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Archives: November 5, 2003

To Honor The Dead (student political paper column)

Salon: Craven Broadcasting System

Corporate Crime Acts Like a Thief in the Night

Charley Reese: Don't trust the government

Confessions of a serial killer: Gary Leon Ridgway

Death by Optimism

George Bush is a liar: impeach him

Confederate Flog -- The new bum rap on Howard Dean

2 good Benson (Ariz Republic) cartoons about Iraq

Misperceptions on the war ( Dem errs from Dem leaning Brookings Inst.)

Chinook Down --Sounds Like Vietnam

Lost Lives - Dismal predicament

The New Mentality

Salon: Waiting for the Command to Start Killing Americans

Kuttner: Growth Without Benefits

Gene Lyons: 'Tout sheet for 2004 Democratic race'

Criminalizing the Mentally Ill --Prisons as Mental Institutions

Stars and Stripes: Letter from a military spouse (Must be a better way)

Plaid Adder - Taking Our Country Forward

Buck Doesn't Stop With President Bush

"Bush is a neoconservative"--Interesting neocon/PNAC article

User Friendly takes a swipe at Diebold.

Is Washington playing the blame game on Iraq?

How Cool Is This Political Cartoon?

Saint Ronald

Help me out -- link to my blog

Stop Ted Stevens (R-AK) from Endangering Marine Habitats!

Newspaper convicted for 'offending president' - Algeria

DU in the news

ACTION ALERT! Tell MSNBC to Bring Back Phil Donahue!

167 to 5, a record any NBA team would dream of having

Lets call conservatives whom blindly follow Bush, "Collaborators"

Astronomers find nearest galaxy to the Milky Way

Debka file: worth reading. Reporting attacks threatened on NY, DC

Streisand on CBS caving in to political operatives on Regan & not JFK

Amazing Professional Quality Astrology from the Astrologers In This Room

Crank Dot Net... "Cranks Crackpots Kooks & Loons On The Net"

Big Mac! New Apple supercomputer is world's 3rd fastest, much cheaper.

A comment on the State of The World

I do NOT believe in precognition, fortune telling, astrology and such, BUT

Rulerships in Politics...

What do you think is the most powerful word...

A historic night in Cleveland Heights Ohio

Maine Upholds Co-Parenting For Gay Couples

Why is Ashcroft not chasing 2000 election fraud - Diebold memo's "confess"

'The bones of our ancestors belong with us'

What will you do if the abortion ban is upheld by the courts?

U.S. producers reaped mad-cow profits

Off-shoring a done deal

Environmentalists Dislike Energy Bill

High Court blocks 'ghost ships' work

China's Toxic Boom - NYT

(DEM) Senate Effort to Further Regulate Energy Markets Defeated

GM Will Offer Full-Size SUV Hybrids - In 2007

ACTION ALERT! Don't let Ted Stevens destroy undersea habitat!

Fast Food Embracing Animal Welfare

N.J. looking to wind turbines for renewable energy

Who needs a receiver when a finger will do? 1st wristwatch telephone

Antidepressants Show Up In Freshwater Fish - Nature

A truly maddening question:

PRC's (China) crash is inevitable, warns Terrill

Nuclear Bunker Busters, Mini-Nukes, and the US Nuclear Stockpile

Namibia land grab threat

Iraqi Writer Criticizes Arab Intellectuals Supporting Terrorist Attacks

'Why should I lift my veil just to vote?' - India

Christopher Hitchens restates case for Iraq War

Bill O'Really supports total gun control

States Question 'Supermax' Prisons

Even More Voices For Gun Control

Incase you missed it

GUNS IN THE NEWS--November 5, 2003

I've got a REAL PROBLEM with gum nuts......

The "Pink Pistols" Peculiar "Enemies List"

Here's a good website for gun crime statistics

((((Do not start threads to continue flame wars.))))

"Real" firearms control

NRA Blacklist Is A Badge of Honor

Clarification on profanity please

Kudos, Raves, Praise to TSIAS

Is there still a moratorium for the Confederate

About that immortal thread...

FYI to admins: LGF is smearing DU as anti-American.

Candidate avatars?

HEY! Where's the lounge?

Tech Issues FAQ

DU is acting screwy today.

This thread violates the "no continuing flame wars" rule

Admin, I have a question about locking a thread...

Found Far Right site link on DU Links pages

I'd like to request that my thread be locked

A question about locked threads

Skinner, this is the kind of thread to which I was referring...

I have a suggestion re: latest thread postings and making DU

What is the appropriate response to an oversized sig line?

Why is my time stamp off by several hours?

Who are the moderators of the Politics and Campaigns forum?

Following rules or censorship RE: Dean/Confederate Flag

Question about non-LBN headline use

Question about placement

Is satire allowed in GD?

GD mods, why was this thread locked?

Question about mod schedule

How do I get a little yellow star?

So let me get this straight

Is it illegal to repost the same post on a different thread?

follow up question

Which Rule Did This Thread Violate?

Suggestion for the Gun Dungeon / J & PS...

Will DU have an official presence at the (D) Convention in Boston?

Suggestion for yet another DU forum (just a thought)

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Unltd): Seize the moment

Security wall will destroy Mid East peace process

American Muslims Told to Leave Major U.S. Cities


Banal messages in bad English by Sharon Sadeh

Australia to Illegalize Hamas - November 4, 2003

Israeli refusenik soldier jailed

Oh my gawwd...New Republic says the Wall is necessary in Israel

Arms sales to Israel breach guidelines - England

Europe apologises to Israel for poll

Israel destroys US-built wells

Take risks for peace rather than hatred, Ashrawi urges Sydney...

Israeli refusenik soldier jailed

New Battlefield Hospital A Smash

Question on matching funds

I just got back from time traveling to Nov '04... ask me anything

First woman and first Democrat elected mayor of Lawrence, Indiana

Historians of DU--- A question for you all

mp3 - Rock The Vote Democratic Candidates Debate (11/4/03)

"Confederacy of Dunces"

Who has been a delegate? What was you experience like?

US Senate profiles in 'courage'?

My congratulations to Akron Mayor (and Dem) Don Plusquellic

Kerry thinks the Confederate flag should be on trucks...

