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Archives: October 4, 2003

A question of character(trustworthiness follows forfeited comptence rep)

John Ashcroft: The zealot who holds Bush's future in his hands

Michael Moore new interview in Saturday's Guardian

Limbaugh showing U.S. his true colors

The capped crusader (Michael Moore's new book - interview)

The Legacy of Black Hawk Down (Oct. 3, 1993)

Dickey: War by the Numbers

Star Ledger RW Columnist: "Rush Is A Liberal"

Rush's (1995) finger pointing on drugs comes back to haunt him.

NYT: A Missing Statistic: U.S. Jobs That Went Overseas

Stand-Up Women, by Gail Collins (NYT Magazine)

London Observer: Iraqis' patience wears thin as America delays handover

Clark is Not Cincinnatus

Margolis: Dubious intelligence

WP: The Last Wall --Mikhail Gorbachev

Editorial: A tale of two very different candidates. (W & Dean in WI)

The war on al-Jazeera

Katha Pollit: Mr. Schwarzenegger Gets a Pass

Mikhail Gorbachev: Squandering the peace we made

Rove or Lewis Libby in Wilson affair? What is their relationship like?

Enron's secret bid to save deregulation

Where do Wesley Clark and nearly 50 million Americans part ways?

Extracts from Michael Moore's new book.

Message for all Ohio Duers

We see through the lies -- rally and march in Seattle tomorrow, Sunday

LA DU'ers only approximately 1800 of 5000 precincts open on Oct. 7

beating around the bush

DUers converging on Washington, D.C., Oct. 25 — Let's make plans here!


Cover of Time -- LOL

Larry King - Stedman

my experience with an Arnold supporter

Bush Admin = Fascist? take a look...

Astrologers:Maybe you can help me?

George and Laura Do It Doggeral Style (Let's join them)

Slave Remains Return To The Ground In Manhattan

The heavy price of WTO membership

need help re: living minimum wage and CEO/workers

"TQM" from the Deming Theory of Mgmt

Polish politician works for the crooks

Cops to escort Congo trains

Arroyo U-turn on re-election bid (Philippines)

US diplomat for Africa resigns

Spreading Saudi Fundamentalism in U.S.

Thank you, Admininstrators

Mods, you have astonished me yet again!

How come the mods aren't enforcing the rules against this poster

While I advocate for free speech and believe in it

Okay..I'm trying to "donate" my subscription for ANNUAL DU DUES...and I'm

Is it my imagination

Why no MSN messenger option?

Why do I sometimes get the following when I hit "post"?

Does the profanity rule apply to quotes?

Humble request for a Bob Dylan avatar

Could someone please tell me

Can you add a link on the home page

Finkelstein Proclaims 'The Glove Does Fit'

Palestinians 'reduced to begging'

Crime Ring Allegedly Sends Millions To Middle East

'Israel turns village into open air prison'

Remembering Sabra and Shatila - and atoning

Timeline of Palestinian Suicide Bombings

In wake of Haifa attack, IDF troops enter Jenin, impose curfew.

Will this Israeli bombing be the end of Arafat?

Israeli soldier indicted for deaths

Our Heroes and Theirs

Israeli gunships attack Gaza

Report: 18 Die in Israel Suicide Blast - 10/04 /03

At least 30 injured, many seriously, in explosion in Haifa restaurant

Pressure Mounts in Israel for Arafat to Be Exiled

Bombed Bus to Be on Exhibit

Best hope for peace

The settlers' `reserve forces'

Nunn: Nuclear danger is now from terrorists

Dean brings campaign back to South Carolina

California recall election: "No" vote on Proposition 54

Dem Backer Hacks

Greg Palast: Arnold Unplugged - follow the money

Generation Dean Launches Petition: 'Bill of Rights' For A New Generation

Will Wisconsin go Republican?

The Gaffes of John Kerry - His most embarrassing quotes

CA-39: Rematch Likely for Rep. Linda Sanchez, GOP Foe

Dean brings campaign to Howard University

Eleanor Clift: BUSH's Free Ride is OVER

Send Dennis a Happy 57th Birthday Message

I saw Kerry on CSPAN just now...lookin' good!

