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Archives: November 24, 2003

great WaPo article on GOP budgetary follies

Bush's energy bill is a sellout crafted behind closed doors (Who benefit$?

The young don't reject politics, just politicians - 51,000 ignored

West's free-market (invite multinat'l corp's in to produce domestically)

Iraq War Providing a Boost to al-Qaida

Holy Cow! Dan Berman Strikes At The Heart of Evil

Who Benefits? (Are terror attacks backed by US?)

Who Benefits? (Are terror attacks backed by US?)

A guide to anonymous Senior Administration Officials (SAOs)

Werbach: Liquidation of the commons

George Monbiot (Guardian Utd): The moral myth

They Thought They Were Free

Gen. Franks Doubts Constitution Will Survive WMD Attack

Missing Links Found

Stars and Stripes letter (Real National Tragedy....Bush)

What's the difference between neo-cons and fascists?

I just posted this in the Lounge! If you are with an antiwar group,read!

Petition to reform marijuna laws.

Bush41 supporters from the 11/1/1992 Cleveland Plain Dealer

Rumor: Marriage with Laura is Dubya's Second

The New School Prayer

Astrologers - Why John Kerry Matters

has anyone here ever heard of john titor, time traveler?

FBI looking into people with antiwar groups & Civil Lib. call foul!

2nd Class Status

Singapore group get teenagers to sign virginity pledge

Whats the difference between marriage and civil union?

XMas Econometrics

Strong Growth in '04 will do little to decrease unemployment

Dell shifts some support calls to US after complaints

Oil Prices

Red sea urchin 'almost immortal'

USDA - China's Grain Production Has Fallen For Five Years Straight

Early Sea Ice Retreat Baffles Alaska Native Hunters - ADN

should a creationist be allowed to win a nobel prize?

Bombardier's Embrio

Another Right-Wing Nut Appointment by the Partisan of the USA

South Africa is a 'vision of hell'

Overcrowded French jails on 'descent to hell'

Cholera, poverty: Hand in hand in Zimbabwe

Will Michael Jackson be convicted or not?

Letter supporting S 1034

How far will Dianne Feinstein cozy up to Bush to get her gun ban renewed?

Benny Smith is a fraud

Found this on the net.

Town passes ordinance requiring firearms

John "Mary Rosh" Lott Accuses US Soldiers of Murder

Anti gunners force John Kerry to cosponsor extreme gun ban

GUNS IN THE NEWS--November 24, 2003

Locked or Archived status on Bookmark page

Bookmark error page

Question about a rule

I just got pissed off

This isn't a dupe

Another follow up question

Do deleted posts still count toward your total?

Dupes and forums

Total? What total?!!

Have You Seen The Lounge Tonight?

Serious question - It is widely assumed that Israel has nukes

Former US leader Carter backs alternative Mideast plan: report

Likud MKs slam Sharon's plans; PM reiterates statements

Reform leader: U.S. Jews must insist Israel halt settlements

The occupation corrupts from above

Dichter: Quiet is deceptive

Anti-Semitism is No Friend to Those Who Support Palestinian Rights

Mussolini's heir on Israel trip as Italian party alters image

Hundreds rally to back Israel

Israeli raids leaving thousands homeless: UN

The Murderous Behavior of the Israeli Air Force

How to Unseat the War Criminals and Reverse the Tide of War

Who Benefits? (Are terror attacks backed by US?)

Global Terror Attacks Bear Hallmarks of US Black Ops

Why Do You Believe Usama Bin L. Was Behind 9-11?


Iowa Poll with Gov. Tom Vilsack as VP

Carol Moseley Braun: Just the Facts

Carol Moseley Braun: Is this still the land of opportunity?

Kerry, Edwards to Participate In Debate Via Satellite

Call Feinstein Monday morning. She's planning to sell us out tomorrow.

Democrats exclude Lieberman from participating in debate by satellite

Dean leads Gephardt by 10 pts in new Iowa poll

How many women will be elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004?

What is Howard Dean's Stance on the Flag Amendment?

Dean Defends Record as Governor of Vermont

The Key To Kerry's Comeback

Congressman Ken Lucas to Retire, Nick Clooney to Run

2004 Democratic Senate Challengers' Websites

Dean leads Kerry by 9 pts in Mass!

Gephardt Attacks Dean's Record as Governor of Vermont

Southwest is hot spot among Democrats

Kerry coming on strongly in Iowa

Clark and the Anti-Military people

RNC Chairman Gillespie discussing the ad

NY Times editorial on education

Am I crazy, or will HRC be the VP for the Dem Ticket ?

LA: Bush Ahead in Louisiana

Dean's NY poll #s: same story, diff. state - best vs Dems, but not vs Bush

Kucinich on North Korea

I think Clark/Dean would be our best chance.

Could Someone Provide a link to the Debate Threads?

Moseley Braun on Gay Marriage

Gwen Graham Logan Joins Dean for America

Dean workers active in Ohio

Howard Dean: Continuing To Bring People Together

Sen. Graham on [Dean's] 'short list' for VP spot

Dennis receives Heart of Humanity Award at Peace Sunday

I'm aways rapping him, but here's something positive from Kucinich.

