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Archives: November 4, 2003

Resist the official pol-speak of Bush's 'war on terror' -- Simon Tisdall

Aanother Encouraging Letter from the Heartland

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Joins ACLU Fight Against Patriot Act

Thousands at Israeli Peace Rally

Bu$h Legacy: Long Lines at the Soup Kitchen - MUST READ

Most excellent Toles cartoon (Wash. Post)...

Scheer : How Many Body Bags?

Niman: Our Brave New World of Voting

Economy Leaves Workers Behind - Boston Globe

Confederacy of Dunces...WSJ blasts Kerry, Gephardt's 'gotcha politics'

Chief Justice Moore: Supreme Court was wrong on Ten Commandments

A High Price for a Hollow Victory

Bitch Slapped: the saga of Kathleen Parker continues...

Private tuition: does a fatter wallet mean a higher grade?

Assassin's History

John Nichols (Madison Cap Times): Rebel flag flap shows media failure

A High Price For A Hollow Victory

Emperor has no clothes -- Conrad cartoon

Gutless at CBS - Newsweek

Ed Weathers: It’s not Vietnam that we should remember when we look at Iraq

This Can't Go On - Krugman

(Salon) Conason: Why did the Pentagon pay off Linda Tripp?

Time: "The Reagans," From One of Them (Patti)

Molly Ivins: Mutual fund fleecing

America: Where calling an ambulance is first step to bankruptcy

Call Me a Bush-Hater - Molly Ivins is pissed!

Support calls for the Tobin Tax


Method to Register Mostly Democrats

Who at CBS has a CIA operative spouse???

Gwen Ifil sending subliminal messages....

Anderson Cooper is a Right Wing Little Twit

Spy Co - Founder Hired to Run Benetton Magazine

I'm an avid Ann Coulter reader

Zell Miller ripped.

"It is with regret that pResident Bush wishes to inform..." cartoon link

Did anyone catch Dan Brown on Jesus, Mary & Da Vinci on ABC?

DU Astrologers: Is a Pisces sun/Gemini moon as bad as they say it is?

Mass starling suicide baffles experts . . .

CARTOONS! The "Bubble Boy" Edition

Historical Conspiracy Theories - Any favourites?

Can anyone recommend books on the Red Scare of 1919-1920?

'Homosexuality is a sin'

Support the Tobin Tax

BIG Corruption going all the way to WH about to be exposed....

About 100,000 new jobs per month is likely later next year (AP quote)

Novell to acquire SuSE Linux

Someone besides Krugman notices Bush bets on weaker $, and nothing else

Flame retardents voluntarily withdrawn

CPSC Rejects Immediate Ban on Arsenic-Treated Playground Equipment

Illegal Logging Blamed As 170 Die In Indonesian Flash Flood

Storm Splits Jamaica-Sized Iceberg (B-15 In Ross Sea)

In the Everglades, Environmental War Endures

Amazon Rainforest May Now Be Net Carbon Source, Not Sink - NYT

Is US planning another attack?

Prosecutors widen net in Seoul scandal probe

Columnist still defiant after attack - TW

Conference voices fear of `evil empire' - COMMUNIST THREAT - TW

Khodorkovsky the neocon

A source for real information about Iraq

Highest court hears bid for Basson retrial - SA

Zim's army commander to call it a day

Two economies persist in one country - SA

This is 'what happens to judges in Zimbabwe'

Red Cross investigates prison conditions in Swaziland

Israel learns of a hidden shame

Sri Lanka's Leader Suspends Parliament and Deploys Troops

China's high-stakes war on terror

GUNS IN THE NEWS--November 4, 2003

Still MORE Voices For Gun Control

Dick Gephart on Gun Control and 2004 Campaign

Drug War News - Helium

I'm logging out for 6 months....

DU gun nuts

Gandhi, on Gun Control:

Why doesn't Howard Dean just come out and say the Assault Weapons Ban Suck

LAPD Screws Over NRA

Could you please lock this thread I started?

I alerted on this, but am going to throw it down here too

What's The Best Way To Contact Skinner Privately?

What are the rules re posting song lyrics?

Clarification please...

Remember The Admin Reaction To Hillary Protests?

Dispensing of health "advice" in the Lounge

re: siglines and the no profanity in posts initiating threads in GD rule

Major security/privacy issue with user

Is there a way to know if you have had a post(s) deleted?

Can a member accuse another member of a personal attack in a post?

I wish new registrations would be closed

Israeli troops shoot peace activist

Perpetuating their own darkness

Is Iran rethinking its position on Israel? by A. Molavin & K. Sadjadour

PA forces cooperate with Shin Bet

Israel to submit first UN resolution By ASSOCIATED PRESS, Nov. 4, 2003

2005 US military aid to Israel - $2.22b

No property rights for Lebanon's refugees

In placid Ohio, Jews bracing for pro-Palestinian conferene

the pursuasion myth

Smearing Said and Hanan Ashrawi

Remarks of Zbigniew Brzezinski - very cogent and frank observations

Tuesday Nov. 4th, 2003

"Right between personal enlargements and new low mortgage rates"

Dean: "All your vote are belong to us"


Its Election DAY!

NYC Election Today-- 04.11.03-- vote NO on 3, 4 and 5!

From Dean campaign can go beyond candidate...

The empowerment brought about by Dean and Kucinich campaigns...

New Marist Poll: Dean leads Dems, Bush approval drops

OHIO..Vote NO on issue 1....

Chat with Edwards Tonight!

Edwards: Rivals have let focus slip He says recent personal attacks...

Sen. Edwards vows to shift tax burden

Des Moines Register Editorial Cartoon, November 4, 2003...

What is Push Polling?

Vermont NEA chapter votes to endorse Dean

Lets be a bit more helpful...Have you forgotten the 2000 Selection?

Candidate supporter questions: Kucinich

rock the vote at GWU!! 7pm

Candidate supporter questions: Kerry

Michigan Internet Voting Moves Step Closer

So who thinks the SEIU endorses Dean on Thursday?

Gephardt, Kerry, Edwards alliance

Al Sharpton to host SNL

50-50 America Is Spewing Venom

Carol Moseley Braun Press Coverage in October

Transcript of Deans speech in Las Vegas

What's going on in Mississippi? TPM mentions "irregularities"

Why is it ok not to vote?

