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Archives: October 9, 2003

California’s message for Bush - ousted Davis shares many Bush traits

How a Good School Can Fail On Paper

Celebrity Governor

Scheer: Why Wesley Clark could be an Eisenhower for our time.

Joe Conason: Should Cal Dems recall Aunald (YES!)

Great Anti Rush Caricature from Cincinnati Citybeat

Some really good cartoons by Benson (Arizona Republican)

MoDo's latest - Is Condi Gaslighting Rummy?

Frustration over leave priority simmers for tired soldiers in line for R&R

Stripes Letters, Oct. 8: "Complain to Congressmen"

Groping the Body Politic

Scottie and Me; White House Press Briefing with Scott McClellan

Salon: To the Cronies Go the Spoils

A Clean Break: A New Strategy For Securing the Realm by Richard Perle etc

Welcome to Arnold, King for a Day

Tina Brown: The Dems want a War Admiral...

A Conservative Travesty - George Will in WaPo - not happy about Arnie

Molly Ivins: It's a Fine Fall Irony Fest

US Soldier: `How many more must die?'

Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner? (mentions Clark and Kucinich)

Is The Pentagon Giving Our Soldiers Cancer? -- Excellent -- MUST READ!

Op-Ed: Just say no to Bush by Joseph Stiglitz

Dowd: Is Condi Gaslighting Rummy?

I think it is getting to thin the field.I like all the democratic

Marie Cocco -- Californians Want and Get a Brutish Autocrat

NY Times: It's Even Worse Than You Think

President Schwarzenegger?

Salon: Special Justice for Right-Wing Columnists

Larry Elliott (Guardian Unltd): New world disorder

Congressman John Conyers Writes a Letter to Karl Rove Asking Him to Resign

Another unbelievable post from a Bush tool in Iraq

No money, no play: US on the brink in Iraq -- EXCELLENT

Should Liberman get out now?

Krugman: Lessons in Civility

Toronto Star : America, swept to war on a lie.

Classic cartoon

Salon: "A True American Hero" (Joseph Wilson)

Arnold Wants a Baghdad Deal For Calif.

Salon: Clare Short: "The U.S. Needs the World's Help – Now"

Charlie Reese: A Good-Tempered Man (Howard Dean)

Truth won out in debate on Texas textbooks

Friedman: Long Spoon Diplomacy

Rumsfeld: Nixon's Loathesome Dove

Help President Bush: Sign the Affidavit

Michael Moore in Chicago October 14

Hawker Hurricane in SF this weekend

Frontline on PBS tonight

Actual media article quote about Arnold - editorial in "news"

Frontline reminder -- tonight

The Limbaugh story goes away.............

Daily Howler - AFTER the recall, the Media gives America the facts

Al Gore Fights The Big Lie Machine

We will never win another election.........

James Randi's Thoughts On The "Presidential Prayer Team "

Deconstructing The Dead: Cross Over One Last Time To Expose John Edward

Is there a link between autism/aspergers and "third eye"/sixth sense

which cartoon character are you

James Randi: On Alabama Justice Moore's "Ten Commandments" Monument

Russian chapel razed after gay 'marriage'

Number of minorities in college doubles

Canadian Antigay Anglican bishop faces discipline

Tough Love AIDS Manifesto Aims To Shock Gays Into Responsible Sex

Queer Eye returns to NBC to give a boost to Miss Match

'Ghettopoly' game causes outrage

Loonie's surge may hurt federal revenues

Labor Supports Dick Gephardt - Sixteen Unions Formally Endorse Gephardt

Is it true that with the release of the new 'Crayola $20'

Whale deaths linked to the bends - Military Sonar

UW Truck wins top honors (35mpg SUV)

How can you identify an astro-turf organization? Please help!

Star '37 Gem' called most likely home to aliens

Universe is shaped like a football (based on long wave length data)

Northern White Rhino Months Away From Extinction - 22 Left In Congo

New 'smart bra' - a life saver?

AIDS activists criticize Specter on AIDS funding

Medicare privatization language softens(as Bush tries to end Medicaid)

Social Rejection Is A REAL Pain

Amnesty calls for Ottawa to enforce international law

Hey, where did the

take Canada, for instance

GUNS IN THE NEWS - October 9, 2003


Policy question

I have a problem with my LBN thread being locked...

Is sexism still against DU rules?

Will the "new member feature" be turned back on?

Could someone please tell me what happened to

Rules on Email

What happened to a discussion in J & PS (the gun dungeon)?


The PA need to stop using

Israel demands U.N. pull Palestinian food report

Arafat's Illness...

Security measures in place for pro-Israel rally

Israeli Analysts Doubt Syria Will Get the Message on Terrorism

Feud Erupts Anew Between Arafat and His Premier

The 'military solution' works

Jordanian, Egyptian physicians arrive to treat ailing Arafat

Israel Demands Withdrawal of Food Report (UN on Policy of Starvation)

Slow Motion Ethnic Cleansing

Qureia Suggests Quitting Palestinian Post

Yom Kippur War II

Tony Judt's Excellent Article on an Alternative Future for Israel

Palestinian Towns Locked Down by Israel

Avneri To Face Police "Summons" For Attempts To Protect Arafat

Pondering life after Arafat

Blast hits Israeli army checkpoint

Syrian Accountability Act

Carolinas ties key in national Campaigns

Edwards, Ad promises coverage for all kids

Audio postcard from Dennis on his 57th birthday

Received in email: "DENNIS IS 57 TODAY"

What scares me about the Clark campaign...

