?

Iraqi boy gets new arm and leg - From Taiwan doctors

Egypt Bans Jim Carrey God Flick

If Bush is Serious About Arab Democracy...

Strategic Deception

Clark and Waco

Mixed Feelings About the Green River Killer?

I have three questions about criminal procedure...

police state coming

Missouri judge strikes down CCW law

GUNS IN THE NEWS--November 7, 2003

Guns And The Right Wing Agenda

Chuck Schumer claims AWB ISN'T BROKE!

Thank goodness for the high cap magazine ban!

I just legally sold a guy a machinegun...

Any fellow hunters here on DU?

"Stop The NRA" Ad - As Seen in the New York Times

What is up with all the

Heads up! We have a problem.

Where are the moderators?

Kudos for even-handedness!

Admin participation in discussions

Aw, what happened to the "Fair and Balanced" Discussion Boards?

What Do You Guys Think Of This Idea From The Lounge....

Porn in a Thread

Inappropriate locking

For criticizing Dean, a post I made got deleted.

would it be possible

Is there a way to display times in 24-hour format?

locking due to abbreviated swearing

I posted a thread this morning in LBN on a report about an interview

Ok, I'll bite. What was wrong w/ Dean not the 1 to have discussion thread?

Hijacking my DU Nickname

Doesn't this qualify as a personal attack?

Eye on the Media - A professional duty to be fair

For Clark supporters, I have a question.

Israel allows army to kill Palestinians on reconnaissance

A Saudi School for Scandal

MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA: Fayyad puts Palestinian donor meeting in doubt

Sink or swim

Israel through the eyes of a child

UN Is Hypocritical in Dealing With Israel

IDF struggles to neutralize Hezbollah bombs

Terrorists funnel millions

The Settlements as Cancer Cells

Continuation of 'I saw fit to remove her from the world'

Atlanta Jews ignore risks to stand by Israel

Geneva Agreement to be signed in December (breaking on Ma'ariv)

Powell sends letter of support to initiators of Geneva Accord

Deal reached on new Palestinian cabinet

Jewish Voices for Peace...take action Catipillar & Refusniks

Palestinian Authority funds go to militants (BBC)

60 Minutes: Arafat's wife receives $100k/mo from PA funds

UN adopts resolution on protection for Palestinian children

62 % of Palestinians support suicide attacks–Poll;Khaled Abu Toameh

Column One: Negotiating with terrorists

Indispensable anti-Piggism

Osama University? Neoncons target Middle Eastern studies programs.

Yasser Arafat ‘has £1.8bn fortune’

US obstruct trial against 9/11 terrorist in Hamburg

"Favoring the strongman in Pakistan over the populist of Persia"

Saudi Arabia's nuclear gambit

Dean Supporters: How Did You Vote re: Matching Funds?

This POTUS Poll had appeared here a few times before.

Diverse Union Decides Dean Is Its Candidate

LOL -- Clark's "conservative" base

Has * done this yet....

Edwards battles for first place

Democrats Headed for 'Train Wreck'

Dean Campaign: Celebrating Yesterday and Continuing the Good Work

Planned Parenthood Debate

Article in Time

Don't Shoot the Messenger: Is Clark a Bushzi???

Attack on Roe v Wade and 2004

E-mail link to AFL-CIO. Urge them to wait to endorse a Dem nominee.

Letter in NYT - re: Dean's comment

Governor Blagojevic calls IL lawmakers 'drunken sailors'

Four Candidates Withdraw From D.C. Democratic Primary

Colorado for Clark

Who wants to be a first lady?

Kucinich gets ILWU endorsement

John Kerry's website has launched a new forum to go with the launch

Jon Corzine: Why New Jersey Democrats Won

Kerry Opens New Attacks Against Dean

Five Candidates Withdrawing From D.C. Primary

What are we going to talk about when it's down to one

Howard Dean: His Secrets Finally Revealed to the Public

Joe Trippi just phoned

LA Times: Union support indication that they think Dean is a winner

The Media or Kerry?

Reason Nr 347 why we should all support Dennis Kucinich

Hodges to endorse Clark for president

Senator Katherine Harris?

Apropos deciding not to support opening the blockade against Cuba

Why Democrats Did Much Better On Tuesday Than Everyone Thinks

If Dean is nominated, what might those who don't suppoort him now do?

If you vote for my guy if he wins, I'll vote for your guy if he wins.

Clark Expects to Finish Year With $9.5M

Dennis interviewed by Grist Magazine

Want to see General Wes Clark in person? Zipcode Drive

"The other candidates are floundering around..."

Dean for America Announces 17 Michigan Endorsements

According to Albert Einstein, the Kerry campaign is insane.

Public Campaign Financing is the Only Way

Carlyle, Carlucci, Wolfowitz, and Clark : Strange Bedfellows??? NOT.

Democratic Experts Pick Best Candidate Against Bush

Dennis Kucinich's Spanish Site

The Undeniable Truth about the Greens:

"Dr. Dean's Diagnosis", editorial from today's Washington Post...

Edwards scores in debate

Kerry getting desperate using the gun issue on Dean AGAIN!

watch videos of people explaining why they've switched to Dean

Kucinich on BBV

Union Membership Numbers for Gephardt, Dean, Kerry

Kerry does best in head-to-head matchup with Bush in NY Quinnipac poll

2004 Congressional campaign idea

The BBC on the presidential candidates and their antiwar-ness

We must influence the Dem's platforms *NOW*

Did Dean lie when he said the Confederate Flag comment was about race?

Okay Then: Does the Clark connection to Bush Backers Bother anyone?

what is dean's reason for supporting the first gulf war?