Clark in Atlanta Thursday 11/13

Ohio governor Bob Taft must be scared - he announced

Dean surpasses Kerry in raising funds in Bay State

The Other 'Confederacy of Dunces'

AFSCME straw vote

Amusing note from the Ohio Portage County election results

kerry-- fighting to protect small investors

Indiana mayoral results--some good news

A Look at GOP Progress in Swing States (Pew Center)

The Reality of Dean's Comments

Doomsayers misjudge this President(Canada Post view of Dem 9)

My fellow Democrats, I invite your comment:

Nagin, Landrieu exchange words

Decision '03: Gay Wins & Losses

Another great election night for Democrats here in the South

Kerry to speak at Bob Jones University?

I want to commend

Clark slams the MIC and the "American Empire"

Green Party Candidate in Run-Off for San Francisco Mayor

YES!! Dean just apologized

Cooper Union address (video)

The Candidates at Planned Parenthood Forum - Live Webcast on now.

Congressman LaTourette, R-OH, files for divorce

Southern Politics...and the Courage of Howard Dean's Candidacy

How will we "officially" nominate a candidate?

kerry-- lifelong record taking on special interests

The Kerry File

Dennis Kucinich's conversation with the Washington Post

Cool Kucinich Fundraiser - New York City

Kerry, Gephardt, Clark: Opt-In or Opt-Out of Matching Funds?

2006 Governor's Races: Democrats Need to Take the Strongholds

Anybody else get the impression of a Kerry/Edwards deal?

AOLer's, got a poll for ya!

If wingers can threaten CBS why can't we boycott Clear Channel...

One more reason Dean will have it tough in the south

Should pro-lifers be kicked out of the Democratic Party?

People from Ohio are invading the South: Retiring &Starting Big Ten Clubs!

Interesting Local Take on Flag Issue

Do you see moderate Republicans leaving their party in the future?

Speaking of a Dean/Clark Ticket...check this out from MSNBC

Vote on Janice Rogers Brown Tomorrow

Edwards debate line translated to good ole boy.

Forget Dean and Clark, then who do you like?

I think Dean was RIGHT in his comments about the Confederate Flag

Has a military hero ever lost a presidential election besides McGovern?

Who is public enemy number one?

Are repubs accidents or

What killed the M1 tank?

Bush in Iraq: A B-School Case Study

Propaganda in a Democratic Society - by Aldous Huxley

Dear God! Haley Barbour shook my hand!

BBV on Wisconsin Public Radio on Wed. morning

Has MS been called for Haley Barbwhore yet?

What someone in my on-line class posted.

Questions about Philadelphia

BBV: If you haven't visited these two web sites lately,

Anybody else watching the CMA awards program...

anyone here attending Dean's speech at Cooper Union tomorrow?

Rethugs bitch about touchscreen machines, get asses kicked in V A

Need more input on my protest CD.

Just wait until this "treasonous memo" BS really starts taking off

Why Dean remarks plays well in South

TV Guide, Nov. 8-14 The Robin's Report on Daily Show ratings (via a blog)

Bush sure changed the tone in Washington

Wouldn't a more honorable way to win the south, be to run a military man?

Tony Kushner in Mother Jones

Alert: Conferees appear to be done with Energy (corporate giveaway) bill

About the now-infamous Starpass post

Hunters are just alright with me

Debate re-playing now on CNN for those who missed it earlier.

so let me tell you just how stupid voters are . . .

Edwards held a fundraiser at a Confederate site in SC earlier this year

Look closely at this photo----both Kucinich and Clark have on same outfit

Where can I find a schedule of the Debates?!

Musgrove 45%, Barbour 0%???

Bloomberg jabs at Guiliani on race

Rush the Bastards? (Good idea here!)

Why do a lot of pro-Bush states still have Democratic legislatures?

BBV: Bev Harris coming up in 30 minutes on

Explain to a Canuck what you're all voting on today?

Bernie Ward talking about "The Reagans" now

Bonds pass in San Antonio!

Seattle - Will council voting be District instead of city-wide? NO! YAY!

A split among Black liberals?

Rock the Vote Commercials

Greens and Dems to Runoff for SF Mayor

HELP! I need Bush* quotes

Cher calling C-SPAN about mutilated soldiers at Walter Reed?

Just heard.........

What did Haley Barbour do in 1992 to get the racist tag?

Clark praises Dianne Feinstein -- Clark/Fienstein?

Bernie Ward is

How bad was tonight for Gephardt?

L.A. City Beat Alternative Newspaper: MOCK THE VOTE (BBV cover story)

Dean's campaign finance vote maneuver = dropping the hammer

Salon: Rocking Dean

I was shocked by Sharpton and Edwards tonight.

Dallas: We're takin' care of Rush

CBS-Reagan movie (letter writing campaign?)

2004 slogan suggestions...

If Congress legalizes Civil Unions, will it become the new target of freep

Can Democrats win the Conservative White Vote?

Was Lieberman

"Notorious G.O.P."

Dems sweep Allegheny County (Pittsburgh) PA

Primary Gift To Bush?..(From McAuliffe)

Howard Dean Supporters...Please Answer This For Me

Did any incumbents win re-elect to Seattle School Board? NO! YAY!

Was Zell Miller a DLC plot?

How many of our DU office seekers won???


Robert Scheer, How Many Body Bags?

Why is Andrew Sullivan picking on Democratic Underground?

Mississippi Election Results- Thread #4

Sharpton is the only candidate to have been found guilty of race-baiting

Empathy: What Candidate Has It?

"This station has just been sold to Clear Channel"

GOP set to push judicial nominee (Maryland - heads up!)

Have you sent a care package? (Sullivan cherry-picking alert)

Is your local cable company giving free air time to Republicans?

So much for only Clark can win nonsense, Dean does better - poll

Republican Gubernatorial Wins: License to Redistrict?!?

Today's Song Dedication - The Byrds - Draft Morning

Washington Journal: Frank Lautenberg on now (7:45 a)

Terror Permit Application - US Sanctioned Terror

Next Years Election question. How will we win in '04?

Daytona Beach Elects It's First African American Mayor.....

Why was turnout so low ?

The bumper sticker on my SUV says "No blood for oil"

I'll be attending Dean's speech @ Cooper Union in 2 hours… ask me anything

More Broward ballots undeliverable than cast by mail

CSpan phone calls open for Dean's Confederate Flag comments

Synopsis.... Races, Ballot Items Around the Nation on Tuesday

Bush Ignores Soldiers' Burials

CSPAN callers voice overwhelming support for Dean's comments

BBV: UserFriendly picks up the Electronic Voting thread...

BBV hits another cartoon site

BBV: User Friendly Web Site Cartoon

whoa... what happened.. DU shrunk

Tell me again why the North shouldn's secede!!??

