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Archives: October 5, 2003

25 must reads

Republicans and Brits Will Count California's Recall Votes

Why isn't the truth out there? -- Guardian

Bush's Bad News Blues..(workers online)

Friedman tells Americans: Tax gasoline! Dump Hummers!

Left waiting in Iraq (Letter from Mother-In-Law of NatGuardsman)

Wanna Buy a Bridge?

Stars and Stripes letters: On the Reserves, Guard, getting out and oil

Molly Ivins October 5: Follow the Bouncing Ball

Salt Lake Tribune endorses Democrat Anderson for mayor!

Dr. Bush's Botched Surgery

David Kay: "looking for a smoking gun is a fool's mission."

We may have fought for the wrong reasons, but there is more good than bad

Of Lies and Leaks: Bush Threatened By New Revelations

Pundit Pap Strikes Russert, Again and Again

Fiscal Doomsday in the Offing

Arnold Mein Governor

What did they know, and when did they know it?

'Sorry' Arnie prepares to tough it out

Army Reserve Battalion Can't Get to U.S.

Sunday Observer: Why isn't the truth out there?

Mommy's back from Iraq (WMD Unit - Hubby ticked at * Hawks)

Samuel Berger & Ivo Daalder in the Washington Post: "The Long Haul"

Ben Sargent nails it.

Iraq: What Went Wrong - by Wesley K. Clark (NYRB Article)

Time: Leaking With a Vengeance

'The Great Unraveling': An Accidental Radical

China discovers human rights

Now hear this: I do not hate George Bush

Justice Dept Granted White House Delay

Gary Younge (Guardian Unltd): For better - or worse

Salon: The Teflon Groper

Answers please, Mr Bush

Susan Faludi : Conan the Vulgarian

No Child Left Behind inflicts curse on public schools

Why Tony went to war --- Terry Jones

VT meeting on proposed BBV legislation

Reuters Distorts Truth: Gray Davis Photo

If you don't know this site....then this is a MUST for BUSH HEADLINE NEWS


AS was savaged on Drudge radio.

Google News Rankings of Democratic Candidates

NPR - Doing its part for the Bush team!

U. of Maryland report: Trust Fox News and be forever in the dark

I hate Conservatives

College Football Sun Devil Predictions

Astrologers: I have moved my site!!!

Adding to Nancy's link for new site, I post this one from DU'er HP:

Omani women lose out in polls

Thomas Sowell and Deroy Murdock

My son came out

Broder: Bal the Budget in 2013 means cut defense 73% or raise taxes 27%

Empire Energy & Environmental Exposition

Gravity has different values in different areas of Universe? is this still

Malaysia, China under water

Thousands tell Gbagbo to go - Ivory Coast

'The masses won't forgive apartheid spies' - SA

"Horizontal Fusion": Does the DoD Ever Speak English?

Washington told to sell fewer weapons - Taiwan - China

Armitage in Afghanistan to Reinforce U.S. Support

West Africa Oil Pipeline Launches

Eight soldiers fall to death in Aceh exercise

'Kadyrov wins Chechen poll landslide'

Is Africa becoming the next Afghanistan?

Qadhafi: Arab nationalism is dead

Hair-raising facts about lice

The "myth" of the "gunshow loophole"

Care to argue in favor of Drug Prohibition Laws & on-going Drug Wars?

Anti-gun exploitation of events

This one is good. This one is VERY bad.

Locking Threads With 300+ Posts

A registration question

I have a favor to ask É

Would this be an acceptable title for a thread?

What is the link to the old DU archives?


I am having a "Search" Problem

Activists form shield around Arafat as Israel warns clock is ticking

Israel dynamites home of suicide bomber

Dershowitz Accused Of Plagiarism

No matter the circumstance, Arafat just won't fade away

Israel's bombing of Syria the start of WWIV?

Sharon on the Rampage

Israel attacked civilian area

Syria: Israel attacked civilian area

'Clock Ticks' for Arafat After Israeli Raid in Syria

Israel attacks Islamic Jihad base in Syria

Israel's justification for attack on Syria

Hamas vows retaliation against Israel

Family 'proud' of suicide bomber

"If Americans Knew" advocacy group receives death threats

New Blog

Edwards works on Bush zingers

Preparing for November

Funny line from Kerry

Encounter with Nicco Mele; Web Spinner

Dean made me get a sunburn!

