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Archives: November 23, 2003

Robert Fisk: We are paying the price of an infantile attempt to reshape th

Eric Margolis: Mr. President, oil isn't worth dying for

At least we got a great payback from Bush … oh, hang on

Is This the Endgame? It'll Take Luck and UN Aid To Speed the U.S. Iraq Exi

Las Vegas Sun: Why I'm Skipping Lunch With LIAR Bush

Connelly (Seattle PI): The energy bill would be a hoot if it wasn't so sad

Kennedy, Vietnam and Iraq

The issue of martial law

BBC: Guantanamo prisoners speak out

The Radical Center.....with a western twist. Could she be a DUer?

Why Constitutional Monarchy Makes Sense In Iraq

Anti-Terrorism Funds Buy Wide Array of Pet Projects

Seattle P-I sells out to Medicare bill

The man who solved the Kennedy assassination

Argh! I misspelled "pogrom" in this letter to Bunnypants...

The Governor's Wayward Broom (Arnold)


An Empire Built on Bargains Remakes the Working World

Don Rose: Democrats on a suicide mission

e-mail from UFPJ about the FTAA protests and anti-war demos

Boot to the Skull - Conservative Message Board

SOA vigil - 1st Amendment rights under assault at Ft,. Benning

CBC: Uncensored Stories of the War

Read My Finger!

The Promise Of A Brighter Tomorrow

Electile Dysfunction

Not So Gay Marriage

Is Our Children Learning?

Cold frames (gardener thread)

Our two favorite species compared

Reason! Reason! Reason!

Astrology Ethics .b


Boston Globe Poll: Majority Back Massachusetts Court Ruling (Gay Rights)

renewables in energy bill???

Men charged with damaging geyser in Yellowstone National Park

Indonesia replaces military chief after failed operation

Rebels burn down homes - Uganda

DPP says KMT should apologize for buying votes - TW

St. John's. University tried to bribe TW officials, legislator says

Pipeline blast causes huge Iraq fire

Bremer fires 28,000 teachers for Baath party membership.

The Bubble of American Supremacy by George Soros

Who are the conservationist?

no one has sent any alerts from here yet today???

REMINDER: 99.995% of gun owners...

account deletion

How do I get an avatar image?

Threads urging votes for non-Democrats...

What material is appropriate to DU?

Can or does admin or mods see how users vote in polls?

Is there any way to tell if the mods are on-line?

Incorrect info in subject line.

Skinner. You're okay.

Are the "tumbstoned" removed from the DU's registerd number?

2 security fence guards killed in Jerusalem

United We Stand!

What would be the ramifications of moving the US embassy in Israel?

"Hamas spends 90% of its time in hiding"

Sharon Floats Plan for Israel Settlements

When Sharon says `yes,' what does he mean?

Carter travels from Camp David to Geneva

Un Resolution 1515 To Back Roadmap...

Letter to a Zionist...

U.S. asks Palestinians to support future Iraqi government

Poll: Most Israelis and Palestinians support Geneva Accord

More than half back two-state Israel plan

Serious question - It is widely assumed that Israel has nukes

PM charges Mossad with thwarting Iran's nuclear plans

how many votes will Lyndon LaRouche steal this election?

Clark TV today

More money to be made

Gay marriage to help Repukes not Dems?

Which campaign has the best online presence?

Candidate Fundraiser Compare and Contrast

email from Bush campaign manager

Kerry turns to better half

Dean's Gay Marriage Nightmare

A study in contrasts.

Dean's negative tilt in Iowa

If Zell ran for re-election would you vote for him???

Dean VeryClose to Bush Ad Response Fundraising Goal

corrupt ohio state congressman

Kerry ad in response to Bush ad, kicks *** "No, Mr. President"

An astonishing poll on gay marriage from Massachusetts

Dean EverSoClose to $360K Goal: Two Days Early!

Spoiling (Carefully) for a Fight (NYT Mag - Edwards Debate Prep)

Dean condemns Modern Day COINTELPRO on

i apologize, and DO NOT endorse any candidate other than Dennis Kucinich

Walt Brown for President:)

Dean says Gep is "scaring seniors, just like Democrats have always done"

Kerry Makes the Right Choice

SC Survey (DLC Members) Gives Dean Best Chance to Beat Bush

Dean picked up 2 more Congressional endorsements today

Kerry Unrolls Blueprint For Strict Lobbying Rules

OMG, Just Went To Kerry's Website

Kucinich in Montana

Dean leading Kerry in Massachusetts (but within MOE)

38 Iraqi police are dead, injured, or missing from Saturday's bombing.

Curiosity call to list owner: How did DU get started? A little

Congress passes partial ban on lions and tigers

Great argument in support of gay marriage

The Ghost of Christmas Future?

