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Archives: October 22, 2003

Michelangelo Signorile - Meet Thine Enemy

Margaret Cho rips into them at Penn State

If Bill Clinton were an addict, here's how Rush might spin it

Democrats Want Candidate Who Supported Force, but Not Bush's Approach

Case study: Iraqi civilian deaths

Ashcroft Briefed Regularly on Inquiry Into C.I.A. Leak

James Zogby: Poll: What Iraqis Think About the Occupation

Inhumane drug used in many executions

No cushy ride for supply troops in Iraq

An Ad Buy That Turns Politics to Propoganda - Editorial

Pentagon downplays Rumsfeld pessimism - Someone's off the ranch

Pitt - Anyone But Bush

Cal Thomas Opinion Piece

"Why U.S. Intelligence Failed" by Robert Parry

Bill O'Reilly Loses to Jessica Simpson In Recall Election

Bait-and-Switch on Public Education

41 Labor MPs to challenge Bush

Jeb Puts Patients On Pre-Emptive Life Support!

The Crooked Corporate Elite (fantastic article!!)

Free Advice to GOP by Thomas L. Friedman

Gene Lyons - Bush Bizarro World

Thousands of jobs created by Bush - John Snow

Tucker Carlson's mom reviews O'Reilly's Book (this is good)

Shock of the Old--The Pilgrims voice

Boondocks: "Ann is a Man!"

VA Elections Nov4th!!! We need lots GOTV volunteers!!

Action Alert: Stop the Deportation of Dr. Nabil Bayakly

I'm at at the white house!

Call CSpan, request that they cover the antiwar rally Saturday in DC

Free Pre-Protest PARTY in DC October 24...Meet Activists

Letterman Airs 'Funny' Arnold Bits

MWO - Democratic Voters Want Complexity

Phone Prankster Mocks Bill O'Reilly on Live Radio

Cable "News" is More of a Sad Joke Than Ever

Fox & Friends spin

Australian Members of Parlaiment to protest Bush's Iraq war

OSAMU TEZUKA'S BUDDHA on the way to the USA

Here is something inspirational for all of you, enjoy.

The Skeptic's Annotated King James Bible

What's wrong with my PC?

Did god create satan?

Racism alive and well in British police recruits

Actor Fred "Rerun" Berry Dies At Age 52

A sad day for women.

The coorperate suit's assault on american labor market.

Alcan profit falls nearly 48%

DU(h) to Lou Dobbs

Any professional economists here? Predictions for the next year?

Does anyone know...

Corporate Tax Holiday Seen Creating Jobs (a 12/31/03 Bush tax break)

fiscal conservativism v. fiscal liberalism

Fossil shows some backbone

Alternative Energy Question

Ok, educate me on "green" energy

Arms Distribution Editorial December 9, 1980

President Chun lauds 10 foreign firms for their commitment to Taiwan

Wife urges Chu An-hsiung to ask for political asylum - TW

China prepared to mediate Myanmar row, official says

Holocaust panel vilified

xPresident Lee fingers Soong in Chung Hsing case - Taiwan

In Bali, Bush Hears Criticism on Iraq, Israel

GUNS IN THE NEWS--October 22, 2003

Lawsuit filed against Sony, Wal-Mart over game (GTA) linked to shootings

I had two posts removed which followed all the rules, I believe

Copyright Question

I know it is against the rules for someone to call me

Hey, so, I post on this other board and they have a great mod system...

re: Polls in the I/P forum

Is it just me?

Is there any way to transfer a poll from one thread to

Can i trade names with another DUer?

I can't find my keys..have you seen them?

Expulsion, Little by Little (Amira Hass)

Israeli Forces Storm Ramallah, other West Bank Towns

Palestinian gays flee to Israel

Israel defiant in wake of UN vote against barrier

Work Camp to Build a Playground in the Ramle

Mideast peace as cause celebre(US Stars push referendum/questions)

Israel defies U.N. vote on fence

Arafat urges UN to end Israeli folly

Bomb victim treated in Alabama

59% of Palestinians support continuation of terror after state is created

Hamas militants holding severed leg of Israeli soldier

Our taxes fund injustice and apartheid

Court martial of five occupation refuseniks

Ha'aretz editorial (Thursday): Inciting against peace advocates

Israel minister angers Muslims by touring holy site

"Go to the West Bank!" yelled the soldier

Israel dismisses U.N. vote, construction on West Bank barrier will go on

Clark sets sights on victory in S. Carolina

Poll shows Dean has double-digit lead (NH)

My letter to Wash Post Re:Attacking Clark on Iowa

Gep recaptures narrow lead in Iowa

Poll: 22% approve of President Bush

Kerry on Hardball transcript - and on next week's show...

New Mexico to revisit re-redistricting?

Lieberman takes a hit on environment & integrity

Gene Lyons Buzzflash interview - on Clark

Dean Supporters - PreOrder his book!

