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Archives: November 12, 2003

The Crisis Papers: Wazzup, Democrats?

Help! I agree with Kathleen Parker!

Diebold with a Vengance...Secrets, lies, and electronic voting

On Hope and Activism - by Studs Terkel reports BBV failure: e-voting glitch 19,000 Voters, 144,000..

Good column...

Can Voting Machines Be Trusted? -BBV/Dean

How much oil are YOUR kids worth?

Commentary: It’s never just a number - KIA in Iraq

Chicago Red Streak front page: Heroic Heresy

Posting a thread in Editorials

Should the Democratics be worried about Boston?

By George! An British look at bush

Great SW article....

By George! - A preview of * trip to London -

Bill Moyers - Keynote Address on Media Reform

USA in Iraq resembles USSR in Afghanistan every day

Why Dean Can Win Next November

Safire: Never Love a Stranger

GOP Floats Cruise Ship Plan for NYC Convention

political art from the POAC: part 2

political art from the POAC: part 1

The Iraq Dilemma: Frying Pan or Fire?

Shock of the Old: Dean's political lineage

Ellen Goodman's take on the late term abortion bill signing

Wash. Post: Blah, Blah, Blah ( filibuster)

Rethinking Milton Friedman....

General Clark’s Battles - (article in The New Yorker 11-17-03)

Paul Krugman Interview (Alternet): The Professor Takes the Gloves Off

Democrats are full of hate- Kristoff of the liberal NYTimes

Margaret Cho on Ann Coulter

READ THIS!!-Uncensored Gore- A great interview with Gore Vidal

Bush*s National Guard Early Discharge Request Found

William Safire: The Dean Problem

Save one woman's life for one dollar

weekend of November 22-23 - BBV conference at D.C. Convention Center

Bay Area Musicians and music lovers

Interested in working Kucinich table at Gay Life Expo...

Bay Area DUers- "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"

Protest against Arnie...November 17

Posters for peace — FREE

Who are the two bimbos hosting....

Lying liars: Republican lies bring GOP win in local election

Woman Who Filed Sex Suit Against Bush Dead

Texans: How was Bush as Governor?

Is There a Cryptologist in the House?

Cometary panspermia explains the red rain of Kerala

What would you do if......

Israeli chainsaw massacre

BBV - Tested Virginia boxes show vote for a few seconds - then delete it

Job sites may jeopardize privacy, says report

Holt BBV bill gains 66 co-sponsors - all Dem - need Ohio 18th folks

BBV - Vote count marred by computer woes

BBV - Bush DOJ says paper trail OK with Americans with Disabilty Act

UK Will Cut Amazon Environment Program To Pay For Iraq

US Hybrid Cars? M.I.A.

PETA to buy stock in Outback Steakhouse, Applebee's

Israel's nuclear program one of ambiguity

Citibank discovers flaw in security

The Iraqi War Will Continue Until Iraq Has a Leader

Islamic plan unveiled for Malaysia

Why US Rifles Jam So Often - With Fatal Results

Where ARE the non-racist gun owners?

GUNS IN THE NEWS--November 12, 2003

YEEHAWWW! "America's biggest machine-gun shoot"

OMG! It's ANOTHER photo of the DU Admins!

Still Too Much Incivility

I'm sorry for what I did, Skinner

A question re LBN.....

my auction

A question (to rfu, maybe?)


Admin please unlock my thread? it was locked it too soon CNN has it now!

Suggestion: Can we have a "Psychopath" Forum in which I and only


boxing glove

Avatar suggestion:

Changing Usernames

Skinner did you get my e-mail?

Why was my post deleted?

I posted and it got locked - please, consider unlocking it

I would like to donate 50 books for the Fund Drive

My Post Stating I Want Bushs War To Be Lost: Why Was It Removed?

Is there a minimum donation required to get "the star"?

Getting Their House Together

Palestinian filmmaker's "Olive" branch

What the Arabs watch vs. what Bush says

PA policemen disperse protesting women and children in Gaza

"My Cambodian Moment" Sen. Fritz Hollings (D-SC)

West Bank grove of olive trees cut

In Boston, Jewish peace group finds cause for hope and criticism

Arafat: Israel Has Right to Live in Peace

New Yorkers erect a "Separation" Wall in Midtown Manhattan

Ayalon: Left must not gain power

Americans Killed & Injured in Arab Terror Attacks Since Oslo

Israeli chainsaw massacre

Separation Fence has reduced number of casualties by factor of 20 (Maariv)

Israel sees Iran a year from nuclear breakthrough

Raids in Rafah go largely unnoticed

Hamas Condemns Riyadh Bombing as Harmful to Islam

Bush's Middle Eastern Quagmire and Apocalypse Future

Israel's double standards damage its own interests

Hamas, Jihad consider new 'Hudna'

Palestinian official calls for more Iraq resistance

Wanted: a Sharon of the Left

Never again? Anti-Semitism is rising to historic levels -- ADL’s Foxman

Facility 1391- Israel's Guantanamo

Israeli fence 'will harm one in three Palestinians'

Amnesty: Israel must immediately stop the construction of wall

Hunt What Boeing?

World War Three: The Players: Part two

In Middle of the Kerry Storm, a Man Known to Whirlwinds

I somehow missed this in my Sunday email pile up,

NYT: AFSCME president values "electability" very high in choice

SEIU endorses Dean!!!

GOP will trumpet preemption doctrine (Bush as visionary against indecisive

Manchester Union Leader - Dean is Rewriting Campaign Rule Book

Kerry Urges Admin. to Promote Small Business Reservist Loan Program

Governor Dean Chastises Bush for Neglecting Public Land Conservation

Kerry toughens up rhetoric

Redistricting In Our Favor????

A poster at the Edwards Blog has a CafePress Edwards shop...

Veteran (Cleland) touts Kerry candidacy

Statement by Governor Dean on Republican Filibuster

Endorsement in the works for Clark

McEntee's (AFSCME) "big bang" theory for Dean! - WP

Kerry Supports War Propoganda

Howard Dean takes on Diebold

Howard Dean-Preemptive Strategy Never Fits Into US Strategy-MAJOR GAFFE

Gov. Howard Dean on Newsnight tonight 10:00pm EST.

