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Archives: November 13, 2003

How stupid can the KMT really be? - Taiwan

Handing over the keys in Iraq

(UK) Spectator: Hail to the Chief

Carolyn Lochhead: Partisan war over judicial nominees

Robert Parry - Iraq: Quicksand & Blood

Commander-in-chief blasted on Rockford air waves

MoDo's latest scribbles, blaming Cheney for duping poor AWOL

Robert Bryce - Bush is wasting his energy and ours on old ideas

Are the US rulers of Afghanistan adopting the Soviet agenda of the 80's?

Molly Ivins: Cynics, it's a great time to be alive ("drug bill = tax cuts"

ESPN Page 2 mocks Rumsfeld

Dean is redefining himself, issue by issue

Cheney hurts Bush's chances for re-election

Defending the General

Bush Is Wasting His Energy and Ours on Old Ideas

Clark Supports Anti Flag-Burning Amendment

Kondracke using Pew polls: GOP makes major voter reg.gains in swing states

Greg Palast - Why the GOP is Totally Wrong About Everything

The Only Company Wal-Mart Fears (Fortune)

See below for links to must-read Molly Ivins article...spread it around!

"Democrats out of step in the South", article from 11/13/03 LATimes

How Bush is covering up the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history

another POAC piece

Help NORML Smoke The Vote!

Protest this video game

Countdown: A Call To Action to All Activists and Patriots

.Dean Corps Nov 13 (tonite) at Hunger Task Force Milwaukee

Dreamworks sells its music unit to Vivendi Universal

How are the 24 hour news channels covering Blamathon?

Best hard-copy news weekly?

Rightwingers like to call Chris Matthews a "Democrat", right?

Chickensh*t MSNBC Reporter Changes Name Pronunciation (?)

If you HAD to watch a cable news network...

Demise of ie America

* on Charm Offensive (PR Blitz)

Some religious nut was preaching on campus today

O'Reilly, a man of many talents

Look Away....Feral Cat Poem


South African supremacist convicted of bombings

Hate crimes: Who suffers?

Bush/GOP defy Court order- refuse to count how much stolen from US Indians

Cirque claims termination not discrimination

Using Patriot Act to hunt down 'terrorists' at Vegas strip clubs

The Supremes and Guantanamo - by Elaine Cassel

'Kiss in public and join our protest'

Anti-Iraq War Veterans Pulled From Parade

New York Bans Queers

T-Online in takeover bid for AOL

Economics 101 Please advise

Great Depression – 6 Years GDP Exceeded 8% Growth

Vatican accused of skewing conference on food production

New plastic memory technology may replace silicon

Australia's Giant Kelp Forests In Trouble

NASA Selects SwRI Proposal To Study Interstellar Boundary

Study: Moon has little water after all

Scallop Population Higher Than Feds Think

Phil Gramm and the GOP vs Texas Nature Preserve

US scientists create bacteria-eating virus

Treetop protest at Tasmanian logging

Dilemma as rare birds devour rare fish

"Water Rage" Hits Parched Australians

Panelists see Taiwan-US relations growing firmer

Taiwan, Japan to forge pact limiting WMDs

Seoul deploys riot police as thousands protest work laws

22 seconds decide your fate - SA

Museveni's brother to face trial for graft - Uganda

Indian Base Set Up in Tajikistan

Zimbabwe govt orders arrest of striking doctors

Death penalty in blasphemy case - Pakistan

Where rape is a weapon - Congo

The Death of Denial: Bosnian Serb govt. admits Srebrenica massacre

Benchley, a Q for U


NRA Life Member

Bogus Gun Control Quotes

Guns in the News, November 13, 2003 - (NO GUIDELINES)

John "Carry"?

GUNS IN THE NEWS - November 13, 2003 (Revised Guidelines)

Dianne Feinstein kowtows to Bush on gun ban renewal

"Oops!!!" Homemade machineguns now legal in the 9th Circuit?

QUOTE A Little Rock, Ark., man saved his own life late one night

NRA&GOA real goal? The fascist use of chaos to further political ends.

Ex-Los Angeles cop to train Liberia's police

I need a straight answer on this.

made a donation to sponsor someone

About the Sex Threads....

Admins: PLEASE!

I still need help skinner

Not going to donate

We Have A Little Problem Down in Justice/Public Safety

Thank you Skinner! The lounge was becoming a toilet.!

Why do I have a star?

gee, someone who shall remain nameless has gone and turned

Need a little help in J/PS

Topics Archived

There have been several . .


I'm TRYING to donate, I really am...

Was there an election night meltdown on during the 2002 midterms?


What is the definition of spam in the DU rule saying

Admins, a word please?

Bev Harris is back

Yoffie Lashes Out On Settlements

The Apartheid Wall

Wanted: a Sharon of the Left


Four Israeli Arabs suspected of being recruited by Hamas

Israeli censors lift Jenin film ban


Unfair Tilt Toward Israel

To American Jews: Israel needs your criticism

Court to IDF: Stop Mistreating Pacifists

European Anti-Semitism and the Religious Right

UNRWA to cut relief operations in Gaza

Grind of War Giving Life To Opponents Of Sharon

Israel 'ignored' road map

An Israeli Response to a Peaceful Protest by ISM

Sharon says anti-Semitism drives Israel's critics

How fast was Flight 77?

Meetup Tell A Friend emails sent by members

Bush fumbles for Arab American vote

Dean Unveils $7.1B Higher Education Plan

DU'ers goin to Boston DNC thread

Growing Power Of Small Money - Boston Globe

The reason I'm for Edwards from Washington Post

George Will screed against Howard Dean...

Mel Martinez May Run For Senate (FL)

Democratic battle plan for 2004 - The Note

From ABC NOTE: Democrats five step game plan to beat Bush

Kennedy aide joins Dean Campaign; Wi Lt. Gov endorses Clark

WSJ (Schlesinger and Cummings) Dem 5 point Battle Plan

GOP Temper Tantrum

My Primary Predictions

Not Optimistic about '04. Clark might even lose

Clark to Accept Public Financing

Thurmond implies he might run for Senate, if state Democrats wish him to.

Howard Dean Theme Song: Put the Lime in the Coconut Lyrics

Stuart Rothenberg : It's Probably Over...(Dean Victory)

Louisiana Guv: Jindal 47% Blanco 38%

Kerry TRAIN WRECK Easy to Predict

New Quinnipiac Poll results from New Jersey (Dems vs. Bush)

If Dennis Kucinich were elected today...

