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Gurardian says Cheney ignored alert

Stars and Stripes: Iraqis not enemy (re: US treatment of Iraqis)

What Iraq will get isn't self-rule -- from the Toronto Star -- good read!

NYT Editorial: Iraq Goes Sour

Iraq: Escalating guerrilla attacks feed fears of new Vietnam (UK)

A wired Dean is altering conduct of politics

(Bush* admin authorizes) Delivering people into the hands of torturers

Boycott Rush's Advertisers

Wolfowitz and Feith Twisted CIA Data to Justify War Against Iraq

The military-media complex

Dean onfederate flag comments evoke memories of Montana's political past

The Florida Story, nice video.

Shafer: Richard Perle Libel Watch, Week 34

Nicholas Confessore (Wash. Monthly): Comparative Advantage (on Krugman)

Mods: Meant for LBN

Call Me a Bush-Hater: Molly Ivins

Dean supporters: Opposition to war earns the name "Coward" Dean

Stupid Grants Exclusive to Sleazy Tabloid!

BBC Bush interview video

Bush passes the torch

Mike Hersch: Why Karl Rove Fears Howard Dean

56-year-old grandma activated for Iraq duty.

Guardian: Get Mad – and Get Even (Blame Blair, rather than Bush)

Hate vs Anger, Bush, and 2004 - EXCELLENT blog article

Bill O'Reilly says "Hate will cost Dems"

A Heart, a Cross, and a Flag: America Today by Peggy Noonan/SCATHING rev.

Help with Bush in 30 Seconds Ad

Dec 2nd: Support HR 2239 and Call Your REP!

I don't believe it!

How do you feel about the return of Rush Limbaugh?

Sunday morning non Sequitor and Doonesbury.

Help with bio rhythms!

Astrologers: How does Hillary's Chart look for 2004?

What philosoper do you most relate to?

Falun Gong to sue Jiang - X Pres. China - Genocide

Slavery in Sudan

Energy Bill Could Upend Suits Filed Over a Gas Additive

300 cars stolen in South Africa every day

Violence mars campaign - Mocambique

Stifled by clerics, Iranians escape online

Using Force to Defend Property

Bought an AK variant last night

i just want to congratulate you for your unique approach to fundraising

POOR JUDGEMENT locking posts

Skinner here you go!

This thread is not true, can be proven not true.

Why was my Lone Gunmen/State post locked?

For the Admins: A pot of ZombyCoffee 1000 Donor Blend!

At what point should threads get locked?

What happened to my star?

I have a question about where to post?

A question re: sponsoring

The Palestine Regiment...

Deadly Israeli raid in Rafah

PA pays tribute to Metzer terrorist

Al-Qaida claims Turkey bombings

Interview with Qurei - Marionette

Jews and Arabs study Geneva plan (Al-Jazeera)

What the (United Jewish Communities ) GA delegates won't see

U.S. to support proposal seeking UN support of road map

Hamas: Attack Israel, Iraq not Saudi Arabia

Apartheid Wall Will Harm One In Three Palestinians

'They wanted to flatten the buildings' - Iraq

Blanco takes it

Who do you want to win the Illinois Senate Primary?

Clinton defers to Dem Hopefuls

Clark to Launch Media Blitz in New Hampshire


Who do you want to win the Florida Senate Primary

Will Gephardt drop out if he loses Iowa?

Dean Tries to Stick to His Blunt Style

Will Kerry drop out if he loses New Hampshire?

Mark Steyn is a smug jerk, but is he right today?

Hey AWD I have an idea for your campaign

2003 races show a trend

NC Senator brings down-home campaign to Orangeburg; blasts Bush

Dem Candidate Background Profiles from Boston Globe

Kucinich's Zazoo Restaurant Q&A session

Have any of the other candiates tried to refute the lie that Saddam=9/11

Who do you support in the Missouri Governor's Primary

Can Anyone Catch Dean? (Time)

Howard Dean's essay, "How the Poor Live Now":

The news POTUS and VP?

Republicans for Dean , saith the media

Why do offended people on DU call you a "Dean supporter"?