UAW region 4 (including Iowa) will offer an endorsement today

What's up with Dean's blogforamerica site?

John Kerry rides Harley onto Leno's stage

Dean would consider Clark for VP

Which Senator Is Most Out of Touch With Their State???

Hey, Clark seems to be holding his's some gems.

why i am a deanie

Has Dean wrapped it up?

Kucinich Threatens Monopolies

Howard Dean's mistaken foray into inclusiveness

If Sen. Clinton is NOT running ....

Al Franken thinking of running for Senate in 2008

Peace Sunday with Dennis Kucinich November 23rd! in Los Angeles!!!!

Kristof - Hold the Vitriol -Maybe we at DU can learn something from this

How to win in Iraq: Fake it 'tll ya make it. (Rant)

Where will Log Cabin Republicans go if RNC pushes for Gay marriage ban?

Jessica Lynch Leg Amputation Claim Now Sounds Bogus

For Bush, a Light Moment on a Painful Topic

Clark campaign is predicting a Clark-Dean race beginning Feb 3

NPR Can Be Cool Sometimes -- You Americans Have To Take Back Your Media!!!

Be Good, Smile Pretty

Mother Jones on Kucinich

Jail For Bush

run a Clear Channel station

Bremer Speculation - does he want out? kicked out?

EU set to engage in huge trade war

An Example of Bush Cronyism In Iraq (Link to his AWOL Days)

Why shop at the local store when WM is cheaper? Because..

This Should Have Been Said Long Before Now But I Think ALL The

How did we vet 131,000 Iraqi troops !

Pop Quiz: Where did our national budget surplus go?

Edwards, Kerry are Done?

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog vs. John Kerry!

Ah, those fiscally responsible Republicans

Taxes and BushCo

Unfreep this poll by Sen. Bill Frist

ow many people here have actually had sex on an American flag?

Oniline graffiti...make your own..deface other's

London refused Shrub's request to

What would you do if.........

Media Workers Agaiinst the war

CSpan Thread 1 - Sen. Leahy WAS supposed to be on


Questions for Kerry Supporters: Can he survive, etc.?

Counter-action to BBV?....

Poll on bringing the troops home vanishes !

How many coalition soldiers are mercenaries?

What's going on with the Scripps deal in Florida?

Pope condemns vile attack on Italians/No mention of all the dead Iraqis

Kerry's campaign decline is very disheartening....

Liberal Oasis: "Kerry's Better Off, and So Are We."

Did anyone catch John Kerry on Leno last night?

My Take On The Flag Burning Amendment...

Kristof tells us to shut up!

C-SPAN new pubbie talking point

Gay hating wingnut just said

When will Major Combat operations in Iraq resume?

Target Corp.: What are their politics?

Is the Washington Post intelectually dishonest?

DNC petition of Support for Tonight's Filibuster!

The end of the world.

Let's Unfreep Bill Frist's poll on his website

What is wrong with this picture>

So Much For Republicans Being the Party of Less Government

Did anyone watch the Law & Order SVU tonight?

We can't amend the Constitution to make it self-contradictory. (re: flag)

Bernie Ward

Safire: Never Love a Stranger - What the hell is he talking about?

To all you EvilDUers who troll FR

Is The Dean Campaign About The Dean Campaign (Versus Substance)?

Should flag burning amendment apply to ALL flags?

Rumsfeld's resignation is called for

anyone watching cspan?

If Dem canidates would have voted NO on war?

Can Dean and Kerry connect with the public?

Speaking of Asian Americans...

Why the hell hasn't this been on the front page news

The Moral Majority

Durst and Malvo. A tale of two Americas.

Are America's farmers moving to the right too...

Machiavelli's Message Pertinent To Bush

When Deficits Don't Matter

FOX news is waiting for Bremer to appear in front of the WH

How much oil are YOUR kids worth?

Kucinich on NPR's Talk of the Nation today (Wed- 11/12/03)

Illinois DUers... Profile of DemSen Candidate Blair Hull...

Surprise -- the war's over

What does the Iraq War Look Like? Ted Rall shows us...

Presidential Disruption: Bush* in London vs. Clinton Haircut "incident"

Does C-Span has a rightward tilt?

* grabs $$ from tortured GIs; gives it to Halliburton for rebuilding Iraq

Howard Dean's 'McCain Appeal'

The Right is targeting liberal websites. Because we scare them.

St.Pete Times gets Letter from Gonzalaz....

Nightline! Did you see it?

Thereapeutic piling on Sean Hannity thread

How to win the south???

"Less Government" doesn't really mean less government

Love Actually?

There is only ONE way - for everything to change

Drudge: Kerry 'Misspoke' Hillary Poll

do you think Kerry will opt-out of public financing?

Is there anywhere to watch the jessica lynch interview online?

News Alert? Bremer Announces No Change in Status Quo?

Reagan's 'trees cause pollution' redux

The Italians want their troops brought home

TV has made nation complacent, Gore says

Mike Malloy on the Al Gore speech?

Attack a dead woman because she's Liberal

"If they need help filibustering themselves, we'll be glad to pitch in."

CNN Soros effort discussion NOW Call in Opportunity 12:50 EST

Anybody want to help get rid of Delay?

Dean union endorsement being webcast by MSNBC

Yankee Go Home - London UK

WHY WE FIGHT Op/Ed - Ted Rall to My Yahoo!

Dems vs Repubs political donation map

El' Pig Boy is coming back on Monday, Matt Drudge hosting today...

US develops lethal new viruses

Anyone think Al Gore would make a good Secretary General of UN?

AFSCME executive board votes unanimously to endorse Dean

Leave it to MSNBC: Larry Flynt on Hardball tonight

Government Has Grown By 27% Under Bush

$1 million dollars to meet and talk to a Bush - oh yeah

Pessimistic Democrats...oops, CIA... has bleak assessment of Iraq.

Deleted message

Tortured US POWS: Bush confiscates their money

Did You Know The WaPo Profits From The No Child Left Behind Act?

Lil' Scottie McClellan Press Conference on C-SPAN

hmmm--Are Other Countries Going to Bail Bush Out in 2004??