Biographical video of John Kerry

Did any DU-ers go to the DNC meeting?

I propose adding an applause meter to each and every future Dem forum

Editorial: A tale of two very different candidates.

What did Kerry mean by this statement:

WOW! Did you see Edwards at the DNC?

Is this what Dean meant about civil rights?

When is next debate?

Kerry: With Each Day, We Are Witnessing The Beginning of The End For Bush

Not a dup: Dean and civil rights

What did Dean mean by this statement?

Edwards's book Four Trials -- Amazon taking preorders -- out in Dec.

GOP aide fired for putting Carnahan plane number on website.

Hastert says he wants two more years as House speaker (will run again)

What did John Kerry mean by this statement?

NY Times: "Kerry...drew the best reception"

Leon Panetta questions Dean's Medicare story

What does this (Dean) statement mean?

I just thought of something funny if Kerry gets the nomination.

Kerry on Gays in the Military and on Dems who would abandon principles

What does this (Kerry) statement mean?

Shameless Plug...Defeat Arnold!!!

Arnold in Modesto, CA Tomorrow

Terry McAuliffe's Leadership

AOL poll on WMD hunt

Question: Most Complete List of Bush Iraq Lies

Weekly virus report

Kuwait foils smuggling of chemicals, bio warheads from Iraq (?????)


Tiger Attacks Las Vegas Magician (Roy of Siegfried & Roy)

Met Howard Dean today

I went to the Arnold protest tonight in Santa Monica

DU'ers STOP the baseless allegations declaring Arnold has "won"

Any thoughts on Max Cleland possible running again?

Umberto Eco on how Fascist governments always lose wars

CA Gubernatorial Hopeful Distances Self from Aide's Religious Writings

Hitler was one of the greatest speakers of the 20th Century

Bernie Ward streaming in 6 minures. Tune in now for a surprise.

robert novak....

Bushie pens a poem for Pickles

Back to Iraq? Winning Hearts and Minds

A post-Arnold-protest, anti-media RANT

Rush Limbaugh gives us a unique opportunity

Liberal, Progressive, Democrat, Moderate, Green, Bright, ect....

Who will Dems run if we have to recall Arnold

**Chief Justice Roy Moore -- CSPAN -- 7:45 AM ET SAT**


The racist comments - was Rush trying to pull a "Wilkinson"?

Texas State Dems' chief backs Gen. Clark, Clark's on Top For NY Voters

Deja Vu All Over Again? On Clinton and Clark...

As long as Bush isn't having sex on the job, he gets a free pass

Bush tries to write Poem, calls wife "LUMP in the Bed"

The law that Rush broke -- but which the media won't talk about:

Must see ((Anti- Arnold)) poster print out

Meria Heller has a great free show this weekend.

I think I've discovered what's going on with Bush

THIS JUST IN--Our California Recall Smoking Cannon!

Evidence of Limbaugh drug addiction?

The Fix Is In: GOP and Brits Will Count California's Recall Votes

Bernie Ward to cover Greg Palast story at 2:07am EDT

Poor Maria Or Is That Maria The Enabler?

Piled-Up Bindersgate, v2.0

Question for anyone on a Yahoo! practice...

it seems one of our libertarian members who didn't get their way

Are there any pluses to Ahnold winning?

Umberto Eco: Mac and DOS, Catholic and Protestant

Bush will break the historical record.

Kennedy To Receive Bush Public Service Award

The Nazis in Dubya's closet

Italy, Poland, Spain and Ireland want god and christianity mentioned in EU

Radio Psychologist Joy Browne alleges Arnold groped her

National Enquirer: No negative press for Bu$h since anthrax attack

WMD: 'You have got to be kidding (from Asia Times)

Bush's War in Iraq : The Definition of Failure

(Audio) Scott Ritter Backgrounder on David Kay and WMD Report

Now the Republicans are coming for your water (FL of course)

Observation: Left alone Repugs won't talk about CIA leak

Honor among thieves? Not between Chalabi and misAdministration.

The Last Wall By Mikhail Gorbachev

Faux Hires LIBERAL African American! (Mark McEwen)

Michael Moore

$ Investors in Iraq, Lets Investigate them (reaming the US taxpayer)

Anyone else surprised how Rush got his drugs?