Does john Kerry have an annual pheasant hunting trip?

take a look at how the exit polling went in 2000

I Don't Know if Dean Needs to Win NH

John Edwards is the most electable

Lessig congratulates Edwards for having courage viz open source s/w

Will Edwards drop out if he loses South Carolina?

Kerry Remarks at JJ Dinner

Touting his own record, Kerry takes new tack against Bush, Dean

Iowa Jefferson Jackson Dinner: Post Your On-Site Reports!

Why I'm sticking with Dean....for now

Molly Ivins Backing Dean

For all you anti-Greens....

At 12:15 ET C-Span Will Show The Speaches With Blanco And Bobby.

Jefferson Jackson Dinner replay on CSPAN now

Here are the final results of the governor's race with 100% reporting

Bang this poll! CNN

damn, Zell Miller must be really upset tonight

Leave It To Democrats To Make History.

The "Weakly" Standard poll shows that Lynch is not a "hero."

Where is Karen Huges? The Bush needs her real bad. So Does America.

Recipe for Bush's cooked goose. hmm, Thanksgiving hmm

Dayside FOXNews new poll... quick, it needs a turn around...

Another perspective on The New Yorker article on Clark

This hasn't been a good week to be a freeper


do watch Fraiser

How many Anti-War Protestors have been assaulted?

Today was the worst day in Iraq, an ugly day, 17 are gone

The Rebel Flag is not about White Supremacy.

does Louisiana have a large Indian population?

Nate Clay streaming now -- Iraq is the topic

Leaving The Prediction Business Until The Next Election Cycle....

Sadly, I missed the debates...

Not all "dominant sect Brahmins" are hard-right conservatives...

emoticons to represent the Democratic candidates

Is there ANY way that Blair could be kicked out as PM

Bush/Cheney vs. Soros' "billions."

Edwards may have some hope


Do you ever wonder why ????

Blair has secret plan for Bush to address Parliment on Wed.

Should Dems go into this election without mentioning 9/11?

Will we pass the baton to China?

CSPAN Can't Find Any Bush* Supporters (Republican Callers Slamming *)

Ted Sorenson

Activist accuses Bush of betraying public ( Activist=William Rivers Pitt)

"The Recovery"

Will any candidate in America make Microsoft an issue?

Yesterday's LA election shows once again "don't believe the polls


United States Heads Towards Legalization of Spam! TY Billy Tauzin R-La

Bush to Iraq: One day all this will be yours...

Who should be Vice President?

OK people, Richard Perle will be on CSpan in a little while

2004 election & Regan ?

I can't vote in the states...but I like Kucinich

Russert left stammering, pausing and bewildered

Uh,,,what happened to the FOX "memo?"

My Russert post was NO duplicate!!

Dems need to stand up to pundits to win

Douglas Feith Death Watch: Day 1

Anybody See The Poll That CNN Is Running. Please Vote. The Question


Sundance Channel BIG HeadsUp- "Unprecedented" Noon EST today

Pardon my rant

"The Iraqis do not want a theocracy. There is no indication that that is

Hometown Letter to the Editor: "Good-old-boy voters"

FAUX and Weekly Standard prove there ain't no WMDs

Okinawa's Governor Pleads for US Occupiers To Leave Over 50 Years Later

Could Gephart have been any lamer against George Will on

Palast's "Unprecedented" on NOW (Noon EST) - Sundance

CNN: Audio tape purported to be from Saddam Hussein appears

I hate most of our congressional democrats

"Does Blanco's victory signal a turnaround in Democratic fortunes?"

Bernard Goldberg on Russert last night....

Caller just plugged DU on CSPAN

Freeper heads must be exploding watching Hillary.

NY Daily News: Frist/FAUX NEWS memo re: start of filibuster

United Seniors Assoc. runs ads in Tennessee

In case anyone has an "in" with Kerry, I have an ad idea..

Condi needs a history lesson (is protest a 'privilege'?)

Nightmare election year

Ask a Republican this question..

Kerry leaked the latest Feith top secret memo??

As Bush gets ready to cut and run from Iraq (before Nov. 2004)...

Boycott Rush's Advertisers

Bremer sitting in Saddam's chair on Fox

What's the London Initiative's military name?