What Do You Think ??? Back in the last century the English had terrorist

Clark buys beer for veterans.

Bremer meeting press: new phrase is "fighting terrorism in Iraq"

What happened with Senator Byrd's speech? I missed it. Thanks. n/t

Kucinich Interview on Talk of the Nation Now

reactionary, self-important post.. duped.. kick me, spit on me

Kucinich on NPR Talk of the Nation right now

Hey gang, I'd love to see that boxing glove punch * in the nose...

Europeans Target Texas Citrus Industry

Ignore -- Dupe

Please beg CSPAN to air the senate on CSPAN1

:Enter Daniel Pearl -- and the name of the person that led him down

where can i find donor info for Dean?

Dennis Kucinich on NPR Talk of the Nation now!

BushCo felt 250,000 Iraqi deaths acceptable, and 55,000 may have died!

Vote in this poll.

Support the Democrats' Fight Against Bush's Extreme Judges

Need Insight On: The Anti-Circumcision Movement ??

Why hasn't George W. Bush been punched in his stupid face yet?

Why are so many Clark supporters convinced he will win in SC?

Hey, unfreep this poll

Dean TV Appearances today -- tune in!

If America were invaded and occupied would you collaborate with the enemy

A primer on the FACTS of Repube/Dem judicial appointments

What happened to the dropping bombs on Iraq story?

Everwood? Does anyone watch

Good Lord: The school administrators sure know how to make you feel like

OK OK The Iraqis went over the TOP by inflicting death on the Italians..

FBI says Patriot Act used in Vegas strip club corruption probe

USA will snatch Saudi oil fields if revolution takes place...

Why are we buying into the RW propaganda machine?

I need some help locating an old thread from the past week or two

questions about civil war

Shock and Awe II ?

Chimp's Early Discharge Request Discovered

115 Taliban Prisoners Released in Exchange for Captured Engineer

Colin's drug of choice was found in Cliff Baxter

Who Should I Vote For and Why?

Did a major combat operation happen in Iraq today?

Can anyone recommend a good "centrist" message board?

Woman Who Filed Sex Suit Against Bush Dead

Iraqi FM blames coalition's "geriatric ambassadors" for mess

This Gay Magazine uses Tucker Carlson as a fashion statement

Goal: Democratic supermajority in Congress

he`s back! rush is back!

Iraq Vet said to be AWOL killed by fellow soldiers

Has anyone thought about a post-Bush DU?

We are bombing Baghdad now..those are the Explosions/Pre-emptive Strikes

Another reason why we should never have invaded Iraq.

Kerry Was In Frisco For Summer Of Love?

Bush tells Bremer speed pace of Iraq transfer

One reason we should not march to war so quickly……

What Makes Carol Run?--Washington Post

Democrats should agree with Bush on getting troops out of Iraq...

Crossfire thread, 11/12/03

Where is the cheapest acreage in the continental US?

Bombing in Iraq? i thought "major combat operations" were over?

YEEHAWWW! "America's biggest machine-gun shoot"


GOP tax cuts caused the Great Depression. Will Bush's cause another one?

Emergency: Overtime Pay Betrayal

Cost to destroy that empty building?

Prescription Drug buying in Canada exposes who Free Trade, NAFTA benefits

DU Fund-Raising: Auction? Brainstorming thread

Luv Bartcop's "McPresident" picture

Why invading Iraq was a HUGE mistake.

anyone remember this old typing exercise.....

Veterans Day 2003 and the Rancid Meat in the White House

Anyone know when Bill Clinton's book comes out?

DU bashing continues on local blog....

NY AG Eliot Spitzer Says He Wants to Be Governor

is anybody watching jay leno, the insult dog is on fire

Have you noticed? No more lettered "backdrops" since Bannergate?

My response to another idiotic freepish e-mail....feel free to chime in!

"It's America's job to start looking like us."

Soros is going to be on NPR within the hour!

AFSCME Leader on CNN's Inside Politics - cites Clark's decision...

Facts on Judges

/me feels ignored (n/t)

Kudos to David Gregory (NBC WH correspondent)

More filibuster Senators on C-SPAN Washington Journal tomorrow...


Check out the name of the latest operation: "Operation Iron Hammer"

Ed Meese: 'Reprobate' Ted Kennedy Should Have Been Censured

Read the PNAC agenda! Call-in Campaign for Tonight's Fillibuster

Don't the Italians understand that Bush lies are to blame for the deaths

9 Dem Candidates...Hammer away at Bush...

30 hours on 4 judges fiasco...

Al-Qaeda e-mails originate from American University of Sharjah

They're going to start another war

Rush Limbaugh Returns to The Air This Monday (Nov. 17th)

The first candidate who says this on national TV gets my vote

"L-Dotters" say troops should MURDER JOURNALISTS in Iraq

Pubs will attack Dems tonight: "obstruction in time of war"

up or down vote?

Oh no! Now he's laughin' at me!

98.3 The River flows away; station turns to talk radio

"He's the most sanctimonious member of the U.S. Congress"

Remember the US General who beat the US in the US/Iraq war games?

Rule 17 of the Rules for Regulation of the Senate Wing of the Capitol etc

Ignore the Pundits. Listen to your Heart. (Kucinich for President)

So, Bush ignored CIA intelligence before the Iraqi invasion and now

The war's begun (graphic pics)

Tomorrow was supose to be a great day but...

I like the Boondocks. It makes me laugh.

Deleted message

Hannity Takes On "Boondocks" Artist On The Air

US 'revenge' attacks prove nothing

Tom Tomorrow does it again!

Dennis Kucinich (do I have the right spelling? Never get it right.)

What if the Iraqis convince the US to pull out? And more news...

The Senate has approved 98% of Bush's court appointments...

Operation "Iron hammer"

Cartoons....Unemployment....Iraq...too many good ones to pass!

Gore Vidal: We have a deranged president

Rummy is a veteran of military cover-ups.

population numbers for congressional districts?

U.S. troops arrest Iraqi for criticising them

Russia and France lockiing up corporate crooks. Why can't the US?

Shrubs entourage for London - a visual

How do we compete?..Rush, Hannity, Boortz, Savage, etc...