Dean leading in New Jersey/ pollster: Bush in trouble in NJ

Dr. Dean earned my respect

Local Democrats May Favor Kucinich, Dean

Awesome Kucinich event in East Los Angeles

Kucinich on Electronic Voting

"Editorial: Kucinich, challenging the system"

Dem leaders uniting against Green candidate in SF runoff

Buchanan (NHGazette article on Bush-Nazis) challenging Bush in primaries

Fr*ggin Montana in play?!!!

something that is bothering me about this election

Gere draws a battle line with Clark

Why do people keep asking what other candidates think? Go to their sites!

How did you find about Dean?

Alternate Reality

Laos remains may be of Howard Dean's brother....?

(Monday) Boston Herald poll shows Dean leading Kerry by 9 pts. in Mass.

Howard Dean's secret life… as a movie star?

While we argue.....reminder of Gen. Frank's statement about military rule.

Dean leads Gephardt by 10 pts in new Iowa poll


Queen's fury as Bush goons wreck garden

Fox News: Kerry, Edwards to debate via sattelite, but Lieberman shut out ?

DUers running for office?

Mild Criticism for the guy who does Top 10 Cons. Idiots.

Serious question - It is widely assumed that Israel has nukes

The DIXIE CHICKS and Christmas

CIA memo: Concerning Criticism of the Warren Report

Clark County Democratic Party Newsletter

Lieberman/Gephardt in 2004!

What ever happenned to Mullah Omar?

Clark and other presidents swimming.

(Poodle) Blair lined up for Simpsons debut

In Somalia, the media showed soldiers dragged in the street, why not Iraq?

We must be winning big in Iraq judging by all the dead and wounded today.

TBTM Radio #20: The First Anniversary Special From NYC

HEY! same sex couples tell me what you think...

Would the Economy be better under Gore?

Did Larry King trash Zell's book?

Deleted message

Top 5 Reasons the current Medicare bill is no good?

Should Canadians do this if Bush ever planned a state visit to Canada (as

Gen: Tommy Franks: WMD in USA? Constitution's toast.

Today I attended a speech by Dick Durbin on church/state separation

"Kucinich: Stop Escalation of Iraq War: End the Occupation"

Editorial: Kucinich, challenging the system..Des Moines Register

Song that best fits George W. Bush

so my main problem these days is that Clinton

How did you find out about Kucinich?

Total CRAP on the History Channel.

If you want some good laughs, check out the offical Bush Blog

read comments from AARP message board

New York radio host jumps on Dean for draft dodging...

Miami's Robo-Cop model of suppression

The Republic is in danger

United Kingdom

Liz Taylor defends Michael Jackson -- Democrats could learn from this

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

"Deadline Iraq - Uncensored" is on CBC NewsWorld (midnight eastern time)

General Puke Face, on Whore CNN, just said the attacks are 'irrelevant'

Stephen King on National Book Awards replay NOW (1AM ET Mon)

being a Democrat is HARD these days . . .

Did anyone have one of those days where they must have known

There is HOPE for America yet...:)

Charles Dean's remains handed to U.S.

Wyden may vote yes on Medicare

What ever happened to the Ideal of Jeffersonian democracy?

Under these circumstances or situations would the Americans have forgiven


Dean cut Medicaid funding, cut aid to the blind and disabled.

We've gotta Go JOE!!!

Neoconservatism and anti-American activities

In these times of BigBrotherhood...

Our apathy is astounding.

Anyone notice the "USelection 2004" logo on CNN International

Boston Herald: Dean leads Kerry by 9pts in Mass. poll

Gert Clark-Wesley's Better-Half

US-UK Extradition Treaty must be defeated!

Anti-Deaners are making me violently ill!!

Incontrovertible Proof Of Iraqi Acquisition of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Kennedy won't let Hemmer deliver Party Line for GOP

Mr. President, oil isn't worth dying for

Dems have to Battle the Bush Cartel AND Tom Daschle's Ineptness

Kerry speaking on Senate floor against Medicare drug bill 9:33AM

Question of the day survey

Queens Democratic Party in NY Moves to Endorse Dean

DU this Lou Dobbs poll!

Kerry Supporters in HoChi Minh City

We went to a Clark Fundraiser in Chicago last night and

Elect a Democratic President and Democratic majorities in Congress...

Shades Of Somalia - Liberators or Enemies?

Info on AARP and director William D. Novelli

Do you believe the U.S. has made progress in Iraq since the war officially

Democrats pound GOP campaign ad

How to stop the Federal Marriage Amendment....

Taiwan's Nazis (Pan-Blue) are getting desperate...

Why I will not be voting Democratic in 2004...

U.K.: Bill giving new rights to gay couples to be unveiled

Good Day to Cancel AARP Membership

Shouting in a vacuum....

C-Span Hillary on Medicare

I just cancelled my AARP membership

Queen furious w/GW over visit. (Hope this isn't a dupe)

Is it victory if we win the House or Senate in '04

Medicare's creators see progress lost

Is there a debate tonight, Monday Nov 24?

A Guide to Red and Blue America

1968 RFK Interview on Discovery Times Channel NOW (10:00AM CST)

Adam Yoshida wrote an article on suspending constitutional freedoms...

If McCain can come out against this bill, but Feinstein can't

Late-night's not always a laugher for candidates

Deleted message

Lying bastard ,Orin Hatch. Not 1 person has died from imported drugs

NY POST picks up Clark's statement on Bush alcoholism/marriage

I don't understand why medicare is a problem for the domestic US policy

CorpGovMedia Propaganda is grinding away at the European Welfare States

Life In The Bubble (Tom Tomorrow)

R'oh R'oh Drudge: source claims to overhear Kerry staffers in Iowa bar...

