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Archives: November 19, 2003

Guantanamo hangs over Bush visit-- op ed from The Independent


A destiny linked to Iraq is the only thing they share (Bush* & Blair)

'Protests are the result of wounded egos'

Iraqi Civilians, Army Remnants Behind Resistance

Keeping pubic opinion out of democracy

So, is Kristof working for Lieberman, or Bush?

"Yankee Poodle Tony"

The Smoking Tailpipe: Corrupt Republicans in Congress Preserve the SUV Tax

Mourning in America - Editorial from a Repub about bush* honoring soldiers

The Idiot's Guide to Great Britain (for Dubya) -- Daily Mirror (UK)

The Man for All Reasons

George W. Bush: The writing on the wall - Pravda article - Good!

Stars and Stripes letter: (US) 'Hero' image a myth

Ex-Saddam Loyalists: Insurgency Not About Saddam but Driving Out Americans

Parties Spinning the Polls: Who's Right, Who's Wrong?

High-Tech Jobs Dwindle by 12 Percent

Richard Perle: "Invasion Was Illegal"

Report Suppressed: Iran Gassed Kurds, Not Iraq

Safire’s’ “Mistakes Were Made” in today’s’ NYT.

The Grace Period Has Ended

We Are Being Held Hostage by Apathy

Dark heart of the American dream

The Iraq War and Contempt for Democracy (Noam Chomksy)

Now Do You Believe We Need A Draft?

(NH) Rushing energy bill bad way to set policy

'He is just a foolish cowboy'

Whose doing what for buy nothing day?

Franken does Kerry fundraiser in D.C. this Thursday

Chasing Bush website offers tips

PEACE SUNDAY, Dennis Kucinich and Danny Glover Nov 23rd in Los Angeles!

11/20 - Help our friends in the UK protest Bush with an electronic action

Today's alternative State Procession ....

Democracy Day Campaign

For those near Terre Haute, Indiana (west of Indy)

11/25 - Protest Bush in Las Vegas

H.R. 2239

Protest Cheney in Cleveland Monday 11/24

Senator Ted Kennedy in Austin,TX Dec 12 fund raiser for TCRP

Rita Mae Brown on Enid Goldstein Show

On Limbaugh...just found this

Wes Clark on 60 Minutes II - mp3, quicktime vid, and transcript here

Lying National Review Liar lies about Franken's latest book


The Republican assault on "political hate speech"

Fundamentalism: What's the deal? (My last post in the 700 Club)

Mysterious Whale May Be New Species

Michael Jackson...Cover for * or Guilty....Astrologers?

what's the birthstone for June

Foreigners praise Taiwan's planned human rights law

civil marriage is a voluntary union of two persons as spouses(excl others)

Clark's statement on MA court decision

US firms eye bank's bad loans - Taiwan

Dean Calls For New Controls on Business ( Seeks 'Re-Regulation' )

Mutual Fund Regulation

Is Keynesianism Dead?

The Energy Bill passed the House

Taiwan, Canada plan chip cooperation

Government Admits Responsibility For Klamath River Salmon Kill

Oldest fish in captivity turns 65

Epson Develops World's Smallest Flying Microrobot

Ah-nold Blocks Dozens of Environmental, Health Rules

Mexico Closes 17 Sawmills In Attempt To Protect Monarch Butterfly

Energy bill: Dem Senator Byron Dorgan caves in

Take the "Environmental Footprint Quiz"

darwinist/creationist annoy me

Tikrit - Iraq's Own West Bank

GUNS IN THE NEWS--November 19, 2003

My view of the bill to renew and strengthen the AWB

Concealed-Carry Advocates Announce Historic Civil-Defense Rights Coalition

FBI can conduct Terrorist surveillance - unless suspect buys a gun

"Candidates Confused on Gun Ban"

Another Contribution by Hunters to Conservation--NOT!

Do I need to do more to get my star?

I'm really getting tired of the blatant bigotry against Dean supporters

How could a response be added to a locked thread, 2 hours after the

When do we get the names of the new mods??

If you don't mind

RATM avatars plese

Hairtrigger tombstoning?

Are we not allowed to call Mickey Kaus a liar?

I've Noticed Lots of Viciousness on the Israeli/Palestinian Issues Board

"OMG" is now profanity?

Should I post this as a thread in I/P room

Are moderators obligated to shut down a thread . . .

When Will Reality Become Newsworthy?

An Israeli official: Egypt is an enemy state

Gunman wounds five tourists in Israel

Israelis leave their land, forced out by a battered economy and years

Dem Hopefuls Appoint Liaisons To Shore Up Communal Support

Washington Seeking To Reduce Number of Anti-Israel Votes at U.N.

Sarid: IAF's report on Nusseirat strike was incomplete (the Gaza strike)

Israel presents plan for more than 100,000 Palestinian jobs

Living In The Shadow Of The Wall

Israeli School Expels Student For Embracing Islam

Israeli army admits lying over air raid

Israeli sources: Gunman slain after wounding 5


For those who missed this.Clark wipes the floor with Faux talking head!

Dean says "workers are getting screwed" - proposes re-regulation

Question for Kerry and Edwards supporters

Zogby: Bush, Pataki, Schumer, Clinton job ratings in New York

Kucinich folks

H.R. 2239!

Connecticut 2 Candidate

Dean Issues Native American Platform

NH voters praise forum, Edwards and Dean

Kucinich is currently winning the Amazon Book Sales Ranking Competition

democrat meetup reports!

Clark RV Coming to My City ... whoo-hoo

Clark Will Attend New Hampshire Debate...

AARP debate on C-Span

My Congressman (Hinchey) just called the County Chairman--its Dean all the

Giant Steps

RFK Jr.: Save the Earth -- dump Bush

Is gay marriage too touchy to be discussed in this forum?

Kucinich recommends a book

Governor Dean Issues Native American Platform

Kerry offers small business aid package

Wes Clark on 60 Minutes II - mp3, quicktime vid, and transcript here

Dems can take Ohio if 2000 were any gauge

Did Kerry flip flop on media ownership?

Sen. Kerry Offers Comprehensive Manufacturing Aid Package

Maine DUers - First information about February Caucuses

John Kerry favors deregulation...