Kucinich may be preparing to let something rip about Jessica Lynch

Kerry has a Pop up ad!

Let Sen. Bill "Kitten Kevorkian" Frist know where you stand!!

Sen Bill Frist's website poll (Freepers losing today!)

Props to Boston and Seattle

Need help in Frist poll

National Guard pay delayed, denied (this could be LBN

Right wing radio talk host, Clark and flag burning issue.

Why Jessica Lynch?

A&E Biography: Ted Kennedy on now (8 EST)

RW radio host, Clark and flag burning.

Kerry: Dead returned at night so media can't record their return.

If I was a 19 year old Female....there's NO WAY I would go to WAR!

Anyone else think Bremer will be Bush's Iraq scapegoat?

The Iraqis like the Vietnamese are very beautiful people

DU is my "Reference Library!" The posters here link me to the WORLD!

Jimmy Carter first prez to write a novel

Hunt What Boeing?

Clark's Latest Superdelegate: Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY)

Has there been an Iraq version of My Lai?

FOX-TV working with Repubs to orchestrate entrance into Senate chambers

Explain something to me, DU

Edwards Aims To Focus on The Positive (Wash Post front page)

Will we be able to win the gubernatorial race in Louisana?

I want the Repukes to do this marathon- they will get EXPOSED!

"It's really insane over there..." returning GI on Iraq

"Justice for Judges Marathon" starts at 6PM tonight (they have banners)

The 30-Hour Marathon on 4 out of 172 Bush Judicial Nominees Rejected #2

Designing Banners for Bush's London Visit

US Supreme Court Decision Today Re: Disability

Wal-mart lets corps. spy on customers - Broken Arrow, Ok.


Al Franken considers Senate run in 2008

Petition supporting the Senators on the floor

Election 2000 Redux---Never Before Seen Footage

Bumper sticker of the day.

Support the Democrats' Fight Against Bush's Extreme Judges

Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) To Endorse Clark!

Howard Dean just got the endorsements of the AFSCME and the SEIU!!!!

Republican Congress spending money like drunken sailors

How well known IS the Federalist Society, anyway?

Should we pull the troops out of Iraq ?

Are any DUers in the ad contest?

Reporting America at War on PBS - dupe see below

Republicans come unglued: Soros the cause

Cornell Student Assaulted (hate crime at Ludacris concert)

Radio Talk Show Host Indicted (Repug Family Values....

Continuation of the Cornell hate crime thread

Anyone watching CSPAN 2 channel surfing when Republicans Speak ?

West Wing on NBC

Dems no longer trustworthy with foreign intel

The Republicans filibustered too!

Repubs act as if Bush was elected with a mandate....

Clark leads new NBC poll

30-Hour Marathon Senate Debate on Judicial Nominations - Thread #3

Today in Iraq--what does this all mean?

What is the difference between a PAC and a lobby?

If the draft returns, would you serve on your local Draft Board?

Repubs act as if Bush was elected with a mandate....

Clarks plan to get bin Ladin - inspired!

Sign my letter to the DNC, Bill Clinton re: Al Gore candidacy

less than 20 freepers show up for rally at Nichols Fountain in Kansas City

4 US soldiers kill and burn comrade (Ft Benning GA)

Should Al Gore run for Senate from TN?

CNN: WH Leaked the CIA Report? (Iraq)

CBS says Blackboxvoting A "Conspiricy Theory"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For anyone who equates fundamentalism with Christianity and religion

Serious Issue - ALL groups deserve equal treatment.

Overall, I'm very happy the Rethuglicans pulled this 30 hr stunt

Who let the Senate Republicans stay up after bed-time?

Why are freepers so convinced that race is the left's weak point?

quick poll for Florida DUers

Clark's plan to get Bin Laden

Kerry responds to Clark's plan to catch Osama

CBS says Blackboxvoting A "Conspiricy Theory"! repost for "the ether"

Gov. Howard Dean on CNN NewsNight (11/12/03)

Fair Trade Coffee to the Dems?

Sen. Frist welcomes your comments.

New Wesley Clark PHOTOS group for you

What is the most important quality for a President to have?

Is this a Bush Retreat from Iraq? Am I reading this wrong?

Harry Reid just used Bill Frist's website poll

Does race denote nationality....or skin colour

Gulf War payouts blocked --AFP

Continuation of the Cornell hate crime thread, part II

Two women I work with and I were discussing politics

What if Bin Laden is dead?

Mike Malloy also talking about the Fillibuster

PBS documentary: Reporting War on now- 9 est

Continuing Saga of the 30-Hour Marathon Senate Debate Thread #4

Dem analyst says Kerry was fabulous on Leno. MSNBC now.

Buzzflash: No more student deferments or Canada when DRAFT returns in 2005

I need help with a debate I'm having about sexuality...

Orrin Hatch on Cspan

Should permanent residents (green card holders) be allowed to vote?

Did Clinton do anything with the military you didn't like (delpoyment rela

Since "the whole world will be watching", why not read from PNAC??

Statement by Governor Dean on Republican Filibuster

If The Iraq War Keeps Getting Worse

Gotta love that Hackworth

Hey whiterosesociety! Where's tuesday's Malloy show?? :)

I just went into a freeper thread and tried to defend Clark.

Running for Office. Any Advice?

Are all of the pundits and experts just full of it? I hope so...

A Message to Senator John Kerry:

Jessica Lynch is a tiny little thing. What 's she doing in the front line?

running for U.S. congress in 2004

And your least favorite corporation is...

Ask your Senators to Fix the Patriot Act with the SAFE Act

Kucinich on Thom Hartmann Show today

Florida Duers! Ambassador Joseph Wilson Tommorrow Night!

ABC Nightline Wed. -- Tiger Force --murder in VietNam

Would passage of Biden-Lugar have stopped the Iraq War?

Byrd is on the floor of the Senate. Fillibuster is on?!

Crystal Night

BBC saying Bush 'set on' handover in Iraq

need some Clinton info, please

NBC news poll: Clark leads Dean nationally

Jeb Bush jokes people of San Francisco may be endangered

an honorable way to "pander" to conservatives on crime

Who thinks this 30-hour Republican Public Relations stunt will Backfire?

