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Archives: October 3, 2003

DUPED by 1 minute! Salon: John Dean: More Vicious Than Tricky Dick

Salon: Suspicion centers on Lewis Libby

King Kaufman : Rush Limbaugh is still a big fat idiot


Slime and Defend-Krugman in NY Times

Osama, oracles and opportunities

Ore. Businessman Offers 'Modest Proposal' if Arnold Wins (humour)

Conduct unbecoming

Limbaugh offended America

Limbaugh and McNabb

Time: Operation Oprah (WH PR campaign)

Mark Morford: Hasta La Vista, California

Wow. Lots of weird pro-Rush comments at this editorial site:

LA Times ed: Muscle and Meaness

Two great cartoons by Benson (Arizona Republic) Lush & Arnie

The Nation: Republicans Relaunch the Antigay Culture Wars

Control of Fertility, Sexuality

John Dean (Salon): More vicious than Tricky Dick

Comprehensive link to Treasongate articles

Dem nomination is about determining the nature of the party (Dean v Clark)

Bob Herbert: Shaking the House of Cards

Arnold Fesses Up and People Are Mad -- at the Messenger

"Wesley Clark is a real Democrat"

Stars and Stripes letters: Our soldiers are pissed.

Study: Wrong impressions helped support Iraq war

Bush Administration Vision For Iraq: Halliburton, Wal-Mart and 7-Eleven

Buzzflash Interview: David Corn, the reporter who broke treason-gate story

Oct 1 2003-PNAC doc

TraitorGate. Who leaked first and why. Under our noses all along.

BBC Panorama documentary about Iraq

McNabb remains cool under fire

Salon: "The Plumbers Are Back" (Ellsberg Interview)

Thomas Oliphant: Past haunts Dean on Medicare issue

GOP strategist: He's the Poster Boy of Trash Politics

NYT: Wes Clark's War (Kosovo Conflict)

Palast's latest - Arnold Unplugged

Kristol: Reality Check - There is disarray in George W. Bush's admin

Outing a CIA operative? Rules call for special counsel


Philip Agee - The Laws of the Father Are Visited Upon the Son

Help me debunk this Bush tool's take on Kay's report

Meltdown? - Bush's free ride is over

CodePink Protests of Arnold the Groper - Friday, Oct. 3

I can help you write your Congresscritter

From MoveOn re: stopping Arnold


Screw that!

Is there a live feed of Rush on the internet?

Study: Wrong impressions helped support Iraq war

jim rome on ahhhnold re: hitler remarks..

Buchannan and Press

Knew it all along ... Rush doesn't think, he HALLUCINATES.

The Left should stop itself from becoming like the Right.

I met reporter Helen Thomas at an airport this week. Very cool lady.

More conservative logic -- Rushbo

Arnold's Enron connection

Rush: "You better - better! - get me some more!"

"Bush Bad News Pubs: When It Rains, It Fuckin Pours"

Is anyone out there involved in the "voluntary simplicity" movement?

Nolle's October Astro-Report

Archives show UK police spied on Suffragettes

Florida Catholics shut the door on Episcopal diocese

Michigan Moves To Block Gays From Having Canadian Marriages Recognized

"democratic achievements for blacks" anyone have a link?

Bills Would Protect Gay Workers

South Korean actor makes comeback after coming out

President Chun vows to end death penalty - legalize gay marriage Taiwan

Oct. 12-18 -- "Marriage Protection Week"

A jobless recovery is not a recovery, its only an entrenchment of wealth

U.S. body upholds duty on Canadian wheat

Senate reduces SUV tax deduction from $100,000 for Hummer to $25000

Putin - Kyoto Protocol Offers Only "Short-Term" Economic Benefits

Pressure Still Growing On Global Fisheries - BBC

Shhhhh, don't tell Haliburton: 'Titan may have oily seas'...

IgNobles honor founder of dead people club (and other 10/2 results!

European Heat Wave Death Toll Up To 18,000

China - Sudden Rise In Water Level At Three Gorges Dam

Pine Beetle Infestation Exploding Throughout British Columbia

Animal liberation raid turns into real-life horror story

Metrorail commuters match ire with fire - SA

Main Algerian political party quits coalition

Call to abolish death penalty in Ethiopia

Bus carrying Shia worshippers attacked - Pakistan

The Legacy of Black Hawk Down

People to People Student Ambassador Program?

Requiring DNA samples from convicted felons

A-B drops support of Holden over guns

President Chun vows to end death penalty - Taiwan

Lots of gun laws have been suggested

GUNS IN THE NEWS--October 3, 2003

Was this CDC report covered in "Guns in the News"?

When I try to reply to this post, I get an error saying it's locked.

I like the modification

Signature Line Question

candidate issue

Get-together to be posted on home page

This subject line isn't flamebait, if not worse?

Much thanks for hobbling #5, Admins

I am furious

How do I...


Okay, how about NBA avatars?

What would you consider to be a good "mid-century modern" avatar?

Just so you guys know

Israel Quiet On Mossad Captures

Why there will be no peace in Israel.

Israel Plans More West Bank Settlements

The Sharon conception

September deficit hits NIS 2.8 billion

Israeli charged over child deaths

Israeli Troops Open Fire at Coffee Shop

Israel steps up security ahead of holy day

Join the 9/11 Questions Meetup!

Cover-up or Complicity of the Bush Administration?

"Why do they hate us "– Charlie Wilson’s war

Graham is such a flip-flopping waffler

(Andrew) "Young says he won't run for Senate" (GA)

Minnesota DFL leaders endorse Dean, tout his knowledge of key issues

Good article on Dean's visit to Oklahoma on Saturday

Supporters ‘Raise the Roots’ for Howard Dean

TPM does a follow-up on the Clark interview

CNN POLL now. Does Ahnold-Hitler news change yr opinion of

Howard Dean Connects with College Students


Clark’s lack of party affiliation typical in Arkansas

Clark's record may come under fire

Mr. & Mrs. Edwards on CNN with Paula Zahn at 8PM ET

Dean Supporters: Who Did You Write To Last Meetup?