Bush's Next SOTU address

More Republican links to Nazis

Proof the White House and this adminstration is incompentant

Can we have a rule about no more new rules

How Very Sad: A Poem to The President

NATO security messing up garage doors at The Broadmoor...

Recall Arnold

Operation: Mind Control

Novak's Got Himself a Lawyer: Things Could Get Interesting, After All

Do you think the head of the left and the head or the right made a deal

Some Much-Needed Light Humor: Great Dropout Lines for the Dems

Did you see "Boondocks" today?

LOL"Treason" still on bestseller list* as Republican treason slaps America

Lalo: La Telenovela 'The Story of Bush'

It's not just a leak, it's TREASON!

Should euthanasia be legal?

Arnold is turning out to be the Margaret Trudeau of California

Spread this meme Re:Traitorgate

A sobering look at those killed in Iraq

I can't get over how bad soft NDP voters are at reading polls...

Arnold and Enron Ties, bye bye 9 billion?

Never mind groping tales and Hitler taunts - it's car tax that counts

What happened to the post on the Lay/.Arnold emails?

A new book says Rupert Murdoch needs his children to keep delivering bias

With all the talk about the California recall, I have some GREAT news!

Stop Calling me an Atheist, I am a Bright!

This Poll shows Dennis at 30%

I Want To Get Rich - Think I'll Apply as a Wepons Inspector

Bush Sr: Those blowing CIA cover "most insidious of traitors"

Novak and The Intelligence Identities and Protection Act

Rush and Joseph McCarthy are vocal dead-ringers

Davis......repubs compare him to arnold

Is it possible Rush was dealing painkillers?

How to talk to your conservative brother-in-law (Michael Moore)

Michael Moore - # 1 at

Get your Arnold/Ken Lay emails HERE!

Where would a Moslem Robert Novak be RIGHT NOW?

With Limbo Out, What Is George WILL's Creepy Secret?

"Dude, Where's My Country" No. #1 on Amazon

Sean Hannity is going to be in my city

FOX news reporting WMD's found in

Rall: Our Concentration Camp

Religion Poll

Ken Lay and Ahnold's meeting emails posted!

ACLU Steps Into DMCA Subpoena Controversy

TPM: Josh Marshall On Novak

Close friend of Rush just said Rush was a man of honor and character

What's the WH doing with the operative's W-2 forms?

Remember Matt Sheppard? Fred Phelps can't seem to forget him...

Let's stop blaming ourselves....

"A Life in Letters" VS Bush Poetry

'Code Name Artichoke'

Vote this poll just to let them know we are paying attention

Yahoo pictures of the Santa Monica Arnold protest. Who's got more?

A question to Californians for after the recall election.

SpamCop clears of bogus spam charge

Bushies' War with CIA perpetuates "Team B" conflicts of the '70's

Will this Israeli bombing be the end of Arafat?

Limbaugh Oxycontin PACMAN!

Norm Coleman does something I agree with?

I searched freeperland for any posts re:Nightline-----nada

Sexual assault is not "womanizing."

Is it Ted Kennedy's fault that we're in this mess?

Saturday CNN poll

How many DUers are ready to take our country back in 2004?

I object to the cheap Schwarzenegger attacks.

Shock and Awe 1996

Questions about the events of 9/11? Join the "9/11 Questions" Meetup!

YIKES! Energy bill - newest (frightening) outrage: Uranium

Oprah could have bleeped Arnold's Sexual Vulgarity...but didn't

Why Does the Media paint Clark is an Establishment Candiddiate?

I'm Giving Up Hope of Winning in 2004

The economy is dependent upon the state

SAVE C-SPAN and stop the FCC

Anyone see Nightline last night?

"The Raiding Of The Treasury" or "87 Billion More Reasons."

Valerie Plame

DUers lets email & call the Enron/Arnold story to CAL newspapers/TV

Link to transcript of Kerry's remarks at the DNC meeting on Friday...

Penis head sculpter does self representation

Letter by a Doctor for Dean

Arnold met with Ken Lay!

Do Repukes complain about the "Republican establishment"?

