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Archives: November 15, 2003

Spinning in their graves

Free Speech Zone established in remote, sparsely populated location

National Journal: The French Were Right

Nicholas D. Kristof: A Scary Afghan Road

'My Cambodian Moment': The truth in Iraq

Chris Floyd - The Inhuman Stain

Thou Shall Question Authority?

E Partridge's article.....

Hilarious "Letter to the Editor in The Nation"

Why Americans are turning to the doctor. Good article on Dean.

Salon: Selling Pvt. Lynch

BBV-In Elk River, it's the Election Day that wouldn't end

Smiling Faces. Absolutely worth checking this out.

Berlusconi: "I knew the war was a bad idea ..."

Crossfire Transcript on war goals of“Heads I golf-Tails I fundraise” Pres.

"Red Pepper" the UK Anti-War Group Discusses Bush Visit!

If Bush were a Flying Wallenda, he'd be dead now.

"Relax, Celebrate Victory," By Richard Perle 05/02/03

After 5 Years, Davis Leaves a Lasting Imprint

Stronger and more deadly, the terror of the Taliban is back

An Open Letter to GIs in Iraq - Hold On to Your Humanity (Counterpunch)

My latest mini-epistle to Smirk

Condi Rice: "Nothing has changed."

9/11 panel access will be limited

Bill Press: Let us honor our heroes, not hide them

Analysis: Is U.S. tech self-destructing?

It's going to get hellishly hot around here

GAO report: Some Army troops unpaid for weeks, denied medical care

This is your talk show host on drugs

Blumner: Bush's arrogance starting to show beneath presidential suit

Unrepentant Bush-Hater

Angels, Reagan and AIDS in America - Frank Rich

Huntsville, AL -- chance to support young Dems

Howard Dean is coming to Houston!

11/17 - Protest Cheney in Buffalo New York

Wesley Clark curbside rally - Tampa, FL 11/29

Protest Bill O'Reilly in San Francisco 11/20

PICKET WAL-MART NOV 28th: Buy Local, Boycott WalMart

Closing the School of the Americas!!

Globalization Über Alles

Marines started Cali wildfire?

A true story

'The Wal-Mart You Don't Know'

Herring Communicate by Flatulence, Study Says

Bush Administration Stumbles on Arsenic Pollution — Again

Putin tightens iron fist on Russia's elite classes

Anyone see the piece on CNN about the injured soldier?

Justifiable Homocides

Are the administrators getting heavy-handed?

I sponsored mitchtv -- can you contact him directly to get his addy

Are News Stories About the 'Drug War' to be Relegated to the Lounge?

Could the new rule against posting about TV shows be added to written ones

Anyone who would say "Protesters are lucky they weren't shot!"

I think everyone wants to be sure they're obeying the rules :)

What happened with the $2000 challenge?

How long does it take for my star to arrive?

I'm sorry I could not contribute

Arsonists torch Jewish school near Paris

Another call for liberation...

Ex-Security Chiefs Turn on Sharon

Revisionist Thoughts on the War on Iraq ...

Settlements endanger Israel's future, US diplomat warns...

Olive tree "tragedy" a farce

4 Israeli Ex-Security Chiefs Denounce Sharon's Hard Line - NYT

The General as Pseudo-Dove

A Good Divorce -New, tough plan for Middle East peace (Geneva)

Senate Finance Committee to probe Ford’s link with anti-Israel hate groups

US: Settlements Must End To Retain Jewish State

Ex-security chiefs chide Israel

I think this weekends targeting of Jewish Sites, is a foreboding of things

What does Europe want from the Jews?

Suicide attacks at Istanbul synagogues; 15 killed

Blame Israel, says Red Cross as it ends food aid for West Bank

Israeli army kills youth in West Bank demo

Blame Israel, says Red Cross as it ends food aid for West Bank

An important note on the Pentagon debate

Operation Holy Tuesday

Flight 93 - Pennsylvania Poll

Flight 77 - Pentagon Poll

Edwards doing well in recent NC poll

Governor Dean on Prescription Drug Bill

Kerry, Jeffords blast Bush over environmental issues

If you want to follow the money-

Kerry joins Dean in skipping public funds

Blanco Wins La. Governor's Race

North Carolina poll – Edwards (43), Dean (25); everyone else single digits

New CBS News Poll: Dean and Gephardt lead nationally

Dean slow to answer Kerry's challenge

Clark is the object of Right Wing attacks...

