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Archives: October 29, 2003

WP: Winning Badly (why we can never win the "war on terror")

Do as the US says, not as it does

War debate's questions still unanswered -- David Sarasohn

Bush's Medicare Plan Seeks to Move Seniors into Private Plans

A few points of light from the propaganda offensive

Moonie Times: How to win in Iraq

Using Fires to Blow Political Smoke (forestry bill)

Barbie The Hot Pagan Witch -- Morford

Meyerson : New Age Arnold, Old Testament GOP

Answers Ready on Rumsfeld’s Terror Questions a Marie Cocco must read

The Axis of Oil: How a Plan for the World's Biggest Pipeline......

"Female Darth Vader type seeks loving mate to torture" - Boondocks

US and Britain Have Sown Seeds of More Terror

David Corn:The Wilson-CIA Leak, WMDs and the Dems

Every Day One KIA --On the Iraq War Casualty Figures

WAPO Op/Ed: Its the loser that decides when the war is over.

Thieves Like Us --Cheney's Backdoor to Halliburton

A Complete Waste of Energy (Joint Cato/Sierra club op-ed re energy bill)

Iraq Guerrillas Adopt a New Strategy: Copy The Americans by Robert Fisk

Clark Lays Responsibility for 9/11 at Bush's Feet

CBS to feature The New Republic and The Weekly Standard

Josh Marshall: Senator Roberts, you have got to be kidding, right?

Letter from W -- Will you volunteer for my campaign?

Helen Thomas: Pentagon Manages War Coverage By Limiting Coffin Pictures

Rupert Murdoch's Fox News Channel to sue maker of the Simpsons

Inside The Beast - Insider's look at FAUX News - scathing report

Bush’s Philippines model for Iraqi “democracy”

Will Nancy Euthanize Ron?

Salon : Camille speaks!

Call Him President Backwards - CBS

Plaid Adder rocks the homepage this morning.

Schiavo brain scan: "A black hole"

California politicos want to change recall laws.

"Why Republicans Lie"

CP of Israel, No to Fascist Hooliganism! No to Racism!

rabble-rousers - in cahoots

Greenpeace Under Attack

Portrait of a Serial Tweety

Buzzflash inteview with Bill Moyers

recent "new" liberal media article from canadian paper

HANNITY!!!!!!!!!...........and colmes, ratings slipping?

Wing nut David Horowitz fooled by urban legend

Conservatives and Republicans have sold their Souls

Don't miss today's front page on DU...

Looking for the Aurora Borealis? Check this site out

Let Us Now Praise a Worthy Man: Grandfather William Commanda Turns 90

"using scientific-sounding words to fox a largely ignorant public"

Astrologers: Further Travails of the would be boy-king

Have you read "The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood?

My baby isn't a toddler anymore!!!

How to Make Sure Your Argument Isn't Bullshit - pt 3 and a half

Barbie The Hot Pagan Witch

'Gay bashers' attack tourist at Sandy Bay - South Africa

Can Dogs Be Taught to Attack Based on Race?

I believe it's okay to discriminate against people named Zell Miller...

Howard Dean defends record on minorities

Safire's Rosy Senario say econ trends in 04 will help Bush

Fold the new 20 dollar bill so the back says The Rica

Found another little Walmart gem.

Rwenzori Glaciers (Uganda) Melting Rapidly

Science Conference Concentrates On Accelerating Polar Vortex

Scientists Survey Radical Arctic Ecological Changes

Kazakh dam condemns Aral Sea to oblivion - world's worst environmental

The Akron Animal Shelter is a House of Horrors

CLA strengthens promotion of women's job opportunities - Taiwan

'Sex party' busted at top Taipei hotel

Taiwan tries smugglers for drowning six women

Shanghai lawyer gets 3 years for stealing secrets

Teargas used to end Zambian students' riot

Zim state hospitals in strike crisis

Newspaper fined for defaming president's kids - Zanzibar

'Only stupid coloureds vote for the NNP' - SA

Kuwaiti MPs criticise massive aid to Iraq

Arab media blame US for Baghdad blasts

West Java restricts overseas travel - of Gov.

9/11 Commission Secret Mission To Pakistan

Bush Down Under

Secret 9/11 case before high court

Boeremag planned to use SANDF bases for coup - SA

9-year-old arrested for waving toy gun

The Truth About Gun Control In Australia

More Voices For Gun Control

2 Drug Counts for Courtney Love

GUNS IN THE NEWS--October 29. 2003

Clark favors gun safety locks

Wow, think of the possibilities!

Is It Acceptable To Tell People of Color Here

Can we get a new Kucinich avatar pic?

Calling out another DUer? Baloney!


EarlG: If you're going to lock one, lock them ALL!

Sorry. I posted this in the wrong forum.

How 'bout a States forum

I was asked by MicroBalrog to ask you guys to either consider restoring


Is it inappropriate to react to being 'called out'?

How about holiday avatars?

New rule request....

There are Racist Posts on this site and they are not being deleted.

Israelis Blow Up Gaza Buildings Near Isolated Settlement

Annan Backs Nascent Mideast Peace Plan (petition to get Geneva adopted)

The Bottom Line / A Soviet collapse

Lies and waste

Background / IDF warns aginst repeating Abbas mistakes

Regime Out of Control

Likud takes a pounding in apathetic local elections

2004 budget sees tax income growing fasterthan the economy

Antiglobalism’s Jewish Problem...

