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Archives: November 3, 2003

Remember the uproar ... secret meetings of V P Cheney’s energy commission?

Poverty under Bush

Great Interview W/ The Flying Karamazov Brothers

GOP word is out: ‘Get Baucus’

Good old Tom Tomorrow

Democratic Vision of a Strong, Free-Trading, Interventionist U.S.

When the Truth Hurts: The Enola Gay

We're not losing anymore (Fox , and RW press)

Corps Voters, Wash Monthly, Iraq may make the military less Repub

(NYT) The Big Chill at the Lab (scary nazi tactics)....

Oiling up the draft machine?

Iraq: Retreat is not an option

Group Says Iraq Contractors Donated Significantly to Bush's Campaign

selective service job openings and sweeping dead soldiers under the rug

Questions about W's war rise with each new death.

Reason: Bush Is No Cowboy

The man who cruxified the GOP

Amazing article on a CONSERVATIVE site...

Democratic Vision of a Strong, Free-Trading, Interventionist U.S.

Eyes Wide Shut


Another fine example of the tyranny of religious fanaticism.

The Empty Argument of Bush Supporters.

Kerry is collapsing: Can he save his campaign?

Republicans Hate Soldiers and Veterans

Bloomberg's Bad Idea

BBC: Spectre of Vietnam looms over Iraq

Time To Take The Dover Test - CNN - Mark Shields

Political Discourse In America - CBS Bob Schieffer


M. Ventura: rightwing politics = "mediocrity's avengers"

Sorensen: The wounded who never die

Bill Weinberg: How the Anti-War Movement Is Blowing It

Ray McGovern (TomPaine): Helicopter Down

Dean in Boston Faneuil Hall Tuesday 5:30 to 7 forum with CNN - and bar

Please call your Senators re Energy bill!

James Murdoch is named CEO of BSKYB

Rep John Dingell (D-MI) demands fair and accurate portrayal of Reagan

CBS mulls cancel of Reagan mini series

leno (R)= good / letterman (D)= bad

Did anyone see yesterday's Doonesbury?

Bush's Real SOTU Speech - MUST SEE!

Time to take the Dover test

The Sophranos

"The Pledge of Resistance" by Saul Williams

Electronic tech & engineering job leads.

Jack wants to meet eligible SF bay area women

Did Jesus really exist?

Is phone sex cheating?

Phelps plans "Shepard went to hell" monuments nationwide

3Q GDP deconstructed

Boston Globe notes BUSH INCREASING THE BIRTH TAX -debt

Norton reinstates mine waste policy

NASA - Warming Arctic Poses Global Questions (Cool Graphics)

Forsaken Sites Litter Internet

US develops deadly new pox virus

The land where there is nothing left to kill

Mossad hacked by Israeli man

Investors adopt 'wait and see' approach - SA

Spain closes Gibraltar border over cruise ship

RCMP officer charged with voyeurism

Czechs Agog Over Teen Immolations

The Democracy Project

A Fiction Shattered by America's Aggression

The Armenian Genocide

Australian government prepares to revive “blackbirding”

Dean flip flopping over the AWB?

Real horror show

Knock on door leads to shooting death

And MORE Voices for Gun Control

Detroit Police Chief BUSTED for illegal CCW

Dad arrested over trick-or-treat rage (Who is the 5 Year Old?)

Spin this photo John Kerry Supporters

GUNS IN THE NEWS - November 3, 2003

Why was my post removed.

Taking a hiatus. Just wanted to say: Keep up the good work

Is it allowed

How do you edit a thread?

I just had to Upgrade my Browser, and I can't log on to DU from it.

Hey boss, moderator forum problems

Caught that freeper, yet?

Serious Question: WHO decides WHAT is "Cursing" on DU?

Why have my posts been deleted?

Is this on the up-and-up? (DU Meetup)

can a Mod PLEASE reread this post and unlock?

Why are some people allowed to break the rules

What is the longest thread ever at DU?

Why was my post removed?

I am still having "log On" problems and "Bugs Forum" doesn't have any

can you help me find some threads?

Palestinian suicide bomber blows up in West Bank

Defeat terrorism

The IDF's daily chorus of incitement (Gideon Levy)

A good start

Israel's Peculiar Position

Take the free out of speech

Israel wants pressure maintained on Iran over nuke plan

General Discontent

Palestinian suicide bomber blows himself up

New Palestinian speaker appointed

Sharon: PA leadership that objects to terror will soon arise

IDF worried of attempts to 'heat up' Jordanian border

MUST SEE: "Palestine is Still the Issue," by John Pilger

EU distances itself from own poll

100,000 call for peace at Rabin memorial rally

The Decline of the Arabs

The Cancer Cells

Hanan Ashrawi and the Price of Dissent

EU embarrassed as poll labels Israel world's biggest threat

L'acte fondateur du régime Bush

Bin Laden’s key 9/11 role revealed

World Trade Center Demolition and the So-Called War Against Terrorism ZIP

The deficit is huge political story that media does not know how to cover

Dean has a Haliburton board member donating to his campaign

Gephardt on Hardball for hour today

Bush has repub competition in NH's primary

Complaint filed in South Jersey FOXgate case.

