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Archives: November 27, 2003

Salt Lake Tribune's Pat Bagley takes jab at Bush!

Vegetal and Mineral Memory: The Future of Books

WPost:9/11 Panel May Seek Extension

Why Florida Senate race could turn into a comedy drama (Katherine Harris)

Charley Reese: Imposed government will create its own opposition

The Nation: Killing Medicare by Trudy Lieberman

Steel Cage Death Match: Drew vs. Taibbi on Clark

Bob Novak On GOP Legislative Shenanigans

Greed that feeds terror : Madeleine Albright

Documents: Neil Bush has Contract With Chinese

Be Thankful You're Not Dubya -- Mark Morford

Medicare Bill letters to LA TIMES Nov 27, 2003

The turkey has landed: (the Brits take on Bush upstaging Hillary)

Paul Krugman (NYT): The Good News

Unions Call For Timoney to Be Fired & Congressional

Blumenthal: How George transformed Tony's world

Shades of Blonde

Clark's True Colors - The Nation

Demonstration in NYC, December 10th at noon.

This is really some funny ass shit

Lets boycott Florida as a vacation place because of the Police

NY Post: Gibson's "Passion"

Just watching on FSTV: Theresa LaPore worked for Adnan Kashoggi?

The 5th Force, the missing link to the GUT and the TOE, Quantum shit

Anyone interested in a book club? I'm thinking of plowing through Durant.

Dangerous New Anti-Marijuana Legislation To Be Introduced Soon!

The South is not so solid for Bush

Sludge: U.S. Gorilla Economy On A Diet

another Ashcroftian nightmare?

Setting differences aside ...

SHERIFF busted for selling restricted AR-15 semi-auto rifle


Re patience

My Lounge joke thread on John Kerry stabbing an old lady with his chin

I was seriously asking about the mood of the country...

A few new posters in LBN wanting to make a mod's acquaintance

"Hillary's warzone thanksgiving" thread question

40,000 battered women hospitalized in 2003

Palestinians, Israelis meeting in London on road map

NGOs - The New Israel Fund and the Propaganda War Against Israel

EU anti-racism body rejects allegations of “shelved” anti-Semitism report

Universities return to aptitude exams to keep arabs out

Israeli army says killed Palestinians were unarmed

Mussolini's granddaughter leaves right-wing party

Forty years of lies

JFK, 9-11, and the REAL America: Tying It All Together

Wesley K. Clark Remarks to National Congress of American Indians Conventio

Candidate fundraising stats (DUPE, sorry)

Queens Democrats Give Nod To Howard Dean For President

Kerry vs. Kerry

If you're still wondering who would be the strongest candidate ...

Genocide Survivors Love Clark

Clark: Carving is for turkeys, not candidates

Clark shoots hole in campaign

Clark Best Against Bush

Why don't we have issue posts?

Gov. Dean's Thanksgiving Message

To those who say "The actual Medicare bill vote didn't matter."

Democracy in Ira* Ceremony - Oct 2004 ? one month b4

Clark's True Colors

what will the 'household' of the future resemble?

Smirky is way to generous to our freedom fighters

Uggggh! Looks like the Gestapo and the Stasi have returned to Germany...

Fox "News" is number one now, but...

Deleted message

Dream debate....Dennis Miller vs Janeane Gorafalo

Simple thanks for the right stuff

The Money Map

Freeper explains why AIDS is still killing gays

Why a real Leftie supports Dean - 5 simple reasons.

Iraq rebuilding cash runs dry

What is wrong with supporting every Democratic candidate...?

Killmon Ftaa arrestee late night live

2004: The Year of Linux

Religion and politics in the US, a Canadian perspective - CBC video

DU -- President Carter has something to say to you

Pls report talk at Th. dinners (good luck with conserv relatives)

If you had a time machine...

Thanksgiving gift from the CCN -- Email Forwarding

FYI: Turkey numbers

Google Exposed - SPREAD THE WORD

My apology letter to The Nation

(Republican) Lawmakers Call for Audit of Head Start

Source of dem judicial memo flap. Read it and weep.

Here Comes the Dark Horse: Edwards Takes S.C. Lead

past presidents on the military-industrial complex and corporism

Objective Information on Abortion?

Missed West Wing / What Happened?

Pitt. Post-Gazette Ed.: FBI tracking Dems.