Kerry Ponders Harleys And Crotch Rockets

Kerry says corporations sway environmental rules

A Primary Hypothetical

Howard Dean's Media Landslide Pundits Call a Winner, a Bit Prematurely

Dean is a leader, not a leftist (articulate,integrity, humor bring voters)

Erase Your Student Loans the Howard Dean Way

Kucinich blasts yet another belligerent journalist

Bush2000 "50M.", BUT Gore2000 51M. + Nader2000 3M. = 2004 No Brainer!!!

My worries about '04

Ohio voters unhappy with GOP

Campaigns of Fear

Edwards' New Book "Four Trials"

The Democratic Party: Outside In/Dean, Clinton, Gore, DLC, NDN (?)

Non-Politicians Who Would Make Great Public Servants

Am I on Drugs?

Will Graham endorse any candidate?

I am watching Kay Bailey...

First they conned America into the stupid war and then they lost it! WTF!

Tried to e-mail Senate while watching the Senate on C-SPAN2...

Did U Know? No Winner take all Primaries!! No winner until May - July!!

Al Franken vs. Norman Coleman?

Hillary and Bill

How long have you been watching the talk-a-thon

Dean interview with Wolf Blitzer coming up (again) soon

You Gotta Have a Strategery...

What I wanna know. . .

Deleted message

Dean may use washroom soon

Where is DU located?

Why these 4?

How many JOBS have been lost under Bush? Links please

Talking Points Memo has some disturbing CPA documents.

Bill Clinton had 63 judicial nominess blocked.

Roll Call: Who contacted their Senators?

Barbara Boxer on with Bernie NOW explaining filibuster

I think Sen. Boxer needs to drop the list of groups

Tom Delay's New Opponent

Everyone should listen to Bernie Ward - He is shutting down the freepers

Clark & Dean Statistically Tied in New NBC/WSJ Poll

Every Republican administration during my lifetime

I had to turn off my internet stream of CSpan

Hangin' Tough 30-Hour Marathon Shameful Senate Debate Part #5


Iraq deaths take toll on voters, Bush's popularity in heartland

Republicans put Rick Santorum on at 3 a.m.

DUers: I need information about refuting the following Creationist book...

The fall of the American Republic


Eric Alterman posted my e-mail to him

Sorry Dupe - please delete

Geezus....Zell Miller is on CSpan now

Psst - Plastic surgeon's little secret about Ahnold

"Those left-wing commies at Fox News"

Soldier Might Face Court Martial For Radio Comments

Commander-in-chief blasted on Rockford air waves

Ok here is one for the Memory Hole

O'Really has baby "Factor gear"

"Bush's body count"

Dean replay on CNN now.

John Fund (R- Beats Women Up) takes shots at Bloomie

Are you on the NRA blacklist?

Compitalists -- the horrible offspring of Communism and Capitalism

US has lost "super power" status under Bush....

Italians have called for a political truce for a few days. Then watch out

Opinions about Bush harsher than past presidents...?

CSpan Thread for CSpan 1, not CSpan 2

LANDRIEU IS GOING OFF at the Republicans

So what will

Campaign Questions Dog Kerry in New Hampshire

Bush approval rating falls to 47% in New Jersey

Government anti-smoking initiatives are a scam and a sham

Thurmond Holds Record: Filibustered 24 hours against Civil Rights Act

Ted Kennedy to speak at 9:00 ET on CSPAN 1

'There were dead bodies everywhere, it seemed like the end of the world'

Wesley Clark details pro-gay stances

Uh Oh Martinez may run in Florida, this is bad

Now Harking is being quite eloquent

Upset with DU

News break*****

If the senate Republicans told the truth during Whinefest

Man of Conviction? Just convict him.

THIS IS FUNNY!!! -- Michelle Malkin criticizes a Bush supporter

Guinness is good for you - official

Freeway Blogger

Jesus of the Week

Poor Repubs in a tizzy about lack of interest in Hannity Memo

New direction for the Army Org series...

BBC reader comments has a nifty, delusional, USA'er comment.

The emergence of the '3rd way'.

De Villepin asks Bush: "How many deaths does it take...?"

Texans...Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX)...

I'm TRYING to donate, I really am...

CSX Buying $1M In Superbowl Tickets

limit Limbaugh

OOOPS hold the celebrations first time Unemployment claims up last week

Same people behind 9/11 behind bombing of Italian complex?

De-freep this poll please

Do 'Free Speech Zones' Muffle Speech?

Some positive news for gays: Hatch will join Kennedy in hate-crimes law

London police chief: sparing Bush embarassment 'not our job'

What happened to the practice of "blue slipping"?

Whining Don Nickles threatens Harkin

Peter Fitzgerald is pulling numbers out of his arse again

Dead Not the Only Casualties

Have You Seen This Photo of a GI Burned in Iraq?

HELP! Bush again threatens to veto overtime pay protections

Is Jessica Lynch on our side?

In a strange way, I admire the republicans tenacity....

The Telemarketing Bug Man From Sugarland

Operation Iron Hammer makes it impossible for Japan to send troops

Congress strips profiteering penalties from $87.5 billion Iraqi bill

Public Radio talking about WI primary/ freepers calling

DU'ers... What we can do to help rid DC of Republicans

Do you think that most Americans who lived through the Depression

Reagan biwhorographerLou Cannon's chain can be jerked on npr 1-800-

Appointing Justices: Why should Bush get to appoint Clinton's justices?

NBC Poll: Bush at 51% (Headline: Bush Stops the Bleeding)

A reminder about the Gingrich language memo and link

George "Debate Books" WILL on IMUS: Wants GEPHARDT

John Dean cuts thru the rhetoric and speaks the truth about judgeships

Where the hell is the CSPAN 2 thread?

Has anyone looked into the life of Sen. Robert Byrd?

shame he doesnt look this sad when our troops die

Draft Bored

I hate to say this as it makes me sad but I think Kerry is toast

The 168-4, 98% Isn't Good Enough, 30 Hour Marathon Senate Debate Part #6

What % of Amereicans support the filibusters? How many agree with me?

TV News Lies Web Cast to start at noon ET - 9/11 - The official story?