Gephardt a No-Show at "Rock the Vote" CNN Debate?

One less reason to hate Kelly Ripa....

LA Times: Politically, Michigan is in the Swing

Dean's Halloween fundraiser took in $354,891.48 from 6,177 contributors

Time Mag on Bush truth: "banner may portend a broader credibility problem"

Latest Kentucky and Pennsylvania polls

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Clark

Edwards Currently Taking Questions

Should we reach out to people who display swastikas?

6,177 Americans Help Dean's "Bats" Swarm Past Goal

Three chances to talk with Edwards online

Questions for Political Scientist Types

Bob Graham Won't Seek Senate Re-Election

Poll in Kansas Shows Bush Support Mixed

Fundraising Chart from NYT: Big to small donors.

Dean is double talking on Executive Privilages

I need to say something positive.

CA: Davis may be down -- but don't count him out yet (2006 gov. run?)

Gen Clark is Having An Online Chat Now

Clark supprters I need your help

One person makes a difference (please look at)

Edwards says no jobs, no recovery

Have Deanies lost perspective because of the money they donate.

Sen. Robert Byrd is my HERO

Kucinich is great! Check out this pic from, at the bottom

My goodness - Dean's making infomercials!

Kerry, Gephardt, Edwards Gang Up on Dean

Race baiting and exclusionary politics...good old tricks of the trade!

more than 1000 people have registered for Dean MeetUps in the past 15 hrs

Statement by Governor Howard Dean on the Economy and the Situation in Iraq

"Path to Victory" Analysis: How Each Democrat Wins

Governor Dean Says Report on State of Young Americans Under Bush Underscor

"Outrage" over Dean becomes clear - SEIU endorsement

Dean - living for the moment

Kennedy, Kerry attack Bush over media ban on troop coffins

Kerry & Edwards 'flip-flop', Gephart shows 'lack of leadership' on Iraq

Where are the Kerry supporters?

Dean leads in new ABC/WP poll among Democrats

Goobergunch Political Report - Volume 3 - Number 2

Dean's gay rights record in the words of Vermont gay and lesbains

The Nerve of Dean

Kerry hits Bush hard on war

Kerry did it again

Never trust the polls....NEVER!

Rep. Smith attacks DEAN

Bill Press is insensitive

Diane Rehm says Kucinich wants to pull troops out of Iraq immediately

Excellent Kucinich Site

PSR | MI: Internet voting in caucuses upheld; caucus sites announced

Israelis, the Mossad and 9-11

Joining the Left and Right halves of the Democratic party

Washington Post: Conversations LIVE Online Today with the Candidates!

It's official: CalPundit, the blogger, has endorsed Wes Clark for Pres.

Republicans nix anti-war profiteering measure in committee

Gropinator Comments On Breasts...

The Parade section of the Sunday paper -- Ques about Arnold

Will media note increased gov borrowing in spring? - as a political story?

Panda Software virus alert-- new Mimail worm variants appearing

Question on Soldier Casualty/Death numbers

Leakgate: Further Pressure on Ashcroft to Recuse Himself

is Bush praying and consulting his "favorite philosopher"? (odd images)

The Right finds itself at the wrong end of censorship (for a change)

unbelievable amazon book "Legacy: paying the price for the Clinton years"

Fox news interview with R-Cochan

Dean's appeal strong with younger voters

Reagan speaks out on Leakgate

Is your familiy for or against war??

Why I think Clark should win the Democratic Nomination


Are You Starting to Get a Whiff of What They Intend to Do About Iraq??

Coulter: Dems take our money, kill babies, and discriminate using race.

HNN's Stupid Award page out today

Another way we're being lied to: "The wounded never die"


Tell Somebody (Repeal the Patriot Act Now)

Military is Communism?

Two Types of Media Whores Last Week--Both Should be in Jail

Look for the Union Label

90% chance my reserve unit will be mobilized very soon

$400 is all it takes to hurt Bushies....the Repub funding scam

if bush loses

Question for Joe Lieberman: What about Selection 2000?

Schwarzenegger to push energy deregulation

The Bush Regime has forever destroyed the United States military

Rumsfeld time capsule, April 29: "There were a lot of hand-wringers..."

Went to Support the Gene Robinson Consecration today

Did any Muslims in NJ celebrate the 9/11 attacks?

DeLay allows lobbyists to overpower the people, FCC ruling, Moyer.

Anyone see Carville and Begala last night on TV???

Alexander Cockburn (CounterPunch) interview on now

The Taipei Times has some excellent progressive editorials on the war...

more than 1000 people have registered for Dean MeetUps in the past 15 hrs

Should I buy DK's book?

My First Thread in DU :-) and it's on racism.

confederate flags and patriotism?

movie about guns "its the rage"

Saddam`s “Muhammad’s Army” Behind Chinook Disaster and moby are sponsoring a contest for film makers

Two questions about Iraq...