Americans are not buying that Iraq is the "central front" in war on terror

Could Someone Explain Our "Southern Strategy"..............again??

44% say they’ll vote against Bush

Hurry! Get your American Terror Application Now!

NYC Defeats Bloomberg's Idiotic Measure!

Should Dean Accept Federal Matching Campaign Funds?

The lies spew forth like effluvia projectiles, while the Bushbots ....

"I learnt my lesson!"

Kerry won crap tonight. Dean won this debate.

Diebold reference in today's User Friendly comic strip!

Americans are not buying that Iraq is the "central front" in war on terror

Any thoughts on this Intelligence memo from the Democrats?

Muslim Man deported by U.S. was tortured in Syria

wooOOooo vicious former GOPer! "President Boooosh. We Are “In A Pickle”"

Americans are not buying that Iraq is the "central front" in war on terror

Why America's plutocrats gobble up $1,500 hot dogs

We're from the just ignore us, insult us, condescend to us...

Senator Tom D on NPR. Listen in now!!!

What memo is John Corzine (D-NJ) talking about in C-Span-2(10:43 a.m.)?

Colin Quinn

Non-Dean supporters: Should Dean opt out of FEC Matching Funds

Poll: Was tonite's vote Good News, Bad News or "Eh"?

Dean says Graham on "short list" for VP

Astonishing turnout in Maine election

Dumping a giant turd on the doorstep of my Benefits...

Licensed to Kill

Haley Barbour winning in Miss. isn't a Democratic Failure!

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R) Ky

The Patriot Act goes topless

To Ronnie Musgrove...may the road rise to meet you.

Three election days in a row: more americans voted dem than rethug

BLAH...I just saw the commercial for Lynch movie...

That Hannity drivel is front page news at!?!?!?

Cutting military services = a cut in pay

25% turnout for our city elections yesterday.

This election day shows a deep divide in the country

First gay African American mayor elected in Palm Springs

What are the problems in your region of the country North-South-West-East

Despite Kentucky and Mississippi, Democrats had a good night

The Governors Landscape

Is Dean still a viable VP choice?

Andrew Sullivan and FreeRepublic

Kerry and Edwards must be honing their leadership skills in Private

TvNewsLies Web Cast to start at noon ET, Empty Argument of Bush Supporters

If freepers voted their pocket books and supported a Dem would that be OK?

Tippecanoe County, Indiana-In your FACE, ReTHUGlicans!

I tend to think Dean opting out of matching funds is a good idea

Yesterday did seem like a bad day.

Oops, Turkey not sending in troops?

Was it a good idea for Gephardt to skip the debate last night?

Oh my gawwd...New Republic says the Wall is necessary in Israel

Local DC News Is Talking About Electronic voting problems

Why is Andrew Sullivan mentioning Democratic Underground?

Why we lost KY and MS

Terry McAuliffe must go.

what did John Edwards mean by this statement?

Tell CBS they suck!

Please to remember the 5th of November

Question for Dean supporters

Soldiers' Homecoming and 'private lifestyle'

We need celebrities

Conservative Talk Radio: 12 Step Recovery: from Common Dreams

Dean supporters only: should Dean opt out of FEC Matching Funds?

Latest Consumer Comfort Poll--No "Bump"

A call to racists: come join the Democratic party

If Iraq is similar to Vietnam, when will we have our Dien Bien Phu?

Rebel Flags, "Bring 'em On" and why Democrats are so Boring

If you liked Florida you'll love Fairfax County.

Geez...Spinsanity attacks both sides of the ideological spectrum

Republicans already giving credit to Bush's policies for governorships

Clark bashing by the redummys

C-Span-2 John Rockefeller talking about memo (11:32 a.m. ET)

Stop the war tomorrow (in one day)

How to turn myth making on its head

DK's remarks at the debate last night

Polls show great majority of Lemmings wish to go over cliff

Schools choosing almighty dollar over health of kids

Reasons to join the Republican Party

We will find how big gun control is in the primary if.....

Is it possible to agree to disagree

this shows why Dean should not apologize

Freeper Facts

Subtle logo change at CNN

Forget impeaching Bush...impeach Cheney

Yet another propaganda trick in play.

Flag Police segment on The Daily Show

Dr. Noam Chomsky at CCSU

Kerry introduces legislation to protect investors from mutual fund abuses

Dean blasts Jeb Bush & Florida legislature over Schiavo case

"The sailors told him to prance around in a flight suit"?

I was impressed with all the candidates last night and feel hopeful

A BAD night in Seattle and Washington state...

Kristof: WH Lied About Zogby/Iraq Polling....

AP: Dean Regrets Pain of Confederate Flag Remark


dupe-mods please lock

I predict---McKinney vsDean vs Bush and a devastating loss

DNC Winter Meeting: Gov. Dean gets ovation after flag remarks

How much is Bush loving signing this bill?

Dean Seeks Political Cover For Breaking Spending Caps

Is it better to run as an "underdog" or the favorite ?

I just read the most useless article at Salon

Excellent new Clark interview from WaPo online.

Energy Secretary Just Assumed Cabinet Knew He Did Porn Films In The '80s

Don't have a mini-series on Reagan...just document the truth...

anyone know how to go about sending care pkgs to the troops in Iraq?

Dems should nominate either Clark or Edwards

Greg Nickels is taking over the Seattle City Council

Canada's new cash crop: marijuana

Federal Judge Well May Soon Issue Injunction to Block Abortion Ban

Hey! Anderson Cooper did a GREAT job! Yes??

Am I the only one who fails to see the memo leak as a scandal?

Bush in Iraq: A B-School Case Study - This is a great article!

I apologize for making an inappropriate statement about the confederate

Dean's birthday party

Charlie Rangel just called on Rumsfeld to resign. . .

WA State's Ergonomics Reform I-841 is defeated...YAY!

I really think it's time to start thinning the pack

Good luck to Lorne Calvert and the Saskatchewan NDP today.

Possible Republican campaign mail fraud?

Clark Chat on the WaPost -Transcript here

Bush just handed Christian Right a huge Trophy!!!

William Saletan defends Dean – rips Sharpton & Edwards

When Andrew Sullivan or WSJ link to us

FYI: List of contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan

Quick question - "Memogate"

Returd In Chief Signs Abortion Ban!

Faux doing infomercials now??

Dean against the world?

started painting a new political piece

Has anyone ever seen Zell Miller speak on the Senate floor?

SF'ers!! Runoff vote:

What is the deal with MWO?????