Poll indicates neck and neck race for Kentucky Governor

Dems should label/sell "middle class tax cut with offsets paid by rich"

Dean toolbar now available for download

Good day for Kerry

The Army of Dean

Dean's (Sept 30) appearance on Leno to be repeated tonight

Market Research by Claritas gives demographics of candidate support

Nearly half of Dean's online support comes from CA, WA and NY

Dean, meeting with Jewish leaders, promises strong backing for Israel

Howard Dean Attacks Bush On Iraq - 60 Minutes II (10/22/03)

Edwards book - preorder it now

Wes Clark 'Saving for America's Future' Plan - Econ speech today

Is Kerry Brutus and Dean Mark Antony?

ABC News: Dean to get major Union endorsement

Dean's Success May Hinge on Luring Blue-Collar Votes

The Law of 14

We've talked alot about tax policy here

Utility Workers Endorse Kerry

Edwards internal South Carolina poll results

California Field Poll: Boxer has a 45/40 Re-elect

Heads up Kucinich to be in Miami Thursday, October 23rd...

Kucitizen Volunteer Newsletter

less than half of Dean's supporters = more than all of Kerry's supporters

This cracks me up - Dean gets carried away

Getting Personal (John Edwards - Wash Post)

Who thinks Edwards is going to start rolling when we get to TV Commercials

ABC Nightline

Not a Democrat and influencing our party.

Dennis Kucinich On Kosovo and Peace - 1999

Yahoo Political/Finance Quiz

Link to CA counties voting equipment ? help!

Why Condi is now in charge of Iraq - or "we got screwed again"

This is the end to my three generation Democratic

Election Year Distractions

Tuesday's Daily Show (Santa Cruz segment)

Heads up .. Kucinich to be in Miami Thursday, October 23rd!!!

CNBC/.B Williams/Max Cleland--Ft. Stewart, GA..633 in 'Medical Hold"

Moment of Zen

In the mood for a good laugh (or cry) this

Adultery special: new German 'cheats-r-us' company offers tips:

I just can't vote Dem if my guy doesn't get the nom.

Congress is failing us again

Testimony of Ronald Reagan before HUAC

Question about Vietnam and Czechoslovakia...

Byrd vs. Hollings

Labour to rule on Galloway's fate

Dem Candidates Political Compass

Do you think more women will vote D because of today's abortion vote?

Attention NH DU'ers: Clark speech today

CSPAN Wednesday morning - Call in on Gen. Boykin

Limbaugh Says Drug Addiction A Remnant Of Clinton Administration

What the candidates are saying about the "partial birth abortion" vote...

Kristof: Bush is...ACHILLES!

Warning for DUers sending email to Limbaugh show sponsors

Did god create satan?

NRA's Enemies List

CSPAN now...9 eastern...should Nader run?

Homosexuals in government, 1950

What is your opinion of the Clark debate on the DU?

If Lieberman becomes president, cases like this would be winnable...

democratic underground key values

It's pretty obvious that Aaron McGruder reads either DU or Table Talk.

Does Aaron McGruder (Boondocks) read DU?

Elder Bush sticks up for business

Listen to Dr. Now about so called PBA

"What can men do against such wreckless hate?"

Jeb Bush

Chickenhawk Database (new IP to me and maybe others)

ATTN Computer Science Students/Teachers/IT-ers

My letter to Jeb Bush

What abuses have happened due to the Patriot Act?

Sanders toHastert -- Give us a vote on FCC Dereg

John Mellencamp Attacks President Bush In Open Letter

Mike Webb/Joe Wilson on KIRO - now

Late Term abortion letter to Senators Sing it High and Low

sickening, just sickening

6000+ People showed up for a lightly publicised Noam Chomsky Talk tonight

Judiciary Committee uses cartoon from "The Black Commentator"

I LOVE the $87B / Iraq debate

left hijacking Hollywood as TV prepares to run warts-and all Reagan biog

Americans support a ban on "partial birth abortions" UNLESS

Curtains Ordered for Media Coverage of Returning Coffins

for W's visit Aussie parliament bldg closed for 1rst time in history

Biden and Feinstein defend USA PATRIOT Act

Rumsfeld internal memo pessimistic over "war on terror."

Seymour Hersh says world is much more dangerous than a year ago

the Iraq occupation is The Vietnam War on crack cocaine

So, it appears that Edwards has a southern strategy

What exactly are "mainstream values"?

TV News Lies Webcast to start at noon ET

Can Bush repeal the Freedom of Information Act?

GOP Fundraiser: Clark doesn't support our troops.

Dozens of Broward Residents Get Extra Ballots by Mail

Unidentified ‘independent panel’ slams UN security in Iraq

COMING SOON: The FBI'S "Ten Most Wanted Hard Drives"

Bush says he's first president to want a Palestinian state?

Interesting article re: 'Boondocks,' political comic strips (Boston Globe)

Tax cuts working, local radio host says

Which one does not belong?

C-Span Hearing on Judge Brown

Where's newsguyatl and where's our "October Surprise"?

The Heroes of WWII and Iraq

Bernie Ward on KGO now, discussing ban of media...

U.S. Bishop: Sex Abuse Study May Be 'Startling'

Hearing on Janice Brown is on NOW!!!

Has anyone checked out the CNN poll on Jeb Bush / Terri Schiavo????!!!