America Rocks the Vote on CNN today (Monday, 7:00 pm)

I would pull out of Iraq ASAP

American history lessons from Ebay

Lyrics - The Marching Song Of The Covert Battalions by Billy Bragg

minor flap or major flight

Internation Effort on Global IMRs

At current pace: 5650 US soldiers wounded by 11/2/04

A comparison of national priorities

Are the iraqi's better off now? Talking points?

Wage Slave Journal.. GWB Scorecard of Evil

Ray Taliaferro on KGO

this is insane

Hey people, I thought this might be interesting

Why do Freeper-types so often have terrible writing skills?

Weakness of the "Flypaper" Argument

Really wacky JFK Zapruder thing. I'd like your thoughts

Rothschild, Bush Sr crony, lines up Yukos takeover scam

why isn't Sharpton calling Kerry's agenda "anti-black"?

Are You a Reluctant Democrat?

Yo what's up with the NRA being listed under the Conservative Idiots list

Rall: "You'll know you sacrificed for..."

Riddle me this...

59% of Europeans consider Israel as the greatest thread to peace

I found this refreshing: Punx against Bush

Andy Rooney's Speech for Bush (read on 60 Minutes last night)

Whichever DUer finds the most lies in this article...(money involved)

Hard to believe this ran in the Chicago Sun-Times....

We must not really even NEED a president..

"does your vote count" diane rehm show 11am est

Memorial honors those killed in Iraq

Didn't Fox News get the memo

Democratic Underground Meetup

Minnesota's proposed Social Studies standards...this is really sick....

"You don't like George Bush much, do you?"

Free Markets, Deregulation, Privitization, Globalization, and Greed

some Presidential candidates you may have missed

Diane Rehm talking Touch Screen Voting Machines NOW

Bush About to speak LIVE (11:30 et am Mon)

Neocon 101 definition ( on aol story

Make them film the return of our honored dead!

BBV new nytimes article

Iain Duncan Smith's Novel - from the Guardian

I Made A Convert! - She Won't Vote for Bush again

Gephardt: God reference in pledge is "appropriate."

The Zinn Test

Anybody else see this as a little odd - a message?

TV News Lies Web Cast to start at noon ET

President Baby : New This Modern World

Why Iraq is different from Vietnam

We need a Canadian-type military

Does anyone remember Bush purging moderates/pragmatsts

Can the Democrats do this? What never used rule are they talking about?

Iraq should be 3 states...

"Only Christian soldier is a good soldier" by Lt. Gen (R) James Vaught

Who are we losing?

The poll people are on to us...

Zinn Speaks in L.A.

If you're not angry enough yet, read this

Another pipe line blast = bringing us closer to environment crash

Crappy News-Graham Not To Seek Reelection!

How can this right-wing argument on the war be refuted?

Kerry did it again

Tomorrow is election day.

100,000 call for peace at Rabin memorial rally

I Thought Americans Were Tough Customers

Sick of the Peterson and Kobe cases

Kathleen Parker relays death threat against Dem candidates

How many times has Kucinich been married?

Biggest reconstruction contractors are GOP donors

Why the Pentagon loves land mines

On CNN...Bob Graham announces retirement

Rev. V. Gene Robinson

Do spelling and grammar count???

Sen. Judd Gregg on Cspan2

Long interview with Clark on Tavis Smiley today...

Do U.N. resolutions ever expire?

WP Candidate Forum: Lieberman Defends His Vote for $87 Billion

Is Dean's Campaign Dead Or Not?

Just spent a week with the Air Force

I Saw A Miracle At Work Today

What is the exit strategy

Sally Baron, meet Gertrude Jones (whistle-ass news)

Why Dean's confederate flag comment was exactly the right thing to say

New York Times contradicted itself in the Sunday edition re Bush economy.

Three chances to talk with Edwards online

"Imagine what he will do when he grows up,"

So Mike Harris is out. Is Harper set to take control of the new 'tories'?

Is it just about money or is it something else?

Byrd Alert - C-Span 2 - 3:45 ET. n/t

Kerry interview to be on Inside politics (Cnn) 1:30 pacific

'Well, You Try To Reconstruct Iraq,' Says U.S. Defensive Dept.

DU this poll

Dang! The Horse is Going on Hiatus Again

Army of One ...

Buffett Warns of Trade Deficit Disaster

24/7 Propaganda: Moore's Monument "Briefly" On Display

The Ideal Candidate Would Have....

A Hearing

Bush: 'America Will Never Run' in Iraq

New GD Rules Prohibit Me From Screaming My Disgust With Crossfire!

"We try to help these people, and they kill us,"

Is there any possible way we could ever win Utah?

Another request for memorial contributions to oust Whistlebutt

They don't call them coffins anymore...

A Letter from Hell

creating a liberal utopia (only 1/2 way serious)

A GOP GOTV guy came to my door--you would have been so proud!

Why I like Dick Gephardt

Crossfire discussion thread (11/3/03)

Pasty and Edwina

Some of Mark Morford's(SF Chronicle)hate mail

Union? YES! Support the grocery strikers!

Grieving mom laments lack of Iraq outrage

Jan Schakowsky is kicking 2 stupid white men's glutes! Ha!