Bush v Democrat Poll

Think of how much fun it will be if Arnold wins....

It’s official: Clark is now a registered Democrat

Greg Palast uncovers real story of Calif recall.

BIG NEWS! Iraqi vets charge at US troops!

Some observers believe the leak affair may become bigger than Watergate

just what the hell IS pigboy's pain?

The most corrupt administration since US Grant

Does geography determine your politics?

Factory Closures Devastate U.S. Towns

The Society of the Cincinattit/The Cosmos Club

Are female RW leaders drug addicts?

Which three candidates do you like the least and why?

Ex-CIA Agent Larry Johnson on CNN(nails Novak & CNN)

Reminder: VOTE today if you live in Louisiana (10/4)

Presidential Term Limits?

Oakland Trib takes back Arnie endorsement!

Bill O'Lielly tops NYT Best Seller List

Watching "Americas voices" (Luntz/MSNBC) Luntz is actually being

85 Percent Of Public Believes Bush's Approval Rating Fell In Last Month

bush selection campaign.....hype 9-11

76 Days

Gray Davis on MSNBC

How Will They Drop Out?

Theater of the absurd: Zero Tolerance... Dress codes... (TX)

Inside Washignton (CBS) Did they just out Cheney?

GOP memo re: Dean

What does this Dean statement mean?

It's time to re-visit that Capitol Hill Blue faux Wilkinson story

What is turnout like in Louisiana today

Will Novak Appear On Capital Gang?

The Capitol Gang and McNabb Thread was not a dupe

First black pope?

Humpy Lumpy's Presidency Sat on a Wall

Hate the War, Love the Warrior

C-Span - calif. Governor Candidates, Ron Reagan Jr.

Benito Mussolini: "What is Facism?"

Captial Gang and McNabb

Knight Ridder Newspapers: GOP fearful that Bush will lead party to defeat

I better never hear another word about Clinton!

Odds on Bush re-election, democratic nominee...

Please help-Need contact info for every candidates org...

More vicious than Tricky Dick {by John Dean}

Graham Calls on Clinton and Daschle for Advice


Roy of Zeigfried and Roy attacked by tiger

Monica vs. 9/11

Bush cannot win in 2004.

Be on TV with Bush & Hannity!

Dean is asked to release gubernatorial records

DNC Meeting

If elected the legislature should just ignore Schwarzenegger

BREAKING NEWS: Roy denied hospital visitation right to see Sigfreid!

New! Dean Aircraft Ride Board for Volunteers & Pilots

Karl Rove is a figment of your imagination

Arnold's Army Attacks 2 Nuns With Protest Signs

Why weren't people like Larry Johnson and his co-agents out in front...

Classic Polling Surprises ( Jesse Ventura ) dead in polls, yet won.

What and how will Clark undo the BushCo damage to America?

Folks,this is HILARIOUS!

BBV: Are polls favoring Schwartzenegger setting stage for " the fix"?

Another thing Der Gropinator has in common with Dubya...

What do you DESPISE most on the Fox Slime Channel?

"California belongs to me" Robin Williams about Arnold on Letterman

Maria's signature

Start recall now(TV presenter 'groped' by Schwarzenegger may sue)

Kerry and the NRA

CBS News hacked Dennis K posted up front

..::Laura Bush says her husband is a poet::.. (poem inside)

Is it just me, or does it seem like the Alert button is overused lately?

Posting to another thread about the Plame thing, consider this.

What about Rush and drug allegations???

Larry O'Donnell on McLaughlin Group: Arnold Could Be In More Trouble

Who is TWEETY?

Which came first for Rush, deafness of dope?

so........... bush* is a poet??? try this:

Wilson-Gate! - Amb. Joe Wilson on Faux News 9PM 10/4/03

Could someone explain why the Repubs are running TWO candidates in CA?

Peace Fresno infiltrated by agent working for Fresno Sheriff’s Dept.

How can someone admire Hitler's speaking ability

Like GOP said: Would you trust Arnold alone in a room w/your daughter?

Drudge: Concern for Maria's Health

O Reilly is on w/Russert 9pm, cst w/alotta mascara!

