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Tom Tomorrow's on to Diebold!

No light at the end of this tunnel, George

London Observer: Rebel war spirals out of control as US loses the plot

Problem with new voting method (bbv)

The race against terrorism in Iraq

Pentagon Iraq writing guide for US Media

should have put this blog info here instead of GD (Sunni Triangle)

WMD in Iraq: DU

Newsweek: A War in the Dark

Former prosecutor: "The Charge of Rape, the Force of Myth"

New York Post - Cartoon --Gov. Gray Davis to Arnold, It's all yours......

Disney Accuses Democrats of Causing California Fires

Dayton Daily News: series on the hazards of Peace Corps duty

UK Observer: The madness of Kim Jong Il

The Longest, tightest, costliest Presidential race in history

Booby Prize by Gerald M. Steinberg

Chris Matthews: Simpleton Bush* Not Chief

Bush Never Lied

Copy the Americans (Robert Fisk)

Frank Rich - So Much for 'The Front Page'

God D*mn the Pusher Man (Rush)

If I Were Bush's Speechwriter - Andy Rooney

Violation of U.S. Constitutional Rights

How would folks feel about Get Out of Gore's House Day rally for DC 12/12?

I want some BIG demonstrations against the War this month!

Fair and Balanced coverage of the Heli crash

The Conflict of Intere$t Corrupting the Washington Post

Is Zell Miller a dumb ass or what ??

I was assaulted by my employer!

ASTROLOGY: Bush and Chaney demise

Astrologers: Kerry and Dean

Hi. A bit late in the laid back community, but

More information on the "Adopt Iraqi Family" project

HBO's Carnivale

Why wasn't Louis Freeh ever held accountable?

concerning the right to privacy......

'We are homosexuals! We love you!'

SA, Ghana to create world's largest gold miner

When will borrowing take place?

Lemmings myth debunked once and for all

UK On Track For Driest, Sunniest, Warmest Year Ever Recorded

Girls on 'Satanist kidnap list' - SA

Strike looms large over Israel

Chen (Taiwan Pres.) vows change at award bash - In NY

Lu warns of China's 'trap' - Taiwan VP

Iraq: Trending Toward Vietnam-Level Bloodiness

No light at the end of this tunnel, George

Iraqis released from U.S. prison camps tell of abuse, resistance

Another fine mess, chaps

A question about the Cold War...

Court challenge to Mugabe election win - Zimbabwe

Sugar-coating U.S. motives in Iraq

John Kerry and assault weapons

GD is going to hell in a handbasket

I've never been in favour of heavy-handed moderation here

Well this seems rather silly

The whole Dean-flag mess getting out of hand in GD

Please tell me why my swastika thread was locked tonight.....

Why is Inflammatory Misogynist Rhetoric Allowed on DU?

Why was this locked?

Thank you for the way the mess in GD was handled

A lie is a lie, right?

Explanation, please

Regarding the profanity rule...

Why was my thread locked?

I changed the spelling on my name and I

I have no idea if this is possible

I respectfully protest

I'll say this much.

To The Admins

Mofaz to meet senior PA officials this week

Israeli soldiers hit in Nablus

A historic act by the chief of staff

Israelis condemned for barring patients

60 Minutes (11/2/03) - An Island of Sanity in a Sea of Madness

Thought Police at Work

DRDO Team To Visit Israel Next Month

Syria Says Its Threats to Hit Israel Exaggerated

Hamas rules out truce with Israel, but may limit attacks

Killing the two-state solution

Israeli opposition to Sharon

Quest for truth over Gaza death

Hilary Clinton told her colleagues the anti-Semitic indoctrination

Hamas rules out truce with Israel

Rabin's real legacy

"Israel 'biggest' threat to world peace"

'I saw fit to remove her from the world'

First stop the terror

US Jewish group denounces EU poll saying Israel is threat to world peace

Report of Balata raid where I was shot

French authorities contradict Aussie PM on terror risk

5 Israelis were seen filming as jet liners ploughed into WTC

Strange Results in CA Recall Tulare County...A Possible Explaination

California: Porn Film Gets the Vote

New Washington Post poll, Kerry Does Best Against Bush

Campaign buzz at the coffee shop

Clark give Sharpton credit where credit is due....

Dean Beats Fundraising Goal with Small Donors...Again

I think Kerry and Edwards should co-cponsor a bill outlawing the CFB!

