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Archives: November 11, 2003

Filling a suit isn't enough any more

Still Some Fight Left in Them (The Over 50 AARP soldiers in Iraq)

Iraqi war senseless -- even to those who should know

Is Putin self-destructing?

Bush call for Middle East reform an election gambit

Friendly fire - Lexington Herald-Leader

U.S. Senators Are the Real Cowards

Doing Dean A World Of Good

BBC: The other side of the Lynch story

Salon/Carol Lay Cartoon: FREEDUMB

Steve Bell Cartoon : Bush and his pooch Blair

Jimmy Breslin: Here Is Your War

Exit Plan Or Victory Strategy? (Kristol is calling the Pentagon wimps)

"Who was in the room next to Jessica Lynch?" A Gut-wrenching Report....

Don't Deny Horrors of War :by Michael Takiff :LATimes

Scheer - In a Democracy, Liars Can Never Be Liberators

Widow leaves US [NPR] radio $200m

Presidential web servers--funny & illuminating

From Baghdad to Dover

U.S. commander vows hard response

Painting of Bill Clinton and Crowd by Liu Yuyi Where *?

Molly Ivins: Brains on Drugs

Bill Clinton in painting of world leaders... real cool pic of the Big Dog


pro-Dean op-ed piece re: flag (Baton Rouge)

Soros 's money vs. Bush

Mellancamps: An Open Letter to America: It's Time to Take Back Our Country

Cheney family try a new peace tack: daughter Elizabeth

A Must-Read Speech

Feds raid orchid-grower's home

Southern White Male Democrats, Where Ya At?

European Social Forum - Paris, Nov. 12-15

Bush UK visit: protest website info details

If you were impressed by Gore's speech, time to help get the message out

BBV Flyer Posted

A Call to Arms!

Help the Mendota Dakota Save Sacred Pilot Knob!

Christmas Shopping Goal

Perilous times for journalists in Africa

What's the scoop on this more liberal news network?

Murdoch editor accused of 'threats'

The History Channel to air "The Kennedy Presidency-Revealed"

Media Revolutionaries Meet in Madison

Hannity and Colmes: My blood pressure is rising

Jessica Lynch and the Right-Wing Media Hate Machine.

CNN Planted a Question at Rock the Vote debate

Ah-nold's Pumped-Up Video Sales


Covert Action Quarterly

Bill Bennet coming on InsAnnity

When and How Did the Right Succeed in Making 'Liberal' a Pejorative Term?

Man vs Women as conveyed by Cozy Cole ~

End of the World ~

Astrologers: What do you think of this vedic interpretation of Bush?

Cell phone transfer numbers in the news today...question:

CARTOONS! The "Dept. of Really Big Banners" Edition

Bravo to offer switcheroo special: Straight Eye for the Queer Guy

When gays were 'cured'

HRC to spend $1 million supporting gay marriage

China Turns Into TV Powerhouse

Stunning (imho): UBS reports 78% rise in 3Q Profits

J.C. Penney 3Q Profits Drop 35 Percent

Taiwanese achieve a breakthrough in nanotechnology

Taiwan makes horticultural advance

upcoming Hudson River conference . . .

Illegal CFC Trade On The Rise - Reuters

Inhofe eases 'Clear Skies' mercury cap in new proposal

The Energy Crisis on Your Lap - Battery

Nobody's safe in China's Web squeeze

Opposition welcomes report of flawed vote - Swaziland

Senate Follows House and Votes to Impose Sanctions Against Syria

"My Cambodian Moment" Sen. Fritz Hollings (D-SC)

Half of SA's population don't have bank accounts

Fake cop pulls over driver, calls real police for backup. Hilarity ensues.

GUNS IN THE NEWS--November 11, 2003

the rhetoric of the anti-gun crowd

You Can't Argue With Anti-Gun Logic Like This!

Self-defense with a pregnant woman...

Concealed Weapons Laws

Bookmarking error message

Skinner, How was your interview?

Could you make sure this get's on home page

Hey admins/mods/etc

How many DU "regulars" are there? (totally non-urgent)

Is it taking longer today

That was quick. That latest Freeper got to three posts. Quite a subtle one

Donation question........


I'm having a problem donating.

Why is it okay around here to make an argument using GOP talking points?

Sorry for opening a new thread, but you locked the first one too soon

Can the search function be modified to search for a multi-word string

Does DU have any mentors?

I sent a personal message to MoonAndSun

Why are there umpteen 'flag burning' threads open in GD?

Occupation, Patriarchy, and the Palestinian Women's Movement...

A Father's Plea

Time to do away with the PA

Poll shows 17 percent of Italians oppose Israel's existence

Only a Regime Change in Israel Can Reactivate Peace Process

Unfair Tilt Toward Israel

IDF Destroying Weapons Tunnel

Synagogue attack averted

Ohio’s pro-Palestinian conference passes without very much fanfare

Arab states oppose UN measure on Israeli children

UN: Only 11 percent of separation fence follows Green Line

Uniting the Israeli Left?

US envoy says Palestinian problem not the root cause of terrorism

Israel readies for pressure on settlement outposts

U.N.: Israeli Barrier Cuts Into W. Bank

Israel may help guard Greek waters at Olympics

Palestinians Laugh at Deaths of American Soldiers in Iraq

Israel may soon take path U.S. can't follow

Euro trash

The New New Israel Historians

Israel rightly builds fence to save its citizens' lives

What if the Palestinians Reject a Separate Palestinian State?

A pro-Israel foundation paid for House members' fact-finding visit

Jewish Peaceniks Convene

Israel must choose between right and wrong

A thank you to my fellow vets

Is the US in early preparations for another major military action?

No, boys and girls, F77 did not hit the Pentagon. PART TWO

Fitzgerald Endorses Carol Moseley Braun

A Dean victory could cause sun to implode...

Clark to Appear on Meet the Press

Is Anybody Else Noticing That The ABD (Anybody But Dean) Contingent

A very Kerry change

Charlie Cook's "Off to the Races" Letter: On Kerry

A struggling campaign seeks jolt to stop Dean

Lieberman Counting On The Don't-Knows

WP: Dean Stands on the "verge of a knockout"

A Call to Service

After Dean, Who's Most Likely to Opt-Out (Matching Funds)?

