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Archives: October 26, 2003

The Nation: Big Bucks in Iraq (the Wal-Marting of Iraq)

Truth, Lies, and the Legend of 9/11: C. Kupferberg

Clinton bags cheaper AIDS drugs deal

Republicans - Please Take Back Your Party


Why Are We Back in Vietnam -- by Frank Rich (New York Times)

What Rummy Didn't Learn in Lebanon

cartoon document

What are They Fighting For? (Fisk)

New issue of Newtopia on GLOBALIZATION

Illegals employed at Walmart were making $2 a DAY

Article on VOX NYC, who was raided by the Secret Service

Army of One a Day

NYTimes: 9/11 Commission Could Subpoena Oval Office Files

Jury Awards $70M Against Halliburton

NY Times Magazine: "Learning to Love to Hate"

Evangelicals Sway White House on Human Rights Issues Abroad

U.S. Engineers Working Under the Gun in Iraq (Bechtel)

Press Conference in NYC on Halloween

Heads UP VT DU'ers....

Demand a Special Prosecutor for "Intimigate"

first instalation of the DU online women's health collective

One way YOU can make a difference :

The Media with the help of the military created the Jessica Lynch lie

Is the Eastern news media giving enough attention to the SoCal fires?

Post Debate Coverage

Walter Pincus Monday 7:45 AM C-SPAN's "Washington Journal"

CounterFReep CBS

New Independent Media corporation takes on Govt. Tyranny

Bill O'Reilly Uses Bogus Quote in His New Book--Luagh Alert

Life with a feral cat (long)

A Halloween thinning of the veil?

'Big Brother' Alumni Running for Philly City Council

My stance on the gay games and other similar events...

I AM married.

High school senior came 'out' - and was expelled

Buffet: no good investments

International minimum wage

How should taxes be made equitable?

bush environmental graphic

Yucca mountain nuclear storage site on 60 Min now

Studies Show Serious Doubts On Forests As Carbon Sinks

Stolen Da Vinci is the tip of an iceberg

Democrat Presidential Candidates Shying Away From Gun Control

Border crime ravaging parks in Arizona

Lounge editing problems...

When is a dupe a dupe?

Wasn't sure how well the new rules for the GD forum were going to fly

DU Bumper Stickers?

Q on "dupe" threads - "Fox screwing Kucinich"

Question about going around signature rule

I'm WAY pro new rules and

ArmyTimes not an acceptable news source now, so thread locked?

ANALYSIS: Aluf Benn on the Netzarim attack

Meretz files no-confidence motion after Netzarim attack

Israeli Army Software Aims to Curb Abuse

Thousands of peace activists protest outside PM's residence

The 'nobody to talk to' thesis ...

Gaza Strip buildings blown up

Israeli Troops Arrest Militants in Raids

Israel's 'Refuseniks' Come To Baltimore

Israel creates 'world's most scenic prison'

Exodus of the Palestinian Christians

Permits ordered for Palestinians

Accepting the reality of Islamic anti-Semitism

Israel says Syrian threats cover ''embarrassment''

U. S. Air Base n Russia Air Base 33km apart.

A Plane or a Missile?

The Legend of 9/11

What did you do to honor Paul Wellstone's memory today?

Iowa,N.H. upstaged by dozen Feb.races

Edwards tries to save Democrats

Dean Supporters - Have you tried the letter writing tool?

If the Dems debate - CNN Political Grind (WTF)

Clark getting 40% of Army vote... leads Bush by 10%...

Interesting Vermont article on Howard Dean

Poll: Dean widens lead over Kerry

I just got spammed by Shrub. This is hilarious please read.

Wouldn't it be cool if... (Dean Camapign)

Illinois poll...Bush in trouble

Looking for Phoenix Dean gatherings...

Obvious pandering on Kerry's part....

Obvious pandering on Dean's part

Dean on cspan now!

Dean's mental health policy. Don't pay attention to what I did in Vermont?

Nunn won't run for Senate

Calif. Teacher's Association Endorses Howard Dean!

Candidates avoiding gun control in their campaigns

So... who won?

Philly: Poll shows slim lead for Street

CO: Campbell to run again, GOP says

Why is there even the option? (Campaign Finance Reform)

The fight goes on here: Dean n Kerry

SC: Former Gov. Beasley (R) eyeing Senate run

California Teachers Association Endorses Dean

UNDER THE RADAR: Democrats can take this open seat from the GOP.