Candidate supporter questions: Dean

Partial KY governor's race results (auto-updates with java-enabled link)

My Open Letter to America: Critical Juncture in our Nation's History

Rossi answers GOP call to run for (Washington) governor | Seattle P-I

Governor Dean responds to flag controversy

Our Culture of Pandering

Rock the Vote: Clark and Dennis meets The Matrix!

Anyone know where I can get a transcript of tonight's debate OR

Let's Compile A List of Times War Resolution Dems Have Bent Over For Bush

I liked Kerry but did anyone notice he stole Clark's line....

John Street's big win in Philly is good news for Democrats in 2004

Open Your Dean Email on Thursday

Hello Everyone

Dean Blog: "Stay Tuned..."

Ellen Karcher wins in NJ

Anyone know where I can get a transcript of tonight's debate OR

Rebel flag flap shows media failure

Kucinich on Washington post live chat-

DNC Winter meeting: Gov. Dean gets ovation after flag remarks

Sportsmen for Kerry

Clark on the Environment

Dean Won't Stop Talking About Race with Southerners

The Flag issue at Rock the Vote

Dean dodges at the Rock the Vote!

Hey AWD and other office seekers

Let's Compile A List of Attacks Dean Has Made On The Other Candidates

Good Kucinich News

What role do children play in campaigning for your candidate?

One thing Edwards stated really got to me.

Hypothetical situation

Vermont Alliance to elect Vermont Presidents endorses Dean

what's on the ballot in your area?

Ontario DUers: The Liberals had it coming regarding the deficit...

NYT headline story - about how the Iraqis hate Saddam most of all. Ugh.

The Ann Coulter Talking Action Figure! Buy them for your next Voodoo party


Oldie but goodie

Interesting thing about Fred Phelps and Jerry Falwell

The Rise of Fascism in America...


Supreme Court Refuses to Hear "Roy's Rock" Case

Bernie Ward is

It's now 42%- 42% in the Louisiana Governor Race

Metro Weekly: Dana Burgess traces Korean American Immigration

Why do people get mugged?

CBS considers cancelling the Reagan miniseries

who do you think will have the best week (polls, news, 'mo', etc.)?

GRRR ....WHy I am pissed at The New Republic.

Civil War Brooding Between Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq?

For Those Who Were Wondering: Clark Has BIG Fundraising

Who should replace Graham in the U.S. Senate?

Students for Dean are taking other candidates' supporters to skool

Preferred Candidate Supporter Names? Deaniacs? Clarkists?

Bush considering starting up the draft. (Mike Webb Show)

Would you support the idea of a draft?

The DLC's message with regard to the election?

Whoa! Just realized I've passed 1000 posts!

Enough with the draft threads, already

Support the Tobin Tax

Teri Schiavo's Dad Pulled The Plug On His Own Mother

About the media ban on soldier's coffins...

Can someone tell me the purpose of the draft board and

Hats off for Robert Byrd!

Saddam 'not organising' Iraqi anti-US resistance

Which Democrats were in the Senate for tonight's $87.5 giveaway?

If I had a conscience I'd apologize for slandering you Gray

What are your political leanings?

They are dancing in the streets

What do I say?

It seems every

Temperature Taking: How Do You Feel About the World Situation Tonight?

Even some punks are supporting Howard Dean.

Heard a great definition for a fundamentalist....

No alcohol sales today in KY while polls are open

Body bags are transfer tubes

"But especially Bill Clinton"

The (pre)Adults are in charge...

Someone defend this guy

BBV: CT using e-voting machines w/paper trail

Zell Miller on Imus right now.(7:51 AM ET)..complaining about everything!

The Fallujah massacre (It was our GIs that started the blood feud!)

5 Explosions - No information

BBV: CS Monitor picks up debate!

Scientific American: FDR may not have had polio

You know the youth are screwed when Zell calls for the draft

Election day around the office - and it's pathetic!

Steve Bell cartoon - Guardian. Sums Bush up perfectly.

Philadelphia Mayoral Turnout Tracking Thread

Dean's Rock the Vote ad

BBV: MN discussing e-voting machines

Bernie McCain is on CSpan right now.

Truth is all I have a question for you cause your the expert.

BBV: IN discusses e-voting machines

Marajuana dude on CSpan...Quentin Hardy

Zell Miller On The Candidates/Demos

Colo. Woman Declared AWOL After Complying With Judge's Custodial Order

Zell Miller is a disgrace to the Democratic party

Vote Today!! Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Virginia--your state?

CBS MktWatch: Great Article on Paperless Trail BBV, Today!!

Join a local draft board.

Hard to believe this ran in the Chicago Sun-Times: Day 2

This Can't Go On - Another excellent column by Krugman

Gephardt not making the debate tonight?

"Justice" Moore coming up on CNN (10:05 AM ET Tues)

How many casulties will the American people tolerate in Iraq?

Clark Would Consider Signing Landmine Treaty Ban

Rock The Vote--online video link anyone?

U.S. courting Taliban again

Anyone supporting Alex Penelas for senate?

Co-Worker JUST Said, "I Have Never Thought Of That" - IDIOT

My definition of "racism"


The problem with triangulation

If there is a draft my position on keeping troops in Iraq changes

ads in the metro re health insurance

Maybe the best Boondocks ever

what would happen if tens of thousands refused to register for the draft?

Question: did we end up winning Traffican't vacated house seat?

Today: International Day of Protest against the Japanese Dolphin Slaughter

Bob Graham on Judy Woodruff yesterday - Media Whore

New documentary - Michael Moore Hates America?

CBS Reagan Miniseries question

Eliot Spitzer for U.S. Attorney General

Up to 50% of US units in Iraq won't re-enlist.

One year to go...

Janet Parshall on C-SPAN...

I can't watch Woodruff anymore

Greetings from Bayji, Iraq

Voting Heavy Today in Northern Maine

CBS, Ronald Reagan, and The Bigger Problem

The best definition of Stupidity

Would Bill have beaten W?

What tawk show started the "democrats are leaving the party in droves' BS?

Bush Gets DEFEATED Exactly 1 Year From Today

Howard Stern wants to vote all Democrats

IN LBN Breaking ////// 4 Large Explosions in Bagdad

Clark writes to Rumsfled - protests closing of schools for Army families

Did the History Channel just....

Hey, Brits. Get ready for more Murdoch

Could someone please stuff a sock

Should Reagan movie air? MSNBC question of the day...

Are you happy with your Congressional representives and Senators?