Shaheen at center of Kerry switch

A Choice on Veterans Day

With national security a top issue in race, Kerry courts veterans

TNR gives John Kerry a 'D' for intellectual honesty:

Kerry Invokes Bush's Carrier Landing to Emphasize Points

Crossife profiles new Kerry 'Carrier' ad now

Statement from Dean on War Profiteering

When Kerry drops out, who will he endorse?

Two More Officials Quit Kerry Campaign

Barnes raps Dean's flag statement

Edwards' Statement Commemorating America's Veterans

Kerry tells vets Bush has 'betrayed' them

From Dean's blog yesterday - highway sign

Bush Disrespects Veterans

ATTN Deanocrats! I'll be canvassing in Manchester, NH this Saturday

Moseley Braun: Why stop now? (outlines health plan)

Dean strategy keeps his rivals off balance

"Kerry a huge disappointment", says insider.

Much or any chance of a McCain endorsement?

Dear New Hampshire,

Katherine Harris "leaning toward" bid for Graham's Senate seat

A Call to Arms!

Is it time for this constitutional amendment? Make it an issue now?

Klein: Hectoring Is Not Leadership

Do you think Gore, H. Clinton, or someone else will enter the fray?

Clark supporters - care to explain this

A Dean victory could cost Democrats seats

U.S. Senate Candidate Charlie Crystle To Support Same-Sex Marriage

Clark and Kerry unimaginative?

Edwards didn't just start walking the talk

Kucinich fundraising drive

Kiucinich sponsors resolution asking for Rumsfeld to be axed

A coup for the Kerry camp (profile of Mary Beth Cahill)

Get Local - Monterey County

kerry's standing up to special interests = media blackout

AP: Clarkies help Deaniac shout down Bush supporters @ Arkansas college

Big Dog's staggeringly eloquent letter to the ROTC.1968

Bernie Ward coming up on KGO

The newest editor of UPI, former home of Helen Thomas, is a moon-dude

What question could Darth Rumsfeld possibly be answering today?

Local news trailer talked of an up-coming DRAFT, Happy Veteran's Day.

How's Cheney's Heart?

Kelsey Grammar should play Eisenhower

OMG! Hume and Co. saying Gore was over top. What idiots!

I want those feeble-minded a$$es overthrown

Kerry is becoming embarassing

soldier brings missile launcher home from Iraq – lucky kids find new toy

Which governments should we emulate?

Their final letters home

Unfair tilt towards Israel: Dr. Cornel West & Michael Lerner


Salam Pax, the Baghdad Blogger, expands to tv . . .

Just for the heckuva it-what about a dean/gore ticket?

"Dated Dean, Married Kerry"

"Exclusion Zones" for Bush visit in London???

If al Qaeda WAS behind the Riyadh bombings, what was their intention?

In this time of great national distress......

sorry if i am late with the news, but what about those fighter planes bein

No relation between politics and no-bid contracts? Help me out here!

CNN planted a question at the debate according to the student who asked it

We have to call in to Senator Leahy tommorrow

Agghhh....Orrin Hatch is on CSpan right now

Catholic Orders Seek Recruits in Cyberspace

Question about the NH primary....

I admit it, I haven't been paying attention.

I'm making a pledge for the election year.

Why We Should Fear The Matrix

NBC reports on DeLay's bait & switch fundraising tactics

Do you think that Libertarians are going to breakaway from the Republicans

Reason Nr 225 to vote for Dennis Kucinich

Freedumb ( * & Cheney contemplate the draft )

Three blasts in Baghdad, two in Basara

Anyone see the tabloid with name and pic of Kobe's accuser?

Scariest thing ever...

Jessica is smeared no matter don't have to be shown

glimpse of hope

Thank you DU...I am doing this for all of us...

Generic Green-Hating Thread

Anthem for Doomed Youth (Veterans' Day, 2003)

Condi On The Job

If we are "fighting them over there" instead of here, where are they?

Remembrance / Veterans Day Outrage.

I'm looking for information regarding a CNN planted question

Their final letters home - the tale of the fallen soldiers

Orrin Hatch on C-SPAN --

Campaign finance reform -- mashed flat

All quiet along the Potomic tonight -another 11-11 poem - The Picket Guard

Are any of the "boys" (chickenhawkes)

What's the difference between a "caucus" and a "primary"?

Girl jailed for over a year--for discussing democracy online!

"Operation Iraqi Freedom" on your tombstone at Arlington.

Candidate Test/This is interesting

Utter gall of Citibank!

Gov. Perry sues to keep Boeing incentives secret

Just A Coincidence? Four of Jessica Lynch's Rescuers Have Died

Larry Flynt buys pics of Lynch to prevent publishing...

BushCo says stop all the clocks...

Everyone keeping track of the Hardball primaries?

George W. Bush is an all around FAILURE

Doing Dean A World Of Good

DNC cowards ignore Gore speech: Act Now!

What is Veteran's Day about really?

I saw a private photo of Bush at Walter Reed


Their final words - letters of the fallen soldiers

Cost of closing London for George's visit.

HRC to spend $1 million supporting gay marriage

Treats for Troops (but I can't send a pkg til I stop crying)

How long have you been on DU?

CSpan Thread #1

TV News Lies Webcast to start at noon ET - Veterans Day

Officer who murdered Ball State student "received proper training"

aWol about to speak on c-span

Is anyone knowledgeable about Microsoft Excel?

Help me form a new group to support George W. Bush!

Moore still gunning for Bush and Blair at sell-out London show

Whack a candidate

Our poor newspeople don't know much..Let's help them

Democrat, GOP officials mulling cruise ship deal

Wisconsin governor vetoes anti-gay marriage bill

Bush thanks the vets by cutting benefits

on this veterans day we should remember

Bush Disrespects Veterans

Bush Disrespects Veterans

Why not to invade Iraq by George Bush Sr.

Transcript of Faux News court hearing in lawsuit against Al Franken

Hartford city council

Wes Cam -- directed by Emmy-award winning film director

U.S. Senate Candidate Charlie Crystle To Support Same-Sex Marriage

Sanchez/Bartlett: any disconnect in these stories?