The problem with Iraqi "democracy" Bush-style: The people don't believe

We can all calm down, Judge Moore is doing it "for the children"

Got a response from my Rep. on HR 2239

U.S. Allies Rethinking Roles in Iraq - Supporting Dwindling

A BBV hiccup in Indiana

CNN Poll on all-nighter...81%-publicity stunt/ 19%-serious politics

what does EOM mean?

Who do we exactly owe the national debt to?

Do we(taxpayers) pay for the chaplain that prays over the senate/house?

Someone is hacking TvNewsLies site...

Cut and Run: Can They Get Away With It?

GI's death pits anti-war Mother against pro-military Father and Family

Could someone explain this metaphor to me ...

Remembering 'little brother' 1st Lt. Brian Slavenas

DU Meet-Up in NYC 11/19/03

Bernie Ward Show: Caller calls Ward a "commie bitch"

Dean spares the props

Hillary Clinton on Cspan 2

Statement by John Kerry on Finding Osama bin Laden

Whew - TVNL back on the air.....9/11 discussion on now!

Dean the frontrunner in the latest Quinnipac poll.......

The War Hits Home For Me

What kinds of criticisms of Shrub are actually allowed?

Abazaid on CNN: "Saddam worst military planner in history..."

Harkin on the floor now

What Moore serves up is political comfort food.

Yesterday's letters to the editor. Note that the only

Judge Roy Moore verdict to be read in a couple minutes

politics as warfare: election strategy

Is Judge Roy Moore a religious zealot or sly politician???

New Polls from New Jersey and Wisconsin

Bill O'Reilly says he'd consider presidential run

Around the World in 80 TOONS!

Rush Ready for Radio Return--Yahoo News

Let the Chicago Sun-Times now about the UK resistance to Bush*'s visit!!!

Today's Democratic Presidential straw poll.

Iraqi blogs?

ohmigod..."they miss us"

Emergency: Need Help refuting a Freeper style email....

Jeb thinks San Franciscans are better dead

If Dean were not running who would be your choice for nomination?

GOP becoming the party of sexual deviants and law breakers

Sorry if posted. Dean article in Vanity Fair. How the Poor Live Now

Bush in deep doo and shows it... has the Ed Zackery Syndrome

Judge Roy Moore will be the new "martyr" of the right wing...

84% say the United States has NOT found weapons of mass destruction

Zell Miller is a joke

Another bumpersticker story

Same Mistakes, Different Day: Repukes set the Agenda

What do you think of Sen. Byrd?

The BEST political cartoon of the week

Is there a CSpan thread #8? If not, this is it

Senate Democrats to ask CIA for briefing on situation in Iraq

Ignorance incorporated

Novak "Has A History" (doing the bushgang's dirty work)

protest Cheney in Rochester, NY on Monday...

Dr.Dean on the AFSCME-SEIU endorsements.....

Is the new british Tory leadership a threat?

Nightline Focuses on Cheney Thur 11/13

Anyone Up For An Incredibly Stupid Bush Quote?

fair and balanced news comes to Kansas City

“Bush - Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951”- Federal Documents

Wingnuts Out In Force Today - Phoning Dems re: Senate Stunt

Was Jeb's comment a subconscious insult to AIDS victims???

Fox News & Frist Staffer Coordinate 30 Hour Circus

Governor Roy Moore, historians help me here.

MOON ALERT! - UPI editor gives journalism oath to Moon

Carol Moseley Braun on Justice Rogers Brown

Bush's Judicial Nomination bruhaha must have a secret

Chimpy Flight suit figure for sale in Lighter Side Catalog

AARGGHH - Help with wingnut letter to the editor, please?

CNN's crap pole being freeped

Bush chaos building in Iraq reversed:

Just how much does the Reich fear dissent?

Bush said on CNN a few minutes ago..."We need to fix the medicare

"LOL," "Nuff said," Corrupt Scientists and Absolute Truth

Is Sen. Frist's website down?

Frist-Miller Bill

What's the difference between liberal and progressive?

Dear GOD! CNN just introed the story about judge Moore...

Haiti's bicentennial of bad news

Will Bush be on the ballot in Illinois?

TV Week editor wants to *know* freepers

On campaign contributions.

Any reviews on Colmes new book?

Have You Noticed a Shortage of Goods on Store Shelves This Season?

Bush is doing his level best to divide this country....

More than 17 hours into the 30-Hour Pointless Senate Debate Thread #7

Trent Lott Lunacy

Thought I died and went to heaven.....

Iraqi Elections to be by Mid-2004

Anyone got links for info on the CIA briefing?

Agent's husband to address CIA leak, war---Wilson in Florida TONIGHT

John Dingell's letter to CBS- RE: 'The Reagans'

Poll for Europeans: Would you support sending peacekeeping troops to Iraq

Schwarzenegger in Hawaii: Luau or Labor?

This guy is talking on Taliafero's show about Aliens and the presidency

Blumenthal to Blair: I'd Ditch Smirk If I Were You!

Stay tuned for the "Rush FROM War..."

Remember the story about the US bugging UN delegates ...

Death Toll - 11/12/03

Shi...oot! Anti-war soldier killed in Iraq. We have got to get them out

"There is a crack in the Big Media system, and it's clobberin' time."

should we organize mass calls to our senators?

After What Is Going On In The Senate. HOT Damn I Am So GLAD To Be

Arlen Specter is going to be coming on Crossfire

COINTELPRO looks to be coming back

What was the deal with Reagan and Bitburg Cemetary?

Ex-Cheif Justice Roy Moore: The Poster Boy of Extreme Right Ideologs

Which Candidates Have Been To Your Home State?

Run Bunnypants Run ~

Re Limbaugh/ESPN blow-up: Best joke of the year

Hannity is having the fired Justice Moore on his show in a few minutes..

wolfie's poll: Operation Enduring Doubt! ( hahahahaha!)

Freeper celebrates Hitler killing Gays

Kennedy Up Now

At what point did the GOP become set as the right wing conservative party?

This is very odd -- All the Senators' sites are down

This is like deja vu all over again Yogi

So I put this book over all of Herr Hannity's at the bookstore:

Hey I want my dollar!

Saxby "Draft Dodger" Chambliss R-GA jokes about rigged voting machines....

What's our best issue in 2004?

No one can be patriotic or pretend to love his country...