Brainwashing America

TV News Lies Web Cast to start at noon ET - Vets & the military - Guest...

Tory MP's fear Alliance Juggernaut - Globe and Mail

Howard Dean's Campaign Makes History (Attention all Media Critics)

Clark meetups sabotaged -- redirected to Dean organization.

Dict of Hist. of Ideas: Neo-cons sometimes close to fascism

Someone buy !!

Breaking news on CNN, 4 large explosions heard in Baghdad

NPR: Walmart to be charged

CNNI reporter in Baghdad got cut off after more mortar rounds were heard

Excellent Article about those wounded in Iraq and what they face.

CBS to pull Reagan movie

Studs Terkel on

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Barbara?

here are some lawyers -- Operation Iraqi Lawsuit

Has Bush lost the plot or what?

Question about the "iraqi torture videos"

The Bush Team worried about a tight race

Interesting Email just read on CNN

Does anybody know where the term "Exit Strategy" came from?

456 Dean Volunteers working to GOTV in New Hampshire elections today

Clark on Environmental Issues

Who is at the helm of the Bush Family Evil Empire?

Did you know that Terry Schiavo's Dad "pulled the plug"...

Students, ISP Sue Diebold - BBV

Crackseat Driver: The Supreme Court takes on collective punishment.

Ronald Reagan Is A Piece of Human Garbage

Daddy "no new taxes" Dubya "no nation building"

Quick - Nancy Skinner on CNN right now

US will deny aid to countries that refuse court immunity deals

Has anyone contacted CBS yet about the Reagan Miniseries Issue ?

Kelsey Grammer - "I'm a George Bush kinda guy"

"Mess' opatamia" (Daily Show)

My Yahoo headlines have hardly changed since the weekend...

Majority Rule vs. Minority Rights

very thought provocing ..Food Production And Human Population Growth

We don't talk about Gephardt here much. Why?

A cool look at a hot poll: Why the outrage?

Saw my first Clark bumper sticker on Sunday...

I think George Herbert Walker Bush just made a ton of money

Re: Dean and Clark...Has anyone noticed...

Drudge's "The Reagans" gloat

Marist Poll: "Re-elect" Bush 38%--NO--44%

Did You Know ?

On Fox last night they were discussing the Reagan movie

Anyone know where to find a good list of socially responsible banks?

Question on the Voice Vote, $87 billion and our Senate Cowards

Fight for the US in Iraq, come home and get deported.

CNBC online poll, will Bush be re-elected (sic)

I am "Karl from Houston" on O'Really show, now 1:08 PM EST

Bush fund raising lunch and dinner menu choices..

Dems need to dump Zell Miller

EPA to ease sewage treatment rules (biological treatment dropped)

MediaWhoresOnline is out to pasture until '04

No numbers on number of non-fatal casualties? How can Bush do that?

Repubs ask, "Well, what would the Democrats do in Iraq?"

Eckerd Drug Stores??

Anyone going to the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner on Nov. 15?

What color best defines a conservative?

MIT's Richard Stallman: Don't use the term "Intellectual Property"

Oh Zell is going to be on CNN in a few minutes (8:30 AM ET)

Don't forget to vote!

More crap from Neal Boortz

Just over at Freeperville checking out their response to the Iraq blasts

Thoughts on Infighting about our respective candidate choices...

Rose Garden Press Conference Rules....... (ward sutton)

Goobergunch's Big Election Day Thread - vote, then check in here!

when the networks makes "The Clintons" should we threaten a boycott

Sharpton to host SNL

Boycott CBS...

Any one going to boycott CBS?

Election Day in Seattle tmrw......

BBV: AK discussing e-voting machines

New Nation-Wide Poll: Dean, Lieberman, Gephardt, Kerry, Clark

What does BFEE, LIHOP and MIHOP stand for?

What should happen to the Democratic Party if 2004 is lost?

Letter in Support of Sen. Kerry by Former Sen. Cleland

Wounded soldier: fought for nothing or fought for a liar? Can't be.

Hannity Sez The Reagan Mini-Series "Never Should Have Been Made"

The Hits Just Keep On Coming....

If Dean wins, our Bush is a drunk argument is moot.

Shocking Plain Dealer photo - opinions, please

Strategery: What Direction Should We Be Taking?

Bush and honoring the fallen, can someone help?

CNN posts the faces of the 435 coalition soldiers killed so far!

I'll bet Rush is upset he missed out on The Reagan movie spin!

do you want your president to host SNL?

The CBS backdown proves who really controls the media..ain't liberals!

Should Marijuana be Decriminalized?

Did I just hear Wolf Blitzer pose a question of why aren't our

Where's the outrage!? Enron, Cheney's Energy Panel, 9/11, lies about

Ugghhh!!! I ****ing hate African Anglican leaders not named Desmond Tutu..

Ohio DU'ers, was turnout high at your precinct

Turkey may be balking

"What's the big deal? We had more policemen killed in this country...?"

Audio of Byrd's speech to Senate Monday on $87B

Signing a petition at a store... end up registering as a Repuke?

How many schools do they need...

Election Day Coux... My Mom WILL NOT vote for Shrub

Eric Alterman: CNN lies repeatedly for Tripp

Has Anyone Wondered...

Personal Web Surfing Can Benefit Workers

RNC Gillespie is still bitching about Reagan movie

The necessary legalization of medical marijuana

Anyone watching Crossfire?

Exit Poll Data

My Rant on the Reagan love letter...uhh, miniseries

"Iraq syndrome" - how will the US get over it?

6 PM EST Poll Closings: Part of Kentucky, Part of Indiana

Hannity says he has a memo that will cause a Dem to resign

When Will OxyRush Return? His Thirty Days Are Up...

California halts E-Vote certification!

My Folks: "We're Voting for Dean"

Spain announced it's pulling out most of it's Diplomats from Iraq,

Al Sharpton - Uninformed about Howard Dean

BBV: Norfolk VA touch screen voting problems on NBC affiliate WVEC


CNN Poll

Sign up to be a draft board member!!!

Help me convince my parents to support Dean...

I realize it is early but any news on Mississippi Governor race?

Why are Democrats so pessimistic on 2004?

I have to spill all of this out!

Is being a drug-addicted pill-popper good statesmanship?

What economic recovery (171,000 jobs cut in October, twice that of Sept

Why are Africa's Anglican leaders so bigoted?