Welcome to Arkansas Mr. Bush.

Between 21,000 & 55,000 Iraqis have died as a result of Bush invasion

Troops find talk is key to earning trust of Iraqis

The first installment of Wes Cam

* wins unless...

Woman Who Filed Sex Suit/Bush Dead....(question)

Studs Terkel on The Thom Hartmann Show at 1pm ET

The New Republic gives Kerry a "D" in intellectual honesty

Dean's success has led to an economic downturn for other candidate's staff

Anyone believe Gore will come out of the woodwork and run for Prez?

Did President Clinton ever ask another country to basically shut down

Final letters home from soldiers who died in Iraq

Did John King say what I thought he said?

Billionare taking on Bush

Why is it that Democrats just kill everyone?

Skeptics on the economy

MoveOn should push Gore to reconsider!

Al-Qaeda threat in Iraq tiny.......

Democrat Halts Senate for Eight Hours

Jessica Lynch and the Right Wing Hate Machine

Reagan comment on AIDS / gays not a lie.

toothpaste and menstrual pads/tampons - our military needs them

Is there a single person in Congress with a son or daughter serving

Bush family involved in secret society holding Geronimo’s skull

Ironic juxtaposition of stories on

For Dean/Kucinich supporters

Script of "The Reagans' right here.....

Bremer on way to US...Big decision in the works?

Larry Flynt is NOT publishing the nude photos of Jessica...

Do Dems need the rural votes

Does Bureau of Labor Statisitcs keep their numbers secret ?

U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown endorses Deutsch for Senate

Scary Wolfowitz Quote

FundRace 2004

Help! Evil DUers, Please

Is it a cold day in hell???

Breast cancer alert risk for prior Hodgkin's radiotherapy patients

Despite the pressures... I won't stop supporting my candidate.

I'm Nervous

They're Getting Close: The long arm of the law may finally have Enron...

Just got back from the Veterans Day Parade in Dallas

NPR Reported bush* Doubled the Troops 'Death Benefit' from $6K to $12K

Zell Miller to speak at CPAC

Limbaugh Dreams About His Return

Want to know why we are having it so hard in Iraq?

Chris Matthews' Week on Iraq...

Questions That Need to Be Asked About the Iraq War

anyone watching aWol's speech to the Heritage foundation???

Who will get the endorsements of the withdrawing candidates

So what do the Vets get from Shrub on this National Day ????

Heads Up: Bush defining foriegn policy battleground

Iraq 'faces severe health crisis'

The Advocate does and interviw with Chad Allen

Americans denial is an addiction, how will recovery begin?

You (and Bush) are likely too dumb for this

Funny thread about Bush

Rush Poll

CNN planted question at debate, student says

Tinfoil: Cruise ships, viruses, Convenctions, Cornyn's new congress

Time magazine pulls Bush Sr./Scowcroft article

What’s a soccer mom? How did it make it into the political lexicon

What's the answer to this economic dilema?

Petition...Defeat the Judicial Nomination of Janice Rogers Brown

Armistice Day or Veteran's Day?

When Was the Last Time We Heard Even a Peep About Traitorgate?

ldotters calling for mass asassination attempts on democrats

America's Ministry of Propaganda Exposed -- Part One

BBV: NY Press Runs Extracts From Bev's Book On Volusia County

Send Feingold a letter of support

Hannity Has a Live Audience Today

WP's "Faces of the Fallen" updated to include the two helicopter crashes

Thank You VETS!

Does your newpaper enable Bushie?

Some DU'ers paid to bash Kerry

Hep A Outbreak...

Kerry on Leno Tonight Show Veteran's Day 11/11

Zell Miller is "Honored" To Call Sean Hannity His Friend

Two *more* Kerry campaign officials quit.

Hypothetically, if the presidential election came down to this:

Nancy Skinner on O'Reilly tonight...

Local RW rag poll results.

Rush Limbaugh Discovers Humility

When Kerry drops out, who will he endorse?

I need help.

Begala slams Dubya on Veterans

Announcing a New Holiday: Chickenhawk Day

Analysis of Shrub's Speech Today

Did Edwards give up chance to be Clark's VP by retaining scumbag Shelton?

In Search Of: Mrs. Kucinich?

bushgang's Baghdad billboards - really

Would You Sacrifice All or even Part of the 1st Amendment to

Need Help. US Radio Censorship.

Chen Shui-bian is easily the most progressive leader in Asia...

Where Edwards is coming from on race

Why do you think Clark said he supports a flag buring amendment?

George Soros: A man who knows a fascist when he sees one...

Any other DUers watching the ABC interview of Pvt Lynch?

USA has to become a dictatorship before it can appreciate democracy

How Much of a Campaigner Are You?

Reminder: Not all conservatives are against us...

What exactly has General Franks, General Shelton and General

Talk radio and RWing media "lynching" Lynch. (good read)

Petition Wal-Mart: Pay a Living Wage!

Dr. Cornel West & Michael Lerner: Unfair Tilt toward Israel

What is a flag, and how can it be desecrated?

I like how the media is talking about George Soros, & ignoring Rev.Moon

Should the flag desecration amendment (H J Res 4) be adopted?

Jessica Lynch"My weapon jammed" - Defective Equipment

Edwards goes up with new ad in Iowa, New Hampshire

The Kerry campaign has hit the reef, and is sinking.

Bush-Hating Ultra-Liberal Raises Bush Fundraising Stakes

"a peculiar state of pathology" . . .

When is the next Dem debate?

Anyone else surprised that there have been no "dirty bombs" in Iraq yet?

Scott McClellan vs. Helen Thomas -- grrrrrrrr!

In Black And White: Bush Vs. Kerry On Veterans

Is there some chronic rash of flag burning that I have not heard about?

Billmon's diagnosis: the Kerry campaign is in critical condition

After Gore's speech on Sunday, do you think he should run in 2004?

Black and Hispanics Use By The GOP

Which states have to go Blue in 2004?

Senate Grudge match to culminate in all nighter

For the Fallen (POWERFUL poem for Veterans Day)

Dean is for a flag burning law.