Dean's lead in NH unchanged from one month ago new poll finds

WA: Senate race compared to Georgia's (Cleland v. Chambliss :puke:)

Press The Meat: Novakula -- New Registers: Why Dean Will Win it All

Edwards win SC Teachers endorsement

A preacher that "gets it"

If Logically correct, is it true? Is Apriori...running the repugs mind

I went to a Feingold gathering tonight

Good news in Israel?

Change your clocks NOW 2:00 EST back an hour.


Wait - Freeper/Dittododo logic states that everybody agrees with them

A sign of things to come...

Change your clocks now in the East. 2:00am becomes 1:00am

Pastor Phelps and Followers Failed To Show For Protest

$4 billion vanishes in Iraq - question is, where did it go?

new insight into the rude rube in the WH

Good Dean Quotes for Meetup e-mail?

Sacramento DU'ers. Find out something if you can for us in the next 6 mos.

Hotel in Baghdad fired on with missiles - Wolfowitz espcapes

Nate Clay -- Live radio NOW -- Definitely not Rush

Clock rollback causing errors on DU for anyone else?

WaPo article: Democrats Take Over Part of Bush's Duties

What are the rules and protocol's

Why Did That Guy Get So Mad At Vigo Mortensen?

state primary poll compendium

which candidate do you feel the most pity for?

Howard Dean eats kitten fetuses

Who would Jesus bomb?

3:18AM post-DC debris / hysterical hijinks in the belly of the Bush-beast

Is anyone keeping count?

When Wolfowitz gets attacked by RPG fire.....

Wolfie insists attack is from Saddam loyalists. Not according to the army

DOD soliciting for community draft board positions

Looking for a Cheney-Halliburton CRS Report

Russia toys with idea of pricing its oil in Euros: Moscow Times Op-ed

A question

Bush's daughter Jenna photographed protesting against war

The Al Rashid Hotel was just attacked - Wolfowitz is staying there

Democratic/Liberal Top 10 selling books on NYT list

Where is the National Guard when you need them?

Does anyone have that freep Blacklist of celebrities?

NPR radio reports Army Website that details Iraq operational problems

Lunch with Madeleine Albright

Hat's off to President Bill Clinton (AIDS)

Puke Alert: Ann Coulter & Dennis Miller Talking Action Figures

"Meet the Press" on now... (9:00 am ET)

Am I the only one...

Breaking: Howard Beale enters the race....He's got my vote.

Fill me in - is the debate on for tonight or what?

New Newsweek poll Bush at a weak 51%

White House fears public outrage of pre-9/11 "Presidential Daily Brief"...

The Neonazicon's "Good News" Offensive - The media relents, and then some.

Welcome back to Afghanistan Taliban shoppers

Anybody catching the McLaughlin Group?

Bill Moyers NOW at 10:30 EST PBS NOW

Baghdad Wolfowitz say's things are great in Iraq even after hotel bombed

Fox just finished anointing Dean, again

Wash Times: Blacks show interest in Dean

Doonsbury talking about DU!?!?!

CA Fires

Is there AN Y evil that they won't blame on Bush?

MUST READ! When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History

Army Times Poll; The pResident only gets 30%

CNNI is touting the Bush family again, a la Mr. and Mrs. Poppy Bush

In the year 2025, if man is still alive...

Please answer this letter from Halliburton

In This Week today: an ex-counterterrorism person shot Bush down totally!

Bush wants to go "beyond the filter"...

Zogby Polls Are NOT Reliable

Studs Terkel: Joe Lieberman should be Bush's Running Mate

(F)or (A)ll (S)ilent (C)owards (I)ndirectly (S)upporting (T)reason....

Media WHORE alert--look how the AP spins Bush (low) reelection numbers

Which Party is the most for pro-government involvement?

Some positive coverage of yesterday's D.C. rally

A Field Guide to FReepers -- know your enemies!

"Christian" school expels gay student

On a different messageboard, pro-CCP Chinese were whining...

Now that Gephardt's ahead in Iowa, Fox News

The absurdity of racism...

Great News! Shrub only gets 30% in Army Times poll!

Good question asked (in Arabic) of Gen. Dempsey at press conference

Why didn't they change the $20 with the towers on back?