Democrats are hankering for Kernan to get into race (Governor Indiana)

Clark Raises More Than $3.5M in Two Weeks

Ohio Poll: Large Majorities Approve of Senators; Voinovich beats Fingerhut

Why Bob Graham Cannot Drop Out

Dean Fundraising Question: Matching Funds

how many people consistantly vote in all elections

This quote made me laugh

Louisiana Runoff-Blanco vs. Jindal

Iowa Gov's press secretary joins Dean campaign

Vince Whitacre's fundraising kickoff roundup!

Should Davis use trash politics?

A sad and funny online poll...

Dennis rescues Tom and Ted

Wisconsin for Dean Responds to Republican Plans To Protest Dean's Visit

Great Reception for Howard Dean in Madison, Wi (5,000 plus)

If Arnold wins, who will be Lt Govenor?

Great Kucinich event in Laguna Beach today.

Kucinich on "electability"

forget "electability"; what about "effectibility"?

Clark leads in another state poll: Alabama

SC NAACP forum -- only CMB, Al, and John Edwards attending

Dean role in accord on waste assailed

No single candidate (response to Dean supporter)

Kennedy To Receive Bush Public Service Award

Do dumbasses deserve to live?

Bush's inherent vulnerablity: National Security/Foriegn Policy

Local News in CA now mentioning Enron meeting

Empire Energy & Environmental Exposition

You guys, I think we have a serious problem with Michael Savage.

who is tammy bruce? she's on geraldo talking bull****

Bush is the best President of the Century!

The "Mission Accomplished" spin

GOP strategy on the Plame Affair is to flood the coverage


I wonder what the education level of your typical freeper is

The Lying King, starring Elton Limbaugh

I hope you all can tolerate a question like this:

BloggerCon: Weblogs in Presidential Politics – good panel discussion

Busch drops Gov. Holden over Concealed weapons stance

is Tom Daschle unfamiliar with the word "trillion"

In 2013 babyboomers start retiring big time.

US troops to remain in Iraq for years, says General Sanchez

Do DUers support the civil rights of Dulls

Trade War heats up with Canada

Arnold Gets a Pass

heads up - Joseph Wilson on Face the nation tomorrow a.m.

The new Dinar


Too bad most political parties require that members stay exclusive...

Our Heroes and Theirs

What Sunday Morning TV To Watch?

Howard Dean is the Nicest Presidential Candidate...

The $140 Million Patriot

C-Span at 9:05 ET - Jonathan Chait from the New Republic - I hate Bush

Bush Under Fire - Guardian Sunday Analysis

"Limbaugh doesn't work here anymore"

The Real Patriot Act (Friedman Suggests $1/Gallon Gas Tax To Pay For Iraq)

Tim Russert is such a Pig!

Washington Journal this morning

I need an email this morning saying a charge was placed

My winning presidential ticket

Joe Wilson on FTN

A Good night for Dems in Louisiana

If Arafat Is Expelled Where Does He Go?

Nagging question about California Recall...

Rove's handpuppets: Tweety is one of them

ESPN: NFL Countdown is talking about Rush

Stand Alone logical Points for TraitorGate and other things.

WH Leak Question- If journalists never named agent, is leaker a source?

Advice needed

Examples of FOX News lies?

Four More Women go public against Arnold

Georgia GOP discounts swing voters.

Good article by David Corn in the Nation

Bob Novak smirks and waffles on Meet The Press

Does anyone know what papers have endorsed Davis/Arnold?

Real life stories from No Child Left Behind

Let's See If DUers Reflect National Democrats

Jack Ryan Commecial running in Chicago

Dueling Conservatives

Drug Addict Limbaugh Pushing Molester Arnold's election all week

Hilarious Non Sequitur Cartoon

Israel strikes inside Syria...

Dean: Where are the Jobs Bush Promised?

US congressman blames marriage collapse on Muslim neighbors

Deleted message

Fox Sports Dealing with Rush

CNN: Arlen Specter says a Law was broken? (CIA)

Should recall be successful . . .