Just had to post this wonderful quote from Dennis Kucinich...

Here's why former Dean supporters have switched to Dennis Kucinich

Does anyone know what these rumors about Prince Charles are?

Sting Urges World to Help Rebuild Iraq

This candidate forum on CSPAN with all of the white women

Is it the same in your town?

book recommendation: "Citizenship Papers" by Wendell Berry

Air Force Reserve "infomercial" - seen it?

Bernie's sub blistering Wal-Mart on KGO now

Age, gender, race and candidate support

Schwarzeneggar hires investigator of sex charges

Grandiose democracy speech + fake troop-rotation plan = endless war

Hey, have any of the Dean supporters seen this?

Dean can't win the South?

2004: 8 Presidential cycles with a Bush or Dole on the ticket

Freep alert demi4ever not for long mofo

A suggestion when posting casualty reports

Is Jessica Lynch is a traitor?

What I don't understand

War or Economy in 04? Which will decide the election?

TV Show "Reporting America at War" will be on PBS next week Wednesday

To our little FReeper friend...............

What's the scoop on the Prince Charles scandal?

How is America going to intimidate the Iraqi people. Saddam couldn't do it

Don't mention the dead

The example Bush set for the troops was to go AWOL!

CSpan Thread # 1

Tax and Spin = George W Booooosh!

Bizarro news

Tennessee Guardsman Depending On Donated CB Radios?

CNN Crawl: Blackhawk down "no word on cause"

Is the support for Clark on DU representative of the offline Democratic...

What good is a conservative Democrat?

I am a member of the Zell Miller Wing of the Democratic Party!

CSpan thread #2: Talkin' bout drruuuuggss & Oxycontin

CNN loses it's marbles?

Want to See The Bush Job Projection Numbers ?

Bush 4 more years

Terms of Engagement

A Screening With Stars but a Focus on Politics

CNN: Moon to turn Red

Here is MaxSpeak's take on the new Labor numbers

Did anyone catch Pete Stark on CNBC?

Schwarzenegger investigating himself...

Democratic Strategy: from defense to offense and Media 'response teams'

Lack of Debate Advertising

Jack Black on Democracy Now

C-SPAN (9:10 a.m. ET) - All Repugs singing the praises for economy

5 law officers disciplined for fishing on duty

Has anyone ever heard of David Rose, from Vanity Fair?

IRAQ: Another Copter Goes Down 6 Dead, 31 killed this week

Conservatives Again Cry Foul at Inaccurate Lynch Movie

Bush should not be the focus of 04

Why would we want Middle Eastern countries to establish democracies

Imagine this scenario

Conservatives Cry Foul over Bogus Lynch Movie

"Yet our best trained, best educated, best prepared, best equipped"

Washington Post chat with John Edwards, John Kerry today at 10:30 & 2PM

John Kerry has a new webiste

Our Daily Dose of Terrar !!!!!

Learn more about being a Conscientious Objectors (just in case of a draft)

Did you know that 8 more soldiers died in Iraq today?????????

Iraq's Real WMD Crime

Military commanders are very concerned about spreading insurgency

Haynutty nervous about receiving stolen property?

king George strikes again

All parties pay tribute to Chrétien

TvNewsLies Webcast to start at noon ET (GMT-5)

Another Black Hawk has gone down.

Quickly...where can I find total # of countries where US troops deployed?

Exact text of Hannity memo - what's the big deal? Looks legit to me.

Confused Howard Dean Campaigns for Enola Gay Rights

More watch the Daily Show than Fox had a fund raiser with "Uncovered"....look at what they did!

Job Creation perspective

C-SPAN-2 ALERT (11:27a.m. ET)- * Please listen -Good protest by Dems!!

Jim Hodges endorses Clark

Last of the Red Hot Radicals: John W. Stanford Jr.

NEW POLL: More US troops in Iraq?

McCain on C-Span-2 Trying to twist the Dems statements about

Dean/Clinton? Clark/Clinton?

Will "The Reagans" be a free download?

Ashcroft: I will enforce the new Partial Birth Abortion Law

Toby keith nominated for 7 CMA'S (get's zero)

The Baltimore Zoo Laid Off Their Elephants

Do you think they are going to do an all-nighter?

Question about PBA law

The Hillary 9/11 conspiracy theory

* doesn't like questions from Democrats? Check his latest move

Meanwhile, how many more soldiers died today?

BYRD ALERT! C-Span -2 coming up (12:30 ET). Now on.

What is The pResident's and the AAPI's Unconstitutional bill S3?

Howard Dean...

Dean needs to clarify his position on the war

Imus---"Is Bush* Drinking Again?"

Point on WP Online forum: Iran is a stronger democracy than Saudi Arabia

Blitzer on his Noon Show leaves out 2 Soldiers killed in Mosul!

TV Show "Reporting America at War" will be on PBS next Weds.

Question for DU economists?

What happened? Why did Byrd stop?

Indoctrination: Worse in the Military or on the College Campuses?

Dumbya's plan for Democracy in the Middle East

U.S. Oct. job growth surges by 126,000

No radio today?

Cut and Run Or Propoganda?

If the Draft Comes....How do we protect our children?

Today, my contractor flipped VP Cheney "the bird"

There will be Democracy in the Middle East and happiness ever after...

Bush's number like the Titantic. Does he have enough lifeboats on board??

Massive Economic Propoganda

Read this enraging crud.....

2004 Congressional campaign idea

Micheal Moore's new book not selling well at Sam's Club

Anyone know when "The Hunting of the President" is coming out?

why dean should opt out of matching funds

DU Women - want to feel good about our candidates? See this video

Why continue fighting?