Gore Support Center at Washington Rally

CEO of Eli Lily is warning about the danger of reimporting drugs from

Deleted message

They're busy at the Pentagon this morning

Does anyone know when Dean will be in Boise?

Three 'witches' kill themselves (india)

My stance on the gay games and other similar events...

We need to put a timeline on Wolfowitz's trip to Iraq

Fox news analyst: "the economy is off the table..." yea, right

$56 B - $33 B = $23 B. Where is it coming from?

Horrible New York Times Book Review on Clark's Book

What the hell is O'Really talking about?

When Bad Things Happen to Bad People, or, "I Feel Guilty About Gloating:"

Halliburton, again and again and again ... Bookmark this!

"CIA intelligence tainted by torture" claims British Ambassador

WTF? My Senator got $30k from Enron?

daily avg attacks on US forces up to 26, and was 35 attacks one day

How does Barbara Bush get away with saying this

Lori Klausutis - killed in Scarborough country???

Families of US soldiers in Iraq lead anti-war protests

An idea for smaller-scale marches

I just spent a half hour in a chat room with a bunch of fundies.

Can you even imagine the meltdown that will happen if Bush "wins" 2004?

Military discharge moratorium?

DU Please rate this story highly...Lets get it to the top

Help chickenhawk GW Bush find 1972, 1973 records scrubbed

Did Anybody Just Hear The Wack Caller On C-Span?

The fault, dear DUers, is not in the Mediawhores, but in our Dems...

"Black Box Voting Blues" was th #1 story on MSNBC's Top Ten (not now)

6% unemployment was the low norm before Clinton Administration...

PNAC cabal's Happy Meal of Bush admin Treason

FANTASTIC Newsweek Article on Republican Angst over Bush

Mississippi Gov's race: Poll shows Barbour with lead

Total US wounded in Iraq since March 20th: 1,995

Howard Dean: pragmatic and humanitarian

Media watchers. How many shows have discussed ALL candidates ads?

Great Article: : Dean, Tom Paine and traditional religious liberalism

to TRULY defeat the Republicans...

Internal Email - Halliburton's Strategy to Combat Accusations of O

Baghdad is being hit with even more attacks

new PNAC graphic

Generals and Majors ChickenHawk Flash

Anyone just see Clark on fox news?

The Curse Of The Lyin' Kings ... why George Bush Must Go!!!!

Bush finally getting his 'good news'...

rummy's 'happy Iraqi" remarks in todays Washington Post...(link)

Clark v Bush. Debate between a general and a deserter

where can you find email addresses of politicians?

Paul Bremmer on Faux

Pet Peeve: Misleading DU Headlines

Why is Bremmer fulminating about the 100,000 polictical

Conservative local talk show host being investigated by police

UNDER THE RADAR: Democrats can take this open seat from the GOP.

LOL!! Powell says Wolfie was "received w/joy at many places he visited"

Where is Arnold and Bush re: CA out of control fire

How the media is treating the hotel attack

Wesley Clark on Hardball now

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, Taliban has regained control

Bush's PNAC New World Order -

Does No One Watch The Debates Because There Are Too Many Candidates?

200 homes burned in San Bernardino fire.. 2 deaths

Wolfowitz should not have gone to Iraq

where's Cheney ? what cave is he hiding in plotting taking over world

Stuff the right had hijacked from us...

Gephardts steady pace gives him edge over Dean

That "scary" Focus Group" is being shown again on C-Span

Edwards on This Week now 11:40 am.

Iraq Occupation Watch to check out

WTF! You will not believe this Web-site...Unfrigginbelievable!

Robert Fisk: One, two, three, what are they fighting for?

Dem Candidates Debate Tonight (Sunday, 8PM ET) ...

Are Columbians smarter than Americans?

Jay Rockefeller (D) can cry me a river over his Iraq vote

Mike Bowers absurd editorial

The Democrats are quieter than a mouse peeing on cotton

White House blocking site directories called "Iraq" from search engines

Wolfie wasn't the target because the attack would take 2 months to plan!

The author of "Bush In Babylon" is on CSPAN2 saying the invasion of Iraq

Patriot Act II: The Aftermath

updated 14 points of fascism

How would you like to be in charge of this nightmare? Think herding cats

Should the 1st world take on all the dictators?