Can you recommend some good UK activist sites?

Operation Troop Return - Will it Succeed?

Air Force 2nd Test Of `Mother Of All Bombs'

MAD Democrats – Walter Cronkite on the primary campaign

Bush at an all-time ratings Diebold his meal-ticket?

American Expatriates to Lead the Protests Against Bush (in London)

Iraq Goes Sour (LONG NYT editorial this morning)

1 chef, 4 cooks, 15 sniffer dogs, 1 nuclear briefcase man, 800 people,


To win we need to stand up to Russert et. al.

Where do you guys think this will end?

Massive Movement of American Warplanes Takes Place in Scotland

I hope our UK friends will post lots of good pics of the Bush visit.

Bush creating chaos in Britain...

Howard Dean Meets Malibu Barbie

2 items from the most recent

I have an emergency health care question

Consider forgoing gifts in favor of donations this holiday season

"Angels in America" Aids...Regan's real legacy?

I'm sick of dumb election officials who bash scientists & praise Diebold!

Can Louisiana be re-redistricted now?

Is Monroe County, NY (Rochester area) progressive?

Barf alert! perle is on CSPAN right now.....what an ugly man!

Anyone know if there was touch screen voting in Louisiana?

Dean accused Hillary of supporting Iraq resolution

What's it like to be an Eskimo in Jamaca?

CNN's Chance: Iraquis "joyful" at two helicopters crashing

Who would make the best VP?

Donahue co-hosting JFK forum at Kennedy school of gov, History Channel Now

Nellie Connaly (widow of John ) on JFK assass.: Cspan2 NOW

Zell Miller defends conservative judges

Bush wanting to leave Iraq?

Yesterday's election was a rejection of the Bush Administration

"Did Hillary steal the show at last night's Democratic event?"

Daschle on Faux Sunday

British waiting for Bush with dread...(Scuse me, British officialdom!)...

Is this true? I received this email about social security?

* to bribe Americans $2,500 in tax cuts to vote for him?

DEMS need to start taking on the media whores, head on.

how many Iraqi civilian deaths since March?

Does anyone have the latest Iraq war soldier death totals?

DU just mentioned on C-SPAN. 7 am EST.

ACLU Reveals Massive Civil Rights Violations Against People With HIV/AIDS

whoa!! this is as bad as the US flag over saddam statue incident

Paul Martin on CSpan Now

campaign finance resources?

OK, I saw Dean last night and Clark today. I'm impressed

A Scary Afghan Road

Does anybody know if Howard Dean was a member of the AMA?

I would have thought that entities or persons would learn from Atrios

Deleted message

The Apocalypse of Locke to the Democratic Underground

is it true that all Democrat primaries are no longer "winner take all?"

CBS Talking about the UK Protests

My little clear channel moment.

The era of David Duke is over!

Help What does progesive mean?

Daschle and Shrub Snubbed Amidst State Budget Woes

This morning, I wrote a book on Election Fraud... read it now..

Rush's fans send him e-mail.

Do you think the Queen knows that the Bush family has ties to the Nazis?

Boycott Rush's Advertisers

trouble posting?

Dean "deeply saddened" by attack from his friend Gephardt ....

Did you vote for your current House representative?

Bring them on....Pass them along.... Ann Telnaes is wonderful!

Sovereignty - what is it ?

George * Shrub is on PBS (et) with David Frost....spilling his guts for

"Why I'm voting for Bush"

^ This graphic is messed up

Jefferson Jackson Dinner on CSPAN Replay THREAD

The goodwill America earned on 9/11 was illusory. Get over it!

Turkey Pardons Turkey

Neo-cons: the modern day Bolsheviks

Exerpts of Dean's article in the current Vanity Fair -How the Poor Live

Greatest Current Female Representative

I vote for an Edwards / Graham Ticket

Who remembers the first Roy Moore incident?

political episode of simpsons on tonight

Dumb Freeper Post attacking Dean for helping the seizure victim

Worldwide Islamist Insurgencies On Warpath?

Who gets this Sunday's Doonesbury?

Nice quote by Roger Ebert

Did you see *'s astounding comments this morning?

Florida closing doors to consumer complaints, just another outrage.