Kerry vows that his campaign will make "big moves" within the next weeks

Former Justice Roy Moore is Confused

Awwwww Alabama Senator Sessions's feeling are hurt (link)

Could the Republican pull a sly move?

Today's CNN poll:

"Where's the justice?" and proof this sluggy vermin* is unscrupled...

Big Brother Spies on Antiwar Groups (Fresno, CA)

Kennedy is on right now

The "Bush Haters" Rhetoric - Positing A Theory

LOL, GOP Extends 30 hour debate an additional 9 hours

Repubs are whispering that they think this charade is a mistake..?

Has this question about WMDs been asked and answered?

BBV Folks: Need Help Putting Together a Starter Kit

Cnn Poll In Progress

BBV: Fairfax Judge Orders Logs Of Voting Machines Inspected

Tonight's NBC leading story

Remember the Iraqi bridge reopened 2 weeks ago amid U.S. fanfare? Closed

Who is the moran in the blue tie?

The DNC FINALLY brings this up: Bush's Attitude towards Vetrans

Doug Henwood's frightening quote from Citibank chief economist re: Bush

Sen. Leahy just mentioned our petition


Who is the Bill Kristol of the anti-Iraq-war movement?

{{{Hey Bev, new voter count problem in Indiana a must read}}}

Small Business for Dean

Clark Gets Support From The Ranking Member Of The Senate Finance Committee

Anyone know the specific numbers of the latest Gallup Poll?

Anyone here besides me think over a million Brits will protest evil AWOL?

A new low for spammers: They are now going for the blog community

Bush Admin: "Prudent" to plan for DRAFT and PUT PEOPLE IN PLACE JUST IN

O'Reilly ponders run for president

OMG! O'Reily actually made a bit of sense to me

O'REILLY Taking a Look at Run for Prez

Holy Toledo! PATRIOT ACT used to bust Vegas Strip Joints?!

did the gop do this to clinton's nominees?

Democratic Purity


Anyone here remember Usury Laws?

Dean, $, DNC, and the DLC....what's the problem? I am so confused!

Clark on Hardball Tonight

I've narrowed my choice to Kerry or Clark....

Keith Olberman Just made by spit iced tea all over my moniter

Which poll would you prefer to vote on?

As soon as power is handed to the Iraqi, they should nationalize oil wells

The Other Memo Scandal

Mark Dayton: GOP Refuses to Suspend 30-Hour Senate Debate for CIA Briefing

What's the most important campaign issue to you?

Who does Jim McDermott represent?

Rove's Revenge: Jessica Lynch's brother being sent to Iraq

Anti-Bush Vets forced to leave parade in Tallahassee, Fl.

John Kerry's statement on reported Medicare Prescription Drug deal...

Elad is for sale

Would you vote for Bill O'Reilly or Bush?

Common Dreams on Dean, Diebold & Campaign Finance Reform

"Do we really want have a system where judicial nominees need 60 votes?"

Question for gay DUers....

You gotta hear this . .

Ted Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Ted Kennedy CALLING WONK!!!!

A Historic Change in our Money ( )

Are you listening to Mary Landrieu? Check her out!

It's not just the right that's to blame

22+ hours into the 30-Hour Pointless Senate Debate Threat #8

I want everybody go over and stick their heads out the window and yell...

Nicknames for the Candidates!

Support Bush in 2004 - For President of Iraq.

Faux Ticked with Dennis MILLER Over Defection to CNBC

Another couple reasons why I don't want Clark as Dean's VP

Soldier being buried in Illinois today

Iraq Death Toll Military by State - where does your state stand?

Dean invented the internet

Howard Dean's Quagmire

The Completly Unscientific Which Democrat Spoke the Best So Far Poll

Estimated 50,000 insurgents now in Iraq...

Freepers on EX-Chief Justice Moore (hehehe)

Deleted message

Jessica Lynch is still on hero list

Could the New Democrat Network (NDN) Replace the DLC

Gen Clark On Gays: Axe 'Don't Ask' Give Civil Unions

Avoiding CROW. The Pubs refuse to admit... despite rising evidence of

Countdown to Civil War, What I Believe Will Happen in Iraq Next Year

Where does Peak Oil fit into our current strategies??

Call the Democratic Cloak Room Tonight and Give Support!

28 hours and counting in the 39!-Hour Pointless Senate Debate Thread #9

Howard Dean's Media Landslide

What is Governor Arnold's response to Jeb Bush's hateful remarks?

Which Democrat is the best speaker for this Judicial Madness???

Theater of the Absurd

Republicans have poisoned the well...

Wife says "we'll move to Canada" regarding conscription....

Clark to Accept Public Financing

The media assassination of Clark has already begin... Step 1. Ignore him..

Remember when war *was* a crime? Me neither, I guess.

Race is Political Smokescreen For A Poisoned Economy--FEEDBACK NEEDED!

Request for translator: Read this letter to Bunnypants and let me know

Clark has faded to first place

What do they teach in church ?

MUST READ Article by Thomas Powers: The Vanishing Case for War

Dean beats Bush - now what?

Question on fuel efficiency standards

Worst Republican Senator

Mary Landrau is kicking butt on CSPAN!!! You go girl!

Will Pitt does Bloomington

2 years to reach 324 US deaths in Vietnam -- 7 months in Iraq

Why don't the Dem senators say that the nominees are a malady?

What's our winning issue in 2004?

Koppel to go after Cheney tonight...........bigtime

Army Equipment, Lesson 2: Basic Tactical Communications

Do terrorists have anything to lose at this point?

Another reason to donate to DU: More powerful web servers!

What would the media do if a DEM said: "I hope all Southern Baptists die"

Only the final four straw poll-Kerry, Kucinich, Clark, Dean

Army Equipment, lesson 1: Why the M-16 is so bad

My amazing meeting w/ "Republicans for a Democratic Ticket" in Naples, FL

Am I the only one that didn't know? Ultimate humiliation for Bush

Family of starved children on 60 Minutes

Sen. Mark Dayton (D-Minnesota)

The Most Right-Wing Elected Politician in Canada

Al Gore, Not Bill Clinton, Now Leads the Democratic Party

Some Dems I know are obsessing on one particular issue

Founding fathers quotes about religion........ I need help w/a Freep

Al Franken Considers Move to Minnesota...