Howard Dean supporter demonstrates on Oxford Square


Dean staffers "Giddy" about prospect of getting SEIU endorsement

Houston Chronicle on the Texas Redistricting Plan (good analysis)

BCTGM International Union Endorses Gephardt

How to Party

Clark to Flesh Out Policy in Four Major Speeches

Kucitizens Volunteer Newsletter

"Bienvenido Kerry!"

Poll: Blanco and Jindal statistically tied in runoff

Dean Holds Lead Among Democrats in New Hampshire

Clark May Have Broken Law in Paid Speeches

Kerry and Dean on baseball

Dean / Ron Paul Ticket?

Lehane Is NOT On Clark's Campaign

Why do we let the media run OUR debates!!!

a way out

Margaret Cho supports Howard Dean!

my califonia election question? Is it true there were 2mill abstenee

More than 1,500 at the People-Powered Debate Rally!

A Modest Proposal, regarding Lehane and Fabiani.

Clark Strategy

Kerry lights a fire under 1,000 firefighters

Kerry campaign's quest for focus (MSNBC)

mp3 of the 10/9/03 Democratic candidates debate for those who missed it

What are the most important issues to DU'ers?

Kerry's environmental record the subject of a new website

Washington Post hack job on Kerry is full of errors says ABC's The Note

Wesley Clark's soap opera -- Chris Lehane joins Team Clark

Kerry emerges on big screen

Dean feared a 'Horton' scenario

The Great Al Franken to Raise Money For Gephardt

will the masses who voted for Arnold even show up at the polls next year?

the average voter will vote for a celebrity, no matter what party

Overhead from California Legislature

what counties in Cal had higher than usual turnouts?

if everyone seems to think Chimpco will give Cal millions now?

No Teachers are being outsourced!!! GHS hires three teachers from India

FBI bugging Mayor of Philly?

Oct 23, 1983

We need to find charismatic celebrities to run for office

Freeper take on Fresh Air Interview...from bizzaro world

Chimpco hasn't bailed out any swing states

Madeline Albright on MSNBC Now

Suggestion: how about doing away with all the pix & stuff in the sig line?

what will the recall teach the Cal Repub base?

Just read the Michael Moore excerpt!

what would have happened if Chimpy had gotten involved

Rice vs Rummy...

The state of American politics

Boortz says Feds and taxpayers must now bailout California!

(I meant this for the lounge... sorry) sweet story

Michael Moore's "Dude Where's My Country" (EXTRACTS)

pstokely -- are you okay? 39 threads opened since noon!

was Arnold's victory a blacklash against professional politicians

Arnold wants an independent auditing firm to look at the books?

what Celebrities will the GOP put up next?

Bushco slips past International Criminal Court...

If you live in San Francisco

how did the Cal public school system become so crappy?

Would Jesus take Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Were Busta's Diebold Cty votes sprinkled around like Gore's in Volusia?

Is Buzzflash down?

The "dumbing down" on a daily basis...example...Imus - Wilson Affair

C-SPAN question regarding CA recall:

Liberals muscling Canadian right wing to push through marijuana laws

Canada said nay to Iraq, but are increasing troops to Afghanistan

Will History Vindicate Governor Davis?

Just keep them scared... Fear always works. Yes SARS will ravage the USA

Hey, Who forgot to tell Lieberman?

My prediction came true in less than 24 hours.

And the spin continues - Rice still babbling about justification for war

Tonight's Debate: Who Needs To Do What

Can someone tell me what this is?

Expert's predictions on tonight's debate... what are your predictions?

Rove's strategery for winning in 2004

Kerry reminds Bush of promises

What does it say about intelligence gathering

Is Glenn Beck a scumbag?

What is up with the Philidelphia mayor

John MacArthur, publisher of Harper's Magazine, calls for impeachment

Whoa - Michael Moore was on Conan talking about 911

Mission: Lipstick the Pig!

Jobs revisions anyone?

Picture of Arnold (Salute?)

How California Democrats can preempt the car tax issue

Just broke on Aussie tv.. rumour that new Palestinian PM has quit.

Calling Will Pitt

Bush and his Speech Today

California Joins Texas on My Avoid At All Costs List

Clark, Dean, and the black vote. (Long, and worth it).

OK...........what happened to his teeth?

Truth is an endangered species in America.

Republicans/Religious Right is preparing to defeat Dean

The RetroRight

can Dean portray himself as an outsider?

Don't you love the new streamlined interface?

Check it out! Asia Times: The rich world's disappearing jobs

Favourite Republican quotes...

Why is fundraising bad when Democrats do it, but great when Bush does it?

Jesse Jackson would contest the CA election if Davis lost

President Bush is coming to Hawaii: I'm already organizing a protest

What is fascism?

Whoa -- Christie Whitman slams * over Halliburton contract

O'Lielly's Fresh Air Interview on NPR - HILARIOUS!

Attention to all friends of US Rep Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

What should the PRIMARY focus of democrats be?

Iraqi Propaganda Minister hired by Fox News!

Exploiting Hillary, again

Exiled islanders lose London court fight over US air bases

TV News Lies Webcast to start at noon ET - SpecialGuest

The Mission (help?)