CNN Poll - Economy

Karl Rove meet Joe Trippi

War protestor supoenas Bush officials?! Is this a DU'er?

Illinois governor calls legislators 'drunken sailors'

it's time to revive the Alice's Restaurant Anti-Massacre Movement . . .

Is Bush setting himself up for a big fall on the economy

My brand new hate - Lou Dobbs

C-Span-2 Rockefeller - 2:04 ET - Just talking about internet bill n/t

Gore to speak on civil liberties (

FrontPage magazine excuses "Plame[sic] Affair".

I just need to rage for a second

Kerry Live Now At Washington Post!!!!!!!!

Why are so many here on DU so easily fooled by Bush hype?

Dean and the Titanic

The RFK Presidency.

Movies about 'Taking back individual dignity from the machine..'

Did John Kerry lie at Rock The Vote...?

Profits for Halliburton: Nothing for Workers : Bush’s Investment Plan

Jack Black - “Bush is a Dangerous Nincompoop” Dem Now

Kerry's "Phantom Poll"

"Baghdad Bush"

Most important primary?

Donna Brazile spoke at my school last night re:dem candidates for 2004

Is it possible that the economy is simply in the upward portion of

Tinfoil: Cornyn gives us a hint about the October Surprise

C-Span 2 Frist yapping about the memo

Ollie North's 95% approval rating: Truth or Lie?

what were Reagan's approval ratings a year before the 84 election?

A Dean Administration - List your dream team!

Dean attacked for being a "physician-assisting suicide" doctor--

Is Texas America?

What will history call this dark period in American history?

Why all this focus on the South?

The Bush* Boom

Dean's pickup line

Question about the election results in Ohio

Wes Clark demonstrates real leaders don't need to play "dress up"

"Freedom isn't free?"

Tenn. 'Choose Life' plate challenged


Help me get involved

Freepers vs. Kathleen Turner

What about the 171,874 people laid off in October???

Why don't Iraqis turn Iraqis in?

CNN is doing its job for Bush (Economy)

Target CNN: "Ex-POW" Jessica Lynch

Five Candidates Withdrawing From D.C. Primary

Why Kerry, Clark, Edwards are the best candidates

Why The Right Is In Control

"Send Lott" petition is available

So Rick Bragg says Jessica was raped? Are we sure an Intern didn't say it?

Sheer Madness Rules. Too many ignoramuses out there. They're

Edwards in Derry, NH tonight

Bush is learning and teaching a hard lesson

The Job Data

Kerry Supporters: Who is Your Second Choice?

New Zealand activist's crime of sending political email? [fs]

Dems just can't get it right! They should not back off their economic

'She Was Fighting to the Death' "Details Emerging of W. Va. Soldier's

Iraqi Doctors who treated Jessica Lynch dismiss rape claims

*snork* "suspicious talk-show-host activity"

The Democratic Party is Finished!

Why does Argentina's President have a non-Spanish name?

Drug Czar?

"Jobs? I've got plenty openings to fill"

People are missing the depth of Dean's statement.

Who could be Howard Dean's VP?

woo wOOOooo "Hon, we need a second Hummer!"

To what degree do you think George W Bush controls his (mis)administration

Steve Earle on O'Reilley tonight? >

CNN reporting that the other copter with the one that was shot down....

Hannity is Quoting DU As I Type This

"The Reagans" uncensored

General Election Debate Schedule Announced! Here they are!!

How Long? Daily Death Counts.....What For?

A question about Zell Miller Southern Democrats posts

Its National Security stupid.

Pentagon rips off America with 1st Class plane tickets

The Mirror Effect: Dean Is A Huge Problem For Bush

No Osama. No Hussein. No Leaker. But they sure nailed Chong

Afro-americans and perhaps other minorities

Can't The Rich Folks Fight?

why does a Science medal go to a Council on Foreign Relations dude?

Elaine Chao spinning like crazy

Today's job numbers are actually bad

Diebold will allow BFEE to choose the Dem nominee they want to run against

Question about Saddam kicking out UNSCOM inspectors........

Anyone else have a right-wing friend whom you argue with?

Edwards Supporters: Who is Your Second Choice?

Is the DNC really sending out Franken & Moore books for $75 donations?


Why on earth would liberals /progressives bash our Hollywood supporters?

CBS News: 32 SOldiers killed this week

Latest Zogby polls are mindboggling

Dean's success forces Gephardt staff to take pay cuts

Support for Jessica Lynch

Susan Sarandon "disappointed" in Hillary...

Spitzer goes after EPA

What a surprise...Powell just whored to the Chifascists after teasing Chen

Kubby speaks to cover-up of cannabis for cancer research

Bush is gloating about 6% unemployment.....

How do Dennis Kucinich and Bernie Sanders win so many Repuke votes?

Panda Software Weekly virus report

Army Org, Lesson 3: The Staff

Clark, Dean, Clark/Dean, Dean/Clark, and the people in between.

What happened to that Army Times poll? (And other comments...)

How many of the 85,000 new troops is included in the 126,000 new jobs?

Why is Novak even allowed to co-host on CNN after his role in the

Another Angle We Could Play On...

Computer Question...

Want to meet General Clark in person? Zip Code Drive contest

Drug Raid At S.C. High School - Did anyone see this on CBS News tonight?

How many people here believe Viet Nam was a Guerilla War

~that disgusting photo~

Fact-Checking the Right-Wing Mothers (FREEPERS) (HAVE SOME FUN!!)