Kerry Takes on Bush Polluter Pleasers

How in the hell is Howard Dean Ralph Nader's gift to the Dems?

Justice- Why I suppport Dennis Kucinich

With Blanco winning, who thinks John Breaux will be running again?

Edwards' Floor Statement on Republican Filibuster

Kucinich & Glover video

Social Programs under Dean

Ever have one of those days...where you want to

Al Queda, "Terror Attack Against the U.S. With 100,000 Deaths is Imminent"

Clark's First Televised Ad to Highlight War Record

Stewart Udall - What an Amazing Man

MSNBC has been on a troubling "positive media" approach all week. Look

Ok Democrats is this a reasonable green party election strategy?

Question concerning what was most likely to cast a pall over everyone's

Neil Cavuto: Cordially speaking, I hate you (I hate you too Neil)

Considering how OIL is the economic lifeblood of Calgary and

"Bush hatred". . .

wierd Diebold sighting...

fighting them there ---- where civilian life means little to *

Was Zell Miller ever elected to the Senate?

North Carolina poll – Edwards (43), Dean (25); everyone else single digits

Mayor Nagin should be kicked out of the DNC!!!!!!!!!

Southern expert Zell "Go Bush!" Miller in trouble for embracing lynching

failed...I couldn't get my college to abandon Operation Christmas Child..

Hey, they came out with the new "Harry Potter" trailer

Ah. Now I get it; they're all high.

Is it time to bring back "White House In Crisis" as a news show theme?

Nuclear weapons lab's keys are lost

Howard Dean now available on DVD

If Limbaugh gets caught again with 1000 street pills?

There is a panel on CSpan 1 about Free Trade: Also some heated words after

CSpan Thread 1 : Talkin' bout Steel Tarrifs

US Sgt in Iraq: "You want me to hit her? I can slap her right now!"

Disinfranchising Democrats

Washington Journal 11/16/03 9:00AM (ET) Richard Perel

Sen Miller laughing it up with Sen. Lindsay & Scarborough

"Senator, that IS the nominee!"

Iraqi women describe horrors of war

Democratic Dating Service

Once again, Osama and Saddam are important as props in phony war...

Beware of Kahn in 2004...

15 lbs of cocaine shipped to Mississippi school for the 2nd time in a week

Healthcare Reform in Maine dropped the Bush performance rating link

How do they rate??

MSNBC Breaking: Explosion in Baghdad - Iraqi Council Press Conf. Cancelled

Top Ten Ways Bush Screws The Earth

DAILY DRAFT NOTICE #2 - Uncle Sam Wants You! To Make the World Safe for

Clark supporters be strong!

New Bush Iraq polilcy -------All Politics all the time

government outsourcing costs more

If There Is Obvious Voter Fraud In The 2004 Election

7-year old kids are pretty smart

Another good analysis by Josh Marshall at TPM...

Working Families Party makes Its' Mark

Interesting NYT Article On The Iowa Campaign Subculture

History repeating itself - The Neo-Gilded Age

LA election in a few hours...

John Edwards' Floor Statement on the Republican Filibuster

Perot for President?

Walmart is mandating "RFID" usage by its suppliers.

The Wisconsin National Guard is hiring

Just looking over some old CNN articles

LA Status report: Are Nagin's thugs screwing over Blanco in New Orleans?

$57,000 dollars an hour.

School book fair loaded with right wing books!

first school dance in 143 yrs. - Billy Graham's school

from the December, 2003, Harper's Index . . .

Hate Mail - Parental Advisor - Feel The Love

yo! Georgie!! here's a little preview of your UK reception....

Uniter not divider ad to counter "Bush hatred" TP

CNN poll--will Iraqis be ready to govern by next summer?

Pentagon Plans Iraq TV Channel

My Head Is Spinning -- Bush PR Blitzkreig is ON!!

What ever happened to TYBOB

A possible semi-rosy outlook on 2004?

David Brooks counsels Democrats to be nice.

U.S. to End Iraq Administration by June

We get the point. Polls are useless indicators and

Why Do We Need So Many Clark-Dean Polls?

"Big Brother" only wants to help you.

Is It Important To Have Experience If You're Running For Political Office

Is It Serenity... Or Prozac ??? And Why Is This Bugging Me So ??

What happened to the $4 billion?