Young Dems@NAU....Kucinich won a few more supporters from....

Kucinich on Energy Bill

Kerry speaks to NCAI, Lays out Indian agenda

I'm a Deanocrat

Edwards is the only candidate moving up in NH.

Poll shows U.S. Senate candidates neck-and-neck (Alaska)

Tour of Duty

Roll Call | Senator Denise Majette?

Kerry: Tour of Duty

Kerry To Pac Man Ghosts: Bring It On!

David Asman (fox) gets signatures from porn stars "for his son"

Ordering BBV Book. Should I order from or

Driving through the OH River Valley

DU + Jail4Bush Conspiracy

Senator Majette?

One odd consequence of Leave no Child Behind

Nightmare scenario: Candidate X choose Lieberman for VP

Aljazeera Poll is interesting

Just heard why the Brits invited Dubya - lol.

Deleted message

Oh goody

Internet Tax Bill

C-SPAN repeating today's debate (forum) NOW 9:45pm PST

Clark Flip-Flops on VP Issue... (on edit: SARCASM ALERT for the humorless)

Former Air Force chief backs Dean candidacy

Josh Marshall predicts astroturfers about to get....?

Wow! Great video of Clark sticking it to FAUX anchor Assman, Tue.

MA (and all American) gay and lesbians: Canada is behind you!

"Network Neutrality" - ANOTHER Microsoft Scam!

Spilling Blood for Oil

Bernard Goldberg on The Daily Show

How about an inspiring speech from JFK to get us through the long night...

Need inspiration? Look to the Brits...

Mt. Bushmore

Elizabeth Edwards posted on the Dean blog (re: Charlie Dean)

British protestors to topple giant statue of Bush

Yoshidiot strikes again...

Really BAD Bush Jokes

who will be the "anti-Dean" once the primaries get underway?

jeb Quote on prescription drug abuse

Any Church preaching against Gay marriage should lose tax free status.

Page one New York Times: Photo of funeral for dead Italian soldiers...

"President Bush Defends Invasion of Iraq"

How will history judge this generation of Americans?

Video of US troops being attacked in Iraq used as recruiting tools

Another Marriage Proposal

I'm guessing the the Army Rangers will be recruiting 3rd graders soon?

Did Rush Limbaugh launder money for his fix?

An American of British heritage here

EWWWW Ken Starr on nightline

Bush to "Comfort" Families of British Soldiers in Iraq (From Fox News)

letters from England on * visit

DU getting smeared on AARP message board

Bobby Kennedy Salon Interview

CSPAN Wednesday AM — Bush* speaking at Whitehall

The stupid religious bigots

Are we being targeted by an Anti-Conspiracy Conspiracy?

OUCH! check out the LAST panel! (K in Germany)

another weak approval poll for Bush(50%) only (49%) of registered voters

Freepers are calling CSPAN and posing as Democrats

Safire's column today...Admitting Mistakes

Lost In Trafalgar Square

New Poll: Most Iraqis Now View US as 'Occupier'

How to get a "yes" answer for polls...

Workplace reaction to Conrad Black's downfall.

Tony Knowles, Democratic Candidate for Senate from Alaska

Holy crap! MA has a lame constitution amendment process...

Open lines on CSPAN for Bush's speech

The Boy King making comparisons between Munich and Iraq

What was Ann Coulter doing at this party. . .

Looking for any excuse to arrest protesters?

Beth Landrieu on Clark: "He seems overhandled and overmanaged."

Nice picture to start the day with

Duluth News Tribune allows the Wellstone question!

Re: Saudi Arabia PR ads on radio

Absolutely Terrible Morning in Tampa

The Poodle Gets TEETH!

Robert McMichael, co-founder of McMichael Gallery of Canadian art, dies at

"Yankee Poodle Tony"

New Clark ad is up: Very impresive!! Here's a link

want to read something interesting?

Why didn't someone wake me up for the Big News ?

Can anyone say what area a 2000lb bomb explosion covers?

My Suggestions on Talking about Civil Unions

Who Can Win Ohio? (Washington Post)

Rush might be feeling some stress today.

let's try this AGAIN: instead of complaining about repukes, punish 'em!!

What is the Senate outlook for the energy/medicare bills?

Every hungry kid in the world could eat with the $Billions spent in Iraq

For every 2000-lb bomb the US drops, American taxpayers finance

Here is a semi-response I received from AARP regarding my cancellation

GOP Shutting Democrats Out of Conference Committees

Sweet! I razz Bush on BBC site!

Actor and dancer Gene Ray, who appeared in Fame, dies at age 41

Here's a new phrase for everyone: "Measured arrogance"

Bush speaking on CNN now...

"Michael Moore one of the most overrated writers" - Guardian Opinion Piece

A "Mount Shame"

Don't miss news NOT reported on TV

Boycotting the Holidays?

Could us a little help. Im writing a letter to Romney and co.

george bush is meeting

Deleted message

A Little Something I Found On AOL

watching our wonderful military at work

London DUers, can you help with info please?

Democratic activist buys liberal-radio firm

Did I see that right

do you know anyone who thinks the economy is improving?

Trudeau pummeling Halliburton, Bush, and GOP

Rush: "I Have Never Laundered Any Money"

Amendment to the Amendment

I Need The Scoop On Rush

Media is allowing seniors to be sold down the river.....not mentioning it.

"Tyranny should be opposed whereever it is found."

Gallup Poll - Bush's approval ratings back down ...

"It's the most polluted state in the planet's most powerful country."

Norm Coleman - blatherer

Economic Warfare

AOL blunders on Bu$h statement

Why i'm not going to the london protest.

Prescription Drug Benefits

Alexandra Pelosi on Clark: "He seems overhandled and overmanaged."

Is this the same Craig Crawford from Congressional Quarterly/MSNBC

Arnold solved the CA fiscal crisis.


I could use a little help writing the mass legislature and romney

Save the Earth: Dump Bush Salon Interview with Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Dick Morris thinks Bush will begin bringing troops home on weekly basis

2004: Campaign Strategy

When will Lie-baugh be arrested?

