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Archives: November 18, 2003

Guardian - Tim Dowling offers Bush an alternate itinerary

Bush’s visit to London: Is a state provocation being prepared?

For Afghans, the Soviet days weren't so awful

Bank of England's complacency does nothing to dispell bubble worries

Keep Google free from Microsoft

Cell phone signals to be shut down

WP: Avoiding a Critical Inquiry, by Jay Rockefeller

History's Tea Leaves Point to Bush's Reelection (WP article)

The Guerrilla Advantage in Iraq

"We're spending too much in Afghanistan, getting too little"

Neil Young Rocks On (ABC Australia)

Kudos to Michael McCord's article "Tales from the Primary Trail"

Paul Krugman (NYT): Funds and Games

Bashing Bush and Blair

Should the disability rights movement be involved in the Schiavo case?

Venezuela Has Reason To Doubt US Claims

Bare your bum at Bush...

Beating about the Bush

Cartoon: Bad day for America (Rush & Ahnold)

'Guilty' by association? [a good read]

Guardian: While we have your attention, Mr President... [MUST READ!!!!]

Livingstone says Bush is "greatest threat to life on planet"

McKinney: 'It's Time for Us to Change'

Ivins: Bush administration flip-flops again: Now it's everybody out of Ir

Molly Ivins: Sins of omission

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): Beyond the great divide

Medicare Monstrosity

Why the antiwar left must confront terrorism

Where to buy a DVD

November 21-23: Vigil and Nonviolent Civil Resistance Action (SOA)

Attention, NYC DUers!! TBTM NYC Event!

Cali Alert: Recall Arnold Petition needs 58 more signatures!

Clark in Minnesota Nov. 22, fund raising dinner

Where does one learn political campaigning as "performance art"

Would You Could You With VoterVirgin

Cleveland, Ohio area DUers......Thursday November 20,2003,

Buy Nothing Day (Nov 28)

Tell your senators to reject the dangerous energy bill!

Rightwingers are shocked by hate, except when they're dishing it out.

Watch CNN at your own risk

Lynch-rescue pilot evades media, completely

Right Wing Media Collaborators Satirize Themsleves

Wesley Clark brow beats a Fox "News" man

Let's dissect this latest Email from rush limbaugh

CARTOONS! The "Bare Your Bum At Bush" Edition

Astrologers: Two New Saturn-US Pieces

dream interp

PBS Nova - Earth's magnetic pole reversal "Magnetic Storm"

No hero status for gay Banana - Zimbabwe

'Prostitution is here to stay' - South Africa

Sample Anti Patriot Act Resolution in Defense of the Bill of Rights

Mass. gay marriage ban overturned

Cameras Trace Students' Every Move

From the heart of the Matrix

Bush Policies Hurting Workers - a history

Future of Semiconductor Technology

Dollar Dives as Bears Sharpen Claws

Crude Oil Soars to Highest Level Since Before Attack on Iraq

Scientists find mystery particle

King County (WA) Freshwater Salmon Run Now Extinct

Red List - 12,259 Animal & Plant Species Threatened With Extinction

Lousiana Diversion Plan A Techno-Bust - AP

New Invasive Insects Pose Threats To American Forests

Future of Semiconductor Technology

ENERGY-FILLIBUSTER pondered by Schumer

China Prepares New Fuel Economy Standards Stricter Than US - NYT

The biggest enviro and security threat in the last decade...

Lest we forget - Bush Administration environmental history below

Groups protest wind power

Beer tycoon brews entry into Philippines politics

Former officials indicted for fraud totaling NT$250m

'Pay rebels to leave' - Uganda

Zimbabwean trade unionists arrested

U.S. delays delivery of missiles until after 2004 election - TW

The DEA's War on Pain Doctors

Dems Tout 2nd Amendment, Voting Records Show Hostility

Gephardt Gun Ban Petition

The rifle that killed JFK

A great idea

Great moments in history - Innovative weaponry that never caught on.

GUNS IN THE NEWS--November 18, 2003

Police raffle Semi-Automatic Rifle, Anti-gunners Cry Foul!!!

A canadian view on canabis

Are there rules regarding the content of PMs?

Just asking exactly where & how I went astray of the rules for future ref.

isn't it about time to delete the "UPDATE on our login issue..." msg?

I donated..

Why is P&C offline? That's my favorite forum!

UH OH, what happened to GD and the Lounge????

A Home of Their Own ???

Has anyone ever registered as Name removed ?

Info from DU too easily available on Google

Can you guys block my account please

I don't understand this...


Not so much a question as a comment

How can I activate my Inbox to send a private message?

Moderator selection question

Can you announce when you get through the Fund Drive inbox backlog?

Could Mods/Admins please consider "unlocking" this post? I feel I was

Why was this message deleted?

How many disruptors have been banned to date?

Read it via my blog (aka indirect linking to articles)

U.S. charges Israel 7% on loan guarantees

GA / Lapid: U.S. and Israel facing `war of civilizations'

Hindsight wisdom

French Jewish leader chides Israeli on emigration

Israeli banks solicit deposits from French Jewry

The captain has to go

Facility 1391: Israel's secret prison

Poll shows dovish shift among Likud activists

Doubts grow within Israeli Army

Israel basks in warmth of friendship with Italy

Fence or Machine of War?

why blame Israel for fighting back

No progress in EU-Israel row over settlers' produce

Israel to halt targeted killings if PA maintains hudna

US, Israeli hawks worried over peace moves

The Philosopher of Islamic Terror-Sayyed Qutb

Johh Kerry's Plan To Create A Domestic CIA

Democratic Candidates Assail Bills

Cheney Holds Fund-Raisers in Upstate New York (Met by protestors)

Kerry urges Schwarzenegger on new law

Former Air Force chief (during Persian Gulf War) backs Dean candidacy

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee expected to endorse Dean today

My Meetup group distributed 4,500 flyers for Dean this weekend

Joshua Micah Marshall (TPM) Sees Dean...and Likes

Grassroots Summits and Training for Dean in 13 Cities

Dean campaign faked medical emergency incidents?

Presidential Marketing: Howard Dean's Blog

Rumor on Dean congressional endorsers

Braun hires ex-NOW chief Ireland to run campaign

New Clark TV slot.

Gov. Dean's statement on the recovery of his brother's remains:

Gov. Dean's statement on the Mass. SC's ruling

Will you support the eventual nominee, even if it isn't your candidate?

How many non-DUers support Kucinich?

Janklow support erodes

Former Air Force chief backs Dean candidacy


NYC crosstown bus presidential straw poll results

NPR: Dean, Kerry Fight for New Hampshire

The Promise of America -Dean's Houston Address

"Howard Dean = Unelectable." Says Who?