"13 of 16 Bush cabinet members..." connecting the dots

Do you think there is any chance that the Carlyle group tossed Papa

Doesn't this just tell you everything you need to know about *

Democratic - Republican Party Platforms on Abortion

TIME Mag FACTOID: An Iraqi cement factory

Deleted message

Bush at 47 percent in American Research Group poll

Smirk avoids Australian press - didn't want Gitmo/war questions

Ooo! Ooo! I just had a great idea for a protest

Things are improving in Iraq!

AM Radio Rant

Wasserman on the shell stock market

William Pitt needs his own show--seriously!

Oliphant on Limbic coming clean (as it were)

What Do You Folks Make Out Of The Fact That Two Thirds Of Democrats

The FL woman

Smirky McCokespoon's greatest kill us all

Private Firms Guard Military Bases at Home

Hey, Faux News! Here's a fan for you. Proud of him, are you? Heh Heh.

Rep Ernie Fletcher, big-haired Ky Republican is running for governor.

Here is how I'm feeling the Bush* economy

US depleted uranium killing Iraqi civilians & US soldiers

Presidential elections have ceased to even matter..

Boykin, is struck again

Search 911 Official Report Online and more...

MCI Suspended Long Distance Service To Iraq

George W. Bush is a Lying Crook

Achin' for a caption!

An email from my sister-in-law and my reply

FYI Clark supporters - a Dems Abroad conference call

Headline: Bush Says Kim Let His People Starve, Shrink

Republcans setting up Philadelphia.

Commerce Secretary Evans's curious reaction to Mahathir's words

Is the 2004 election going to be stolen?

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists opposes ruling

The DRAMATIC shift of the US to the Right way of thinking!

The Committee to ReDefeat the President

Philadelphia and the Republican thieves.

This is just WAYYY too shady.

"Clark's war" - Article in the Boston Globe

If men gave birth, abortion-rights .....

Is Bush Sr.'s New World Order incompatible with PNACism?

Polls suggest Dean has peaked in Iowa, Gephardt frontrunner...

Hilarious Clark quote

Need help - White House on Iraq-Al Queda connection

Are the Democrats really losing a Senate seat??

Today's poll news is "College Students Like Bush!" And here I thought...

Hey California! Why don't you all REDISTRICT before Ahnold starts?

have you seen these comments by Andrew Cuomo?

Say it with me: D&X, Late Term. Say it again and again

Al Franken on C-Span 2 Book TV

Bush approval drops from 55 to 50 percent in Pew poll

Anything new on Traitorgate?

Clark Article at -- Gene Lyon Interview

Students, Nuns and Sailor-Mongers, Beware

Jerry Falwell on Crossfire

DU Dedicated Non-Faux Cable Watchers: Have you noticed a change

CNN Poll - D&X Abortion Ban

To what is Rumsfeld referring when he asks....?

Military Christians are starting to figure Bush out

How Much Does The pResidents Trips Cost Us??

Some Election 2000 Stats

Zell Miller on Hannity: Good Riddance!!

Curtains Ordered for Media Coverage of Returning Coffins

What is the real reason * is on a tour?

So According to Luskin, Paul Krugman Is Both a Liar and a Bigot

Melbourne IndyMedia photos of anti-bush protests

Should we adopt the RW technique of spamming? - who is paying for this site?

Injured soldiers languishing, not an isolated case

When I grow up I want to be like Sy Hersh

Appalling remark I heard today on Howard Dean

CNN not reporting anti-Bush demonstrations on Australian visit

Alan Colmes is on the 700 Club right now.

Jeb Bush Is Governor Until 2006. OH My.

Curtains Ordered for Media Coverage of Returning Coffins

Good News for Clark from the Latest NH Poll as shown on inside politics

Elect Bush Website up & running

An Open Letter to America: It's Time to Take Back Our Country

Charlie Rangel says some of Clark's views very republican

Sam Donaldson on Buchanan and Press

Best deadpan EVER!

Clark to be interviewed on CNBCs "Capital Report" Tonight at 9:00

CBS report - Please look at the 2nd pic on this report. What kind of sign

Richard Perle sighting in Jerusalem

yahoo news photo link for anti Bush protests - photos

Nancy vs. Bar which one is the biggest Holloween "witch"

"Together our soldiers liberated the Philippines from colonial rule." - W

Nice Gene Lyons interview on Wesley Clark at Buzzflash

Dean on Traitorgate

Do repugs have any principles?

Dont eat before you read this.

Courtesy of the Brits -- A manual on how to "burn bush"

CBS & ABC talking about the Rumsfeld Memo

Andrew Cuomo criticizes Democrats, praises Bush

Tony Snow...the new rush limbaugh?

"Lucky" Barbara Bush - who married into Hitler's death camp money.


What was the cause of Nigergate ?

I want my country back!

Anyone have a Dean/Clark Issue Comparison?

By Any Extreme of Wickedness

Clark on "Partial-Birth" Abortion Bill

Deleted message

Edwards internal South Carolina poll results

Poll Shows Majority of Americans Support National Health

Dupe: Moderators please remove

So, what political bumper stickers are you seeing?

Bush afraid of Australian media. Denies any access during visit

Racism? Jr. Seau, meet Fuzzy Zoeller.