I'm going to be on the radio today.

Kenedy on the floor now

Dean, Vermont & Medicaid HMO's

"Fox News staff contributed to Republican-led 39-hour Senate talk-a-thon"

My letter to MD Gov. Ehrlich re: gay marriage

Filibuster possibility in the Senate on Medicare drug bill

The 5% Nation - Trickling Down For *?

SOROS/MoveOn Contest for Anti-Shrub Commercials

Why Do You Believe Usama Bin L. Was Behind 9-11?

the word "research" is being used like the word "anti-semetic"

Death Sentence For Sniper John Muhammad Is WRONG...

Moon controlling what Koreans read and know about US.

Take the 9/11 Quiz and bring this issue back to the forefront!

A Small Important Fact on Pharmaceuticals and the Free Market Argument.

Houston...we have lift-off!

Ok now comes the question why.....

Senator Graham's Daughter Joins Dean Campaign

Specialist on International Law and the US Constitution is on CSpan

A picture of Ann Coulter

Where's Colin? Is he out of the picture?

I simply refuse to vote for

Bush Family Values

CNN Poll and Prescription Drug Plan - Vote

CNN is official Shill for GOP Medicare bill

National Leadership Award - from the Repubs LOL

An interesting that I noticed about the RNC spot

NYC celebrates another 9/11-recovery milestone

Awkward debate

CLG says Bremer fired 28,000 teachers in Iraq!

You know what I hate the most about *?

Clinton's health care plan(questions

cloture happening?...

"Failure and Crime Are Not the Same" (FTW)

Oh Sean, Oh Sean Hannity the Sergeant-at-Arms may want to talk to you

Democrats, how do we get rid of Bush lover & supporter, Tom Daschle?

MY LTTE in the Wash Post Re: Dana Milbank reading tea leaves

Senator Grassley just said "Democrat Senators"

The PUBs Ship has fired on us. The first salvo of TV Ads has hit some of

Cloture passes ... then daschle comes out

Why are Bush & GOP supporting this Medicare giveaway to drug cos, HMO's

Have you seen this link?

Some comments on today's Limbaugh Show

Lieberman Wants in on Iowa Debate, DNC Says Too Bad

el Busho pardons a turkey? How many "get" the irony?

Wesley Clark: Turnaround Expert, Exactly What This Country Needs

Diane Feinstein just betrayed the Democrats again...

Why the F is Chi Chi's being sued.....

Can Anyone Enlighten me on the Medicare Bill recently passed?

Tom Daschle: Shameful BushCo Enabler

Voting now on point of order!

Freeper heads exploding over Clark's: people admire Bush* for recovery.

Have you seen this Link?

Beyond the Cloture Vote - Daschle Calls Point of Order Thread #2

Sen Graham's Daughter joins Dean campaign

"All of us, in our worst night's sleep...

Ashcroft's Gestapo at work.

NOT to flame but I have a few questions

The Freeptards just had an anti-San Francisco circle jerk wankfest...

DNC Debate on MSNBC -- 4pm et -- thread #1

P.A.: FBI can subpoena records without judge's approval?

November now most deadly month of war.

Live Radio of the Debate

DNC Debate on MSNBC -- 4pm et -- thread #2

When both parties act and vote alike, what do you have?

Rush has me livid. Please help about JFK

Cloture continues

Images taken from video of two US soldiers killed in Mosul, Iraq yesterday

DNC Debate on MSNBC -- 4pm et -- thread #3

Do union endorsements mean anything?

Watch the San Francisco mayoral run-off: SF could soon be our doom...

I need a list of cities that have passed anti-Patriot Act resolutions

"Unprecedented" - The documentary that proves the 2000 election was stolen

What percentage of the senior vote did Bush get in 2000?

Tweety "does" the Show to Him! Poor Liebby, cut out!

My Dad made it official to me this weekend...

What's with Texas?

An interesting view of Howard Dean

medical bill passes 61 votes

Two Different Days...

Kiss Cuba goodbye - Smirk is going to trash it

What is bad about this new Medicare bill?

Bush may have just been elected

He Respected the Badge, But `Not in Miami' (Miami Protests)

What an ignorant moran! (And sadly enough, this guy's a liberal...)

For those saying Dean switched on the $87 Billion--think again

Iraqi Freedom Fighter Graffit Campaign

Longer threads are far too unwieldy

(Vanity) Check out my FreeRepublic blog

DNC Debate on MSNBC -- 4pm et -- thread #4

William Safire does it again. I mean he really does it again.

US soldiers are now frisking schoolgirls as precaution....

Ft. Benning: Over 10,000 converge at SOA protest

Are You "Over-It" Yet?

Harkin (D-Iowa) going off on medicare - CSPAN....if only seniors knew

We went to a Clark Fundraiser in Chicago last night... NEW CLEAN THREAD.

Hmm: War in Iraq is illegal but justified - WTF!

Went to see Al Franken debate Ben Stein last night....

Refreshing after posting...

When you're president in a world where most people don't like you...

Clark and the Anti-military people

What would happen if someone used the Emma Booker 9/11 video

OK Lieberman sounds like a WHINER! Some one please stop

Democrats Have to Battle the Bush Cartel AND Daschle's Ineptness!

Why is ABC News acting like the Medicare bill has been passed already?

schwarzkopf coming up on harball

Who do you think will be the next Cabinet secretary to go?

How much should the American people take?