Indigenous political movements and multinational corp. wealth

Hehehehh... Doonesbury zings Coulter!

Kerry needs to convince Democrats that Dean can't win

Would this foreign policy idea be supported by DU

Blanco/Landrieu versus Jindal/Terrell #'s

"It's best to fight the terrorists in Iraq so we don't have to fight....."

The freepers were right! I am wearing out my "f" on my computer.

Howard Dean and Hillary Clinton on the Democratic Ticket together?

Any Brits on DU tonight?

The LA Governor's Race

Participating in SOA demonstrations....

Wow! SCOOP BBV Links... a great resource

The Patriot Act and My Bank

Just Returned From FLA Democratic Party Central Committee Meeting

BBV: CalPundit on verified vote trail

Hunters needed in North Georgia, too many DEER, sharp shooters called in..

Daily Kos: The battle for the soul of the Democratic Party

Breaking News - Related to the US/Fiji story

60 Minutes (11/16/03) Domestic Chemical Plant Insecurity, more...

Why do offended people on DU call you a "Dean supporter"?

Meet the Press with Clark on CNBC now 10:05 pm

"George Bush killed my son."

"Dude Where's My Country! Moore Interview C-Span: 11:00pm/est!

Alter (Newsweek) indicates forthcoming major union endorsements for Dean

Al Qaeda's Turkey Shoot: HOW AWFULLY NICE OF THEM!!!

Saddam or not, they just don't want us there

"The last time Mr Bush dined with the Queen ..."

Repost: DEMS need to start taking on the media whores, head on

The Big Question? Does America really NEED Bush? Can we do w/o the guy?

Gee - - NO sign of the earth-shaking Saddam-9*11 link memo

Army Equipment, Lesson 3: Musing about the Black Hole

Listen up: I'm on hold to talk to Drudge NOW

BBV: Louisiana voting machines to be standardized

The latest Hillary will run in 2004 scenario

This Democrat has Fallen in Love With John Edwards

Rachel Corrie! Michael Moore on C-Span Booknotes Reapeat w/Brian

Hey Rush! What Was That You Said About Donovan McNabb?

Questions on The Medicare Drug Bill

Great Article on Clark

Why do we care so much about Free Republic?

Tom Daschle's new book praises Gore for quitting the fight

Favorite and least favorite things about the candidates you support?

Anyone has has the text of Dean's speeh from the Iowa Fundraiser

How did the right-wing acquire dominance on the AM dial?

Do NOT, I Repeat, Do NOT Send Rush Any Pain Pills

Next time some older Armchair Warmonger says hes too old to enlist

What should be the Dems top priorities in 2004?

Is Saddam likely to regain power?

A Tale of Two Threads- Black Folks and White Folks on DU: The Lesson

Clark supporters ONLY: Do you consider yourself a Progressive?

An Editorial by Howard Dean: "How the Poor Live Now"

This is what the dems are up against......and it's scary.

LaRouche campaign contributions at, WIERD

Separation between Church and State: Are these the kind...

Dr. Donald Wildmon says the FCC will allow the "F" word.

Saudi Arabia under attack

whatever happened to Tom Ridge?

Looks like Chimpy is going to relinquish control of U.S. troops

Hey, I just found out Kathleen Blanco won in Louisiana!

Ire not enough, Edwards says

Why RWingers won't allow a Democrat to govern in 2004

A good resource on facts and fiction by the Bush administration.

In Europe, an angry told-you-so awaits Bush

What should we do to disrupt Rush's return?

Scoop Media (our own Althecat) wins news service award

Michael Moore on Booknotes. . .8PM EST - C-SPAN

MTP transcript with Clark Nov 16

Parellels: American Revolution / War in Iraq

Sen. Santorum is a Moron

Post Editorial Blasts "Boondocks" for being "sexist" about Condoleeza

North Carolina poll

Boy from Little Rock chooses military path:(Boston Globe profile of Clark)

John Edwards and John Kerry did great at JJ dinner

Deleted message

DU Researchers get Props on Al Giordano's Blog (Huge Audience))

I am so proud to be a Democrat

CNN is doing a Kennedy trash piece.