Soldiers kill infiltrator at Nahal Oz

Sharon fumes at IDF chief; Ya'alon reassures Mofaz

Tanks enter Jenin as settlers attacked (+Haaretz's version)

Syria's anti-Semitic 'Diaspora' to air each night of Ramadan

Graffiti On History's Walls

Israel's Chief of Staff Denounces Policies Against Palestinians

Families of some GI's seethe, doubt Bush

More hunches protrayed as facts by Bush Admin; WMD now in Syria

Sidran in race for Gregoire's job (Wa A.G.) | Seattle P-I

Sharpton slams endorsement, citing race issues

3,100 rally for Dean in Boulder, Colorado

The persistence of Howard Dean

The persistence of Howard Dean

* 04 theme: "the world is more peaceful and more free under my leadership"

new Maryland poll results

Clark Faults Bush over violence in Iraq

Rep. Billy Tauzin May Retire, Replacements Line Up

Wilson says he would have voted for the IWR-intends to campaign in IA, NH

Toll-free number for calling Congress?

Philly Mayor's Lead widening despite FBI Probe....

Al Sharpton

I am very concerned about requiring parents to get insurance on their kids

Kerry's (AZ) state campaign accused of using religion (against Lieberman)

American Prospect interview---Bill Clinton----

Wilson Chat Transcript is Now Available

Campaigning with Waffles

General Clark Responds to Joe Lieberman's Campaign Ad

Howard Dean and the Press

Dean's plans for 4th Idaho visit are quite unusual -- Live Chat with Ambassador Joe Wilson -- right now

Jim Hightower--The Progressive Interview---great piece!!!

Got this from Clark's blog - Dean supporters, please verify

Even non-Kerry supporters should sign this petition

So I just met Dean!

"if Dean has changed his position, he should just say so"

Dean, a Cheap SOB

"New study supports universal health plan"

Questions about the timing and mechanics of the primary process

FOX lawyer admits affilliate station undercharged GOP for ads!

Is Dean safe to ignore middle class 54% getting a $1000 tax break or more?

If Democrats lose 3/3 races for Governor next week

Another rant on Kucinich, truth, and the future...step right up...

Oklahoma - Clark organization

Gov. Knowles leads Sen. Murkowski in Poll

Gephardt rips Dean on Medicare

Some of why Kucinich is a better candidate than Dean

Kucinich has beaten three incumbent Republicans - Dean, none

Can Gephardt Unseat Dean?

where is the outrage from the pro-fetusers?

i got it....i know who bush is!!!

A humorous look at Wolfowitz's short stay in Baghdad....

Ghost of Vietnam reappears

Common Knowledge Among the Iraqis

i got it again..i know who bush is!!

mother dumps baby in dumpster


Bill O'Reilly can't be all bad.

ANOTHER Iraqi mayor gets assassinated

O'Reilly NOT calling for boycot of CBS

O'Reilly, "My name is mud"

O'Reilly: "I thought you were a pinhead exclusionary guy"

Bush's lies are catching up with him (a short poem by pruner)

O'Reilly: I have standards (on Charlie Rose Show, on now)

One more O'Reilly thread for good measure.

Free speech kept off U.S. streets

US troops shoot handicuffed civilian

What do Arabs, Muslims and those perceived to be both think when they...

Col. David Hackworth interviews Clark for Maxim!

Something for our brilliant DU'ers to DU

Watch Out Howard Dean!

Watch this liar in action

See no protest

Did anyone fine a Quote from Bush saying Iraq was an imminent threat?

Bernie Ward has Ed Asner now (1:10am ET)

20,000 dead?

what George meant by "not so ingenious"

"More progress erupted in Iraq today"

Dubya's Got "Gotcha"

anyone catch the video clip of * on ABC news last night?

The Kursk

This has been on my mind for awhile

college student murders baby, where are the pro-lifers?

Does the new move at FOX mean that Snow is up for Rush's job?

ooOOooo "I'm a trained economist"

The Economics Trial Of The Millenium Starts Wednesday In DC

Hartman's count...

GI families petition to bring them home

"P. Diddy Feels the Heat Over Sweatshop Charge"

Bill Hicks fans!

((PSA))----Wes Clark To Appear On Today Show

What would the late Abbie Hoffman...

The score in the bottom of the second

Kerry Digs Up a Damning Bumiller Story on That Ingenious Banner

Dems need a commercial based on Al Franken's script from Lying Liars

DU Researchers in TOP Buzzflash Story Today!

Civilian deaths in Iraq were not considered

The White House whine: 'It's all the media's fault'

Why did Clinton excuse "yellowcakegate"?

Question: The two representatives in C-Span this morning

AOL users. Please DU this poll

Sharpton Calls Dean's Agenda "Anti-Black"

Article points out impact of economic "Shock Therapy" in Iraq.

Call to Action: Petition On Offshoring

Dear President Nixo, er, Bush:

2004 Election: one of the final battles in the war of the classes?

We have found the weapons of mass destruction,

The CIA and the Nazis-including RW Republican Party

If you cut taxes, would people voluntarily fund programs for the poor?

BBV makes slashdot again - Diebold Chases Links To Leaked Memos

The entitled always blame the enlisted -- the American aristocratic way

GOP unity is strained by attacks

The death of Gertrude M. Jones.

C-span this morning

I can't believe it myself, but a good colum by Dick Morris

Kucinich rips Bush on Press Conference

on the MSNBC/Newsweek article on e-voting

Is Bremer back in Baghdad yet?

Not All of us Americans are Evil - Guardian Feature

Hilarious Bush quote at press conference. Idiot.

Embarrassing Army website removed from the web.

Update to "Bush lied. Thousands died."

Iraq = World War 2 Germany and Japan

Re: the Bush assertion "they hate freedom"

Is DeLay still sitting on the FCC issue? Is it still "dead in the water?"