Someone explain why cities are mostly Dem and rural areas are mostly Repub

Conservative Columnist: expect Bush to lose handily to Dean, Clark...

Can a Democrat undo Bush's Damage to the country in 4 yrs?

Michael Moore on Conan

Iraq is the downfall of a second term for Bush....

Bush, Master of Lowered Expectations

GOP's Clinton Hate Machine losing steam...

Last night W spoke at his first MAJOR fund-raiser since LAST MAY???

Obey on CSPAN ripping the admin on Iraq(10:50 am)

TPM Josh Marshall: Look Who FOX NEWS Hired!

Questions for all you Constitutional Scholars

2001 flashback US news media censors Burton's Bush a dictator quote

Californians may have thought they were voting for the Kennedy's?

Obey Amendment

Reminder: Debate tonight

I watched *'s speech this morning for some reason

A Good Laugh about Schwartzenneger's "100 Days!" from NYO.

Hunter S. Thompson makes mincemeat out of Rush

The Age of Embarrassment. Underachiever Bush.

Changed my tune a bit about Arnold

'Teflon Terminator' was a hit with female voters

Call it The Treason White House

NYT: "Ashcroft is a Shameless and Destructive Liar" 1/4/01

Josh Marshall has more on WH "nondenial denials"

The Manchurian Candidate. A remake of the original film, check the release

Diebold irregularities in California - benefitted whom?

Behold, a new presidential candidate! Elect POTUS!

Man, there is a great segment on Democracy Now about "media serving a dem-

Ah-nuld's fiscal plan? "Let the rest of the country pay for it."

Gov. Arnold's penis should be in the Guinness World Records book

Is it me or has Treasongate disappeared off the radar screen?

Is outing a CIA Operative more Treasonous than giving Arms to our enemy

How will Arnold fix California budget troubles?

The Leno Factor?

Herblock 1970's political 'toons for Nixon now fit BushJR

California going Voter Verified Audit Trail voluntarily?

so just how much IS $87 billion? . . .

Has the Censoring already begun? (Iraq)

The writers of "Demolition Man" foresaw Arnold being a Governor.

Slate's Drinking Game for the Debate tonight.

"Nabobs Revisited" (WaMonthly) has some Words of Wisdom about Impeachment

1,258 mass layoff actions in August 2003, total 133,839 workers

America's Newest Board Game - "Ghettopoly"

On CNN right now some General said there were 10 American serviceman

DeLay and Hastert blocking the will of the people....FCC rulings.

"If You Want To Win An Election, Just Control The Voting Machines"

Come on Everyone...Get on the Iraq Gravy Train!

US Soldier: `How many more must die?'

Three largest Dem-fundraising states are now GOP-controlled

Rumor that got by me: Howard Dean/Ron Paul ticket?

Size of government question.

Rare stash of Nazi propaganda films mirror Bush's US today

Back from Babylon

the philosophy of the modern conservative

BushSR & Powell lied before to start the 1rst Bush Oil War in Iraq

That "Frontline" show tonight....

Something just occurred to me about Black Box Voting...

This is a disturbing quote from Cohen

Time to let them hear from us RE: WH leak...don't let the whores drop it

USA is borrowing money to pay W's millionaires $92,000 each

Got into a big fight with my "liberal" brother and sister-in-law

CNN whores breathless....

'Who does vote for these dishonest shitheads?'

Bush family made billion$ selling Saddam dual-use equipment

Bush The Barbarian Wants to Nuke the World

Brit Pundit Plays Hitler Card Against Bush

What Really Matters

Key House chairman backs secret anti-terrorism center

If You Could Hand Out Three Articles To An Uninformed Person...

Keep Hop Alive :Ž

Chilling letter from a Stalingrad Veteran compares W to Hitler & Gobbels

When rich and poor kids eat the same diet, poor ones get fatter

BBV I am going to be trained as an Dem precinct judge

Limbaugh: "Arnold Was FLIRTING With Those Women"

People - you gotta read this sh**

what were the turnouts for the 2000 and 2002 elections in Cal?

Clark to Attend NAACP Forum

how will Chimpy try to appeal to the apolitical voters that Arnold got?

CNN Alert: The Puppet Master Speaks...Pete Wilson Interview

A Question for Economic guru's

CBC's "The National" rips the neo-cons HARD, re: Iraq planning. Vid here.

The Iraqis should take lessons from the 'only democracy in the ME'

This should have been the Democratic message, not ass grabbing.

Will Pete Wilson be the "real" Governor of California ?

Idiocy bordering on sheer genius (abortion)

MSNBC: Ah-nold seaking advice from Bush on solving CA's deficit problem!

War is Hell photos from Apocalypse Now

I'm Pissed. Donate some cash to DU!

Just bought the LOTR Trilogy tickets for Dec 16th....will need new butt

Approval Voting, etc.: Alternatives to the Horse Race

Help spend Michael Moore's tax cut

Yeah!! My property taxes went up!! woo hoo

Report: Allard seeks new hearing in AFA cases--Clinton's fault

Wait till Arnie has to sign a death warrant

Bremer Wants To End UN Food Distribution Program in Iraq

Savage on Arnold

Can anyone else think of the neocons values besides Rush...

Part of the problem? Study suggests too much exercise dulls the brain!

A poll about schwartzenegger.....

E-Voting has hit Yahoo, it is the AP article....