Dean Press Releases...

Dean Calls for Donations - For Striking Workers

Vermont Rated 'Healthiest State' For Third Year In A Row

So If AS Survives & Wins Tues, Do The 6 Ladies File Suit?

Rerun of Candidates on C-Span Now - East Coast

Lieberman shreds Shrub's integrity at DNC meeting

Sacramento Bee : Bustamante is being asked to consider giving up race

Which way does the wind blow for Wesley Clark?

(AP) Kerry Against Bush Majority on High Court

My Electoral College predictions for 2004 as of today - take a look!

Dennis does it again. No $87 billion for Halliburton.

Natasha's latest article says it all. It is a must read.

Kerry Questions Clark's Republican Ties

Daily Yomiuri: Peace candidate (Kucinich) has global appeal

What ever became of the Bush ballot issue???

good article on Dennis K

Interesting Pattern

Open Senate South-Can the Democrats Keep It?

Whitacre D_WI's Fundraiser Is On!

CBS news national poll

Heart Versus Head:

Clark's FEC filing to run for pres lists party as unknown.

Dennis is bring the Democratic Party back to number 1

Mea Culpa, Dennis Kucinich (And his supporters)

DFL leaders endorse Dean, tout his knowledge of key issues

The Case of the Bush Majority vs. Justice and Opportunity-John Kerry

How does a Hurricane form?

Pledge of Allegiance Case Status

Rapper Paris 'Sonic Jihad' chatting now with Colmes

and throw in the bottle too, right down to the last grain of sand

right down to the last grain of sand, and throw in the bottle too

Where is all your hostility coming from?

Why there will be no peace in Israel.

A VERY interesting quote in a Washington Post story about INTIMIGATE

"I've been locked out!"

The only thing more disgusting than Arnold being a Hitler-loving fascist

Arnie and MSNBC call his assaults against women "rowdy acts"

Here is Arnold's agenda (from

What changes in election laws would you make?

If you think Republicans are stupid...

And The Rush Hits Keep Comin'...Freepers Eating Their Own

will it be easier to get advertisers to drop OxyRush?

{DU - GD | Rules | Vote} A Do-It-Yourself alternative to Rule 5 (and 1&3)!

need a link to the trent lott speech about supporting troops but...

You know what would galvanize the progressive movement?

Has anyone considered going to RW meet-ups??

Tv Alert - C-Span 10:30 AM - DNC Fall Meeting

Direct Hit on Schwartzenegger campaign!

I have to admit...Poor Rush must take vicoden

Great Daily Show re-air on now.

Notice that Bush is not giving public support to Schwarzenegger

British Female Reporters Not Among Ah-nuld's accusers!

Rall: after the US revolution

Enabling/Defending those who spread hatred and contempt is participation


Another woman comes forward: Arnold threatened rape

Are you a Neo-Con? Check out this questionairre

Rush Counterintelpro: plan for Rush to eventually say "pills for pain"

now there's a soundbite for you!

Friday Morning Whistleass Poll numbers

Rush wears pink lipstick.

Can you believe this?

Putin Beefs Up ICBM (missiles) Capacity

huffington on democracy now! now

Doesn't the CIA have caller id?

Courtney Love goes to find Kurt

Ophra The Hypocrite

"The Ballad of Tonita Blair"

CBS POLL (comments)

Vicodin causes hearing loss when used to excess

Call CSPAN Friday morning on Schwarzenegger

Goverment tracking chips of people--it is now here.

Limbaugh - is - outta------here!!!

They're still saying Iraq and 9-11 in the same breath

Are you a neo-conservative? Take this poll and find out. Muy interesante

"They happened 30 years ago, he's changed"?!

Candidates to Speak at DNC Fall Meeting on CSPAN Today

geographic breakdown of Arnold's support...

TX Republicans eating themselves on re-redistricting.

NPR on Arnold's campaign yesterday (recap)

Thanks a lot Oprah

Republicans (Hastert) sneaky plan to kill bipartisan FCC rules rollback

These latest allegations against Arnold will not hurt him

Players say Rush's Comments off base

Ga Senate seat

Heads Up Everyone. Kennedy and Byrd to give Press Conference

Let us list Cheney's lies!

Why am I a bit perturbed by the new Afghani Constitution?

i hope rush can't be arrested.

Doug Stephan show: Expect Limbaugh tapes on 'net, possibly today

Doug Stephan show: Expect Limbaugh tapes on 'net, possibly today

a History of Bush Blabbering Classified Information?

So I'm 'Arguing' With My Brother...

Need help finding Colin Powell quote...

WMDS Question

The Balkans

Question - why hasn't someone in one of Pigboy's detox visits

When a Democrat supports Taiwan...

Arnold's next movie, "The Gropes of Wrath?"

I hate Midwest Communications

AWWW....Gawwddd....Bush is on CSPAN

:( I think an NDP candidate was the victim of a Liberal propaganda effort

Is there a live feed at 10:30 with...

White Men White Men White Men!!! Christian White Men!

a suggestion/request on reference to Guantanamo

Utility bill payment delayers: Putin will ransom Fido

"Don't Plame Me" (HAHAHAHA.........

Are you a Neo-Conservative? Es muy interesante.

How many voters will be "Floridated" in CA?

Latest contributions to Arnold's race

Arnold: My role model has a first name, it's H-I-T-L-E-R

DNC Committee Fall Meeting on NOW C-Span!!!

That Cigar Box Gives It All Away!!!

Slain CIA Agent's Dad Calls Wilson Leak Treason

live 10:30 democratic feed?

I will Never Ever Believe That California Will Elect Arnold

Important article on DU front page! Must read!

Could a Schwarzenegger victory be a blessing in disguise?

Friendly fire at Nasiriya? Video. Was on Aaron Brown tonight.

Mitch Albom: That's Rush: Wrong and wrongheaded

Is anyone out there involved in a "voluntary simplicity" project?

They are making some pretty seroius allegations

1-2 punch from NYT Editorial Page: Herbert and Krugman

Smirk's foreign policy's complete failure. Plan ? What Plan ?