Just for Fun: Celebrity Endorsements

Serving your Country today is not the same as Yesterday!

From the NME - Thom Yorke leads protests over Bush visit.

If You Were The President, Would You Negotiate With Terrorists?

Clark Kent '04?

John McCain was on my flight

The Pope Mobile has nothing on the Bush Ltd. Edition "Brinks" Cadillac.

As much of a prick that Sullivan is, he puts up a good defense

Florida election 2000 -- Sundance Channel shows "Unprecedented" at 9pm ET

Is anyone itching to hear more news about their candidate today?

Is Rush back on Armed Forces Radio?

Sen. Snowe circulates letter to remove premium supports from Medicare

Do I hear the drums of the coming culture war?

Premature congratulations? Media consolidation is back

HAHA! The RNC responds to my email to Gillespie.

I'm so mad...How do I best respond to freeper email?

cool, a Bay Area woman is in London this week

President Bush said that war was a justifiable tool

Edwards Claims Lieberman's Mom endorsed his healthcare plan!

Bill Moyers interview with Stewart Udall

media whores for GOP - makes "gay marriage" hot button issue for 2004

Sorry if I offended anyone

I'm still getting crap about the Wellstone memorial service

Is the list of RNC "power words" available anywhere?

Purple Pharmaceuticles

Comparative Advantage - Do you know what it is?

Have you let the BBC hear your opinion of the bu$h visit?

Which is better learning about oral sex from Presidents or learning about

Is the media ingnoring good evidence of Iraq-terrorism link?

Rage Against the Machine

Reply from Sen. Maria Cantwell RE: Drug Bill

On Bush, from the UK - Excellent Bush Critique

Notice how US bomb drops in Baghdad are ID'd as "distant explosions."

Will the media allow the Dems to have any issues in 04?

Clark's statement on MA court decision

NY Times Editorial Says drug bill is worthy

You Tinfoil Hat People crack me up!

Snowe and Collins would support filibuster of Energy Bills

A question I would pose to right-wingers

OT: Has anyone gotten the new Edie Brickell album Volcano yet?

Draft Coming Back!...18 to 26 year olds...Contact your Representative Now!

New Statement from Trout Unlimited regarding Energy Bill

Debunking "Darwin's Black Box" by Michael Behe?

Once again Hannity has egg on his face, Feith memo DEBUNKED

OMG!O'Reilly today made comparrison to Michael Jackson & Bill Clinton

Yahoo front page: Ironic juxtaposition time!

Gay marriage may be the only thing that can save straight marriage.

We're demolishing Iraqi homes now? Good God!

I have just heard the most stupid question from the press ever!

Who's the worst part of Bush's Cabinet?

Fantastic Anti-bush photos from London, for rating on yahoo

Get ready for the Media to forget about Iraq, M. Jackson-Child Molestation

Does anyone know if is planning to mobilize against the

Bob Boudelang I have found you.

Re: Jacko; Will There be another OJ in the Bronco chase?

All your base are belong to us!

ABC Nightline update: Tonight's show will be ... (drum roll) ... Jacko

COMING UP: Marc Sommers vs. Sean Hannity, Round 2


Anyone know how I can get a Wesley Clark yard sign?

ABC Nightline email: considering Jacko story for tonight

TV News Lies Needs Help - Please take a moment to read this.

WndyCty tinfoil hat re: Michael Jackson, Rush and Bush in London

Converting Repukes you meet is as easy as posing as a disgruntled Repuke!

OK! Let's see pics of yo DAWGS!

anyone keeping an eye on Bush's backdrops?

Cnn showing Brits gearing up...

The Queen hates George Bush.

Republicans blocks Bush nominee

Compassionate Conservatives

Current Situation in Miami

YOU won't be safe either

"President Bush is fucking EVERYBODY"

WABC: Weapons Lube Issued by Army May be Costing Lives in Iraq

Deleted message

Crossfire: Tucker calls Protestors Ex Stalinists

Univ. Health Care - In countries that currently have it, do companies....

7 Arrested Seeking Shelter in Abandoned Mansion at FTAA

I got an answer from AARP.

Does anyone besides me think the blackout on the east coast.

when all our threads turn serious

McCain talking about the energy bill. (C-Span 3:30 p.m ET) BAD BILL

BBV:Citizens voice voting machine fears

How long will Tony Blair last as British PM?

Web page for 'white power' and skinhead music

"People get the government they deserve"

Baghdad Burning: Girl Blog from Iraq.

Bu$h live on CNN with the Queen.

Current Situation in Miami

So, did the anti-protester intimidation work?

Doofus said "retain aggression!"

Techheads! Help with DU and IE!

LONDON CALLING!!!! (Bush!) The best photo YET!

Clark 60 Minutes II Transcript and Video

Who was the worst U.S. president ever?

Chimpy Goes to London -- an all-purpose thread

Sean Hannity was foaming at the mouth this afternoon

Has anyone seen the London leads with * excerpts?

The Queen and * are on CNN/state dinner

Illinois must move its primary date (vanity)

Well it worked..its Michael Jackson all over the OTHER news

David "Axis of Evil" Frum on BBC last night.

Should a prescription drug bill help rich seniors too?

Why e-mails are pretty worthless

"Bush Go Home" England Protest Pic - Please vote it a 5!

My scan today of Cables is that "Live After Five" is Wall to Wall Jacko!

Kinda old stuff

White Man Disease: How Do You Compel A Child To Testify?

18:00 news saying the US notifies local Iraq citizens before bombing

Why does the RR get so upset about gays? I don't get it.

Japanese discover new species of whale.

Here we go.... U.S. deploys 20,000 troops to Syria border

Can active military run for President?

Conservative third party wants to run against Bush

DU This Poll

I have a question

American Presidential Candidate Selector....How do you score?

About the Michael Jackson case...Anyone suspicious of these statements?

Is America hung up on sex?

I just figured out why the repugs are so scared of dems now.

Did ABC News say multiple

Lou Dobbs is a smokescreening racist.

What do Dems have to lose by filibustering both bill?

How would the "dittoheads" react if Rush was arrested ?

is George S. Bush related to the evil Bushes?

Do looks really matter in politics?

Question... please help, if you can...