Anti-Bush Ad Campaign

Is there any subject left that Democrats and Republicans can agree on?

Why Southern Baptist will play hard ball this year

Tom Joyner Morning Show: J. Jackson Jr. on Dean and 2004

WTF? Wolfowitz's middle name is "Dean"

Even if Dean or Kerry or Clark et al. wins will it be a Phyrric victory?

Freepers passing petition..who is Col. Allen West anyway?

Is Dean the most liberal?

Bush signing abortion bill now (1:30 PM ET)

I would love to have Terry McAulife (sp?)'s frequent flyer miles...

Is it possible or allowed to have a non-flame anti-Dean discussion?

A VERY noticable shift in my district

Bush signs bill, sentences thousands of pregnant mothers to death.

aWol could have gotten an Al Queda leader from Iraq,pre-war.

VT Poll: Bush Approval rating 42%, Dean leads Bush 50-38%

Local team of Dems ousts Repub incumbents on school board!

mid-week rant

Anyone watching Inside Politics.

Clark has overtaken Dean in the "Blogger Primary"

Environmentalists and hunters...

Green Party canidate in 2004

america's terrorist training school in the state of Georgia

Clark - NPR Interview - Background on his values, personality

re: the anti troop posts here do you still believe we weren't spat on?

So Where were all the Dean voters last night?

NOW are we allowed to talk to the "guys with rebel flags on their trucks?"

More good news from Ohio

Can someone give me good background on Kerry?

I just got back from Dean's Cooper Union (NYC) speech – ask me anything

Opportunity knocks. Any Austin DU'er wanna start a concrete co?

Wolf Blitzer poll: Is the Green River Killer case plea bargain justified?

171,000 plus jobs lost in Oct (anyone know when Unemployment # due out)

Sanders -- America's Biggest Export is Jobs

Remember when the Confederate flag was an issue in 00?

It looks as if the Draft May Be On...

Election 2004 Scenario #4: Kerry/Bush/McKinney

Election 2004 Scenario #2: Clark/Bush/McKinney

Remember all of those terror alerts just before ChimpCo started the war?

So...The US is gonna hire Saddam's henchmen

SUBJECT EDITED: Crossfire's over now

LMAO, look at this article defending Fox News--some people have no shame!

Will RepuKKKes vote in our primaries in big numbers?

Orrin Hatch says he talked Reagan into giving Stinger missiles to Osama

Election 2004 Scenario #1: Dean/Bush/McKinney

Dem candidate

Quote of the day

Did anyone just see Dean sort of apologize on CNN?

A new book with a title you won't believe

Dennis (Kucinich) the Menace

Michael Belkin is telling his clients to bail on the stock market --

If Freepers are really helping Dean online, wouldn't they vote against the

The "How quickly will this thread die?" thread is fast approaching 1000!

GOV. DEAN'S statement transcript on the flag issue

My Bush in 2004 meetup was cancelled!!!

Just Curious, Who Here DOESN'T Agree With Dean's comments?

Dean/Clark ---it's starting to make sense

I gotta hand it to Mr. Dean...

ABC reporting

Great Idea for a new animated sitcom!!!!

You know what I think is so damned sad?

You can mess with Jesus, but not Ronnie

Great idea for a new animated sitcom!

Clark and the Gender Gap

Connection? Leak /Failure to Avert War

US Soldiers may not be the "good guys" but they are still my guys.

End of BushCo Updates Needed--BBV,Traitorgate,Hutton WMD & 9/11 Inquiries?

Now lead article in NYTimes:Iraq Made 11th Hour Appeal to Avert War!

Which candidate would the Repukes least like to face in 2004?

Dean Supporters - Listen up!

Who was the last Senator to be elected President? I recall many Governors

Lookee folks! Show your "Support " to Rush's Sponsors!!!

National Geographic on PBS . . .

Illegal Immigration

Saskatchewan polls just closed...

Words truly worth pondering

Toronados ripping the DC-MD area.

CBS: Up To 30,000 Reservists being called up

At least Dean didn't tell black voters to "get over it!"

A Thought On Draft Deferments

"I had no idea so many had died!"

ABC Talking about the Peace Deal that fell through

A Really, Really Honest Question About The South

this makes me want to vomit re: abortion ban

Fiance killed (in Iraq) days before wedding - Heartbreaking photo

HA! Showtime to give free preview during the weekend the REAGANS will air!

Donald Regan said Nancy color-coded Ronnie's days by astrology

Hardball: Tweety on Dean and Democrats in the south...

Texans are Pro Pollution (censure new text books)


The Two Percent Solution by Matt Miller

Why I will support Clark

Fletcher's House seat

Ken Salazaar

If Dean survives flag comment I think he will be our nominee

Dean's Confederate Flag Flap now on PBS News Hour!

Inside the numbers of the Philadelphia Mayor's Race

Dean's Sistah Soulja moment?

Can Dean Admit When He Makes A Mistake?

Election 2004 Scenario #3: Lieberman/Bush/McKinney

Chimpy's "Culture of Life" and the death penalty

Are there any Hillary supporters on DU?

Barf fest on Buchanan and Press: Zell Miller

Congressional blackmail behind the pulling of the Reagan mini series.

Why preserve a unified Iraq?

LIVE Webcast tonight at 7PM EST Dem Pres Candidates on Womens's Issues!

"This is a Conservative Country"

The return of the Draft and Us

"Liberal Thinking: A Reply to a Conservative"

Blast from the past audio (for masochists only)

Clark supporters... an honest question

GO NDP!!!!!!

Dean "Hiding In The Grassroots" On Campaign Finance

Slashdot strikes again - BBV

I was 13 years old, living in a small Mississippi town, when

Confederacy of dunces: Salon on the gangup on Dean.

Lying is better than delusion ... NYTimes

If you haven't seen QuestionW yet, why not?


Did the Green River Killer receive justice?

There was another debate tonight???

On NOW...PBS..."Reporting America At War"

Which headline would you most want to see in your morning paper?

Today's DU Front Page....

These Lynch movie ads make me want to puke

Peltier denied request for parole hearing (Denver Fed Court)

Dean to appear on 4 morning news shows tomorrow

Blue state economy -vs- red states

Important message on BBV

Who was the last governor from the NE to win the presidency?

Our party needs leadership: Paging Al Gore!

"The quandary for Mr. Bush,

Presidential face off: Best of the 20th century

Why say "I approved this ad" in campaign ads?