Change your AMAZON.COM bookmark

Sy HERSH: Shrub Will Lose in '04

Face facts: Most Americans don't care about Iraqi casualties

If you donate $50 to DU, David Allen and I will do this strange thing:

Move On wants to run tv ads against Bush

Judge Roy Moore has done this country a big favor

Democratic Underground: Blowing on the embers of democracy

Deleted message

My High School football Coach has died

Arnold's Little White Lei (Said holding transition talks - was in Hawaii)

Man Testifies in Soldier (Terror) Training Case

U.N. Official Wants Tougher Terror Stance

Iraq owes SA R159.4 billion, says Manuel

Family Affair (Chrissy Gephardt Interview)

Anthrax Labs Inspection Deadline Missed

Orrin Hatch on Cspan

Flint: I Won't Publish Lynch Nude Photos

4 Troops Accused of Stabbing Unit Member

U.S. Troops More Hostile With Reporters

US Soldier killed in Baghdad Bomb Attack

Ford Found Negligent in Air Bag Death

Afghanistan instability kills progress

Iraq deaths take toll on voters, Bush's popularity in heartland

Italy reels from Iraq bombing

Violence and Aids reap harvest of young lives

Iconic Nazi-era company Farben files for bankruptcy

Korea Planning on Less Than 3,000 Troops for Iraq

R.I.P. Tony Thompson genius rock drummer "Chic" & Powerstation Bowie


9/11 Panel Reaches Deal On Access To Papers

Panel Reaches Deal on Access to 9/11 Papers

Post Office Gets Pressured to Pry

Conflicting interests raise frictio between US, Iraqi council Jordan Times

Operation "Iron Hammer"?

Clark outlines plan for Bin Laden hunt

U.S. Allies Rethinking Roles in Iraq

U.S. to Back Re-Formed Iraq Body

Bush Seeks to Hasten Abortion Litigation

Soros blasts ex-Yukos CEO's detention

Dean Unveils $7.1B Higher Education Plan

Rumsfeld in East Asia to Discuss Positioning of US Forces

France pleads for urgent US shift on Iraq

U.S. Soldier Killed in Baghdad Bomb Attack -Army

Television Producer Launches Vote Drive (hehehehehehe

Smoke billows across Baghdad after report of explosion. BBC ticker

U.S. Expats in UK Hit by Wave of 'Anti-Bushism'

Suit firm eyes Clinton 'charisma'

Florida pension fund investor OK'd to buy private school company

Guerrillas' strategy becomes clear: Isolate the U.S.

Dollar under pressure on worries about Iraq

CNN now 8:50 EST: Bush Scolding Senators for Judicial appointments

Losing candidate in Hialeah election files suit over absentee ballots

Health premiums rising for stunned city of Miami retirees

Chief Justice Roy Moore Removed From Bench

Tony Thompson dead at 45 legendary drummer for Chic,Power Station, Bowie..

Bush protester refused to move (Brett Bursey Case in SC)

Wesley Clark details pro-gay stances

CNN ticker...US soldier killed in roadside bomb in Baghdad.

Bush blunt with Bremer: He wants results

USA Today: Insurgents Gain A Deadly Edge in Intelligence

remembering pfc Karina Lau

Demonstrators jam Makati to demand Arroyo resignation

US Allies Rethinking Roles in Iraq

Tentative Medicare Pact Offers Drug Benefits to Elderly

Japan postpones Iraq deployment

Death Toll up to 32 in Italy Base Attack

Ten Commandments Judge Removed From Bench

9/11 Victims' Relatives Want Deal Details

Jobless Claims Up( rose to 366,000 in latest week)

"Old Europe" feels vindicated on Iraq

Outrage expressed for Pa. hazing decision

U.N. Atomic Agency Draws Fire Over Iran (US P.O.'d there's no evidence)

Convicted Spy Pollard Loses His Appeals

Iraq Deaths Take Their Toll on Voters

After Schwarzenegger's win, GOP shifts focus to ousting Boxer

Accounting of Money Temporarily Halted (BushGOP stiffs US Indians)

Wal-Mart, Target Cool Holiday Sales Hopes


Relatives of 911 Victims Criticize Agreement Between WH and Commission

High court says NAACP can challenge One Florida policies

We could lose this situation (IRAQ) CIA says insurgents now 50,000 strong

Bush says he welcomes protests in London

Bush: Iraqis to Get More Responsibility

Profs protest fed. input in curriculum - Yale Dail News (very scary)

Agent's husband to address CIA leak, war

Man Fined for Scratching While Driving

Family of fallen US soldier divided over military funeral honors

Cash-balance foes score a victory (Pension Issues)

Dollar Sags, Burdened by Iraq, U.S. Data

Explosions Reported in Baghdad for a Second Night

Three Pennsylvania soldiers opt for court- martial

Bush Demands Up or Down Vote on Judges

Saudis Pray for Rain; Cleric Blames Sin

General: Only 5,000 Insurgents in Iraq

Veto of Wisconsin's antimarriage bill stands

Woman (80) dies of gunshot by husband (87) - mistaken for a burglar

Bush: 'Time is now' for Medicare bill .... Democrats balk

duplicate post

Heavy Fire in Baghdad as U.S. Attacks Guerrillas

White House Concedes Bush Shrank Size Of Sunni Triangle

Grand jury cites racial disparity in Austin policing

Haiti's Opposition Demands Aristide Quit | Miami Herald

Ottawa bans three Palestinian groups | Globe and Mail

RCMP used 'excessive force' at Quebec summit: report | CBC

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq - 397 U.S. service members have died

Bush Demands Action on Judicial Nominees

Bush Demands Action on Judicial Nominees

Cone Mills To Layoff 190 Workers In Greensboro

Bankruptcy watchdogs get $1 million (NorthWestern Energy bankruptcy case)

Iraqi elections right before 2004 U.S. elections

9-11 Victims' Relatives Criticize Deal

H.U.D. Secretary Weighs Senate Race (FL-Martinez)

Military Women says Bush lied about War in Iraq

Iraq killings make Japan rethink SDF dispatch - Mainichi Daily News (Japan

Is This Hussein's Counterattack?

White House calls on Iran 'to come clean' about its nuclear activities

Postwar Iraq splits Dem hopefuls (Illinois Senate Race)...