Excuse me, but Mitt Romney did not just talk like a fundie-Nazi...

Ha Ha. Bush addresses empty seats! Look at this picture.

Does the black community support gay marriage?

Former Air Force Chief Backs Dean candidacy!

Musicians Rock Miami FTAA Protests

What's The Racial Makeup of the Military?

Should John Hinckely be paroled?

I finaly figured out why Rush was against the legalization of Soddomy

same sex marriage

Well we finally got the go ahead to attack those freedom hating

How dishonest is the Republican Party ?...

Expats Against Bush -- Great Interview

Every Democratic Nominee is a Great Person. Agree?

Right Wing Wes-phobia continues against Wes Clark

Deleted message

What does a race without Dean look like

Dean supporters: Sell me in one sentence.

How should the U.S. approach the situation in Isreal?

Republicans always seem to co-opt "America"

Senators still not voting...

Fish & Chimps: a photo gallery + more!

This shows the world how unnecessary US wars of aggression are

How Many of the Gay Bashers Are Latent Homosexuals?

I'm curious about Clark and Kucinich Meet-ups....

Truth, Lies, and The Legend of 9/11

Clark just called Bushco "Chickenhawks" at Dartmouth

Rep. Judd Gregg (R-NH) just called the energy bill SOCIALISTIC APPROACH!

Are Emily and Greg more Employable than Lakisha and Jamal? Racial Names

Once gays are married, how do we handle the divorce proceedings?

Wash. Sniper - Black Ops

Subtle dig from the queen to chimp?

transcript for rush's first show back

What I realised today: The GOP are terrified of Dean

Ideal Combinations

Did Tweety mention the Feith Memo at all tonight?

we are BOMBING Iraq again.... but that's not tawdry enough

Chasing Bush website

Milestone-500 dead Coalition soldiers

Right Wing Zealots Stop Planned Parenthood Clinic In Austin, TX !!!

regarding rush's addiction: a dittohead coworker of mine....

The FBI or Congressional police just called me!

The Grace Period Has Ended

Need help to counter repug arguments....PLEASE

OMG. From the Dean Blog -- What is the DNC doing?

Freeper-types accost Dean in Iowa

PNAC might be able to pursue world domination without a draft

I just saw the AARP Medicare ad.....move over Harry and Louise...

Prepare for the next OJ---Michael Jackson trial will dominate TV media now

500th Coalition Fatality - A Ukranian who shot himself in the head.

Emotional Clark on "60 Minutes II " Tonight

Jackson story...Held since October...Auuunold Just Inaugurated....

Any DUers believe marriage should be between a man and a woman?

Although he's relatively tall, George Bush appears small

Cops Raid Miami Protestors' Info Clearinghouse

Deregulation: California & Pennsylvania

Why Doesn't Prince Phillip Want To Stand Next To Laura?

Orrin Hatch to call for Immediate arrest of Matt Parker & Trey Stone-

I just added my first person to my "ignore" list!

My Operation Iron Hammer Theory


Dean stakes out a double digit lead in New York State Zogby poll.

Listen: RFK Eulogy of Martin Luther King

bobby kennedy jr

Call or write CNN, MSNBC, etc. Tell them

Lott, McCain & Snowe Breaking Ranks

Are you a neo-Conservative? Make sure you are not.

Clark's NH ad fundraising

BBV - Local daily is on the case

Proven: The overwhelming circumstantial case for a JFK conspiracy..

What are the implications when the dollar is devalued? Thanks in advance

Rush & Money Laundering? What did

To the guy in the blue car with the Howard Dean sticker....

How many Democrat Service Members (ex-members) here?

Has Anyone Here Read Mark Crispin Miller's _The_Bush_Dyslexicon_?

Michael Jackson - We need you!

I'd really appreciate some help with this e-mail

Stop Hating Freedom! New uberpatriotic/antidrug/antiterra video

Clark on 60 minutes II now

Who will bow out of the Democratic presidential race next?

PNAC: Increase troops in Iraq! Bush agrees, spends $28 m extra on SSS

How will you celebrate when Rush Limbaugh is booted off the air?

Hah! Dennis Kucinich puts the Diebold Memos on his Web site.

Ways to dodge the draft

Your medical insurer run terra checks on you

How Many DUers Would Sign A Piece Of Paper Right Now That Said...

has anyone used the "magic bullet" theory against Specter in an election?

How are the freepers spinning Limbaugh's Money Laundering?

Did the DNC buy 100,000's of Hillary's books?

AARP decision process

Dean calling for more regulation

Clearchannel's Dirty Little Secret

I can't believe this sick bastard has been free for 10 years

Opinions on difference between USA and W. Europe

What is the DNC doing? Why are they favoring candidates? (Thread II)

Clark WILL Attend NH Debate!

A local paper will carry a story on the AARP backlash. Emails matter.

An Interesting Article From The Times Argus On Dean & Energy Deregulation

Tell me QUICK -- what is the tie the head of the AARP has?

citibank customer service in India now

I need some help w/ partial birth abortion bill...

BBV: California SoS seeks public input

BBV: HR2239 co-sponsors at 75... And guess what!

Why did America intervene in the Balkans twice, but not in Rwanda?

Should we force automakers to make hybrids?

Those of you who have been on the planet for awhile...I have a question

While we bicker about candidates... our interests and national security

Media Treats Primary as Joke

Tweety to Feature the FEITH Memo Tonight 11-19

clark criticizes Dean

Which Swing states do we HAVE to win?

How long would war last if the ruling class had to serve and sacrifice?

The Bush Family: Who's the worst?

Dean spending cuts and so forth

Young Black Males, Job Untouchables?

Unprecedented on tonight

But, What if Michael Jackson is Innocent? What if he is? Have any of us

NAFTA, CAFTA, FTAA and Free Trade

What the hell is Howard Kurtz is implying? His evil sneer towards Dean

Link to the funny Bush & Annun picture?

Say hello to our new group of DU moderators!

John Kerry's Environmental Record: Robert Kennedy, Jr. in Salon

How can the wage gap between men and women be closed?

I support gay marriage. but what about group marriage?

Kucinich: "The Democratic Party doesn't have a compass."