Get 'em while their HOT. Your very own WAR PROFITEERS Card Deck

Operation Liebermania Part II: A Joe-Vember to Remember

Judicial Nominations, Prescription drug/ Energy bills, Trojan horses?

Stars and Stripes headlines under the Bush administration:

"Terminally annoying and stupid" is not the same as "mentally ill"

Dodd is ripping up the floor in the Senate: Medicare Debate

DU this poll!

Did Chris Matthews just deflate Clark's win a bit?

My husband's boss wants to opt out of the country

Inside the crucial vote on the point of order on the budget...disgusting!

Is this a Conspiracy of the Privileged Robber Barrons/..and Bush?

William Cohen on Eva Zahn

Gen. McCaffery on Olberman just said: "Going to get a lot worse in

I have mixed feelings about the Muhammed death sentence.

Contact Your Senator! (link)

Did any Dem Candidates mention Corporate/Wall St. Crime in Debate?

I gained some respect for Dean tonight

Who won the debate tonight?

Kucinich on Electronic Voting - from

Consumer Union says Medicare bill threatens the program's viability

Today's Thought: Sic Semper Tyrannis

For what it's worth I saw debate soundbites on local news....

I believe both Dean and Clark won the debate tonight.

liberal thinkers!

Lol, great thread of conservatives ripping on Bush

Merry Christmas, HMOs

Why are candidates "approving" their messages

Questions for Affirmative Action Supporters

Why won't Lieberman quit?

Missed the debate tonight

Olbermann: Pentagon denies soldiers in Mosul bashed with concrete

Did Dubya really go down on his Knees and come up cured of alcoholism?

I like Edwards, but


know anyone undecided on Chimpy?

Did Democratic attacks on Dean on confederate flag backfire?

How did Daschle get to be top SenDem, and WHY is he still there?

The Marketing of a President - excellent article on Dean's use of the web

"Bush is a nice, decent guy"...sincerely bewilders me

Annthrax Annie on Hanutty/Colmes...her AA is HUGE, dude...

2 questions about the US presence in Iraq....

Tom Harkin on the floor kicking booty

DUers: Post your recommended reading lists here!

Mods-Delete this please. . .

Favorite publication?

Energy bill dead for the rest of the year

The medicare debate winds up for the evening

I have been chosed as a coordinator for a Dec. 9 MoveOn press

will an election be held in 2004? will it be fair?

Just sent back an AARP membership drive card

The Perpetually Vacationing President...

"Aye, Woe to the Senators that vote for this Medicare Bill"

Bush caught making crap up

I realized anotehr reason Globalization is a farce

So p*ssed I resigned twice (AARP)

Poll on the Medicare issue of those over 55. Taken Nov. 18, 19.

Did Bin Laden aim to limit casualties on 9/11?

Dean will be declared a winner of the debate

On what grounds was Lieberman not permitted to remotely participate

How is it possible that the Democratic candidates can look worse than Bush

General Wesley K. Clark Calls on President Bush to Start Honoring Soldiers

How do we define a Democrat anymore?

Pentagon says bodies not abused -- soldiers ONLY shot to death.

The Pubs jus don't get it. Our Troops lives should not be needlessly

Concerning todays debate threads

somebody clue me in...

Scrubbed ad recruiting DRAFT board members on Hawaii military site

AARP rigged it own poll.

Don't forget this alternative to AARP

Humor break - Caption this photo

Nick Clooney, George's Father, to run for Congress!

A Post-Debate Truce

Clark/Dean 04 or Dean/'Clark 04= CLEAN 04!!

Does Tony Blair speak French? I am watching a press conference

Edwards Demands Hearings on FBI Surveillance

Coincidence: 911 happened two weeks before the media election recount

George pretends to care for the dead

Weapons Lube Issued in Iraq May Be Causing Fatalities

Current parallels with WWI/Wilson administration

Guys - SOME encouraging news on the Ted Kennedy front

Will the new privatized Medicare industry be outsourced to India?

Nebraska's two U.S. Senators vote against party.

One thing is obvious: whoever gets the nomination will be brutalized

A good source to cite

US Ambassador to England Inherited "Auschwitz" money (Farish)

Interview with DN! Producer Ana Nogueira on Miami FTAA Protests

Dean's comments on Saudi Arabia tonight

Best UK Prime Minister (since 1945)

"doing away with overtime is evil"

Patriot Act Expansion Moves Thru Congress!

Democracy is dead - we've been overtaken by The Fascists

Kennedy sounds so angry and sad on the floor right now

Hitler, Bork, Daschle - an intersection?

I'm Puzzled. Kerry Question

Remarks by U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd - Medicare Bill

Klansman shoots gun ito sky. Bullet comes down and hits him in the head

Frank Luntz and that disturbing hair piece...

It's time for Tom Daschle to resign as Minority Leader

Handicapped Parking

About "The Afghan Model"

Tweety is picking apart the Democratic Debate...Now.

Please Help me organize a Democratic Film Festival

Every American worker should be a US citizen

Defeat Manufacturing of Consent , Defeat bush in 2004

MUST READ: The Real History Archives (you CAN handle the TRUTH !)

Is the debate available audio or visual, online?

Video Chain getting Gun Crazy over Moore

Wonk posted a QT video of CBC's "Deadline Iraq - Uncensored" ... MUST SEE

"They killed the son of a bitch......"Hoffa to an attorney on 11/22/63:

And as for me, I'm not attacking the president because he's attacking

"Let them do the software in India; we'll do other things in this country"

Russian Youths Hip to Communism

Shut up Peggy Noonan!