Steal these: handouts for black box voting activities

Denial in Minnesota

Compare this...Making barrier walls is the fastest-growing business in

Ashcroft is having Greenpeace charged as a "criminal conspiracy"

Progress in Iraq (11/15): 13 DEAD and counting...

"Polls are the standardised test"

Ambassador Bremer and Conflicts of Interest

many Clark television appearances this week

Isn't getting voter turnout the REAL issue?

Koppel Clobbered Cheney on Nightline (transcript excerpts)

Why is Ahmed Chalabi in this picture?

the Brits on Smirk - some interesting FACTS - some I didn't even know

Are there too many frivolous polls on DU?

American expatriates to lead the protests against Bush in London

FOX talking about the Osama / Saddam Memo

If :puke: Jindal beats Blanco, would you feel more confident in...

Army times: Insurgents may have advanced anti-armor RPG

an "Unprecedented" evening in Brooklyn...

Yet Another Milestone for the Dean Campaign

More attention being paid to JFK shooting than to 9/11 tragedy

The PHONEY Iraq Bin Laden memo

Closing the School of the Americas!!

What Alex Cockburn says about Clinton & Dean

Question About The Senate

US will hand over power to a new transitional Iraqi government by June '04

EXCLUSIVE: A-Rod seems to be a republican, or atleast support Bush

If the Saddam -bin Laden memo is true, Bush lied

The Money Map -- very cool analysis tool

Time for a Name Change: Operation Iron Boomerang

Is it just me, or does Dean seem like a bit of a...

DU military-types: back me up on this helo crash...

The ol' gray mare and I have voted for Blanco and now

Gallup Poll: Clark most favorable across party lines

FOX going after CNN?

The Wal-Mart You Don't Know

Zogby Poll: Dean Does Best Among Independents & Southerners

Revisiting the lifetime appointment of judges.

"Unfortunately, many liberals and progressives fall into the trap...

When do the polls close in LA?

Marist Poll: Clark Stacks Up Worst Against Bush

the official Jefferson-Jackson Dinner prediction thread

Brookings Institute creates Iraqi Index

Hispanics kept from voting - Calif

Schwarzenegger's afer-school program ... it never happened

Zell: Democrats "lynching" judges

Updating the CIA World Factbook for Iraq

Live On MSNBC- Frank Luntz And David Drier Pimping The Arnold

So...NewsMax says Mohammed Atta met with Hussein's agents...

Helicopter Trifecta

"Academics captured by leftists"

Today's CNN Poll

BBV: Court Hearing on Electronic Voting Company's Threats Against Critics

Anti-Semitism and Soros.

Why do they want a "democracy" in Iraq? Why not a "republic"?

2 choppers down in Iraq

Mosely-Braun's top campaign advisors resign

Fox says Twelve coalition soldiers were killed ( I don't get it?)

Louisana Election nerves

new CBS News poll results

Even among our own, there is a vast level of stupidity and ignorance :(

Why is Donna Brazil still around?

Just say No-vember. Can we call it the "Coattrition Force" now?

US Sergeant in Iraq: "You want me to hit her? I can slap her right now!"

Bush does not chop wood at his Crawford Pig-Farm- he "clears brush"

Pravda on WOT - "old wine in a new bottle"

Neil Cavuto: Cordially speaking, I hate you (Yeah, I hate you too Neil)

Democrat Congressmen getting creamed

Does religious right support Bush interview in topless tabloid?

I mailed a fruitcake to a soldier in Iraq

3 mil, 3.5 mil jobs lost ? Can anyone answer this damn question?

Isn't Louisiana having a Gubernatorial election tonight?

Helen Thomas to be interviewed at 10 PM ET Sat on CNN


Electability issue: Compare Gore '00 with Dean '03

Watch LA election returns at this link:

NY Times covers Frist's online poll shenanigans

Fox News lies about ABC News Primetime Live

Pros and Cons: the DLC

Hillary speaking live now on CNN (in Iowa)

Democratic Candidates for President on CSPAN!

Official Guy James Show thread!! Please keep kicked!

Unnamed Democrat tops Bush 43-41%

America's Most Wanted(FOX) vs. BFEE?

What one British widow will tell Mr Bush this week ...

What Do You Mean, Minority Party?

Louisiana Gubernatorial Results

good blog post from John Hlinko @ the Clark campaign

Mexico: "gradual legalization" of drugs

Blanco! Blanco!! Blanco!! Here's hoping Blanco wins... 56% right now.