General Wesley K. Clark Challenges Fellow Candidates to Abide by New Hamps

L.L. Cool J. - Edwards and the Gender Gap in NC

Reps. Elijah Cummings, Jim Moran & David Wu endorse Dean

Lieberman to pick up endorsement of Florida Rep. Hastings

what is this deal about "stability"?

Lieberman files, projects self as alternative to Dean, Kerry

New Yorkers that endorse Kucinich 11/17

Will Dean be getting the Communication Workers and Teachers Union nods?

Poll: Bush would beat Democratic challengers in Arizona

On anniversary of weapons ban, Kerry takes aim at Dean

Dean gets Sheila Jackson Lee's endorsement

Why I switched to Clark. One Man's Story

Even the Dean HATERS Here Have to Like THIS Picture

Progressives, not conservatives, will determine the next election

Kucinich on Energy Bill & Same Sex Marriage

Anatomy of a Kaus smear (of Dean)

"There are two interpretations of Dean's transformation"

In a perfect world Bono would be at the Democratic leadership convention

Omertà Is In Firm Control Of White House

Let the pukes spin this...

Ft. Lewis protest – What happened there (hair-raising, inspiring)

2nd least favourite Democratic Senator...

Nightline on Operation "Hammer"

Kerry's Domestic CIA, Total (Medical) Information Awareness & Cipro Ad

Some churches are in-freeping-sane...

British Police - Unlike Ours - Seem Humane

Geezus...Why can't the New Republic represent left of center issues

Bennett on Limbaugh

Messages to the Mirror (U.K.) re: Bush's visit - You can leave one too.

Iraq For Sale? Get in on the ground floor.

Hey Clarkies I've got a grievance with your guy!

Blanco won 38% of the white vote in Louisiana

Which city would you live in?

Is Mike Webb still streaming on the net?

Does anyone when Bush arrives in London?

That bs filled movie showing Bush acting as "a hero" on Sept 11

Jimmy Kimmel doing 1984 parody all show long

? or Question re "Bare your bum or butt at Bush"

The people on the AARP message boards are going ballistic

Democratic Candidates' responses to the final GOP Medicare Bill

Katherine Harris: Errie Resemblence to Cruella deVille

How about a "Balanced Trade Amendment"?

Why are George W. Bush's biggest allies ISLANDS???

Comparing the reasons for Iraqi occupation to Vietnam occupation.

Mutual Fund hearing are Public -.........Energy / Medicare Bills - Private

Sent out two letters just now about the AARP betrayal

A Rabbi, a Priest, a Christianity Prof, & Post Reader See "Passion"

CSpan will be on soon at 7:00 AM (EST)

War on Terror

Aljazeera claims "London mosque thwarts Bush party"

Energy Bill Deal With Tax Breaks OK'd

Bush 'Alternative Itinerary': a UK hack writes

How does your city compare with Seattle? Is it just as stupid?

CSpan Thread: Balanced CSpan show about Enemy Combatants

Taliban concedes killing UN worker.

Bush UK visit - "Distraction" for Medicare/Drug Bill & Energy Bill.......

Bush visit shaping up as 'worst media debacle' : US press

Medicare Monstrosity!

Rep. David Wu (Oregon) endorses Dean

I finally found something good about Poppy Bush...

Former Air Force chief (during Persian Gulf War) backs Dean candidacy

You want to say what people in the AARP are saying about the endorsment?

When a nation of law turns lawless

Wisconsin Governor

Obvious, disgusting spin RE Poll about Prince * 's visit to the UK.

What do you figure the Green Party is saying here?

Cell phone signals to be shut down

Anyone see Alan Derschowitz last night.....

Dean's brother's body found in central Laos grave

How many minority CEO's of Fortune 500 companies are there?

Ron Sims: Seattle's George Bush? (Extinction stalks Seattle.)

Keep Google Free!

91% of minorites voted AGAINST Bobby Jindal

Fox is showing demonstrations in London


What is your favorite ticket for 2004?

Is Bush bringing a translator with him to England?

Thought for Today by Calvin Trillin

Of JFK, recollections, sadness, hope and a wish

Hackworth: Jessica Lynch is a hero with backbone!

heads up Floridians ...more 2.100 lb MOAB bomb tests panhandle

This war is becoming like vietnam in a very personal way...

clark/fox interview transcript

"I am the very model of a Neo-Con Conservative"

Mass Supreme court OKs GAY MARRIAGE

BBV An opinion piece at The Register,

Belong to AARP?? Email them and let them have both barrels

David Asmans "son"

What's the Difference between Rush Limbaugh and the Hndenburg

Lookie, lookie

Election Atlas.. Great one to bookmark.. goes all the way back

Who wants to see the sad details on the Calif recall..???

Candidates debate today at 11:30 -sponsered by the AARP

Who's watching the House? Yay Mike Pence R-Indiana!

MN state Sen. John Marty: We should demand campaign reform

What did you all think of Carol Mosely Braun on Hardball last night?

AARP Dem candidates forum today at 11:30 in Bedford, N.H.

What do you think?

Congressman Wu Endorses Dean for America

60% think arnie will do a good job 60% wouldnt vote for him in their state

Any spouses or children for Iraq Helicoptor collision victims?

Open letters to W

Conservative Republican revolt on the Medicare Bill?

TNR article: Dean faction vs. Clinton faction

Reps. Elijah Cummings (Chairman of the CBC) and Jim Moran endorse Dean

Howard Clinton by Weissman and Mokhiber

Gay 365: Gays win in SCOM

Do most Dutch people except the racist Boers as being true Dutch?

Deleted message

Bush & Blair to select next war target?

"Former Air Force chief backs Dean candidacy"

amazon dot com boycott?

Guardian Poll Seeming to Favor Bush Indicates Gender, Age and Class Gaps

Guardian Poll Seeming to Favor Bush Indicates Gender, Age and Class Gaps

This lady's got STONES!

Help from across the pond

Unfreep this poll at MSGOP!!!!

This retiree group interests me. Anyone know more about it?

Question for people who lived in DC on 9/11

George W.'s resumé, updated

AARP and legal revenge

Blair had better hope that he can tread water in quicksand...

Sickening, Shameful Propoganda

(Sigh) Five Weeks in Rehab..Same old Rush...

Did anyone else hear the Dr. Laura rant against O'Reily?

Princeton (NJ) straw poll shows Dean & Clark in dead heat

The Unions Are Marching In Miami

Senator Boxer on NewsNight tonight.

A Big American Thank You to the Brits!