Do you think freeper women would like being called "that lump in the bed"

Wrote the Republican National Committee about Arnold and they

Is Novak now in violation of the Identities Protection Act?

A case for fighting fire with fire - the assault of the Gore family's home

Faux News is SO stupid... calls suicide bomber: "homicide bomber"

McLaughlin Group - McLaughlin on Bush's Case

Krugman's book

Cheney Gives A Preview Of Bush 9/11& Iraq Re-Election Spin

Outing an NOC Operative: It Doesn't Get Much Worse!

Louisiana Election Returns

After all the hyperbole from the right on treason, patriotism, etc...

Government Information Awareness....Why didn't I think of this?

Clark may prove that 'centrist' is not a dirty word

If John Kerry is the nominee, what will you do?


Fred Tuttle Dead At 84

The big ? Why haven't they ARRESTED Arnold?

Hispanic Caucus Bitch Slaps Bu$h

Anybody watching Jesse Ventura's new show? I give it 3 weeks...

HYPOTHETICAL BREAKING NEWS: Sigfreid denied hospital visitation to Roy!

4,000 U.S. non-combat evacuations in Iraq (over 800 mental health)

What do soldiers need?

Here's another scenario

Please explain this to me (regarding Arnold)

Arnold's deal with Enron?

the debt clock

Ann Coulter's Sure Been Quiet Lately,...

Official Guy James Show thread 3pm -please keep kicked!

In These Times: How the Democratic candidates would help the Poor

What's a Freeper?

ALL DUers Need to Write Letters About Plame's Cover Being Blown

How's Dean doing it?

Bush blames Laura for dropping dog on tarmac (Barney)!

Vince's Congressional Fundraiser -- One Day Left

For an expert's take on the Arnold debacle...

The coveted Finnfan endorsement Pt. 1: Wesley Clark

Blair's Labour Party hasn't been expelled from Socialist International?

Is it OK to praise Reagan?

Simple thoughts about working together.

A Vote for Arnold is a vote encouraging the sexual abuse of women

Arnold vs Mike Tyson

Should we treat Rush's weakness with compassion?...

Mandatory "national service"

How do you DUer's feel about outsourcing?

Blame the victim (Iraq) for bluffing is the latest White House theory

Schwarzenegger's 16-year-old Mistress Gigi Goyette (Statutory Rape)

Hong Kong press caters to powerful elite (More CCP/GOP parallels)

Is Arnold being blackmailed?

Paper ballots are best! Ontario election: 11mn votes, results in 1 hour!

Are you against legalization of marijuana ...If so why?

Clark is the US's most highly decorated officer since Eisenhower

Unofficial Transcript of Clark's Remarks to the DNC

Arnold: No one confronted me

Is there any candidate whose records are totally available?

Where is Bush most vulnerable?

Scooter is a blabbermouth! Scooter is a blabbermouth!

Palast: The California RECALL is about ENRON...

Slate's Jack Shafer Falls for Clifford PNAC May's "Who Didn't Know?" Lie!!

DU: Do you Support the Rights of Brights?

"How Do You Like Us Now?"--one reason got pulled in toto

Don't miss the announcement about the California recall.

An appeal to any / all 3rd party voters.

Why to vote for Davis or Bustamante rather than Camejo

1st Rush, now Pat Robertson on Morgan Freeman!!!

I Vant To FEEL You Up!! - Real photo of Arnold Groping Blonde!!

For those of you who missed it: We changed rule #5 (about duplicates)

Selling Kucinich short - Should the media elect our next president?


NYT: Questions are Raised on Awarding of Contracts in Iraq

Energy bill insert could relax limits on uranium trade (IMPORTANT)

Angry Ex-Iraqi Soldiers Charge U.S. Troops; 4th ID Soldier Killed in Attac

Schwarzenegger on offensive, denounces sex harassment claims [SF Gate]

Pentagon's Request for Iraq Includes Money for Troops and Rewards

Three candidates make political grist out of Arnold allegations

Groups Unveil Anti-Schwarzenegger Ads

GOP lobbyists hope their ties pay off in Iraq

TV presenter 'groped' by Schwarzenegger may sue [not for grope-for libel!]