Information for ignorance... about being a 'REGISTERED' Democrat

My 2 days off with DU: What I learned.

Wow...CSPAN thing is awesome

If you need a reason to fight, I've got one

Presidential Democratic Candidates are on CSPAN RIGHT NOW

Ah-nold crass-o-meter poll:

Oh My God! Bush Just Came On TV and Lied About Iraq WMDs!

Arnold screwed the state for $800,000 in sales tax

Kurt Vonnegut sums up my sentiments about life these days

Re: The Kay Report

B*sh to visit Lexington Ky next week.

I think I know what's missing in the Democratic Party

Getting it wrong on the Iraq war

Will any networks be carrying Arianna's press conference?

It's Time to Get Out! Out of Iraq NOW - bumper sticker

heads up - C-Span 2: Lautenberg on 9/11 air traffic

Is Iraq’s readmission into OPEC really good news for U.S.?

BBV: We are in Compter Sweden magazine

Shrub on CNN

Join "Volatile times demand vague answers!"

TV News Lies Webcast to start at noon ET.

Anyone see Rob Lowe on Daily show last night

1200 Inspectors, 90 days, $300M spent, WMD found = 0

Bush Bad News Pubs: When it rains, it fuckin POURS


40% of our fellow Americans living in denial?!

Proof that Bush's plan is NOT to create jobs

I'd be happy to read some optimistic feelings here

Saudis ask Ambassador Jordon to leave

Anyone Listening to the DNC on C-Span?

Local Fox, Abc, nbc, cbs news station's caried Arnold, Hitler quote

A brief report on last night's Kucinich Meet-up in Berkeley --

Are you listening to Rush live?

FYI - Scoobie Davis is going to do a Transcript of the Fri Rush Show

Bush on CNN. I am really confused

Rush's hearing loss caused by the drugs?

Must read articles in today

For me, an explanation of Tweety's guests

The Problem with Liberman's speeches

How many shoes do they have left to drop?

Is Reverend Moon the false Messiah?

DNC Fall Meeting On C-Span

Dean on Cspan1 NOW n/t

Bush lites

$600 million? Ask the GOP for it.

Hillary Rodham Clinton files for 2004 Presidency?

Joy Browne: Arnie fondled me....

Hilary throws her hat in the ring?

Which radio group do to you listen to?

Attn. Boston DUers! Joe Conason in Boston TODAY! CORRECTION!

"let's stick together"


Look what's going on here!

Democratic candidates are on CSPAN RIGHT NOW

(TPM) Josh Marshall: The White House has already lost the CIA Battle

Blimpo Limpnoodle hires ROY F'in BLACK!!!!

Good Shush Analysis

Unemployment holds steady at 6.1%, economy adds jobs 1st time in months

is Al Sharpton gonna speak at the DNC Fall Meeting? I hope so

Rush Limbaugh - Mandatory Minimum Sentance: 25 years..

Two party system in support of utter madness.

New Democratic Slogan: "Twelve, Two, and One"

Ideological purity preferable to victory?

This might be my last post

Watching Today Show? FL has known about Rush's drugs for 5 months

Carol Moseley-Braun is up on CSPAN

Kaye and Rush discussed on TvNewsLies radiocast.... now

Bush: "Rush is a great American"

Kerry up!! whisles blowing...woohoo "whistleass"

Armstrong WIlliams: the CIA Leak? There's no scandal (CNN)

Limbaugh won't be charged in Jeb Bush's Florida

Think back to '99 to the repug candidates

BBV- Absence of Serious Security for Voting Systems......

So I was watching Fox last night

If Arnold wins:

They're Waiting For Them All To Die - Nuclear Radiation Exposure


End Structural Adjustment!

Whoa! This Ex-CIA guy Is Pissed!

Am I missing something here

The lie they feed us 100's of times a day

My new dream ticket: Clark - Rubin 2004

The CIA Leak: Rogue Agency?

Vermont Voter Registration Form

MSNBC pissing me off on Arnold

I just got this e-mail.....ROFLOL!!

What does Bush want?

I sent this to Arriana, I hope she uses it.

There's a good discussion about Rush's racism on Tavis Smiley right now

Entertainers for the Democratic Presidential Nomination Convention

Rush calling for "open-mindedness"

Bush misleading the country right now.

Lieberman point counter-point, in all fairness

"This isn't my fault - Clinton made me take illegal drugs"

What is wrong with the people??? Re:Arnold

Why we're better than them! Al Franken feels sorry for Rush!

I love it...

U.S. Firms Add 57,000 New Jobs in Sept.

Why comparing California to Florida is apples to oranges

Question: If Arnold is elected, how long is his term?

new media study

USA Today feedback on Rush

*Bush laughs about "Leaks", thinks Treason is funny

Kucinich on CSpan1 .. Now

Transcript: Baer (Ex- CIA) on Buchanan and Press (Yesterday)

Who would Clark pick for VP? Who would Dean pick for VP?

I have a Rush question I need answered

Libetarians taking over NH: Greens should take over WY

"Join Arnold" - A Mouthful of Hitlerian Marvels - (Adult Content)

"democratic achievements for blacks" anyone have info, a link?

Christian Coalition on C-Span now

The self absorbed worl of Bill O'reilly


The old tried and true method of wedging white votes.

MSNBC-Enquirer Article About Rush Reads Like A Police File.......

Didn't some of the CA polls have Gore trailing Bush?

Soldier drowns in swimming pool in Baghdad 11am Oct 3

C-Span..Take Back America?..anybody know what these wackos are

Rush's drug problems prove the fallacy of the drug war

Politics1 on Graham's possible departure

CANADA: Chretien to start smoking pot soon!!

A comment about fear/WsMD and Bush's current drop in popularity

John and Elizabeth Edwards on CNN Tonight

Bush, Rush and holding on to the base.

Hasta La Vista, California

Wilson and Novak BOTH on This Sunday's MTP

I should be a campaign advisor.

How egotistical can this man be?

Oh my dear lord! Arnold's accent added with hoarseness!!

Celebrities urge 'No' vote on recall....