Howard Dean and the press

How did Dean surge to the front? (4 pivotal moments in the Dean Campaign)

The flag controversy makes the latest episode of the Bully George comic

Many Prominent Black Americans Support Howard Dean for President

How did Dean surge to the front?

Great News for the country!!!

If my candidate can't have the party's nomination....

ATTN DC Area Gore Die Hards: MAJOR Speech Nov. 9th at the DAR Constitution

Ownership of Firearms in Early Primary States

Clean Up The Rigged Elections At Home First - Walter Cronkite

Draft Gore needs funding an eleventh hour Poll - Please help

Musgrove holds slim lead over Barbour in latest poll

Is Anybody Actually OUTRAGED By Dean's Comments?

Dean Leads in Columbus, Ohio Poll

Dean gets dogpiled by his opponents, and raises over $100,000

Graham to Seek Reelection, Insiders Say

A plea for some civility in here

Let's compare plans: Homeland Security

ATTN Florida Gore Die-Hards: Please Take Action on the Dec. 6 Straw Poll

Where is the inconsistancy?

Stop the unfair practice of 'offshoring' (Charlie Crystle Campaign)

Don't like your Representative?

Let's compare plans: Foreign Policy and the Iraq War Resolution

Awesome turnout of Kucinich supporters at Office of the Americas event

Candidate Dean digs hole deeper re Confederate flag remark...

Have Kerry's attacks on Dean caused anyone to change their mind?

A year away: Electoral Analysis

Dennis Kucinich's book is #7 on!

Let's compare plans: Environmental Justice

Let's compare plans: Small-Business Health-care Coverage

A tale of two gay rights histories:

Let's compare plans: Reviving the Manufacturing Sector.

Let's compare plans: Energy Independence

Dean Leads Nationally: Post/ABC News Poll

Here is what J. Jackson, Jr. was referring to on the Dean blog.

I've been bamboozled...

Clinton at Yale pushes globalization, knocks Bush (great pic, too)

Kerry Flip Flop in Michigan

Reversal of roles....

I have seen Kinzer (All the Shah's men) and Charlie Wilson (Afghan

Washington Post Poll Nov 2

Tonight's Saturday Night Live "Weekend Update"

Bye bye Howard Dean, hello Wesley Clark

this CNN article illustrates just how desperate Kerry & Gephardt are

The Black man does not have a home in America

if I were a lawyer looking for an expert witness… I'd come here

CNN World is having a good truth session.

Racism is born from fear and ignorance (lack of awareness)

I'm not ready to condemn Dean as a racist although...

If Dean referred to a Swastica, would you defend it?

My Basset Hound Just Woke Up ...

Dean should have said "Stupid People" instead of "those with confederate

Dean's view on the confed. flag statehouse?

Do you support the death penalty for Ken Lay?

A Question about Dean, Thurmond, Barbour and DU opinions

Why do everyday repubs still support bush?

How many of these STUPID threads do we need?

What is the big deal about Dean's comments??

The BFEE and friends will be very happy...

Poll: Would You Consider Switching Candidates at the Last Minute?

Can't We Say That The Confederate Flag And States Rights Are Bad

Are you saying that they SHOULD vote for BUSH?

This Modern World On The Confederate Flag

What did Dean mean when talking about Southerners with Confederate flags?

I've gotta give props to Kucinich & CMB today

Strange Results in CA Recall, Tulare County...A Possible Explaination

it's simple: Dean needs to clarify himself

Wouldn't it be horrible, if as Dean said...

Hypothetical: what would republicans do if Gore won the 2000 election?

Things that republicans want.

A question for black DUers

Finally, page-one above-fold NY Times photo, and article....

On this day ....1966: Eight die in Saigon bombing

that's it. I'm voting for Bush

Dean just won himself the election

What does everyone think about CMB for VP?

Some Weird, Random Clark Stories From Today

Deadly Day In Iraq-Bloodiest Day Since Combat Officially Ended....

Dean is smart about the confederate flag, and the people who fly it!

U.S. Says 13 Killed in Iraq Chopper Crash

I am appalled as I watch Democrats falsely crying racism

What about a Dean/Buchanan ticket

"The Confederate flag is to 'unrelated to racism' as _____is to____"

What Will The Movie Title Be: Re: Chinook Down In Iraq

Will the next debate be about substantive issues

We have never needed Clark more than we do now

Don't believe the rumor...