Any DUers with pals in the Miami Police Dept?

Another "turning the (Republican) tide" story


Violent police reactions at protests: wwMLKd?

Has anyone seen/heard from Dick Cheney lately?

Name for me one issue on which the Dem prez candidates and....

Some positive thoughts about the candidates

A discussion about the polices actions in miami

Violent anti-war protesters? Yeah right. How about Bush supporters.

Al Franken busted for drugs (breaking news!)

And then there is always North Korea.. Look what aired on their tv

Dean People Suck!!

Accusations of "draft dodging" in politicians...

Top 10 reasons why I am better than Bush*.

Are we all having the same thoughts tonight?

GOP Governors end convention by endorsing Constiutional Amendment

The incredible bouncing casualty count

CNN Just Misread their Own Poll Numbers

First time political contributors for Clark

Bush helps push Medicare reform

First Proclaimed Italian Facist will visit Israel

"the democrats.....are liars and thieves and perverts"

Wooo Hooo! -- My website is now linked from Clark04

If Bush declares martial law what will happen

free JFK Witness ebook - do your own research.

Miami Herald: ACLU will plan Class-Action Lawsuit against Miami City

The anti-Bush October surprise

Can't tell how

Voice of Dissent Silenced as Berlusconi's Media Group Gags TV Comedian

Kucinich Requests House Committee Hearing on Diebold's DMCA Abuses!

Anyone read the Iraqi Constitution of 1925?

do you know anyone who got an abortion and later developed breast cancer?

CNBC - Russert with Dana Priest (WaPo) and BBC reporter on Iraq intel, etc

US plans Australian base

AARP Message Board - What the members are saying

Faces of the Fallen

If bu$h&co turn Iraq over to the UN and

Bush is very good at starting wars. But does he ever win one?

Bush provides unfiltered evidence of infrastructure building progress

prediction thread: how much will Dean's bat bring in this time?

who will be at debates tomorrow ?

Use the Draft

3 Legal, the 4th (Shrub's) Illegal Reason for Going to War

Coalition deaths in November reach 95

Everyone seen the TIME Bush article? Love Him, Hate Him President

From Kucinich to Clark - a personal journal

So. It looks like they missed killing Geraldo Rivera in Afghanistan

My stepson is with the 428th MP CO and is being ordered out

Attackers kill 2 of our guys in Iraq by slitting their throats

Urgent call to action: Protesters brutalized in Mami

my letter tosenator pete dominici-energy company whore

Bill Moyers NOW on at 10:30 EST on PBS

Message on a coconut

Some personal thoughts about Mike McArdle (Birdman).....

A word of explanation from the latest "firebrand"

It's about "fear" or "courage". That is the choice.

bushgang says we can't know where our food comes from - really

Who will get the VP slot?

what to do with sibling freeper?

Something to look into on JFK

So What's the Solution to Iraq?

Select Smart 2004 Presidential Candidate Selector...

A Request for TV Appearance Notifications

Primary challenge for DINO dems?

Demographics of DU

"The Bubble of American Supremacy" is about to Burst..George Soros Article

Geph has a winning issue here in of origin labeling

When the Plaid Adder is good she is very, very good. So good she puts the

Ted Rall: Boy, was I wrong. This year is different.

MUST READ - JFK: How the Media Assassinated the Real Story

Losing Hope in Appalachia

How to Make the Deficit Look Smaller Than It Is

Holy Smokes. Did anyone see Kerry's ads responding to the RNC?

Eisenhower's 1961 Farewell Address: Educated Foresight

How Liberals Are Literally Working Against Progress

Do you want to fight them there or fight them here?


Kerry is impressing me right now in the Senate.

How will Canada react to its Terrorist Attack?

How to build a true "Tubo lift" (Technology)

No matter who you support...

Is there a way we can support the wounded at Walter Reed and

Laura Ingraham and the Heartland

You can do a significant thing, in the name of a fallen DUer...