Rush meets biblical vengence

Gee, Arnold I stopped feeling up girls when I was about 11

WMD searcher Kay's credentials: atuned to the Bush* ideology

Kucinich up!!! IMAGINE.......C-Span

NY Post: ESPN/ABC viewed Rush opponents as potential violent threat

Groping - a soft n' fuzzy term for ASSAULT

Arnold's more recent Nazi past....

Fox viewers less informed on Iraq

Where has the money gone...$25 million more hidden by the military...

Why Has There Been No "Leak" from a Member of the Elite Press Corps?

Bruce Springsteen Bashes Bush

Latest poll (this time CBS) - Clark is STILL ahead of all others!

Has Rush been found to have any drugs in his possession?

Are touchscreens going to give US the win?

-DEMANDING a Special Prosecuter (Kit)-ACT NOW!

Anybody listening to Limbaugh?

Execution in Six Easy Steps

In defense of us Dem parents who "brainwash" our kids

How FOX News presents liberals

Liberals being called SECULAR FUNDAMENTALISTS.

Arnold's Nazi Problem

Karl Rove 'press release' defending hos smear outing

The Oil Stooge's biggest supporter - Vivian Freep

If you don't understand what Arnold's gropings mean, consider this:

Maria Shriver is pissed!

The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy... (VLWC)

Maybe, just maybe, Arnold getting elected will be a good thing after all

Women, Indians, Hispanics, Jews....what group hasn't Arnold pissed off?

I am dismayed!!!! I am dismayed!!!!

Pervert Nazi Arnnnoold talks to the future voters (cartoon)

Ray McGovern, "55% chance Bush administraton will plant WMDs"

A take on Ahnuld's gropee's coming out now

Since 1997, More Than 22,000 People Have Deserted US Army

Somalia humanitarian mission.

Arnold's 4 mill bank loan for campaign is illegal - suit filed

What should Oprah do?

Crossfire thread

Rename "West Wing" to "Right Wing" and avoid.

BBV book: Chapters 3 & 4 now up in PDF format:

Clark on Cspan1 Now ... n/t

Do rich people deserve their money?

Why is Krugman carrying the water for Democrats.

When will CNN dump Novak?

This Arnold sex scandal is really catching on fire

If Arnold wins, be very afraid.

Life just isn't fair for Bob Graham

Rush blocking Liberal talk show host's attempts to syndicate.

Is Novak getting a free ride?

Freepers: You Taught Us Everything

CNN: "Bush says [Kay] report confirms danger of Saddam's regime"

Serious Question: Did Rush bring anything to the table as a football

Novak & Repugs questioning Wilsons credentials?

I've noticed a distinct change in tone today

My list of choices to replace Rush on ESPN

Bush in my state!

For the love of God, Holy Joe LieberBush is not a "prominent progressive"

Why is everyone sure that Arnold is going to win?

I was just watching CNN a bit ago and

Clark Wants Probe of W.House on Iraq Intelligence

I get it now: The White House Deadline (Leak) is On Recall Day!!!

DNC Meeting Video Available on C-Span!

Michael Stipe Disses Limbaugh, Schwarzenegger, Bush* & Rove

Bush was really, really stupid to pick a fight with the CIA

Who will President Dean pick for Defense and CIA Chief?

Trott blames CIA for bad WMD evidence

The final word: Clark *is* a Democrat, and here's PROOF

Susan Estrich

4350 Pills?!? Was Rush DEALING?

My analysis of the recent "war misperceptions" study in the Philly

A big WHAT IF?

New California Field Poll: Large Undecided Vote

Will Dean or Kerry be Clark's VP?

It is time for Diane Feinstein to come out for Bustamante (e-mail her)

Newt Gingrich: What does he know about Treasongate?

Hardcore Gore Supporters Wanted

LOL... Maria S. quoted on Hardball: We are starving.....

Is the Picture of Arnold's Nazi father real?

Arianna and the Press Conference with the women

Who Are The Hypocrites? -- Us Or Them? -- We Or They?

Arianna on CNN

Arnold rejects Nazi ties says Newsmax!

go vote against Arnold on CNN poll

God's Country (Theocracy-One congressperson at a time)

Get the "Arnold Abuse" ad on the air and spread the word:

CHENEY - From the Dog House to the BIG HOUSE

Mike Mills (R.E.M.) blasts Coulter

C-SPAN Washington Journal Weekend Schedule

Tweety Just Said He Voted For *

What in the hell is going on in California?

GI Joke, the Great American Zero; GI Joke is There

Is Canada's mission in Afghanistan worthwhile? POLL

Byrd / Kennedy News Conference on C-Span1 NOW Update

Happy Anniversary, Bill Clinton!

Taliban Close In On Afghan Capital Of Kabul -- is this true?

Oh that exclusive to Buchanan and Press is just

Did Rush really read an ad today for painkillers?

Didn't Weasly Little David Kay Jump on Scott Ritter's Claims ?

Daily Kos - Asshole Republicans

Video of Arnie groping TV host exists! Will it get aired??

Al Franken ripped Ann Coulter apart on a radio show (mp3 format)

Generation Dean's Bill of Rights for a New Generation of Americans

2003 Democrat All Star Team

WOW! WMD debate on "Boston Public."

Asta La Vista, Arnold?

I just got push polled by the RNC

Are you a Neo-Conservative? Find out for yourself.

When will negative ads in the Presidential primaries start?

Anti-Arnold demo on my street right now!

Transcript of Clark's speech today...

HeadsUp DNC Fall Meeting right now on C-Span

This past August I went to D.C. with my 17 year old son....

BBV Bev URGENT please call me...

What if Bush kicked out all the neocons?

ATTN: Military families NEWSWEEK wants your input

Terry McAullife must go!

White Backlash Is Here Again.

I just donated $200 to MoveOn. Ask me anything.

Joe Scarborough and some guy going yak yak yak

Not an actual DU poll, but a question: Who thinks the leaker will cop to

Smoking Gun has the goods on Rush's pushers

One Father's Perspective that should shake the world

Prominent Democrats Throw Support Behind General Clark's Campaign

There are no WMD not even TRACES of WMD in Iraq

TraitorGate, Leaker Exposed (in Cheney's office):

Unfortunately, I think Davis is toast.