Al-Qaida critiques its Afghan errors by Gubash and Windrem, NBC News

The Media Tide is Turning

A strategy that would help the Dems win.

Good for a laugh: Rumsfeld's Mojo

Bush's other war - US intelligence is being scapegoated for getting it rig

Remember folks! This wasn't a Chopper Crash, it was a Chopper shoot down!

The fundies are going beserk over the Regan mini-series

Wes Clark, "embedded" reporter, Rock the Vote forum commercial

"Quick Vote" On Twig's Reelection Web Site

Zell Miller on MTP

Doonesbury...really, really, really, really, really...

Local radio reports ReTHUG candidate for mayor of Lafayette, IN has...

It seems I've heard this song before.

5 Israelis were seen filming as jet liners ploughed into WTC

Sec Probes NYSE Trading Firms - Report

US helicopter shot down in Iraq – at least 20 "casualties"

Chris Matthews article. MUST READ.

I am so dismayed....

I was assaulted by my employer!

ONE big difference between Iraq and the Vietnam War

R.I.P. SOLDIERS - 02/11/2003

Rumsfeld in Fox news and MTP: do you notice the difference in

Evolution of Iraqis into "The Enemy"

Zell Miller on Meet the Press now completing his sellout

Best statement on Iraq.

ooOOOoo "a free society means having the *right* to hear bad news"

Virus Alert: The worm Mimail.C is still spreading and...

Gep on Face the Nation 10:46 AM EST

"They'll never be safe until they get out of our country,"

New military mortuary opens....

Biden on Face The Nation - Send More U.S. Troops to Iraq

The Dem party should be the party of civil rights

Semen on a blue dress - blood on George's hands

GOP Strategist on CNN: Spewing False numbers

Bushco rewards Iraqis' $500 for SA7/RPG missiles; billions to Halliburton

Clark on Meet The Press Nov. 16

TV Alert: David Corn on Reliable Sources. Now 11:30am EST

Here's how Dems can win in 2004 - one word

Novak and O'Beirne: Let them eat 401Ks!

? about the guy shooting around the tree at the lawyer in Van Nuys

Ten years ago: Mogadishu outrage puts Clinton in firing line

Anyone See Rummy Spining like a Top This Morning?!

Let our newest Democrat kick Zell Miller out!

Drudge behind in the news? Helicoptor shot down... at least one dead...

Wesley Clark pledges end to discriminatory policies

One of the single best tools for more jobs in America:

Latest ABC/Wash Post poll - Dean leading, Kerry 5th

Latest ABC/Wash Post Poll: Kerry does best up against Bush, Dean worst

Trent Lott says: "we just mow the whole place down, see what happens"

1977 HSCA JFK limited hangout: 4 shots, 2 gunman, but Oswald did it all

Pat Buchanan on "Deputy President for War" "Rummy's 'long, hard slog'"

It looks to me like Republican Rep. Janklow is free

Excellent article on the trends of voting emerging in the

Anyone else read "The Two Percent Solution" by Matt Miller?

The environmentalists and the California fires.

Anyone sporting Anyone but Bush 2004 wear?

Cheney praises Miller for his support of Bush*

The Confederate Flag is just fine with one of the candidates

Poll Shows Democrats Struggling Vs. Bush

BBC "The Americans still don't know exactly who is behind the attacks


can somebody help me find an article?

Why America will have to stay and have more and more troops killed....

Heros: Iraqi and Palestinian people. Why?

Middle east news portals & live international channels


Provisional Ballots

San Franciscans!!

Clark's statement on today's casualties

Security scare driver identified! Did anyone see this?

(CNN) Reliable Sources: Clinton Bashers vs Bush Bashers (On Now)

Explanation of why soldiers cannot call home: AT & T monopoly.

A whole mess of lemons....

Focus on the Family Hits me up for $$$ and my response:

Number 5 in my BRING EM ON ad series. 15 DEAD 20 WOUNDED

Found an interesting news blog (Sunni Triangle)

Secretary of State Offices

Are latest incidents the fruit of administration's "flypaper strategy"?

Interesting poll on Wolfie's Late Edition

Question: If your candidate made a REAL racist comment...

Is cynicism even possible anymore?

Leftist Advocate of Drugs Legalisation Elected Mayor of Bogota

"How many dead (soldiers) do you need?"

will Zell Miller be at the national convention?

Will Bush Visit The Wounded?