GOP pulled no punches in struggle for Medicare bill

Why Florida Senate race could turn into a comedy drama

You MUST see Nightline

Wes Clark on Affirmative Action in The Detroit Free Press

Campaign Aides' Reversals of Fortune in Book Abt Primaries

Clark: New American Strategies for Security and Peace

Democrats and the Atheist Vote. What?

Allen Dershowitz - Ann Coulter - Bill Bennett - for Thanksgiving?

Is anybody here pro-China/anti-Taiwan?

Dangerous New Anti-Marijuana Legislation To Be Introduced Soon!

Hillary's warzone Thanksgiving

Mission Creep

Governor Dean's Thanksgiving Message

Strategic Humor Initiative.

NYT makes Clark look like an insensitive smuck

Bloomberg, DeLay "rift" over NYC Repub. convention

Should we start a write in campaign to MSNBC and others?

Bush was not innocent...

Remember Rep. Bill Janklow, that pile of goo who killed a man speeding?

Saudi Arabia cannot stay a family-owned business

CANADA should mend U.S.-Canadian relations???

Season's greeting from Laura Bush

Plexiglass Box Voting

"Dubya's Thanksgiving"

CA-full Franks Interview(Not Newsmax)

Bernie Ward is

How is the US a superpower again?

Should The World Be Thankful For America?

Another reason why Canada LOVES Clinton

How can gay people support the Republican Party?

Hillary's warzone Thanksgiving week (fixed)

DUers...Let's Boycott Holiday Shopping This Weekend, or

My friend, Charlie Dean

Indiana nixes offshore deal to protect jobs

I'm having second thought about Hillary for President.

Sneak Iraq visit ----Bush THE COWARD shamed the U.S. AGAIN!

$57,000 an hour of our money to up stage Hillary

Was Braun an early victim of current Republican smear tactics?

A Peaceful Thanksgiving to All.

Where will Bush spend Christmas?

Re: Bush changing his Drivers Licence Info while Gov. Any Info?

DU Pledge: I will continue to attack candidates other than my own

Kousin Karl Rove Never Sleeps

Flashback .... Thanksgiving with the troops.

How do you define your politics? A personal quandry.

Democrats: Boycott Holiday Shopping This Weekend, or

Funny Fundie Nutcase Reading

Relentless Rove PR and the the Photo-op Posse...

TV News Lies announcement. A payback to loyal supporters!

Aren't the threats and bribes used to get Medicare votes illegal?

MSNBC question of the day, is the country on the right track?

Bush Baghdad trip just more reactionary tripe

Will Politics Come Up as a Topic at the Thanksgiving Table?

Question: Did Clark support the Vietnam war from beginning to end?

Sunday In the Dark With George

How has 9-11 changed your life?

Maybe its me, but this is the most bizarre war excuse I've heard

An open thread for Candidate Bashing (to keep it out of other threads)

BBC News reports * took press to Iraq

Bush goes to Iraq on Thanksgiving to visit troops.

U.S. Puts Pressure On Australia To End Drug Price Controls

i HATE George W Bush

NYT article on Iraq control shift reveals view plan tied to Oct., '04

The Democratic Party Died This Past Weekend At Age 175

Same stunt worked GREAT for LBJ, huh?

Is Media Coverage of Clark "Fair and Balanced"?

Whoa!! Stockholm Seweden Dean Meet up?

Bush* went to Baghdad because:

50 troops pissed AWOL's departure put them in danger-read this

Is anybody here a young soldier?

What I'm most thankful for today? DU of course

A Thanksgiving Day present for Kucinich fans

WillPitt I wish you would research this: The myth about drug research

Freepers down Hilary for dining with troops (racist too)

Time to be thankful that we have a roof over our heads

Georgia revolt carried mark of Soros

Phone call I just took at RW Radio

Why is AOL suppressing THIS webpage?

Al Gore speaks out on race, civil liberties, and Bush Admin

Al Franken on CSPAN2 (from 11/15/03 at U of Missouri)

The Issue With *'s Visit

Propagandizing the troops continues...

The real reason for Bush's secret trip to Iraq


Would a Gonzalez victory do as much for left wing local-level candidates..

If Everything is Hunky Dory--Why Need so MUCH Money?

How do you feel about the Bush surprise visit to Baghdad?

The myth of this economic "rebound"

If Zell Miller was nominated to run against junior, would ya vote for him?

BBV: Another, earlier attack on voters in Volusia County, FL

To anybody who may think the Canadian Alliance is as evil as the GOP...

Shock and awe v2.0 (US shut down this network)

Any take on politics or mood of country from gatherings today?