LA Times : 3 More Women Allege Misconduct

Pope warns UK leader on gay rift

Put Past to Rest, Hatch Says of Arnold

Rush: 'Trust me'

Election on Nov. 4 in doubt, official says (Indiana)

President Bush pens a poem


Gunmen Kill Mayoral Candidate (Colombia)

Young Republicans get to see their hero (Then They Go Protest Dean)

Graham to Rethink White House Bid

First Lady's Spokeswoman to Resign

Kay's Report Casts Doubt on Iraqi Weapons

Republican aide fired over offensive Web site

UK soldier kills Iraqi at protest

Freepers using Moveon's phonebank telling voters to vote YES on Recall

Schwarzenegger misquoted

Report Offered Bleak Outlook About Iraq Oil

'Angry' Bush* Warns Staff Over Leak

Blix warns inspectors of dangers of spin

New suicide blast in Israel--kills 19

Hundreds Mourn Their Sister in Arms

Israeli soldier indicted for deaths

Chirac Calls Iraq Resolution a Letdown

Bush pushes `faith-friendly' plan

W: Tough calls part of the job

Chirac rejects draft UN resolution for Iraq

Schwarzenegger Releases Data on Hitler Comments

Report: 18 Die in Israel Suicide Blast - 10/04 /03

(UN) Arms Team, Iran OK Nuke Inspection Plan (per Iran)

Theories Abound for Failure to Find WMD

US begins to distance itself from Chalabi

Saddam rooked by North Koreans

It's Official: Clark is now a registered Democrat

Disclosure of library choices sought (tell parents what kids are reading)

Loss of hearing listed as possible reaction to drugs

Roy, of 'Siegfried and Roy', attacked by tiger

American voters lose faith in Bush's foreign policy {Independent}

British troops accused of torturing Iraqi

(Womens, Jewish, black and Muslim) Groups Unveil Anti-Schwarzenegger Ads

Twelve to Be Inducted Into Women's Hall

Dean: Rumsfeld must go (Wolfowitz as well)

US Threatened to Downgrade Qatari Ties Over Al-Jazeera

Remains of Colonial-Era Blacks Honored

Roy (of Siegfried and Roy) Critically Injured by Tiger

Nobel nominee: This year, pope's candidacy has bit of a buzz

US Soldier Killed in Attack: Troops Clash with Ex-Iraqi Soldiers

Bush boosts family values (Jeb)

Ex-military officer denies role in Chile’s ’73 executions during Miami tri

Bush Senior Criticizes U.N. for Iraq Arms Effort

Banker alerted, then files destroyed, attorney says[sounds like... bush*

US to penalize defiant states: Exemption from ICC jurisdiction

Remap Battle May Delay Primary

Iran May Assist With Reconstruction in Iraq

Another American soldier killed in Iraq

Prominent Democrats Throw Support Behind General Clark's Campaign

(Seattle) P-I removes 'for sale' sign after court victory

Palast has figured out the game in CALIFORNIA - PLEASE READ AND HELP

Support for Recall Softening

No uranium, no munitions, no missiles, no programmes

Fight to the finish ... Davis wants criminal investigation

Ms. Plame was a 'NOC'

C.I.A. Chief Is Caught in Middle by Leak Inquiry

Overheard on the Hill -- or Was It? (Did Chambliss Make Racist Remark?)

Poland Says It Was Mistaken (no new French Missiles in Iraq)

Bush distorts intel re: Potential Iraq Oil Revenues (Drudge)

Limbaugh won't be prosecuted, attorneys wager

Romney cancels trip to California to stump for Arnold

Franken waiting with remote in hand for Rush's arrest

EU moves away from Belgian HQ plan

California May Reset Political Compass

Adviser to Bush's Father Redefines Himself as Wary Whistle-Blower (Wilson)

Troops kill rioters in Baghdad and Basra

WP: Rumors Rife on Tenet's Tenure

NYT: Report Offered Bleak Outlook About Iraq Oil

NYT: CIA Chief Caught in Middle by Leak Inquiry

Bush Under Fire

Manhattan U.S. Attorney in Line to Be Ashcroft Aide

Republicans unsure of Bush's chances for 2004 election

The woman in red [Woman approaches Arnold with manila folder]