Dean Urges President Bush Not To Sign The Partial Birth Abortion Bill

So guess who Tweety has on his show tonight to comment on CBS

OMG - Dean added 1000 MeetUp members in 12 hours

Rock The Vote debate

CNN..America Rocks The Vote Debate... on NOW n/t

My Subconscious Says: Lieberman Is Not A Democrat

Republicans make the mess -- Democrats are handed the shovel...

Pilots/Democrats - call and/or email your senators!

What KY counties are Democratic?

Totally Vapid Comment


ARGH! Bill Bennett is back!!!

Bush Is Masturbating Right Now Watching This Debate

Matthews: "The Facts Mean Nothing to you Ann"

Repukes running unopposed!

Why I Like Bill Clinton


toon of the day!

MSNBC bias so obvious today

Anybody else vote on a touch-screen today?

BBV--California delays certification of some electronic voting machines

In case you've forgotten....

ELECTION Info: Mississippi and New Jersey

Clark against reinstating the draft

They hate us for our freedoms. Who is 'they?' RW pressure groups?

Anybody have any websites for the Mississippi election results?

Mississippi voter intimidation - Talking Points Memo has official letters.

Which candidate is taking the lead on Corporate Crime?

Next CBS tv movie: "Helter Skelter"

Stupid f**king sheep

I want the bloodshed to end in Iraq

Clark defends soldiers' families....

I think this is amazing

What's your method of voting?

MSNBC reading e-mails from its site re: Reagan miniseries...

The Plight of the Unhappy Republican

CBS News: Attacks In Iraq Up 50%


Time to lobby NBC for "a balanced portrayal" of Jessica Lynch

How are the elections in your area?

The AP says Ernie Fletcher easily won.They think 52-48 is a blowout!?

Iraqis using secret weapons against US tanks

DU this "Would you vote for Bush if the election was held today?" poll!

Hide the Coffins.

Any news from MS yet?

George Bush's Axiom Of Evil ...

Mississippi Returns Tracking Thread

Feeling strangely optimistic about next November for some reason

Our troops are not dying for nothing.

All the Kings Horses and All the Kings Money

SEIU endorsement of Dean would derail "anti-black" charges

Gays and lesbians made progress under Clinton?

How's New Jersey?

Apologies for the condition of the Reagan love letter Rant

Would you like a "foodless meal" to go with your "jobless recovery"?

Philadelphia Polls just closed--numbers coming in

Wash. Post "Conversations with Candidates"

Paula Zahn: Was she high?

'Something’ felled an M1A1 Abrams tank in Iraq – but what?

Does anybody know...

Indianapolis Democrats Have Something to Celebrate tonight!

The Reagan Letters

Marist Poll: 44 % of voters will vote against Bush. That's 4/10.

Top Ten Daily Newspapers in the US

does eating an animal that you killed mitigate the fact that u killed it?

Are There Powerful People Working Behind The Scenes On OUR Behalf?

Which of the four debate formats (so far) did you prefer?

44% say they'll vote against Bush...

Goobergunch Projects Street Re-Elected in Philly!

National I.D. cards, etc...

Rock The Vote debate transcript here:

here i sit with my nebulizer.... well actually my Doc's nebulizer

Who Won The 'Rock The Vote' Debate Tonight?

A thought provoking commentary on Dean - Clark ticket

How many Evildoers have you seen today?

Phialdelphia numbers.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette has some really good editorials today!

First KY Data

Is the Democratic Party too far left? Even now?

Sen. John Edwards

Mississippi Election Results- Thread #2

Name the first college in America to accept Blacks....

OFFICIAL: Mississippi Election Thread- Go Musgrove!

Any Dean supporter has the courage to apologize for Dean on the flagup

MSNBC...soldiers family...

The people who are now strongly anti-Dean are taking him out of context.

Any Dean supporter has the courage to apologize for Dean on the flagup

October in Iraq - 433 wounded, 42 dead American military

Kucinich & yelling

"Have a Coke and a Smile" or "Coke Kills"?

Well lookey here. Perhaps the most important event of the night....

Regarding the first question asked at the debate, about baseball

Is there a website I can look at for returns around the country?

Leter from Board of Elections about Electronic Voting Machines..Help Reply

Did blacks have the right to vote under FDR? Dean seems to think so!

Sean Hannity is making me sick...

"9/11 - Clear the Skies" on my PBS tonight

And Now For Something Completely Different - For Rush Fans!

Are Democratic centrists allowed to post here?

anyone know how legislative races are going in New Jersey and Va?

The people who are now strongly anti-Dean are taking him out of context.

39.8% Kentucky turnout?

Yes Virginia, there is a successful democrat

Repugs policy is to to bash Kerry

BBV: Post reports of election glitches to

Fun facts about Salt Lake City and the Utah governor race in 2004!

Connecticut Election Results

Alright, Democrats KICKING BOOTY On Long Island!!!!

Hannity has info that could force Senators to resign?

"Bush takes credit for rebound"

Where would i find average deaths from the occupation?

Salt Lake City Mayoral Numbers

I will vote for ABB but I will not campaign for anyone but Dean or Clark

Anotger Peace Activist shot by Israeli soldiers (not killed)

Clark accusing military of trailing soldiers to check if they're gay...

The Dems are taking NJ

Gag... Nancy Grace is stinking up my TV again

The Rethugs are geting SHAZAMMED tonight in PA!!!

Mississippi Election Results- Thread #2

the (unfiltered) TOONS are here...............

Where can we get the Dem debate schedule???

Does the US use collective punishment in Iraq? Where is the proof?

Looks like Non-Partisan Elections (and Bloomberg) are losing big in NYC

After tonight, my wife asked me, "What's Clark's website"

Bill Bennett on CNN now

BBV EFF files suit against Diebold

An analysis of the debate by someone of the "rock the vote" generation

He said HUG! HUG!

This might sound like puffery, but seriously...if there are 9 SC Justices,

OHIO: Issue 1 (Repub Gov. Taft's baby) went down tonight... interesting

BBV: Wisconsin state legislators introduce bill to ban DRE's

I think we're dead

38% Say They Would Re-elect Bush-----yep that's as in three, eight

Debate Winners: Kerry and Clark

ABC Nightline for Tues: Is life better today in Iraq?

Reagan miniseries is more damaging to Republicans this way.

A soldier dies in Iraq, a family mourns in Kent (WA)

What music is that in Kucinich's Rock the Vote ad?