Gephardt's Hypocrisy on the Confederate Flag Matter

Enemies of "Democracy and Freedom"

"We destroyed Iraq so we must rebuild it." Plays into Repub hands

Native Americans fight to recover Geronimo's skull

20 Soldiers Dead and the US Media are Covering for aWol*!!

Why do you hate Bush?

The Bad News Is Good News for Democrats

Is Dean minority friendly?

If Kucinich wins the nomination

So, CNN's finished talking about the tragedy in Iraq today.

MISSING:: The Grand Unified Theory:: Of Physics, Of Peace

Nightmare? Cynthia McKinney vs Dean vs Bush

FReepers Discuss Dean's Wife

15 people died today

Clark, Dean in statistical tie in Michigan poll...

Want info to combat the GDP growth? Please check this out!

Right wing radio is talking about DU. Another example.

Why are we doing Karl Rove's work?

Notice how the media gives 5/1 as the start date for deaths, without

Jamie Rubin says, it's not an issue that lends itself to quick sound bites

How to tell if a BFEE member is lying.

6 months and, anti-U.S. resistance is smarter, more active, more effective

PREDICTION: Governor's races in Louisiana,Kentucky, Mississippi

Official White House Reaction to today's events in Iraq (Fox News)

If (and I pray not "when") any of the 21 "injured" from the helo shot down

This is the enemy

Politics are out of place in times of war

Bush says God chose him to lead his nation

Eighteen Die in Second Deadliest Day for U.S. in Iraq

Apparently it was either FEMA or USFS who turned down the waterbomber

The deadliest "coalition"

THREE separate attacks today in Iraq.. CBC news video here

I would be in my best interests to vote Republican.

A GREAT website on Bill Clinton!

Many Prominent Black Americans Support Howard Dean for President

Anyone else tired of the candidate bashing?

It's official: I am now vindicated

Dean the First to Endorse Coelho's Agenda (Disability)

How did Zellout Miller save GA's higher education system?

Colmes: Red, White & Liberal: How the Left is Right & the Right is Wrong


Let's make it ABB for real now

Dave Lettermen's ratings are dropping.Will he start kissing up to Bush?

This is what makes me angry over the REAGAN mini-series!

What is a "roadside bomb", exactly?

Army brass on CNN describing new training Video "game"...

Hypothetical question about "Finishing the "job""...

Oh no! Look out for sharks!

Deaths in Iraq Take a Steady Toll at Home (NY Times)

A very informative website: Iraq Revenue Watch

2 CIA deaths in Afghanistan linked to the outing of Valerie Plame?

Do we really need to "finish the job?"

We made great progress in Iraq today

Bush Boom? Bushit. Bush Gloom. * is toast even if the economy improves

media lies - my letter to Maureen Dowd

Question on 1,000's of callers

ABC talked about a new ABC/WP Poll on Iraq

Cnn - Howard Dean Poll

Nov 2 Pundit Pap- A Whole Lot Uglier

Are there any other Bush progeny after Dubya we have to look out for?

Liberal Dominance of NYT Bestseller list continues

Wow! -- Kucinich's book is at #7 on

A Display of Asian/Pacific Islander Solidarity for Clark

US Medic on ABC: End of major combat operations. . .Yeah Right. . .

Iraq casualty reports, some say "injured", some say "wounded." What

from the "Winning Hearts and Minds Department".....

CNBC Replay of Begala & Carville on Tim Russert 7 PM ET

Sad state of affairs when the most truthful statements about Iraq..

60 Minutes (11/2/03) - Pirates of the Internet

Yes!!! Andy Rooney just told the world about the Bush Iraq folly

Jesse L. Jackson Jr.: Reject Racial Rhetoric - Truthout .org

It's official, the freepers are Nazis.

are more people gonna bet!! says donald.

Should I call my Congressmen/Seantors?

If this poll can be believed? 58% of Americans say Bush is out of touch

a dean quote?

CBS Sunday Night News story about reservist from Mt. Pocono, PA

Democrats vs. the South

C-Span (only about 20 min left) Terrorism as Tyrany, by Bovard.

Partial-Birth Abortion Ban May Be Hard to Enforce

Dean/Crystle Bus Breakdown in Arizona!

The Battle of Fallujah Timeline

No light at the end of this tunnel, George - By Eric Margolis

Bush says...."god" chose him to be prez....

Ya think Nader's been spreading propaganda again?