Dean on 60 Minutes II tonight Plus

Abortion bill will generate more support for Democrats

I Don't Get NY

I Met Scott Ritter Today

Marine who helped rescue Jessica Lynch shot at home

Another marine involved in Lynch rescue is dead

which places had laws against interracial marriage?

Full text of Clark's second major policy speech -- the Economy

reason against gay marriage, men cannot have children

Lieberman's Strategery – funny as hell

"I'm sorry I insulted New York. That was stupid."

Loans to Iraq

Great cartoon about fake letters to editors.

Just a Canadian website to share.

I just opened my new "The Nation".....Calvin Trillon......gotta share!

Damn! Dean has great statements about everything!

A charming vignette by Babs Bush

What's the latest poll on who's winning the Democratic primary?

Link here: College student political poll

Point Blank: Should the father be able to overrule the mother on abortion


BBV: Just heard on Thom Hartmann

__Symposium on Building Trust and Confidence in Voting Systems

Margaret "Mardy" Murie has died. Conservationist Extraordinaire

Maybe the Best Speech I Ever Heard

Howard Dean's interview with Dan Rather was good

GOP pig Ralph Regula to punish opponents of Labor-HHS bill

What's Chimp been doing today?

Has anyone seen this video?

Bush and Repubs have to convince the public the economy is growing...

What percentage of Americans believe Iraq War was illegal and pre-emptive?

Good Fiction Novels Relating to our Current Times

tutu DEMs: "Women can't be trusted with reproductive rights."

How many pilots have been involved in an abortion situation? (Not a poll)

Lawerence of Arabia on PBS right now

2 Questions For Moderate-Centrist, or Conservative Dems:

How many elected officials were for the Iraq $87 billion package?

Union County South Carolina unemployment: 12.8% and growing

"I've given up getting excited about a little thing like the economy..."

newest New Hampshire poll results

BBV: Black Box Voting Controversy Hurting Diebold's Bottom Line

The Clintons

JUST STOP IT!! -- When I Hear The Phrase "Partial-Birth-Abortion"

Democrats gun for Bush and his $87 billion

A Dean Supporter Tries A GOP Talking Point On Kerry

Can I bash a dem candidate and get away with it?

Janice Brown: no right to privacy under the US Constitution

Take a look at this Yahoo finance quiz.

BREAKING: MATT LAUER used cocaine 20+ years ago!

The Phox Phony: Alan Colmes

Regan's legacy

How many DU'ers have survived an Abortion?

New & Improved & Unlocked: The Phox Phony: Alan Colmes

We do not want to be George Bush's ar** li*****.

How Freeper Nutso is Clear Channel?

Dean's (Sept 30) appearance on Leno to be repeated tonight

Can you BELIEVE Sarasota passed an anti-Patriot Act Resolution?

Let's Say Gephardt Wins Iowa

Dennis Kucinich

Who knows what Jack London would probably think of our current situation?

Mark Fiore's video's

Franken back at #1 on NYT nonfiction bestseller list

Contradictions are my theme today. Here's another:

Miami-Dade County

Three evil powers will soon control the world...

BBC World News just reporting two members of Australian Parliament removed

New page at Dean forum shows support by state.....Florida near top.

How many think Lieberman will bolt to the Repubs?

The woman made her choice when she chose to have sex.

Tommy Friedman begins to see the truth about Iraq

Why is "Partial Birth Abortion" Vote Right?

My one Florida Fantasy

Biden gives low marks to Dem hopefuls – Barbara Bush claims vindication

link to "Body Armor Purchase" post in LBN: Heartwrenching must-read story

i just saw the replay of alan colmes on the 700 club....

What the...?? 86% of college students think Chimpy's lying about Iraq...

Ever Positive, Dean Starts Running Negative TV Ads (Already)

Something we have to be aware of.

What does Tweety have against Clinton?

How many DU men have been involved in an abortion situation?

Dean on 60 minutes II

Barbara Bush was on Larry King and

I think I have changed my point of view

Tinfoil Hat Poll: Secret Chemical Behavior Modification

If Michael Moore can say it, so can I

Is the trust relationship breaking down in the Pentagon?

Confirmed: Clark is being interviewed by Capital Report at 9:00

Oakland Bans Wal-Mart Style Superstores

How can any progressive not freepin' despise Mahathir?

Why do repugs want tax cuts for the rich?

Sarasota, Fl. refuses to crumble

O'Reilly being interviewed on Howard Stern TV show now

Unicef: Global trade keeps a billion children in poverty

Leaking Like a Sieve

Rightwing Wants to Make Your Most Personal, Private and Painful Decisions

Republicans know 'partial birth' ban is unconstitutional.

Really Bad Information: the Neocon's 25-year war on Objective Intelligence

The Senate Roll-Call Vote on "Partial-Birth Abortion"

Testimony of Paul Robeson before the HUAC

Do Right-To-Lifers Honestly Think....

They say "Don't forget 9/11." I say "Don't forget 'Shock and Awe'"

photo of flag-draped soldiers caskets

Is Hendrik Hertzberg a DUer? His thoughts on Limbaugh's Addiction

A GOP criticism we can refute (little DU project)

Blitzer, Poll this: Why did Bush repeatedly lie in linking Saddam to 9/11?

Do corporations care about their employees?