Bush Administration plans to attack 7 Arab Nations - Wesley Clark

(Calif. GOP) Lawmakers try to halt new same-sex law

Indian Immigrant's Son Wins La. Primary

(VT.)Dairy Farmer, Candidate Fred Tuttle Dies (Spread Fred 1 last time)

Blair 'not welcome' at war service

2 Disclaim Leaking Name of Operative (Lewis Libby & Elliott Abrams)

Tancredo (R) CO - Wants to Abolish Black, Hispanic, Asian Caucuses

With Malice Toward Nuns, Arnold's Army Marches On

Blair knew Iraq weapon claims were incorrect, says ex-minister

(R) Congressman Blames Muslims for Breakup (of 50 yr Marriage)

Kennedy To Receive Bush Public Service Award[yes, Teddy "Iraq war a fraud"

Was Mother Teresa 'miracle' a hoax?

Hospital issues apology (Husband wanted no blacks in delivery room)

Schwarzenegger Loses Paper's Endorsement

It's Official: CLARK Is Now a Registered Democrat

Have I said anything lately of importance?

Hey, Fenris!

I'm watching Elton John on Leno.

Whiskey-swilling bear captured on Letterman's front porch

I'm going to bed and won't be answering - ask me anything!

It is time for a deep breath

Angela was my life long love

The Arnold ad will surely make you vomit.

Any mods on- 1:55AM Eastern

Bernie Sanders on ie-america

Conan has Bush on...

Finish the Poem

If I fell in love with you

Going to DC Saturday

I'm a Sagitarius - got a problem with that?

I went for dinner at a really old school Italian place tonight

By Giddly Goll Dang deedly ooooffffff

Midnight Poetry Thread

I'm a scorpio and there's nothing you can do about it.

SoCalDem Is In Tahiti

I'm In Chicago

I kinda missed on one aspect of the RUSH thing

Possum update

Sorry..but Roy deserved it!

Jeez...What the happened to Mia Hamm?

Why do you love Rush Limbaugh?

Welcome our newest member, lilduce. Hhhhhmmmmmmmm.

Just saw Seabiscuit - eh


Twins and Yankees today.

Flame me if you want, but I think Hamtaro rocks.

See the disruptor now, before he's gone! Hurry!

Going to start bitch-slapping people

A brief note about the Sooners

For my fellow Miami Dolphin fans

It's HALLOWEEN DECORATION TIME! On the advice of the good

So I went to see Seinfeld last night ...

GOP Family Values - The Doper and The Groper

Help me get the chewing gum out of the carpet.

Just finalized my ticket purchase for DC this month!

YES!!! Got the CD four days early!!!

It's "Operation: Mind Control"!!!

Anyway, when are we going to get a report on RBNYC's party?


How to get a birdie to like, chill and stuff.............

Doonesbury Clark Series W/E 10/04/03

Will the Braves choke today?

Balloons, balloons, balloons everywhere

Is it difficult to learn to play the piano?

Chicago DUers

New Gallery updates

Just testing something....

New Arnold photo-shop

is there lots of pressure for suburban students to excel?

'Shrek' Illustrator William Steig Dies

I hear tell some of you've asked about me

In honor of Poet Chimpy

Anybody here dig Pam Steinfeld?

Need help regarding Rush's hypocrisy

I'm not sure I want the Cubs to win

I made it to California ask me anything?

twins thread...

If Ahnold wins

I saw School of Rock last night.....

This photograph is just TOO skin-crawlingly creepy.

Laura Bush, The Lump in the Bed - Her new official title

Alot of Quarterbacks are overated

Was Super Mario a Marxist?

Badgers beat PSU! Bring on OSU!

You know what would be really funny?

Who wins? UTES WIN!

President Bush pens a poem

New SNL Seaons Starts Tonight: Who Will Play Which Pres Candidate?

The Fido people won't stop harrasing me!

Guys: should I switch to the Mach III razor?

ACK! Just found out my dad and his wife are voting for Ah-nold!! HELP!!

Doesn anyone date Americans...still?

C'mon Marlins. Don't blow this!!!!

With all the talk about the California recall, I have some GREAT news!