Is healthcare broken in the old south?

What will be the overall impact of Clark's confrontation with FOX newsman?

It's called RESPECT. ahem, fox, hannity. It's earned. Has good headline on Gay issue!

Not a good ole boy, just a good citizen- letters to the editor today.

"Re-defeat Bush" signs/bumper stickers are sprouting

FAUX News reporting Charlie Dean's body recovered in Laos...

First it was the Philippines, now it's South Korea

Tech Help

Where Bush will be Friday - Tony Blair's hometown (BBC)

will the exit polling for 2004 be the same as 2000?

CNN...Live from London! Coming up next!

New email addy for AARP

John Ashcroft should read this

Howard Dean's father: Presidential advisor John Dean?

Blackout Probe to Name Names,

When will our "Fantastic display of Democracy" start here in the US?

ORANGE ALERT: Did Rush's High Volume Narcotics Deals "Fund Terrorism?"

Watch BBC LIVE streaming from London!

Deleted message

I'm slowly starting to hate white men

Could it be "karmic justice" if Kathryn Harris runs for Senate in Florida?

Mass. gay marriage ban overturned

Oh NO! another distraction,,,Micheal Jackson in trouble again?

Clark clips here for the viewing

MSNBC just said that this will be the 1st time the Presidental Seal...

More revealing facts about Rush's addiction to blackmarket narcotics

What a Hoot

Good Ol' Boy Letter to the Editor re: Politicians/Confederate Flag

Rush Probably literally crapping his pants right now (link included)

where can we get video from London?

Wow... to whoever donated in my name, thanks.

Whoa.. what JUST happened?

John Kerry on Massachusetts Gay Marriage Ruling

Rockefeller SLAMS The Intel Investigation in WP Today!

What's with the Feith Memo?

Where has Traitorgate gone?

Massachusetts court okays gay marriage

How's this for a way to get Rush off the air and hopefully in jail?

CNN Now: Gallup study on same sex marriage

Wow! Smirk tells US corps in the UK to close up and come home

It is likely they have found Gov Dean's brother

Next Time they compare Dean to McGovern (link included)

I wonder how many wingnuts railing at the Mass. SC decision,

Do you support NAFTA?

Which Candidate Will Get the NRA Endorsement?

Tales from the Primary Trail: Gen. Wesley Clark to the Rescue?

I know Jessica Lynch isn't a bad person, and in fact...

Dade's homeless children find solace in myth

Mumia probably killed that guy

Gov Deans statement on Charlie Dean

absolutely CLASSIC Fox News wish

Amazing...Josh Marshall has some semi-positive words re: Dean

Did the GOP post anti-semitic literature on their website?

I met a "real" republican - who detests Bush*

McAuliffe is on Judy Woodruff right now

BBV: Electronic Voting Debacle

Vote your conscience and lose, or compromise and survive?

pictures of Bush statues toppling in Slough

Email I just received from a (former?) RW friend:

Links for webcams, traffic jams, and protests in London

is this CNN cartoon offensive

Zell Miller: Draft May Be Necessary to Win War on Terror

Dean is slowly taking control of this race......

The Bush Regime has HIJACKED our US Government. Did you notice?

Judge to consider Padilla's detention

BBC London - Online Comments on Bush Visit

BUZZFLASH: "Best Appearance Yet by Clark...A Defining moment for Clark"

Go look at Josh Micah Marshall's site. Big stuff coming?

Urgent, Call Miami to support FTAA activists

¡Pobre Copito!

Powerful animation--A must see

A young twirp at AARP said "something is better than nothing."

In the Lions' Den

CNN reporting shrub landed at Heathrow.....

how many union jobs would Anwr drilling bring to Alaska?

Clark spokesman on CNN...NOW!

"Something Pretty Big" teaser at TPM regarding Astroturf letters

Protesting Michael Moore's new movie

Dean's Statement on his brother, Charlie

US to set quotas on China's Textile Imports

AARP members: Will you boycott AARP this year?

disscussion on crossfire

Bush Hits A New Low

With the leader of the free world visiting our little brother ...

Why I'm disappointed in Mass. marriage court ruling.

Crossfire: Barney Frank and Jerry Falwell visit

85% chance that draft hysteria is part of Republican plan...

The case for fewer candidate threads in GD (or banning them altogether)

CNN Poll........Mass. same sex Marriage.

AARP is in the prescription drug business themselves.

Kerry calls Dean out at AARP New Hampshire forum on Medicare...

Bush's Visit to England, I just listened to democracy now and they said

Here is how the media is framing Bush's London visit

JFK assassination books: which is your favourite?

A very stupid petition taker is on campus today

BBV: petition to encourage to support HR2339

Wes Clark meets with (wait for it...) Madonna!!

Are wingnuts capable of suicide attacks against Democrats?

History Channel JFK shows

Fox news reports misidentified Prince Charles as Tony Blair

Fox news reports misidentified Prince Charles as Tony Blair

Fox news reports misidentified Prince Charles as Tony Blair

Dean Believes Remains of Brother Are Found

I really like Clark, but I have one BIG problem with him.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee expected to endorse Dean today

If the Governor's race were held in Alabama today, Roy Moore would win

Weird. When I tried to post a message I got a bible passage,

Who will be number 35.000 on DU---party at my place...tequlia, beer,

a lot of memo stories

I think the polls are fine

If Limbaugh is not arrested and charged I will never find someone guilty..

Not all conservatives are impressed with medicare legislation

Who has health insurance?

Check this out - MSNBC stumping for newsmax

The Guardian's poll on Bush's UK visit.

I support those in London who are rallying against Bush

WOLFOWITZ on REINSTATING DRAFT: "We need this and we are going to get it"!

The First Philistines...

Joshua Micah Marshall (TPM) Teaser: What's He Got?

Breaking- Rush launders hundreds of thousands $$$ for narcotics...

Ken Lucas

Guardian poll: The actual results on Bush's visit.

Democrats Memos Online posted my DU thread on the DRAFT being readied for 2005!!!

Did anyone see Gore Vidal on Buchanan & Press.

My letter to O'reilly

An interesting quesiton ( i think)

Bad Economic News Mounts

Jimmy Carter just told Charlie Rose he thinks Bush will be re-elected

WOH! CNN showing Extremist recruitment video on air

CBS News: talking about the Mass Ruling

NBC News shows "F*ck Bush" t-shirt on London protester

How is the "Recall Arnold" movement going?

Just cancelled AARP membership-they will send refund

MSNBC ignoring the fact Bush is known as a liar in England..

Which of these 3 new books do you think I should buy?