Americans Flock to Get on NRA Blacklist

A Fable by John Liechty - "The Greatest Country In The World"

Edwards attacks new Bush tax cut plan - Desmoines Register

democratic convention

Question for DU Vietnam vets re: Apocalypse Now

Reactions to the hate Wellstone letters to the editor in the StarTribune.

Keith Knight is heading to Gitmo! (The Dying Game)

Okay, so * is giving a speech on Medicare and his domestic agenda now.

Quoting Brazile In Defense Of Dean- THE IRONY!

Local Jeff Christie Wannabe Needs a Spanking...

Who's going to go after Dean in the next debate?

CNN, you LACK! What a STUPID poll question.

Are you for Affirmative Action or not?

You gotta hear this song!

Email from my brother, a 5th grade teacher in So. Cal.

Snopes' subtle right-wing bias

TV News Lies Webcast to start at noon - Veterans issues...Guest...

Simpsons parody upset Fox News, says Groening

FReeper raid in progress!

Barbara Bush lunches and golfs on 9/11

Daily Howler: Rapidly Gelling Media Script on Clark Says He's "Confusing"

Bush on live on MSNBC

Asking too much

Edwards discusses strengthening middle class

Don Imus r.e. "you've got a face for radio" statement by Bush

Edwards: Ideas bigger than money (in NM--not a dupe)

Democratic candidates on medical marijuana

where does Wal-Mart find the happy employees for their commercials?

Expelled Gay Student Shares his Story

"The Democrats' tax cut gamble" - Soliciting responses

Al Sharpton - uninformed about Howard Dean...

joe wilson chat right now

Bush seeks re-election on 'world peace' ticket

Acceptance Ballot Voting: DU's Preferences for Prez

I'm just about through with all the ANSWER threads!

How much more lying can the court-appointed Bush Administration do?

TPM weighs in on Bush Banner Flub

Has the "anti-Semite" cabal no shame?

NRA - Letter campaign

[Bush's] Tax cuts mirror era-Depression tactics (quotes from Will Rogers)

Anyone else catch this on ITV, Direct TV channel 366? Fascinating

NY Times Frontpage Picture a Synecdoche for the War?

Make sure to see the Front Page of DU today!!!

About The Plaid Adder's Article This Week

another hate radio host pedophile

PLEASE! Unfreep this poll

Okay, I'm distilling "Banner-gate" down to this:

"Fahrenheit 911" The Bush & Bin Laden family ties...dirty $

"What Middle Tax Cuts?" Dean Asks. Well, these, according to Brookings...

NewsMax hooey? The "unnamed GI"

Dolphin massacre in Japan (very graphic)

Hypocritical support or supporters?

yup... bush is still president.

There is a Big Surprise out there that is too big to make public...

So when is Governor Groper(tm) going to call in the Natl. Guard

How far will

We'll stop calling Bush a "liar" when he stops lying....

Immigration reform: immigrants can save the tech industry (and others)

Diebold Threatens Publishers of Leaked Documents

Does Anyone Have the Complete Context of This February 2002 Dean Quote?

Bush: "The world is more peaceful and more free under my leadership"

Bush 'clarifies' Soldier Funeral Protocols - No photos

Is this true?

Trick Question??!!!

DUer finds smoking gun on Banner-gate

Richard Cohen takes Cheney to the wood shed

Joe Wilson in chat today re the Iraq Resolution...

Condi Rice: The Un-Sticker

Is our goverment wasteful...

Barbara Bush lunches and golfs on 9/11

so I just blew it on the Dr. Joy Browne

Home abortions soar in Iraq as unwanted pregnancies rise

Dean Meet-Ups hit 130,000 last night.

Congressional Letter on Iraq (12-6-2001)

Is the "Christian Right" a market engineered creation?

Why doesn't Hannity talk about the hunter who started one of the CA fires?

Dennis Kucinich Radio Show!

Who really determines our nominee?

Where can I find how much time "the crackpot" has actually spent in DC?

My experience at a Gordon Biersch restaurant.

The problem with electability - Dean, Clark, Braun ,et al.

"Fire and Smoke Everywhere", Letter Home From Iraq

Why is the House of Rep's discussing a Florida Marlins Resolution?

If Bush* ever starts telling the truth, we're hosed.

CNN Whoring for Arnold again

An M1 Abrams tank cost

My take on 'grants' vs 'loans' for Iraq.

Quiet as it's kept, capitalism has failed. Monopolism reigns.

Hannity will probably go over the top today

Courtney Love arrested for Oxycontin- how come Rush ISN'T???

Camille Paglia interview in Salon...

Show CBS your support

Bob Graham may not run for the Senate

Bitchin' Accomplished! --Bush attacks media for Iraq problems

Anti- UN Billboard in my neighborhood!

On Crossfire today...

Joe Wilson chat today on why he is supporting Kerry and not Dean...

Oh, here's a lovely Freeper thread

Bad News: Elite Dem operatives predict Dean will be nominee - will lose.

82nd Airborne soldier writing home about Iraq.....

Is it true the the US was going to help Russia dismantle its nukes but...

LOL -- Look at this email Conason got about "Bannergate"

"Only intolerance can save this country."

M1 Abrams tank disabled by Iraq roadside explosion (Proof we are winning?)

Excellent article by Seymour Hersh in 10/27 New Yorker

California fires used repeatedly to push "Healthy Forests"

ooooo NOT good. REAL bad. 5 Fwy, CLOSED from the 14 Freeway.. HUGE

Please help: More information on Walmart needed

The USA's largest coalition partner is Halliburton, DynCorp, etc.

CBS re-thinks the Reagans.

David Corn on Enid Goldstein radio show this afternoon

Did Bush cabal close down ?

What's wrong with this picture?