Edwards: "Hugh Shelton has been a friend and adviser for many years"

Vote at Senator Frist's website!!!

I'm getting sick to my stomach here.

Frist's Poll

Would you support the following change to the Democratic Party Platform?

Woman who accused Bush of rape . . .

I Am Giving MAJOR PRAISE To Howard Dean Tonight

Camille Paglia fans, please explain:

Clark taking the high road -- defers criticizing Dean.

Great Interview with Joe Stiglitz on Tavis Smiley (re globalization, US...

Kucinich Supporters: What is it about Dennis that makes you support him?

New Report Estimates Up To 55,000 Deaths On All Sides From Iraq War

A State Law Would Pin the T-Word on Animal-Rights and Eco Protesters

What ails the Democratic Party?

Universal National Service Act of 2003 Rangel-Hollings H.R. 163 S.89

The Media, The GOP and Wesley Clark - Article by D. Potvin

Which DUers are too poor for a star?

Don't wait to donate! DU needs your help TODAY!

Have you ever Tried pot?

BFEE Treasure Trove

Guerrillas attack Mossad office in Iraq

Poll on bringing the troops home vanishes !

Democratic Senate hopeful embraces same-sex marriage

How did we vet 131,000 Iraqi troops !

Guns, drugs and passports, Basra market offers all

General: Saddam Fear Impairs Cooperation

UK cuts rainforest funding to meet Iraq costs

Breaking: Trouble aboard a plane grounded in Vegas

Congress Is Nearing Approval of Record Pentagon Spending

F.B.I.'s Reach Into Records Is Set to Grow

Iraqi war toll could be up to 55,000

US imperialism goes sour in Iraq

UK's Mirror:Bush is 'wearing cement shoes'/ Blair should 'ditch' him

President promotes Iraq strategy in Veterans Day tribute

Berger's big day -- Dover's own doesn't miss opportunity to push for vets'

Bush cheers 'gay' church after 'Marriage Week'

US Army revitalizes entity to study peacekeeping

Hepatitis Outbreak Tops 300 Cases

U.S. commander vows hard response

Government Outgrows Cap Set by President Discretionary Spending Rose 12.5%

Christian Arabs possible attack targets

New UK shadow-Chancellor defends being on Rothschilds payroll

Iraqi Council Head Calls for Provisional Government

US Senate backs Syria sanctions

Italy opposition wants Italian troops out of Iraq

Bomb on road kills U.S. soldier north of bagdad

US admits troops shot Iraqi mayor

Baghdad Bomb Attack Kills U.S. Soldier, Army Says (Not a dupe)

UK Government 'should foot Bush bill'

U.S. probe of Arar case urged

Ruling due in French oil co sleaze case

Explosion Rocks Italian Police in Iraq

U.S. Seeks A Faster Transition In Iraq, Top Administrator Returns for Talk

Bomb Attacks in Iraq Kill Two U.S. Soldiers

Bush's £5 million policing bill

Intelligence Experts Comb Web for Terror Clues

CIA Report Offers Bleak View of Iraq

CIA: Iraq security to get worse

Worrisome New CIA Report Warns More Iraqis Losing Faith With Occupation,

LA race is lost - NO Tribune endorses Jindal

NYT frontpage: U.S. Aide in Iraq in Urgent Talks at White House

Afghan President Warns of More Attacks to Come

High Cost of Security ($8.4 million) for Bush trip to Britain

Ken (Mayor of London) to snub Bush with peace party

Venezuela to pay $6 million in 1989 riot deaths

Property boom highlights Kabul's wealth gap

Bremer: Iraqis to set transfer strategy

3 linked to protests are arrested

Cuba to invest more than $70 million in telecom industry in 2003

Peace Radio Refuses to Leave Site

Pfc. Patrick Miller Talks About Captivity, Heroism


breaking: MSNBC...US has started dropping 2,000 lb bombs on Iraq

FBI arrests Florida man it says was planning abortion clinic bombings

U.S. Forces Fire at Iraqi (Governing Council) Official's Car, Hit Driver

College student pleads guilty to lesser charge in bomb plots (Iraq protest

Four People Survive Jet Crash in Ill.

Succession of Blasts Heard in Baghdad

Succession of Blasts Heard in Baghdad---5 minutes ago

MSNBC......"Rosie O'Donnel Wins"...

CCC invites Howard Dean to its national meeting

Dean receives Union backing (MSNBC)

Questions about Judges Republicans Don't Want to Answer

AFSCME, SEIU Endorse Dean!

Yahoo Rejects Banner Ads for G.W. Bush (Mis)Speak Daily Calendar

Recall: No Room for Public at Historic Inaugural (Arnold)

U.S. Forces Launch Operation in Baghdad

Bush May Be Leaning Toward Lifting Steel Tariffs

Negotiators close on deal for Medicare prescription coverage

Bush pays tribute to Italian dead

CNN-- US is bombing Iraq now


Edwards Aims To Focus on The Positive and Says Anger At Bush Won't Prevail

Northwest Worker Sentenced for Incident

Dean blasts Bush over Iraq contracts (Chicago Trib)

Deadly blast shatters fragile peace in Iraqi town

E-Voting Glitch: 19,000 Voters, 144,000 Votes

Pfizer Says It Will Provide Free Antibiotic to 135 Million w/ Eye Infectio

Democrat Dean to Get Boost from Labor Endorsements

"LDotters" say troops should MURDER JOURNALISTS in Iraq

Lewis pledges $12 million to oust Bush for presidential race

CNN - US is Bombing - Major Operations - LBN THREAD #2

Baby Formula Manslaughter Probe Opens (maybe not an accident??