Dean says presence of brutal dictator does not justify force

Must read expose' letter on Fox News

Southern Politics on C-SPAN Washington Journal tomorrow AM

Army Org, Lesson 1: What Is The Army? And what is not the Army?

For the Members of the Military

What will Iraq be like in 2008?

Any Marines Here ?

Blond Bashing (attacks on Jessica Lynch)

C-Span2 - Watch REPUGS attack the DEMOCRATS for being treasonous.

Somebody better do an anti-Lieberman attack ad using the Imperial March...

You're out in public somewhere

Krugman coming up on Hardball.

Freepers LOVE to see our anger/hate towards Bush.

another bush pic

Bin Laden Stupefied US - Bill Maher

Anti-Clark people, please name any military officers you trust

With pro-Saddam & anti-US references deleted, Iraqi textbooks kinda thin


Clark to Bush: 'Mission's not accomplished' on economy

I endorsed Howard Dean this week

Dean for America Announces 17 Michigan Endorsements

TV Alert: Clark speech from yesterday in SC. 7:45 pm Cspan

The ranting abstract essay I'm working on

NOW with Bill Moyers

NOW has a story on injured vets and their bad treatment...on now ET- PBS

Cook County GOP: Send us your resumes

just got a prerecorded call from Joe Trippi

Jewish Voices for Peace...take action Catipillar & Refusniks

How to continue the Democratic Southern strategy dialog

So what's with the color-coded "terra" alerts these days? And just what

Rush Limbaugh Needs Your Vote (NewsMax Poll)

Anyone listening to Malloy on Vicadin?

Bu$h quashes opposition questions

Has Huffington said when she's going to start writing again?

Rush poll at Newsmax

I'm listening to the new Belle & Sebestian album, ask me anything.

if Kucinich were President would would the FBI have to screen his dates?

How's you're stomach?

Feingold asks hopefuls to limit spending

Reserves are no reserve at all

Shuster R-PA spying article. Is this illegal?

Have you considered running for elected office?

Bush shifts focus to Economy Amid Iraq Woes

John Edwards is a Class Act: "Dean should be applauded"

My First Thread - Research Request

Clark on C-span 1 right now -- (from robbedvoter)

Michael Moore on CNN NOW ...

Ken Lay agrees to turn over documents

To Win isTo Survive & Vice Versa, the Mega Picture.

Is Alan Colmes a tool? ( Frux news )

Kucinich got into an argument with Joe Klein (TIME mag) after the debate

Clark appearance report du jour.

William Boykin in National Georgraphic documentary

More people (4 million) tune in to The Daily Show than Fox news

Is gay sex adultery?

Check out what they're saying about us at Hannity's

Understanding the Dean Juggernaut

Southerners - tell me I'm wrong about this

I just watched film of American Soldiers cheering

Iraq is not America's to sell

The White Men Speak

Please unfreep this poll

What were the irregularities surrounding Sen. Chuck Hagel's (R-NE) wins?

UAW Won't Endorse Presidential Candidates

Anyone else hear Schwartzkopf's comments re: Clark this AM?

They fear Dean.

To all Dean and Clark supporters

Dean is popular yet Demo bigwigs don't like him.

Am I the only one putting aside my democratness (democratocity?)

Image of Men Signing Abortion Ban Assailed

Jessica Lynch is an American Hero and a true Patriot

Jessica Lynch turns on Pentagon

Vermont Gun Law Decisions By Howard Dean (Wow!)

Woman's Anti-Bush Obituary Draws Money

What % of Iraq lives in the Sunni Triangle?

?? US/CANADA Comparison...

An oldie but goodie -- two cows

Writer of America the Beautiful was anti-imperialist America

Was this senate memo planted by Dems in an effort to bring down Hannity?

Clark Expects to Finish Year With $9.5M

Here is how the BFEE will try to destroy Jessica Lynch

Kerry fans. Kerry is due up at 2PM on Washington post Chat. Link below.

What is your definition and ideas for "gun control?"

Did Anyone See Kerry on C-Span Tonight?

Democratic Party at a Crossroads

How many here have read "Blinded by the Right"?

Army Org, Lesson 2: Echelons (very long)

Sat Head's Up - Zinn on CSPAN 2 tomorrow

Anybody see the cops burst into the SC high school this AM?

Bush, bin Laden & the Saudis: DU knows, but do Democrats OntheGround?

Kerry: "You might be Howard Dean, if..."

Another Racist Issue Emerges from the "Whore Media." The SC School Raid!"

NYTimes: Dean Could Upend 30 Years Of Campaign Finance Reform

Finally a THINK TANK for liberals/progressives that focuses on language

Analysis:Idealism in the Face Of a Troubled Reality

Karen Kwiatkowski: The Whistleblower's dark and funny essays in archives.

Iraq. (Rant follows.)

Rummy's Desparate - Arlington Tomb of Unknown Guards deploy

George W. Bush will NOT be a push-over in the coming debates.

Is it " democracy" we are fighting for or "monopolistic-capitalism?"

My wife and I went to two Clark events in Atlanta...

Will Howard Dean do what he just said he would?

Why I Don't Hate Dean

What do DUers think should be done about North Korea?

Hannity Is Claiming That He's a JOURNALIST

Gephardt wins Iowa, Deans wins NH, Clark wins SC

Something big DID happen at the Rock the Vote debate...

Why My Support Will Not Waver From Dean

Where should we be shopping to support liberal stores?

Ha, a blast from the past. From my years on the FIDO network (before the

Nader on Dean "He can't deliver-he can be George McGovern...