Bumper Sticker Retorts

Black Box Voting: HR 2239 has 84 co-sponsors

MUST READ: The Dallas Doctor's Warren Commission testimony.

FOX News.: Lol...not a PR Stunt!

I am almost ashamed to admit, I actually do hate Bush. (opinion piece)

Senator Zell Miller said in a speech for his book

All Bush, no Hillary

ABC: Bush never left the Airport Complex

Are we fucked?

Iraq is Bush's war. Afghanistan is America's war. Thanks Hillary for

O'Reilly on CNBC with Russert

I think I have my answer re: Clark, Vietnam & Iraq

How do we know W was REALLY in Iraq ("Capricorn One" redux)?

Dean sure has a way of exploiting sick people - TNR report card

Baghdad Bush: All hat, no cattle - just another turkey.

Lots of tombstones out today,our collective yawn over Bush's stunt

SO-CAL Duers Tim Robbins play "Embedded" has opened

CNN: Howie Kurtz is making sense?

AARP faces Revolt

Barry Lynn on C-Span Regent Univ???????? right now 2109 CST

DU--Escape From Reality?

Here's George with a soldier

Poppy's views on premarital sex

Inside Bush's Secret Trip to BaghdadÊ- (Reuters)

Clark's clever attack

Al Franken on C-SPAN2

Toby Keith: Flag Waving, Guitar Warrior extrodinaire

The Green Party, your thoughts.

Doesn't Nevada sorta look like Iraq?

90% of Iraqis support US effort in Iraq...

Why Dean will Win the Nomination

Clark says he's "Product of Military Industrial Complex?" Quote/"Nation"

Paul Krugman: Bush worse than Nixon or Reagan

so, my sister asks: "do you want to buy dad TREASON for Xmas?"

Just had Thanksgiving Dinner with 12 Repugs

a questionW Thanksgiving (new art from Ivory_Tower!)

"From PSYOP to Mindwar" - be afraid

Roll Call: Live Feeds Cut Off Until January (C-SPAN watchers, please read)

Who is the best Democrat to beat Bush?

We have a BIG BIG problem

70,000 striking UNION folks in LA

Schwarzenegger takes Fla. prison firm donation (His word is his bond)

The euro is at

What current public figure(s) are you most thankful for?

Have you ever called Bush "President"?

Now do you believe in LIHOP?

I dare you to watch this without hitting your head on the wall

Father and Son, serving together in combat in Iraq! :-(

DU Seniors: Drop AARP and join the Gray Panthers. We could all join.

Queens Democrats Give the Nod to Dean instead of to Clark

DU: Join the 'Conservative Media' Mantra

So why did the troops have all those cameras?

Novakula exposes how the Pugs stole the Medicare vote

Read The Mariani Vs. Bush et al Amended Complaint Here

Why do Greens and Repukes use the same attacks?

Now I have really mixed on the photo op in Baghdad

Do you consider Gavin Newsom a true Democrat?

BBV: Dust-Up Over E-Vote Paper TrailÊ(

Laughter at gullible Republicans requires a unique blindness

How Wesley Clark spent Thanksgiving

America under President Gore.

If we have a draft for Iraq what would you do?

Viet Nam War-What Would You Have Done?

Clark hires former assistant fired by Republican bosses

KERRY: What went wrong?

Dean's Governorship of a population 608,000

bush and the Nazis (New Documents)

Hearts and Minds - US style

AARP Faces Rebellion Within on Medicare

A friend just passed this on to me:

US May Slow Push for UN Plan

Pentagon Sending More Marines to Iraq

Troops Kick Off Thanksgiving, Iraq Style

Russian oil giant Yukos hit by new raid

Saudi: Millions risked on BAE contract


Former Iraqi general dies under US interrogation,( sorry I duped)

China's Alternative To DVD

UK bust: 11 held over £650m drug smuggling

Nuclear agency censures Iran

Centcom: Soldier dies from non-combat wound (Translation: Suicide)

Officer 'leaked email to save lives'

Schiavo tries to head off Governor Bush's attorneys

Concern over jump in HIV cases in US

U.S. faces backlash over house raids in Iraq

'Reagans' filmmakers: CBS ruined movie

(Afghanistan army) Losing a Few Good Men

Mrs. Claus Spices Up Thanksgiving Parade

Clinton Says U.S. Will Stand With Afghans

Taiwan passes 'defensive' referendum bill

Murky divorce details put Bush's brother in spotlight

Schwarzenegger Takes Fla. Prison Firm Donation

Scores of farm violations found in seven Miami-Dade farms

Retiree Uses Full-Page Ads To Make Point

Bush Makes Surprise Visit to Baghdad

Bush to Call Soldiers on Thanksgiving (Blatant Leak Alert)