Dean wouldn’t change U.S. Constitution for flag

Poll on bringing the troops home vanishes !

Melissa Ethridge to formally endorse Dean & perform for his supporters

Geezus....Bill O'Reilly is complaining about George Soros

If you were interviewing Kucinich on the radio, what would you ask?

Anybody else see this dumbass Freeper on Hannity & Colmes??

The break up of the USSR: Be careful what you wish for

Jessica Lynch coming up on Prime Time...

My candidate is better because he supports flag burning

Mike Malloy reading letters from soldiers in Iraq who were later killed

Lynch shouldn't have said the administration used her.

Clark: Open letter to Edwards: Why Retain Shelton?

Daschle on C-SPan NOW! n/t

My Prediction

Wrestling With Manhood - Documentary on WWE now showing on Free Speech TV

Road map to peace between Israel and Palestine dead?

We're gonna win this one now!!!!

The Combined Energy of DU will be amazing, after the Nominee is selected!

What the hell? Wasn't Sen. Leahy supposed to be on CSpan tommorrow?

Is anyone else bugged by DUers taking joy from candidates having trouble?

Flag burning wouldn't stop me from voting for Clark

Read the rest of the Story...Clark - Flag Burning

My reflections: Veterans and War

Al Gore created the Internet?

Kerry - A Leader on National Security?

What Happened to Total Information Awareness?

I just called Zell Miller's office in DC

The Presidential Prayer Team - What is this?

For George, on Veteran's Day (please read)

Dean should use the term Nascar dads

Listen to Bruno

Which one or both is a FreeMason?

Party Voting Trends By State, 1940-2000

A Call to Arms

Although written for Memorial Day, applies just as well on this day...

Someone must not have told Bush what the MCC is all about..


Gep's staying out of the fray....even in DU

A Soldier's Story (truthout editorial by DUer matcom)

Veterans Day sabatoogie in Sonoma.........

What's it like to live in Baghdad? (photos)

Besides Dean and Clark, who's your favorite?

CARTOONS! - Filibuster in progress!

A seething resentment smolders in America's 'heartland' (vanity)

Bob Barr on MSNBC speaking against the Patriot Act

My Veterans Day story: My Mother-in-law is now anti-Bush.

Statement from Governor Howard Dean on War Profiteering

Yes Baby, Yes! My Sister Just Told Me She Is Voting For Dean!

Freeper conspiracy theories about the Dean campaign.

I have a feeling the freepers are going to boycott Progressive Insurance

Dr. Bob on Tweety (again)

Couple of new bush pics for your enjoyment.

Is anyone else outraged by the Newsweek cover story on Cheney?

FREEDOM?? Iraqis arrested for daring to critisize ChimpCo Occupation!

Freepers confuse THEME PARK for China

Why don't we see Al Gore on any of the TV talk shows?

"The world is a safer place without Saddam Hussein"

Dean Rises Again

Another great one by Paul Krugman....

Would you approve of a Democratic candidate pandering to the religious...

Compare Kerry And Dean's Experiences In The Middle East

LOL, John Edwards supporters get a "Turkey Bush" T-Shirt

Repug co-workers says military re-enlistment is at all-time high...

Possible plan to unite the factions in the party....

Chomsky & Zinn discuss imperialist propaganda in LOTR "Two Towers"

I'm as patriotic as the next person, but.....

how to GUARANTEE a dem landslide in 2004-inside!

How tough for Bremer and troops to stay in Baghdad ?

Clark not fading in Iowa...

My take on Dean's Success...

The liberal and conservative mindset.

My Dean bumper sticker caused a woman to yell at me today

Text of scrubbed DOD ad to recruit DRAFT BOARDS to re-instate DRAFT!!

"Depleted-uranium protesters found Not Guilty of trespass in Minn"

Should Dems use the draft as a wedge issue in 2004?

Time pulled a Bush Sr. the essay off the web

Required reading for Dean supporters

Right NOW..Andy Rooney on CNN!

Has the FBI shut down any Seattle websites?

The Advocate does an interview with Chad Allen

Ah, the Saudis

Announcing a New Holiday: Chickenhawk Day

Are the rumours of Kerry's death exaggerated? (was re Kennedy endorsement)

What 's the difference between "major combat operations" and the .....

Republicans cut my health care...

Any DUers in Britain planning to protest *'s visit?

If men could get pregnant...

Who will you vote for President today-straw poll

Is Soros behind Dean's decision to forgo public financing?

Gephardt is my___ choice

Bremer was Called Back Because we Need to Get Tough in Iraq! MSNBC

I think Bush and co. fears Clark

If you knew that Bu$h stole the 2004 election, like he did in Florida...

How will the loss of key Kerry campaign staff affect his support

Attention Dr. Dean--the South is a State Of Mind and it is spreading

Clark Favors Flag-Burning Amendment

11 Nov 1918..just asking for remembrance today...

ok DU Auction has begun...first Item up for sale

Unbelieveable Bush* Seance Propaganda Pic

Let's pitch caucuses and primaries: National Primary Day

How is Pvt. Lynch a hero???

Who has your Congressperson endorsed for President?

Bush continues grand American tradition of screwing Native Americans

50 false news stories put out by Bush propaganda machine.

What was Gore really up to on Sunday?

BYRD Alert: 12PM EST C-Span2 (for 30 minutes)

What is the most worthless "news" story out there?

Why are expert criticisms of Islam always from white Christians?

BBV - E-Vote Firm's Bill Comes Due

Edwards in 3rd place in NH, Clark 1 point behind, Zogby says tie

Bill O'Reilly just said says there should be no private property

Kerry impersonates the Fonz (Happy Days) in Tonight Show appearance

CIA says growing numbers of Iraqis are concluding that the US can be beat

For those who poo-poo the Bush-Nazi analogies made at DU...

Dean = DLC? Where's the proof?

Oh man did the Pentagon pick the wrong soldier to make into a hero

Joe Klein attends a Dean Meetup in New Hampshire

If you had a Democratic Hall of Fame, who would you include?

Before Everyone Nukes Clark on Flag Burning Issue...

vice president

Powell Says 'Everyone Here' Uses Addictive Sleep-Med Ambien...