Binary Theology -> Reductionist Politics -> Marketed Ideological Control

A guy on Faux News just said the gay right ruling might go to SCOTUS!!!

I'm Pissed Off..the tax cut results in state income tax in TX, and no

Video Source for Clark/Fox ?

Hannity show-proclaimed soldier says only 32 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

CNBC Capitol Report to interview Novelli tonight at 9....AARP

Are homosexual women considered "gay"?

Freepers volunteering for Iraq military service in record numbers

Why the gay civil unions won't hurt Dean

Laws Designed to Mind Other People's Business

Southern KY

I propose a DU Dean/Clark (or Clark/Dean) truce

Confused -- What's the diiference between "marriage" and "civil union"?

Fineman and Tweety: Dems distancing themselves from gay marriage ruling

CNN, MSNBC etc. seem unaware of the backlash at AARP.

British reporter is very funny complaining about Bush's visit!

Bush and the GOP don't walk the walk on domestic programs. boycott?

does anyone here now anyone any ex-gays

Enron Economics----Dean's Houston Speech

Pundits Put DEAN at the Top

Slate: How Anti-War Is Dean, Really? (interesting June, 2002 quote)

Chasing Bush - Brits keeping track of his every move!

How to avoid RPGs - don't fly near where they might be

Madonna Holds Fundraiser For Clark


Look at the feces they are putting on the AARP board

We've been diggin' now for 241 days, 20 hours, 19 minutes and 25 seconds..

Watch Republicans Struggle to Distinguish Between News and Editorals

Lets get the word about PNAC to British anti-war group- Email contact

Yahoo headline busting ChimpCo's cute Nazi "Iron Hammer" name!

Fletcher's seat

If you or a family member quit AARP today, tell your reps and senators.

Should DU candidate supporters stop posting polls & pics?

Interesting show on KPFK tonite. Listen live @8pm pst.

Ah-no's apperance on MN Football cost the tax payers how much?

Favorite Branch of a Democratic Federal Government?

corporate right wing christian pro-bush media

David FROST Just Called Anti-Shrubism: "Rubbish"

Slate: Kerry and Kucinich shine in Iowa



Is it an FCC violation to broadcast while intoxicated? (Rush)

Media call Dean "Cult leader" on 25th annivesary of Jonestown.

My HR Director Cried Today Re: Gay Marriage

Does anyone hear listen to Mike Savage?

Parody: 43 Calls 41: England

Er,...where are the demonstrators?

Reply from AARP

Canadians versus Americans regarding homosexual marriage

are t.v. and radio ads are aimed at the stupid?

NYC crosstown bus presidential straw poll results

Okay. I'm Pumped. When will the London Protests begin E.S.T?

How can Repubs be so blind?

* "Greatest threat to life on this planet"

naked chimp BUM & other CARTOONS!

Saddam forced his officers to read "Blackhawk Down" before Bush invaded

my du friends

I am watching Johnny Cochoran on King and Fuherhman on O'Really

"Howard Dean = Unelectable." Says Who?

Call to action: Uganda needs our help

History Channel Documentary is showing the truth

Egads... I think I know what it feels like to be a Green.

Will you support the Dem Nominee no matter what?

"the fugitive" starring david jannsen

Do you think Clark was too mean to that Fox news man?

Good Lord: O'Reilly is admitting that there are Soros counterparts on the

Why did they raid Michael Jackson's home the day he released an album?

CS Monitor "Is anyone actually hearing what Bush is saying"

Afghanistan's a mess. Iraq is . . .

Does almost everyone here support Dean, Clark, or Kucinich?

Bush condemns court ruling on gay marriage

A Message From London

George Soros: The Bubble of American Supremacy

HO! Olbermann just reported "Iron Hammer" (Eisenhammer) as Nazi name

The cosponsors and text of the draft bill

Is civil union an adequate compromise (with legal protections)?

Paul Wellstone plane crash ruled pilot error......NTSB

Are wingnuts capable of committing suicide attacks against Democrats?

Only four Senators voted against the Syria Accountability Act

Good article on JFK, 9/11 and "conspiracy theories"

AMERICANS w/ Disabilities.....kickin' butt....

Quick! I Need Smelling Salts.

the Guardian publishes letters to Bush

Wingers shout for Iraqi democracy out of one side, whisper against it

Dean's Statement on Massachusetts Supreme Court decision

Governor Dean's Statement on Massachusetts Court Ruling

anyone know the origins of declaring "first" in blog postings?

Rush has got a problem. No, not that problem.

Democrat Reps on C-Span 10:07 p.m. Discussing AARP's selling out!

Iraqis are no fools....Shiites IMPATIENT for Vote in Iraq.

"This is Just like Gaza.." Americans turn Tikrit into Iraq's own West Bank

Limbaugh faces money-laundering charges!

ATTN DUer's: one of ours has lost someone very special....

Anyone else been encountering silence from your Republican relatives?

AlterNet: In Defense of Bugging Out By Christopher Scheer

I like Dean and I like Clark.It's a win-win if either wins the nomination.

So where's my ice floe?

Margaret Cho vs. Jerry Falwell

Who killed Lee Harvey Oswald ?

Let's DU this same-sex marriage poll on CNN...

Do we need the Establishment? Yes or No

HUGE ENDORSEMENT by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee

I Beg of YOU! Help Wesley Clark pay for his New Hampshire Campaign Ad

Anatomy of a Kaus smear (of Dean)

"people with normal sexual orientation are introduced to homosexuality"

PNAC Mentioned on HARDBALL

Where do you go for analysis now that is gone?

Harold Pinter's Personal Message to George Bush

What is Rush's prefered method of administering his Narcotics? (Poll)

John Edwards on Massachusetts Decision on Gay Marriage

Tracking Bush Across London - Chasing Bush

Who will be more likely to vote Democratic?

Democrats need to embrace populism and stop analyzing.

Former Ad Agency Exec Who Heads AARP Wrote Preface To Gingrich

Who should be the head of the EPA in the next Democratic administration?

ABC NEWS: Limbaugh may have violated state money laundering laws. . .

Dean Leads in NY Poll....

Gore Vidal really sticking it to *

Hey Clarkies I've got a grievance with your guy!

Aaron Brown just introduced Bill Bennett as FORMER moralists

Oh God! The Gay Marriage Ruling Is Likely To Help Bush in '04.

About "Healthy Forests Initiative" thing,

Just found this alert posted at the AARP message, alert about rally.

Tomorrow Court TV will do a special JFK program dealing with forensics

Did you support the Masschusetts SC Ruling on Gay Marriage?

Is there a plea bargain in the works for Limbaugh

How many DUers have voted Repug?