Al Martin on RadioLeft NOW

Oliphant says she's fighting so Florida won't be 'butt of jokes'

Iraq: In January, things are going to get MUCH uglier

Bustamante Could Hold Arnold Prisoner

No new polls on Bush in a week? What's up?

Speaking of CA, and Pete Wilson

MD's first lady shoots off her mouth

Somebody please console me

Real Science on voting machines; Risks Digest

Isn't it just a little odd that CA turned out so big for AhhNold....

I Wasn't The Only One Angry About Drudge & Other Exit Polls

Catholic Churches Say Condoms Don't Stop AIDS - BBC

E-Mail from "Help President (sic) Bush"

Why do liberals swoon for a guy in uniform?

Slate Completely Misses the Point About Bush's Gaffes

Question about War in Afghanistan

What % of the "no" votes in the recall voted for Bustamante?

My take on the California Recall, and what it means to our future

This Poll Needs a Boost

Would the New Democratic Party of Canada at least take me seriously if...

You know what I noticed

philosophy of the modern conservative. "Government doesn't create wealth"

I got my tickets to see Michael Moore

Crossfire: Who was the Democrat on there?

is there anything new on rush's drug bust?

Clark is not imploding. Clark is going through growing pains.

They got FIVE of our boys since yesterday

Bush: "I was not about to leave the security of the American people...."

Is Condi ready for prime time or better yet....

New Poll for Dem Candidates & Emily's List Poll

Bring 'em on redux

CA numbers changed *dramatically* toward end of precincts reporting

Arizona becoming a blue state - time for McCain to switch parties?

do the nation a favor...

Is there any way I can "watch" the debates tonight -- if ...

Sorry! Arnold will be recalled or indicted:

Has the Bush administration decided a life-a-day

Would It Be Fair To Say That FDR, Clinton and Reagan...

C'mon, Calico Johnny, I'm not THAT stupid...

Buzzflash: The Bush Dictatorship

What WON'T Jay Leno do for a ratings boost?

Bill Richardson

michael moore at Umass Dartmouth Gymnasium tonight 8pm

How stupid is this guy

Are candidates who want to repeal only...

Laura Bush, Her Trip, Her Clothes, and views on Freedom to Read and Write:

Congressman Demands Rove Resignation over Leakgate

A Dem organized recall in CA is a horrible idea

Al Gore's Network: How Will It Look?

Fit and Dim? - Too much running dulls brain - H'mm boozing and running?

Some thoughts on General Clark & his "Politics of Apple Pie"...

Help...I need some conservative names on T.V.! I have a fight going

Heads Up: Michael Moore on CTV - will rip Bush about 911

Shrub Getting Laughs A-Plenty

Republican E-mail I need to verify

Has there been an outline of policy comparisons between

One more American loses their job

Arnold keeps promising "jobs, jobs, jobs"...

If Arnold ask Bush* for help, and gets it, won't other States demand the

Which Candidate Will Do The Most Bashing Of Other Dems In Tonight's Debate

Has anybody bought the new Michael Moore book?

Krikey! Willie Brown on Schwarzenegger's transition team!

when did Bob Rubin endorse Clark

A Confession: I'm a Dean Supporter but

It just gets worse...

Which Candidate Will Do The Least Bashing Of Other Dems In Tonight's

Here's a REALLY Dumb Freeper Posing as one of us...

I just saw a hard-hitting, kick ASS Democratic commercial!

I'm looking for Kerry and Gephardt to tag team

CNN: Post Dem debate Larry King will be covering.....Kobe Bryant

Pat Robertson wants to nuke State Department!

ABC Nightline tonight (Thurs) -- suicide bombers

Redistricting issue lost in Texas...Dems going to court. Doggett

my governor can kick your governor s ass!!!

Sealed Records: Dean feared a 'Horton' scenario

Dean's response to *'s speech today. MUST READ

Dems to revive draft demand

Cubans are innovative

Who Needs To Win Tonights Debate Most?

Quite a few anti-Shrub letters at, I got one in today

'The Black Quarterback Effect' (Rush's defense based on dumb science)

Treason a "big nothing" says drug-addict jock's web site

Tweety lavages Jack Welch.....coming up now

ABC news plays to WH propaganda on Iraq, CBS gives us reality on Iraq

possible new swing states for 2004

Is anyone else sick of this fawning wall-to-wall coverage of Arnold?


Arnold's groping is "Old news" according to Arnold

Why has Edwards decided not to run for Senate re-election?

El Dem Debate Thread #1

Looking for information on when Daniel Issa started the recall drive.

You just Gotta Love Sharpton

Why is the press saying that Arnold had a positive message?

The Gropinator - Wrong approach

Dem Debate Thread #2


Dem Debate Thread #4

jiacinto jiacinto jiacinto jiacinto jiacinto jiacinto jiacinto jiacinto

Attention Military Families......

Dem Debate Thread #3

Who is going to tell the debate moderators to STFU?

Vatican says condoms don't stop AIDS - This is absolutely revolting

The Mormon Religion

News from the Arab world concerns me....

Bill, Arnold and double standards

A Li'l Joke in Honor of Howard Dean

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph


Take a look at this letter from a soldier

Feds admit FBI planted bugs in Philadelphia mayor's office - ?!?!?!?!?