Clark undisputed winner

Limbaugh Referred to H. Humphrey As An Ex-President Today

BUSH'S UK VISIT: Another REAL Reason? - Analysis

Anyone think the gay marriage issue might be a deliberate GOP distraction?

Unbelievable. Brokaw makes "gay marriage" 2nd topic of debate

Help me with this well prepared Freeper (not an oxymoron)

What's the most left-wing state? Which is most right-wing?

Former surplus + 3 yrs of deficit equals. . .?

Did DU Have A Hand In Helping You Select Which Candidate To Support?

MSNBC: Kerry was one winner of the debate. Clark was another.

I was leaning to Kerry but I did not like his bulldog attitude....

Pre-Thanksgiving straw poll of Democratic Presidential candidates

Now I'll admit when I'm off -- On Biden/Lugar

Iraqi Teens Drag Bloodied U.S. Soldiers

Senate continues Medicare debate

Moscow fire kills 32 foreign students

Bomb Injures American Soldier in Iraq

Dozens of RPGs Handed Over to US Troops in Iraq

Kansas community requires households to have guns

Police want new powers to deal with aftermath of terror attack (UK)

NOW Applauds Democratic Senators' Stand Against Deceptive Medicare Bill

Medicare Bill's Risky Politics

Medicare Bill Would Enrich Companies..$125 Billion More For Employers

Red faces as NZ leader gets frisked

Blair faces battle over EU defence

Shays takes a third stab at campaign finance law

Nursing a Fragile Energy Bill (MTBE Sticking Point)

Bomber in luxury behind bars - Pan Am

Tuberculosis comeback in the capital - London

Pakistan protests embassy bugging

Stressing His Party's Diversity, Dean Targets Its Traditional Base

Bleak Outlook for U.S. in Iraq, Says Blix

Boeing fires CFO for cause (hiring US official)

Jacko: Child abuse claims a big lie

(Incumbant) Lucas won't run (for Congress in Ky) ; (Nick) Clooney will

Embattled Shevardnadze quits in Georgia (PROTESTERS WIN)

Gephardt Attacks Dean's Record as Governor of Vermont

Fasten seatbelts, flak jackets, on Iraq highway

Ecstasy May be Used to Help Rape Victims

Hezbollah, in Iraq, Refrains From Attacks on Americans

Japan Eyes Joint Production on U.S. Missiles-Report

Retail sales fall on auto, furniture declines - Canada

Poll: Dean tops Kerry in Bay State -- Dean leads by 9 in MA!


MoveOn Ads Take On Bush's Economic Record (Wash Post)

Al-Arabiya banned in Iraq by council

Chirac calls U.S. Iraq proposals too slow

Here's who voted for and against the energy bill

Four Senate Judiciary Computer Servers Seized In Memos Probe

FBI uses new powers to bug anti-war groups

Blair, Chirac Agree on Peacekeepers (EU Rapid Reaction, Threat to Nato)

Wes digs up Bush's battle tith Bottle

SA makes dopes of the world - South Africa new drug

Iraqis Raid Offices of Television Network

Breaking CNN... Jury recommends death for Muhammad

Spin city in Baghdad

Boeing Fires CFO in Hiring Scandal ( W just signed the Military bill)

Who Benefits? (Are terror attacks backed by US?)

Bush to Sign $403 Billion Defense Bill (& visit families at Ft.Carson)

CheerLeader Bush now on CNN doing the War Dance

U.S. Releases 20 Guantanamo Prisoners

Sniper Mastermind Receives Death Sentence

Iraqis ambush, mutilate soldiers

US Continues to Humiliate Iraqis

Sensing Emergency, Korean Firms in Baghdad Pull Out

Pentagon Probes Iraq Mobile Phone Licenses

Iraqis Bury 8 Villagers Allegedly Killed in Raid

Blair faces new wave of opposition (a la Dean and MoveOn)

Democrats pound GOP campaign ad

U.S. pulls plug on Arab media in Iraq

Lieberman Cries Foul Over Iowa Debate

Aussie aid group attacked in Iraq

Frist Confident About Medicare Bill - Democrats Gear for Filibuster

Democratic debate

Online Voting Approved for Michigan Democrats

Sprint to Lay off 2,000 Workers by the End of the Year

Clark Hires New Campaign Manager

Congress Expands FBI Spying Power (Wired News)

Bullet fired during KKK ceremony hits participant


General Wesley K. Clark Calls on President Bush to Start Honoring Soldiers

'Hands on America' flag to head overseas

Bush live from FT Carson NOW (3:40pm et)

We get $5-a-head for security (New York - Wyoming gets $38)

U.S. Army uses video game to recruit soldiers

As Iraq deaths mount, grief surrounds Fort Campbell

Video shows nearly dozen militants in strike on DHL cargo jet

New Strategy in Postwar Iraq (neo-con delusions debunked)

Broken Bus Leaves Bill (Clinton) Out in the Cold

Bullet wounds KKK ceremony participant

Dell to bring some jobs back home

Bush Pardons Talkative Thanksgiving Turkey

Under Fire, Bush Meets Families of Iraq War Dead

Resent Seen in U.S. Soldiers' Iraq Deaths - Yahoo

Iraqis want UN resolution to End U.S. Occupation

CNN Breaking: Warren Spahn Dead at 82

MSNBC: Economists predict strongest holiday season in 4 years

Iraqi Gov't Bans Arab TV Network

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq - 431 U.S. service members have died

Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan Kills 5 US Soldiers

US to move troops from South Korea to Iraq, Afghanistan: report

Dixie Chick Stirs War Pot Again

Sabotage Blamed in Iraq Pipeline Attack

Sen.Trent Lott (R) Casts Key Vote to Save Medicare Bill He Opposes

Kucinich complains of media bias

Russians fume at Mormon scheme to buy `dead souls'

IRS Audits Nation's Top Teachers' Union

S. Korean Navy Fires at N. Korean Boat

Lay, Skilling deserve some of blame for Enron, report says

Male enlargement ads prompt spam rage

Medicare vote expected Monday (65 against filibuster - 4pm final vote)

US plans war on al-Qaida's Afghan opium

Spitzer will run for Gov

Bush Meets Families of 26 Killed in Iraq; Offers Prayers


U.S. Retracts Report of Soldiers' Bodies Being Mutilated

Alarms Sounded On Cost of GOP Bills

Student Group Lists Professors It Considers Too Politicized

Hungary to send diplomats to Iraq to probe death of worker (at US hands)

Interview: Sharon slams anti-Semitic Europe

Song that best fits George W. Bush

More Caption fun...MJ and Lisa Marie

How do i find a persons name by using their phone number?

A small favor

You were right.. I was wrong. Damn! I hate that!

There may be hope...

I live in Alabama's Democratic district!

Greatest South Park episode ever is on RIGHT NOW...

Medicare House Vote : How Did DeLay Get Those Votes?

There's a car accident in front of my house right now!

Alright, time for The Stinger to high tail it to bed...

How exciting is your life?

Can you believe this

catchphrase slur for rwingers: "Cut and Run republicans"

How are you going to spend the holidays, this year?

(Poodle) Blair lined up for Simpsons debut

Sonic Jihad....a MUST have CD

It's snowing here!

Farmers Use CDs to Help Relax Turkeys (2 stories)

Roadkill Recycling Could Fertalize Pennsylvania

Attn. computer geeks: Browser Hijacking question

Damn, Dear Abby kicks some pro-life butt


I'm on a 2 week holiday (Eid mubarak!) ask me anything

God Bless African-American politicians in the South!

In these times of BigBrotherhood...

Jebus! It's COLD in here!! Ask me anything!!

I'm sorry

Christmas tree tradition.

In speaking of Christmas

One last TCP/IP question.

Today's Gropenfuhrer toon

Penis Enlargement Behind "SPAM Rage"

Why I Could Never Vote For Howard Dean

I too will not be voting democratic in 2004

DU smilie or total solar eclipse?

Michael Jackson is neither Black nor White...

Are you switching your cellular company today??

Check out picture of Dean on Drudge.

Got a Tiger by the Tail

Who has the best price on turkeys ?

Anyone see the thread


Anybody making fried whole turkey ?

Man dies trying to swallow marijuana

A personal note: my great-aunt Mary

Can anyone tell me how difficult it is to set up a shelter

Little mug shot of horrors

Beware the Broad-Breasted White Turkey!!

Anyone else enjoying "The Two Towers: Extended Edition"?

Think you used enough dynamite there Butch?

?? About Palace Gardens G.W. Visit

Today I Mourn My Great Loss...

Anyone seen the film 'Contenders: Series 7?'

Michael Jackson's innocent?

Let's write the DU Thanksgiving Prayer..........

Attention geeks: need help on ASP 3.0 and XML

Can't find symbol á


Bush scared of a turkey!!!!

I've just found the sickest smilie

Who kicked butt this week in DU's Fantasy Football League??

Christmas carol the B K way.....this is funny

Anti-porn activist arrested for solicitation

You heart starts to pump hard, your breathing increases...

If Bush is elected (not re:), I'm moving to the Netherlands

Can somone talk to me ... ? Please :) or a Hug would be nice .

CAPTION what's behind curtain #1

Berke Breathed supports porn.

What do you think of your local TV news?

A big fat MEESHIGAN Gloat.

Does anyone still put the dressing inside the turkey ?

Has anyone ever used

12 Year Old Boy Sues Michael Jackson For Not Molesting Him

Look How Warm and Fuzzy Howard Dean Is

Fantasy Fight Thread (LOTR Edition)

Houston...we have lift-off!

What is your favorite food?

I'm having PEIKING DUCK for thanksgiving, since I jet off to BEIJING

Movies you just can't be bothered with

Creamed Corn... Do you like it?

This is another DUer who will NOT vote Democratic in 2004

What Type Of Liberal Are You?

Some of my co-workers just ran into Bush Sr at Fuzzy's

Coloradoans: What's the horrible stench? (Bush in town)

A Christmas joke -

educational article about table turkey in NYT - I hit the big pts.

The Michael jackson News Site!

Gingerbread House Construction

What kind of bird are you eating on Thursday?

One more reason why I hate my boss

Best Sign Robb is a Manly Man

Did Anyone See The South Park episode on the Morman church?

OK Miles O'Brien just hocked up a Luggie on the air yech

The Iowa Workforce Development Center

Bald Men or Men with hair

I am preparing a feast for my birthday....

Jesus Of The Week pic

Blocked website you miss the most at work?

One, Two, Three, Four... I declare a Flame War!

Has Morgan Freeman ever played a "bad guy"?

Any DUers with prolapsed colons?

IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!! Ask me anything.

I was at School of the America's Protest Today.