British Anti terror Arrest 'Could Be Big' -Source

Diebold Folds In DMCA E-Voting Lawsuit

Patten questions whether 'unvarnished truth' presented before Iraq war

Why Barry Sanders walked away

Europe Aims for Endless Energy (£6 Billion for Fusion)

One-tonne bomb seized in Saudi Arabia

Billions of people may suffer severe water shortages

CIA guns for hire: Contract workers pursuing terrorists

Hearts and Minds - US Style

First NI assembly seats won - BBC Ulster Elections

UK bust 2? Galaxy under fire as £5,000 goes up in smoke

Explosives 'found in suspect's home'

Countries to act on deadly toll of leftover munitions (DUPE - SRY)

China silent on Taiwanese independence referendum

Bush sends Christmas wishes... for a prosperous new year

Iraq war creates new generation of wounded vets

Some Iraqis Welcome Bush, Others Wish Him in Hell

U.S. Didn't Want to Be Called Occupiers

Martin's Cove Bill on President Bush's Desk

Joan Jett Running to be a Dean Delegate

How British Charity Was Silenced on Iraq.

Powell Says No Quick Deal on Guantanamo Britons


Ashcroft vs. Greenpeace (UPI Article on Common Dreams? WTF?)

Ontario to ban two-tier healthcare - Globe and Mail

Some American Indians Conduct Own Census

'OBE me? Up yours,' says Rasta poet (Rasta poet rejects Royal invite)

Harper (Canadian Alliance leader) fires (MP) Spencer for anti-gay remarks

NYT Media: Amid Tight Secrecy, a Tip: Bush is Going to Baghdad

Some Iraqis Welcome Bush, Others Wish Him in Hell

Blair 'fine' after stomach pains

The outsourcing of America’s jobs

Wounded KCK Soldier Gets Call From Vice President

Hillary Clinton Says U.S. Committed to Afghan Fight

Centre operator (Wakenhut) partly responsible for detainee's death

Make it a crime to be gay: (Canadian) Alliance MP - Must Read!

GOP pulled no punches in struggle for Medicare bill

Iraq: Skeptics Scoff as US Again Turns to UN for Legitimacy

How Bush was whisked to Iraq

Bush appearance stuns troops gathered at airport for Thanksgiving [good]

New York cash plea for Lady Liberty

Global bomb clean-up treaty pending (Geneva)

Skinner given cancer all-clear

Saying GOP Broke Word, Kennedy Vows New Tactics

Opposition-Controlled Police Acted as Sharpshooters During Coup (Venezuela

BUSH in Iraq now...Made surprise visit...

Iraqi general dies in custody

Once World Leader in Traffic Safety, U.S. Drops to No. 9

Okay, maybe it's another thread on Kid Notorious...

Happy Thanksgiving DU


Which X-Men movie was better?

look at this and think of the song "reelin and rockin" by chuck berry

My dirty little secret: I love the Five Stairsteps

It's officially Thanksgiving in the US! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sick as a dog vs. Healthy as a horse - what does it all mean?

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!!

Butter mashed up in sorghum molasses

Wow, I just baked the two most perfect loaves of pumpkin bread

Come... let us alliterate...

What file-sharing program do ya'll use?

Pure total crystalline 100% ego thread.

Good night every body.

Late Night Poetry Thread

Should I enter a Gingerbread House Making Contest Against My Teachers

Unsolicited Thanksgiving Advice:

new Savage Weiner advertisers 11/26

I've had it. I'm leaving

My swansong. A rant!

I've had it. I'm leaving

I am down and I dont know why


This bitter, miserable cynic is thankful today for just two things:

Oh my god just thought of something

Have you ever been homeless?

A new bush graphic- Bush is toast

Steve Reich - Six Pianos. Brillant.

My husband is fed up with my DU devotion and politics in general

Caption: The goofiest photo of Jr. I've ever seen.

Holiday baking favorites

A most bitter blog entry...

Need help from knowledgeable computer person

One for the classic lit lovers to identify

LOL! Chappelle Show's parody of R. Kelly

Cecilia Bartoli's "Salieri" CD? What do you think?

OMG! Finally found it again! The Dysfunctional Family Circus!