Fall of '03 to Fall of '04 Means the Fall of George Bush

TBTM Radio #17: 'Bad Day In Iraq'

Lets constantly bombard

Here's Why The Economy is "Booming"

Who were the 3 Florida Democrats who supported Jeb's campaign?

Which description best matches your current opinion of Bill Clinton?

Bev Harris quoted in NY times today

Clark drugs, and Russians

When will "My Travels with George" be shown again?

White House backtracks on "spirit of cooperation" re: Iraq documents

Iraq as a reflecetion of developments in Afghanistan

Michael Moore Made a Great Point

Senate to approve 87.5B without roll call vote

Graham to announce retirement

C-Span. Anybody watching "Conservatism and the Republican Party"? 6:45 p.m

Al Franken on Randi Rhodes show

George Pataki on MSNBC

Andy Rooney writes a speech for GWB

replay of al franken on randi rhoades, now

Is Kerry's Campaign Dead or Not?

Transcript of Clark's "Wireside Chat"

listen to Dean on NPR

Expert Says Denmark Haven for Terror Networks

Bannergate Update - Hilarious! Bush the Lying Liar can't find a scapegoat!

Pedophile Priests/Gay Priests and some of us are being herded towards

live chat with Wesley Clark beginning @ 5 PM EST

Dean to begin airing 30 minute infomercials in Iowa this week

The Powers That Be Will Never Let the People Rule Again

Why Gephardt is a Warmongering Jerk

Do we "deserve" what we get in Alabama?

NIGHTLINE: Echoes of the Missile Attack (11/3/03)

Anybody see the Medic officer on the ABC news mocking Bush

More information on the "Adopt Iraqi Family" project

What “Our Government" Knows And Why They Don’t Give A Sh**

DU adopt-a soldier.. Have new names.. a few women this time

What's with George Pataki ?

Kudos to ABC News

LIVE: Clark's Town Hall at Keene College - New Hampshire - 7 pm ET

Assassin's History

Has any occupying country ever "won" a guerilla war? And if so, how?

Marriage laws in the USA

"teach 'em how to do capitalism, democracy....whatever"

A letter from an unknown freeper to me

mods-please lock

Kucinich: Administration & Failures Of The Occupation Of Iraq

web link to volunteer on a DRAFT board in your community.....

Gephardt on Hardball for hour at 4 pm pacific

Kucinich in NYC November 21!

Kudos to NBC News...

Electronic Voting

Howard Dean leading among Dems in latest ABC Poll.

Hmmmm, did Al Sharpton disregard Buddhists with his ignorant comment?

MWO out to pasture until 2004

For IrateCitizen - and for us all

Donate to help fix Howard Dean and Charlie Crystle's Airstream!

Air Force Association to Rumsfeld "The First Law of Holes"

Conversation with a thinking GOP supporter

The solution to terrorism isn't just going out and killing Muslims.

Hypo + Poll: Dean doesn't get nomination. Do you give him a slot at con-

Linda Tripp wins $595,000 from U.S. in Privacy Suit

Kids forced to eat garbage food in Coquitlam school.

Another News Blackout? How Many Hundred Billion Is Hud Missing?

Target Group for Dems in the next 10 years - Libertarian Republicans

Is it ok to bring a list when I vote tomorrow? (Texas)

Do Right-Wingers Hate Muhammed Ali?

when's the cnn rock the vote debate?

Should comments about Dubya's "great leadership" go unchallenged?

Predictions of tomorrow's races

Andy Rooney On Larry King Live 9:30 ET

Al Sharpton To Host Saturday Night Live --- Seriously!

Dean's gay rights record according to Vermont gays and lesbians

BBV: NPR is "reporting" all Diebold files (including the source...

An interesting analysis of Bushit Presidential Leadership

Did Jesus really exist?

So, why can't Mass elect a Dem governor?

So How's the White House Leak Investigation Going?

CBS Cancels "Reagans"

Hot off the presses: new Dean Jenkinson song about Iraq and * logic.

Steve Earle on OH Reiley?

cbs may cancel 'the reagans'

Alternet interview with Joe Wilson

Politician cooked wife on restaurant grill

Time to take the Dover test - by Mark Shields

if Hillary got the nomination thru a brokered convention or some other BS…

O'Really is having a stroke

Let me verbalize my latest burst of paranoia

Check in: If you have statewide elections tomorrow, tell us all about it

who will be the "anti-Dean" candidate?

fwiw- to the political operatives on this board

MSNBC: Be Sure To Catch The Olbermann Repeat tonight

I heard it today.. Jonathon Karl said "hard landing"

Joe Biden is even worse of a DINO than Zell Miller...

Look at this CNN picture and tell me we are not occupiers

BBV: Washington State DU'ers...please check in.

Oh great...Our Military has come up with a racial term for Iraqis

November Election Predictions: Post them right here!!

Clark's Rock the Vote ad

Starting to feel disillusioned and despressed with politics.

Stopped For "Driving While Poor"

Will Hillary Run for POTUS in 04?

Don't lock, please interpret the graph on the Alexa Candidate page.

States' Rights: Caveat Emptor

Who has run the cleanest campaign so far?