News junkies--I'd like your opinion, please

Just called Zell Millers office...claim they don't know...

Is your hometown paper full of vilification of Democrats / liberals?

Darrell Issa (R-CA) is such a loud-mouthed jerk!!

DU This Freeper Poll

News From Babylon........

Ldotters vs. Cher

Message to the Troops in Iraq

Republican talking point: Bringing the terrorist to Iraq - Civilians?

Cut losses: Leave Iraq - Op/Ed - USATODAY

Californians - I need a reality check here

Zell endorses the lying awol moron for 04

While California burns where is (the compassionate conservative) Bush?

Fasting over Bush visit to the UK

The World Has Dismal View of Bush (except GOP rt-wing in USA)

Few months ago all of the headlines said "President Bush". Now its Bush

Cube Dweller seeks answer on latest Bush lie

Clark on Today Show - Clip

Clark:Bush Should Help Unemployed Before Giving Big Tax Breaks to Business

MSNBC says they'll talk to Clark about Bush and 9/11 this hour...

Novak Is INSANE! (ammend the Constitution to let Ah-nold run for Prez)

Next Tory leader?

OMG.... CNN is reporting a new wildfire threatening Denver

Zell proves what we're up against this year... say NO to BUSH LITE!!!

Captain Mike Recall Math and a Sacred Indian Tribal Chant!

Dean Responds to criticism from Sharpton

How do you become a delegate?

Right Wing Caller On C-Span

The Clark Report: NYC, Kucinich, Young Professionals

Zell Miller Endorses Bush(Georgia Senator Democrat in name only

We must keep spreading this Smoking Gun re: the Bush election theft!

Reagan-Era Time Bomb Explodes: Court throws out ex-CIA man's conviction***

Ugh...My parents have a book written by the Savage Weiner in their shop...

Kentucky Governors Race.

Just a friendly reminder - 9/11 Conspiracy on CBC TONIGHT!

Is it time to start courting Chaffee again?

Guess where Bush is going today

WaPo flash, warning: bring a supply of kleenex (killed servicepeople)

Toles........"Fire getting desperate"....Bwaahahahaha

GIs in Iraq laughed when asked if they'd vote for *sshole Bush

I PERSONALLY helped stop road through the Petroglyphs; ask me anything!

WTF? Sirius Left pre-empting Malloy for NBA?

Why the hell is Daniel Drezner writing for the New Republic?

Good day for Bush campaign

And on TOP of fire and pestilence, tack on an earthquake in Los Angeles

What do you think of people who'll vote not because of issues but because

At least in my state, it seem Repubs are afraid to oppose Holt's BBV bill!

Rumors of March Troop Withdrawal

But wait, there's more idiocy from Zell Miller--check this out at his site

CBC programming alert, 8-10 PM Eastern

Toby Keith on 60 Minutes II tonight. (CBS)

How many other less honest Zell Millers in the Dem party?

Proof that Weasly Clark is no Howard Dean

"Bannergate" (and DU) are the top item on Buzzflash

Well! Look who's on C-SPAN Washington Journal tomorrow AM !

Stupidhead said we're not leaving Iraq

Do You Think Wolfowitz's "Near Miss" Has Changed Him?

I do not believe that this has been done!

What happened to Bev Harris???

Toby Keith--Yuck

So, What if Our Nominee Presented This to the Public??

Openly Gay Dean Staffer Harassed at Gephardt Event

Dean announces he's a metrosexual

Excellent Quotations from Joe Wilson Chat

Anybody Got A Link To What Happened to the Guy who Mailed Himself Home

TV News Lies rebroadcast to start at 9 PM ET - Veterans issues

If Cheney is doesn't run with Bush--I'd bet Zell would

American sheep support Bush are same as Germans for Hitler

Psst? Wanna get a look at some vote-counting software?

Bushies put hunt for WMD on 'back burner'

Dallas WB news teaser (big time bias)

Dr. Dean writes note excusing 11-year old supporter for missing school

Bush drops to 51 percent in Quinnipiac poll - lowest ever

Eschaton receives one of those letters today.

New rule request...

Zell Miller represents every negative Southern stereotype in existance...

UK/US use moral mandate in Iraq, yet support dictator who boils dissidents

Atrios Treatened With Libel Suit

Okay! I shall praise Clark today!

The Witch on the Fence,Our"Throw Away" Society, Cheap Imports/Guilt!

Darrell Issa on Crossfire today...

"George Bush isn't in control . . . the country's been hijacked"

Why Should I Not Support Civil Unions?

Regarding Sharpton and Gephardt.....

My take on liberals and Affirmative Action

Sudden thought: Did Helen Thomas get a question in yesterday?

further stills from "the paranoia show" - DC / Warning: Rumsfeld content.

Really interesting stuff just happened on Malloy :) (re Zell Miller)...

Benedict (Zell) Miller to be on Hannity and Colmes

Yes, you too can be

A deal has been reached on the $87B (cross-forum dupe)

Could this California arson be terrorism?

Sharpton on CNN now- Inside Politics (4:07 ET)

We are not happy are we?

Isn't it ironic that the moderators want to discourage us....

i guess congress can just go home now...

Bush,Bin Laden,BCCI,taliban,Harken connections on documentary

Canadians want closer U.S. ties.... (?)

Call or email the Georgia Democratic Party!!!!!!

Let me explain the "Zell Miller" Democrats.

When did Miller change so much

Give me Quippy Bush Education Numbers!

Al Sharpton should pick Don King for his running mate.

Veterans Tired of Not Having Their Voices Heard

A link that posts snapshots of/cause of death of troops KIA

BBV: HR2239 Discussion On Floor of HoR on the 29th

Is Canada next for the BFEE?