I can't seem to title this. So...whatever....

Anyone interested in a book club? I'm thinking of plowing through Durant.

A Full Metal Jacket Haiku

My dirty little secret: I liked Star Trek: The Motion Picture

This funny shit is for YOU!!

My dirty little secret: Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards...

I have a Ted Nugent Greatest Hits CD....*the dirtiest secret ever told*

I think Kit Hoover is a honey - Is this so wrong?

Help the Hunger Site meet its holiday goal

I'm sick of all the fucking rules in General Discussion.

You know what? Bush is right!

new OxyRush advertiser Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce

I think we need a 12-step group for southern women who cook

I would like to wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving

I GOT IT! An anagram for George W Bush

it's 6:13am et) - finished making the turkey stuffing - ask me anything

"My brother has become a threat like Christ became a threat":

I just made the cornbread for the stuffing.

Americans gobble up turkey and gravy soda

Pls report talk at Th. dinners (good luck with conserv relatives)

2004: The Year of Linux

Republican Party: anagram

"Uncle Paddy! Uncle Paddy! Uncle Paddy!"

ReBroadcast of Al Franken on C-Span 2 right now.


Thanksgiving: CAPTION


Doppelganger Senior gets the treatment

Who else is getting sick of Clay Aiken?

A Thanksgiving toast to all of the mods who are on duty today!

Hey! Let's put on a right wing Macy's Parade

My dirty musical secret: I own 2 Flock of Seagulls albums!

Take me to your dealer!

have you committed a crime? . . . do your duty: arrest yourself!

Admit it...Wouldn't you like to kick Mattew Lesko's ass?!?!?

Missed West Wing / What Happened?

I am so sick of micromanagement!

Reagan vs. W (a joke)

Just finished the cornbread-andouille stuffing, Bloody Mary #1

Why are we thankful? What is thanksgiving?

(abandoned post)

"And now, the treasurer of the Dennis Kucinich Presidential campaign...

In honor of Thanksgiving

Reefer, Turkey and Beer: Zuni's thanksgiving

Bill Gates the hypocrite

1000 Posts and I'd just like to say,

I'm going to see the new play by Tim Robbins, "Embedded"

its BLOODY MARY Time!!

Do You Wait For The Other Person To Hang Up The Phone?

Serving Jellied Cranberry Sauce

Anyone else watching MST3k instead of football?

This is it.....the magic 1000

A Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving... Not At My House!!

Anyone hitting the post Turkey day sales tomorrow?

Am I the only sober person on this website?

How many turkeys did you carry this week

Happy birthday from the Denver Nuggets! (with pics)

Another dirty secret: I own not one, but BOTH DeFranco Family LPs!

Wired News: 'DVD Jon' Takes Crack at ITunes

DU is so addicting!

Functional or dysfunctional holiday family?

Manicotti for Thanksgiving!

Debbie DuPree of SEALAB Is Smoking Hot

new Savage Weiner Polaris

Fess up, who else is nuking turkey tv dinners?

Today I cooked for my Tv morning show.

new Oxyrush advertiser Galyan's

Mariucci for Thanksgiving! (official Packers-Lions thread)

My Grandmother passed last night....

So now that Shrub (or Rove) has proven he can go anywhere secretly...

Hot Links on Bread For Thanksgiving

I am right and you are wrong.

Just back from brother's funeral in GA

* tries to upstage Hillary

Bush in Iraq!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bush wouldn't tell Laura that he was going to Iraq,

Thanksgiving donations... Please advise!

Tell us what you're thankful for!

In the spirit of thanksgiving, I must say

Testers needed for orgasm machine

Southerners are too lazy to like snow!

Sorry I wasn't able to be here last night.

What's the difference between chicken and turkey?

OK. I brined the bird for 12 hours, but when I went to carve it was raw!

Turkeys are the ugliest bird in the world

My dirty little secret: ABBA

The trolls are back on DU and they're full of stuffing! cold came back with a vengeance.....


I woke up from my nap to a horrible sight!

So if you've been following, I am working at a RW Radio station today

Caption: the Turkey Day Coward Coming Home

I'm currently spinning obscure '50s rock on college radio

Freaky Political Dreams/Nightmares

Why Barry Sanders walked away


new Savage Weiner advertiser Polaris

Do you believe in God?

Tryptophan....... Taking Over.......Mind........ MUSH........

Ah that's it breaks up.

Fantasyland Time: If you could do anything to make money

dumpster dove t-day bread.