Non-Photoshopped photo from Yahoo

Steve Earle.."Just An American Boy"

Arnold said He wants CA to be Like TX: Good! Redistrict it Dems!

The Debate/CA Recall

Mike Malloy Really PISSED tonight

Deleted message

Considering a career change? Here's an FBI application

Why I disagree with DLC philosophy....

Ann Coulters Responds to Al Frankens book

Sumeria/The First Civilizations

debate...will it be re-broadcasted...?

How many people should drop out by next Debate?

Thursday's FRONTLINE will be available online in its entirety

Possible African American Liberal might become next US Illinois Senator

Why are Dean's supporters charging that Clark is not liberal?

I thought the debate went well!!

Anyone listening to Mike Malloy?

Time to leave the country. New money will destroy our

Who should drop out by next debate?

Clark on-line debate fundraiser. Requested by supporters.

Is there a way to watch the debate online

Fascists who CAN’T make the trains run on time…

Are all of our candidates arrogant or is it just me?

Ehrlich's Wife's Statement About Brittany--Question

'Which wing of Pentagon is information going to be stored in"-Canadian MP

Hip hoppers for Kucinich! (Article from The Hill)


Dem debate replay is on CNN now for those who missed it.

If The Right Wing Talks Highly of Your Candidate Is That A Good Thing

Democrats should boycott

Rush: "I'm tired today for some reason. Hope it's not obvious"

what's the BEST debate ?

Don't know whether to laugh or cry at today's * pics

Jay cracking on Bush, Rumsfeld, Condi and Arnold

In your opinion which of the candidates won tonight's debate?

AWOL on stage..Thirsty??

California Murderers to be Paroled

The Bashing Judy Thread

Vindicated: Gray Davis should have resigned before the recall certified

Rangel alluded to PNAC on Hardball tonight!

Governors do not control the Economy ---The President and the Congress do

Look what Bush Sr wrote in his book re: invading Iraq

CNN debate follow-up

Question...(on crime, etc.)

Are conservatives conservative because they are unhappy or

Bill Clinton sings "Imagine" in Israel (Great Story!)

This debate made Gephardt a front runner

The coming currency devaluation -- Is this true?

New Democratic Coalition.........the Sick Dogs

Bush Resume. Recipe for Disaster

Election Reform Meet-Up last night

How about just an "Agree' or 'Disagree'

In six months, after Arnold hasn't fixed anything....

Are you finally ready for Al Gore yet?

the average American isn't a dittohed or freeper

First Clark Meet-up in my area (Central FLA) a big success!

I actuall agreed with Judy Woodruff on one point

Latest Rumor: Arnold plans on becoming a Democrat by Nov.2004

BBV: Really good overview article

Am I the only one who thought Kerry blew the Iran question big time?

Did Arnie's AWOL fade into non-issue (like *)?

Arnold is now going to strong arm the Indian tribes.

LIVE on CNN TONIGHT, our Democrats debate

Where do your Congressman and Senators stand on appt of Special Prosecutor

Twisted Logic: If GOP should contest CA in 2004 we should contest Kansas

Arnold Won because of the perception he is a WINNER.

Did anybody listen to the Bill O'Reilly aborted interview on NPR?

Impressed by Clark

I love John Edwards. He is so real. He would be a great President.

Alan Keyes- How dangerous is this guy?

My boss is a Hispanic Republican!

And the best one-liner of the debate belonged to.....

Repubs are complaining about 9 dems being too many. Were 7 Rebups in 2000

I can't believe what I just saw on FRONTLINE

two nations

My problem with Judy Woodruff - Debate commentary

Who thinks an Illinois scandal will be in the news soon?

BBV: Clark AND Dean choose not to protest internet voting

And the winner of tonight's debate: George Bush

Ann Coulter poorly attempts to refute AL FRANKEN

Why did Schwartznegger say that Cal-e-fornia should be like Texas?

Was there ever a neoconservative / neofacist 'blacklist' created

MSNBC Discloses "Dean Operative" Forwarded Negative Clark Article

10/10 - "War-Vote" Anniversary: PLEASE Call Congress!

Draft Letterman: IN gov.

More voters wanted Davis than Arnold!!! This is big!

What is the status of Al Gore's liberal cable channel?

Spin, Spin, Spin, Spin, Spin, Spin, Spin, Spin, Spin, Spin, Spin, Spin,

Tired of losing? Check in here - The Bag of Dirty Tricks thread.

PROJECT CENSORED: Just released Top 25 Censored Media Stories 2002-2003

The Political Compass Quiz.......are you like Stalin, Gandhi or bush???

What are the most important issues to DU'ers?

Jesus was an anti-clerical bigot who hated Jews.

What would you do if Clark won the Democratic nomination?

Clark Is Tight With Kissinger

What's the worst scenario you envision if Bush wins in 2004 ?

Kerry and Edwards are friends- maybe a possible ticket?

ArcherDanielsMidlandMonsanto NPR is playing a pro-GMO commentary right now

Dr. Dill's webmaster confirms: Diebold used CELL PHONE data transfer

The DiIulio Letter and Libertarian involvement in this administration.

Hell Of A Statement By Clark

There's gonna be an Arnold Movie????

So does "Everbody" have a chance to make (subjective) it in America?