Is it me or did Bush sound like he was taking some of Rush's pills today?

what Oxyrush says?

Why it is important that Arnold not be the next governor

Let us savor the moment (a revised poem)

Wait - should we be backing Arnold?

Clark Calls for Independent Investigation of Iraq War

Aaron Brown Covering CIA Leak (CNN) Larry Johnson on!

What political category would you place Lincoln Chafee in?

G.W. Bush in one word?

Of all people to point this out...

West Point classmate discusses Clark

Canditates Speaking on C-Span thing Reruning Now - East Coast

Republican aide fired over offensive web site (Carnahan)

It will be interesting to watch Rush over the next few days.

The Economist, Bush's Former Enablers in UK, Now Scold Over WMD Lies

Lt. Gov. in CA says that Ahnuuld could be charged for sex battery

Joy Browne, radio host tells of incident with Arnold

DUpe this poll, re: Rush Limbaugh

TreasonGate: First leaker's identity? Right under our noses.

What do you do when the lies told upon lies come crashing down...

US-led Globalism

A brief biography/resume on George Tenet, Dir., Central Intelligence....

Seems to be a lot of Rush apologists on the DU Hmmmm.....

RECALL ARNOLD - Goal Reached

painkiller abuse and hearing loss

What's the matter with conservatives? Why can't they relax and be happy?

Spy pictures of suffragettes revealed (Terrorist?)

Wes Clark is speaking again on C-Span....

Did Arnold use Steroids that were destined for Growth-stunted Child?

Someone like Feinstein should suggest Ahnuld take a polygraph re: Hitler!

Need info on Congressman Bart Gordon (D-TN)

Did anyone listen to the Diane Rehm Show today?

Limpbaugh's words

Was "The Emerging Democratic Majority" wrong?

The voters in the red states took the blue pill

Unbelievable statement from Bush in Wisconsin....

How about Menendez for vice president?

Feed Him To The Lions

LOL: Letter from I received today

Is there any chance Bustamante could still win?

Nader challenging Bush Jr over extremist Texan Republican party policies

Anybody watching Hardball tonight? I would like to smack Chris Matthews

CBS/ABC News Thread

John Dean Advises Wilson and Plame to SUE The Bush Administration

Daily Yomiuri: Peace candidate (Kucinich) has global appeal

Chris Matthew Says He Voted For Bush

Question about CIA Agent Scandal

Arnold is the next govenor of California....

Bob Novak invokes the fifth on CNN

Does Character Count?

Buchanan & Press talking about Cheney (Dumping Cheney?)

Genetic Causation of Homosexuality

TinFoil Hat Time!! Put Your Tin On Before You Come In Here.

Mr. & Mrs. Edwards on CNN at 8PM

Will the Democratic Party Implode in 2004?

Is Rush Still Using?

Small victory for progressive forces in Ontario...:)

Why Was Tucker Wearing a Dean Button on Crossfire?

Attention Harris County (TX) Democrats

Is everyone aware that we changed new rule #5?

"Democrats are enemies of the America people." This was printed

Another scam: Did you hear about the fifteen days of R & R...

Study: Fox News Viewers Most Ignorant, Misinformed

Patriot Act at work! Background check before opening a Mutual Fund!

Electing Ahhnold will cost California $9 BILLION - Palast.

the 'permissive' era of Clinton is to blame for Rush's moral failings...


LA Protest against Arnold!

Wilson "outing" proves Novak is a WH shill.

Wow! Outing Plame Was a Major Screw-Up and REALLY Bad for The Country!

Do 28% of Democrats in California support the recall?

Some positive news from the California Front

Who Would You like to see in Dean's Cabinet???

Something Positively Stinks About this Limbaugh Situation

How often does a General come along that is a "natural" politician ?

take back the political language or fix bayonets?

why nancy pelosi's speeches are so ineffectual...BOTOX

A few words about the new rules for starting threads in the GD forum.

Question for BBV People

Do Freepers troll this board often?

FL State House District 54 Special Election

Fred Phelps To Erect Matthew Shepard Monument

Move On needs recall phone bank people - all states welcome!

Green party key to pres victory.

Not backing McClintock will cost the GOP

Carol Moseley Braun: I am the clearest alternative to George Bush

Do you think Maria Shriver is a republican?

Elephant in the Living room-80% less oil than we thought

John Kerry on CSPAN now

Bush in Milwaukee - (Includes link to speech) SCREWED UP STUFF!

I just got back from helping my neighbor ID her dead 21 year old son

Forget this week's news...TODAY'S Clark news is all that matters


Saturday Night Live must have done so many rewrites!

Catholics outraged that sculpture of clergyman looks like a penis

When the Democrat nominee becomes president in 2005

Black Box Voting . COM site pulled down -- Harassment

Do the poor deserve to live?

Kerry National Service Plan

Setting the record straight on Clark, Pentagon, Pristina, Clinton...

Do you support John Kerry's mandatory service proposal?

PC and the folks who dislike the term.

Is Maria Shriver anorexic?

DNC members say Clark's past support for Republicans is not a drawback

Nightline Friday 10/3 Several furious former CIA officers speak out

"The Empire Never Ended" - vile video / monkeys, Hitler moustaches, Perle

Am I the only one who thinks Bush's reelection odds are better than 50/50?

Fooling the Human Mind as a Business and a means to Power.

Rules to start discussion threads in the General Discussion forum

Drudge: NAT. ENQUIRER held back reporting on Limbaugh & pills for 2 yrs.

Iraqi resistance more lethal: US commander (DAMN BUSH TO HELL!!!)