'Progressives' might be wise to pay attention: FTAA and SOA protests

Civil Liberties Under Siege in Miami - an open letter by a Miami resident

Question for BBV folks

Question For Those Who Do NOT Support Howard Dean

Anybody partaking in the London protests this week?

Dean on CNN: None of them asked questions BEFORE they voted on IWR

Have any of you heard of ...

Zell Miller Sucks

CBC TV alert: Was first moon landing fake? (Of course not, but...)

Honk if you're not an "INSIDER" but support Clark

They brought CBS to It's knees- now they're testing Disney...

Do you fantasize about drafting young chickenhawks?

If you hear a big BANG! in FL on Tuesday they're just testing another MOAB

NY Times review of the Jefferson-Jackson dinner

The Most Evil Neo-Con site on the Web

Who do you think will be the next First Lady?

Stan Goff, An Open Letter to GIs in Iraq

Iraq: Escalating guerrilla attacks feed fears of new Vietnam

US occupation of Iraq will end on June 30, 2004(US troops will be invited)

BBC (Sunday): US turns heat on Iraq insurgents

New tape from Saddam (and two loud explosions in Baghdad)

U.S.'s Snow: France Could Help to Ease Iraq Debt

(Bush* admin authorizes) Delivering people into the hands of torturers

Bush to keep distance from protests on London trip

Fund spotlight shines on Schwab (scandal investigation)

Wounded U.S. soldiers travel many tough paths to recovery

'You're Lucky to Be Free' - Bush Tells Protesters

Nasiriya bombing toll rises (another Italian dies of his wounds)

British Olympic hope 'was Iraq suicide bomber'

Blair takes on Bush visit critics ( BARF Alert)

Suspected Rebels Toss Grenades in Bogota Nightclub District, Injuring Doze

FREE TRADE Critics: Local powers at stake

Allies split over Iraq pull-out

Actor at center stage in his biggest role yet (Schwarzenegger)

Democrat Blanco Wins La. Governor's Race

French woman working for U.N. killed in Afghanistan

My Husband Died in Vain: What One British Widow Will Tell Mr. Bush

Deal 'in Principle' for Medicare Plan to Cover Drug Costs

India Grapples with Changes in the Kashmir Insurgency

Explosions Rock Bogota Nightclub District

Cheney ignored war chaos alert

WP Sunday: CIA Finds No Evidence Hussein Sought to Arm Terrorists

Iraqis doubt transition plan will end US control


Bush Praises Tentative Medicare Drug Deal

Blame Israel, says Red Cross as it ends food aid for West Bank

Amputee soldiers ponder bitter-sweet price of survival

Nellie Connaly (widow of John ) on JFK assass.: Cspan2 NOW

US Forces Fire Missile on Iraqi Militant Facility

Troops pull bodies from U.S. choppers

QUEEN'S TV IS TOTALLY BUSHED - Because of Bush visit

Alleged Saddam tape urges 'road of Jihad'

US Sets Terms for Freeing Guantanamo Swede-Report

Seniors to join in protest during Free Trade Area of the Americas

One in 3 calls Bush 'stupid' (The Straits Times)

Battle of the Liebermans

UK Police Reverse Ban on Anti-Bush Protesters

Bush Considers Steel Tariffs Response

Serbia poll fails again - monitors

Soldier given hero's farewell

Man fights bear and lives

Jordan Gets First Iraqi Oil Since War

Japan calls on US to reduce bases

Is Anyone Watching the Iraqi Media Network?

Bush mourns Americans killed in helicopter crash in Iraq

Backed by president, Brazil leans away from Microsoft

Blair Ally in Poll Threat to Bush*

Insult to the dead (The luxurious imprisonment of the Lockerbie bomber)

Bush-Cheney training activists for the 2004 Florida campaign

Protests greet Rumsfeld in South Korea

Council aims to cut role of US troops

Yemen frees 92 'repentant' al-Qaeda followers

U.S. army bombards targets near Saddam's hometown

Baghdad suffers broad blackout

Fla. Dems Reject Presidential Straw Poll

Sen. McCain Supporters Campaign For Lieberman

U.S creates Arab TV network to boost image

Kentucky community hit hard by helicopter deaths over two weeks copes....