Info on Al Gore's Big Speech Sunday

To lurkers: take this test and have Sean review it....

A few thoughts about confederate flag waving southerners, Dems, and Dean

BBV: Fairfax County, Virginia

Dean/Clark supporters: post links to video of candidate's best speech!

Most left-wing democracy?

On the Iraqi 'resistance'

2004 senate primaries:strongest dems,strongest repubs. Part 1

McDonald's Objects To Dictionary's Definition Of 'McJob'

Studs Terkel interviewed on Diane Rehm (NPR): Kucinich has no chance

Prince Charles is the bugger?

Tribal revenge fuels Fallujah's rage

Death Toll in Iraq Copter Attack Now 16

CBS weenies cave in to political pressure

Army Black Hawk Helicopter Down in Iraq : with picture

Latest,,U.S. Soldier Killed in Ambush in Northern Iraq

Saddam fled Baghdad villa minutes before US strike: ex-official

Cronyism Alleged in Rebuilding of Iraq (Chalabi)

Bongs for Baghdad?

Iraq ambush kills US soldier (Unfortunately, this is new)


Germany's defense minister denies anti-Semitism widespread in army

Please do not respond to the disruptor until a moderator can take it.

UN observers withdraw from DRC after ambush

9/11 Panel May Reject Offer of Limited Access to Briefings

Pentagon Says a Covert Force Hunts Hussein

Mother's loss is now a mission After losing her son in Iraq,

Emotional memorial for victims of Chinook downing

Mexican court gives go-ahead for trials in `dirty war'

need help to find death certificates of executed inmates

NEW!!!! Two more soldiers die, US to cut back troops

Iraq war protests: Egypt torture claims probe urged

Eleven D.C. post offices closed as facility tested for anthrax

US to call up thousands of troops for Iraq duty.

Jessica Lynch Laments Military Portrayal

Jessica Lynch Criticizes Accounts of Her Ordeal (NYT)

Six die in US helicopter crash (UPDATE)

No news is good news?

Schwarzenegger hiring investigator of sex charges

Mission whiplash for GIs in Iraq - my wife’s probably cheated on me

Afghan Minister: Al Qaeda Opens Second Front

Connecticut Governor John Rowland Admits to Lying About Ken Lay Meetings

All of worst US serial killer's victims may never be known

Companies Add 126,000 Jobs in October

Blackhawk down November 07/03

Republicans Worry Proposed Tax Breaks Will Drive Away Jobs

Danka Business Systems Will Cut Hundreds Of Jobs

Army Undertaking Large Troops Rotation

Bu$h: worst jobs growth record since great depression!

In a soldiers' haven, worry and frustration taking a toll

Push for free trade in Americas

Hundreds Demonstrate in Baghdad, Demand US Leave Iraq

Letter from a serial killer: 19 years ago, Ridgway offered clues

School Violence Data Under a Cloud in Houston

‘Inexcusable’ - Mutual funds

Hodges to endorse Clark for president

Protester subpoenas top Bush officials for upcoming trial

Spanish seafood 'poisonous from oil spill'

'Nerve gas' letter sent to UK embassy (AND U.S. EMBASSY in Belgium)

Report: Turkey Won't Send Troops to Iraq

Canadians Call for Protest of the Censoring of Documentary About Venezuela

Some veterans of Vietnam see Iraq parallel

Poll Places (Incumbent Taiwanese) President in Lead...

Critics of Gibson Film Claim Harassment

Students Sue Over Voting Vulnerability

Looted Iraqi artefacts 'found in London'

Credit agencies sending our files abroad

McDonald’s heir leaves $200 million to NPR

U.S. Steel Execs Warn Bush Not to Repeal Tariffs

Bush Pardons Four for Minor Offenses

Pakistan, UK probe bugging allegations:MI5 bugged Pakistan High Commission

Chirac, Putin meet in Paris on Iraq in shadow of Yukos affair

Jessica Lynch Says Military Manipulated Her Story

Excuses, excuses - western powers sabotaging Mugabe's government

Washington turning to Vietnam exit strategy in Iraq

Iran to Bush: Mind Your Own Business

Colombians say know where U.S. hostages held

Document Reveals Pryor Unfit


Pentagon Says a Covert Force Hunts Hussein & Bin Laden

Contracts Go to Allies of Iraq's Chalabi

'I'm No Hero' - Former Iraq Captive Jessica Lynch

Maverick Mideast Peace Plan Wins U.S. Backing (Geneva accord)

UAW Won't Endorse Presidential Candidates

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle vetoes marriage bill

Fox Threatens Charges After Staff Salaries Leaked

Rejection of 'Earmarks' Angers Democrats

Four Candidates Withdraw From D.C. Democratic Primary

CA Attorney General Bill Lockyear drops Ahnold a bombshell....

Journalists May Be Targets in Afghanistan

Middle East to Bush: Mind your own Business

PRC internet activist gets 8 years in jail

Ex-S.C. Governor Endorses Wesley Clark

Judge continues order against concealed guns

Lay to comply with SEC subpoena

Alarm Sounds in Weapons Incinerator; No One Hurt (Alabama)

Sending the Guard (Even Old Guard Third Infantry Reg being sent)

Breaking: U.S. Closing Embassy in Saudi Arabia

France Requests Information on Citizens Held at Guantanamo

Legal reforms urged to prevent torture

Wisconsin governor vetoes bill defining marriage as one man, one woman

Dean: Brutal Ruler Doesn't Justify Force

E-mail Contradicts (Gov.) Rowland's Enron Claim

Poll: Bush Trails Democrats in NY

Four Candidates Withdraw From D.C. Democratic Primary

Palestinian receives Australian peace prize amid controversy

Fear of missile attacks grounds airlines' plans for Baghdad flights

U.S. Oct. job growth surges by 126,000

9-11 Commission Votes to Subpoena Pentagon

Washington Post Offices Test Anthrax-Free

Venezuela backs Costa Rican government's decision to investigate Ortega co

House Authorizes $401 Billion Defense Bill

Google unveils browser-free search

Bush Disapproval Rating on Iraq Exceeds 50% in Poll (54-45!)