BBV: Kick-ass why-war web page

Iraq -- Here's the real deal

Novak is missing for the 2'nd day in a row Chgo Sun Times

Clark's Speech at New American Strategies

What's the Big Deal w/ This Reagan Movie?

Is it safe to vote for someone other than Dean?

Clark Leads New Poll -- and this time it is not a push poll

I would like to thank the GOP Congressional members for...

WHY the Democratic Party is part of the problem

Dean vs. Sharpton- Affrimative Action

Why Sharpton attacked Dean today

Oxymoron of the day.....

We must demand that Zell Miller leaves the Democratic party!!!!

CIA ,James Bath, BCCI, Bin Laden and Bush family

Just got an idea for an attack ad to air against Bush

Dean Fundraising -- I would like to praise Dean and Trippi...

Springer considering running again?

Bush* "the world is more peaceful and more free under my leadership"

Cheney is a crook

What's with this Drudge Report????

If Tom Delay became President, Would the United States...

Powell, Still a "Good Man"

Republican gets elected VP of HS Young Dems

I think Mitt Romney is a decent governor

Fox Nearly Sued Itself Over 'Simpsons' Parody

MUST READ Juan Cole on Chalabi, Likud, Neocons

when will they charge Rush?

Wesley Clark Supporters

The Mission Was Accomplished Iraq Was An Imminent Threat They Had WMD'S

Left-Wing Protesters or Right-Wing Agents?

Would you vote Republican so that Zell Miller would lose an election?

Clark favors gun safety locks

Who is your favorite political writer? And Why?

LaRouche, who this guy?!? Presidential Candidate?

The Story on ANSWER from someone who has worked with them

Why the center is so important

Lesbian Methodist minister may be "defrocked".

I just talked to a Republican for Dean

Whatever happened to "boxgate"?

I need some input on an idea.

Send Lott petition is up

Drudge: Hillary would easily sweep Dem Field

Should Zell Miller be ejected from the Senate Democratic Caucus?

Randi Rhodes dropped from WJNX

Why Should I Not Support Civil Unions?

A comment about Wesley Clark and the war

BBV: Additional Co-sponsors for H.R. 2239 (10/28/2003)

Is U.S. an invading force in Iraq? Do Iraqis have a right to defend selves

BBV: Sequoia files on an open FTP site near you!

It's really simple. We need a REAL ELECTION and competition.

bin Laden's money flow leads back to Midland, Texas

Kashmir blast wounds 35; more attacks threatened

Assailants Kill Soldier Outside Fallujah

Commanders Doubt Syria Is Entry Point

Aid workers agonise over withdrawing from Iraq

Trapped Russian miners found alive

New Account of Sept. 11 Loss, With 40 Fewer Souls to Mourn

'Afghanistan does not need another dictator'

Three American Soldiers Wounded in Afghan Ambush

Four killed by car bomb in Fallujah

Us to recruit More Iraqis to Help

UK terror suspects lose appeal

Consumer borrowing hits record - UK

GOP Tax-Cut Bill Sent to House Floor

Howard Dean Defends Record on Minorities

Clark Faults Bush over violence in Iraq

Congress Nixes Extra Pay for Some Troops

HOUSE WATCH-10/29/2003 (#1-10:00)

Key Kremlin figure 'quits'

SENATE WATCH-10/29/2003 (#1-9:30) [Forest bill]

Firebrands Seek Marathon Debate

"Bannergate" (and DU) are the top item on Buzzflash

Doomsday cult doctor to hang - Japan

Vessel with nuclear waste en route to Cape Horn?

NASA Urged To Ground Space Plane

Lula, Kirchner and Lagos, the most respected.

Do as the US says, not as it does

Postwar Iraq deaths pass numbers during combat (Mercury News)

Human Rights Watch Claims that Venezuela's State News Agency Distorted

Hate case judge assures Americans no one is going to prison

Two die as U.S. Abrams tank blown up; ambush wounds 7 Ukrainian soldiers

China sex museum mobbed

Ex-Pres Paz Zamora Says Bolivia Will Export Natural Gas

Crucial 12 days for Koizumi

Teachers-in-training try to fill education gap in Cuba

Kerry's (AZ) state campaign accused of using religion

China Says Taiwan Leader U.S. Stops May Be Trouble

Ag industry eager for Cuba trade to kick in

Tyco Trial Jurors See Video of $2M Party

Schwarzenegger to Aid McClintock

Resisting a blockade

Halliburton Revenue Rises on Iraq Work

BofA to send tech work, data to India

Annan Backs Nascent Mideast Peace Plan(Geneva/Taba via petition vote)

U.S. May Cut WMD Search

Democrats Shake Their Booty

Pentagon debating pulling people off of weapons hunt to reassigning them t

US May Reassign Iraq Staff for Security

Up to 15,000 people killed in invasion, claims thinktank

Visits to Cuba from U.S. help bring families, nations closer together

Wesley Clark responds to Bush's comments on a Woman's right to chose

Commons passes bill that outlaws human cloning (allows stem cell research)

(Sen.) Stabenow fears Iraq will become another Vietnam

Brazil proposes a “light” FTAA.