Leak of Agent's Name Causes Exposure of CIA Front Firm

Study: Fox News Viewer's Most Uninformed / Ignorant on Iraq War

Inside Guantanamo

Bush program ruffles feathers (* visit to Australia)

Referendum Sought To Repeal California Domestic Partner Law

Bush: Iraq War Justified Despite No WMD

Venezuela Regulator Seizes TV News Equipment

Canadian PM Mulls Smoking Marijuana When He Retires

Agent exposed in W. House leak ran overseas operations, recruited agents

White House Staff Given Until Tuesday to Turn in CIA Leak Information

U.S. says no to 2 nd food show in Cuba

A Davis Successor Would Have to Wait

McCain endorses Schwarzenegger

Clark wants probe of W.House on Iraq intelligence

Kerry Questions Clark's Republican Ties

Davis Busy Filling Vacancies and Judgeships Just in Case

Canadians to be exempt from new U.S. border rules 'until further notice'

Kay No Longer Sure Trailers Were Labs

Iraq Sought Missile Parts, President Says

Tom Jackson reportedly threatened to quit ESPN show unless Rush left.

Two Florida National Guardsmen Probed on Iraqi Marriages

Hiroshima, Nagasaki mayors protest Russia nuke plan (Pre-emptive use)

A Canceled Leave for Reservists in Kuwait Distresses Families

Recount procedures questioned in California election

On Novaks own shown he refuses to answer questions on advice from counsel

Outed CIA spy grew up in Montco

DUPE!!! Leak of Agent's Name Causes Exposure of CIA Front Firm

Poll Shows Drop in Confidence on Bush Skill in Handling Crises

National Movement Launches U.S. Debates

Bush pushes Congress to pass U.S. energy bill

EU may block USA defense plan

Sinking feeling for PCB-laden ships

Congress, NIH clash on research issues


U.S.: Large Unions Must Disclose Finances

Report: Grasso pressured floor trader

U.S. Gets Unusual Rebuff From Annan on Iraq

CNN: Court strikes down prisoners' DNA database (9th Circuit)

Putin takes swipe at US over Iraq

In Iraq, a scramble for troops


Kuwait says it seized smuggled Iraq artefacts (not WMD's)

HeadsUp DNC Fall Meeting right now on C-Span

Private Lynch's 'sex slur'

Incidents from Schwarzenegger's past raised in campaign

Pakistan Test-Fires Nuclear-Ready Missile

Fallacies led to war support

Hillary Running????

Liberals Win Big in Ontario

NYT: Wes Clark's War (Kosovo)

Analysis of new ad by {re: Arnold}

Clark's Connection Goes Back to the Point

Politics of offshoring: Elected officials begin to parlay their policies


poll shows CA recall support growing

State Department official defends U.S. travel restrictions against Cuba

Bush seeks to rebuff Iraq critics

Democratic chairman urges GOP counterpart to denounce Schwarzenegger

U.S. Wants Fair Elections in Azerbaijan

Wait-and-see mode at Graham's office

Bush Cites Parts of Arms Report to Justify U.S. Action in Iraq

Leaves back on for New England-based Army Reservists

(UN) Agency worried about ozone hole

U.S.: Large Unions Must Disclose Finances

Bush: Saddam Deceived International Community

Recount Procedures questioned in California

'Tues. Deadline for Leak-Related Material ' - Yahoo Headlines

US and Turkey to hit PKK

Polish Troops Find New French Missiles in Iraq

Politics of offshoring (Silicon Valley Biz Ink)

Marines sure they were friendly-fire victims

Schwarzenegger disputes alleged Hitler admiration quote

Hospital Says Wal-Mart Shopper Didn't Suffer Snake Bite

Mitt's defense of Arnold's antics: He's just like Ted K

YUKOS Denies Exxon Deal Looming

Ashcroft, Rove ties scrutinized

City, county looking at what comes after hanging chads (Chi/Cook Cnty/BBV)

Army sergeant on leave wins $150M jackpot

AP: Iraqi Trailers Are Re-Examined

Putin unhappy with Iraq resolution

Bush: Saddam Deceived International Community

Bush Chasing Campaign Cash in Wisconsin

Caveat emptor when picking out a lobbyist (MD DBD/SAIC BBV)

Home from Iraq war, dies in wreck

Warren County Baby Born Drunk

Report: Love arrested, hospitalized.

BBC: Half-Life 2 code leaked online

Seniors get to try out new voting machines (BBV in CT)

Visit from Bush? Send the bill to the GOP

Bush: Hussein 'A Danger to the World'

EXCLUSIVE: Al-Jazeera Buckles Under US Pressure

Slain Iraqi translator branded a traitor for working with U.S. forces

Young says he won't run for Senate

Blasts kill 4 Iraqis; Saddam's 'executioner' arrested

Senate panel chairman says policy toward Cuba `has not worked'

Senator Byrd on CSPAN now proposing amendment on Iraq

How egotistical can this man be?

NK Says It Has Solved All 'Technological Matters' For Making Nukes

Delphi Will Slash 500 Salaried Jobs (Layoff Update - 1800 More)

Am I missing something here

Minnesota Republican Chairman Indicted

FBI Descends on Area of Rural Mississippi Known for Eye-Popping Jury Award

N Korea calls Rumsfeld 'psychopath'

No surprises in Iraq weapons report - Blix

Tellabs cuts another 370 jobs

Dem Backer (Kucinich) Hacks

Eastman Chemical expects to cut about 600 jobs

Hillary Rodham Clinton files for 2004 Presidency?

Outed CIA Woman & Hubby Mull Suit

Mice to Test Bush's Food for Poison (!!!!)

U.S. September Payrolls Rise 57,000; Jobless Rate Holds at 6.1%

Military to probe reversal on leaves (Soldiers bought nonrefundable ticket

Audit: USDA Ignored E-Coli Warnings

U.S. Troops, Militias at Odds over Role Protecting Iraqis

WEEI host off air for remark

U.S. accuses Cuba of germ weapons program

How Yeltsin crushed democracy

Explosion Inside Afghan House Kills Seven,Wounds Six Others,Residents Sa

Coalition couldn't have given U.N. inspectors more time, British official

U.S. Gets Unusual Rebuff From Annan on Iraq (EU will offer 200m

Judge weighs Ashcroft charge

Confidence in Bush Fades, New Poll Shows

Doug Stephan show: Expect Limbaugh tapes on 'net, possibly today

UN finalises anti-graft treaty

Minnesota Republican Chairman Indicted

Bush in my state!