Dean is leading Kerry in the two most recent Massachusetts polls

Pummeled with concrete blocks in the face? Bush just lost his war.

BBV Can America trust electronic voting?

Ann Coulter versus Alan Dershowitz

Lieberman to oppose drug bill

Bushed Queen's bushes make the news in Europe...

There's Nothing in the Constitution Against Taxation.

Simple proposition: LIHOP = MIHOP

I think I figured out that disparity in the CNN/Time poll re: Dean

PROTESTORS force resignation of Shevardnadze

Lieberman says he'll vote against Medicare bill

GFP: Check out our comic section (animation, too) ----------------- LINK

Bush: A Troglodyte Among Extremophiles

It never matters until it matters

today's Doonesbury

Forum editorial: U.S. must stay course in Iraq war

British boy to Bush: "My daddy is in heaven."

Newsweek re Is war in Iraq making us less safe from terrorism?

more on Dean and his Draft issue

Dose the DU reognize a time zone?

GOPUSA spews antisemitic Nazi filth against George Soros.

Howard Dean Leads in Massachussetts

Germ War: The US Record

statement by Dean on FBI's anti-war protest surveillance

ABC on JFK: Just (A)nother (B)ullshit (C)overup

Disturbing fact: Most Chinese Malaysians actually LIKED Mahathir...

"Some are now attacking the president for attacking the terrorists"

Kerrys new vision or a Dean carbon copy?

Is Bartcop down?

On C-SPAN2 ~ debate on Medicare

Bush, GOD and my neighbor

Anybody watching Faux today?

Clark slaps Bush* on family values- alchoholism.

Link to thread discussing use of buzzords against Republicans...

Sen Bill Frist, the man who put profit in medicine........

JFK: Four disturbing questions...

Okay, after today, I'm back to ABB

Clark, FTN rebroadcast on CSpan

If history is our guide: What may be in store for Iraq.

Any one else having problems uploading the DU?

Why wasn't the abortion ban bill fillibustered?

why haven't the Dems taken away Daschles power?

From TPM: Imagine this line in WashPost editorial, re. Soros....

Another shining example from the GOP of 'Family Values'

British House of Commons on C-SPAN

Private citizens should be allowed to address the floor of the US House

Dean Works To Be Labor's Man

interesting article about Wal Mart . . .

The Assasination of JFK

TV News Lies needs help.

I'm plan on attending the opening of the Clinton Presidential Center

Despite ongoing violence US officials insisted occupation was going well

Church/State Quotes (Jefferson/Aristotle)

My response to someone who took the JFK Quiz and believes Oswald did it.

South Park Republicans?

local news broadcast devastating for Bush

Canadian DUers: I'm a New Democrat but...

Republicans for Dean

bush* is a divider, not a uniter. WHY is he so divisive?

Mother Jones on PBS

If Gephardt wants to call Dean on his past statements, I call Dick on his.

I've seen the "Dean is No McGovern" headline

Whaddya think of Howard Dean's TV Ad in Opposition to the Bush-RNC Ad?

Poll finds support in Mass. for gay marriage ruling

John Edwards now speaking on medicare bill

Mary Matalin's rationalizations for the war

Is Bob Shiffer a Democrat?

link to freeper comments on mutilations

How can we find out how many dropped out of the AARP?

General Clark, I'm here to help

MSNBC: Is President's Bush Medicare Rx Drug Plan Good for Seniors?

FBI monitors antiwar groups

Still Fighting...60 Minutes

Lieberman just said he's got momentum, things going in the right direction

Sally Baron's Whistle Ass makes TIME mag cover story!

Bush's entourage trashed Buckingham Palace gardens and more

Dean Supporters Broke the Bat!

Should crime victims be forced to testify?

CENTCOM website still fails to report November 15 Blackhawk collision

Please DU this poll - "Should gay marriage be legal in Delaware"?

Ya Know What I'd Like To See?

The presciption drug/medicare bill will pass the Senate

This is why I am supporting Dean

ABC's Jake (?) Tapper doing a "No Lobbyist Left Behind" story

Press Finds Dean Two-Dimensional

Panda Software Weekly virus report

PeTA, once again, leads the charge...

Did that Anthrax attack in Oct. 2001 cause Daschle to become a DINO?

Iraq Attack Really Should Have Been the Last Resort

Self fullfilling prophecy? Do people take pundits seriously?