60 Minutes (10/26/03) Undercover Marketing Uncovered, more...

Fish on Prozac? How depressing!

Dean just said he liked Bush as a governor.

LMAO... Faux's Tony Snow just read my e-mail on air!

We Should, ALL Vote By ABsentee Ballot.

LIHOP/MIHOP Doubters, Disbelievers

Steve's interview with Dean on C-Span is turning me OFF! Don't like the

Your tax dollars are paying for terrorizing Palestinian farmers

Wal-Mart is setting for culture war battles (hangs large pic of Smirk)

WTF! 16 renowned microbiologists mystery deaths Nov 2001-Aug 2002.

About flame threads.....

Just received word from a friend that two major sites were hacked

Peter Hart's Focus Group on C-Span was confusing to me......and I thought

The story about our returning soldiers is not being told (revised)

Read this on Buzzflash

Fox is screwing Kucinich and Mosely Braun

2000 election, I need help!


The Dem debate thread (Fox News)

Neocons in Rome

Dem. Debate: Al Sharpton with a great line....

Disabled Vets Vow To Auction Congressional Seats

Anbody see this idiot Ed Gillespie on CSPN?

what's up with Clark's eyebrows?

The Dem debate thread II

Senator Biden...what's your thoughts on him?

What constitutes equitable taxation?

Alternative sources for Faux debate? post here please.

Air Pollution and Auto-immune Diseases - question for SoCal folks

Hey Wonk...any audio or video yet...?

Dear CNN... YOU dropped the ball in California...Big Time

Paul Krugman Booknotes appearance to be replayed tonight

Where's Colmes?

After Iraq, the guilt of killing tears a life apart

There a show about politics on TV LAND right now of all things (10PM ET)

Jeb's 8 million $ website by Infinity, upkeep yearly 1.5 million.

Can the Democrats take over control of the Senate in 2004?

To those that didn't go, but want to critique the DC march

"I look forward to working with Roger Ailes."

Just heard a clip of Dean on the radio!!

Paul Krugman question.

Is This Nonsense from a Right-Winger?

" America Parity Act, H.R. 1738" $20.3 billion to rebuild our own country.

Excellent Will Greider Audio Interview: The Soul of Capitalism

The Iraq situation could have been worse...

What was that "bushlite" shot Lieberman took at Clark?

Hooray for FOX and Jesse Jackson!!!!

16 renowned microbiologists died mysteriously in 4 months: 11/01-3/02

Dean on CSpan today--I was impressed....

Just what is there for Republicans to protest at a Democratic debate?

Krugman Klip.... Worth watching...

Fox post-mortem: William Krystol and Juan Williams?

The Pope/The Vatican and their political impact - article from The Nation

who had the best closing statement?

OK, Dem candidates, tonight you debate on FOX. Are you ready?

Does the majority prefer ignorance to civic responsibility?

DRUDGE: Edwards endorsed by Ashton Kutcher; Demi Moore leans Dean

Democratic Debate will replay at midnight for anyone who missed it

Should We support Democratic candidates who still support the Iraqi War?

Edwards at 3rd place in NH, 9 %!

What do you think of Jay Rockefeller as a VP choice?

Steny Hoyer (US Rep) and Calvert Co, Maryland

Democratic Debate Thread III

CNBC repeating Conason on Russert

Who should drop out by next debate?

Could FOX be making some moves to the left?

As far as voting machines (DRE) are concerned, I am confident

After the Rally, After the March... what do we bring home?

Clark Leads Bush by 10% on Army Times poll...

TBTM Radio #16: 'Mooks Vs. Spooks'

Dean on Cspan1 NOW n/t

Westboro Baptist Church to protest Limbaugh

Some photos I took at the Washington rally

The 'attack' on wolfowitz was staged in an attempt to gain sympathy

Al Sharpton is such a treasure...

DC March photos....Saturday October 25, 2003

Question for southern baptists Democrats

Does anyone here seriously like Joe Lieberman?

****This is important.. News videos of fire reports*****

I predict Bushie will agree to one debate in 04 elections

Narrative and Photos of ANSWER/UFPJ peace march, Washington, DC, 10/25/03

Who lost tonight's debate?

Southern California is burning down / Local TV broadcasts sports

DC Rally - Post your stories here, DUers!