Does anyone here think aWol will agree to debate

Two assumptions I just can't entertain that are held by Dean opponents

It's time for the Congress to admit they were duped on Iraq

Good day for a GENERAL STRIKE: December 12, 2003

I base MY vote on race, god, guns, and gays don't you?

Where does Clark stand on Unions and the Right to Organize?

On the issues: More Kucinich than Dean, More Green than Dem?

Flag issue is designed to derail Dean

CNN just aired a feel good comercial for Halliburton!

My opinion on the south

We should adopt a 50 state campaign strategy for 2004 (with a caveat)

Now, let me tell you who I am.

Is the right or left more powerful on the 'Net?

4 million christian conservatives didn't vote in 2000?

Watching tape of Rock The Vote, some observations:

a DU newbie's ideas on what we have to do to win in '04:

Wow...Great news!

Clark: The military should provide abortion services

Unofficial #2-Choice Straw Poll

If CBS had a controversial mini-series called: "The Clintons".....

The problem with making a movie about Reagan..

Can we really beat Bush?

Is it smart to judge people based on political affiliation?

Man, I feel totally bitter and defeated today....

Bush' s Pronouncement Today, And The Seperation Of Church And State

The most important part of this Dean flag fiasco

Where were all the millions of new young Dean supporters last night?

Dean Supporters - Just say No!

Assuming our nominee will win every state Gore did...

If Only I Had Been Gwen Ifill Tonight, LOL !!! --- Aaaarrgghhh !!!

We are losing Governorships, we lose everything!

How would you vote in SF Mayor's race: Green or Democratic?

Is the NRA a racist organization because of board members like Ted Nugent?

Will the draft include women?

Honest question about the south- NOT flame bait

PATRIOT act used against strip club

My PNAC Editorial will be in the latest Red Ink Magazine

Dean just adressed BBV in his speech !

How does a racist like Mark Furman get a job with Fox News?

Why CBS Canceled Reagan (Reagan and 9/11)

The Return of Irony

Lawmakers Seek To Halt Use of RU-486

Rush Limbaugh Poised To Return To The Dial

Are the vast majority of racists Republican?

Dean: "Don't base vote on race, god, guns, and gays"

NY DUers: What do you think of the Working Families Party?

Wanna help me interview Sidney Blumenthal?

Roger Hedgecock - Today's Substitute Idiot

I like seeing the guys in REM speaking out. Have you heard "Bad Day"?

Today marks a new beginning....

Which candidate will you not support against Bush

My repuke Congressman claims his marital infidelity is a "private issue."

A Britons view of the Democratic candidates.

Nobody Calls Victor Davis HANSON a Racist, But

South Carolina Reacts to Dean Comments

Edwards website provides new interactive electoral map

What would happen to the DLC if Dean did well in the South?

should the Dems write off the South?

WHEW! Read that 8 Page Series from the Globe on Kerry

What explains these self-contradictions in the DU world-view?

Major Gore speech to attack Bush Sun./ Contact CSPAN to cover

How different wold the US be today without Vietnam War?

THE EAGLES Rocking for Clark!

Blowout 2004: Dem 56%, Bush 44% ..Diebold, Diebold, what you gonna do?

Dean Confederate Flag Flap Not Yet Over...

Y'all are focused on the wrong dadgum flag!

On Candidates, Comfort Zones and Magical Thinking

Could Iraq War been averted?

Nobody who voted for Gore is going to vote for Bush! is Breslin Correct?

DU Unofficial Straw Poll

The shrub didn't lie?

9/11: The BCCI Connection

"I used to like what they said but they seem to be all for minorities now.

Sharpton to Host Saturday Night Live

That Hannity drivel is front page news at!?!?!?

Biggest Solar Flare Goes Off

Dean hopes to decline matching funds

GOP Lobbyist Barbour Wins Governor's Race

Judge is shot dead as Iraqis' hatred of occupiers grows

EU slaps $200m tariff on US imports

Religious Fervor Underpins Fight Vs. U.S.

Royal Marine dies in secret Iraq operation

HOUSE WATCH-11/5/2003 (#1-10:00)

SENATE WATCH-11/5/2003 (#1-9:30)

Gov Taps Donor For Top Court

Panel to See Prewar CIA Memos on Iraq ... White House Agrees on Release

White House Seeking Deal on Energy Bill

US not keen on UN arms inspectors in Iraq

Deibold sued by EFF and Stanfords Cyberlaw Clinic

EU slaps $200m tariff on US imports (Because of Bush tax cuts)

State ACLU director blasts oversight of jails in wake of meningitis death

'Guinea has blood on its hands'

Argentina determined to have Cuba in Mercosur

Lula seeks new agreement with IMF (Brazil)

Charges expected as Hicks isolated (Gitmo Tribunal)

NYT: Illegally in the U.S., and Never a Day Off at Wal-Mart

San Francisco OKs Most-Ambitious Minimum-Wage Law

Young Clark Supporters Launch Innovative New Website:

Three troops, three civilians killed in Iraq

FCC orders anti-piracy tech for TVs

Spanish Socialist leader says Uruguay better off with Mercosur

Two tourists on virus ship die

Insurgents Strike US Compound in Mosul

Yukos to blight Putin's Rome trip

Threat to revoke Yukos licenses

Glitches Prompt GOP Suit Over Fairfax Tabulations

Russia says U.N. inspectors must return to Iraq

Chicago Trib: Durbin: Guard aircraft shortchanged (Mom disputes Pentagon)

Iowa Republican Rep. Leach Questions Iraq Policy

Report: FBI Has New Sept. 11 Hijacking Suspect ("Fairly confident")

Voting Machines: Glitches Prompt GOP Suit Over Fairfax Tabulations (WP)

How Russian Oil Tycoon Courted Friends in U.S.(Carlyle Group connection)

Shirley Porter's 'assets frozen': Blair's Enron nightmare begins

Ulster County NY Democrats go from 8 to 16 in 33-seat County Legislature

Ergonomics rule repeal passing in early returns

Abortion Rights Group to Air Anti-Bush Ad

U.S. Faces Troop Pressure As Turkey Balks

Moqdata Sadr says "no political coordination" between him, Iran

The cost of training Iraqi police ($850 Million to DynCorp)

Mauritania protests quelled before poll

Senator Says U.S. Copters in Iraq Lack Proper Gear

Iraqi Insurgents Attack 'Green Zone' Area (US Baghdad zone)