Mutilation/Desecretion: A Tipping Point? (a little rant)

Wes Clark is on C-Span now

Michael Jackson: Racist Treatment?

Rep. Joseph Crowley (Chief Deputy Whip) endorses Dean

Negative or Positive campaigning: which works better?

Wes Clark on FACE THE NATION--Official thread

Dean's Almost $5,000 from cracking the Bat!

It is always worse at night.

Diebold Memos Now on House Web Site (Kucinich)

if Dean wins the nomination he will not ask his supporters for any more $

To Clark supporters: How do we gain traction?

Internet Tax

Silver Linings Aplenty In a War-Torn Land

TBTM - Guy James. Don't blame Guy!

Iraq POW's Cog Dis; can't believe that Bush screwed them

FBI Scrutinizes Antiwar Rallies

"The AARP is a sell-out"

Question: Where did "Pickles" come from?

MSNBC Poll on Medicare bill......go vote

Did Daschle vote "Yes" on Energy & intend to vote "Yes" on Medicare?

The Shelton comments about Clark

"Dean's negative tilt in Iowa"

Feinstein votes for the Repub medicare bill

Howard Dean, healthcare and Vermont.

Wesley Clark seems to understand the "Seven Days in May" worries

How bad will things get if Bush "wins" in 2004?

Why ABB shouldn't be the unifying slogan:

Latest Poll: Dean Down by (20 or 12) To Bush, Clark Down by 7 (Best)

I now know why the repubs believe Sapphocrat doesn't deserve...

Why are people always complaining about political correctness?

Feinstein to vote FOR medicare measure!!!

Bob Scheiffer exposed Clark's vulnerability-

Time: How Bush will GOTV and why I feel Dean is best to counter him

Heads up 60 minutes to cover Bush not allow the Troops

Why I Won't Vote Democratic in 2004

How we denied democracy to the ME - By Robert Fisk

Bill Frist should recuse himself from medicare debate

Leonardo DiCaprio narrates film about global warming to kick off campaign

Canadian DUers: Tell us who to like

Are you ruling in/out candidates based on their IWR votes/positions?

Is it just me or is anyone else beginning to get really scared?

Preparing for the worst: Bush* really could win in 2004

War hero's campaign falters as key staff drift away--The Observer

TV Alert: Clark gives speech/Q&A. CSPAN 9:30 EST.

LA Times covers Dean draft history while covering up for Bush

Survey: Bush vs. Dean

Donkeys of Mass Destruction

Things you agree with Republicans/conservatives on:

How pro-life/pro-choice are you?

I don't see the Greens staying out of 2004...

The far right has just crossed the line between stupidity and insanity...

Deleted message

Election 2000

Deleted message

If you believe ABC on JFK: Pass this test and you no longer will ...

The Fear Americans NEED is Fear of U.S. Government Totalitarianism


For White House, 2 Bills Offer Route to Political High Ground

Bomb technology improving (In Iraq)

Doh! Britain's' Blair has turned into Bush (Media reactions to Bush Visit)

Anti-Terrorism Spending Covers a Multitude of Uses

Kerry to skip Iowa debate for Medicare filibuster; Edwards (also)

At Least Four Injured in Afghan Protest (Firefight, Former Army Officers)

California Ruling: E-Votes Must Leave a Paper Trail

Lawmaker Blasts Bush on Nuclear Project

(Wyo.) Student Challenges Rule on Same-Sex Dates

Edwards feels at home in Okla.

Bill hiking tobacco tax coming next week: Sorbara [Smuggler's Delighted!]

US seeks Israeli advice on Iraq

Army Reserve battling an exodus

Military suicides in Iraq raising questions

Three Turks arrested in connection with Kirkuk suicide blast

Corruption charge deals fresh blow to Iraq handover

Israel threatens strikes on Iranian nuclear targets

Saudi religious police `overdoing it

Military Units Join Georgia Opposition

F.B.I. Scrutinizes Antiwar Rallies

F.B.I. Scrutinizes Antiwar Rallies

Guerrilla war without any end in sight

Dean bid showing strength in Massachusetts

(Borrrow&Spend)Bush Signs $9B Military Construction Bill

U.S. Jets Strike Targets in Central Iraq

Iraqi oil security chief killed in Mosul: police

Six Soldiers Die in Iraq Today

Georgia prez resigns in face of election fraud (take note Georgie!)