Bush Approval at 50%, Tied for Lowest of Presidency

Fundie-Nazi posts murder fantasy involving Democratic Senators...

bush just issued a statement on the Mass GAY marriage

What is with the right-wing and blondes?

Just listened to William Rivers Pitt speak in Indy

Why IS health insurance so expensive?

"The Men Who Killed Kennedy" just started on History Channel

Calling all AARP members !!!!!

Is Wesley Clark "the one"?

My Opinion on Dean's New Iowa Ads: Aggressive But Fair

Did you hear in C-Span how the Repugs are "buying" the dem

Clark Calls on Congress to Reject Energy Bill

Will NYC's AG Eliott Spitzer be the one to prosecute "pigboy"

The Green Mountain State of Vermont....

As Dean's lead grows, his party worries

Will "Farenheit 911" suffer like CBS's 'The Reagans' did?

Are most Christians like George W Bush ?

Josh Marshall's Blind Items...

Clark gaining in latest Gallup poll !!

Veterans Pulled From Parade

Head Of AARP Wrote Preface To Gingrich Book On Healthcare

BBV: CT Repubs sue over unreliable touch screen machines

I just emailed my Cong. Rep., Senators, FBI, Capitol Hill Police, and SS.

Presidential Parody Sites

Holocaust museum torched here where I live

Kerry: AARP wrong on Prescription Drug Bill

Some pics from across the pond

Dean's position on Yucca Mountain - for Nevadans

I see Ahnold has a brilliant plan for saving California

Gen. Clark Challenges Fellow Candidates to Abide by N.H. Spending Limits

Do you support the rights of same-gender people to marry?

Which candidate do you like the least?

Pilot error to blame in Wellstone crash: NTSB

Anybody watch President Jimmy Carter last night on Charlie Rose?

CATO: Why a DRAFT needed to keep Iraq: 240,000 + TROOPS NEEDED!

Last night Jon Stewart made an astute observation

The media is now reading the AARP message boards. May filibuster.

On CNN now, commentator said of Dean "He seemed like a Cult leader"

GFP: Sneek Preview of BUSH LIES in 30 secs ad --------------- VIDEO

Local Draft Boards "Unexpectedly" told to fill their vacancies at summer

Wes Clark speaks 4 languages

A Quick History of Modern Times

Who was the greatest U.S. president ever

CCN: first hand accounts of soldier serving with Clark

Bush's Strategy for Job Creation: Economic Warfare?

Navy was in my 6th/8th graders school yesterday recruiting I AM LIVID!

The Southern Question, and other thoughts.

GOP fears $420M avalanche (ROFLMAO!!)

Blair to push for fresh plan for peace in Iraq

Schröder will continue as Social Democrat leader

Displaced workers' aid program bogs down

Mexican Envoy's Remarks Cost Job

Stop loss set for Army units preparing to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan

Bomb Blast Wounds 2 US Troops in Mosul

Holding Steady Bush Administration Gets a Break From the Polls

powell Shops for Support on Iran, Iraq

Vice President's Daughter to Leave State Dept.

GOP Faces Decisions on Overtime Pay (& Media Ownership)

WHO confirms Ebola cases - Congo

Missile attack cancels lawmakers' Baghdad trip

Miami streets eerily silent with few visitors, many police officers

Africa gets UN boost from Chirac

Conrad Black, Hollinger chief and Telegraph owner steps down

Americans turn Tikrit into Iraq's own West Bank

Massachusetts Court to Rule on Gay Marriage Case

High court to release gay marriage decision today

Rumsfeld Meets Frontline U.S. Troops in S.Korea

Snowe, Collins hold key votes on Medicare drug-benefit bill

Iraq Pipeline Bombed Despite New U.S. Protection

Children lead way to weapons (Afghans carry mortars like toys)

Italy Halts to Mourn Victims of Iraqi Attack

Powell appeals to Europe for help over Iraq (He wants to be friends again)

Groups eye NorthWestern (bankrupt energy utility) bid | Missoulian

Blast in Iraq wounds two soldiers, U.S. bombs...(Italian official resigns)

U.S. Lawmakers Give Athens Olympics Thumbs Up

Chretien to retire early (Dec. 12)

Sen Bennett sides with Gov Walker on (nuclear) waste | SL Tribune

Radioactive Waste Plan Attacked (Storing Low-Level Material in Landfills)

Police retreat to let marchers go down W

Ending Steel Dispute in Bush's Hands, Snow Says

US tough tactics risk inflaming Iraq insurgency

Media caught in Iraq's war of perceptions

Democratic leaders accused of extortion, larceny, conspiracy (Brooklyn)

Granny's Bush Palace Protest

Slain troops' parents could be hard on Bush

Amnesty to free over 7000 inmates in Turkmenistan

Heavy Firing Heard on Edges of Baghdad

Federal Judges Skeptical of President's Powers Over U.S. Citizen in Sept.

Wife of cameraman missing in Iraq seeks meeting with Powell (Refused)

Remains Uncovered in Said Dean Burial Site (Charlie Dean)

Rich nations flunk in educating poor

Jethro Tull Apologizes for Flag Comments

Police are raiding Michael Jackson's Compound.

Martin takes over as PM on Dec. 12 | CBC

Pentagon Uncovers Remains From Suspected Burial Site of H. Dean's Brother

NTSB to rule on Wellstone crash cause

21,600 accept Verizon buyout

Candidates to debate elderly issues at Bedford (NH) forum

Poor lack counsel: lawyers cite low pay (Mass.)

Michael Jackson - Allegations of sexual molestation

Fraternity censured for Iraq-motif party

Tiniest babies die, all struggle to survive in post-war Iraq


Union members gear up to voice opposition to Miami trade talks

Statement of Governor Dean on Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Ruling

Singer Meatloaf Collapses Onstage In London

President will be protected by 16,000 police officers

Press Baron Who Received Unauthorized Payments Will Quit

US officer faces legal hearing over Iraq assault

U.S.'s 'Iron Hammer' Code Name 1st Used by Nazis

Bolivian coca leader rails against U.S

Fox news reports misidentified Prince Charles as Tony Blair

Dollar sinks to record low versus euro

For Lawmakers, Visiting Wounded Brings Iraq War Close to Home

CL&P seeks $10 million for perks

Washington (State) unemployment rate falls to 7 percent | Seattle P-I

11/18 Capitol Cops Open Probe Into Leak -- MORE Senate docs stolen!!

A family's ordeal (Wife of jailed Gitmo chaplain speaks)

House OKs Broad Energy Bill, Senate Acts Next

Time to vote in the polls on Gay Marriage.