Who would you vote for ABC poll local Reno Nv station

Dean supporters to vote on matching funds

Sharpton Scheduled to Serve as `Saturday Night Live' Host

Virginia Election thread....GO Democrats.....(link to incoming results)

Touch voting in Northern Virginia

A question about Jindal, Louisiana, and Race...


Is the Draft coming back?

The Bushites are winning (AGAIN!!!)

My letter to the DNC

About Dean and the continuing saga of the Confederate

would America be better if Ashcroft won in 2000?

Dems wrap Dean In Confederate flag

2004 Elections=all Republicans are Bush Republicans

BBV: Weird Diebold Georgia experience!!

Ohio DUers: How should I vote on Issue 1?

The Draft Issue---what is most sickening...

Bannergate- another question

Democrat wins in Philly

Bev Harris on KPFA NOW

*Rank Your Democratic Contenders!*

defending Starpass, and supporting Iraqi resistance....

Paula Zahn is literally unbelievable

Guess How Many Americans Believe Bush Was Legitimately Elected

If Bush starts a draft, it's time to start impeachment proceedings.

The woman who wrote to me about her dead son asked me...

Prediction: Dean will announce runningmate on Thursday

CBS smoked tonight Very critical and very blunt about everything.

On SUNDANCE channel: "Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election"

Clark and Kerry are warming my heart on GLBT issues...

Department Of Wellness?

Bush vacation time

The question that MUST be asked during the Democratic debates...

Media Whores Online "out to pasture"...

Carol Mosely Braun Has *So Much Class*

Great Letter to Zell Miller

Peace-Action: Primary Voter Guide/Candidate's Answers

CBC news: Canadian engineer abducted, held, deported by U.S. authorities

Vengence is mine, Shadenfreud gone wild. It's time for some to rethink

the wounded (Warning: VERY graphic/not pics)

Nancy Pelosi - Still undecided on BBV Hr- 2239 Paper trail bill

Charlie Rangel And Other Liberals Support A Draft

Wes Clark: I don't think Outkast is really breaking up

Dean & Sharpton hand in hand after the debates!

The mother of a dead U.S. soldier wrote to me this morning

Why (some of us) hate politicians.

Why we lost the House, Senate etc... Uner Clinton

From the Net Nanny: Some thoughts about incivility on DU.

Phil Gramm wants to route power lines through our new state natural area

How can we stop the religious right?

Confederacy of Dunces...WSJ blasts Kerry, Gephardt's 'gotcha politics'

Injured soldiers wait for treatment

Large riot rocks PRC's Zhoucheng - China

Moore to speak at Commandments rally

U.S. Subsidizes Companies to Buy Subsidized Cotton

Soldiers deploy on standby as constitutional crisis looms in Philippines

One more soldier killed and one wounded

Jobs Still Missing From Economic Recovery

Air-India accused linked to Indian PM's assassins

Gun lobbying plan backfires in US

Explosion at Turkish Embassy in The Hague

Do Iraqi terrorists Have Secret Weapon?

Vehicle sales in Canada fall 10%

HOUSE WATCH-11/4/2003 (#1-12:30)

SENATE WATCH-11/4/2003 (#1-9:30)

China Wants to Have Own Space Station

Rothschild appointed to BSkyB Board/Murdoch Jr is new chief

Iraq's Pipelines Ripe for Sabotage

Abraham Seeking Energy Bill This Year

Leading Iraqi Judge killed, Deputy Says

HIV vaccine trials to start in SA

Two murderers running for president in California

Freed Iranians accuse US of torture

Diebold Documents Spark International Campaign

German general axed in Jewish row

Crackseat Driver: The Supreme Court takes on collective punishment.

Propaganda Campaign Exposed by WSWS

Gunmen kill two Prominent Judges in Iraq

Two more coalition troops, three Iraqis killed in spiral of violence

U.S. Air Strike in the Middle East imminent?

NYT, pg. 1: Campaign Tactics Being Reversed As Events Shift

US will deny aid to countries that refuse ICC immunity deals

Small States Get Big Share of Terror Grants

Sri Lanka's government plunged into crisis - troops in streets

Bush Is Set to Sign Iraq Funding Bill

Canada Promises Budget Surplus, Then Gives It Away

Faces of the Fallen...

Spain to temporarily withdraw diplomatic staff from Iraq

Poll: More voters say definitely vote against Bush

UK says British soldier killed by hostile fire in Iraq last Friday

Chilly war-talk from Putin - right to launch preventive war

Iraqi city is full of hatred

Marijuana 'Canada's most valuale agricultural product'

Poll: More voters say they'll definitely vote against Bush

Clark Decries Pentagon Schools Proposal

Military coup in Sri Lanka

Tyco To Cut 7,200 Jobs In Restructuring - AP

ElBaradei: Iran Didn't Comply with NPT Commitments

Turkey Accuses U.S. of 'Favoritism' in Iraq

3 new explosions in Baghdad ( Maybe more)...NOT a repeat (Noon ET Tues)

Halliburton announces $204m 3rd quarter operating income

Putin: Russia Won't Send Troops to Iraq

Clark Decries Pentagon Schools Proposal

Government awards Tripp almost $600,000

CBS Pulls "The Reagans"

Scandal outrage keeps growing

Yukos chooses new chief

Tories "would do worse" under Howard - Guardian Poll

Explosions hit US compound in Baghdad (Hit main CPA Building)

Dead Sea Drying Up, Israeli Study Warns

Man dies in Eminem T-shirt Row

Jumping party lines, Nagin (New Orleans mayor) backs Jindal

Troops suffer while Bush cronies make out like bandits

(U.S. appointed) Iraqi Governor jailed for Extortion


GM plans expansion to launch Cadillacs in China

Bush unfazed by death toll

Job Growth Could Be Key Issue in 2004 (AP HTML says it all

Schwarzenegger election to become porn film

Poll Irregularities in Mississippi

European Union Official Says EU Prepared to Retaliate Quickly in Steel Cas

In Resigning Oil Post, Jailed Russian Hints at Political Fight -NYT

US military compound in Bagdad hit with 3 mortar misseles ...Pentagon

AF facilitates media trip to Iraq

NATO Commander Sees Proactive Missions

High Court Eyes Secret Immigrant Case

Dean To Launch 30-Minute Ad In Iowa

Former Guantanamo inmate sues US

Ist Benefit Is Set for New Gov. (Arnold)