Will Bush be 1) challenged for the nomination, 2) resign or 3) impeached?

We need the United States Miltary Now in San Diego

"This DC rally is the most EXCITING event I have ever witnessed"

How Bush treated the man who refused to falsify his Air Ntl Grd records!

Sharpton for White House press secretary

Does it look like Chickehawk Wolfowitz is cool, calm and collected to you?

What were the best lines in tonight's debate?

should peace marches have 'dress codes'?

Who thinks Al Sharpton should run for Congress?

breaking: two MORE explosions at the al rashid hotel

Who won tonights debate?

Foreigners on DU

a photo all republicans should be VERY proud of

I like the fact that Dean seems pissed off, I AM TOO!


Salin's idea:Please document the lack of news coverage!-Cali

San Diego is burning! I've never seen it this bad!

Satire: Letter to Bush from new neo-con think-tank, re: Bush-bashers

What's your reason for *not* being at the DC or SF protests?

Getting Our Peace Kicks On Route 66


Okay, I have had enough...

Pics from SF Rally.....

I'm more convinced that Wellstone, Carnahan, and JFK Jr. were murdered.

I'm now undecided, leaning *Kerry*.

ANSWER,Clark, Stalinism,Fascism,& the red/brown syndrome

9/11 Commissioner Says U.S. Gov "Knew A Whole Lot More..." !!!

Doesn't supporting Dean follow DUs core ideals?

(Breaking) Rockets hit Baghdad Hotel with US Staff

Four dead in China earthquake

Evangelicals Sway White House on Human Rights Issues Abroad

Packard lays off 214 hired recently

The way of the gun still evident in Liberia

Kennedy sees peril for U.S. judiciary

BBC (Sunday): Colombia leader faces poll setback

Baghdad hotel attack with rockets; American colonel killed

U.S. confirms Black Hawk was shot down in Iraq

Newsweek: The $87 Billion Money Pit

One year later, crowd gathers at Wellstone crash site

Kaohsiung gets behind referendum bid (200,000 march in Taiwan!!!!)

Wolfowitz survives rocket attack

Edwards on This Week now 11:40 am.

Swallowed by Kabulís cracks

Jamaica Riot Erupts After Police Shooting

Search in Iraq Fails to Find Nuclear Threat -- October 26, 2003

Thousands flee new fire in San Bernadino

Baghdad Attack Counters Wolfowitz's Upbeat Message

Iraq had no bomb project: expert

Underdog status OK with Musgrove - MS governor race poll results

U.S. Soldier Killed in Attack on Baghdad Hotel

In D.C., a Diverse Mix Renews War Protest (Washington Post)

4h ID Soldier Dies of Non-Hostile Gunshot Wound

Couple Charged with Starving Four Adopted Sons

White House Accused of Stalling 9-11 Panel

Redrawing Districts Raises Questions - TX, CO

WP Milbank: Presidential Weakness Reported (one of several stories)

Lawmaker: White House nixed N. Korea trip

Arrests at Nato command HQ

Potomac Watch: McDermott still blasting out his message: Bush lied

Professionals Strong on Lula and Lagos (Negative on Bush!)

Two More Explosions in the "green line" near the Al Rashid Hotel

Fish on Prozac? How depressing!

BBC: Iraq curfew lifted for Ramadan (security situation has improved)

Despite War on Terror Alliance, Many Pakistanis Still Denounce America

As recovery drags on, the human toll grows

Vietnam to probe Tiger Force deaths (US Unit atrocities)

What Will Iraq Cost Bush?

Iran Yet TO Halt Uranium Enrichment As IAEA DeadlineLooms--New WMW

Rockets Drive Wolfowitz From Baghdad Hotel

US wants mini-nukes for smaller aggressors

Three infant bodies discovered in garbage bag...