Study finds American Indians discriminated against in rental market more t

Hollinger examines Perle investments

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq - 422 U.S. service members have died

FAA Changes Air Traffic Control Operation

Riot police smash Kurdish court protest

CIA Seeks Probe of Iraq-Al Qaeda Memo Leak (Weekly Standard)

Soros Buys Off Watchdogs, GOP Says

Japan Issues Alert for Citizens of Possible Terror Attacks [MSNBC/AP]

Breaking on CNN: Traders taken out in cuffs...

Bush arrives for state visit

Adams' father dies

NJ Rock Station Won't Play Jethro Tull

US claims Iran violated treaty

Russian School Tries Out Pay Toilets

Talks Will Suspend Speedy Trial Rights

Don Gibson dies

World's Oldest Person, 114, Dies in Japan

Us redoubling efforts to capture OSAMA

Scientists find mystery (subatomic) particle | BBC

Jonestown Massacre Memory Fades in Guyana

Mori poll shows nearly 60 per cent think war in Iraq was unjustified

Zimbabwe judge rejects paper's appeal

In Tikrit, US Destroys Homes of Suspected Guerrillas

Geller 'concerned' over Jackson claims

Gay Marriage Ban Banned

Guardian: Bush flies in to Fortress London (not using Heathrow)

Japan PM Set for Re-Election, Iraq Troop Dispatch on Hold

Poll: View of Bush Performance Fading

Attacks will continue until day the Americans leave, says report

US Destroy Homes of Iraqi Suspects

AARP Wages Ad Blitz to Back Medicare Plan

US Exit May Lead To Iraqi Civil War--Sydney MH/ New WMW

Senator pushes bill for reporting gun buys

such as the love Tony Blair has for George Bush".

Expert: Hinckley Suffering From Disorder

Poll: Support for U.S. handling of Iraq war drops

Stolen senate judiciary memos posted on RW site

Canada says deportation case could hurt U.S. ties (Torture by proxy case)

Bill Clinton to Become the Face of a Clothing Brand

U.S. Pounds Insurgents in Central Iraq

U.S. Plans New Iraq Proposal For U.N.

"Dean Believes Remains of Brother Are Found"

Remains of U.S. politician's brother found in Laos

White House Moves to Impose Quotas on Chinese Textiles

FBI Curbed In Tracking Gun Buyers Brady Law Policy Foils Watch List

MIA Aussie Found in Twin Grave (With Howard Dean's Brother)

Live from Baghdad! It's Propaganda Live!

Republicans plan new soft-money group to rival Democratic organizations

poll in the Gaurdian "worst threat to peace", Bush and Kim J-ll..#2

Social Security Reform Unveiled in Senate

Saudi cleric repents

Schwarzenegger Seeks Controversial $15 Billion Bond

BBC (Tuesday Night): Powell in rift with EU over Iran

Indiana Holocaust Museum Apparently Torched

Former Air Force chief backs Dean candidacy

China: Use of force may become unavoidable if Taiwan pursues independence

Janklow 'gunned' Cadillac to Get Around Another Vehicle Before Accident

Rhode Island Senator (Chafee) Won't Firmly Support Bush* in 2004

SJC: Gay marriage legal in Mass.

Democrat Dean: US vision must serve world interests

U.S. skeptical of Cuban's claims of successful medical program

Rate of large breast tumors rising

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. slams the Bush administration’s environmental polici

Officials Said to Arrest 47 in Forex Case

BBV: Big story on Yahoo -- Group Fears Threats of E-Voting Company

ABC News: Rush is being investigated in Florida for money laundering

Mag editor threw tantrum, claim US customs

US Senate Candidate Crystle Encourages Opponent to Build Campaign Web Site

NTSB: Wellstone crash result of pilot error

Authorities using search warrant at Michael Jackson's ranch (just on CNN)

Colorado considers eliminating 12th grade

Destruction of Iraqi homes within 'rules of war,' spokesman says

Bush Statue to be Toppled in Guildhall Square (County Derry, N. Ireland)

Who won MNF?

new Hannity advertiser Botox Cosmetics/Allergan

I talked to a wild turkey the other day

Adios, Farewell, I'd like to say good bye now

kgo stopped working on my mac...

Here lies a disruptor. She disrupted poorly.

Small Parts. Isolated. And Destroyed.

New Order fans: Help end my mental block...

I want a Scooty-Puff Junior!

I hope I have PMS

I have to get up in seven hours. Should I:

A week ago today (Tuesday) grandma died.

Where can I get GWB* audio clips?

Have you ever said, "I don't like this"

Midnight poetry thread

I'm addicted to diet coke

(Jack) Nicholson on Viagra, getting naked (actual headline)

How many books have you written in the past twelve months?

How many books have you eaten in the past year?

Buckeyes Cleared in Assualt Investigation

A cute Dubya joke

How many books have you beaten in the past year?

NBA realignment and playoff seeding starting in 2005

How do I get back on a regular sleep cycle?

The "Open Money" Project

Steal this Thread!

How Much Is Wage Theft Costing The Wage Slave?

The "Sword of Truth" Series by Terry Goodkind

Meet ST JUST -- our newest cut-and-paste idiot disruptor!

Bare-ass cheek? The Guardian's Steve Bell....

Most boring task:

My Group Dandelion break sigline

Mall Will Page Kids to See Santa Claus

Who's Up At This Hour?

Disney Icon Mickey Mouse Turns 75

Check out this old Huey Long quote

Bush twins banned from Shrub visit to Queen?

I have Melvin Udall for a dog times 3

Are there any autograph hounds/experts here?

Can my boss fire me or can I be "laid off"?

College Football: More Complaints About Computer Rankings

Throwin' out some Red Meat for ya.

If you ever thought DU was bad

good god almighty! a 20 inch display iMac?!!!

So, What Do You Think of My New Sig Line?

David Asman (fox) gets signatures from porn stars "for his son"

'Sweet Dreams' songwriter, artist Don Gibson Dies

I Just Wanna Say One Thing...

Does shrub post to GroupHug?

Are you a patriot? ______a test I missed one

heyyyyy...i just noticed my star!!! thanks zephyrbird for getting...

I oppose the flat tax for good reason I think.

Steve Martin & Jackie Chan in "The Pink Panther"?

I got a wart on me finger, I froze it off, ask me anything......

Reminder: catch the Daily Show replay at 10am

I got BLISTERS on me fingers, ask me anything......

Ordering BBV Book. Should I order from or

Poppy's blindtrust bagman/Shrub's Nov 19-21 eminence grise

So you think you know Bush quiz

Cock and Bush...Ha Ha!