Edwards is sitting with a large Confederate flag unfurled in front of him

Roy Moore is on a roll.

Primer on Douglas FEITH - Faux's So-called "Smoking Gun"

Louisiana Election Returns- Thread #2

Bush's Schedule For Visit To Britian

We can only be a strong party when we take back the word "Liberal"

Any fraud in RI's 2002 gubernatorial election?

Words from the front lines.

The Dean phenomena

Louisiana Election Returns- Thread #3

CSPAN --- Jefferson-Jackson Dinner @ 9PM ET (Thread #2)

Was the Vietnam War a "Holy War?"

CNN declaring Blanco the winner

I just debated a wingnut about overtime

why does Louisiana have elections on Saturdays?

interesting quote on FreeRepublic

Edwards is my favorite but I’m gonna go Dean or Clark.

Is it better for Dems to have election on Satuday rather than Tuesday?

New gallup poll...Clark matches up best against Bush* --- Dean worst

Howard Dean and Iraq this summer


Reminder: Mario Cuomo was #1 at this time in '91.

CSPAN Question: Is Iraq ready for self-government?

How Saddam Could Have Stopped the War

Today's Dem Presidential Nominee Straw Poll

Is It Hypocritical To Believe In Campaign Finance Reform...

what will it take for Mcauliffe to resign?

Were the copters hit by RPG's or did they crash?

Jimmy Carter's son endorses DEAN for President

argument with a "NON-VOTER"

You MUST read what the right is doing to education in Minnesota...

L. Paul Bremer Triplicated- Sunday News Shows

Fox has been in an uproar for sometime now.......

Morman Movie...WTF is this?

MSNBC shows homecoming of fallen Italians

Did you see Jessica Lynch on Letterman

Dear Judith

Who Thinks Another Dean-Clark Showdown Poll Is Necessary?

Lyndon Larouche has raised more money than Dennis Kucinich

What did Huey Long do that was so bad?

Louisiana Election Returns- Thread #4

Spat on Vietnam Veterans? I think we were lied to on The Guy James Show.

The late stages of our current psychosis

Should Clark supporters hope for a Gephardt victory in Iowa?

Bush readies DRAFT, reduces time to activate SSS from 8 mos to 75 days!

Erase Your Student Loans the Howard Dean Way

what issues are important to Southerners?

This is Saddam's war now......the way he planned it: Scott Ritter, others

"Nazism thrived not because most Germans were evil but because...

Mary Landrieu for Vice President?

WHOA, did you hear that on CSPAN?

Nigerian email conmen fall into their targets' net *this is funny!*

I cynically say that Hillary should not be in Iowa tonight

How does Bush* know God is on his side?

Showdown straw poll-Dean or Clark?

20 dead - 300 wounded; 12 dead - 25 injured; 17 dead - 6 wounded;smile

NEW VIDEO - "Cocaine Coda" / Perle! Jesus! George! Guns!

We have the TRUTH. We got it on the Net.

What Will We Say When Jindal Beats Blanco?

John Kerry made history yesterday

Kerry On Bush, Gore, and The War On Drugs

What is Bush's Biggest lie?

The Dean Deception

It has come to this...

Is Dean putting power in the hands of the people, really?

Soldiers sent to Iraq despite failing drug tests

CSPAN will be broadcasting the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner @ 7:30

The Nixons in Venezuela - a howling mob almost killed them

Some lighter fare : 238 online reviews of DU :)

We can get involved in the Protests in England

Death penalty - your thoughts?

Why Wesley Clark Is A Liberal - And Electable Too

Dr. Howard Dean helps man having seizure.....

Congrats to KATHLEEN BLANCO, the new governor of Louisiana...

Green pulls ahead of Dem in SF Mayoral runoff race - 1st Green Mayor?

Ashcroftian Excess: US Sent "Terror Suspect" to Syria for Torture

Stop thinking like targets and start thinking like aggressors

Dave's Top 10 - Limbaugh Not Ready to Come Back to Work

The Wal-Martization of America

DU: You've Done It! 1000 Donations!

Are any DU'ers in the know about the amount of worldwide terrorism?

"Direct Action Gets The Goods"

Meet The Press heads up- The General is IN- Sunday on MTP

What is it like to be black in America?