Indiana Professor says homosexuals should not be hired as teachers

Every attack on Howard Dean makes me love him more

Verify the Vote: Tell Congress to Fight for Secure Elections!

DRAFT: Would a Second Bush Term Mean a Return to Conscription?

A web site I recommend!

Who really cares about flag burning....

Privatizing public infrastructure and gov't agencies

Kerry's Campaign Is No Longer A House Divided

Most Opinion Polls and Surveys Are BUNK

The DU Budget: Where does all the money go?

Do you care about the electronic voting issue? Even a little?

Dean or Clark

DA says Make My Day Law protects man who shot, killed neighbor in barking

Hustler to publish topless Jessica Lynch pictures?

Rumsfeld denies Iraq retreat

Dean Threat May Help Bush Up Fundraising Ante

Local man killed in Iraq (Evans City, Pennsylvania)

Two Army JAG Officials Among Iraq Victims

White House faces delicate economic-political decision on fate of steel ta

Pennsylvania agency backs plan to dump river muck and coal ash into abando

US authorities in Iraq probe phone contracts

Massive Loan for State (California) Weighed

Yukos oil tycoon makes bail plea

UN report says Iran has plutonium

Bomb Kills Three Iraqis; Toll Pressure on Rumsfeld (Bomb in SOUTHERN Iraq)

Wounded U.S. troops find sympathetic ear (Landstuhl, Germany)

Bush foreign policy 'creates risks for US companies'

Youth burnt alive in Indian riot after Muslim's murder

Crisis in Georgia escalates - USSR

Angry crowd sets mayor's office ablaze in Iraq town

Iran Cleared by U.N. of Atomic Ambitions

Reid blasts Frist in Senate

Canaan Banana, president jailed in sex scandal, dies

Mystery surrounds poison at Joburg buildings - SA

AP: Feds Concerned About Dirty Bombs

Iraqi mayor's office set alight by rioters - Fallujah

Billionaire Soros takes on Bush

Feds: Miami used as illegal entry point for thousands of Chinese

WaPo: No Child Left Behind Act: Facts and Fiction (accurate?)

BBC BREAKING: Powell backs Bush democracy mission

Funding slows for political parley-Democratic convention ...


Bush laying wreath at Arlington; plans think tank speech on Iraq

Afghans to cut food imports in battle on opium

Blast in Basra Kills at Least Four Iraqis

Lynch Book Says Iraqi Doctors Were Saviors - Yahoo News

Soldier - Mother Reassigned to Fort Carson ( military blinked I think)

Bush not ignoring casualties, Rice says

Sri Lankan president's power grab backfires

SD Congressman Getting Special Treatment?

Massive Loan for State Weighed (CA)

US Holds 20 Suspected al-Qaida in Iraq

Federal Judge Refuses To Dismiss Nebraska DOMA Challenge

Bomb Damages U.N. Office in Afghanistan

Some Experts Sceptical About US Economic Rebound Despite Solid Data

U.S.-Iraq business conference postponed

Democrat, GOP officials mulling cruise ship deal(for National Conventions)

Iraqi Death Toll, Health Perils Assessed by Medical Group

My Dirty Governor: Perry keeps Texas tax breaks to Boeing secret

Bush Lays Wreath to Honor Veterans(signs National Cemetery Expansion Act)

Iraq 'faces severe health crisis'

S.C. veterans watch Clark's candidacy

Time pulled a Bush Sr. the essay off the web

U.S. Senate Candidate Charlie Crystle To Support Same-Sex Marriage

Jessica Lynch Was Not Raped, Iraqi Doctors Say

Republican, Democrat Protestors Square Off (Clarkies back lone Deanie)

al-Qaida Threat in Iraq 'tiny' (Bremer lied!)

U.S. stem cell line deemed too risky

Soros's Deep Pockets vs. Bush

Breaking MSNBC 8 More Explosions in the Green Zone of Baghdad.

Politician or telemarketer? DeLay uses offer of honor in pitch for funds

Britain says it will introduce compulsory ID cards, no date set

For Bush, a Light Moment on a Painful Topic

UK poll: Bush unpopular in Britain

Violence spreads to Basra, as US grabs al-Qaeda suspects in Iraq

Bush Disrespects Veterans

Iraqi arrested for criticising U.S

U.S. military chief vows to 'get tough' in Iraq

Khodorkovsky to remain in jail amid fraud, tax evasion probe

An act of ‘betrayal’ (Bush thanks vets)

George W. Bush's Strange Letter To MCC

Critics blast Bush on proposed housing cuts

Black and Hispanics Use By The GOP


CNN Says It Planted Question in Debate

FBI Faces Challenge in Iraq Bombing Probe

Democrat Presidential Candidate Clark Visits Tucson (re: Veteran Benefits)

No Brain Damage for Revived Toddler (very good news...

Police in Notorious Colombian Drug City Rack Up Extravagant Expenses, Outr

BREAKING CNN: Art Carney dead

Bush Administration Requests Applicants for Local Draft Boards

Gunmen kill Romanian soldier in Afghanistan

4-6 explosions in Baghdad

White House 'wants central London exclusion zone' for Bush visit

Clark talks current war with veterans of wars past

Colombia picks defense, interior aides

Sanchez: Saddam Fear Hinders Intelligence

Looted Relics Returned to Iraqi Museum

FARM SCENE: Game Farm Owners Sue Over Initiative Banning Shooting of Capti

Cuba: U.S. inflated cases of visa denials


Clark targets veteran issues

Halted Power Plants Anger N. Korea

Terror War Tough On Aid Groups

Iraq Resumes Oil Production in Majnoon

Jury Acquits Body-Hacking Heir

(PAK.) Farmers Put Down Plows to Take Up Arms Against US

(Sen Hillary)Clinton Spearheading Effort to Stop Closing of VA Hospitals

Iraqis to Face Bad Health for Decades

AP: Medicare Stung by Wheelchair Scam

Lawyers for Canadian sent to Syria seek US probe (Torture)

Musicians Take to Stage to Lobby Against New Media Ownership Rules

Another Former Intelligence Official Blows the Whistle on 9/11

Why is President Bush Maintaining a Ban On Seeing War’s Rturnng Casualties

Veteran's Day Ceremonies Reflect Grief

Iraqi bound and gagged for protest

Favoritism in NIH Harvard Contract Probed

AP: Two more officials quit Kerry campaign

E-Vote Firm's Bill Comes Due

U.S. rethinking timetable for Iraq sovereignty

Six Dead in Dominican Republic Strike

Red Cross ignored early test for Hep C

Jessica's Hustled [i'm really sorry. this is just tasteless, but big.]