Taliban Leader Mullah Mohammad Omar Urges Afghan Action Vs. US Troops

Region eats well from pork barrel

Army misreads Green Beret's disease (Charges filed for brain disease)

More U.S. troops needed in Iraq - Democrats (Daschle and Biden)

U.N. Demands More Security in Afghanistan

Revealed: What the Tearful President Told the Grieving Relatives

Three U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq (NEW, not a dupe)

'Other' Berrigan Raises His Voice

Specially armored Humvees bound for Iraq (tells production story)

U.S. loses to France in Fed Cup final

Self-proclaimed "terrorist" led away by US troops in Iraq after briefing

SOA 2003 Saturday Night: Autonomous Puppetshow Causes Civil Unrest

Bill seeks to ease Reserve burden by beefing up Army

Antiabortion Group Got Hoax Letter

Afghan Camps Have Links to Attacks

Governor (Schwarzenegger) Struggles With State's Realities


Democrats Insist Republicans Pull Bush Ad

Turkey's Kurds Fear Fallout from Istanbul Blasts---New WMW

CNN Breaking: Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze RESIGNS

BBC (early Monday): Election Blow for Hong Kong pro-Beijing parties

Hope for Aids Cure as Prostitutes Defy Virus in the Slums

Four Halliburton Workers Hurt in Explosion in Iraq

Christian Right Looks Toward Supreme Court Races (Alabama)

Report: Ga., N.C. Hepatitis Strains Linked (Plus PA - Almost 1000 ppl

Bush's Inaction Over General's Islam Remarks Riles Two Faiths

CSIS had no role in Arar's detention, says spy watchdog (Ashcroft Alert)

Civil-Rights Group: Eight Observers Arrested at Trade Talks, Four Beaten

Congressman Crowley Endorses Dean for President(&Congresswoman Velázquez)

Lord Black isolated as directors desert him

Senate Showdown brewing over Medicare

Senate Democrats threaten delaying tactics in drive to kill Medicare bill

Biden: More U.S. Troops Needed in Iraq

Wesley Clark tells Minnesota suppirters he's a good bet to beat bush

Iraqi-American Woman to Become Ambassador

Dean Blasts 'Washington Claptrap' Dig

U.S. Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan, 5 Killed

Cuba Produces Key Synthetic Vaccine for Children

Civil Rights Job on His Mind (Sharpton Asks W For OK To Visit Troops)

Two U.S. soldiers killed in Mosul (attackers slit victims’ throats)

Three U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Queen's fury as Bush goons wreck garden

GOP May Remove MTBE Provision From Bill

Nine Dems Back Senate Bill on Medicare

Ozone Layer 'Sacrificed' to Lift Bush's Re-(s)Election Prospects

(PsyOps) Music Blaring from Fort Benning Bothers Protesters Near Post

US wages war on Afghan opium crop

Cats rename household objects

My ex boyfriend is copying my house. I bought a new house, we broke up...

Guess who I served this morning?

Queen's fury as Bush goons wreck garden

Questions for all our Canadian DUers


The Question of the Ages

What the heck... Bernie ward is on

Can you hit the high notes in this song? I can't. I tried it tonight...

KennedyOral History interviews on CSPAN againNOW--the WOUNDS

Wolverines Kicked OSU Ass Today!!!

I see Dean people

How are you quitters doing?

Late night theatre no one watches- WAR is a FORCE Chris Hedges- Edition

"living with herpes"

Baby Boomers' Music........Lyrics database

It's 4am!!!! Don't ask me anything, It's waay past time to sleep

It's time for kitty fan again.. and a bonus Postal flash

Breathing a sigh of relief here

I don't know who these people are, but they had one hell of a camp-out

I'm going to bed soon, ask me anything.

The "Top Ten" Michael Jackson Bedtime Stories

Bush provides unfiltered evidence of infrastructure building progress

Michael Jackson being chased by police on freeway!!! (LIVE ON CNN!!!!!)

MMMMM. Turkey & Gravy Flavored SODA Just In Time For Thanksgiving!

Movie with the most references to "DINGOS"

Panthers versus Cowboys prediciton thread

BIRDMAN: RIP, my New and Old Friend

To all you good American Democrats from a Canadian fan

Knock knock!

As I type this, membership is at 34,999

What the hell is going on?!