DU SCOOP! (must read) $28 Million to get DRAFT READY BY JUNE 15, 2005!!

Deleted message

Salvage teams swarm over southern China mine

Al Franken just showed up on Letterman

Stunning arrogance

Singapore says to keep troops in Iraq (All 192 of them)

Spinning in their graves

Four more Americans killed in Iraq

FREE TRADE, Officials, groups prepare to lend aid

Republicans Agree on a Sweeping Energy Bill

.C. is state hit hardest, study says

Legislation Would Set Rules for Grid

Families of soldiers who died in Iraq condemn President

U.S. War Dead in Iraq Exceeds Early Vietnam Years

Homicide car bombing in Turkey kill 17

Bush ally mixes charity and politics (Tom Delay and Frist too)

US Aims to End Iraq Occupation by June

President of Georgia Pleads for Calm as Protests Grow - NYT

U.S. Is Set to Return Power to Iraqis as Early as June

Billionaires Aren't Targets, Putin Tells Russian Group - NYT

San Diego Fire Warnings Were Repeatedly Ignored

EX- Security Chiefs Turn on Sharon

Three U.S. soldiers refuse to plead to charges of abusing Iraqi prisoners

U.S. Soldier Becomes 400th Killed in Iraq

Forest Service Outraged by Loss of Jobs

Blast Heard in Baghdad, Smoke Near US Compound

Bush's Trip Comes at Bad Time for U.S., British Leaders

Arson damages Jewish boys' high school in France

U.S. Soldier Dies in Eastern Afghanistan

U.S. Occupation to End by June After Selection of Transitional Administrat

US Special Operations Soldier Killed, Another Wounded in East Afghanistan

High-tech devices monitor product from manufacturer's headquarters

Industry tax breaks fill GOP energy bill

Bush Administration Stumbles on Arsenic Pollution — Again

Two US helicopters crash in Mosul

al-Qaida Seeks Uncoventional Weapons Use (says UN panel)

Two U.S. Helicopters Crash in Iraq (collided in mid-air.

MSNBC shows homecoming of fallen Italians

Judge Rules Top Saudis Cannot Be Sued for 9/11

Democrats gear up for fund-raiser with Sen Hillary Clinton [IOWA 77 hours]

Britain Reportedly Raises Terror Alert

U.S. to End Iraq Administration by June

Bush Rape Accuser Dead of Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound

National Guard Prepares for Long Haul

Newsmax: CIA Bombshell: Saddam Financed Lead 9/11 Hijacker

Bush Admin: Economic interests are equal to Endangered species.

12 Die in Queen Mary 2 Gangway Collapse

Poll: Gonzalez, Newsom virtually tied (SF Mayoral Election-Green in lead!)

Two U.S. Helicopters Down in Iraq, at Least 17 Dead

US to Allow British Firms to Bid for Iraq Contracts:Report

Murdoch Breaks Denmark Radio Monopoly

Tony-Winning Actress Dorothy Loudon Dies at age 70

Bush's Schedule For Visit To Britian

Bush honors NU essayist

Intelligence Report Links Saddam, Usama

Anti-war pupils to face crackdown

NG Soldiers Sent Overseas Despite Positive Drug Tests

Report: Perle Didn't Violate Ethics Rules

Report: Synagogue Blast in Istanbul Kills 11

Berlin Contradicts EU's Solana on Iraq

American Expatriates to Lead the Protests Against Bush

Schwarzeneger faces many obstacles to fulfilling bold agenda for state gov

cheney ignored war chaos alert

Energy Bill Makes MTBE Waiver Retroactive ( we should have guess this

Blanco becomes state's first woman governor

Indian-American Candidate for US State Govornor Draws Worldwide Attention

Judge: Saudis Beyond Reach of U.S. Courts

On FAUX NOW -- Saddam Supported Al Queda for ten years -- evidence n/t

Iraq - Military train derails

Bush's flying circus leaves out only the kitchen sink

'Enormous security' planned for Bush visit

Inmate suing state department of corrections

WWL-TV New Orleans (CBS) Calls Blanco on web site

Reward set for cat killers $10,000 offered to find shooters in Napa

Families await word after Iraq crash

Clark's Ad Emphasizes Military Years


Former CBS Head, Laurence Tisch, dead at age 80

Maryland GOP Kicks Out Old Latino Group

DoD Statement on News Reports of al-Qaida and Iraq ...