DU named on AARP chat board

Rank the Candidates

How about another Liberal feel-good post: Positive words to describe JFK

The Republican party will try to destroy the Democratic nominee

Jacko still doesn’t get it

GOP plans fundraising group to rival effort by billionaire Soros

Wal-Mart Takes On the World

Easter, Ashcroft to discuss Arar case

Guantanamo prisoners speak out

U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings Endorses Joe Lieberman

Arrest warrant issued for Michael Jackson

A Shortage of Energy (NYT)

FPI Leader Released

Media predict red face for Blair

Heavy police presence greets anti-free trade protest in Miami


Hemisphere’s labor leaders denounce trade pact

Chelsea boss 'broke tax laws'

'Protests are the result of wounded egos'

Battle the MoD lost: papers reveal failed bid to sway opinion on Iraq

Palace investigation into royal security breach

ANTI-ABORTION, Site address tricks Web surfers

Cost cuts at Ross pay off in earnings

Bush's 'lunch in a million'

Sweet Putin tempts Moscow chocoholics

Tang tells US to `mind own business' - Taiwan

U.S. occupation forces launch media offensive to counter reports on Iraqi

Jakarta gives up attempt to brand rebels as terrorists

Government Official Assassinated in Iraq

Morgan Stanley lied about group, court told

Britain's last Pacific outpost rocked by sleaze

Face transplants nearing reality

Bra Brawl Unlikely to Burst Into Sino-U.S. Trade War

Program to retrain jobless faltering

'He is just a foolish cowboy'

Man may be deported for stalking author King

Pollution Concerns May Snag Energy Bill

Rural Lawmakers Hold Key to Medicare Bill

GOP Conservatives Fault Medicare Bill

Ex Wants Neil Bush to Undergo Paternity Test

Bogus footman: I could have assassinated the Queen | Sydney Morning Herald

Scotland stages anti-Bush protests

Bush vows to defeat terror threat

CIA: Iraq security to get worse

'Cardboard cut-out gunslinging Texan warmonger': UK's BBC

Global Markets: Trade Row Slams Dollar

NO. 10 Ban On Praying

Taliban attack kills at least two Afghan soldiers

Koizumi Re-Elected Japan Prime Minister

Fraction of Iraq costs could feed world poor-WFP

Eight killed in ethnic clashes in India

From CNN: Arrest Warrant Issued for Michael Jackson

EU Parliament Says Yes to Embryo Cell Research

"If you think that Blair's a poodle, shout woof woof": protestor

Threats forced evacuation of Australians in Iraq: Hill

'No Option Ruled Out' for Guantanamo Detainees

Protesters sing 'Yankee Poodle Tony'

Georgian State Television and Radio head resigns

Police arrest 18 amid Bush protests

Bush tells Israel not to prejudice peace

FBI raids currency traders' offices (Shhhhhh!!!)

China cancels U.S. trade trips

U.S. adds 6 players to lean on Brazil

Plug pulled on London Webcams, as Bush sweeps into town

Gun lobby hinders FBI terror hunt

Dollar Hovers Near All-Time Lows Against Euro, Gold Up in Europe

Key points of President Bush's speech

Low turn-out for anti-Bush protests

Data Underestimates New Jobless Claims

U.S. Air Force Pounds Iraqi Targets

Bush sets out 'mission for freedom'

Three Florida farmworker advocates to receive human rights award

Collins, Snowe would join move to kill energy bill

AT&T Wireless to shed 3,000 jobs

Aid workers in Afghanistan voice mounting concerns

Pentagon Debunks Reports on Osama-Saddam Ties

Japanese advance guard keep low profile in Iraq

Bedding Maker WestPoint Stevens Will Close Factory, Cut 300 Jobs

PM fudges dispatch date of Japan troops to Iraq

Volunteer Gets Experimental Ebola Vaccine

Argentina's Jews protests synagogue attacks in Turkey

Liberia's American Police Chief Talks To English To Africa

Fund Probes Expand to Fidelity, Hancock

BBC (Wednesday): Blair braced for hospital vote

Islamists show "Iraq attacks" on Americans on Web

Governor (Romney) vows to pursue amendment after Mass. court ruling

Chinese troops ready for UN peace mission

US Offers $10 Million for Saddam Deputy

Talabani says Iraqis, not US, must restore order

SFGate: Dollars are still pouring in to governor

State workers union backs Howard Dean

Inmate Allowed to Watch OSU-Michigan Game

Bush warned over doping stance

First U.S. warship in Vietnam since war's end

Canada Deaf to U.S. Plea on Internet Drug Sales

Approval of US handling of postwar Iraq is waning: poll (42%)

Emotional Clark on "60 Minutes II " Tonight

Imposter set to serve Bush at Buckingham Palace

Queen formally welcomes Bush

Cnn showing Brits gearing up...

Iraq protesters descend on Palace


Dozens injured in Georgia protests

Mob Kills Two LRA Spies

Egyptian President Mubarak Falls ill

Baghdad Burning: Girl Blog from Iraq.

Turkey Bombers May Have Afghan Ties

Senators Question Case Against Officer

Chinese Court to Open Hearing Into Allegations

Update: Bush Toughens Stance on Israel Amid Truce Hopes

WTC Memorial Finalists Unveiled

Dreier Tells AP He Won't Seek Senate Seat

"Bush Go Home" England Protest Pic - Please vote it a 5!

Bush to Israel: End the "daily humiliation" of Palestinians

South Africa rolls out Aids programme | BBC

Bus strike causes Kenyan chaos | BBC

34 Lango, Acholi MPs ‘quit’ Ugandan House | Monitor (Kampala)

FirstEnergy Blamed for Biggest Blackout

Mayor likes benefits for domestic partners | Spokane Spokesman Review

Interpol to Take Broader Role in Fighting Terror

Ordinary People Join in Protests

Child Killed in Iraq Car Bomb Attack

U.S. less sure about illicit weapons-(Worldwide, China, and Iraq)

Democratic activist buys liberal-radio firm

Report: Prosecutors want Bryant tested for HIV | Denver Post

U-S government to vet Wesley Clark testimony at Hague court

Envoy: Australia Won't Send More Troops ( drafty in here....