Aljazeera Camerman Arrested Again

Iraqi judge shot as Bush gets his money

Clear Channel Profit Rises, Ad Revenue Up

Republican Announces for Gephardt's Seat

BBV: Voting machines face two tests

Nicaraguans concerned about their troops in Iraq

Deadly violence still plagues Iraq as Spain slims down diplomatic presence

Senator says he spoke hastily on White House pledge to provide data in Ira

Kerry's Wife Calls Debates 'Silly'

Documents reveal Iraq's arms quest

Maternity deaths in Iraq have nearly tripled since 1990, UN survey finds

Powell implores Central America to shift focus to new challenges

Republican Wins Governor's Race in Kentucky

Clark bludgeins bush in Keene

EU warns U.S. on trade retaliation

Iraqi governor jailed for extortion (US collaborator)

Voters encounter eSlate glitches

The Wounded Come Home (Time Cover story)

Howard Dean campaigns in Tallahassee

U.S. Hard-Liners Tamed by Iraq but Retain Clout

World Bank OKs Caspian pipeline financing

Iowa Republican Rep. Leach Questions Iraq Policy

Australia moves to ban Islamic groups

F.C.C. Approves Internet Anti-Piracy Tool

No need for UN arms inspectors in Iraq: US official

Democrats Win Control of NJ State Senate

Dem leading big in Allegheny County (Pgh, PA) Exec race:

Lawmaker Steps Back From Letter to Bush (Rep. Joe Wilson)

Schwarzenegger plans fund-raising event

Muslim troop factor worries US (US Converted Muslim Troops)

[Philadelphia Mayor John] Street [D] wins re-election

NY1 Projects defeat of Proposition 3

U.S. October layoffs surge 125%

Clark Would Consider Signing Landmine Treaty Ban

Reagan Miniseries to Air on Showtime (AP)

Some (Mississippi) Counties Report Party Interference With Voting


Kingdom Fears Shortage Of Sand--Saudi Arabia/ New World Media Watch

Support for Bush slumps in US

U.N. resoundingly rejects U.S. embargo against Cuba

Howard Dean Refuses to Apologize for Remarks

Rep. Janklow's Driving Record Unsealed

Russia turns down Sharon requests

US to pour $2bn into Israeli military

DEMOCRATS WIN BIG in Long Island, NY! Suffolk County Executive Race

Young Clark Supporters Launch Innovative New Website:

American Muslims Told to Leave Major U.S. Cities

Bush Says Iraq Attacks Don't Rise to Level of Major Combat

Carlos Santana Calls On Bush To Change His Evil Ways

More U.S. Troops Possible As Turkey Balks

Turkey's Ambassador In Washington: U.S. Should Not Protect Iraqi Kurds

Schwarzenegger Names 4 More to Staff (incl. an environmentalist Democrat)

Campaign 2003: Busy morning at Mississippi voting precincts

Dean Asks Supporters on Public Financing

Dean questioned about flag comment

AP | GOP's Fletcher Wins Kentucky Gov. Race

U.S. Rejects Arsenic-Treated Lumber Ban (Used in almost all playgrounds)

Wal-Mart gets 'target letter' from feds

4 Linked to Castro Death Plot in Court

Florida farmers want to take advantage of trade with Cuba

North Korea, at UN, Refers to Japanese as 'Japs'

Kurtz, Wash. Post: "Hiding the Bad News" (Iraq)

Arar to break silence over U.S. arrest - 'no justification'

Chen (Taiwan Pres.) excited about Powell meet

Have any of y'all been TUSSIN lately?

new Savage Weiner advertisers 11/3

It's 11:30 pm and I should go do homework. Ask me anything...

I vote for the first time today

Sweet Jesus my head hurts.

Hey ladies! Lend me some sugar?

Hip Hop Against The Bush Wars

That's as may be, but it's *still* a frog!

Hands up who think *I* am gorgeous

Who has a link to the NY Times Story

How quickly will this thread die?

Magazine chooses the world's cheesiest films

I'm hungry for huevos rancheros

I was just watching Nightline

Help me! I'm addicted to soft serve ice cream.

Oh my god, I am watching this special on VH1 about the gay community

How do I find a cheap apartment

What do you do for exercise?

Best erotic-religious music?

I wish my *local* newspaper was local

any health nuts in DU?(veganwitch where are you:))

28 Days Later

Mr Ed is on. I'm outa here! Someone turn off the light ok?

What do the DU punkers listen to?

Ray Taliafero just read my e-mail on the air

Kick the sandman in his sack, stay up late, insomniac!

Let's give a warm welcome to our newest member, KissMyAsscroft!

I am going to buy XM radio: Bernie McCain sounds awesome

Letterman Halloween costume!

Hey...who's in sole possession of first place in the DU football league?

I think I finally got a decent job! Need some advice...

Good (Tuesday) Morning DU!

OMG Not your fathers Sesame Street

Man Saves Fish With Kiss Of Life!

Comcast cable out AGAIN! Internet radio suggestions, please.

how fast can i seduce you?

It's midnight in Hartford, Connecticut...

Whooo Hoooo --- Don Mattingly to become Yanks hitting coach!!!

Anyone in Boston going to the debate tonight?

worried about the draft help

My Vacation (BEST VACATION EVER!) Is Over...

What's more likely to get you in trouble?

Most spankworthy DUer tonight?

Lawyer Sings "I Shot The Sheriff" At Cop-Killing Trial

Whoa! Just realized I've passed 1000 posts!

Ladies has this ever happened to you?

Unreal football game. Patriots win.

Which bank is the best?

How Can I Post A Picture Of Me....I'm Cute Too

What should I have for breakfast?

Cats make you horny.

What are the rules re posting song lyrics?


Anybody know any "waiter, waiter" jokes?

FL Dept. of Transportation...YOU SUCK!

Cat burglar (a test)

DU gun nuts

HEY DU! There Is A ZAMBONI Up For Auction!! Who Is IN??

WOO-HOO!!!! I Just Hit 16,000 Posts!!!!!

I'd like to re-introduce myself

Best Quarterback in NFL history

West Virginia Ghost Story

Photo restorers: Auto dust/scratch removal or done by hand?

I can't decide which of the Dem Candidates I like...Help!

Who is your favorite non A-List actor/actress?

Who is cuter?

Has everyone seen this computer virus?

Exactly 1 year from today will be election day.

Macademia nuts --- YUMMMMMMMMMM

Gambling: Harmless Fun or Dreaded Addiction?