9/11 Commission to subpoena NORAD information

Judge Rejects Bush Effort in Schiavo Case

House to Vote on Energy Bill Next Week - DeLay

Former President Bush Gives Award to Sen. Kennedy

Six Americans Killed in Attack on Helicopter (NPR says shot down)

Gov. Bush Asks to Meet Guardian (Schiavo case)

At Least 4 Dead in U.S. Helicopter Crash in Iraq (+ another troop killed)

BBC Breaking: Four people killed as US helicopter crashes near Tikrit

U.S. Helicopter Crashes Near Tikrit, Iraq

Bush with a new axis to grind (Analysis of today's speech by Bush)

Turkey says will not send troops to Iraq

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq (388 U.S. service members have died)

For some, black POW's treatment points up double standard

Jindal and Satan (Repug LA Gov Candidate Claims Attacked by Satan)

Report: Katherine Harris Considers Senate Run

New Tactics for U.S. Helicopters in Iraq - Officials

Portillo Quits Politics! Guardian

U.S. financial statement flawed (says GAO)

Judge OKs First Enron - Related Settlement

Authorities Worried Al Qaeda May Use Cargo Planes in Attack

U.S. Warned on Alienating Central Europe

Iraqi Doctors Dispute Lynch Rape Claim

Ashtrays – the New Contraband

Conservative Commentator Tucker Carlson Joins PBS

Military Wins OK on Endangered Species

Standoff between United States and Brazil jeopardizes FTAA goal

War declared on resistance (L.A. Times restrains its writers' words)

Bush Expresses Sympathy for N.C. Jobless ( Interesting)

U.S. Wary of Candidate in Guatemala

CIA Says N.Korea Already Has 'Validated' Nuke

Citing complaints, church cancels peace luncheon

House GOP cutting Democrats' projects from big spending bill

London Police Bear Down for Bush Visit

Breaking news:Bush Promises to Defend New Abortion Law

Resistance Moves Freely in Sunni Triangle US Tactical Shift In Iraq Leaves

AP: Aide Says Saddam Tried Last-Minute Deal

Mcdonalds heiress leaves 200 million to NPR

Lynch: Military manipulated story

Gunshots Heard at Seized Manila Airport Tower

Gen Clark's Promise on Iraq

Nearly 300K Jobs Created in Past 3 Months

Drug Raid At S.C. High School

Viva la Bam!!!! I LOOOVE IT!!!!

He's too stupid for...

A note about divisibility on DU.

Can someone post the lyrics to those two country propaganda songs?

If you take a deep breath

Things I Want for Christmas: God-Jesus

Life is Just a Tire Swing.

Goin' To Boosh Country Tomorrow

Anyone have or have a link to the "waaambulance" graphic?

Frosty the Snowman was thrilled to be alive

I just had a major political conflagration with a friend... (Long post)

Name Removed

How long will this thread live?

Should I go to Idaho?

Quote Collection Thread

does any place near you sell 10 year old food?





Who makes you happy?

Spool Of Thread

Copycat Thread

Do you know the way to San Jose?

which rock-da-vote candidates admitted canibus intake?

Someone animated the * signing photo

need help to find death certificates of executed inmates

Its 1 PM here I am bored ask me anything .

Red Panax Ginseng extract


Ivan the Terrible, Russian Tsar---an essay I wrote

Michel Houellebecq

Sammy is getting neutered today..

Foreign Belly Dancers Fight Ban In Egypt

Singapore Policeman Gets Two Years for Oral Sex

Paris store offers stripping tips

Voter's Death The Deciding Factor In Election

Are 'concientious objectors' still allowed to avoid US draft?

Best history book read lately?

U.S Artists Dominate MTV Europe Awards

NYY scumbags in Roxbury District Court, today

Congrats to Magic Rat on 5000 posts.....

The Stork?

Study: Turtles Breathe Out Their ASS While Hibernating Through Winter

Pictures of your favorite halloween costume?

What is your geekiest guilty pleasure....

B movie cowboys

Why should people like you?

Does anyone know what it is that Prince Charles didn't do??

fischer-price's "my first post"


Has anyone ever heard of David Rose, from Vanity Fair??

why are fundies against birth control but not against

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy returns to radio!

Best "Good Morning" (etc.) in a movie?

Feds Obtain Restraining Order Against Super Spammers

I'm working on it, everyone...

Life begins at 30

Is Debra Messing on hiatus from "Will & Grace"?

Most Beautiful Breed Of God?

Why are freeps and other fundies obsessed with the Paris video nasty?

Who ya gonna call? "Freeper Busters"

DOes anyone have the CD by "Church of Secular Humanism"

What's the scoop on the Prince Charles scandal?

How are trolls handled here?


Media Whores Online takes another 2 months off, says "see you in 04."

Confused Howard Dean Campaigns for Enola Gay Rights

Just for fun...

Bush Joke

Lord of the Rings, the Return of the King

Howard Dean...

Jack Black was interviewed today on "Democracy Now"

The funniest thing i have seen in a long time

College Football Trivia

Pulp Fiction question - What was in the Briefcase?