AP: Iraqis Say Saddam Not Leading Attacks

IAEA Rebuffs Washington Over Iran Nukes

Canadian cleared of arms charges

Clark coming up on 60 Minutes ll

Illinois Lawmakers revamp death penalty | Chicago Tribune

Bashir Film at Root Of Jacko Case [fox news destruction of michael j]

High-Tech Jobs Dwindle by 12 Percent

Dean Calls For New Controls on Business

Bremer Rejects Critique of Iraq Authority

FEC Finds No Wrongdoing in Rich Donations

U.S. Promises Open, Fair Bidding for Iraq Contracts

AFL-CIO to Air Ads Opposing Medicare Bill

U.K. royal security flaws reported

House Passes Mutual Fund Overhaul Bill

Bush in a Box? President Makes Light of UK Protest

US announces plans to speed up operations in Iraq

Armchair Protesters Set Up Bush-Chasing Web Site

Congress bargainers block new FCC rules

Tom Badyna: Preeminent Midwestern Writer Speaks..

US vows 'to use a sledgehammer to crack a walnut'

Hollinger Int'l Receives SEC Subpoena

Village Divided Over Visit by Bush*

Coca-Cola in Iraqi Joint Venture Talks

Bush Says War a Justifiable Response to Aggression (great quote)

Iraq Guerrillas: Saddam Who?

Gingrich rallies support for House Medicare vote

U.S. deploys 20,000 troops near Syrian border

Former N.H. senator Smith taking aim at Graham's seat

Blair's Vicious Attack on Bush's Party

Bush/Queen LIVE on CNN (3:52pm et wed) Arrest warrant issued for Michael Jackson

Rush Limbaugh attacks ABC News investigation

Violent Amateur Videos On Rise

Pelosi: Dems Will Defeat Medicare Bill ( you go )

Angry and wet, AARP members try to burn cards

Army and recruits grapple with Iraq

47 Currency Traders Are Indicted on Fraud Charges (updated info) | NYT

America can wage war again, alone: Bush

‘The Designs Have Failed’ - WTC Families Reject Memorial Designs

Protesters Jeer President Bush in London

Florida Jumps on the Business Bandwagon to Cuba

Attacks will continue until day the Americans leave

FORTUNE: The Only Company that Wal-Mart Fears....

War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal

'Severe' Cuts Needed, Schwarzenegger Says ($15B Debt Request)

Verizon Cuts 21,600 Jobs With Early Retirements

Expats Against Bush - Britain: Americans March Against Bush

Clark criticizes front-runner Dean's business proposal

WP: Texan on the Thames: Bush* Treated Royally

Vaccinations May Have Killed Army Medic

Got some time to kill?

The Boy George of all CAPTIONS

Such a bad idea

OT: Has anyone gotten the new Edie Brickell album Volcano yet?

What were the Queen and the First Lady thinking?

I just got a Karaoke machine.

Another hard-hitting Colmes exchange, this time with G. Gordon

Essential Political Reading: Tariq Ali's Clash of Fundamentalisms

"Dude, Where's My Country?"

Who's Seal is better?

Neo-Whig Candidate Challenges Howard Dean to “Step Outside”

In honor of the release of the Two Towers special edition DVD...

Have You Forgotten?

I'm up late doing laundry. Blech. Ask me anything.

Mothers and Bravery

Funny quote from Sarah Vowell's book, "The Partly Cloudy Patriot"

Heard this over the loudspeakers at my local drugstore...

I beat up a huge NFL player

new OxyRush advertiser

Bernie Ward

I just lost 15 hours worth of work, ask me anything.

Know my moods....know my songs

Ransom Note generator??

I just wrote 7,000 words...ask me nothing.

You Might Be A _______ if........ (joke)

yup. its 5 am EST, i'm awake and heading to work soon

That yellow cake from Tony was THIS big!

Junior appoints 2004 election campaign manager

Clark Flip-Flops on VP Issue... (on edit: SARCASM ALERT for the humorless)

Today in Twisted History

Just march him straight to jail, boys

19-21 Nov. Commemorative Picture Postcard

Huh. I didn't get my star!!

Toppling Shrub a la Saddam etc

Dimbo's Best Photo-Op Oppourtunity

Farish smooths the bridlepath to more horsetrading

Surprise Bush Supporters

Here's a map to help you follow * around London

19-21 Nov Commemorative Caption

Watch out, pickpockets about.....

This is the first time in months that I've gotten up before 8am.

Condi: indecent proposal?

Headlights optional, unless it's Shrub at the wheel

Make sure you count the silver when he leaves

Shrub and Pickles get ready for the banquet

What do you guys do with JUNK MAIL??

Authorities Eye Whether Rush Limbaugh Laundered Money Used to Pay for Drug

What was Ann Coulter doing at this party. . .

Help! I think I just ripped my pants...

Head spinning in circles, dazed, confused, can you make sense of this?

Cartoons for Wednesday Morning!

The "Hey, Mister, there is a beaver on your head!" of all captions!

UK top brass: "you can b****r-off home now"

1,000th Post

I had another OBE yesterday, kool

The men who killed Kennedy

Remember Leroy from Fame (Gene Anthony Ray) ? Dead at 41

(Shannon)Sharpe To Be Named AFC Offensive Player of the Week

Robert McMichael, co-founder of McMichael Gallery of Canadian art, dies at

Robert McMichael, co-founder of McMichael Gallery of Canadian art, dies at

Good quote about George's London visit

Do You Have Any Phobias?

Tony Blair as Jim Carrey

Absolutely Terrible Morning in Tampa

Do Christian fundamentalists believe in the second coming of Christ?

They got ya surrounded Shrubbie

You decide if they're kidding....

Now playing center field (and guitar) #51, Berniiiiiiiiiie WILLIAMS

Actor and dancer Gene Ray, who appeared in Fame, dies at age 41

It's (probably going to be) a boy!

What was your last 'Random Acts of Kindness'

ZombyCoffee: It's What's Brewing In Your Tummy!

New Bush Pants On Fire Doll

Popular Hanukkah songs?

CAPTION the Army recruiter!