Scientific McCarthyism: Is The Bush Admin Compiling a Hit List of AIDS Sci

Survey Shows Skepticism About Iraq

Clark Chat on the WaPost -Transcript here

Gunmen Kill Two Prominent Judges in Iraq

City Votes Down an Effort to End Party Primaries

Waiting for the command to start killing Americans

Iraq situation 'calm' says Hoon

Attacks Intensify in Mosul; Iraq Seeks Reconciliation With Turkey

Live From Baghdad: Ordinary Iraqi Speaks Out: “The U.S. Has No Intention

Baath official hurt in Kirkuk attack

UK - Arms Sales To Israel Breach Guidelines

Federal judge in Nebraska blocks late-term abortion ban

FDA panel: Data not in on safety of clones' food

US alerting more troops for Iraq duty-general

Glitches Prompt GOP Suit Over Fairfax Tabulations

U.S. Congress votes to suspend all aid to Venezuela if links to FARC are p


Possible Deal Aborted? U.S. Government Spurned Peace Talks Before the War

Israeli refusenik soldier jailed

Iraqi Mayor's Term Ends; Dilemma Doesn't

NBC Rescues Jessica Lynch Again, Critics Pounce (but Reagans gets pulled)

3 Americans Given Top Post At Russian Oil Giant (Yukos)

"Muscular Progressivism" [article about "Uncovered: The Whole...]

Syria Urges U.S. to Pull Troops From Iraq

Officials Say U.S. Has No Plans for Iraqi Paramilitary Forces

French ease guilt over revenge killing

Gaddafi tests positive

Record Loss Of Ozone Over Antarctica This Year

Dems rally to 'recall Bush'

“I Find That A Travesty” - Joseph Wilson On Reports the White House May

Southern Baptists Prepare For Gay 'War'

Race Seen As Factor in Miss. Elections

Female tribal leader offers hope for Iraq

Insurgents Strike U.S. Compound in Mosul

Iraqi city on strike over growing chaos, interim chief plans visit to Turk

US senators say Halliburton to lose Iraq gasoline business

PATRIOT ACT: Law's use causing concerns (strip club owner)

School Mourns Deaths Of Alumni In Iraq

U.S. Plans for Marines to Return to Iraq ( six months between tours)

Crucial PG&E design information goes to Thailand (Outsourced)

DJ White House Opposing Pension Relief Sought By Airlines

How Russian Oil Tycoon Courted Friends in U.S. - NYT

No Chemical Agents Found in Arty Shells - Salon (AP)

Laura (Bush) condoned twins' brewhaha (New book reveals)

Breaking: Bush speaking CNN, Anti-Abortion Circle jerk

‘No Link Between Democracy and Terrorism’ (Naif- SA)

Some Nuke Arms Cut in Congressional Talks

Bremer backs Iraqi-led paramilitaries

One in 7 Americans agree with Bush on Iraq

Iraq Made 11th-Hour Appeal to Avert War, Intermediaries Say

Activist Likely to Lead Cal/EPA (Arnold appoints another conservationist)

US saddened by European "retaliation" on tax row

USAToday: Dean set to get major union endorsement (SEIU)

Buck Doesn't Stop With President Bush

Wild Cards Could Determine Campaign 2004 (3rd Party Candidates)

Syria tells US to leave Iraq to end violence

Why anti-US fighting grows in Iraq

Carson soldier faces charge of cowardice

Nugent compares himself to Rosa Parks.

Contractor Quits Abortion Clinic Project

U.S. Has People Problem In Iraq

Injury rate for reservists on rise (Non-hostile injuries)

EPA Reviews Air Pollution Investigations

Judge Says He May Block Abortion Ban

Colombia President Says He's Not Quitting (So Stop Saying That!)

Robert Byrd:A High Price for a Hollow Victory [Speech by Sen. Robert Byrd]

Mexico Clears Way for (Dirty War) Abduction Arrests

Because they could...

Rage erupts over profiteering clause (The Hill)

Crude oil futures skyrocket Nov 5, 2003

Democrats LOSE Kentucky, Mississippi Governorships!!!

Fox Asks New Mexico for Migrant Protection

New FBI Rules Relax Some Restrictions (Lurking Ashcroft Alert)

Appeal for draft board volunteers revives memories of Vietnam era

Israel destroys US-built wells

Judge Lets Parents Challenge Guardianship of Terri Schiavo

Deported Terror Suspect Details Torture in Syria (Canadian by CIA)

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq (Daily update just released)

At Least Four Shot at Boston Bus Station

Prominent Democrat Calls For Rumsfeld To Resign

43,000 Alerted for Duty in Iraq (NYT)

US to cut troop strength in Iraq

Where The Wounded Go - 7700 and rate rising not declining

Missouri River Scientists Pulled [off] Project

Vacancy Rate Low for Federal Courts (* on record pace confirmations)

CBC calls it - NDP win Saskatchewan

Embedded reporters 'sanitised' Iraq war

US Agencies Surf for Translators

Dean Set to Get Major Union Endorsement (Service Employees International U

Spotlight on war in the shadows (Gray Fox & The Activity)

Bush to Sign Partial Birth Abortion Ban

Huge weapons cache found

Army negotiating to replace Halliburton as oil importer

Clark - on Bush Signing Ban on Late Term Abortion Bill

Name-calling row erupts at UN

Germany considers giving kids the vote

Bush To Give Major Speech Thurs On Spreading Democracy

Microsoft to place bounty on virus writers

Royal marine killed by Iraqi hostile fire

AP: Republicans Gain in Critical Swing States

Rush Limbaugh poised to return to the dial (Nov. 17)

Censorship of Documentary by Amnesty International Sparks Campaign of Supp

Iraq tried to offer a last minute peace solution prior to the war

Lawyers at E.P.A. Say It Will Drop Pollution Cases

Intel Chair Roberts: Dem Memo May Have Compromised Terror War

Great Simpsons episode on!

What happened to ZombyPolls #6 to #23 and #25 to #33?

AOL translator

I'm taking a nap

Clinton Dances With School Children

If you have the runs really bad, is it ok to crap in the shower?

Kick ass Spider-wallpaper

Bumper Stickers

What's so great about California?

What the hell?

Another reason Canada rocks!

The Concorde is coming to Seattle tomorrow...

Letterman's child was born at 11:58 eastern...

ever seen a dog this fat?

I updated my Blog!

Apparently some of you old timers don't know who Outkast is.

WBUR interviews Dr.Dean (audio)

Do not ever steal someone's stapler

I love Carol Mosely Braun

I apologize

Where I was during the Boston DU meetup

And you think YOUR local barman overcharges....

Anone having trouble accessing Yahoo?