Fake Police Used in Bush* Visit (to Australia)

Halliburton says KBR unit revenue profit, sales soar

U.S. Forces in Iraq to Expand Blockades

MPs vote to downgrade cannabis

Judge will rule soon on venue change (Mrs. Jeffrey Fastow)

Angry, disillusioned and frustrated, families of some GIs seethe, doubt Bu

Rumsfeld's attitude may be his downfall

Michael Moore sued over anti-gun movie

Firms Vow to Stay in Iraq (Bechtel)

Shays: Connecticut Republicans in trouble in 2006

Court Throws Out Ex-CIA Man's Conviction

Chip Ried (sp.) compares SchwarzeNazi's appearance to Britney Spears

EU launches controversial chemicals safety bill

$25 million reward for al-Qaida figure

Police knew of Columbine threats

Generous new tax break for Bechtel and Halliburton?

headline - "Powell begs aid agencies to stay in Baghdad "

Wes Clark Calls on Bush to Help Unemployed Before Giving Big Tax Breaks to

UN: Afghan Opium Production Spreading Like Cancer

Majority Of Adoption Agencies Now Accept Gay Parents

Firefighter killed, 2 injured in Calif

Congress Nixes Extra Pay for Some Troops

Soldier ‘did what she had to do’

1st firefighter killed in CA fires - CNN breaking news

'Shady arms deals fuelling war in the DRC'

United Kingdom: Proceedings amount to a perversion of justice

Brazil waits for Lula's war on poverty

Iraq Contract Extended for Halliburton

Katyusha rockets hit US post in Kirkuk

Congressman's Wife Speaks Out on Divorce

The foreign policy pressure cooker

7 Ukrainian Peacekeepers Wounded in Iraq

Delay in Aerial Water Drops Is Criticized ( more on Repubs blameDavis)

US troops' death toll hits landmark figure

Boycott mars Turkey celebrations

Push comes to shove in Iowa

Sick soldiers wait for treatment (Fort Knox this time)

USA Today: Toll In Iraq Costs President At Home (Front Page!)

Wes Clark: White House Stonewalling 9/11 Commission

Hate from the heartland

AIDS, Teen Sex Researchers Feel Conservatives' Pressure

Bush Prevails in Deal on $87 Billion for War Effort

Supreme Court to Decide Fate of Iraqi Woman (Ashcroft Alert)

Iran Demands Concessions From U.S. in Return for Cooperation

Lawmakers Reach Iraq-Afghan Aid Deal

Countless second guesses follow Wellstone memorial

SEC Accuses Enron's Lay of Legal 'Charade'

Red Cross to Stay in Iraq, But Cuts Staff


U.S. Mulls Shifting "Experts" from Iraq Arms Hunt

Security tightened in leak case

Small earthquake in Simi Valley,(CA)...6:52 (EST) PM..10/29/03

Bush* in a Hurry to Train Iraqis in Security Duty

Bush Vows U.S. Will Stay in Iraq

Cheney's hawks 'hijacking policy'

AP: Private Firms Assist U.S. Military

Iraq Puts bush* on the Hot Seat

Two die as US Abrams tank blown up

CBC Newsworld - 9pm - Conspiracy Theories

Two GIs Killed When Tank Attacked in Iraq

California firefighters warn of "apocalyptic" threat

Kerry Severs Ties in Religion Flap

233 Attacks on US in Last Week Alone

Ridge Says U.S., EU Should Pioneer Biometrics

Americans Flock to Get on NRA Blacklist

Bush Renews Faith-Based Initiative Push

Federal appeals court dismisses electronic voting machine lawsuit

Congressman Claims Newspaper Took Iraq Comments Out of Context

Home abortions soar in Iraq as unwanted pregnancies rise (Telegraph UK)

Senators Worried Afghanistan Falling Apart

Bush Falls From Favor Abroad, Too

Congress issues Iraq deadline to CIA

Justice Nominee Vows Fair CIA Probe

U.S. Raises Value of Iraq Oil Repair Work

GOP unity is strained by attacks (Lott: "Just mow the whole place down")

Bush: Didn't Sign Off On It (Newsday) *Oh, Please*

Presidential hopeful Dean questions nuclear dump on Vegas visit

Zell Miller Endorses Bush (cross-forum dupe)

GOP Will Keep Cuba Travel Ban Intact

National Green Party disavows Kucinich endorsement in N.H.

Poll: Iraq War Drains Confidence in bush*

Dolphin massacre turns sea blood red

Mortar Rounds Strike Baghdad Neighborhood

Rebel Galloway launches political party

Iain Duncan Smith loses 90-75

US develops lethal new viruses

Polio vaccines 'infect Muslims with Aids'

Papa Smurf


i came back here for this:

What would you like to know about?

Worse fate: Phantom Zone, or No-Spin Zone?

Study: Fellatio may significantly decrease the risk of breast cancer

Tech question

Step into my wayback machine, to 2000...


Anybody remember this?

Attn: ladies

Destroy!!! Destroy!!!

I had a mild surge of Pride/Laughing today...

What's the oldest email you have in your account?

Will Pitt Earring! Say's he can't get it out! Let's offer a solution!

"The beet is the most intense of vegetables.

The Ass Morpher

Uh, Oh, I'm In Trouble.....

CSpan is on

Northern lights a bit of a let down in WA

I need some legal advice.

A public apology to the person who loves their flip-n-fold

Clemens 150-1 odds to be new BoSox manager

"...Thank you for joining Harold and I"...

Have you ever been in this kitten's situation?

It's Bambi, just for Matcom!

don't FOX me!

Jack Elam died last week

"I got a rock."

A man finds out he's got 24 hours to live....

Installed Panther on a G3...ask me anything (almost)

i just remembered to return my video on time, ask me anything

West Wing fans: Two do-not-miss episodes on tomorrow

Who Would Win In A Fight Between Matcom & Catwoman?

What is a good price for an ounce of weed?

Help me stay awake

A South Carolina forrester comments on CA wildfires

Some advice needed

Who wins in this Faux News "Royal Rumble"?

Gertrude M. Jones, or Move Over Sally...

He everyone chill

How much for an ounce of brains for dumbass DUers?

Man that is one ugly pumpkin

Time for the obnoxious confluence of events thread.