I hate to say "I told you so," but - Calif Dems never drove home the Enron

OMG -- Why Condi is taking over "coordinating" Iraq

If we want to win: Avoid these Black Box Voting "Weasel Words"

I hope you Kerry supporters are proud of your guy

Two Civilized Men Among the Barbarians (Kucinch & Sharpton)

I was insensitive about Sharpton

Need BBV Help!

Canadian DUers: Worst Premier in Modern Canadian History...

Kerry hits a home run at the debates

Is this true? RE: What the DLC has cost us

Bush is NOT Hitler

PBS Frontline: Truth, War and Consequences...Bye, bye Bushies!

Ann Coulter is a moron: Exhibit A

If he's really gay, Rep David Dreier (R) should be outed.

I have changed my position on gun ownership. Drastically and recently.

Im thinking of buying a 9 millimeter for safety

Want to get to know Bev, Paranoid Pat, David Allen, RedEagle, GB&C

In Iraq, Push Is on for Detainees' Rights

Discovery of bugging device in Philadelphia mayor's office causes a furor

WP: Aftershocks Are Unpredictable (California Election)

Turkey troops 'for western Iraq'

GOP backs firms' liability relief from MTBE lawsuits

U.S., NATO Should Rethink New Nuke Policy (mods, not an editorial)

Global Crossing sale finally agreed

Blair's "darkest act": UK Tory leader in barnstorming attack

Spanish diplomat killed in Baghdad

Shortchanging Education In Florida

US says Iran to "throw sand in our eyes" on N-arms

NATO gets creative with defense

Afghan battle 'worst in months'

White House Denies Differences with Rumsfeld on Iraq

UK intelligence 'laughing stock'

Putin's Democratic Present Fights His K.G.B. Past

Israel Demands Withdrawal of Food Report (UN on Policy of Starvation)

City, county agree punch card voting must go (Chicago/Cook Cnty)

Decision on voting suit may take weeks (Palm Desert CA BBV case)

President says he doesn't know if 'leaker' will be caught

CUBA POLICY: White House meeting set for Friday (with exiles)

Syria Criticizes Proposed U.S. Sanctions

US soldier killed in RPG attack in Iraq

Iraqi Propaganda Minister hired by Fox News

Qorei quits as Palestinian PM

Mercosur against extending “Peace Clause”

Cuba is a country of inventors, innovators

Airport Bag Screeners Given Test Answers

Nine killed in Iraq suicide blast

30,000 to lose welfare benifits

OAS Meeting on Poverty, Equity and Social Inclusion starts in Margarita is

Russia's Putin wants UN resolution on Iraq before Madrid conference

FBI Steps Up Probe (Philadelphia Buggate)

FBI revokes local Arab-American leader`s award

Probe into Russian oil company Yukos continues

Saddam retains his grip... (Fox News hires Propaganda Minister)

Spending On Iraq Sets Off Gold Rush

Science Panel Urges Review of Research Terrorists Could Use

Clark to Flesh Out Policy in Four Major Speeches

US forces pull out of Iraqi town after repeated attack: local official

New rule could help suit against Florida adoption ban

Dean Holds 10-Point Lead Over Kerry in New Hampshire

Vatican: condoms don't stop Aids

Israel demands U.N. pull Palestinian food report

Second sight

Percentage of non-English speaking Americans surges

U.S. General Dismisses Venezuelan Government links with Colombian Guerrill

House Panel Backs Iraq Spending

Republicans make early-morning agreement on (TX) redistrict map

Spray can saves life


Lethal Virus Reconstructed

Aids could slash world population growth, warns UN

U.S. to Run Smaller Than Expected Deficit in 2003

Reynolds to take on Jesse Jackson Jr.

NYT: Bush Plans Appearance With Schwarzenegger

Lehane Joins Clark Campaign

Bremer Trumpets Electricity Milestone on Six-Month Anniversary of Occupati

FBI agents raid business, home of Street friend ((Philly Mayor Update))

Mystery surrounds U.S. prison camps in Iraq

Teachers Suspect End Run By Perdue For Vouchers

AP: Kobe Bryant accuser's account of evening

Sorry Please Lock...

BREAKING: Kobe Bryant Will NOT Waive Preliminary Hearing

Charities launch campaign against arms trade

Qurie Quits As Palestinian Prime Minister

Transition Team Includes Democrats

NEW POLL: Clark Holds Slight Lead

Canadian Gay Marriage Rulings Cannot Be Appealed Supreme Court Says

Conservative Firebrand Klayman Seeks Senate Seat From Florida

DC Sniper Suspect Malvo will Plead Insanity: Lawyers (Breaking on CNN)

Foreign Language Spoken In 20% Of U.S. Homes

Casino Mogul Steve Wynn interview what happened Tiger and Roy

Bush Says Iraq War Protected U.S. from 'Madman'

FBI Steps Up Probe

FBI Seized Philly Mayor's Wireless Device

Man Sentenced to Death for Killing Sikh

Bush Touting Postwar Progress in Iraq

Gun Makers May Win Exemption From Suits

We Report, You Get It Wrong

Senators Propose Tax Credit To Help Unemployed Buy Health Insurance

WP: Clark To Return Money He Made From Speeches

Allegations of womanizing didn't affect Schwarzenegger's support

Russia Does Not Dismiss the Use Nuclear Weapons in Preventive Strike

Race Eyed In Texas Assault (mentally handicapped black man)

Rangel alluded to PNAC on Hardball tonight!