Turns Out Fox Viewers Can't Answer Simple Questions On Iraq

National Equirer to post story on Arnold

BBV: Ladies & Gentlemen, Chapters 5-7

Okay, where is the I/P forum under which any discussion of the bombing

ABC-Disney running Arnold's comments to Peter Jennings from the bus

Repukes still fighting over Tx redistricting

Texans: GOP delaying redistricting to hurt Clark?

Wisconsin For Dean Responds to Republican Plans To Protest Dean Visit: LOL

FS: Terminator 1 and 2 DVDs.

california voter info website down

First time in Philips County history, a Young Democrats club is forming...

CNN/Wolf Was to Talking To Bustamante when guess what?

All is fair in love, war, and politics. Discuss.

NFL Today Dealing With Rush

Larry Johnson rocks!

Did Wesley Clark work for Dyncorp???

Viewer Alert -- CSPAN at 2 Eastern -- California Recall Rallies

I am now going to call people in CA for MoveOn

David Corn on Fox News now!

Can Daryl Issa be recalled?

Novak Needs Sunny Skys

Seattle-area DUers, don't forget today's political rally and march

Ex CIA Agent Robert Baer on CIA

Latest polls put CA recall numbers almost tied

Clark Raises More Than $3.5M in Two Weeks

Just what is the armageddon scenario?

Is there a statute of limitations on rape sexual assault?

YeeHaa! David Drier's smarmy smile wiped.

How many other 'Nazi Offspring' are in the Republican party?

Arnold and his "pro-abortion" stance

Interesting Online Chat with an Ex-CIA Guy

Larry Johnson knows who leaked to Novak?

What has WLS done with Ski Anderson?

Saddam's nuclear arsenal? A scattering of yellow powder (we knew no WMD)

Re-frame the question: Why has Arnold waited so long to apologize?

Would the Beatles have been as good if they didn't break up?

Did anyone catch the MSNBC Frank Lutz poll?

Guess who signed CA's car tax: Arnold's own main man

Ques: Why aren't the Democratic Leaders all over computer voting (calf)

Jennings and Jeffers slamming David Kay and the * admin. on WLS-AM

Anybody know where I can find info on Depleted Uranum?

Please rate this Arnold story on Yahoo.

CSPAN 3:09 - Repeat of the "The Week" California Recall Election

The Freep investigate L'affaire Wilson

Why isn't Bustemante(sp?) and Davis screaming about the Enron

Here We Go Folks! Tenet is Suspect Again.

Arnie's apologists of the female persuasion: in denial or worse?

Here's a plan -- recall Arnold, run Tom Hayden

Arnie, Maria, Bill Simon being lauded at Crystal Cathedral service today.

Check out what the military thinks about their CIC

"Conan the Vulgarian", from the author of BACKLASH and STIFFED

Who is financially responsible... if an elected arnie is sued for sexual

I just got David Corn's and Joe Conason's books...ask me anything.

You can't spell GrOPer without GOP - called the cops on Ahnold today

Wilson: CIA Leak Endangered Wife's Life

Newsweek- Oct 6 : Did Rove tell Tweety that Wilson's wife was "fair game"?

Shriver: If I am raped, I'm damaged goods for Arnie"

The vast, right wing hypocrisy

Ron Reagan Calls Bush A Liar

do you know why maria's face looks the way it does?????

LA Results

You've just come into office...

National Enquirer story on Arnold's love child

Enquirer Article on Arnold's Love Child/not?

Kudoes to Jeff Greenfield-CNN

Important question about Arnold/Enron

Now there's a possibility that Arnold has a kid

I don't buy the "Both got Money from Enron" argument...

Interesting recall side effects: Clinton calls!

Did you see the McLaughlin Group re Schwartznegger?

Meanwhile, somewhere in Secretive Sub-Basement 7, Dick Cheney plots...

What does it mean that Chris Matthews was one of the six journalists...?

Was Phillip Agee a Traitor?

Poppy Bush: The Most Insidious of "Kindly Grandfather" Puppetmasters

What happened to the Arnold/Enron story?

If Gray Davis somehow defeats the recall, can someone start this

Wilson's Wife thought to be energy consultant

Mo Dowd doesn't know the difference between Consensual and Assault

Analyzing Arnold's Hitler quote

This could be a HUGE problem for Arnold it he gets elected....