I just wrote the Dean campaign.

Jeter played World Series while hurt; Wells option not picked up

where do students from Liberty, Bob Jones, and other fundy colleges

Did anything happen about 6:20 AM EST?

'8 Simple Rules' Returns Without Ritter

Today's Song Dedication - The Byrds - Draft Morning

Reminder: catch the Daily Show replay at 10

How long after a US election does the big ceremony take place?

a good joke for today

Today's Song Dedication - The Byrds - Draft Morning

The Dean Statement: Time to Make Folks Mad

ZombyCoffee: 16 Degrees in Arizona Blend!!!

Does your polling place serve food?

What's Harder To Raise - Little Boys or Little Girls?

I feel old today!!

If DU Was A Classroom....

Evangelicals, hairstyles, and credibility.

My 2 year old daughter going to vote with us last night....

'Your wife isn't obligated to sleep with you'

Great UserFriendly cartoon today

Matrix Revolutions Opens Today - Early Reviews Not Good

just had an interesting converation...

Major gag alert

Louge Post Gets Duplicated - Film at 11

Why is my ex calling me again?

Depersonalization, Panic Attacks, Suicide Attempt, DUI, Psych Ward Redux

I had to kill a copperhead on my porch today, ask me anything

A few pics from my son's wedding this June

Lord of the Rings - Racist or not?

Nice poll on

Underwear Shoppers Get Striptease Lessons

Advice to Candy Crowley . . .

My grandfather has passed on

I just hit 1000 posts! Do I get the toaster now?

Who can summarize the "Will this thread never die?" thread?

My cat slept on my head. Ask me anything

Heaven is better...per my Grandbabies...

What did Howard dean say to John Kerry?

Energy Secretary Just Assumed Cabint Knew...

USS Nimitz returns to port - crew failed to hang thier banner

Matrix Revolutions Opens Today - Early Reviews Not Good

You have to see this--best laugh in days

Nice graphic, re: Craven Broadcasting System

FOUND: Baby picture of Matcom, GOPisEvil and ZombyWoof together

I do nothing wrong and my threads get locked...I'm through with DU

Need advice on a software problem

MSGoogle? Is This A Good Idea?

The milk won't go bad--ask me anything.

Please to remember the 5th of November

I got a B on my midterm.....ask me anything

My MSN messenger is running in the background

Is anyone waiting to be informed that they are one of the 30 "EvilDUers"

Separated at birth?

I Love My Mother's Sense Of Humor

the drunkensailor on ebay...

Nut of the day

Pittsburgh Steeler Update

BLAH...I just saw the commercial for Lynch movie...

I'm bored. How should I entertain myself?

A small complaint about The Lounge

Just got the Best of Bowie DVD

Laser Skin Rejuvenation--Anyone have this done, or know of someone

Political compass; where do you stand?

For Whom Do The Crickets Chirp?

I just got home from seeing Revolutions... *NO spoilers*

Did your flu shot make you sick?

What should I do with Leftover Candy?

High Carb Update

Energy Secretary Just Assumed Cabinet Knew He Did Porn Films In The '80s

What happens if someone dies...

Transunion Credit Bureau

Move over NSMA...I've been offered a spanking gig!

BOY do I feel BETTER!

Is CBS the most gutless network in the history of television?

What if the Jessica Lynch movie was directed by David Lynch?

Paragon likes dogs

Low Carb Update

How can DUers properly seduce Magic Rat

What say we gay Freeperville up.

The White House thanked me for Emailing pResident bush

Who is cuter? Lounge, GD, I/P, J/PS, Ask The Admins?

More IT advice please

How can a cat properly seduce a human?

A poll for VelmaD


Peace is patriotic...and soulful!

Question for drunks

I just walloped the crap out of 2 conservatives on a tech forum

Jailbait test -- For guys only! FBI

I'm mulling over writing an article for DU

Shocking pictures from the DU Gathering in DC -- from Oct 2002!

Hahahahaha The guys at RatherGood are at it again!

Flying jitters

This should end the bathroom threads, once and for all

"Saving Private Lynch"

Should HEyHEY fake his own death?

How do you get an avatar?

Sarcastic Rant Thread!

Strange things you have done in your sleep (did not wake you up)

Update on Sonya the Crab.

I am drunk. Ask me anything.

Do You Have To Serve In the Military To Understand 'Honor' ?

wow the green river killer confessed

Dennis Miller on Just for Men Ad

I've been offered a speaking gig!

How do you greet * when he shows up at your service relative's funeral?

Randi Rhodes broadcasting NOW from D.C.--just finished up with

What Color Is Your Car?

Now That Matrix Revolutions is Out . . . Does Anyone Know

What's the deal with Guy Fawkes anyway?

Join me in visualizing a monkey on Rush Limbaugh's back

Crummy songs with great cover versions?

What is your favorite Woody Allen Film?

The proper way for a woman to seduce a man, by The Donnas.

WHAA? Sports radio disses Rush/Beck?? (El Paso, AM 600)

How Can A Man Properly Seduce A Woman?

Jokes - Real Life

Dumbya in Paradise.

Any chance we could win the McDonald's Monopoly by pooling

new Hannity advertiser AARP

Instapundit just linked to a blog with Starpass's infamous post.

Sex poll #1

new Hannity advertiser GMAC

15 minutes left before I can leave the office. Ask me anything.

"So I go....and then she went ... so I go...

What kind of truck should I buy?

new Hannity advertiser GMAC

Sex poll #2

Why do I get flamed in the USA

A new book with a title you won't believe

Right-wing buzz phrases like "moral clarity"

Just Bought TRUE CRIME: STREETS OF LA Ask me anything.

Who are the best lovers.....joke

What is Ultram?

If people tell other people to hurt themselves, they are freepers

Need advice on new running shoes - (non-exploitive)

Let's Play 20 Questions!!!!!

My latest batch of mead rocks

another election day, another spanking.

Post pics of yourself....

The bumper sticker on my SUV says "No blood for oil"

Great Idea for a new animated sitcom!!!!

i am the hottest... proof inside

Somebody ask me a question.

An AWESOME breakdown of Salt Lake City's voting population

The "How quickly will this thread die?" thread is fast approaching 1000!

FOUND: A childhood photo of Matcom, ZombyWoof, GOPisEvil and Catwoman

David Letterman had a BOY!


Chatty McChat Chat

A pregnant woman is not a human but a womb who belong to the state.

I found a rusty pair of garden shears today. Ask me anything.

Have You Ever Been Published?