'Justice denied' at Guantanamo

DUPE SUBJ. MATTER Four Senators Criticize Leak Probe

Schwarzenegger Reiterates Anti-Tax Theme And Will Ask Bush For Help

BC Liberals hit Straight with Million dollar fine

Crude future soar on supply worries, top $31 per barrel

Bush Says Iraq is 'Better Than You Probably Think.' (WP)

Debate format to be different - (Dems debate in Phoenix tonight)

CNN reporter reads from court statement by accuser - Kobe Bryant


Arnold gets cool reception

Oklahoma Student Suspended for Wearing Islamic Scarf

Bomb Rocks Baghdad Police Station

Ten Commandment debate may arise in Ohio

8 Iraqis, US soldier, Spanish Diplomat Killed in Iraq Attack

Nobel Winner Agre Fears for Scientific Freedom

U.S. wants defensive missile system in Europe against Iran

Episcopalians Repudiate Election Of Gay Bishop

Bush Drug Czar: Test For Drugs In Schools

Hundreds of Turkish soldiers to stand trial for rape of Kurdish woman

Dems blast White House on leak probe

49-cent brush may fix shuttle

Sniper Suspect Malvo To Plead Insanity

Nearly All U.S. Food Soon to Be Monitored ("to stop terrorism", LOL)

Koizumi Dissolves Japan Parliament House

2 From Cuban Truck-Raft Get Chance at U.S. Visas

Work Rights of Former Addicts at Issue

US Votes For Sanctions Against Syria

NYT: GOP Medicare Bill Hits New York Hospitals The Hardest

UN rules Canada should ban spanking...

Princeton Student Sued Over Paper on CD Copying

State Department Protests Televangelist's Remark --(This is unbelievable)

Hikers Find 70 Shoes Filled With Butter

Investors Pull Billions Out of Janus Funds

Calif.'s next governor sees Bush as fiscal ally

Corel lays off 18% of work force

Bush Plans Appearance With Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger Wants Davis to Stop Filling Posts & Signing Bills

White House meeting set for Friday (Cuba)

Ironic West Wing casting

will the masses who voted for Arnold even show up at the polls next year?

know anyone who voted for Vetura in Minn?

remember this song?

just watched Siegfried on Larry King....

ALright top notch security!

If The Red Sox Win The World Series This October. There Sure Will Be

Michael Moore on Conan O'Brian right now!

Computer geeks: I'm just trying to listen to yesterday's

It's getting late and I am searching for interesting stuff_GROSS ALERT!!

So, who decided to schedule the Dem Debate against Friends & Survivor?

what Celebrities will the GOP put up next?

Can't the morans working for CNN spell?

I have the Trojan, "Dark.Ftp on my harddrive, Can you help me remove it?

Who says kids suck?

How to cope with good buddies hiding their heads in the sand...?

California Uber Alles: New Version

know anyone who voted for Gary Coleman?

My favorite NHL players

Question to you: Would this make a mayor BAD in your opinion?

*sipping coffee*

Happy Birthday John Lennon

What's your favorite thing that's kind of tacky?

New Pay Version of Napster Service Debuts

"My head hurts, my feet stink, and I don't love Jesus"

Marlin! It's What's For Dinner!

Great documentary film at East Hampton Film Festival

I need a topic for a position paper

Do-Not-Call site has AT&T web bug

Time to lift the 1000+ posts cap

Don't you love the new streamlined interface?

'Gimme That Old Time Bush, It's Good Enough For Me!'

Ok, I survived last night

For Darth Kitten and other bird people

Waking up at 5 am , another one of our dogs in pain

(I meant this for the lounge... sorry) sweet story

Will FoxNews anchors start pronouncing it 'Collie-forn-ee-ah?'

No joke there is a guy in my city who...

Will taking the new Michael Moore book on a plane get me in trouble?

Tinfoil Hat Sports Question

Underway again

Do you have a birthday/anniversary or special event today?

About Schwarzenegger being "Not so bad" because he's pro choice, pro gay,

I Just Love Ellen Degeneres' New Talk Show

Our presidential candidate yet. Vote for POTUS!!!

What was your first word?

I have decided to endorse the Red Sox Over NY

Tai Chia

Before I was a dog mom...

Hamster For President

Most obvious sign your CAT is a FREEPER (right wing nut)?

And you thought YOU were having a BAD WEEK.....

The Manchurian Candidate. A remake of the original film, check the release

Medical Breakthrough !

How do you feel about the new $20 bill (US)

Fave "Dukes of Stratosphear" Song:

write an essay, win a house (and business) in Alaska . . .

Ebay "spoof email" alert..

This time they're printing it.

Can you recommend me a book?

Ever wonder what happened to the Camaro in "Better Off Dead"?

Top 10 reasons why beer is better than christianity

photoshoppers help

Better 80's Teen Movie?

Two years ago, I met my wife through Internet Dating.

Help President Bush! (really)

The writers of "Demolition Man" foresaw Arnold being a Governor.

Gov. Arnold's penis should be in the Guinness World Records book

today's new "Dr" Laura and OxyRush advertisers 10/9

You Know You're in California When....

What Should I Watch Tonight - Hockey or the Debate?

I'm Pissed. Donate some cash to DU!

Football player injures himself with ax in locker room

Anyone else getting PM spam?

Just want to share happy news with everyone.