If it keeps on rainin’..............

The Lion Sleeps Tonight... ahh weem a watt..ahh weem a watt..

Some Interesting Poll Numbers....about Rush Limbaugh of all people

Basketball fans: NBA Team Avatars are here!

There Aren't Any DU Gatherings Scheduled...Lets Make Some...

I Like The Show On Espn-2..Cold Pizza. Have You Checked It Out.

Computer techies, check this out

Happy 75th birthday Mickey Mouse!

Favorite Alan Moore Comic??? (Poll)

Triumphal dino discovery (Denver Museum's HUGE Triceratops) | Denver Post

I can't get word in edgewide in GD

More from our british friends across the pond

Oh yeah I'm a nice guy I agree to call for our lunch and handle the $$$

Favourite Christian religious artist

Patriots against Anti American Hollywood strikes again

Anybody here interpret dreams?

Caption the Accidental Tourist

HELP. Is Their Anybody Here From Cleveland, Ohio. I Need To Ask A

How the colors of Benetton were united

Liberal Books and the Right Wing Media

Cyber cafe for seniors..

I need a hug.

Criminal investigation going on at Michael Jackson's ranch

Scott McClellan's father wrote a book about the JFK assassination!?

What a Hoot

National Lutto

I say old chap care to offer me a ride across the pond CAPTIONS await me

Larry King, does anyone else love to watch Chris Pixley

So ya wanna be a biiiiiiiiird..............CAPTION

This is AWFUL!!!

What's for lunch?

I'm sponge painting my basement, looks like S#*T ask me anything

COLiberal, ever see this? Nov. 4th trashing of DU & us, in particular.

Did something weird just happen to DU???

Woo Hoo!! Bongo! Bongo! Bongo!

"Snowball" vit ses derniers jours

What are these?

Now what is this?


Which candidate has the best entertainment endorsements

Damn marriage...trying to wreck my spamming!

Bucs Fans: Keyshawn Johnson Deactivated for the rest of the Season

What is it?

Trying marriage is a damn wreck!

Does cold weather shrink your bladder?

A-Rod wins MVP??? Delgado had a better season!!!

When roads become rivers (and cars become boats)

Doesn't it drive you nuts when you see a deleted message?

Don't let me burn my lunch

So as I'm pulling out of a parking lot today

Why oh Why can't I stay away from GD???

What is this - Part 2

ZombyCoffee: The Dancing Matcom Blend!

I just drove through a tornado, ask me anything.

7th Sephiroth daily poll:Aqua Teen

I Just Drove Past an Oldsmobile Toronado - Ask Me Anything

I'm only going to say this once

Is that what they call a simian smile?...

Why are there no NHL avatars?

It's retro-sweater night in the NHL!

This one is crying out for photoshopping..

How long has DU existed for?

JONESTOWN 25 Years Later

The Fat Boys are back

OK. I'm Ready For College Basketball To Come In Full Blast Now.

Wow, This Is My 5,555 Post...Ask Me Anything!

How manufactured is love?

I just bought The Two Towers Special Edition....

For Those Who Applied To Be Moderators...

With Bush googles on! Any forgein policy looks good after 2:00am.

Meeting Vicky Mary

Where is that "End of World" Flash?

Anyone here heard of the Onion?

Here it is, my 500th post! As per the DU custom, ask me anything!

Best use of Cowbell?

Most bizarre music to ever get stuck in your head?

The Great White Caption

Who will be number 35.000 on DU---party at my place...tequlia, beer,

Damn spammers, trying to wreck my marriage

5 Days 'til Opus!

I'm pluggin a good movie this time

Best cure for the munchies?

Batten down the hatches!!!! HUGE storm coming this way

I have my first real job interview Friday! Nervous, need words of advice

Favourite word to use when you come across good fortune

I Just Wanna Say One Thing...

You gotta's nicer here without-sex threads

My new upstairs neighbors need to die!

Metallica slowly realizing that P2P wasn't the reason....

Not a Sex Thread

Well I'll be dipped, Barnes & Noble doesn't sayeth on their return policy!

Is there a reliable program that I could use to add comments to my blog?

Would you still watch the Simpsons

Gentlemen.... BEHOLD!!

Shows that ruled when you were a kid but suck now..

Success Stories here: Bad Habits you've been able to conquer/control

OSU/Mich - this is the epitome of all insanity

Will Pitt is about to arrive at my house!

How many of you would date a conservative

Anyone want to slap the sex threads outta Magic Rat?

BBC (Tuesday): Kasparov-X3D Fritz chess battle ends in draw

I've been on DU for over 2 years, and have less than 6000 posts.

Do U Do DU TOONS? (new edition, w/ chimp bum)

CAPTION the cheery face of America in the 21st century

Best/easiest way to convert old LPs to digital/CD?

Voyages of the Vicky Mary. Dr. Pushkin.

Creative uses for DUct tape (as in your ??? DU bumpersticker)

Bush or Tic Tacs, you decide

Question for former Air Force DUers:

Why I support gay marriage

Tech Help

Should our candidates boycott Faux new?

Bu*h,Cha*ey,Rumsf*ld to make joint appearance.

Who Loves Christmas?

You know your cat catches on quick when...

I am now in KY

ZombyPoll #12: Favorite Thanksgiving Song?


Driving through the OH River Valley

Who would've thought nuclear holocaust could be so much fun?

Stand-Up Reagan on VHS & DVD

Who Love Chanukah?

I need a cure for swollen vocal cords

Hi everyone

Hey, look at that CAPTION

Is it bait and switch?

OFFICIAL Michael Jackson Prediction Thread

Win XP users...this is the coolest thing I have seen for XP

Do you like George W. Bush?

MVP tragedy! Bonds wins over Pujols!

Heard a woman the other day who laughed identically to Peter Griffin

Skinner's hogging the whole board!

Live bait or Hoochie?

hoedown for mice

The Drugged Up Du Dab of all Captions

What Do You Think Of Online Universities?

1960s soul brother Arthur Conley has died

Lowes or Home Depot?

new Hannity advertiser Trane

new Oxyrush advertiser Digital Design, LLC

I say old chap -- can I borrow a caption??

today's new Savage Weiner advertisers 11/18

Do any of you remember "Amy Strange?" You might be surprised you're

Would you watch old sports if replayed?

are t.v. and radio ads are aimed at the stupid?

The next time you feel sorry for yourself

Update on my son

Does anyone hear listen to Mike Savage?

my du friends

Wanna free firewall/antivirus solution?

The young Bush -- and his life of early disadvantage.....

Dang, the new twenties are really scary!

I just got banned...