Senator sees Vietnam parallels in Iraq troubles

Couple accused of starving 4 sons

BBC (Monday): Poll blows for Colombia president (Leftist wins in Bogota)

Iraq minister says Turkey unlikely to send troops

White House withholding 9/11 files -- report

Storm over Italy crucifix ruling

Report: Capitol Was Sept. 11 Attackers Fourth Goal

Iraq 'shelved nuclear plans' (in 1991) (BBC)

Two More Explosions in Central Baghdad

Military families rally to bring troops home

California Teachers Association Endorses Dean

US Shocked at Baghdad Hotel Attack

US support for Bush drops: poll

In Iraq, Sexual Assault Incidents Are Brushed Aside, Report Says

Syria threatens retaliation if Israel strikes again: report


Butler's secrets 'could bring down monarchy'

Republicans Fret Over Rumsfeld's Drag on His Party

A Look at U.S. Daily Deaths in Iraq - 345 U.S. Service Members Have Died

Vietnam killing spree revelations shock US

Halliburton asks employees to help defend company

Venezuela's Chavez Asks US: 'Treat us as an Equal'

EPA warning on asbestos is under attack

Iraqis Regret Wolfowitz Survived

Mahathir denies Bush rebuke

Can we declare a moratorium on declaring the last works of dead artists...

I'm a trucker........ask me anything about truckin'.


Our very own Symbolman...FRONT PAGE RALLY PIC!

Has anyone read the Jon Krakauer book regarding the mormon faith?

Testes ... Testes... 1...2..........3 ??????!!!


ssslllooowww nnniiiggghhhttt???

Clock rollback causing errors on DU for anyone else?

Just got an angry e-mail trying to shut down the following.

Happy New Hour!

Back on track

Are The Threads Out Of Sequence On Your Screen Too?

My 501st Post

Did you FALL BACK?

SZJ PSA: Don't drop acid and listen to Joy Division late at night

Pick up lines that worked...!

To sleep per chance to dream...

How 'bout them Tigers?

Anyone else seeing formatting errors?

I am declaring a moratorium on Jesuses in the lounge...

I want one of those...(nifty gifts)

I'm up an hour early to run sled dogs. Ask me... grr.....

Fall Back.. Do Not..I repeat.. Do not spring forward

How can you tell if you spend too much time at DU?

I just spent the night in bed...ask me anything

Howard Dean eats kitten fetuses

I'm confused about DST: someone help, please!

Bedlam Time Is Here!

Action video cats

Anybody know how to turn a PDF into a Gif?

There are some things you should NOT do in bed....

Comics from around the world

I made tacos............ask me anything

John Podesta is on CSPAN RIGHT NOW!!! He is founding a liberal think tank

Who was Shaka Zulu

Did you change your clocks? (not a dupe)

Sunday morning, my car died...

Ann Rice sucked in by John Edward...As heard on NPR

Im out of the 700 club WOOT!

Thank God for this years World Series, It exposed the Whining Babies on DU

Urgent! Need help from middle-aged DUers!

How many are here this morning?

Congrats Merlins


Sunday morning suprise! My dogs aren't housebroken!

Check out my Paul Wolfowitz Halloween mask

Ryan Adams - Demolition Man

NFL fans

Suck, Rock, once rocked-now suck, etc.

Ultra-Hot Woman On McLaughlin Group RIGHT NOW

My NBA Fantasy team had its draft last night. I got stuck with Kobe!

A message for the lurking Freeps

I'm at work an hour early!!

Can you join the Catholic Church if you are not a virgin?


Were any DU women at the Nude New York Photo Shoot?

There's a mouse trapped in my window well

Songs that make you choke up.

Halloween Costume that is full of shit!

Caption this bush:

Veteran character actor Jack Elam dead at age 84.

How To Re-Build The Yankee Dynasty

I just found Nemo, and He ain't looking to good.

What gadgets do you have in your Internet Browser?

I started a bad habit again and I need help

Recommendations on Roller Blades ?

An amazing and puzzling discovery.

"Look Again, Look Again, Where you been, Look Again"

Emergency Landing

Is how quickly will this thread die a record for no. of posts ?

Favorite Halloween Trick or Treat Jokes?

Will Pitt- need to ask you about something.

The Curse Of The Lyin' Kings ... why George Bush Must Go!!!!

The Curse Of The Lyin' Kings ... why George Bush Must Go!!!!

I think that I made a Republican leave a conferance.

So what's the deal here, folks?

Who was in Nanaimo, BC last night?

Next time I mention I want to buy a gun, (read this!!)

My wife's ex-husband died Friday.

Which DU shirt should I get?

Shot 44 on a par-3 course today

Naughty Puppy!

I Just Found A Band That Rocks Harder Than The White Stripes

I broke a thousand posts today

Have you been to the Bone Garden yet?