Huh??? "Twisted Sister" about to perform on C-Span for Arnulled...

Arnold-Ken Lay's Boy...$9billion stolen in Fake CA energy crisis will be

The nature of patriotism

Valerie Plame/Wilson reality check

Reactor using Tritium for bombs...?

DU research dept. - need help on Plame coverup

60 Minutes on Skull and Bones - Dupe

Did Rush have a "realtionship" with his gay "mentor",Norm Woodruff?

Bev Harris: question....has ANY democrat leader jumped on the wagon?

Difference between mandatory service and taxation?

Are Freeper-Libertarian Flame-wars worse than Dem-Green Wars?

What is the "Latino vote"?

Skull & Bones segment now playing 60 minutes -- Sun 7:30 pm

Israel attacked civilian area

SAIC: Part of Bush* shadow government - aren't they also involved

Anybody hear Conason on "Reliable Sources?

Question for CA residents

And 5 least favorite Senators?

Arnold as entrepeneur: Exaggerated reputation?

The facts are clear: Plame was outed. By the Bush Cabal. End of story.

Are the 2000s a NEW '60s?

The video of inside the Syrian terror camp comes courtesy of the IDF

Any good Progressive internet radio on Sunday night's? n/t

Randy Cohen gets in a lick against income disparities in the U.S.

Is there anything that Bush has not lied about?

A Warning to supporters of our candidates...

California Recall Debate Rebroadcast

When you think of the average Republican voter, what do you think of?

One reason why Yes-Recall vote is now theory

Who likes Tom Daschle?

Tom Brokaw sucks Ah-nold's D*ck on Dateline

Are there any silver linings or possible blessings in disguise for Ahnold

New Dem Strategy in CA?

The first paragraph of this Newsweek story says so much.

If Recall passes and Cruz Wins he should appoint Davis Lt. Gov

"Clinton Admired Hitler, Too"

What happened to the story about Bush not being on the ballot in Alabama?

Let's make sure the CA press knows about Arnold & Enron

Heads Up: Al Franken to appear on Tonight Show, Monday, October 6.

Link to bush lies

Newsweek: Rush’s World of Pain

Ramirez home run scores two 4-0 Cubs

Is it okay to grab Brit Hume's package...

Wow! NPR just now juxtaposing Bush-LBJ quotes

So... will the neo-cons run Bo Derek in the next CA recall?

Davis's wife is doing well

Just thought of something (or should NONVOTERS be involved in MANDATORY

Gray Davis on Larry King tonight at 9pm (CNN)

Arnold Enron Schwarzenegger

In regards to the incident with the magician in Las Vegas

Update on Races

BBC Panorama: Inside Guantanamo

NFL football may have come along way on the issue of race, but what about

Arnold's Campaign Bus Named "Predator"!

Great Clark editorial (If you're a Clark fan, that is!)

mice to test bush's

Cities Bill GOP for Political Fund-Raising Events

Deleted message

Need Help On Prop 53 Vote on Tuesday

Rumsfeld: "Unfortunate..." if no WMDs in Iraq!

With Apologies, ESPN's Football Pre-Game Show Goes On (great article)

1957-Documents show WH and No 10, conspired over oil-fuelled invasion plan

Front Page Story on Arnold's Enron Secret

Fisk:--'The Myth of Western Intelligence Agencies'

If Davis had resigned immediately following the recall certification. . .

Do you support mandatory national service for Welfare Recipients?

Championship week for the Republicans

"Join Arnold" - A Blissful Homeland Awaits, Ala Leni...

More Iraquis are turning to drugs.

What is up with Drudge???

Drudge and a caller are teeing off on Ahnuld.

Did any of you support the war back in March?

CBS News: very moving mother's story of KIA son

Josh Marshall on Clark and PNAC

They just showed Jimmy Carter at Braves/Cubs game

Is Peter Werbe streaming tonight?

Identify the speaker (Put Guesses in the message area, not the subject)

Tom McClintock: Where does he fit in?

Soccer moms and Bush in the flight suit

WOW!!! Sam Waksal admitting his crimes. Saying "I did it". Except for the

Ohio DUers: Should we attempt a recall of Governor Golly (aka Taft)?