4 Out Of 5 Non-ADA Approved Dentists Choose This CAPTION

The 1987 Ohio State/Michigan game is on at 9:00 et on ESPN Classic

We're getting a Braque du Bourbonnais. Ask me anything.

What's the political colour where you live?

Archaeologists Find Oldest Known European Toothbrush

Time to beat up the furniture again! We're moving.


Should I buy or sleep my way into high society

So now it's just "The Lounge"?

What to do? What to do?

Why did they raid Michael Jackson's home the day he released an album?

Rest in peace, Charlie Dean....

ZombyCaption this Chimp pic!

Who here has gotten the Bragging Christmas Cards?

Who has health insurance?

Will Pitt, you left your toothbrush in Europe

Color or Colour?

Should Drug Threads Be Banned From DU

Welcome back,

Is your refrigerator running? Because if it is, it probably runs like you

Should Magic Rat polls be banned from DU?


On Entertainment Tonight: Newswoman starves self

How many books do you read at once?

Nightly "What is the origin of that phrase?"

Alternatives to basic cable.

Michael Kamen passed away today

Rome Came To A Standstill Today

I have a teenager that came home the other weekend stoned

"You know I'm no goot wid my lips, baby...

Check in if you hate board games

The NEW American Patriot cartoon strip!

Most Annoying Christmas Song Ever

Please settle a feud

My hate mail

Man stuffs nine live rattlesnakes in his mouth in a world record stunt

Favorite movie from the top 10 as rated by IMDbers

"Tell Us the Truth"! 1,000 anti-Bush, anti-FTAA Activists in Tampa?

What's your favorite vegetable to munch?

Britney Spears gets Hollywood star

Which 20th century choral composer/arranger do you like?

Michael Jackson...Police had 2 warrants today

Hear me, I beg ye: The new Dark Tower book is great

DU-ers who can safely be in your house

I just gave the MST3K treatment to a freeper e-mail...

I think I've just lost complete respect for Jack Nicholson

Ugliest Website on the Web

Apple Cup this weekend

I think this guy really hates telemarketers

Who here has read ""Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them"

What do you do for exercise?


All hail those brave few who never jumped the shark....

Your cat vs. Godzilla: who wins?

Keyshawn Johnson DEACTIVATED?!

What do people like about you?

Jet Blasts Are Dangerous

Overheard conversation between Bonnie Charlie and *

"the fugitive" starring david jannsen

Holy Crow! A 75 pound book about Ali - GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)

Your Yak vs. Matcom: who wins?

Don Gibson dies

love is...

The NJ Nets getting moved to Brooklyn?!

How Many Times Have YOU Had A Post Deleted?

I Have Pink Eye. Do You Take Anything For It.

Ladies, Were You A Tom-Boy or Girlie-Girl When You Were A Kid?

Any tips on grilling or frying (or baking) tofu well?

When do recording artists get paid?

Greatest soul crooners?

Greatest TV Sitcom of All Time

A Visit with My Mother (perplexed rant)

To Red Viking: Thank you very much for the star next to my name.

Do you agree with me on this:

Favourite word for when bad fortune occurs

Today was difficult...war hit home for me...

Nova: Magnetic storm, Earth without a magnetic field !!!!

What'cha got on the stereo?

Best mate to chocolate

Austin area DUers...concert this Saturday

Ladies and Gentlemen of DU....I give you, my sculpture!

Our new sons!

"I think I what say"

List chronologically your presidential votes

Your dog vs. Mothra: who wins?

X-Mas songs that make you misty-eyed!

Stormin' here in the mountains.

CoulterCaptionTime! (warning: you may fall off your chair laughing)

Feeling guilty about your MP3s?

Favorite classic game show

Is wage theft acceptable nowadays?

Most hated tv commercial or PSA

I have no idea what I am going to do with my life

AARRRGGGHHHH!! Yet ANOTHER flower delivery to a co-worker this morning!

NYT: Japan Heads to Iraq, Haunted by Taboo Bred in Another War

Salon Interview (Bobby Kennedy Jr.): Save the Earth – Dump Bush

If someone has an opinion on a post down here in AA, should we reply? Or

Elizabeth Edwards posts to the Dean blog.

Help with this poll!

From now, I'll only not pirate a game if I get the following...

King George Is Abroad. Bush Travels to His Favorite Colony

I watched BBC Newsnight on C-Span tonight....I was jealous.

Bush the invisible visitor brings no present for Blair

Storm over the £1m pub lunch

Powell has yet another "very candid discussion" with EU foreign ministers.

it looks like Kerry made a mistake in requiring log-in for blog posting

Even MORE Republicans busted with hard black-market narcotics

Barf alert: Kenneth Starr vs. Barney Frank on NIGHTLINE

Barf: Bernie Goldberg on the Daily Show

Virus alert: Mimail.J worm

DC Medicare Rally

Beware the Synthetic Survivors

Scarborough Launches Vicious Attack on Hillary and Bill

Will We Have a Dean/Clark or Clark/Dean ticket?

A Suggestion was made on another message board.

BBV: Wash Post Reports Bi-partisan E-Voting Probe In Fairfax County

Ten Years of NAFTA: Tell Us What it's Done for You.

JFK Remembered.

Executive Action (JFK assassination)

Lee Harvey Oswald had a MISTRESS!

Archaeologists Find Oldest Known European Toothbrush

Iraqi Civilians, Army Remnants Behind Resistance

U.S. Officers in Iraq Find Few Signs of Infiltration by Foreign Fighters

Skepticism Greets Bush on Trip to London

Bush to tell UK 'Iraq war right'

Phone operators refuse to cooperate with police to block anti-Bush calls

Which of the following tickets can beat Dumbya/Unka Dick?

From the mouths of babes: a slam on Bush

Stop Bush

Caption time: The Chimp goes to London to visit the Queen

Who can beat Dumbya/Unka Dick Poll (redux)

Quick - DU this poll:

Does DU Have Pull?

Sorry, Xmas song lovers - I gotta do it!

Just when I didn't think Carnivale could get any more confusing (spoilers)

Damn I've got some sort of cyst

Lame local TV station *leads* 11:00 news with Michael Jackson story

Has anyone seen the new Two Towers DVD?

From now, I'll only not pirate a game if I get the following...

What's all this ABB?

Bernard Goldberg was on Jon Stewart just a minute ago.

San Diego vacation – another education today – A Tragic One

Manhattan invaded by Ents!!

Missouri DUers! Role call!

Jonathan Brandis (of "Sequest DSV" and "Ladybugs") has died

Jeez my threads sink quicker than an innocent witch

LA DUers - Who wants to get together again?