Bengals v.s. Seahawks game thread

Saints, Panthers in OT

Veteran pilots report to GD immediately, please!

Oh how my Jets suck! (Third week in a row)

Bears win!!!

What One Word, would you most like to hear Dumbya say?

Bomb alert over 'break-wind' dog

Watch out for the RAMS

What's the best Halloween Costume that you have ever seen?

Giants Viking thread

The Republican world map

Food Network fans

Even my husband laughed at this joke

Please tell the rain gods to stop the rain

After 6 months I finally found my lost hour!

First Ah-nuld, now killer wildfires!

wrestling questions for the wrestling fans( i guess

Straight men/women: would it bother you if people thought you were gay?

Football humor, Southern style.

Do you have any superstitions?

I Love The 80's On VH1 !!!!!

debate drinking game

I just moved in my new house today -- I knew I'd moved in a haunted house

"Let me ask you a question, sir."

MTV2...Most outrageous videos...

Dammit the sun is setting here in Denver already!!!!!!!!!

I'm outa here, Ask me anything...

Any 54-40 fans on DU?

Techies: How 'bout AMD?

You people that've kept the "How quickly will this thread die?" are...

Banana Republics, we live in one.

In So Cal: The fire is coming

Attention, Darth_Kitten!

Halloween theme: best scary movies

Designs of Santiago Calavera: architect of transportation hub of WTC

My Mustang is dead...ask me anything

DU Bumper Stickers?

Okay - CNN, Freepers, and DUers - what the hell is up with this?

Swallow's Nest? Anyone here ever cook with it?

Afghans angry at beauty queen's bikini appearance

Solar storm and GPS (Global Positioning System)

Anyone in Michigan looking for a dog? Check out Foxy...

OK I'll Take Cheesy Out of the Title""Horror Flick "The Omen" on Cable

Alanis Morisette

Your favorite Oxymorons!

Hey Arwalden!!!

Margaret Cho rips Annthrax a new one!!

They are playin "Billie Jean" in Starbucks...ask me anything!!

3:18AM post-DC debris / hysterical hijinks in the belly of the Bush-beast

any OS2/Warp or BeOS (5) users here?

Dolphins/Chargers Game Moved To Phoenix

Do you think the Red Sox will hire Zimmer????

went to a chili fest fund raiser this evening at the local firehouse

Michael and Al: 1-2 Bang on the NYTimes bestsellers list

I just have to say this...watching the Philadelphia/Jets game

Favorite Adrian Lyne movie

Big decisions await Marlins

Who would you say is the Queen of Halloween?

Ideas on motivating kids to be interested in public speaking, debate

Ever yelled to the last for your football team?

help me design my NEXT Tattoo

Mel Gibson's The Passion

NO - WIRE - HANGERS !!! (Examples of extreme overacting)


7 hour Addams Family marathon

NO - HIGHER - WANGERS !!! (Examples of uh...whatever)

Guys according to my brother my stupid right wing friends

Someone Told Me I Have A "Politically Correct" Cat


When Did You Learn To Swim?

Why do threads seem to die after I post?

To any freepers/Repukes reading this!

Guess what I just saw in GD?

My 100th post!

Minnesota DUers flake out en masse

BIZARRO! Halloween Adult Swim Night! BIZARRO!

I just re-watched "Bringing Up Baby" Ask me anything!

Wish me luck guys

Ok...I'm now on DAY THREE

Are our So Cal Du'ers safe from the fires?

officially unofficial chiefs/bills thread

Hey, how would I google to find this information?

michael says

I HATE WEDDINGS! (A hungover rant)

What level of blowhard jerk-off jacka** is George Steinbrenner?

What'$ the $ecret to the Yankee$' $ucce$$?

Hockey fans: what is your favorite and least favorite team in the NHL?

Photoshop help please....

Bush's daughter Jenna photographed protesting against war

What time does it get dark where you live?

Al Franken speaking/book signing NYC on Tuesday night

Which DU poster do you think is really Jenna Bush?

If Congress lifts the ban on Cuba --- Will you go?


Poison Ivy

Wonder Woman

The Curse Of The Lyin' Kings ... why George Bush Must Go!!!!

Gay People! Would it bother you if people thought you were straight???

Is it time for another "ask the pilot" thread?

I need an intervention for a 1st grade math student

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Caption this:

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