AP Exclusive: Top Iraqi Scientist Flees (To Iran)

France Comments on Iraq Power Transfer


WP: Protests Loom in London for Visit by Bush

Attacks against US forces in Iraq endanger Bush's re-election:expert

C-SPAN Interview with Micheal Moore NOW - Sunday, 8:00 ET.

Europeans Vindicated But Fearful About Iraq

Blair Pays Price for Supporting Iraq War

It Was a Good Idea at the Time (*'s trip)

Gold edges closer to key $400 mark as dollar continues to slip

Al-Qaeda 'claims Turkey bombings'

Activist accuses Bush of betraying public (Will Pitt)

Al Qaeda warns of Tokyo attack: report

US and UK Officials Dread Presidential Trip

Witness Says Missile Caused US Helicopter Crash

rumsfeld Rules Out Early Iraq Withdrawal

Clark's Stepbrother Surprised by Tie

Bush: Saddam Won't Drive U.S. from Iraq

US pressures Fiji for Iraqi troops

Bush Says U.S. Would Wage War Again to Make World Safe

Survey of Arab-Americans sets off disputes

US agrees to international control of its troops in Iraq

Ted Kennedy Remembers His Slain Brothers

His Policies Aside, Many Voters Back the Personality in Chief

'Shoot-to-kill' demand by US

BREAKING: Wesley Clark to testify against Milosevic in December

DU is too white!

My brother hired a really horrible contractor.

President Baby - Funny!

The new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club album

SNL just starting in Fargo/Grand Forks/Alexandria/Thief River Falls Market

Nice fog here in Grand Forks

Lounge Lizards...Please vote in CNN poll

It's a good day in Louisiana!

Anyone living in a co-op or involved in setting one up?

Any fans of 'Zelda: The Wind Waker' here?

Beware, the, almighty, comma


wow gay sex on SNL

Isn't Brian Eno incredible?

Guess what I had for dinner

Bill O'Reilly supported locally by Infiniti of Mission Viejo, CA

What would the Victorians have made of the internet.. *caution

Bill Hicks is on TRIO on at 1:30am

Try this quickly, just for fun :-)

Tonight on "The Process": Jim Jones, the Cure, Kiling Joke, and more

The Rebel Flag is not about White Supremacy.

my buddies computer sucks...I'm hiding out here inthe c-room

A question for writers

Minnesota duers

Should I post all YUoshida's letters?

What a good morning!

That knockout punch made my day! Thanks DU! Keep that on the screen

Ok seriously, here's a health test...

Some photoshops from b3ta.. Bush's "visit" to UK

I gave to DU and I feel good

About to watch "House of 1000 Corpses" (plus cool new smiley!)

Is it just me, or is anyone else just loving watching * get smacked

That Right Eye Is Pretty Black And Blue, How About A Shot The Left Eye?

Caller just plugged DU on CSPAN

For politicians who decide what the laws are...

sanguine/sanguinary and psychic are people too!

Your greatest air guitar influence?

Without Googling The Answer....

Car Talk on NPR....I missed the answer to the Puzzler...Anybody get it?

Have you seen this pic of Gov. Dean?

Oh, NPR... why must you torture me so?

Cartoons... for Sunday morning.

Help - I need biorhythm/internal clock suggestions

Freeper Dentures

Do long URLs drive ya nuts?

Does.. Eagleberger on CNN now irritate anyone else when he's on TV?

Satellite TV: need some help

someone hacked into my web site & deleted my files

Science Fictionish Poll

Dan Rather says...


The Amazing Dancing Doggie

New Bush Drinking Game

Things Bush should not say to the Queen at a State Banquet.

Only on DU !

OMG I'm watching the BBC Bush interview

7th_Sephiroth Daily poll Thanksgiving

The Lord's Prayer: Trespasses or debts?

Favourite Canadian DUer

Get rid of that Bush!

How's My New Sig Line?

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

I got my first locked thread!

For those who don't know ... Khephra is an Angel

What ever happened to Rob Lowe's series?

Redskins VS Panthers Game Thread


Anyone catch "Elegant Universe" in PBS?