Want to Fight the Religious Reich?

Local peace group infiltrated by government agent

Fair Game

BBV: 208 to Go??? Your help needed.

Favorite 5 Senators

something each of us across US could do tonight to help California

We are lucky to have 10 excellent canidates

Meet the Press thread -- Wilson-Novak showdown

What happens to Bustamante if AS wins?

Could Bush* Get Away With Murdering The Wilson's Even Now?

Would Joe Wilson make a good Sec. of State?

Our president (technically). A photo album.

There's been some talk around here about how poorly Maria looks

Somebody explain how Wilson's party affiliation matters.

So has DiFi changed her postition on the recall

Wasn't Maria seriously ill in the hospital last year or year before?

Who thinks they'll "find weapons" (i.e. plant weapons) in Iraq?

The CA Statutory Rape Code that Arnold broke w/16-year old Gigi Goyette

Undercover speculation: why won't Bush* react?

Is this the Bustamante lawsuit? I googled and found this

Delicious Irony Dept: Smirky Punk'd by his own Dad.

Gary Hart Endorses John Kerry

Final California Number Predictions

Some Articles on Phila Mayor's Race

My Hero Senator Carl Levin just approved Syria Attack as Pre-emption!

Question for Clark supporters...

Wonder why CIA hates ex-intelligence officer Philip Agee?....

Clark supporters & opposers needed for refutations or confirmations

SC Primary: Edwards at 23 and 16 percent in new polls

Last 3 Pres.elections: Dem:138,779,855 (52.61%); Rep: 125,026,245 (47.39%)

Democrats agonise over who should fight Bush


Move on has a list of people to call

Does * Have Grass-Roots Support (other than Freepers) on Dean's level?

Join's campaign to appoint Independent Counsel to investigate

About California's absentee ballots

How will all this end up? The Fundies/PNAC/Armaggedon? Who Wins? when

Drudge mentions an article in the Daily Mail (UK)

Springsteen Ends Tour With Shows at Shea

Dean has $500 and my vote....

TBTM Radio #13: 'Sex, Drugs, Leaks and Lies'

MIchael Moore is advertising Wesley Clark's....

A decade of dominance by right-wing authors ends on the NYT list...

Latest Arnold Scandal: Ahhnold fathered child during his marriage to Maria

Traitorgate + Tuwaitha = Total WH Meltdown

The National Endowment For Democracy & Clark

Besides voting no on the recall you can

Heads up -- 60 Minutes to feature Skull and Bones -- CBS now!

I Vant to FEEL You Up 2 - 2 months ago! Groped Loken w/Maria -on camera!!

Queen may be al-Qaeda target

U.S. Raid Finds (Roadside) Bomb Material in Iraq

Women face new scrutiny on way to mosque

4 More Women Go Public Against Schwarzenegger

Denver Airport Concourse Sealed off When FBI Agent Misplaces Gun

Jordan denies reports Iraqi WMD moved to its soil

Poll: Davis gaining as Schwarzenegger denies harassment allegations

(Hillary) Clinton to attend Democrat[ic] benefit in Iowa

Russian Defence Minister not satisfied with UN Draft Resolution on Iraq

Survey Group head's link to arms industry

Fight to the finish before historic vote Davis wants criminal investigatio

Bloomberg learns politician role

Iraqis' patience wears thin as America delays handover

Iraq Sought Missile Parts, pResident Says

Romney (MA Gov) cancels trip to Calif.

Justices Return to Face Issues of Religion and Politics

S. Korea to Move U.S. Base From Capital

On C-SPAN, 2 callers mentioned...

Breaking: Shooting in Atlanta Church 3 people reported killed

Leak of CIA agent aimed to discourage criticism on Iraq: ex-envoy

A Missing Statistic: U.S. Jobs that Went Overseas

No matter the circumstance, Arafat just won't fade away

Two years in, US struggles toward Afghan stability

FBI questions Bush officials over 'outing' of CIA agent {Independent}

Different polls make for different results, different spins | S F Chron

Schwarzenegger no longer worthy--(2nd CA. newspaper rescinds endorse.)