Secret payments report fuels Hollinger crisis (RW owner Jerusalem Post)

Bush and Blair agree Iraq exit plan to end occupation

Laura Bush Says Iraq War Necessary

Bush to Take on Critics in TV Interview

Prez in Topless Tabloid

Police arrest 5 anti-FTAA protesters

Dean Asks Congress To Reject Energy Bill, Crony Capitalism; Calls for ‘New

Attorney General Defends Patriot Act (to the Federalist Society)

Stop bullying: India to US

For Middle Class, Health Insurance Becomes a Luxury

Over one third of Brits think Bush is stupid

a peanut butter poll

Al Franken just showed up on Letterman

Al Franken just did Paul Schaeffer's James Brown schtick on Letterman

I need an Intervention

Eliott Smith fans: XO or Either/Or?

Jessica Lynch coming up on Letterman

Healthcare or health care?

How do you put someone on Ignore?

Was it a good week or bad week for Bush and co.?

Does anyone else think OK will score more than 100 pts tomorrow?

Okay that guy was right...Say hello to our newest DUer

Here is where I am right now ... my mountain house.

Your thoughts on Bush's war on terrorism

Is Shawnee Smith fine or not?

ads for History Channel's JFK show heard on Savage Weiner & OxyRush

I dunno . . . maybe if we all chipped in . . .

That's what best friends are for....

Lynch on Dave right now

DU history in tapestry??


Love Kucinich? I Mean, Really Love Kucinich?

This place is deader than four oclock AM

Sing along with me!

Which Star Trek (tm) Doctor is better:

New Iraqi Freedom T- shirt (joke alert)

Any LSU fans here?

Massive mooning (bare bum) campaign planned by British to mar photo-ops

I'm watching "The Big Lebowski" on DVD ask me anything?

Web sites like this drive me crazy!

Michigan beats Ohio State!

The Chimp couldn't pay to get this kind of acclamation

Deer walked by my house with an orange collar on it?

Watch The Elegant Universe (3 hours) available online!

Favorite Black Comedy

I'm going to overheat my teflon wok and watch my pet bird die!

Did we grow up watching gay characters on TV?

It is 11:00 AM Do you know where your Skinners are with the updates

Would you say this is discrimination?

Let me sponsor you!

3 wins = Ohio State in National Championship

I'm getting harrassing phone calls for someone else

when will someone make a george bush whistle-ass whistle?

I love hard boiled eggs but they burn my mouth and are too damned crunchy

Jim Hightower's speech was incredible!

If we can't have sex threads, then can we have...

My thanks to the generousity of the family of DU

I hate M & M's

34616 user registrations since January 2001 - so where y'all from?

What's up with the Dean website?

34617 user registrations since January 2001 - so where y'all from?

Ack! New Walmart commercial with Gingy ,is that the Shrek gingerbread man?

I just saw a Freeper rocket!

I saw 'Master and Commander' last night.

Shrimp research in progress. 3 hapai(pregnant) opai(shrimp) in a

WOW! Next Time *I* Travel I'm Sleeping In A Hilton!

A simple thank you to the admins

PROOF The Bush* Economic Plan Is Working!

Anyone here ever go on BBSes to play Leged of the Red Dragon?

Unfreep this poll

Official CFL Grey Cup Thread!

And now for something completely different

The end of the world

"Teflon flu" READ THIS!!!--Birth defects, illness, and it kills pet birds

Monday R-null starts pumping Collie-4-knee-ya up!

Anybody wathc the FX "Peoples Champion" show last night

it's too bad Kerry can't use the Heinz money…

Hey, they came out with the new "Harry Potter" trailer

Good morning DU!

Democratic Dating Service

You may be through with the past, but the past ain't through with you

Bill O'Reilly's insult to everyone who doesn't listen to him !

Skinners no Sex Threads reminds me of my wife for some reason!

How much will the beers at the Grey Cup cost?

I've fallen for Halle Berry

Sheesh Stephen King movies SUCK (Dreamcatcher spoilers)

Let's play WHO WANTS A STAR!!!!! Be the first to respond to this POST!

Need the link to the old DU board...a little help please.

Oooh I just found a titillating site

What's the Quarantine for Pet's when you move to England?

A site that might alleviete your boredom?

(French)Wine Industry Urges Drinking and Driving

Should I start a poll?

What's your typical day like?


Bush Administration announces Operation Crushheathen.