Woo Hoo! Spyware Weekly newsletter discusses Diebold "take down" efforts.

I noticed some people are not aware that Clark has an...

Kerry may have some dynamite to throw soon...

Should men have any say in abortion at all (legally speaking)?

Anybody read Stan Goff's book?

BBV- About 2002 Standards and Illinois- Heads up in Illinois

Police arrest hundreads, peacefull protest keepthem hog tied for 20+ hours

another take on the Terri Shiavo issue...

BBV - The Swarthmore Dean Is Caving To Diebold

Deleted message

The 'Trail of Tears': Let’s stop pouring salt in an old wound...


How many DU women have had an abortion?

Why does the GOP get votes from lower and middle income voters?

Could someone please explain to me the "Greens for Clark" phenomenon?

Clark on Boykin

What does ABB mean?

FLASH: BUSH heckled in Australian Parliament!

Why do people like government rebates, but hate government spending?

Anyone But Bush-By William Rivers Pitt.

'Skittling' New Drug Of Choice For Some Teens

Do you favor the death penalty for child molesters?

Malloy: NPR Ombudsmen Issues Apology To Bill O'Reilly...

Traitorgate Update: Rummy's Memo Is A Big Drip!

People v. George W. Bush et al. (vid of my speech in Houston)

"Cheney O Fools" - possibly sickest video yet - New! Halliburtony! LURID!

Clark is a very fashionable candidate

Attention DU I have made a decision.

Republicans say Liberalism has failed America

Should men have any say in abortion at all?

Does Augusto Pinochet deserve the death penalty?

Finalizing plans for DC protest on Oct. 25 — Please check in here

A Must Read. Sanders spells out Progressive Agenda. (No holds barred)

There's a guy walking across America to support Dennis Kucinich

"Saving Jessica Lynch " ad on NBC

"Poll question: The Paul Wellstone crash was..." (cont'd)

The Ghost of Adolph Hitler: Nazi Influence in America by John Stanton

Sniffer dog search sparks Iraq protest

Heads up Kucinich to be in Miami Thursday, October 23rd...

FBI Raid Boosts Mayor's Ratings

U.S. Erecting a Solid Prison at Guantánamo for Long Term

Bush* Arrives in Bali to Send a Message

Baghdad Road Bomb Wounds Two U.S. Soldiers

Wisconsin state Sen. Gary George removed from office in recall election

Snazzy or silly, APEC couture costs a pretty penny

Search on for abducted British officers in Nepal

Oil Giant Texaco Goes on Trial in Ecuador

Pakistan fencing border with Afghanistan

Iraq War Planner Downplays Role (Denies Running Stealth Intelligence Ops)

SENATE WATCH-10/22/2003 (#1-9:30 AM) [Class Action Cloture Motion]

China: the new economic giant

Melbourne row over art 'porn'

GOP Axes Dem's Earmarks

New Information May Bolster Questions on Halliburton

Delay over Diana inquest: Royal Coroner explains

Blair seeks arms 'disclosure'

Medic in U.S. Tiger Force Unit Tells of Killings

Anti-U.S. Guerrillas Keep Up Pressure in Iraq

Protesters converge for Bush visit

Rumsfeld Ponders War Progress in Memo - Report

U.S. Troops Ambushed In 2 Cities

The spy who was thrown into the cold (more on Plame/Wilson)

Brain May 'Hard-Wire' Sexuality Before Birth

More workers go without insurance

UN condemns West Bank wall

Corporate, union jets help presidential candidates hit campaign trail

Ecuador: Texaco faces $1bn lawsuit

Norway: Witch wins government grant

FDA Seeks Canada's Help in Drug Dispute

White House threatens veto of Iraq aid bill over loans (AP)

Plan to arrest maverick Iraqi cleric for murder

Kenya's biggest graft probe halted

U.S. Rushes New Detection Device to Iraq

More job cuts: This time Merck

Iraqi resistance looks set to intensify

US army to deploy fresh troops in Iraq

Pentagon Says It Will Call Up Added Reserves

Anti-war demonstrations planned for Washington, San Francisco

United States: Mentally Ill Mistreated in Prison

N.C. Congressman's Foundation Draws Fire

Louise Day Hicks, icon of tumult, dies

Venezuela to Sign Cooperation Agreement with Toronto for Recall Referendum

U.S. Willing to Give N.Korea Guarantees, Bush Says

Pentagon Plans for Iraqi Army Dissolved in Postwar Chaos

Simmons: U.S. Will Be In Iraq For Years

Jordan King Appoints New PM; Government Quits

IRL Driver Tony Renna Killed in Indianapolis Speedway Testing Session

Passion Gets U.S. Deal

Groups fire away at forest thinning bill, criticize Baucus

Defense memo: A grim outlook // Rumsfeld's memo

Georgia decides against crime database

Clark says he would roll back Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy, but he's n

'Pay Banding' Spooks Some Workers, Makes Sense to Others

41 Labor MPs to challenge Bush

Bush Praises Islam as Religion of Tolerance

Bush Praises Islam as Religion of Tolerance

Merck Posts Weak Earnings and Plans to Cut Up to 4,400 Jobs

US wants to inspect tech exports in China

Ferry Captain Suspended for Refusing to Talk

Rumsfeld agonises over US failures in 'war on terror'

Bill Is Proposed to Revise California's Recall Process

Merck posts flat earnings, to cut 4,400 jobs

Feds pass on wolverine listing

Another marine involved in the Lynch rescue is dead.