Share 'True Crime,' do the time

Japan Puts Off Sending Troops to Iraq

Afghanistan Has Priority Over Iraq, Robertson Says

Australian Dollar shoots above 72 US cents | ABC (Australia)

Iran Warns IAEA, U.S. Condemnation May Backfire

Scientists worried about sonar testing for oil | Globe and Mail

UK 'ready to send more troops to Iraq'

Armed group targets Mugabe - Zimababwe

Liberian rebels 'on a looting spree'

Colombian rebels release hostage video

Israeli mafia linked to Crane case

$1bn 'slips through' to Iraq - without the formal approval

Nigerian youths hold oil workers hostage - American ChevronTexaco

Iraq violence gives another reason to sell dollar

(Scott) Peterson visited marina three times

Former U.K. Intelligence Worker Arrested

G.O.P. Leader Solicits Money for Charity Tied to Convention

US General Promises Success in Iraq

Record Imports Widen U.S. Trade Gap

SEC, Putnam deal frustrates states

Martinez confirms he's considering Senate bid

Bush threat painted on Nittany Lion statue (Penn State Univ)

Ten Commandments Judge Thrown Off Bench

U.S. changes Iraq transition course

Powell: I'm Not Quitting

"Anti-Bushism" hits U.S. expats in London

'No silver spoons for children born into poverty' - England

CBS News "Economy gives Bush a (slight) poll boost.....

Senate Leader Learns Lesson in Online Activism - The Frist POLLS!

Blair 'Dishonest, Shallow & Cheap' in Justifying Bush Visit...UK/New WMW

France urges policy shift on Iraq

Mom Says President 'Personally Responsible' For Son's Death

Poll Shows Americans' Views on Iraq War

Japan halts Iraq troop dispatch

Wal-Mart Dumps Cold Water on U.S. Economic Bulls

Max Cleland kicking ass on CNN NOW!!!

Microsoft Warns EU It May Get Substandard Windows

Power blackout in US

Bush says finding Saddam is a key goal (no direct quote on OBL)


American Catholic bishops release antimarriage document

U.S. War Dead in Iraq Exceed Early Vietnam Years

Lawmakers drop effort to ease Cuba travel restrictions

US Navy returns Island to Hawaiians

Hawaiian relics vandalized

Moore removed!

CENTCOM moving back to Qatar. (Hope not a dupe, didn't see it)

Bush's Approval Rating Declines in NJ (47% approve - 50% disapprove)

Blair to Take Bush Down the Pub -- Maybe

Graham to File Suit Challenging Filibuster; Senate in All Night

Austin 10 Commandments Will Stay

Republican officials say HUD secretary might make a run for the Senate

Top French oil executives jailed

President Hugo Chavez Frias orders Venezuela's armed forces on 24/7 alert

Mortgage Rates Edge Up, Slowing Home Refinancing

Al-Qaida: Be ready for attack killing 100,000

Congress Upholds Ban on Cuba Travel

Infamous Cubs / Marlins Foul Ball Up For Auction Starting at $5,000!

Just outbid on Ebay. Ask me anything!

Can anyone tell me about Madison, WI

Celebrating the return of Rush...

Florida Conspiracy!! links:

Trying to broaden my book reading

just cleaned out a closet i havent touched in 3 years, ask anything

Many Ones

Dean may use washroom soon

If Durst argued self defense, his neighbor had to be The Black Knight

Tonight, I am reminded of the #1 reason I vote Democrat.

Tonight's ANGEL: Best. Episode. Ever.

Remember the song workin' on the highway?

I'm in a pissy mood--ask me anything, but beware...

Breakking news...ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!


Late Night AIM Chat

Yawnee fans represent!

Dean washroom use rumors worry unions

Finally, a CAPTION-worthy photo

My neighbor's chopped up body is in my fridge. Ask me anytthing

What's my DU reputation?

Wireless please...

Are you a....

Oh, c'mon...will NOBODY buy my soul?! It's hardly used!

Truck Driver Crashes Semi Whilst Changing Clothes

National Lampoon goes to Buckingham Palace: local radio station

Woman Kills Husband Then Gets Her Hair Done

How y'all doin' Queenie?? Guess Who ??

Cats always get even

Pam Smart for the 21st century

Halfway through the DU Fantasy Football League - time for some bragging

Go Schumer! Go C-span callers!!

The wonders of the Universe or I found a use for dryer lint!!

Another right-wing pro censorship site


Sen. Harkin is one funny guy (+some pics from the Repube whinefest)

Camden - or, why I'll be off DU until Sunday afternoon

Anyone heard what kind of deal 9/11 commission made with WH

No it's okay, it's safe, you aren't in Iraq- come out and CAPTION

Please take time out of your busy lounge schedule and write your senators!

A 100 year old, 60 foot Pine tree is laying in my driveway

Screw The LynneSin Tea & The Zomby Coffee.... Who Wants BURBON!

Republicans are...

If we put all of Bush and his Administrations incompetance to the theme

Caption Rick Sanatarium

I need some shopping help

Wild weather changes

Chinese clothier offers Clinton $2 million deal

weirdness from the wingnuts

Hey! I got a star! Cool!

One of ours lost her mother...

Buy your repug or dino Senator or Representative a spine

Screw The LynneSin Tea & The Zomby Coffee & BURBON (sic), who wants mead?

more FR on memogate

Anybody ever had the ducks in their house cleaned?

Screw The LynneSin Tea & The Zomby Coffee.... Who Wants Pedro BORBON!

I'm sick and tired of

Newest Oldest Person Dies At 114

Anyone ever have their house cleaned by ducks?

7th_Sephiroth Daily post:Alchohol

What Song Reminds You of a Past Relationship Every Time You Hear It??

What's Your Favorite Type Of Sox?

Saw Greg Proops blast Bush on Just For Laughs (CBC) last night.

What kind of sax do you like?

Paris Hilton still photographs!!!

Anyone ever clean their ducts with ducks?


The OTHER white meat

Beer 'n Stuff

what does EOM mean?

Fiji Villagers Apologize for Cannibalism (Hey. At least they apologized)

Poll: My winkie fell off. What's the best way to re-attach it?

..... I see Bread People!

wingnut attack on Clinton/ Memogate hysteria

George's days on the Yale Fencing team

Fun Things To Do If You Are Bored At Walmart

7th_Sephiroth special poll, Roy Moore kicked off the alabama supreme court

Who's missing from this picture?

Should I Move Into An Apartment With My Ex-Girlfriend?