Making progess today!

It's 19º outside, feels like 11º !

He's out on and bail out on the town!

Al Franken busted for drugs (breaking news!)

Some personal thoughts about Mike McArdle (Birdman).....

..."Mom, I want you to meet my new girlfriend"..

My advice to the Steelers...

My Advice to the Lions

HELP...DUers with Arthritis or Arthritic Pets I have a question...

DAMMIT!!! What's a good online source for tv listings?

I'm so bummed about Richard Burns

Modern music sucks.

35,000 members

35000 DUers! Congratulations DU!

You HAVE to see this! The "Hellboy" preview is up!

Man busted downloading child porn while driving naked up a 1-way street

My advice to SF...

Another 40th, overlooked by most.

I saw Phil Spector last night, ask me anything!

The expatriation thread.

I wish some composer would write an Ass Concerto in honor of GWB.

My life will probably be hilarious in six months. (Story Sharing Time!)

a lark for president?

NY Jets win 13-10

Best Star Trek TV series composer

Exclusive poll for the men of DU

Favorite former Vermont Governor?

Best Star Trek movie series composer

Ice Pirates: Fact or Fiction?

My advice to the Vikings:

Pittsburgh wins 13-6 over Cleveland

Indianapolis wins 17-14

New *Important* Collectable Figurine!!

Just because the Ohio State - Michigan game is over

Best Star Trek nasal hair presentation

Minnesota defeats Detroit 24-14

Security Service overturns baby puppy's food dish!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I the only one utterly fed up w/ all this 'Cat in the Hat' commericals


I just made sausage kolaches. Ask me anything.

Those giant spectacles to candidates in sig lines creep me the hell out.

Any one else having problems uploading the DU?

There's a Halliburton ad on the scoreboard at the Pats/Texans game.

Should I just go to bed?

The Patriots Totally Rule !

My Girlfriend loves the guy in the Campbell Soup commericals!

its 10 am and i am drinking a spicy bloody mary. ask me anything!

U.S. loses to France in Fed Cup final

How would you feel (a scenario)

i gave a homeless man a 40 ouncer and a pack of Kools today. I feel good.

Woo Hoo! Touchdown Carolina!

Why the Vikings won today.

Any CT DU'ers out there? I'm eating Munson's chocolate right now

Bonsai Potato?

Favorite US President?

Any TCP/IP experts out there?

Assistant White House Cook mistakes President's Mother as Dumpling!!!

Anyone watching the Denver/Chicago game

WTF there's no Tieing in smallball-(The President's Cup)

This has me flabbergasted!

IKEA has a cool room planning download

Green Bay wins 20-10

How do the homeless become homeful? What do you think?

any turntable historians on DU?

I'm playing Final Fantasy X-2! Ask me anything.

Bah! My hard drive really died last night....

Radio stations pulling Michael Jackson's music

Keep making Tomb Raider films

So, who else has seen "Love Actually"

Think you know movies?

Interesting read on veterans anger over the war

Anyone looking for Black friday deals?

gadgetry help needed

WHOOPS, Jackson's explicit letters seized

Bengals v.s. Chargers official game thread

Why do I have such bad luck with men?

Is it me, DU, Earthlink, or the whole friggin' internet?

PC help? Word2002, how do I stop the ". . ." from becoming "..." ?

I just got my Continuing Disability Review notice--help!

? about the overtime changes

Favorite California Gov.

Favorite SF Mayor

Whew boy do you feel the headrush from CAPTIONING?

I finally got a new keyboard after 10 days w/no pute

How did Denver lose to Chicago??? And why is AZ in OT with STL???

Where Does One Find Beatles Bootlegs?

Whoa...The Bad Plus version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is the shizzy!

Happy 199th Birthday, Franklin Pierce!

WTF? Drudge reveals name and picture of the 12 yr old boy Jacko molested

PeTA, once again, leads the charge...

PeTA, once again, leads the charge...

Mary Matalin was on Meet the Press

Tony Blair on "The Simpsons"

Bumpersticker: Who's in the Whitehouse?

Rams win ugly in overtime


Alternative to LIHOP/MIHOP

Liz Taylor defends Michael Jackson -- Democrats could learn from this

An apology to everyone on DU (and the lurking freeps, too; why not?)

Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving special is on ABC now

Juicy, yummy hamburger with everything or Salad with everything

How do I get a program to run as soon as my computer starts up?

WWWWhhhheeeeee I'm Drunk

Aaaaah! Chaos in my house!


I've had a very exciting day.

Any Iowans here? Looking for a nice night club.

Where's BearsFan????? Bears Win!!!

700th post, I fixed my ugly basement walls, ask me anything!!

Attn: DU Accountants or Lawyers

What irks you most about the Michael Jackson Fiasco?

For the lovely, slender VelmaD...

How do I...

60 Minutes Sinks To A New Low: "Porn in the USA"

My Big Ten bowl predictions

My new kitty is part arabian wild cat

Any AMAC or other abuse survivors awake? Ask me anything!

Any Open Office users out there?

I just finished singing such liturgical hits as Priidite Vospoim Liudiye

Caption this...Rove and Bush

I survived Thanksgiving

Go see "Looney Tunes: Back in Action"!!!

Unity Churches, are they liberal?

On Fox this Tuesday: "An American Idol Christmas"

Simpsons Christmas ornaments at Walgreen's.

The Official "I hate football thread"!

Official Redskins-Dolphins thread

Testimony from child michael Jackson allegedly molested in 93

Question: Where did "Pickles" come from?

What are the all time worst sports franchises? (Hint: Lions fan here)

I need some good technical advice re: wireless remote internet stuff

Kellie Waymire, Six Feet Under and Star Trek, dies at 36 years of age

Best Smile Enhancer?


When the FCC forces everybody to upgrade to HDTV, will you?

Is there anyone from Europe in here? Who is the band Weslife?

Clark was all over the place on TV the last few days...what-cha think?

Wanted: Recommendations for Graphics software for MacOSX

Howard Dean's secret life… as a movie star?

Anyone try the South Beach Diet?


What's the temperature outside where you live?

Howard Dean should be ashamed of himself!!!

Counting-the-hours-til-the-next-to-the-last-CARNIVALE thread

Lord of the Rings Pt. II- BOOOOORING!!!!!

Who do you think is/are the most UNDERRATED President(s) of all time?

Should I continue trying to apply for grad school?

How do you help a friend through a breakup with a jerk?

Best Escape movie?


Flame bait thread!

Recommend a mattress.


Watching my newly purchased DVD of "This Is Spinal Tap"...

Did you know that Green eyes are the sexiest?

MoveOn: GFP's 'Bush Lies in 30 Seconds' Preview --------------- FLASH

question, about white people using the "n" word

For Naval History Freaks only....

OK - I'll say it. The Miami Dolphins orange jerseys SUCK!!

Conservative Student Group Lists Professors It Considers Too Politicized

Anyone from Tampa going to Orlando on Dec 6 for Dean Rally?

New Hampshire Not Warming Up to Lieberman

PA DUers:Who is the best candidate against Santorum?

Howard Dean – the physician who would treat the nation's ills

CBC viewers: Did anybody see "Deadline Iraq - Uncensored"

Did Anyone See Clark on FAUX Today?

GOP fiscal irresponsibility as a campaign theme?

Colorado Springs Dems will "welcome" Bush...

Who is the most Corrupt President?

Who Benefits? -- CIA staging terror campaigns throughout the world ?

Iowa poll - Gov. Vilsack in VP slot hurts candidate's chances against Bush

Has anyone actually viewed this RNC ad on Television?

Happy Camper

Peter Werbe streaming now --- He was in Miami

Clark Transcript : Face The Nation

While some continue to tear down the Dems, a war goes on....

MUST see - Uncensored media stories from Iraq conflict - CBC

Thanks, DU - Another GREAT Top Ten Conservative Idiots (11/24)

Retro Poll: 1 in 3 For Bush Impeachment

Here's How Monday's Debate is Going to be set up....

The "Soldiers who were mutilated" were traveling in regular cars and there

FBI keeps eye on anti-war protesters

In Hour to Shine, an Envoy Instead Shuns the Spotlight (Amb. to Britain)

The Man Who Would Succeed Saddam

Alarms Sounded as GOP Bills Grow

Pipeline blaze in northern Iraq (Monday)

Pentagon Considers Creating Postwar Peacekeeping Forces

The new orange crush????

Late Night Theater no one watches- Jim Hightower - edition

Eagles, McNabb soar to 8-3 and to the top of the NFC

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