New political action committee forming to redefeat*

Philippines $1m pledge to help Iraq

The Motor City and California: Is It Splitsville?

Panel Rips U.N. for 'Dysfunctional' Security in Baghdad

Parents Sue Over Game Linked to Shooting

Video of Columbine gunmen released

Seven U.S. Soldiers Killed

Slight Majority Says Bush Deserves Re-Election (and Clark Leads Democrats)

Leading Iraqi Sunni cleric backs Islamic-style government (joins Shia Sadr

'New Species' of Terrorist Threatens Kabul

Antiwar group targets Bush visit to UK

Wired: Students Fight E-Vote Firm (woo-HOO!)


He's 'Working to Win' in N.H., Clark Says

PETA video exposes Columbia 'atrocities'

SEC To Grill Time Warner Bigs

Defense Memo: A Grim Outlook

Dean: Hillary Clinton told me she won't run

Neighborhood disrupted by killings

Right-To-Life Movement Celebrates Success

College Costs Climb

Baghdad tunnel blast slightly wounds two U.S. soldiers

AT&T aborts plan to block e-mail

Tories Demand Independent Inquiry into Iraq War

Libel Tourism - Rich Saudis Sue for Libel

Canada, China sign deals on range of issues

Casino fundraising tops state record (Maine)

Singapore commits military aid to US in Iraq

U.S. commander reports increase in daily attacks on forces in Iraq (35/Day

Bush backs Iran nuke pledge

In Bali, Bush Hears Criticism on Iraq, Israel

Argentina and Brazil unite to fight U.S. trade policy

AP: Bolivia's Coca Leader Gives Deadline

Imported Workers Filling U.S. Jobs

CNN Breaking: Ricin traces found in SC postal facility

Colombia arrests 25 politicians

Battle over coma woman to drag on

Uproar as soap fails to clean up Reagan's image

2 green senators ejected from Australian parliament

Preemptive War Is the Wrong Weapon

Alabama Chief Justice Fights to Keep Job

Matt Lauer, former cocaine user (Drudge)

Dean unveils energy plan that stresses wind, ethanol

Senate Democrats Block GOP Class Action Bill

Alabama awarded $22 million in Federal Homeland Security Grants

Protests greet Bush in Australia

Malaysia's Accuses 'great Exponents of Democracy' of Terrorizing the World

Americans ... Split on Bush's Overall Job Approval Rating (47%)

Mahathir Says Bush Did Not Rebuke Him

Patriot Act Misunderstood, Senators Say (Biden, Feinstein, & Others)

Gay Student Sues Christian School For Expelling Him

Singer/Songwriter Elliott Smith Dead Of Apparent Suicide

US General won't be fired for Islam remarks -Pentagon

Pentagon set to deploy 30,000 GIs

Photos Prove Iraq Violated U.N. Weapons Ban

Rumsfeld Ponders War Progress in Memo -Report

Marches in 140 U.S. cities against occupation of Iraq

Lawsuit filed against Sony, Wal-Mart over game (GTA) linked to shootings

Ft. Stewart Living Conditions Investigated (sic) NPR audio 10/22/03

Videotape made in weeks before Columbine massacre released (Links to Video

Plan to arrest maverick Iraqi cleric for murder

Pinochet immunity challenge fails

(FBI) Request to (Hack)Erase (Re)Classified (Public) Files Nixed

U.S. senator calls for army general to step aside - GOP Warner

US Soldiers to America: Bring Us Home Now

Californian astronomers plan giant telescope

U.S. Force Pulling Back in the North (Iraq)

Stocks Thumped Amid Profit Woes

How the Poll Results on Iraq Were Manipulated (CHENEY IS FULL OF S***)

PETA asks California town to change its name

2 pickets face charges in attack

Cover-Up Alleged in Probe of USS Liberty

Bush starts Australia visit marked by protests

Schwarzenegger Names His Chief of Staff

A plea for help (Vouthy Tho's sister: "They aimed for my brother."

23% of Voters in Poll say Nader Should Run in 2004

Bush Does Better With College Students

Bush Plans New Tax Cut for Election Year

CBS: Bush Job Approval Edges Back Up

Wall Street sees blue skies for Venezuela's Chavez

Venezuelan Lawmakers Say Video is Evidence CIA is Plotting to Overthrow

Lawyer in Fla. Woman Case Rips Gov. Bush

Just a Congrats to Beckie Scott

Just a thought

RUN! It's Liza and she's been hittin' the vodka!

I want to meet someone from my past

I found out today that a girl I went to school with died

What's the last thing you would never eat?

I just saw Noam Chomsky tonight, ask me anything...

The quotable Daily Show strikes again

What's up with Ann Coulter and the micro miniskirts???

Hey--what happened on Joe Schmoe?

Al Cuba: My Short Story on How We'll End Up Fighting Cuba

Adultery special: new German 'cheats-r-us' company offers tips:

Hey Errol Flynn, what's *'s IQ ?