(former) Judge Roy Moore is O-U-T!

Hey where did General Discussion Forum go?

The peek-a-boo boob of all captions

My new DU ball cap will get me:

I'm watching Farenheit 451 on AMC......

Just Made My DU contribution

You'd BETTER worry, Smirky - get your cut man ready...

What just happened to General Discussion Forum??

How did Skinner, Elad and EarlG meet?

Edie McClurg thread!

FReepers cheer suppression of veteran's free speech

English to be the official European language

So, How Do I Decide Who The Lucky Person Will Be? (DU Donation)

How is everyone today?

I was born a blank slate but there's a child involved

Who wants to help me find a new (used) car/truck?

Interesting--CDs 'could be history in five years'

Favorite Curse Word?

Rush is coming back Monday

Dog and cat diaries

I never had sex in a hurricane

What are your top ten song intros from the 1960s?

It got UGLY last night at the bowling alley..

Thanks, Skinner.

Once again it's time to play WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST EAT?

Re: Fund Drive - To paraphrase Bob Geldof at Live Aid

Blunder twins activate! Form of a CAPTION

Favourite Boney M song.

The next great space adventure?

new Oxyrush advertiser Herman's Nuthouse

Warming my toes on bouver belly - ask me anything about superstrings, or

Will Pitt - time to ante up.

This picture was taken last night in Compton, CA.

Philly DUERS!....Ready to get stomped by the Canucks tonight?

I ate chicken that was "turning" - don't ask me a thing

The Loadbearing Jello of all CAPTIONS!!!

Yeah, just hangin' out w/ Pat Robertson and the boyz......

I just realised that The Eagles are awesome.

It be so windy outside

Hey guitarists! What would you call "G6-9"?

I'm not depressed. Tell me something to sadden me.

Got one of those songs that once it's brought it's just stuck in your head

John C. and the Limpet Mine.

Caption the Mack Daddy and his stable

Election in Hell. Who would you vote for?

My friggin' neighbours woke me up last night...Ask me anything!

Holy Cats! I have over 2000 posts!

Weired Computer Thing

Who would you vote for? Zell vs. Bush

And you thought the banners were gone?

How do you feel now that the Lazarus thread is dead?

How many here are without power?

Election of 1912: For whom would you have voted for?

a DUer in freepervill, check out post # 19

hahahahaha -- look at the donations graph at the top of the page

Sauron vs. Morgoth - who would you vote for?

Any chiropractors here?

today's new Hannity advertisers 11/16

1912 election: For whom would you have voted?

Fundraising picking up today?

I got a star now, YAY!!!

CAPTION the nearly lifelike

Put on your thinking caps: A new nickname for Sean Hannity.

Not a sex thread. Have you ever hooked up with a freeper?

This country was founded by christians?

How the hell am I supposed to get to 3000 posts...

Rate my coolness by my vinyl

okay I just mailed off my donation


Fresh for the 5pm Lounge crowd: Call your senators about the filibuster!!

Favorite Moon in our Solar System?

Mmmmmmmm Chocolate...

To whoever donated for me: Thanks!

Sen. Byron Dorgan on NOW on Randi Rhodes (5:15 et)

Hey Gamers. Today I Bought For The Xbox Max Payne..And For The

"Unca" Dick And The 700 Club

Was the little old lady laughing out of malice?

Hijack this thread while I watch "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"

OK- a new knickname for Annthraxx Ann. Lets here em


My uncle is probably dying, cancer's spread and treatments unsuccessful.

Question about cat food...

Foul-assed mood today.


What do you think about ________?

Dimbo Broke Down Crying Today

Canada Post Delivery for GWB:

The local grocery store does not sell whole wheat and never has...

How do I cook a Vegetarian for the Holidays?

My grandma's obituary.....

Random music from around the world against the US

More than 5 percent of (ML Baseball) players test positive for steroids

Can any webmasters recommend a site that sells good templates or themes?

Big Crack, BIGGER crack

Guinness is good for you - official

What's your prison bitch's name?

Who is the worst President in history?

Who should the Red Glove Punch? Dick Cheney or George Bush?

How often do you floss your teeth?

I Feel I Should Apologise....

What Would You Prefer To See Replace The Sex Threads?

How often do you brush your teeth?

Shouldn't that be a 666 on Cheney's forehead

Stupid personal / social question...

Screw the ZombyCoffee - who wants a cup of LynneSinTea

Oracle gurus: Percent

Generic pitchfork-and-torches angry mob thread.

Tom is so sexy....

Matrix beat Lord of the Rings for 5 day total in receipts

Baby Rap

My new campaign logo....whaddya think?

Rush's new intro music

Donate to DU and I'll show you my breasts.

If you were Home Depot, where would you sell the beer?

US Policy paper/presentation - what should I write about?

Cheney Made Me Do It

Winter's coming, let's start those handicraft projects.

Oracle gurus: Index question

Is the Paris Hilton "XXX" tape a hoax?????

So help me, I overcame the urge!

Hey, why does Cheney have '700' on his head?

Pet peeve about using web sites in

Meet the Team:

new Hannity advertiser Fazoli's

Men and Women...

Election of 1792: For whom would you have voted?

A little taste of "The Office" from the Beeb

Thanks, DU, for hooking me up with Howard Zinn!

I'm freaking out, I found a lump, no Dr. appt. til monday

Anybody ever had the ducts in their house cleaned?


Should I donate to DU? Sure I met my WIFE here but...

A letter to Al Franken to run against Tom DeLay

DSL/Router Question

Anyone here read Adbusters?

name this movie!

Who was the worse Vice President?

Burial, cremation or something else?

Whoa! "Scrubs" just play a short (musical) clip of REM's "Bad Day"!

Movie thread 3

I'm worried about DUers who spend too much time at FreeRepublic.

Anyone else admit to listening to Meat Loaf?

The alt tag (description) on yahoo pic of Bush's entourage is Great!!!!

Ithaca Gun (rifle) marked 1880 - Belonged to deceased dad

Are you queer?

Southern Calif fire are you doing now?


I just changed my Avatar, don't ask me anything...Cuz I'm Fed Up

I am a spaz at work and I don't know what to do

Hmmm... apparently you can sell or buy cannabis on eBay now...

Who was the BEST president in American history?

Michael Jackson wants 'One More Chance'

Food coloring on bird toys?