Every damned e-mail I get these days is spam...

I'm starting to worry about Underpants. He watches way too much "Lifetime"

ah-ha 600 posts

Defoliate Bush bumper sticker

Traffic Chaos as Hearse Ejects Corpse

My kitties are smart alecs.. Evil smart alecs and they mock me..

What should I be for Halloween?

Wesley Clark In This Month's Maxim

I knew it - "Minneapolis top city on fun list"

Man charged for driving around geyser | Bozeman Chronicle

You gotta hear this song!

"You said it yourself, Big Daddy, ...

Toronto Man Is Rock-Paper-Scissors WORLD CHAMPION!!!!!

One thing about Wesley Clark

A horrorific site at wal-mart

Favorite LIFETIME movie actress?

Wyclef Jean?

Can you decrypt this email I just received?

Any fans of The Shins?

The Blame Game

Fourth annual "Tacky Christmas Decoration" thread!

Well...Mummy says this is best Halloween costume she's seen yet.

Anyboby Listen To Sirius Left 145

Car Wash!

New user requesting help

Everytime I swear off GD, I go back the same day.

White House Costume Party Invitation

Someone is spoofing Riverbend's blog...

Courtney Love should get together with Rush and go bowling

If there are any George R. R. Martin fans around

Anybody Play Earth and Beyond here

'THE HULK'..........meh

Racist Halloween Display?

Informational Interivew

Boondocks: Condi's personals ad

RPG'ers: anybody here play Rolemaster?

NFL Game of the Week thread:Bengals vs. Cardinals

Has anyone seen this?

The world! An L.F overview.

Opera users -- Java question

Question for "madfloridian"

Favorite lines from "Office Space"

Spectacular lightshow from the solar flares

Wow...Libertarian candidate feels that we shouldn't have gone to Iraq

Bias, bias, bias, screams the RightWingNuts

Tool song lyrics

Get this, Linux violates the US Constitution!

Diablo II players - have you tried out 1.10 version yet???!!!

Seeking help with lost bookmarks

What does S9 do in the Salmonella Mutagenicity Test?

To hell with Kerry, Dean, Bush, Kuchinich, Sharpton, all of them!

Lets give it up for the new member of the Lounge grannylib !

Where is the best place to get social this weekend?

Oh my goodness

What the HELL happened to the Solar Storm???

Honk for Jesus, says the child


Photographic proof Bush* is in cahoots with underworld figures....

Damn it's good to be a gangsta (CAPTION the wannabe)

The Vertigo of all captions!!!!

Is my Halloween costume funny or awful?

Question for Lounge-dwelling DU-ers: What makes you a liberal?

Man I just had the ways and means to turn Rush into a flaming liberal

Ode to Rush"Dimebag" 8ball!

The Fratful Prankster of all CAPTIONS!!!

Oh my god! The sun is sick!

The Fer Cryin' Out Loud of all CAPTIONS!!!

What would you NOT want to find in your trick or treat bag?

Do Those Wire Less Game Controllers Work Well.

Gone to the Bumwhush

Happy Birthday Fanny Brice!

Speaking of Kentucky

You gotta hear this song!



Halloween costumes!

Flammable, Or Inflammable ???

For my 3000th post....

Is anyone experiencing difficulty w/ Yahoo?

Has anyone here ever used ThinkFree Office for Mac?

new Hannity advertisers 10/29

Remember, only ethnic people have emotions! Another MST3000 Line

Caption that far away look in his eyes

Caption the sticky rice

Lonesome Robb....

Can some one tell me

FREAKING OUT!! In regards to job interview from yesterday!!!!!!!!!!

Joke- or maybe the truth?

As if Kobe weren't enough... now the Scott Peterson

Reminder: the Daily Show replay

Yet another woman I was interested in has ended up taken......

anti-virus software question

I'm at work and stressing out...ask me anything!

Courtney Love arrested for Oxycontin- how come Rush ISN'T???

Aurora? Northern Lights? Or is it that strip mall?

Judge Caught Punching the Clown in Court

*Mac collectors and enthusiasts* Please read me.

Who thinks that all DUL men need to go naked and be a pull toy !

BBC | China sex museum mobbed

DC 10/25/03 Slideshow.

DU mods in GD have gone to no more cussin'

Ahhhhhh, It's Nekkid Men Day on the DU Lounge.


cuss cuss cuss cuss cuss cuss cuss So there !

Why the hell am I winning in that poll


Pop Idol Fends Off Rock Vets On Billboard 200

This is the lounge so quit locking my posts

Musical suggestions needed for new protest video — Please help!

Listen backside hole quit it !

Its the principle of it.

Just when you thought you knew our owner Skinner

ZombyCoffee: The Kiko Blend!!!

One Week. Seven Days. 168 Hours. 10080 Minutes.

How about a DU calendar?

Twice you have equated

Best Democratic Senator

I told protect freedom impeach bush now that he should have stopped....

Fridge immediately, let sit out a while, other?

Metrosexual? I don't get it...

Should I stop posting incendiary threads in GD?

ok time for some naked women!!


The greatest singer who will never make the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

Beer ingredients

Toby Keith on 60 Minutes II tonight. (CBS)

Real Estate Careers

Photo: Scantily clad woman next to unidentified animal carcass


A Rant: Idiot car driver's

hedgetrimmer makes it through surgery!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband brought home penis-shaped corn chips - ask me anything!

Good freakin' god. The perils of plastic surgery and celebrity

I do not believe that this has been done!

Heeeheee, at 33 I am still Daddy's little girl...

The card I got to my friend from everyone is lame

Cultural Differences Explained

O'Reilly Info-merical

NHL: St Louis vs Detroit, who's watching?