Few States Embrace Faith-Based Initiative

Sen Byrd: US Syria Bill Could Lead to an Invasion

Panel Relaxes Environmental Protections

White House Rethinks Rejected Iraq Advice

Frist's Poll

Two More Officials Quit Kerry Campaign

Bush 'set on' handover in Iraq

Statement by Governor Dean on Republican Filibuster

S&P Cuts Ford to Notch Above Junk

Girl Scouts trap beaver, anger activists

Iraqi Teenagers Watch as Americans Bleed, Happy

Guildhall banquet snubbed by Bush

(Good Morning Vietnam)Disc Jockey Becomes Supreme Court Lawyer

Gunman, 2 Others Dead in Dallas Standoff

Bush could face anti-war protesters (UK trip)

Ex-Guantanamo Bay Translator Indicted

Senate Approves $401.3B Defense Bill

26 House Democrats Call for Bush to Fire Rumsfeld

National Guard pay delayed, denied

Cuba Bible donor goes to Hill to fight travel ban

U.S. Troops Kill Five Civilians in Iraq (3 were a father and his two sons)

U.S. troops defending hospital reportedly kill 6 (Fallujah)

California Governor-Elect Faces Gridlocked Legislature, Massive Deficit

Bomb at Italian Base in Iraq Kills at Least 22

Jeb Bush jokes people of San Francisco may be endangered

AIDS Vaccine Fails In Thailand

Liberals counter GOP by forming recruitment group

Al-Jazeera cameraman, driver accused of having knowledge of Iraqi blasts

British anti-globalisation protester "framed" by Greek police: lawyer

Ethics charges Decision on Thursday for Roy Moore

Iraqis confident they can beat you, CIA tells Bush

Al Franken considers move to Minnesota

Saddam moving around in disguise: Iraqi official

U.S. appears to be losing battle for hearts, minds of many Iraqis

U.S. Troops More Hostile With Reporters

Man Arrested on Clinic Bombing Suspicions (FBI Arrest somebody

economy watch: Insider selling highest in over 30 years

Woolsey: Why not use 1925 constitution?

Bolton Discredits Iran Weapons Report

Internet Patent In Dispute

Vatican mulls endorsing genetically modified food

Clark has plan for catching bin Laden

Radio Station Call for Boycott of Jethro Tull

GOP Will Trumpet Preemption Doctrine

U.S. Forces Launch Operation Iron Hammer

Japan Spots Chinese Submarine Off Coast

British official denounces "fashionable" anti-Americanism

U.S. troops fire on farm truck near Fallujah, kill five Iraqi civilians

U.S. Troops Kill Iraqi Municipal Leader in Baghdad

Guardian: White House, 9-11 Panel OK Documents Deal

Senate Launches All-Night Debate

'AWOL Mom' May Be Given Guard Duty

US wants ban on protests during Bush visit

Rush Limbaugh to resume hosting radio program Monday

Anti-Iraq war veterans pulled from parade

Judicial ethics trial of ``Ten Commandments' judge expected to begin

Relations between journalists, U.S. troops in Iraq sour

Can Voting Machines Be Trusted? (CBS)

British Police Nervous Before Bush Visit

It’s Bagh-SPAN: Bremer Bunch Will Broadcast

Greek composer adds voice to anti-Semitic chorus

Soros's foundation left 'paralysed' after raid

About Face: The Implications of Bremer's Recall to U.S. For Crisis Talks


::whispers:: starpass

What should HEyHEY regret most?

I'm a man and I think cuddling is more sexy than sex

I'm a man and I think curling is more sexy than sex

I'm a man and I think cuddling with Khephra is more sexy than anything

Bay Area Musicians and Music Lovers

Khephra should not post in the lounge when he's ...

DU: Give Until it Hurts

I'm a woman, and I think curdling is not too sexy

Welcome to the Pit of Ultimate Darkness!!!

I would like to say a few things about BUNS

Drinks that remind you of crushes

I'm a NARC!!!!

Do I have any talent as a poet? (total vanity post, be honest)

My turn at poetic pretentions....

Any DUers curl?

Ever Wonder What Happened to Banjo Boy from "Deliverance"?

Equilibrium, huh? Is that the new Maria Pia Calzone movie?

What does the flag mean to you?

I'm eating pretzels

If you love me, see Equilibrium

nationwide wireless question...

OK, I'm forming an unruly mob!! We will KILL the thread that never dies!!!

no.1. reason why Gawd talks to The Commander in Chimp!


Shrubtalk on sobriety

Mothers, Daughters, Wives

I'm a Canadian, and I wish you'd stop bashing "Curling". It IS sexy!

Help me! I had black beans last night...

Zombie Machines Fueling New Cyber Crime Wave

"Rush In Rio," anyone seen it?

To the kind soul who sponsored me

The end of the world.

What's your favorite spin-off? (the sitcom edition)

Super Mario

What set off the birds in Alfred Hitchcock's classic movie?

Flashback! *Dirty Bomber!!*

Lock this Thread!

Singing under the shower - do you or do you not?

If you can't beat em, eat em.

Guiness Book Finds World's Loudest Belcher

Art Carney. One of Us?

What would you do if

Who do I talk to about getting an avatar available?

8 Great Jesse Helms Quotes

Reminder: Daily Show replaying now

I'm going to donate to DU tomorrow!

Knock, Knock!

Any K-1, Pride, or UFC fans out there

Can anyone remember what you did evenings 10 years ago?

This is my 200th post ~ ask me anything

Cranky cat grasses on pot-growing owner

What's the best Site Stats program?

OK, I'm forming a RULY mob.

Ohio DUers: Should we contact Peter Lewis to donate to DU?

How Quickly Will The Front Page Die?

I can't believe how much I loved "Kill Bill"

Life is Rosie!

Holy Cow! I donated and got my star!!!

At work and bored outta my gourd. Ask me....whatever!

Did I miss the broadcast???

Franken speaking in Madison WI

Favorite Mayberry Star

Do you find posting on DU gives you a thicker skin?

Ooook...if you think I'm looking for someone...yeah, maybe you're right

Great holiday gift idea

My co-workers....

You think you have wierd inlaws?

The Hottest CNN anchor-chick

Ahhhhh, no more guilt...

The Roadmap to Perdition of all CAPTIONS!!!!

DU Cat lovers...Kitties looking for a home in Atlanta area!

Who's cat winterization thread was more hard hitting?


have you winterized your cat yet?

I missed the Jessica Lynch interview last night - did anyone watch it?

Heeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee's RUSH - next Monday

have you winterized your car yet

Why is it when a guy wears a wedding band

I havn't been here for months. Is DemoTex still around?

Wow! What did Ten Years After do to Norm Coleman.


Have you winterized your CAT yet?