Boycotting the Holidays?

The Office Candidate-Joke Thread --Feel Free To Add Yours!!

Robber Neglects To Cut Eyeholes In Mask

It's snowing in Puyallup! Is it snowing for other Washingtonians?

bushisms for the Unix "fortune" thing

"Scarface" - The TV Version

The Holiday Season is Upon Us

Tonight on TV I'll be watching:

Turkey Makes Pre-Emptive First Strike

My great aunt passed away

Should my dad be worried about my safety when I wear my Anyone But * shirt

Wednesday humor


Orgy Suspects Face 10 Years In Jail

Oh joy! A non fire emergency evacuation drill!

Hee hee, wanna get a Republican riled up?

American Gods.

Edison vs. Tesla

Is it possible for kitty to be psycho?

My systems are ready for Mode 4, Ask me anything.

WTC Memorial Finalists - Which ones do you like?

Eminem Accused of Racism

Bobblebush, by MoPaul

Buy or Bake a Birthday Cake?

Dear Abby

Chicken Tetrazzini in the crock pot!

History of Michael Jackson's face

Did Pickles Curtsy for the Queen?

A big thank you to whomever paid for my star!

Favorite ZenLefty obscenity in any language?

Are there still gentlemen around?

Nice picture to start the day with

Am I rushing my life?

I hate the friggin' snow

Inmate Allowed to Watch OSU-Michigan Game

DVD Region Settings...Anyway to overcome them on eMac OSX?

'Family Guy' COMING BACK!

Remember those GI JOE PSA's?

I'm sorry I was so whiny in one of my posts today.

One Day Sales: Britney Does it Again

Homeland Security -- Question on airport security...

Anyone read "My war gone by, I miss it so?"

This just in: O.J. and Rush to combine forces

Your favorite Arnold Shwarzenegger movie?

Has anyone seen Love, Actually?

Where are the Brits?

This may sound strange!

Massive Bush Announcement.

& here's a pic of Traitors Gate where we usually do the beheading

There is so much I could say about Will Pitt

Freeps visiting my site...why???

Its so wet out there

Why I hate my Doctor....(Rant, if you couldn't guess. Sort of long)

Worst Eddie Murphy film

How is Jacko threatening the BFEE?!?

Which of these do you most agree with?

Showing His Royal Ignorace in Lodon-

6 hours and we'll have new mods.

Best, Most Mental Comment ever on Bush Visit - from BBC

Hillary Clinton is a mensch.

Question about Argentina travel...

Rage Against the Machine

Voyages of the Vicky Mary. The Drunken Sailor.

Favorite obscenity in a foreign language

How much should My settlement amount be?

Goddamnit it's starting to snow here in Vancouver.....

wrong-way corrigan of all CAPTIONS

today's new hate radio advertisers 11/19

Would you let your child go here?

What If Democratic Primary!

Something very weird just happened at my office

Playboy Issuing Stamps For 50th Anniversary

What Do You Remember Most About Your Prom?

Favorite Obscenity when you think of ZombyWoof

What is your favorite peace (or war) quote(s)?

Scientists Find New Species of Whale

My Yak Crapped

I hate Tucker

ROOOOOOOMBA! Who's got one? Who wants one? Should I get

My crapper yakked. Ask me

So should DU have a freeper zone...

DK666's Sig Server Need some input.

Help Catch the Babies that Michael Jackson is tossing over the balcony

My cat just broungt a full sized dead squirrel to the door, ask away

the expansion of CAPTION democracy

Hey, look at the cool POLITICAL shirts I just got in the mail!

as promised, my cat and the squirrel (large pic)

Godammit, I have writter's block and I have an essay to write!

Sure hope he doesn't frighten the horses

The Toasted Tweeter of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Captioning is Fundamental!!!!

It's Sasquatch trivia time

Should Free republic have a DUer zone?

How would you care to insult me?

White Trash Values/Left Behind Cult (long message)

Addendum to Third Person Poll!

Man chokes to death trying to hide bag of pot in mouth | Houston Chronicle

Caption the Monkey-suited resident and his velvet draped wife.

My insurance company mad should I be?

Are My Cats Sick?

Why do parents allow thier children to sleep in Neverneverland?

The pizza people have the strangest reaction when....

Pickles: a picture of joy

Congrats to Plaid Adder on this week's column!

Post punchlines from favourite jokes here

Windows tech question - how do I kill the "remember passwords" option?

Should Dr. Weird address himself in the 3rd person from now on?

a * trip abroad provides a rich day of captions

Our poor children are BRIBING marines with toys! I'm indifferent!

House Passes Resolution Regarding the Importance of Motorsports

My world is very yellow right now.

Da truth: Once-feared Bears more chumps than champs

Caption: The Duffus and the Queen

Ok, too many great pics to caption... WARNING: Strong Stomachs only

Re: Jacko; Will There be another OJ in the Bronco chase?

I keep getting mentioned on talk radio!

HOKA Turkeys are $5.00 bucks a pound in Chicago


Poll to the freepers who are here

Republicans need a new mascot.

hilarious song--Idiot Son of an A**hole

Help*** Does Photoshop Elements have layers?

Got to pick up parents from the airport

What is a mild disk herniation?

Polite attire (inspired by Superfly)

Do you like Diebold?

any Japanese Instrumental music fans here?

question about Rammstein

I have an embarrassing question

Can anyone help a moron (me) with a website/computer glitch?

Woo hooo!! I passed my HIAA test today!!!

Heidi Klum on Conan

Why Ohio State isn't liked by writers!

Techheads! Help with DU and IE!

... and then the fire alarm went off.

Any DUers going to NCTE?

Farting Christmas CD

Are There Any Free Versions of Photoshop?

One of the survivors of the helo crash last weekend is a guy I know.

Soldiers say thank you for care packages

Anyone make Challah Bread?

Ohio State/Michigan week trivia time!

Has anyone here tried Sonic's Extreme Tater Tots?

Jet album - "Get Born" - very good

Do you identify with a social class? What's that like?

anti-GWB Holiday Greeting Cards!

Will Bush be haunted by Anne Boleyn?

My first post

140 year anniversary of the Gettysburg Address

Caption: Which dwarf?