L.A. Dodgers' Gagne Wins Cy Young Award

What's the only company Wal-Mart fears?

How many cowpies have you set foot in?

good media viewer?

A Pop Quiz for Liberals.

Nightly "What is the origin of that phrase?"

What is the WISEST thing anyone has said to you? (Or that you've learned.)

If anyone is willing and able, I need

Grotto without Bananas?

Oh, God... I'm addicted to old westerns on.....................Hallmark!


My Break is Over!

They're back, sweetie dahlings...

Movie recommendation for sci-fi fans

Favorite Peanuts character?

Man sues car dealership for selling him a truck against his will

thought about putting this in gen. disc. but when in doubt......

madeleine stowe...I"m not quite obsessed, but ..

Just got an e-mail from X-Box that they are soon releasing GTA for it

Should I give my dog canned vegetables?

My post got pulled, ask me anything

Santa Cthulhu!

Poll For DU Guitar Players

&@#*#$^! My soup wasn't hot enough. How hot do you like your food?

how things have changed!

Is it normal for me (21) to be attracted to women in their 30's?

I just saw "Bad Santa".ask me anything (especially about my disappointment

Sometimes I don't understand myself

What's the best way to get rid of a lot of stuff quickly?

favorite intelligent hip hop artist.

Favorite Altman Movie?

Any lawyers here? Is this illegal?

Is it chat time?

"I'm far left of most DUers" WTF?!??

What's a good science project for my 7th grader?

1968 Democratic Nomination: Whom would you have voted?

Girly girls and liberal guys

DU Motorcyclers...would you...

The Democratic Underground Thermos

What do English/Europeans want from America? (Giftwise)

God CAPTION America

Silly question. Ever wonder if they got all the nukes out of Cuba?

According To The Last 20 Polls Taken In The DU Lounge....

I FINALLY did it...I donated to DU

Can I hit 50,000 posts by sunrise?

What's your favorite sport to watch on Television?

Is Anyone else obsessive about saving DU threads?

A question for Bengals fans(and other football fanatics)



How many states have you set foot in?

Is this a good time to buy investment property?

how many canadian provinces have you set foot in?

Who's going to win the rugby world cup?

What do I cook for a Vegetarian Holiday?

Favorite Beatles Song Written by George Harrison

Favorite Type Of Pie?

Sen. Bennett (R-Utah) makes prediction on this week's OkU-Baylor game

NYT Top 25 Science Questions

For My 700 Club Inaugural Post: A 'Tribute' to 'Judge' Roy Moore

Went to go see the elf this evening...

New smilies that DU needs - recommendations???!!!!

"A Day in the Life" Question

A DU Story.....As Told Through Emoticons

Is the thread of WMD real? (Dean-Bush Matchup 2004)

Who has an ex that they can't get out of their head????

Is it possible to hit 700 donations by 9 PM PST tonight

Do you have a hobby?

Attn My Bloody Valentine fans

Linux users - lost NIC in my config!

Who else is from Wisconsin?

*pout* Zomby didn't take my history test

How will the world end?

I hate my situation

CAPTION W during his "down time"

If You Donate To DU You (WE) OWN Elad. So, What Should We Make Him Do?

Hey DU, let's plan a giant protest in NYC for GOP Convention

Help! I need a dentist, but I don't know what kind I need?

What Song Reminds You of a Past Relationship Every Time You Hear It??

Toyota Matrix and RAV4 (or Alternatives): Help Requested

Station calls for Jethro Tull boycott

Any famous people out there? Please check in

What Do You Want For Christmas

Please place Rush's head on the punch meter...please

Science vs. Humanities / Egghead vs. Boneheads

Movie game 2:

Movie Chain Fun!

Punch George W & Rupert Murdoch in the face on this website

Ok people, I have a challenge for you...

Here's my idea: Four New SCOTUS justices

I just started a poll in the 'Media' forum. Ask me anything.

One thing you're buying when you donate to DU

Is Rush going to get High before his show on Monday?

What Property Do You Go For Immediately When You Play Monopoly?

How many countries have you set foot in?

I killed the Thread That Would Not Die! Ask me anything!

I'm shutting down all the sex threads.

How the U.S. Got Involved in Vietnam

Krugman - The Trojan Horse

Martin Woollacott (Guardian Unltd): The power of a man willing to die

NJ Radio Station bans Jethro Tull

Welcome to Nazi Germany 2003 Version: The Pentagon announced

Guns in the News- November 14th, 2003

National Ammo Day: November 19, 2003

I am going to donate to DU, but I am using a credit card, what

john stewart rocks!!

Orrin Hatch must be smokin' crack.

TV Alert: Clark on Hardball 11:00 pm EST.

A Bedtime Story

Traitors are not respected even by those who exploit them

Has Hillary Clinton spoken yet in the 39 hour marathon?

Did anyone hear the little dog barking in the background on C-SPAN ?

New Wave Band Concerts to Fight Fraudulent Voting Tech

Dean and the so-called anger issue.

what's John Kerry's individual net worth?

Have the Democrats changed from poodles to pitbulls?

talk about being committed to a candidate…

So now Fox news organizing republican fillibusters

The Reason We're in Iraq: Congress Betrayed Its Democratic Responsibility

FBI takeover local police forces?

30 Media Outlets Protest Treatment in Iraq

UK and US in joint effort to secure African oil

Gephardt Downplays Dean's Labor Coup

France Wants Quicker Shift of Power in Iraq

Photo Op Becomes an Oops (LOL!)

In U.S., Fears Are Voiced of a Too-Rapid Iraq Exit

New Urgency, New Risks in 'Iraqification'

"bush to meet bereaved british relatives"

Cuba's new oil industry

Ok, I'm gonna donate to DU, but with credit card. What name

Huminity - social networking and chat software.

What is your favorite analogy? historical, etc.

Welcome to Florida

Help me make the case to BAN electronic voting machines in the House!

Letterman Funny for Once

DUers - need help quick! Something to split up .wav files!

Most bizzare or musically odd love song???


chat if anyone is interested

What kind of Chess player are you?

What is the worst smelling food when it is burned?

They just told me my computer is junk. Ask me anything.

what is this whole denver airport/masonic conspiracy thing?

Mid-life crisis? Judge me.

DU Musicians compilation disc...let's du it!

When do you pray?