I just got a cell phone! Ask me anything

Prawnography... (Opihi's shrimp might like this one)

Quick test for how cool you are.

Had a nervous break down??? Want one???

It's not looking good for the Speedbag-To-Be-in-Chief!

Not Sex

Help decide the fate of the (my) universe.

Germany vs. France game thread

Have you fallen for a celeb?

Back in Black

First Date Question

DU should announce who makes the donation that gets to punch Shrub..

Are there too many frivolous polls on DU?


Robin Williams....singer

I stopped drinking ask me anything

Do you prefer to read the Republican platform in the

Brits on *:: 7% say "good world leader, 6% articulate, 10% intelligent

Spears: Republican governor's wife "probably needs to get laid"

I miss you guys!

Who thinks Liberalnurse should be selected as the date for Dennis Kucinich

Pros and Cons: the DLC

War on terror over!!!!!!!

What a fabulous poster!

Hello, everybody!

There are two kinds of people in the world

EEEE....daddy-o has a nasty mark on his head

MST3K Fans.....

Thanks a lot DU!!!!

I am out of S. Florida finally

Weapons of Bush Destruction

How much faith do you put in reviews?

ZombyCoffee: 1000 Donor Blend!!!

BREAKING: Tressel Fired As OSU Football Coach

admins: post the time of the Bush face bash . . .

West Wing: Who is your least favorite staffer?


about friends

The Chimpy Punch "Drunk" Countdown!!!!!

What's the policy on blog whoring here?

Bush has been punched!

How do you keep a Buckeye busy? (see body of post)

The Matrix Revolutions (again, and Im asking for spoilers)

Hey admin's did you ever meet that $2,000 challenge?


What Would You Rather See Banned From Network TV

Can you collect SSD if you move to England?

Ohio State vs Purdue game thread

The new Jack Rabbit DU fund raiser challenge

Three's a choice, two, a dilemma...

I would like to apologize for last night

We are the Champions, my friend

Whaddaya know, the Sooners didn't even cover the spread


What is the Worse Neighborhood in Chicago?

tech question -

So, what happens around here in the evenings?

Smokers at DU?

Are You Staying In Tonight Because....

Whaddya know... I'm part German, part Polish!

I'm so upset, I can't even talk. My brother's friend was killed in Iraq.

The Naughty Nurse of all CAPTIONS!!!

Do conservatives like to read?

Woohoo! Go Tech Go! (UT vs. Texas Tech thread)

So what happened in the Lounge while I was gone?

Will this thread EVER die?

If you want to see what the Hannity site is all about....

Guess the logos in my signature :)

Should the Lounge be used as an online obituary?

Tim Robbins, Al Gore on tv in 10 mins to celebrate the memory of CASH

Worst President ever!!

What the Heck happened to "48 Hours" ?

Nightly "What is the origin of that phrase?"

All of Ohio is under a tornado warning until next Saturday

What's more likely to happen first:

Okay, did Ahnold sneeze and destroy crops in California?!

Yak hiding tips.

Boy in the closet, while Mommy cheats

Ladies of DU - I need fashion advice.

Who's your favorite mouse?

I'm sexing up all the shut-down threads...

Help: when IS thanksgiving?

Saturday Night College Football Thread

TIME's top 10 videogames of 2003. Which of these is your #1?

Anyone want to talk about this Kristin Hersh song?

I just got back from Disneyworld - Ask me anything

Favorite synonym for "gratuitous":

Moose hiding tips.

Home alone and sad

A mouse ran in my bathroom--Ask me anything!

Turkey and gravy soda, anyone?

Does anyone remember a few months back?

Any NY Rangers fans here in DU? I don't think so...

Let's see how many DUers wear glasses

Anyone know of any good work-at-home opportunities?

I went to an AA meeting yesterday

Saw the most shocking thing at Best Buy...

In honor of the 100th OSU-Michigan game, I have changed my sig

Tressel will only dress 22 players for the U-M game

Saturday night in the lounge without....

Adult Swimmers: New Sealab 2021 Tomorrow!

I want a rimshot smiley

gerbil hiding tips

What did Huey Lewis do that was so bad?

how long until the flu vaccine kicks in?

Send Emails After Your Death

How do you know when you have a True Friend?

BREAKING NEWS!! Lloyd Carr anounces that he's only dressing 35 players...