Woo-Hoo! 500 Posts!

my father-in-law's recipe...

How about a DU lounge halloween costume contest

My dad said he got a sunburn after 13 seconds outside.

I've mastered my bation. Ask me anything.

Question: What would you say to Bush...

All ya'll that don't believe in spells and magic...

Is Zell Miller the most God-awful Dem in the history of mankind??

I'm such a procrastinator.....

This isn't exactly my cup of tea

Your Favorite Jennifer Lopez Movie

Just what is Zell Miller smoking?

If the Lounge was a movie, what should it be rated tonight?

James Brown documentary on PBS now

Why did the chicken cross the road? (LARGE PICTURE!)

Oh, I KNOW what a pull toy is now!!!

Just changed my address

Barbara Bush calls Dem prez candidates "a sorry group"

Everybody doesn't like something,

My pull toy says 'wagga wagga wagga wagga'

Oo, re-discovered a cool tune

Why do people watch slasher movies?

For those of you on the Federal Do Not Call List

"She offered me free love.

Let's give a big hello to liberalman11!

Since we're voting on naked men...

I'm Eating The Candy I Bought For Halloween (AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME)


What's the best wedding present

If you aren't too busy being a pull toy, any comments on bypass surgery?

Which DU guy do you ladies want to hand out Halloween candy to topless?

How do you get the nerve up to have your Cat put to sleep?

WTF is a 'pull toy'?

Men of DU...what female DUer do want to hand out candy to....

Is Marta going to divorce Rush?

Halloween costume pics - I'll go first


Favorite SFW sexual euphemism illustrated as a photoshopped pic? (funny)

DU film snobs: Favorite Atom Egoyan film?

Cthulhu carols

Photos of the Aurora

Can anyone see the Northern Lights from your location?...

Pravda is state run,PBS CBC and BBC governent funded whats the difference?

Happy Birthday Winona.

Dr. Dean writes note excusing 11-year old supporter for missing school

there is something i want to bring to light and i want some help

My house for sale.

The God/Goddess granted me a wish..Should I sacrifice something?

Poll: Which DU woman do you want to hand out Haloween candy topless?

I Have A Cool New Tool...

Request for good vibrations/karma/prayers

Did Bush Really say this?

Does anyone else arrange their groceries on the conveyer belt?

what's up with the churches ?

Share/freeware web-development software?

Meet our newest family member....Cider


Who's dressing up, as what, and what goodies are you giving Friday?

Credit card legalities. Advice?

Best AMERICAN Rock & Roll Band Of All-Time

Toby Keith--Yuck


Poll: Favorite Homestar Runner character?

Congratulations to Plaid Adder on her new weekly column on DU

Toby Kieth...

ZombyPoll #3: Which Beatles Song Do You Have In Your Head?

Name your top ten favorite beers.

So, who here has high blood pressure?

My kitty cat passed on tonight.

Which guy do you nominate to go naked and be a pull toy for Halloween

#2 Which guy do you nominate to go naked and be a pull toy for Halloween

Experienced paranormal activity?

Hey Austin DUers...wanta get together.


Let's make a movie chain!

Mo Dowd: Eyes Wide Shut

Write to CBS

OK, I deserved that one

Dean set to get SEIU endorsement next week

Do we really have a shot of winning in Oklahoma..after ten years of hell?

Openly gay Dean staffer allegedly derided at Gephardt rally

Republicans will squash Dean with his records should he win primary

Republicans and past presidents.

Cheney's hawk's hi-jacking policy?

Donald Luskin Threatens to Sue Atrios

Dean hurts family farms, supports factory farms and their pollution -proof

Friedman: Iraq is no Vietnam

Wow.... Some Democrats Just Turned the HoR Into The Mike Malloy Show...

Dean's legacy - Report on how VT taxes poor and middle class more

The S. California Fires

Dean's flip flopping on Iraq

An email response from Aussie Sen. Nettle

Just watched James Brown Retrospective on PBS, Rev. Sharpton featured.

Jesse Jackson Jr. weighs in on the Dean/Sharpton fight

BBV - Bev harris on GCN right now

Temporary Webhosting Needed ASAP -- For CBC documentary on 9/11

BBV: 9th Circuit Court rejects Susan Marie Weber's challenge

What the Hell is wrong with these moranic assclown dixiecrat bastards?

Dean set to get SEIU endorsement next week (cross-forum dupe)

BBC Commentator on Newsnight program on C-SPAN

Rate Kerry vs Dean by choices made by each at hard moments.

Ameican Post-War Iraq Deaths Surpass War Casualties

The Pork Barrel Runneth Over in New Tax Proposal

Lugar Says U.S. Is "All Thumbs" in Dealing with Muslims

Senate Intelligence Panel Sets Deadline for CIA Iraq Documents

Bush Wins a Victory on Grant for Iraq (LA Times)

First Fire Fighter Dies in Blaze

Sleeping with the enemy....

A Big Union Feather In Dean's Cap

TURN ON TNT, watch Lebron James... 18 yr. old Cleveland Cav player

new Savage Weiner advertiser Olshan

Daily Show talking about the Bush Press Conference

"You know, I've had this dream before..."

What does the MORAN have that I don't have?!

Help me, Dave Letterman fans.....

Fake Lori Foreman is worse than Fake Darrin Stevens

Will Rush be charged for illegally obtaining controlled substances?

Color me PINK! Jazz win their opening game!!!!!

They can run this Napster ad all they want....

How many of us have to edit every single post we make?

I know you guys want to see me topless handing out candy...

*****100 POSTS MILESTONE****

How Quickly Will This Thread Be Locked?

HawkerHurricane's NFL power ratings!