Clark Comments on Rumsfeld's MTP Appearance

They are confiscating reporter's film???? (CNN now!)

Gee, does THIS sound at all familiar?

What did those poor 15 souls die for?

Soldiers in Iraq provide proof that Bush is a liar

VCR Alert: Bush committed FRAUD on the American people (Iraq

Nancy Grace

Using Gulliver's Travels to understand modern politics

GA DUers: What is the AJC & other editorial "take" on Zell?

The New Republic's problem with race, circa 1995 to present

I am watching the British Parliament right now and it is entertaining

If Dean wins the nomination, will you...

You want to make a comparison of Vietnam with Iraq? OK

Okay DU'ers, what's the best movie of all time?

Eighteen more soldiers dead?

CNN...Christiane Amanpour...on NOW.

Political turncoats

Walkout threat to gay bishop

Horrific UPI embed account of chopper scene

Looking for some good Dem sites

Everybody's giving it to Blair by default....

Dean's Confederate Flag comments: Racism, Strategy, or Honest Gaffe?

Which is the best way to beat Bush in '4?

NYT: Where have all the Women gone?

Is today's helicopter disaster a turning point???

want to stop terror once and for all ? (title edited on demand)

Isn't this website misrepresenting our side?

Just what I thought. The Iraqis are using the mojo against us

Buying the Presidency

Can democracy in America survive electronic voting?

Jeb wants to have a drug tracking program for Oxycontin, and others.

I imagine the latest reports from Iraq are devastating to the Vietnam vets

my grandmother predicts it'll all come down to Dean & Clark in Florida

Let's go Dean,Clark,&Kerry--it's a race to see who can expose The Big Lie

Let's pretend we're WH Beat Reporters.What will we ask McClellan tomorrow?

I Raised Over $3,000 for General Clark Today


The French could have told us

Am I angry? Maybe a little

Dean's first State of the State address (1992)

Leader of (Danish) Republican Party Invites Saddam to Seek Asylum (hehe!)

What IS It With Repukes And Abortion??

Bush and zero funerals

Rumsfeld lying through his teeth on Meet the Press (surprise!)

The temporary blip in the economy is over

WP - faces of the fallen - photos of GIs dead in Iraq

The final, FINAL word on computer and internet voting

Can anyone remember the country split like this?

Daunting Intellect Sets Clark Apart, and Some People Off... (LONG)

How many funerals have received coverage?

typical republican mistake

Has anyone heard of a bullet vote?

Check out the website for Anshell Media, the liberal network.

The Democratic Party is...

Opinion: I'm glad the Dem candidates are attacking each other

Not a word from Bush

Are you watching the end of 60 Minutes! Bush's LIES listed by Rooney!

I think the helicopter shoot-down today may be the beginning of the end.

Clark video online -- New -- Must see if considering Clark

Now with Bill Moyers...

BBV and the truth about spam complaints

Clark rocked the house in SF today

"Things Unseen" (Great article by Tom Hayden on Dems and progressives)

UK DUer's: What's your take on the postal strike?

Tennesse Former Rep. James Quillen Dies

Stupid right-wing response to GI deaths in Iraq - unbelievable!

Bush shouldn't give intellegence to 9-11 committee

Does a pro war Dem nominee ensure a Republican victory?

I've got the Vietnam Deja Vu Blues

Bush backing down, did Clark have anything to do with this?

Republicans in Panic over Iraq

Check out the cover story in ARMY TIMES- 'An act of ‘betrayal’

Do some of you still think all this is "worth it"?

It hurts me to say this, but what right do troops in Iraq have to be safe?

Former POW Lynch plans wedding

Send Lott petition is up

Would FDR have allowed the National Security State to foment?

Does God Hate? And who would know?

Why is Jesus a liberal?

Why do conservatives get upset when you call the US a democracy?

The problem with conspiracy theories.

The problem with coincidence theories..

ATT: fellow queers

Is Jeb Bush presidential material?


DU this poll...

BBV: Strategy Discussion Proposal... Looking At The Maps

Jason, Scott,Dareus,Charles,Michael, Melissa, Roshana & 2 Christophers

Poll: Worst President of the last 100 years?

"Can a Republican Win Without the NorthEast?"

Prescott Bush was a Nazi-whore, but his father Samuel was worse (WWI)

Fallen soldiers’ will return in secret to avoid political embarrassment.

It's the abortion, stupid.

Anti Conspiracy Ostriches - how do you ignore MKULTRA?