Maiden, Kiss, Living Colour, Dio!!!!

DU is 73% Good-- Sorry EvilDUers

Lipton is finally airing their Dixie Chicks ad

ever been pulled over because of your bumper stickers?

Maryland First Lady wanted to shoot Britney Spears

It's official I didn't out Valerie Plame

OMG, I can't believe it!

Massachusetts Named Smartest State

I Admit It... I'm An Atheist... AND I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!

Excellent story about the katyn forest massacre

Can you reccommend any bands like Sigur Ros?

The population of Blogonia is...

Hey! Did you hear Kobe Bryant Is In Court Right Now?

A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request

more new hate radio advertisers 10/9

I hate going home from work.

SWEN Virus...any idea how to identify sender?

Captions: Warning - Bring a barf bag

I got my tickets to see Michael Moore

Diamanda Galas.....and other music to clear rooms...

I Am Not ALLOWED To Clean Up My Home Office Desk (Mrs Matcom)

What makes you happy? (L.F Special)

My Name is Selwynn, and I'm a Heavy Thinker :P

Any Oracle SQL query gods? Specifically, multiple table queries

Am I depressed?

Any other emusic subscribers get the e-mail....

Liberal radio....


Come on campers a CAPTION can turn that frown upside down.

The Catered Chowdown of all CAPTIONS!!!!!

Caption W and the giant mountain of blow

The Pimpslap of all Captions

The Pubically Uncorrect of All CAPTIONS!!

I am in love with this woman.

Who wants to help plan a DU Gathering in NYC (early) Spring ‘04?

remember the South Park April Fools ep?

Pardon me while my head explodes...

Is SoCal in Tahiti with her hubby and the suede jacket?

Am I the only one who has never and will never....

I just donated blood. Ask me anything.

New money

I won the NDSU/UND football ticket lottery!!!!

Homosexual, is

help do i post the pic of bush* from AOL opening page?

New "Battlestar Galactica" trailers - for those into such...

Are There Any Comprehensive Prescription Drug Identification Guides Online

I saw tourists taking pictures outside Heritage Foundation HQ today.

More of Pimp Daddy * and his ho's CAPTION

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph


And now... Deep Thoughts with John Madden.

Gergen, Schneider doing "analysis" of Dem debate on Larry KING...NOW


Chat in chatroom

Life sucks.

Looking for advice on getting into I.T., i MUST get a different job !!!

Do you have a cell phone? Here's a call that will blow your mind!

2day's OC Weekly

new Savage Weiner advertisers 10/9

caption this...madman

Has anyone here hacked their xbox?

Would I get sued if I do this:

Whodini was right...

Is the Debate Tonight online?

YooHoo..My repub brother just called dubya an Idiot!

God Bless Free Enterprise!

With all the Baseball people need to be reminded!

A view on history and it's use;

The RIGHT way to handle a screaming brat (Picture)

Is there a way to watch the debate online

I protested bush today, ask me anything

Calgon, take me away!!!!!

Mozilla help, please.

Last night I sinned terribly(hockey post)

Anyone remember the "toss-my-salad"-man?

How Does One Connect The Cabling To A Computer?

A strange thing happened today

Sumeria/The First Civilizations

ATTENTION: Red Sox Fans... Its Time For The Game #2 'COWBOY UP' Thread!!

Leftist_Rebel1569 appreciation thread

Daily Show LOL!!! Steve Carrel at a Dean rally

This county has so many freepers who are also fundies,

Apple should have used Intel chips, Sculley says

Ann Coulter: Is this the stuff of nightmares or what????

500 Posts for me! are the flying toaster screen saver people?????

Just bought the LOTR Trilogy tickets for Dec 16th....will need new butt

Hooray, I just got 300 Posts!

Images show a snub really is like kick in the gut

Did you ever chew tobacco?

The Concorde

Pictures of Pamela Anderson!


Yankees Win

Best Progressive Book to argue the Liberal View Point

We talk about the Middle East - but do you know where the countries are???

What's worse? A baseball poll.

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts....

What is a "Cowboy up" and that monkey thing????

For people who are watching the new US NBC sitcom "Coupling"

Tired of being "arrogant".


I Need Help With Information On The Diamond Wars.

How Do You Handle Panhandlers...

I just bought a puppy from the Humane Society

California Mary Poppins Medley.....NEED MORE VERSES!

Austin Green Festival this weekend

What's the best way to advertise on a shoestring budget?


I can't get that damn "Chiquetita" song from "Mama Mia" out of my head

Favorite genre of music?

The Mormon Religion

Sex Makes You Smell Better And Improves Teeth

Obscure Sports Trivia Question

Thank You DonG

I don't care 'bout Kobe B.

Does anybody else watch SCRUBS?

Have they found any 'rape rooms' in Collie-4-knee-ya yet?

The Alligator

The Merry Old Land of Oz.

The Most Pathetic Cars Ever

I think I need a vacation!

Who's going to top me in this quiz???

Most hideous celebrity?

Help out with a sports trivia / bar question...

I'm going to be in Chicago next weekend

The only Democrat in my old high school is now a Republican. :(

What's your favorite book on the Nature of the Universe?

Favorite Steely Dan Record

Week 8 College Football Pool

Rugby World Cup Starts Today! (Friday)

Anti-hunters do not read this post !

I suppose I should do this privately, via DU mail