That's not an argument.

Coyte Waits is on PBS again tonight.

Do you have (NON-SEXUAL) mental images of other DUers?


AOL is isolating left posters...I went to the AOL chat room...

i don't know what to do

eminem's racist song lyrics

The "Aspen, CO, is really part of the Republic of Texas" legal defense

I've thought of doing a daily entertainment thread

'Family Guy' may return

Does the gallery still exist?

i'm starting to regret going to graduate school

Sheee lives in my laaaaaaaaaap!

Ahhh, such sweet sound!

George W. Bush is a Son of a ...

Which action movie "star" did you expect to get elected to a major office?

Why are we so in denial, when we know we're not happy here?

If gay marriage is outlawed, only outlaws will have married gay sex

Infection in my arm, should I take the antibiotic?

Staring Death in the Face, Part Two: Phyllis Schafly

"I Do" Number 2

Sometimes my job REALLY pisses me off!!!


Is Keyshawn a scapegoat?

I'm Moving the Family Away From Sweaty Hellhole Miami

Holocaust Museum is burned down in Terre Haute, IN

Television channel recognition poll

CAPTION the All-lies

I fell in PISS at the VA Hospital & they want to be paid

Bob "the Bachelor" is a dork and has bad hockey hair---Okay I said it


Carmine said one boy…

Should I send my Nigella Lawson book back to the book club

The Infamous Air Force One *WINK*

I pledge a CAPTION

anyone watching south park?

This is my favorite picture of Yellowstone.

truth told on Law & order

How Often Do You Read The DU Front Page?

Marines are BRIBING our poor kids with TOYS!!! I AM LIVID!!!

Why will you stay in the US if shrub wins in 2004?

Who would you rather say "I Do" to

Why do birds sing?

So i joined up at costco today..

How can I access "the gallery"?

Spit or Swallow?

If I had a Billion Dollars....

How many hours of TV on average do you watch per week?

Digital Camera...I want to Build my own...Parts?

How many books have you actually completed this year?

Crud! I need help with seti@home!

What Does LeftPeopleFinishFirst Look Like?

Highly rated tv shows you don't watch

Need some car accident advice

David Rovics

I am in IN now

MomaKef Is The Coolest!!! (Continued from last night's Will Thread)

God shave the Queen!

I have a three week old pup sitting on mt lap- ask me about him!

I just added my first person to my "ignore" list!

No recording artist sold over 10 million albums last year.

Hand over heart question

Football Trivia time

some questions for matcom, because I care

Combat Mission: Afrika Corps Demo Is Out!

College Football/BCS discussion: Does the BCS give undue weight to SOS?

I hate calculus

The only reason we die is because . . . . we accept it as an inevitability

Question for British DUers:

watch out!!!!!

Any fans of Son House here?

Would anybody like to start a XC skiing thread in the Meeting Room?

Anyone watching Wes(t) Wing?

To lose 20 pounds by December 23 - is this safe?

school teacher was arrested (had ruler, protractor,setsquare,calculator)

Man Dies After Winning Vodka Drinking Contest

Ahh-nold weighs in on Michael Jackson issue

Yea! My ex g/f is dating agian. Oh, but it gets worse!

What kind of digital camera do you own?

A personal horror story of why you ALWAYS need to check credit reports!

Just got the Special Edition DVD of "JFK"

Is anyone watching the Geraldo themed "LAW & ORDER"

Favorite MASH character

If you were a type of writer...

Am I Freakily Similar-Looking To Jason Biggs? (the American Pie kid)

Im I the only one that could care less about the new Jackson Scandal

7th Sephiroth daily poll: love

OK! Let's see pics of yo DAWGS!

Truth time: How many DU'ers were in a Fraternity or Sorority in College?

Googling Yourself!

On the Wellstone Crash

What is your weirdest public policy idea?

Soccer fans, somebody please explain "offsides" to me

Say hello to our new group of DU moderators!

Yeah! that ain't no cowboy hat is it? Nope but it deserves a CAPTION

Are you still in school?


DUers do Bloomington Pitt style: A tale told with pictures

Fasting - ever try it?

In what state do you live?

Myers-Briggs anyone? What's your type?

Could someone suggest a good page-turner?

What do I look like?

Kucinich: Regain 'essential American optimism'

Bi*ch slapping the freepers & co.

How do you find out what a post is rated?

I don't know where else to ask this...

Clark Criticizes Dean's Business Proposal

Gay marriage vaults to forefront of politically charged issues

truth told on Law & order

Nice budget deficit/surplus chart

HELP!!! Was it the...

Notice how all the RW Radio peeps gloat about only 200 protestors in UK?

great thread on slashdot about outsourcing

Have You Seen This: Reagan’s Budget Director Says...

Does anybody else see the changing of the ads?

Officer Tippett. Who killed him?

Who is your favorite republican president?

Dean's Iowa ad on Gephardt's role in the Iraq War Resolution

BBV: Suppose we get a voter-verified paper ballot...but we can't recount

Do you know what the term "Peak Oil" means?

Dean tries to broaden appeal

WP: U.S. Scrambles to Rebuild Iraqi Army

NYT: The Ally: Of Blair and Bush, and the ties that bind

Nuclear Board Said to Rebuff Bush Over Iran | New York Times

Poll finds Washington support for renewable energy sources | Seattle P-I

Michael Jackson will turn himself in Thursday (accuser is cancer survivor)

Daschle says he will vote for energy bill

LATimes: Electorate Divided on Bush Re-Election, Poll Finds

AARP Decision Followed a Long GOP Courtship

RIP Arthur Conley

I apologize

What's BT stand for?

The Unit Circle--the Cosign, Sign, and Tangent Functions

Congressional Film Cameos

Time Zones

Someone put Colin Quinn out of our misery

Berke Breathed bringing back Opus!

My favorite food to eat in the entire world any day of the week

I am sitting here simmering with jealousy...

Family Guy Bush bash

Who do you have to f*** to get a reply around here?!

How many people here have DU set as their home page

Britney sure is a classy lady

My computer blew up

My wife laughed at me tonight


Who Is a Good American? Now.

Question for LIHOPers