German anti-terrorist agents in Iraq: report

Mom and 4 sons gunned down - India

Iranian journalists held in Iraq may be freed soon

Mixed-sex pool halls shut down in Iran

Muslim Troops' Loyalty a Delicate Question

13 US soldiers died in helicopter crash!

Bush rules out early pullout from Iraq as two more us troops are killed

AFP journalist detained by US forces north of Baghdad: US

Breaking now on CNN — Helicopter shot down

Gangster says he shot U.S. officer for stepping in front of his car

Helicopter Downed In Iraq.....

Bush Officials Vow Iraq Probe Cooperation

BBC video report of helicopter crash

Bush Unharmed After Car Breaches Security

Analysis: US forces under fire

Iraqi handover to be speeded up..(BBC)......(we're gonna bail)

Iraq Resistance Attacks

Wesley Clark pledges end to discriminatory policies

Cuba Travel Inches Closer

Eight from Afghan family die in air raid-official

Iraqi oil exports muddle along

Regulators to Let Maker Test Chemical Levels

Five Israelis were seen filming as jet liners ploughed into the Twin Tower

Goldman's Courtis: China's century..U.S. should embrace new economic power

Iraqi security can help quell attacks, U.S. says

American farm businesses show off wares at communist Cuba's int'l fair

Bush says God chose him (book claims he did pray with Blair)

New Military Mortuary Opens

Nation once again split on Bush (Washington Post)

Iraq Rebel War Spirals Out of Control

U.S. Wants Iraqi Tribunal to Try Saddam Officials

Rumsfeld Mourns 15 Killed, Says 'Tragic Day' for US

re-writing history: Now they're calling it a helicopter "crash"

U.S. National - AP: Trial Set to Begin for Plague Researcher

NYT frontpage: Deaths in Iraq Take Steady Toll at Home

Peace activists, hawks want Livermore site to boast Teller moniker

Daunting Intellect Sets Clark Apart, and Some People Off... (LONG)

U.S. Copter Is Downed in Iraq, Killing 15 and Wounding 21 [NYT: MISSILE]

Rebel war spirals out of control as US intelligence loses the plot

Foreign fighters involved in Iraq terror

Miles from 'fair and balanced'

Blast rips through oil pipeline in northern Iraq: official

CBS News: WH Agrees to hand over Iraq Intel Documents

Israel outraged as EU poll names it a threat to peace

U.S. Campaigning for Treaty Vs. Cloning

IL soldiers 'among those killed' in chopper shoot-down: Sen. Durbin

U.S. Soldier Killed in Baghdad Bomb Blast -- Army

Clark Comments on Rumsfeld Admission (re: Rumsfeld's MTP Appearance)

Florida schoolbus racism scandal

AP: U.S.-Mexico Border Patrol Failing (badly)

MSNBC Breaking: Two US (civilian) Contractors Killed Near Fallujah

Lessons Of Beirut Bombing Lost In Baghdad/Toronto Star--New WMW

Soldier chooses family over Army

'Quetta is the new Taliban HQ'

Watching Los Angeles news on satellite, reporting plane crash in Santa

14++++ U.S. troops killed in Iraq ( Breaking CNN)

Gore Stumps For Street; Katz Rides Truman Train

FAA report rips DuPage flight school (Passes failing students-Big School)

Rumsfeld says US has enough forces in Iraq

Florida schoolbus racism scandal

Bush Losing Support on Iraq, Poll Says

Iran Threatens Retreat From Inspections

U.S. Post-War Glow Dimmed by Growing Iraqi Violence

US unveils new system for scanning foreign visitors

Values, Faith In Focus As Bush Stumps For Fletcher

Hospital report: Teen was shot in the back by his neighbor

US recalling parts of former Iraqi army: Rumsfeld

(Newsweek) The War Over Gipper

Sting Urges World to Help Rebuild Iraq

Clark Responds to USDA Study Showing That Hunger is Growing Problem in US

Spinning out of control

Bush Agrees to Furnish Iraq Intelligence

Iraqi child crushed by US tank

Blueprint for a Mess

Hoosier faces fine for trip to Cuba

Enola Gay exhibit omits mention of Hiroshima bombing

Share your most embarrassing moment while being fooled

Roy Baty's soliloquy always gets me.

Bladerunner on Shadowlane right now!

Carville/Begala on Russert discussing paperback version of

Lou Reed's Heroin playing on the stereo

Almost Sorry

AIM chat room is up!