John Warner just called it a "crusade"

when someone says "Yeah, but can you imagine if Gore were president?"

Kerry,Gephardt,Edwards campaigns work together against potential Dean nod

Katherine Harris running for Graham's seat? Someone give me a puke bag.

From Salon: Oiling up the Draft Machine by Dave Lindorff

Attention SW Washington DU'ers

Selective Service Registration

I wrote this...

Will growing hatred of intellectualism destroy the public University?

Is "Progressive" Different Than "Liberal?"

'I praise those who struck down our American enemies' - Hasai Iraq

The "Jobless Recovery" - what YOU don't understand!

If you're a Democrat and vote for a Republican, you're not a Democrat!

Tell me -- am I getting too paranoid even for DU?

"Intellectual Property" rears its ugly head - Monsanto patented soybeans

Katerina Vanden Heuvel takes on Kellyanne Conway.

The Von Braun Master Plan: National Dream or National Nightmare?

Bush's 'End to Major Combat' Speech

Senate hands 'legislative victory' to 'President' Bush*

Even repugs admit Clinton would have won over Bush in 2000!

At Grocery Store & Notice The Top Seller Book Display...MIA

Corporate crooks stealing your retirement (again) - Morgan Stanley

New Yorkers—NO on 3! (Please keep this kicked.)

Is the war on terror a war against just Al-Qaeda or extremist Islam...

"Jesse Jackson is a racist."-countless conservatives

11/4/02 ...where were you? My dog and I were in the streets. Our streets!

Bush's words on dead soldiers repeated from old speech.

Looking at Iraq without the Media Filter: Iraqi & Soldier Blogs

"Mrs. Kravitz" wins over half a million bucks from US. Govt.

truthout has begun its first-ever membership drive. Wanna help?

OK, it's Nov. 2003. Time to ask: Do you recall Nov. 22, 1963?

Florida history changed today.....State Library allows no browsing.

Tony Blair.

Saddam`s “Muhammad’s Army” Behind Chinook Disaster

Low-key Houston builder state's top political donor

Battle for Hearts of Iraqi TV Viewers Heats Up

Leaflets Warned of "modern" Attacks Before Iraqi Insurgents Downed a U.S.

Box Cutters Found On More Planes (CBS News)

SENATE WATCH-11/3/2003 (#1-11:00) [$87B Iraq Appropriations]

Attacks may reshape U.S. strategy

Bush's Merit Pay Plan Is Stalled in Congress

Threats Overstated by Bush Official, Critics Contend

Entrepreneurs to meet, discuss investing in Iraq (Attendee list is secret)

Insurgents warned of attack on chopper

Court hearing to weigh combining suits on redistricting

Troops wounded in copter attack arrive in Germany for Treatment

U.S. Foreign Aid Increasingly Incoherent, Ad Hoc, Charge NGOs

Two Iranian Filmmakers Freed in Iraq

Britain's BSkyB set to appoint younger Murdoch as boss (Yes, Rupert's boy)

Report accuses stock specialists of unethical trading

Offbeat Leftist's New Take on Bogota

Wisconsin wants Canadian drugs online - ('nuther headline for Junior!!!)

Soldier dies while heading home for mother's funeral (One of the 16)

Hussein Was Sure of Own Survival

Democrats open second front against Bush in war over Iraqi secrets

African Church anger over gay bishop

Sugar, citrus at odds with Bush

Inuit battle to shut US air base

11/3/2003 ABCNOTE:Meet the Press 2 days before election-a Zell Dem putdown

Eleven Iraqis Killed, U.S. Wounded Arrive in Germany

Two Words on a Banner That No Author Wants to Claim

Bush signs law to give $310 million to biotech firm (Fla.)

As Casualties in Iraq Mount, Will Resolve Falter? (NYT)

Pentagon mental health contract may have been written by vendors

Inuit battle to shut US air base

Florida's Sen. Graham Announces He Won't Seek Re-Election to Fourth Term i

BBV: File Sharing Pits Copyright Against Free Speech

Judge behind anti-Saddam probing commission killed in Iraq: prosecutor

Explosion in Karbala - 3 dead, 12 inj.

Aussies Do It Right: E-Voting (Wired News)

Large explosions heard in central Baghdad

Long queue at drive-in soup kitchen (in the US)

Nigella Lawson to cook for Bush in London

Soldiers hurt in attack on copter undergoing treatment at Landstuhl

N.C. textile towns struggle with massive layoffs

Pentagon keeps dead out of sight [Body bags = "transfer tubes"???]]

Dean proposing Fannie Mae-like loan entity

Worst day since 'end of war'

Groups reject provision in Senate Head Start bill

U.S. Paying for Iraq Intelligence Blunders


BBC (Monday): Afghanistan unveils constitution

A James Manchin is dead (W.V news)

Tanker lease, "Buy American" provisions collide in defense bill talks

Congress Nears Iraq-Afghan Aid Approval

Army Doctors Tussle With Troops' Injuries

CNN: Now There Are Explosions in Tikrit

Illinois pilot dies in copter attack

(Update:) Records Indicate Teen Fatally Shot While Running Away

Clark Reads the Bible

CNBC breaking (now brick thrown thru glass) at Cannon Office Bldg

Congress OKs Iraq, Afghanistan Funding

Fund Scandal Widens, Putnam CEO Is Ousted

TSA to use private security workers for late shift at N.Y. airport

...Top-ranking woman expected to lead Detroit Police...