Iraq Governor Bremer Heads to U.S. at Short Notice

Bush Warns Extremists Seek to Rule Iraq

Protesters warned: Hands off the cops

'Light' Not Right for This Forum (Mac or PC question faked)

Larry Flynt Buys Purported Nude Photos of Jessica Lynch (But Won't Publish

Clark Communications Director questions John Edwards retaining Hugh Shelto

Critics assail U.S. visa rules

Third Colombian Cabinet Minister Resigns

TWO Billionaires to bankroll anti-Bush ads

Childbirth in Afghanistan like Russian roulette

Stiff competition begins for Bush library

Carter: U.S. missteps embolden dictators

Clark Favors Flag - Burning Amendment

Case for war made up, say top names

DeLay’s Former PACs Have Failed to File...with the IRS...and Texas

US-Brit war killed 55,000 Iraqi civilians

Al-Qaeda pose terror threat to Bush visit (MIB's want immunity!)

Senate to Pull All-Nighter Over Judges

Congress Predicted to Ignore Veto Threat

Chen denies he paid to meet a Bush

London Mayor speaks out: security tension over Bush visit

Gunmen Kill Colombian Radio Show Host (Trade-Union Member)

Tensions rise in Georgia over vote results

Bush Says Guerrillas Want Taliban Rule in Iraq

Saudi Blasts: More Than Meets the Eye/ATimes--New World Media Watch

Edwards criticized by Clark team for retaining Hugh Shelton

Art Carney passes away

Robert Durst found NOT guilty of murder..MSNBC

$1 million to meet with Neil Bush?

Mentally disabled taught how to vote

More Iraqis supporting resistance, CIA report says

US-backed mayor shot dead near Baghdad

Billionaire Soros: 'Ousting Bush central focus of my life'

A message to the Bush administration

OK. Here's a great gift idea!

A fact about Rush that will make you smile....

Will some lucky DU lady get to marry Dennis Kucinich? Click here to apply.

Hotmail against Dean??? Get the tinfoil hats out!!!

small acts of optimism?

The American President on TBS ....NOW......Sydney just delivered

"Well in OUR country", said Alice, still panting a little.......

new OxyRush advertiser Strawberry Hill Povitica Company

anyone gotten a response from any hate radio advertisers lately

An honest Freeper!

Twilight Zone alert 1:30a ET

"Smart beats Lynch in TV ratings battle"

Never heard of comic strip "Soup to Nutz" but here's today's

hahaha...I just wrote the F-Word in a title at Mike Malloy's forum...

Time has not been kind to Michael Reagan

Where can I find a good list of things to boycott?

Why aren't there any "Boys gone wild" tapes?

Free web hosting! not spam

new OxyRush advertiser Red X

Oh this would've been really funny...

Bose ads back on OxyRush

Monday Night Movie Thread...

Good grief.. British kids have had some horrible jobs

Two weeks of email - gone from my compuserve account!

Daily Baghdad Explosion Poll

An object lesson in how times have changed. (cartoon)

I see my fun post was deleted.

Any Texas Tech. Sociology alumni on this site?

Hi Dad. Happy Veterans Day.

Do they play "Freebird" outside the "south?"

I just got my new site up....

Housewife of the Year................Jessica Simpson

Jumpin'est New Wave/80s Pop Song:

Big ups for John Dingell (D-Mich.)

Here today, tomorrow next week!

Camilla . . . dear . . . you might want to phrase that differently . . .

You're born, you die. How important can anything really be?

A veteran's story: Charmed life?

Iraqi Man Opens Pizzeria in Baghdad

Digital Pianos vs. Keyboards

What's the best way to pass time until shrub is out of office?

Hey, Chicago DUers....!

A contender for Worst CD of 2003.

Copy-protected DVDs containing public domain data?

A couple of odd ones

OH MY GAWD! (Jessie's Dreams?)

Trading e-mails with the "Fix That Flag" guy

Ooooh...Funnnn... generators

A humanizing tribute to the soldier, from a very unusual source:

Rant: "Veterans" Has THREE Syllables, Not TWO!!!!!

For veterans day, I will not even attempt

Hey, DU Veterans!

A DU Dream Parliament - The Scottish Parliament

What are you reading?

Smile, Smile, Smile - Wilfred Owen

for all you musician wannabes . . . free music lessons from Berklee!

Irony: POW-MIA flag flying at WH

Wanna record HDTV programs? Sorry, FCC said no.

Straight Plan for the Gay Man

Revised, more realistic poll: When will Dubya get his block knocked off?

Call for backup unravels ruse as marshal

U of Miami's "Chosen One" Winslow really IS a "f**king soldier" (proof)

Anyone see this lovely photo of Rummy?

Some kind person donated for me! I am honored and touched...


If I Was In Those "I Am An American" Commercials.

Here mousey mousey....

Computer viruses now 20 years old

Is anyone knowledgeable about Microsoft Excel?

Football fans, why do they put that yellow line across the field?

The 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month is 30 minutes away.

One stiff drink, then...

Did anyone here use to participate on chats?

Sometimes I Don't Understand DUers

Top 10 Words Never Uttered On DU

7th Sephiroth Daily poll:how manny cats?

Favorite "South Park" episode?

Anyone remember the sci-fi miniseries "V"?

Mary Hartman Mary Hartman

What's your favorite STD?

If you were in Kevin and KEll, what animal would you be.,

Thank you for my star!

Who is OU’s victim in the Sugar Bowl?

Who shoud be the Surgeon General of DU?