Moment of Zen

In the movie "From Dusk till Dawn"

I'm feeling pretty crappy.

Good (HumpDay) Morning DU!

Ever have one of those "I'm dancin' as fast as I CAN!" dreams...


Hey Lady Hawk

Got Webhancer? Get rid of it if you surf at work

The Wednesday Morning WTF?

Anyone here interested in the increasing use of the 'evil'

30 Year Old Monkey Mistery Solved

The "Explain Walmart" thread in GD brought,

I think Rush "dropped off a package" with * before he checked in

Cat Burglar Actually Steals Cats

Hearing on Janice Brown is on NOW!!!

Cable/Satellite Radio: where do you end up at the end of the night?

I just got my Homeland Security tracking microchip implanted

Sanders toHastert -- Give us a vote on FCC Dereg

Liza Minnelli's Almost-Ex-Husband Sues Her, Claiming She Beat Him

Judiciary Committee uses cartoon from "The Black Commentator"

Thank You All!!

Why can I post on some thread but not on others?

'Lord of the Rings' May Be Stage Musical

Is Your Sheep Stressed? Just Ask It!

Go see Omnium-Gatherum Right Now!

BVD: Tho?ngs headed for a big takedown!

Pink Cadillac by Springsteen

Yea, I made it past the head hunter's interview, I'm meeting the CEO today

COMING SOON: The FBI'S "Ten Most Wanted Hard Drives"

I just watched Rush In Rio ask me anything

Ohio Man Buys Last Concorde Seats for $60,300

Janice Brown: no right to privacy under the US Constitution

An appreciation of young children

I'm healed: I'm out of the 700 Club.

Talk Show Roll Call 10-22

Let us now sing praises to the .......grilled cheese sandwich

A flag and two fish

I'm home sick today. Is anyone else?

Doonesbury: Herr Gropenfuhrer

Manah Manah

New Photoshops

Regarding the John Titor fictions

Hey underpants whats up with you're new animation???

The Sweet-an-Sour Puss of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Just finished Joe Conason's new book...

I need advice on fundraising in DC this weekend

Shannon Elizabeth, Heidi Klum, Mya & Richard "Jaws" Kiel cast in new 007

Hey, electro-gadget heads...

Empty-Headed Supermodel Quote of the Day

Does anyone remember the BIG announcement

Brainstorm Phrases to Replace Common Terms with Left-Spinning Labels

If liberals pissed and moaned like conservatives..........................

Panic in Khartoum: Foreigners Shake Hands, Make Penises Disappear

Went to my State Fair last night. Visited the "Bush 2004" table.

Operation Infinite Purity-Winning the War on Masturbation

Hey Catholic DUers!! I have a question for you

Terry Gross back up to her old tricks!@#$%^&

saw margaret cho last night

FINALLY! Picture of me at work (hooked up to the captioning database)

How do I confront a DU'er wih a bad attitude

Funny, CLEAN Limericks thread.

The Mother of All Political Quotations Threads

What a Wonderful World

New medical findings: Fellatio may decrease risk of breast cancer

Write a poem, or I WILL squish you

The Onion is reporting news accurately

ooooh ..pretty

Nice message from a loser guy (not me, another loser)

HEy! My "flu shot" is making a strange beeping sound

Need help finding a job!

"Rush Goes PC (Pill Chasing)"

The Fabulous World of Jennifer Lopez

The hills are alive, with........FIRE

The Tangled Trainee of all CAPTIONS!!!

Fists of Fury or the Chinese Connection


"Sure, pal. Everybody need see Buckaroo...."

No (Rage Against the Machine) song in new Matrix movie :(

Choosing a Health Plan

What is the BEST thing about YOUR hometown?

Who keeps a cleaner house?

The Magna Carta

Big Trouble in Little China

Elliott Smith died.

Achin' for a caption!

Farked Weekly World News covers. Vote for your favorites!

The 2003 GQ "Men of the Year" include

Trying to figure out how to bring a Picture up with my messages

Any DC-area DUers wanna host me and dolo amber Friday night?

Backward Christian soldier: An open letter to the Christian General


More action dolls of der Fuehrer !!

BWAHAHahahha birthday card

The Comatose Woman In Florida

Ok. It is OCTOBER 22 and I just got the snow shovels out!

Paris Hilton on Walmart

NFL so far this season...your thoughts?

My car's been in the shop since Monday night...grrrr

new Hannity advertisers Nextel, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

Dillon wants out of Cincinnati

The Official VietNamese Ca Phe Praise Thread

Why is it so hard to be a white middle class christian conservative?

Should I buy a Powerball ticket for tonight while I still have time?

Zen crossword

Arnold congratulates the women of California

have you ever brought a product like Avacor or Cocoon GH

just watched The Practice and I have to say, I think Sharon Stone


PA DU'er Alert re: County Commissioner race

(The Onion) CIA-leak Scapegoat still at large

Do you approve or disapprove of how Bush is doing?

Moving to Long Island..................

Should the "How quickly will this thread die?" thread DIE?

Is there such a thing as “social dominance” in chat rooms, i.e. DU?

I wonder if the wingnut radio listeners in my area are having withdrawal?

ANy Florida DUers hitting the Fort Lauderdale boat show?