UN 'letting torturer escape'

Two killed in grenade attack at mosque - Philippines

Graham considers future of presidential campaign (not quitting yet)

DFL leaders endorse Dean, tout his knowledge of key issues

Democratic presidential candidates plan to skip NAACP forum (AP)

Ivorians rebel against rebels

Pipeline dispute stalls U.S. energy bill

Putin Beefs Up ICBM Capacity

WaPo: In A Switch, House Rejects Bush Overtime Proposal

SENATE WATCH-10/3/2003 (#1) ($87B E.S. Iraq Appropriations)

Blast at Home in Afghanistan Kills 7

Iraq will be poor 'for years'

Lawmakers Advance on Fannie, Freddie bill.

Russian oil giants 'merge'

Questions on NAACP ... influenced by Nazi past of father

Five killed, seven injured in Karachi attack

Vivendi, NBC (GE) Nearing Final Merger Deal

AP Exclusive: Weapons Search Re-Examining Assertion That Iraqi Trailers Us

WaPo: Do-Not-Call Compliance Put At 90%

Senate panel chairman says policy toward Cuba `has not worked'

WaPo: Panel Backs Pickering For Appellate Bench

Governor stays out of redistrict row

Gorbachev: Cuba victim of super powers' Cold War confrontations

Israel Quiet On Mossad Captures

Israel Plans More West Bank Settlements

Confidence In Bush Slipping

Bush Expresses Support of Limbaugh

Moscow Warns NATO to End Anti-Russian Policies

Chechen mayor shot dead

Pakistan tests nuclear-capable missile

A land ruled by chaos

Rocker defends Rush; Sapp goes after Rocker, ESPN analysts

Scientologist's Treatments Lure Firefighters

Gorbachev Calls Cuba A Victim Of Cold War Confrontations

US claims bio-weapon found in Iraq

Celebrities urge 'no' vote on recall

I want my sun-drenched, wind-swept Ingrid Bergman kiss

Fill in the blanks however you want

"Why not just tax the stupid people?"

I know people are tiring of Rush threads but indulge me

If you were born on Christmas and had the spirit for at least a minute

Okay, somebody has to ask this: Should Miami drop in the rankings?

Who would win a fight between Herman Munster and Lurch?

Kilborn on Rush buying black market painkillers:

SOmething must be said

If I do my best computer work listening to Paul Oakenfold, who

Woo Woo! North America swings slighty more to the Left...

Should goofy people with four arms have less orifices?

Has anyone seen the movie, The Weather Underground ?

This week's CNNNN on ABC Australia

Great idea for Simpsons episode

German TV's On FIRE ...... Or ARE They? HAHAHAHAHA

What's GOOD, damn it?!

Which celeb would you like to see jump into electoral politics?

Billy wants a GI Joke, Whoretense wants some skates, Daddy...

I have read every Harper Lee book ever written...

Good (FRIDAY) Morning DU!!

Caption the Gropper

Best Limbaugh headline


Friday morning potpourri

Possums under the house

Bush comments on White House leak.

Need help on a decision...

Who else here LOVES the Jayhawks (the band, not Kansas Jayhawks)

Fellow public sector employees or anyone else in the know:

I have conluded that we Liberals need to support George W. Bush

Suggestions re my Bank of America problem

The priciest zip codes in the U.S.

Camper Van Bush

This is my 999th post! Ask me anything!

I love my older brother.

I have a problem with my dog

Which divide is the deepest?

Lester Holt on the Today Show

Laura Bush: Schizophrenic at Hogwarts?

Your Fashion Sense

Question: Who many DUer's think Bush is better than Clark?

Who can school me on the finer points of Scotch?

What's on your "Things to die before I do." list?


Should there be a boycott of California?

National Novel Writing Month

Who has had more work done (Part 2: Everyone else)

Rush Limbaugh's Miracle Diet

Paging Doctors Shade and Freud!

Gonna fire up a fat one - ask me anything.

400 posts for meeee! :)

One step closer to PLAYBOY: Britney on cover of new ESQUIRE

Guitar Heads: Y'ever Played A Vox Valvetronics Amp?

Rush Limbaugh & Donovan McNabb Meeting

Today is the day...

Rush Limbaugh Picks Satan's Bellybutton Lint, Coos Softly

Who has had more work done (Part 1: Arnold vs. Maria)

Favorite electric guitars/amps

Who has control of the US right now:

Rush on Oxy, PlameGate, my kid makes the winning TD with 47 secs left

You've GOT to see this, lolololol!!!!!!!!

The Lyon's Den

Who Is The Biggest Fraud?

Surely someone else than I likes the White Stripes?

I'm a sucker

You vill CAPTION Ah-nold!

I've been home sick for the past 3 days, ask me anything.

Okay this is a weird looking picture (Arnold & Maria)

Hee-Hee... Funny Doonesbury:

POLL:Pick your favorite GROPER

Ultimate new, improved theme music for Rush!

Caption "Honk Honk" Arhnuld

My credit counsling company changed my payment date w/out telling me

Computer related question

Remember the "Name My Band" poll I started a couple of weeks ago?

Primary virtue (that which if practiced yields all the rest)?

Am I a bad Democrat?

You're better than me. I DON'T CARE.


a great animated cartoon on the problem with capitalist

OU fans, ready for them UTES?

SomethingAwful rips Dick Cheney a new one.

DOn't we have a talented graphics artist who can make a pic of...

Now that I know what "Extreme Makeover" is...

Jessica Simpson IQ test

900 Posts For Me!

Does anyone remember classic Ren and Stimpy?

Out to dinner Mathematics(check this out)

Question for Friendster users

Sig test - you are free to ignore

The DU All-Star Band

Should Gringo be the Official DU Pollster?

Dixie Chicks recommended reading - 'kin hell

Whoa! Steady yourself okay?.......take a deep breath & CAPTION

Oh my dear lord! Arnold's accent added with hoarseness!!