Is this the dumbest-looking super hero you have ever seen?

here's a neat little time waster . . .

Have You Ever Faked An Orgasm?

Southern Baptists endorse 'utter servitude of women'; wives detained

WEEEEEEEE 3 Martini Lunch (Boss Paid For) And I Am Home From Work!

Hey DU, come give me a kiss - i'm 900 today

I am leaving for Texas tonight. Wish me luck.

Finnfan, you've just earned a week off... What are you going to do now?

question about becoming a "donor"

Porno, Scottish slang, and the 'c' word

Definition of hero...This is driving me crazy...

AGHGHGH! I need to vent... jump up and down... holler, scream, hiss!

What can you tell me about the Harmonic Concordance?

Patience is not my strong suit. Sent girlfriend dozen red roses.

Does anyone know of any books/works about Lysenko?

Man runs neighbors cat up flagpole - ahem

Where's the "Fair and Balanced Discussion Board"?

A little vignette about smoking.

Am I safe from identity theft now?

The Pubic Speaker of all CAPTIONS!!!!!

I've noticed some AWESOME new people posting this week

Oy...I think I have a crush on my lab partner....

Beer company order's halt to "Miller Time" campaign

Would you pay 11million for a bra and panties

I was thinking...

Hah! The topics are lined up so as to say:

How active are you with the Dems?

I actually LIKED Matrix Revolutions...although I hated Reloaded

I enjoy Thievery Corporation. Who else should I look into?

"Holy Mudhead, Mackarel! Morescience's disappeared!"

OPUS: The Movie

Anyone here a sperm bank nurse?

Thug Life

Church Sign Generator ...

I'm bored at work - You give me the answers and I'll tell you the question

A Norwegian infestation on the DU Lounge

National Get Rid Of That Bush Day

The Dunkin' Dollop of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Has anyone heard of the band 'Finger 11'?

How strong are your mouthgasms ? (you know...favorite foods)

How easy is it to confuse a beer drinker?

The Ulimate Unreliable Narrator Novel

She Likes Me...She Likes Me!!!

I nominate Slinkerwink to be the new Will Pitt

Time for a DU Presidential Cabinant thread

What Took Me So Long ?!? (A Thread for 'mats Fans)

VermontDem2004 NBA Power Rankings

I LIKED Matrix Revolutions...although I hated Reloaded [**SPOILERS**]

I just received this email to boycott "Mystic River"

OK, I think it's about time we had another Mallard Fillmore thread.

Favorite American Author

Russian Oil Giant Yukos Charged With Illegal Rabbit Mating

Sheer Madness Rules. Too many ignoramuses out there. They're

Favourite American Poet

The GREATEST Twilight Zone EVER -- "A Small Talent for War"

Kerry turned his wife on, but forgot to turn her off!

Is Scott Peterson a repug?

Who is your least favorite talk radio personality?

Post a picture of your congressman!

Two 'Partridge' Series Hatched for VH1

Build your own Double Feature!

Tough times force zoo to lay off elephants (thanks Don_G for link)

Need a gift for that hard to please person?

Post a picture of your city's mayor

The Clueless Gourmet of all CAPTIONS!!!!

How you doing?

Who has had appendicitis? Did it hurt like hell?

Anyone here ever have Mononucleosis????

Family portrait

"If you'd like to make a call, please hang up

My congressman just lost ALL my respect!

If you could steal one thing....


I Got Rear-Ended Last Night

You know, I have one simple request...

Something everyone must hear! Really surreal. LOL

america's army

So my boss went squirrel hunting

How Do You Feel About the Lakers?

Who can debunk this urban legend?

So if Conservatives are going to protest TV Movies that 'distort the truth

A bit of doggie spy humor

I just smoked my last cigarette....

I'm giving midterms next week. Ask Mr. Uly anything!

today's new hate radio advertisers 11/7

Movie Association Game: Get from Charlie Chaplin to Jim Carey in 7 moves

USA Today looks at the "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"

A fair and balanced book fair.

Oh no. I just joined the 700 club.

Sex -crazed nations: Where does U.S. rank? Where do YOU rank?

Movies about 'Taking back individual dignity from the machine..'

Check out Mike Peters new cartoon

If you're depressed...

Triplets Separated at Birth? Crow, Lane, Peterson

So I looked at a random page of Bill O'Reilly's new book

First Chapter of "The Clone Wars" cartoon tonight at 8PM ET

E-mail scam. What a crock!!!

Adnan Khashoggi to Alan Greenspan in four associations or less

Gregory Peck to Johnny Depp in 4 movies or less!

Homer Simpson vs. George Bush Sr. on right now!

Time for a Thank the Mods and Admin Thread

I'm on painkillers, ask me anything!

Nightly "What is the origin of that phrase?"

Go Cher! M. Signorele's column!

My cat is sittin on my back ask me anything!

My Greatest Crime

Movie Chain thread.

I'm "feeling lonesome tonight", (thanks Elvis!), keep me company please!

Radon mitigation works!

Another movie chain

I watched Vivien Leigh in "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone" this afternoon

Computer Question...

Must-read Ebert review about school shootings & the media

Does anyone out there believe that there is anyone out there? As in ET's

I just bought the Looney Toons Gold edition

Martinez: I was tired after 7th

(it's been a while, so...) THREE WORD POEM POST!

I have a nasty hangover: What should I do?

Should any/all of the Dem Prez candidates visit the American wounded?

I just spent 10 says on a semi truck driving 24 hrs nonstop 75 mph

As the world burns!! A weekly review/soap opera brought to you by=

It's 29 degrees Fahrenheit (-2 C) outsuide. Ask me anything.