My 8-year-old daughter's first photomontage

Songs whose titles never appear in the lyrics

Help! The last freeper attack made my little yellow dog...

I just flamed a bunch of freepers- ask me anything!


Do you use CD-R or CD-RW media?

la chatroom (IM me at mgsfan101 to get in)

If your favorite Presidential candidate told you...

A special thanks to my new LA DU friends

Most meaningless term in rock 'n' roll history?

Don't do it!

I have decided to make a sex thread

Chicago DU'ers Joe's on Weed is a good bar/club

Wiccans and Pagans please answer a question for me?

let's try this again Bruins Canucks!

Hey Canuck Amok, and COlonel Flagg from M*A*S*H?

Guys what do you think of my dad's idea for a new invention

mouse hiding tips

Noles win 50-44 in 2 OTs; NCSU played great but we win the ACC and BCS

Are there any student loans for people on Disability?

Greatest R.E.M. album?

Chicago DU'ers Old Navy has a sale on T-Shirts .97 cents

Your favorite and least favorite comic strip cats?

McAfee or Norton AntiVirus which is best?

DU: You've done it! 1000 Donations!

Is it me or does the South have a lot of gated communities?

My Director was just home-invaded!

What Makes Certain Celebrities Icons In The Gay Community?

I nearly stabbed a waitress at Denny's tonight

Rich racism anecdote

Vote for Your Favorite Musical

Do you prefer the German or English version of Nena's 99 Luftballoons?

A flash film... The hate mail,, and the apology

Chicago DU'ers are there any good bars

WOOHOO!!! MY 1,000th POST!!!!! Can't believe I made it to this point.....

after 39 years, i finally managed to make a racist comment

Bob Esponja...and Martha Stewart Spanks

I declare war against Ohio State!

Worst band names of all time

Hold on to your hamanity

Paul Reynolds (BBC): US gambles on Plan B

Dupe -please delete

I'm Sick of Bad Reporting:

How many DU'ers get CNN International

I posted a letter on GD and I can't find it ....the head was must read

Etheridge throws support to Dean in presidential race

Dean supporters...have you seen this video?

MSNBC: Special on Hamas on Now

OK people, I thought they already got rid of this

It's been a good week for Democrats....

Blanco Article at Yahoo!-Rank it a 5

GOP putting political gain above their racist tendencies? Re: LA election

Clark to launch media blitz this week – expects to raise $12 million in Q4

Blanco wins! Forget the doomsayers/conspiracists.

why no live reporting of Louisiana ,Blanco victory ?

Greatest legitimate minority governor?

Good idea

Well, how is FOX spinning the lie they publicized about Saddam-al-qaeda?

283 dead since "Mission Accomplished"

If we have the right candidate, Louisiana can be a swing state

Did race play a role in Blanco's win?

Has Zell Miller (Traitor-GA) commented on Blanco's win yet?

What *You* can do to make the world a better place...Now!

Can we pull Ann Coulter's feeding tube?

Greatest Female Governor

Liberals to Plant $2.6 Million, Hope New Faces Sprout (PROPAC)

17 Dead in Chopper Crash In Iraq

Mounting Death Toll Forces U.S. to Speed Iraq Handover

In the Woods With John Kerry

Clark to Launch Media Blitz in New Hampshire

CIA Finds No Evidence Hussein Sought to Arm Terrorists (Sun WP)

U.N. Diplomats Are Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

Lynching Comparison Furthers Divisiveness

Schwarzenegger Has Appetite for Extremes

Dean's Rivals Question Campaign's Tone in Iowa

Democrat Blanco Wins La. Governor's Race

SNL Thread: This Guy Who Does Bush Sucks

Live, from New York, it's Saturday Night!

No more "Karen Sisco" until March

funny pic from the Jefferson-Jackson dinner

Help! Computer advice needed

We were at a party/His earlobe feel in the deep

Help, computer advice desperately needed!

Anybody else here a big MAD TV fan?

how do you say DU in your head..

Posting on DU & listening to Sound Garden...My night? Not too shabby.

My Michigan-OSU joke of the day (1 of 7... for each day)

SNL thread- wow.

I got my picture taken with a snowy owl today!

The best actor? Robert Duvall

I made 5000 posts tonight.


Chronic Pain Suffers HOW DO YOU HANDLE PAIN?

Want some cool wallpapers??

My OSU joke of the day

George vs George CAPTION