George Bush isn't a laughing matter...

Heyyyy Ya!

A Really, Really Honest Question About The South

So who here DOESN'T agree with Dean's comments?

If You Could Physically Alter Anything On Your Candidate, What Would it Be

A generic love war

How will we "officially" nominate a candidate?


Illegal Immigration

Which Candidate Has The Best "Anna Banana" Name?

WOW! I mentioned that I drive an Escalade

16 more posts till i reach 5,000, ask me anything

A friend of mine is fixin' on building a still.

Anybody know anything about foreign investment?

For my 5,000 post i thought i would tell you

Anybody wanna start a web site posting the RNC-approved script of

Homeland security self exam


Paper's whip-round secures £40 for pensioner's pleasure

I bought tear gas in a can today

Caledesi's Nightly "Hey, what is the origin of that phrase?"

Albums that will never exist: Burl Ives, "Burl Freekz dat Booty"

Life can sometimes seem dull, but

Are you absent-minded? Share with me an embarrasing story.

Would you shop on-line to support DU?

Am I hot?

Zen Riddle

Which vision of dystopia reflects the direction the U.S. is headed?

Electrical Question

So you think you are smart, maybe a MENSA?

34,000 members!

Titles for Books You'll Never Write

Mrs. AWD is having surgery today (Wed)

Anybody Up For Some Primal Scream Therapy ???

Jessica Lynch doesn't look too bad lately

Ooh!! Ooh!! I got brain questions too!!

This is what you call dolled up?

Update on Anglo-Saxon warrior woman article

Well, I believe I'm transferring to the University of Montana

Deanies Invade Clarkie's Favorite Bar

DU Rewrite of Regan MOW script

South Park with a Red Dawn spoof

How can a woman properly seduce a woman?

Brainteaser #2:

Music for 18 Musicians - beautiful!

Breaking: worst air disaster in Aggies history

Who wants a Big Mac? (besides me, that is)

DU getting a plug

CAPTION the boss man of the fire camp.

Can we change, "The Right-Wing" -to- "The Chicken-Wing?"

halliburton commercial..

Is Kucinich married?

The OC

Is life a right or a privilege?

Cutest rabbit, poll #2. Bugs Bunny, Jack Rabbit, or Oolong?

Was it just me, or were DK and WC dressed like Luke Skywalker last night?

What would you do?

The lost book thread

The Delightful Digit of all CAPTIONS!!!!!!

Well, I'm driving seven hours for a job interview tomorrow

My parents and a zoning violation

KFC is brown-nosing Atkins diet

Watching Guess Who's Coming to Dinner...

Look who's outraised Clark, Kucinich, Braun, and Sharpton!

Best Movie Never to Win the Best Picture Oscar

Best Decade of the 20th Century

Letter to the Editor re: gay Episcopal Bishop

Johnny Cash "Hurt" just hurt Daryll Woorley and Toby Keith

If I ran for president, would you vote for me?

Like...I'm British

There's done gonna be an asswhoopin in Tennesse tonight

Nazi blog alert: Little Green Footballs

Pookie The Big Toe's Fashion Makeover!

Your Home Telephone Number

Okay, I Said I Only Wanted ONE Piercing Today....but....

The Tireless Dancer of all CAPTIONS!!!

I'm scheduled for a colonoscopy.

Not for guys, who will NEVER get this, but I think Tyne Daly

Strange sighting today: a black panther.

20 weird ways to save money

Who's cuter? Me or a well-known Hollywood personality?

My husband is coming home for R&R on the 21st. (from Iraq)

Canada under pressure to stop sale of prescriptions to Americans

I'm okay, the doc says it probably WAS the Atkins diet.

Yeah, but can you deep fry BEETS?

were you picked on in high school?

Brainteaser #1:

When does a mom have to let go?

If you don't like fighting in hockey let's drop the gloves

I need distraction...what's the best rock/pop concert you have been to

West Wing thread (PSTers and MSTers: Spoilers Likely)

A generic flame war

Who Should Be The NEW Doctor Who?

Where can I buy a gun

Did you pick on people in high school?

Bush attacked by fellow Republicans for cowboy boots

day trading

Guess what I am!

Hey, NHL fans!!! I've got a site for you to check out!!!

Woww--my neighbor is now a Former Republican!!

Do you enjoy finding mistakes in major movies?

Are you Cool or Uncool?

Week 9 Dallas Cowboy thread

Who's cuter, JohnKleeb or me? (now in poll form!)


Matrix Revolutions: the nickel tour (spoilers)

Let's all celebrate another crappy Lounge thread!

I am so peeved...any lawyers out there?? Need advice...

Most Beautiful Breed Of Dog?

What gives you reason to live?

Titles of other 'Movie of the Week' that CBS will never air

Who Is Next?

Osama University?

This cartoon says it all!

A Wake up call for Veterans and the Military

Dowd: Death Be Not Loud


My topic was deleted today...why?

Dean's getting the SEIU endorsement tommorrow

"When people get in my face, I tend to get in theirs"

Another cartoon

Well, The Daily Show is ON tonight...

Dean/Buchanan ticket?

Good Book Defending New Deal?

Great quote on O'Reilly

you'd never see bush do this

You will not believe what I just saw.

Why shouldn't the Bill of Rights apply to organizations aside from the gov

Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall on background of Iraq peace move news.

Bush signing of anti-Abortion Bill

Can Dean "win" a debate against Bush?

Check this poll.

My Military History term paper

Pledge of Allegiance for Toddlers?

Saddam's old soldiers find life hard under American paymasters

Bush Administration Yanks Missouri River Scientists off Project

Local entrepreneur heads back to Iraq

U.S. Officials: Iraq's Prewar Offers Not Legitimate (From Faux, of Course

Graham on 'short list' for VP spot

Cincinnati Reds' Stenson shot, dragged to death in Arizona

In a 'Jam,' Dean Apologizes for Remarks on Rebel Flag

L.A. Times Bans 'Resistance Fighters' in Iraq News

Takes Bait! Who's cuter

Where's my husband at?

Last thread for 1 1/2 weeks: I'm going to Disneyworld. Yah? Ask me any..

Is sex and love the same thing?

Who's cuter, Finnfan or George W. Bush?

Isn't there some sort of lib/dem personals site somewhere?

MY 500th Post-A Poll: Who Is Your Favorite Character in the movie Clue?

Tarnation! "F.U." Toby Keith shut out at CMA Awards

College Republican Debate

My best local male friend just told me he was dying from AIDS