The Browns...

It would be so much easier to be a Republican

What's it like to be an Eskimo in Jamaca?

I predict a Bengals victory

How about them Eagles

Which State Has The Best Flag

Locke's Apocalypse to the Democratic Underground

Anybody have any episodes of "The Lone Gunmen" or "The State" to trade?

Does anyone here have a Live Journal?

Only 68 freeper posts making fun of Hillary's looks? They're slipping...

DU is not being fair and balanced

The post of the day from FREEPER land.....Get out your barf bags!

I Happen to like Alec Baldwin!

New take on globalization

Has DU Ever Helped Change Your Mind On An Issue?

Who is a musician here, and what do you play

How many of you have read "Flan" by Stephen Tunney?

That's not a movie man, that's a test pattern

Congratulations to Kasparov

Man fights bear while going over Niagara Falls on red bicycle.

Which country has the best national anthem???

Bengals v.s. Chiefs official game thread

This is really, really good!

The Vikings are playing up to their usual quality today...

wuz we robbed?

At what point should threads be locked

Quick Question?

Who has signed up to be an organ donor?

One of my favorite message boards has banned political discussion..

Will the Vikings make it to the playoffs this year?

michael moore on "The Simpsons" tonight

Can Doug Flutie work that magic a second week?

Best non-meat meat

You've won this round, Windows solitaire...

Bengals beat KC???

is anyone else having trouble posting?

Donation question, minimum?


Do you have any superstitions?

Hey Bucs fans! PPBBLLTT!

New rant on my site

How often do you get deja vu?

should you have the chance?

Michael Moore on the Simpsons tonight

Will the Vikings make it to the playoffs this year?

new Opus and Bill the cat cartoon strip

Chicago DU'ers Jewel is running some misleading ADS


A blurb about the news in Japan...

OMG! My boyfriend saved 3 people this morning!

Question for heterosexual male DUers....

Bears lost again

Will the Bengals make it to the playoffs?

Edmonton wins the Grey Cup

Can you get busted for Attending Class if you owe money?

What's it like to be white in China?

As a straight guy I gotta say this out loud

The American Music Awards...


sanguine/sanguinary and psychic (vampires)

One More Democrat in Arizona

Today, I saw "The Laramie Project" at a GLBT film festival

Edmund E. Zitkus - born November 16, 1920, died October 13, 1991

My work week: Big Gay Santa with a Tongue Stud (and nose piercing)

Raised by Wolves commercial -- help me with it.

Vandross Wins Two American Music Awards

Who is your fave Dem governor of Vermont from the 1990's?

Driving through Southern Georgia

"The Cat in the Hat"

Colin Powell reveals he teaches sexual abstinence to girls

What's for supper tonight ?

Students stood and admired sculpture of hanging corpse. Wasn't a sculpture

Coyote Waits on PBS Mystery now

Absolutely baffled by a commercial I just saw on t.v.

Help me finish this parody before Ah-nuld's Inauguration...

spend any time in an aol chatroom? Here's the translator!!

What do you think of Clark on Meet the Press

Do you like The Lone Gunmen or The State?

Making a FOOL out of your self on DU

Apparition de l'église éternelle - favorite Messiaen organ piece?

Dating, Love At First Sight, Body Types....

Is it wrong to have a "type" of person you're attracted to?

If JFK's Murder Was A Conspiracy, Why Didn't Jackie O Speak Out?

Ladies, how old is too old for you?

Did anyone go to The Carnivale tonight? (Spoiler Alerts)

Confirmed: Farscape Miniseries on the Way!

Okay the REAL CFL Grey CUp thread

What's the normal duration that you've had a cold???

How do you start Dating again after 10 years?

That's it I'm giving up red meat.

Should Jonathan Frakes star in the Al Gore Story (with LynnSyn)

How often do you get Deja Vu?

Cigarette, Cigar, Reefer smokers check in

Does Marion, Alabama have a strong homosexual preference?

emoticons to represent the Democratic candidates

What's it like to be an atheist in America?

Remember that Adam "Yoshidiot" Yoshida guy I've mentioned a bit?

Laura Bush's fashion sense not just ridiculed on DU

Would it be crass to sell a Gift?