Different polls make for different results, different spins

Clark Raises More Than $3.5M in Two Weeks

Blair 'not welcome' at war service

Voters direct rage at their leaders and recall itself


U.S. Postal Service sued over church-run post office

Growing scandal hurts sales

Jennings and Jeffers slamming David Kay and the * admin. on WLS-AM

Army ..members, ...leave was on, off and on again,not on return flight

Davis to sign 'historic' health care insurance bill today

U.S. Arms Hunter Dismisses Skeptics Over Iraq Search

Electoral unrest goes beyond California

The Man Behind The Curtain (US News Cover Story)

Beaten, abused, chained. This is one Afghan woman's 'liberation'

CIA Agent in White House Leak Controversy Worried for Her Safety

DNC endorses voter verified audit trail

School Transfers Not A Remedy For All

US military dispatches airborne snipers to defend oil pipeline

Arafat declares state of emergency

Data Revision Confirms Weak Jobs Picture

UK PRESS:Rupert Murdoch May Be Barred From BSkyB CEO Vote

President Tripped Up By 3rd-Year Jinx

Bush Troops Get Marching Orders For '04

Briton held as terror suspect says CIA threatened torture

4 More Women Go Public Against Schwarzenegger [LA Times Sunday]

US seems to condone Israel air raid into Syria (UN Sec Council)

Chechen election called 'a real farce'

Davis ouster could encourage targeting of other elected officials

Charges leveled on all recall fronts [San Jose Mercury News]

New map targets Anglo Democrats

One billion live in squalor, UN says - filthiness and degradation

Focus on Rush hurts probe

"We Must Understand the Islamic Perspective" -- CLARK

Bush struggling to regain political footing

Clark Trails Dem Rivals in Crucial Iowa

US Will Help Improve Anti-Terror Defences, Bush Promises

Turnout Passes 81% in Chechnya

Would Cash Rewards Buy Test Success?

White House Calm Before CIA Leak Deadline

Ahnold's Army beating up on nuns now

Pentagon officials ignored reports on dire state of Iraq's oil industry

'Road Map' Setbacks Highlight U.S. Pattern

In California, Sharper Edge to Campaign

Breaking CNN: Israel attacks Palestinian training camp INSIDE Syria

Drug crisis grips Baghdad

Israel's justification for attack on Syria

Police flee as Saddam loyalists fuel city revolt

State Department: Syria a terrorism sponsor

Sen. Kennedy to get Bush Award for Excellence

TVA To Start Making Tritium For Bombs

West still failing to protect Afghan women

US occupation bogged down by resistance, political woes

Controversial Alaska photos displayed

Putin Says U.S. Faces Big Risks in Iraqi Mission

U.S. response to attack muted

Enron Seeks Millions for Power Never Delivered to Sierra Pacific

"Old Bull" Democrats Frustrate House GOP


Actor slams 'puke politics,' blames Davis

Handling of Leak Stirs Talk of Double Standards

Howard Dean stops by Seattle again with campaign speech

Security Council meets on Israeli attack in Syria

Dean's Gun Views Attacked

Wilson: Bush* Not Party to Leak

DRUDGE BREAKING - Putin warns Bush about Iraq, Bush orders reorganization

NYT: White House to Overhaul Iraq and Afghan Missions

Gorbachev, U.S. officials debate end to Castro regime

Calif's Davis Comes Back Swinging at Schwarzenegger

Readers Angry at The Times for Schwarzenegger Stories

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Love Child Scandal (Nat Enquirer)

Schroeder speech puts `power' back into German politics

Local Peace Group Infiltrated By Government Agent

Actor envisions economic revolution Lower taxes, fewer regulations at hear

Lol, tonights Aqua Teen Hunger Force ep title: "Total Re-Carl"

Peace Love and Understanding

What a great weekend!

Gift idea for Right Wing religious nuts (too funny)

Browns improve dramatically, Steelers just plain old suck

I need some computer file-sharing advice for novice/non-computer savvy me

What do you see when you look out your front window?



Who recomended "Sonic Jihad" by Paris?

Received Bush/Cheny campaign mailing yesterday...

Remember the good old days when fans were allowed to storm the field?

Browns v.s. Steelers thread

the no on recall campaign is calling me

OMG - I'd forgotten how truly shitty First Contact is

Cubs Win --- Recall Defeated --- The Whole Bush Administration Indicted

A Rush goes PC (pill chasing) game!