Quick news Summary: Groper, Doper, Leaker, and Liar

R.I.P. to a special woman

Ouch, my 'Canes will limp into Tallahassee and beyond

Seven Deadly Sins

Quoth the freeper...

Anybody Here Get The Game Show Network. I Have Digital Cable But I

new sig line contains my favorite new graphic

Courtney Love goes to find Kurt

Peanut problems

DU Admin helps indict Republican!!!!

Stop drinking juice and start drinking diet pepsi!

In all seriousness, why are the news shows talking about nutrition and

Any fans of the show Boomtown on here?

The Winter of Our Disconent; or, Freeper Madness

the Weasel Awards . . . your chance to vote . . .

How do I get rid of these annoying damn pop-ups from Messenger Service?

why hasn't take back the media updated the OxyRush advertisers list

today's new hate radio advertisers 10/3/2003

If Arnold wins, how long before a recall?

Jack Van Impe - Saint or crackpot?

If Bush is our national security president

OH NO!!! The Mini-Putt-putt Golf Game is gone!!!!

Civilization III - or Civilization?

Compleat Diagram of Strange Persons

Will Letterman, Conan, & Jay talk about Arnold, Hitler quote 2night?

The Best Damn Sports Show tore Rush a new one

Friday afternoon truisms.

EEK! Thre's a big wasp in my apartment, I'm asking you everything!

Question for Star Wars purists...

Chicken or Tomato

The myths men tell

I thinking of a CAPTION between.............................

Avatars you probably DON'T want available (Rated TV14, folks)

George W:"This? This is what you give me to CAPTION?!?!"

French schools say "non!" to thongs

I was just called a pacifistic moron.....

Ground turkey or Morningstar Farms soy "beef substitute"?

Anyone ever heard of a Japanese Animated movie called Metamorphosis

Tim Curry reading "Lemony Snicket and the Carnivorous Carnival"

I'm still in the 700 Club. Ask me anything. PLEASE!

Is anyone else having trouble connecting to

Yes!!! Goodbye,700 Club!!!!!!


Check out the new avatars! Including mine...

Please welcome a new DU member, Meticulous!

Reaching out to someonewho is hurting

"Qhost" trojan horse shuts down AOL.

The Horror. The Horror. Apocalypse Now Redux on Bravo at 8pm tonight

Wanna see Bushy boys pad ?

NIU Fans!

I Weep With Laughter Every Time I Read This!

So, have I missed anything while I was away?


I farted. She laughed.


A guy on Letterman just stuffed 10 kleenexes into his belly!!!

Repeat of DNC Fall Meeting (candidates) on NOW CSPAN 1

Marlins Win!!!

True Majority Pants onf Fire Campaign

The Keys were fun, but.......................................

How many unanswered emails is too many?

yet more new OxyRush, Vannity, and Savage Weiner advertisers

I'm reading 'To Kill a Mockingbird' ask me anything!

What are your picks for Sunday

Should I start posting in GD?

Will Rush fans start using "hillbilly heroin"? You know how susceptible

My Guilty Pleasure ("The View"), ripping Ahnold apart right now...

CAPTION the selfhairstylist.

The Leakers (sounds like a basketball team)

What GOP operative says all should vote against Arnold?

Major League Baseball Fans -- Avatars for the Playoffs!

ever been to Crawford, TX?

any of you 60s survivors remember this guy? . . .

A hot black lesbian freeper? who loves Rush & Oh'Really???

DUer in terrible pain, send prayers, thoughts, karma, etc.

Did anyone watch Boston Public tonight?

The real cause of divorce

Finding Nemo

"JAG" is a piece of crap TV show, but...

I want to thank Rush Limbaugh for giving my sister-in-law a laugh

Miami's Frank Gore out for season (torn ACL in left knee).


Cubs vs. Braves!

What are BillyBob Teeth for?

Tonight's Letterman: "Top Ten Things on Rush's To-Do List"


Guess what commercial I heard during Rush today?

If you do one thing tonight watch this

Hey punk, why don't you

I Have An Inordinate Amount Of Love For The New Ebay Commercial...

GURU ving, on a Friday night

Cubs win Cubs win

Somebody STOP me!!! I want that damned 80's CD!

are Letterman and Monty "doing it?" n/t

ever been to a fundy haunted house?

Words I Mis-Pronounce On Purpose...

Today's Chicago Cubs thread

Any Senior League Hockey players?


PBS Van Morrison, Jeff Beck, Tom Jones...

I just wanted to offer a quick introduction - hi, DU!

Letterman's Top Ten List


I want a hippopotamus for Christmas....

Has any one here taken Oxycontin?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES TO....................

STORY TIME: What's the most interesting thing that ever happened to you?

After the California recall is over what "filler" will the media use?

My wife has Windows XP, needs Windows 98 on her computer

The HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND thread is here!!!!!

I got my Level II teaching certificate...ask me anything!

This site will keep you busy forever

I'm going to watch "Bend It Like Beckham"

Another Friday night and no Daily Show...

I'm home sick today, - Ask me anything.

The Lifetime Version of the Lion King

are inner city students unmotivated?

What is your favorite type of food ?

are all Cardinals fans morans?

Which classic video game is represented by these 2 screenshots?

One Father's Perspective that should shake the world

Where's your second home?

I really love you guys!

My new dog. Do you like him? He kinda makes me nervous

Favorite AC/DC song?

Thank you for your support.

When I grow up, I want to be just like NSMA

OK Redskins fans -- join me in a calming circle

Newest attack unfair to Arnold

Should I go masturbate?

Hey Will Pitt! I Hold In My Hand 2 Tickets To The Pats Game (LUXERY BOX)

The Lion King

Favourite DEAD KENNEDYS LP song?

What's your favorite kind of tea?

Coolest TV character EVER

Favourite BLACK FLAG LP song

You know what doesn't sound right???? Chicken AND Waffles

Favorite thing about fall?

For sale: Digital Camera - used only once

jocks from Clear Channel's Denver sports station run ad in KC Star

NSMA's Biography.... really, I swear