Cool night out!

I wish Lane Staley were here.

What does an agnostic,dyslexic,insomniac say at 3 am?

I am going to bed..Ask me anything(I wont answer)

How stupid are you?

Anyone in an AIM chat room?

I hate myself

Movie Chain 6

I think I'll have just a leeeetle bit more...

My EXCELLENT day, incl. new digital extended version of ALIEN!!

My Basset Hound Just Woke Up ...

Movie Chain 5

saw an inspiring suburban today on the Texas highways.

Has anyone thought about, Gawd forbid...

Am I drunk?

Time Out And Hold On

any other cartoon fans catch the wierd Justice League episode Sat. night?

arabic music videos

Bawls taste so good in my mouth

The Mystery in the Race, or this is cool,

Survival Food..

After a day with friends watching Tarantino movies

have a Sunday morning ---- AWWWWWWWW

My husband made a funny just now..cartoonists on DU??

My water is off. Ask me anything!

Why oh why did they make a 4 blade razor?! Isn't 3 enough?!

I went on my first hayride last night...go ahead and ask

Let us all be thankfull..................

pics of my cats ......add pics of your cats to.......

if I were a lawyer looking for an expert witness… I'd come here

i strained the ligiments in my forearm/elbow....ask me anything...

NY Marathon today - almost ready - does anyone care?

Physics question

Do you mind the smell of your own farts?

I need help thanking Don_G

Turn your head into a speaker.


If Dr. Laura can do it, I can too!

Anybody know of any theater message boards?

Has anyone ever noticed that the smell of

Dr. Laura

What does everyone thing of 2012?

D'oh -- just passed 3000 posts...

Land line vs. cell phone (only)

What does everyone thing of 2001?

newyawker99 has 52,568 posts!

My Fathers Meeting with Ken Lay

One cool thing about bars

Hey Xen, got'cha boots on?

What does everyone think of 2002?

Does Anyone Else Read "THE DOOR"?

GD is depressing

mutliple flame wars in the GD!!!

Oh dear lord

Adventures at the Beethoven/Mendelssohn Concert

Bush has his God's mixed up!

Jesus on prayer


Yikes! Vandels!

Another creepy "subliminible" photo


Two Word Thread

woo hoo! my boss won't vote for bush!

The ten things I like about George W. Bush

DU Webmasters: what access log viewer do you use?

Does anyone else watch World Link tv?

Oh, how YOUR Jets suck!!!!!!!!

Just saw Scary Movie 3:

"The Axis of Diebold"

Networking question

What does everyone thingk of We?

Question for mechanical engineers.

This guy in my neighborhood is tired of dogs pooping on his lawn...

Imhyper askmeanything.

The Official Bye Week thread

Any Mowgli and the Bandar Log fans here?

Okay guys. Fess up.

What does everyone thing of 2112?

" Gully Foyle is my name"

Bengals v.s. Cardinals official game thread

i want this bobblehead...

Farmer Jason (Kids album) on the CD Player now...

Ahhhhh, Russian Caravan tea from TeaLuxe,

Who here has had endoscopic sinus surgery?

Dallas vs Washington Game Thread



Racy, off-color joke of which I was just reminded

Monday's BCS standings

Hey Austin DUers!! How was Your Gathering??????

Most important thing that I did today...

After this weekend, will DU have Confederate flag avatars?

Today is the 55th anniversary

For gay people - or interested women, vote here for who you want

Yeah vanity thread (Sidney Blumenthal wrote to me)

Is Matcom going into business too?

Urrgh! Are they ever going to show the new Simpsons?!

Simpsons take a swipe at Bush

Wretched flimsy windowblinds...


Bears win!!!

What is the bumper sticker you hate the most?

I feel really bad

Ever had your mouth washed out with soap?

Hey, what happened to Ricky Martin?

Anyone every volunteered at a Shelter for Women?

Would you eat at Schlub's?

Holidays are coming, freeper relatives are going to be hard to take

Good afternoon of nautical challenges.


For those of you worried about the Elizabeth Smart/Jessica Lynch movies

He has a weapon!

I incorporated myself then teamed up with myself to force myself out.

Who here likes Rush (the band) AND vanilla cola?


If you like pina coladas

Heartbroken now

Do you think I look like Kucinich (joking but curious to know)

What does everyone think of 1984?