Bring on the fish course ---- Cubs are hot

Is it okay to grab Brit Hume's package...

Drat, the 'join arnold 'sign ,I was about to deface

Newest Bush photoshop contest

Just watched my first "60 Minutes" since the early 90s...

Today's Chicago Cubs thread, 10/5

LF talks about men & women

Chiefs WIN!!!!!!

What's the best Vodka?

That s the LAST TIme you will hear that damn tomahawk song this year!!!!!!

In regards to the incident with the magician in Las Vegas

Ramirez home run scores two 4-0 Cubs

What's your Favorite Bush* Acronym

Whoop dee diddley do dah

Why aren't women into sex as much as men ?

Need advice on arranging music to cd:


I finally saw "Secretary" today

Is there any difference between Arnie and Mike Tyson?

Large quantities of acidophilus bacteria discovered in Iraq!

Do you watch "Real Life" type dramas on TV?

Bill Clinton was in my dream last night

All riiiiiiight...I'll join the pet parade...

Did I miss a report on 5thGenDemocrats b-day gathering??

Shorter Atrios: Hey, Chris Matthews, are your wife's breasts real?

Anyone here an Archie Bell fan?

Help Will Pitt Out!

I saw the Grambling Band this weekend. Ask me anything.

Cubs-Braves Playoff Game: Radio Available Online!

What's your favorite day of the week?

Is Arnie out of the race yet?

WTF I can't get the Cubs game!

Best commentary I saw on the riot last night


How can you tell if a freeper has been in your yard?

Lol. Refs 3, Redskins 0

Arnole tries to play a guitar! Great Laugh!

I want to be David Ortiz when I grow up

How does Mia Hamm ever score?

Why do we watch sports?

Have you seen the Arnold as Hitler pic on Yahoo News?

My Twins Are Gone...GO SOX!!!

Red Sox - A's thread. Can the Sox stay alive?



HOLY hell the Utes didn't make the top 25 in EITHER POLLS!

Who earns your respect to a greater degree?

I just PM'd RBNYC!

I Just PM'd Don_G!

I Just PM'd Will Pitt

Earlier in the day, I PM'd HEyHEY


Linfield does it again; so long, Frosty

Go see "School of Rock"

Would the Beatles have been as good if they didn't break up?

Twins vs Yankees thread!!!

Oh yeah baby....Bears win!

The paint job on the "Join Arnold" bus is really disturbing.

To all the Jews in DU land....tonight Yom Kippur


Any VCR experts out thar? I'm a pretty decent electronic tech but I can't

Al Gore left me a voicemail - ask me anything!

"NFL Countdown" mea culpa now on ESPN Motion

HITCHHIKER`S GUIDE Finally Given Green Light!

I can't study Bush in my report about facists in my Amer Gov't class

If anyone wants to see me do stand up

How much do you like Loyal?


FOX: you suck

Ray Charles is singing America on PBS's The Blues (tears flowing)

Now what am I gonna do?

If it hurts to be in the sun for even a few seconds...does that

C'mon Vikes let's go

Get your Tarot reading here

WTF? Freepers boycotting Campbell Soup over McNabb's remarks

I just got David Corn's and Joe Conason's books...ask me anything.

Auto Repair question

My boss told us Friday he intends to break the law!

Eddie Izzard As Dr. Who? Possibly, According To Tom Baker

The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe to shoot in New Zealand w/ WETA FX help

Macintosh Networking question.... Help!

Maybe I should just shut up.

They're re-making The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

I am beyond tired of Quentin Tarantino's 70's "cool"

Guys at the homecoming dance I had an awesome time

Arnold the Pig art contest

Am I crazy or did someone post about sig image hosting?

The Free-flowing Hostility Thread

There's a riot going on right now

I'm back and nothing appears to have changed....

Six Days and a three and one-half hour drive south down I-35

Schwarzenegger's Admiration Of Hitler, Admirable

Okay...did Nixon get a fan thread last night?

My Freeper Fantasy: Arnold Loses

Braves/Cubs come back to Turner Field - any takers?

I love Chipotle restaurants

Advice needed

Heading to bed...but Darth Kitten

No Tact...not a minor bit of it!