Status Clitical

Shout out to all my Uzbek homies...

what's with all the "how cute am I?" polls?

Here kitty, kitty, kitty...

check out this funny link

I voted NO on question 3...and it felt good

5000 posts for me! TADA!


Greatest Punk Albums

post number 900 ask me anything

Quien es mas macho? Yo o Ricardo Montalban?

Any Bengali writers on here?

The Compassionate Conservative of all CAPTIONS!!!!

What's up with all the person-in-winshield stories this year?

"Can we vote for a new president yet?"

I need to know what is a "syn port" attack and why would some IP

Hey. What Ever Happened To Changing The Channel. What A Great

I've got a huge blood blister or something inside my mouth

latest honda recall

That DiGiorno Pizza Commercial... The One With The Transvestite...

Newish site, - still under construction:

For the last few days glass things break when I touch them.

The best EastEnders site on the net.

I am so scared

Odd question: throbbing veins on random spots on your body?

I pity the fool who captions this photo.

Toyota Corolla vs. Honda Accord (Rav4 vs CRV also)

Should Women Flirt With Men They Have No Intentions Of Sleeping With?

Today's the day for me

DU anonymous.

Okay, So How Cute Is Magic Rat

In keeping w/ hippie threads, any Widespread Panic fans here?

I didn't know Jon Stewart has a

The First Ever "DU (song) Dedication Line"! "Going Underground", the Jam

The AP picked up my quotes!

Cute Kitty!

Stock market prediction

Speaking of hippies...

Man! When's the last time one of THESE has been on the market!

Best Running Back in NFL History

Petition to make 9/11 a National Holiday

Never argue with a woman who reads

Monkeys Terrorize New Delhi

It's major woody time!

What was the Wyclef Jean song Howard Dean said he liked?

The Official Bowling Green vs Miami (OH) CFootball Thread

Why is it so hard to find decent jerks?

One small, inconsequential step for smokers

What color best defines a conservative?

teaching in a private religious school

new Hannity advertiser ITM

The Village 'em or hate 'em?

Mom just sent me the "One nation under GOD" email

What's the most bizarre thing you've seen lately?

Do you dislike hips?

Have You Ever Peed In Someone ELSES Shower?

Four Fun Days in DC--Three bike rides and a march

POLL: Who's sick of these "who is cuter" polls?

Are we here in the Lounge board?

A note about infidelity on DU

A note about instability on DU...

A note about indivisibility on DU

A note about invincibility on DU

A note about inanity on DU

A note about imbecility on DU

A note on stupidity on DU

A note about Individuality at DU

Gross out contest: The worst Parasite or DISEASE IMAGINABLE! (GRAPHIC!)

A note about ineventuality on DU

Wow, tonight the news has an article on "Christian nightclubs"

A note about perspecacity on DU

A note about immigration on DU

A notation concerning obfuscation as it relates to DU

WOW - I Got One Hell Of A Raise At Work Today

A note on repetition on DU

Okay, am *I* cute?

Take note, this is not a note about anything.

A note about incontinence on DU

Do you know much about US immigration

DU is Composed of...

A note about leaving for a minute and the lounge having a notefest.

A Note About How Cute I Am

A note about invisibility on DU

A note about sobriety checkpoints on DU

A note about notes on DU

Should I wipe my a$$ with a note?

A note about infertility on DU

a hypothetical question about drugs...

A note about making sure that you're registered to vote!

A note about infallibility on DU

The "Latest" page now reads as follows:

Now Offering Tremendously Effective Sarcasm

Anybody know anything about Spy software?

There are an awful lot of cute notes

A note about post-it notes on DU

A note about incivility on DU...

A note about notes on DU

A note about wrong notes on DU

Enough With The "Cuter" Threads, Already

Why do I have to go to a church to vote?

A note about Lotus Notes

Bush: Saddam `trying to Stir Up Trouble' (per Belleview)

A note about incontrovertibility on DU

A note about insufferability on DU.

OMG!! Simpsons fans, you better click this thread!!!

Note funny anymore

How far should internet matchmakers forums go pictorially?

Best "A Note About" Thread

Need computer speaker help!

The most accurate discriptive phrase for Ann Coulter...shes "she it."

Note to self...

Anyone have the debate drinking game rules?

If You Were Going To Bet Real Money On The 2004 Election...

Bush Is Masturbating Right Now Watching This Debate

To hell with the beautiful people - ugly people unite!

How many times do you email family members each week?

Ashcroft memo: Zombie Hoards. What's the best defensive strategy?

Does it annoy you when people don't "get" what you are saying?

Is It OK to Pee in the Hot Tub

A Note About Yaks On DU

After you've voted, check in HERE

EEK!!! Chili's just aired a commercial using "fire grilled" in a sentence

Kelsey Grammar to play Bill Clinton is Fox's "The Clintons"

the meta-note of notes on DU

A note about B flat on DU

Take me WHERE I WANNA BE!...Take me Away?

Hey, Earth is destroyed on the next "Star Trek Enterprise"!!!!

Freakin' &%$#!! back injury

The elegant Universe tonight

Evasion English Dictionary

Fast Food - How many times each week

Why we can't win

You won't believe who I just nominated as a Conservative Idiot!

8 Simple Rules right now...John Ritter dies all over again.

I Need Party Ideas...For a bachelorette party

My nose is running and my feet smell, what could be wrong?

Wouldn't it better to stop (tone down) with the "Beauty/Beast" threads?

My son helped me vote today - Do your kids go to vote with you?

Eight Simple Rules

Young DUers.....Who Won Rock the Vote?

Any Stuart Davis (the musician) fans here?

Oreo Haiku

Stephen King Finishes 'Dark Tower' Series

Mariners fans-- Edgar's coming back!!!!!!!

Bushyheaded Yaks.

The Second Best Wide Receiver in NFL History ?

here i sit with my nebulizer.... well actually my Doc's nebulizer

Why is it so hard to find decent jerky?

How do I make my own beef jerky?

Whoring a message

Billy Bragg/Steve Earle/Tom Morello/Janeane Garofalo in DC

Anybody read ABC's The Note?

Hypothetical Scruples Question

Anyone afraid of flying?

This post takes place between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm...

New Mac OS...or Spike Lee Joint?

Rock the Vote is turning me into a kucinich supporter

"I'm going to pick up my life and move it along."