Movies that have gotten a bad rep but that really aren't that bad?

Cleita...would you post a Benny update?

The Commandeering Commando of all CAPTIONS!

"The Practice" is better than ever, thanks to James Spader

A Wingnut Debunks The Dubya Resume

HEY Newyawker99

The Official 'Territorial Cup' Thread!!!!!!!

Thanksgiving Has Been Canceled!!!

Magic Rat sure is whimpy as hell sometimes

It's President Ferret Face!

If It Was Ever Discovered That Plants Feel Pain...

Anyone have any good Bush jokes?

hey DU kiddies, what should we play this afternoon?

If you Google "16 words"...

Worst ever Movie Adaptation.

What unusual things do you like to eat?

Does this turkey's beak look clipped to you?

Michael Jackson is neither Black nor White...

today's new Hannity advertisers 11/24

"Yeah, and maybe I'm a Chinese jet pilot"

The Best of Hubble

AlienGirl Rocks! A big shout-out for her!

Speaking of Darwin: Peter Sis's "The Tree of Life" is Brilliant

"It was a dark and stormy night."

So I'm retiring my license plate sig.

How do you handle 'unknown number' calls?

DNA Print test for ancestry-- is it worthwhile?

The Best Revenge ... Quit


I painted my house pink

I'm drinkin' Diet V8 Splash- Ask me anything

Norwegian PM's new car is bomb-proof. Too heavy for use on roads, though.

Y'All Can Be Really Mean Sometimes

Armageddon by Tim LaHaye

Coldplay's "Clocks"

On my walk today

Curt Schilling a Red Sox?

How Idealistic are you?

Hello to all my DU friends! Listen up:

I just really hate my living situation


Hey, I'm almost at 200 posts

I figured out the Hilton tape thing, and it's ugly.

I have given up ME

I have given up self-mutilation....

I have given up MENTOS

I have given up TEN

Ohio State to get a BCS Bowl bid!

Death Penality Today

I have given up MENDACITY..., really, I have....

My life is flashing before my eyes, and I fear posting this lest it die.

I have given up MENSTRUATION

Has anyone seen Master & Commander ?

I have given up MEN AT WORK

I just finished a cup of green tea

I have

Don't you just LOVE when Lounge posts get all surreal? I do. I really do.

I have given up mentalism.

Townspeople turkey bowling in pj's in Ocean Shores, WA

I have Robin Givens.

now if the public would decide this about Fox NEWS

My Tiel Murphee gives me unconditional love!!!

I have given up BEN

Refreshing after posting...

I have given up MENDING.

I have given up ZEN

Give up.

Alert! Michelle Shocked fans 7PM EST

"Bad Santa" - should I go see this movie?

I have given up Minestrone

I have given up REN.

I have given up PENS

I have given up Ask Me Anything threads

I have given up and am going down...

I have give* up N

Hugh Grant

I have given up SEN.

I have given up HEN

I have given up YEN

I have given up KEN

This is my 500th post, so there!

I hope Skinner locks all the "I have given up threads"

The Yearly Yard-Foul of all CAPTIONS!

I am going to give up the Lounge

I need to sell my car

I have given.

300 Posts!!!!!

Someone explain to me

Someone explain to me

"Someone Explained It To Me" And I AM Ending It ALL......

Oklahoma DUers

I've given up reading sex threads posted on the DU Lounge

I am giving up Gingerbread Men

I have given up MEN


At least we don't have PRAY FOR BUSH threads!!!

"Warm & Fuzzy Feelings" - A DU Story As Told Through Emoticons

I've given up giving up on the "giving up" threads.

I'm starting an exclusive new DUI club.

I swear if this Country goes to Hell.....

"It's people...

Let's take a moment and pray for our brave pResident.

Dumb thread, please delete

Would men look good in miniskirts and go-go boots?

LOL -- I left the office at 7:30

How did materialism begin, and what can we replace it with?

It's snowing, I called in to work,

I'm thinking about getting a callous removed.

Looks like we've been drinkin' a bit tonight in The Lounge, haven't we???

It's Official: Paul Bremer is an Idiot

NBC cancelled Boomtown!!!!

I wish that I could say something that would enrage you guys!

Okay, I'm pissed

sinus trouble

Movie Chain Fun!

I *really* would have liked to have read the "dumb thread"

Where are the Buccaneers fans at?


Oh, this is Darwin in action:

Were you born to rebel?

Robb's Underappreciated Booze of the Day:

cirque is on bravo...INCREDIBLE TUMBLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoever wins Bucs-Giants game tonight will make the play-offs

I'm worried about me

Pretty Please -- CAPTION Opportunity

If I have a split personality, how come I'm not twice as productive?

The Masterful Miserly Mobster of all CAPTIONS!

DU Rule V: Personal Attacks, Civility, and Respect

Time for a laugh...

Geography DU-ers: Illinois quiz--- test your wits!

A Sure Cure For Snoring...

new Savage Weiner advertisers City Union Mission, Westlake Hardware

Okay, I have the beer in hand - Monday Night Football

I just bought an old ( and I mean old ) car


Nightly "Where did that phrase come from"

Get 'em while their HOT. Your very own WAR PROFITEERS Card Deck

new Hannity advertisers

Someone beaten up Chimpy? Caption

My husband is in Amsterdam and hasn't called

Is it too early to go caroling in the other forums?

Didn't Joe Millionaire just start a few weeks ago?

I love my life and I love men...Can I get a witness!