Time for the gratuitous "Caddyshack" quotes thread!

I'm listening to the new Belle & Sebestian album, ask me anything.

I've just been dissed as "Mr. 50 Posts." Ask me anything.

Watch out Buckeyes

Life with Bonnie is a RIOT!

if Kucinich were President would would the FBI have to screen his dates?

How strong are your orgasms?

Microsoft has a history of overcharging its products...

Oh Man Now THAT is Cool!!!!!!!!!!

Movie Chain Thread Continued

The oddest place you ever had sex

To the mods: Can I vent without being mean?

You wanna bike?

Jake Morgendorffer: Compelling!!!

Tuh-MAY-toe or tuh-MAH-toe?

Watching VH-1 Goes Inside: Southpark

I'm listening to internet radio - Axe Me Anything?

Greta Garbo to Queen Latifah in four movies or fewer!

nvidia or ATi?

Joan of Arcadia

There's a little black spot on the sun today.

A turkey sat on a backyard fence

my new favorite band

STILL casting the DU soap opera: Whooooo's the transvestite, schizophrenic

My mother doesn't want to see Mystic River

I think the British Royal Scandal involves Edward, not Charles

Am I the only Ohioan tired of LeBron James?

The program director of KRLA Radio in L.A. wants me to send him a tape

I went to a (gay) bar last Saturday and did NOT get carded!

Curley Howard to Leslie Howard in four movies or less!

Movie Chain Thread

What I think I am going to do

Should I get really wasted tonight?

I am listening to old Bruce Springsteen! Ask me anything.

A question for Corona drinkers

Toast to the Mods!

I am sorry but bye

Wow, no kudo's from DU for being a good guy

I am just lost with this crowd


Jane Eyre

Has anyone seen 'Elephant'?

Can We Get Some "Point-Counterpoint" Debates Going on DU?

The most loony right wing site yet

What's your favorite kick ass heroine?

Best site to download music legally?

Ah, Madeline Kahn! I love her!

On CNN just now, 8:45 EST, was reported that Prince Charles IS

What do you collect?

What are the best national anthems?

Did Eminem say it best or what

It's Harmonic Concordance Eve! Ask me anything...

Tell me... About launching a web site

Do you shop at Wal-Mart and Sams Club?

I heard the Matrix sucked. Is it true?

What's the best candy bar?

Wal-mart spending Billions for RFID

How come mental health providers never diagnose the same thing twice?

Whew, Two Temporary Detention orders in 2 hours

Peterson is guilty! Are you all so blind????

Is "Dark Shadows" about to rise again?

The Sperm Bank

What would you keep from your childhood?

Have you ever posted a thread that gets zero replies?

Favorite Novel in Translation

How old are you?

Make your own church sign

CNN: Moon to turn Red

Your favorite Soda?

teachers, I need your student teacher stories

I'm bored. Entertain me. Post URLs here!

The Ents Are Here!

43,500 POUNDS Of Hot Dogs Catch Fire On Highway

Am I the only one that thinks poetry has no artistic merit?

Time for another first name thread!!!!!!

Losing The New Europe

Blumenthal: Look Away, Dixieland

68 things about Reagan the GOPerverts want buried

Happy Uranus Station and Harmonic Concordance!

Cartoon fun: Guess who I am!

"Moderator" DU name?

No National UAW Endorsement - Locals Free to Choose

On Now..PBS - Special Forces (their role in unconventional war)

On CNN just now, 8:45 EST, was reported that Prince Charles IS

Does anyone know what is the new royal scandal is?

Bill Maher on HBO now

"Everyone makes up their own mind ...

How can we do well in the South without nominating DINOs?

Kucinich speech at the University of Washington

The McLaughlin Group depressed the hell out of me tonight....


how will the other "top-tier" candidates react to Dean opting out?

what really happened to jessica?

Prediction Thread: How Do You Think the Primaries Will Play-Out?

Wal-Mart/Sam's Club

Where are the jobs ?

New New York Poll puts Liberman on top

Where can I get vide of of the Rock the Vote debate?

Aren't American Children used to seeing Guns in Schools?

Do you remember the Marsh Arabs?

If it were the Dems in control, would you favor 1-party rule?

How can Younger voters go Repuke?

BBV: Machine Takes One Vote In 100 From Candidate - WashPost

Here we go again...My Take on GREENS running in the General Election

Math Problems in an Education 'Miracle' (Disputed Houston Data)

Japan inches towards meaningful democracy

6 US soldiers die in Iraq Copter Crash

SDF troops to crank up firepower for Iraq duty (Report from Japan)

With a U.S. Nod, Turkey Says It Won't Send Force to Iraq [new york times]

Cops raid High School with guns drawn

Chavez Alleges Plot to Topple Government (weapons ammo platique cash)

Arabs Bristle at Bush*s Speech on Democracy

Charges Revived Against Jordanian Student (Jail OK'd for 911 Witnesses)

GOP Plans 'Marathon' on Judicial Nominations

U.S. Retaliates After Black Hawk Crash

Frist Freezes Senate Probe of Prewar Iraq Data

Saddam offered to hold elections to avoid war with US

Does anyone know what is the new royal scandal is?

What is this "Royal scandal" anyway?



Movie Thread #5

Have you ever been confused about your sexuality?

New Movie Thread

Which Royal do you Least want to Visualize being involved in the Scandal?

Scitentific Studies

Yeah, about to hit 600 ask me anything.

Do you shop at Big Lots?

Candy Crowley & Twilight Zone episode "Apology"