Calling Theodoric of York - Leeches help with arthritis pain (gross image)

What Is The Strangest Sex You Have Had In A Normal Place?

Moore Parts Carnivale Veil

Official Party Thread - Mid-Atlantic DUers

Classes for Men

Letterman, girlfriend have a baby boy

Favorite hot sauce?

I challenge you to a fight, John Kleeb


What "Ring-Melody" Do You Use On Your Cell Phone?

I'm gonna hit 1000 posts tonight. Ask me anything

here i sit with my nebulizer.... well actually my Doc's nebulizer

Is it safe to go out of my apartment in the dark?

Help! I can't find info on Demographics


Why would I want a DVD recorder with built-in SD card slot?

Anyone afraid of hotsauce?


Puke alert on Leno

I need a webhost. Andy recommendation for me?

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Barbara?

Another question for the men of DU?

Who is cuter: Anne Coulter or The G-Man?

Okay I say at 1000 ....that post MUST die

I have another terrific headache ask me anything but the headache

Where is the smelliest place you've had sex?

Pictures thread part 2 (Sorry its hard to navigate for me)

Threads You Won't Enter?

I think I'm having a REAL serious stomache problem. (Need opinions)

Ah, another bowl of Rabrrrrrr's kickbutt clam chowder!

Bush Twin Flees Steamy Shower

I was a Democratic Watcher at a precinct today - ask me any damn thing


Hands up who thinks "Slinkerwink" is gorgeous...

Is It Okay to Pee on the Bush?


a note about maturity on DU

GD has turned into a cesspool tonight.

How 'bout them BRONCOS?

Ok, I met this girl

Greatest living former baseball players?

Any house painters or good DIYers out there?

I'm recovering from surgery.

An extraordinary story I can finally tell

If Men Had Vaginas and Women Had Penises....

Best punk rock band of all-time!

Which Gas Station Do You Normally Fill-Up At?

It's an awfully strange social dynamic

Boardgame from the 80' chess, but different.

I'm shaky and my pulse is racing, what could be wrong?

Is It Okay To Pee In The Shower?

Blacklist a badge of honor

First KY Jelly

ZombyPoll#24: Favorite Comic Strip: Past or Present

Elderly Couple Lived With 150 Cats

Teenage Thugs

What is the worst food combination you can think of?

What is your Battle Cry? (funny site)

Look what this freeper moron posted to a music newsgroup

This is your ONE (#1) shot!

My favorite t-shirt

What's your favorite dish to make?

Best cheerleader in NFL history?

Copyright violation. What would you do? Is it worth pursuing?

Round #2 Who's cuter JohnKleeb or Youngred:

GOODBYE! I'm leaving DU for 6 months...

Unfreep this poll the freepers are trying to freep!!!!

OK, who's as big a sap as me???

Generation Gringo: Young Americans Moving to Mexico

So, my 18 year old sister decided to tell me she's a Lesbian last night..

US anticipates borrowing a record $117 bln in Oct-Dec

What plans are you making for Election 2004

The economy is improving?

Howard Dean: "Your Country, Your Campaign, Your Decision"

Transcript of Gov. Dean's remarks at DNC winter meeting

Big Dog at Yale (video)

The Targeted Wing of the Democratic Party that these elections are done with....let's speculate...

Anyone else watching "Unprecedented" on Sundance?

Comments on Iraq from an Israeli colleague

Here's how * hugs...

Mow the Whole Place Down: B. Cloughley

Mental Exercise for Fat Americans - Great rant! Check it out.

Post things that make Lieberman better than Bush...

Louisiana Gov

*sigh* My guy lost his election.

Hartford, Connecticut: Democratic since January 6, 1948

Hey, look, an interesting photo of Dean and Sharpton at the Debate

explain John Kerry's campaign platform in 15 words or less

Bedtime for Bonzo...

"When I was in the military..." Kerry quote...

Working Families Party wins 3rd Party Victory in Brooklyn!

Mods: Rules to start discussion threads..."no profanity"

Mayor Street re-elected?

Now THAT vote was a

BBV: Judge Speeds Case on Electronic Voting Co's Threats Against Critics has an interesting 'filter'...looking for some humor in

"Unprecedented" on Sundance


Kristof: Death by Optimism

How will the other candidates react to Dean's opting out of federal funds?

Jon Stewart --- 5 Stars for tonight's show

New York City Overwhelmingly Rejects Effort to End Party Primaries

Mississippi Election Results- Thread #3

Reasons to vote Bush

Bush didn't realize there was a female in the recent casualties

OHIO: Summit County: Swing County: Dems kick butt, take names

a visual aid on Iraqi occupation deaths

What are Dean and Clark talking about in this photo?

Question for American Revolutionary War Buffs

Our democracy, and the 04' elections, hang by the thinnest of threads

Dean Considers Plan to Forgo Public Financing

Survey Shows Skepticism About Iraq (Not key to terrorism fight-Milbank)

Exit Poll Projects Mayor Anderson To Win Second Term (Salt Lake City)

More bombers to ME right now?

Durbin questions whether helicopter was properly equipped

Talk of Gas Drilling Splits Pro-Bush Factions in West

3 Blasts in Iraq Seem to Be Aimed at U.S. Compound

New Jersey Dems Take Control

Iraq Casualties Challenge Bush on a Response

Bremer Supports Iraqi-Led Force (political party militias)

Execs, U.N. show support for Cuba, underscore challenge for Bush

I was asleep last night, and a photo fell on top of me from the wall

Catch the Daily Show replay!

Classes for Women: ONLY FAIR!

New and improved Male Rules

explain John Kerry's campaign platform in 15 words or less

Question regarding the numbering of posts...

Jchild inspired...Should I become a thief?

What is a freep?

Bedtime for Bonzo...

Just got home from the Clark rally at Faneuil Hall - ask me anything

WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO. Dixie Chick Martie Maguire Is Going To Have

Who doesn't live on this message board?

Earthlings? Who decided that & When & WHY ???

I am scared--I don't know what to do

I am thinking about becoming a thief...

Do the neighbors dogs bug the crap out of you?

What is sex to you?

ZombyPoll#34: Is Orange My Color??

Here's how * hugs...

So, I've taken to flipping off H2 Hummers...

Another X~Class Solar Flare Today......Check it OUT!

Post pics of people you've never met and aren't famous, just for kicks

What's your favorite non alcoholic drink of choice?

Does anyone know anything about Gastric Bypass or Reduction?