How long have you been politically active?

Zee Cold-Hearted Commandant of all CAPTIONS!

Crank Yankers: Possibly the Most Ignorant Person on the Planet

Have you catheterized Edgar Winter yet?

Hey - GA DU'ers - Particularly Any in the Atlanta Metro Area


a question

I apologize for my locked thread

The Determined Duck of all CAPTIONS!!!

Have you womanized your CAT yet?

have you cauterized your dada's cat yet? nt

Week 10 Dallas Cowboy thread

anyone else notice that Scott MacLellan has a HUGE head and SMALL

Have you winterized your "hump busting" cover letter yet?

Hump Day Mullet Photos

Hey HEyHEY, check out my new sig! n/t

Bernard-Henri Levy is speaking in Los Angeles Friday evening...

My cat's hump's reputation is winterized--ask me anything!

Have you categorized Shelley Winters yet?

OK, What Thing Of No Value Should I Put Up For Auction?

Have you cauterized your couch yet?

Have been busted cauterizing Edgar Winter under the cover letter yet?

Have you humped your busted, winterised couch yet?

Have you categorized your cat food covered winter hats yet?

I'm going to make some Belgian waffles.

7th Sephiroth Daily poll, Bush

Do you have nicknames for any DUers?

What's *my* DU reputation?

I have found THE best Cat food ever!

my ex-pat cubemate just hooked me up with marmite on toast..

Mike Malloy read my letter last night!!

Japanese Cat Cruelty

You're all going to hate me...

Went to see a great up and coming musician last night

CAPTIONS make me happy.

Did anyone watch the PBS show on Medal of Honor winners yesterday?

Woohoo... I LOVE you, George Soros!

I'll show you my CAPTION if you show me yours

United's new discount airline will be known as ...........Ted

Ooops Sorry DU, I just got my first Lockdown...Ask me Anything!

Are any DUers doing anything interesting at 4:20?

Trying to find the funny Rush Limbaugh flash cartoon

SHould I use the phrase "bust my hump" in a cover letter?

any news on 'Memogate'?

OMG! I just noticed the little gold star next to my name!

OK OK The Iraqis went over the TOP by inflicting death on the Italians..

Margaret Cho on Ann Coulter

I need help locating a thread from the past week or so

Humorous McDonald's application

Everwood? Does anyone watch

Time's coolest invention of 2003

shipped off

Frumpy the Clown: FUNNY stuff

Just got smelly pond water in my eye 5 min ago. What should I do....

What happened to Andrea Thompson's (NYPDBlue) journalist career?

Californians...Protest Arnie on Monday.

I just sucked down ti martwonis. Ask me anything.

HELP! Need links to challenge a Fundie student

Anybody watching "Inside Politics?

I just applied to rescue a bulldog.

Contemporary Terminology

My Bagdhad Bombing motto:

I live in a hole...

Ack! - need real cover letter advice!

Just wondering

new OxyRush advertisers

new Hannity and Oxyrush advertiser Sharper Image Ionic Breeze


I'm coveting my neighbor's ass

Larry Flynt Speaks On New Club, Lynch Photos

AN ANTIDOTE TO EARWORMS (Songs You Can't Get out of Your Head)

Gore: TV has made nation complacent

Ever get the feeling you should not have gone to work some days?

anyone remember this old typing exercise.....

Little white balls in my vegetable gumbo

We're under a high-wind warning. Ask me anything.

Do I look like a serial killer?

Oniline graffiti...make your own..deface other's

Where does the DU donation money REALLY go?

Lynch book fails to excite on first day

A Sex Poll For Virgins

How long do you like a guy's hair to be? (on top of his head)

I have no DU reputation. Ask me anything!

A Sex Pool

Just saw the Paris Hilton Video....

I'm glad I don't live in Nebraska...


Original Gamers

George W. Bush is the antichrist! (proof)

Who needs a sponsor here at DU?

If A Fire Broke Out While On DU


How Often Do You Change Your Sig Line?

I shook Dean's hand last night!!!!

Evil picture

Okay. I donated. Ask me anything.

Has anyone here seen "Equilibrium"?

I Challenge YOU

Hey! I got a star!

LOOKIE HERE: Make your own Internet SnowFlake

hey guys -- look at the graph

Who doesn't want their DU bumpersticker

you are here

2 days and no star

What Are Your Thoughts On "Friends With Benefits" ?

The new fundraising graphic is farkin' hee-larious!!!

What new TV show should the DU Admins star in?

Well if ANY good news can be letter was printed in the News.

Controversy over naked sushi in Seattle

WWJD when he hits 6,000 posts on DU? (Congrats for arcane1)

Why do you think George Bush is aging so quickly?

Change the world

I am so shocked for the good

The Gunslinger Thread


How's this for a bumper sticker: ???

The Greatest rainbow I've ever seen is outside my office in Hollywood

Does anybody play Dark Age of Camelot here?

Those of you that post on other boards.. do people think you're arrogant?

Sax poll for Virgos

"Kitty Kervorkian" Frist just restarted his poll!!!!

Who Wants to Knock Bush's Block Off (see graphic above)?

Am I obnoxious? Or misunderstood?...... or nuts?

This Is My 800th Post----ask me anything under the sun!

BEFOREATHOUGHT "Spoof" exclusive video of PNAC meeting

My Nightly Geek Poll -- Which Vertigo Comic are you?

What is this weird compulsion to tell others what to do?

Am I a fruit or a nut?

DU IRC Chat - #democraticunderground at

"Night of the Hunter" with Robert Mitchem on TCM now..

Hogans Heroes:

LeftPeopleFinishFirst is just as cool in person as she is on DU

I just made a ham and tomato quiche. Ask me anything!

Depressing thought for the night:

Does the song "Mama Tried" by Merle Haggard make you wish...

Hey BLINK 182 is stayin @ my hotel tonite...don't ask me anything until

On a scale of 1-5: Rate how well you like your job

Anyone else get their account cleaned out by fraud/debit pin # theft?

I smoke cigarettes and I don't wear underwear

Is the DU begging again?

I'm a paranoid - they are paranoids

Internet personal ads users - how often do you get replies to your ad?