My thoughts on Veteran's Day

'Straight Plan for the Gay Man'

Veteran's Day

Vietnam vet passing post 1776 on Veterans Day

Why is there a Blackhawk copter circling around my Houston officebuilding?

Wanna shoot up? Mom finds syringe in shoe at Wal-Mart.

I've finally solved the greatest conundrum in the universe

Man, I would love to see that glove (up above) hit that smug face ...

Movie Chain!

Why is plastic so prevalent in our society?

My Fantasy Football team, like my Eagles, are making a comeback

Tomorrow, I will be giving Bay Buchanan the finger. Help me make a sign.

Hey, who's in first place in the DU fantasy football league?

OK. My newest car!!! Just bought it last Saturday

I think I've lost interest in muffins. No you haven't...

What's your favourite Wesley Willis song?

For Veteran's Day .... The WWII Memorial

Great GWB campaign site! (No, really!)

How About A Sex Poll To Go With Your Morning Coffee?

Back form the Cenotaph--get THIS!

Hey, Beantown is pretty cool

‘The Simpsons,’ back from the pit

HawkerHurricane's NFL power ratings!

What's your opinion on this? Anderson suspended for substance abuse

The Chip n' Dale thread (very short)

MTV Hits from 1986-1987 (Incredibly Kinky Sex)

Where's a link for George W Bush... Whatever?

Stars Upon Thars? DU goes elitist?!

ALL DAY LIPSTICK is a MUST-have for ANY woman who wears

Halladay wins AL Cy Young Award

I'm going to go take a clinical psych test...WISH ME LUCK!!

Oracle gurus (Specifically CREATE VIEW gods)

historically white colleges

The DU Budget: Where does all the money go?

Who should be the President of Democratic Underground

Much Thanks

Woman Places Breast Milk For Sale In Paper

A strange question about pick up trucks.....

OK. Who here knows about check constraints in Oracle?

The B*sh 'Presidential' Library

My employer won't transfer me

Create your own Hooker Receipt

OK people, here is your chance

I'm still in my pajamas!

Eisenhower in 2004!!!!!! Randi Rhodes just played Ike's farewell

Make your own Highway Sign

Poll: Dating and age differences, big deal or no?

God saith 'Donate to DU'

Should I install and play SimCity 4 Deluxe version?

The school oracle server crashed on me. Ask me anything

Veterans against Bush, SOUND OFF!

I can never spell priviledge nor beaurocracy

Let's get kinkier: Who's really into spanking?

My only friend in FL dropped me

*RANT* - Sometimes I hate people!

Mmmm... this is the best damn chicken I ever cooked!

Welcome Home, brothers and sisters!

Anybody watching "Average Joe"?

The Soap Opera Guy

Anyone here with Cervical spondylosis?

Yo Matcom (and all other DU Veterans)

L.F., 18 and older, question!

Woman Sues Over Condom In Clam Chowder

They liked me

Which conspiracy theory do you consider most likely?

This is too adorable!

Do you recognize the yellow sign?

What do you think are the 10 most "perfect" rock albums?

More DU sponsors needed! Please help if you can!

On winches and wenches

For Veteran's Day: Flander's Field poem

What can I make out of Mayonnaise?

Which conspiracy theory is LEAST likely?

Rosie scores one at trial

NFLPA says suspension violated Green's rights

Flag etiquette question...I am disgusted...

I leave for Beijing in TWO weeks & I'm going to freeze my BUTT off...

What's on your favorite mix CD/tape?

One more Veterans Day/Remembrance Day lyric post:

Miami's Winslow benched for on-field acts

Add 1 to the punching glove!!!!!!!

CAPTION the tree of wisdim that grows from a little nut

Mwahahaha! Absolute power!!!

I'm picking one DUer to bake cookies with

Don't be mesmerized... CAPTION!!!!

Nation States

I'm Picking One Message Board To Have Sex WIth

The Chairman of the Board of all CAPTIONS

L.F wonders...(just a little naughty)

WOO HOOO! Just donated to DU.

Let's get kinky: Who has ever had a threesome?

The Remora Fish


If the CIA was a salad, the BFEE would be the...

Off the road

Hm. Found Nemo.

Too funny: FOX News Channel would have won Vietnam!

First-Time Bride Marries at 81

Big 3 team trade rumor going around



which dog is cuter? Maxsie or Suki?

I am picking a DUer to get drunk with(done in spirit of other threads)

Woman locks naked husband in bathroom for 3 years...

Does anyone here have a MST3K video collection??

In high school, was Orwell's "1984" on your required reading list?

Any and all fans of MATCOM

CatWoman finds Matcom's condom in her clam chowder

Barney the Dinosaur is a Foul-mouthed Gangster!

How did you find DU?

Who do you like in this year's Grey Cup?

Why did my compuserve email account die?

Breaking News: Matcom finds condom chowder in CatWoman's clams

In Saddam’s World

let's broaden our musical horizons.. post your little-known artists here!

Speaking of pets, WHY do we have them?

Bush, the Dummy! For sale

Ignorance alert

Let's get even more kinky: who likes bondage?

Luke Alexander ~~ SF ~~ This Friday

Bay area DUers- do you recall a thread recently about this friday?

If DU were hold an auction....

It's the SPANK-A-THREAD!!!!!

Suggestions for a history of the war in Vietnam?

Touch a Name on the Wall

Would you support a amendment requiring a Flag Tattoo on your Right cheek?

My father's war

Eminem: Journalist of the Year?

Okay! Another Beach Holiday Post. US Best Beaches/Families?

Hey, check out my glowing definition of DU!

I Am Picking One DUer To Spank

San Diego people--Jailed for sleeping on beach?

News update: Catwoman finds clammy Matcom condom in her shower...

i may or may not just have been the 420th donor..

They will make a movie of this one

Lourge LBN: Sushi on Nearly Naked Women Draws Protest

Lovin' You

How am I funny?

2,000 posts. That oughtta do it.

Booze saved my uncles life three times during world war 2

Know a good place to buy Sunday comic strip reprints?

Breaking news!!!! Matcom finds Catwoman's clam in his chowder

Really wild & crazy: Who has mixed knitting and crocheting in one project?

How do you deal with Freepers on DU?