I just found out a friend's husband is going to Iraq!

Did you think England was our enemy in grade school?

Tom Cruise fans - why do you think he left Nicole?

Natalie Maines Wins VH1 Award For Anti-Bush Comment

Who do you think will be TIME Magazine's Person of the Year?

Wonk is 98.6¡ F

Will Pitt is lukewarm

If it's already time for carols...then it's time for CTHULHU CAROLS!

Favorite publication?

Which commercial do you hate the most?

Why are bikers and bike makers so obsessed with the Maltese Cross?

Caption der fuhrer....

I'm listening to "18 Greatest Hits" by THE STYLISTICS. Ask me anything!

With all the recent bitching and moaning...

Did I just find the root of all scam artists?

I just watched Joe Millionaire - someone please slap some sense into me

what popular song contains these lyrics

I have chalk, a blackboard and eraser

update on my job interview

Warren Spahn memorial thread

JohnKleeb, carry out on checkstand 5!

I think I pulled a muscle in my groin, ask me anything

LGBT Duers who believe in marriage...

Can we talk about the 800 pound gorilla in the Lounge?

Bush visit's pub while in Britian

The Royal Tenenbaums is the greatest movie ever.

What is the least amount of clothes you wore in public because

I need a mechanic!

AWOL DUer: ForrestGump, where art thou?

My experiences with the homeless

What's your favorite penis enlargement spam headline?

WOW -- on CNN right now: Jackson's accuser's father

Will Pitt Is Cool

a science question

You find out you'll be dead within a year.. what would you do?

You find out you'll be dead within five seconds -- what wou...............

32 years ago tonight:

I finally found it! A lyrics site without popups! Go visit!

Any DUers with herniated discs in their necks?

You think YOU have had "opposite sex"/ex partner problems?? Get in Line.

I will be changing my avatar at midnight tonight

Late Night Theater no one watches – Daniel Ellsberg - Edition

I'm starting an exclusive new DU club.

OK, Dammit -- whose going to feed me on Thanksgiving?????

Break up to make up, that's all we do...

Alright now, what's cooler than being cool?

Will Pitt is hot

Question for Kazaa Lite users: I'm searching for a song and can't find it.

Favorite ROCK & ROLL GUITARIST (pre-Beatles)?

Week 12 Dallas Cowboy thread (short week)

When the moon hits your eye...that's a CAPTION!

Gas Price Check In

What should you be doing right now (instead of hanging out on DU)?

Hypothetical situation: You live in a historic property...

Mondays IN The Undergroundrailroad - The Thanksgiving Edition - 11/24/03

What is the number one rule to learn in life?

Cyclists: Need recommendations on indoor trainers

I'm Going to Rome Tomorrow. What Should I See Aside From

DU Group Gathering for the Holidays (Chat Room)

the best photo ever taken of George -- a holiday re-run

Group hug thread

Best song on the Rock is dead/Rock will never die theme

I'm Looking For 20+ DUers To Give Me Permission To....

Am I a "bullying brownshirt"

Alonzo Mourning To Get Kidney Transplant - Retires from NBA

My Gay Republican Cat Loves Toilets

I'm having trouble burying my kitty pal

Are there any other geocachers here?

Oh No! A new was 11/5/63 when Pickles had her

Since no one has posted cat pictures in a while

So, how many of you are going to jail with me for saying,loudly,that...

If you had to live in a European city, which would it be

You know what I hate the most about *?

The Official if you hate American football you're a huge Candy-Ass thread!

CAPTIONS? Hard to do while my father is dying.

Texas DUers - San Antonio get-together this coming weekend

"Crimes Against Nature" by RFK Jr. via Rolling Stone

Salt Lake Tribune: Bad medicine

Explain this note from Forbes about Reuters.

Nightline tonight- the CPA, Juan Cole (blogger prof)

Idea of the week: Top 10 Neoconservative Idiots

Extra! Extra! Latest poll finds Clark to be undeclared winner of debate

Dean to appear on Letterman tonight… but not as a guest

My impressions of candidates for the debates...

The real danger is H-1Bs and L-1s, not IT outsourcing

Deleted message

Study links UC entry to social class

Clark rides roughshod over Tweety

The 5 Other Presidential Candidates

Do Kerry and Gephardt realize how badly they are hurting the dems?

A possible scandal involving bu$h?

Hypothetical Presidential Race

Kerry: No fundamental difference between Biden-Lugar and the IWR

Case Closed- Conspiracy: The Dallas Doctors vs. JFK’s Autopsy Photographs

Centcom: 1 Soldier Dies (patrol vehicle accident)

Senate Gives Up on Energy Legislation for This Year

Guardian Utd: US targets opposition clerics in Mosul

Making of the President: The Nixon in Bush*

Can you raise your arms without fear?

Who's your favorite Simpson?

Time for the Daily Show!

A proposition

Any Rocket From The Tombs fans out there?

So I entered the Lounge just now

Pissed off and disgusted

anyone watching Letterman?

Country Singer Glen Campbell Arrested For "Extreme Drunk Driving" +

Any Criterion DVD collectors out there?

What's your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

My @&#^$( football team

If a blind date pulled up to your door

What's your favorite thing to be worried about?

Here are the DU members I can't stand:

Any Rosicrucian's here? Tell me about it. Thanks in advance

The Gay Marriage Thing: A Rant.

Some medical advice, please

Who is your favorite Best Actress winner of the last decade?

NEVER pass a homeless person...