Dean looks back, dryly

Supreme Court rejects church-state fight over Ten Commandments monument

And Now, Frank Talk About Iraq - Bush team shows less bravado

Supreme Court won't hear Roy Moore 10 commandments appeal

Iraqi Villagers Celebrate U.S. Helicopter Hit (Shooting at their cows)

Senators Rip SEC Over Mutual-Fund Abuses

Israeli army accused of Brit murder

Miss.Gov. race taking on urgency (Multi-state Dem. effort to get out vote)

No answers as the body bags mount up

Attack on helicopter hits Fort Carson hard

Iraqi oil exports face further delays following pipeline sabotage attacks

White House Memo Lowers Bush Expectations

Bush Vows No Retreat from Iraq Despite Mounting Toll

Bus driver in court after slapping boy who said penis

CBS Mulls Canceling Reagan Mini-Series - Report

U.S. Seeks Answers in Missile Attack

US Military to Uphold TV Cover Ban on Coffins from Iraq

What Boycott? Americans Splash Out on French Wine

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq (376 U.S. service members have died)

Israeli Jets Swoop on Lebanon, Draw Hizbollah Fire

(Gov. Elect) Schwarzenegger Picks Finance Director

German Film Exposes Guantanamo 'Scandal'

U.S. will seek $2.22 bln military aid for Israel

US soldier dies in Iraq as Bush says 'no retreat'

Chrétien to take job with UN: report

Wanted Man: I Had A Good Reason - loosening bolts on power lines

Recall rattles political nerves

Germany Reopens Sensitive Iraq Questions with U.S. (Legality of war)

Cubans as swing voters?

5 explosions just heard in Baghad 01:17 PM ET Mon

Wolfowitz support for new petition could give key push to grass-roots peac

Littlest Immigrants, Left in Hands of Smugglers

EU embarrassed as poll labels Israel world's biggest threat

U.S. chopper shot down, 16 killed...(Update - Canuk version)

Source: Bob Graham Won't Seek Re-Election

EPA to Allow Partial Sewage Treatment (LA Times)

Dean's attacks hurting party, Smith claims

US shouldn’t meddle in YUKOS affair

Argentina wants Cuba to join Latam bloc vs U.S.

Congress Gives Final OK to $87.5 Billion for Iraq, Afghanistan

Venezuela's Chavez warns Costa Rica on 'coup plot'

Governor Dean Promises Fast Action To Avert Nursing Shortage

Defense Department settles with Linda Tripp

Cuba Signs Deals With Nine US Companies At Trade Fair

CBS cancels "Reagans"

Kerry, Gephardt, Edwards Gang Up on Dean

Why the Right should vote Democrat in '04

A simple question. Is any candidate espousing total withdrawl


The office on BBC

Sanford & Son

Reseau Voltaire Issues Bush Regime Card Deck

Dear DU Forum...

Is there a cool little after hours club of West Coasters on DU

Activist movement music catches on with College listeners at

Swear Bear

minor flap or major flight

Is Krugman using my ideas?

Is there anyone up right now?

Two cool aurora photos..

Every Mother's Wish for her child.."He's famous"

What causes swelling in your body?

'P. Diddy' Combs Finishes NYC Marathon

Good (Monday) Morning DU!

Why spend $87 billion in Iraq?

question for Smothers Brothers fans . . .

How many pens and pencils do you have??

qheb .;jqr rewjvn vjhqeru ;;wrjtfn'jn jrdbfnvc jkrn erfdnv

Clark fans/Chicago DU'ers a vanity post from wndycty

What would you rather do instead of watching "Saving Private Lynch?"

OK, is Adult Swim trying to kill away all its non-Anime programming???

it's freakin' november

I say we all email Zell Miller the Top 10 Conservative Idiots list

Backhanded Compliment?

Are there any good soft porn sites on the internet?

Who Would Win In A Tag Team Battle Between....

Baby Monitor Traps Would Be Robber

I saw Woody Allen on Park Avenue yesterday

My tomatoes came back

1st Candidate on NH Ballot Has Motto: "In God We Trust"

Pick from among these songs...

Student Suspended For Wearing Condom Costume

Dog experts or experienced owners- a sad question

Japanese Woman at 114 May Be (NEW) World's Oldest


IT professionals, CPU gurus, internet addicts....a question

Ghost Stories Haunt The White House (ITS HAUNTED)

this is the post where i ask a question, then ignore it!

I have officially joined the 700 Club! Ask me anything.

Santa's been a baaaaad boy

It's snowing in my part of MinneSNOWta....

Great Tom Tomorrow Cartoon Today

Where's catpower2000?

some Presidential candidates you may have missed

Alien vs Predator....

Anyone here work for the Better Business Bureau?


Who loves their winter gloves?

Do you ever type and a different word comes out?