Watching "Andy Griffith Show Reunion" tonight?

Who is interested in the history of the Great Depression (1929 -- 1941)?

All i can say is don't every criticize the O.J. jury or California after

Lourge LBN: Free Sex for Hong Kong Cops Draws Fire

“Always argue naked.”

Your 6 favorite movies?

I know we have Malloy and Guy...but maybe we should try a DU radio show?

MSN Messenger Down?

Thank you Art Carney....

Dirty picture

Now the cat's out of the bag. Who here is in an "open" relationship?

Never mind what I thought the first time I read this headline:

Colorado DUers: is there a Ludlow Massacre Memorial Site?

did anyone just see crankyankers just now?

What happened to jiacinto? He left Florida? Is he OK?

Canadian or English DUers, Please excuse my ignorance but what is...

What do we do with the next person that kicks the thread....

Who thinks Slinkerwink and Magic Rat should get a room?

My Flag Burning Legislation Proposal

can't take it anymore.. i'm going to pop......

Web developers: Multiple versions of IE *installed concurrently*

On now: Law & Order SVU covering Fred Phelps-type & gay "reeducation"

Nightly "What is the origin of that phrase?" Axe me anything!

Terminator 3 DVD

controversial question of the night: are minorities only allowed to make.

Art Carney

Is it hot in here?

My Vetrans Day/Remembrance Day Recognition

It's snowing

Are you for or against a new fig burning law?

What is the color code for “it’s a Terror Alert -- but, I’m Going Fishing.

ZombyPoll #18: Toothpaste?

The Flu

Please tell me that I'm not the only one here that remembers FRED HEMBECK?

Freepers still buzzing about 'Memogate'

Sniper Kitty, meet Bazooka Prarie Dog

How long have you been on DU?

Veterans Day Poppy

Why we eat roadrunners (and &^$%LOADS of Looney Tune .wavs!)

Did Your Father/Grandfather Serve In World War II ?

I'm freezing my tail off tonight.. keep me warm DUers? Brrrrrrr

Guess I've gotta get Rickie Lee Jones' new abum

I'm picking one DU'er to write poetry for...

Had my first posts deleted today. Ask me anything.


I Have A 13-Inch Tongue And I'm Loyal As All Hell

Help! I need help with freeper family...

Paris Hilton sex video

I think I just found my dream job.

Are you for or against a new fig leaf burning law?

Art Carney Dead At 85

Deerfield Beach, FL/Boca Raton/N Broward/S Palm Beach Co

I'm picking one DUer to have sex with

Thank you thank you I'll be here all weak now please enjoy a CAPTION

Technies: Fan stopped on power supply

Mrs. Grumpy has made an honest woman of me...

Let's get mundane. Who's got a plain-vanilla marriage

The "Happy Jack" H2 commercial

What a bunch of bleeding heart commie pinko liberals!

My father always said those who talk about sex the most do it the least...

Important Warning about Holiday Gift Cards

What do you wear to bed

I knew it! I have another picture of all three admins together...

Cat Lovers! Ethical question concerning declawing.

i'm interviewing helen thomas later this week

Man, Microsoft doesn't want me to look at porno.

Do You Ever Talk To Yourself?

Help me name my music database!

OMG! It's the only known photo of the DU Admins!

Who here has gout or arthritis?

Who here has pets? If you do, tell us about them!

Name my Medieval Restaurant

A Veteran's Day Story for my Fellow DU'ers


It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Another Sex Poll.....

DU does LA again! – Hermosa Beach This Friday - Nov 14th

What the hell is a "Gipper"?

Salon: How George Bush* Will Ban Abortion

Poll: Bush unpopular in Britain. (Duh)

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Unltd): So who did invite Bush?

a question for the astrologers re: things in the middle of...

Kucinich supporters and/or LGBT activists, help me with this letter:

the lack of aggressive nastiness in Dem party is killing us.

WP: Howard Dean's Unlikely Road To a Major Boost From Labor

What will happen at the Gooper convention next year?

Does anyone realize someone is running against Bush as a Republican?

Lieberman Sings to Supporters

One channel has Dave Letterman making fun of Bush and Rush,change

Dean cartoon in today's Philly Inquirer

Cheney Inc. Expanding Faster Than the Economy

This disturbed me: Senate to Pull All-Nighter Over Judges

Veterans/Armistice Day: Remember the dead of the Great War

Need help re: 2000 election...I read that all of the recounts were not

video message from IUPAT (painters union) members for Dean

Just another bloody Sunday / The other side of the Lynch story

Remember these faces....

Prescription Drugs and our deafening silence.....

Do you wonder why some Americans aren't all that Angry?

Graham actively talking to the Democratic contenders

Do you think some of us have too much anger

Pentagon PSYOPS worked in CNN newsroom!

Veterans and Peace - A Tribute

Do you support Clark because he is a military man?

FBI Challenges in Probe of Iraq Bombings (So many they can't keep up)

Did Police Tap Hollywood Celebrities' Phones?

Howard Dean's Unlikely Road To a Major Boost From Labor

CNN Admits Planting Question in Debate

WP: Skepticism About U.S. Deep, Iraq Poll Shows

Government Outgrows Cap Set by President

Terp Fans: Let's get ready to Riot

Triumph, John Kerry, & "F.U." Toby Keith on tonight's TONIGHT SHOW

How should I fall on my sword?

Kid Notorious?

Where the hell are mosquitoes taking our blood?

A Weird Science Fiction / Sex / Love Poll

Need help: Important stories not reported.

Anybody watching the Daily Show tonight!

Does the term 'Ablative Absolute' mean anything to anyone here?

errrr....errrrr....errrrrrr.....(sexually embarassing post)

My father starts chemotherapy tomorrow...questions.

Slater Gets Stitches, Wife Gets Jail After Fight at Las Vegas Hotel

And for my 900th post, some good news.

Yeah...I'm bored & hanging in the Lounge...lets talk Ladybugs

How do you get along with your in laws (need support)

I'd like to say a few words about... MEATS

What's a "rear admiral?" And why aren't there any "forward admirals?"

DUer's in Bloomington Nov.16/17

Are you for or against a new fog burning law?