Boom Boom, Dean for America the request the tag art

Ultimate Bush Photoshop contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two questions: What fresh hell is this?

Here is a hysterical review on the new Tarzan show on the WB

Who Do I Write The Check To...Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell?

Rush's newest endorsement!

Data mining on the Internet

Fox News

THAT was one ballsy gutty performance by John Smoltz last night

Final possum update

Anyone here an Art Bell Fan?

Rush Limbaugh "Oxymoron" Graphic

I love Non Sequitur!

NFL Countdown addresses Rush's comments

Post your funniest picture of Bush

J-Lo And Affleck Spotted Shopping For Dildos In New York

So,...(Bewere! LF Is Board!)

Do DUers support the civil rights of Dulls

Bush is the best President of the Century!

The best hot sauce recipe ever

Anyone ever see "Final Destination 2?

Can a Calif. DUer please send me a 'no recall' button?

Julia Caitlin-Brown and Andreas Katsulas and Gore1FL

Question for BritCom Fans

What Should I Put On My Nachos?

I have the sneaking suspision I am the only person on DU right now

The Dean TV webpage is not user friendly

I wonder what the education level of your typical freeper is

The DU 700 club claims another member... this time it's Loyal!

Eek! I'm in the 700 Club.

Dr Stragelove on TCM!


music fans . . . everything you ever wanted to know about . . .

I once went to see a crop circle in a field just out of town.

How did the * thing start?

Check out this campaign photo to hit the airwaves on the Leno show

Purina introduces new cat food with emphasis on freshness

Speaking of Tombstones, Whatever Happened to "Jesus Christ"?

Is the media going too far with this photo? WARNING

Photo: Courtney Love arrested after a drug-related incident

NEWS FLASH: Dubya finally releases Iraq WMD documents

First time I've ever seen this trick shot in a game of billiards

Greastest pool game on a computer

Who is your favorite New Orleans R&B performer?

Come on, it is not Ahnold's fault...

Creepy site I just stumbled upon...

You know...

Why do the Braves suck so bad in post season play?

Bambino will awaken from his short nap

In the middle of the night

A plan that would really piss people off...

Least popular blues singers

Hi! My name's Steve, and I'm

Did anyone find the woman in the 60 Minutes "Skull&Bones" piece...

Everyone who is going to bed happy tonight HOLD UP THOSE CUB SIGNS

should pre-superbowl NFL championships count

I need help understanding Catholic guilt.

Okay just how "redneck" is vacuuming off the porch?

What are some of the little things in life that you are thankful for?

patent does it work?

I rode *100 miles* on my bike today, ask me anything!

I've got another thirty years to live

Reading Sincair Lewis's "It can't happen here". Ask me if I'm paranoid!


Wooooohooooooooo!!!! Packers WIN!! Woof woof woof...

Martha Stewart Types... I Need Your Help and/or Advice


A guy at work may be a manic-depressive?

Very Funny Bush T-Shirt

Hey the North Mississippi Allstars are coming to my town!

political halloween costume ideas??

Thanks for this site....

I want to talk about bloodlines

Well, I said it, so I'll DU it

I Hate People (A Thread by LeftPeopleFinishFirst)

The politics behind PBS

Women's World Cup Matches- 10/5/03

My quote made the front page of our local paper!

I need an email this morning saying a charge was placed

Meeting the needs of World Cup Rugby fans!

YANKEES WIN 8-1!!! 6 runs in the 4th inning! GO YANKS!

What to do...

"Stop 4-way parking in rear" (photo)

My weird recurring dream

Possible new Bob Dylan avatars. Vote for your favorite.

first day on Atkins... making brownies was not a good idea.

Germany stuns the US in women's soccer - 5 people give a shit

Are there any men left? I won't say "Real" because that's crass. BUT....

Favorite Edward Norton movie?

Any Braves fans in mourning....again??

Farewell Polly, Welcome Molly:

Grieving the Twins' loss.

Second call: Karma, prayers, meditations, what-have-you to our

Wow, I give up

This is utterly disgusting: "hogging"

Thank you, for being so kind!

Youth Rights - Serious Issue or Arrogance?

Marijuana is:

Which sports are freeper sports?

Up to 16 women have come forward about Arnies sexual advances

Anger Management (long)