Saw trailer for that idiot jingoistic rah rah america POS Jessica Lynch

Most over-rated "classical" composer?

Haha.. you fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders.

How do you infiltrate and fight the man?

Did anyone here ever think I was a guy?

Have I said how much today I hate the record industry

Boondocks outs Ann Coulter

What is it with little kids and potty humor?

hahaha, got dumped yb a woman

Anyone good at photoshop?

Dave Lettermen's ratings are dropping.Will he start kissing up to Bush?

What do ya look like?

Nancy Grace

let's create the mother of all recommended reading lists!!!


"Arrested Development" on FOX -- good stuff

I failed anatomy (Why is it weird that Ann has an Adams Apple?)

Who else is/was a musician?

Seleucides v. Macedonians thread!

Gotta love the Smothers Brothers

I am really sick but I sound like Kathleen Turner

For DU dog lovers, post a pic of your pet here

Any luck hunting this weekend anybody ?

Jobs the Commander in Cheap might land after

Non Sequitur: Obviousman - you have GOT to see this! LMAO!

200 Posts!!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!

For this, my 4000th post, I'd like to say:

Vikings vs. Packers Official Game Thread

Unbelievable, I just made my 4,000 post!

Anyone else watch the BBC's "The Office"?

Breakfast: what do you eat?

Saw trailer for Return of the King last night - WOW!

If you're famous and you post on DU...Please tell us!!

Most misunderstood composer

Am I the only one here who worships Office Space?

I think I may have met "The One" today, UNFORTUNATELY,

A man asked me to take NUDE pictures of him tonight

Okay DU'ers, what's the best movie of all time?

Ashcroft going after Greenpeace because of a protest by two of its members

Baby names you hate?

Do you support the death penalty for Ken Lay?

ZombyPoll#5: What Would You Name Zomby's Baby?

Hey Du'ers I've been reborn.

Why is it every time you see a Humma "H-2"....

Elliott Smith Fans: A Sampling of Worthy Tribute/Elegy Pieces

Anyone Have a LiveJournal Code?

When is the Elizabeth Smart Badtrash Movie coming on?

DU musical gurus: Anyone have any suggestions for angry political rock?

Most underrated "classical" composer

Hey, Rabrrrrrr, what did you have for lunch?

The War for Public Opinion (Yes, it does appear to be Vietnam Version 2.1)

Resistance is the first step towards Iraqi independence

Top 10 idiots, is L. Dennis Kozlowski a conservative?

Salon: Oiling Up the Draft Machine?

Where did the Confederate Flag come from?

Let's compare plans: Prescription Drugs

Matching funds should Dean opt out?

For the first time, the local news had coverage of Iraq war casualties

Witnesses Say Aircraft Exploded in Midair After Missile Hit

a nice poem that touches on the Confederate flag "controversy"

Bush's warmongering advisor's fall into two groups:

NYT Herbert: The Dangerous mixture of Ideology and Science

Congratulations Zell Miller: #3 Conservative Idiot of the Week!

Why don't Dem politicians attend burials of US dead from Iraq?

10pm local news on crash in Iraq

Bush* reminds me of Commodus from Gladiator

somebody posted this one before: Ashcroft v. Greenpeace

If there was a warning about possible attacks this weekend.??

Peter Werbe's Nightcall streaming now at ...

What would the Dem EV total be if we got just 1 out of 25 Bush voters?

When did post-major-combat deaths surpase combat deaths?

Bush won't get us out of Iraq

Poll by al Jazeera : Is US losing war in Iraq ?

Tonight's CBS tribute brought tears.

Re what is it about Republicans and abortion?

it's pretty clear that Kerry wants to be the "anti-Dean" candidate

Isn't Limbaugh's 30 days of rehab up this week?

Can someone fill me in on that new liberal think tank?

Kerry v. Dean: Who is more liberal? needs the donation of a used PC

For first time Bush faces majority who disapprove of war strategy

WP: Rumsfeld: No Need for More US Troops (+ more lies)

McCloskey was dedicated pol (Former U.S. Rep. Frank McCloskey dies)

Former POW Jessica Lynch Plans June Wedding

Bush faces fiery welcome

What's in your mending basket?


Bumpersticker fun

Will I Never Be Left Alone!!!!!


My former congressman - and a role model to me - just passed away.

computer says I'm a far left, libertarian wacko!

Are there ANY decent guys in Florida?

My one and only Deer Hunting tale.