Sending out positive vibes . . .

I'm fifty and I just bought my very own first NEW car--

Rush is INNOCENT!!!! I know cause he TOLD me!!!!!!!!!!

4:00 am - woke to a loud crash and flash of light

So am i the only person here who still likes Arnold?


I'm depressed and lonely, where should I go out tonight?

Penis head sculpter does self representation

Roy from 'Siegfried & Roy' mauled by a tiger while on stage.

LOVECRAFT FAN ALERT -- Beyond Re-Animator Sat. on Sci-f!

Let's make a reading list for The Lump In The Bed

Doggy Style ... Funny Pic

Tell me college is more than


James Bond gets in high speed chase while DUI. Cops shaken, not stirred.

Would you pay for a psychic reading?

A thought about high school football and more importantly life in general

Question about US college

Who's dumber: Jessica Simpson or George W. Bush?

What is the best online catalog for Christmas

Weekend Newbie Welcome Thread!

Who here has read Molly Ivins' "Bushwhacked"?

Men of DU! Ever been sexually harrassed?

How much is a gallon of milk where you live?

I like to sleep!

About that head-on collision I had....

just put a howard dean bumper sticker on my car...ask me anything...

Attention KC DUers: Rolling Thunder Democracy Tour Oct 18

What do you remember of your first date?

Does your mother drive you crazy?

Barney the Brave: Unauthorized Autobiography of a White House Dog

Neal tephenson's new book is out, and he's signing in NYC on Tuesday!

Had to gloat, check out this e-mail to two Freeper friends

I've been so disillusioned with politics lately.

They found Nemo!

Does anyone buy American cars still?

Calling all Dr. Strangelove fans

Any other Nip/Tuck fans here?

Red Sox "Hail Mary" thread.

Are you male or female? :)

How is your football weekend going?

How 'bout those Ole Miss Rebels!?

Feeling connected again after all those years

Teach me something.....................

Who is your favorite tombstoned Freeper?

What's your favorite F-word?



Larry King Sunday--Gray Davis...finally getting around to some

FAUX now....Arianna on, Issa defending Arnold....

I just flipped off Arnold's headquarters and supporters, ask me anything!

SNL: Arnold is going down

Has anyone been watching the "Blues" series on PBS?

Report on the "Penis Head" statue

What do you DESPISE most on the Fox Slime Channel?

Sox win!

Today's Chicago Cubs thread, Saturday 10/4

Have you been to CAT TOWN?

Sat. night and no evil to get into.


I'm Buying A Computer For A Friend

Redskins V Eagles Tommorrow

A picture from "The door" (Bush dropping the dog)

I just terminated my first Freeper, ask me anything!!!

Mariska Hargitay on Law and Order SVU

Aubrun beats Tennessee


Tiger Attacks Las Vegas Magician (Roy of Siegfried & Roy)

I'm going to the movies tomorrow. What should I see?

3 dead immigrants found in Arnold's Garage! Poll's show 20 point jump!

My congratulations to Skinner

The next Pope?: the first Black Pope!

Had a great party last night.

I hope Dick Cheney rots in the depths of hell for eternity!!!

Now this is pretty damn pathetic (and sick) .............

I goofed

4 Days without a update (BurtWorm, how are you doing?)

The Young Ones

What do you all think?

Sean: Murder of Man Justified Despite No Proof he was a Threat.

The Three Word Thread

The Frogman

I wonder how Rush will feed the narcotics monkey on his back...

ZD Net article

222,437, 000 more women have come forward to claim that Arnold groped them

Just Saw Bowling For Columbine: I Am Now An ANGRY White Male!!

Skinner - you rock

I just returned from casting my vote. (in Louisiana)

Nothing like a good flame war on a Saturday afternoon

A pitching primer

Baseball dumb question d' jure--what's a "change up?"

Doctor Strangelove starting now

my take on David Justice....

How Old Were You When You Lost Your Virginity?

Need Advice - Kittens

Who here is vegetarian?

Finally Free

Alternatives to IT as a career

I'll be in San Fransisco next weekend

Women of DU, ever been sexually harrased?

How I feel right now

Anyone know about rats (the pet kind)?