Any Manics fans out there?

lee marvin just shot ronald reagan

Just in time for Christmas.

Any Pics Yet From the Boston DU Gathering?

How despondent are you?

Are you a lawyer?

Computer Geniuses: I have a question...

If You Were In A Famous Rock & Roll Band, What Would You Play?

Ebay Sellers

Attention DU journalists

Cop Paranoia

Fate winks and shows her ample cleavage to CanuckAmok...

Has anyone been to a Dean Meetup?

Do you get "Trailer Park Boys" in the States?

Computer Idiots, I Have A Question

three conversions today

What Type Of Condoms Do You Use?

Anybody ever notice...(attorney question)

South Beach Diet--anyone tried it?

"You know I like it when you squeal like a pig, Unca Dick!"


Want a faster Windows Computer?

I'm planning a carnivorous bog garden in my backyard. Ask me anything!

Blogger Kos (of Has New Kid

Off-season baseball: Astros trade Wagner to Philly...

Who else loves HBO's Carnivale.....

Do spelling and grammar count???

I'm Back !!!

Sun more active than for a millennium -heads up - gonna get worse

Oh my goodness, I cringe when I see this picture

People, I think we have a winner here...

How do you get over being DUMPED?

Anyone seen the stage production of The Full Monty?

after watching the frst matrix movie, I ask myself

Geez, whenever I give my wife an inch

Are you a member of HBI?

I met Molly Ivins Saturday and am protesting today-ask me anything!!!

When do they post today's BCS standings? (Bowl Championship Series)

saw Mary, Dar, Shawn, and Patty last night

I saw Simon and Garfunkel last night. And I ain't talkin'!

2-5" of the white stuff coming down today!!!

The Sputtering Sputnik of all CAPTIONS!!!!

The Dewy-Eyed Camel of all CAPTIONS!!!!!

The Cat Herder of all CAPTIONS!!!!

today's new hate radio advertisers Nov 3

List of Top Cheesy Movies - BBC

Who's heard of the BBC triple album "Bringing it All Back Home?"

STUPIDEST lines fellas have used to get laid:

The dead baby joke thread

The Gagging on an toad of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Just what the Heck are you?

It's probably a good idea to wait for snow before going snowmobiling

LOL! Telemarketer put me on hold!

What should I do?

Puffy's Sweatshop

Ethiopian man breaks world record in laughing

Where does a tall, thin guy buy sweatshop-free pants?

i got a recruitment letter

Toni Morrison in NJ

Did David Cross Wear His DU t-shirt on Conan?

Clark drugs, and Russians

A funny from the past

Monday's Bad Bush* Joke Thread (TM)

What's a good industry to work in?

Of MY favorite movies, which one do you like best?

My name is ForrestGump and I am a feminist!

Rock the Vote

What's more selfish:

A sense of humor. What's funny and what isn't?

Just in time for Christmas... The Evange-Cube

Computer gurus- I too have a question.

Worst Dating Experience Ever

A rant about polls

Okee, bye! See soon!


DU Adopted Soldier Update.

Preferred Semenal Euphemism

Mike Harris "The Great Right Hope" Is Out

What is YOUR Absolute Worst Date Story

Bay Area DUers- "Dr Strangelove" is playing tonight

Are you on the NRA blacklist??

Just watched Vanilla Sky for the first time.

How do men and women meet these days?

i spat at roy moor but missed, ask me anything

What perfectly good word misrepresentations piss you off?

Tell me to stop wasting time in the lounge and get my papers graded

My name is Lady Freedom and I'm...

I'm back!

Yikes! Christmas already???

I am what I am.

I've been without internet service since Saturday

If The Next Debate Were a Texas Cage Match....

How slowly should Matcom die?

Are digital Pen Cameras any good?

I am a musician and the monkey is a businessman.

I am pissed about DU!

looking for a good freeware DVD player software

Guess which person is me.

Dang I missed this place - what's the good word?

Look what's in the clearance bin....

How To Spot A "Married Man/Woman" Who Pretends To Be Single

Fear Factor on NBC??? Hummm......


Wolf Blitzer made a left turn in front of me today. I flipped him off.

Pick The Best Bruce Springsteen Album

MTV- Wildboyz????


Tom Waits appreciation post....

Trojan Games - Absolutely Hilarious!

Men, Have You Named Your Penis? Women Have You Named Your Breasts?


Drumroll please! Wanna guess what the first Fall show canned was?

Cat tale

Breast Implants - For or Against them?

Alabama DUer's Check in Here

Ok DU'ers part deux-Who's made the most great movies?

Anyone watching the trashy nite soap "Skin?"

Are Confident People More Likely To Be Conservative?

Catshrink hits 1000

I'm starting my own business.

I just laid a guilt trip on my mom, a life-long Democrat.

sound still not working sigh

Where was the most dullest place...

Funniest "patriotic" website ever.

Does Jan Michael really exist?

M*A*S*H : Favorite Character/s, Favorite Episodes

BCS rankings | 11/03/03

If I duplicate all the chromosomes in my DNA

My answer to the "These Colors Don't Run" bumper sticker

question re: our DU pop-up advertiser

Congrats Pat & Grant

Between 1 and 10...