My car's in the shop...Ask me anything

Greetings from Beautiful Seal Beach

St Louis DUers....

Halloween Costume Ideas

Hey. Anybody Have Any GOOD News.

Nudity & violence warnings before tonight's ANGEL

Airshow & Airplane fans!-Disc wings 9:00pm-Oshkosh '03

Actor Fred "Rerun" Berry Dead at 52

Heads Up: All-New West Wing IS On Tonight

A$hKKKRoft's worst nightmare...a calico in camo...

Boondocks on Coulter (10/22)

I ask that a new saint be canonized

Man jailed at airport for trouser snake

Why is beer sold in 6-packs (The standard)? Why not 8?

Do You Like To Dance In Public? Do You Dance Well?

I Got An Official "Atta-Girl" From the Boss Today: Ask Me Anything!

Who thinks Barenaked Ladies went downhill after the first three albums?

Anyone seen the Pam and Tommy Lee video?

Just got my photo of me and Howard Dean is the Gallery still around?

Are you conservation minded? This lady was - bless her soul.

Elliott Smith, Fred "Rerun" Berry...who's going to be number 3?

Bush Threatens Veto, Not Fit to Play "The Sims" Let Alone Lead the US

Tonight, my monitor self-destructed

Here we go again... Dim Son in Indonesia........... CAPTION

A beautiful day for a protest...

West Wing - what was written on the CD?

West Virginia 21 (3)Virginia Tech 7

"I Accuse My Parents!!!"

Yikes! My computer is infected! Help!

Poll for guys: Favorite Women's Shoes

My Facility 1 ESFAS is ready for a Train Swap, ask me anything.

Is there gonna be a grotto?


You should be watching KAREN SISCO

Khephra has 39,000 posts

Seperated at birth??

Rocket leaves the mound!!

"and guess what I want to do now you prissy SOB?"

Virginia Tech gets BURIED.....caught looking a week ahead

Should I be mad at my friend?

World Series Boycott: Day IV

How many pilots have been involved in an abortion situation? (Not a poll)

What do you see? (Website help)

Halloween poll

Slap me silly and call me Pudge

Wow! Did you see that NYC car wreck over in GD?

do you know any hate radio listeners who aren't insecure white men?

Outlook 2003 - MS Attempt to "own" eMail?

"I'm never going to know you now, but I'm gonna love you anyhow."

Hey Floridians, there's room in my apartment in DE for ya

Non-political nonfiction books: recommendations requested and offered

A poll for guys concerning womens underwear

Four American athletes have tested positive for the steroid THG.

What do you want from the convienence store?

I have reached optimal levels of CYNICISM:

So heaven help me, I spent 30 minutes cleaning the toilet and now...

Oh boy does this need a NY/BOS CAPTION

Best thing you ever found, money, article, etc?

The "hands on" governor needs a .................... CAPTION

My TV has been exterminated!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus! You step away from the computer for one minute

Tell us about your BEST friend in the whole wide world!

I don't know anything, ask me anything...

Why do they ask for this info at the doctor's office?

Favorite random guitar parts from bands you don't really like is up and groping

Are you applying to College? If so, listen up:

Today is my daughter's 5th birthday

Should men have any say in decorating at all (legally speaking)?

Wow, Elliot Smith died....

Men of DU: Would you consent to your partner having another lover?

Lights on or Lights off?

Roger Clemens is not going to lose his final game!

I'm really dumb. Can someone help me?

Interesting show about Lawrence of Arabia on PBS now

Who thinks the Beatles went downhill after 1970?

It would happen this way:

Al Gore nostalgia cartoon. Al was Superman!

Democrats Responsible For Rush Limbaugh's Drug Addiction

I turn myself on....ask me anything.

Are you a pervert?

When will teams learn that you CANNOT beat

Does anyone know who wrote this tripe?

Mmmmmmmm...Skvela nova chut! Mlecna mlicena!

OH MY GOD--G4 iBooks!!!

700 Club Question: Favorite Deadly Sin????

The DaVinci Code: Opinions and Critiques-I'm on Pg. 38

There Seems To Be Some Dissent In The Free Republic

How do I post a picture that's not on the web?

What's your "J. Lo" name?

Teach your cat to whistle like a cougar


Who would like to sponsor me in a cross country DU trip?

To celebrate my entry in the 700 Club

How would you grade the U.S.-led war on terrorism so far?

What music is getting you through these days?

Best Action Movie of All Time?

Mary had a little lamb

Horror Fans...I need a QUICK choice

Is it just me, or is Mariano Rivera the best active relief pitcher?

DU Parents: How are your kids doing this school year?

You are a fluke of the Universe. You have no right to be here.

Redskins: Bye bye Rob Johnson

Who here has a lateness problem?

How many DU'ers have survived an Abortion?

Oh crap, is the LT gonna be pissed................ CAPTION

Your most listened to music artists of the fall so far

Does anybody else (besides me) get into trouble for .......

M.C. Escher museum opens in Netherlands (patrons struggle to find door)

WHO was the mystery DUer driving 'round the Woodlands, TX, tonight?

Freeper-type "editor" falls for Onion article.

say hello to the world's worst mouser.

"Unique" names that piss you off