1984 Democratic Primary: Who would you have voted for?

Since We're All Talking About Religion Today...

How many of you have READ the Koran?

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?

Let's hear it for the Tin man.

Crappy movie alert - The Transporter

I need PC help, QUICK!

"He's a judge now, every 4th of July he shoots out my porch light"

TV series on DVD - how much is a fair price, are they currently too high?

Just broke 700 posts

Your greatest guitar influence?

Favourite Kids In the Hall skit

What kind of body of water do you prefer?

Which country has the best national anthem???

HOME THEATER / Electronic Geeks, HELP ME OUT please???

How many/much "spam" do you get in a typical day ?

I'm New! Look At Me! I want attention!!

How popular is your name. Check out this website.

Cold Case Files

I feel like Molly Ringwald in 16 candles!

Greatest American car ever?

The Beatles Let It Be Naked, Concert For George and Other Tuesday Releases

An ann coulter doll

of, by, and for the CAPTION

Anybody Else Seen "Master and Commander" Yet?

The Sports Illustrated cover jinx lives!

My surreal total freak-out moment of the week...

Sir CAPTIONS with love

There are those that are adventuresome in eating, the rest meat and

I am now in the Atlanta Area

Some Awesome DUer Bought me a Star- so I donated $8.00

somebody gave me a star!

Who should Gore have selected in 2000 for Vice President?

How many of you have READ the bible?

What is the greatest football game of all time?

Anyone here try the RAW diet?

Hey Ladies...what kind of man do you look for?

What is it like to be white in America?

Let's hear it for the thin women!

I zinged a conservative tonight.

Poll: The oldest living religion?

Help! My Dryer Won't Work

My sister, who works at Denny's got stabbed by a rabid

Boston DUers...anybody interested in planning a Christmas party...?

What misuses of the English language bother you the most?

Okay Michigan and Ohio States fans - represent

An L.F. rundown on real vampire.

Who is most evil?

2004: Wishful Thinking? (Newsweek - Fineman's Hillary Scenario)

Salon: "Welcome to Vietnam, Mr. President"

Only 68 freeper posts making fun of Hillary's looks? They're slipping...

Driving through Southern Georgia

TBTM Radio #19: 'From 'Smoking Gun' to Smoke & Mirrors'

Did Anybody Watch Blanco's Speech Sunday Morning.

Peter Werbe going after Rush now ... bigtime

Did all of you get your Bush photo?

CNN has a documentary on now about JFK's assassination.

"Your daddy died so you can have freedom"

What should be made of the Bush-Nazi story? A Must read.

Dean Supporters Take it right to Bush in Crawford, Texas....

Osama bin Laden Denies Being Behind 911 Attacks - September 16, 2001

let's start an email campaign to convince O'Reilly to run for president

So what's John Edward's stance on the issues we all care about?

Socially conservative, fiscally liberal

Bush signed Bill to change votling law?

Meet the Press Replay with Clark on at 12:00 a.m. CST on CNBC

Clark is "running to bring the Democratic Party together."

One more left/progressive radio voice...

where can I find info about state spending caps during the primaries?

Freepers Admit War was Started for Oil

Verify the vote- is your Senator on this list?

AP Exclusive: Top Iraqi Scientist Flees

U.S. Strikes Alleged Iraq Training Base

British Guantanamo prisoners set to be tried in US

UK man on the run after exposing bugging in Pak mission

China blunt on U.S.-Taiwan stance

CA DU Meetup at Hermosa Beach Friday night

Time for a new Sealab 2021!

Hehe... spot what's wrong with this popup!

Catch tonight's new Sealab 2021 later tonight if you can

do you have oneirogmophobia?

This is key... K.. K104. Jersey's Kickin' Country!!! (Adult Swim Thread)

more vintage wolf speak

They brought Santa to his knees -- now they're testing Britney

Who would you have voted for in the 1980 Democratic Primary?

Hubby 6 days from leave , hospitalised with disease.. then a wreck

album cover art that never was . . .

What's it like to be Stupid in America?

Favorite dead Sopranos character?

Green Eggs and Howard Dean!

Nightly Michigan joke