ShortBus? DoloAmber? Anyone in NC? How was the drunken

It's official...I hate my cable provider!

david_vincent said "I've got an idea!"


What's the answer?

Do you dislike people who have no idea what the hell they

Sonya is pregnant!!!! Ask me anything!

Pasty and Edwina

DU Chat

Do "Monster Boxes" really exist?


Don't ever trust someone who says "come on, trust me"

Conceived in the mind, comes out of the mouth, the

I'm new - ask me anything!

Hey Red Wings Fans.....

Help me stop eating Marshmallow Cones

Let's hear your favorite names for the Rear End!

I ate ostrich at the Blue Moon last night...

Grammar Question

The most delicious beer in the world

If you've ever taken music lessons.. answer this question please

The Ann Coulter Talking Action Figure! Buy them for your next Voodoo party

Elliot Spitzer Is A God !!!

I hate music

What time do you most often go to bed?

Where should America have been in space by now?

Why is fidelity important?

Beethoven's Sixth

My buddy stuck it to the man today

My Horrible Fucking Night

Preferred Candidate Supporter Names? Deaniacs? Clarkists?

Menstrual cramps ow ow ow I hate them

Most pretentious album

Wouldn't you like to be a hippie too?

A question for the WOMEN on this board?

Why should polygamy be illegal?

The BEST Private Dick?

First snow of the season!!!

Question for the MEN on this board?

I made wontons for dinner tonite, ask me anything

Worst LP covers ever!

Question about the Gift Boxes to the Iraqi Families

Kick the Leftist! Check out Fixated's new blog

Why did God Invent the Jalapeno Pepper?

Mondays 'IN' The Undergroundrailroad -- Monday, November 03, 2003

I Saw A Miracle At Work Today

How Slowly Will This Thread Die

Who is turned off by tattoos and piercings?

Why do Freeper-types so often have terrible writing skills?

Gentlefolk, for my 3,000th post, I give you Borges.

What's the WORST movie you ever LOVED?

Conservative Issues has a new poll


Where is the strangest place you have had SEX

TOMACCO is a reality!

Anyone Doing Nanowrimo this year?

What's in your iTunes/iPod?

Hundreds Flock To The Goat Races

Do You Dislike Hippies?

My son is home from school sick ......Ask me anything

Who is the naughtiest Lounge lizard!


I consider myself a ...............................................


How fast has someone tried to seduce you?

Remains Of Xena-Like Woman Found

OK, now...WORST movie you've ever seen?

Poll: Best Formula One Racer Ever!

anyone else doing atkins?

I have a terffic headache ask me anything

Post pics of yourself as a kid, and then as an adult just for kicks

Ground beef, lean ground beef, ground turkey, ground lamb, or soy crumbles

Attention SE PA DUers! Two chances to see my band this weekend!

When Helms and Lott dismissed the Al Qaeda threat

Salon: Mission Demolished

Bush leaguer

Have Dean haters lost perspective because of the money they donate?

Familiar candidate fights fuzzy image

LA Governor: Mayor Nagin (D) of New Orleans endorses Jindal

Kerry Spells Out River Protection Plan

Ruy Teixeira: How Clark could win the nomination

Does the best liar usually win in politics?

And the Moran of the Day Award goes to...

Bush is God… and here's the photo that proves it

Vermont NEA chapter votes to endorse Dean

Detailed Gun Self-Defense Poll

if the true goal of Bush* had been to fight a war against terrorism..

Iraq: Grants v. Loans. Can anyone explain WHY grants?

Alan Colmes, the left's least loved liberal

Will you vote tomorrow?

Nixon 68, Nixon 72, Reagan 80 and 84, Bush 88, Bush 00

Washington now has a Repug Gov candidate for 2004

If abortion were banned how could it be enforced?

BBV: As I think Jim March would say, "Diebold: bite me!" lol

With each daily exposure of Diebold fraud, the stock goes higher..

Abraham: One Event Didn't Cause Blackout

Classified US Report on Iraq Sought by UN

Sabotage still clogs Iraq's oil

BBV: Calif. Halts E-Vote Certification

Bush* Speeches Avoid Setbacks, Look Ahead

When Helms and Lott dismissed the Al Qaeda threat

Vermont NEA chapter votes to endorse Dean

Bush Raising Another $1M for Re-Election

Strategist warns Bush could fall in polls w/Dem nominee

Villagers gleeful as US army gathers mangled remains of downed Chinook

Would hours and hours of wild sex cheer me up tonight?

Who's voting for the first time tomorrow?

How cute is this?

Letterman is having his kid?

Where were you when George HW Bush threw up on the Japanese PM?

Who wrote these lyrics?

How important is truth?

Question for Jus_the_facts

Inspired by the Orleans Album on the Bad Album Cover thread

I broke my own record for the NYTimes crossword puzzle...ask me anything!!

Question for the KIDS on this board?

Let's play guess the word from the definition!

Who is cuter? 1a2b3c, Youngred, or LPFF?

Who Is Gayer?

I am disgusted by this advertisement

I was just robbed