Ahhhhhh, ramen noodles and hot dogs for supper!

With apologies to Bon Jovi

Right on...who here is a supreme being on Kazaa?

I just made a mead, ask me anything!

Should there be a National DU Convention?

So I had a minor screaming fit today.... How was yours?

That 70's Show

I stared death (AKA Bay Buchanan) in the face tonight.

OMG... a * misadminstration official actually said "Hearts and Minds"

DU chefs: help me out!

Thanks, Mrs. Grumpy!


Remember Eric Rudolph? The anti-abortion and general purpose bomber?

This Is My 5000th Post!

I Just Heard Morley Safer Say the "F" Word- ask me anything!

I donated to DU and it felt good

Who's your favorite owner of DU?

I did a bad thing today

Death threats against cartoon siamese cats

I'm taking off work friday..

I found a website that might be of interest to Kucinich supporters

the book of the dragon king, chapter 1 born of flame

If you read an Internet story about "black on white hate crime," do you...

What Class Do You Consider Yourself In?

More power! More power! Ahr ahr ahr! (Warning: Adult content)

Which would you rather watch, if forced to watch one:

Pet Sounds

Holy Guacamole! 40-50 MPH Winds, Gusts to 60!!!!


FReeper Mia T

Hey, residents of the "Valley Of The Sun", where was the sun today?

Come on there Goddess .... only 2 to go!

If profiling works...

Those of you who have declared bankruptcy..

I'm angry, cynical, and hateful tonight...

What kind of pizza should I get?

Does anyone care about their DU Reputation??

OMG! It's ANOTHER photo of the DU Admins!

It's pretty much confirmed

Trying to get to 1,000 posts today, ask me something?

It's "Letter to the Editor" time again!

Attention Grateful Dead fans: Check out 60 Minutes II tonight

Have you winterized your Matcom yet?

Berlin DUers : Will you go to Michael Moore on Sunday?


Florida Duers! Ambassador Joseph Wilson Tommorrow Night!

OMG, the new Coldplay "live" CD fawking rocks!!!

I'm having (BAD) back spasms; What would Dean and/or Clark do?

West Wing on NBC

What's your DU Reputation??

Freeper glossary

Any lawyers or disability experts in the house? SSI/SSDI Question

A Classy Joint

Crosspost - Auction for DU

Novell bought SuSE Linux and Ximian Desktop.

A few months back..someone posted about a Japanese Horror Film

Yet Another --- PICK MY MOVIE poll


North/South/East/West – Left/Right .. How do Men and women ask directions?

*sniff* Mine pets are homesick for their mama *sniff* SEE PICS

Anyone else listen to Weiner/Savage?

What is the absolute STUPIDEST thing anyone has ever said to you???

This is my 400th Post - Don't ask me anything!

Have You Ever Been On A Cruise? Did You Like It?

Does your pet love you?

Best. Sketch Comedy. Ever.

Need Insight On: The Anti-Circumcision Movement ??

I am a nomad

Will I make 4000 posts by tonight?

ATTENTION... All DU vets... check this out... Vets not allowed to

Are you circumcised?

Do you think that sex should be used as a reason to be hired for a job?

How's your Native American History? Take the quiz

Land of Lincoln DUers Stand and be counted!

How would you like your ZombyCoffee?

Parlez-vous Français?

Is it appropriate to phone a guy


Generic flame war, take two

think this country's in the crapper? . . .

My High School football Coach has died

The Teflon Thread

Grr. Today is the one-month anniversary of the cold I can't get rid of.

When do you DU?

Colorado DU'ers, check in please!

An incident at the supermarket: trivial or not????

Where should the DU national convention be?

Girl, chained to bed, dies in fire

Family Affair (Chrissy Gephardt Interview)

Salon: Dirty Business (Bush & cronies covering up environmental disaster)

Arnold's Little White Lei (Said holding transition talks - was in Hawaii)

Zbigniew Brzezinski: Prevent Israel from becoming like South Africa

Michael Young: "Welcome a second Bush term, for the Arabs’ sake"

Primary Rules changes: NO MORE WINNER TAKE-ALL, no winner until May-July!!

Coming up now: Lou Dobbs interviews Dennis Kucinich. (CNN)

Howard Dean : From the road...Finally, some sleep!

If I had to pick today, gun to my head, 2004 prediction

Requesting Information About Johnny Cash: Activism & Peter LaFarge

Edwards' new ad is horrible

I can't get onto the Dean blog.....

The war that could destroy both armies

Ok, please don’t get yell at me.

Don't You Just Love It When Repubs Want To Butt In When A Dem Is

War protest songs and artists

I had a dream last night....

DUPE -- Dean Statement on Republican Filibuster

A Taiwanese stupid enough to trust Lien Chan is as stupid as a Bush-bot.

Did another right-wing talk radio host bite the dust?

Who thinks Rush will retain his former stature among the dittoheads?

Barbara Boxer just snapped at someone.

Another Great PBS Documentary on tonight

Kerry talks environment; reporters talk turnover

Chuck Schumer is one bada$$ mofo

Tonight's NIGHTLINE: Did Rummy bury the Tiger Force investigation?

Why doesn't someone start up a Fascist party to steal votes from Repubs?

New Frist Poll: Same Subject, Different Answer

Has the U.S. lost the war in Iraq?

Nixon Data May Be Calif.-Bound

US National Guard pay delayed, denied

Fears mount over ferrying troops into Baghdad

Move to rename Squaw Peak Park gets little reaction from the public

'An Ignoble Act of Terrorism" Shocks Italy (Berlusconi under pressure)

NBC Poll: Bush stops the bleeding

Talk show host Jon Matthews indicted on indecency with a child charge

WP: Is This Hussein's Counterattack?

How does one "rock the vote"?

LBLN: Houston right-wing radio host arrested for sexual misconduct with a

What is Michael Jackson's other brother's name?

Never let it be said that "Mr 50 Posts" doesn't put out. >

Do girl scouts trap beaver?

Breaking News ! Republicans in Congress to hold Slumber Party!

War protest songs and artists

Question for any parents of second graders

I'm a HEATHEN!!!!!!!!

Time for the Daily Show!

Omg. shortbus just totaled his car.