The 86 Rules Of Boozing

Salvation Army Dollar Bills (with links for US and Canadian currency!)

If I see one more "this is my cute pet photo", I swear I will vomit.

today's new hate radio advertisers 11/27

What I'm most thankful for today? DU of course

Things to be thankful for. (not in any particular order)

Do you believe in any "individual" that has power over you?


Rap/HipHop heads check this out ...........

Never title your personals ad "Live like there's no tomorrow"

Love... Love will keep us together!!

Can Turkeys eat Dog neck?

I'm going to shave the salt n pepper beard I've had

Hey, what'd I miss?

Can dogs eat turkey neck?

Thai Man Stuck with His German Husband

Hey People, I am posting from Maui !!!

Meet my freeze-framed hippie husband. Do I have him trained?

Some good things about snow

Pizza.....why pizza?

If Bush's America were a TV show, it would be

Who's listening to Grapes of Wrath on NPR?

Happy Thanksgiving, DUers!

I came, I saw, I ate

Which C-SPAN should I watch?

The Capitol Steps theatre group (political humour, parodies)

God I hate driving to Corpus Christi

The black ice skates

Stupid Fox and that Christmas crap during THE SIMPSONS!

Do you think stations will soon DECREASE the # of commercials?

Fun Caption Time (Rummy for your Tummy)

I'm going to bed...

Good Lord!

Today on CSPN Molly Iver's said Dubya is so dumb he has to be watered

Did I have a ghostly experience?

What new movie should I rent tonight?

John Lennon OR Paul McCartney?

Are the Cowboys tired or over-rated?

term paper on civil liberties after 9-11

Meet other "little cat"

Can anybody else here do THIS?

Is William Shatner The Greatest Singer of All Time?

I picked up a half dead cat must have been run over

Just got a GREAT birthday present early.

The poll to end all polls!

Vanished, scary story......

DUers spending Thanksgiving alone. Check In.

Our new Thanksgiving family tradition...staying up late to watch

I had to throw my Turkey in the garbage....and my onions were Gen Altered!

Jewish Ethnic Food = Completely Underrated (Yum!)

Did I do something bad?

I am probably just being paranoid but

Anyone read both Shrub and Bushwhacked?

What would you rather do today?

A Christmas Story is on.....

What I would do as NFL comissioner

Happy thanks giving US Duers!...

Any DU reviews of the new live Dixie Chicks album yet?

Best songs for Dubya: The Musical

I have the watch!

CAPTION (or photoshop) this turkey in Iraq

Canadian food-Completely underrated

What is most likely to induce world peace?

If one must be a whore, what kind of whore would one be?

Is Clay AIken the greatest singer of all time?

Like my new avatar and sig line?

Who is planning on being able to stay awake for the Cowboys/Dolphins?

Deleted message

The very few drivers on the road tonight are all drunk! Ask me anything!

Anybody know about Matewan


Freepers visit DU because

Where are single people most likely to find someone?

Today, I'm thankful to be alive after my robbery!!

The Anti-Wal-Mart holiday pledge:

Critics in Vermont Rally Around Dean

What are your favorite Music Bands?

Article by a reporter "embedded" in bush's Iraq PR trip

This Canadian wishes to express his gratitude. . .

This is probably the truest thing one can say about our times.

Sleep on it. The truth is still our ally.

Could the 04 presidential prize be won in Iraq?

Thinking of .. War Trials Agreement 1945

The latest wave of DU defeatism/negativism unsupported by the facts

Milbank: A Defining Moment in a War and Presidency

Group wants investigation of police tactics (United Steelworkers)

Pincus: Senate Opens Inquiry into Leaked Memos

Some Understand Covert Journey; Others Fear Bad Precedent

My really weird/embarassing dream.

My Thanksgiving dinner with the Kucinich interns!

I got my turkey from Chevronsanto! Mmmm.....

Week 13 NFL predictions

Exporting IE favorites...

Favorite pro skateboarder?

CSPAN 1 showing MSNBC Dem Debate NOW.....almost midnite...

I had the "date" of a lifetime last night

Yay! Cooking turkeys in imus makes the NYTimes!

Do my eyeballs sound funny?

Is it true Hoover vacuum got its name from Pres. Hoover because he sucked?

Saw the new Russel Crowe movie - Commander in something or other

Anyone hear any good Republican jokes this Thanksgiving?

Songs you would have sworn were by someone else

check out

What are your favorite Music Bands?

How did you know he/she was "The One"??